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    Hello everyone, It's been a while, but I'm back with another update, and probably the last one for KnR. As this is the last update, you've probably guessed what this means... All the images have been edited and the full patch has been released! (Yay) Here's the link to the full patch: https://mega.nz/folder/MstRHI6S#bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw This is the same link as the one in the op. You can use either one to get the patch. Since this is the full patch, all of the Japanese texts have been translated... or so I'd like to say. But unfortunately, there are still some minor texts that I couldn't find, so they're still untranslated. With that said, they're just some minor texts and won't impact your experience with the game. I hope that our patch will be useful for you as you enjoy this game ^^. Now, with the release of this patch, we won't be focusing on KnR anymore. The patch also won't get update unless there are some game-breaking bugs. Instead, we'll now focus on our other projects. As for those projects... The next game we've decided to work on is Fuukan no Grasesta. Alongside that, we've also decided to work on our own interface patch for Tenmei no Conquista. I'll go into details in the projects' threads (once I create them XD). That's it for now. Thank you very much for supporting and sticking with us in this journey. We really appreciate it. See you in our next project's thread ^^!
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    Menu image editor here, this project was a lot of fun to work on, and thanks for flamepaladin for allowing me to help out! I hope you all enjoy the fruits of our labor, now if you excuse me, I have some Rhapsodys to kami...
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    I first started writing this in like 2018 and I finished half of it now but I didn't do it the way I was planning back then and it's a bit of a disjointed mess. I hope it's good enough anyway. - There have been some arguments as to what the definition of a visual novel should be, and that's well and good. But let's look at it from the other direction: what works should our definition of visual novels include? Let us begin our journey with a silly, myopic statement I will nevertheless repeat until @Palas finally calls a hit on me: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is not a visual novel. Okay, bullets fired, I feel better already. But why am I trying to define the boundaries of the visual novel category to exclude the pretty good adventure game series Ace Attorney, and what kinds of criteria am I using? Furthermore, why would anyone disagree with me when I am obviously right? ...Okay, let's back up a bit. Why do I care so much about categories at all? Categories Categories are useful because they allow us to make predictions about something assigned to that category. In the visual novel community, there are there are several important predictions to make: 1. I am likely to enjoy this work if it executes its aesthetic well 2. I would consider a person who reads/plays/likes this more a part of the community than one that does not 3. I would probably enjoy talking to someone who reads this work {about visual novels} We can see straight away that different parts of this would be important to different people. If you want to be part of a close-knit community, getting 2 and 3 right matters a lot. If you can find the visual novels you enjoy without community assistance, 1 matters little. The VN category helps us determine what things are acceptable to discuss, and what things are not our (main) concern. Similarly, the category helps us determine what people will be in our community, and what people will not. It's generally more entertaining to discuss things you care about, and it's better when the people you discuss with are more in tune with you. As such, there are real stakes, and real reasons to want to avoid being maximally inclusive. But what draws people to VNs, and what does that draw mean for their desired definition of the VN category? Let me attempt a list of categories: Archetypes of attraction to VNs Weebs The Weeb likes some part of Japanese culture. The Weeb is very skeptical and/or dismissive of visual novels not made in Japan, though the Weeb might make an exception for things made in Korea or China (Indonesia is probably too Western, however). If we asked the Weeb, the main problem with the visual novel category right now would be that too many people see fit to include a flood of shitty EVNs. The Weeb might grudgingly accept Katawa Shoujo depending on the Weeb's other preferences. Moefuck The Moefuck reads visual novels because they really like cute girls or boys. Often personal aesthetics play a big part here and specific preferences are hard to predict, for example certain Moefucks may reject an entire artist or company due to the artstyle in their works being unacceptable. The Moefuck cluster is often seen as an amorphous, rainbow-vomiting blob ruining visual novels by the more seriously afflicted storycucks, but in truth there is more variation in it than they may expect. Moefucks are not necessarily hostile to works with serious stories, they just prefer those stories to also have cute girls. Storycucks The Storycuck wants to experience good stories, and finds VNs to be a source of such stories. In terminal cases, the Storycuck may not be able to deal with the large amount of filler in many visual novels and bounce right out into the community periphery after initially being hooked by some particularly well-paced VN. The perfectly horrible case is the Storycuck that is too distracted to watch shows, unable to get into books due to lack of visual stimulus, yet also unable to deal with SoL content. Is there any being more cursed? Anyway, I digress. The Storycuck doesn't really care that much about medium conventions like moe or superficial presentation style or whatever: they want a compelling narrative. If we ask a Storycuck, one problem with the visual novel category right now is that it doesn't admit other related genres like walking simulators, or things like Actual Sunlight and To The Moon. Their perspective on more extreme extensions like Phoenix Wright or even JRPGs will depend on their evaluation of gameplay. Degenerate Fappers These gender-neutral guys just wanna have fun, in a way that generally requires at least one hand to be free for use. You're unlikely to actually see pure Fappers in the community as they don't really have stories to discuss. I'd try the f95zone or whatever if I were looking. In mixes with other types, this manifests as disinterest in anything that does not have porn. In their eyes, if it's got no ero, it has no place calling itself a VN — after all, if it can't be fapped to, there's no point in reading it! Ero-JRPG fanboys So now you're thinking to yourself - these guys (still gender-neutral) have got to have a lot of overlap with the Degenerate Fappers. I agree, but I think it's worth separating out the two. The Degenerate Fappers don't really have a need for the visual novel category because of their DF association — they'll be arguing mostly from another type's perspective, with a modifier of Horny — but the Ero-JRPG fanboys have a lot to lose if their objects of passion are cut out of the VN category. Why? Because the wider JRPG community often has a serious intolerance of porn in their games. There _are_ places that specify in just Ero-JRPGs [nekohen], but there aren't that many games in the category, and focus for some may be less on the story contents (often machine translated!) and more on the gameplay (ui only patches!) and porn. This leads to wishing to classify Ero-JRPGs like Toushin Toshi II, Evenicle, etc. as VNs despite them being basically equivalent to your average JRPG if one ignores the sex scenes. The pure Ero-JRPG fanboy doesn't really like to read for long stretches without interaction, and if it could remove something from the definition, it would probably pick first choice-free visual novels, then extensionally VNs with few enough choices to be bothersome. Autists The motivation of the Autist when it comes to the visual novel category is that it be clear and defined by a definition that is as Not Bullshit as possible. This is a meta-motivation that may cause people to go against the naive interests of their other types. For example, observe the Storycuck Zaka's high Autism interaction as he proclaims walking simulators should not be considered VNs, despite him having liked Gone Home quite a bit and being interested in more of the genre. The Autist's greatest gripe is when people goddamn try to shove things in the FUCKING category that obviously don't fit PLEASE STOP IT DAMN YOU. VN Evangelists The VN Evangelist wants to spread the word of visual novels by any means possible, and is not afraid to butt heads with some stuffy Autist if they have to. They can and will use imprecise language like "it's like playing an anime, man", wide definitions (expect Phoenix Wright to be on their list of 'VNs' to play for beginners), and such villainy to attempt to get more people into visual novels. A community member in favor of more exclusion may cringe at their methods and predict that they will overwhelmingly attract annoying orbitals who will finish DDLC or whatever and then fuck up discussion with their terrible, uninformed opinions. The Evangelist will tell said member to loosen the fuck up and not be so elitist, and who knows maybe DDLC-kun will be a productive member of the community one day NOT THAT THEY AREN'T ALREADY BUT ANYWAY. And so on. The VN Evangelist wishes more things were on vndb in general so it could have more arguments to get people to try other 'VNs' out. Artistes The Artiste is probably making a VN. Or two. It's got culture up to here. VNs are a medium, but it's so boring if you just take the conventions for granted, right? They want to break and remake in a Shivan storm of creation, never settling for the mediocrity of the established form. They resent criteria that restrict their medium-busting ambitions, and would like for you to abandon your silly notions of traditional presentation methods. The Artiste wants you to fucking chill out on insisting on any definition, but okay can we have like, The Walking Dead in the category please? (Zaka: No.) Oh and Actual Sunlight should definitely be in the category. (Zaka: Sure) Incredibly half-arsed conclusion Speaking as a person who is a Storycuck and Autist, but has low amounts of Weeb, Moefuck, and Horny, I think we should have a somewhat restrictive definition of visual novels, but we should welcome diverse artstyles and embrace EVNs. As I don't value gameplay highly, I consider the _choiceless visual novel_ the best way to ground the category, even though this is arguably ahistorical. Choices are fine, intrusive gameplay only good if it serves the narrative, and things that are OBVIOUSLY JRPGs FOR CHRIST'S SAKE should frankly just be taken out of VNDB right this minute. That said if something is very close to a VN and also story heavy and honestly it kind of reads like a VN? fuck it IS a VN fuck you include Actual Sunlight actually... then uhh yeah... Maybe we can compromise my ideals. —But your reasons for being into VNs may be very different. And this is why we must fight. I can only hope I will one day prevail, or at least see Actual Sunlight (kino) included on VNDB. Until then, I will attempt to appeal to the Autism in both of us to at least get a sensible — if fragile — boundary established.
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    Hey there, new user here

