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  1. So I finished a tl and shit

    …And you probably know about it already if you know me, but anyway, my own #brand is Memeshii Translations apparently. Since you’re here, have some information on the experience of working with the paltry tools available: *The linecount had to be the exact same or the insertion tool would crash with an unhandled exception. *Some lines had a linebreak in the original; these were joined together engine wise so they had to be line broken no matter what. Usually this wasn’t a problem, but some lines ended up short in english but still needed a linebreak so they look wonky, and the second line in-game had two lines that wanted to be long and couldn’t be split so it was kind of hell to fit. *Weeb quotes 「」 had to be used or the engine wouldn’t read it as a spoken line. *One line was turned from speech to narration for flow reasons (it was like suu haa or some shit) by removing the speechtag annotation in front. *There was no manual linebreak code I could use (mandated ones were just CRLF linebreak, and could only been used for that specific line). However, the engine does automatically line-break on a character level, and seems to be more or less monospace. So I ended up doing some of the line-breaking in this truly kami manner, checking it manually ingame over like 5 iterations: す@ is Sumire; あ@ is Azami *The extracted yscfg.ybn file had the window title at the end in plaintext. But the title seemed to be read in 2 char blocks or something which meant the title ended up as either “The world ends tomorrowA” or “The world ends tomorrowb” after insertion. I fixed this by adding a space after the name. *The nametags were in a different script than the scenario but they were just text strings, so I could just edit them *Same for the exit message when pressing the cross at the top right *Since we used the “spoken line” format I had to convert this to the japanese quotation brackets. Kotlin code for you to meme at: oh, java strings are immutable, fuck… fiiine I’ll your it your goddamn way This is probably half the reason why any in-line quotes ingame are single quotes; I actually edited a pair of doubles because I couldn’t be arsed to clean up the script after the fixer code worked on it… or something. Okay since you read this far some stats; I used Mediafire for the release because it gives download counts. It seems to update daily or something. First update was 63 downloads. Second was 89. I had 66 pageviews the blog release post on feb 14 and have 178 so far for feb 15. 89/244 gives us a ~36% download rate per view, not too bad. The About page seems to have gotten like, 8 views. The dedicated asuowa tl page has 7. So uhh I guess I have to tl more shinimasu now. fuck View the full article
  2. Free Yuri EVNs – non-Yuri Game Jam edition

    Things need to be significantly better than that to be worth reading imo. I really think there wasn't close to enough time to get attached to the characters; like an extremely obvious point is where we get a three-box or something description of going to the market rather than an actual scene. Moege might have their excesses but SoL exists for a reason; ultimately i did not give a shit about the characters in Taarradhin, and everything kind of falls flat at that point... not to mention that, as I said, the wrong character is developed for the developments to make any sense in a story crafting sense.
  3. Free Yuri EVNs – non-Yuri Game Jam edition

    Whoa I played some of these. Myra's magical mishap: Shallow, choice heavy EVN; this is p much the epitome of why I don't like the typical EVN. I think I got 1 or 2 endings then dropped it. Not worth your time. Or at least that's what I remember, I do know I dropped it early but not much else. Taarradhin: It could have been p decent, but the structural planning was utterly terrible. First of all, it invests you in a character (though not that well, especially with all the "time passes" that are obvious sacrifices to the nanoreno deadline), then decides to play a card that requires you to care about the character it HASN'T invested you in to matter. Then you have to get the same thing but opposite so you don't get the surprise effect and it's again a chore. I really like true ends and I guess I'll forgive the hashtag woke section in it despite it being very obvious, but idk it can't really fix the rest of the VN. I recommend this for EVN devs to study due to its wasted potential and terrible structure, and to nobody else.
  4. (where do you even put a complete release post, oh well vntalk will do) It's the evening before the end of the world, and Sumire's spending it with her big sister, Azami. But will she be able to convey her true feelings before it's all over? The world ends tomorrow is a short yuri visual novel originally released by Natsukon, who those of... amber, eclectic tastes may know for their rather different title Yurinate!. No need to worry about anything lewd in TWET though, bar handholding I suppose. Ahem. Anyway I like, released a translation of it today, so have at it, or something. Release post: https://memeshii.home.blog/2019/02/14/the-world-ends-tomorrow-v1-translation-released/
  5. tl;dr I finished translating the first of two episodes of Shinimasu which is why I have chosen to make this high level cutie my avatar. I make no guarantees that the translated line featured in my user title will not be changed in the final version. Q&A How the fuck did you handle the 被る line holy shit In the end I went with an expanded take around the concept 'it feels like history's repeating itself', which I felt conveyed the concept well enough to work. God that took some effort though 100% when? https://curiouscat.me/Zakamutt/post/777773105 Why should I care, dude idk man just learn japanese instead tbh shinimasu is a good first vn too #freepalestine
  6. Hidden Pearls

