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    KonoSora / IMHHW ReTranslation patch

    EDIT: Due to Fuwa anti-piracy rules this thread's usefulness was quite limited, since we couldn't ask for any files that we needed for further compatibility testing and the like. I'd say even posting direct links to our patch here was questionable to begin with, since it's not that different from the abovementioned files that we were asking for. So in the end we decided to remove all links from here and move our main release thread to Reddit: LINK That's where all further updates will be posted, so make sure to follow us there. I'll ask mods to lock this thread, since MeruP won't be checking it anyway, so all feedback should be posted on Reddit instead (we also have a dedicated thread for reporting bugs and other issues).
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    The Reveal

    I'm actually @EastCoastDrifter. Yeah, this here account is actually my main account. I've been here a couple of times before and was really active regarding Libra of the Vampire Princess and it's 18+ patch. The reason I've left this account was because of one particular thread I've made. I didn't do my research, and made the assumption that the 18+ patch for Libra was only available to backers. I was so embarrassed about that thread that I abandoned this account and created the alt in hopes of starting over fresh. However, I did so under a new persona, and I was pretty bad at it. My mannerisms were still the same. Now you may be wondering why I had the audacity to switch accounts because of one embarrassing thread. Well, two words: Social Anxiety. I don't know how to cope with mistakes well, so the only thought in my head was that I should leave an start over, and hope to not make the same mistakes again. Seems counter intuitive, but that's because it is. So for now on, no more bullshit. This time, I'm facing my social issues and coming in clean. I actually hate lying anyway, and felt disgusted for keeping the act for so long.
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    Ok, so in this thread, I'll be going over a little history about myself, and explaining the events that have eventually lead me to join Fuwanovel. Keep in mind that I'm not going to go through every single bit of my online history, because that would take too long. So instead, I'll be explaining recent events that have occurred to me. I recommend getting a snack and a drink, because this is going to take a while. Chapter 1: Intox Gaming Whenever I think of a community that has made me feel more at home than any other community beforehand, none remind me more than a community that went by the name "Intox Gaming". Intox was a Team Fortress 2 server-hosting community that hosted a lot of custom TF2 game modes that weren't official, like Zombie Mod, vs Saxton Hale, and most importantly, Deathrun. This game mode right here was (and is still) my absolute favorite game mode I have ever played. Deathrun is a game mode where one team consist of the "runners", and they have to run through an obstacle course. While the other team only consists of one player commonly referred to as "the death", and their job is to activate traps to try and kill all of the runners. The runner team wins if they managed to get to the finish without dying, and the death wins if they manage to kill all of the runners. I first discovered Deathrun when I was just browsing through some random TF2 videos on YouTube. While browsing, I stumbled across an unusual video showcasing a game mode I was not familiar with, and was so intrigued about it that I wanted to try it out myself. So I booted up TF2, and I typed in "deathrun" in the server browser. Intox's Deathrun server was the first search result, so I naturally clicked on it. I fell in love with Deathrun so much that eventually, I would start to get to know the community that hosted it. Despite having "Intox" in the name, Intox Gaming was actually one of the nicest and most friendliest communities I've come across. They made me feel at home, and as a result, I would end up staying, eventually becoming an official member as a result. I made some friends too, and the two best friends I had in the community were EternalGreen and Jamele59, whom were also fellow anime fans. Intox Gaming was always brimming with activity in 2015, and there were no shortage of players coming on at any given time. I was so active on their Deathrun server that eventually, I climbed up their score board to reach the #1 rank, becoming the top-ranked Deathrun player. Here's proof. I was having a lot of fun in Intox Gaming. However, this fun wouldn't last very long. Starting in 2016, immediate changes were starting to happen. The main admin of Intox named Bijuu suddenly left the community without saying a reason why, and the other admins had to fill in the gap. Prominent donators started to disappear too, which lead to a decrease in player numbers. At first, I didn't think it was going to affect the community much, but then things started to get worse as summer approached. In May 2016, Overwatch was released, and 80% of the community jumped ship towards that game. The amount of players left was staggeringly low, the lowest the community has ever had by that point. I also heard that Intox was also facing some financial troubles to stay afloat, and with most of the donators gone, things were looking really grim. I was starting to fear that I may lose a home online that I had so much fun with. Then, in July 2016, it finally happened. Intox Gaming had collapsed entirely, and all of its servers have become dead. I was so distraught about this sudden collapse that for the first time ever, I felt marooned with nowhere to go. Since I suck at FPS games in general and didn't want to go back to the main game modes, I instead wandered around on various trading servers, and kept on searching other deathrun communities hoping to find the next Intox Gaming. Which leads me to the next chapter. Chapter 2: RetroServers After months of searching, I've stumbled onto a TF2 server-hosting community named "RetroServers". They hosted a Deathrun server that was very similar to Intox's Deathrun server, so I felt right at home when I joined. Or, so I thought. However, from the very start, I learned that the RetroServers community is nothing like Intox Gaming. That part is obvious, but to say the community is VERY toxic would be an understatement. Trolls were everywhere, and people were constantly breaking server rules all the time. Players would bully other players just for the lolz, and there have been numerous instances of vote abuses just to silence players for no justifiable reasons. For the first couple of months of joining, I had to deal with a very abusive mod named D3rpy Puncak3s, who would outright abuse his mod powers to cheat and intentionally screw over players. Many complaints were filed against him, but for some reason, most of the community actually defended him, even the admins. They said that D3rpy was doing a good job as a mod, and was "the most fun mod of all time ever". It was there that I've realized that this community is fucked up from the start. However, this changed in March 2017. With a staff change taking place, and newer and more responsible admins taking over the old ones, D3rpy Puncak3s was finally ousted from moderator. I was so relieved that this finally happened, because now I could start playing on the Deathrun server without worrying about being slayed for no reason. My relations with RetroServers had improved somewhat, although most of the community is still toxic. I eventually made a couple of friends in the community who are actually nice people, like map developer Bun Bun, and would-be moderator Sticks. I even made friends with someone named Dr. Solar, who was a beginner map developer for the community who seemed nice. But, if you're wondering why I bolded his name, well here's why. During the summer, there was a user named Ultragon, whom was a beginner map developer. He released some of his maps on RetroServers, but they were obviously unfinished and needed more improvement. I had to give him some criticism on his maps, and they were entirely constructive. I gave him tips on what needs to be improved and so-on, since at the time, I myself was also starting on making maps, and had a far better understanding on how to make them. Despite my best efforts to try and help him, shortly after I posted my criticism, he deleted his account. He then struck me as the type who can't take criticism at all, so I let the whole thing go. A few weeks after, Dr. Solar showed up, who had the same level of map-making quality as Ultragon. Why? Turns out that Dr. Solar IS Ultragon, but I didn't find out about it until it was too late. In December 2017, Dr. Solar went on a ballistic rampage, and insulted and attacked my friend Bun Bun because he was jealous about his map-making skills. He then backstabbed me by stealing the very map I was working on, and it was at this point that I found out he was just a scummy asshole masquerading as a friend. I never felt so insulted in my life, and this for me was the final nail in the coffin for RetroServers. I decided to fully distance myself away from them entirely. After that whole debacle, there was only one more place I had to go. Chapter 3: Fuwanovel You may be wondering why a couple a TF2 communities is somehow connected to me joining Fuwanovel, a VN community. Well that's because I joined Fuwanovel back in fall 2016 after Intox Gaming had collapsed, and at the time, I was unsure of RetroServers because of their toxic nature. I basically joined Fuwanovel as a back-up, just in case something happened to RetroServers and I had nowhere else to go. I have never read any VNs beforehand other than a pirated copy of Grisaia that contained Imouto Work's 18+ patch (which Sekai Project cracked down on), and my interest in VNs in general was very low. So I wasn't really expecting to connect with a lot of users on here. Though I do remember interacting with @Dergonu a couple of times because of my interest in writing light novels. I've already explained why I made the @EastCoastDrifter alt (then name Konpeki Umi) in another thread, but after that whole Dr. Solar debacle in RetroServers, and still feeling a bit down about returning to my main account because of a mistake I've made regarding Libra of the Vampire Princess, I returned to EastCoastDrifter instead to start over fresh. It was at this point that my interest in VNs started to bloom, and deep down, I really wanted to read more VNs. It's a shame that right now, I do not have access to sites like mangagamer, but I'm hoping to buy VNs from them one day. But at the very least, I got to know this community, and met a lot of great people on here, like @Dergonu, @Zenophilious, @Kaguya, @mitchhamilton, @MaggieROBOT, @Ranzo, @PapaRabbi, @SeniorBlitz, @Thatcomicguy, @Zakamutt, @Plk_Lesiak, @Kiriririri, and many others. Needless to say, I think I'll be on here for a while, and once I start actually reading VNs, I hope to one day be more a part of the Fuwa community. All in all, from the ashes of Intox Gaming and the flames of RetroServers, came the yellow-brick road I've discovered to Fuwa. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    You only reach 666 posts once

