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    On h-scenes in VNs

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    Also I'm not sure why there's weird line breaks on the original fan translation screenshots, maybe it's the way I installed it on Windows 10..
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    Not sure if I'm active enough but... there's me! A weird 24 years old nerd girl who loves gaming (huge fan of Shin Megami Tensei and Metal Gear) and chinese power points! Sorry if this ends up being too long but here goes. I know I'm pretty much in the minority here, but I really like finding and reading different things. I didn't really started with otome actually, but with battle shounen chuuniges, and I'm glad I didn't stop there. But yeah, I also like BL and otome. I'm just not into moeges, since there's not enough guys story there and recently I learned to enjoy yuri, since it's so cuuuuute! But I'm open to suggestions, you can recommend me anything, I'll at least take a look! I loved Saya no Uta and Sekien no Inganock, and they aren't exactly targeted for girls. I'm not gonna lie, I like h-scenes just like you guys, but... I usually prefer when I see both participants on screen. I don't really read for self insertion. But this seems to be an otomege thing, since in 18+ otome games you can see the girl. So guess I'm not alone in that opinion. Now, games target at females... Yeah, people usually think date sims first, but if you dig deeper (like I did, since some years back I disliked otomes bc I thought they're all boring date sims), you'll find some good stuff! Of course, romance and power of love are important sometimes, but some galges do the same right? From memory, I can recommend Code:Realize, a steampunk game with an useful main character! The boys are really charming and Van Helsing is so like Archer from F/SN, god I'll die. Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku is funny and there's some nice ecchi CGs. And Shingakkou ~Noli me tangere~ is a super fucking incredible christian horror plotge, that's very different from your average BL game. And no, I'm not saying it's good bc "IT'S SO HOT KYAAA!", the execution of the plot is what's good, and play it just for porn, well, some of them are way too nightmarish, disgusting or symbolic, so... don't do that. So yeah, we're different but also alike! Or maybe I'm just weird.
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    I try to make sure that I read every comment that I can on here, and I can guarantee that I understand the position that you and Sol Press are in. Hopefully, I can provide you guys with some information real quick, and be as open as possible! In terms of licensing, this is something we've even discussed with different partners of ours. We are still small, so it is difficult to actually acquire anything substantial. The titles we have though mean the world to us, and we wouldn't have picked them up if we didn't like them. It's a growing game, so hopefully, in a few years you'll see us up near the top. For Kickstarters, I have the exact same worries as most of you. Translation quality, becoming reliant on Kickstarter, and reliability are all issues that are currently plaguing the industry. I personally have read each and every complaint about the translation quality of Sakura Sakura. We hesitated to release a Kickstarter Update until just a few days ago because there were so many changes happening each and every day in Sol Press to fix this. It was literally a "Let's wait until tomorrow to announce this because this is happening tomorrow also" that would repeat every day. In the Kickstarter update, we addressed the issue of translation quality by doing the following: We brought on more experienced translators (TBAC and Ningen) to assist with the translation. We also brought on two very experienced proofreaders and beta testers, Kitty-tama and Haerts (whose names I think most of you will recognize). To address issues of becoming reliant on Kickstarter, we've already begun projects that are not reliant on Kickstarter. We don't plan on announcing any of them through until they're much closer to release, but I can guarantee you it is something we want to move away from in the future. In summary: We'll get bigger titles as we slowly grow our name, but in our personal beliefe, each one of our titles is special and worth a read. I personally read all the criticism I can find, even if it hurts. We're actively taking steps to improve on our weaknesses. We're going to be moving away from Kickstarter, although the first few Kickstarters are to Kickstart the company as a whole. They help to build a rhythm and structure our deadlines/timeframes. alice is super cute. I've always been available on Discord for any DM's. If you see an issue arising at our company, please let me know! It's a lot easier to fix issues before it becomes ingrained in company culture than after.
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    Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    For people who like it. Like me.
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    On h-scenes in VNs

    I will be the sole defender of H-scenes for fap purposes if necessary.
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    Inferior releases.

