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    We're happy to announce that the Kickstarter for VenusBlood HOLLOW International is now online! Give it a look if you enjoyed the previous title or Strategy RPG games! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ninetail/venusblood-hollow-english-localization-project
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    Easily the best Venus Blood game, story-wise and gameplay-wise. Not to mention the protagonist and main heroine have an insanely strong personal bond that makes you really root for them, though they are evil.
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    Reflecting on my Otaku Origins

    I took my first steps onto the road of the otaku in 1992, when I watched the poorly dubbed (all dubs were godawful back then) Record of Lodoss War Volume 1 OVA VCR tape. Now, I was already a heavy fantasy addict, having been introduced to the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance in 1990, and my obsession was at its peak at the time. When I watched Record of Lodoss War, I saw the typical 'elven maiden with human hero' romance in a new way (incidentally, this is a pretty typical romantic theme in those days, less so nowadays). I also saw oddities that stood out as odd to me precisely because of the oddly black and white point of view enforced on one by the various D&D universes. Of course, I was a chuunibyou brat by that time, already, so it should surprise no one that I got obsessed. It got ten times worse, however, when I encountered Chrono Trigger as it was played on my cousin's SNES. Chrono Trigger is still, to this day, one of the single best rpgs ever made. Looking back, considering all that has been done since then, it is almost TERRIFYING that someone was able to do what was done with Chrono Trigger with the limitations placed by using the SNES system. The story, the world, and the various layers of time were put together into such a subtly complex experience that, to this day, I've yet to see any other rpg manage it. Chrono Cross would manage to imitate some elements of this with its parallel world jumping, but Chrono Trigger's jumping around in time gave you impetus to explore how every aspect of the world could change based on how and when you did certain things. Rumors constantly abounded that there were secret endings (such as the infamous 'vampire Chrono' or 'Save Schala' fake rumors, which some believe led to the way the Chrono Cross storyline was handled), and people - such as me - would play the game repeatedly, using all the meager saves allowed by the cartridge limitations of the time, in hopes that they might trigger those endings or find a way to discover something new. In all honesty, Chrono Trigger being the game that got me into jrpgs probably ruined me for life. It set my standards to a ridiculously high level on a subconscious plane, resulting in me comparing every single jrpg experience since then to it. Aesthetically, musically, and structurally, it was a true jrpg kamige. It was also the game that turned jrpgs into my second otaku obsession. During the SNES-PS2 eras, I literally bought and played EVERY jrpg that came out. I still own them, in fact. I played most of the PS1 and SNES era games multiple times. However, it was also in the PS2 era (often called the 'dawn of the mainstream jrpg') that jrpg quality began to fall off drastically. The kind of genius and artistic flair using minimal resources you saw in previous eras was lost entirely within a few years of the release of FFX (FFX being a good game that also turned VO from a curiosity to a mainstream 'thing'). Musical direction, a role differing from composition, where someone was assigned to decide the timing of using a musical score and which ones fit which dungeons, which story scenes, disappeared in the middle of the PS2 era, as VO was used to fill the gaps of emotionality. However, this also meant that the subtlety of previous eras was lost with a swiftness that left me bewildered at the time. By the time the PS3 era came around, jrpgs were slowing down, due to what I now call 'flashy kusoge fatigue'. Oh, a few sub-genres, such as the Atelier series' alchemy obsessed SOL titles and the more action-based titles continued to be prolific, but what were called 'console-style rpgs' started to vanish. MMO elements were introduced into normal jrpgs, making progression and gameplay less interesting as a result (mostly because it seemed to have been done primarily to draw the WoW crowds into solo rpgs). Storytelling was dying a surprisingly swift death, as tedious gameplay elements (for loot and level-obsessed completionists) began to devour higher and higher proportions of each game's overall playtime. There is a very good reason why people go back and play so-called 'retro' jrpgs so much. There simply aren't that many more recent jrpgs that have that kind of flair and subtle genius. I know for a fact that one of the best ways to get people addicted to jrpgs is still just to let them play Chrono Trigger. Ironically, it was VNs that saved my soul. This was back in 2008, four years before I joined Fuwa. I was introduced to Tsukihime by a fellow anime fansubber, and, for the first time in over three years, I had something interesting enough (story-wise) that I was given a perspective on the nature of my growing irritation and fatigue with jrpgs in general. At the time, the JVN industry was still as vital and full of genius as the jrpg industry was in the PS1 era. Tsukihime and a few other major classics put out near the turn of the century had created the potential for a market of story-focused VNs that had allowed more and more creative people to get into the medium. Masada was releasing his latest version of Dies Irae, and there were literally hundreds of potentially interesting VNs for me to try. Needless to say, I lost my mind almost as badly as when I first played Chrono Trigger. I must have blown four grand of my meager savings on VNs within the first year, and I didn't regret a penny of it. Yes, roughly two-thirds of what I bought was pure crap. However, the gems I discovered gave me a taste of the potential of the medium in a way that was horribly addictive. Moreover, after a few years of being starved of any decent new stories, even the worst VNs had something that I could find I liked about them. In retrospect, I have an addictive personality. I get addicted to things easily, especially when they scratch my story bug. People have said to me, when it came to my jrpg obsession 'if you want a good story, why don't you read a book?', to which I usually gave them a blank stare and said 'I'm already reading good books. I just want stories in my games too.' Interestingly enough, there were a few bursts of true creativity in jrpgs in the years since, like Tales of Berseria and Nier: Automata, but they partially stand out due to the sheer bleakness of the genre landscape. People praise Octopath Traveler and Dragon Quest XI with intensity, and they practically worship Bravely Default. However, I have been shocked at how low-quality the presentation of these stories has been. It's like an entire generation has gotten used to ineptness in presentation to the point where they can be charmed by backhanded efforts at retro-nostalgia. Octopath has all the grind of the old SaGa Frontier games with none of the charm, the best part of each of the paths being at the beginning. Dragon Quest XI retains the horribly grindy nature of Dragon Quest games without improving on the formula in any real way. Moreover, locking so much content into the post-game annoys the hell out of me (I prefer new game +, obviously). JVNs have suffered their own decline, which is ironically due to the same demographics that inflated the medium in the first place (the dominance of the moe/charage lovers). VNs were always destined to be a niche medium, but the over-specialization of the industry has led to an inability to adapt to changing spending habits and demographics. Even if they wanted to regear for a new generation of consumers, most companies no longer have the access to the necessary talent to do so. I'm fairly sure that jrpgs suffer from a similar lack. Yes, there are some excellent composers and graphic designers in the jrpg industry, as well as access to the solid voice-acting industry of Japan and the growing one here in the US. However, there is a severe lack of writers capable of bringing a story to life, and there is no point in a top-tier OST that has no one to properly coordinate its use. The very fact that something like Undertale could bury so much of the commercial rpg industry, in the eyes of rpg fans, says everything about how far the industry has fallen. So what am I getting at? Not really anything, in truth. I just needed to blow off some steam. Thank you for reading.
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    Rewrite's Writing

