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    Hi o/ I did a little analysis on changing trends in Visual Novels using the voting data on vndb if anyone is interested. I put up the first part of the series here: https://bunnyadvocate.tumblr.com/post/159429107647/visual-novels-the-rise-of-a-medium This is part of a whole series of posts, with my next post looking at protags, and what kinds of traits different types of protags are associating with according to an analysis of the tag distribution on vndb. If you guys have any questions or comments about it, then I'd love to chat about it.
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    Hey guys. Remember me? Well I killed Black Sands about 5 months ago due to production costs being too high but I shifted my efforts to a much more cost efficient comic series in the same universe. I wanted to share with you my personal story because I feel it is a very interesting perspective from an EVN developer. The PAST I worked on Black Sands, Legends of Kemet for a little over a year.. I had updated my project page here close to 50 times and I had this very unusual story. In 2015 I launched my first kickstarter and failed miserably. Most people when they fail, they blame others for not reading their story and getting immersed. I didn't believe this at all. I felt I failed because my art was subpar and thus people never got the chance to read my story. I then recruited an amazing artist by the name of hydriss to create my VN. We worked for a year to get it ready for a kickstarter relaunch and overhauled the story to be more engaging. We had success finding major investors but they never had time for our production so after waiting months for a cash injection, we cut ties. We were then 10k in the hole. I killed production of Black Sands then and there and decided to do a much easier comic book series that was targeted at kids and their parents who were fans of DBZ and what not. I named it Kids 2 Kings. Not because it was a good name, but because it was a memorable name. It's really hard to forget. We created our first issue and released it on the madefire app and had great reviews. We then launched our kickstarter, which is in its last days now. The funny thing is we recently made a trailer for kids 2 kings and it went viral and facebook and twitter. Now sitting at 190 retweets and 235k views on facebook, Kids 2 Kings, is becoming my dream come true. Now it is extremely unusual for people to completely turn around and do something else but it is a very UNIQUE experience that you might want to learn more about so I AM OPEN FOR ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS. BTW, thanks Fuwa for keeping me motivated all these years when i was developing black sands. I couldn't have gotten to this point without you guys. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/165752716/kids-2-kings-comics-about-4-kids-7-kingdoms-and-1
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    Today is the birthday of @HMN... but less importantly, it is also the birthday of Love Live's Nishikino Maki. It is thus with great pleasure I announce that we, Bueeh?! Translations, Though, have successfully completed a translation patch for Maki Fes!, where you can fuck her in at least 8 different ways! Maki is fully voiced; the unnamed male main character is not, so you can totally pretend he's Dovac if that's what you get off to (look, don't judge me). I believe like two of the scenes are animated too, but one is a blowjob scene and blowjobs are boring, so idk seems kinda pointless if you ask me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Jokes aside I spent surprising amounts of time translating 1/10 of this thing, and some other people spent even more doing, well, significantly more work. I don't understand, I just stand in awe at their dedication and prowess. You can find the patch, as well as patching instructions (you have to scroll b/c asonn is a terrible web designer), at our website. We hope you enjoy your time with Maki... Credits: Translators: Asonn, Arcadeotic, Hanako, HMN, Jptje, Nandemonai, TBAC & Zakamutt. TLC & whiplord: TBAC. Editor: Ryechu. QC & Beta testers: Forgetful Frank. Hacker: Porygon2. Image editor & GUI translator: kiririri. Doing absolutely nothing: @Kawasumi PS: if you only read one scene, let me recommend choosing "I wanna fuck". It's my scene, and I made some interesting translation choices
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    Amane's route TL is at ~75%, while all other routes are fully translated and edited. It's almost done, but I don't have too much time lately, so I probably won't be able to finish it in April.
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    Absolutely. So I was reading a VN the other day, and this girl went and talked to the protagonist! Can you believe that? Broke my imersion right there, such a thing would never happen to me.
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    Surprise! I know how much everyone has been looking forward to the hit visual novel Nympho Sensei Ryoko, and now it's finally here! With this mammoth on the horizon, maybe they'll have time to work on some of their side projects like Django and Sumaga.
