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    Huuuuuuuuh... I see many things that are absolutely wrong with your statement. First, really there's no translation quality/choice drama in other otaku niches? I've seen people going apeshit over minor details in anime translations and inconsistencies between the fan and official versions. On the one hand, there'll always be purists that are demanding top quality every time and on the other, there will be botched or poor-quality translation on both the fan and official side of things. The more choice and comparison people have, the more likely they are to criticize underperforming projects - when fan translators were your only hope for playing pretty much any VNs, you were less likely to complain about their work than now, when they compete with a fairly rich selection of professional releases. I things it's even somewhat legit to argue that nowadays there's little sense in translating a VN unless you can do it well. The second, do you know about many EVNs being translated to Japanese? People actually caring about those? It's a non-topic, but I would be surprised if Japanese VN fans didn't have a problem with poor translations - they aren't used to awful localizations and don't treat them as "facts of life" like Western otakus were forced to by turd-quality products offered to them on a regular basis. Demanding quality seems like a pretty reasonable standard, especially for commercial products. And the VN fandom today is not reliant on fan translations anymore and people's attitudes towards those are not any kind of "crucial barrier" for its growth. Also, there are many other reasons why fan translations are pretty much dying out - people that once done them professionalizing or moving on with their lives is the main one and there's no going back from this. What's left is the official publishers, and if you suggest we shouldn't take those up to highest scrutiny as their clients, that's pretty much saying you want them to screw you over with subpar services. Well, you're allowed to act against your own self-interest of course, but that doesn't look like a healthy narrative.
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    Hello world, been a long while. So, I've been busy, real busy. But, it's finally going to pay off. We're almost at the goal, and I'd like to thank all of those over here at Fuwa who have stuck around with me until now, be it from the start, or when this project started to gain traction. Thank you so much. Now then, until next time, when we'll be releasing the full game, after 2,5 and almost three years. Also haven't sold out. https://arcadeotic.wixsite.com/euphemictl/single-post/2018/09/22/Final-Stretch
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    Translation Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 100% (2691/2691) Tonoko Route - 100% (8709/8709) Branch School - 35% (2039/5846) Total - 22% (15229/68206) TLC Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 6% (157/2691) Branch School - 3% (187/5846) Total - 3% (2135/68206) Edit Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 6% (157/2691) Branch School - 25% (1441/5846) Total - 5% (3360/68206) Ittaku has fully translated Tonoko's route. He'll be moving onto Miyabi's soon enough, but he can relish in this great achievement right now. Branch School in terms of both TL and Editing is going strong as well. We are still looking for a permanent TLC to work on this project. Please PM me if you're interested in working as a TLC for this project. That's all for this week. See you in another couple of weeks.
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    @Fred the Barber
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    Since I got explicitly called out here, I feel somewhat obligated to comment... I don't think of myself as a purist at all, nor do I think there's such a thing as a perfect translation. I do still think there are both good translations and bad translations, and it doesn't look like that's really being debated here either (though I imagine the defining characteristics of a good translation would be very hotly debated!). Just to offer two common arguments for "good" translation over "bad" translation which I haven't seen mentioned here: I think a bad translation is an insult to the original writers. VNs are in fact written by professionals, and the vast majority of those professionals work their ass off to produce something worth reading. I think it's unfair to them to produce a translation which is obviously lower quality than the original. And, why is that...? A good writer makes the story beats land, makes you giggle at the jokes, and occasionally reduces you to a blubbering mess of tears. If you're basically just reading VNs to see the CGs and the sprites, to listen to the music, and maybe to kind of understand what's going on overall, well, you're entitled to enjoy things the way you want to. But me, I really like reading, and I want to get the same full-color experience when reading a game in English translation that the Japanese readers got reading the original. That means, at a high level, that the logical flow from line to line needs to be maintained, that the result needs to be true in spirit and in content to the original. My go-to example is always that the jokes need to still be funny. Look, everyone can believe what they want to believe, and I don't think anyone here is going to change their mind. But regardless of what some readers may think, I do think that translators should care about their writing quality. If you think you're translating something and you're not worrying about delivering an equivalent experience, then I think you aren't doing your job.
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    I've just wasted an hour (which I really shouldn't have done today ) writing a rant on why everyone should support the Frontier kickstarter so please listen to my advice and do it already, so we get that demo retranslation and no one can complain at launch about the inconsistent quality. ;p
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    Context: a guy I met on Fuwa’s discord was told to end the TL for “his own good” and the translation team did not like him for his one too many jokes. After talking about it with the guy, I realized something. In the anime, manga, Japanese video game worlds, there’s nobody arguing over the purity of a translation, even weirder this doesn’t happen in the Light Novel world either. Light Novels are 100% text, but when translations come, nobody gets into arguments about whose translation is better or whatever. It’s the weirdest thing. Why in the VN community do have such a purity spiral for translation? None of the other mediums of Japanese entertainment have this issue even though they all need to be translated. Even when there’s an official release of a VN, all the fan translaters loose their damn minds. Like... why? I doubt our brothers from the land of the rising sun have such fervor when they translate EVNs. I think this snobby attitude over translation needs to stop because we’re not going to ever make a “perfect” translation because translation itself is a art not a science. Personally, look I thought about this before: I am going to bite the bullet and say: I rather read a bad translation than to never get a translation at all. With a bad translation, people can see how it’s bad and someone could make it better. I understand that people really care about doing their best, but there’s so many kamiges out there that will remain untranslated. The VN fandom is growing, but we’re nowhere near anime levels of mainstream thought, and I think this stupid purity spiral regarding visual novel translations is one of the main reasons why.
