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    Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve! As always, it's time to add Santa hats to our avatars—by which I mean I add Santa hats to your avatars, because apparently you people are too lazy to do it yourselves. In case you don't remember how this works: you select one of the numbered Santa hats below and I'll put it on your avatar. If you don't select a number, I'll choose one for you, which you may regret. (On the other hand, though, I might scour Google Images for additional Santa hats not shown below, since the below ones eventually get repetitive.) Rules (I'm copying and pasting these rules from last year, because I can rewrite the same thing with new prosaic flourish only so many times): Make sure your current avatar hasn't already been Santified last year or a year before that. You can make a special request or ask for a Santa hat you found somewhere on the Interwebs, but it might be difficult to implement on your avatar. (Translation: I might be too lazy to accommodate your request.) Some avatars won't look very good with a Santa hat, either because the Santa hat is cut off from view or for other reasons. I probably won't be able to do animated avatars. If you get a Santa hat from me, I'll save your original avatar somewhere and @ you after Christmas to remind you that it's time to de-Santify your avatar. For every day beyond liturgical Christmas in which your Santa hat is still on your avatar, I will be mildly enraged.
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 18473/43896 Editing: 9324/43896 Moemi route translated.
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    Mori Calliope

    Just sharing this here for fellow Dead Beats. Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/85774801
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    Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

    50% edited
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 17580/43896 Editing: 9324/43896
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 18473/43896 Editing: 9475/43896 Will start translating Arisa route
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    Website: https://liviagame.com Sign up for news at our upcoming Indiegogo & be the first to hear of the upcoming demo! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/livia-little-fledgling The brightest and the best of all children in the Saldacian Empire are brought in to Snowdrop Academy. There, they’re taught etiquette, leadership, history, poetry… and, of course, the use of Magic. These children will be the future leaders and champions of the Empire. And among them… a little orphan girl called Livia. You are Livia. This is your story. You see her live a life of wonder, magic, friendships and challenges. You see her develop her skills and talents and grow from a sweet little girl to a bright young woman. What kind of a person will your Livia be? What kind of a future awaits her? Hi all! Thanks for checking out the project! Livia: Little Fledgling is a visual novel / life simulator with heavy RPG elements. It’s a story-based game in which you go through young Livia’s life in a magical academy, make friends and enemies… and try to figure who you are, and who you’re going to become! We take inspiration from cult classics such as Princess Maker and Long Live the Queen, but give the concept our very own flavor! What makes this game special? What if you could make your own character to be just the kind of a person you want them to be… and the game world actually reacted to it? In Livia: Little Fledgling, the game track all the choices you make throughout the game and changes accordingly. When you act a certain way and make certain kinds of dialogue options, other characters start reacting to you differently. And, once you gain a certain reputation, your whole story changes: a kind-hearted, popular Livia will encounter very different story events than a hard-boiled Livia with a reputation of a bully! At the end of Livia’s school journey, you will see one of dozens of endings, showing you what Livia grows up to be… an artist? magician? carpenter? teacher? …a princess? In most story-based games, you’re either given a pre-made character with a complex personality, needs, wants, dreams and desires; a character who’s really interesting, but isn’t someone you created. Or else your character will be a silent protagonist who never speaks and never shows any trace of emotion or character, outside of what you imagine in your head. Livia: Little Fledgling tries to do something completely different… a character who’s uniquely yours, and the game world acknowledges that! Who is making the game? Livia: Little Fledgling is developed by Fabler Studios, a small but ambitious new indie studio based in Finland. Our game designer and writer, Fabler, has worked as a game designer for “real” game companies since 2011. Most recently he worked for Frozenbyte on games such as Trine 3, Shadwen and Trine 4. Fabler Studios, and Livia: Little Fledgling in particular, is his leap into indie game development, with the ambition of exploring narrative games in completely new and unprecedented ways! Our character and background artist is the amazingly talented LPchan. You can find more of her work at her ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/lpchan ! Our UI has been created by the wonderful Sasquatchii. For programming, we’ve received help from multiple great and talented programmers: carrot, naomimyselfandi and drKlauz! Depending on the scale of the full game, we’ll be expanding the team in the coming year! Will there be a demo I can try? Yes! A free demo version of the game will be available very shortly. The demo version will contain a fraction of the features we’re hoping to accomplish, as well as a small preview of exactly what the adapting gameplay could be like. All of this will be greatly expanded upon and improved based on your feedback! Don’t worry, though: a small example it may be, but the demo already contains over 60,000 words of story and a proper little story arc for you to experience as you get your glimpse into what life in Snowdrop Academy might be like! Why a crowdfunding campaign? Livia: Little Fledgling is a passion project that we’ve already invested lots of time and work into. The full version of our dreams will require even more work, especially with all the plans and ideas we have lined up! We’re hoping to raise funds to finish the full game, yes; but also, to see just how big and ambitious we should make the final game! If the crowdfunding reveals modest interest, we’ll polish the game into a finely tuned little story that will likely last for a couple of years of in-game time. If the interest is great, however, we’ll be happy to take Livia through all her school years! Either way, we’ll look forward to bringing you the best, most complete story and experience we can! Where will the full game be released, and how much will it cost? The game will be released on Steam and Itch.io for the PC. Other platforms pending! Final price will depend on a lot of factors and is yet to be decided. If you take part in our crowdfunding campaign, your pledge will absolutely guarantee you a copy of the final game, no matter the final price! When will the full game be finished? Depending on the success of our Indiegogo campaign and the final scope of the project, we’ll be looking at a 2021 or 2022 release!
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    What are you playing?

