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    VNs (surprise!), computer hardware, irl books, guitar playing, chocolate; rational debate, Japanese, creative writing, programming.

    I don't do a lot of these regularly (I think I've read one book so far this year, though I read many more net articles), and some interests are things I don't necessarily do much any more (though I did code my VNTS formatter in c...)
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    Maki Fes! (Translator, I wanna fuck choice scene)
    The World Ends Tomorrow / 明日終わる世界、その前夜 (Translator)
    This is where I die today. / Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu (Translator)
    Musumaker (helped tl some wordplay for 1 scene idk if im in credits ree)
    Trans! (I TLC'd like 200 lines and sloppily tld like 100, this is on life support tho)
    叩かれたハエ (solo tl, released)
    Shinobi Harisenbo (~15% TL, Tech, UI tl. released)
    Ichigo & Kyuugo (TLC, Tech, QC/adaptation. released)
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  1. > 1 yen per 1 character (depending on experience). Crediting as the translator of the product. Access to the original version of the products you are asked to translate. 0.9 cents per character, wonderful offer innit? Actually worse than sol press. Well maybe they actually pay > Required skills/experience ・ English: native with excellent writing and proofreading skills ・ Japanese: fluent (preferably JLPT N1 or equivalent) ・ Photoshop nice standards, but who would actually do the work for you at this skill level? Anyway I doubt they actually demand this for real, I've see
  2. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4589242?q=shiori_(shiori_2_14) (twitter dead the day after I posted it wtf)
  3. Lemmasoft has done several surveys of their membership. However, that is an EVN dev community. "Primary Language" may need clarification. I put "English" there because I don't care for Swedish visual novels particularly much, but I could read one in any of Swedish, English, and Japanese. I'm not sure what you're going for.
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