    Again, main issue here is Licensing. Sometimes it's just impossible to get all the rights necessary to have this accomplished. And if you can't get the rights you are liable to be sued. Do remember that these official companies are profiting of these releases and as such the original companies that put in work are able to sue if proper steps are not taken. Fans on the other hand don't have this handicap and can literally, LITERALLY, do whatever the fuck they want. I could, theoretically, add in Linkin Park music as the OST or add in functionality to the game that wasn't there before. And not only do I need not get the rights to either the company who made the game, I don't even need to bother with music licensing. And in regards to ALL of this, if you are going to sit there and go "well I'm not going to spend money because there is a free, better, version out there" then do just that. I personally have bought many visual novels and never opened them purely because I played the fan translated releases when they came out but I do in fact want to support the developers. Just like games I used to pirate long ago I all have in either a digital or physical paid copy. If content is so important to you, get the fan translated edition, play the fan translated edition. But if you want to support the sales of a game you enjoy, go purchase it, regardless of which version you play. Add to this is a person didn't even know of everything you are talking about they would still purchase the game, play it, and that's that. It's not like the company is going "Hey everyone buying this product, look there is a fan version out there that has a shitload more content then the one we put out...just saying." If the customer doesn't know, the customer won't care. So you might give a crap because you know, but many others who actually buy the game might not know this and therefore don't care.
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    Cutest thing i've seen today
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Just an online conversation I had recently with a friend. Me: I used to be a big fan of classical adventure games when I was in high-school. And the games I play now are even more niche. Him: Visual novels, right? Me: Right) How did you guess it? Him: I don't now lol. You seem like the type to like them.
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    Well they just finished their first kickstarter successfully a few months ago and i just noticed this announcement http://solpress.co/projects/newton/ I could only go 'the f*ck?' when i saw the title lol Kickstarter scheduled for 1st December
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    We're on track for a December digital release for Sakura Sakura (with physical goods following early January). I'm glad you guys are excited about Newton! We've all had our eyes on this for a long time, the op drew our attention to it right away.
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    On h-scenes in VNs

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    t japan vs SakuraGame

    I can't say I agree with this. You know that if you purchase a game like that, you are basically sending both SG and the original creator a message that their approach works and they can continue selling future games in the same way. I personally would rather skip the game altogether than purchase it from them.
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    VN against Loneliness

    Read Majikoi. The friendship dynamic there is really great and heartwarming
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    mods seem a bit busy

    I want Clephas to replace Eclipsed as a mod so that I don't have to read ^that "English" as often.
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    I see the whole thing pretty relaxed. When Konosora was released is was a brand new high quality VN amongst lots of old and average stuff. At that time it stood out and therefore it did really hurt that it was censored that way. But nowadays there are so many new and good releases from all kinds of publishers that it got almost impossible to keep up with all the new stuff anyway. So I'm almost grateful to get a reason to skip this one - there are lots of replacements to fill the gap. Moenovel doesn't care even the slightest bit about the English fan base, they only care about their sales. They therefore never had to reconsider their policy since Konosora sold great. So if anyone really wants Moenovel to get a change of mind, the best thing is to just not buy the title in this state. If sales are poor they might reconsider, but if sales are still good, why should they change anything?
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    Breaking News: Sekai Project shuts down a religious cult trying to become the sky! - Is freedom of religion in danger?
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    Fred the Barber

