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  1. Another Fresh Face

    I recommend Lynne on the horror front. Well, that and Saya no Uta if you can handle the content.
  2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking; if we didn't know Insem was incompetent I wouldn't have been able to rule out it being a moderately clever liberal translation. I definitely agree with you on which tl is preferable, and would never recommend the fan tl over the new tl. It's just in my nature to nitpick (and well, this is a tl comparison thread :P). It's definitely possible that I'm allocating more time to the SP side of the equation because I'm making too strong an assumption that people will easily see or at least know about the problems with the fan tl.
  3. Well, in that case I find fault with both left and right sides of the localiquation . I feel like what I'd want would be more similar to Insem's version in structure than the SP version, though - just, like, with added accuracy.
  4. While I mostly prefer the SP version it does feel bit weird/literal sometimes. The dialogue is generally better than the opening narration, so maybe the translator/editor was better at that kind of writing. SP seems to generally have kept more detail, and the longer lines that result need careful handling to look good. One line that exemplifies my complaints would be this, where I guardedly prefer Insem's version: The SP wording doesn't feel very good here; it smells of literally carrying over some jp concept. Overall there's a lot of dialogue in the VN though, and the improvement there looks considerable. Hopefully some later plot elements will also make more sense with the new translation, though idk man.
  5. Ah, that makes sense. My personal settings for new posts also show new blog entries, so I'll see them myself unless my usual behaviour changes radically in the future. As for the mail to fuwareviews more specifically, that was kind of broken until like, a week or so ago and didn't really reach the people it should have (one of the reasons I tagged Decay in here). Apparently setting that stuff up is complicated or something. Not sure about the mail to Tay specifically though. In general expecting Tay to give a timely answer to anything is a bit risky because he's a very busy man, rip.
  6. I'm interested in this, EVNs have always interested me. I think the problem I have with EVN reviews as primarily a JVN reader is trust in their opinions. Basically, my impression is that the EVN community has generally low standards. I mean, lower than mine. That's kinda terrible. This could of course just be differences in preference, but when I see something as badly constructed as say Taarradhin get 8's, I can't shake the feeling that something has to be wrong. ---- I'm not sure why you gave up on getting EVN coverage on the fuwa mainpage. We used to do some of this in the past; the issue is in finding qualified people willing to spend the effort (and I will admit to not spending much time looking for them). The Fuwa Reviews team is also looking for more reviewers for EVNs as far as I know, so that road's not closed off either (PM @Decay about that, maybe?). If you want to run an independent blog, I can also offer to republish anything I like enough - you can contact me using whatever method you prefer if you're interested in that.
  7. The sweet love patch isn't related to the original restoration patch at all, and wasn't even supported by it. It wouldn't be weird for someone not familiar with whatever you used to be a bit confused. I'm not sure what people are currently using most of the time though so /shrug
  8. The "more official" patches don't work with the sweet love patch and afaik there never was any intention that they should. I don't really know everything that's out there though because I can't make myself care about patches to a shit translation which I recommend precisely nobody to play, especially since a better if not brilliant translation is on the way. I think whoever made the original patches or some of the "more official" patches at least has been complaining about someone else releasing broken-ass patches that were supposed to work with the sweet love patch using their work, which they had not allowed, etc etc etc drama silly silly drama silly meow. The sweet love patch just adds some sex scenes and I don't think anyone ever translated them, so you don't really need it anyway. Okay, maybe there was a nude sprite mod too or something but I can't remember. I don't really care about imhhw...
  9. Akimoto masato is kinda... lacking in the IQ point department and I wouldn't trust anything he says. Depending on the patch you use, applying the sweet love patch first (or ever) will make the tl/uncensor patch not work. Look at the instructions for the version you're using.
  10. Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality

    Getting volunteer help isn't really a rare proposal per se, it just tends to be invoked by terrible publishers of terrible translations. I've seen that more with CN->EN monstrosities than jp->en, but it's not that uncommon for small-time publishers, often the developer themselves, to ask for community help in improving their utterly terrible translations. The results tend to be as amateur as the help they're getting.
  11. Registry Fix