    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. It's made by Vanillaware, who were the makers of the 2(.5)D side scrolling action RPGs like Odinsphere, Dragon's Crown on the PSVITA. Which, sue me, have been on my Vita backlog for years now. Unfortunately there's only a PS4 version out atm for Aegis, yay exclusives, would've liked a Switch version plx. And holy crap, this is one of them hidden gems. This thing was released in Sep 22 this year, and already has an average 4.9 stars with over 400 ratings on Amazon (and Amazon reviews are notorious for slamming VNs for "not being a real game" etc. smh). Even VNDB averages a whopping 8.95 with only 126 votes. It's on sale on Amazon physical NA for 30 bucks. 13 protagonists whose stories all intertwine in an epic Sci-Fi mecha time traveling world ending saga. It's not a traditional VN with static sprites and backgrounds; I'd say it's more of an interactive adventure visual novel. IADVN or something. Dialogue will be displayed over the character rather than a dedicated textbox at the bottom middle, though thankfully there is still a backlog you can refer to anytime. Presentation is supreme, you can control your current protagonist in a vivid 2.5D environment: there will be cars driving and pedestrians walking in the background when you're in the city, trees/branches will be swaying from the wind, characters all have fluid, expressive animations even when idle. The world feels alive. Then you think about the most recent VN where you have static sprites and empty backgrounds and it's like man, this is the future! Yes, the world is threatened by Mass Effect 3 Reaper wannabes and it's up to the 13 protagonists who are able to control their own personal mecha robot "Sentinels" to defend the universe across multiple time periods and yes I made it sound cheesy, but seriously the presentation of this game is top notch and gets you hooked right away. The story plays episodic, there will be 13 protagonists with their own shenanigans and the story progresses by shifting protagonists and perspectives until all of their paths eventually overlap. Every character has their own goals and motivations, relations and revelations, and every time you think you answer some questions, you get a new bundle of them in your face! There's a real time SRPG gameplay element that's thrown in to compliment the adventure novel aspect. It's almost universally agreed upon that it's definitely on the weaker end of the enjoyment spectrum, but it'd be pretty hard for the 2.5D to show epic battles between the 13 Sentinels and the Reapers, and we need some gameplay to appeal to the masses so I guess that's that.
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    What are you playing?

    Well, there's the fact that it's geoblocked in Europe, meaning people over here can't even play it unless they pirate it. I imagine that might be part of the reason.
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    ~3h ish if reading slow, but a (somewhat) reworked prologue is going to be published together with the common route translation patch so you may want to wait for that
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    Bonjour !

