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    叩かれたハエ (idk why im doing this but I think I am)
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  1. how to play Moon on Win 10

    that's why you learn it first, as mentioned in my post.
  2. these days the hot new thing is mouseover lookup with a browser plugin. since lookup starts where you put your cursor, you can mostly avoid the problems of misparsing. however, this is doable in TA's JParser (and afaik chiitrans) as well; in TA you edit the text in the "original text" window, adding spaces, and click a button to reparse, and chiitrans, uh, you do something I don't use it. the original text edit in TA also lets you try manual substitutions (ねー or ねぇ to ない,てきとー to てきとう, changing particles from が to を or adding を to make phrases parse and so on (though if you're suspecting an idiom maybe you should google it in Japanese instead))
  3. how to play Moon on Win 10

    The newest Japanese version works on win10. I thus recommend you learn Japanese, avoid the probably bad Ixrec tl (literally his first), and read it in Japanese w
  4. While I generally agree with you, I thought the analogue gameplay was nicely inserted and fun, not to mention thematically appropriate and immersive as you play an investigator and there's data to be found with the commands. However, I'm used to using command line interfaces, which I imagine is a rare quality these days. Personally I'd like to extend your sentiment even further though. A lot of visual novels created EVN wise are (at least in marketing) incredibly and unhealthily obsessed with frequent choices (when they're not kinetic... but I'm fine with that extreme, so whatever). I don't think they ever really deliver on the freedom they pretend to be giving, and even if they did I'd rather not have to replay a zillion times to see the full text. Especially if there's no flowchart to use as a guide. I'd rather people focus on making good stories than providing unneeded agency. On a vaguely related note, Shinsetsu Mahou Shoujo is p good gameplay hybrid w
  5. Luckily I have no NDAs binding me, so I can post various VN TL rates I may or may not have been told about: First of all we have Arunaru when quitting MG who says the max rate at MG is now 1.75 cents per moji. I've heard 1 cent per moji quoted a lot as the lowest MG rate, but it's possiblE they've went up to 1.25 or something. https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr1tu4. I believe editing rates are generally ~1/4 of tl rates at MG while they might be 1/2 at other companies, but this might have changed. Sol Press pays 1 cent per moji as far as I know. If you ever needed another reason not to work for them... JAST is afaik at least 2 but might be 3. Could go to 4? Frontwing used to pay a whopping 6 afaik, but I'm not sure if this is still true. Sekai is 2 or 3 I believe. Again, could go to 4? —but you'd be working for sekai project. I don't think any vn tl company bar frontwing pays 5 cents or above on any kind of regular basis. Maybe Aksys? not sure. I think Aksys has unusually high editor pay to go with their "have translators translate literally (badly) and punch it up later" approach where they expect semi-heroic editor efforts. But I haven't heard a number for Aksys I don't think.
  6. Ken ga Kimi translation project

    wasn't there a fan tl project for this by some group on tumblr? no idea what happened to it I feel like there was some drama but idk edit: oh the drama was for a different tl (of starry sky in summer) by the same group due to getting C&D'd, but I guess you can probably count them out given that the tumblr is wiped and this is the latest progress report I can find:
  7. Visual novel with a depressed protagonist

  8. it's in (((technical issues))) land
  9. I'd like a translation of Kodoku no Yurikago, a denpage obscure enough to not have had a vndb page until.... just recently, oh well, I was going to style on you by linking the jp dlsite page but whatever. I added some screenshots! I stalled it partway through because I have chronic stalling disorder. From what I've read it's a mindfuck with a distinctly unreliable narrator that had a terrible incident in his past which haunts him to this day. A lot of the story is told through non-chronologically ordered (dates shown in binary code half the time...) flashbacks that reveal what could have caused the incident, what it was, and what might be happening to him now. Also lots of nausea and depression and hating everything. The non-recollection part of the plot seems to be centered on protag-kun meeting a girl that triggers him immensely just by being around, to the point where the story goes entirely off the rails and whoops a lamp post is telling him about how science can only really remark on past events - the future is only predictions, and were the laws of the world to change entirely one day all science could do would be to record the new rules.
  10. VNs with rap/hip hop aesthetic

    I think Lynne might have some of that grimy urban atmosphere, not sure if it's what you're after though lol since this would be a musical descendent at best - you can listen here https://sleepyagents.bandcamp.com/album/lynne-ost Beside the musical aspect, it's set in rundown, low class England and you can feel it. The graphics match as well.
  11. as a symbolic downvote I will upvote this post
  12. Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event

    fuck it 1. b 2. b 3. c 4. c 5. b 6. c 7. b
  13. Countdown to silence: a VN recommendation/review

