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    The problem While spurred by recent events, this essay touches on something that seems to have been a pattern in site moderation for some time now. Let me make a claim: if a rule, especially one that is vaguely worded, is not enforced, for a decent amount of people that rule does not exist. This nonexistence integrates into the mental model of the rules that forum members construct, no matter what the formal rules may say. For members using this mental model, beginning to enforce a rule that was previously unenforced is equivalent to creating a new rule. As such, the same procedures as those used to notify forum members of new rules should be applied, possibly with some adaptation on the lines of "we will now actually enforce this rule", as the rule effectively did not previously exist. The ur-example of this is the loligeddon of yore. The takeaway from the loligeddon when it comes to this essay is this: mods repeatedly stated that no rules had actually been changed. Yet nevertheless the appearance and subsequent removal of a particularly problematic post sparked sweeping policy changes, a cleanup operation, a tl;dr post by the administrator explaining the changes, et cetera. This should make it clear that changing policy is a big deal, even if no written rules actually change. Recent policy changes, however, have been very different from what happened during the loligeddon. Frequently the only indication that effective rules have changed has been moderator action, sometimes fairly strict. In essentially all cases this action has been explained either inadequately or, most commonly, not at all. When this occurs the target(s) of moderation will likely feel that they have been unfairly, erratically targeted by a capricious, uncommunicative bully. What do you do when you get bullied? Well, you could talk to HR, but the mod that bullied you is probably in HR anyway and you might not even know who did it. Another option is to fight back. You annoy me, I pay you back in kind - and if I can get some fun at your expense, sure, why not? You're a bully, you deserve it.[1] I do not mean to suggest that we need to have a tl;dr writeup every time a rule is changed, but a simple statement of intent would be appreciated. I estimate that writing this should take no more than 20 minutes. As an example, here's a hypothetical notice regarding the changing of rules on gifs that took me ~10 minutes to write. Note that the policy mentioned here could be reversed or altered to be more specific if it turns out that it was unclear or did more harm than good, which is arguably more difficult to do if the rule has been made official.[2] In the light of this, I would like to present some recommendations. Recommendations When moderating, consider if your action is effectively creating or modifying rules Remember: in the minds of some of your users, unenforced rules may as well not exist. If you decide to moderate something that was previously typically not being moderated, this will cause confusion and consternation. As such, whenever you make a decision, ask yourself: am I changing the rules? If so, you need to consider both whether your action is actually justified, and how you are going to inform the public of your policy change. You are not a cop, you are a judge in a precedent-setting court. This is especially true due to the (understandable) current policy of supporting other mods' decisions near unconditionally. Do not make controversial decisions when following up is difficult On some occasions moderators have moderated while on vacation, using their phone, with bad connections et cetera. I strongly recommend against making anything close to a controversial decision in these conditions. You will end up both ruining your vacation and doing a bad job. Talk first, shoot later If you are performing a moderator action which reasonably should include notifying the target of the action, write up the informative PM or otherwise establish communication before enforcement. You could also consider writing up the notification of intent to change / differently enforce / clarify rules before moderating. Most of the time nobody is harmed much by leaving something up until you can handle it properly. For things that require more urgent management such as a fast-evolving derailment, consider either using a PM template for 1-2 people or making a post stating that you have removed derailing posts in the thread you moderated. Make people feel heard One key theme of this essay is the importance of communication. This extends beyond just notifying people of changes to the rules. I am under no illusions that your actions will go uncontested or that people won't meme and fling shit at you even if you try your best to communicate as advised in this essay. In part this is due to the frustration some people, and certainly I myself, consider you responsible for creating due to your actions up to this point. However, when hostility meets well-practiced civility its fires often run out of fuel. If you constructively engage with those who would oppose you, you can both soothe their frustration and create better, more precise final rules. Obviously there has to be a limit and ultimately you set the rules to follow. But explaining, refining, and justifying your position elevates it from that of a dim-witted bully with little justification for their actions to someone who has a well-grounded but different opinion of what the rules should be. The first one deserves punishment, the second, grudging respect. As a personal observation: in general, you should assume that much less of your decisions are obviously justified than you currently think. One man's common sense is another man's borderline acceptability is another man's utterly idiotic rule enforcement. Moderation is a hard job If this all seems like a lot of hard work to you, congratulations! That's what I thought too when the mod applications came along, so I didn't apply. Any moderators that cannot actually moderate disputes should either confine themselves to routine, uncontroversial moderation tasks or step down from their position. Believe me, nobody will die either way, and you'll get to spend your free time doing something that suits you better. Notes [1] I personally don't consider the mods bullies when I do this kind of thing, but I do consider them deserving of public ridicule. The intention is both to correct behaviour and to extract some entertainment out of people that deserve to be made fun of. And yeah, I have no respect for authority. None. I will judge you by your actions alone. [2] This is an assumption based on my conception of normie considerations like pride, sticking with your decision, whatever. Obviously if a rule does more harm than good it should be removed whether or not it was enforced temporarily, but it is probably easier to do so politically if it was in fact considered temporary. Look, I'm trying desperately not to kill all normies every day here. Give me a break.
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    Survey: Community Improvements You Want

    Hi everybody, It's been a while. I'll make a personal update post at some point, but for the moment I'm posting to ask our users to take the first of what may be a series of surveys we put out this Summer. This first survey is essentially an open invitation to tell me exactly what problems are bothering you about the site, anonymously. My site work this Summer will be heavily influenced by this survey, so if you care about Fuwa and want to see site improvements, please participate. Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/DHWvWdmusKKXZBh43 I want to thank @Emi for a recent email, @Clephas for some recent posts in the forums I've read which gave me encouragement, all our moderators, @Decay for his patience with my crazy schedule and a soft VNTS pause, and all of our users for keeping Fuwanovel alive. Much love to all of you. Tay
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    We're gonna build our own recommendations chart, and make r/visualnovels pay for it!
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    Hello, Fuwa! We've always been a community with nice discussions, a great recommendations subforum and people who like very different VNs across all genres, languages and styles. So it's about time this shared knowledge and warm, vibrant community produces something everyone can use to browse through VNs. This is why we're now developing a Fuwa Recommendation Program! It's like a recommendation chart, except it isn't a chart but a quiz! We want to provide recommendations based on the user's tastes, general preferences and experience - from the newbie-friendly starter VNs to the super specific untranslated VN for the oldbie. So we need a big, diverse and interesting list from which the program can generate a shortlist for you. And you're very welcome to suggest new titles! Currently, we're at 301 titles, 50 of which are EVNs and 55 of which are untranslated: VNDB's most popular 200 titles, except sequels Recommendations from @BunnyAdvocate, @Plk_Lesiak, @MaggieROBOT, @Clephas, @Zalor and @Zakamutt Every VN that received a favorable FuwaReview (4* or 5*) Check the current list out here and post titles you want to see recommended to everyone that you're not seeing on the list! Thanks to everyone who is making this possible, especially BunnyAdvocate (once again bringing amazing algorithms and info to the table), without whom this wouldn't be possible at all. I hope we can bring all kinds of VN players and readers together for this.
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    Old times Fuwa: mascot attempts

    Recently managed to recover some files from my old HDD. So will most likely make a fair bit of posts about old things that dont matter anymore. Theres been discussions several times about giving fuwanovel a mascot, to no avail. so here is some attempts i made of drawing one based on what people thought they wanted to have. the first sketches: the first one i was decently happy with was : after this i went into a direction that looked mroe adult. was just attempts, nothing final so did not go more into detail and fixing things. but the ideas of a mascot for fuwa died out as fast as discussions appeared. well this is just a first part of some old memories that is obselite by this point.
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    How big is Fuwanovel?

    Mmm... I dunno about now, but there was a time just a few years ago when Fuwa had a ridiculous amount of influence for what amounts to 'just another otaku site'. A lot of it was that most of the people here were VN or otaku newbies and we had a solid set of veterans who were less interested in looking down on newbies than getting the good word (eroge) out there. Most other VN sites, for better or worse, were dominated by the most jaded type of veteran (unwilling to admit that anything outside their favorite genre is good, categorically rejecting anyone who likes OELVNs, etc). As such, it was easier just to come to Fuwa. A lot of the people doing fanstranslations at least posted here, and there were a lot of helpful people here. Unfortunately, that kind of thing never lasts long... and Tay hasn't been around lately, so there is only so much anyone can do to keep things going. We still have a solid core community, but the ratio of trolls to regular users went up and some people left. A lot of the veterans are ghosts now, and a lot of the former newbies have gone off on their own (becoming veterans themselves). Edit: The main reason Fuwa was so successful was because it was a VN-centric community in a period when there weren't many of those. Once SP, MG, and the others started mass-localizing, it was inevitable that the 'guerilla' atmosphere of the VN community would disperse and a VN-centric community would lose ground to more generalistic otaku communities. The English-only crowd tends to go elsewhere and the otaku crowd tends to head for more generalistic sites. Those of us veterans of the site (as opposed to VNs) that still hang around do so mostly because this is 'our place'. Heck, I post blogs on VNs that I know mostly won't be read until months or years later (I go look later and see a thousand views where only fifty to a hundred people look the first month or so) because this is the place I like to be. I don't have a real presence anywhere else anymore outside of my browsing accounts on Japanese sites, and that isn't likely to change as long as Fuwa is reasonably lively.
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    Hi again, Fuwa! The Newbie Friendliness Sorter for VNs is live! Thanks to all the contributions to this thread, we now have over 350 VNs in our recommendation list. However, we need to sort them according to their newbie friendliness. So, in order to do that, @BunnyAdvocate made a sorter quiz where you can vote for the most approachable VNs in pairs. You don't have to sort every VN - you can skip pairs and vote for as long as you want. You can also exclude untranslated VNs or EVNs and exclude specific VNs from appearing again once they show up. If you're unsure about how you should vote, consider reading and participating in this discussion. This is not an easy matter, but you should follow the criteria you think are more important. It would also be really cool if you all could share the link around. The more people vote, the better will be our results! So post it on Twitter, Facebook and any other VN communities you know :] Click on the picture below to start voting and earn bunnies as prizes.
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    What is a newbie-friendly VN?