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    For most people who play VNs, taking a break is a normal thing. Even taking a hiatus of a few months or a year seems to be standard for many in our little community. For ten years, for me, it wasn't. My new addiction to litrpgs succeeded in breaking me of my compulsive VN-reading for the first time in a decade. While some might consider this a bad thing (and have told me so), others have said that it was a good one. Personally, as I've started playing Purple Soft's latest game, Seishun Fragile, I'm leaning more towards good than bad. Many things that had ceased to be joyful in recent years have regained their luster, such as cheap manzai humor, obvious moe, and general donkan harem protagonist antics. I won't say I love that last part (ha, like that would happen), but I can say that my viewpoint on it is less... bitter and jaded than it was before. I've had a refresh, and I don't regret it, despite how much it built up my backlog with those few games I bought anyway despite not starting any. One thing I find interesting is that I find it easier to find good stopping points than before, instead of just forging on ahead for a straight twelve hours and then flopping into bed. I no longer stare at the screen for entire days while downing endless snacks and bottled water. I also didn't want to get rusty on my Japanese, which is why I started up a new VN today. It was then that I realized that I no longer felt the pressure that still remained, even after I tossed aside VN of the Month. To me, this was an amazing sensation, harking back to my third year playing VNs, when my love of the medium was at its most fanatical. I've advised many people to take a step back and rest from VNs when they have started to lose their way, but this was the first time I took my own advice... and it worked (even if it was by accident).
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    Linux port comment here: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/23163-ao-no-kanata-no-four-rythm-linux-port-18-patch-for-nintendo-switch/?tab=comments#comment-522629 Switch patch: Hello, I made this patch some days ago out of pure boredom just to see if my hacked switch with Aokana installed on it would be able to handle R18 assets and I thought about releasing for other people who still haven't played the game and would like to on their hacked switch, but uncut, since otherwise it would be forever stuck for no reason on my hard drive as I already completed the game on PC. Keep in mind this only works with a Hacked Switch with Atmosphere. If you want to see if you can hack your switch follow this guide: https://nh-server.github.io/. The zip is premade so that, provided that you're using Atmosphere CFW (which you will if you finish carefully the guide there), you only have to unzip the contents of the patch to your SD card's root folder. For other CFW users (not necessary if you already have atmosphere/followed the guide I linked previously): It may work with other CFWs, provided they can patch romfs. Just make sure the path is the same (romfs/Data/StreamingAssets/patch.dat). Atmosphere is the most popular though, so I only tested there. The H-Scene button in the gallery replay menu, although blank in this release, still works, so if you unlocked some of them just click it. This works with the Base version + Update 1.01. I'm not sure if future updates will break this, so keep that in mind. To know if the mod works correctly, you'll see "1.01 SW (R18+PE)" on the bottom right corner when it's loaded (it's usually "SW 1.01" only). Screenshot (WARNING: NSFW): Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yf86ywni65n6ki8/file Some technical details in the making of this patch which may be or not interesting: This VN is made on a custom C# VN engine on top of Unity, made by NekoNyan. It's visibly made for reusability in the future, and according to some announcements it will be reused in future projects of them. It's very nicely done so kudos to them. While .NET binaries in the PC are unobfuscated, the Switch port used IL2CPP, probably due to platform limitations. Despite being in Unity, this engine loads content from a custom format instead of using Unity itself for them (not that it's a necessarily bad thing to do). It has some custom simple encryption, with the keys of the files themselves being inside of the archive. Other than that, it's just an archive with files and folders inside of it. They slightly changed the encryption algorithm for the Switch version. While the PC format was easily readable by looking at decompiled C# code about how the PC version itself loads it, it was trickier to see how the switch loaded it because of the game being compiled to C++. That said, this cool tool helped me to locate the encryption function for the Switch, which turned out to be a simple 2 lines change. This change doesn't affect size nor performance so I can only imagine why they did this.... With that figured out, I had to make an (re/un)packer for this game to pack the R18 assets since it needed to use the switch format for it to work. I can release the source code and binaries if anybody's interested, just hit me up here or by email. The switch version prefers different formats of its assets: swp (some Switch image format?) instead of webp, ogg vorbis instead of ogg opus, and some others. Even so, it supports loading all formats of the PC version. The switch version contains voices for H-Scenes on the base game (except for the Perfect Edition H-Scenes), even though they go completely unused. This effectively lowers the size of this patch. Some trivial metadata for the replay gallery is still there, but goes unused because you never unlock any H-Scenes. The binary as well as bs5 scripts (aokana's script format) still contains lots of code that handle R18 assets and scenes, if they somehow (heh) were to be available to the game, which facilitated this patch by a lot. This engine made by NekoNyan is very well done and I hope to see more VNs localized by them on it If you find a problem just let me know here or by email (mincocaja@gmail.com). I hope you enjoy it! I know Nintendo won't....
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 16661/43896 Editing: 9324/43896
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    Decided to visit again :)