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    If you would check my Kickstarter profile you would notice that I have been supporting the localization Visual Novel effort since it's beginnings on Kickstarter with The Grisaia Trilogy and The Clannad Crowdfunding campaigns being the first things that I have ever backed on Kickstarter, since I was eager to see more Visual Novels translated in english, I have spent thousands of dollars in the last few years on supporting pretty much every major japanese VN crowdfunding campaign since the beginning of the trend. However as these localization companies grow, they get more and more bold with their schemes, false advertisements, cheatings, lies and coy word play which in the ends result in them royally screwing over the very same people that helped these localization companies grow as big as they are now. I would prefer to say nothing and just keep things as they are now, but I feel that if I did that these companies would see that they can get away with this and grow bolder and bolder with their schemes aimed at screwing over their customers out of their money for all they are worth, so they need to be called out on it and since no one seem to have noticed and/or mentioned this and I feel that at least someone has to do it. Sekai Project's False Advertising Scam and Creating Demand Schemes: Sekai Project had recently launched another Kickstarter Campaign, this time it was for A Clockwork Ley-Line Trilogy, on this Kickstarter the only way to get a physical edition of the Trilogy was to pay a minimum of 135 USD, it is a similar system to what they used for their ChronoClock Kickstarter Campaign which was the first Sekai Project Kickstarter Campaign where they finally dropped the false pretenses of it being for the sake of the game localization and more for the sake of manufacturing physical goods, in the Clockwork Ley-Line Trilogy Kickstarter you could get a I quote "The Physical Limited Edition" for a premium price of 135 USD not any less, the 135 USD tier is a tier that include both digital copies and physical copies of the rewards, HOWEVER, the I quote "Physical Limited Edition" could not be obtained as stand-alone, they were exclusives to these higher premium tiers and were exclusively sold bundled together with digital codes, which brought the price to a minimum of 135 USD for a I quote "Physical Limited Edition". A few people had (rightfully) complained about this in the past and mentioned how it was not fair to keep the Physical Edition exclusively bundled together with digital which raised the price by x2 and how a choice should be offered to backers who only wanted a physical edition without any of the digital rewards, to which Sekai Project basically replied to them that they should go take a hike and they they wouldn't change anything and that if they wanted a physical edition it was 135 USD+ or nothing. The Clockwork Ley-Line Trilogy raised a total of 135,430 USD during a 31 days Kickstarter Campaign, which ended on the 19th March 2017 (less than a month ago), however unlike usually it seems that Sekai Project has gone into a new direction unlike before and decided to open an Store Page on the Backerkit Pre-order Store for A Clockwork Ley-Line Trilogy. See here, Backerkit Preorder Store: Now look here on the original Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign page: You would notice the following things: - On Kickstarter it was only sold for 135 USD minimum bundled together with digital codes, On the Backerkit Store it is sold stand-alone for only 75 USD. - On Kickstarter it was advertised as a "Limited Edition", on the Backerkit Store the words "Limited Edition" have been completely removed, yet according to the description it is the same physical set of the trilogy in a slipcase. This is what is called a "False Advertising", by falsely putting the words "Limited Edition" next to a non-Limited Edition they would create more demand for it and as such garner more money even though their intention is to keep making money on their Backerkit Store by having it readily available for purchase in a non-limited capacity, this is called "Artificial Creating Demand", see this example to easily understand this scam: That's basically what Sekai Project has sold you on Kickstarter if you backed for their "Limited Edition" of a Clockwork Ley-Line which was "Limited" in name only and for a limited time, the only thing "limited" about it is the limited amount of time it took for it to lose it's status of "Limited Edition" (only after they got their 135k from the Kickstarter funds mind you) as you saw on it's Backerkit Pre-order Store. Some info on the Backerkit Preorder Store https://www.backerkit.com/preorder_projects What they don't tell you is that the "Backerkit Pre-order Store" is a "Pre-order store" in name only, as it is not restricted to only preorder projects, no, even if something has been released years ago you can still let your Backerkit Pre-order Store Page open for business for an indefinite amount of time no matter how long ago the project has already been done with and released. So if Sekai Project wanted, they could use Backerkit as their very own cheap Online Store to sell their fake "Limited Editions" in a seemingly inexhaustible numbers of supply for an indefinite amount of time. So basically here you see that Sekai Project royally screwed over their Kickstarter physical backers (the very same people that made their Kickstarter a success), by lying and selling to them a non-Limited Edition as a "Limited Edition" and by overcharging these same Kickstarter Backers a minimum of 135 USD for a physical edition, while they now offer the same physical edition on their Backerkit Store for only 75 USD. I urge everyone who backed the A Clockwork Ley-Line Kickstarter for a physical "Limited Edition" to send a message to Sekai Project to request a refund here: support@sekaiproject.com Unless off course you like being overcharged and taken for a fool. Sekai Project And Frontwing Screwing Over The Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter Physical Backers: As you probably know, we now are going to have 2 different Grisaia Boxset in english, not one, but two. However one is clearly inferior to the other as I will explain in a few line below, now it's been confirmed that Frontwing will release an English version of the Grisaia Complete Box, which basically screws over every one of the Backers that backed Grisaia Physical Kickstarter in Q4 2014-Q1 2015, So who's to blame for this? Frontwing? Sekai Project? Both of them? Who knows, but Sekai Project shares the blame in this as they are the holders of the license and only they could give the greenlight to Frontwing for producing physical copies of the Complete Box and so they did even though they damn well knew that if they did this, that it would instantly screw over the thousands of Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter Backers who have as of yet not even received 3/4 of the physical game rewards. Why is this situation so bad? I will let you judge for yourself: Frontwing 2017 Boxset: Sekai Project 2014 Boxset: So what happens now: 1. Thousands of Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter Backers are now going to be stuck with to the clearly shittier Sekai Project Boxset compared to the Frontwing Boxset. 