    It plucks the threads that make us dance, finger and toe... We surrender, in joy, to the lowest of the foul and rank. We submerge through darkness, rancid filth, hour by hour we move downward, ever closer to hell. In a slow, steady, gait. Now, let the world resonate: Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, and Pride. A bell of chaos that tolls human desires. After two thousand long years, the one sealed gate to the demonic world will open! DESTRUCTION! CARNAGE! and DESPAIR! Let your instincts drive you! Entrap this world in fear! As the very name MaggieROBOT strikes terror into the hearts of mankind! And I will become the order to rule this wasteland, engulf with pandemonium. The demonic power that was once imprisoned in the depths of Fuwa... will be MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! __________________________ | | | Just Maggie. | | | | OK | | | ___________________________ Now, let the Maggie worshipping begin, aha~ DISCLAIMER: That was supposed to be a milestone thread, but the AMA thing is getting old. So here's a new edgy twist to the thing~ I don't know what you guys are supposed to do with that, so... Start a new religion maybe, Idk.
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    Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No - VNDB Link A translation project by Inbou Translations OP: VN Description: (VNDB Description with slight tweaking on my part. Sorry for it being so awkward to read) Team: Project Leader/QC - @VirginSmasher , yours truly. Translator - @ittaku Translator - @Hasa Editor - @Pomelo TLC - (Position yet to be filled) QC - @Arcadeotic Extra TLC - @Clephas Hacker - @Porygon2 Image Editor - @Blake Translation Example: Recruitment Live Translation Updates can be found here - https://cookie4.com/projects/haruuru/progress/ Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'm pretty passionate about making this project succeed and we just need some more help on this project than we currently have. That being said, I will catch up with you guys soon.
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    Yay, Clephas is contributing to a controversial topic in his blog! *listens for the hisses and boos of his loving public* More seriously, I'm not out to bash fantranslators, localization companies, or anyone else involved with the process. I've been on both sides (consumer and producer) and I can honestly say that I can see all four sides of the argument (the producer side, the negative consumer side, the neutral consumer side, and the positive consumer side). The Positive Consumer Based on my personal experience (beginning with jrpgs in the nineties), most people begin in this stage. Honestly, I didn't know enough to figure out when things were badly translated, and as long as the lines weren't too out there (spoony bard, lol), it never really got to me. There are plenty of people out here who remain in this stage forever, never taking interest one way or the other in the translation aspects of things... and that is perfectly natural. Most Americans (if not people from other countries) are essentially linguistic bigots, and as a result, they won't care if things are wrong as long as they can't tell just by playing a game, reading a book, or enjoying an anime or film. The Negative Consumer Most people with at least some knowledge of Japanese end up in this stage at some point. The reasons are manifold, but the biggest one is the 'literalist disease'. Almost everyone who gets involved with translation or knows enough Japanese to nitpick is under a peculiar delusion... that 'Literal Japanese to English translation isn't an oxymoron'. Unfortunately for their delusions, my personal experience and the experience of many others does not bear this particular one out. Literalist translation is a delusion born of a misapprehension of the Rosetta Stone concept... basically because we can generally match up most words with their equivalents in our own languages given a decent reference point, that perfect translations are both possible and should be provided without hesitation by mechanical translators (often literally). However, this ignores two major issues... the cultural basis for the formation of modern language's concepts and the difference in how the language is structured (grammar in other words). This isn't the only reason for ending up in this stage... some people are in it because it makes them feel superior or they like trolling 'lesser beings' (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about). Others simply disagree with the way the translation is handled or the usage of censorship. There are innumerable reasons for ending up in this stage, and that is the reason why it is the single largest one in the 'experienced' community. The Neutral Consumer This is the smallest grouping... mostly because it pretty much demands that you have resolved to stop caring one way or the other about localization quality. The most common reason to end up here is because you can play VNs, watch anime, and read manga/LNs without a localization, so the concept becomes irrelevant (or at least of less interest) to you. Another is that you get tired of being trolled (or trolling yourself) and decide to shut off your emotions about it. Last of all are the people who just want to 'spread the word' and don't really care about quality issues (people who are just happy VNs are getting localized). Since a lot of this group don't even buy localizations except to 'support the cause', this group has a lot less invested in the arguments, overall. The Producer ... need I mention that being on this side sucks? No matter how good a job you do, you get bashed by someone, and inevitably someone is going to decide to nitpick every one of your word choices. Literalists will hate you for not doing exactly what they want, generalists will hate you for picking obscure/dead words from actual literary English (as opposed to spoken English) because the concepts involved are dead in modern English, and everyone else will hate you for censorship or because you are too slow. While you get combative people or apologetic people from this side every once in a while, most just stop paying attention to the noise, for the sake of their mental health.
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    Public Service Announcement

    Today we are proud to announce that in an effort to get fuwanovel's userbase accustomed to japanese text, we have decided to make it so that all topics are read and written sideways. We expect this change to have a great effect, and in about two weeks we plan on permanently changing the site to only allow for japanese posts Cheers The fuwanovel Staff Team.,
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    They don't have the right people to handle anything.
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    Hello again. Today, I have the third week of progress updates. Editing has finally started for the project, so that's pretty nice Translation: Prologue - 46% (829/1791) TLC Prologue - 27% (486/1791) Edit Prologue - 16% (279/1791) We are still looking for a dedicated TLC as the other translator is only doing it for the prologue. Also, we are looking for people to fill in the QC position as well. If you think you are capable enough for either of these positions, please PM me. Also, everybody can view live progress on this project from this website. I'll put it in the original post as well. https://cookie4.com/projects/haruuru/progress/ That's all for this week. I'll see you next week with some more progress.
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    Aoishiro The Review

    (Have you ever had it blue?) The Setup Growing up I never did much with my summers. Other than the requisite family trips I spent most of my summers indoors engaged in watching TV or playing video games. I had no real desire to ever go to summer camp or anything like that. That might have been to my detriment now that I think about it. I could have had a wonderful time and forged some lasting relationships or some shit like that. Of course, if you want to go by horror movie logic I spared myself from being cut down by some ax wielding maniac, or subjected to some R.L. Stine twist. Thinking about it realistically, I probably just spared myself a few pen pals I would never write to, and the usual bug bites and poison ivy misadventures. I'll just pack that in the things that I regret not doing when I was young like playing the guitar, taking theater, and learning ventriloquism. For Osanai Shouko, it is doubtless that her summer camp trip will change her life forever, if she can survive it that is. (Welcome to Camp Nightmare) The Story It's summertime and for second year Osanai or (Osa as she is normally called) that means it is time for the annual summer training camp with the rest of the Seijou Girls’ Academy Kendo Club. The location for the training camp is Shoushinji, a Buddhist Monastery that is famous for the island that is across from it Urashima. According to the lengthy prologue that is delivered to you in the beginning, Urashima was the location of a fabled battle with demons several hundred years ago. Being the dependable kendo club captain she is Osa is more concerned about the itinerary of the trip and how well the rest of the team performs than some old legend. Despite that, something about the monastery seems awfully familiar to her. It feels like has been there before somehow even though she is sure that this is her first time. Something relating to an event that occurred eight years ago, a event that she can barley recall. What does it all mean? The story in Aoishiro has competent mystery that is interesting enough that it held my attention throughout and kept me wanting to play. What Aoishiro can truly take pride in is a smorgasbord of intriguing and diverse characters that you encounter over the course of the story. The Characters (Get ready to be familiar with this scene because these girls love to eat. ) This is truly Aoishiro's main selling point and it's something the Visual Novel truly excels in. Most notably one of the best characters happens to be the protagonist herself Osanai Shouko. She is a very dependable and grounded character and even though she is just human she can still hold her own when the proverbial shit hits the fan. It's very rare to find a truly great protagonist in a Visual Novel so I was quite delighted to find that in Osa. The rest of the cast are all extremely well developed as well and really add to the legend, and the story. They are all drawn to the monastery at the same time and at the same place because a storm is approaching, and a secret ritual is about to begin at Urashima. Some of these characters include, Aizawa Yasumi: She is the manager of the kendo club and a very determined girl even though she doesn't have much stamina and gets weak pretty easily. I was a little bit leery of her initially as she reminded me of a certain dango obsessive character but she turned out to have quite a few surprises up her sleeve. Kyan Migiwa: She is a strange girl that you meet in the beginning of the game at Shoushinji. She is not apart of the kendo club though she is the same age as Osa. Migiwa is initially very secretive about what she is doing at the temple, and why she insists on keeping watch over the forbidden stepping stones that are the only path to the island. She is very carefree and loves to tease and is consequently one of my favorite characters. Nami: She is another mystery girl that literally washes up at the beach one night. She does not seem able to speak and her memory is gone as well. What a winning combination. She is strangely well adjusted despite that ludicrous setback. Kohaku: The mystery girls keep appearing one after another! She is a small odd woman dressed in a very old outfit with one eye perpetually closed. Hm, I wonder what that could mean? Secret Character: This very characters existence is a mystery! Each of the main characters drastically change how the the story plays out and they give a very different insight into the events. Like many visual novels before it you have to play in a certain way to unlock all the heroines and the final grand route. Since they are all pretty great it was not much of a hassle. The grand route by itself is definitely worth unlocking since it is the route where Osa get's to truly shine. On top of that Aioshiro boasts a large cast of side characters which is a quite unusual but not unwelcome addition. They are, Akita Momoko: An intensely energetic girl that is also a ravenous carnivore. Sakurai Ayashiro: The Vice President of the kendo club and a very dignified lady from a rich family. Aoi Hanako: The teacher and advisor to the club, she is a exposition monster and enjoys the odd drink. And finally, Suzuki Yuukai the chief priest at Shoushinji and another of the exposition monsters. He is a big beer and kendo enthusiast. (I don't know man moments like these just happen) My Two Cents I truly enjoyed my time with Aoishiro even though my first few moments were agonizingly slow thanks to a bug. After I figured out the cause my experience greatly improved. That is not to say that my whole time with it was amazing. I was reminded a lot by Fate/Stay Night while I was playing both in a positive way and a negative way. On the positive side the production quality is through the roof. From the highly detailed visuals to the great voice acting and the wonderful soundtrack. This is coming from someone who almost always plays my own music while I play so you know the music has to be great. On the negative side there are quite a few characters who seem to take a sadistic pleasure in barraging you with copious amounts of info dumps on the lore and legends of the area. There is a supposedly handy in game dictionary but unfortunately that part of Aoishiro was untranslated. The amount of names and events eventually fused together in a impenetrable mush. I was not sure half the time what was traditional folklore and what was the in-game lore. I was able to get a handle on it eventually but it led to some tedium. Speaking of tedium there are numerous times where we are treated to lengthy feasting scenes. They all but grind the story to a halt though they do provide some nice character interaction. Thankfully after the first route is complete it is possible to skip through a lot of these scenes. Those were really my only real gripes with the game. Also like Fate there are also a lot of bad ends that you could unwittingly end up in if you aren't careful. It's more of a Shoujo Ai than a pure yuri game though there are quite a few suggestive moments. Aoishiro turned out to be very spectacular especially in the grand route that you unlock in the game. The strength of the protagonist and the rest of the cast, the visuals, the story and finally the music all come together in a cohesive whole. I really liked it is what I'm trying to say.
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    My introduction