    Hey everybody, I spent some time on this forum like 5-6 years ago and I wanted to spend some free time here again so I'm making a very brief introduction. Because if I don't write even a little, I feel like i'm gonna wait another years before deciding to post something Back then I used Visual Novels to try and learn Japanese, I was also taking lessons at the time and managed pass the N4 exam, yay! I haven't read any VNs since 2017, where I stopped working on my Japanese to focus on other things and now I'm trying to get back into it. I'm 23, male and from Germany. My online times might vary from yours but feel free to send me a message to have a nice chat Nice to meet you all I hope the community has flourished and gained lots of new members over the last years!
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    35% edited edit: I'm also doing a tl check on the scripts
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    Hi there.

    Hello there! I just recently got interested in VNs. My first VN was Doki Doki Literature Club which I played years ago, I enjoyed it but it wasn't something that got me in interested in the genre. I have been watching Anime for quite some time. So, the reason I got interested in VNs was because of Grisaia, I watched the Anime 2 years ago, and it was a fine, enjoyable show, though it had its problems. However, based on a recent recommendation, I decided to give the VN a try, because I heard the Anime was adapted poorly, and frankly, I am loving it right now and this has got me interested in VNs. I plan to play the entire Grisaia trilogy, and also Steins;Gate, Muv-Luv and Clannad. Heard Clannad is adapted well for 1/2 of it, so I want to see it's full potential. Steins;Gate, because I loved the Anime, but again I don't think it's a 10/10 so I want to see how the VN is. Muv-Luv because It's a recommendation from a friend.
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    Villains that don't go "Too Far"

    I'm not 100% sure about what you're asking for, but, perhaps, Shinsekai Yori? I try to be vague, but it's still a spoiler that only gets revealed at the very end, so I'll use the spoiler box. I'll make another post if I think of anything else. For now, nothing else comes to mind.
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    Hey y'all