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    My issue is that my IQ isn't high enough to keep up with them. What you must understand is that Reddit is not just a forum; it is the de facto successor to the Roman Forum, where only the greatest minds in all the land can handle the high-level ideas being discussed. Perhaps one day you and I will be graced with holy fedoras and be permitted to enter the intellectual arena that is Reddit, but we can only hope.
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    Hello everyone, I'm back with a quick update (not even a day after I posted the so-called 'last update'...) I just noticed that I forgot to include some translated images (namely, the tutorial images) in the full patch. I'm very sorry about this. The patch has been updated to v1.1 to reflect this fix. You can find the link in my previous post, or in the op. Do note that v1.1 refers to the version of the patch, not the game. Our patch does not include any of the game updates, so you'll have to update them separately. All of the game's updates and appends are translated in our patch though. That's it for now. I'm very sorry for trouble, and thank you for reading. See you next time ^^!
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    I think there's a catch when it goes to expecting VNs to progress on a technical level... 2D art does not scale to technological capabilities the same way 3d graphics do, and VNs are way past the era of technical limitations of computers/consoles being the thing keeping them down in any way (unlike visual media that struggled with those for many decades). You say better sprites... But what can you do to make them better outside of working your artists to the ground? More animation? Upscaling by neural networks? These will always be controversial, to say the least. Better engines, but how much can you really streamline stuff with meaningful gains when 2D art and text are still two core elements of the experience? As long as VNs are the medium they are, there are pretty hard limits to how they can evolve when it goes to form. I mean, remember that VR JVN Sekai Project helped to crowdfund and localize? It was different... But kind of pointless, because VN formula at its core has little use for such gimmicks. When it goes to tropes, story quality and generally getting closer to their full potential... Hard to say. Eroge scene is extremely stale right now. EVNs are in a particularly non-lucrative corner of the already-struggling indie market and are growing rather slowly. I'll have to see real change before I believe in it... But also, my near-infinite backlog and similarily gargantuan Steam wishlist suggest that we're getting enough cool things to read even as it is.
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    Mr Poltroon

    Hentai games

    Whilst I'm not contradicting any of what you say, because I do not disagree, I am fairly convinced that H-Scenes as we regularly see them in VNs and sex scenes as present in Western games or shows are simply not on the same level in terms of imagery. VNs frequently use extreme angles, exaggerated proportions, and direct shots into (often pixelised) genitals that are clearly not comparable to anything in mainstream Western media. At least that is my impression. Does anybody have any examples to the contrary in the Western mainstream? Whilst I doubt this is the cause for the dismissal (the presence of a few bad eggs and frequent fetishised proportions in most anime art are more likely culprits), it may still be a factor to have in mind.
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    はいはい to add credibility to this essay, let me, a very loud specimen (gender neutral) of the often neglected otomefolk tribe, affirm this definition is quite accurate. We're just romancedudes (gender neutral) that plays under slight different set of rules, but the pursuit of a moenirvana is all the same.
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    Anime Expo News Replacements

    Mangagamer announcements:
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    Hi guys! I'm Kyoki Chiho, an erotic VN writer that has some NSFW scenes to share! In order to improve my writing style, I've been practicing quite a lot lately, and since it'd be a waste to let all these scenes go unnoticed, I've decided to post them here! I posted them on Twitter too (hence the names). Anyway, have fun! Blindfold sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WZRpPkEvDw11DrYfsc2XVa0GSJok3KPm/view?usp=sharing Public sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LvKpqIRex2-hEkchC83HOfoXqPAZTyJK/view?usp=sharing Yuri sex scene with reverse pet play: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nJLir0y5c6PuswTRBXBHMkxBYIPEE5zT/view?usp=sharing Tentacle sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ejG2bUIG8Wt3DZyuhtwrtUSajBWRSDt-/view?usp=sharing Oh, by the way... If you want a customized erotic scene, feel free to contact me, either here or on Twitter!
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    What are you playing?

