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    I don't do a lot of these regularly (I think I've read one book so far this year, though I read many more net articles), and some interests are things I don't necessarily do much any more (though I did code my VNTS formatter in c...)
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  1. Sora? Nah. There might be other stuff, but I'd rather be vague about that. I wouldn't worry about it too much, really.
  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rip you, I guess.
  3. Huh, that's weird. I can't remember having any problems with it... you can try to go back and do all the choices to max her flags right from the start I guess, though you've probably tried that already. I used this guide personally; it's not exactly well-organized but the only spoilers should be choice names more or less and it lists the points for very choice. Otherwise, idk, I don't into mobile interpreters.
  4. Definitely rewatch CureA w/ epilogue, then Izumi route.
  5. The "append" function is accessed from the main window of the application when running it normally. I have no idea how it works, if it even does, with an interpreter. As for which Cure ending to do first, I think either first is fine as long as you see both, but if pressed I'd say go for B first then A (I think viewing A 2 times is recommended as well for uhh, reasons). If you can't get to the append story with your phone and decide to use your pc to read that last bit, you can PM me if you want an easy-to-use version. The Append Story part doesn't require you to make any progress in the main game, but I remember there were some annoying things you had to do when patching never7.
  6. From what I remember... Yuka Cure is something you get from the append function (you'll know if you're doing it because its annoying and you cant save); "cure" itself in the order you provided is actually split into a and b endings.
  7. To be more specific, what you're probably looking for is DirectX9, which confusingly is not quite the same thing as the later DirectXes. It can get a bit complicated and I remember having to google it myself while trying to run a different game on win10. With that said, it's possible installing the latest DirectX will help you too /shrug. Edit: this looks like it. It's a bit tricky because if you use their usual web setup it'll just say that you have the latest version and not actually install version 9 in some cases.
  8. The problem with mindless praise is that it is ineffective at making creators' works better as it does not point out what made the work good in the first place. I imagine Narcosis, an aspiring salty vn writer, is also thinking about the "hugbox" effect that exists in certain places to shield creators from any criticism - considering there is or at least was at some point a specific badge to put in your profile if you want honest criticism of your work at Lemmasoft, it's not like his fears are entirely unwarranted. It's a p. decent mirror with the problem of mindless bashing not helping you make your work better by pointing out what was bad. It's not like either has no information content; one tells you to stop making things in your current fashion, another tells you to continue in similar fashion. However, they would appear suboptimal from a creator's perspective. Outside of a creator's perspective, mindlessness on either side does not promote thoughtful discussion or trying to understand people that think different to you, and instead encourages forming groups around liking or not liking something. This is certainly one way of enjoying fiction, but not everyone appreciates it very much - not to mention polarization is where nuance, oh sweet nuance, goes right out the picture. We could use less of it, wherever we are.
  9. @narc Considering the post argues that "undue" is a vacuous concept when it comes to opinion, quoting the dictionary ain't going to get you very far. Mindless bashing and mindless praise both seem like they have damaging effects to me. It is possible that you are more thick-skinned than average and the current attitudes are not good for people less so.
  10. But what if you don't want to have no conversation, but just want to look cool to your likeminded buddies, whoever they may be? Then giving reasons for your opinion would be an inefficient strategy because people might like things for other reasons than you do, so you'd be different. Uncool! Clearly the best option is to shit on things as vaguely as possible so you don't have to justify yourself, because god knows you're neither confident enough to logically defend your opinion nor bothered enough to actually articulate it in such a fashion. #sheeple (I disagree with you on underrated, though you have a point as I have seen it used both ways in a way that is somewhat above the barber's estimation. Perhaps he is using a more society-wide estimate, while we are using something biased by like 2-3 popular topics in the community created by people with poor diction?)
  11. I remember Swan Song using title cards with the POV character's name on it; given that it had like five perspectives total and how the story went, keeping it as a consistent rotation probably wasn't an organic option. With that said, I do think shifting perspectives for every scene is a good thing, especially if you write each with a characteristically different voice - gives you a fresh feel every now and then. On a meta level I'm dying to see you break the formula at some point for effect, but I'm not sure if you'll hit that kinda spot in your actual writing One random thing I'm noting about the UI is that the choice popups seem to obscure the characters' faces in a bit of an offputting way. I'm not sure if there's a better design for it, but just a minor nitpick. Edit: looking back on it, I wonder if the choice of completely shifting color for the grown versions of the characters is the best representation. You could keep the same color but add some kind of ornamentation, maybe? Sort of a continuity nod. I guess if they really change drastically what you have now might fit, though.
  12. The idea came to me while I was writing the title - so maybe? w
  13. I still mourn the day we stopped being Sekkai Project.
  14. boi, I only typo shit all that much in IMs. Elsewhere I actually try to maintain proper spelling. As for Maki Fes, I blame any typos on the editor <3