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    Fuwanovel: A "safe space" where VN casualfags gather to circlejerk about otome games and cheap Western knockoffs, decry rational criticism and alternative viewpoints, and "translate" native Japanese-language works using text hookers, Google Translate, and the honed language skills they picked up from reading Heisig's Remembering the Kanji.
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    Do I need to memorize hiragana to learn japanese?
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    Hey I Liked Another One So Go Buy This One Kthx Read the review here!
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    Where did my torrents go?
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    Along the Edge

    Along the Edge is a visual novel set in the European countryside, where your choices impact the main character's personality and appearance. Story: Daphné is at a dead-end. She's unsatisfied by her personal and professional life. So, when she inherits an old family house in a remote part of the country, she jumps at the opportunity to start anew. Does she decide to embrace her legacy or does she hang on to her old way of life? Along the Edge is developed by a small team located at Bordeaux (France). It's our second narrative project, and our first one for desktop computers. Here's a link to our website: http://alongtheedge-game.com/ Trailer: Progress: Finished. Available on itch.io: https://nova-box.itch.io/alongtheedge Now available on Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/504390/
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    Well, there's not much to say this time. Having finished translating and editing everything that our first patch will cover, we're now mainly focused on TLCing and QCing. The prologue should, according to my rough count, be 2 hours long or so. Okay, now I'm out of things to say, so here are the numbers from this week! Progress TL: From 11% to 12% - (5014/40394) Proofread Prologue Scripts: (12/20)
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    Kimomen demo Harem Guild full patch is out ! https://mega.nz/#!W0Y1wLSR!iv5k20JZg1tZfflhXNqPgQ0JN0KcBuiTm8OJh5BosFQ https://dekirutranslations.wordpress.com/2016/06/17/kimomen-demo-harem-guild-full-translation-patch-release/
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    Decided to join @DarkZedge on the Innocent Grey love and made my profile pic Yukari because she's great.
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    I think cheating is alright, even in multiplayer games. "Whaaaaat?" says the distressed fellow who spent real money on Gunbound before finding out Gunbound isn't a pay2win MMO but a hack2win MMO. Alright, I admit it - that was readbait just now. But I think hacking sometimes gives us something in games we usually don't have, which is the audience actually making the game more than the devs, directly (through hacking in itself) or indirectly (through the collective behaviour changing due to the game being broken). Let me tell you the story of Endless Online, EO for shorts. EO is, or probably was, because that's what happens with these kinds of games, an MMORPG. It looked like shit, played like shit and was all around not a very good MMORPG to play. However, it did have the basics down - most important of all, infinite money. You know, infinitely respawnable monsters dropped money or items that can be sold to NPCs, who have infinite money. To keep the sense that even if you're a newcomer you can still work your way up through your own efforts instead of relying on the community to manage its own economy. Because as we see from the real world, that always goes wrong. So one day someone hacked the game and let everyone multiply their money to their heart's content. Everyone who was online at the time could make as much money as they wanted, so billions upon billions of gold coins were generated that day. The very next day, the gamemasters banned the hack and everyone using it, but, for some reason, they didn't delete the counterfeit money. So EO woke up with an overnight inflation of about 9,999,900%, (the best bow costed 220k last day before the hack and 220kk after the hack), making Zimbabwe look like safe investment. If the people hadn't been banned and the only remaining money wasn't what people left on the streets, there's no telling what would have happened to the prices. So here's the funny thing: because there was so much money in the server, the wealth stopped being infinite. There was no longer any point in doing quests that yielded 10k, otherwise a large sum, or killing monsters that dropped ~50 gold each. So the economy became community-based, which drove people to actually interact and stay much more time in the city than in the killing grounds, since being the referee in a game or being the middleman in an account sale was way more economically viable than killing bosses. Turns out the hack made the game more human, the opposite of what happened, say, in Tibia, in which almost every new item has an NPC that buys or sells it and prices were standardized due to this (and so peopledon't really need to interact; the whole game can be played with the NPCs alone), so cities that once were crowded as fuck even though only ~1000 people were online per server in peak hours in a huge (and I mean HUGE) map are now empty.
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    It's a Velociraptor.
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    What are you playing?

