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  1. There is one questionable part in that Ruka decides to wash all of Rin, including the front, despite Rin strongly trying to signal that she'd rather do it herself. It's not entirely clear if this is due to Ruka not caring or that it didn't come across due to language difficulties, but probably Ruka could tell. This is all in text / voice but not illustrated in any way. It's not particularly extreme in any way nor focused on for a long period of time, but if you were really trying to damn the work, you could consider this to basically be groping. The actual CG has plenty of censor steam, but you could of course argue that you shouldn't be putting that kind of scene in at all because even an ounce of underage sexuality is bad. Meanwhile in the land of sensible, Sweden, a critically acclaimed movie with two teenage girls (Agnes is 16, I guess it's possible Elin is 18 but idk about that) has sex scenes and everything https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Show_Me_Love_(film). (I recommend the movie to anyone into lesbian relationships, it's pretty good)
  2. Sakura Brothel Review

    I'm still waiting for sakura stone age
  3. Note that Fruitbat only contributed to the QA part of the translation. Which... well it actually has spots that look better than typical fruitbat quality so nice I guess. Also when it's literally listed in the publishers list on steam (as one of two with TOKYOTOWN) you have to wonder why you're not thinking of them as publishers 🤔
  4. The problem with thinking 'prose' is all about muh chuunige or whatever is that much of comedy is just as dependent on good unmetered writing as whatever the so-called prose nerds like. Would Grisaia's common route, which could well have continued into moe style routes rather than what it actually does with a few tweaks, really have been close to as good with a lame translation? Good prose doesn't have to mean big words or descriptions tinted dangerously close to the violet end of the spectrum either. Nailing character voice, which seems to me like something you'd want in a character-focused moege to make the girls feel alive, is entirely a prose problem, and indeed a translation quality problem.
  5. Ever17's loc is actually the most amusing for using american units; it loses the different depths of the park differing by arc numbers. I think I caught it anyway using either the voiced line or dividing the feet by 3 or whatever, but it was still pretty funny. I wonder if 17 yards would've made sense?
  6. The problem is that you can't actually get a lot of good criticism. Usually it's 99% vague autistic screeching. With that said I'd love for that autist anon on 4chan to go through one of my translations in case I let some mistranslations slip through, I can just ignore whatever things I don't care about in his evaluation. That's only the reading-the-japanese side of translation though which is not that big of a part of it. It is incredibly rare to get critique on an actually useful level, and it's certainly not going to come from the fans who actually get upset about most translations.
  7. Japanese Help Thread

    Very well, let me try... 「む~……次は穴埋め問題……。ざくろに教えてもらったんだけど……」 "Jeez, next there's this proverb question... I asked Zakuro about it, but I'm not sure about what she told me." 『○肉○食』 The paper said "Please explain the following idiom: 'As thick as thieves.'" 「……ざくろは、何て?」 "What'd Zakuro tell you?" 「『ふにくあくじき』だって。身体に悪いものばかり食べてることだって言ってた」 "She said it meant being really fat. Like how robbers and corrupt politicians would get fat off their ill-gotten gains a long time ago." 解答欄の横に『腐肉悪食』といちごが書き込む。 Ichigo wrote "really fat" next to the answer line. 気付かないか……当て字もいいところだ。 I guess she hasn't realized about Zakuro, huh. Well, it's certainly a... creative interpretation. 「でも、一応意味は通ってるのか」 "Well, I have to admit it does make sense." 「えっ、合ってるの? 焼肉定食じゃないんだ」 "What, is it right? I was sure it meant that they were just really dumb to turn to crime. Like, thick." 「いや、どっちも間違い。正解は弱肉強食。弱いものは強いものに食べられるってこと」 "No, no, no, none of those are right. The correct meaning is 'in a very close relationship.' Like, you've heard about honor among thieves? Outlaws had to stick together since everyone else disliked them." ------------------------------------ I'm not sure why it'd be awkward to wrap all dialogue with double quotes, that's done in practically every American book you can find. with that said, if nametags are displayed, I really don't you think you actually need to show the line being spoken; the nametag will do that for you without adding redundant quotes. More than one tl has done this, actually, and I'd say it's probably the better choice even. Though I liked the effect in the harisenbo tl (ETA who knows), lol.
  8. Japanese Help Thread

    The old as balls ONE fan translation changes a kanji reading test to an English spelling test and it works well (it was more necessary since you actually took it, but still). I don't think localizing this is any weirder; people will get that you localized something Japanese-cultural - there will about two point five people on 4chan complaining about it, but that means you've done the right thing. Japanese readers have a decent chance of knowing the correct 四字熟語, as the protagonist does. You're changing the experience for English readers if they don't have that. Under the theory of translating for as equivalent an experience as you can, I think the way you're going about it is suboptimal. I also seriously hope you're not using 『』 in the actual tl unless engine reasons absolutely compel you to. The hollow set of quote brackets is even more weeb than ordinary Japanese quotes. Again, why are you using Japanese quotes?
  9. Japanese Help Thread