    Hello ! If the title isn't already explicit I'm a 25 yo french dude (pretty bad in english but VN's help me to get a better understanding of the language). I've read/watch more than 1000 mangas&animes at first and since october 2019 I've start playing visual novel with Higurashi. It wasn't my first time (already played Grisaia (1), Ace Attorney, Zero Escape or DanganRonpa games before for exemple) but it wasn't with the objective to read VN. After Higurashi I played The House in Fata Morgana in January, G-Senjou no Maou in february, Utawarerumono 1 in April, SubaHibi and Sengoku Rance in May, Muv-luv Extra in June, Raging Loop this summer + Umineko volume 1/2/3/4 during this time too. I hate the 4 volume (and Maria with her UUUUUH) that's why I'm pretty blocked now. I played I walk among zombie volume 1 this month (but it was average because of the approximative interest of h-scene) I start Cartagra, 9 -nine- and Aokana but it's a stand-by. I dropped Hoshi Ori and some other romance VN not because they were bad, it's just that even if I'm well-versed in japanese culture I'm a pretty "popular" (all proportion kept) and extrovert guy IRL, and it's difficult for me to find japanese romance credible and to think it's not a waste of time a game where the only purpose is to date some moe designed girls. Tho I would like to acknowlegde some good romance more realistic so if you've got some name. I know White Album 2 but It's known for having a bad traduction (and not completed yet) and DameKoi from the same author but I'm not pretty fond on losers (but if it's really good I can try !). And if you've got some VN like Higurashi/Raging Loop too.. I love this setting (like the manga Shiki). Except VN I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem (I don't like Awakening&Fates tho), Monster Hunter, Bioshock, The Witcher, SMT/Persona and Mass Effect. And I'm currently in the 9th game of the trails series (Trails of Cold Steel IV) that I've started in March with Trails in the Sky. I came here because I often check this forum for advice and because I've some question about eternity sword series so I will probably ask about it later.
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    need translation advice

    The most important thing to know maybe is this: Do not try to translate anything into a language you don't speak fluently.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Please forgive me spamming with my recordings (but actually that's what I'm really listening to right now - after I record something, I tend to listen to it a lot in the following days ) Anyway, I just uploaded my cover version of 誕生日 (Tanjoubi - Birthday) by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Anri Kumaki, to celebrate birthday of another singer-songwriter - Yoko Matsuura I mentioned a few posts before I think it turned out quite nicely
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    She looks displeased with the result. You character's headspace (or lack thereof) warrants an overhang, so you get spiky hat. You're giving me very little real estate to work with, Dorg.
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    Meteor World Actor released!

    Worse than Akagoei, in terms of being incomplete. Akagoei at least pretended to have actual endings, as short and unsatisfying as they were until the FD came out. If they had released a sequel within six months, I might have been willing to forgive them, but even then, I still would have had major complaints. This game's potential was wasted entirely because the producers didn't rein in Kinugasa's love of never finishing anything. The non-true heroine paths are pathetically short and the true heroine's path essentially shuts down in the middle of things, where the action would have begun to get going in any decent game. Worse, there is no guarantee of a sequel, despite them having set up to easily graft one on, because Kinugasa's tendency to never finish anything extends to everything he does.
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    Ib Guertena

    I need Loli VN

    How's Cafe・LittleWish sound to you? https://vndb.org/v2087 Too many things to list from Littlewitch & RUNE Soft. https://vndb.org/p97 https://vndb.org/p247 (If anyone can find a working download of Musume Shimai & Ricotte, please link. https://vndb.org/v426 https://vndb.org/v4464) Do 3D games from Teatime, Like LoveDeath, Maiden☆Breeder 2, & Yuki Hotaru, count? https://vndb.org/p342 https://vndb.org/v4793 https://vndb.org/v6069 https://vndb.org/v1737 Watashi ga Suki nara "Suki" tte Itte! has one https://vndb.org/v17376 This one might be a bit dark. Good luck finding a Hime Ichiya download link that functions. https://vndb.org/v5593 How about a Lump of Sugar game, Nursery Rhyme? https://vndb.org/p81 https://vndb.org/v310 Parody of Kodomo no Jikan. https://vndb.org/v875 Does a Yuki Nagato lookalike in a Haruhi Suzumiya H-clone count? https://vndb.org/v5330 Nanatsuiro★Drops (I couldn't figure out if the OP was called Koisuru Flow Light or Koisuru Fluorite. Turns out it's neither. It's Koisuru★Flight, according to this page.) https://vndb.org/v193 Yotsunoha & Osananajimi to no Kurashikata. https://vndb.org/v566 https://vndb.org/v1372 Wanko to Kurasou & Dote up a cat (a.k.a., Neko Kawaigari!) https://vndb.org/v812 https://vndb.org/v1320 ALcot games here. https://vndb.org/p129 Clover Day's, Clover Heart's, Triptych, & Fair Child. https://vndb.org/v13325 https://vndb.org/v176 https://vndb.org/v537 https://vndb.org/v325 Bishoujo & Shoujo Ramune. https://vndb.org/v2713 https://vndb.org/v16511 {BTW, how do I change my profile's background image?}
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    VN get more popular in West on console!

