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    Hello! I'm still working on my visual novel full-time, but sometimes I need a short break and I thought that I could draw something nice for people here I draw anonymous requests on 4chan, but I received great support from you before, so I wanted to repay you somehow. I will visit this thread from time to time and fulfill requests (if there are any) one by one. Things I'm good at: clothes, facial expressions, hands, interactions like hand holding, head patting, pinching cheeks. Things I'm not good at: full backgrounds, mecha, electronics. Here are some of the fulfilled 4chan requests: Horo - Spice and Wolf COLOR Yozakura - Senran Kagura COLOR Blanc - Neptunia Okoi - Basilisk Ginko and Natsume - Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinchou Sako - Upotte!! Mei - Another Edea Lee - Bravely Default COLOR Mirai Yozora - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Rukia - Bleach Amira - Otoyomegatari 18+ Older Mami - Madoka Magica 18+ Melona - Queen's Blade
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    26582/32977 been busy but still going for it
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    To get offended by the lectures #OutrageCulture It's important for other people to know how much we don't care. It adds to our hipster image xD
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    Your description of your brother sounds awfully familiar...
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    What's even going on here? This girl has tan skin, pink hair, red eyes, and is underaged. There are multiple degrees of nonexistence with this combination. Do girls with pink hair even exist in the world? No. But that hasn't stopped us from reaching an unprecedented level of intersectionality that can appeal only to those who reside in a level of separation from reality that I had never thought possible. Is there such an overabundance of free time among certain people that we've now strived to achieve every permutation of unrealistic gimmicks? Anyway, can I use your Japanese cell phone number to register my online mobile game account via an SMS code?
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    Update: Nayleen has said a MITM attack would be necessary to read the information from Fuwanovel going through Cloudflare. In the end though it's better to be safe than sorry so changing your fuwa password is still recommended. You may or may not have seen it already but Cloudflare has recently been discovered to have security flaws and has been accessed by third parties to get things like passwords for the past 5 or so months from them: https://blog.cloudflare.com/incident-report-on-memory-leak-caused-by-cloudflare-parser-bug/ These issues have, since their discovery, been fixed. Major sites like Reddit (Reddit admins have confirmed the website no longer uses cloudflare and is thus not affected) and Discord were affected by this. Google was not though since they use their own DDoS protection. Fuwanovel also uses Cloudflare for DDoS protection. I'm hoping to hear a comment from @Nayleen on whether this directly affects us or not but just for safety's sake I'd advice you to change your Fuwanovel password along with any other password from sites that were affected by this. If you use the same password across multiple sites, change it on all those sitea, even if they weren't affected. You might want to consider using a password manager like lastpass in the future as well (the free version is solid and the paid version is only 1 dollar a month). Here's a full list of affected sites for anyone interested: https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare I'm on mobile so I'm just rushing this out since I have to leave soon but if it turns out Fuwanovel wasn't affected then that's all the best. Regardless, it never hurts to change your password.
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    Well the thread title should be obvious. Let's just look at their tweet first. Hype and pretentious issue aside, anyone looking forward to this? Personally I'm interested with that, though not as hyped as any other people though. Anyway, this is one of VN that had some history in regard of VN Translation scene, and it was already discussed to the death in this forum and VNDB as well (Maybe Reddit too). As for release year, not sure if it's real but let's just wait and see for now.
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    Yeah, uploading a few MB to Mediafire is totally no different than seeding a few GB torrent. Except that's not a patch. That's distributing a pre-patched pirated version of the VN, and if anyone from our team thought this is a good idea, I'd advise them to refrain from breathing for an hour or two. ^^ Hey, nobody tells anyone to torrent pirated stuff. They can always get this. Do YOU know what you are talking about? You do realize that copypasting files form one official English release into another might be a tiny little bit different than modifying contents of an official English release with ~2GB of hacked bits of modified Japanese files? Not to mention that those two VNs have different engines and are integrated with Steam in a different way. That's comparing apples to... not even oranges, but potatoes. That aside, like I said earlier - I just want to finish the patch for the JP version and move on, so that's the top priority. If you somehow convince MeruP to make a Steam patch - fine (Shaun is doing a great job in that regard XD). If you make one yourself - fine. I don't care. As for TL-progress, 6/10 scripts from Amane's route are done - that's around 55% (H-scenes are slowing me down, because my tolerance for vanilla stuff is quite limited... ).