    Hello fellow VN readers After having read fuwa for a while I have decided to take the risk and dared to enter new territory, which is to start my very own thread for the first time. I figure I have to start with an introduction or I will run the risk that people will have no idea who I am. My VN timeline: 2005ish: first VN encountered. VN reading didn't take off, partly due to poor availability at the time, partly because I didn't fully get it at the time 2007-2008: VN reading started to be multiple titles and titles good enough for me to remember 2011: encountered Musumaker 2015: joined Fuwa 2016: joined Luna translations before it got big. Worked technical on most titles (VNDB's list is incomplete) and ended up managing who did what for Majo Koi Nikki 2016: fixed script syntax issues in the majority of lines in Ayakashi Gohan (uncredited, though it looks like nobody really got credited). Released 2017 2017 Luna collapsed 2018 started a thread on Fuwa The story of Musumaker (which is mainly a story of my VN involvement) It was released in late December 2008. A week later somebody on HongFire started a translation. With tools available and extracted script a number of people started working on it. I encountered it in 2011, realized that the scripts people had uploaded were in various formats and the game could handle none of them. I investigated the problem, figured out how to do it right and then wrote a script to convert all the files into the right format. I published the script, thinking people would be overjoyed, but the translation had been dropped by that time All what was left of the entire team was one wannabe translator named RaurosFalls. Even worse, he wasn't even that great a translator (at the time). However wanting the translation to finish, I continued to improve the script handling and tried to recruit more people. It failed, but RaurosFalls did study Japanese and on translating and by 2015, having reached 15%, he started over, retranslated everything based on his newly gained skills and a partial patch was released. This did indeed help recruiting, but nobody with skills able to deliver anything useful. We then started talking about the fact that being on HongFire was a problem. By that time it had ended up being the only serious translation project and the only one for "a real VN". If we were to be taken as serious as it was at the time, we would have to move. None of us had picked HongFire in the first place. The choice ended up being Fuwa due to the active and apparently significantly more serious translation community. We did and more serious people got interested in Musumaker, though we still failed to recruit anybody. However then the miracle happened. The newly formed Luna Translations showed up and we agreed to join. We should be working on some title we never heard of before called Majo Koi Nikki and once it would be done, the entire team would move to Musumaker (spoiler: that never happened). Eventually RaurosFalls realized he is not in the VN community to translate a VN. He is in to translate Musumaker and moved back to working on Musumaker. Now started a really interesting time because I worked on two titles at the same time. Luna was started with the goal of aiming really high regarding quality. Right from the start the workflow was prepared to be professionally with multiple steps, each to improve quality. Most noteworthy editing (which we had forgotten about for Musumaker). Witnessing the same text at each step and see how reading enjoyment improves significantly was really an eye opener. Sure it helped to work together with authors of work such as The Freditorial and re:Edit. The quality goal really was/is really high and as such the demand for quality from each contributor was equally high. Really important here is that the part translated by RaurosFalls passed quality inspection, which was good news for the translation quality of Musumaker. The next event took me completely by surprise and it was something, which would change everything. MusumakerHD remake was released. This was great and horrible at the same time because I suddenly had to deal with a new engine and port/move the existing translation into the new format. This was a major task, but since I would have to generate a new file format anyway, I made the decision to abandon the old translation approach and develop a format, which allows using the workflow I encountered for Majo Koi Nikki. It was a lot of hard work and it seemed like the task took forever, but eventually it all worked out. None of the code I had written over the years could be reused and I had to start all over. The tools provided by HongFire only worked for the old engine. The only reused item from the pre-HD days are the translated lines themselves. We were still just two people, but eventually more would come and it's best to be prepared. The collapse of Luna Translation meant the deal about getting more people went with it. However in very late 2017 I finally figured out how to recruit people. During 2018 the team has grown and grown and the team now consist of no less than 9 people, all aiming high on quality. This would however be more impressive if it would be 9 people working at the same time, but one step at a time. While there is more technical work to be done, I'm now spending more time on managing and coordinating other people. More than 50% has been translated by now, but more impressively is that RaurosFalls has personally translated more than 30k lines. For a person who is unable to translate, edit or graphical work, I do think I left my footstep on the VN translation community anyway. Life outside of VNs: now that's not a short or boring list, but I keep most of it to myself. I got accepted at the university of my choice in first attempt. Here I learned programming and other interesting stuff. One class I have had to take without really being my choice included project management and management of human resources. This has later turned out to be useful. That's it for my introduction to the VN community. It might be somewhat longer than the average introduction, but not only did I wait way too long to write it, I have also been active, hence having a longer background story. Hopefully from now on, if I post something, nobody will go "who is that guy?". Come to think of it, this might be the first introduction post, which mentions involvement in an already released translation.
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    KonoSora / IMHHW ReTranslation patch

    Actually I was the only one form the original Restoration patch team who kept working on this all the time. Avi8Tor and MeruP joined a while after the old patch was released, and that's pretty much the core team. Others either came and went or joined for the final QC/testing a few months ago (well, it was almost a year ago actually...) - and Ange definitely did most of the work in that regard. Personally, I managed to stay committed to it only because I'm stupidly stubborn and don't like leaving things unfinished. In the end, this is the VN that got me into translating stuff (and that in turn significantly improved not only my Japanese, but also my writing skills), so I really wanted to see this project through. Well, I did take a few breaks due to insufficient motivation, but each time I somehow managed to come back to working on it.
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    It's been quite a ride but it's nice to see this patch FINALLY released. I've been following the project ever since I found out the true full ReTranslation was just getting started after seeing people disappointed with the original Restoration patch (though mostly with Ageha's route). I've always really wanted to read this VN ever since I first found out about it (shortly after finding /r/vns) since it seemed the type of VN that was made for me. Many times I considered just reading the original Restoration patch but now I'm really glad I waited. Being able to QC for a project like this was really fun, I enjoyed working with all the main members of the project team. Seeing them hiring for fan QC on Fuwanovel to seeing the invite to getting into the secret project chat were really exciting moments for me since Software QA is my full time position and I love visual novels so doing this for a VN I wanted to read made it a dream come true to be part of some sort of VN translation project. A reason why I'm glad I waited is I was able to have fun reading this VN for the first time while also finding bugs and other TL/grammar issues to point out and see fixed shortly after. Sure the flow of my reading was broken whenever I found an issue to write up but I just found it all the more fun. While I was initially assigned to only QC Ageha's route, I'm glad I was eventually assigned to QC the whole thing because it felt more right to do so since I could find issues potentially consistent among other routes and I would be even more anxious to read the rest of the VN after only reading the common and Ageha route. I learned a lot about how QC happens in TL scene and I'd honestly like to to be QC for some VN TL project in the future, fan or official. I feel like I should learn Japanese so I can be like a secondary editor when QCing in case I find a potential discrepancy in the text vs the voiced line. Konsora/IMHHW meeting my expectations as far as how much I liked the VN story/character wise was nice too. In any case, I hope you guys enjoy this up to date patch whether you get the one for Steam/MoeNovel or the one for the Japanese version (I'm really glad we took the time to test and make sure both versions work). Just expect a comfy feel-good charage with bits of drama/development and not much in the way of deep plot.
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    Mr Poltroon

    Fureraba Walkthrough

    Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Summary Springtime. The season of the cherry blossoms, and a time of new beginnings, new encounters, and new people. For Aoba Kyousuke, this new season marks the start of his second year in high school, and after taking a moment to reflect, and looking at the friends around him... All he can find is a dumbass too horny for his own good, and a weirdo who can't get over his strange fetish for lizard-humanoid creatures. Sure enough he enjoys hanging out with them, and he wouldn't ever think of giving it up, but something feels missing. A precious, valuable part of everyone's adolescence, and something he might just miss out on at this rate... What is that something? Why, love. So upon realizing this, he shouts out to the world-- "I WANT A GIRLFRIEND!" He'll need to give it his all, of course, because he knows that love does not come to those who just wait. Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order There are four heroines. In order to get into the routes proper, you must select the heroine in the choice screen (when available) and then select to talk about topics that interest her. This walkthrough will, among other things, clarify which topics interest a heroine. By selecting the topics within the walkthrough you will always receive a decent amount of affection and you may choose any combination of topics that interests you. Walkthrough Talk topics will be in brackets [] with the relevant questions for any heroine underneath between quotes "". Sometimes these questions will lead to further questions, which will be indicated by -->. Some questions seem to provide more affection, so I'll mark those with (EXTRA). (Will be removed in the final version of the guide) Not all possible questions will be presented, but there are enough that you will be able to move to the next stage. NOTE: For some of the girls, when you have one at stage 4 and another at stage 3 a jealousy short scene will display. Hiiragi Yuzuyu Mochizuki Rina Minahara Himari ??? Bad Ends and Flags Attribution This walkthrough is based on info attained by me, playing the game. Synopsis from NekoNyanSoft's website. This Rina guide is based and tested by shadowice777, a Team Rina lover.
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    Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    Considering that all the "attacks" come from a clique of bored old-timers that either always did it or can't be bothered to post seriously anymore, it's at least very easily controllable as long as there are admins present on the Forums from time to time. I really disliked when a few months ago the site was literally dominated by shitposts and barely anything posted was worth reading. I'm pretty sure it also looked terrible from the outside, when guests and newcomers tried to see what's going on around here or to evaluate the site. It was exceeding any reasonable limits. And yes, the spamming crew mostly had fun in their own little circle while everyone else seemed to observe it with annoyance or apathy. Thank God (or maybe rather Kaguya) that we're past that era. And with shitposts in general... I shipost/derail stuff somewhat regularly, but didn't even get a warning so far. This means that either there's some horrible bias involved, or there are some common-sense distinctions between having fun from time to time and making a total mess. Forum without shitposts is boring. Forum with mostly shiposts is unproductive and unreadable for anyone not intimately involved with the "meta" side of things. And I rather like where the line is drawn right now.
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    Here is a list of VNs officially released in english, I have now added all the VNs I could think of so the list is pretty much done. If I have missed anything it would be nice to know. The reason I am doing this is that there are a lot of officially released VNs in the west and it is hard to have control over everything that is released. I will update the VNs that have released the current year every month and the ones released the last year every 2nd month. Because of this I have added (year) on titles released in english during either 2017 or 2018. The ones that released in english before the previous year will have their amount of votes and scores updated each year. I have also made a list with the ones with physical release, this list is sorted the same way as this but also has info on where the titles can be bought and if it is available List of english physical VNs Also for those who rather want to use other things than votes to find VNs like for instance different tags or year of release, here is a link to VNDB with filters that should give most of the titles on this list https://vndb.org/v/all?q=;fil=tagspoil-1;rfil=lang-en.type-complete.doujin-0;o=d;s=rating. Just add the filters that are relevant for what you search for. MangaGamer (Store) Sekai Project (Homepage)/Denpasoft (Store) JAST USA (Store) Front Wing (Homepage) Degica NekoNyan (Store) Sol Press (Homepage) Visual Art's Fruitbat Factory (Store) MoeNovel (Burn in hell) Cherry Kiss Games (Homepage) Winged Cloud Aksys Games (Store) XSEED Games (Store) NIS America (Store NA, Store EU) Others (Japanese) Others (not japanese) Himeya Soft (Bankrupt) Hirameki International (Quit the VN market) Phone SakuraGame (Machine translated, do not buy from them)
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    What are you playing?

