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    Maki Fes! (Translator, I wanna fuck choice scene)
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    This is where I die today. / Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu (Translator)
    Musumaker (helped tl some wordplay for 1 scene idk if im in credits ree)
    Trans! (I TLC'd like 200 lines and sloppily tld like 100, this is on life support tho)
    叩かれたハエ (idk why im doing this but I think I am)
    Shinobi Harisenbo (~15% TL, Tech, UI tl. Waiting on image edits...)
    Ichigo & Kyuugo (TLC, Tech, QC/adaptation. Waiting on goddamned image edits)
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  1. Runicca - Episode 1 Now Available

    WHY IS EVERYONE SCREAMING IN YOUR GAME also wtf is up with those crazy ass font ligatures
  2. Learning Japanese

    Uncommon vocabulary isn't really a big deal when you don't know any vocabulary to begin with, so this probably depends a lot on mindset, lookup tolerance, etc. Since I started with near zero vocab, I probably have high lookup tolerance... I also wonder if Subahibi's occasional Actually Sorta Difficult sections might not be more annoying, especially since you want to actually understand the philosophy. #itdepends don't do drugs kids it's Remembering the Kanji 1, a way and order in which to memorize one shape→keyword correspondence all of the government's "common use kanji" plus a few more, 2200 total. It focuses on making mnemonic stories from the repeating components that make up kanji, and will not teach you near any useful Japanese directly for like 3 months +. I generally think it helped me with remembering words I got from reading, Zalor here said it probably wasn't worth it for him iirc. In general I think it's a hardcore approach and most recommendable if you have a hardon for kanji and especially writing them. It took me 1.5 years to complete because doing memorization sessions was hard on my poor executive function (but daily reviews mostly wasn't...)
  3. Learning Japanese

    incorrect, can just keep reading and remember words anyway haven't done a single anki flashcard after finishing rtk1 have no problem with the statement useful for retention tho slow af zzzzz just tae kim tbh depends. I didn't and it worked with my yukkuri lifestyle and inability to establish basic routines. I imagine I would have learnt more if I read more, but this is immaterial as I'm not racing, I'm enjoying myself Other people may be different and find relatively slow progress due to only reading when they want (or never wanting to read that way) demoralizing.
  4. meanwhile if you use nscripter or tyranobuilder you can literally only make kamige /s
  5. Learning Japanese

    haha lol
  6. Learning Japanese

    I should note that anything will be hard and what matters is that it's something you can keep reading, not that it's the absolute easiest. Here are some personal recs from what I've seen others rec and experienced myself: Axanael - https://vndb.org/v3971 from what I've heard not super long (so you can actually finish), lots of dialogue (easier to read usually), lots of voicing, fairly quickly paced. Aiyoku no Eustia - https://vndb.org/v3770 apparently the sentences are decently short, and it's plot focused with an interesting setting? idk Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ - https://vndb.org/v3896 A fully animated short vn people often recommend for beginners, I think? Stargazer https://vndb.org/v15636 Short yuri doujin vn with one main character voiced. Not an amazing vn but also not super hard to read I think...? I read it a while ago. Kimihane Couples - https://vndb.org/v20444 Yuri. I read the non-expanded version of this vndb lists as a "prequel" but this includes all of the old kimhane as far as I know. All characters are voiced and it should be reasonably short. Some narration in a particular route might be somewhat difficult though, unsure if it matters. ---unvoiced lol Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu - https://vndb.org/v21768 A very short (2265 lines vs like 10k at least in most recs) nakige about two misfits trying to deal with the world being shit, suicide themed. Good pacing means it has a decent lot of plot in its short runtime and little wasted time, which helps when reading it will take 20 hours instead of 2 because japanese is hard. But it's unvoiced feelsbadman. Watashi no Real wa Jujitsu Shisugiteiru - https://vndb.org/v13321 And entaining otomege with a protagonist with personality. I found this easier to read than a decent lot of things, and it's free to download too. However, it's unvoiced.
  7. How do you think will be the future VNs?

    wake up, sheeple
  8. Learning Japanese

    Learning kana → reading tae kim's grammar guide with some memorization → slowly (very slowly at first) going through VNs in Japanese is definitely a working method for some people. When reading the VN there are tools called text hookers (rec: Textractor) that automatically take the text out of the VN so you can look up words in Japanese. Lookup can be done on jisho.org but this is inconvenient and low power compared to either sending to a browser addon for mouseover lookup (rec: nazeka if you can use firefox at all, yomichan in chrome - yomichan is more annoying to setup due to no integrated reader) or using an automatic parser (rec: Translation Aggregator's JParser view w/ mecab; a bit annoying to set up). Just reading while trying to comprehend using lookups and your grammar knowledge (and completely avoiding automatic translation such as google translate if possible) is enough to get pretty good at the language with enough exposure. Some things you can add to either aid memorization or ease of starting are some kind of kanji study (learning speed / quick-ish: RtK1; speed + vocab, slower: KKLC), and vocabulary study (usually flashcards w/ anki, 1-2k cards max pls). However, none of these are strictly required.
  9. Edit Title bar kirikiri

    well, you can try adding it and see what happens here it is in shinobi harisenbo:
  10. Edit Title bar kirikiri

    Check if there is a config.tjs I guess, that seems to be the default location I would also try tracing the patch of execution from the first script and see what scripts are called in what order, and also search all files for "System.title". Not sure what else might be it though
  11. Who Cares About The Visual Novel Category?

    そっちとこっちは別腹だ!(指? obligatory tl: they pull from different resource pools my dude
  12. Who Cares About The Visual Novel Category?

    I tried Our Home and it had a grammatical error on like, line 4 or some shit Not sure why I bounced off quick but from what I remember, the art was less than optimal and the prose kinda lame
  13. Who Cares About The Visual Novel Category?

    The original draft of the post I had in my head was more specific on noting that we should consider the archetypes more a "motivating quality" for inclusion or exclusion that would operate on a sliding scale. As such, you need to be able to assign some kind of intensity to every category to really make it work. Would be lit af to give myself the ol' Autist 9/10 tho The thing that motivated me to actually finish the post was unironically a philosophy-adjacent article, though I ended up realizing I was sort of incorporating the viewpoint anyway in my draft and not feeling like making the definition explicit. The starting motivation was another philosophy-adjacent article, fwiw.
  14. Who Cares About The Visual Novel Category?

    I've always considered the Romancedude a subtype of the Moefuck that specifically wants the romance content in VNs. Part of the appeal for (western) men here is that the romance genre is generally either gender-neutral or female-centered, especially in erotica (or at least that is my perception - and that counts!). A lot of arrow gay are very explicitly male-oriented, which can be hard to get anywhere else. But it's not like otome/bl isn't a thing too — however the Otome/bl/yuri fan is Actually just a subtype of Romancedude (gender neutral dude, remember). That said, while there is so much overlap b/w Moefuck and Romancedude that I'm conglomerating them, we can see examples of the pure Romancedude that doesn't really care for moe that much. Possibly the preponderance of the Romancedude-Moefuck combination is due to the medium primarily offering just that! Yeah, but imagine how bad it could be if we didn't push back????????? Anyway, autism is actually pretty high on VNDB, which has pseudo-authority status, so I'm still hoping for AA to get taken off sometime. Any year now!!! The real solution, of course, is to just not be as engaged in a community of such plebs as would call AA VN to begin with. Considering that such a community will likely also be newbie-friendly and thus filled with such cringe as one so denoted brings, this is a natural motion as one gains experience anyway. It can even be fun to rally around how cringe all the dumb mainstream articles are.