    Karakara 2 review discussion

    https://fuwanovel.net/reviews/2017/11/15/karakara-2/ I actually really like this series. It's not deep or anything, but it reliably delivers the goods. Also, what's not to like about a kemonomimi harem?
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    Not the writer, but did you know that euphoria, Fraternite and Maggot Bait's illustrator is also a woman? Damn, this girl can draw some serious gorn shit.
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    I'm a male who likes to play Otomege. Am i an abomination or not?
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    The scales have fallen from my eyes.
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    Well, thing is, you have no way of telling if that's true, and the record tells us that in fact it most likely is not. As wary as you may be, there is certain malware that is simply unavoidable. Fortunately, we are not its target. Let's see, for the sake of an example, do you remember all the fuss Stuxnet made in 2012? That is deemed to be the greatest known endeavor to date in malware development, exploiting up to 4 zero-day vulnerabilities. FYI a zero-day vulnerability is an exploit the software company itself is not even aware of yet. They're obviously really difficult to find, and ludicrously expensive to buy, yet Stuxnet made use of 4. Well, when shit like that comes to light you realize that in all likelihood every system in the world is infected in one way or another. Even intelligence agencies put malware into commercial software. Ask Snowden about all that.
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    Soulless Watcher

    On h-scenes in VNs

    I will make no effort in grandstanding by trying to defend my position by conjuring up some elaborate excuse, I simply like h-scenes because I'm a horny bastard. I've recently gotten allot of shit for rating some eroge higher than story centric visual novels on vndb. No, I don't think Funbag Fantasy has a better story than Kara no Shoujo, but they weren't aiming for the same goals. You can't rate a comedy on the same grounds as a action film, just as you can't yell at Stephen Hawking for being shit at baseball. I know that isn't what this topic is about, but I wanted to preemptively explain that before getting to the meat of the matter. The real question is how to feel about sex scenes in story focused visual novels. Well personally I like them, I'm the type of person that after becoming a fan of characters in fiction I look up fanfiction and doujin about them fucking. Having the porn in the source material beforehand is something I find incredibly convenient and a major time saver. Do I expect people to be fine with this? Absolutely not and I completely understand why people would dislike these elements in visual novels. Not everyone has a masturbation addiction to help deal with the condition known as "living", some people drink alcohol instead...... or they just like a great story to distract them from life. I find the question of whether "sex" can be used effectively as a narrative tool to be an interesting one. It's pretty common for people to cry out that an H-scene is "unrealistic", which always baffled me. We don't cry fowl when a FPS doesn't include a 40+ hour rehabilitation simulator after the player character is shot and no one complains that half of rom-coms don't end with a sloppy divorce. Fiction will always contradict reality on some level. I have never believed that a sex scene in any medium was "realistic" aside from Harry Turtledove books and quite frankly it kinda sucks. Realistic depictions of sex without dramatic flourishes are no different from depicting eating a meal or getting over a cold, it's just another boring part of life. Would I like more story centric visual novels with sex scenes integrated better in their plots? Absolutely, but as I stated before it's not that easy. Sex is a relatively boring act as a plot device, without going into FSN territory and inviting contrived reasons sex is required, it can only be used as a plot device in stories of youthful indiscretion, Romeo/Juliet rip-offs, and stories of jealously. In all three instances sex isn't even necessarily required and could be substituted with something else. Sex isn't as big as a deal as society makes it. Oddly enough I think the horrible act of rape is a much better plot device and something that society needs to be better and handling. This act of abject evil opens the door to a menagerie of storytelling opportunities, however if the writer isn't incredibly skilled and knowledgeable it will come across as a cheap shock tactic that is "trying too hard".
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    Mr Poltroon