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    Halloween VN poll

    With Halloween fast approaching, we thought it'd be fun to create a list of VNs that fit the season on the Fuwanovel VN rec site. We're creating a list of suggestions and we'd be interested in any ideas anyone has, but we're also interested in the communities' collective opinion and put up a VN poll asking which VNs you think are the spookiest~ The poll is going to be up until the end of the week, with the results posted this Friday evening.
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    Translation Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 100% (2691/2691) Tonoko Route - 81% (7088/8709) Branch School - 27% (1607/5846) Total - 19% (13177/68206) TLC Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 6% (157/2691) Branch School - 3% (187/5846) Total - 3% (2135/68206) Edit Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 6% (157/2691) Branch School - 20% (1157/5846) Total - 5% (3076/68206) The team is jhard at work. Tonoko's route should be finished in the next couple of months. 頑張って @ittaku We are still looking for a permanent TLC to work on this project. Please PM me if you're interested in working as a TLC for this project. That's all for this week. See you in another couple of weeks.
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    So just to give an update: I finished translating Saint Irene/Lavria's chapter (Chapter 3) last Friday ^^. Just didn't get to post an update here until now. Next up would be Chapter 4 (Licia's chapter), and this is going to be the longest chapter to translate with about 12500 lines, so yeah, it's going to take me quite a while to finish translating this. As for partial patch-wise, I'm still doing final checks on Chapter 2 (Eris' chapter) before handing it to QC. QC on Prologue and Chapter 1 (Fione's chapter) is more or less done, so just Eris' chapter left and some final checks before we release the partial patch
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    Pure x Connect Translation

    That might be because the teenagers in this game speak and act like dumb teenagers
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    Hello! We're Stella Circle, a small indie game development circle that focuses on story rich visual novel games. We're currently working on our first visual novel game, Forgotten Wish, and we would like to share our development progress. General Information Title: Forgotten Wish Language: English, Japanese Genre: Music, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance Format: Kinetic Visual Novel Platforms: Windows-PC, MAC OS Voice Acting: Japanese Release Date: TBD Synopsis What would you do if you were to give up the things you loved the most and there was no way for you to get them back? What would you do if -one day- you got the chance to re-live what you once tossed away? Would you embrace your dreams if you had one last chance... Or would you walk away? Takahashi Yoshirou is an uninspired student in his final year of high school. He follows his father's footsteps and one day will inherit his father's legacy to own one of the biggest company holdings in Chiyoda, Tokyo. When final year started, he decided to create a reading club, a club that is solely for Yoshirou and serves as a relaxing -napping- room for him. However, his peaceful days are interrupted by his friends, Eguchi Tomoya and Iwasaki Junpei, who start to come to the reading club room regularly for their band practice. One day, a mysterious female classmate decides to join the reading club despite Yoshirou's efforts to present the club's posters in the most awful way possible. Join Yoshirou and his friends in a story of dreams, painful life, fated love, and forgotten wishes. Main Characters Demo Progress Writing/Editing/Translation - 100% Art (Characters/BGs/CGs/UI) - 100% BGM and SFXs - 100% Vocal Songs - 30% Programming - 80% Full Game Progress Writing/Editing - 100% Translation - 50% Art (Characters/BGs/CGs/UI) - 25% BGM and SFXs - 20% Vocal Songs - 30% Programming - 10% Links Twitter Website Patreon Tumblr Thank you for your time, Stella Circle Team
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    Dude, you're creating these threads like twice a day now!!!! So I'll recommend this instead, have a good week: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/
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    He made it double elimination with a Winner's and Loser's Bracket. To determine what entries could got in, it seems like as long as it didn't have a fully released fan TL, or an official TL wasn't announced in some way with consistent TL progress it was allowed. One fan TL (Bishoujo Mangenkyou) got released towards the end of the contest. Here are the results : Winner's http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?&tid=470705&tclass=Winner's Bracket Loser's Bracket Rounds 1-5 http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?&tid=470705&tclass=Loser's II - Rounds 1-5 Part A http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?&tid=470705&tclass=Loser's II - Rounds 1-5 Part B http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?&tid=470705&tclass=Loser's II - Rounds 1-5 Part C http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?&tid=470705&tclass=Loser's II - Rounds 1-5 Part D Loser's Bracket Rounds 6-9 http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?&tid=470705&tclass=Loser's II - Rounds 6-9 Loser's Bracket: Top 4 and Grand Finals http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=470705&tclass=True Finals - The Top 4 So since I'm a stats nerd, I decided to extrapolate the relative 'voting strength' of how often people preferred to vote for each visual novel in relation to the winner, White Album 2. I mostly relied on Winner's Bracket since those had more votes, but in cases where weird results happened in Loser's Bracket where a VN over/underperformed or beat a VN that was lower than based on the other VN in the winner's bracket I did some little adjustments. The general mathematical equation I used to determine the proper % was "% in Match A" * "% in Match B" / 50 Rankings: 1) White Album 2 - 50.00% 2) Sakura no Uta - 49.50% 3) Soukou Akki Muramasa - 46.83% 4) Aiyoku no Eustia - 37.30% 5) Gin'iro Haruka - 32.54 6) Mahoutsukai no Yoru - 32.51% 7) Tokyo Necro - 31.56% Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - 31.54% 9) '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni - 31.07% 10) Hatsuyuki Sakura - 31.00% 11) Summer Pockets - 30.90% 12) Clover Day's - 30.57% 13)Iwaihime - 30.39% 14) Gunjou no Sora o Koete - 30.12% 15) Amatsutsumi - 30.10% 16) Suisou Ginka no Istoria - 30.06% 17) Ikusa Megami Zero - 30.04% 18) Robotics;Notes - 30.00% 19) Angel Beats! - 29.16% 20) Lovely x Cation - 29.10% 21) Inochi no Spare - 28.93% 22) Irotoridori no Sekai - 28.46% 23) Nora to Oujo to Norenako Heart - 28.21% 24) Sakura no Mori Dreamers - 28.00% 25) Kaijiri Kamui Kagura - 27.48% 26) Baldr Heart - 27.26% 27) Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu - 27.24% 28) ChronoBox - 27.18% 29) Gekkou no Carnevale - 27.08% 30) Amairo * Islenauts - 26.97% 31) Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen - 26.57% 32) Ore-tachi no Tsubasa wa Nai - 26.43% 33) Bishoujo Mangekyou -Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo- - 26.32% 34) Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo - 26.23% 35) Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki - 25.99% 36) Hello, world - 25.89% 37) Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou - 25.80% 38) Walkure Romanze - 25.77% 39) Pretty x Cation - 25.31% 40) Chaos;Head Noah - 24.21% 41) Reminiscence - 24.11% 42) Fate/Extra CCC - 24.09% 43) Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi - 24.03% 44) Kin'iro Loveriche -23.70% 45) Making*Lovers - 23.37% 46) Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo - 23.34% 47) Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - 23.00% 48) Aoi Tori - 22.31% 49) Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ - 22.83% 50) White Album 1 - 21.99% 51) Yosuga no Sora - 21.93% 52) Baldr Sky "Zero" - 21.56% 53) Bishoujo Magenkyou -Norowareshi- (fan TL released towards the end of the contest) - 21.02% 54) Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! A-5 - 20.82% 55) Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 20.40% 56) H20 -Footprints in the Sand- - 20.20% 57) Dies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~ - 20.05% 58) Schwarzesmarken - 19.92% 59) Paradise Lost - 19.91% 60) Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! A-4 - 19.83% 61) Saihate no Ima - 19.77% 62) Daiteikoku - 19.46% 63) Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi - 18.37% 64) Baldr Force Exe - 15.38% (Sorta Released during contest; Standard Version TL) 65) Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete Snow Presents - 15.33%
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    Biman1 tl is shit confirmed

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    BIMAN IS OUT, GO GET IT: https://arcadeotic.wixsite.com/euphemictl/single-post/2018/10/09/Bishoujo-Mangekyou-A-Girls-Cursed-Legend Praise Kirie.
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    Let's be clear... I have no reason to try to be fair to charage anymore. This might sound like a terrible statement to make, but the fact is, I've been a lot nicer than I wanted to be for years when it came to charage. I went out of my way to look for positive aspects, and when I found one, I deliberately put it in as positive a light I could without overdoing it. This was because the sensation I got coming out of most charage was fatigue. SOL, in small doses, is enjoyable and even relaxing... in the kind of doses I experienced over the last five years, it is downright toxic. Now, down to the game... CharaBration is what is termed a 'thematic charage'. This is a type of VN with a preset theme that all the heroines and possibly the protagonist all adhere to to one degree or another. In this case, it is the duality of the heroines/protagonist's character types. Each of the characters presents one face to the world and another in private... and in the case of this game, the gap between them is massive. The heroine who starts as the initial focus is Hai, the protagonist's cousin whom he thought was a sickly ojousama that he had to take care of... and is really the kind of tomboy who dominates all the males around her, with a coarse manner and foul language. Yukia, who is pretending to be her sister Mirei, presents herself normally as an arrogant leader who always dominates the room, but in private, she is shy and has trouble talking at all. Himeme is normally acts in a false male role, but she really prefers to act like the girl she really is. All the heroines are like this to one degree or another, and Rikka (the protagonist) ends up splitting his life between pretending to be a maid and attending school in his male form. Now... this is a game with a lot of potentially fun elements, and it would have been great if the 'hidden' character traits for Hai, who was presented as the main heroine at first, weren't so grating. Starting out with a positive hatred for Hai that never really faded even after I got into the heroine routes (her ojousama act just made me more irritated, due to that fake cough) was a huge drag on the experience for me, and it is the reason why I took so long to finish even the paths I did. Hai is annoying, to be straight about it. While her presence is necessary to create the situation going in, her persona (both of them) drove me up the wall. The fact that I actually liked the other heroines only made it worse, because whenever she came onto the scene, I just wanted to delete her character. I'm sure some will love her (there is someone for everyone, supposedly), but she isn't for me. Common Route Tbh, the common route spent so much time on Hai and stuff related to her that I'm tempted to erase it from my brain. However, it needs to be said that it does a good job of introducing the heroines and creating their relationships with Yuki/Rikka. Rikka is a standard 'I protest dressing up like a girl but I subconsciously am coming to love it' trap protagonist, and that creates a few moderately amusing scenes... However, I can't really said this did a good job of anything but introducing the heroines and creating those basic relationships. It is a pretty short common route, and the heroine routes afterward aren't long either, so it feels like more time and effort could have been spent deepening the relationships before they headed off into the romantic wilds. Yukia Yukia is easy to like, at least for me. Her helpful, kind nature is prevalent throughout much of the VN, and her other persona is mostly amusing (some of the ways she strings together lines to hold a conversation together make me laugh). Her relationship with her sister, Mirei, which comes out in her path, is amusing on several levels, and I like the way she grows as a character during the course of her path. That said, her ending is somewhat disappointing, as I would have liked to see what she and Rikka were like after graduation. Corona I chose Corona as the second heroine mostly because she is Yukia's opposite in so many ways... and because I rolled a pair of dice to decide which would be the second and final heroine I would play (I can't bring myself to play all the heroines in this type of game anymore). Umm... I really like her character, if only because it makes me laugh (an easily-embarrassed prime personality and a secondary personality that strips without a hint of hesitation and is obsessed with other women's breasts... definitely worth a laugh). In fact, this path is nicely weird, especially because of how those twin personalities interact with the romance. If Yukia's path was par for the course (predictable and staid as trap protagonist and ojousama heroines go), Corona's went pretty far out there. The epilogue and after story was also too close to the ending in chronology though, *sighs*. Conclusions Despite some high points, this game is pretty average as charage go. Like a lot of thematic charage, it makes the mistake of assuming that the theme is all-powerful, and, as a result, it falls short on a lot of minor points. I was particularly irritated at the way they handled the endings/epilogues, and I felt that the writer didn't really do Corona or Yukia justice, when it came down to it. Given more detail and time spent deepening character relationships in a believable fashion, it would have been much easier to engross myself in the setting. Unfortunately, that never happened here (the good parts of Yukia's and Corona's paths stand out so much precisely because they are the best parts of the VN by far). It felt like the writer wrote his favorite scenes first then sort of created a bare-bones framework to support it using the theme.