    Theyre finally here
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    I noticed that every guy who have a different opinion about something (especially in the VN subreddit) gets instantly downvoted.Especially in the VN subreddit where if u ask about something or you have a different opinion,there's always the sad weeb without life that is ready to down vote.Look,we get it,you're a superior human being (in fact you're in your 30 and still a virgin) and all but it would be awesome if you'll answer to something instead of being a Jerk. If I downvoted something, I always said my opinion but it seems that it's pretty rare (and that's why I prefer this place, since u guys are awesome ahaha). What's your opinion about reddit in general?
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 15267/43896 Editing: 8289/43896
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    Yes it's happen, and apparently this time Alicesoft decided to do it by themselves instead of ask Mangagamer. As for me, while granted that I did say we didn't really need a sequel seeing that Evenicle story here is basically complete enough, I'm still interested with this seeing that it mean more gameplay VN. For more info, we also have both of Quof and Steiner working on the transaltion so you didn't need to worry about bad translation. As for mosaic, unfortunately it would be still there but then again I didn't care much about it, and beside it's not like that the artist would draw something under the mosaic. As for the plan, Alicesoft will release the trial that will cover up to the end of Chapter 1 at Steam in the upcoming few weeks later. Lastly I hope that they'll be able to release this in the near future. Here's the tweet from Alicesoft (They just set their English twitter a few days ago) for the proof in regard of the news itself.
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    Learning Japanese

    This whole thread:
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    How do you think will be the future VNs?

    wake up, sheeple
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    What are you playing?