    So recently @Darklord Rooke raised a point on this thread about what it would mean for a VN to be called "newbie friendly" and just a few days ago there was some discussion on vndb about this. So I think it's a good idea to discuss this here. What's a VN you'd consider appropriate for starters? What requisites do you think matter the most when recommending VNs for the uninitiated? Personally I'd say there are three "types" of newbie friendliness: Accessibility "How much does it cost?", "What platforms is it in?" and "Do I have to use AppLocale and other kinds of arcane magic to install and play it?" are all pertinent questions. Any convoluted VN you can play in your browser is more accessible than even the simplest VN you have to import from Japan. Themes "Would I recommend this VN to my mother?", "Would I recommend this VN to my daughter?" and "Would I mention this VN to a potential employer?" are all valid questions when it comes to VN newbie friendliness. Certain themes are more difficult to introduce to the average human being Literacy and Mechanics "Does this VN have a complicated writing style?" "Does this VN adequately explain how it works?" and "Are there quality of life functions like Autosave and Backlog?" are questions pertaining to how difficult it is to get used to a certain VN. Older VNs, especially the ones that are heavy on gameplay systems, tend to assume you know things you may not know at first and are all harder to understand than a straightforward kinetic novel. So what do you think constitutes a newbie-friendly VN? Which VNs do you think are good for people who have never read/played a VN? Is there any other criteria you think is important? ᵀʰᶦˢ ᵐᵃʸ ᵒʳ ᵐᵃʸ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵇᵉ ᶦᵐᵖᵒʳᵗᵃⁿᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ᵃ ᶠᵘᵗᵘʳᵉ ᶠᵘʷᵃ ʳᵉᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵈᵃᵗᶦᵒⁿ ˢᵉʳᵛᶦᶜᵉ
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    Valve's new steam policy.

    I kind of wish they hadn't done this. "Illegal or trolling" is too low a baseline for admission onto the world's probably most influential and popular video game marketplace. It's this very stance that got games literally about shooting LGBT+ people and the like onto Steam. (And the fact that Valve removes (some) of such games upon public outcry doesn't redeem its appearance on the store in the first place.) It's too easy to disseminate bigoted content this way, and all Valve needed to do was to create a policy that says "Games made for the purpose of mocking a(n oppressed) demographic, or games that endorse such content, are not allowed on Steam.". Steam is not the entire internet. If someone's just fucking dying to distribute racist, homophobic or sexist games, there are other avenues. Steam doesn't have to, and in my opinion, mustn't give a platform to such games. Steam isn't responsible for giving every single game a fair chance. And, of course, any actual quality vetting policy would also catch the myriad asset flips, barebones Unity turds, shovelware and copyright-infringing works. But I'm honestly more miffed about the political angle (a game called Feminazi: The Triggering doesn't really have a right to be put on the Steam storefront).
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    https://denpasoft.com/blogs/news/announcing-a-new-upcoming-title https://vndb.org/v16802 I edited it, so I'd be pretty stoked regardless, but it's a cool game and pretty far off the beaten path in terms of themes and execution, for the VN medium. I'm looking forward to you all getting to play it, and I hope I get to work on the sequels and the prequel!
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    How big is Fuwanovel?

    This is something I'd like to post about on the front site. A community update is long-overdue and there's a lot to talk about. I haven't looked at the analytics for a few weeks, but the site's still growing traffic-wise. The front site's major traffic goes to VNTS and Reviews. Kaguya showed some of the forums data, I'll add that walkthroughs are still big. And VNTL-Moon, oddly, is still getting traffic despite being woefully outdated and buggy.
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    How big is Fuwanovel?

    Can't see main site at all, but I can bring some neat forum stats! We've been really about the exact same for the past year and a half. After we killed torrents there was a big decline, then a soft one until mid 2016 where we reached what we have right now, where it has been more or less stuck since forever. We get about as many new users as we lose old ones, and so the balance remains stable (note that we're approaching what has historically been out lowest period of activity in the year, as you can see by all the declines around this time.) We can still consistently reach over 150 topics almost every month, which is already more than when I joined the forums. The community right now is pretty stable, though we can't really match up to our relevance in the old days. But that's torrents for you.
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    The Steam Creator feature is quite a neat thing and I think it can be used to promote quality VNs and good brands on Steam, which are now always at risk of drowning in the sea of crap that gets published on the platform on a daily basis. The devs and publishers are really jumping in to make use of the new tools, so I thought it could be a good idea to already start working on a comprehensive list of creators that are worth following from a VN fan's perspective. When I think it's comprehensive enough, I will publish it on the blog, but for now I will appreciate all the feedback on the format, descriptions I use or the profiles I might've missed. I've only started going through the profiles and I know new creator pages will be popping up every day in the coming weeks, so this will be a prolonged process. For the descriptions, I include only titles available on Steam in them and state some pretty obvious facts, but I would like this to be somewhat useful even for people that know relatively little about VNs and want to find good sources of those on Steam. --------------------------------------------------- EVN developer and publisher profiles Sekai Project (localization and publishing company, mostly focused on visual novels; World End Economica, Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius). Ebi-hime (critically-acclaimed Western VN creator, most well-known for her yuri and horror titles; Sweetest Monster, Asphyxia). Christine Love (writer and EVN creator, one of the earliest starts of the Western VN development scene; Analogue: A Hate Story, Ladykiller in a Bind). Hanako Games (EVN publisher and developer specialized in yuri and otome games; A Little Lily Princess, Long Live the Queen). WinterWolves (Western developer creating RPGs with visual novel-style storytelling, dating sims and romance VNs; Loren the Amazon Princess, Roommates). Razzart Visual (EVN developer most well-known for her yuri titles; Love Ribbon, Starlight Vega). Lupiesoft (EVN development team best known for creating futa eroge; The Menagerie, Mutiny!!). Other VN-related profiles MangaGamer (the biggest VN localization company in the West; Sorcery Jokers, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome). VisualArts/Key (one of the oldest and most respected VN developers, now localizing and publishing their own games in-house; Little Busters, Planetarian). Frontwing USA (Western publishing arm of Frontwing, a major JP VN developer; Wonderful Everyday Down the Rabbit-Hole, Grisaia series). JAST USA (the oldest VN/dating sim localization company in the West; Eiyuu Senki, Flowers). Spike Chuunsoft (Japanese developer and publisher; Steins;Gate, Danganronpa). Degica Games (Japanese game publisher, occasionally delving into the VN niche; Symphonic Rain, Love Nurse Addiction). Idea Factory (Japanese developer and publisher, most known for the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, but also for popular otome VNs; Amnesia: Memories, Hakuoki). Fruitbat Factory (localization company focused on doujin Japanese games, including VNs; Seabed, Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation). Sol Press (Japanese media localization company that recently expanded into the VN market; Sakura Sakura, Newton and the Apple Tree). Alice in Dissonance (Japanese doujin circle; Fault series, Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell). NEKO WORKs (Japanese developer, creators of the Nekopara series; Nekopara, Tropical Liquor). SakuraGame (Chinese publisher infamous for their low-quality, machine-translated English releases; Tricolour Lovestory; Fortissimo FA). Small developers and publishers Zetsubou Games (writer and developer involved in many well-known EVN projects; Sable's Grimoire, Sickness). Culture Select (doujin game localization company; Dead End Junction, One Small Fire at a Time). Sukeban Games (Venezuelan development studio, authors of VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action). Top Hat Studios (small EVN developer and publisher; Episicava, The Wilting Amaranth). Afterthought Studio (small EVN developer and publisher; Forgotten, Not Lost; The Merchant Memoirs). DigitalEZ (small publishing company best known for Western releases of Chinese VNs - sadly, with inconsistent translation quality; Notch - The Innocent LunA, Oblivious Garden). Sierra Lee Games (EVN developer, author of the yandere horror title Crimson Gray). Träumendes Mädchen (EVN developer; Ambre, Garden of Oblivion). Goldbar Games (EVN developer team, authors of the freeware title Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder). Mystery Corgi (EVN programmer and GUI designer, co-developer of AIdol). Mikołaj Spychał (VN developer from Poland, author of Jake's Love Story).
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    I've explained this before, but most charage fall under the much larger 'moege' umbrella. Where this is confusing you is probably references to the term 'pure moege' vs 'charage'. To be a moege, all you need is for the game to be filled with visuals and character mannerisms in the moe style (for old examples, gobi like 'uguu~', character archetypes like the classic tsundere). To be a 'pure moege', you need this to be the primary content of the game (minimal character development, no strong central plot, character interactions based solely upon surface character qualities born of the archetype in question, etc). A charage, on the other hand, will have more involved character development (as you get to know the heroines, their personalities become more complex, you learn about their pasts, their flaws, etc), and there is often a heroine-centric plot in each heroine path that provides at least a bare-bones framework for the romantic parts.