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    Love Lab announced an English translation of Lamunation! for Q1 of 2019. Here is their announcement: And here is their web page: https://www.lovelabjapan.com/lamunation-announcement/ They confirmed an All-Age release with an free 18+ patch. I personally have never heard of Love Lab before, but the hired known translator Blickwinkel for this translation, so at least we don't have to fear a MTL. Here is the opening: @Clephas wrote on his blog here about the title and described it as 'random/comedy/ecchi' Here is the link to his blog post: So we have another new entry to the translation scene. I wish them good look and hope their release is good. The title at least looks interesting if you enjoy comedy.
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    What do you guys think of.....

    Revolutionizing visual novels huh? What, is it going to be set in something other than a high school?
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    What are you playing?

    Still reading Muv-Luv Alternative........ my current thoughts are as follows..... OH GOD, WHAT DID I JUST SEE!? I CANNOT UNSEE THAT!!! JAPAN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? WHY GOD DID I BUY THE +18 PATCH!? ...... those who have already read the game know exactly what I'm talking about I'm surprised I was even able to stomach that, good grief.....
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    Halloween VN poll

    The results of our Halloween poll are up! The top 10 voted spooky VNs are up here along with our VN recommendations that range from the comedic to the existential-angst inducing~ Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll, and thank you for all your suggestions! We didn't manage to squeeze in all of them, but we tried to include at least one suggestion from everyone who recommended some.
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    I assure you that it's entirely good news. It means my work on Sanoba Witch will be over and I'll be able to take my first serious amount of time off from work in a very long time. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to it. edit: Also, in case you're worried, post-break my schedule is looking somewhat easier in the coming months as well, so I expect to be able to keep up with site stuff after its over too.
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    Being a part of a fan-tl, I can tell you first hand what I have an issue with. I have no experience working in a VN company, so I cannot speak for them. To be honest, I welcome any criticism to our project. The problem is when people shit on your work and then going and say "well it's your work" and then proceed to tell you to work on English/Japanese. That effectively stalls a project for months and months, which is why you're seeing a lot of fan-tls stall. Unlike when fan-tls first time into play, criticism is much more prevalent because of a "set" of rules and expectations set by the industry and the individuals that work within it. So now do you not only have less fan-tls because of them being merged into companies, you have people becoming demoralized and trying to learn a language, which that in itself isn't bad. When you drill into somebody new that it needs to be "perfect", that's when problems come up. It can be very overwhelming to new people, causing them to write mistake after mistake or slow/stall their TLs/edits to a crawl in fear of looking bad. Logically, it's better to come back to it later when you know the language better to "save face", but people have lives and what might have been a completed TL with some mistakes is now an indefinitely stalled TL. I feel it would only be fair to have the same standards that were set in place when fan-TLs first started. Currently, the only people that are learning are those that have already learned from the mistakes years ago before people became more critical of people's work. New TLs/editors are actively being discouraged because of the hypocrisy that the community in general is showing. Expecting a good tl and then telling them to learn it themselves is a horrible message to give off, especially if most of the people in current projects learned by doing, rather than researching. In all honesty, *WE* are the reason fan TLs are dying. There's a major experience gap between people who have done this for years and those that are just starting out and people aren't willing to personally mentor or become more active in current projects to share what they've learned from the mistakes they've made in the past and instead say they're shit, writing stuff in Japanese to make fun of them so people who are just starting out can't read it and only a joke that "experienced" people would get or just putting people down, saying that they'll help them if they "get better" (which makes no sense and goes back to the perfection piece I mentioned earlier).
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    I agree; toxic attitudes like yours that make people release shit translations definitely need to end.