    Functionally, the new Microsoft console probably has the best hardware for VNs. Sadly, the lack of a foothold in Japan will hinder them - just like it has with each iteration of the xbox - in actually getting any games out of Japan on their system. Consoles have pretty much become a stand-in for people who can't afford gaming PCs over here. A gaming PC generally bottoms out at $1000 and there is no limit to how much one can cost, if you go all-out. Even the current generation of consoles is half that, which means the trade-off in flexibility is attractive for people who just want to game. VNs have minimal requirements - relatively speaking - but high-end VNs sometimes have ridiculous ones for the content (I mean, why should any VN have a 3GB RAM requirement? It isn't like there is all that much in the way of gameplay). The fact that most VNs are based off the PC produces the need for ports, which cost a surprising amount of money to produce sometimes (depending on the original engine and the system they are porting it to). Like any port, the benefit vs cost analysis is everything to most companies. If people buy the VNs that get ported enough to justify the cost, then we'll see more get ported and sent over here. Personally, if I was going to play a console VN, I'd want it on the Switch. The Switch is more convenient than either of the other two systems, with the ability to easily connect it to a TV, its light weight, and its portability. I really wish the PSP version of Ayakashibito would get ported to Switch, lol. As for popularity? That's more questionable. It's going to be years before we see any real results from the console market for VNs. There just aren't a lot of JVNs that aren't otomege on consoles just yet, even over there. Without the content, there is nothing to lust after, after all. Note: Understand that when I say there is a 'limited' number of JVNs on console, I mean this in a relative sense. One reason that VNs have managed to create a niche over here is the sheer number localization companies have to select from with JVNs. The number of 'classics' and high-quality VNs in general makes it possible to cherry-pick, whereas consoles don't, as of yet, have the numbers to allow for that.
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    VN get more popular in West on console!

    as zalor says. but yea we will most likely see alot of ports to the switch, if not in english the market will be getting alot bigger in japan as sony no longer will battle the handheld market. where ,any vns have thrived in the past on the vita. also switch is apperently easy to throw ports onto if you have a hacked switch you can get basicly any renpy game to run on it with homebrew app. so even if you buy it on steam you can just transfer it. not that im a console gamer myself. but pretty much only reason why im alittle interested in that underpowerd thing.
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    I think the Switch is a great platform for VNs for 2 reasons. You can read on the big screen, and you can read in a more portable manner (like lying in bed with the switch in your hands). In a sense, it kind of baffles me that in the west at least, VNs have pretty much been exclusively a computer thing. Whereas in Japan, the PSP and Vita were a major platform that a lot of VNs got released on. But the Switch is the perfect in between by being both portable and a console. Idk where this will take us in terms of future releases, but I am quite hyped for the Umineko port for the Switch.
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    What are you playing?

    Aight I was holding off on this for the longest time ever because I'm a judgmental prick and didn't really like the art style, heh, but it's time to start
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    Akai Haato (赤井はあと)

    Whaaaa...t Huuhhh the helll ! P.S:
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    Today's mood: watching videos of Japanese girls with anime avatars barfing during livestreams, interchangeable with videos of Haachama cooking clearly inedible food and then actually eating it. I'm not completely sure how I got here but I blame @Emi.
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    Akai Haato (赤井はあと)

