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    9/16 - Themes are Up! Feedback/Bugs Here

    I'm alive (more on that in this morning's upcoming VNTS post)! What's more: I've sought out stable internet, and I've given Fuwa a good ole six-hour blitz. Lots got done, but I think you'll all be very glad to hear that... All themes should be back up and running! Let me know if you run into problems with any of them! I fixed the thing. I removed the other thing. I've flagged all accounts who turned traitor and used Rooke's Crappy Default Theme. They are traitors to the cause and will be punished. Once more we are all equal, and some are more equal than others. Joking aside, themes should work. Give it a go, and let me know what I unintentionally broke.
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    Progress update: I've completed QC'ing Sasara's route bringing QC to 90% complete. QC'ing her route was nowhere near as painful as the original translation pass because the extremely annoying behaviour of the protagonist through the middle part of her route didn't last anywhere near as long and I didn't need to spend much time on my least favourite epilogue (lol). Funny how annoying parts of it are yet how great the route is overall. @Benji Price has completed a terse proofread of Ruuko's ruute and doesn't have time to do a second proofread pass so I've taken responsibility of concurrently proofreading and QC'ing it. So I'm calling QC 90% complete and proofreading 95% complete. The rest is up to me and we're still on track for a November release. Ruu \o/ The last time I posted an update was shortly after the forums were resuscitated and even though I gave a great update no one liked my post because of the theme breakage. If people use the same excuse this time and no one likes this post I'm going to quit now and never release the final patch
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    Sakura Sakura is getting a Kickstarter

    Thank you! We were all shocked as well!
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    FuwApocalypse is Over

    Probably. Almost certainly over, that is. In any case, the forums software will be running some indexing behind the scenes and things could yet get wonky. If you run into bugs, please speak up in this thread. There are also several new features to the blog, but I left the list of them back in the United States and will need to recompile it. In the meantime, just assume that everything you like is filled with sparkly updates, and everything you dislike went away. EDIT: The visual formatting of the forums are a bit off as well. This has to do with our various forums themes. As soon as I get home tonight, I'll start the laborious process of updating them, and then things should be pretty once more. (Except for Rooke's theme. That one's just crap.) EDIT: I mentioned it in the blog post, but whenever you come back and notice the forums are alive, please drop a big "Thank You!" to Nayleen (and, to a lesser extent, Invision) for bringing us back from the edge of the abyss!
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    FuwApocalypse is Over

    So I guess our PHP setup wasn't that "unusual" after all... Sorry it took that long either way, was out camping and not dealing with Invision's BS. The themes need to be updated, as usual when updating IPB.
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    Little Busters! Coming to Steam

    Since we finally had news from Visual Arts in regard of Little Busters for Steam, I decided to revived this thread (And Solidbatman nightmare as well XD) now that it's been almost two years since the last post. Here's the Twitter in regard of this below: What I could say is that at least they still sort of fulfill their first promise for Spring 2017 release here, although it's for Australian people though. Hope that it could be good news for anyone else who look forward to this, although I'd find this sort of redundant though if not for the new three routes.
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    I'm going to revise what I said. Since I love Ruuko so much it's very easy to proofread lots of it and it's the only thing left to do so it may well be released in October now.
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    Alright, update time. All the work on massaging the scripts into the format needed by the scripts is done. Now we are waiting for our programmer to finish integrating the scripts into the tools. We should be able to start giving percentages in a few weeks. (At least, a translated percentage. Some stuff has been edited, but the new tools distinguish between "translated" and "edited", where the old format we were using before does not. So some things were edited but the tools won't know that until someone goes and fills all that in.)
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    PARIS, TX — Last week, 28-year-old anime fan Learmont Irons reevaluated his life upon finding out that his current “anime of the season” was originally porn. Reports indicate that Irons was browsing the franchise’s Wikipedia page when he discovered the horrifying truth. While struggling to cope with this revelation, Irons barricaded himself in his room. Eyewitness accounts state that he refused to come out until “Nasu took back what he did”. Kinoko Nasu has been unavailable for comment since the incident. When questioned about his reaction, Irons had this to say, “When I first started watching [Fate/Stay Night] Unlimited Blade Works I expected the girls to be pure maidens. Imagine my shock when I found lewd images of my favorite character. It’s one thing if it’s fan art, but the fact that it was official ruined my image of Tohsaka Rin. I felt betrayed.” When asked about other characters such as Saber and Sakura, Irons said he had no problem with that. He explained that since neither Saber nor Sakura were his waifu then he could “care less about those sluts and their H scenes in the visual novel.” Anime expert and Type-Moon enthusiast, Howard Ludo shared his thoughts on the matter, “It’s these dirty secondaries. They think that they can waltz right in here without reading fifty hours of scrolling text. [Irons] wouldn’t have been surprised if he had read the fucking visual novel.” There are similar reports involving such beloved series as Little Busters, Utawarerumono and Yosuga no Sora. Fans seem to be uncomfortable with the fact that their favorite anime was originally fap fodder for lonely Japanese men. This has baffled researchers. “During this difficult time of betrayal I am confiding in the anime whose authentic, pure, and heartfelt love story made me fall in love with the medium: Kanon,” reads a note left by Irons. As of press time, Irons is still barricaded in his room. According to his MyAnimeList account, Irons is still keeping up with the series despite the setbacks. Sauce
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    Darklord Rooke

