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    I don't do a lot of these regularly (I think I've read one book so far this year, though I read many more net articles), and some interests are things I don't necessarily do much any more (though I did code my VNTS formatter in c...)
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    Maki Fes! (Translator, I wanna fuck choice scene)
    The World Ends Tomorrow / 明日終わる世界、その前夜 (Translator)
    This is where I die today. / Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu (Translator)
    Musumaker (helped tl some wordplay for 1 scene idk if im in credits ree)
    Trans! (I TLC'd like 200 lines and sloppily tld like 100, this is on life support tho)
    叩かれたハエ (idk why im doing this but I think I am)
    Shinobi Harisenbo (~15% TL, Tech, UI tl. Waiting on image edits...)
    Ichigo & Kyuugo (TLC, Tech, QC/adaptation. Waiting on goddamned image edits)
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  1. There are two categories: 1. random moege n4-kun translator joining a project with 4 other people without even having finished the game in Japanese and somehow the project eventually finishes with everyone firmly hating the game these are pretty bad at picking their game 2. Chad picking what they WANT to translate these are good at picking their game if they finish
  2. A commercial flop only faintly hints at something actually being bad.
  3. People do not generally use "multiple idioms" to mean "multiple-language release" or "multi-language" for short. There is some use of "idiom" to mean "way of speaking / acting" but this is not really used for languages the way the title wants it to be — generally the form used for this meaning is "In the X idiom", for example "In the Renaissance idiom" and we can see here that style or fashion would probably be a better gloss than language. The meaning that would be most obvious to anyone reading, however, is a group of words whose meaning considered as a unit is different from the meanings of each word considered separately (Cambridge dictionary). This is why I used two idioms, one modified, in my initial post as a humorous way of showing my confusion. Either way, sure, the tl may or may not be good. I suppose we will know in due time.
  4. First you tell me there's some kind of "list" of "idioms" "above", but now you tell me they're not available? I really do not understand what you are trying to say. To explain my own point on "I can only judge based on what I see", I can certainly see the supported languages on the right, but I can see no screenshots in English to base any judgements of the translation on. As such, the default assumption (now that you say a human did it) would be that they got some Japanese native with half-baked English skills to do it and the the result is going to look like some variation of phoenix drive's illustrious localization. Okay, maybe not quite that bad. Call me a skeptic though.
  5. Looks the post and Steam page over nope, not seeing any idioms. I must admit I can only judge quality by what I can see, and all English text available looked like, well, it looks. If this somehow turns out decent, godspeed.
  6. Make the human translators do something about the steam store page description lol I still don't get what the heck "multiple idioms" means
  7. Multiple idioms what? Like a headless chicken? Too many machine translators spoil the broth? Potentially interesting in Japanese I guess
  8. >post doen't even link to anything keeping up the royal tradition of inbreeding I see
  9. I did try it myself, but I was too lazy to get the translator sufficiently confused for no recognizable meaning to emerge. I shall have to hope the veil is thick enough anyway. I do like the random repetition of the last sentence
  10. (自動翻訳使用者には助けが上げたくないので、小複雑な日本語で書いた。もし許さなかったら書き込みは丸ごとに消してください) これはシステムの暦が日本の順に回らないタメ起こった現象かもしれない。それをWindowsシステム設定で直せればテキストが出る。多分。なんかこんなのが見たことあったので。
  11. Your dreams are much too humble, young padawan.
  12. What's better than two imoutos?
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