    Soundless - A Modern Salem in Remote Area - Only just qualifies at 7.45 avg, but honestly a p damn good denpage. Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu A VN about suicide, self acceptance in the face of the sometimes unsurmountable demands of society, and just generally finding the strength to live on this bitch of an earth despite being a worthless piece of shit. Okay so that sounds grim and all but it can also be pretty funny; consider it a nakige if nakige were actually written without filler. To be honest I think it's not going to fully work for people who aren't weak in the ways the characters in the novel are, though maybe I'm wrong idk it tickled my funny bone very hard. Hanahira moe moe kyun kyun fjoewilhvkntu43kiukiyhsuesktuerilskyvnhui3twknytlenvhturilthk KAWAIII YURI GRILLS JGU43IRVWKVHYU3RKWYVHN3KUNYVSHEIUUHFSVEYUKVGNRYKVSNYRESKVGYRJVSNGYRVSKNTYRSNVKUGVTYUKNY 9/10 zaka.exe has stopped responding. please do NOT give windows some time to report this problem to microsoft
  7. Is the translation of NekoMiko good enough?

    It's quite funny to read this line then behold the atrociousness of the steam video (which I assume you could have too... did you?). Core quality ain't bad? Classic steam standards feels EXTREMELY bad man
  8. edited smash copypasta p good tho
  9. What Tools Can I Use to Read Untled VNs?

    I'm quite fond of Translation Aggregator personally
  10. 25 Zisual Movels You Mutt Read Before You Die

    Personligen rekommenderar jag att dö efter man läst Clannad, då detta projekt tar så lång tid att man hinner bryta sig ur vansinnets grepp innan man blir klar. Däremot har jag inget emot att välja det senarekommande alternativet i det fall då man är starkt fäst vid spirituell nederböring.
  11. Another otome vn with a personality-bestowed protagonist is Watashi no Real wa Juujutsu Shisugiteiru, where the protagonist is somewhat narcissistic, ill-humored on the inside but pretending to be the perfect girl in the outside, and also a closet otaku. You can make a good argument for Get☆Dumped as well.
  12. VNs I read in 2018: Retrospective