    Welp so much for September lol, I just binged the rest of Chaos;Child last night, meaning Hana's route, then Uki's route, then Nono's and finally the true route. It's a pretty good VN. Chaos;Child takes place 6 years after the key events of Chaos;Head's New Generation Madness killings and the Shibuya Earthquake, but focuses on a new cast, so an indirect sequel. The protagonist is an upgraded version of Chaos;Head's (first) Takumi Nishijou by the name of (first) Takuru Miyashiro: upgraded in that he's less of an extreme hikkikomori (shut in) who avoided social contact at all costs and was a stuttering mess if he did interact with people, and more of just a typical awkward high school boy with his own hard beliefs on him being a right-sider and everyone else a wrong-sider. A much more bearable protagonist if you ask me. Takuru is the president of his own newspaper club, with the members being his inseparable ditzy childhood friend Serika Onoe, his naggy but evercaring foster sister Nono Kurusu who's also the student council president and VP of the newspaper club (she's my best girl btw), Hana Kazuki the 'mute' gamer girl who only ever utters "Mmm" and mainly just plays her online ESO2 game in the newspaper clubroom, and Shinji Itou the male protagonist best friend support guy. Other characters include Hinae Arimura: a blonde twintail kouhai who acts very superficially friendly around her friends and Mio Kunosato, the "what if we take Steins;gate's Kurisu and make her completely unlikeable" cold hard facts scientist type. Takuru used to be a part of Dr. Sakuma Wataru's household: Sakuma is an easygoing doctor who owns his own Aoba Clinic and he adopted Takuru, Nono, and siblings Yui & Yuto Tachibana- orphans from the Shibuya Earthquake 6 years ago. The family eventually grew fairly tight-knit, always gathering for supper to exchange pleasantries about their days under a "keep no secrets from each other" policy. However, Takuru angrily moved out into his own trailer 6 months prior to the start of Chaos;Child after feeling betrayed when the secrets policy was violated against him by none other than Nono (resulting in him calling her Kurusu, her last name, from that point on. Ouch). As president of the newspaper club, Takuru has a thirst for chasing exotic cases he feels would shake the world. Fortunately for him, a new set of bizarre murders start occurring in Shibuya- and interestingly enough they are dated to occur on the same days as the ones that occurred during the New Generation Madness killings from Chaos;Head 6 years ago! Takuru easily gets hook-line-and-sinker'd and begins to obsess over investigating and solving the case, much to Nono's dismay. The first 6 chapters will meander between Takuru's everyday slice of life with his newspaper club shenanigans, his friends, and his adoptive family as the New Generation Madness Killings continue to make headlines all over Shibuya. Will Takuru be able to solve the case, or is he getting in way over his head?! Story: 8.5/10. Common route starts off slow with the slice of life and preparing for culture festival but once the term Gigalomaniac makes it onto the screen the story starts picking up. It involves a lot of pseudoscience/supernatural powers that can affect reality jargon and are channeled via Di-Swords (A.K.A. BIG F*CKING exotic supernatural swords) btw so it can feel a bit Chuuni at times. The concept of delusions was interesting. There are a fair amount of plot revelations that change the very nature of characters entirely that can add some "let me go back to this scene now that I know this" reread value. Overall enjoyable. Characters: 9/10. Takuru was nowhere near as unbearable as Takumi. Nono would probably be on my top 5 heroines if I did have a list. Idk, the student council president + nagging worrywart but legitimately caring older sister type was a complete and utter win for me. Hinae was the guilty pleasure. Hana and Uki were kind of like the filler heroines, but passable. Art: 9/10. Has that clean modern moe look. Particularly loved all of best girl Nono CGs. Some CGs can look a bit low quality though. Music: 8/10. They got some good tracks. The title theme World is pretty up there along with their other works like Steins;gate + (0). Visible Essence is the revelation theme and its quite badass when you do get it. !!!SPOILERS!!! MISC. THOUGHTS/COMMENTS (MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS) Finally can rant about the juicy bits. Overall: 8.5/10. Legit did not think I would like this sci-fi adv VN as much due to how much I despised Chaos;Head. It was good enough that I actually want to reread Chaos;Head so I can catch up on all the story beats and whatnot, but ahh nvm. Will look forward to reading Robotics;Notes + DaSH when they do come out to EN on the Switch later this year. I'll watch the 6.5/10 MAL rated anime of Chaos;Child real quick because I like to see things animated even though they'll probably butcher it so bad since only lol12episodes for a 30-50+ hr VN. E: lol yeah, the anime is only enjoyable as a "let's watch a recap of Chaos;child" right after finishing the VN itself. So many disappointed people who were like I don't get it or it's a rushed mess (which it definitely was, but I obviously was able to keep up and just enjoy seeing everything animated)
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    Once NEKO WORKs's patent on adjustable boob jiggling expires, VNs will enter a new era of greatness.
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    Hello there and welcome to the third and final part of my NaNoRenO 2020 highlights! While in the first two posts I focused, respectively, on otome and horror VNs, this last batch of recommendations will be about other romance stories submitted to the event. I have to admit upfront that this is likely the least exciting list of the three, with no game standing out to me in a similar way as Enamoured Risks did among otome entries or Eislyn's Apocalypse did among horror ones. However, there's still a bunch of solid and interesting titles in this category, my favourite being probably Café in the Clouds, with its lovely visuals and memorable dreamworld sequences. Also, the jam has something to offer for fans of all typical romantic configurations, with BxG, BL and Yuri couples strongly represented. As always, all the games I'm writing about are completely free to download, and clicking their titles below will get you straight to their Itch.io pages. Also, I've skipped projects that were submitted to the event but proved low quality or did not offer a complete experience (meaning I exclude all demos and prototypes by default). So, please join me as I wrap up this insane, months-long project of thoroughly covering the biggest NaNoRenO in history – hopefully, you'll find something interesting among my recommendations. Love Rewind: A Magical Time Travel Romance (BxG/BxB) Love Rewind is a short romance story with one male and one female love interest, themed around regret and desire to change the past. Yuki, the protagonist and young mage-in-training, loses everything in a futile attempt at saving his terminally ill mother. Broken by this failure and the destroyed relationship with his fiancée Quinn, he isolates himself from the world – an empty, depressing existence that would likely last for the rest of his life if not for the appearance of a spirit, taking form of a cat. This powerful creature forces on him an opportunity to relive and change the events that led him to ruin, and regain the love he lost – or maybe forge a different path altogether… This VN, while a bit rushed and lacking the proper buildup particularly for the BxB arc (Quinn’s route at least have the background of protagonist’s relationship from the original timeline), has a few things going for it. Yuki is a decent protagonist, whose desperation and pain are easy to emphasize with, and the core story has all the satisfaction inherent to plots where you avert a looming disaster. The love interests simply don’t have enough time to develop as characters and truly shine, but they work well enough as incentives for the protagonist to not repeat his past mistakes. The end result is not a great romance VN, but a nice short story in its own right – and one that looks and sounds very solid for a game jam entry. Final Rating: Recommended Weekend Fever (BxG) Weekend Fever is a minimalistic, but emotional story about a writer struggling with burnout, unable to create stories or even find the passion for the line of work switched to after his endeavours as an author died down. While on a short business trip to his hometown, his mind filled with a mix of nostalgia and discouragement from his current circumstances, he meets a stranger – a woman who inexplicably rekindles his passion for writing… While the core plot of this VN might not sound very inspired, its value lies in the atmosphere it creates and psychological depth of the main character. Passages of his unfinished book are mixed with rather excellent descriptions of his emotional distress and obsessive drive to create that shows up immediately after he finds inspiration. The visuals and sound are simple, but the colour pallet and distortion effects used in backgrounds create a surreal effect, adding to the slightly detached, nostalgic feel of the narrative. The romance is basic, but full of emotional impact thanks to the fact how connected it is to protagonist’s struggles – all this makes for a satisfying short story, worth experiencing regardless of whether you’re looking for romantic content. Final Rating: Recommended Flour Hour (BxB) Flour Hour is a well-though-out BL romance story weighted down by one massive issue – its prose. The English script is not only full of errors and awkward phrasing typical for non-native writers, but also uses Japanese honorifics in a particularly pointless way, making the whole thing feel like a poor fan translation. Which is a shame, because the underlying story has quite a lot of merit. The main intrigue features Yuki, an owner of a bakery created in place of his grandmother’s flower shop, being approached by a lawyer with claims of massive debt his business owns to a powerful corporation. The desperate struggle to save the titular Flour Hour coincides with a reappearance of Souma, a former boyfriend Yuki never really got over, and increasingly suspicious behaviour from his sole employee, Izumi. Flour Hour’s drama and intrigue prove surprisingly in-depth when you get further into the story. While some developments are pretty silly and the choice system maybe a bit too unforgiving, the characters offered more nuance and development than I expected. Souma was probably the most interesting in this regard, as his abrasive and borderline-abusive behaviour becomes much easier to understand when he finally opens to Yuki about his feelings and his experiences after they broke up. At the same time, the story is simply hard to get into with the clunky writing, strangely-stylized visuals and poor-quality CGs. If you can look past those issues, however, the VN might be worth reading not just from the perspective of BL fans – to me, its core plot and the way romance was handled felt very universal. Final Rating: Cautiously Recommended Demon Kiss (BxB) Demon Kiss is quite likely the best-looking and most polished game on today's list, featuring a really cute BxB romantic plot between a socially-anxious computer technician, Felix, and Trisetar, a demon noble that accidentally kidnaps him to hell. Shocked by the human's strange attitude and non-fearful reaction to his presence, the demon gradually lowers his defences as the two are