    On h-scenes in VNs

    One should keep in mind that just because a certain contribution to the story could be made without the use of H-Scenes does not mean the H-Scenes are unnecessary, for by that logic, most things are unnecessary. Just because I am the author of "Gadsby" (which I am not) that does not mean the letter 'e' is unneeded. Take into account games like Grisaia no Kajitsu and G-Senjou no Maou (which is actually a bad example because no official 18+ version exists), where the act is meant to display the emotions and scars of the characters. How you evaluate the H-Scene will then depend on the execution. If it devolves into a fairly normal H-Scene with the occasional mention of the character's emotions, then it may be failing to create a scene that meaningfully contributes to the story, instead creating some fan service (which can also be done badly, as Fate/stay night and Key VN's tend to demonstrate). If it devolves into Gahkthun and every line is a metaphor or euphemism used to describe the character's emotions, then it probably is making a greater contribution to the story than the former situation. By my evaluation, Grisaia and G-Senjou are both more interested in providing good H material to the reader than developing its characters, because they certainly wouldn't need scenes that extensive for the latter. But as a wise someone once said somewhere: "Why not both?" H-Scenes can also be used to characterise characters in ways specific to sex. In Majikoi and its sequels a lot of characters have specific traits that they only display during the deed, and, in that sense, contribute to the character. These would not manifest themselves if all we had was an "and then sex happened" line*, or if there was no sex at all. Of course, these don't quite contribute to the overall story/plot in most cases (though it depends). Margit's route in S (which, to be fair, isn't very good by most accounts) is entirely dominated by sex, and could not be done any other way -- more fitting for a nukige, really. *Even if mentioned in conversation afterwards, the "show, don't tell" adage would dictate that explicitly writing the H-Scenes would be the best approach in these cases. In Moege and certain Charage, where characters and their interactions ARE the plot, H-Scenes can obviously have a greater impact and contribute to the "story" in different ways. This is not always the case -- certain Yuzosoft VN's and the already mentioned Chrono Clock have a plot that supports the story by itself, and is not simply characters doing random stuff every day. Of course, if you've played a Yuzosoft VN you would know that in these cases the H-Scenes are very much fan service, and represent both a culmination of a relationship (sometimes -- exaggeration and blatant pandering in most routes creates and obviously unauthentic and fan service-y scenario) and a means to reward the reader after the considerable hours of investment already put in. In fact, representing a relationship between two characters of ages around 18 without H-Scenes could seem out of place. Keeping in mind that everyone is different, most romantic relationships include sex at some point, and people around this age have, allegedly, more interest in the act. It also provides Of course, none of these require explicitly written out H-Scenes, and mere mentions could and should be sufficient. By generalising my personal experience, it's in this latest sense that I appreciate H-Scenes. That is also why I skip the meat of them, as, from my point of view, their presence is necessary but depictions of them not quite. I remember how Brighter than Dawning Blue lacked H-Scenes, and that severely hampered my enjoyment. The characters had very little apparent displays of affection, and too late into the routes. Despite their age, displays of affection consisted, at most, of holding hands or being shy. The route might culminate on a kiss! Obviously, that by itself isn't a problem, some routes in Clannad or Little Busters! are similar. I imagine the problem arouse from the fact that the story had little more to offer than the character's relationships, and that the route I read, in particular, was about a more standoffish character. My interests don't align, so I'm not well-versed on this topic, but the exploration of certain fetishes, such as sado-masochism, could in themselves be the topic the VN explores. Assuming most fetishes create emotions other than simple sexual excitement, these are topics that could be contemplated in VNs, and would necessitate semi-explicit scenes. Cute Demon Crashers! has a scene lightly exploring one, and due to how the VN is executed, all sexual acts in this VN, although explicit, are extremely tactful, and the culmination of the story (which would technically be a nukige, maybe?). Yume Miru Kusuri is, I think, perhaps my best counter-argument to allegations that explicit H-Scenes add little value to Visual Novels that aren't focused on sex. The visual novel is about indulgence, youthful indiscretions, vice, drugs, pregnancy, and bullying. So yes, not your run-of-the-mill affair, but it should be credible that even more explicit H-Scenes could meaningfully contribute to these themes. School Days is another good example, if you can be convinced that it isn't a nukige. I don't believe endings where where the protagonist essentially prostitutes himself, or endings where multiple relationships are tolerated because of his bed skills could be quite as effective without depictions of the act. I'll also take a moment to mention Rance and its particular brand of disagreeable comedy, one that results from having a protagonist so dastardly and outside the norm. A form of black comedy that necessitates at least some explicit scenes to drive the point home and is unafraid of tackling many sexual matters in both comedic and serious manner. All this said... I will concede most H-Scenes exist to provide fan service and check a checkbox. That checkbox that lets them put X-Rated on their game boxes.