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    Ten Yuri Series You Need To Read Before I Destroy You, And Everything You Have Ever Loved Now, I know what you are going to ask, "What is Yuri?" Well my pathetic and childless friend let me answer that for you. Yuri is a... (CAN YOU DIG IT?) I was first introduced to the Yuri genre back in my Sophomore year of High School when I was around 16 years old. I was just getting into anime after having been introduced to the best series ever, Galaxy Angel a year prior. That Yuri series happened to be Strawberry Panic!, and I really loved it. Now that I think about it was of the first romance series I actually sat through. It was several years later that I was introduced to Visual Novels and had my thirst for romance essentially quenched. It was only until recently that I was rediscovered my love of the genre and became the enlightened being that stands before you. Now, before I crush you and everything you have ever loved (along with things you just causally liked) here are ten manga series that you really should read. Number 1. Bloom Into You By Nakatani Nio Status: Ongoing This is what really kicked jumped my yuri obsession into high gear and it quickly became one of my overall favorite manga series. Bloom Into You, tells the story of Yuu Koito a first year high school student and her involvement with the beloved and enigmatic Touko Nanami. What makes it truly wonderful for me at least is the characters and the art. Yuu is a really strong and grounded protagonist and the fact that she is initially incapable of falling in love makes her quite intriguing, given that this is a romance manga after all. Touko is another really great character and I liked that she was a twist on the classic yuri trope of the perfect and mysterious senpai. Bloom Into You also has a large cast of side characters who flesh out the manga with their perspectives and interactions. The core cast all have a tremendous amount of character growth throughout the series and it has been nice to see them grow and change over time. More than simply being a yuri story Bloom Into You is a story about finding yourself and coming to terms with who you are. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone whether they like yuri or not. Number 2. The Kase San and...series By Hiromi Takashima Status: Completed (Continued in Yamada to Kase-san) The Kase-San and series is one of the warmest, gentlest, and endearing manga series I have ever come across. It positively oozes sentimentality and radiates sweetness. Such concentrated fluffy feelings exuded by the manga ought to be lethal. I'm surprised it's author Hiromi Takashima, has not been brought up on crimes of adorableness. It's really fucking cute is what I'm trying to convey to you okay? The Kase-San series is about the growing relationship between Yamada the one woman gardening committee representative, and Kase a beloved track and field star. It does a lot to make itself truly memorable inside and outside the yuri circle it was birthed in. It really bucks a common trope that the yuri genre is especially guilty of, which is that most yuri series ends with them becoming a couple. Most yuri manga's and VN's usually end at the mutual confession and kiss stage. It's for the most part a very cathartic ending that rewards all the time the two spent pining for each other. The problem with this ending is that you never get to see them as a couple, it's just presumed that they'll stay together forever and that's it. Kase-San is different in this way. By the end of the first volume they have already kissed and became a couple. The rest of the volumes deal with the trials and tribulations that normally spring up as the two try and understand each other. Both the leads are wonderfully sweet and really complement each other well. Yamada is a big ball of manic energy and cuteness and Kase is a big goof whom is utterly enraptured by Yamada. The art is very vivid and cartoony and every character has a huge range of expressions. I was struck by how much of it reminded me of Dr. Seuss' works. The art also has this amazing ability to turn from cute to sexy in a second. It is really quite the feat. Number 3. Octave By Akiyama Haru Status: Completed Now, I've already covered how much I love this manga in the review so I'll just include a link for it here. It's a great read for those who are sick and tired of high school settings, and hunger for delicious angst. Number 4. Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru By Makoto Hagino Status: Ongoing That's still the best new pickup line I've seen in a while. I'm not sure of it's effectiveness so you should try it out yourself. I have been in love with this manga since the first chapter. It tells the story of Konatsu Amano who moves to a brand new school, in a brand new town while her father is away oversees. There she meets Koyuki Honami a beloved and seemingly perfect older girl (Are you seeing a pattern here?) and their friendship begins. Koyuki is another subversion of that perfect senpai role as she is just a incredibly shy and awkward girl, with no real friends. Their interactions are very honest and believable and they make such a adorkable paring. There are also fun dads in abundance which is interesting because typically family figures are virtually nonexistent when it comes to most yuri mangas. That subtext tag is making me very nervous though. Number 5. Notes From The Garden Of Lilies By Suga Atsushi Status: Completed Why do the best things in the world only come in two volumes? This is how I feel about this particular manga. I love the budding relationship between the two leads. Both are characters that I absolutely adored the moment I encountered them and the way they both bounce off each other is fabulous. I wish there were twenty volumes of this but I suppose I must content myself with only two. The world is so unfair sometimes... Number 6. The Real Her By Imamura Youko Status, Completed ...and so it continues. This great yuri love story is only one volume long which I think is absolutely criminal. The Real Her tells the love story of the hardcore masochistic Moe, and the budding sadist Yuuka. Like Notes From The Garden Of Lilies the greatness in this manga is all in the character interaction. It's delightfully funny, and it really satisfied the sadistic side of me. Number 7. Pulse By Ratana Satis Status, Completed Looks like Drama is back on the menu boys! Pulse tells the very adult story about Mel, a beautiful surgeon who is determined to never fall in love again and Lynn, a college student with a life threatening heart condition. It's a very tender story that also manages to be damn sexy. The drama was handled very well and I really liked Lynn much more than I thought I would. I have never been a fan of characters with a affliction because more often than not, they are but a fountain for tears. Lynn never came across to me as being that way and I liked her personality. Mel is also a very strong character and her growth was very believable. If you need a good dose of adult romantic drama then consider this as your prescription covered. Side effects might include lots of tears. Number 8. It Would Be Great if You Didn't Exist By Carbonara Status, Ongoing? The drama train is still at the station and oh boy, is this one a doozy. The basic premise is that Guk-Hwa finds out that her dirt-bag boyfriend has been cheating on her with another woman. When she goes to confront the two of them she is struck by how attractive she finds the other woman. I have not really a premise like it before so I was immediately intrigued. The two leads really complement each other and they are very well developed. The humor which is prevalent throughout the series is also pretty fantastic. However, it would be unwise to let your guard down because this series is great about hammer striking you repeatedly with drama laden fists. Number 9. Hana to Hoshi By Suzukin Kario Status, Completed Looks like it's back to high school, I swear I can't escape it no matter how hard I try. I guess the only way would be to avoid anything remotely Japanese but since I can't do that let's get on with this already. Hana used to be table top champion until she was unseated by a newcomer with scary eyes. Unable to handle her newfound loosing streak she was forced to retire from the sport. Hania plans to start over a fresh leaf in her first year of high school only to come face to face with her former rival. This is another one of those slow burns that is helped along greatly by the fantastic back and forth between the two characters. The story opens up further when a romantic rival appears on the scene. The only unfortunate thing about this manga is that it feels a bit cut short. It's a manga that is only two volumes long but it could have easily been four or five. Number 10. Fragtime By Sato Status, Completed Okay, so it was really hard to decide which one would should end this top ten list but I ultimately decided to go with Fragtime. The premise is what really got my attention. Fragtime is about a young woman named Misuzu who has the power to freeze time for three minutes a day. Instead of using her powerful but limited power for evil she instead uses it to look up the skirt of a girl that she has a crush on. (What a wholesome girl) Unfortunately for her this happens to be the panties belonging to the one person whom is immune to her powers. Even though this is such a goofy premise it still ends up being a very powerful and poignant series. I am so lucky I was able to stumble upon it. Oh And This Isn't Quite Yuri But I Want It On This List Shimanami Tasogare By Yuuki Kamatani Status: Completed Okay this might be cheating a little bit but this is not in fact wholly a yuri series. Still, it feels almost criminal to not include it on this list so here it goes. Shimanami Tasogare is about a young boy named Tasuku Kaname who is nearly driven to suicide after nearly being outed as being gay. He is stopped by a strange woman named Anonymous who invites him to a tea house frequented by other social outcasts. I included this manga on the list because there is a lesbian side couple that are very well developed and have a meaningful relationship that has more depth than many yuri manga's. In fact, nearly the whole spectrum of the LGBTQA community is represented in this manga. What's more is that it is done in a way that feels authentic and real. It never once felt fake or phony to me. The characters are all very fleshed out and they are not depicted as perfect beings and they all have their own hangups and problems. It's rare to ever see any real world drama in a yuri manga, in fact it's barely touched on if at all. The situation for gay and lesbian peoples is still one of hardship especially in Japan where gay marriage is still illegal. Tasogare thankfully does not gloss over this and instead provides a very emotional and compelling story. The Runners Up This is all for those that I liked but didn't quite make the cut. Prism By Higashiyama Shou Status: Canceled This was all set to be a really amazing series with a great couple but unfortunately the author was accused of tracing and it was canceled after only six chapters. Truly, it is one of the greatest tragedies of the modern age. Mourn what could have been. The Feelings We Must All Endure By Amano Shuninta Status: Complete This is a great manga to read if are tired of uplifting yuri stories and want to read something that is angsty as all hell. I would rate it higher on my list since it is one of the few series that involves College at all, but they do some haphazard character assassination in the last few chapters and I don't like that. Don't expect a good time while reading this manga, expect a bad time. Still, it's set in a goddamn university! Why the fuck aren't you going to read it? Girl Friends By Milk Morinaga Status: Complete I really liked this series because the girls portrayed in it felt like real high school girls dealing with the typical high school problems. There was level of authenticity to their concerns about fashion or dieting because high school girls are real superficial. The gradual romance in this manga series is really sweet and wonderful but there is just one major problem I have with this series and it is the abundance of misunderstandings. The couple in this series have so many moments of jumping to the wrong conclusion or assuming the worst that it gets a bit aggravating after a while. It's like you just want to shake the both of them and scream, "YOU BOTH FUCKING LOVE EACH OTHER, OKAY??" Oh and don't get me started on poorly timed interruptions because this series has plenty of those to spare. Despite those issues Girl Friends is truly a wonderful love story. Citrus By Saburouta Status: Ongoing Look, I know Citrus is a bit trashy and bit soap opera-y but it's got several really good merits. The first one is that it has Harumin in it and Harumin is the fucking best, okay? She's the fucking best! She's like the reincarnation of Chikaru Minamoto she's that great. She's like a steady helmsman during a raging sea. The second one is the protagonist Yuzu. She's a really strong protagonist with a distinct and interesting personality. Sure, a lot of potential is squandered by her near obsession with Mei but she's still a really great character. The third and final thing is that the series has finally decided to get serious. The problem that I had with the last couple of volumes of Citrus is that the would operate a sort of rouges gallery of girls that would try and break up Yuzu's and Mei's budding relationship. It got a bit stale but thankfully the last few chapters has been a thankful punch in the gut. Bright And Cheery Amnesia By Tamamusi Status: Ongoing Really, this image is all you really need to see if you want to know the premise of this manga. It's got a really simplistic plot but it makes up for that with a great deal of warmth and heart. You can't help but read this and not end up smiling like a goddamn fool. It's just that bright and cheery. Well anyway there is my list I hope you enjoyed it! Oh and before I decimate your pathetic existence I hope you enjoy these various series and...
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    Lover Able TL

    Thanks. Things just need to be redone and reworked. A botched TL project shouldn't stay a botched one. The quality is not up to snuff and the last thing I personally want is to be looked down upon because we aren't getting paid or are considered "n00bs". Both official and unofficial TL projects require weeks and weeks of work for very little in return, especially in real life. It's demoralizing and tedious at times both with the team and as individuals. We could quit, but those would just be excuses for our own selfish reasons. Nobody gets rich off of doing this and it's not exactly something I want on a resume for a job offline. It's more than "just a hobby" when people are counting on you to deliver a translation deserving of VNs as a whole. For how long we've been working on it, it's no longer an excuse to say that "we are just starting out". I want to get this right and I want people to be critical of our work. If our TL is shit, tell us why. The people that take the time to point out our mistakes (especially those that are brutally honest) are the ones that deserve the best TL possible because it shows they haven't given up on us. They're still taking the time to tell us that our work is pretty shitty and want better. I'm not perfect, but I want to strive for perfection. It's why our team is redoing things and not leaving things as is. Because you guys deserve better than that. Unfortunately, reworking lines aren't reflected on our progress chart and it might appear that the project is stalled or dead when it's not. I'm hoping that redoing things will pay off in the end for both the team and for the people who want to read Loverable in English. To those of you that are still around, thanks for not giving up on us. It's been almost a year and a half without anything to show for it. We're still here though, even if we aren't active on the forums as much. Hell, I rarely posted at all around here since I don't have much to say. I'm still working on it though behind the scenes and I'm okay with that. I'm probably not gaining anything from working on this and finishing it. I'm used to doing thankless and unrewarding jobs though, both in person and online. I'm sure there's others out there who feel the same. We said we were going to TL Loverable without botching it and it's what we're going to do so you can enjoy it as much as we do. Well, this reply is starting to turn into an essay and using time I could be using for Loverable before going to work, so I'll cut it short. TDLR: Thanks for whoever is sticking with us and looking forward to our release, whether it's one person or a handful of people. We're working on improving on our previously botched effort and will give you more updates when get past redoing our old work. Some won't like it or that admitting that we need to redo stuff is a noob thing to do, but after months of showing no progress except for graphs... I think it's the respectful and right thing for us as a TL group to do. Peace out.