    FuwApocalypse is Over

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    Uh yeah if that release candidate post wasn't clear, the patch is done. Ruuko used her shaman magic on me again and put me into turbo overdrive like she did when I translated her ruute in record time. The only thing that's happening now is the editors and proofreaders are testing that the patch works properly on their systems. Which brings me to a question for the admins @Tay, since this will be completed shortly, what's the protocol for this thread? I guess I update the opening post to make it more of a release announcement and then it stays open for a bit longer for people to post and then it will be moved and locked? I won't get to do this very often
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    If the missing voices are due to missing voice files in the Japanese release, there is not really anything translators can do about it. However translators can introduce crashes. This would be a crash when displaying a certain line, though this will usually cause a crash even if you try to skip passed it. Not all VN engines are equally friendly towards getting English text and it's can actually be a lot harder to get them working than one might think. Sengoku Rance (the patch, not the MG work in progress) has left some names untranslated because translating them would cause the game to crash. I had to write a program to insert English text into Musumaker because just replacing Japanese text with English will cause crashes and the workaround for that is too tricky to do by hand for each line. It's also worth mentioning that some official translations have been using different engines than the Japanese versions of the same VNs because of engine limitations. For all we know, Fan TLs can crash because of such engine limitations. Fan tls has less freedom when it comes to choice of engine because they can't repack every single data file to match the new engine. Also some VN engines use compiled scripts and moving those to a new engine requires the source code for those scripts. Just like pre-censored CGs, the source code is only available to official translators. In short: yes missing voices and crashes are annoying, but I wouldn't blame the translators for those, at least not without checking that the problems aren't present in the Japanese version or if they are caused by engine limitations. The script errors are due to translators, or rather editors and QC. @Fred the Barber commented pretty well on that part. I was about to write something about how that's not the case and fan tls are progressing etc. (at least those I have internal knowledge of). However your post made me think about this and I have come to realize something. Way back in the dawn of time for English VNs, lets say year 2000, translations were made by a group of people gathering in the same building to work on a translation. Once completed, it was put on CDs, placed in boxes and then the boxes were sold. In other words it was the pre-internet approach. The problem with that approach is that if you happen to live in an area without such a company and you can't or won't move to a location of such a company, the only way to translate is to make a fan tl patch. Sure enough fan tl patches started to appear. Now the one building resulting in CDs approach has died and most (all?) of the companies with it. Today we have some other companies and they have embraced the internet. Suddenly translators can sit in their parent's basement or in some foreign country or whereever they are and work on commercial titles. This means skilled people are no longer forced to only work on fan tl patches. What does this mean for the fan tl patches? Mostly it means brain drain. Skilled people figure why not get paid to do what they currently do for free? Is it the end for fan tls? Not as I see it. The fan tl community will likely shift towards having a bunch of people who does the work to gain experience, which will help them getting a paid job. This means it will not die, but since the official releases will end up with all the skilled and experienced people, we can expect the fan tl quality to drop relative to the official releases. I wouldn't call that dying, but we will likely see fewer masterpieces. Having said that, some people want to translate one specific title and if they can't get paid to do so, they could do it for free, which is likely the main reason why I will say that we might still get masterpieces as fan tls.
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    Recent professional English VN releases from known good localization outfits (anything recent from MG, SP, and possibly JAST?) are universally higher quality than fan translation patches. The team that did Dies irae was not associated with any of those, and this was their first project; they likely incorrectly believed they didn't need (or perhaps could not afford at the rate they promised? who knows.) as much QC as is merited. Turns out that when you have hundreds of thousands of words to deal with (Dies irae might even be into the millions?), even if you're pretty damn good, you still make a lot of mistakes. I'd be curious to see a citation of a really excellent fan translation, which some people in this thread seem to be asserting not only exists, but even go so far as to imply it's the norm. Honestly, even the best ones I've read have universally been filled with errors (at least as high an error rate as what you're seeing in Dies irae, given the number of lines you've quoted and the size of the script), and that's to say nothing of abominations like 11eyes. KoiRizo is a great example of a fairly well-written script, for a fan TL, which is again still chock-full of errors, because QC is both hard and hard to prioritize for fan TLs. Or we could go look at, I dunno, the Little Busters! fan TL, which doesn't even have word wrapping in the entire script. I've certainly never read a fan TL with as high a quality as the S;G0 release being called out in this thread, for instance, even though S;G0 does indeed have at least a couple dozen errors that I found when reading it. I think that's nonetheless still pretty solid for a script of its size. I also don't even usually see fan TLs releasing patches; the aforementioned KoiRizo, for instance, certainly had someone who was willing and able to make all those fixes, but the people making the patches couldn't be bothered to take them. Fan TL is a fine thing for getting exposure for stuff that otherwise wouldn't get it, but you're kidding yourselves if you genuinely believe it's higher quality than what you're getting from known good English VN publishers.
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    FUWA IS BACK! YAAAY! This calls for an avatar change! (/・ω・)/
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    Rate the avatar above you