2. Thousands of Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter Backers have as of yet only received only 1 (Fruit) of the physical game out of the 4 (Labynrinth, Eden, ChiruChiru Michiru) 3. The Frontwing Boxset has about 14 different goods included (including the high quality collector's box), while the Sekai Project Boxset has only the measly DVD physical games cases in a flimsy DVD Boxset. 4. The Frontwing Boxset will be 18+, While the Sekai Project Boxset was censored. 5. Now that the Frontwing Boxset has been announced this has totally devalued the Sekai Project Boxset to nothing and made it worthless. 6. Because of point "5.", thousands of Backers are now stuck with the Sekai Project Boxset that they will never be able to sell off, especially if they wish to upgrade to the clearly superior Frontwing Boxset, because who will now pay hundreds of dollars for the Sekai Project Boxset now that there is going to be a Frontwing Boxset that is clearly superior in every way? 7. Frontwing has shown a complete lack of professionalism and care by basically telling their gaijin customers to buy again and again different versions of Grisaia Boxsets because "That's as good as it's going to get for non-japanese" to only release new ones who were better than the last, some people had to buy Grisaia Boxsets 3 times between 2014 and now (Sekai Project 2014 Boxset, Japanese 2017 Frontwing Boxset Provided by Frontwing who used J-List as their very own online store, English 2017 Frontwing Boxset who will use Backerkit as their own Online Store). This sort of unprofessional behavior certainly wouldn't fly in Japan as it would have been called out real quick in the otaku eroge gamers circles and would have ruined the reputation of said infringing companies, but they do it here because they know they can get away with it in gaijinland. In retrospect, there is only ONE Grisaia Boxset in Japan that was produced in an actual limited quantity. I am not gonna lie, I am not crazy about the physical library of titles from MangaGamer or JAST, but at least these have never tried to royally screw over so horribly their customers like Sekai Project does and I never had any problems with the few times I dealt with them.
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    Generally speaking, most protagonists in VNs are teens reliant on their parents for money, food, and shelter. As such, it is pretty hard to find a VN where the protagonist is capable of supporting himself/herself, and some of my favorite protagonists are of this type. For the purposes of accuracy, I'm excluding people merely living alone on money being sent to them by relatives. I'll also name chuunige with this type of protagonist in a separate section at the bottom. Incidentally, I reluctantly excluded Akatsuki no Goei's Kaito because he sponges off anyone who will let him, lol. I'm also excluding 'high fantasy' with no characters from Earth. The List Nanairo Reincarnation Ojousama wa Gokigen Naname (protagonist is actually fairly wealthy due to his dirty-dealing, lol) G-Senjou no Maou Namima no Kuni no Faust The Grisaia series (yes, I count Yuuji, as he works for his money and shelter) Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no Hataraku Otona no Ren'ai Jijou Hataraku Otaku no Ren'ai Jijou Koisuru Doll to Omoi no Kiseki (though he is basically living off an inheritance) Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate series (protagonist is of the same type as Yuuji) Rui wa Tomo o Yobu Suzunone Seven (pays his way with magitech sex toys, lol) Minamijuujisei Renka (technically, the protagonist lives off his little sisters... but he was the one supporting them and one other before, until he collapsed, lol) Soshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni Naru (protagonist lives in a school dorm but pays his own ways through part-time jobs) the Mecha-con series (all the protagonists here are wealthy) Natsuiro Recipe Sakura Nikagetsu (living off of inheritance) Sumire (though he is miserable) Re:Birth Colony Lamunation (though it is hidden under layers of sexual humor) Sora no Tsukurikata Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu (utsuge) Hotel. (though at this point, money means nothing, lol) Konata yori Kanata made (living off inheritance, utsuge) Kazoku Keikaku (though this game has aged horribly) Reminiscence Sakura Iro Quartet Sanzen Sekai Yuugi (dark otomege) Valkyrie Runabout Sharin no Kuni Toki o Tsumugu Yakusoku Trouble@Vampire Chuunige Hi no Nai Tokoro ni Kemuri wa Tatanai Izuna Zanshinken Vermilion Bloody Rondo Yurikago yori Tenshi Made Hello, Lady Bradyon Veda Silverio Trinity (but not Silverio Vendetta, since Zephyr is a sponge except in emergencies) Tokyo Necro Ayakashibito (because he is supporting himself and Suzu after a certain point) Sorcery Jokers (the second protagonist) Muramasa Tiny Dungeon series (though this is mostly because he is on a scholarship) Bloody Rondo Gensou no Idea Zero Infinity
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    Knowing that this may well be one of my most popular actions ever on fuwa, I'm pleased to say I've started working on Anzu's route, which is also the last route left untranslated in the game. Note that even when I finish this translation it does NOT mean there will be a prerelease complete patch for you to try, nor does it give any indication of how far off a real release will be as translate check and editing hasn't even started yet, and there's still the wild card of what we're going to do about all the extra H scenes in Clover Day's Plus. Either way, Anzu is finally getting the love and attention she deserves to join the other wonderful girls in this game, though her route was very different from the others when I played it with surprisingly by far the most drama in it so I'm not sure how translating that will go.