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    Addressing the topic author... ... translation purity is a load of shit. Good translators of any stripe basically argue over how far they go toward Americanization or retention of Japanese concepts. Honestly, speaking as a translator myself, I can say that there is no such thing as a perfect translation or localization. However, that is no excuse for poor work. Not everything is possible to translate. It is a miracle that games like Tokyo Babel and Dies Irae are readable and still relatively enjoyable in English, considering how much of a pain the butt it must have been for the translator to deal with the emotional aspects of his work (for one thing, Dies Irae's preexisting fanbase is full of jaded a-holes like me, so he was going to get bashed regardless of what he did). I will state this outright: Japanese translation is a pain in the ass as well as an oxymoron. Japanese doesn't translate, it just gets interpreted into another language with concepts that approximate the meaning while completely missing nuance and subtlety. Machine translation is annoying because it doesn't even meet the baseline of a Japanese translation... interpretation of the original material into comprehensible English that doesn't go off into the wilds and ignore all context (this is the baseline of an acceptable but not necessarily good translation/localization). First, I've yet to encounter a machine translator that consistently produces English sentences that makes sense. Second, I've yet to encounter a machine translator that succeeded in figuring out the correct kanji conjugations to produce words it needs to translate to another language (thus resulting in some seriously weird outputs). Furigana parsers just barely manage to pass muster, and even there you have to disregard the suggestions about anywhere from 30%-60% of of the time (meaning a high level of Japanese and English knowledge is necessary, in any case), based on the favored kanji of the writer and the parser's ability to handle unusual kanji choices (all parsers have their quirks).
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    Today, we’ll be continuing our agon… I mean, out adventure through the world of free VNs by ebi-hime. While the earliest games we’ve covered, like Dejection and Is This the Life? were very visibly ebi’s early works, simple on the technical side of things and featuring minimalistic artwork, today we’re jumping straight into very recent projects, all released not earlier than 2017. Mostly staying true to the general climate of heavy, existential topics and endings that are never the typical happy, wish-fulfilment scenarios, these games are once more not far detached from ebi’s commercial projects and while smaller, could easily have a modest price tag attached to them, with few people being able to claim they didn’t get their money’s worth (especially in the cases of Lynne and Six Days of Snow). But what are they exactly about? Where the Sun Always Shines Where the Sun Always Shines is another bittersweet story, although in a wholly different climate than Lucky Me, Lucky You. Featuring a 32-years old writer, suffering from a deep depression after losing his wife, and a teenage girl from his neighbourhood with whom he forms an unlikely friendship with, the game explores themes of grief, inspiration and moving on after losing one’s feeling of purpose, but is also maybe the only title on this list that provides a truly positive, hopeful conclusion. Before it gets to that point however, it presents to the reader rather convincing descriptions of writer’s block, anxiety and self-pity of the leading character, along with interesting interaction with Sunny, the aforementioned teenager, who first visits him out of pity, but then forms a bond of sorts over their mutual interest in musical – all that accompanied by very decent artwork. In a way though, it’s maybe the least impactful of the ebi’s stories, being overall solid and enjoyable to read, but lacking any interesting twists or highly emotional moments from the previous games. Definitely a worthwhile VN, but not necessarily a must-read. Final Rating: Recommended Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
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    You're overreacting, but TBH, you'll be in monority pretty much anywhere on the Internet with how far your views go. I consider myself pretty progressive and I'm probably closer to you than Thyndd on this, but it's not like the progressive groups don't create intellectual aberrations of various sort, probletic political demands and institutional biases (those are of course much stronger in the opposite directions, at least in most places, but still). Things for people to criticise and while many blow it out of proportion or misunderstand the severity of the position some minorities are in, they aren't without legit arguements. Fuwa is a pretty tolerant place and the VN fandom, at worst, have some very progressive niches that are friendly to all kinds of diversity. You won't find much better than this over the internet, unless you close yourself in some kind of narrow, progressive echo-bubble. And that is never a healthy thing to do. And with the Attack Helicopter meme, I find it both questionable and genuinely funny, because it touches on various identity groups (ex. otherkin) and their public demands of respect that I personally find ridiculous. It's an interesting question whether there can exist a society of unlimited noncomformity, but people who ask me to take into account their identity as a dragon or gender identification I can't decipher even after my extended contact with feminist literature aren't helping the ligitimate opressed groups in their fight. This game, however, probably have little to do with all that - I'd be surprised if it was more than just something playing on the absurdity of out-of-context memes.
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    This thread is just like those disclaimers on VNs that say all characters are +18.
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    Okay, enough is enough. No more "controversy" talk anymore, it's eclipsing the original topic of the thread. Almost 3+ pages of arguing? Nah. Take it to PM's if you guys desperately need to hash things out past this point.
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    I summarize the appeal of Venus Blood Frontier, why Ninetail deserves your support, and discuss why gameplay eroge fans should rally behind the Kickstarter. Strategy H-RPG Venus Blood Frontier Kickstarter: Why you should care With your support, Venus Blood Frontier could drive a desperately-needed renaissance for English gameplay eroge.
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    Sukeban just released a reveal trailer for N1Rv Ann-A, the sequel to VA-11 HALL-A 2020 release date though, this wait is going to be painful.