    Best girl/10
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    Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    @NowItsAngeTime All right, I added you to the QC conversation. You can find general info in the 1st message there. @Intrinsic Yeah, the initial goal was to make the patch for MoeNovel's version - and it might happen eventually. Right now we are focusing on the patch for the JP version, because it's far more convenient - 6-7 MB patch is easier to share than 2+ GB monster that would be required for the heavily butchered edition. It can be used as a basis to make patches for other versions later.
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    Kyouken Densetsu Crazy Knuckle 2 is the closest thing to a thrilling story this month. 1. Coach! Oshiete コーチ!おしえて [Nouvelle] VNDB New teacher was suddenly invited to a girls' school as an advisor to the athletics division. The final goal is to win the tournament! Is it possible to train six champions? Raising SIM with week as time unit. Apart of training routine there is summer and winter vacation training camps and various events. Period is one year. The biggest complaint about this game was that there is no H events in here, only peeping in the changing room etc. The worst part is that despite each heroine having unique profile, all the events and text are absolutely the same for each of them - zero personality. Also even with max stats (256) it's actually a game of luck whether you win tournament or not. A rare kusoge... 2. Doukoku Soshite... 慟哭そして。。。 [Studio Line & Sakata SAS] VNDB In this game, you play the role of a high-school student (whom you can name as you like). A bus takes him and his classmates to the school every day. But this time, just when the hero was talking to one of his classmates, the lovely girl Riyo, a car drove up to the bus, there was a sound of a crash, and then the hero became unconscious. When he woke up, he found himself, his classmates (most of whom were girls), and a couple of unknown people in a locked room in a strange mansion. Soon the hero realizes something terrible is going on in the mansion. People are being killed under mysterious circumstances, their corpses hidden; he finds a memo soaked in blood and a photograph. Will he be able to solve the mystery and to protect the people destiny brought him together with? There are three English reviews of this game. 3. Happening Journey はぷにんぐJOURNEY [Euphony Production] VNDB Masaharu is long in love with his childhood friend Yuki, but lacks the courage to tell her his true feeling. One day Masaharu's friend Takagi asks him to go on a ski trip together, telling him that he would also take Yuki for Masaharu, so that Masaharu would take Miki, his partner in their tennis club, for Takagi. Somehow their plan becomes known to other girls too, who start insisting on joining the trip - so the party now consists of seven boys and girls. Will Masaharu have a chance to tell Yuki his love during the trip? There is an English review of this game. 4. Houkago wa Fiancee 放課後はフィアンセ [Sweet Basil] VNDB Tadashi Wakita lost his parents in an accident at an early age, but thanks to the assistance of his uncle Kanno Rotaro, he is a high school student and lives in a house. Uncle dies and leaves a will that nephew must marry one of his three daughters in order to inherit his property and he must do it before the deadline. Depending on choices it can be either a pure love story or a tyranny story and choices aren't transparent at all. Game is not limited to three daughters, there are other, less profitable variants too. Each route takes about one hour and there is also a harem ending with five girls. Characters are cute enough, but H events are too frequent and dark side of the game constantly tries to pop up. 5. Kunoichi Torimonochou くのいち捕物帖 [Polestar Co.] VNDB Long ago, during the Edo period, those chosen to become ninja train in secrecy from youth, living in an isolated village to become a secret agent for the shogun. Here, a young girl is training to become such an agent; her name: Ran Sagajo. Along with her talking ninja squirrel companion Sasuke, she has begun a trip to Edo to continue her train You generally choose destination and wait for events to happen. Battles are played in the way that you select a command and opponent selects and you watch the outcome, much like the other VN fightings. When energy is accumulated to the max, a special move can be used. There are stats and places to train them. Game's appeal point is a good balance between animated story sequences and picturesque battles. 6. Kyouken Densetsu Crazy Knuckle 2 狂拳伝説クレイジーナックル2 [ZyX] VNDB Lunar shadow was a legendary ultimate fighting school, but its last descendant lived 80 years ago. Kusakabe Aoma is a bouncer of the street gang group in the city called Crown City. But he wants to get to know his true self. One day he arrives to the usual place, but instead of smiles of other members all he sees is a sea of blood. Compared to the prequel text has gone better. Scenario is the debut work of Arakawa Takumi who gave us Ayakashibito, Bullet Butlers and several other interesting works. There is a good balance of seriousness and comedy. The atmosphere gone even darker than that of the prequel. Fighting system got more difficult. Animation is widely used. H events are densely packed, pretty much with every battle. So a good entertainment work, but not more. 7. Mars Ball マーズボール [Studio Jikkenshitsu] VNDB Humans migrate to Mars, where the description of ancient sport is found in the ruins and it becomes the new craze - the Marsball. An ordinary salaryman gets fired and with his baseball experience in high school he tries his luck as a manager of a new Marsball team. Baseball game with card battles and quite high difficulty. Most of the time you train and once in a while there is match. H-events are hard to unlock with flags and are over in a flash. It's weak as love story, weak as H-story... then it's probably just a gameplay oriented game. 8. Misa no Mahou Monogatari ミサの魔法物語 [Sammy Corporation] VNDB Misa no Mahomonogatari - Heartful Memories tells the story of a young girl who got a mission from the queen of a magic world called Firimu, to travel to the human world, find a young girl and train her into a tarot magician so that she could defeat the evil forces willing to conquer both of the worlds. The game takes place in that high school and will last 4 years of training, the main character of the game is Misa and during that time period she has to train her abilities, meet different people and classmates, and face the evil that endangers the world. A raising SIM to train a justice magician girl. And that's enough already to stop discussing it. 9. Yume no Yukue Karuizawa Monogatari 夢のゆくえ 軽井沢物語 [Fair Dance] VNDB In Autumn wandering in the forest of Karuizawa of autumn leaves, I met a girl in a white dress living in an old villa. In winter three of my classmates and I came to ski and I had a vision of a girl in white dress again.. In spring I walked in the forest of Karuizawa to find a girl in white dress. And in the summer I shall wander between reality and daydreaming. Obscure work, mostly due to the fact that there is no save function in the game.