    I'd just finish nothing then instead, though
  13. Restrospectives are good. Posting on Reddit is not my style though and besides this is too fucking long. The Reddit tradition of describing things as boxes I am more ambivalent about, but I’ll do a few entries in that style I guess. Jisatsusha x Yuusha First Connect I found this vn in a MEGA archive with lots of now-unavailable doujin games. I think I got the link from moogy’s ask.fm a few million years ago. Curated by 2ch anons or some shit. Either way I was just casually browsing the catalogue and the name of this vn appealed to me for some reason, so I decided to try it out. I don’t regret it but it was, uh, mostly of meme value. The story has several fairly random 中略’s but basically involves the female main character biking, sort of dying in a traffic accident (wait did she kill herself? fuck the title certainly implies it but), then some UNIMPORTANT coming back to life thing I can’t fuckign remember and I think maybe there was some prophecy or some shit, then she wakes up again and is in an isekai with a VERY CUTE SHOTA THAT WILL SAVE THE WORLD and there’s this raising sim-ish? interface with a few interaction choices and stuff. Did I mention that oneechan lusts for shota boi very hard? Yes. 5/10 03/26 Soundless already reviewed on this very blog. 8.1/10 read it god damn you 03/30 Sugar And Massacre demo Cool but the prose is not close to strong enough compared to all the other elements. Would still read a full version god damn. These are some serious production values. That said the Kickstarter failed hard so it’s probably dead rip An Octave Higher Indonesian developer Kidalang builds a fantasy world, decides to take some inspiration from local history and mixes in some perspectives on communism with veiled crystallized version of the memes of production in mana potions, then adds some sprinkles of programmer humor and a decidedly nerdy magic system including university lectures that made me feel right at home actually. Kidalang writes it in English in the typical Indonesian prose fashion: somewhat poorly. Especially weird is how the whole thing opens with a battle scene since that scene is so badly written holy shit they really can’t do that well. But I suppose I’ve seen much worse. At its best it gave me a similar feeling to Discworld books; I’m somewhat reminded of Monstrous Regiment. Do make sure you read the second half of the game as the first half is a meme in comparison, especially the extremely extraneous character endings which I hope were added to satisfy kickstarter goals or something. 7.9/10 05/14 One Small Fire at a Time A vn set in the same world as An Octave Higher but with a fairly different tone and focus. Protag-chan lives in a madhouse despite being rather sane, since she can’t use magic, which is unfortunate in a world where work involves repetetively casting spells at things. Basically it’s the old, memeier kind of sanatorium, but we should mention that it is not run cruelly or anything. Well, there is the whole thing where people disappear into the other building on the property when they get old enough though. How mysterious. A dark, tragic story, a few somewhat interesting philosophical ramblings from the characters that I had seen expressed before but nevertheless appreciated, a kinda sweet, kinda bittersweet end. I very much enjoyed it. The writing is slightly better than in An Octave Higher, possibly thanks to the modest efforts of the editor, Ryechu. Not exactly well written prose wise though, still. Modest efforts. I guess it’s possible the original text was horrible, of course. 8.0/10 05/15 because I really wanted more from the dev after An Octave Higher Who is Mike? I picked this fairly small box up because Tay recced 3 million years ago it or some shit. It’s box in which how you open some boxes determines how you opened other boxes and in fact what your box opening tool even is. Rather out of the box. Horror/mystery, kind of cool, but not more than kind of. Also the official walkthrough is rubbish get something more detailed. 7/10 08/05 I picked up Cupid by the same dev because they seemed to have potential but i didn’t really get hooked and I while it was unusual and interesting I didn’t like the way the choices were done, I guess. Evenicle Evenicle is a JRPG, not a visual novel. It will thus not be discussed in this visual novel retrospective or given a vote on vndb, much like how I treat Ace Attorney. However I did more or less complete it this year. Winter’s Symphonies demo Leafcascade is not a good enough writer to consistently pull off this kind of prose. Otherwise interesting, I guess. Reminds me that I want to read Anomie but paying for things is not generally my thing when I could spend it on snacks so w/e. Well maybe it’s on certain sites… I should check Yugami Kairou A middling-sized box that when you open it contains a few other small boxes and a small piece of ribbon. The small boxes all contain their own small ribbon pieces and seem to have some conspicuous holes to stick the ribbon through. Eventually you get to the last box, but its piece of ribbon isn’t really long enough to satisfyingly tie all the boxes together. Realizing that you’re not going to have closure, you look at the small boxes again as more isolated beasts, and they are still kind of entertaining, really, but