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    I was sure I'd done an analysis post on this, but it turns out I never posted it publicly. This graph was an early draft and the data is a bit out of date, but it's still accurate. I analysed the kind of content people were reading in the VNs they rated each month, to see how the popularity of sexual content was changing over time. While some degree of sexual content has generally always been the norm (it still accounts for over 60% of read VNs), it's generally been dropping these past couple of years, likely due to the increasing popularity of EVNs where sexual content has historically been quite rare. There might also have been a Steam effect back then, as at the time, Steam didn't allow nudity in VNs, so all-age VNs were getting a popularity boost. That's been changing recently though, Steam allows nudity, and EVNs are beginning to embrace their more hedonistic side. I'll have to do another updated chart on this sometime.
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    Before people smarter than me can elaborate, I think I can pinpoint basic elements. To make a VN you typically need: 1. A game engine (most likely Ren'Py, which is free and have a lot of guides and assets available for it) 2. A graphical user interface (GUI), through which people will interact with your game - Ren'Py provides a basic structure for your GUI, but custom visuals and ability to modify the UI according to your needs is important. 3. Background graphics - static images over which character sprites and the GUI will appear. I think it's easy to find free or cheap stock VN backgrounds. 4. Character sprites - the representations of the characters involved in your story - static 2D images, usually with a few poses and face expressions to fit different situations. 5. CGs - custom, full-screen illustrations which show situations that are hard to present through sprites and text, usually used in crucial moments of the story. 6. Background music - to give your game a proper climate and make it less monotonous, underlining the switches in mood etc. 7. A script - all the dialogues and descriptions that will show in the text box (which is a part of the GUI), along with necessary "stage directions" [especially if you'll not be the one handling the programming, the person doing it must know what background, expressions etc. go with each scene]. 8. (optional) Voice Acting/Voiced Narration - expensive as f***, if you want good quality, so many developers skip on it. 9. (Optional) Other sound assets - depending on the content of your story, some additional sounds could be useful, for example if you want bring the reader's attention to something, but often such additions are quite obnoxious - music can be enough. When you have a script and all the necessary assets, you have to put them together and synchronise them properly. This part I know pretty much nothing about, as I'm not a programmer. ------ 20 edits later - Did I miss anything?
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    Recently I looked at Mangagamer's store and found that the limited edition of Princess Evangile only had 35 copies left. While it also is available at other stores like Jlist I would assume that there aren't that many copies left. Because of this I wanted to share some pictures of the physical edition in case there are anyone who is on the fence about buying the physical copy or if there are anyone who might have not known about it having a physical release who is interested in the VN. This also comes with a steam key so that anyone who buys it also gets the steam edition as well as the 18+ editon which is on disc. This is the slipcase This is the front of the game case Here is the game disc itself Here is the back of the game case Here is the front of the original sound track Here is the disc of the original sound track Here is a small sample of what is inside the artbook that is included with the limited edition I would also end this by saying that I am really loving this VN so far, I have not yet completed all of it but I am pretty close to the Rise ending. I would recommend the VN itself to anyone who would like to play through a lighthearted VN with a little bit of drama to spice things up.
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    So i continue with wasting peoples times with old abandoned things found on my hdd. Once upon a time there used to be an attempt by some of fuwans to create a VN called Private eye victoria. and we had one of the worst temporary names in the history. Bread works united sadly i dont remember everyone who was in the group. but @solidbatman & @Katatsumuri was part of writing plots and routes. So i could barely even explain what it was about, Basicly a historic detective mystery vn. i was mainly drawing the concepts for characters. Wich i was too slow at. Here we have 3 of the main girls, Libby , Charlotte & Victoria I was mostly focusing on charlotte and victoria at first. tried to make expression sheet. As slow as i was Libby didnt get as much attention in expressions and so on. but she was the first one i colored "properly", i was pretty bad at it at the time. And libby became something i started joking around with, Making "fancy libby" wich i had fun with for awhile. With my lack of self motivation i started testing other things. like making the logo and ingame ui and things. But with mostly lack of work from me the project slowly died. now theres alot of old concepts and plot and routes that never will be used. things shifted focus and we did other things instead, me working on other art and mostly having fun talking instead. Rip worstnamegroup, you will be missed.
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    Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius is one of the best-known and probably most appreciated western visual novels. Developed by Love in Space and published for free by Sekai Project in July 2014, it was downloaded on Steam by around 600 thousand players and spawned a successful franchise, with its commercial sequel, Liberation Day and dating sim spin-off, Sunrider Academy, both reaching impressive sale numbers and mostly positive feedback from the community. What’s interesting, Mask of Arcadius is also a hybrid title, possibly more ambitious and refined with its strategy game elements than “pure” visual novel segments. Most likely, it is exactly that part of the game that gave it a much broader appeal than that of typical VNs and made its spectacular success on Steam possible. Does it, however, still have a similar entertainment value for dedicated VN readers, on a much more saturated, diverse market, as it had in 2014? Read the full review at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
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    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm KioW and I'm French (sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning alone ) and I'm here because I want to know more about visual novels. I'm a totally beginner in visual novels so if you have any recommendations, please tell me . I don't have really friends with who to share my hobbies and talk because of my social phobia, so feel free to talk to me ! I want to improve my english and make friends What I like: animes/mangas, japanese culture, dramas, light novels, asian literature (especially japanese and historical literature), music (EDM, electro swing, kawaii music, J-pop, chillout), video games... I hope I can get along with everyone
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    Dank-a-Ronpa Ch.3

    TWO WEEKS AGO: Some bananas happened and then tymmur was murdered and our heroes were too powerless to do something about it because I couldn't write this chapter sooner. "At least we could strengthen our friendship in the meantime..." contemplated Dreamysyu, sitting in the corridor alongside Dergonu, Mitchnomi and Ranzo. The last time we saw them, they were staring the cursed gif looping at the monitor at classroom 2-B. If they were still staring at it, two weeks later, by now they would have nor eyes nor brains nor anything, as every cell of their body would be as pulverized as an unlucky member of the Avengers. Instead, they got the hell out of the room and decided to have a picnic in the corridor. It was enough time for them to max out all Social Links between themselves, while doing aaaaaaaall the things that good close male friends do together, like drink beer, have sex with each other, tell inside jokes, karaoke, a blood pact and read the h-scenes of euphoria. Actually, scratch that, Ranzo was the only one singing. They started with Bleeding Eyes by Masterplan, but after seeing Rinne's enema h-scene, they're now stuck with a looping Suicide Song by Hatsune Miku. "Maaaaan, that was good! But I think we're supposed to do something else now..." pondered Dergonu. Mitchnomi could have explained the rules about the investigation about now, since they were one of the higher ups, and also a bear, but sadly they died of hepatitis B after the blood pact part. "Oh yeah, we gotta investigate tymmur's murder! Rest in peace, man..." said Dreamysyu, putting his main character cape once again. With that, they enter the crime scene once again to see... ...KURISU-CHAN WATCHING STEINS;GATE 0! "...Wait, what? Here too?" "Yeah, I noticed that no one was using this room so I invited Kenshin to a two-weeks-long anime marathon consisting of the original S;G and all the released S;G 0 episodes." explained Kurisu. "I thought that you did your hackerman thing everywhere but here..." me too, Dergonu. "That was right, so I went back in time and fixed that." "...Wait, at least you saved tymmur, or any of us, while you did that???" "They saved ME, because now I finally catch up with S;G 0!" replied Kenshin, making Dreamysyu feel a bit NTRed. "Actually tymmur is right here." pointed Ranzo to the same chair tymmur was last time. Still dead tho. "But if the screen now is showing only S;G 0 reruns, what killed him in this timeline?" "The same thing, I'm afraid. Check his phone, someone PMed him the thing." said Dreamysyu, quickly averting his gaze before their eyes exploded. "Looks like this fic needs the Meaningless Choices tag, 'cause whatever we do, we can't save tymmur." said Senior, creepily appearing behind them. The rest soon followed, led by an angry Maggiekuma trying to put the story back on track. "Jumping Christ, I tried to make a Corpse Discovery Announcement but I couldn't even access my own system! I knew I should have put Nayleen in this fic... Oh well, guess I'll have to explain it in person. As I weebly explained last time... do you guys even remember it?" "How could we forget?" said Zander, proudly covering his war scars. "Gotcha, the thing is, someone is trying to leave this place sacrificing all the remaining students. Sooo what you guys are waiting for? Foil his plan! If the murderer doesn't get away with it, they alone will be punished. The clock's ticking, so let's start this scavenger hunt for clues! No murder is perfect after all, so look for some fingerprints or whatever." Maggiekuma's limited knowledge about detective stuff is somewhat sad. "Playing games after one of our mates met such a fate... This is indeed remarkably sick..." Poltroon expressed his disgust. "Everything for the views!" "I would like to ask how many minutes will we have for this task, but it's probably an indeterminate amount that will end conveniently after all clues were found." Fiddle correctly said. "Yeah, works for me! Also, here. ZA MAGGIEKUMA FAIRU! 