    Picked up, or rather finally started Ace Attorney trilogy on my 3DS. Finished the first game, in the middle of Ep1 of the 2nd game, which is atm a shame because i expected Phoenix to start off veteran pro but nooo gotta blank slate him i guess for tutorial purposes? idk how long it will last but pls Pretty fun, I always enjoy doing them active mystery solvings <- hardcore Danganronpa fan Cases did an overall good job of integrating all the characters involved- everyone feels important- and making you care for finding the truth -things get pretty srs- Ema > Maya pls Minor complaint is if you're marathoning the game, 3 investigative days on top of 3 trial days per episode can make things feel tedious. i hear the 2nd game does 2days/2trials so we'll see if i like it or not Enjoyed the 2000s 8bit Gameboy Advance Capcom musics or whatevers, reminded me of Capcom's other Megaman Battle Network BGMs I did use a walkthrough towards the end srryz, mainly for the investigations cuz it's like where the fk do i go next and what the hell do i have to show to the next prick in order to progress >< Miles Edgeworth image was unfortunately ruined because I knew @Mr Poltroon for like 3 years prior now and that's all who i could think whenever Edgey came on screen is friggen' Teegan from Versailles ._.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    I couldn't agree more with the negativity and elitism issue in other forums. It's been a long time since I felt so comfortable in a forum. Fuwa is a truly warm place. And that's my confession btw.
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    Understand, chuunige mostly appeal to a very core fanbase. The style, the fact that they don't translate well, and the fact that most of the action/story is so 'out there' makes the games unapproachable. The sheer amount of text means that localization costs are through the roof, which makes things worse, of course. I'm being realistic, ignoring my inner fanboy who screams everybody should love chuunige because charage suck in comparison. However, that is the flat-out truth. So, I decided to make a list of chuunige I believe would sell in the west/appeal more to the western brain... and not just the core fanbase. I have these ordered by the most likely to the least. 1. Bullet Butlers- I say Bullet Butlers is the most accessible precisely because it uses a lot of elements that Western audiences can easily grasp without having to be 'deep' into otaku media. Zombies, elves, dragons, and orcs. Firearms as the most common weapon type, superviolence, and a film noir atmosphere to a great deal of the game. If I were to name one chuunige that has the potential to be a hit (by VN standards), if properly advertised, it is this one. 2. Draculius- If I were to name a sort-of chuunige that is accessible to people that don't particularly like chuunige, this would be it. If you liked the best parts of Libra and hated the rest, you'll probably like this game. It has aged somewhat, but the characters are unique, the story is excellent, and the humor is recognizable on both sides of the ocean. 3. Hello, Lady- Yes, I went there. If you can enjoy Narita Shinri, you will like this game, regardless of your genre preference. Narita Shinri is a protagonist who will earn as many haters as he does lovers, and there won't be that much room in between. However, his story is very much one that is visceral and easily comprehensible for any human who has lost someone they loved. 4. Shinigami no Testament- 3rdEye's chuunige are accessible. I could put any chuunige by that company in this spot other than Bloody Rondo and say that it has the same potential for success. Even Bloody Rondo does have some appeal outside its genre (in fact, it probably has more, lol). 3rdEye is a company that I can use to brainwash newbies without overwhelming them, which is why I was happy when Sorcery Jokers got localized, lol. 5. Gekkou no Carnevale- I can guarantee someone is going to ask why I didn't mention any other Nitroplus game besides this one. However, the themes in this game are very Western, for the most part... and werewolves and murder are always guaranteed to catch the interest of a certain (surprisingly large) crowd over here. Put in living dolls and mafia connections as well, and you have a recipe for success. I actually thought of naming some others, but when I seriously thought about it, the hurdles for a Westerner and non-chuunige addict for playing those were just too high. Anything Bakumatsu is going to be translated poorly, so Last Cavalier is out. Evolimit has potential, but I thought BB is more likely to catch hold of westerners who aren't already part of the scene. Anything like Dies Irae is almost guaranteed to flop if it isn't 100% crowd-funded (as in, all costs paid for by the crowd-funding), so Bradyon Veda and the Silverio series are out. Vermilion has similar problems. Muramasa suffers from swordsmanship infodumping that will probably cause the average reader's brain to go numb early on. Tokyo Necro has zombies, but the chances of people actually getting past the prologue are relatively low, despite the coolness of the story and setting. Izuna Zanshinken has enormous potential in the US, because of the style and the themes it tackles, but its episodic 'feeling' is a huge negative for some of us...
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    Chapter 3: Madness The mastermind behind the Fuwanovel death game watched the two screens on the desk before him/her with a wicked smile. "Seven dead already, heh. This is going well." The video from the past two weeks of the battle royale had been playing on the screens in a loop for hours, with the faces of the four picked for the current week displayed on a different monitor above. "Hehe. Now, let's see, what kind of arena should I put these four in?" "Mind if I handle that?" "Huh?!" Taken completely aback by the presence of someone else in the control room, <??> nearly fell out of his/her chair. "How the hell did you get in here?!" "Hmph. You think your weak magic can control me? Please. I was bored, so I figured I'd join in on this weird game you have going on. So, with that said, I'll be taking over for a bit, heh." With that, Clephas devoured <??>, trapping them in one of his stomachs. "Now, let's have some fun. Hmm, these four, huh? Alright. Let's begin." Using his powers to summon the four members from their cells, Clephas devoured them all in an instant. The First Stomach - alden_0023 & Thatcomicguy The first thing Thatcomicguy noticed was the smell of blood. Opening his eyes, he could tell that he was no longer in his cell. "Come on... Was I picked again?" Getting off the floor, he shook his head in frustration. He had fought for his life against another Fuwanovel user in the death game just two weeks before. He was hoping he would be able to avoid being picked again for at least a few more weeks. But, he had no such luck. "Where the hell am I...?" Looking around in confusion, he could tell he was in a classroom. The windows in the room were shattered, and the walls were riddled with holes and cracks. The floor was also badly damaged, covered in claw marks of all things. What on earth had happened there before he woke up? "Hnng..." Noticing some rustling coming from the other side of the classroom, Thatcomicguy gripped his spear and got ready for a possible fight. "Ugh, my head..." Alden_0023 rubbed his forehead, slowly getting to his feet. The moment he spotted Thatcomicguy standing in the other side of the classroom, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, in the next moment. "Hah!" Drawing his bow with incredible speed, he sent an arrow flying through the room. Barely managing to block the arrow with his shield, Thatcomicguy started running through the room towards the door, trying to escape. Another arrow flew towards him, barely missing his neck before digging into a nearby desk. Having reached the door, Thatcomicguy kicked it as hard as he could, making the door fly open. His hands were full because of his weapon and shield, and he had no time to spare, as Alden prepared another arrow. But, the moment the door flew open, both men suddenly froze in place. It was a natural reaction. Anyone would be shocked by the sight that waited on the other side of that door. A group of six small figures sat hunched over a corpse, happily chewing at its flesh. They had already eaten a great deal of the corpse, and their small bodies were covered in fresh blood. "Wh-What... the fuck?" The group of small girls suddenly stopped eating, and turned towards the two men in the classroom. While they might have looked like normal young girls at first glance, they had two features that no human child had. First, their teeth. The mouths of the girls were covered in shark like teeth, each tooth about ten centimeter in length. As a result, it was impossible for the girls to even close their mouths. Their eyes were glowing in a bright red color, and their pupils were completely gone. The entire eye was simply covered entirely in the red light. "Cannibal... lolis... Seriously?" Thatcomicguy uttered in a voice dyed in confusion and dread. "..." Realizing the situation was quite dire, Alden lowered his bow, and ran towards one of the broken windows along the classroom wall, then leapt through it. "HEY! ARE YOU LEAVING ME WITH THESE THINGS?!" Ignoring Thatcomicguy, Alden performed a forward flip in the air, then prepared his body for the fall. It seemed like the school they had woken up in was quite big, and they were on the sixth floor. But, contrary to his expectations, Alden's body did not fall at all. Instead, he was pulled up, flying towards the roof of the school. "What in the..." Soaring up past classroom after classroom, Alden reached the roof of the building, but his body showed no signs of stopping. He was literally falling upwards. "Tch." Clicking his tongue, Alden grabbed a hold of the railing covering the school roof, managing to stop his "fall" in the last second. Pulling his body towards the roof, he gripped the railing as he slowly moved towards the fire escape leading back into the school. The moment his foot moved inside the school building, he force pulling him upwards let go. It seemed like moving outside the school was out of the question. The bizarre arena was nothing like the arenas used the previous weeks. "What on earth is going on..." Meanwhile "AHHH, get away, get away, get away, AHHH!" Thatcomicguy screamed, as he ran as fast as he could through the dark hallways of the school. Just a few meters behind him were five of the six small girls, giggling as they chased him. He had managed to kill one of them with his spear in his escape from the classroom. This did not seem to anger the rest at all, as they chased happily after Thatcomicguy. It seemed like the girls had the ability to retract their teeth, and were now humming and laughing. Still, their eyes glowed. It was clear that their eyes were filled with bloodlust. If he stopped for just a moment, they'd probably rip him to shreds. "Tehehe, I love playing tag." "We're gonna get you, we're gonna get you ~~" "GO PLAY WITH SOMEONE ELSE, AHH!" Still screaming, Thatcomicguy kept running at full speed down the hallway, until... "Shit..." He reached a dead end. The stairs leading down to the floor below were blocked by a massive pile of rubble. The roof above had collapsed, also covering the stairs going up in the process. In other words, he was trapped. The small girls were now just half a meter away. "Tag. You're it!" The girls opened their mouths, and their fangs once again sprouted out. Preparing for what would most likely be his final battle, Thatcomicguy took a deep breath. "I'm naked in front of a group of lolis, pointing a spear at them. That's a headline for yah." Crack. A sound coming from above made Thatcomicguy look up towards the roof, and soon after, a big chunk of the ceiling came crashing down, landing on top of two of the girls, squishing them. "WHOA!" Sitting on top of the rubble was Alden, his body covered in small cuts. Or, were they bite marks? "Ah..." Realizing what that meant, Thatcomicguy looked towards the hole in the roof, and sure enough, peeking down from above were even more of the rabid lolis, looking at Alden like he was a delicious looking plate of food. "... Sorry dude, looks like this isn't your day." With that, Thatcomicguy stood completely still, as the hoard of cannibalistic lolis swarmed Alden, biting through his flesh and bones like it was nothing. The sight was horrifying, making Thatcomicguy look away in disgust. Taking advantage of the situation, he quietly snuck past the hoard of killer lolis, covering his eyes the entire time. He then started making his way down the hallway, leaving the little monsters to their dinner. The Second Stomach - xGreyHound & Jazid-Kun A jungle of mysterious plants in all sorts of colors stretched as far as the eye could see. A nearby river was filled not with water, but lava, and the sky was dyed red, not blue. In the middle of this impossible jungle stood Jazid-Kun, looking around him with a smile. "What a fitting stage for bloodbath. Heh." Striking a cool pose, Jazid spoke in a dramatic tone of voice. Wearing a black school uniform and with an eye patch covering his left eye, Jazid did not exactly look like he belonged in the strange jungle. If not for the two large swords in crossed sheathes on his back, he would have just looked like any other high-school student. "Chaos shall rain! Today, we dine with death himself!" "... The hell are you on kid?" xGreyHound sent Jazid a confused look, gripping his AK-47 firmly. He was on guard, prepared for the worst. The arena he had been placed in seemed even crazier than any of the previous ones. GreyHound did not have it in him to kill a kid like Jazid, so he had approached Jazid with the suggestion of an alliance. Jazid accepted, though now he was going on some kind of chuunibyou rant, which made GreyHound instantly regret his decision. "Please kid, be quiet..." "Let the curtain fall on this blood drenched play! Let the games begin!" Jazid shouted, stretching his arms up towards the red sky. "... I swear, I will smack you over the head if you don't quiet down." "Hah! A mere mortal like yourself? You wouldn't be able to lay a finger on me." Rustle. "?!" A nearby plant started stirring. GreyHound quickly pointed his gun in the direction of the sound. Another plant started to move, then another. Before long, every single plant in their vicinity had started to move. At first, GreyHound thought the movement was caused by something moving through the plants, but... that wasn't it. The plants themselves were moving. Clearly a little weirded out by the moving plants, Jazid moved a few steps closer to GreyHound. "I, uh... I shall protect you, mortal!" "Yeah, whatever, just draw your weapons at least." "Kukuku. You