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  1. Saya no Uta & odd mouse behavior

    Uhh, if you're reading it in English you should do yourself a favor and get the JAST version (in whatever fashion you desire), not the fantl. It has significant script improvements and might not have your issue.
  2. Any info on Angel Beats! 2nd beat?

    Regarding 2nd beat... I mean, when the first beat was announced it was announced as the first of a six-part series. Maeda is Maeda though (and maybe still sick, I guess. I don't really keep up with that stuff).
  3. Aggressively fails to like your post as themes are still broken
  4. Humble Bundle: "Hunie Sakura Bundle"

    Well, this is your chance to legally get all of them and pay neither of the companies any money. Just give it all to charity. Otherwise, pretty high price for huniepop yeah
  5. "Temporal Spectrum" CSS fix

    The problem is more that tay can't currently change the page source (or well, themes) than that he doesn't know how from what I gather; nay posted about needing his ssh public key some days ago. Decent stopgap measure for people who feel like using custom css though I guess...
  6. Sakura Sakura is getting a Kickstarter

    Sakura Sakura is not a "sakura game" as we usually call the Sakura series by Winged Cloud, it is an entirely unrelated VN originally produced by hiqosoft. No idea how good it is though. As for the actual sakura games they are trash
  7. Is there a way to change my display name?

    PM the mods about it - it's in the rules somewhere. Probably. edit: indeed
  8. Subahibi save data

    In the Japanese version it seems to be in a subfolder of the main subahibi directory called UserData (the .sud files) for me, but I've never actually tried transferring saves so it still might not work. edit: oops I can't reading comprehension. Uhh, good luck finding complete data I guess.
  9. The Last Birdling released

    I'd say something positive, but it's 2am and all I can think about is how "offspring" is the plural of "offspring" (well, kind of). Umm, cool to see it come out, I guess. Not sure if I'll get to try it anytime soon though, rip.
  10. Programming would be much more convenient if I could get a linux distribution to work. Unfortunately, what I managed to do instead was render my system unbootable, possibly even without it being my fault. This is my story. Once upon a time, a young Zaka installed Ubuntu on his old laptop using wubi, an installer that actually runs under Windows! It worked without any major hitches and the Zaka was pleased. Fast forward six or so years to the ugly future that is 2017, and things were very different. Wubi didn’t even work since he was using UEFI, and the unofficial fork that did work looked sketchy, so he tried to install it using a USB stick (okay, an SD card with an adapter to USB. It should work right, they’re both flash memory man… dad has a zillion sd cards and like zero pen drives). The process was vaguely annoying but not too bad; download ISO, format the drive with rufus, try to install, get mysterious freezing crash! Okay, fuck that let’s try the acpi=off option for grub. Wew, setup actually starts. It’s sort of a pity how I couldn’t see any partitions and clicking any of the options on that screen caused a crash! Whew. Okay fuck that, time to try this unofficial Wubi fork that supports UEFI and has unclear instructions clearly written by a very enthusiastic ESL. It seems to work, but I don’t use the MOK Manager the first time the option is given and then I never can for the rest of the time and eventually the boot seems to just skip over the grub thing and honestly fuck this shit. Never say never! I download a Debian net install iso and do the now familiar bootable usb steps using rufus. It’s too bad my wireless firmware isn’t supported, because debian meow meow open source woof woof. Okay, I download the “with non-free firmware” iso instead, try again… it still doesn’t have the firmware I need, but I can do a minimal install at least. Wow. Ok so I actually have a working grub -> windows bootloader flow dual boot now, lemme try to manually install the firmware… oh yeah and I have to set it to not boot silently for some reason in grub to even get it to start, because for some reason not showing acpi errors (here we cum again!) makes the thing not boot. Wew. I put the firmware in /lib/firmware, it’s still not found during boot, the boot hangs later on, I wait, sigh, and hold the power button for 5 seconds to force shutdown for the umpteenth time that day, start it all up again, and… Current mood pic.twitter.com/ZQpLezAkSS — 變態魔灋猫ザカちゃん (@zakamutt) August 29, 2017 I am currently using my bad old year 2010 faptop, getting a win10 install media thingy onto my totally-a-usb memory which is by now a micro sd in an sd card adapter in a usb adapter setup. It’s taking beyond forever. It may or may not let me reinstate the boot record. In either case, I should be able to preserve all important data SOMEHOW, though using a live usb for linux for recovery which would be my usual plan is kind of dicey when linux hates you. All in all… this may or may not be entirely my fault, but my current message to whatever dev caused this is quite simply: Thanks, Twelvestepsbeyondrecognition, for taking a pic of this so I don’t have to. It is now the Future, and I am slighly less peeved. The Windows Media Creation tool is a piece of shit-stained vomit; it downloads a ~3gb iso in like four hours where I could get it in one through http or bittorrent. It also crashed with an unhelpful error after working for like five hours when I tried to use it directly with a USB stick, so I instead made it download the ISO (again, rip the hours of progress lost), formatted the usb stick with rufus, and used that instead. I tried to recover the bootloader in some way using the windows installation media, failed, used the command prompt to backup some files, and reinstalled windows. I suppose if nothing else, I don’t have any hp bloatware on this thing any more! …and it’s working fine so far, with no data loss. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some studying to do to catch up for the time I lost… that I totally wouldn’t have used chatting instead. Adios! View the full article
  11. lost everything

    I recently managed to fuck up my boot record or something while trying to install linux for programming reasons... I ended up reinstalling windows, but thankfully I still have all my files left. Still a lot of setup of convenient stuff to do though... sigh
  12. What are some good VN podcasts

    Yeah we're not dead, just not very active... actually at some point like, maybe next month? We'll have an anime version of kill your darlings up. There's also technically a katawa shoujo review podcast planned, but lord knows when that's happening. Part of it is that we keep getting hit by tech issues, lol.
  13. What are some good VN podcasts

    Starting from ep 6 I joined a vn podcast called FuwaFM, so I suppose I shall now shill it. In this episode we're doing a game rather than a discussion, but we also have a Saya no Uta review podcast up and stuff.
  14. Noble☆Works Review

    I'd like this post were the infinite stomach theme not currently broken, so have this comment instead