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    The Best Eroge Ever. 5 minutes of shitty references to games that no longer exist. I'd like to imagine it'd be an internet mystery, something which no one could quite make sense of.
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    Aiyoku No Eustia (https://vndb.org/r24024) A fan transation project by Eustia Translations (placeholder name) Opening Movie: Description (modified VNDB description): Personal words: Translation Video Sample: Team: Project Lead/Translator/TLC: eplipswich @eplipswich Editor: kumada Progress: You can check out detailed real-time progress update at the following link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhHDq_NSwaAqgSnImaDDLTME-lmi ---------------------------------- You can follow me on Twitter: @eplipswich
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    Dmitri Kalanikov (Evolimit)- The head of the Calamity Monkeys, a bear of a Russian scientist who was the operational leader of the first Mars colonization effort. Highly intelligent (despite his appearance), his one weakness was his daughter, Tsunami. Like most of the Calamity Monkeys, there is an aura of childish wonder to his attitudes toward the colonization of Mars. A man of heroic proportions in every way. Kamio Ami (Semiramis no Tenbin)- Ingenious, borderline sociopathic, and manipulative, she is redeemed somewhat by a lack of malice (toward most people) and a definite sense of fairness. Referred to as a demon by the protagonist, due to her manipulations, she nonetheless prefers to create positive results in most situations she manipulates (though there are some seriously odd results). Unfortunately, her early life has left her somewhat screwy when it comes to close relationships. Hinaori Kagome (Comyu)- Vicious, malicious, and ingenious, with an endless capacity for ruthlessness. The true heroine of Comyu. Her only love is the protagonist, but she tends to have an odd way of showing it, most of the time. Not fit for human company most of the time. Shigure Sora (Devils Devel Concept)- Sociopathic, monstrous, and more than a little crazy. While he has many holes in his personality and negative personality traits, he is also invariably honest, endlessly dutiful to those duties he has taken on himself, and protective (as well as possessive) of those he attaches to. He is incapable of love in the romantic sense, though the heroines generally refuse to believe this (despite having issues there themselves). He is, however, capable of contentment and desiring the contentment of others, albeit in a limited sense. He is also rarely needlessly malicious, outside of combat (where is aroused in every sense). Toshirou (Vermilion Bind of Blood)- An ancient former-samurai vampire who serves as a guardian of vampiric law in the city of Foggy Bottom. A rarity amongst vampires, who generally don't bother to polish technique, he is willing to use anything he can to fulfill what he sees as his duty. However, he also suffers from a silver bullet that is slowly rotting away his heart, giving him a sense of mortality no other vampire is able to experience. Zephyr Colerain (Silverio Vendetta)- Normally a lazy sponge of a cowardly deserter whose only passion is protecting his adopted sister Millie from danger. When cornered he becomes the most sadistic sort of killer, ruthlessly utilizing insults, examples of painful death, and human shields to kill his enemies, often in an enormously painful fashion. The ultimate assassin due to his abilities and personality (cowardly, intense desire to survive, absolute ruthlessness). Serika (Ikusa Megami series)- Once a young warrior-hero full of kindness and dreams of peace, with the loss of his humanity he has become the God-slayer, wandering the world in search of a place to be at peace. Broken and worn down by his experiences and the pressure of his goddess body on his all-too-human soul, there is very little remaining of the young man he was at the beginning. Kaito (Akatsuki no Goei)- Insulting, rude, arrogant, and more than a little crazy, Kaito is the protagonist of the Akatsuki no Goei series. Well-aware of his own internal darkness, he nonetheless lives as he wills, no matter the situation. Narita Shinri (Hello, Lady)- Hyper-intelligent, arrogant, and uncaring of others sensibilities, he is the protagonist of Hello, Lady. A vengeance-seeking young man with a strong sense of theater, as well as a capacity for ruthlessness tempered by a moral compass damaged but not destroyed by his experiences. Elceranto de Annoyance/Belche (Draculius)- The ultimate 'loli-baba' vampire. A five hundred year old vampire sent to serve the protagonist, she serves as mother, mentor, lover, wife, maid, and general guide to the world for Jun throughout the story. As a support character and a heroine, she is unmatched... and she is also really really good at killing humans, lol. Marie (Dies Irae)- An innocent young girl who lived her entire mortal life without human contact due to the curse of the guillotine. Her last words were 'I will always be here, won't I?' when she was finally executed by the very guillotine at whose foot she was born... only to continue to exist, immortal and unchanging. Maia (Hapymaher)- The mistress of Tohru's dreams, a sadistic loli who loves nothing more than teasing the people she loves. However, she is also intensely protective of those same people and utterly unforgiving of those who attempt to harm them. She is the image of Tohru's greatest desire and a source of endless pain and sorrow for him, the sweet dream he does not allow himself to experience. Donoko (Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no)- Donoko is a young woman at the isolated girls' school who acts as if she cares about nothing at all. However, her meeting with Tsukasa changes her outlook, giving her a confidante she otherwise never would have possessed. The girl that she shows to Tsukasa is inquisitive, kind-hearted, and highly intelligent, as well as being a natural rebel to authority that seeks to force her into a mold she can't fit into. Yuuji (Grisaia series)- A deeply scarred young man who has lived much of his life since adolescence as an intelligence agent. His outlook on life is warped rather obviously