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    For those wondering why I haven't posted recently (two weeks without a blog post is about the longest I've ever gone since the Fuwa blogs opened, save for the Fuwapocalypse periods), I've simply been too busy with work and playing Mask of Truth to bother. This review was written up by Dergonu before then, and I only just got around to editing it. Bishoujo Mangekyou -Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo- was my first Mangekyou game, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect of it. The limit of my knowledge of the series was that it has nice art and animated scenes. In short, I went in blind. As I started reading, my first impression was that the game didn't feel like a nukige at all. The introduction felt like one you'd see in a story driven game. The writing, music and backgrounds set up a pretty heavy atmosphere, and the first real H-scene doesn't happen until quite some time into the story. Although H is definitely a central part of the game, I'd honestly say this reads a lot more like a "story driven game" than a nukige. In addition, the game touches on a lot of things that doesn't exactly get your mojo going, like death, incest, rape and mental illness. Needless to say, the game was a lot darker than I had imagined. The story is centered around the twins Yuuma and Yuuri. The main character, Yuuma, harbors some pretty complicated feelings towards his sister. He has spent the last year in a hospital, for reasons yet unknown to the reader, and during his stay, his feelings for his sister only grew stronger. Clephas: Spoilers contained in the box below. Since I generally don't post anything that can't be guessed or read from the Getchu or official page of a VN here in terms of actual details, I'm taking the liberty of sticking this section into a spoiler box. These are minor spoilers, so don't feel like you absolutely have to avoid reading them. I'm just doing this for the peace of mind of the more obsessive members. The writing in this game was surprisingly good. It even felt poetic at times, and the true ending really had me thinking for a good while. As you might be able to guess by the title, (tsumi to batsu = crime and punishment,) the story delves a lot into morality. It's the type of story that gets you thinking about right and wrong, and how every person has a dark side hidden within them. I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers, but, in conclusion, there is a lot more to this game than what meets the eye. So, I almost feel bad calling it a nukige. I'd say this is definitely worth a read. (It made me very interested in the prequels. I'll go ahead and read those sometime soon. Hopefully they are as good as this game was.) Clephas Note: The Bishoujo Mangekyou series is only technically a nukige series, since it has too much h-content to deny it, but each game has a solidly-written and interesting story.
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    Greetings fellow Muv-Luv fans! Sorry for this abrupt post, but we here at ixtl would like to reach out and get more acquainted with all the fans out there. Of course, the Kickstarter was just the beginning - we have much more great things in store! To help kick this off, we've prepared a survey that we'll use to help influence our planned presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. So, those of you who have time - please fill it out. For those of you who have more time - please share this with any Muv-Luv fans that you know or can reach. (No matter where that might be!) To prove that it's official, the survey will be hosted on the official ixtl site. If you have any questions, list them here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! That said, please fill out the survey asap as TGS is nearly here! Details here: http://www.age-soft.co.jp/archives/2143 Survey here: https://sites.google.com/view/muvluv/ The Muv-Luv Team
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    Release candidate patch has now gone out to all the recent editors and proofreaders for final inspection. Ruu \o/
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    Clown: Hey guys, I have donuts down here!
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    Hey everyone! It's been a little longer than anticipated, but the seventh episode of the Broadcast Club is finally out! http://thebroadcast.club/2017/09/18/episode-7-popular-visual-novels/ We talked about popular VNs on this episode with the one and only, Cornetto_Man a long time member and moderator of /r/visualnovels. Cornetto has read a ton of VNs, so he was an awesome addition to the cast this time around. Nope, we didn't forget about the cast, or decide to stop doing it or anything. A number of factors led to delaying this latest episode nearly an entire month from our target date. Unfortunately, that's just how it worked out this time. However, we should be back on track now! I was contacted by a few people over the last few weeks asking about it, and to anyone who didn't reach out to one of us asking about the next episode, but was wondering about it, many apologies for the extended delay! As always, thanks for listening, and we're always willing to hear what you have to say about the cast! Hope you enjoy! As this cast was actually recorded in mid-late August, our news is a bit out of date on some points, but I felt there was value in leaving it in, so my apologies if Subahibi KS speculation is not particularly interesting to you anymore. Make sure to follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/VNBroadcastClub ------------------- I'd like to start a new Discussion series to not make these topics just postings of the episodes and here your guys' thoughts: Why do you think certain VNs are more popular than others? What VNs are you surprised aren't more popular or more highly read? What are your hidden gems that don't get talked about much? How much does a VN's popularity play into your own reading choices? With more companies shifting focus to the West, are you more excited about official translations of older titles, or simultaneous releases of new ones in both Japanese and English?
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    SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    I try not to talk about it too much, but... I am actually a direct descendant of Kaiser Franz Visual Ferdinand Novel the First.
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    so years and years ago i read a vn called hitomi my stepsister. it was one of the worst vns ive ever read! but one thing that i really liked about it and have never seen since was that the vn starts when the two meet. at first shes very shy and weary of him but slowly starts to open up and trust him. i would like to read a vn with something similar to hitomis set up. where they meet, the girl is really shy and she begins to really embrace having the mc as a brother. maybe a little more happens later?
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    Grisaia no Rakuen question

