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    Uppsala, Sweden
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    VNs (surprise!), computer hardware, irl books, guitar playing, chocolate; rational debate, Japanese, creative writing, programming.

    I don't do a lot of these regularly (I think I've read one book so far this year, though I read many more net articles), and some interests are things I don't necessarily do much any more (though I did code my VNTS formatter in c...)
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    Maki Fes! (Translator, I wanna fuck choice scene)
    The World Ends Tomorrow / 明日終わる世界、その前夜 (Translator)
    This is where I die today. / Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu (Translator)
    Musumaker (helped tl some wordplay for 1 scene idk if im in credits ree)
    Trans! (I TLC'd like 200 lines and sloppily tld like 100, this is on life support tho)
    叩かれたハエ (idk why im doing this but I think I am)
    Shinobi Harisenbo (~15% TL, Tech, UI tl. Waiting on image edits...)
    Ichigo & Kyuugo (TLC, Tech, QC/adaptation. Waiting on goddamned image edits)
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  1. I think we'd get some good memes from it, so I'm guardedly positive
  2. If you have problems at relatively few points, and character wrapping works in your vn, you can try simply adding enough spaces to cause a character break when needed. I don't recommend this for working on anything long, though. Well, maybe you could automate it with a monospace font...
  3. 絵クロマンサーと言うタッグは最近ツイッターに見ただよね。それは昔の絵を再掲する感じが、こっちはちょっと違いよね、なんか「猫ロマンサー」と言うかで、このスレを永遠の存在に、即ち―― 「そは永久に横たわる死者にあらねど 測り知れざる永劫のもとに死を超ゆるもの」 tl;dr and translation: because I felt like having it be alive
  4. Blankspace. Puzzle ADV gameplay (not super hard) vn, sharp dialogue, strong characterization for both heroine and MC; ending might be the biggest sticking point but it's not particularly unhappy. Fairly compact.
  5. Shinsetsu Mahou Shoujo - real good free SRPG hybrid with a very fleshed out story that goes much further that you might expect. Unfortunately engine is jank. True Remembrance - cool stuff on memories and how they make us Symphonic Rain - admittedly not entirely unpopular, but definitely lower popularity. The fan translation is recommended if you read translated, and I don't say this lightly. A story with a lot of cool insert songs relating to the narrative, fleshed-out character studies, and delicious drama. Torta best girl Soundless - good EVN denpage? YEP Blankspace - well written dialogue, unusual characters and plot for the medium, puzzle gameplay actually not too bad (except when replaying for new endings...)
  6. ...did you just jpg resave it enoiugh for the image quality to noticeably decrease? ...it's a png but there's clearly something going on... what the hell... oh you scaled it down...
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