by his experiences, including those prior to his adoption by his teacher and his entry into service. Ichirou (Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori)- The protagonist of the story. A hard-edged kamikaze pilot with a drill sergeant's attitude and a surprising talent for analyzing a situation... though he tends to act on instinct more often than not. He is the product of WWII's battlefield and nationalist culture, but he is well-aware of the contradictions of his education and life in the service. In his view, a soldier's duty is to die so that civilians don't have to. At times, he will speak indirectly about the horrors of being in service to a nation that has forgotten how to surrender. Kaze no Ushiro ni Ayumu Mono (Jingai Makyou)- Feral, animalistic, and direct in all matters. She is of a species of wolf-like non-humans who seek the protagonist's potential power, asking him to allow her to eat him when he is satisfied with his life (in her mind, after he has kids). To an extent, she follows the natural laws (survival of the fittest), but she doesn't believe in giving up the struggle for life while there is a breath in her body. Cinema (Komorebi no Nostalgica)- A main character but not a heroine of the story of Komorebi no Nostalgica. A simple, innocent humanoid AI who displays an odd level of humanity in her gestures and actions, despite being far behind technologically in comparison to the fully self-aware Metosera. She was once both the ultimate masterpiece of one of the greatest software and hardware developers of all time and a perfectly innocent sales clerk at the movie rental shop he ran. Decades later, after the war, found and repaired by the protagonist and friends, she begins a journey of self-discovery that is deeply touching as she blurs the boundaries between man and machine in ways even the denizens of the new world have yet to encounter. Fluorite (Komorebi no Nostalgica)- A young Metosera and one of the protagonist's group of friends since childhood. While she retains the tendency toward excessive dependence on logical analysis that many of her kind have, she nonetheless displays a depth of emotion and personality that sets her apart as a distinct individual sentience, rather than a mere result of artificial development. Luna (Tsuki ni Yorisou, Otome no Sahou)- A brilliant artist, investor, and master of the mansion the protagonist works at as a trap maid. She is an albino, suffering from the same difficulties many such individuals endure (weakness to UV rays, a tendency toward vision problems, etc), she has nonetheless made a life for herself, even in the face of the active opposition and off-hand contempt of her birth family. While she can be harsh on first meeting, she is deeply passionate in her affection toward those she comes to care about, even if she appears to maintain a certain distance at times. Roy (Ryakudatsusha no In'en and Ryuukishi Bloody Saga)- A young man who began his life as a victim, endured living as a killer to become an avenger, and eventually became a healer and protector after his vengeance left him empty. Tendou Setsuna (Tokyo Babel)- A child forced to act as a god to a desperate populace, who then proceeded to foil their desires, causing the extinction of an entire planet full of humans. His guilt has made him gloomy and given him a disregard for his own safety and happiness that is unnatural in its completeness. Created as a short-lived tool, he looks to be in his late teens despite having only lived a few years. He can be considered the 'ultimate human' in the sense that his abilities lie at the very limits of what is possible through bio-engineering a human before birth. Opera (Tiny Dungeon)- A dragon-race maid... as well as a former assassin and counter-intelligence agent in the war. Her current hobbies are putting her beloved mistress in compromising situations and enjoying the aftermath. Hime (Tiny Dungeon)- The protagonist of the Tiny Dungeon series. He is a young man, who in the face of near-impossible odds, endless contempt and racial prejudice from almost everyone around him, and an inability to use magic, has nonetheless managed to remain at the Trinity Academy and even thrive there. He is intelligent and a hard-worker, as well as being kind of heart and thoughtful. Kiritooshi Hiro (Yurikago yori Tenshi made)- An odd young man with dead eyes who has an unfortunate tendency to say what he thinks at any given moment, then bang his head against the wall afterward when he realizes just what he said. The possessor of an artificial skeleton known as a Knight Frame, non-fatal wounds heal in moments and he possesses a level of physical capability no unaltered human can match. His dislike of trouble tends to combine with a tendency to draw that trouble to him to create some rather desperate situations. Rain (Baldr SkyDive)- A young woman who lived much of her youth in a sheltered fashion, in the wake of the nano-assembler disaster, she becomes the protagonist's sole companion. She has a singular, devoted love for the protagonist that is overwhelming in its strength. I found it a pity she wasn't the true heroine, lol. Takefumi (Natsuiro Recipe)- A simple, honest young man who is drawn to a small town by a letter from a (yet another) potential half-sister. He finds her living alone in her grandmother's home, and he decides to accept her as his little sister, even if it turns out not to be true. A steady, hard-working young man with a strong sense of responsibility. Reiji (Electro-arms)- A bored young gamer with a delinquent's reputation and a love of gaming that makes him quite at home in EA when he discovers it one night. He is highly intelligent and skilled at putting puzzles together with only a few pieces available (in the metaphorical sense), as well as being driven primarily by curiosity in most matters. Kotarou (Izuna Zanshinken)- A near-shota with an easy manner and a ready smile... who is also the vigilante assassin, Izuna. While he is generally mild-mannered in most situations, he possesses an instinctive and overwhelming rage toward those who 'cross the line', which often comes out in his manner of killing (ex. feeding a cannibal alive to his pet rats after cutting his hamstrings and the tendons in his elbows).