    I finished No, Thank You!!! a bit ago. It was my first BL title, and I liked it enough. The art is very nice, and it's one of those stories that you can tell has been very well planned out in advance, which always makes me happy. There's a lot of replay value, and the addition of new text after finishing portions of the game helps with that, but it does make it very annoying to get 100%. I might move on to Ozmafia, but I'm going to want to read Grisaia no Meikyuu when it comes out as well. Should I wait on Ozmafia and get Grisaia as soon as it comes out, or start Ozmafia now? And is there a recommended route order for Ozmafia?
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    People who like H-scenes are perverts who are failures of evolution and are no more mentally developed than worms
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    Fred the Barber

    What are you playing?

    Since they're all I've been reading lately, I'll take a moment to say good things about the last project I edited for and the one I'm currently editing: To Heart 2 is pretty entertaining. It's a straightforward moege with a huge cast of heroines, and to some extent represents the solidification of many of the tropes you see today. One interesting thing about this is that there are some tropes there that didn't end up being popular enough to become super common, but which might be to your taste. And on that note, I'd like to recommend: Tama-nee is the older sister figure you secretly wish you had in your life, but wouldn't admit to it even here. She was my favorite character I encountered in the game, even though her route didn't live up to her character. Also, her H-scene at the end of the route is intense And then there's the twins. They've got the opposite thing going on from Tama-nee - none of the characters on this route are as amazing as she, but the route is way, way better than I anticipated going in. The drama is surprisingly real. I was a little bit leery when I picked it up. I mean... twins? Sounds like an obvious play for whipping up teenage males into a frenzy without putting out too much effort. And, yeah, it is that. But it's also filled with relatable conflict and relationship difficulties that feel less like your typical moege artificial obstacles and more like understandable human problems. And then at the end: So yeah, play the twins' route, too. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't heartily encourage you to play through all the bad ending scenes for the twins (one wrong choice and you'll land there, anyway). That's not just me wanting someone to read the stuff I edited - it's often legitimately hilarious, and one scene is crushingly heartbreaking. I'd find it a tragedy if nobody else ever played the game-within-the-game, Love Love New Heart, and equally tragic if you don't get to have your heart broken the way mine was by some of those scenes. And so, that leaves my current project, MajoKoiNikki: It's good. Like, really good. So far I've only read the prologue (which I've now read most of twice, and first-pass edited half of myself), but I'm very, very excited to keep reading and see what happens next, and I'm basically head over heels for all the characters. When we were divvying up first-pass edit duties for the character routes a couple days ago, I literally couldn't decide which routes I wanted because all the girls are so much fun. Look forward to it!
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    Nope. It turns out many people on the internet adopt misleading personas. For instance, I am actually neither a sandbag nor a barber.
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    "Today we reviewed X VN. Click the link to find out why our objective opinion matters more than yours!"
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    Sekai Project is a great company
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    Chinese porn games.
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    It's really interesting to see the new members form their own groups, it's as if the old members who shaped Fuwanovel are slowly disappearing and starting to not care about the site anymore, i personally am one of those people, and while it's not meant to be a bad thing, a lot of old members who used to be active are starting to realize how much this site has turned, there really is no unity on Fuwanovel at this point, It used to be a site dedicated to finding a common interest and banning together on site projects/ideas, but now it's just a haven for social cliques, Anyways, not trying to be a negative Nancy, Congratulations on 1,000.
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    The good news is, we have a backup of the forums from a month ago.
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    no hacker still but yeah I'm still translating lines from time to time
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    Japanese Help Thread

    I'd translate like this, "Don't apologize. You're a girl, so you just pretend I'm the one to blame here." I only know this Caprese man from your post, but he seems to me like such a gentle man.
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    Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project

    Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project (Last Update: 05/03/2016) https://vndb.org/v14062 Description (Quoted from VNDB) Opening Video (YouTube) English Translation Demo Team Team Name: Luna Translations Translator: Hasa Editor: Aizen-Sama Hacker: Aizen-Sama, Porygon2 Image Editor: Aleister Progress 05/03/2016 Scenario texts have been extracted. 04/23/2016 An English translation demo (linked above) has been posted on YouTube. The scripts will be extracted once our hacker's finished with his school stuff. Preparing our team blog to share project progress and all that. ETC Before we've decided to translate this game, we threw a poll here to find out which game people preferred to see translated: this one vs Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-. Some time later, we learned that some people might dislike to see the latter title translated for reasons, which was why we cancelled the poll shortly after. We didn't mean to make anyone upset by picking up the latter game, and if any of you had any bad feelings about it, we apologize.
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    Visual Novel Translation Status (06/18/2016) As for the title because this week VN from VNTS Image header was had same premise as Go Go Nippon, only we going to Kyoto instead of Tokyo, I'd use the title Go Go Nippon and for the expansion we had My First Trip to Kyoto because the VN Setting was in Kyoto. This week, to be honest it was quite plain if we looking from the progress that Decay made. But from Steam we had many exciting announcement from there. First, we had KARAKARA demo release, which to be honest I'm still not playing it yet (I'll write my impression later). Second we had Meikyuu release announcement next week, which should be enough if you looking forward to Yuuji story (If not enough ie want to see more H-Scenes, well too bad you must wait for a while). For last announcement, we'll had Muv Luv released at July 14th. My question is will they using new opening or not, other than that I think it's quite redundant release imo because we already had this translated some times ago. But if some of you want to read Muv Luv using new translation, go ahead and you may looking forward to July 14th. For Sekai, the progress here was good in some VN, while we also had questionable progress like Maitetsu (Decreasing? What's happened here). As the roundup, Darekoi was had the biggest jump here (From 79% to 90.01%), while for Love, Guitar, and Nashville it was at 77.7% (Lucky number here). I'd checked Nashville and it was another yuri VN, and speaking about yuri VN, this week we had Highway Blossom released. As for more interesting project, looks like Sekai willing to update Tenshin Rahman and Chrono Clock regularly (This week both of the progess was at 29.99% and 19.19% respectively) so I'll keep my eyes on those two from now on. For last progressedps, we had 2236 at 62.77% translated and WEE Episode 3 at 97.15% translated. I think that's all for Sekai (KARAKARA and Meikyuu was already covered in previous paragraph). Since I'd already covered Muv Luv, for other segment first update we had Corona Blossom Chapter 1 was funded at 22,087 of 30,000 (Almost three quarter funded) with 2 weeks left. And for Hakuai, too bad that they need delay the release, but if they need that to fix the translation can't be help here I guess (Hopefully it could satisfy Zakamutt who find the initial Hakuai translation was disappointing). For last update, we didn't had Libra update, but Mikandi promised us that they'll give update 2 weeks each (Just like Mangagamer), and by the way they tell us that they often need to beg the translator to move faster. Oh, and they assured us that they were on schedule for the release. Let's see it later. From Mangagamer, we had surprise Tatarigoroshi release from them. As for next chapter, hopefully Mangagamer didn't take too long for releasing Himatsubushi, which is the shortest chapter in Higurashi. I'm waiting for Tatarigoroshi mod by the way. Forother announcements from them, wait for next week. Finally, for fan translation, we had usual progess here, although our Arcadeotic this time was managed to give us update for Bishoujo Mangekyou at the beginning of this week (8th script was 81% translated, and overall translation progress was at 97%. Also right now it was 18% edited). Tsui Yuri, this week we didn't had translation progress (But if you really need translation progress, Dergonu said he managed to translate 30 lines iirc) but we had major bump in editing from 8% to 29%. For Majokoi, we had 12% translation progess and apparently they planning to release prologue patch. Speaking about Majokoi translation group (Luna Translation), they add another project here although I didn't do enough research right now other than there's a 15% translated patch for this VN (Oh, the VN was Musumaker). And for Nursery Rhyme, according to the thread it was updated back at January before this update (Right now it was 56% translated). I only knew that this VN was came from same company as Tayutama for now. Koiken Otome, thanks Decay for give the progress because I just knew it. Anyway, for Koiken Otome right now it was at 92.38% QC-ing, and hopefully they managed to fight the DDoS attack that caused the project lead delay the release (According to the post, supposedly this patch will be released at June 5th, but because there was some troll had grudge against some community, he decided to attacking server that host the community by DDoS, and unfortunately Koiken Otome server was the same server as targeted one). For last update (Astral Air), looks like this time Supreme Tentacle was prove us that what Chuee promised will come true (Translation will picked up in summer). I knew that there's still some QC left, but hopefully it'll take no long time and if possible we had it released this year. As for the progress, it was 3.88% jump from last week (Will we see 4% jump I wonder), bringing Astral Air to 88.83% translated. For this week, I think that's all for my review and sorry if I miss some. See you next week. PS - Congratulations on English patch release from big breast nukige 'Kimonen demo Harem Guild', Quof. And if some reader like big breast, go get the patch and play it. PPS - Add one more progress here. For Hanasaki, right now they had Hikari's route translated at 12% progress.
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    Whoops, I just deleted all the English scripts.
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    Problem solved. I'm glad to have been of assistance
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    Some Kazuna love  