stuck together for a few months (time necessary to recreate the spell for travelling to the human world). Despite the pleasing art and generally fun, lighthearted storyline the game is not without some issues, the main being its pacing. There is an overarching plot connected to Trisetar's initial appearance in the human world, but it's basic at best and generally stays in the background of the developing romantic tension... Which also doesn't develop as much as it probably should. With no bad endings or really tense moments, the story has a pleasant flow to it, but fails to get the reader engaged other than on a very superficial level. As the result, I would only truly recommend reading this one to dedicated BL fans – while the humour and the final plot twist are fun enough even for an average reader, the main focus is the fluffy BxB love story that should mostly satisfy people who are explicitly after that kind of content. Final Rating: Cautiously Recommended At First Sight (BxB) At First Sight is an unusual story utilizing a very interesting concept – in a world where everyone has a destined soulmate with whom they spend their whole life, the protagonist, Grimes, approaches his forties without finding one. When Dreams – a rare form of premonition happening to the Unsouled and hinting at the identity of their future partner or the circumstances they’ll meet under – start appearing to him every night, he’s more terrified of the uncertainty of following the visions and possible disappointment than he is encouraged. And when he finally decides to act on his premonitions, what he finds is detached from his expectations way more than he ever feared… At First Sight is technically a BL game and gay romance is present in it in some ways, but above all, it’s a story putting various romance clichés on their head. Grimes is an unpleasant and frustrated person, and in the world where everyone receives a happy ending by default, he ends up with something that even in the best possible interpretation can hardly be called a love story. His reactions are often nasty, even beyond what is justified by his depressing position, making his a relatively unlikeable protagonist. However, the way the game explores the idea of soulmates, and the strange situations and tensions it creates in its world is genuinely interesting – for that element alone At First Sight might be worth investing around 30 minutes necessary to complete it. Final Rating: Recommended Kill the prince!? (BxB) Kill the Prince!? is a tiny story about a thief hired to assassinate a prince kidnapped by a rival kingdom and forced to marry their princess. Cute and very humouristic, the game gradually reveals the connection between the protagonist and his target, while also delivering amusing dialogue, a cast of exaggerated characters and silly puzzles centered around switching disguises. The game’s art is in decent part composed of simple lineart or rough sketches and the whole experience is very brief (20-25 minutes to fully read through), but it has enough charm and wit to justify its existence. The love story in it is also lovely to the point where even someone like me, who usually struggles to get into BL games, genuinely enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a short, fun distraction rather than a deep story, this one is definitely worth it. Final Rating: Cautiously Recommended Café in The Clouds (GxG) Café in the Clouds is a short yuri VN with point-and-click adventure game elements. It tells a story of two women running a very unusual café in a modern-fantasy setting. Outside of simply serving food and coffee, they possess magical powers that enable them to enter their client’s dreams and help them deal with nightmares, or even deep-rooted problems disturbing their nightly rest. The game’s plot focuses mostly on one such case – a client that visits the café (or rather passes out at the entrance) to ask for help with their severe insomnia. The romantic elements in this VN come in the form of relationship between the owners of the café, Remerie and Somnia. The interactions and banter between them are very cute and a near-constant feature of the brief story, accentuated by pleasant, pastel-painting-style visuals. Other than that, the player has to deal with a few simple puzzles (and a single unnecessarily cryptic one at the very end) to navigate the client’s dream and find a way to clear out the issues preventing them from resting at nights. The game also teases a larger story, connected to the couple’s mentor and original owner of the café – a story I would be quite interested in reading, considering what a genuinely nice experience Café in the Clouds proved to be. Final Rating: Highly Recommended Tender Feelings Like Water (GxG) Tender Feelings Like Water is a short, supernatural love story about a water spirit that gains a sense of self and after long years, maybe centuries of loneliness falls in love with an unsuspecting human girl. Disguising themselves as another woman, the spirit starts interacting with the mysterious "girl in red", wary to not reveal their true identity – not just due to possibility of scaring her away, but also because the river, the personification of which they are, took away a lot from both the girl and her village in general... As simple as this VN was (also when it comes to the visuals and the soundtrack, which are both not unpleasant, but basic), I couldn't help but enjoy its nostalgic storytelling and emotional conclusions (there are two endings, similar to each other, but different in subtle and meaningful ways). It's a yuri romance in a very loose understanding of the term, but should satisfy most fans of the genre with its climate and interesting dynamic between the main characters – and maybe other readers too, if they adjust their expectations properly. Final Rating: Cautiously Recommended In Peaceful Days (GxG) In Peaceful Days is a Fire Emblem: Three Houses fan fiction VN expanding on the Empire route and Edelgard romance (with female Byleth). It focuses on a rare day off, when both the protagonist and the Empress have some time to spend together, away from political intrigues and military conflicts. Byleth sets to prepare a perfect evening, interacting with other characters from the source game and visiting important locations within Garreg Mach. A short, cute piece of (non-sexual) fanservice, this VN has enough visual polish and humour to satisfy the fans of the original, but even for someone like me, who never played Three Houses and only did short research to know the context of the story, it was pretty fun to read. It also has the advantage over many projects of this kind that it's not going outside of the canon with its main pairing and character interactions, but elaborates on one of the possible endings of Three Houses in a believable way. Recommended primarily for Byleth/Edelgard fans, but not necessarily just for them. Final Rating: Cautiously Recommended Honourable Mention: Full Service Shop (GxG/Non-Binary) Full Service Shop is less a romance story and more a lesbian/non-binary erotic game using its sci-fi setting to create a number of really interesting, softcore scenarios for the player to go through. It features a nameable protagonist in the late 21st century, where advanced cybernetic implants are widely available. This includes the ability to enhance or replace one’s genitals and our main character is on their way to such a procedure, choosing a small, peculiar workshop – the titular Full Service Shop. There they’ll be able to not only choose their new implant (which changes how the scenes play out in minor ways) but also one of the four technicians who will not only install the new implant but give them a thorough “test drive”. As trashy as this premise might sound, it’s handled in a quite interesting way, with each technician offering a unique backstory and sex scene, the latter ranging from short and vanilla to complex and kinky. Visuals are tame, majority of the time stopping at partial nudity, so most of the work is done by the genuinely high-quality writing. The stories revealed in the conversations with the technicians and the erotic content itself utilize the futuristic setting, for example by discussing digitalizing the human mind and spicing things up by manipulation of neural implants, providing the much-needed variety when compared to your typical erotic VN. The one complaint I have about the game is arguably a major one – with average visuals and choices that don’t add too much to the experience (apart from initial choices of implant and technician, they mostly can just cut the scenes short), to the point the whole package would work just as well, or maybe even better as a short story. Still, if you’re looking for an unusual, wholesome erotic VN to read, this issue hardly makes it less of a valid choice. Final Rating: Recommended And this is all for today's list and, by extension, my coverage of the NaNoRenO 2020. The non-otome romances that showed up this year mostly failed to truly impress me, but games like Cafe in the Cloud still managed to provide fun experiences while a few other proved memorable by escaping the usual tropes and story structures. There are also a few slice-of-life titles that I might add to this post as further honourable mentions – the enormousness of this year's event makes my work of covering it constantly feel incomplete, but for the most part, it's done. I hope you enjoyed what I provided here and will consider giving a chance to VNs I've recommended – I'll do my best to repeat this process next year with NaNoRenO 2021 and this fall with Yuri Game Jam 2020. But for now, thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you again!
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    Dual Chinese Japanese multi-releases and microtransactions.
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 14945/43896 Editing: 7808/43896
  24. 3 points
    They all have a graceful quality to them, starting right before the action begins and savoring the ending. I especially like how you always close up each scene with some sort of punchline that indicates more scenes are to come. I imagine the fourth scene was the hardest to write, because a Goo Monster doesn't have that much of a personality, but nevertheless I liked how you built the scene's emotion from terror to some sort of fucked up cumplicity by the end -- that's a little different from the sheer mind break you usually see in scenes like these. It's interesting that all scenes have the protagonist as the character being seduced, or at least the first character to blush. Even in the second one, Edward is sort of being lured into touching and ogling Ivonne. So I'd like to see how you'd go about writing a scene in which the protagonist actually wants to initiate the action. So, for instance -- how would you write the first scene from Emma's perspective? I'm sure doing it at least as an exercise would help building more intense dynamics. So take the first scene. I love the game that Emma proposes to John, and I like how all of it happens while he's blindfolded. But although she seems to like it and is described as a dominant, mischievous person, she gives in all too easily to John. Having her actually punish John for failing the third stage in their game would generate tension that would reinvigorate the scene from his and her perspective. All scenes, I believe, would be even better with this kind of exercise. That said, I really like these. I don't think we see threads like this often, and it's great to have them.
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    Who is your favorite protagonist?

