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  1. wow, it indeed says wan nyan, not wan wan objection withdrawn
  2. It's not two cat girl games. It's one cat girl game and one dog girl game. Not that they interest me, though...
  3. [Video Series] JP VN Guided Reading

    In case anyone is unaware kivando is a complex puzzler, I recommend not taking him seriously.
  4. pick one for me

    the inaccuracy of your vndb list dismays me
  5. pick one for me

    unironically katawa shoujo (@Palas feel free to back me up)
  6. Reading VN in Japanese

    have you tried textractor
  7. How should I approach learning Japanese

    This guide is fairly good. Its section on the DTR method is outdated however, I recommend asking about it in #learn_japanese in the /r/visualnovels discord when you get to that point. Note that any method that you like that isn't monstrously inefficient is probably good. Conversely, if you hate something, its supposed efficiency probably doesn't matter.
  8. I think you'd get better much faster if you just bucked down and read instead of pursuing lesser ambiguity inferno, but whatever makes you feel good and keeps you learning. It's not like I aimed for maximum speed myself, I just had higher ambiguity tolerance. I do however think that your advice for ange to study more vocab is misguided. Grammar idk I only saw him do 3 lines but if he read all of tae kim and is referring to it that seems fine to me.
  9. Gotta google the moon for obscure japanese vns lol
  10. I have not one but two memorable experiences with 孤独ノユリカゴ (Kodoku no Yurikago), and I haven't even finished it yet. It's a denpa VN and uses a kind of buggy engine (the current-year version is probably better...). Now the thing is you expect a denpa VN to fuck with you, so I figured both of the bugs were maybe intentional when I played it at first. First bug: The music started playing more and more choppy, until it was more like random occasional hints of noise. Pretty creepy. This coincided with creepy events in the VN, so I figured it was jut intentional. But nope. It was just a playback bug. Second bug: I was getting ready to read the start of the VN again, and decided I'd try to stream me live interpreting the lines. I didn't really remember it that well, so the fact that most of the characters in the lines were gone, leaving only random remnants that I had to somehow interpret seemed to me to plausibly just be intentional. But nope, it wasn't. So yeah I spent a long while reading buggy lines that weren't displaying properly, before I got to a new scene, realized it was probably a bug, and decided to restart the VN. This time it actually showed the whole damn lines. Video: check from like 9:20 here (the freeze frame tier frame rate is all on my shitty laptop, though) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/407180630
  11. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    Yes, 'a displeased expression' being translated as 'a strange expression' is something only a true master of translation could avoid. When 'strange' isn't even in the edict definition list for 不機嫌 (probably the tl mistead it as 不思議 instead) To be fair though, I can imagine myself doing the same at some point were I to fall asleep at the wheel, I just wouldn't do so over 800 times hopefully. Which is not to say the inaccurate translation might not be fun to read, of course w
  12. Looking for Untranslated Utsuge

    Hi it's Zaka with the dank doujinge recs These may not be 'notable' but I enjoyed them Utsuge: Arguably Shimaisou https://vndb.org/v16958 Nakige: Definitely Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu https://vndb.org/v21768 These recs are both fairly short at ~2 to 3k lines; Shinimasu is good for a beginner and not too hard to read, Shimaisou is... uhh, a bit harder. Wata死 especially respects your time by having very little filler.
  13. There was some more content on hacking (as well as tl) on insani's now-dead blog, archive link: http://web.archive.org/web/20080910044341/http://sekai.insani.org/
  14. Decent translation critique of at least the level shown in arunaru's danganronpa post. This will not happen because it takes time and effort and too few people can do it. I don't think a single post on this forum has ever qualified. Some more editing blogs would be nice. Or tl blogs. Or tlediting blogs. Preferably from an elitist, meme cartel point of view so I can take them seriously. A standalone application that can use epwing dictionaries and has hover lookup functionality. None of the many-hoops-handle-it browser method nonsense. The current guides on how to texthook are probably pretty outdated at this point; we need an active maintainer and something we can reliably point at. High volume EVN coverage from a person convincing enough to believe in for a primarily JVN person. Nobody has ever really hit this bar for me (ok, maybe weeaboo.nl, but it's dead), and I have some highly scored EVNs in my list.
  15. Surely he can learn that in training for .5 cents a moji wwwww