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    For the last month, we were going through the impressive catalogue of free VNs by ebi-hime, one of the most celebrated creators within the Western VN scene. As a conclusion to this series, it’s my great pleasure to bring you a short interview with none other than ebi herself. During our conversation, I’ve focused on the dominating themes in ebi’s works and topics directly connected to the freeware titles I was reviewing lately – if you want a more general overview of her inspirations and questions connected to her other work, consider reading the interviews done in the past by The Yuri Nation and Sekai Project. Also, if you’re not familiar with ebi’s free VNs, check out my previous posts about them (Part 1; Part 2) – they should give you the context necessary to understand what we’re talking about in the more context-specific questions. So, here it comes – hope you’ll all enjoy it! --------------------------------------------------------------- Plk_Lesiak: Thank you for accepting my invitation! I don't think there are many Western VN fans who wouldn't be familiar with your work, but can you share something about the person behind the ebi-hime label? ebi-hime: I’m ebi and I like cute things, maids, and magical girl anime... And that’s about it! Honestly, I’m not very interesting. PL: As you talked about your inspirations and interests in other interviews, I would like to focus on the dominant themes in your games. You're one of the few EVN authors that frequently set their stories in the West. Do you have a favourite setting to write about? ebi: I think England is probably my favourite setting to write about, because it’s the country I live in and I’m reasonably familiar with it (though I don’t know everything about England, of course). It’s easier to place my characters in a setting I know relatively well, as I don’t have to do as much research, and the end result feels more ‘authentic’. I also like setting stories in Japan because I got into VNs through reading a lot of Japanese VNs which were (what a surprise!) set in Japan. I also watch a lot of anime, and I went through a period where I exclusively read Japanese crime fiction, so I’m fond of Japanese settings! If I don’t feel like setting my stories in England or Japan, I’ll usually pick a European country I’m somewhat familiar with, like France or Italy. PL: Much of your work is yuri-themed, including some unusual setups for f/f romance. How did Samuel Taylor Coleridge become a woman? ebi: I love Romantic poets (especially Coleridge) a lot, and I really, really, really wanted to write a VN featuring him as a character, but dropping a real, historical figure into a fictional story felt kind of weird. Changing him into a cute girl made him feel distant enough from the real person that I could write about him without feeling too awkward. Turning male historical figures into cute girls is also pretty popular in VNs, so I thought I might as well! Girls are cute! Although I think the real Coleridge you can see in his personal letters/diary entries is cuter than Samantha… PL: Girls are cute indeed, but especially in Asphyxia, you ended up creating a really “heavy” story with a very cute exterior. Was this contrast something deliberate? ebi: I wanted a very soft, almost doll-like art style for Asphyxia because I thought it would complement the mannered, flowery writing style. The character designs themselves are quite cute, but I think they’re drawn in a style that’s enough of a departure from a more traditional ‘anime’ style that most people would realise Asphyxia is not a ‘moe’ VN based on the screenshots? I wasn’t trying to use the art to trick anybody, or make the story seem cuter than it is. I chose the art because I thought it enhanced the story’s gloomy atmosphere. Asphyxia PL: Still, Yuri romance is also pretty commonly associated with something light-hearted and a bit saccharine, like Kiss for the Petals series for example. Were you worried about the reception of your early yuri titles, considering how much they deviated from this formula? ebi: The first yuri story I ever read was the manga Gunjo, which is very grim and dark and lots of horrible things happen to all the characters, so maybe that’s where I drew some of my initial inspiration from. Initially, I wasn’t worried about the reception Asphyxia might have because I didn’t intend to release it. I wrote it solely for myself, and I made the prose as pretentious and the content as depressing as I wanted because I figured nobody else would have to suffer through it. Then, I stumbled across SillySelly’s art, and I thought it would be so perfect for Asphyxia I decided to commission her. I still thought about keeping the story solely to myself, but I thought her art was so gorgeous it would be a shame not to release it and share it with people. My reasoning was, even if people hated the writing and the story, they would probably still like the art! PL: Even beyond Dejection and Asphyxia, many of your protagonists are writers or poets. Do they reflect your personal passion for writing, or is there something else that draws you towards this archetype? Have you done much writing beyond visual novels? ebi: The characters in Dejection and Asphyxia write poetry because they’re all based on poets. I’m pretty terrible at writing poetry myself, and I don’t like doing it. Moreover, my interest in the Romantic poets mostly stems, not from their actual poetry, but from their lives and their personalities, since they were all very melodramatic (apart from maybe Wordsworth) and they did a lot of ridiculous things. I’ve written a few original characters who are authors (Blake from Where the Sun Always Shines and Eiji from Six Days of Snow are the best examples) because I like writing, so it’s a hobby I can understand and talk about somewhat credibly. Still, I try not to make all my protagonists writers, or even interested in literature, because I’m afraid it might get boring. I used to write my own ‘original stories’ in my notebooks when I was about six or seven, and I wrote a lot of fanfiction between the ages of 12-18, so I did a bunch of writing before I got into VNs. Unfortunately, most of my old writing is awful, so I’m not going to share it! PL: Another prevalent theme in your work seems to be depression and mental illness, with a culmination of sorts in Lynne and its gruesome portrayal of teenager's anxiety. What makes this topic attractive to you as a writer? ebi: They’re interesting themes to write about, and I imagine a lot of people have experience with these issues, but perhaps don’t always feel comfortable talking about them? I’d like it if some people could read my stories and relate to some of the characters, and maybe feel a little bit less alone with their worries. The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns PL: And one more notable trope – ghosts and afterlife, including lovers, doomed in life, being reunited after death. It seems that most of the romances you write can only ever work out "on the other side", if at all… ebi: I don’t think I agree with this. I’ve written a lot of sad/depressing stories, but I’ve also written several cheerful stories, too! Strawberry Vinegar and Blackberry Honey have happy endings! I also don’t view my romance stories where people die and reunite as ghosts