    Hisao from Katawa Shoujo. Jill from VA-11 HALL-A. Yuuji fucking sucks, fight me.
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    A user asked the Japanese Twitter of Light (the creators of Dies Irea) about Silverio Vendetta and Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin or more specifically about both series and they answered in English. Here is what they said: https://twitter.com/light_staff_tw/status/1268532698336784387 and https://twitter.com/light_staff_tw/status/1268532937592537089 and lastly https://twitter.com/light_staff_tw/status/1268533041565220864 Since their parent Company Greenwood shut down last year, we didn't know if there is any chance for the Light catalogue to see a translation. So this is really good news and if you have any interest in these titles or titles like Dies irae or Fate/Stay Night, please consider telling them on twitter to let them know that there is interest! They also ask about ideas of how to make it happen.
  27. 3 points

    Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    We are most certainly alive, I'll give a short update: the translator is still busy in the hospital since the second wave of Corona is very much active. Regarding uncensoring, hscene insertion and removing of light rays: the current implementation is fully playable from start to finish. 17/20 Hscenes are currently inserted and we are investigating for the remaining three. These scenes are obviously untranslated now, however the original japanese text is still available. Our hacker, Marcus is also creating a fourth category in the Extra menu for the Hscenes themselves. We have encountered bugs with this feature and are working on it. One very important thing for last: the patch supports the current up-to-date version on STEAM.
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    Meta - Addressing Fuwanovel Forum Issues

    Speaking as someone who disappeared as well - and feel horrible about it, because I was involved with what I believe were the coolest projects Fuwa has ever had - I can say Fuwa's model is very, very exhausting. It's like running a business, but without, well, the business. The main site has to attract viewers and then retain viewership enough to have them interested in becoming part of the community. That, or the community has to be attractive in itself by virtue of being helpful or productive. Torrents brought a TON of viewers, so low retention rates weren't a problem. Without them, the only alternative was to make much more engaging content. VNTS, Reviews, articles and the reommendation site were all incredible efforts, but engagement didn't improve all that much, while the effort increased exponentially for everyone involved. So everyone I guess just kind of... burn out? And I mean, BunnyAdvocate is an absolute genius, right. Social media have a lot of advantage over forums on that, really. People can still be around even if they don't participate as much in a specific community anymore. Forums can be difficult to navigate, compared to -- say -- Reddit. People come and go, but joining a community this way when there are so many easier ways to do it nowadays is increasingly counterintuitive, and fostering a community made of people who take counterintuitive actions is an uphill battle.
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    Sanoba Witch Discussion

    I just finished it tonight. I liked it so much more than the other Yuzusoft I read, Dracu-Riot. In fact, I liked it more than I thought I would in general. It had a lot of really good themes related to personal growth and relationships. Shuuji was a very solid protag that emphasized the personal growth thing very well. Thought he was gonna be a simp the whole story. As far as the routes as a whole, I liked how they covered very different themes. I also liked all the datable heroines were basically nice girls. Route rankings: 1) Tsumugi - Had the most unique storytelling. Had some nice emotional moments and development. 2) Nene - So long but quite good. Went in ways most won't be expecting. 3) Wakana- BRAVEMAN. Also generally nice and feel good. No issues, just a fun short romance. 4) Meguru- I liked how it covered the little things of making a relationship work. And it involved the OC as a whole most. Had some nice feelsy scenes. Brought down by Meguru being kinda annoying sometimes. 5) Touko - Had some interesting/funny scenes but was kinda forgettable Main Heroine rankings: 1) Wakana- I really enjoyed her honesty. It was fun and refreshing, she knows how to have a good time but also when to be serious with real advice. I kinda wish she had at least a chapter or 2 more in her route. 2) Tsumugi - Her and Nene is pretty close. I honestly think Tsumugi wins cuz I liked her route very slightly more, and I kinda prefer her more motherly vibe. 3) Nene - Not too far behind. Obviously the main heroine with all the shilling. She had some surprising depth I enjoyed. Sometimes a bit too childish/immature for my liking which only brings her down very slightly. 4) Meguru - She had potential to be my #1 character. She had interesting depth, a usually fun-ish personality, some really nice moments in her route, and the nerd thing was nice. Unfortunatley she's easily the one to be the most annoying in comedy, both in and out of her route. 5) Touko - I sometimes like tease-y characters. But for some reason she felt even shallower than most other characters of her type. She does give good advice and I guess she had a plot reason for being how she is but her route didn't make her that interesting to me. Other notes: -Side characters weren't too bad. Cool dad character, cool bro characters, kinda funny teacher, a few other interesting ones. -Most of the humor was hilarious. Some of it was annoying usually Meguru being obnoxious or characters unnecessarily getting mad of Shuuji -I actually quite liked the OST. Though mostly the slice of life theme, plus a few character themes like Nene/Tsumugi/Wakanas. And a few of the feels songs, especially Setsunakute. Overall.. 8.5/10, Will probably round out to 9. I have a feeling no other Yuzusoft VNs will have storytelling even close to what some of the routes did though...
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    Hentai games

    What bothers me is when people dismiss VNs because of H-scenes, but then they will turn around and talk about how Game of Thrones and many other TV shows which frequently show sex scenes are their favorite shows. Especially when it comes to 18+ ploge, the amount of sex scenes they typically have is fairly comparable to the amount of sex scenes in many western dramas. So not that much. Therefore I see it as no reason to dismiss them for that alone.
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    Anime Expo News Replacements

    I'm so happy to see another Liar-Soft game! And this one has "normal" art? That's something.
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    Mr Poltroon

    What are you playing?

