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  1. Yuusha vs Eiyuu

    Isn't "great man" quite good for (at least male) eiyuu? You get associations to western ideas with that, but they seem about right.
  2. Pick your Fuwaifu! (2018 edition)

    you're now shit I like that I can pick multiple people though because let's face it who will really get along with asonn but me tbh www can we o3p
  3. Recommend me a 4~7/10 VN

    Well here's a collection. Like all of it is random/oelvn/doujin/whatever stuff but im sure you can meme it, faito https://vndb.org/v12271 https://vndb.org/v5478 https://vndb.org/v15439 https://vndb.org/v10043 https://vndb.org/v22268 https://vndb.org/v1865 https://vndb.org/v17117 https://vndb.org/v15636 https://vndb.org/v7816 https://vndb.org/v14920
  4. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    Well, I've had my issues... https://disearnestlydisearnest.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/slightly-unlucky-how-my-computer-was-rendered-unbootable-after-trying-to-install-linux/ https://disearnestlydisearnest.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/ram-issue-with-intel-dp67bg-i5-2500k-fixed-yay/ ...but my main thing I can't fix is my laptop randomly shutting down sometimes. I suspect it's temperature related, but monitoring programs don't really give me anything absurdly high so I'm honestly still not sure. Could literally just be bad graphics drivers too, the error code is related to that. In the end I've given up on fixing it since it's not that frequent.
  5. Dorg: Not as much as I regret having to leave Japan. But it's close. Derg: Zaka, you're a cool guy and virgin is always down to bash the bishop with you. Darg: You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all filled with adorable heroines. But you can't fuck them until that machine at work is fixed. Again. You sigh. Living in Finland is hard. Dong: My favorite is that guy from the chusingura geemus, probably. Other guys I would like to bang are Fuminori from Saya no Uta, myself, and the cat in My Black Cat / Watashi no Kuroneko. I also really fucking love Makoto from School Days. [this is not an edit I promise] ...And you're welcome <3. When I ban the entire forum, I'll save your kind for last.
  6. Derg: Zaka's. Why do you think I'm so desperate to reach 4k???
  7. Derg: I can only think of that time I burnt myself on the stove as a toddler. If I had learnt anything from it, I probably would have been more careful and not pressed the "ban spammer" button willy-nilly, but alas.
  8. Derg: Wanna join in? Call over Helvetica too while you're at it to uncensor my dick, its been covered in pixels ever since I arrived in Japan (´・ω・`)
  10. Dorg: On one hand, this is true. On the other, this was started as a shitpost, so I suppose I can't complain that hard. On the third ha--- AAGH STOp PuLLING MY DICK ZAKA IT'S NOT A HAND NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT TO BE
  11. Derg: I'm a mod, so basically I can get as many likes as I want by threatening to ban people. Might as well let the pleb have the leftovers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Zaka: Why hello there fuwans and fuwanots, today me and the dorg have something special to announce… Dorg: You're pregnant? Zaka: Only with shitposts, man. So yeah we both passed 3k posts recently (dorg couldn't hold it and managed to go past 3k smh) and thought we should celebrate it in a special way. Dorg: Hey, the fact that I went past 3k just goes to show how good I am at shitposting. Zaka: There's a time and place for everything, you know. Though actually now that I think about it doing it at 3002 is like kind of a shitpost. Fuck. Shitposting is deep, man. Dorg: Indeed. Bow before me, mortal! So, what kind of special celebration did you have in mind? (insert gay joke) ;w; Zaka: A gay joke? Surely that particular knob has been polished well enough you don't even need lube to take it up the ass… uhh well I'd like to celebrate how amazing of a person I am, that ok with you? Dorg: Well, I mean, seeing as I have 2 more posts than you, I’d like to think of myself as more amazing, but… sure! Zaka: You know, it's actually hard to think of.. [Actually, zaka is just too lazy to look up posts to link] WHAT THE FUCK STOP FUCKING WITH ME META-ZAKA [Look, you made me like this. It's time to pay the price for all your Ever17 shilling] Fuck. Dorg: Can we just go back to gay jokes already? You're losing it. Zaka: Okay, so once upon a time there was a man named dorg. The Dorg was really stupid, as it thought that once you got 3k posts, people would have gay sex with you. Turns out you need 4k posts. Dorg: Well, fuck. I mean… good. Zaka: (this is the reason dorg became a mod; everyone knows mods have more reason to post than most people, just look at Nosebleed (rip)) . Literally his only motivation is my swedish ass. Dorg: And know that I can ban you at any moment, so you better start shaking that ass for me, neko. Zaka: You mean misclick the "spammer" button? wwwwwwwwwwwww Dorg: @Asonn SouDesuKa? Zaka: … Well memed, sir. Dorg: Now, let’s get back to this celebration. Zaka: I guess since it's a celebration for both of us we should have something about you as well… let's see, let's celebrate you getting back from Japanese uni hell to nice, cold, dreary, girls don't randomly fuck you Norway! Dorg: Fuck my life. Take me back. Zaka: Just tl that shitty moege fandisc to dull the pain man. Dorg: Ok desu. TLnote: Ok Desu means yes in Spanish. Zaka: そうですか TLNote: "Shikata ga nai deSU", means "the pleasure of being cummed inside by a humanoid canine" Dorg: Now, let’s put the tide pod eating aside for a moment, and start a juicy AMA. Zaka: So you know how AMA's are all boring and overdone? Well they still are and honestly we should kill ourselves, but at least ours has one little twist. See, you can ask any question you want… but you gotta specify who it's to (or if you want, pick both I guess…). Zaka will answer all questions to Dorg. Dorg will fail to answer all questions to Zaka because he sucks, but I'll let him try anyway out of pity. Dorg: *Hovers over “mark as spammer” button for a second.* So there you have it! Ask us anything! But please, make it spicy. Zaka: You may ask questions in the master language (English) as well as Japanese. I have no idea why you'd want to use an inferior language such as Japanese though tbh. Anyway, enjoy or something~
  13. A lot of people in the industry started out / are doing fan translations. The meme that all the good fan translators are working for one or more of companies now isn't far from true. Kouryuu fan translated Soul Link then went official with it iirc. Haro FTL'd Hadaka Shitsuji. Verdelish did toradora portable as well as some other youtube tls. Ritibito + bdh started out on the danganronpa FTL. Conjueror started out working with garejei on some masada stuff afaik, plus Himawari started as a fan tl then turned official. Koestl begun with his fan translation of Grisaia no Kajitsu. I could find more if I wanted.
  14. Recommend me a book!

    As the man who managed to get Asonn to buy this after getting it myself, I can only echo this recommendation. Menhera shoujo is p legit. As for more classical lit though I haven't read a lot but I liked both The Collector (read in school and not hated) and the previously suggested Crime and Punishment (as well as The Idiot by the same author, but I think I prefer the former). For something that's not French but at least originally romance language, though... The Garden of Forking Paths, part of Borges' Ficciones, was apparently an inspiration to many IF writers - I know Alexis Kennedy at Failbetter (Fallen London) likes citing him sometimes. VNs are often branching stories, and it might provide an interesting look into the subject.
  15. Best Non-Moege You've Ever Read.

    He only said non-moege, not "must have this few moe elements". Anyway the charage hoshimemo, duh. I refer to OriginalRun's masterful review