    I'm still not sure why you're not just running things off your hard drive to begin with, or putting them back in the same place they were (do you install the games on a stationary computer, put them on an external hard drive then bring them to your laptop or what? - just install them on your laptop then transfer the files to your external instead then...), but w/e maybe there are reasons. Every engine is different, so I can't give you a guide that works for everything. However, this is how you would generally do things. First, you need to find out what registry entries it needs while the VN is still installed. To do this, 1. Open up the registry editor (usually pressing the windows key and typing regedit then pressing enter works, otherwise google it) 2. Now find where the VN keeps its registry entries. Usually this is in HKEY_CURRENT_USER or maybe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /Software/[insert developer, brand or VN name here]/[VN name, usually] Maki Fes doesn't actually use an install path registry entry, but I added a fake one that matches what I've seen 3. Note down the registry keys needed. An easy way to save the values is to use the export optiont that pops up when you right click a registry key in the left-hand view 4. When moving the VN elsewhere, you need to add these keys back. It's possible just double-clicking the .reg file will do it, but if any paths are different you will need to either open regedit afterwards and edit the entry, or change the .reg file before running it (you can open it with a text editor like notepad) A typical example ...And that's it, I guess. Different computers might want the keys to be in different top-level folders (CURRENT_USER vs LOCAL_MACHINE), but I'm not really an expert on that, try it out yourself if you're out of ideas I guess.
  12. Registry Fix

    Well, if you only want to move it once then firing up regedit, finding the registry entries the VN uses, and changing them to point to the new location usually works. This is how I used to fix registry entries for pre-patches back in the day; I made a batch file which automated this for the end user. If you're interested in how to make such a file I can provide examples. The other option is to somehow alter the program to not use registry entries, which would take reverse engineering the program code. If you knew how to do that, you would probably not be asking this question. You might be able to make a folder link to another physical location by using some of the linking options in windows. This is somewhat annoying to set up in my experience and I'm not sure if it'd fundamentally solve your problem (what do you actually want to achieve with this moving files thing?). Be careful when using regedit, if you delete something the system needs you're in trouble. That's something you'd have to mess up pretty hard to do in my experience, but I'm not a normal person.
  13. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    You can call it misinformation, but you can also call it adaptation. Some people have even mentioned making her speak french words instead, how would that not be misinformation according to your view? If we assume a theory of wanting to have the same emotional effect on the reader, and the translation makes her annoying in a language-related way, I think chrono clock didn't pick that horrible of an approach fundamentally. While there are several theories of translation the idea of going for equivalent response is quite well known. Honestly the way I see it, the problem was mostly that the selected words to keep in Japanese were too obscure for weebs to know and, to a lesser extent, the british stuff was a bit too hard to understand sometimes.
  14. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    ...see here is the thing, DD didn't speak random English to emphasize her british heritage. She was copying a kancolle character with a habit of throwing engrish into her speech (it's alluded to in a fairly early scene). DD can speak perfectly proper Japanese. She's actually meant to be annoying. Like weebs are. So making her throw in weebisms kind of makes sense?
  15. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Or people have different definitions of poor than you do (I swear novurdim's post wasn't there when I wrote this), or value different aspects of translation than you do (of course both me and nandemonai know some Japanese beyond honorifics and simple words, so we're probably not the intended audience to begin with). I won't argue that chrono clock is a mess, but I have a feeling what bothers me most about it is probably not what bothered you. Not really going to make a general comment on sakusaku though because I've seen way too little of the tl and none of the japanese. @novurdim I only read up to somewhat into the 2048 chapter before infinistalling it, but I think part of that was caused by the translators working with the unvoiced doujin as their basis. You have a lot more wiggle room in line length when things aren't voiced (or you get a dub). Himawari was definitely rougher round the edges than Tokyo Babel.