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  1. Literally Hitler

  2. I just like to keep a wide circle of acquaintances so I get to see all the various kinds of bad taste out there, k
  3. Just take a screenshot and upload it to an image hosting site, nobody wants to look at your teamviewer stream lol
  4. 2000 post mandatory thread.

    Hello miss Treated, I'm Zaka
  5. 2000 post mandatory thread.

    So zedgy everyone in the proximity suffers a cringe attack. I'd show you the picture, but I don't think showing it outside the discord server is a wise idea. It is too powerful.
  6. I honestly have no clue how long it took since it was ages ago, but it's definitely a long common route. Even only half or whatever of grisaia length is pretty long by normal standards. I recommend re-reading the first post, you seem confused as to the purpose of the thread
  7. Read this recently, you can probably add it to your dark emotionally taxing pile though I wouldn't say it's that difficult to get through (but I'm like that...) https://milkplus.itch.io/soundless
  8. Looking for a good VN with an edgelord mc

    11eyes my boy, 11eyes
  9. Don't let your dreams be dreams Right-align the world!!!
  10. Aww don't Be like that Texy
  11. だ定決おいい。
  12. Guide to learning japanaese

    Ask yourself what your goals are. If they are to pass N2/N1 and get your piece of paper, it might be best to get books specifically teaching to the test. If they are to learn Japanese, I would forget the N series of tests for now and try to ingest lots of native material of some or various kinds.