you kind of wanted something more. At least the use of ero cgs was unconventional in an unfappable but cool way. 6.8/10 but I didn’t read the addition yugami garou yet so if that changes things consider me beaned. Definitely got me interested in the creator though and I’ve got 鉢の底 downloaded for reading some time later. Download, along with other geemus from the dev: here. 11/29 Himawari (日廻り, the one that’s not on vndb) Short, damn good graphics, why is the font randomly missing strokes, unhookable which made the engine dev actually contact me about hookability lol, wew that ending, very bimyou geemu but I respect it. 7.5/10 I guess comp’d around the 20th of december I think Uso to Makoto ni Oshioki wo A short “ero-drama” from 10mile, packaged with another similar style of story by the same writer. As an “ero-drama” it skirts the line between nukige and not by sort of having a plot. Also the ero scenes are written with humor in mind and include some amusing fails like the girl being too short for 69 to work properly. Kami tier ending that should be an inspiration to us all. 7.5/10 12/26 Unfinished business Being zaka, most of the things I started or played some of this year I did not complete: Amairo Islenauts I read some more of Yune’s route during various times of the year. She’s pretty kwi. I haven’t gotten the first scene of them actually fucking yet. Last screen I can find is from chapter 11-1… Masaki route remains stalled. Hakusen Read like the first 200 lines or something. Too high level for me rn really holy god the vocab. I mean I could read it if I tried, textractor can hook the text. I’d rather read easier chuuniger like Sanzen first though. Sanzen Sekai Yuugi Otome R-18 chuunige, it said on the box. Intrigued, I picked it up. Kind of interesting, amusing protagonist for sure. We’ll see when I pick it up agqain. Trans! I’m just reading this for better tlc, honest, nothing to do with it being a hot nukige at all. Have to say I don’t particularly identify with the female perspective thing I guess, but I can still fap to it so /shrug Ie no Kagi Picked up because some people said it wasn’t as pedo as it looked. As far as I can tell right now, they are correct. There are definitely elements and yes, the mc is literally a pedophile (though limited in his current crimes to taping girls peeing). However, it’s mostly focused on a suspense / thriller plot driven by the devilishly clever kami I want my daughter to be like this but I’m not going to have children though Sakuma Rika. Was unhookable, might be hookable with the newest version of nexthooker, though holy god there are a lot of threads to look through. Kodoku no Yurikago (link nsfw, not on vndb lul) Picked up because their next work, Himawari, was promising and also Kiri was memeing it. Denpage. Chopin is kami actually. My music drivers bugged out and started playing only scattered bits of pieces and I thought it was the game doing it. Damb. Kotonoha Amrilato Read again from the start, stalled, kinda kwi, fun, learning esperanto is realdeal dot org. Umi Kara Kuru Mono Cool suspense/denpage thingy I read some of. Some lines literally have 250 moji, though at least they’re not 1 sentence. No voice replay is baka (I think there might be some way of doing it hidden in the year 2003 interface somewhere but fuck). Literally moogy approved though so we know it’s bound to be shit /s Sukisuki (eop so not worth linking) Yuuki is cute and I’m happy I applied the first patch by Yuukianon because not properly marking vowel elongation in Japanese names bothers me way more than it should. BGM is kinda subpar. Did not get that far tho Exit/Corners For once this is unfinished because the actual geemu is unfinished. Cool mystery to the tune of 999. Final eps to cum out in february next year or something. Maybe then people I rec it to will actually fucking play it. Also maybe he’ll release it in something that’s not a fucking browser flash is a terrible engine for vns stop Wagahigh (eop) I finished Kaoruko’s route. It was surprising to me that people found it disappointing as it just seemed like moege 101 to me, which is exactly what they should have expected. Started a bit on Ashe’s route, didn’t get far. Re;lord 1 ( eop) Fairly entertaining. With my touchpad curently broken but to my swelling battery unseating it from its proper position I don’t think I can actually do it the way I want it though since the combat controls are extremely hostile to non mouse users holy shit the touchpad made things hard but now I’m having to use a ps4 controller and wow. Iroseka Started it up, eventually got through the common route, got some distance into Mio’s route, stalled. At least I actually got some h scenes wwwwwww Shinsetsu Mahou Shoujo Seems fun from the like 4 chapters I read. Sci-fi magical girls through spinal injection. I’ll read this when it’s hookable okay Haruka Kanata Did common route. Verdict: meme Did precisely the amount of Haruka’s route that wasn’t yet the cool part according to the guy that recced harukana to me. Sucks, mate. I’ll get back to this one day, totally. Toushin Toshi II JRPG. See Evenicle. Y;N / Yin Actually an adventure game, so no comments on contents if I can avoid it. Quit because I get too scared by horror, and stuff. View the full article
  14. The Fuwanovel I want for 2019

    dead. tay killed it