    I've just played Chapter 4 of Master Magistrate. Extremely satisfied with the outcome of this mystery game! Still have a couple of epilogues to go through, though. Chapter 4 thoughts (spoilers): GENUINELY GOOD ROMANCE WHAT IS THIS Sakura's Route Okita's Chapter Rimu's Route
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    Hello everyone. Before going into the project, here's some information regarding the game: - Kami no Rhapsody (https://vndb.org/v16341) is a VN/SRPG hybrid by the company Eushully, the same company that made Kamidori Alchemy Meister. - Sypnosis (taken from VNDB, with some changes made to go with our translation patch): Translation team: Rhapsody Translation Team Members: - Translator: FlamePaladin - Translation Checker: Danywar, Dark_Gamer - Editor: Vuken, Yuuko Shionji - Image Editor: Nylios, hubb2001, Bilbael, pegg We have a full team atm, but if you want to join us, please send me a message or post in this thread. Thank you ^^. Special thanks: - Huang Yin Ling and maefdomn for their very useful threads. - binaryfail for helping me find the tools to work on this patch. - SaintLouisX, asmodean and Aroduc for their tools. - Special thanks to Kirashi for motivating me to work on this patch, and for the feedback. I really appreciate it. - Special thanks to Mr Poltroon for your work as an editor in this project. Though it was short, I really appreciate your help ^^. - Special thanks to Danywar. Thank you very much for joining the team as the Translation Checker. I'll be counting on you a lot from now on . - Special thanks to glupak. Thank you very much for everything you've done for the project. I really appreciate it ^^. - Special thanks to Vuken. Thank you very much for joining as our Editor. Tbh, I don't even know if you're in this forums lol. In any case, I'll be counting on you to make our patch readable XD. - Special thanks to nylios. Thank you very much for joining the team. I'll be counting on you for a lot of things, so prepare yourself . - Special thanks to hubb2001. Thank you very much for joining us as our image editor. I'll be counting on you for the images XD. - Special thanks to pegg and Bilbael. Thank you very much for joining us as our image editors. Let's do our best to make the complete patch a reality! XD - Special thanks to Yuuko Shionji and Dark_Gamer. Thank you for joining as our TLC-er and editor. Let's make this patch the best it can be XD. Finally, here's the link to the full patch: MEGA link: https://mega.nz/#F!MstRHI6S!bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw The full patch has been released. However, there are still some minor texts that I couldn't find, so they're still untranslated. With that said, they're just some minor texts and won't impact your experience with the game. Do note that our patch does not include any of the game updates, so you'll have to update them separately. All of the game's updates and appends are translated in our patch though. Now, with the release of this patch, we won't be focusing on KnR anymore. The patch also won't get update unless there are some game-breaking bugs. Instead, we'll now focus on our other projects. With that said, please contact us if you encounter crash or any other problem. We'll try to fix it as soon as possible (and if it's related to our patch XD). This is everything from me for now. If you took your time to read that wall of text, thank you very much. Even if you didn't, thank you for showing enough interest to click on the thread. See you!
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    I'll cheer you on! Yay Ittaku! Go! Go! Ittaku is the best! Thanks for your work ittaku! Would you like some barley tea!?!
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    Hey there, new user here

    That's at least true now that we have a proper mod team keeping things in check. There were darker times on the Forums too... Anyway, welcome to Fuwanovel, you person! I hope new enjoy our little community.
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    Flowers 3 is out now!

    In japanese high schools every girl is a lesbian. Makes sense. SOLD.
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    At one point, there was a discussion centered around how annoying I am on the VN Reddit (about four years ago, I think...) and some jerkwad sent me the link in a pm. I would have laughed or cried if I gave a crap what a bunch of people caught by groupthink thought, but I didn't. edit: To clarify, I believe that large social media sites are an abomination that should be purged from the net so forums can once again take it over.
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    I belong to your dreams

    The story of a girl and the beautiful sea. Hi guys,I am joshopit and Im currently writing and composing the OST for my VN called ''I belong to your dreams''. Sakura, The Main character of the story is searching his sister Hina but the problem is that she lost a major part of her memories. She remembers her mother, an evil woman who neglected and abused her and Hina after his husband’s death. One day Minato (which is his best friend and guy who's secretly in love with) offers to her to go on a date with him as a sort of therapy to recover her memories and all the time he spent in useless things but their vague love story and research gets thwarted by Shizuka, a rich girl that want to win Minato's heart. One day Sakura, meet a strange figure that claims to know the truth and in order to let Sakura know the story about her sister and mother, she claims that she needs to overcome some obstacles created by his dead father, a religious man who talked about philosophy and educated Sakura to be an agnostic mind. When they first met, the strange figure talk about Epicurus' trilemma and some day after she talks about the demons and how they affected Sakura's life. What does she wants from Sakura? What lies in her mind? What is real and what is not? But most importantly, where is Hina? Hi guys, I am Joshopit and writing and composing the OST for my VN called ''I belong to your dreams''. The visual novel is still in the writing process (70% of the script is done) and I decided to share with you some sprites. You'll find A lot of blood,bullying and delusions so it's not for the feint of hearts. Game is under development and release date is a mystery even for me! I'll show some progress from now on I released some songs for my VN, if you're interested here's the link: The first sprite is Hina, the second one is an altered version of the Sakura,the main character of the story. Discaimer: Im sorry if I posted all of this in the wrong section,Im new so bear with that Sorry for my bad english and have a nice day
  39. 2 points

    Hiya there ~

    Hiya nice too meet you all! I stumbled upon this forum a couple of weeks ago and decided to finally make an account. So about me: I'm Red Twintails a Concept artist and Game developer currently working on my VN project. I'm looking for friends to connect with that also are into VN game development! I have a degree in 3D games design & Concept art, and want to use this to create an awesome VN. On my free time (when I have any) I love to play JRPG's, VN's etc (Just bought Atlier Ryza and loving it ♥) and also watch anime ~
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    You just described all of Reddit right there, and the exact reason I hate it. Unironically, I've had much better discussions about VNs on various boards of 4chan than I ever have on Reddit.
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    Reddit is a mixed bag. Say something creative that deviates from the consensus and you can either be upvoted for being interesting or downvoted for having an unpopular opinion. The problem is that people don't use the downvote as they should: to suppress unproductive comments, not dissenting opinions. Like any other community it has its politics / power struggles, and those who don't share similar values will be shunned.
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    Yup, Reddit is very volatile and promotes groupthink, pushing unpopular opinions and niche content to the margins. Something that goes against the currents either gets dogpiled on or becomes invisible due to algorithm not showing it to anyone after the first few downvotes. It's healthy to treat it as a news/content sharing hub rather than a discussion forum. VN subreddit is hardly the worst place in this regard though. Also, if you frame your question/opinion right, you can probably get a discussion rather than just get downvoted to hell.
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    I agree, but you should keep in mind that Bokuten is one of those VNs where there are some h-scenes that are actually relevant to the story. I haven't played the all ages version though, so I can't really comment on how things were handled there in comparison to the uncensored release. As for the ban, it must be pretty aggravating to go out of your way to modify the game in order to pass Steam's approval process, only to have all your hard work invalidated out of nowhere seven months later.
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    Looking for something clever