'All info you couldn't possibly discover just investigating' edition! I'll leave it at the main character's hand! Now, happy hunting!~" Maggiekuma outed. "Even if we didn't start anything here, I would like to say that batman is the most suspicious one here. He is always using gifs here after all." littleshogun gave their opinion. "Bitch please, that's clearly not barbaric enough to be something made by my hand!" "I would say that Kenshin is the most suspicious actually. They appeared here out of nowhere and not many people here have a cell phone with them..." Ranzo continued with the distrusting one another atmosphere for the hell of it. "But they have a strong alibi, AKA me." Kurisu didn't want to lose a fellow Steins;Gater. "How do we even remember what happened in other timelines?" pondered Virgin, but not really, since he hardly cares anymore. "( ̄`Д´ ̄)9" Kiri tried to help clearing Kenshin's suspicion, showing that they have a cell phone as well. And surprisingly, no one started to suspect them, as everyone agreed that Kiri only use his phone to play Kirikoi, tweet and other moe stuff. "Guys, instead of trying to guess who's the killer, how about we start investigating? The correct answer will appear naturally then." Lesiak made everyone shut the fuck up. "I'm with you. I'm with this feeling... that the cause of his death isn't what it seems. It looks more that all of this... it's just to confuse us." Dreamysyu's not wrong, this fic is hardly cohesive. "They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down and hope that we will never see the truth around!" So come on! Oh yeah, this one I can sing along! "I'll help you investigate. Mystery is right up my alley." Virgin suggested a partnership. "Oh, let me join too! Just give me a minute to look for the choice that let me join your party!" since it'll take quite some time for Senior to skip his black bible of choices, let's just focus on what the other guys are doing. "First, let's read the Maggikuma File. EVERYONE, GATHER HERE!" and they did so. "Okay. Name of the victim: tymmur. Time of death: around 11 AM. Age: 79 (maybe more, since he's a wizard). Height: 1,80 cm. Orientation: homosexual. Favorite Musumaker h-scene..." Dreamysyu blue screened for a while. "...What any of this have to do with the investigation...?" "Better look at the body directly." Virgin tried to steal Dreamysyu's spotlight, when both of them were alone again. "I prefer to collect some testimonies first." "And why's that?" "Everyone's fictional counterpart in this story is fucking stupid, someone will probably spill the beans if pressured." "Fair." "Let's start with Clephas." "Are you suggesting that I, the Lord of the JOPs, would mingle with you, inferior beings? And just for a senseless slaughter that fails to appease even goddesses such as Ishtar?" Clephas had a point, I don't think Musumaker's h-scenes would please a goddess of sexuality. Since Clephas knew way more h-scenes than Dreamysyu or Virgin, they just leave it to him to calm the gods and kept investigating. "Let's talk with Poltroon now." "..." Poltroon brilliantly said. "What are you even doing, man?" "Honoring the memory of our fallen comrade. Let me dedicate this moment of silence to him." "..." "..." "..." "Dude, it's way past one minute now." "For someone such as tymmur, one minute is not enough. Not a single one of his lines would fit in that interval." "...That's something the Ultimate Gentleman would do, I suppose." said Dreamysyu and Virgin at the same time, as they left him alone and went to talk with the others. "Sigh... This is going nowhere..." Dreamysyu was trying hard to stay positive. "Let's see what we do have. Dergonu, Ranzo and you were together so all of you have alibis. Kenshin and Kurisu have alibis as well. Fiddle said himself, he's the final boss, so I don't think he would try something as early as chapter 3. Kiri seems harmless, but they play moege, suspicious af. Batman and Clephas would probably do something more barbaric than this. I'm not the culprit and that's true 'cause I'm always right. That leaves us with Lesiak, shogun, Blitz, Poltroon, and Zander. Of all of those, Zander is the most suspicious." "Are they? I can't remember them doing anything strange..." "Just look at him!" "Despite my ear damage last chapter, and the damage that my brain sustains every time I found a grammatical error in this mess, I can hear you quite well, Virgin." speaking of the devil. "Whatever. What are you so-not-suspiciously doing?" "I'm investigating the body." "Huh? Someone actually listened to my idea???" Virgin thought that was pure madness. "...Enough with the hearing puns." "Anyway. Did you find something out?" "Oh, most certainly! Look at his feet!" "I prefer hips, myself." I'll let you choose who said this. "Not like that! Look, they're stuffed right into a bucket full of water together with this electric wire. Thoughts?" "I knew the gif was only a distraction! It was a false flag all along!!" Dreamysyu, for the first time in a while, thought that the fic is finally making some sense. "Actually, the gif was a big fucking clue, since it was a vibrating gif of an anime girl being electrocuted. A goof from the murderer, most likely." "Why no one noticed this before????? And why only his eyes exploded????? What kinda electrocution is that????" Virgin thought otherwise. "Probably because this development was rushed for the views or for the feels or whatever, making it as poorly planned as the game night of someone going through a KEY VN without a walkthrough." salt is the main reason batman worked alone. "...Want me to take some pictures to use as evidence?" Kenshin wanted to be helpful. "Oh, do that! It's pretty much the only clue I found here." "...The ONLY clue?" "So. It is time." Fiddle eerily prophesied. "I finally found the choice! I just don't understand why I'll join the party if I say "Panties ahoy!" to Kiri..." I think people hardly care about it now, Senior. "Ding ding ding, TAIMU APU!" announced Maggiekuma over the monitor, that plotholely was again under their command. "Now hurry your asses over here!" and the asses went there. NEXT TIME: The first trial! Place your bets now, who killed tymmur? "..." and that was the sound of Poltroon, still in silence. "Enjoy the silence..." sang Ranzo, like any other chapter ending.
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    If it's sold, he would get an C&D from the company who owns the game rights. Zaka never said he should stop, only warned him that it might happen. Of course he is not giving you any proof if it's really true. if it's sold it means the translator cannot talk about it nor any party that is involved with it. Seeing you couldn't wait longer than 30 min for a respond with proof that the project is sold out, made you shared his PM. That already proofed that Zaka did the right thing, not giving you anymore information. The best thing you could do was just to ignore his pm as you don't believe it.
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    Koiken Otome Revive TL Project

    Hi folks, long time no see. With the recent announcement finally out of the way, I can talk about the future of this project, and the reason it has been somewhat dead for a while. As I start to move into official translation work, I can no longer continue working on fan translations, sadly. Not only do they take time out of my day that I could be spending doing official TL work, but they also put me in a bit of an awkward position, due to the legal grey area fan translations are in. It would be a shame to get in trouble, possily lose a job etc because of my involvement in fan translation. As such, I'll discontinue my translation work on this and other fan TL projects I am involved in. So, what happens next? Well, I still have the scripts and tools, so if you're interested in taking over the translation, I'd gladly send over the scripts with the current progress. Just send me a PM and we'll talk. For now I'll just leave the project like this, and wait to see if anyone wants to step in and take over. But, if no one does, I'll just go ahead and pronounce it dead. It is indeed a shame that it came to this, but I have to prioritize my future. Thanks for understanding.
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    For those of you out of the loop, a couple of years ago @TexasDice (known for never changing his avatar,) made a thread stating that he would use a different avatar for X* weeks, IF Maitetsu would recieve an uncut 18+ release. He thought this would never happen. Hah. Well, jokes on him, because it is happening. (This month.) * He is going to use the new avatar for 1 week for each user who bet against him. The number of people is 19, so he will be using it for 19 weeks. The people who bet against him: So, this brings us to the point of this thread. Like Texas stated in his thread, the avatar he'll be using will be chosen by the community in the form of a poll. So, let's get some suggestions in here, then we can make a poll with the suggestions and pick a beautiful avatar for him! Just remember that the avatar needs to comply with Fuwanovel's avatar guidelines. So keep the memes within those rules.
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    Here's some broad big-picture suggestions: Moderation consistency/fairness: There's been grumbling about this lately, both on and off-site. Partnerships and engagement with publishers: Promoting visual novels effectively means working more closely with English publishers. I'd like to see them engaging openly with the community here, including posting on the forums and doing more interviews on the official blog. Outreach to Japanese developers/communities, including developers not currently selling games in English: Fuwanovel is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the Japanese and English communities due to the many fans here who have learned or are in the process of learning Japanese. Sending out these fans in an organized fashion to establish connections could accelerate the already growing interest in the English market--and help developers be less boneheaded in their attempts to enter it. A highly innovative project like this would also re-establish Fuwanovel as a central pillar of the English community.
