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  1. I will come back from the dead just to say, that these kinds of jokes are what I look forward to for the new year every year.
  2. Rip you caught up to One Piece? I stopped when I caught up like 4 years ago lmaooo. Been trying to get back into it, though. I'm around the 760's so I got a bit to go. I knew it was around there smh. I might give ya a hollar soon then! To reminisce and fuck around. I might get it if I ever get more $$$ but we'll seeee.
  3. Lmao it took you this long to figure it out? Or did you even figure it out? I thought I posted the meaning on here in another thread specifically for explaining usernames. Also my speech online has changed a lot actually. I'm now a frequent user of "lmao" and "smh". God dude, how old are you now? Like 20?? Jesus it has been too long. That's great to hear man, things have been going super nice for a good while now. Most significantly (aka not at all), I'm about to DM a JoJo D&D campaign of sorts Monday night with some of my best buds (which you helped me find btw thanks lmao). W
  4. @KosakiFag posting on Fuwa again? Is the world ending? It feels like I haven't talked to you in ages.
  5. I mostly came here to say I thought the title said, "soup chefs." ... Welcome!
  6. Can confirm was a great read; this is one of your best works for sure! Also, as is tradition:
  7. Go Poltroon go! The regal man with an immaculate cane. Inb4 I get revived and defeat Kiriririri in the final battle.
  8. Then I guess the question is, "Are ya feelin' lucky punk?" And I do, very much so in fact. RNGesus will not leave me for dead.
  9. Inb4 I get revived by my good friend @Mr Poltroon, right? My legacy must continue!
  10. @Dreamysyu? More like, Dreamtsuyu. Gottem. I always pronounce your name like that in my head because the actual spelling is awkward to me. Also, ignore the fact that that was more like a roast than a joke, I'm sure someone laughed.
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