    Read Higurashi first, then Umineko [no naku koro ni]. Hiigurashi starts as a Slice-of-life, but it has a twist! If you liked Grisaia, you should definetely read KEY games [Clannad, Little Busters!, Kanon, Air, Summer Pockets, Planetarian] as they are the masters of nakige/crying games. For the mystery part, you could play 999 [and its sequels VLR and ZTD], Infinite Series [Ever17 is the second of it], AI: The Somnium Files [not a VN, but very good mystery hybrid] and if you want mystery with a lot of good humor and plot twists, read Danganronpa [1, 2, spin off, the anime-exclusive story then V3]
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    Learning Japanese

    Learning kana → reading tae kim's grammar guide with some memorization → slowly (very slowly at first) going through VNs in Japanese is definitely a working method for some people. When reading the VN there are tools called text hookers (rec: Textractor) that automatically take the text out of the VN so you can look up words in Japanese. Lookup can be done on jisho.org but this is inconvenient and low power compared to either sending to a browser addon for mouseover lookup (rec: nazeka if you can use firefox at all, yomichan in chrome - yomichan is more annoying to setup due to no integrated reader) or using an automatic parser (rec: Translation Aggregator's JParser view w/ mecab; a bit annoying to set up). Just reading while trying to comprehend using lookups and your grammar knowledge (and completely avoiding automatic translation such as google translate if possible) is enough to get pretty good at the language with enough exposure. Some things you can add to either aid memorization or ease of starting are some kind of kanji study (learning speed / quick-ish: RtK1; speed + vocab, slower: KKLC), and vocabulary study (usually flashcards w/ anki, 1-2k cards max pls). However, none of these are strictly required.
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    Anime Expo is usually the place where a lot of the VN Publishers drop their news, but this year AX is cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. But that doesn't mean that there are no news to share. Âge The first round of news came from Âge the creators of Muv Luv. They had an event live stream on July 1st that you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIc6XHZiDEY Announcements: Muv-Luv Photonmelodies♮ Release: Summer 2020 https://twitter.com/muvluvseries/status/1278506748706357248 and Muv-Luv Unlimited - The Day After Release: 2020 https://twitter.com/muvluvseries/status/1278510380961034241 I guess that this is Alternative Chronicles Vol.1-4 but I can't quite confirm that since I couldn't catch the live stream. Besides that they also announced the translation of the Muv-Luv Alternative manga. Jast USA Jast and Ninetail announced a Kickstarter for Venus Blood -Hypno- named VenusBlood HOLLOW for the international release. The Kickstarter should launch this Autumm. You can find more information on the official website: http://www.ninetail.tk/tde12/index.html https://twitter.com/Intl_Ninetail/status/1278741873306157056 Mangagamer Mangagamer announced an expansion for Steam Prison centering around Fin. https://twitter.com/MangaGamer/status/1278903093376270336 and Jeanne at the Clock Tower ~Jeanne a la tour d’horloge~ from Liar-Soft https://twitter.com/MangaGamer/status/1278903363569098752 Here is the website for more information: http://mangagamer.org/jeanne/ Sekai Project Sekai Project had a panel at the online convention KuroCon on this Twitch channel. (Maybe there will be a VOD later on the channel?) Here are the news posts on Sekai Projects website: https://sekaiproject.com/blogs/news/kurocon-2020-updates-announcements And on Denpasoft: https://denpasoft.com/blogs/news/kurocon-2020-updates-announcements Announcement 1: 9-nine-:Episode 4 https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/1279560338522824704 They hope to have Episode 4 quicker than the wait between Ep.2 and Ep.3 Announcement 2: Karakara 3 https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/1279560593712672776 Announcement 3: Slobbish Dragon Princess the newest VN by Whirlpool https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/1279561225416785921 They are aiming for similar release window as the Japanese release this October. Announcement 4: Please be Happy by Studio Élan https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/1279559820316565504 Official website: https://vnstudioelan.com/games/please-be-happy/ They also showed an free HD Update for Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- and it's Fandisc Hoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart-. https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/1279558951713964032 Since this news round will be a lot less centralized than usual I am certain that I will miss some news, so please post what ever news I miss in this thread! I don't think Nekonyan had planned to attend AX, so I am unsure if there will be any news from them.
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    Hentai games

    Yeah. And it gets tiresome after a while. I disliked most of the WagaHigh's HCGs because of that (and weird nipples). For the contrary examples, some HCGs from Aokana come to mind - some of the Misaki's scenes use angles that don't show genitals at all. It actually feels pretty refreshing.
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    I've always considered the Romancedude a subtype of the Moefuck that specifically wants the romance content in VNs. Part of the appeal for (western) men here is that the romance genre is generally either gender-neutral or female-centered, especially in erotica (or at least that is my perception - and that counts!). A lot of arrow gay are very explicitly male-oriented, which can be hard to get anywhere else. But it's not like otome/bl isn't a thing too — however the Otome/bl/yuri fan is Actually just a subtype of Romancedude (gender neutral dude, remember). That said, while there is so much overlap b/w Moefuck and Romancedude that I'm conglomerating them, we can see examples of the pure Romancedude that doesn't really care for moe that much. Possibly the preponderance of the Romancedude-Moefuck combination is due to the medium primarily offering just that! Yeah, but imagine how bad it could be if we didn't push back????????? Anyway, autism is actually pretty high on VNDB, which has pseudo-authority status, so I'm still hoping for AA to get taken off sometime. Any year now!!! The real solution, of course, is to just not be as engaged in a community of such plebs as would call AA VN to begin with. Considering that such a community will likely also be newbie-friendly and thus filled with such cringe as one so denoted brings, this is a natural motion as one gains experience anyway. It can even be fun to rally around how cringe all the dumb mainstream articles are.
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    Anime Expo News Replacements

    Oh wow wasn't expecting DLC for Steam Prison. I'm not particularly interested in a route for this character, but hey bonus content for any VN is an idea that I whole hearted support (And I'll get it anyway for the side stories). Also we can never have enough liar-soft, their games are great.