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    Yougen Tennyo

    Warning: This review isn't necessarily safe for work, but all the nsfw content remains hidden within the spoiler tags. Read at your own discretion. Title: 妖幻天女 (The Bewitching Celestial Maiden) Developer: Scoop Release: 2001/01/25 Genre: Fantasy Rating: AO/18+ Trailer: After way too many vns in our existence all the plots slowly run together into one and character development stops being important. It is when we want to take a break and get our hands on something extra crispy - as long as it allows us to indulge in the deepest of desires, there's no place for needless banter. We are merely simple beings with simple needs... and being a simple guy, I couldn't neglect a game, one of my friends recommended me long ago. "Play this japanese erogi", he said. "You will reach true happiness.", he said. At that point I barely knew moon runes, so I couldn't care less. Now when things changed, I accidentally stumbled upon this magnificent piece of software, while browsing through more forgotten corners of the japanese net. Was it worth it? If you're interested, please continue. Story It's common for sons of well-established leaders to be mostly useless, good-for-nothing gallants. Raziel isn't an exception. Prince Raziel is the successor to the demon throne, but his interests vary wildly from whatever his father keeps in stock, not to mention actual marriage. When his soon-to-be fiancée turns out to be an angel - a mortal enemy of the demon kind - Raziel takes a liking for the girl and decides to make her his bride, much to Demon King's disapproval. After a heated argument, king promises to approve of their relationship, but only if Raziel manages to bring her back to the demon realm. Clueless on how to begin, prince Raziel joins forces with his ever profit-hungry childhood friend Rosetta and together they embark on a fantastic journey through mystical realms, full of glorious dickings and endless hopes for treasure troves ready to be taken. In this realm, your future half is revealed through divination, the rest does not seem to matter that much. In order to reach the heavens above, our duo has to traverse through 魔界 ("Hell" for you, uneducated peasants) and obtain four elemental stones, which will allow them to open a magical portal leading to the mortal plane. From there onwards, they will have to pass through the Machine Country and Country of the Beasts, before they reach entrance to heavens. A seemingly simple task, if not for the fact the stones are being kept away within four great towers and each of them is supposedly protected by a powerful guardian. Obviously, the stones themselves contain tremendous powers that allow it's bearer to control the elemental energies and as such, shouldn't ever fall into anyone's hands, especially demon. What a cutie. I'm obviously talking about Rosette. No one really knows what lies beyond the mortal gates, but they're confident to push onwards. Such is their fate. TL&DR version: It's a game about a demon prince, boning any females that stand on his way to achieve true happiness. Also, snakes. Lots of 'em. Gameplay Thanks for stating the obvious, Rosette. Yougen Tennyo is a classic eroge, deeply rooted within the galgame realm of late 80's and early 90's. Game itself is divided into two parts - the usual story mode, presented in ADV fashion and a Qix-esque mini game, where your take control of our dark-winged protagonist trying to slash through maps compromised of tiles, avoiding and fighting against a variety of opponents. The capricious all-female guardians force him into a game of wits and wagers to prove his worthiness on being the next owner of the stones... and perhaps something else. As you slowly progress through the game, you quickly find out the damn stones are as relevant as Raziel's fidelity. While each failure results in a classic "game over" screen, after which the game restarts, actual victories net you - the player - not only story progression, but the main reward - h-scenes, in which our protagonist has his way with the defeated ladies (sometimes likewise). And boy, oh boy - if you enjoy stories, where protagonists are either rogues or straight out bastards, while females constantly switch from prideful to poor, oppressed beings into lust-filled demons demanding your se- I mean, your unyielding attention - you'll love every minute of it. It's not a mystery to behold our dear ladies are of supernatural origin and being forever bound to a single place with no one to accompany them, they grew both very lonely and bored over the passing centuries. Surely - they might be ill-tempered and/or cautious (PMS, perhaps), but it's in your task to soften them up and judging from devs, the best possible way to do so is by being rough. Push onwards, traveller. Open all the gates! The whole story is divided into seven arcs, not counting prologue and epilogue. There are four different towers and three realms our heroes will have to pass in order to reach ending. Each of the areas is a home to one of the game's heroines. The Earth Tower, inhabited by our shy nymph Raka (guarding the Earth Stone) Kingdom of Winds, home to the capricious sylph Sherra (guarding the Wind Stone) Tower of the Flames, guarded by the tsun fire sprite, Narsemi (guarding the Fire Stone) Rainy Kingdom, home to the tempting undine, Arga (guarding the Water Stone) Machine Country (human world), managed by the automaton Queen, Lia Country of the Beasts, supervised by proud centauress, Eija. Finally, the Heavenly Realm, where Raziel's fated bride - Oferina - resides. As a reader, you will spend most of the time following Raziel and Rosetta from place to place and engage in battles with it's guardians; either chasing after the more timid gals, or confronting the powerful vixens directly, ultimately falling into their playful clutches. It's worthy to note despite game's initial simplicity, girls themselves prove to be pleasantly developed, both in terms of personalities and the less, but not less important bits (when it applied). Each of the encounters is different and has something else in stock - there's a nut for every bolt, as they say. Not all of them run away scared or remain hostile to the protagonist. Some - in fact - welcome him as a pleasant surprise in their realms, offering to exchange their stones (wew) for a friendly game of cat and mouse. Those games - often being contests of strength, wits and spirit - ultimately turn to time, where they slowly get to know each other and sadly - the only time where we can learn something more about them. Fans of Rance series might find themselves at home, as most of the events in the story are described in an ultimately comedic fashion, rather than being serious and you can't deny that Raziel - even for being a villainous sort of a protagonist - isn't inherently bad, or evil as his only ultimate goal is to find a way to heavens and meet with his fated fiancée. In other words, you quickly let certain things go past the radar, even when most of the acts committed by Raziel could easily be described as nothing else but forcey fun time. Things get more hectic in the end, when you finally reach the Celestial Kingdom, that turns out to be less celestial, than you thought at first. A rather tiny, but surprising plot twist occurs, where you confront an unexpected guest and have to rescue Oferina from a fate far worse than death... I'd rather omit the details to avoid potential spoiling, but the whole final confrontation left me as much distressed and angry, as hilariously grinning for the remaining portion of the game. And they all lived happily ever after... or did they? I found the whole concept of the game symbolic at times. Embarking from the depths of the netherworld, collecting elements that form the basis of universe, passing through the human realm, reaching the kingdom representing nature itself (one that will always remain above humanity) and finally reaching heavens, representing self-understanding all create a somewhat mystic feeling. Each of the realms seems to be a self-sufficient, closed-off state - more of a dream, where our heroines reside, mostly alone, if not counting their faithful servitors. The lack of humans within their own world is thought-provoking and you start to wonder, what happened. Did we lost ourselves in our never-ending pursuit of perfection or perhaps the mechanical puppets themselves are what remained of our own kind? In contrast to this, the Country of the Beasts seems like a bliss, akin to ancient descriptions of Promised Land, or Eden. We see all the animals in the backgrounds - both herbivores and carnivores - living in perfect harmony. A place of eternal happiness and ultimately something we cannot return to. The Celestial world above seems very cold and empty, with ancient ruins older than the universe itself. It reflects in Oferina's eyes - distant, melancholic and filled with solitude. All those states form what could be seemingly described as our own consciousness. Quite artsy, to be honest. This is what happens, when you allow greedy lolis to do as they please. In overall, I found the whole story to be pleasant and really enjoyable, if not a bit repetitive. Despite being plain and very much straightforward, the entire voyage got me hooked until the very end. For that I have to thank the game's heroines and Rosetta's constant antics. Minigame Though the developers consider Yougen Tennyo a mix between ADV and Qix, the mini-game portion itself feels closer to Bomberman, rather than similar puzzle/arcade titles. The mechanics are very simple. Your primary task is to clear each stage from all the tiles scattered on the floor. There's a timer running, so you have to hurry up, because when it reaches zero it's instant game over. Raziel moves across the tiles, leaving a flaming trail behind him which can be used to close them in simple geometric patterns. When you succeed, all tiles contained inside turn into elemental bullets and shoot in a direction our character was last facing. Those can be used to damage and kill the servitors sent by the guardians to hinder our progress. Killed enemies will sometimes leave power-ups. Those are divided into few different types - offensive, defensive and utility, ranging from instant bombs and bonus lives to additional time or stop it for a while, prevent opponents from spawning on the map or summon Rosette's lovely pet companion - Grimarkin (actually, it's a female as well... hopefully) - to either destroy tiles or launch attacks at the opponents. Again, despite it's simplicity, the mini game turned out to be a lot more engaging than I expected. It's feels very balanced and provides constant challenge, while not being an overly frustrating addition. If you will play straight from the beginning and have some skill with arcade games, you shouldn't have any problems in reaching the end, considering how generous stages can be at times, raining you with constant stream of 1-UP's. You're also gifted with Rosetta's presence in the bottom-left window, cheerfully commenting on your achievements and mishaps, because all we need is more sarcasm. My only note is that the game could still use a bit more variety in map design and puzzle elements. If not for the slight changes in terrain graphics and opponents, you could be as well playing the same exact thing, over and over again. The whole game is divided into 7 different worlds and each of them contains four stages. The first one is considered more or less an introduction. The second one adds more opponents. Sub-bosses appear in third stage. Those are usually powerful beings and each of them comes with a fairly different set of skills, requiring different approach to clean stages. They can be killed, but attempting to do so can be quite tricky, considering their toughness. In the final stage, you will confront the guardian heroines themselves. Similar to sub-bosses, ladies have different skills and attacks, becoming progressively more dangerous and difficult to beat as the game progresses. Personally, I found Eija to be the most challenging opponent, truly worthy of her character. Heroines can be defeated as well, but they are one of the toughest opponents existing, requiring a lot of effort. Regadless, as your main task is to clear all the tiles, beating them is not required, but purely optional. Regarding boss fights, it's worth to remember about Rosetta's treasure hunting requests, if you want to earn her gratitude. As to why, I will leave it for players to deduce themselves Art & Music There is "music" in this game. Jokes, aside - it's all simple FM-midi tunes. Those might have been good around thirty years ago, but not anymore. Regardless, they are fitting and create a good background noise for all the action. Queen Eija is a lovely lady, but the bottom part seems incompatible. What really does shine, though is the art. For a game of it's time, Yougen Tennyo managed to reach a peculiar mix between simplicity and utmost artistry. The majority of art, including character concepts was done by Minoru Murao (of Knights, Last Exile, Burst Angel and 707R fame, amongst other works), remaining nothing less than gorgeous. It's obvious Minoru was heavily inspired by Arabian Nights (visible in character designs and setting) and Art Nouveau with it's flowery patterns, thick outlines, minimal shading, subtly drawn faces and beautiful anatomy. All of this is a true feast for eyes to look upon. The unique mix between erotica and high art - the subtle embrace of delicate female beauty portrayed against the flowery plains, contrasting with the primal joviality of our dark-winged demon protagonist turned out to be a really tasteful and unique approach for a visual novel of this kind. It's a shame the game is so old and as such, former hardware limitations prevented higher resolution graphics. Ero Because our protagonist is a an awful, awful person. The cherry on the top. If you're a fan of 100% consensual vanilla H, stay the hell away from this game, as