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    Okay, not too long ago I reached a "milestone": there are now less than a hundred thousand lines left in the game to edit! Time for a status update. It turns out not quite four thousand lines were edited, in not quite a month. Note: all below percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number. Shoku Main 42% (4319/10321) Battle 100% (299/299) Aisha, Touka 7% (281/4137) Ei, Yue 0% (0/1954) Enya 1% (13/2777) Hinari, Shuri 2% (48/2907) Iishe, Pairen, Reiha, Toshi 0% (0/3377) Kikyou, Shion 1% (34/2277) Mii 27% (396/1448) Nenene, Ren 0% (0/3330) Rinrin 7% (206/2912) Sei 37% (1002/2734) Sui, Tanpopo 1% (27/3409) Shoku TL:89% (37198/41882) Edit:16% (6625/41882) Untranslated H-scene routes: (Aisha, Touka), (Hinari, Shuri), (Ren, Nenene), and Sei Gi: 4% (1390/38852) Go: 5% (1360/25983) Total: 9% (9376/108888)
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    After every translated monster girl game, something dies inside me. Either its monster girls raping you violently like in monster girl quest or its this kind of twisted shit. Why cant I have some vanila monster girl boobies.
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    This answer will probably have some spoilers (as you have asked about ending types.) However, I will keep them to a minimum. The game is garbage and you are probably playing it for the PLOT, so its probably fine. The game follows an ending system, where you end up with heroines/according to the scenario. Harem world -> Inconclusive harem ending + Saki The power of a kiss -> Nadja ending (Good ending) The monstrous emperor -> Nadja and her mother ending. You are evil but not cruel. (you actually love nadja, somewhat twistedly) To the future -> Nadja and proxima ending. Inconclusive (he marries neither). There is torture rape and cruelty in this chapter. A world without Shinichi -> Same ending as above, except shinchi just dies instead of ending with them. The title is pretty self explanatory. Desire unleashed -> Evil version of the to the future route. i.e. you torture and rape as much as you can. Fiancees forever -> Another inconclusive end where he can't decide who to marry so stays fiances with everyone. An unorthodox love -> He falls in love with the robot princesses maid-cylinder, and basically fucks a metal hole. Its very weird. A love steeped in lies -> Robot princess ending (Komadori) Somewhat good ending. The ruler of an empire -> Nadja and her mother ending, where he corrupts them by making them eat ice-cream Who is the true monster? -> Yandere childhood friend ending. Seriously disturbing shit. (Bad End) The promise -> Final ending. Everyone promised in the past to marry MC. NOTE: The MC never loves the spider girl and vice versa. It can be argued that she is not a major heroine. She doesn't get much screen time. They never have sex. She is not NTR'd. She runs off with someone she actually loves. Also your walkthrough is not adapted perfectly. Though you have used the * to indicate the other choice in different routes, you have in actuality written the same choice list for multiple routes. For example, You have written the To The Future Route and A World Without Shinchi exactly the same. Choice 16 is the diverging point where you need to select go to the torture chamber,. I am unable to comment there, so I have mentioned it here. Overall, this game is very average and you would probably be doing yourself a favour by skipping it. Hope this helps~
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    I know there are different visual-styles of anime/manga. You got the Ghibli style and the semi-realistic one etc etc When we started development of the game for the picture seen below, we wanted to give it a unique look. Not just because we would (hopefully) gain more attention but also because I have never been a fan of something that is mainstream. But still, I am interested in hearing your opinion. If you were to play a 2D anime-game or watch an anime film with this style, would that be uncomfortable or ugly to look at in your opinion?
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    This isn't creepy at all, no...
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    Happy Halloween! Source: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=402&from_sid=2911412254
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    Inferior releases.

    Complaining about Jast's slow release schedule is like complaining about death, taxes, and the weather.
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