    Some Kazuna love
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    Yuri Visual Novels

    Yuri does indeed offer quite a different type of story to normal eroge. First off, you have a female protagonist, which makes things quite different right off the bat. You can get a bit of a fresh and new protagonist, without the totally overused traits you see in every male protagonist ever. They also usually have voice acting, which is very nice. The games have a new type of humor opened up to them with a pure female cast, which is a breath of fresh air as well. In my opinoin, the romance tends to be better, yes. (Now, this part really is just pure subjective opinion.) I feel like yuri romance is a lot sweeter, and a lot deeper most of the time. (Sadly, a lot of the translated yuri titles tends to be nukige, or short, plotless stories. But even in these cases, I really like the romance more often than not. If you want more lengthy stories with more depth, you have to move into the untranslated side of things.) A lot of the time, yuri stories will be pure love stories, and not a plot driven story with romance on the side. This can be both a negative and a positive point, depending who you ask. It opens for a lot more time to develop the romance, and a lot more character development/ growth, but at the same time, it can get boring as there is usually nothing but slice of life moments, which can get tedious if you aren't a fan of that. My favorite part about yuri love stories tends to be the, "when do they move from friends to lovers" stage. It's usually really sweet and enjoyable, and much better than standard boy x girl romance. Also, lastly... although it's a really shallow reason, yuri H-scenes tends to be great. (If you are like me, you are tired of the "please, if it hurts too much, please tell me. No, it's okay protagonist-kun, I want to become one with you." Blergh ...) It really does come down to prefrences though. If you don't really have an interest in girl x girl romance, then you probably wont enjoy yuri, (obviously.)
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    Eushully VNs

    The NekoHen translation patch is abominable. It is actual machine translation and is just insanely bad. Calling it "okay overall" is downright criminal, you might actually trick someone into playing that shitshow.
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    How has Quartett!'s GUI not been mentioned yet. That was the only VN I played where I was actually impressed by all the effort that went into the GUI.
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    I will never understand why decided to "translate" the title "Working!!" to "Wagnaria!!". It's like, you already have an English title as the original, you don't meed to change anything... but let's make it sound Japanese anyway! (And yes, I'm aware Wagnaria is the place they work at, but that still doesn't make the decision to localize it like that any less silly.) Nonetheless, you definitely should watch Working, it's SOL done properly. By the end you'll wish there was another season. Luckily the mangaka released a one volume sequel, but that still didn't quench my thirst!
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    I am @suikashoujo's dakimakura. More details starting from here:
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    Fred the Barber

    I miss those anime

    The second season of Kenshin is one of my long-time favorites, watched long before I really got into this stuff. I found the first season too episodic, and the third season couldn't help being random and anti-climactic after season two. But that Kenshin Kyoto arc was everything I could ever want from an action show; pretty much perfect.
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    Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project

    This week's update post is up. It's really short because I'm not as much of an entertainer as Aizen
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    muv luv alt, why? because it doesn't have one
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    Consent is overrated.
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    I don't recommend doing that, it's a nightmare to clean the screen afterwards.
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    you guys are lonely losers and weebs
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    Can you translate this Vn.
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    This hear very fun out, I'm going to give it a try. Fuwanovel are pice of shit
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    Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