some of the scenes might end in complete disgust to all things japanese, possibly combined with police knocking on your doors. If otherwise, this - my friend - will be one of the most memorable experiences in your life, you might feel ashamed of but won't ever regret. Not only you get beautiful gals, as they pant and tussle in ecstasy, there's a lot more in store for all the fans of dirty erotica. Our protagonist is a shape shifting dweller of the netherworld himself, capable to turn into a gigantic snake and command a whole flock of scale-covered familiars, ready to pursue his every single order. He is not afraid to use them to the fullest potential (don't click that link at work, seriously). The game offers a wide variety of heroines with different personalities, sexual experience and level of kinkiness, which results in a lot of funny situations (mostly for us, less for them), not to mention preceding sexual innuendos and dirty talking. As an seemingly inconspicuous but powerful apex predator - demonic avatar of lust and depravity - you will slowly drive your unsuspecting victims into a corner, devoid them of their dignity and work them up to new heights of carnal pleasure, they never experienced before. Even tentacles in this game come as one of the most beautiful I've ever came across and quite cuddly in their own way If you ever thought how females felt during the age of myth, play this game. Being forcefully taken against your own will is just the very beginning of a never-ending circle of perversion, our ancestors excelled at. Not only we loved to imagine how things are done within the celestial realm, but the cleverness behind the sex acts themselves could only equal to cunning tactics, our demigod brethren (and possibly sisters) employed to seduce their targets. Bulls, swans, sneks, golden rain, fog, treasure chests, spiders, mirrors, more sneks, wine, eagles, even more sneks, larks, mysterious objects(?) were all just a tip of an iceberg floating within a sea of wriggling snakes. This game just loves snakes. I won't be surprised you too might start to like them afterwards. Technicalities I can't forget to mention how hard Yougen Tennyo is to obtain nowadays (if you're a collector) and how even more difficult is to make it run on any modern PC at all. Since the game is basically a self-extracting software CD from circa 2001, it does not recognize modern display standards. I had to hack the executable in order to make it work on a 16:9 screen, although it did manage to open properly on another machine running Windows 7 on a 5:4 monitor, in 1280x1024 resolution. I suspect a windows hooker, such as DxWnd might be able to run it as well. If you own the original CD, an optical drive is surely required. End thoughts If you're a fan of oldschool eroge, looking for something nice and not overly long nor difficult to play, this game - despite it's complete obscurity - is a true gem in the rough and shouldn't be omitted. Pros: Gorgeous, highly stylized art Six different heroines standing on your path, plus Rosetta and your would-be fiancée Despite the themes, story is mostly light and comedic, akin to Rance games Plenty of well drawn and varied h-cgs with pretty, fairy-like gals You get to bang a haughty centauress 👌 Rosetta is cute af and she gets her screen time as well (provided you know what to do) You get cucked Cons: No catgirls (sub-boss in the penultimate map doesn't count) The story can be considered shallow and characters could include more depth The mini-game could use more variety in terms of mechanics The game is a pain in the ass to run on modern systems, unless you own a retro pc Lack of possibility to save, skip and fast-forward the text the old style censorship with it's invisible weenies and huge mosaics gets really annoying at times If resident lolis weren't enough, Narsemi's arc might be an actual deal breaker for a lot of people (YMMV) You get cucked
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    Will be gradually updating old posts and filling this post with links when finished. VN of the Month December 1997 - Universal Nuts VN of the Month November 1997 - Moon. VN of the Month October 1997 - Sweepers! VN of the Month September 1997 - Comic Road VN of the Month August 1997 - Kaeru nyo Panyon VN of the Month July 1997 - Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 1: Nijiiro no Seishun VN of the Month June 1997 - Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari ~Shuugaku Ryokou~ VN of the Month May 1997 - To Heart VN of the Month April 1997 - Canaan ~Yakusoku no Chi~ VN of the Month March 1997 - Ruriiro no Yuki VN of the Month February 1997 - Yatsu no Na wa Diamond VN of the Month January 1997 - Rookies VN of the Month December 1996 - Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO VN of the Month Noveber 1996 - Mashou no Kao VN of the Month October 1996 - Bounty Hunter Rudy VN of the Month September 1996 - Sakura Taisen VN of the Month August 1996 - Be-Yond ~Kurodaishou ni Mirareteru~ VN of the Month July 1996 - Kizuato VN of the Month June 1996 - Es no Houteishiki VN of the Month May 1996 - Rouge no Densetsu VN of the Month April 1996 - Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ VN of the Month March 1996 - Mujintou Monogatari 3 - A.D. 1999 Tokyo VN of the Month February 1996 - DIES IRAE VN of the Month January 1996 - Ryuuki Denshou Dragoon VN of the Month December 1995 - Lilith VN of the Month November 1995 - Eve: Burst Error VN of the Month October 1995 - Trouble Chaser Dai 4 Wa - Saishuukai VN of the Month September 1995 - Mime VN of the Month August 1995 - Isaku VN of the Month July 1995 - Kuro no Danshou: The Literary Fragment VN of the Month June 1995 - True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ VN of the Month May 1995 - Koihime VN of the Month April 1995 - Mugen Yasoukyoku VN of the Month March 1995 - Cybernoid Alpha VN of the Month February 1995 - Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 3 Wa - Minami no Umi no Kai no Maki VN of the Month January 1995 - Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~ VN of the Month December 1994 - Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~ VN of the Month November 1994 - File: Kokubou Soushou Jouhoukyoku Jouhou Rouei Taisakubu Josei Jinmonin VN of the Month October 1994 - Gao Gao! 3rd ~Wild Force~ VN of the Month September 1994 - Ai Shimai ~Futari no Kajitsu~ VN of the Month August 1994 - Shinsetsu Ooedo Tantei Kamiya Ukyou VN of the Month July 1994 - DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen VN of the Month June 1994 - Necronomicon VN of the month May 1994 - Tokimeki Memorial VN of the Month April 1994 - AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- VN of the Month March 1994 - Mirage 2 - Torry x Neat x Roan no Daibouken VN of the Month February 1994 - Dragon Knight 4 VN of the Month January 1994 - Fuzoroi no Lemon VN of the Month December 1993 - Demon City VN of the Month November 1993 - Ooedo Tantei Kamiya Ukyou Vol. 2 VN of the Month October 1993 - Nooch 2 Remy no Gyakushuu VN of the Month September 1993 - Youjuu Senki -A.D. 2048- VN of the Month August 1993 - Houma Hunter Lime Dai 03 Wa VN of the Month July 1993 - Bunretsu Shugoshin Twinkle Star VN of the Month June 1993 - Can Can Bunny Extra VN of the Month May 1993 - Nova VN of the Month April 1993 - Quintia Road 2 VN of the Month March 1993 - Marine Philt VN of the Month February 1993 - Cosmology of Kyoto VN of the Month January 1993 - Mamono Hunter Youko: Tooki Yobigoe VN of the Month December 1992 - Koroshi no Dress 3 VN of the Month November 1992 - Dracula Hakushaku VN of the Month October 1992 - Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna VN of the Month September 1992 - My Eyes! VN of the Month August 1992 - Kiss VN of the Month July 1992 - Phobos VN of the Month June 1992 - De-Ja 2 VN of the Month May 1992 - Kurutta Kajitsu VN of the Month April 1992 - The 4th Unit - Wyatt VN of the Month March 1992 - Sotsugyou Shashin / Miki VN of the Month February 1992 - Joker II VN of the Month January 1992 - Himitsu no Hanazono VN of the Month December 1991 - Gidyy VN of the Month November 1991 - Psychic Detective Series Vol. 5: Nightmare VN of the Month October 1991 - Rance III - Leazas Kanraku VN of the Month September 1991 - Cosmic Psycho VN of the Month August 1991 - Kimi Dake ni Ai o.. VN of the Month July 1991 - Nike VN of the Month June 1991 - ELLE VN of the Month May 1991 - Ginsei Senshin Guynarock VN of the Month April 1991 - Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4: Orgel VN of the Month March 1991 - Jesus II VN of the Month February 1991 - Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha VN of the Month January 1991 - Dragon Eyes VN of the Year 1990 - De-Ja VN of the Year 1989 - Imitation wa Aisenai VN of the Year 1988 - Lipstick. ADV VN of the Year 1987 - Hiatari Ryoukou! VN of the Year 1986 - Gall Force - Eternal Story VN of the Year 1985 - Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Hyakki Hen~ VN of the Year 1984 - Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu VN of the Year 1983 - Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
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    Hello there and welcome to the new iteration of my humble blog! Pride of the West was created, apart from fueling my personal megalomania, for a very specific goal: promoting and demystifying OELVNs within the Fuwa community, fighting the negative stereotypes and ridicule attached to them in minds of the many more JP-centric VN fans. For the last six months, I've spent countless hours exploring the EVN scene and channelling my impressions into the blog (with what I personally see as a very positive and encouraging response). I was, however, never really satisfied with the brand I've come up with last year and this was one of the problems that became apparent while my project became more fleshed out and grew in size, with attachments such as the Steam Curation and Twitter account. The second issue that became clear over time was the limitations of the Forums blogging tool, which guaranteed certain visibility, but gave me very little control over my own content and was shared between a large number of people, with only that much space for all of them in that little side-tab. For all these reasons, I've decided to go forward with some (long-coming) changes, the most important ones being establishing the external version of the blog and changing the name of the whole project to (slightly generic, but much less pretentious) EVN Chronicles. I've also moved the Steam Curator page to a new address, sadly being forced to forgo my previous, humble following in the process, but with the hope that the new setup can bring much more with time. So, as I've explained what's happening, I would like you to encourage you to: --> Check out (and consider following) EVN Chronicles' external site --> Follow my new Steam Curator page --> Follow me on Twitter for blog updates and various VN-related news Apart from setting up the blog, I've worked this week to bring you a new review format - Shovelware Adventures - in which I will go through notorious OELVN shovelware and give it semi-humorous assessments. The first post in this style will appear later today, both on Fuwa and the new site. For the time being, the Fuwanovel version of the blog will be updated along with the new one, while the external blog will also feature slightly-redacted reposts of the old reviews and posts along with announcements I wouldn't post here to avoid clogging the sidebar (those might appear on the blog's thread in the member's lounge). However, after a week, I will be cutting every new Fuwa post into a teaser version and adding a link to the external blog. Same will happen to the old posts, as they are gradually re-published on the new site. I hope you'll follow me in this new stage of my VN journey and have a lovely weekend everyone!
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    What are you playing?

    Took a mini break from Fureraba, to clear out a short game from my backlog. To the Moon isn't technically a VN. It's a story driven RPGMaker game. It has such an emotionally impactful story though. So for all intents and purposes, To the Moon can be counted as a VN (even if it isn't technically). Some of the silly memes (including a DBZ reference) had me cracking up. On the other hand, the topic of autism hit very close to home for me. The game even mentions one Tony Attwood, a real life expert on autism ....... and I was diagnosed by him personally. So ....... yeah. The music was pretty good too (it's somewhat similar to ef - a fairy tale of the two). I'll give it a 9/10 Well worth it if you're after a 6/7 hour game.
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    Here, a dash of cuteness to briefly brighten your miserable existence
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    Yes. It's still ongoing. A kind soul offered to help me with TL, but it's still gonna take a while. I'm editing right now, but it's going slow. Everything I said earlier still stands
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    Cool! I proposed adding SeaBed and Sona-Nyl.
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    The good ones More specifically, I enjoy ones with some sort of driving narrative, a believable romance, and a protagonist that doesn't make me want to drive a steam locomotive through a 711.
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    Aww, poor Lesiak. The nicest looking sites which come to mind are: https://vnreviews.blog/ Conjeurer's Blog https://tanoshimi.xyz/ Moogy and Co. https://mimidoshima.wordpress.com/ Kastel https://gareblogs.wordpress.com/ Garejei https://omochikaeri.wordpress.com/ New releases by Micchi and Zen I don't really follow VN blogs though, I just go look for reviews or vndb comments after finishing a VN.
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    Just a quick post to say that this project is still active and a lot of stuff is going on behind the scenes.