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    Now, I'm well aware that most people don't play VNs twice. Visual novels are a static media, similar to one of the old 'choose your own adventure' novels in interactive terms, so this is only natural. To be blunt, the main reason I go back and play old VNs is because nothing is satisfying one of my itches amongst the more recent releases. That said, there are some pieces of advice I can give for those who habitually re-read their favorite books and rewatch their favorite anime. 1- Wait long enough for your memories to fade: The human brain has a tendency to 'compress' old memories, and it is rare person who, through training or at birth, possesses an eidetic memory. As a result, details do fade over a period of time that tends to vary greatly with the individual. In my case, the base runs from a year to a year and a half for VNs that made a good impression and four months for ones that didn't. 2- Pick your paths: When it comes down to it, most of us are going back for a particular heroine or path. We aren't that interested in rehashing the heroine paths that we didn't find that interesting, and this is only natural. Sagaoz and other sites with complete saves can let you go to the true ending without bothering with the heroine endings, if that is what you want. 3- With gameplay hybrids, make full use of your save data: Most VN hybrids have NG+ built in, and as a result, you can breeze through the game portions of most of them rather easily by simply using your own save data. This is immensely helpful in games with a particularly tedious bent (like srpgs), where re-leveling would take forever. 4- Limit replays to your favorites: While I occasionally get a junk-food-like craving for something crappy that nonetheless remained in memory, in most cases I only really enjoy replaying my favorite VNs (in my case, a list of about fifty). 5- Nakige and utsuge work, but pure charage don't: I'm not kidding. Pure charage are agonizing to replay, no matter how long after you go back. I can still cry for the sad scenes in a Key game, but if you asked me to replay anything by Feng or most games by Navel, I'd rather cut off my balls and hang them out to dry on my windowsill. 6- If you fall asleep, just stop- In my experience, nothing is worse than getting bored of your favorites and then forcing yourself to continue. If you can't pay attention or if you suddenly lose interest, it is time to stop. If you force yourself to continue, there is a distinct possibility you will ruin your own impressions of the game in question for future playthroughs. 7- Stay away from pure mindfucks- I shouldn't have to explain this, but I will... the value of a mindfuck is in its surprise. Games centered on a mindfuck, with the sole purpose of trying to fool you into thinking one thing while something else is going on, are terrible for VN replays. This is because they are probably the most spoiler-vulnerable genre out there. 8- Highly emotional or intellectually stimulating works will often gain more depth: This isn't a fanciful statement. In my experience, a VN that is trying to get across something else besides pure story or something that is trying to make you cry will inevitably make for a better replay than something that is just shoving sex, romance, and comedy in your face. I could probably replay Houkago no Futekikakusha, for instance, three or four times in a year without the emotional aspects fading significantly, and I find new things out about Dies Irae, Vermilion, and Devils Devel Concept with each playthrough. 9- Infodumpers take longer to recover from: Bradyon Veda, I/O, Muramasa, etc... VNs that infodump seriously as part of the storytelling tend to leave a lot of info inside your brain. As a result, it takes significantly longer for your memories of them to fully 'compress'. Don't expect to be able to enjoy anything with frequent infodumps at less than one and a half times that of any of your other favorites. 10- A good night's sleep is your friend: Why am I emphasizing this? Because to get the best out of a truly great VN, a well-rested body and brain is necessary. Nothing kills enjoyment of a good story like being unable to grasp it due to brain-numbness from sleep deprivation. Hope yall enjoyed my little lecture, lol.