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    So I've done a playthrough/proofread of my own of Manaka's route now that @Benji Price committed his edits. I found this quite disappointing, not because the route is bad, but because it has been the most seriously neglected route on the translation side. It was the second route translated after Konomi's, likely around 7 years ago, when my Japanese was pretty bad. However Konomi's route has had numerous iterations with some degree of translation checking and multiple edit passes so is much more polished. Later routes had the benefit of my Japanese improving so got progressively better translations. Manaka's hadn't received any translate check whatsoever and was still based on my original translation which was rather bad in areas. So I took it upon myself to play the whole route through looking for obvious mistranslations that broke the flow of logic in the story and corrected them, and changed any scene where I could hear what was said clearly didn't match what the translation said. Then I got towards the end of her route, where the real substantial part of the plot is fleshed out, and the scenes are much longer and was devastated at how bad it was in that section. So I've largely retranslated the last 10 or so scenes which missed many important plot points and the end result is now much more respectable. It's still far from perfect but at least it conveys the story far better. What was most interesting about this experience was that I had originally thought Manaka's route quite dull, but after retranslating it, it was much more rewarding. The relationships between characters made much more sense and there were numerous things with innuendo that I missed completely the first time around. It brings up something I've been trying to tell people for ages that there really is no point reading a bad translation because it just does not do the original story justice - potentially on a scale so great that the story isn't even recognisable; I even did it to myself on this one. I used this game translation as impetus to continue learning and practice for my own Japanese and to that end it's served its purpose but I didn't want that legacy to taint the final product. Nonetheless, I still don't feel that I'm a great translator and it does pain me somewhat knowing that the final version of this will never receive a translation check from someone else more skilled to really do it justice. I accepted this reality a while ago and for the most part I think the final product is still respectable, but Manaka's route highlighted to me just how bad it could have been. Even this close to finishing the project, I'd still happily delay releasing it if a translate checker came along to take it up to the next level - but at 97,000 lines I doubt anyone's going to put their hand up and who knows how long it would further delay this project that's already lasted 8 years.
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    - Full screen all the way, even 640x480 titles. I don't care about slight blur, I can't fully immerse when the game is not the only thing at the screen. - Even if sometimes it's nice to have a window with VN and walkthrough open in Chrome righ alongside each other, I will never say that lower resolutions for window playing are better. - The only thing I trully hate is ratio changing. 4:3 should forever stay in 4:3 (untill it gets a full blown remake, from a scratch). No cropping, no streching [f-you, youtube VN-reading assholes].
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    To be honest, I might be looking forward to Island more than SubaHibi. SubaHibi is one of those VNs that's been hyped too much. I've taken enough philosophy classes to know that "philosophical" means different things to most people than it does to me, and I mostly find the thing other people usually mean when they call something "philosophical" to be annoying, so given how often that label is affixed to SubaHibi, I'm leery of it. I'll play it, and I honestly expect I'll enjoy it, but I'm trying to intentionally tank my hopes for it so I can be pleasantly surprised.
