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    Maki Fes! (Translator, I wanna fuck choice scene)
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    This is where I die today. / Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu (Translator)
    Musumaker (helped tl some wordplay for 1 scene idk if im in credits ree)
    Trans! (I TLC'd like 200 lines and sloppily tld like 100, this is on life support tho)
    叩かれたハエ (solo tl, released)
    Shinobi Harisenbo (~15% TL, Tech, UI tl. released)
    Ichigo & Kyuugo (TLC, Tech, QC/adaptation. released)
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  1. This tl is like, totally great 「akatuki no goe」 This review is completely unbiased, and not forced out of me by bee in any way, shape, or fap. So like, I read the tl of this thing and it's amazing. Beyond grisaia tier. Brains sprouted from my groin and I ejaculated pure information (and cum) at least 300 times while reading just an hour of it. You can download it here, and remember, I was not forced to write this by anyone, especially not Bee. Thank you for your cum-operation
  2. >whenever a book has lots of foreign expressions, the publisher just deals with it by slapping a glossary at the last pages you sure about this one fam? maybe in 'fine literature' where the publisher wishes to maintain some illusory purity, but I doubt it in the middle and lowbrow categories. EDIT: This is not to say they might not use somewhat more intrusive techniques on occasion (but likely not TL notes), but so do VN translations sometimes. A lot of the time you might not even have noticed those techniques being used if you're not paying attention. Translation textbooks tend to inc
  3. maybe I overestimate the english ability of the average spanish translator but couldn't you just mail them in english lol
  4. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I just took a 5 ECTS law course recently. >has someone done it? there is no english release listed at https://vndb.org/v20003, so no. >is it illegal to hire someone to translate it? Depending on the jurisdiction (I was looking at Swedish law for this, which should mostly match EU law[1]), technically no. What's illegal is to spread the translation to a larger amount of people, so you'd have to keep it private or maybe share it with like two people (consult your local law source!). You would also need to find a translator willing to transla
  5. Japanese natives are saying it's 30 mins long in reviews, so for normal people it's probably not longer than 4 hours to read (fuck some of these guys read fast).
  6. gay shinimasu reason: it's shinimasu (by shinimasu writer) but gay (doesnt matter since no porn)
  7. For any fan translators unfamiliar with the jargon: source language/text = language/text being translated from target language/text = language/text being translated into While writing sufficiently well in your target language is important to ensure both that the finished product is a smooth read and that no errors occur because of you being misinterpreted by your editor or audience, it’s all for nothing if you didn’t interpret your source correctly in the first place. Reading a source text without making errors can be surprisingly difficult even with a decent grasp of both your source
  8. Ok well if you've tried everything I said in thread I can't think of anything else. rip
  9. you can't really most of the time (people don't usually publish hashes for their vn installs...), better to just redownload and see if problem fixed
  10. It's failing to read a file in the folder, are you sure they're not corrupted / set to read only / you didn't put sonohana in a folder path that has weird characters like ü in it like C:\users\überlingen\sonohana\ or whatever (or the path is just really long)
  11. I think compatibility mode might help, but it's been really long also I can read jp so if you post jp error I can look at it
  12. japanese unicode locale will make error readable that said idk if that will fix it shrug it's been too long since I played I think there might be a way try searching
  13. To procrastinate doing anything productive, I have decided to write a summary of what I did last year. GENERAL During the early parts — months really — of the year I was kind of reeling from having had a very frightening GERD — acid reflux — flareup. It’s fairly hard to tell the symptoms from a heart attack, and paranoia about the whole deal caused anxiety issues. In the end it receded… when I started eating less and barely eating at all when I was not very hungry. Would’ve been nice to have tried that earlier. GERD and anxiety seem to feed into each other in weird and fucky ways and th
  14. kyu->kyou* sorry I have nothing to contribute but typo control
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