    Hi, I'm basically new to the forums as they are so I might as well introduce myself. Hobbies are reading manga, watching vtuber streams and sometimes even anime or playing eroge. I'm mostly a manga otaku lately, I like series like uhhh.... Houseki no Kuni and Yuru Camp, so both thought provoking stories or healing fluffs are good for me. Last VN I played was FLOWERS 3, and before that I tried some Umineko chapters... quite a mystery fanboy aren't I? Before those two there was probably some weird lewd game. Last manga I read was this one called "An easy introduction to love triangles," the last anime I watched was Kabaneri and last LN I read was this one called "Wandering Witch" kinda like Kino no Tabi but with a very different MC to give it a different kind of spice. As you may notice I like talking about myself without actually talking about myself, so to do some actual self-introducing, I like yuri, mahou shoujo, idols, mecha and mystery, but I'll take any kind of story if it's interesting. I can kinda understand Japanese but dlsite won't take my credit card so it doesn't do much for the eroge hobby. Oh right, I almost forgot, VNs I like are liar-soft's WAB series, Innocent Grey's FLOWERS, Leaf's Utawarerumono and Kogado's Symphonic Rain. Well, that should be it, gimme a shout if you wanna talk. There's an absurd amount of type-moon emotes now, I wonder who's to blame.
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    Denpasoft 2020 Survey

    I pushed Akeiro, Silverio Vendetta (since Akabei has an in), and Aoi Tori.
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    MangaGamer 2020 Licensing Survey

    I'd say there are two reasons: 1. Some translations are actually pretty bad. I mean, I wouldn't mind finally rereading Fate if it actually got a new translation. The problem here is that it never will, and if it does, it won't be done by MG. 2. Some people just want a way to get a way to support a novel they like officially. Not everyone is comfortable buying games on Japanese websites. Especially since many games don't even have download editions, so you have to import a physical copy, which leads to many different problems. And some older games, especially by smaller publishers, are often not available at all. I tried to look for a way to buy Rose Guns Days, but I was out of luck.
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    Hello everyone :)

    Greetings everyone, ever since my friend introduced me to VN this Monday, I'm getting hooked to it now. The only VN that I've played before is DDLC and Nekopara which is I dropped years ago because its too boring imo because just like another newbie VN reader, I'm currently picky with the genres and stuff. I'm Currently playing hoshi ori and stumbled upon this forum when looking through a guide and I'm interested in asking more recommendations in the future!
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    Rewrite's Writing

    I can't tell you what he was trying to say on a grander scale, but there were times where I feel like he was trying to say "fuck you" during certain events.
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    Umineko Discussion (SPOILERS)

    You put things really well. Umineko's vast scale and how everything gets tied up is my favorite part. As you said, the core story is arguable extremely simple, but its how the real story is everything in between and how vast in scale that is which I love. In a real way, it gets you to question what is the value of reading a story? Enjoying the fun of it and accepting all the fantastical absurdities (magic), or understanding and intellectually dissecting it in search for the "truth", like some kind of detective? Being somebody who for a long time subscribed to the latter style of thinking, I've since adopted the former perspective. In large part, though not entirely because of Umineko. Furthermore concluding a work so long and complicated is no easy feat, and the ending has been having me reread scenes from the VN obsessively. Which hasn't happened to me since I read Suba Hibi. I completely understand your struggle with organizing an analysis of the gold and the golden land. But if you ever were to write it, I would definitely read it.
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    Umineko Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Anyway it's kind of impossible to discuss Umineko in a comprehensive fashion because it's so massive. Even if you edited down all the maniacal laughing, uryuu-ing and over-the-top fight scenes you would stil probably end up with an 80+ hours read where every single 10 hour chapter gives you more food for thought than most actual 80 hour VNs out there. Some time ago I planned on writing a blog post about how the gold from the Golden Land is a metaphor for truth, but I scrapped it after realizing all the introduced concepts I would have had to explain and all the plot points I had half-forgotten I would have had to read up on and I just couldn't decide where to even start.
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    Vampire Alexander

    Conducting an introduction

    Good day, I am new here. I found a walkthrough on this site searching Google and decided to join to ask a few question about my favorite novels.
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    Hi everyone! I'm so happy I found this community! I am a VN developer that has been working on a scifi story for a few months now and I was finally able to release it yesterday! I'm excited to meet everyone here and I'm looking forward to becoming part of the community!
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    Birthday thread

    Aw, you guys!
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    What are you playing?

    Wow, it's an end of an era. I actually played soooo many VNs on my Vita, ranging from the thrilling Danganronpas and Zero Escapes to sci-fi shenanigans Steins;gates and Chaos;Child's to fantasy funtimes like Ar Nosurge and Utawarerumono trilogy, even Muv Luv, and a whole crapton of Otomes. All on a "dead" device that is the Vita: ....But now it's time to Switch it up Yup I finally caved and got a Nintendo Switch. Originally wanted to wait for a New Nintendo Switch Pro XL or something, but they came out with the fking Lite instead. Pretty excited~
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    Hello, from South Africa everyone. I just recently got interested in visual novels, they really seam like an underappreciated genre and more than just stereotyped 'porn game' that people make them out to be.
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    Have you played Ib? It's an RPG maker game, not a VN but it's pretty great. https://vgperson.com/games/ib.htm
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    While I'm sure this isn't anything new to people who have already been doing this, I wrote a tutorial (with videos) on how to extract text from untranslated JP PSP games using 1) PPSSPP and 2) either ITHVNR or Textractor. https://aurora6290.wordpress.com/2020/08/28/tutorial-on-extracting-text-from-psp-games/ I hope this will be useful to someone
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    Birthday thread