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    So now that the I Walk Among Zombies announcement has gone out and I'm no longer panicking about the future of a project I worked on, I feel like I can comment on this. If there's a game or series you hope will get an official translation, doing a sub-par fan translation is possibly the worst thing you can do, because the release of a fan translation directly and substantially cuts into the potential revenue from a localization, which is already a low figure. VNs and VN localizations are a relatively cheaply-produced good with a small market, correspondingly low revenue, and low (if any) profit overall. However, they're relatively expensive for how cheap they are to produce: they have high per-sale revenue. Since the resulting profit is still small (or negative), that means every sale matters a lot more than with most goods. VN fans are already partial to piracy, and giving them an excuse that a game "should" be free (e.g., by providing a free translation patch for a game install which you can only get by importing a hard copy from Japan at extremely high cost) only makes that inclination stronger. This, incidentally, is why fan translations that only work on the boxed release and not on the digital release make me particularly sad; even the most well-intentioned people are put off by the extra hoops and expenses of importing. Moreover, people are justifiably not going to be interested in re-reading something they already read, most of the time, even if the version they read was substantially worse than the subsequent official version. For every person who buys the official release to support the people who worked on it, ten or a hundred people will say they've already read it and just ignore it. That said, I've done both fan and freelance translation, and I don't regret doing either, nor do I fault anyone for doing either. Fan translation is probably the only reason this medium has any kind market outside of Japan, and obviously I think that's a good thing (though it's a separate question whether fan translation is still helping the market grow today... likely not, IMO). The official VN localization scene is also still tiny in terms of its output relative to Japan's output (both in the sense of release velocity, and even more so when you look at the existing back-catalog), and that's not going to change any time soon. For any given game you look at, the odds are that it's not going to get a localization unless some crazily dedicated fans do it. But it turns out, you never know. Maybe that niche game you've always wanted to see localized is actually going to be announced any day now, and all you're doing is putting stress on the people associated with that. It's not something I'd really considered before, but now that I've gone through it, I certainly do empathize with the small minority of official localization staff across the JP->EN industry who go around publicly attacking fan translation as a concept.
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    Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

    Roughly 50% edited
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    Today, I made the most famous Karaage (から揚げ). I do make this often and today I thought why not start a blog with this delicious content. Spoiler: I didn't let my chicken rest enough so it had some excess potato starch on it... but the heck with it. Preparation: Sake Corn/Potato Starch sugar Ginger (just a bit! we will only use the sweet juices) Soy Sauce Chicken ( cut them a bit larger than your normal bites, as it has a lot of fiber so it will shrink when frying) Secret frying process: Fry them 3 times. For best results go with 2 min on 190C, then let them rest for 1 minute. fry them again on 190C this time for 1 min, rest 30 sec. and then once again 1 minute on 190C. I couldn't be bothered this time, probably also the reason why I have still corn on my finished product. It still tasty af tho. Tip: use Japanese 7 spice mix (七味唐辛子) on your mayo. Here is a video of me actually making it. unedited. (I didn't film the whole frying process as I couldn't be bothered...) Enjoy the Cringe : )
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    What are you playing?

    I was watching some let's plays of particularly shitty EVNs (it seems it's most of what I'm doing lately ) and on three different occasions I've seen people complaining about "bad localization". I guess it's something of an achievement, having your VN so badly written that it looks like a poor translation from Japanese, good job Sakura Spirit, Sakura Swim Club, Yozora Rhapsody.
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    Why did you include [subjectively inferior game] but not [subjectively superior game]? This list sucks.
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    >texas has literally already addressed mosaics Further proof that nobody actually reads things As for avatar suggestions...
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    Warning: This is review is based on the Steam version of the game, without the 18+ content unlocked. The free uncensored patch unlocks two dozens of CG, including straight-up hentai scenes and adds more nudity to the "clothing damage" system. The "clean" version, however, is still very heavy on sexual themes and does not feel "incomplete" when it goes to the story. Among the dedicated fans of visual novels the infamous Sakura games by Winged Cloud are one of the most despised and ridiculed elements of the Western VN market. But, as much as we might not like it, it’s also a very popular and in many ways seriously influential series, one that played an important role in popularization of visual novels in the West (and most likely did a lot to cement the very poor perception of the genre in the PC gaming community). After the surprising success of Sakura Spirit in mid-2014, with its viral spread all over the Internet and nearly 500k copies sold on Steam, Sakura franchise spawned a huge number of titles – mostly very lazy, relatively short VNs filled with tons of fanservice, uninspired writing and poorly-executed popcultural references. At the same time, the company behind it became unquestionably successful, with decent sale numbers throughout the years and a thriving base of Patreon supporters. The ecchi formula established by Winged Cloud, throwing nudity and mild sexual themes at the player at every possibility while never going into actual pornography, proved once again that in the VN world “sex sells”, even without actual sex or any other merits that the game could offer (full-on hentai titles came later). There were, however, two times when Sakura series tried to offer a little bit more than that. The first one was Sakura Fantasy, a yuri VN in which obvious effort at crafting a better story and giving slightly more meaning to the sexual content was appreciated by the players – however, what was meant to be an episodic game, forever stopped at the first chapter. Maybe the production costs associated with actually giving a f*** proved too high? At this point, no one truly knows. The second attempt at innovation on Winged Cloud’s part produced probably the most interesting (and definitely highest-rated) game in the series – the yuri-themed VN/dungeon crawler hybrid called Sakura Dungeon, that I will be taking a closer look on today. In Sakura games, fanservice is the ultimate goal of everything you do. But why not give the player a reasonably good game on top of it? So, what the “best Sakura game” is all about? Story-wise, it follows an ancient fox spirit, Yomi, who is freed from a magical prison and attacked by a female knight named Ceri – an adventurer hunting such “monsters” for a living. Ceri is quickly overpowered by Yomi and magically bound to serve her, and together they go on a quest to reclaim the dungeon which the fox spirit once ruled, but which she lost after being betrayed and locked away. Non-human, centuries-old protagonist is already something we don’t really see that often and the game does surprisingly good job at developing Yomi as a patient and in many ways benevolent, but somewhat eccentric being, with vast knowledge and a perspective very different from that of Ceri, who, who is not only unmeasurably younger, but can also be hot-headed and prejudiced. While the game’s writing, in general, is rather bland and rarely in any way original, this main couple is definitely its best part. What we get after this initial setup is, however, above anything else, fanservice galore, with occasional yuri themes. Every “monster” in the dungeon you explore has the form of a scantily clad girl, which can become even more exposed if her clothes get torn after a critical hit (this is an actual, meaningful game mechanic, which lowers defence and can also affect members of your party). Also, nearly every boss fight, special encounter or in-town event between dungeon runs awards you with more or less nude CG. With 30 levels of the dungeon, impressive enemy variety and around 20 hours of total gameplay, there's definitely tons of anime boobs and girls-kissing-scenes to be seen. While I’m personally not a huge fan of the artstyle used by Wanaca, Winged Cloud’s main artist, I can’t say that Dungeon’s art is in any way ugly or that I didn’t find a few pieces in that sea of fanservice somewhat appealing – their general quality and variety were quite impressive, even if they usually weren’t “my thing”. Also, there were some bits of actual romance in the story that maybe didn’t get any serious development (sadly, even between Ceri and Yomi when it begged for something more than just hollow fanservice and one scene of cuddling), but definitely weren’t a bad addition. While Sakura Dungeon’s writing might often feel bland and generic, its main cast isn’t as shallow or uninteresting as you might expect As for the dungeon crawling aspect, for me it was definitely a positive surprise. While it’s pretty simple – with traditional hex-based movement and no gear, just levelling and some permanent stat-boosting items – it’s also for the most part pretty well balanced and the levels are decently designed. On the standard difficulty, the game flows very nicely, without unnecessary grind or pointless backtracking, just letting you explore the levels and progress smoothly after you’re done with it. One of the game’s core mechanics, capturing monster girls and incorporating them into your group (up two six at any point, with possibility of switching members when in town) also makes every new level interesting, as it provides you with a challenge of discovering and subduing new types of enemies and fitting them into your team composition. With consistent switches into dialogue and secrets/events hidden on every floor, it makes the core gameplay quite engaging and entertaining. For those interested in more challenge and spending more time on RPG elements on the game, two higher difficulty settings are available – for me however the default one felt pretty much perfect. As I’ve already complimented the CG and sprite artwork, the same has to be said about the other visual assets – the dungeon itself looks quite appealing and have a pretty decent variety, switching the main theme multiple times (ex. from a cave, to ancient-Egyptian ruins, Japanese architecture etc.). Same can be said about other backgrounds and things like attack animations – they all are at a very consistent level of quality and, maybe most importantly, gives the game quite a lot of climate. The mood is also supported by a great soundtrack by Zack Parrish, which could very well be used in a much more “serious” RPG game and absolutely wouldn’t feel out of place. All this, at least for me, made Sakura Dungeon a surprisingly relaxing and fun experience, even if I’ve found its desperate attempts on being “sexy” quite laughable (if anything, it was rather cute). Dungeon crawling, while might get slightly tedious in later portions of the game, have surprisingly good pacing and atmosphere Paradoxically, all those positive things I can say about this game lead me to a rather sad conclusion. Winged Cloud is not a team without some talent or interesting ideas but is above all a team without ambition. Sakura Dungeon was the last example of them trying to innovate and present their audience with a different, more compelling product, that isn’t simply a few hours of nonsense dialogue in between blatant, trashy fanservice. Maybe the relatively low sale numbers, below “masterpieces” such as Sakura Agent or Sakura Beach 2 discouraged them from actually trying. It’s possible that their core audience is actually just interested in anime boobs, without the need for any innovation or variety. Still, I want to believe that caring about quality is actually worth it and I can respect a product even in the most trashy format, if its authors are interested in making a decent game, rather than just making a few quick bucks through as little effort as possible. Winged Cloud, however, seems to be only interested in the latter and I have little hope on them changing this attitude unless their own fans force them to. Knowing this and with the allegations of nasty business practices by the company’s CEO, I can only cautiously recommend buying Dungeon and suggest avoiding everything else by Winged Cloud, both for your own good and the good of the industry. Final score: 3/5 Pros: + Interesting protagonist + Well-balanced RPG mechanics + Tons of content and “monster” types + Great soundtrack + Decent art Cons: - Fanservice, fanservice everywhere! - Often uninspired writing and absurdly forced “sexy” moments - Grindy on higher difficulty settings VNDB page Buy Sakura Dungeon on Steam