as particularly ‘tragic’. Emmeline Burns and Windswept Night were both intended to have uplifting, optimistic endings, even if the characters suffer a bit to get there. I know people can’t really come back from the dead to reunite with their loved ones, but that’s why writing scenes like that in stories is so satisfying. It’s nice giving couples in stories closure even after they’re dead, especially because it’s not possible in reality. PL: Visual Novels are often a medium of escapism and wish fulfilment, quite akin to the trashy romance novels you sometimes ridicule in your writing. Yours... Rarely so. Do you ever feel like you should spoil your reader's a bit more, giving them more control and a chance for happier endings? ebi: Well, I don’t know if the first statement about VNs is entirely true. There are lots of really, really good VNs there that aren’t all about escapism and wish fulfilment. The first VN introduced me to the medium was Umineko, which is pretty… not like that. And there are VNs which have fanservice and sex scenes that still tell interesting stories, like the Kara no Shoujo series. I don’t really think the stories I write are all that different from many existing JVNs, with the exception that I set a higher percentage of mine in Europe. Though some of my characters poke fun at ‘trashy romance stories’, I have no real problems with them myself. Generally, I think people should be free to like whatever fictional media they like. I know there’s a scene in Empty Horizons where Lyon makes fun of Mireille for reading Totally-Not-Twilight-But-It’s-Actually-Twilight, but the scene concludes by saying there’s nothing inherently wrong with wish fulfilment stories if they’re not harming anybody and they make people happy. Anyway, with a lot of my kinetic stories, I have a very clear idea of what I want to happen in the story and how I want the characters to act. If giving the reader choices gets in the way of the story I want to tell or the message I want to explore then I won’t include any. Conversely, if experiencing multiple possible outcomes is the ‘point’ of the story, then I’m fine writing that too (like The Way We All Go). Really, it depends on what I think is best for the story I’m writing. Sometimes I think a story benefits from having multiple routes and different endings, and sometimes I don’t. And sometimes I think a story benefits from happy endings, and sometimes I don’t. PL: One of your VNs I've personally enjoyed greatly, and which surprised me a lot was Lucky Me, Lucky You. Are we going to see other queer stories in a modern setting from you, or was it more of a one-time experiment? ebi: Oh, I’m glad you liked it! I really enjoyed writing Nanami’s character – she was a lot of fun. Her ‘voice’ is also really different than most of my other main characters, since she’s more abrasive and assertive (but still kind of a sweetheart deep down). Lately, I’ve been pretty fond of writing historical stories because I feel like I can get away with being more exaggerated and melodramatic with my vocabulary, but I want to write more modern stuff too! It’s fun to experiment with different styles. Sweetest Monster PL: In other interviews, you mentioned that you have many ideas for light-hearted, cute stories. Still, very few of them turned into actual games. Will there be more of those in the future? ebi: Well, hopefully! I’m sitting on a bunch of scripts in various states of being finished right now, and some of these are very light-hearted and goofy. I’d love to make them all into VNs at some point (especially my very cute magical dog girl story, which is a full 26 episodes long!), but I don’t have enough time or money to develop too many things at once... PL: A few months ago you wrote on Twitter that you'll most likely stop making freeware games, as they drain too much of your time and resources. If that really happens, should we hope for more frequent commercial releases from you? ebi: I hope so, but I doubt it. Like I said, I’m sitting on a lot of scripts for unreleased projects in various states of completion. I’d like to release these more quickly, since I’m very fond of some of these stories and want to share them with people, but it’s not always possible. I’m not the only person involved in making my stories, and the production can sometimes get slowed down by various factors beyond my control. It also doesn’t help that some of the scripts I’ve finished are quite long, have a lot of characters, and I haven’t started looking for artists or composers for these stories yet. I’d really like to release 3 commercial stories a year, but I doubt it will be possible this year. I’ll do my best, though! >_< PL: Is there anything you would like to share about your current plans and the projects you're working on? Will we learn more about the yuri with bunnies in near future? ebi: Well, my latest VN, A Winter’s Daydream, will be releasing soon! It’s quite a light-hearted slice of life/comedy story set in Japan, that features an elderly grandmother being magically transformed into a cute girl. I was inspired to write this story after stumbling across the ‘grandmother x grandson incest’ tag on VNDB. I was surprised this tag existed, and I thought it was funny such a niche fetish featured in enough VNs to warrant a content tag in the first place. After looking through some of these VNs, I saw that the grandmother love interests looked rather young and good-looking for grandmothers, and I thought, ‘what if I wrote a story where a more traditional-looking grandmother transforms into one of these impossibly cute “anime” grandmothers overnight? How would her grandson react to that?!’ Some of my ideas are kind of weird, I guess. :I In the end, A Winter’s Daydream ended up being a little more serious in tone than I originally intended, though it still has some goofy moments. I’m quite fond of it, and I hope other people enjoy it, too! (Sadly, while the grandmother character is the main heroine of the story, in the sense that she’s the female lead, she’s not a love interest. I hope this doesn’t disappoint anybody haha…) As for the ‘yuri story with bunnies’ I mentioned on twitter a while back… I actually finished writing the first draft, but I’m not sure when/if I’ll release it. It’s quite a cute, fluffy story (I suppose it’s similar to Strawberry Vinegar in tone), but I have other scripts I’d rather work on before I get around to polishing this. PL: Thank you for your time! ---------------------------------------------------- And this concludes my ebi-hime series, for the time being. I want to give my utmost thanks to ebi herself, for putting up with the somewhat-prolonged process of preparing this interview and some of my purposefully-annoying questions. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with her on this and I'm extremely happy that I can share her insights with all of you through this article. Obviously, this is not the last time her VNs are present on my blog - in two weeks, you'll see the first part of my Yuri Game Jam retrospective, which couldn't possibly be complete without mentioning Ebi's work. Also, I'll definitely work on covering more of her commercial titles in the future, both the old and the newly released ones. So, I hope you've enjoyed this content and will join me again in my adventures through the world of EVNs. Until the next Friday!
