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    VNs (surprise!), computer hardware, irl books, guitar playing, chocolate; rational debate, Japanese, creative writing, programming.

    I don't do a lot of these regularly (I think I've read one book so far this year, though I read many more net articles), and some interests are things I don't necessarily do much any more (though I did code my VNTS formatter in c...)
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  1. This is so weird, I could swear I've never heard the version with the "at" before and at first glance it sounds ugly as sin to me. Probably have only heard it like, three times max in my life though.
  2. I'm sorry Bethly but yuzuki in a miko outfit has you beat on the moe scale, goddamn
  3. フワノベルへよこそ! どうぞよろしくだにゃー さかたさんの気に入りアニメは新世界よりしか見たことではありませんが、新世界よりはとても素敵なアニメと思う。いいチョイスね。
  4. DLsite [nsfw] doesn't seem dead to me, fwiw (I guess you might've already tried it again though). I didn't try actually buying it though so couldn't tell you if there were problems with that.
  5. There seem to be all kinds of places to buy the download version linked by orcsoft's site [nsfw]. If you were wanting to get it in less legal ways, do note that we don't allow discussion of that on fuwa.
  6. I also have problems understanding what the hell is currently being illustrated in manga sometimes, and I'm never sure if I'm just terrible at it or the artist was being unclear. Unclear balloons actually lead to some headaches in translation as well because it can sometimes be hard to tell who said something even if you know some Japanese.
  7. I'm bored, so let me speculate on the mysteries presented by Hatsusaku's setting after having read through chapters 1-11ish, so basically past Aya's first eroscene. Let's see how right or wrong I was when I come back to this later I guess, lol. Also, Aya has some serious best girl vibes going on. That said a certain other quality is hinted at that may be less desirable, though we've seen extremely little of that (and what did she do offscreen at the バレンタイン祭 anyway? Hell, what did Hatsuyuki do after the fade to black? Hatsusaku keeps not telling you what happened in what could have been some of the most engaging moments, and sometimes I wonder if it's just because Niijima is unwilling to write fight scenes. Then again he did write out the shinai duel, so idk.)
  8. It really depends on the country. In Sweden pretty much everything but kids' shows is subbed (which is great for our English skills!).
  9. I remember one of the Discworld books had the previous slogan of a latrine collection magnate be "Taking the piss since 1873" or something in that vein. I wonder if that was localized or some Americans just missed the joke. As a swede I've seen quite a bit of british media on the telly, so I'm likely to know some of the more common expressions. Definitely not everything, though.
  10. Try this link: https://join.skype.com/zDk5BioIo7hm If that doesn't work you can post your skype name in here, or contact me or someone else in the group (my skype name is zakamutt as well).
  11. Well, there are technically four discord servers connected somewhat to fuwa that I am currently in, but only one is run by fsjpg itself (then we have fuwaspammers, batman's server, and "procrastinators"...). I guess there might be more though. And indeed, skype isn't dead... though it also isn't what it was years ago, which may be a good thing to some w
  12. Finished sukitoki. It's not an 8.5, pabloc is either insane of one of very special interests, but it was pretty delightfully twisted. I feel the true end falters in comparison to the terror of some of the earlier endings, but maybe those just feel cheap to others. At least I've never seen the like before, so that's good w. if you get stuck the omake no omake page unlocked eventually gets you to a walthrough for the last ending (which has two sub-bad-endings they didn't list in the ending list, lul)
  13. There sort of is one. It's pretty dead. Some people don't want to switch, rip.
  14. This is usually the right one: With that said the text in your fles might be encrypted, in which case you need the help of a hacker (I don't have time to check atm), or use some other encoding.