    I did! I ended up reading a lot of the fantransltation of Sky Full of Stars Fine Days on my bday.
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    Umineko's opening scene

    The recent discussions about Umineko here on the forum made me want to pick up the whole damn thing again. Only this time I'm going spend even more time on it because I'm taking notes. I'll take the game's advice though and not focus on the howdunnits (which it argues are trivial and unimportant), but rather on what meaning is hidden inbetween. I'm doing this mostly for myself, though every now and then I might feel like turning my thoughts and interpretations into a blog post like this one. The German realist author Theodor Fontane (1819-1898) once said "the first chapter is always the main point, and within the first chapter the first page, almost the first line." While I think he is exaggerating a little bit and tbh I only opened with a quote of his to get a chance to mention how much I hate his writing (some of his novels are required reading in high-school in parts of Germany), it is true that the opening to a novel or any piece of fictional media can be a more important part of the work than it is often given credit for. Which brings us to Umineko's first scene. While it might not be the most spectacular example out there, I think it does what it sets out to do so well that it is worth taking a look at it from an analytical standpoint. I'm going to mention one or two twists that happen at later points in the VN, so you might not want read any further if you do not want to get spoiled. The scene takes place at an unspecified point in time in Kinzo's study with him, Nanjo (his doctor) and Genji (his head servant) present. It starts out with Nanjo telling Kinzo to lay off the alcohol as the medicine he prescribed to keep him alive won't work otherwise. Kinzo responds by saying the liquor (which has a sweet scent and a venomous green colour) has been with him longer than Nanjo, and that it is what is actually keeping him alive, not the medicine. Then he orders Genji to serve him another glass, but water it down a bit. Kinzo asks Nanjo how much time he has left, to which the doctor replies by comparing it to their chess match which is apparently entering its final stages and where Kinzo managed to corner Nanjo's king. The physician suggests Kinzo should write a will, which the latter one heavily objects to: "...And what is a will, Nanjo? Handwritten instructions to the vultures on how to devour and scatter my corpse?" He wants to leave nothing behind and insists everything he built up during his life shall disappear with him, as it is part of the deal he made. He goes on to speak about his only regret, which is not being able to see the smile of the witch Beatrice once more, resulting in him screaming at thin air offering his remaining life to her for her to appear before him one last time. Opening Credits roll. The main thread running through the scene is a lingering conflict between what is "real" and what isn't, already introducing one of the main themes of the VN. This starts with the setting and props: There is no real indication if what you see takes place in the real world or some fantasy realm nor does it properly fit into any specific timeframe. The occult study, Kinzo's gown and the venomous green liquor all make the whole scene look surreal, but then there is also a real world physician doing standard medical examinations. In this sense the whole dialogue between Nanjo and Kanzo can be read as a conflict between material reality and fantasy, with Nanjo and his medicine or science representing the former and Kinzo having completely embraced the latter. Nanjo tries to bring Kinzo to care about his own physical wellbeing and his remains (stand-ins for material reality), both of which the latter one doesn't care at all about. The liquor in this context is basically a metaphor for fantasy. It has an inviting scent but looks like venom. It poisons Kinzo and according to him is what actually keeps him alive at the same time. His addiction turns his health and life miserable (as well as those of his children), while it is also what keeps him going. The booze or rather fantasy keeping him alive is also rather funny imo considering we later learn that, while he is part of all the "non-real" scenarios, in "real life" he has already been dead for quite a while. [It has been some time since I read the VN the first time so I don't really remember if the booze motif gets used at other points but it is one of the things I am going to keep an eye on this time around.] One of the main and more obvious purposes of an opening scene is to make the audience want to read on, usually by using a narrative hook. In this case it is the question about Beatrice's existence. You immediately ask yourself what the deal is with a witch that might or might not be real and that some weird and menacing old man is apparently trying to summon. Her (non-)presence is one of the main threads running through the whole VN and it gets established in the very first scene. This hook also ties right back into the overarching uncertainty of the scene about what is "real" and thus one of the main themes of the VN. The whole scene imo exemplifies pretty well what Umineko excels at, namely tying its separate narrative layers together. From the outset, characterization, plot, horror, fantasy, metaphor and theme are never truly separable but form a coherent and interwoven whole. I only implicitely talked about characterization and didn't even talk about why Genji is present in the scene at all or about the introduction of the chess motif (or the Kinzo being dead before the end of the game part). But since I already spent too much time writing this I'll keep it with one of Umineko's core messages and let you figure out how these things tie into the rest yourselves.
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    What are you playing?