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    My upcoming project, The Last Birdling, alternates between Bimonia and Tayo’s perspectives. Today, I would like to explore some of the details behind this system. Your feedback is most welcome, and if you know of other visual novels that handle multiple viewpoints in a fresh way, please let me know! The Last Birdling is written from a first person perspective, so the viewpoint character’s personality will come through in everything she observes. Her inner thoughts, reactions, they are all distinctly her own. On paper, or on screen in our case, this means different word choices as well as sentence structures. That said, I dislike making characters act a certain way just to showcase their uniqueness. If you study writing books, you will often be advised to make every character sound different, to a point where you can tell who is speaking even without dialogue tags. Now, imagine a group of your friends. If you closed your eyes, and they all had the same voice, would you be able to tell them apart? I for one would have a hard time. For me, being truthful takes priority above all rules. Since we are in a visual medium, we may as well take advantage of that when it comes to perspective shifts. Notice how the UI changes to green in the screenshot below: This means we have switched to Tayo’s perspective in chapter two. The same concept applies to decision points: In the world of traditional novels, shifting perspectives mid-scene is ill advised. To avoid disorienting readers, we want to jump into different heads during a scene or chapter break. The Last Birdling does not feature chapter titles, but there are end of scene cards to signal a perspective change: This introduces several concerns in terms of programming. For instance, if players return to the previous scene, will the UI switch back as expected? What about loading another saved game mid-session? I hope all the common scenarios have been addressed. We will see if players spot any edge cases after the game’s release. So why would we alternate between perspectives? Once readers recognize the pattern, it is no longer something they need to worry about, which makes for an ideal reading experience. If the view changes went as follows: Bimonia, Bimonia, Tayo, Tayo, Tayo, Tayo, Bimonia, Tayo, Bimonia, Bimonia And so on, gamers would stumble every time we reached a new scene. We want to set up roadblocks for our characters, not our players. To round things off, The Last Birdling follows the journeys of Bimonia and Tayo from childhood to adolescence. By the time these two reach their teens, they have suffered through an awful lot. To reflect both their physical and mental shifts, the UI will also update accordingly: Find out more about The Last Birdling via: http://birdling.invertmouse.com The website contains a demo version, which illustrates how the perspective changes work. Please feel free to have a look. To finish things off, I am happy to say The Last Birdling has been approved for publication on Steam several hours ago. Thank you so much for your support! Hope to see you again soon .
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    http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-39642992 HOLY FUCKING SHIT. P.S: I hope this means research into the Alcubierre Drive is viable. Wikipedia:
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    Random trivia: In Norse mythology there is a myth about Fenrir, the terrible wolf, who was about to eat the worlds (or somehting like that). Fenrir was bound by Gleipnir, the invincible rope, which was made from: - The beard of a woman - The roots of a mountain - The sinews of a bear - The breath of a fish - The spittle of a bird And finally, to stay on topic: - The sound of cats' paws. And what's why, according to vikings, those things do not exists. So taptaptap as the sound of running paws is a little... strange.
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    why of course, its like science and stuff. you see, there are virgins and there are non-virgins, you following me so far? virgins are of course what would categorized as the "normal virgins" these are people who have yet to experience the opposite on a more physically intimate level. non-virgins are ones whove experienced sex. very basic so far. now we have levels for each side of the status. whenever one status gains a new level, the opposite must have the same, otherwise this would cause an imbalance. so weve covered the basics, now we go deeper. each level is based on looks and attitude and each level determines the chances of one either losing their virginity or the chances of one engaging in sexual activities solely for the pleasure. these people do not care who they sleep with to either A) lose their virginity or 2) continue to engage in sex for pleasure. i wont go into levels as these are being added all the time but what isnt debatable are the ends. each side has a limit that someone can reach before either being seen as a virgin forever or someone thats a hopeless slut. both of these type of people fool themselves on the level of intimacy theyre having or will have in order to justify their status. mayumayu can explain more. the supers. they can also be known as the hopeless. so anywways, i hope this clears up any confusions anyone may have on the matter. if you have any further questions ask a sex ed teacher because im out.
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    There's a valid point in there, yes, but most of the post is sensationalist trash meant to rile people up. It's rife with speculation and assumptions, and is extremely opinionated.
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    I still believe that the common route is the best part of Grisaia, across the entire trilogy. It's like a comedy sketch anime in a visual novel form, and it also perfectly captures what the story is about in the first place - a group of quirky outcasts trying to lead a normal life. That's what Grisaia is first and foremost, and as such its main focus are the characters and their interactions with one another - in other words, the comedy. The whole series went downhill as soon as it tried to have a serious plot, in my opinion. Even ignoring the mess that all the different writers made, it just loses most of its charm as soon as it tried to have a constant narrative, and the third entry in the series just ends up being a trainwreck that comes across more like a Hollywood parody than an epic conclusion.
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    Man, I am already cringing . Some of you recently gave me permission to post about my projects more often, so I am going to do it. I will do everything I can to write quality content rather than just going me me me. As advised, I have posted a blog entry on how to handle perspective shifts in VNs, using The Last Birdling as an example: I want to use this chance to ask if anyone got examples of VNs that handle perspective shifts in unique ways (visual or word wise)? Many VNs are written in first person, which can make readers stumble during viewpoint changes. I know in An Octave Higher, the game shows the new POV character standing alone on a black background first. Mind sending me some more examples? I want to use this opportunity to say The Last Birdling has been approved for publication on Steam as of a few hours ago. Really thankful for the votes guys. Thank you so much !