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    Replaying VNs

    I've been asked in the past many times, 'How can you replay VNs?' and 'Isn't that boring?'. In fact, I get asked that a lot with my 'Random VNs' posts. I thought I'd answer this question... Replaying VNs is a matter of passion. To be blunt, if it is in a genre I don't like or hits my pet peeves too hard, I can't bring myself to replay it. The fact is, VN experiences don't change through multiple playthroughs, and in this way they are much closer to a book than to the interactivity of many games. Something I should make clear is that I am a story-lover above all other things. I don't just mean that I love games, anime, and VNs for their stories... I mean that I'll do practically anything to experience a good, well-presented story. Hell, I learned Japanese for that reason. This is actually the reason why I have so much trouble with pure romance, mystery, and charage. These three types of stories follow some of the most 'confined' story patterns in existence, with a very limited selection of story elements, and as a result they are far easier to predict than many fantasy, sci-fi, or even conspiracy-drama stories... at least for me. This is particularly fatal for mysteries, since a lot of the attraction of the genre, at least to me (when I still liked them) was how much trouble figuring out 'whodunnit' or 'what is going on'. Now, I have become experienced enough that very little surprises me. Particularly, in the last five years or so, this trend has become marked in my own subjective point of view when it comes to VNs. The issue now is the subject matter... what do I enjoy enough to experience pleasure with on a second run? The genres I can take pleasure in on a second playthrough are limited... almost entirely to the sci-fi, fantasy, and conspiracy genres. Rare exceptions exist, but that is due to a sheer, overwhelming level of quality or due to a powerful emotional experience that doesn't fade quickly through multiple playthroughs (Uruwashi no is an example of this type). To be blunt, with most VNs, replaying them is impossible. There are no new angles to explore, the feels no longer touch me, and I honestly have no interest in re-experiencing slice of life scenes, lol. So, it comes down, as I said above, to taste. I can replay VNs i love multiple times. However, I will never be able to replay say... Subahibi or Aiyoku no Eustia.
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    My life of a working man straddled with student loans: \(^o^)/ (^o^)/ ... (°o°) (°-°) (°.°) ... (・.・;)(・・;) (°°) (´・ω・`) ( つ Д `) Sayonara $$$
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    VNDB link Has anyone here read it? I remember someone praising it and wishing it would get translated. Whoever that was, it looks like you're getting your wish The translation is being done by Conjueror and the editing by gare (link), so that makes me happy.
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    While the final cause of my chronic insomnia has been a subject of much consternation on my part, the answer was none too subtle last night. Indeed, something weighed heavily on my heart, compounding the recurring problem of Arby's-induced arterial blockage. If I were to own a cat, would it ever catch on to my laser-pointing diversions? As any former or current participant in this activity can attest, it is very entertaining, such that one should enjoy it in the absence of concerns that it may someday become infeasible. I ruminated on this question after recalling this gif that tangentially addresses the matter. In other words, may I consider the feline mind analogous to that of a dog who, in a like manner, readily fetches the stick only to endure the same Sisyphean struggle moments later and without cessation?
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    So I was browsing YouTube and happened to stumble onto a guy who fed a recurring neural network (LSTM type) some cute VN girl noises. The girl in question is Hinata from Pure Pure. Needless to say the results are interesting... It's rather interesting to see just what a machine picks up from that, and damn creepy. The amount of iteration on the left signifies how often the network has gone over the 10 minute sample data and is also a good measure of how much it has learned. Also bonus points if you turn on CC and watch a machine try to understand what another machine is trying to say.
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    Probably not - there's still editing left. Making the patch itself and QC-ing/playtesting everything will also take some time. But it should be finished soon~ish.
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    That's because in moege, h-scenes are actually used for relationship development, often very lazily. Amid all the moans and squelches, you'll hear a sudden barrage of "I love you"s and then the protagonist has an emotional epiphany over a few lines, before the moans and squelches start up again. This may happen for both characters, often in the first h-scene of the route. They also may develop the dynamic of who's in control of the relationship here and that kind of thing. It's lazy because they often forgo relationship development outside the h-scenes. They use the sex as a crutch so they don't have to build up a romantic and/or emotional mood outside of sex and probably the confession scene or whatever. The problem is that when you remove h-scenes from games that use them as a crutch, they end up predictably falling apart. The routes have that empty feeling to them because the relationships feel underdeveloped. That's completely valid to criticise when it happens, too. This leads to people saying that sex scenes in general are necessary for proper relationship development, but on the contrary, I feel like stories that don't use sex as a crutch often have stronger relationship development overall. Himawari is a good, recent example of this, in my opinion. The all-ages version doesn't have the h-scenes, obviously, but it barely matters because the way the characters and relationships develop still feels fairly natural. They also left in anything important in the lead-up and aftermath of the sex scenes. Because indeed, it's often the stuff that leads to sex and happens as a result of sex that's far more important to relationships than the sex itself. Himawari was written with that in mind, is much better for it, and loses nothing when you remove the actual sex. Going back to the original question posed, I do prefer to read the uncensored original version whenever possible. But I'm not gonna hand-wring over it if I can't. It's often just not that big of a deal.