    Haachama-chama the Peak Virtual Idol~
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    Actually, I already finished Adabana a while back, by somewhat questionable means since I didn't exactly have a choice. I'm glad to see it made available on more platforms and would honestly love to buy it now just to show my appreciation for it, but the fact that ANIPLEX seem to be vehemently insistent on keeping it geoblocked on Steam doesn't sit well with me. Until that's taken care of, they won't be getting any money from me.
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    So while the situation on Steam never changed (Adabana Odd Tales is still blocked in most of Europe) Aniplex has now decided to put their games on the JAST USA store that of course has no block for European customers. https://twitter.com/jastusa/status/1329848103952818177 In other words anyone from Europe can now officially buy Adabana Odd Tales if they want! I am not going to lie I have no idea what their problem on Steam is, since my theory that they don't have the license for Europe is now invalid, but that's good news. If they continue to put their games on the JAST store I wouldn't even mind if they translate more games, where before I would have hated if they published more games. ATRI -My Dear Moments- is of course also avaible on JAST. https://twitter.com/jastusa/status/1329847238856642562
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    What are you playing?

    just wanted to be in the page 666 I've been playing Adabana Odd Tales for a very long time - unfortunately, my job is cosuming my free time - and I must say that the game is AMAZING, and it shocks me that no one seems to be/have been talking about it. It was released alongside ATRI, and it has Liar-soft all over it [obviously]. I've also decided to finally go back to playing Corpse Party after leaving it some years ago unfinished. Aaaand although not a VN, I've been playing Yuppie Psycho on switch [which is also available for pc]. Seriously, you guys should try it!
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    What VN do you wish to translate?

    It's strange that Mashiro Iro Symphony wasn't translated yet. We got SakuSaku and almost the whole 9-nine series from Palette, so the absence of Mashiro Iro Symphony is a bit weird.
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    What VN do you wish to translate?

    Ah, Mashiro Iro Symphony I haven't seen the anime, but I played this, and it's perhaps the greatest moege I've ever played. Indeed, it would be nice if it got translated release, since more people could experience its greatness
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    Saimin Yuugi translation project

