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  1. FuwApocalypse is Over

    Yay, now I can go back to posting one comment per month. Thanks Nayleen!
  2. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    I see what you did there. To answer some of those questions... I've completed Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, I've played through a good amount of both Fire Emblem, and Awakening. Favorite characters? no one has really struck me as being my favorite, though there have been a lot of characters I liked. My favorite class though, would be Myrmidon. Their high speed is marvelous. My first game was actually Shadow Dragon, which apparently is called a "bad" game in the series, particularly for it's lack of character development besides Marth and some others. Still, it managed to get me hooked to play some of the other games. My taste is too trash to name any waifus. not many of them stand out as good to me. I usually play the games on Classic, there's no point for me if the risk is taken away (though I just restart anyway because 'tis too sad), and I also play on hard to have some challenge. Favorite game would probably be Mystery of the Emblem for a particular moment that I had in the game. I was at the final boss trying to keep everyone alive, but no matter what way I did it someone had to die for me to win, I played this scenario in so many different ways for what had to be 2 hours at least. Eventually, I tried leveling Marth up to see if I could get him to do more damage to the boss so he'd live through the battle. I already did enough damage to secure the win, but Marth did a critical hit on the last hit in the game which made it so much more epic that I felt super fulfilled for trying so hard to save everyone. The thing I like most about the Fire Emblem games, is building up your army through recruiting people in the battles you fight, some may be bystanders, allies who join your cause to back you up, or even enemies who can be persuaded by a certain character and avoid a grisly death. The strategy and character interactions in the games is also a big plus.
  3. Replayability in games and visual novels

    You went for Futaba first playthrough, that deserves a like in and of itself, my fellow Futaba lover.
  4. Persona 5. Oh wait.
  5. Persona

    I am told this quite often. It feels wonderful to be with those of culture indeed.
  6. Persona

    I didn't even notice Yusuke was voiced by Matt Mercer until you mentioned that. All before this point I was like, "Man, I really like Yusuke's English voice. Wonder why."
  7. True or False

    False, completely forgot about it. Next person thinks Persona 5 is game of the year.
  8. Persona

    Culture is a rare thing these days, but I have it in spades. I prefer to just go for one. It's pretty hard when there are so many good choices this time around. I might follow through with my initial interest in Futaba though.
  9. Persona

    Is it weird that every time I see "calling card" I read "run through the dungeon destroying any Shadows that get in the way all the way to the boss with badass music playing"? I have a dilemma. On Normal, the bosses are too easy, but on Hard, the bosses are too hard. What do?
  10. Persona

    Damn, and I thought I was putting in a lot of time, you guys're already on the fourth and fifth dungeons while I'm just beginning the third... Come on guys, Makoto has always been best girl. (Though Takame is tempting). I will say, I like Ryuji more than Yosuke honestly. Actually, I like all of the characters in the P5 party more than the P4 party (so far). Might be because of the theme of this one though.
  11. Share unknown facts with us

    I'll just leave this here, fun fact:
  12. Persona

    Of course, Persona always has great music. This happens to be my favorite track so far:
  13. Persona

    I just got P5 today myself. I'm looking forward to discussing this amazing game with you all once it downloads. Plus, I'll finally be posting in a place besides the CoC.
  14. Is that like copyright free fucking? Or are you literally getting fucked by a king or something? Moreover, I don't think any one track could describe my life, but this is pretty fitting while I creep around my house at 3 in the morning:
  15. I found a bug, it's a real big problem actually, I'm surprised you missed it. SQUISH Fixed it, no need to panic.