    Alright friends I'm sorry, I couldn't get into Ao Kana, I know, I know, blasphemy, it's one of the more favored high school slice of lifes out there, but I'm just waaay passed my SoL honey moon phase lol. Absolutely loved the artwork, and coupled with the flying thematics/settings I just know it would've been one of my tops alongside all the others I've red in the past. I can probably get back into it some other time, but after going through MuvLuv / Al Somnium Files / Chaos;Child / Utawarerumono this year I'm still hungry for some more plot heavy shenanigans rather than mindless eye candy moe droolzie fests. That being said, I did get another VN for my Switch in addition to Ao Kana: YU-NO. Now I didn't really read the synopsis for it, so when I was slogging through the prologue for a good 2-3 hours I was like uh oh, but then BAM it's a VN that involves timetravel/multiuniverse YEEE thank the VN gods! ~~ You are protagonist (first) Takuya Arima (last), an "acts obnoxious and perverted" high school boy who is kind of in a slump and slacking with his life and studies after his father, a fairly renowned researcher/historian, goes missing for a month and is eventually presumed dead. Takuya now lives with just his stepmother Ayumi, a very gentle and caring woman who's only about 10 years older than Takuya. Cuz she was a student of Takuya's dad and they fell in love. Whew. Takuya is an obnoxious loudmouth, and 50% of his dialogue with any female character is plagued with early 2000s perverted protagonist humor; hopefully he'll grow out of it in some semblance of character development come later. He even pervs out on his stepmother Ayumi at times lol, but at least he's mindful about that: Yo dw Takuya, I won't judge, you're only looking because I'm making you, because I'm the one who wants to stare Yada yada yada, Takuya eventually gets a package delivered to him. The sender? His father! And inside is the deus ex machina of deus ex machinas, your very own time machine device! Now YU-NO came out in 1996, so it's the OG time travel/multiverse VN and I'm going to just enjoy it for what it is instead of trying to compare it with Steins;gate / Zero Escape and whatnot. So far I dig the concept, you know how VNs have flow charts and save points? These are seamlessly implemented as a natural feature of Takuya's time travel device so he can set a jewel (checkpoint) and jump between them at will, though he only has a limited amounted of jewels (checkpoints) to place. Basically you using this limited saving or loading feature is him using his time machine device, pretty meta for a VN made in 1996. The only drawback so far is that it doesn't seem like Takuya himself is aware of any jumps you're doing early on in the story, though I'm assuming come late game it'll probably be heavily integrated with the plot. The VN narratively plays like a point and click adventure, where you are given breaks in between dialogue to move to your next destination or examine your surroundings. Pretty neat feature, though I've already developed the habit of holding skip and clicking everything in the map and then glancing through backlogs, because there is a LOT of fluff / boring descriptions: Yuck, too much stuff to examine. Doesn't help that you can literally leave the room and come right back and then all the things you just greyed out (indicating that it was read content) will be white again (unread content). ~~ Naturally I'm playing the remastered Nintendo Switch version of YU-NO. It comes with remastered tracks (though you can change the BGM to the OG 8-bit sounding ones at any time, always nice to have that feature) and modern moe graphics, which I always love so that's a plus. I saw some comments about diehard purist fans going 'Ohh the old artstyle was better, the new one is lifeless'/ Well i say y'all needa get your eyes checked and get with the times, I bet there are even OLDER purists who would think black and white pixelated pre-1970s artstyle trumps the old 2000s janky artstyle lol. Yes, I had Takuya stare at her butt. For the longest time ever. Sue me ~~ Pretty interested to see what kind of story this VN will do
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    What are you playing?

    Finally done with the Umineko question arcs. It ended up taking a lot longer than I expected (almost two months), mostly because the first two episodes were less exciting than I hoped for, which led to me putting them on hold several times in favor of other games and VNs. Things started getting more interesting in episode 3, and then even more so in the fourth and final episode. I've probably forgotten to mention some things, but this'll have to do for now. I know there's a recent Umineko discussion post here on the forums that I'd love to read, but I haven't dared venture into it due to fear of getting spoiled in some way. I'll probably have to put it off until I'm done. On that note, I think it's about time I move on to the answer arcs, and I'm looking forward to seeing if any of my theories managed to hit the nail on the head.
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    Mr Poltroon

    Umineko Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Okay. I'll just focus on crime theories for now, as I don't have much to add on the tea parties and ???. It's witches witching about. Full spoilers for the entirety of Umineko. Episode 1 murder theory: That's my theory. I now present to you episode two stream of consciousness. This time I wrote far less about random details. That may mean I was more invested, or maybe less. I'm not sure. To be honest, I don't appreciate the author telling me how to enjoy my mystery novels, but fine. I can try and solve them, see? (To be honest, I now realise that Ryukishi07 really did give us everything we needed to get through all the hard parts if we'd read through Umineko once.)
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    Decided to visit again :)