    They are hypnotized
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    Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo Indonesian Translation Visual Novel information Title: Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo Developer: Us:Track Aliases: School Girls Stories, Koikake VNDB: https://vndb.org/v17516 Synopsis Kunimi Koutarou is a second-year student at Mikagegaoka Gakuen who is part of the literature club. He dreams of becoming a novelist, but he is unable to write a romance novel because of a first love trauma when he was small. This spring, Mikagegaoka Gakuen was merged with two other schools, Sakuradai Gakuen and Mikagegaoka Nishi Gakuen. Koutarou found himself sitting in between Sena, his former love who had moved away, and Ayane, his best friend a few years ago who hadn’t talked to him since a certain incident. Now his regular days suddenly turn into those like you would only see in romance novels... Preview Staff Recruitment Nothing at the moment Progress Prologue Patch Released
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    Here is a list of translated Nitroplus titles: Phantom of Inferno (Translation is very old and from what I heard not very good.) Kikokugai (Fantranslation) Zanmataisei Demonbane (Official Release by JAST) Saya no Uta (Official Release by JAST) Hanachirasu (Official Release by JAST) Dra†KoI (Fantranslation) Kaigen Seito (Fantranslation) Chaos;Head (Fantranslation and the extended Chaos;Head Noah version is being workd on) Steins;Gate (Official Release by JAST) SoniComi (Official Release by JAST) Guilty Crown Lost Christmas (Fantranslation) Phenomeno (Fantranslation) Robotics;Notes (Official Release) STEINS;GATE ELITE (Official Release) Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. (Official Release by JAST) And then there is Nitro+Chiral the BL branch of Nitroplus: Togainu no Chi (Official Release by JAST BLUE) Lamento -Beyond the Void- (Fantranslation but an official release is planned by JAST BLUE) Lamento Treasure Disc (Fantranslation) Sweet Pool (Official Release by JAST BLUE) DRAMAtical Murder (Fantranslation but an official release is planned by JAST BLUE) That makes 20 translated titles by Nitroplus. As you can see Nitroplus is partnered with JAST who publish their games in english, so If you are looking for a specific title they should be first ones to ask. Unless it is a title of the Science Adventure series (Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and so on) then it is likely out of their hands. And besides the listed titles the following Nitroplus titles are getting a translation as we speak. Zoku Satsuriku no Django -Jigoku no Shoukinkubi- (Official Release by JAST, but it is said that the title will take quite a while until it is released) Sumaga (Official Release by JAST, but it is said that the title will take quite a while until it is released) Chaos;Head Noah (Fantranslation in the works) Lamento -Beyond the Void- and DRAMAtical Murder are confirmed to get offical releases by JAST BLUE. Slow Damage (Official Release by JAST BLUE) There is another title that is regularly rumored to get an release but since there is nothing official it is not going to get added to the lists above.
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    I really love to do so, but me and my team english is not really good. So for now we only translate it to indonesian and see our future progress. maybe if there are volunteers who understand english well, i can start it. In my opinion, translating Indonesian to English is not as difficult as translating Japanese to English
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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1204 ... ories_Die/ How stories die Time travel, assassins and one demonic magical gangster bunny. Description: "The perfect story... I will do anything to create it" - ??? The kingdom of Alteria is under threat from the demon king. Luckily, there was a prophecy that when a certain child(called "The Hero of Fortune") will reach the age of 18, he will eat a golden fruit and gain enough powers to defeat the demon king and his army. One day, Prince Horace receives a letter from his father saying "The Hero of Fortune is now in the eastern market, escort him to the castle where he can eat the golden fruit". When Horace goes to the market he meets 3 different girls, each claiming to be the Hero of Fortune. Now Horace must look into the girls and determine who is the real Hero of Fortune, who are the impostors and what do they want. But his adventures won't end there... Features -Three unique routes with different atmospheres, each based on one of the classic RPG roles: The mage, the warrior and the rogue. -350,000 words (which roughly translates to 25 hours of gameplay based on what I read online). -Multiple route mystery! -About 12 endings + true ending. That doesn't count short bad endings, for instance deciding to have sex with the demon princess in an active volcano(which can happen in the story btw). Characters Nozomi Nozomi is a cheerful and energetic girl. She lived in the forest most of her life with her demonic magician gangster bunny mentor(there is an explanation for that), so she doesn't know a lot about civilized society and gets excited about every little thing(with a lot of funny misunderstandings). Nozomi has an endless supply of sexual jokes and has a talent to use them exactly in the worst time. She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but she has a great affinity for magic.(magic is mainly used by demons) Riko Riko has a short fuse and quite a lot of ego. She won numerous gladiator championships before with her amazing agility. Her ego is quite fragile, and with her childish and stubborn attitude that's quite the explosive combo. She loves drinking and speaking high language. Riko's former family was a family of gladiators, but they disowned her for being too weak. Now Riko plans to beat her father in the finals and take revenge on him. She also possesses a drawing of Horace for some reason... Haruka Haruka is a shy and insecure girl. She is a genius that solves riddles in the blink of an eye and predicts what others will do based on cold logic. She lives in the slums of the Capital and is very physically weak. Although Haruka is insecure most of the time, when she faces an intellectual challenge she transforms into a strong woman with a lot of confidence. She holds some very strong political views regarding the royal family. Contrary to her innocent looks, she is an avid fan of torture. Horace CG3 Final.jpg (43.26 KiB) Viewed 1278 times Horace is the next king of Alteria and trains everyday to become a better king. He is a little spoiled, but he understands how big his responsibility is. He cares a lot about Alteria and will even risk his life to keep his kingdom safe. He is not a genius, but he finds some creative and crazy ideas to solve hard problems. He is a huge gladiator fan and an otaku. He is also quite handsome.(which does help him in some situations...) Some screenshots
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    Touhou Gensokyo Visitor

    Steam ■ About This Game ■ Walking through the forest, Reimu meets a stranger in the forest, now she needs to understand where he came from, and how he got through the barrier. This is a short story about what difficulties await a person who got into Gensokyo. ■ Game Information ■ .Franchise: Touhou 東方 .Language and Ratings: Japanese, English, Russian, Chinese .Game Length: 2 to 4 hours .All characters are animated. ■Other■ Developer: 69Gate
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    Orakana Newbie

    What are you playing?