mean these?" Jazid gestured towards his swords. "I cannot simply draw them out of their sheathe without the proper chant. They are sealed by a powerful—" "Get down!" GreyHound pushed Jazid to the side, as a giant vine shot out from one of the strange flowers. The vine was covered in strange spikes, reminiscent of teeth. It slammed into the ground mercilessly, making its sharp spikes dig into the dirt. "Y-You cannot scare me, for I am... I am..." "Shut up and run!" GreyHound turned around and darted into a clearing, as several more giant plant monsters approached the two. "Y-Yes sir!" Following suit, Jazid ran as fast as he could after his teammate. Just a second after, five more giant veins slammed into the place he had been standing. "Wh-What are those thin—" "Duck!" Interrupting Jazid once again, GreyHound shouted a command and pointed his gun toward Jazid's face. Doing as he was told Jazid quickly ducked down, and the massive mouth of a bizarre plant closed right above him, catching some of his hair in its massive jaws. "Dieee!" GreyHound fired several rounds into the head of the strange plant, making green goo fly everywhere. The plant let out a deafening screech and backed up a few steps, hissing at the two. It's mouth was layered with more teeth than a shark, each one at least five centimeters long. In addition to its killer bite, it also had several long vines covered in spikes sprouting from its body. It was the height of a human man, and moved incredibly fast. "Over there! Run to the lava!" "L-Lava? Are you crazy? I-I mean, lava would have no power over my immortal body, of course, but you are just a normal human, so it would surely be in trouble." "Just shut up and run." Turning back towards the way they had come, the two started running towards the strange lava stream, about fifty meters away. The stream was no more than one meter in width, but if GreyHound's theory was right, it would do. "We're jumping over that. Get ready." Not waiting for his ally to reply, GreyHound leapt across the lava stream. The intense heat from just being in the vicinity of the lava made even just breathing hurt, but it was better than being devoured by flesh eating plants the size of humans. Jazid made it across the lava soon after GreyHound. "Kuku. Looks like our plant friends were not so smart after all." At least twenty of the killer plants tried to follow them, but they all let out loud shrieks as they approached the lava, and took several swift steps back. They were clearly not fond of the heat. "We have no time to waste here. There could be more. Come on." "Look out!" As GreyHound turned his back on the plants and started to walk in the other direction, several of the strange creatures sent their vines flying towards the two humans. It seemed like there was no real limit to how far the vines could stretch, and they approached GreyHound's back with great speed. "Hah!" But, just moments before they were about to tear GreyHound to shreds, the vines themselves got cut into tiny pieces. "Hmph. To think you'd make me take off my eye patch. I'm surprised you'd push me this far." GreyHound turned around to see what had happened. Sure enough, Jazid's eye patch was gone, revealing an eye with a different color from the other. He had also drawn his swords, which were covered in green goo from cutting apart the vines. Jazid had somehow managed to remove his eye patch, draw his swords, then cut several vines within a matter of seconds. GreyHound could not help but be amazed at the spectacle, and thanked his teammate for saving his life. Rustle. Rustle. Something started moving in the leaves behind the killer plants, and Jazid stood rooted in place, watching whatever it was intently. "Come on kid, more of those things are coming from the looks of things. We gotta go." GreyHound did not wait for a reply, and started to walk away from the lava and the plants. But, Jazid did not move. "Kid, I will leave you, I swear! What are you even... looking... at..." GreyHound's voice began to falter, as he too laid eyes on the creature on the other side of the lava. It took the form of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She wasn't wearing a thing, and on top of her head were two pretty cat ears. Wagging back and forth behind her legs was a fuzzy tail. It was, without a doubt, a catgirl. An incredibly beautiful one, too. Being fans of visual novels and the likes, both men knew very well what she was. While she appeared harmless, the fact that the plants were not killing her was a clear warning sign in GreyHound's mind. "We gotta get the hell out of here, now!" Jazid did not respond, but instead started to move slowly towards the catgirl, dropping his swords on the ground. "Wait, what the hell are you doing!" Jazid showed no interest in GreyHound, and kept on slowly approaching the catgirl, who looked back at them with an enchanting smile. "Dude, this is not the time for your weird ass fantasies! We have to get out of here. Guh?!" GreyHound tried to reach out for Jazid's hand, but he had gotten so close to the lava, the heat made GreyHound jump back in reflex. There was nothing GreyHound could do but watch, as Jazid slowly walked into the scorching heat of the lava, seemingly under some kind of spell cast by the mysterious catgirl. He did not even blink at the pain from having his foot melted by the incredible heat. All he did was watch the catgirl on the other side of the lava stream, with a smile on his face. After a few seconds, Jazid's body had been completely consumed by the lava. "Y-You bitch, what did you do to him?!" Pointing his gun at the catgirl in anger, GreyHound's body shook in terror. The creature simply returned a brilliant smile, and started to walk back into the depths of the strange jungle. The flesh eating plants followed suit, leaving GreyHound alone with nothing but the smell of burning flesh, and a sense of dread. Wildcards This Week? No Dead This Week: Still Alive:
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    Nice to meet you everyone! (´・ω・`) I'm a shy girl from Japan looking to expand my knowledge about eroge overseas. I noticed that lots of eroge is now not aimed at Japan but overseas too so I'm here to research that together with my search for new friends. Japan only has BBS and twitter for eroge and no real forum like this so I'm looking to find new friends here (*´ω`*) I'd like to use twitter too but don't want to use my real twitter for that because my parent will know I play eroge then. ( ;∀;) I played eroge for 2 years (my brother's stuff but now finally last December I was able to buy my first own eroge! o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o Hope we can get along m(_ _"m) Cute gif below
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    Every single "Trap's are gay" argument that people make despite it being obvious that if the trap has sufficiently feminine features apart from her genitals, you are totally straight.
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    Note: This game was already reviewed on Fuwa by Valmore, I encourage you to check out his review as well Those that follow this blog for a while might have noticed that I like to complain about the lack of identity that many western VNs show – as a medium used pretty much exclusively by fans of original Japanese visual novels, they far too often borrow from those when it goes to setting and replicate various tiring anime clichés, copying elements that often really have no interest being in a game created by someone living in the USA or Europe and (more often than not) having a very superficial knowledge of Japanese culture and reality of life in Japan. A Little Lily Princess, developed by Hanabira and published by Hanako Games in May 2016, is a game that I like bringing up as an example of a western VN that was able to differentiate itself from the crowd and create unique experience exactly because of ability to separate itself from its “weeb” roots, by creating a setting and a story far detached from typical anime tropes. Paradoxically, the classic English novel A Little Princess, that this game adapted into the VN/dating sim format, is not a title unknown to anime fans, thanks to the highly-rated series from the 1980’s, Little Princess Sara (it even inspired a few less known projects, such as Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry). Hanabira’s version tries to differentiate itself mostly by giving a yuri spin to the story – as I will try to show later, calling it a yuri romance is rather misleading and says little about the true appeal of this VN. The games arstyle and writing does a very good job of creating an appropriate climate of Victorian London, making it stand out from typical VN settings Following a story of Sara Crewe, a young girl sent by her father, wealthy colonial official in India, to a boarding school in London in late XIX-century and then struck with a tragedy that completely changes her life, A Little Lily Princess does a great job at creating a believable representation of its setting and uncovering the social divisions and injustices that were the core issues touched on in Burnett's novel. The school's internal hierarchy, dependent mostly on social standing and wealth of the girl's families is a major theme not only in Sara's story but also in pretty much every other character arc. The unusual artstyle, language used by the characters and music all give the game a unique climate, making it pretty far detached from a typical VN experience (even if mechanically it's a quite standard VN with dating sim elements). This feeling of reading something fresh and different is further supported by very usual dynamic present in many of the game's routes – while some of them are more or less explicitly romantic and involves girls in age similar to Sara, other include (among other things) her becoming sort of a mother figure for a much younger child or creating a close bond of friendship with her Maid. Yuri romance elements are definitely present in the game, but they are not really in any way the true focus of the story or its strongest element – also when they're actually present, they're definitely on the cute and tame side of things, very much appropriate for how young Sara and her schoolmates are. This creates an interesting contrast with the game's dating sim mechanics and the way it advertised itself – it rarely conforms to your expectations, especially if you don't know the source material. Maybe the biggest virtue of this game as an adaptation is exploring the characters that had only minor roles in the original, giving them their own, complex personalities and motivations The stylization itself and the interesting structure of the game aren't all though – its true strength lies in the characters, especially Sara and her personal story. Her dialogues, thoughts and overall behaviour make a very convincing impression of a somewhat spoiled, but ultimately very kind-hearted and sensitive girl that the player quickly learns to adore – this makes the hardships she goes through often painful to see, but keeps you emotionally involved all the way through the story. This is ultimately the real focus of the game and definitely its biggest asset, as all the character routes and stories connected to them pretty much supplement Sara's rises and falls (the core story also always plays the same way, apart from some parts of the ending, no matter what relationship you chose to pursue). It's not that the rest of the cast, especially the “heroines”, don't have interesting characteristics and backstories of their own. Some of them are developed in very interesting ways, that surpasses their characterization in the original novel - that goes especially to Lavinia, who in the source material was simply a bully and Sara's main antagonist among the girls, but here became more much more ambivalent and complex character. They all simply feel like secondary, maybe even optional additions to the main story-arc. If I had to say something negative about A Little Lily Princess, it would mostly be about the "dating sim" resource-management mechanic, which require you to decide how Sara will spend her time every day and provide you with resource points, which you later spent to progress the character routes. It’s rather tedious and doesn’t add any real challenge to the game, apart from that coming from frustrating RNG – the only good thing about it is that it’s very thematic, adding to the climate of the game, especially after the first plot twist. Other than that though, this is simply an excellently made and unique game – not a masterpiece, but an all-around impressive experience and a must-read for every OELVN fan, even if they’re not into yuri – that part, while a bonus for those liking the theme, is probably the least important element here. Final score: 4/5 Pros: + Unique, well-developed setting + Emotionally engaging, touching story + Interesting art and overall good production values Cons: - Romance sometimes feels forced and underdeveloped - Shallow, RNG-dependent dating sim mechanics - Can be extremely sad and painful to read Buy A Little Lily Princess on Steam
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    1) Visual Novel Reverse Engineering 101 2) The most common x86 instructions, how registers and memory work, how to use a disassembler, examples of file formats found in VNs. 3) Field trip: breaching the head office of a visual novel company and lifting their source control server while holding the CEO's daughter hostage. (Different company each year) 4) Writing a converter for a proprietary image format in Python. 1) Restoration of Hand-drawn Japanese Media 2) Methods for accurately estimating how a given damaged area originally looked like and faithfully restoring it. Examples of particularly tricky restoration works carried out by famous experts in the field. 3) Getting naked and acting out scenes in groups to take pictures for tracing. 4) Retouching a lightly damaged artwork. 1) Applied Localization of Bonding Segments in Visual Novels 2) Refresher on the various tropes and clichés found in Japanese romance scenes. Examples of common inaccuracies and exaggerations to be aware of. Techniques for improving upon overly repetitive or graphic descriptions. 3) Playing a segment on the projector and discussing how it could be rewritten to be more realistic and engaging to read. 4) Screwing a sibling of choice and recording the act for reference when translating intrafamilial bonding scenes. (Only children can ask their parents for help)
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    Might also be caching, you never know with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A quick fix would be to stop caring about likes as much, but who am I kidding?
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    Bad anime with good openings