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    Hm, I'm rather fond of this series. It actually took a lot of time to try and come up with a way to describe what it's about that felt right for me, but I think I did it. https://fuwanovel.net/reviews/2017/02/13/rance-5d-vi/
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    G’day everyone,I thought I’d see how hard it is to deconstruct the first episode of Lain. Serial Experiments Lain is often seen as one of the weirdest, and most confusing anime but I think it’s blown way out of proportion. One of its strengths is that you don’t understand everything on the first watching, one of its weaknesses is that you don’t understand everything on the first watching, but I don’t remember it being too confusing. So to put that to the test I’m going to rewatch the first episode for the first time in a decade, and quickly write down my thoughts while viewing it. This will be a quick analysis, there’ll be things that are missing like the importance of certain artistic effects, but it should show that getting a general idea of what’s going on isn’t too hard. Obviously spoiler alert. EPISODE 1: Key points in the first episode: - First scene and we see a young girl distressed in an alley. She’s panting, hand on heart, either running or fearful. A group of passers-by stop to point and laugh, uncaringly. Is that not the way of the world? This uncaring disconnect between people? This lack of empathy? Amid the normal everyday actions of Tokyo’s (I assume) nightlife, that same young girl now appears on a rooftop. She strips herself of her glasses, her hair unties, a metaphor showing herself becoming free. She has a smile on her face and she throws herself off the building. That she wasn’t scared or distressed means she wasn’t running away from something, rather she was at peace and happy which means she’s running toward something. What was she running toward? No clue at this stage. Anyway, the silence of her suicide scene and her beautiful smile juxtapose harshly with her loud and violent death. Words appear on the screen - ‘I don’t need to stay in a place like this’. - Next scene Lain appears on a bright morning in school get up. She’s walking down the stairs and is on her way to school. The imagery here is interesting, there’s an electrical hum that permeates strongly and a focus on the power lines. The hum is a metaphor for the wired or ‘internet’ which is everywhere, connecting people and hovering eternally in the background of everyday life. There and yet not there. The powerlines are the same and they also connect everything, but they don’t hover in the background. However, the shadows splotched with what I assume is blood at times are annoying. It was a late decision to insert the metaphor into the anime connecting shadows with the wired, that the wired is everywhere just underneath the surface. A shadow world. I believe they stuffed up here. This was already done with the humming, it was already done with the powerlines, this is just a rather inelegant way of hammering the audience with a concept and I just think it’s ugly and gaudy. It makes things easier for the creators to get some stuff across, but I think it’s unnecessarily whimsical. Anyway what’s done is done, so most every piece of shadow is splotched with stuff. - Lain is on a train travelling to school. Everyone on board is doing their own thing as people in society tend to do. In silence. We are becoming increasingly disconnected with each other, so we have people reading, sleeping, gazing romantically out of windows, but nobody interacting and sharing their lives. However Lain comments on how noisy it is, asking why things can’t quiet down. It confuses the train’s inhabitants because it’s quiet in the real world, but I’m sure that electric hum indicates a greater interactivity and connectivity somewhere else. Also interesting that Lain can hear it. Lain doesn’t notice the commotion she causes those near her. - She arrives at school with herself gazing at her splotchy shadow, then looking up and seeing reality melt away. Obviously not a metaphor at all of something, which isn’t at all related to the metaphor on the train. - In class one of Lain’s classmates is distressed. It appears the young lass who just committed suicide (Yomoda Chisa) has been sending emails to everybody, but how can that be when she’s dead? ‘You shouldn’t be getting mail from a dead girl’ says one of the girls. What truly sage advice. Interesting theme of digital existence is raised here, though. I wonder how they will deal with it. It should be noted here that this show was created in the 90s, well before these themes became mainstream. Words appear on the screen - ‘What’s it like when you die?’ ‘It really hurts :)’ – only if you chuck yourself off a building, crash through some neon signs, and have a vending machine topple onto you after you hit the pavement. In programming class, reality once again begins to melt away from Lain. Sounds fade away, things begin to blur, white smoke from fingers. Lain’s beginning to see things. - Lain is walking again, presumably home from school. In her bedroom she loads up her computer to discover she has mail from Yomoda Chisa. Not just any mail but a very personalised email from Yomoda Chisa resembling a conversation. ‘I walked home with you once, do you remember Lain? I have given up my body, but through this email I want you to know I’m still alive. Rumour has it that this is a prank, but it isn’t. Do you understand? No matter, everyone will understand soon.’ Absent here is the MWAHAHA evil laugh every member of a nefarious organisation uses when plotting something. Pity. When asked why she killed herself, Yomoda responds ‘God is here’. - Lain is at dinner with a very cold, unfeeling family. They are thoroughly disconnected from one another. There's no sharing of lives and feelings here. The sister leaves without finishing dinner to do her own thing. When Lain tells her mother about the email from the dead lady, her mother doesn’t respond. From her facial expression she doesn’t care. - She goes to find her father, who is a huge computer nerd and is so lost in the tech word he also doesn’t take an interest in his family’s life. She asks for a new computer so she can see a friend and he’s obviously happy to oblige saying she’s being left in the dust. ‘People connect with each other, that’s how society’s function’ the father says as he interacts with faceless avatars on the computer/wired (metaphor alert.) Remarkably these futuristic computers look like they’re running Windows 3.1 or something xD - Next scene. Lain’s on a train riding to school when the train suddenly halts due to an accident. And when I say ‘suddenly halts’ I mean it looks as though Lain is violently thrown into the door. She shakes it off like a champ, though. Lain looks out the window and things become white, the electrical hum gets louder, and splotchy shadows tinged with blood drip from the power lines. That’s a pretty strong metaphor about what just occurred, blood melting into the wired, also it shows that reality is melting away taking Lain along for the ride (or is it the other way round?) - Scenes flutter quickly one after another, whether by chance or is Lain searching for something? The middle of a busy crossing, stairs leading out of a subway, an empty school courtyard, an empty room, then white smoke, train tracks and ... the silhouette of a girl? The girl hops the barricade and runs in front of a train, a fanatical look on her face as the train collides with her. Is she laughing? Was this the cause of the accident Lain was just involved in? Why is Lain viewing this? - Lain jerks back to reality in her school classroom drenched with sweat. The teacher admonishes her and walks away. The words on the chalkboard start blurring and reality once again melts away from Lain. New words appear on the blackboard asking Lain to visit the Wired ASAP. - As Lain walks home she’s walking in the splotchy shadow. It surrounds her. Possibly important, because at this moment Yomoda Chisa strolls past. ‘Where are you’ Lain asks. Yomoda smiles, then her normal sad expression returns. Yomoda disappears. So yeah, the anime is confusing but I think it’s blown way out of proportion. If you pay attention and possibly do a bit of research, you should be fine. You might not get everything, but you’ll understand the gist of it. Though I doubt anybody is interested in the brief analysis of an almost 20 year old anime's first episode.
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    I... don't see what's so triggering about that writing either. It looks quite good to me.
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    Burned out

    It's been a while since a single VN burned me out completely, but Silverio Trinity managed it. That VN had many of the best elements of its predecessor, while being more balanced, having added unique soundtracks, and overall creating a mostly new experience that, while it didn't completely transcend the original, still managed to stand on the same plane. Unfortunately, it was a highly emotional experience, with a lot of excitement along the way... so I know I won't rate any VNs I play at this moment fairly, regardless of genre. As a result, I'm taking a week's break from my VN of the Month to recover my sanity, lol.