    You know, I had the same conviction about Kajitsu when I was starting it. I was wrong, and I deeply regret reading the censored version. I think, somebody mentioned that the h-scenes in Rakuen are actually important for the story in some way, but I haven't played it yet so don't quote me on that.
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    Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody Translation Project! Synopsis: Misaki is an aspiring pianist studying abroad in Germany, with the dream of someday playing the piano that his late father had built. One day, he received a call from his older sister Shiori who was the music teacher at Lilie Girls’ School. She told him that the lone piano that was entrusted to the school would be donated to the museum at the end of the year and asked him if he would take over as the music teacher while she goes on maternity leave. Presented with the opportunity to fulfill his dream, he decided to accept the position and returned to Japan. When he arrived at the school, he discovered that only students at the school have the chance of playing the piano, and only if they are selected to perform on it during the school festival. Thus, he must attend as a student while serving as a teacher. Of course, that means that he must dress as a girl. While he was afraid of the consequences if his secret got out, his desire to take advantage of this final chance made for an easy decision. And so begins his new life as a cross-dressing teacher and student. Opening Video: Staff: Translator: flowingcloud Editor: Xsspeed TLC: Katernum Programmer: binaryfail Helper: Senri Progress: Common Route: 0/4163 Chika Route: 0/3421 Kotone Route: 0/3148 Mia Route: 0/3512 Mizuho Route: 0/3447 Sayaka Route: 0/3756 Recruitment + Introduction of Myself: Hi, I'm flowingcloud, and some of you might of heard of me before. I translate a few novels at Yado Inn and I now want to pick up my first VN project. I love Ensemble games, but no one ever translates them. I decided to end that trend and translate Ensemble's Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody. Also, the girls are really cute! Every person counts in this translation effort! Recruitment Priority (in order from important to not as important): - Translator Well, translating a VN by yourself is...... time consuming. If you love cute girls (+ trap protagonist), this is the project perfect for you! As long as you can commit a tiny portion of your life to translating, you're welcome here! Also, I do have to translate novels as well, so I do feel like I'm overly ambitious. (I was about to pick a new novel project, but some other dude wanted to do it, so I was okay go ahead, so then I figured why not do a VN you like.) Ah, ah, ah, moving on with the real details, preferred you know Japanese. MTL is....... we can discuss this, but I'm not very approving of it. - Editors My English isn't perfect. Not top priority right now, since I haven't read gotten anything for you to work on. I hope your English is good. - TLC You're a proofread basically. I don't have an editor, so what are you checking? That's why this is lowest priority right now. I hope you can spot mistakes easily, and preferred you know Japanese, so you can catch my translation mistakes. - Programmer/Hacker Edit: Someone contacted me and helped me, thanks! You're still welcome to join, just contact me. Goal: Currently, my goal is finish Common Route by end of 2017 (this year) or sometime early 2018 (next year). My grand goal is to finish this project by the end of 2018, so maybe sometime December 2018. Disclaimer: I do not know how fast I can translate this novel, so these are just rough estimates for what I want as for a goal. Will be updated when I have better estimates. Contact Me: Email: flowingcloudd@gmail.com Discord: flowingcloud#2601 I preferred you send me an email or just message me on Discord. You can PM/DM me on Fuwanovels, but whether I respond or not...... Also, if I do not respond within a day, please message me again, because I might have missed your email/message. FAQ: None right now, since no one has asked any yet.
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    Fashioning Miss Lonesome 2morrow!