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    Amazing song, the ending has so much power! I reckon most of you'll love this song.
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    If you want something slow, calm and soulful. Check this band out. Loveit!
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    What? I like these pictures.
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    I miss those anime

    kill la kill fits the bill. Comedy and alot of action. Some1 recommended Kenshin, i second that. If i had a list it'll be in my top 5 always! (emotionally biased)
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    purino party to come out in 5days. steam page is up. my life is going to be wasted (again). heil! http://store.steampowered.com/app/483960/ edit. believes them heroines arent visibly fuckable in said version (who would have thought, eh?), but a patch should help you get into their panties.
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    Rate the avatar above you

    I give it 5 adorbs out of 5. Would watch those legs for days.
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    Sorry it took so long to respond. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten. I think your point about Ayu never having met Makoto and Mai, was very interesting. I always assumed that because both Mai and Makoto possess miraculous powers of their own, that Ayu's was not needed. But the fact that they never even met Ayu is another good reason why her miracle wasn't used on them. And I think this is an interesting deviation that the VN has from the 2006 anime. The 2006 anime seems to imply that Ayu's last wish, was Yuuichi's last wish. So what ever he wished for, is what would happen. But in the VN, the wish is more clearly based on Ayu's desire. Hence why it only happens to people she met. As you seemed to conclude, Yuuichi really is the catalyst for all the miracles in Kanon. And what makes this so significant, is that he is unaware of this. Not only is he unaware, but he is very much presented to the reader as a normal guy (almost a self-insert). But if we take Mai's words to heart, there is something special about Yuuichi. But it seems that only the Heroines are able to see this. And because the story is in first person, we, much like Yuuichi himself, do not see what is so special about him. To us, it seems that these miraculous things happen around him. But perhaps there is something miraculous about him. In fact, the miracle of Ayu's ghost did not manifest until Yuuichi returned to the town. Ayu may have been desperately waiting for Yuuichi for years, but it was not until Yuuichi physically returned to the town that her ghost appeared. Theoretically, if the power for her to create a ghost of herself sub-consciously was all hers, then she could have done so at anytime. She could have had the ghost manifest and wander around the town for years, waiting for Yuuichi in the real world. But it is only when Yuuichi returns, that she is able to create this ghost. There are only two possible explanations. The most common interpretation (the one the anime implies), is that her desire to meet Yuuichi again was so strong, that she could sense his presence. Thus subconsciously she knew that Yuuichi was not in the town, so she didn't put the effort to create a manifestation of herself to search for him. That is, until she sensed his return. But the other possibility, is that she was unable to create a manifestation of herself to search for Yuuichi, until he returned. This reading suggests that Yuuichi carries some sort of miraculous aura around him, that gives birth for the opportunity for these miracles. Or if I were to further define what I mean, I think Yuuichi is like a conductor (like an electronic conductor) for miracles. He is incapable of creating any himself, but he has the ability to enhance the power of those who are capable. In the case of Ayu, she clearly holds the power of the miracles that relate to her. The Ayu that everybody sees is clearly a projection of her subconscious. But the ability to project such a realistic version of herself, may have to do with Yuuichi's presence enhancing her power to do so. In Mai's case, it is established that she has the power to save life, and to even create demons. But she is only able to unlock the ability to use her power to save herself through Yuuichi's presence. And lastly, regarding Makoto. Makoto's power was to create a temporary human form. But through her own raw power, she could only create a form of herself that would get weaker, die, and disappear. But because of Yuuichi's presence, her power is made strong enough where she can be reborn. So to conclude, I think there is something miraculous about Yuuichi. And I think this subtly is overlooked in the 2006 anime adaptation. Once again, I am so sorry that it took this long to respond. Simply put, I did not have the mental energy until now to write a thought out and articulate response to your response. I hope that the wait has not been in vain. PS: Code Geass is a really fun ride, hope you enjoyed it ( you have probably finished it by now).