    Thanks you two! I didn't have much time to look around but I did get the impression that there isn't much going on Still, I'm looking forward to spending some more time on the forums
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    Hi First of all I want to thank you, for putting in soo much hard work in translating this game, especially since its done by Eushully. You must have run into continuous errors, meanwhile translating this game and if it was me or anyone else who would know at least half of what you and your team knows towards programming and translating, we would have quit half way into it because of the lack of patients we would have because of the errors. So, thank you a lot for what you have done. What I am about to ask you might seem rude but have you started translating "Fuukan no Grasesta" and if you have in your opinion what would be an estimate time that it would take you to finish translating and releasing the patch. It can be a rough estimate. Thank you, for what you have done and I hope your team will carry on translating and taking on the challenge of translating big games like Kami no Rhapsody.
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    Infinite Stars released yesterday (1 September 2020) and is available for free on >>> itch.io <<< Infinite Stars is a science fiction series played as an interactive visual novel. It is meant to give humanity hope in the current time of fear and uncertainty. It is meant to make us dream about our future as we mingle with other species, their cultures and beliefs that we have yet to encounter. Our game and it’s assets are licensed under the Creative Commons license. We want our fans to write, draw and code their own fantastic visions of what the future could hold. We want them to share their creations with us, their friends, and with strangers all over the internet. In the distant but still recognizable future humanity has overcome our differences. We are finally a united people. No longer divided by our nationalities, our religions, or our race, we call ourselves human. Earth is a beautiful sanctuary planet. It took centuries to repair the damage our forefathers caused. Lunar Command is the hub of the solar government, and except for a few pirates and other undesirables, each individual works together for the greater good of mankind. We had total dominion over our solar system. Since Galileo gazed at the first planet, humanity has dreamt of meeting extraterrestrial life, but after centuries of shouting into the void of space, we had made peace with the fact that we are truly alone in the universe… Until the Cephilusk convoys arrived and started constructing the Sol Gate. The Discovery-War was brief and bloody. The entire Terran Protectorate was destroyed in a matter of days, and humanity resorted to guerilla warfare, sabotaging construction attempts and raiding supply convoys. A peace was brokered and official channels of communication were opened. We discovered that there were others like the Cephilusk, countless others and that all the civilized species belonged to the UIC. The United Interstellar Concordat. Once the Sol Gate was completed, humanity petitioned to join the UIC. It took years of hard work done by our most brilliant diplomats. They were opposed by the Cephilusk at every milestone, but we did not lose hope and we were not denied membership. Most species still view us vulnerable newborns, the newcomers to the interstellar power block, but we will change their minds. We will show them that there is greatness in humanity. We will share our brightly burning passion and curiosity with the universe. We will show them what it means to be human. Each episode is roughly 30-45 minutes of gameplay for a single branch. The choices that you make during the episode has an impact on how the current episode’s story plays out, while still having an impact on future episodes, and available side quests. We intend to implement feedback looped gameplay allowing players to manage a colony or upgrade their starship in-between episodes. We also want you, the player to mod and create your own stories in the Infinite Stars universe. If you write a short story, we want you to be able to incorporate it into the Infinite Stars universe and to share it with other people to experience. Infinite Stars was created in Ren’Py, an easy to learn coding language. (It really is easy to use) We intend to release a skeleton project to make it even easier for our fans to modify and start creating their own stories. If you want to start creating your own stories, you can find some of our free assets here. Alternatively, if you want a larger variety of assets, or just to learn more about the game you can check out our Patreon. The game and assets that we release do cost us money, and we have dedicated large amounts of passion and time to this project. If you like what we are doing, please consider supporting us here or on Patreon. Every cent donated is plowed right back into the project. We're excited to share this journey with you! If you want to be one of the first people to join our discord, now is the time!
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    A commercial flop only faintly hints at something actually being bad.
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    Birthday thread

    I have a thing for dramatic entrances, lol. It's good to see you again. Been kinda keeping to myself lately after my hospital visit in February (I'm fine now, no worries), but I think I'll be sticking around more often. I really missed you guys.
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    I like how my most recent "Santa Hats for your Avatars" thread is currently pinned in the Member's Lounge.
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    2020 Notable releases