    HYPE. I was waiting for this release since it was announced and was counting the days until now. I hope my enjoyment of the game is as high as my expectations, which seems it will happen. For those interested, I'll leave the link for MG's page. Let's talk about this wonderful game for the next days, shall we? http://mangagamer.org/misslonesome/ (SFW)
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    While the truth to this statement is generally questionable(seriously the level of quality of certain fan translations is laughable). , I will say this is not the case for the translators of Dies Irae. You are implying that the translators did not genuinely love the work, put passion into it, and worked their butts off on the Dies Irae project. I talked to the translators numerous times, and they have told me that despite being underpaid they took on this crazy project. You have no idea how hard it was to translate Dies Irae at all. Masada's script is complicated, the kanji he uses can range from archaich to straight up requiring specialized knowledge to tackle on (ie: knowledge of Buddhism suntras and such). The translators spent over 800 hours on transalting Dies Irae, and it was a challenge. Yes, there are typos and errors, but in a game that is 50+ hours long, mistakes are bound to happen. The translation team is actively working on fixing the mistakes and it isn't like they don't give a fuck.
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    Fashioning Miss Lonesome 2morrow!

    Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that booty.
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    I'm not otome trash, but even I'm excited about FLML. It just looks like so much fun from the screenshots I've seen (didn't want to spoil myself with the demo.)
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    There's so much wrong with this post that I mentally broke and lifelessly stared at the scared passersby for at least ten minutes.
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    Darklord Rooke