    Wow , It's been two years since I was in this forum.. welp, rn playing something popular months ago, Nanairo Reincarnation ... just late to play because of works... anyway... When I just on half-step (?) on common route. I can tell this VN got some quite nice comedy (personal opinion) and Of course...this funny shit make ...... I mean, this damn vn written by maeda junior or something ? well not something I can compare with Clannad and pals. But come ooooooooon.... When I know the plot is eternal-living youkai as heroine, I can mostly guess what thing make this VN sad (hell yeah, I got mild spoiler from friend so that's why I know it would be sad) And....so I thought I've been prepared for worst... BUT WHAT THE HECK, This thing just got me .... Even template plot can't make this less .... Well... after all , no regret, This thing very nice... yep... I just masochist with nakige lately so don't mind me ....
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    FuwaChanges : The update log

    Mainsite might be slow/unavaible for abit (nov 2nd 2020 17:50 gmt+1) installed new backup -currently backing everything up. inbefore updating our plugins and general site version.
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    my mom caught me with Euphoria

    I personally believe that locks were invented for the very purpose of giving weebs privacy when playing eroge.
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    will be writing out years with a comma (e.g. 2,020) from now on because they have more than three digits
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    What are you playing?

    Playing Aonatsu Line. Giga games rarely surprise me but aonatsu line surprised me by just being normally good and pulling off tropes i normally see. What I really am surprised about Aonatsu Line is the male side character Chihiro, IT IS INCREDIBLY RARE AS HELL FOR ANY school life romcoms in VN to have cool and reliable male side characters that fulfill the typical best friend roles ( while also having a sprite). Its a big positive thing for me if a male side character in a school life romcom vn is not incredibly perverted, exist only to make the protag look better in comparison, and doesn't really have any redeeming qualities and is used only for laughs. Im only a few hours in but color me surprised
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    I think we could do merge the japanese version with the English FAKKU release and then translate only the parts which aren't present in the old version. But to avoid any legal issues, it would be only possible if make patch a which looks for the folder of the FAKKU release and transfers files from that folder to the japanese version ( like for example the tales of two wastelands works for fallout 3 and new vegas) . So in that case we would have less work to do. I know it's a dirty way around, and ppl would have to own two versions of the same game but at least we have some hope that the patch would be released sooner than later. If we force translating everything from the beginning I don't think any would pick it up... Anyone agreeing with me? BTW, i voted same [ HIGH QUALITY decensoring with HIGH QUALITY ENGLISH script ]
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    What are you playing?

    I just finished Steins;Gate even though I never thought I'd like it, because I don't liked the Anime back then, but was really good. Now I play Hoshizora no Memoria - Wish upon a shooting star, which is surprisingly good so far, but at the beginning "Mare" the mysterious girl is really annoying, guess I'll like her later on when I get to her Route. After that I plan to get back into Monobeno, I like the setting of it, and I am still surprised nobody translated it yet despite being much better than Maitetsu.
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    Hello there!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and for your project I have no much to say other than good luck on that. I hope that you'll have fun here.
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    Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai || 星織ユメミライ **Summary** This walkthrough is based on the Fan Translated version of Hoshi Ori by Tsurezure Scans. The Complete Patch was released on 3rd April 2018. This VN was originally released by Toneworks back in 2014, More Info about this VN can be found on its official Website. **Description** Ryousuke moved back to his hometown of Shionagi, which he had been away from for seven years, and transferred into his new school in the middle of the summer. He reunited with his childhood friend Marika, met the sole astronomy club member Sora and made new friends among his classmates. He joined the event management committee to enjoy his school life even more. Along the way, he noticed the dreams of the girls around him, along with his own desires to be closer to them. On this particular summer day begins a love story that extends towards the future. **Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order** This VN is pretty straightforward and has easy choices, most people wont need to use this guide, However if you get stuck somewhere you can use this guide as a reference. This VN consists of 6 main heroines. The Heroine routes can be played in any order. There are some Touko route spoilers in Rikka route. Save / Load point system will be implemented in this walkthrough for convenience purposes. It is also worth noting that once you clear a route, it can be played directly from the route selection screen that appears after clearing any route (this route selection screen appears when you start a new game from the main menu). When you're asked to enter Name on the Check in sheet.. Note that the default name ( Hino Ryousuke ) is voiced by all the characters in the game. Any other name you choose will not be voiced. so it is recommended that you use the default character name You can use the Protagonist Smartphone to take ingame screenshots using the Camera app on the smartphone, The said images can be accessed using the album App. **Route Guideline** Common Route Individual Routes Ousaka Sora Narusawa Rikka Yukimura Touko Okihara Misa Shinozaki Marika Segawa Natsuki **Attribution** This walkthrough was referenced from Seiya-Saiga , as well as my own playthroughs.
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