    You haven't played Higurashi, Umineko nor Ciconia. So you could start with those
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    I decided to write here, maybe it will be useful to someone else. If you took the Russian interface as a basis, then you need to know some points. The main problem with the engine is that the names in the data tables (obj files) are identifiers, so changing them will break the game. Also, some of the text is hardcoded into an executable file. In this regard, the only way out was to substitute the text in memory. First, there is a search and replacement of texts in the executable file from mem.dat (i.e., if the original text matches, the link from the original to the translation is replaced), and already during the game, the texts from dict.dat are replaced. To edit dict.dat and mem.dat, you must use EditDictonary (for convenience, you can copy the program to the game folder so that you do not copy the dictionaries each time). The text is also not so simple, before displaying the text, the engine adds tags to it that are responsible for various characteristics of the font. For example, "[S12bc8r60]追い返した" will mean that the font size is 12, bold, color 8, the maximum length is 60 bytes (30 characters, then the text will wrap to the next line). These parameters are hard-coded in the executable file, but often have to be changed in order for the text to display properly. The archive contains the debug Ags5.dll, with it the displayed text (along with the tags) will fall into text.txt, and using them you can already search for the original string in the executable file (via a hex editor) and then insert this line into mem.dat and change it as you like. The editor itself (vfsArchive) I slightly corrected, translated into English part of the interface. The editor has everything you need: - Unpacking and packing vfs - unpacking and packing images, it is advisable to do this: "agf to bmp" -> "RotateBMP" -> edit bmp -> "RotateBPM" -> "bmp to agf" - Unpacking and packing box. The output is text files that can be edited and then packed. I would not recommend using WizardClimberDecrypt for scripts, because since Planet Dragon is not working correctly. And if I'm not mistaken, the problem was with the names. In the editor, its modified version. - Editing obj files. There are many useful things in the editor. You cannot enable the "Change links" option! This is an unsuccessful attempt to restore links between tables. Regarding the display of text, try using the original PgsvTd.dll, in theory, with it the English text should be displayed normally (although the font itself will return to MS Gothic). Judging by the screenshots, you didn't translate the names in the prologue, why? or is it an old version and they are now translated? I apologize for my English, or rather for the English google translator, he just can't learn English. Tool Archive: https://mega.nz/file/Gtp0AQKR#FyFod8VrKSVpTXJnIzdww13QK0GQ32W9MF76RSam4Go
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    Birthday thread

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! <3 I've been playing ff14 lately and hey, there's Nier colab raids with accompanying thematic outfits so I'll soon get my wish to be able to 2D cosplay as 2B, butt and everything, and then my life will be complete
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    Birthday thread

    All Best Wishes to @MaggieROBOT! May the year bless you with awesome android stories and everything else that's good in life.
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    Birthday thread

    I should probably reset my birth year sometime so people don't actually think I'm 7 years old in a few years.
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    True Love's Lily Dyes Red/Manakashi | 18+

    Hi everyone, I'm yumi and I just want to announce that I'm working on a translation of the 2019 adult visual novel 真愛の百合は赤く染まる Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru [True Love's Lily Dyes Red] Yes, the title is a pun on multiple levels, but this is the most fitting translation I've come up with so far. Introduction Team: pantsudev Members: @yumi [everything] VNDB: https://vndb.org/v26232 Background and Current State At the moment I'm going at somewhere around 1000 lines, but I haven't been at it for long yet, and I do work at a rather brisk pace. This is because, being a programmer, I first developed all-custom tools that now let me focus on the actual content without wasting time on manual labor. I'll divide this section into separate background and progress blocks later when it makes sense. Other Info While I'm content working alone and not strictly looking to recruit anyone, it is true that the effort could benefit from at a few additional hands; Namely, someone more adept than myself at crafting emotive prose in English, and a fluent- or native level Japanese speaker to check some of the harder source material. Given the sheer amount of material, I could also consider another regular translator, should someone fitting come up. My system/tools keep track of updates and translation state per each individual line, so it's easy to go back at any point to only fix up lines that haven't been finalized yet. I'm doing all of this for my own amusement and to train my skills in both Japanese and creative writing, so my perspective might differ somewhat from how other people view their projects. i.e. the journey matters more than the destination. Alright, cool! Anything else? Feel free to let me know what you think! And if you'd like to directly contact me for whatever reason, preferably DM yumi#0163 on Discord or send a PM here. Thanks for reading!
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    So is that mean we have 156,614 lines translated? That's quite an inflation I suppose.
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    After spending yet ANOTHER 10 hours on it, I finally made it to work! So that no one else has to suffer from it, I explain it here : Take ALL THE FILES from the .xp3 archive. Put them in a folder. Take one of the .scn files. Put them in FreeMote Toolkit. TICK EVERY "UNBLOCK" FROM FreeMote Toolkit FILES'S PROPERTIES. Drag-Drop your scn on PsbDecompile. Modify one line in your .json. Drag-Drop your .json in PsBuild.exe. Pick the .pure.json, put it in the original expanded .xp3 folder. Replace .pure.json's title with simply .json . Select all the files in the folder with Garbro, NOT THE MAIN FOLDER. Select "Archive", with all boxes ticked. For the file, SELECT THE ORIGINAL .xp3 FILE. (It wasn't working for me if I simply made a new .xp3 file)
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