    Did Fuwa die?

    Heh, only the most awesome theme on the forums :3 It seems that, at the moment, 'likes' only work with one theme ...
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    Darklord Rooke

    Did Fuwa die?

    There is one theme that always works perfectly. Just sayin' :3
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    I thought I would have and enjoy Starless for the rest of my life. Alas, the library told me they'd kick me out if I kept installing stuff on their computers.
  42. 2 points
    I was curious how much the anime fandom split down gender lines. What do men and women prefer? Is there a difference in how they rate things? What anime most divides them? Using the profile and rating data on MyAnimeList, I tried to find out. I'm not too sure how to list tables in this type of forum, so I hope you'll forgive me if I link to my analysis elsewhere, here on tumblr, and here on reddit. I hope you enjoy the results (:
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    Akatsuki no Yona is simply amazing, especially if you're a fan of strong (in the sense of strength of character) female leads. One of my very favorites.
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    Noble☆Works Review

    Today I'll be going through this new visual novel "Noble Works." Some call it a moege, some call it a charage, and people who aren't pretentious call it an eroge. The story begins from the perspective of our male protagonist, Noble Works. Noble Works is in a real pickle. You see, Noble Works works a lot of part-time jobs in order to pull himself through high school. He lives alone because he doesn't want his parents around when he inevitably does the sexorz with cute girls. Unfortunately, various circumstances have left him unemployed, and he now wonders how he'll pay the month's rent. Suddenly, Noble Works is approached by his cute kouhai. She and Noble Works attend Hatsushiba Academy together. But apparently you don't have to remember that, because the name of the school appears only twice in the damn game. After she contributes jack shizzle to our protagonist's plight, we move on and meet a guy who looks suspiciously similar. This guy looks exactly like the protagonist! Having determined that there's been some sort of glitch in the matrix, they decide to battle in order to decide who's the true Noble Works. However, this battle goes a step too far. Our protagonist has killed the imposter Noble Works. In a panic, he rushes the body to his apartment. Soon thereafter, a group of suspicious people and a cute Chinese girl break in. Despite Noble Works's best attempts, he cannot explain away the corpse at his side. The situation gets complex at this point, but it all comes down to this: In order to atone for his sins, Noble Works must attend a prestigious high school academy in the dead guy's place. It's kind of like The Prince and the Pauper, or Princess Evangelion. Anyway, we soon meet Bigtittymaid-san. I know what you're thinking: That's an awfully short tie she's wearing. In actuality, that's a perfectly normal tie. It's just that her knockers project so greatly that it looks short from this perspective. While at school, Noble Works meets the next heroin. Well, first we meet her grampa, this guy: Then we see the confused, alien-looking chick. Later on, Zoltron Glocknork approaches Noble Works to ask for help. Basically, she doesn't know how to play shogi, so she asks our protagonist for help. You can think of shogi as the Japanese version of 52 Pickup. The common route gets complicated around this time, so without spoiling too much, I'll skip ahead to alien girl's route. I soon found that this route was a whole lot of plot, a whole of lot shogi, and then a whole lot of "plot." The thing I liked most was how much pee there was. The following images aren't NSFW, but they're as close as one can get to NSFW without being NSFW. Indeed, by my count, they didn't technically have the sexorz until the fourth H-scene. But urine for a treat, because there's plenty of pee to sustain you until then. And when it's finally time for them to do the sexorz, they get into this super-advanced position. Noble Works knows what his girl wants. Oh, and then there's pee. I'll stop here, where the plot gets pretty intense. The "plot" also gets pretty intense. I'd like to finish the whole game before giving it a proper score. I wonder how long it is? Let's see, it's got 57,690 lines, and at >10 words per line, that adds up to at least 576,900 words. Gee, that's longer than Infinite Jest, one of the longest novels ever written. I wonder what it says about our society when some degenerates will dedicate more time to a game about pee fetishes than David Foster Wallace's classics.
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    FuwApocalypse is Over