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    Finished Hapymaher and it was a bit of a so-so experience. Not exactly unexpected though, considering Chrono Clock had its fair share of problems too. But the first half of Hapymaher was actually pretty good. The dream world scenes had a sense of mystery and danger, while the real world scenes were more light and slice of life oriented. The iteration between both worlds was decently paced and kept things interesting without neglecting the lighter moe parts. And the heroines were not only very likable, but also contributing to the plot, with Maia being the highlight as the mischievous loli-villain of the dream world. Until that point the VN was scratching on an 8 rating in my book. Unfortunately, the second half couldn't keep up wih that quality. The VN teases Alice in Wonderland in the first half, and just when you're about to tumble down the rabbit hole and experience a world of wonder and mysteries... you get stuck in the entrance and can't move forth or back anymore. This was just about the time when the endless dream starts with the party, christmas and gender-change events. Instead of giving you an interesting sub-plot in a fascinating meta world, the VN just throws the whole plot overboard and tortures you with slice-of-life and bogus events of almost unparalleled boredom. I had to heavily abuse the skip button to make it through that mess with a healthy mind. And the routes weren't much better. Yayoi's didn't fit at all to her personality, Maia's did barely exist and Alice had so many personality changes in her route that I hardly knew who she was at the end. Saki's was probably the 'less worst' since it at least followed the main plot around Maia, but the revelations were still very minor. And the so called true-route was just the continuation of Alice's apruptly ending half-route. Still enough to ridicule all other routes, including the actual main plot around Maia and let you end up with a girl you hardly know or care about. So yeah, the plot was certainly not developing the way I wanted. The VN has still some rather good points. The heroines are all very likable, especially Yayoi, Maia and Alice. Saki was the only one that didn't really click with me. She was a bit of a bitch and I didn't like her voice that much. In contrast to her Maia was just fantastic. Hapymaher was good when she was on the screen and unfortunately she didn't have much screen time in the second half. Her seiyuu also did a marvelous job in making her mischievous, dramatic and mysterious. And Yayoi was just gorgeous. The art is certainly one of the strongest points of the VN - it's certainly one of the most pretty VN's I know. The music is also pretty decent, offering good tracks for both slice of life and dramatic scenes, even if the tracks get a bit repetitive after a while. Heroine rating: Yayoi = Maia > Alice > Keiko >> Saki Overall rating: 7/10 (The plot certainly wouldn't justify that rating, but it gets lots of bonus points for art, music and heroines) Some personal observations: I played Hapymaher at the same time like Fatal Twelve and it gave me some comparison material why HapyMaher's plot failed and the one of Fatal Twelve succeeded. Fatal Twelve has about 15 character sprites, 60 event CG's and lots of background locations just for the plot and it's a medium length VN. HapyMaher has just about 10 character sprites, and despite its 75 event CG's only 20 - 30 are relevant to the plot - the rest are H-scenes. There's also a severe lack of background locations with almost the whole dream world consisting of 'plantified' real world locations. Add to that a long length VN and it's getting clear why it's difficult to make a good story out of that. Although the H-scenes in Hapymaher are certainly gorgeous, they sacrificed too much for it.
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    it doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to not be terrible if anything. People here needs a serious reality check with this literature phd requirement to translate a vn. Especially if it's a fan tl group who spends their free time translating because they enjoy it and doing you a serious favour in the process. You will get a handful of people whining about a sentence being written a bit differently than how it actually is in Japanese or complain about some typos here and there, but then you have the silent masses who enjoy the translation and is overjoyed that they can finally read a vn that will 99% sure never see an official translation. And who's to say an official translation would be any better? I see plenty wrong with super delayed official releases. Mistakes so obvious that it makes me not believe all those checks and rechecks actually took place. But for a fan tl it doesn't bother me one bit as i appreciate the time and work being done.
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    It's okay if you want to eat crap, but don't go around preaching that it isn't unhealthy.
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    My guess would be that it is mainly because VNs are more niche and as such have a higher concentration of hardcore otaku than anime, manga and light novels. That being said I do think that there are translations that really deserve ridicule whether it is MTL or something like Libra, but I do feel like some people might be overly critical towards decent translations wanting every translation to be amazing and done by someone who has both perfect fluency in japanese and english as well as the writing capabilities of professional writers.
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    Spooky VN Challenge Palooza

    hmm, spooky vns, huh? well let me just check my backlog. i should never have done that. my backlog is scarier than any vn ill ever read!
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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. About the translation, I've finished with the translation of chapter 7, just in time for it to still be within this month XD. I'll start working on chapter 8 soon. As for the translation check, Danywar has already gone through the prologue. He's currently working on chapter 1, with about 10-15% of it already done. After all the good news, there's the bad news. We still haven't been able to find an Editor or Image Editor yet. I'll try my best to assemble the whole team as soon as possible. For now, please wait a little longer. Of course, whether or not the team is fully assembled, we'll continue working on our own parts. Worst case scenario, we'll put some kind of edit in ourselves and release the patch XD. But well, let's hope it won't come to that. I think that's about it for this update. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    It missed the "We need to fuck an internet browser" trend.
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    Support gameplay eroge, Ninetail and me by backing this on Kickstarter With your support, Venus Blood Frontier could drive a desperately-needed renaissance for English gameplay eroge. Strategy H-RPG Venus Blood Frontier Kickstarter: Why you should care
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    STEAM edition Restoration & BandAid Removal Patch 09/20 - Released the BANDAID removal PATCH + restoration patch for STEAM ( as PATCH.xp3 ) Maitetsu 18+ Restoration & Bandaid Removal Steam Patch.7z
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