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    UI Overhaul Hey folks, the old edited interface graphics were pretty inconsistent in terms of font choice / general look and feel, so I spent the last week reworking all of the UI files, trying to resemble the original as closely as possible. I now used the same font for all UI labels and larger font sizes in general. As a result of your feedback we also changed our policy regarding the use of Japanese quotation marks and some other style issues. Left is old, right is new. Let us know what you prefer Also, here are the latest stats (Image progress is a bit out of sync): @RedK is working on Satsuki's route now
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    I have absolutely no interest in Grisaia Phantom Trigger and the more than 3 volumes bullshit just means I won't support it (unless they say how long each volume is going to be). It's obvious Frontwing has realized thanks to Corona Blossom that they can piecemeal vns for better profits. Hell the only reason I bought the entire Corona Blossom is because I wanted a conclusion after getting scammed via the first one. It's not going to happen again. I might consider backing a full game but not going to go anywhere near something with volumes. Hell both Corona Blossom and Karakara really soured my experience on new visual novels and I likely won't back any further ones from any company.
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    Normally, I don't like re-introducing myself to a forum because of absence, especially when I never really contribute to it much, but after so many life changes, I've decided to come back so I feel that this is necessary. The last two months haven't been easy for me. My cat died in December and I was put on a roller coaster of emotions, stress, and depression which prevented me from interacting with people. I've been slowly recovering from this and feel that I've changed into a new man. No longer am I overly obsessive of anime to the point where I was a weeaboo, I've begun to open up to more western works and realized just how much of a shell I've been living in all this time. It felt like I finally regained a part of me that I threw away years ago all for the sake of anime, and it felt refreshing. In case you don't remember me at all, I first joined the forums because I read The Fruit of Grisaia, my first ever VN experience. I also posted some topics about writing a light novel in Japan before, though I have long since gave up on that ambition and just want to write a western light novel-inspired book instead. I still have an interest in reading VNs though and I'm definitely still waiting for the official English release of Libra of the Vampire Princess. Remember when I said that was the "holy grail" of Steam VNs because of the proposed 18+ patch? (Which may or may not be true at all.) Anyway, I'm going to be more active now and once I start studying Japanese for my own writing benefits, I'll help you guys on the translation projects too. See you around the forums.
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    Yeah, SeaBed is gem, one the best VNs I read last year. It's pretty hard to categorize or even explain properly, but SeaBed is a cool exercise in psychology and very atmospheric story. A mystery, but not really. Adults living with their problems. And even though the game is Yuri that's never the focus. In fact if someone were to pick the game just expecting yuri they would probably be disappointed. (Unless they'd fell for the it's other wonderful qualities) But that said, even though I really took a liking to it I can see that SeaBed is not really for everyone. Some might find the dreamy, diary-like narration boring, but for those looking something different, little unusual SeaBed can be an amazing experience.
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    Da Capo obviously. Only one that has porn.
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    Watched both seasons of "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying" today.
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    Kamaitachi no Yoru (Banshee last Cry), if you can digest the overlocalization. EVE Burst error (horrible localization by himeya soft) Time Travelers (youtube trans only) Forest Swan Song eden* Kikokugai the cyber slayer the fact that in this game the cast is mostly adult is a spoiler: Tomoyo After it's a wonderful life Ame no Marginal Cartagra Words Worth (the protagonist is a teenager, though) Root letter Saya no Uta Hanachirasu There are also some games with particular parts of the game with an adult cast: CLANNAD, after story (this is placed after CLANNAD Nagisa Route and the character here are simply aged) Ef - the latter tale, final chapter (Yuu+Yuko)
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    It is indeed completely unexpected that someone with deep psychological issues could behave in an unhealthy way, or cause troubles for those around her. I wonder what they were thinking. Both Sachi and Touka are messed-up heroines, and should be considered as such. Natsumi, on the other hand, is more of a victim of the system. You are obviously free to not like the game, but I personally didn't find anything wrong with it. Yep, some situations are taken to the extreme to raise the tension, but that's the case for many books/movies/tv series. I loved the game, and in fact chose Touka. Something for everyone, I guess.
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