    I have an update on likes. After having received a like for my previous post, I can tell that the notification appears to work for all themes, but only Rooke's crappy default theme will show the like on the post itself. It would appear that likes have been split into multiple types of likes (thanks, haha, sad etc) and the themes need to be updated accordingly. I have no idea why Rooke's crappy default appears to work without an update, but it's lucky because it can likely be used as a template for the other themes.
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    Translation is almost done. Looking for peeps who can TL check hit me up!
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    Trying to remember name of anime

    Found it The anime in question is Star Driver and song is actually from different scene as well, I was thinking of Monochrome in episode 7
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    Heard about this "Elite" Edition of Steins;Gate coming out, with supposedly new content and "Remastered Art" And then this, lmao. Wow, what a lazy cash in.
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    Fred the Barber

    What Anime are you watching now?

    I watched Kara no Kyoukai / The Garden of Sinners. Pretty enjoyable. Episode 5 was far and away the most interesting episode: best plot, most developed cast, and an utterly confusing way of telling the story that, while occasionally frustrating, mostly just served to get me to watch more carefully. I actually liked episode 6 quite a lot, despite it being on the weak side on plot, largely because it introduced a fun, cute character who nonetheless kicked ass; "cute" was in terminally short supply throughout this show, so that was a breath of fresh air. 2 was also an outstanding episode, although I almost wish they hadn't gone back to resolve the threads it left open which were closed off in the show's finale, episode 7. 1, 3, 4, and 7 all were weaker episodes (hard to blame 1, though, since it had to serve as an intro; but there's less excuse for the rest), especially 7, which was also on the long side for honestly not having all that much to say. The "extra" episode, 8, was simultaneously somewhat interesting, in how it explained a lot of the mechanics of things, and mind-numbingly boring, since literally nothing happened. Would've rather I simply hadn't watched it and had ended the series at episode 7. Oh well. In summary, it had some boring episodes and some truly excellent ones, and it was quite a departure from my usual fare, so no regrets from watching Kara no Kyoukai. I'm now watching Watashi ga Motete Dousunda / Kiss Him Not Me, because I thought the title was funny and because I like watching the occasional lighthearted comedy + reverse harem. I don't watch them often, but normally I find reverse harem shows to be a little less shallow than normal harem shows; this one, unfortunately, isn't, at least so far. That said, things are looking up a little bit as of episode 5, so I'm hoping it gets a little more enjoyable for me soon. Episode 5 had a couple of nice features: 1) it introduced a little yuri slant, which I do not mind at all, and 2) it took a step towards overturning the extremely shallow premise of the show... before going right back to the start. I don't see quite how they'd fix the bigger thematic problems I have with the show, but episode 5 gives me a little hope that they just might do so.
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    Late to said this here, but happy first anniversary here. And thanks for the effort for translating Loverable.