    The comedy is better and everything is just tighter and everyone else is CRAZY sorry NOT sorry (probably the actually good subs from CMS available help but)
  14. The story of how I came to read this EVN is kind of like Countdown to silence itself. It started out with a bit of comic relief mingled with human drama (The dev came in and posted a link on the Fuwanovel discord and I grilled him for a bit because my ego is large and my opinions voluminous, but he managed to at least catch my interest). Then trouble struck (My Internet’s been down for hours now and it’s doing a number on me), but this led to some exciting events (I played the VN on a whim and it turned out to actually be good). The ending… well, my Internet’s still not back on, can someone tell the wankers over at Comhem to hurry up and get my router a bloody IP address? Thanks in advance. 13 hours later, I finally have the connection necessary to post this. Holy fuck. Countdown to Silence takes place in a world where (entirely benevolent and harmless) experiments intended to give humans superpowers have succeeded, but in an unexpected fashion: only their kids got a splash with the supe brush. This ability is called IO for “Information Overlay”, and true to its name it presents itself as an overlay showing you certain information – with varying levels of usefulness depending on your specific ability. The protagonist and (voiced!) narrator, Josh, didn’t get particularly lucky with his: all it shows him is a countdown to when people will speak to him next. While there are _some_ uses for this, it mostly doesn’t give him much benefit. His best friend Kyle has a much better ability: seeing potential conversation choices when talking to people, potentially revealing their secrets but also making him a great guy to talk to. The setting and abilities are used surprisingly well in the story, but don’t expect anything about uncovering government conspiracies or rebelling against society or whatever, it’s just accepted as a Thing in universe. You could probably rewrite the thing without the abilities, but it wouldn’t have the same zing to it, so I can’t say I’m bothered. No, but self-isolation does, so basically half of us are in the system now. The VN walks a delicate line between drama and comedy, and will frequently take the edge off tense moments with a comedic segment before ramping up the tension again. Thankfully, it succeeds in the balancing act; neither the comedy nor the drama are cheapened too much by its counterpart. The humor does have indulgent parts; the main character is a weeb into magical girl shows for kids. This doesn’t get too grating in my opinion, and it’s only mentioned in like three scenes, but after reading this many EVNs I still feel it’s a bit cliché. Otherwise, I would describe it as… a bit camp, I guess? On the low end of the scale though. I swear to god if the creator of this isn’t British I need to get my tea-dar fixed. Nisemonogatari >>> Bakemonogatari So why do I like it so much? Well, first of all, the plotting is tight: it doesn’t waste time, keeps you interested, and things slide into place from foreshadowing in pleasing ways. Second, the voiced narration actually adds a lot for me. There’s a constant echo-ish effect to it, it’s clearly not a super high quality recording, but I find it charming. Combined with the rest of the voices in this fully voiced VN (not badly acted, but certainly not recorded with the best equipment), the weird style convention of leaving off most ending periods in text boxes, and the uhh, funky backgrounds, it feels very doujin. Alone, any of these elements would be less than ideal, but together it forms a gestalt I find strangely palatable. Though I still must insist that you really should still end your text boxes with periods – I got used to the style because it was consistent and repetition legitimizes, but it’s not going to be a good fit for most stories and arguably made even this one worse. Anyway, the aesthetic fits the drama-comedy flow of the story pretty well. I’m left with the impression that it all shouldn’t fit together so well, and yet it just does. So yeah, I really recommend this for a fun and engaging 30-60 minutes or so of content. Extremely positively surprised. Download free at: https://plotline-progenitor.itch.io/countdown-to-silence – Okay, but as we all know I have autism, so let’s nitpick the craft a bit instead as I think the writer has potential and might read this. If you’re not into that, feel free to skip the rest of this. Hotkeys: Page up/down do nothing, despite the fact that they’re listed on the Help page! No hotkey to show message history, the SUPERIOR history function. UI: There’s no way to replay voice lines besides going back from a later line with rollback (and then they always play due to renpy rollback.) Rollback is the default backlog for mousewheel (my JVN soul cries for it to activate the backlog instead and then have scenario jump and voice replay buttons in that history). Uses default UI rather than anything custom as far as I can tell, though at least the modern Ren’Py default doesn’t make me want to tear my eyes out. Sound: Some voices are too hard to hear at the default music volume (full) while others are perfectly fine. I remember a scene where this made me have to go into the settings and lower the music volume to like half (which I left it at). I feel like this could have been avoided with more careful sound design. Why put this on your download page when you can just change the default settings??? Music doesn’t fade out, it just cuts, which makes scene transitions feel unnecessarily and jarringly sudden. Especially the final line of the game suffers from this – it really needed a soft fadeout to mimic the emotion at that point. Overall, think about transitions more when scripting. Voices sometimes do not fully match the written line, though the wording is often better than the actual text. One voiced line even adds a word that was accidentally omitted in the text! Text: Apart from the aforementioned thing where sentences just end without punctuation half the time, there’s a few typos that could’ve been caught by a careful eye. The phrasing style, and well, the style in general is unusual and feels like veering into the relaxed conventions of, I don’t know, fanfic writing? With everything else it kind of works, but it certainly won’t work for just any tone, and you’ll need to be careful with this in the future. The voiced narration does help sell some fairly long sentences without punctuation, so it’s good we have it. …And that’s about it, I think. View the full article