    Tsukihime doesn't have an anime man, what are you talking about?
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    2000 post mandatory thread.

    That's right I've finally made it to 2000 posts and it's no different than when I made it to 1000 or 500 I suppose, Fuwa has been like a second home to me for a long while and even though I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be back in the day (it shows by how long it took me to get here ) I still consider it special even if I don't always agree with everything that surrounds it. I guess you can ask me things and I may or may not answer them T'was here that I also met a lot of people whom I consider friends and that I enjoy talking to: @VirginSmasher The moege hater himself that I've known for quite a while now and even though he's always right we don't always agree @HMN IEIIIII! @Kiriririri The moebuta loli itself @Kaguya The one good mod @Zakamutt The softcore elitist @Asonn The salty dutchman @Kawasumi Maddie the keeper of smiles @madvanced No U (Wholesome Noel) @AaronIsCrunchy & @Forgetful Frank The kawaii Brit and the disgustingly perverted Brit ( Kind of like the beauty and the beast) @Chewy The Aussie @Arcadeotic Yet another one of the ones I met long ago and whom I run FuwaSpammers with I could sit here and name people all day but I won't do that partially because I wasn't sure I'd make this post in the first place but as it stands I was convinced to do it anyway. Thank you everyone for being around and making the place livelier not only here but on our server as well. I will provide the link to the server in case more Fuwa brothers wish to join us : https://discord.gg/xN5Sakv @Dergonu
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    Butterfly Seeker

    This is Unobara Nozomu's second attempt at the mystery genre (for those who are interested, he also wrote Yurirei, Teito Hiten Daisakusen, and Fairytale Requiem) after the dramatic failure of Shinsou Noise last year. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this game, despite its interesting concept. This game, like many detective mystery type VNs, possesses a deduction system... but thankfully, it also lets you skip that portion at the click of a button (thus avoiding the story disruption that is the norm for games with deduction gameplay). The story takes place in Shiraori City, a small city that has a massive murder rate, with most of them being carried out by serial killers, who seem to bloom like poisonous flowers by the handful in the city (incidentally, the manslaughter and incidental killing rates are much lower compared to the population than in the rest of the country, apparently). In this city, due to the sheer workload of all those murder cases, is a system whereby young people with unusual talents are taken on and trained as student investigators. The protagonist, Tohno Keisuke is one of these, a young man with the ability to see the factor that made a victim's fate certain when he touches their corpse (or their ashes, hair, etc.). This ability has, with the help of his fellow investigators, allowed him to find several serial killers. His school's 'team' of student investigators works under the label of 'mushikui' (a club supposedly devoted to finding better ways to eat bugs). The members of the club are Tendou Yui, a girl with an extremely strong sense of empathy that allows her to read the emotions and thought patterns of others from the most minor clues; Himuro Chitose, an almost autistic girl with an excellent memory and capacity for rational thought that has her training to be a profiler; Saotome Haya, an aggressive girl with immense physical abilities who hates criminals and loves nothing more than beating the shit out of them; and Kiryuu Azusa, the club's overseer, a teacher who is also a trained detective. The game consists of three heroine paths and one true path. There are eight endings other than the true one (five of which are bad or dead endings). The heroine paths in this game are about of equal quality, each adding pieces to the greater puzzle of the strange city the characters live in and bringing each heroine to life in turn. The protagonist, Keisuke, is something of a fractured spirit, constantly stabbed with pain left from his past (I'm not going to spoil you about it, even though it is revealed relatively early in the common route why this is), and how the heroines bring him out of this differs radically from path to path. ... trying to avoid spoilers in a mystery game is a serious pain in the butt. I can't really say anything in particular about the heroine paths without spoiling things, so I'll restrict myself to saying that each heroine path covers an individual case (a series of serial killings), and the mysteries themselves are relatively interesting on their own. Chitose's perp is probably the most obvious, whereas Haya's perp is the most obscure (clues are more subtle). There is a lot of psychopathy and disturbed minds in this game, and that includes the heroines and the protagonist (they all have issues, though not as bad as the killers they chase, lol). The true path follows the mystery of the 'why' and 'what' of what happened six years ago (the events that resulted in Keisuke gaining the Butterfly Seeker ability and becoming obsessed with saving as many lives as possible). It reveals, piece by piece (drawing on the 'pieces' revealed in each heroine's path in part) the full truth of both the events six years previous and the events still occurring in Shiraori City. The ending of the true path is a bittersweet one, and - unlike most such paths - it isn't a heroine ending. While there are some things to be optimistic about for the characters, the fact remains that theirs is a life surrounded by tragedy (oh and watching Yui during a certain scene was scarier than any of the serial killers in this VN, lol). I left this VN feeling relatively good about it... which is rare for me, when it comes to mystery VNs. A lot of it was that I liked the characters, the music, and how they handled the actual cases. Another part of it was that Keisuke was a surprisingly good protagonist. Overall, this was a good VN, though I'm not likely to pick it for VN of the Month this time around (this month is waaay too packed). For those who are interested, Dergonu is handling Akumade, Kore wa ~ no Monogatari and fun2novel is handling Etatoto. The simple reason is that there are just too many March releases for one man to handle, and they were interested in those two games. Edit: In retrospect, I do have one big complaint about this VN... there is no Azusa path. Azusa would make an excellent heroine, and it seemed a bit forced to make all the heroines around the protagonist's own age, considering how mature he is, in general.
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    Two weeks ago I've brought you an interview with Reine Works' Jackie M., where we talked about realities of OELVN publishing and the specificity of women-oriented western VNs. Today, I have an immense pleasure of bringing the spotlight onto one of my favourite western VN creators. Nami is an indie game developer and author of highly appreciated yuri titles, such as Her Tears Were My Light and Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet. If you observe VN contests such as Yuri Game Jam or NaNoRenO, or you read my post about the best YGJ VNs, you should probably be at least somewhat familiar with her work – and if you’re not, I hope reading this short interview will convince you to change that ASAP. 😉 Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------ Plk_Lesiak: Hello and thank you for agreeing to this interview! Many people interested in the OELVN scene might know your Itch.io handle NomnomNami or at least recognize the style you use in your projects, but probably not much more. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Nami: When I’m not making my own games I’m usually screaming about Disgaea, but most of my time lately goes into working for Lab Zero on their big crowdfunded RPG, Indivisible. Right now my life is work, work, work, so I’m afraid I don't have much interesting stuff to say about it. PL: Usually, developers that try their strength in the visual novel format have a strong connection to otaku culture and borrow various ideas and elements of style from Japanese media. How is it in your case? N: I've been a huge fan of Japanese anime/manga/games since I was like 10, and I’ve loved a lot of games that use a visual novel style format so it seemed really natural to me. I think my subconscious goal is to write things that feel like a Disgaea cutscene - I just really love Disgaea! PL: Disgaea is, above all, a strategy game series. Are there any visual novels that you think influenced your work? Do you read any Japanese or Western VNs nowadays? N: While these aren't pure VNs, I really enjoyed the original Ace Attorney trilogy, Hotel Dusk, and 999. Nowadays I don't play games that often, but I browse Itch.io a lot and try to check out what other people make for NaNoRenO and Yuri Jam! Her Tears Were My Light PL: As you state yourself on your Patreon page, you make games about "girls who like other girls". What inspired you to focus on this theme? N: There's definitely a lack of quality w/w media out there – and I happen to really enjoy drawing/writing cute girls who love each other a whole lot! So, mostly I’m just making stories that are fun for me to make, but there have been a lot of people really excited to play games like mine, so I feel like I want to provide for them too. I guess in the end it's just what I’m most passionate about. PL: Who do you think forms the main audience for your games? Japanese yuri titles are, in the end, mostly targeted towards men and there's a fair share of OELVN titles copying that format. Is there a specific kind of player you have in mind when making your games? N: I don't really have the data to back this up but it feels like a lot of young queer people are playing them – which is great, because if they're looking for characters with similar experiences to theirs then they'll probably find one [laughter]. A bunch of the let's plays I’ve noticed are done by men, but I’m not sure if that's an accurate scope of the playerbase – maybe it only means there's generally more male-identifying LP-ers out there looking for indie games to dive into. My target audience is really just anyone who likes cute stuff. Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet PL: Your games offer a lot of diversity when it comes to relationships portrayed in them and bend the gender stereotypes in various ways. What's your reasoning for including those elements and did you ever got negative feedback because of them? N: I don't really get negative comments luckily, but I do get people who don't understand certain characters and either call them weird or ignore what the game says about them to keep their own "safe", or, I guess, "understandable" version of the character. I try to make things clear in the script without drawing so much attention to it that people feel like: "ok we get it already!". My designs tend to be feminine-leaning androgynous, so some of my boys (notably Pastille) get mistaken for girls, and non-binary characters are assumed to be female as well. It's really clear in my mind as to who identifies as what, so I actually used to get really surprised when people couldn't tell at a glance. Anyway, it's more interesting to have a wide variety of gender representation! That's why I'm trying to write characters that are less common to see. PL: One thing that definitely makes your work stand out is your unique artstyle – did you have much experience as an artist before creating your first games? N: I’ve always been an artist before anything else – I did fan art and comics when I was a kid, then as a teenager I got a tablet so I went into digital art and flash animations, and now I work in games. I’m glad to hear my style stands out though, it's been developing for a long time now (I'm currently 25). Romance Detective PL: Most of your games seem to be solo projects, appropriately small in scale. Are there any bigger ones that you're involved in or plan to start in the future? N: Last year I actually formed a studio with my friend DarkChibiShadow called Sofdelux – we've only released 2 games so far but I’d say Mermaid Splash was pretty big! I tend to prefer smaller projects just because they can get done more quickly and then I get to move on to the next thing, but being able to work with DCS lets me finish a big idea before I run out of energy. As I mentioned before, I’m also working on Indivisible – although only as one of the artists, not really as a creative force at all. PL: I've already read that you're working on another part of the Treat RPG-maker game saga, do you have any other plans for 2018 that you could share at this point? N: 2018 plans, huh... There's definitely another Sofdelux release coming. I have a lot of half-finished projects sitting around I'd like to get to, it's just a matter of time and energy. Though I'm sure some game jam will come up and I'll have a small enough idea for it and the inspiration to just go ahead and drop everything to make it. That's how I seem to work best! I'm bad at making a schedule but I hope I can release at least two more games this year! PL: All your games are for available for free – for people that aren't already familiar with your work, where can they find your projects and if they like what they find, what are the ways in which they can support you? N: I have a Patreon, Twitter, and a Tumblr where I post art! Patreon and pay-what-you-want through Itch.io are probably the best ways to support me, but spreading the word about my games is really nice too. I think most people find me through watching let's plays, so I really appreciate anyone who shares my stuff. Even if it's just to a couple friends <3. PL: Thank you for your time! ----------------------------------------------------- I hope you all enjoyed the interview! As always, if you have any thoughts about the kind of questions or even guests you would like to see in this segment in the future, please leave them in the comments below. All feedback and possible criticism will be appreciated. Also, don’t forget to follow the links in the article and check out Nami’s work – it’s all free-to-play, unless you choose to pay for it by your own volition. 😉
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    Okay, update time. I know it's not the first of the month, but there was no way I was going to try using Fuwa while that April Fools' thing was up. It turns out not to matter because I've been, uh, 'busy' the last few days. Busy playing Prey. Which is an awesome game, and if you haven't tried it you really ought to look into it. Shoku Main 78% (8097/10321)(+15%) Battle 100% (299/299) Aisha, Touka 37% (1546/4137) Ei, Yue 36% (695/1954) Enya 59% (1632/2777) (+58%) Hinari, Shuri 57% (1660/2907) (+35%) Iishe, Pairen, Reiha, Toshi 51% (1730/3377) (+15%) Kikyou, Shion 48% (1083/2277) (+47%) Mii 36% (518/1448) (+9%) Nenene, Ren 23% (752/3330) (+7%) Rinrin 43% (1245/2912) Sei 70% (1911/2734) (+1%) Sui, Tanpopo 80% (2722/3409) (+3%) Shoku TL:99% (+2%) (41497/41882) Edit:57% (+15%) (23890/41882) Untranslated H-scene routes: Sei & Rinrin have partial h-scene translations. Gi: 4% (1390/38852) Go: 5% (1360/25983) Total: 24% (+5%) (26644/108888)
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    Public Service Announcement