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    I have to admit those are simple, yet powerful design choices. It's funny how a plain change of color within the GUI can already tell so much about how the characters changed and what they actually went through. I'm really looking forward to this one.
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    When are we finally going to see translations for all the VNs based off of "Stacy's Mom"?
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    Man, such a click-baity title . As some of you know, I released Unhack 2 recently. People who gave the game a chance mostly enjoyed it, but I had a hard time with discoverability. I hate shameless plugs, and I wanted to do the show-don't-tell thing, so maybe I was naive. Currently, I am working on The Last Birdling. I pour my life into these games (the earliest ones embarrassingly bad), so I don't want to pretend they're just for fun anymore. Still, I don't want to cross the line. Different forums have different rules, after all. The Fuwanovel forums are pretty kind and generous in terms of guidelines. Can I throw a couple of questions out and see what you think? 1) If we have a new project to announce, should we restrict it to the Original VN Projects section, or can we post about it on Visual Novels Discussion? Is it a case where if it is a Western VN, it can only sit in the Original VN Projects section? Big Japanese releases clearly are allowed in Visual Novels Discussion. I am happy to follow the rules if everybody else does the same, but yeah, I would like to know what the situation is. 2) Do we have issues with creators plugging projects as their very first post on these forums? There are places where that will constitute an instant warning or even ban. Actually, I guess this one doesn't apply in my case since I've loitered here for a while now. 3) I want to write up some articles related to my upcoming games, which also links to bigger discussions. Is it okay with you guys if I shared them on this board? Hopefully I'll come up with something worthwhile (while sneakily talking about myself which shames me so much) along the way. Thank you so much for allowing me to be honest guys. Hopefully you won't find this annoying. I've cared deeply about my work for many years and really want my situation to improve .
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    Had this weird-ass dream where there was a VN with the 11eyes art style which was about the MC going up against three female vampires. Somewhere in the story, i got a joke choice between fortifying his mind or fortifying his dick. If i choose to fortify his mind and later on choose to give in to the vampires' temptation, you get a bad ending where they just kill the MC after having their fun with him. However, if i fortify the dick, it leads to a joke ending you get no choice but to give in to the temptation but the fortified dick makes the vampires fall in love with the MC and give up their goals of domination.
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    Absurd Difference in Quality and Pricing Between Their Clannad Physical And The Rest: For all the Kickstarters and IndieGogo Sekai Project did, there is not much to show in terms of rewards that was delivered, I have almost backed every crowdfunding campaigns Sekai Project did and so far after thousands of dollars spent I only have Clannad, 1/4 of the Grisaia Boxset and Root Double to show for it. Here we compare Grisaia DVD Boxset quality to Texhnolyze DVD Boxset: Comparison Pic 1: The Texhnolyze DVD Boxset is very sturdy while the Sekai Project Grisaia Boxset is flimsy and of low quality (especially for that price) also even though the Texhnolyze DVD Boxset is very sturdy for good measure a solid Styrofoam block was also added to prevent the DVD Boxset from getting bent since the boxset was only bundled with volume 1, while the rest of the space is empty: While the Sekai Project Grisia DVD Boxset "anti-bent protection measures" consist simply of a thin and flimsy piece of cardboard layer: Styrofoam blocks must be too expensive for Sekai Project... And a low quality DVD Boxset with a set of cheap black DVD cases is apparently worth hundreds of dollars! There this is what you got for hundred of dollars... Now I would like to now compare that with Clannad HD Kickstarter Limited Edition from Sekai Project to Majikoi S First Print Print Limited Edition. Comparison Pic 1: Comparison Pic 2: Clannad 1 Guidebook: Clannad 2: Majikoi S 1 First Print Limited Edition Artbook: Majikoi S 2: Now with the Clannad Kickstarter Limited Edition we have something which seems as good as japanese releases, with a big box, a high quality 81 pages guidebook, the game disc in a long jewel case and the mabinogi soundtrack disc in a standard jewel case, not only that it is a numbered edition with only about 4000 units made, all this for 40 USD Early Birds and 50 USD for the rest. So basically for 40/50 USD, you could get something that rival japanese eroge First Print Limited Edition releases with plenty of content, but for hundred of dollars you get a cheap low quality Boxset with censored copies on DVD in cheap black DVD cases? I am not so good at math, but I think something's wrong here. Now it seems that the prices have increased since Clannad Kickstarter by 3x and the quality and amount of content for your buck seem to have diminished? Again either something's wrong with the math...
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    Except we're not Japan, that's the difference and one of the reasons, they are propably surprised. Or at least will be, if this continues. We have the right to demand quality products for our money's worth and this kind of behaviour SP presented is unacceptable, especially if you pay hundreds of dollars for a Collector's Edition.
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    >reusing the same jokes and stereotypes seven million times >fun
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    youve never been in a situation where youre surrounded by 5 girls on a daily basis who all are experts in various fighting styles and weapons while attending a school where its acceptable to challenge someone to a duel with no repercussions at all from the officials? your life is weird, dude.
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