    1. unless you want your translation to be a meme or you have very good reasons, you should localize this to not use 四字熟語. Try an English idiom instead, you could probably get a fun one to mess with. 2. this is painfully literal in places, I hope your editor is good or you get better at translating 3. k fine ill do something on the actual lines. This all assumes there were only 2 speakers please denote your speakers if you can 解答欄の横に『腐肉悪食』といちごが書き込む。 Ichigo started writing 『腐肉悪食』in the answer column. The の横に here seems unlikely to be "horizontally across"; I think she's writing it to the side of the answer column to demonstrate it (the other way makes less sense; she'd have to erase it were it wrong, and she's doubting its accuracy. Remember, things usually make sense.) 気付かないか……当て字もいいところだ。 She doesn't get it... it's a case of using ateji. My suspicion which I can't confirm without context is that Zakuro is either messing with Ichigo or not that good at what she was trying to teach, and that this is what Ichigo has not 気付く'd. (も)いいところ can be used to say that something is brazen / has chutzpah; were I to do this literally I could think of "And she gave it an ateji reading and everything" or maybe "The reading she gave it is pretty strained, too." 「でも、一応意味は通ってるのか」 「But, at least the meaning is the same.」 (why are you using weeb quotes? the engine?) I tried googling 一応意味は通ってる and it seems to usually be "gets the point across" using the "transfer" meaning of 通う. There's definitely also a possibility that it means the 意味 are similar (not the same!). That said I think this makes more sense as とおってる which gives us "make logical sense" as one of its meanings.
  10. Shuffle! Sequel announced

    正直この『これは洋民の好みではない』っていう筋になんかムカつく。売上を見れば、その中にあの「ペーシングが悪い」の方が売る。国にとって好みが違うところもあるが、これは重点し過ぎられていると思う。 To be honest, I do not agree with the reasoning that people in the west don't like "slow paced" games. If you look at sales numbers, these "slow paced" games sell better. To be honest, I think the whole idea that the west and Japan have different tastes is overemphasized. Sure, there's probably a small difference, but it's not that big.
  11. I’m not writing this for you. I’m writing it for myself. 今年もとある滑稽な癖に従い、伝統ありのヴァルパージス炎を観に行った。別にその滑稽な想いだけが理由でもなくが、正直な所、その想い未だ持っているだけは情けないと思う。 I met my soulmate about a week before I started the first, transitional year of elementary school. I guess that means we were like, six or seven years old? She was sitting on the swing in the playground next to an apartment complex, and for whatever reason I was drawn to her instantly – I broke off from my parents and greeted her, and we got along like a house ablaze. The next time I saw her was at school. She was in my class, and it was only natural that we’d be inseparable from that point on. Or was it? There was another boy who by now I barely remember who used to be in the picture, but he moved away. I think at one point she – I guess I’ll call her M – told me I was actually her second choice, but that other boy had left, so she’d picked me. Looking back I find myself analyzing this interaction as heckin’ weird, but at the time I accepted this without feeling bad about it. I guess I used to be even more obviously autistic than I am now. Soulmates, for those reading who have had the misfortune of never having had one, are a real thing. It’s hard to describe the feeling of absolute, utter 乗り, of flow, I felt in her presence. Sometimes I doubt myself – did she feel the same? – and I guess by now I’ll probably never know. But there was something there I have never felt interacting with anyone else in my life. She and I were best friends for I think five years. For most of them, as far as I know, I was essentially a donkan eroge protagonist, going as far as openly telling other people ‘she loves me, but I don’t love her’. We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend to each other for a little while at the end, but the most intimate thing that ever happened was a hug. Technically we got best couple at a dance or something, but frankly what I did there was a performance, not *real*. So I’m left with the curious feeling that while I may have unlocked the achievement ‘kissed a girl’, though we never did do it in the French fashion, I have never done it when it truly meant something to me. I think it’s fair to say I was a late bloomer when it comes to emotional maturity, if I ever hit it. Eventually we slid apart, gradually, seemingly as naturally as we were first joined. Different classes and different friend circles meant we rarely met. We actually did happen to join up once again after having slid apart, however, and it felt just like to old times to me as we took a walk together. But that was it; we went to different high schools, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her since then. 今でも彼女を会いたいなぁっと想い、毎年あの炎に行く。 Mum told me she went to IT-Gymnasiet. 毎年「やっぱり居ないなぁ」って感じで炎の原始的な美しさを楽しみながらちょっとした悔しい思いも含む状態でいる。 She talks to M’s mum sometimes, I guess. 必死染みた所もあり彼女を探して失敗して、毎度悔いの有る想いを持ちながら火を観るのも飽き、家を向いて戻り始める。 今も会いたい。それだけだ。 View the full article
  12. Data extraction thread

    It's possible this exists somewhere else but I couldn't find it: something that can convert the BGI / Ethornell engine's sysgrp UI images to something you can work with. (target: senmomo). My searches brought me to xupefei's BGIKit, which had no binary releases, so I had to compile it myself (ok visual studio makes this easy actually). I'm not sure exactly what platforms these binaries will work on bar windows 64-bit, but at least you don't have to compile them yourself: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cy1SnLSQZ_rCW8H6AsD9SZDxZrUd7qtZ/view?usp=sharing Only the sysgrp tool is tested and only from game format to .bmp, have fun. To use that, call the program from the command line (cmd.exe or powershell) with the path to the file to be converted to bmp / from bmp as the sole argument, or more concretely: SysgrpConverter.exe filenamehere
  13. wow, it indeed says wan nyan, not wan wan objection withdrawn
  14. It's not two cat girl games. It's one cat girl game and one dog girl game. Not that they interest me, though...
  15. [Video Series] JP VN Guided Reading

    In case anyone is unaware kivando is a complex puzzler, I recommend not taking him seriously.