    It's the internet. Girls are guys and children are 40+ year old men. Guys however can be girls. It's properly safest to just use "it" instead of "him" or "her"
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    Luckily it's proving a lot of fun to translate this one so fingers crossed for all of you that I still have plenty of time and it remains this much fun to translate and progress should be good speed compared to previous projects. Kudos to @VirginSmasher for being persistent enough to find the necessary staff to get this project underway. Some experienced people there who have a history of success so it bodes well for this project.
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    What about yuri harems then?
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    Incest is not a rare theme in visual novels – many titles, even very serious ones, have romance routes involving protagonist’s sibling in various different configurations, while nukige are full of taboo sex in every conceivable form, including that between family members. Still, it's a topic that is very rarely done in a deep, compelling way, usually leading to a cliché conclusion like “we’re not blood-related after all, we can be together” or simply ignoring the deep social stigma connected to it and delivering an unconvincing happy ending. Even pieces of Japanese media that tried to get away from these tropes, like Oreimo, authors of which wanted to lead brother/sister romance to its logical conclusion, were cut short by the producers wary of negative reactions such story development could gather. Love Ribbon, a yuri visual novel developed by Razzart Visual and published on Steam in January 2017 is a rare exception to the trend I’ve described above – it not only offers a rather unusual sister/sister romance scenario, but also gives its full focus to the theme of incestuous love affair and explores it in interesting and rather realistic ways. It’s also an example of an OELVN that offers very explicit erotic content, but implements it as an optional feature that fits rather well with the story content, but isn’t in any way essential for experiencing it and doesn't affect the "SFW" version of the game in negative ways. The girls are both close to pure archetypes, but their backstories and interactions make the whole scenario rather believable and compelling When looking at a game advertising itself through incest romance and offering h-content, it’s not that hard to expect it will be just a vessel for taboo porn – Love Ribbon's pacing and story set-up quickly dispels this notion though. The lead characters, Iris and Zoey, are high-schoolers who were raised not knowing of each other’s existence, in very different backgrounds and financial situations. By initiative of their father, they are meant to start attending the same school and living together in a rented house. From the very beginning, their personalities clash in a borderline-violent way – timid and well-mannered Iris being unable to cope with Zoey’s hostile and undisciplined behaviour, but still doing her best to get closer to her, initially leading to even more antagonistic reactions. Soon after, however, a sexual tension starts building up between them, leading to a surprisingly compelling story, involving not only the theme of forbidden love but also discovering one's sexuality (on Iris’ part) and exploring the shame and social stigma connected to incestuous relationships. The game never forgets the costs associated with protagonist’s choices and challenges it could create, while also being able to deliver a satisfying, warm ending (mostly thanks to the extended epilogue, added sometime after the game’s release). It’s most likely the best use of the theme I’ve seen in VNs so far, without cheap plot devices nullifying the problem or naive optimism. Of course, it doesn't mean that the story is in any way perfect – the main characters, while good enough to carry the plot, are somewhat standard archetypes and rarely ever surprise you with their actions – they’re believable, thanks to their backstories and good visual design, but don’t offer much depth. The scale of the game also limited the ways in which they could be developed – thankfully, the fact they’re the sole focus on the story helps a bit, as we don’t waste time on any unnecessary subplots, but just observe their developing relationship and the ever-intensifying drama connected to their circumstances. While the whole VN takes around 6-7 hours to finish, it’s well paced and keeps you emotionally engaged all the time – it only lacks the complexity of bigger titles, for example offering only very minor, ultimately insignificant choices, apart from the final one which determines the ending. Just like in Starlight Vega, Razz’s art is one of the strongest parts of the game, giving it a pretty unique style Love Ribbon’s story is complemented by high-quality visual assets – especially Razz’s sprites and CGs are both pretty and quite distinct from generic anime style we often see in low-budget VNs. While not very heavy on details, they’re definitely pleasing to the eye – one might criticize the lack of sprites for supporting characters, but they’re also so rarely present in the story it’s not really that noticeable. Music, while very much standard and not in any way memorable, was definitely inoffensive and flowed well with the story content. What some could probably find offensive though, on a few fronts, is the h-content. The standard Steam version of the game has its fair share of erotic moments, without explicit images, but often coupled with pretty graphic descriptions. All these scenes serve as fairly crucial parts of the plot though and it’s hard to question their inclusion – for example a scene where Iris looks up lesbian porn on the internet and then masturbates to it might seem like an opportunity for cheap fanservice, but serves both as an important part in her character development (as she tries to understand her attraction towards Zoey) and a crucial plot device (in a way I won’t mention to avoid spoilers). From this point of view, it was probably one of the better-implemented pieces of sexual content I’ve seen in VNs - still, some could be uncomfortable with the tone of these scenes even in the "clean" version of the game, it's definitely not all fluffy and innocent. The game can be experienced both with and without h-content – the “SFW” version still have the right pacing and a few compelling erotic moments, never making you feel like you’re missing something important The unlockable, partially-animated h-scenes (there’s two, pretty lengthy ones) are a bit more complicated issue – I might not be the best person to assess them properly, as I simply don’t enjoy hentai, but I can say they left me with mixed feelings, even beyond that produced by my usual biases. They appeared at rather appropriate moments, didn’t feel forced and I also can’t say anything bad about their visual execution or the text accompanying it (although, it contained often surprisingly pornographic wording). Still, as the nature of Iris and Zoey's relationship and the sexual tension between them was already communicated well enough in "SFW" version, these hentai segments didn’t seem to serve any purpose other than fapping material – and as I wasn’t interested in that, I actually only felt nostalgic for softcore scenes from Starlight Vega. For me, that approach is definitely more “hot” and fun to read, giving my imagination something to do rather than bombarding me with Pornhub-style close-ups. Yuri hentai enthusiasts should be satisfied with this content though and what’s most important, it’s completely skippable – the story’s pacing or comprehension doesn’t suffer in any serious way when these scenes are cut out and as I’ve mentioned earlier, the vanilla version still has its share of milder, but still satisfying sexual content. In the end though, Love Ribbon is a surprisingly compelling and enjoyable VN, obviously directed towards people already interested in yuri and not being easily put-off by taboo topics, but offering much more than just a bait in the form of a controversial subject matter. For those who like the taboo-breaking aspect of it (to some extent I’m definitely one of those), it will be a real treat but should be worth looking into for anyone that finds “forbidden love” stories appealing – the h-content being just a bonus for those really interested. Final score: 4/5 Pros: + Serious, mature approach to the theme of incest + Good visual assets + Well-done 17+ erotic segments + Fully-optional h-content Cons: - Rather short - Mostly meaningless choices Buy Love Ribbon on Steam
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    It is somewhat sad that Moenovel gets money because other people have done their work for them. That being said I don't blame you for buying the steam version and using the patch since it is much cheaper than the japanese version. It just kind of feels a bit odd that Moenovel should get rewarded for other people fixing the VN they completely butchered.
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    I've been waiting for this particular game to get a project going so that I could translate it, but I didn't want to be project lead (and everything else) as well as translator this time. Luckily no one noticed I was free for translation between finishing Clover Day's and now so I could jump straight into it. I'm really looking forward to translating this and hope we get enough staff to make it a great release. Given my history with my previous projects I'm sure you all know I definitely see things out to the end, so at the very least you have one translator that is dedicated to it, however we do need another translator as this is a well known kamige and the standard required really needs the highest quality translation and checking to do it justice. Translators and editors step up and join in.
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    Hello! So I recently finished playing "Tales of Berseria" (JRPG game by Bandai Namco) and I thought I would round up my thoughts about the game here (the review should be mostly spoiler free, otherwise notify me and I'll change it). The story tells the tale of young Velvet Crowe and her adventurous crew (surmounting to 6 by the end of the game) who set out to put an end to a trauma of Velvet's past by all manner of means, ranging from fishing and cooking to straight up fighting. Well mostly the latter. You see while you might be fooled by an early cutesy introduction the meat of the game is truly in its dark undertones which, for a game with a age rating of 16, is a fair amount of the content. I found also that the content was fairly philosophical at times (perhaps not in the amount of some VNs though). In the game you namely find yourself fighting between different values, ideas and perspectives, something the game manages in my opinion to do with fluidity and better than most games and VNs. This philosophy comes from the intimite and delicate relation the game places between cutscenes, extra dialogue (dialogue you can choose to straight up never open) and world building in which you get to take a part of not a straight up philosophy lesson but instead a smaller amount of nit picks of philosophy. In this regard I found the game interesting above the brute force gameplay and story (we will get to that later) and found myself able to enjoy not skipping every single dialogue line, something I admittedly find myself doing all too often in games. The story is very good and interesting throughout the whole game, if somewhat trope-ish (what can one expect from a JRPG game?) and while the story never managed to grab me to the point of tears it certainly has its moments for both the ones liking darker and (somewhat) lighter storylines. Is this good? Well, perhaps. I personally did not really enjoy the sudden shift the game took towards the end to become so light namely and I sort of wished the story had stuck purely to the largely dark undertones it held in the beginning, since this shift sort of opened up the door for it being trope-ish for the (in my opinion good) ending. Did this largely influence my enjoyment? Certainly not, but just something to note for those not able to stand JRPGs love for tropes. In terms of voice acting I can not speak for the English side but with Japanese voices the dialogue is very nicely voiced. The fighting (which is 50%> of the game in my opinion) is focused on different, so called, artes (attacks basically) which have different effects, elements, level upgrading (..., I was literally still getting new tutorial messages for fights 1 hour before the, ~40-ish hour, game ended). If you are like me however you will notice the little blue bar (so called "souls") next to people's faces and that is, truth be told, the MVP meter, 80% of your time will be spent waiting for this to go up to three bars and then pressing R to do some, so called, break soul ability, which is basically code name for stun lock, invincibility frames and damage central (if you want some NG+ level fighting, I am not your guy, I am the R spammer). If you do not have this bar filled you will be in the living hell mode, where you can get stun locked into the next century and can get absolutely destroyed by different AI unless you run around in circles (blocking does exist but did not work very well in my experience compared to dashing away) and wait for your blue bar (basically working as a stamina bar) to refill