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  1. I believe thou made the wise decision to subscribe thyself to that font of wisdom, my Twitter account.
  2. im sorry there are no better questions so ill have to bow out
  3. Ask me what the largest amount of successful ejaculations I have achieved in one period of wakefulness is.
  4. On one hand, the discussion is about the visual novel, and relevant too. On the other, I feel an intense urge to add some NTR meme to the topic's title at this point.
  5. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    I can never relate to the typical thing of students hating school because I never did that. Rip self insert potential www
  6. New untranslated PTR list

    Try this chuunige thing that's making the jop rounds recently https://www.freem.ne.jp/dl/win/18519
  7. Unfortunately everything you say makes me suspect the problem exists between monitor and chair in this case, and I'm too lazy to figure out if you actually have real problem that's not caused by downloading the patch but not the actual game. Godspeed.
  8. This is where I die today, and it's all your fault. Cyberbullying smh I wish bee had actually added it to the video smh
  9. Holy shit we recorded this back when Summer Pockets had just come out. Anyway, in this lovely podcast me, @babiker, @Zander, and @Barry Benson (rip in permaban) talk about fan TL today (spoiler: it's dead, or maybe it's not dead, or maybe it's complicated). Then we talk about the past and present of today's Fuwanovel. Turn up the volume when bee speaks, he can't into audio editing.
  10. all 30 megs of the patch? Or like, the vn and then you patched it?
  11. Baldr force loc trailer linked on 4ch; hoax?

    Well this is a PC version so idk if there will be any major difficulties, my friend seemed to get it running fine on windows 10. Maybe it'll crash on gameplay or the OP or something I guess though lol.
  12. For some background, read this amazing article by yours truly: So basically someone claims to have released a patch for baldr force's standard edition. I'm not sure if anyone's tried it yet, but you can get it here. Screens included in the patch's translated manual and such indicate it's the real deal but no guarantees.
  13. Baldr force loc trailer linked on 4ch; hoax?

    It's happening bois... I guess I'll post an actual thread now
  14. Baldr force loc trailer linked on 4ch; hoax?

    New trailers edited in. Whatever is the reason for this, someone put in some effort, lol.
  15. Baldr force loc trailer linked on 4ch; hoax?

    Oh yeah maybe that was the reason he did Sky then. My memory when it comes to vn trivia is of limited scope, even if I do enjoy knowing random shit this was pretty peripheral. Perhaps, to both of your claims. Perhaps. Now that my kouhai has noticed me, maybe we can recreate the events of this classic visual novel? -------------------------------------------------------------------- On a sidenote, am i nice or not? DECIDE, FORUM-KUN!