by attacking with basic artes and running. Is the fighting enjoyable? Yes. Is it repetitive? Yes, especially if you need to farm for levels where your life basically becomes turning down the volume to next to nought to not have to use hearing aid in the near future due to the EXTREMELY loud battle sounds (one reason I cannot really speak for the music) and getting perhaps slightly bored of seeing the same cat on a wand for the 30th time. Personally I would have perhaps liked some other battle system (with an lessened focus on stuns and the "souls" (stamina bar) and an increased focus on leveling) but I can also see the enjoyment it brings when you absolutely destroy your enemies with OP and nice animated powers. Beware however, the AOE stun of doom is real in this game so if you screw up your blue bar of destiny you are a bit in the toilet when an enemy does an AOE of half the battleground and you can neither run away, get up your souls (since it takes forever to do so) or attack (due to the extreme damage some bosses do). In terms of bosses the game too offers a wide arrange, though arguably they are later on narrowed down in terms of difficulty to their AOE attack size and ability to stun lock you and your AI friends (which are actually pretty good in my experience of not needlessly dying), since in my experience that is where the real trouble late game comes up and minor changes in attack patterns become minor. The characters are also really enjoyable and funny, making me chuckle more than once and not making one character that one guy which is boring compared to the others. The relations between the different antagonists and characters later on get really interesting too, tying in nicely with good story overall. In terms of graphics the game is generally really good, if perhaps somewhat randomly pixely at some points (I laughed when an antagonist got an 144p background randomly smashed up behind himself while he kept the same quality as the rest of the game). Out doors the quality stays pretty good too and most of the views of the game are pretty nice if looked from afar, if somewhat dulled out if you get close up. Ending thoughts Though focusing (perhaps too much) on the the battle system, Tales of Berseria is something to truly enjoy for its story and characters, which is something that brought me back to game and made the experience all the more worth it.
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    (Whelp...here goes nothing. This is a game set in JP, but I have a good reason for this, I swear to God!) PS: I LOVE YOU (R18) VNDB Website Team: Eunsun Shin, Toxicmilkk (colorist), Lizm (colorist), Red L. Jameson (editor) I’ve never thought about falling in love. I’m not even sure know what that means. My parents divorced when I was seven, but even before then, for as long as I could remember, their marriage was in tatters, both of them desperately hanging on to something they secretly knew was over. ------- College junior Kei Asakawa doesn’t believe in love. After a childhood spent watching her parents tear each other apart, she wants nothing to do with affairs of the heart. But one special day, she meets three men who could change her outlook on life—and love—forever. PS: I Love You is a dating sim and visual novel in the otome “maiden” game genre, featuring over 100,000 words of original story, stunning illustrations, and three swoon-worthy men to choose from: - Naoki Takayama, the happy-go-lucky baseball star who’s been best friends with Kei since childhood - Haruhito Satou, the cold, efficient businessman hiding a heart of gold and an impoverished past - Shinichi Kougure, Kei’s playboy cafe-owner boss with walls of ice around his heart and a boy band history he’ll be forced to revisit Can Kei win over any of the men who’ve caught her eye, and if so, which one? The road to love won’t be easy, between career-ending injuries, long distance relationships, endless paparazzi, and secret meet-ups, but you’ll decide what path Kei takes. ~70,000 - 100,000k word count (including common routes) Multiple Good Ends (Lukewarm ends, no rapey bad ends) Original OP song composed by nostraightanswer and recorded by rubysakura Naoki's route is free to play, Haruhito/Shinichi is an additional $5 each The game, as of 4.6.2018, is about 25% complete. I've been focusing a great deal of my time working on the art (god, there's so much art) and unfortunately, the script's kind of fallen by the wayside. The synopsis/plotlines are all, er, plotted, so it's just a matter of writing the damn thing. I'm a fast writer, though, so I anticipate being able to complete AT LEAST Naoki's route by the end of this month, which is when I'll send it off to my beta testers. But I'm hoping to have a demo of PS: I<3 U available to play by the end of next week. The script is finished; it's about 15k and the demo will end when you get to the choosing scene. I think a May 30th release is wholly possible. Once the assets are complete, it's a matter of finishing the script, sending it off to the editor, and then programming it. (actually, now that I think about it, May 30 is not that far off, OTL) Once I release the demo on itchio, I'll post up a short questionaire for you folks to fill out, if you would be so kind.
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    Ebi-Hime is one of the very few OELVN developers who managed to establish themselves as a reliable and respected creators even among the JP-centric visual novel fans. Having released over 20 titles since 2013, both freeware and commercial, she is probably best-known for her yuri titles, such as Asphyxia and The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns, and impressive horror stories, such as Sweetest Monster and The Way We All Go. Most of her work stands out through unusual, western settings, deep connection to English culture and literature and art that diverge in various ways from generic, anime-style illustrations you can find in most western VNs. Blackberry Honey, Ebi-Hime’s latest commercial VN, is both a very typical title for her – with its yuri themes, Victorian England setting and unusual stylization – and an unusual one, as it the first project of her's to include explicit sexual content, through an optional 18+ patch. So, how did this first venture into the world of eroge turned out for the OELVN scene’s star creator? The game has its share of interesting and surprising moments, but the overall pacing is painfully slow and predictable, even for a romance Blackberry Honey follows the story of Lorina Waugh, a young, poor maid that starts working in a rural residence of Bly, after being sent off in disgrace from her previous job, in unclear circumstances. Being mistreated by some of the older maids in the estate and Lady Constance, the young daughter of the owners, she struggles desperately to hold to her position, so she can financially support her mother and sisters. After being hurt while performing a pointless chore for Constance, she stumbles upon the Bly’s unusual, foreign-looking parlour maid, Taohua, sparking a relationship that will completely change her life. As the game is a kinetic novel, the story is completely linear and follows a fairly predictable romance formula. It’s definitely not lighthearted, being very thorough in pointing out the social injustices of XIX-century England (and disturbing details of Lorina’s especially miserable circumstances), but being even more depressing than I’ve expected is probably the only way in which it managed to surprise me. Pointless cruelty, represented most by Constance (and to a lesser extent, by Pauline and Isobel, older maids that bullies Lorina), is constantly present and creates some heavily uncomfortable developments, putting the protagonist in absolutely hopeless situations, only sometimes mitigated by Taohua’s interventions. The positive support characters, such as other maids sympathetic towards Lorina give the whole story a more realistic feeling, but are completely ineffectual for the main storyline – all this makes much of the story pretty tiring to read. The fairly small support cast is well developed and fairly interesting, but most often adds very little to the main story All this is made even more problematic by the game’s pacing – the mundane, everyday hardships of Lorina’s life definitely dominate the story and while some of it was definitely necessary to establish her character and express her situation well enough, the actual plot progression is extremely slow – it feels like 5-6 hours of good story was diluted over 10+ hours of reading, with really interesting moments few and far between. Ebi’s very high-quality writing is maybe the sole factor that makes the slower portions of the game bearable – as always, it offers enjoyable prose and most often ads to the character development (for example, showing some reasons behind Constance’s cruel behavior), too often however without any real purpose or connection with the main intrigue. Also, when the game introduces some intriguing developments or gives some kind of spin to the secondary characters, more often than not it leads absolutely nowhere (the most egregious example of that I can’t mention to avoid spoilers). The lead couple salvages the situation to some extent, mostly thanks to Taohua and the mystery behind her origins and peculiar position within Bly. Her backstory, revealed very late in the game, was definitely my favourite portion of the whole VN and something I was waiting for since her introduction. Lorina, while having some admirable features, can’t be really called a compelling protagonist because of her constant powerlessness and sometimes maybe even unreasonable unwillingness to stand up against her abusers. Her forced passivity translates to some extent into romance scenario, in which Taohua, being both older and having much higher social standing, is definitely the dominating figure. That also, before the pretty sweet ending, added to the feeling of discomfort and frustration that rarely fully left me while reading Blackberry Honey. While the protagonist’s hentai-like design feels out of place, the game’s peculiar artstyle is generally enjoyable The game’s visuals are fairly unusual in style, especially when talking about sprites and CGs – it is however very consistent in quality and all elements of it, from backgrounds to UI design, compliment the general atmosphere of the story pretty well. The hentai-like design of the protagonist, with absurdly large breasts, is slightly unsettling at first, but definitely, something you can get used to, while the relative lack of variety of poses and expression of the characters is noticeable, but not severe enough to ruin the overall effect. The erotic segments, which the game advertises itself with, were also among the more enjoyable straight-up yuri h-scenes I’ve seen, never taking unreasonable amounts of time or becoming overly explicit. Some porn tropes were, of course, present – I didn’t know that XIX-century maids, especially young virgins, shaved their pubic hair – but as I’m not the intended audience for such content, I’ve at least had fewer problems with it than usual. The scenes also seem pretty safe to skip, without breaking the flow of the game, which I always consider a plus – the 18+ patch really is optional. Music as usual didn’t manage to catch my attention most of the time, but when it did, it felt both pretty lovely and appropriate for the setting. I can’t hide the fact that in the hindsight, Blackberry Honey was definitely a disappointment for me, even though it never actually crossed the line to being a bad game. The after-credits note by Ebi gives some hints of the sources of my main complains – the game was first though out as short nukige, more or less devoid of any real plot and over time grew into a fully-fledged VN idea. It was also re-written a few times, with elements being added out of order and the story changing in major ways – it’s not surprising, in these circumstances, that the end product lacked focus and had serious issues with pacing. Still, while my review might feel overly negative in tone, I don’t think Blackberry Honey is not worth your time – it’s simply a very slow game, that is best approached with an abundance of free time and willingness to wait for the more intriguing parts to show up. And especially if you enjoy yuri sexual content, it will ultimately prove rewarding. Final score: 3/5 Pros: + Well-implemented, western setting + Interesting artstyle + High-quality prose Cons: - Extremely slow pacing - Stories of side characters go nowhere Buy Blackberry Honey on Steam
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    This week appears to be the week where it can be seen in the numbers that the team of translators has been expanded 51.7% TOTAL +1.1% 31626/61164 +677 65.9% Routes +1.7% 30.1% Side Stories 24.6% Training Routes 96.0% Common 100.0% Karin 26.2% Ichigo +6.3% 100.0% Mikan 100.0% Yuzu 100.0% Suika 100.0% Twins 100.0% Zakuro 5.2% Secret A +5.2% 0.0% Secret B
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    Public Service Announcement

    If anyone's curious about it, it led to roughly 17%+ activity on the forums compared to other recent sundays.
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    It's seems I addicted into fckin' Yuri .-.
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    None. I'm a degenerate that likes lolis. I already accepted that I'm a degenerate. So I don't feel ashamed of anything now. Alos Chiru Chiru is a good game btw.