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    I've been learning some HTML/CSS, and to no cause could my knowledge be better applied than a dedication to my good friend OriginalRun. As such, I've decided to craft a website that makes liberal use of CSS's styling capabilities so as to yield maximum Renness. Enjoy! https://originalren.blob.core.windows.net/ren/ren.html Acknowledgement to my friend @Keisuke who wrote some JavaScript and identified a few missing parentheses that made the website a total mess of scattered images.
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    I know there are already several posts talking about the translation of this game on the forum, but some people might have missed them, as the bulk of the posts were made some time ago, so I figured a new thread might be in order, now that the game is out for everyone. I have been reading the game for about 2 hours now, comparing the JP lines to the English translations as I read. This translation is very literal, to the point where the English sentences often make little to no sense. The biggest issue seems to be that the translator transliterated everything. It seems like he/she just looked at the Japanese line, and word by word, translated everything directly into an English sentence as is, without any re-wording, giving no thought to how the line would flow in English. And the result is... terrible. From what I can tell, the translator has not made any rookie JP mistakes, like mistaking particles etc, (though keep in mind I could only go by the voiced lines and not the narrated ones, as I do not have the Japanese script in front of me.) That being said, an "accurate" translation doesn't really mean much when the English is barely comprehensible as a result. A few examples of what you will see in the translation: (Decay also posted some examples last month, which you can see here.) Screenshots: You also have things like this: This is an official localization, and yet it reads like a bad fan TL. We should not be okay with this. Many of us paid money for this. From what I can tell, the translation's accuracy is not the issue, but the translator's lack of English knowledge is. A proper editing pass and some QCing could fix 90% of the issues in this translation. We should all, (in a calm manner, of course,) ask Mikandi to do something about this. Whether they will actually listen to us or not is hard to say, but I'd like to think they will. Their PR has been on point through the entire campaign, (they were logged into this forum just last night, showing that they are checking the threads about their game frequently) and if enough people voice their complaints about the translation, I hope they will look into doing something about it. Tweet them, comment on their kickstarter page if you are a backer or post on their website. Make your stance on the TL known. If one person complains, nothing will happen, but if everyone does, it's going to be hard for Mikandi to ignore us. With their prevoiusly open attitude towards the community, I'd like to think they will listen. So, for the moment, my recommendation is that you do not buy this game. Wait and see if they will do something about our concerns first. Hopefully they will listen and do something about the TL. If you buy the game now in its current state, just be warned: it's not very good, and you might come to regret your decision.
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    Indeed. I finished the TL yesterday and there are only 2 scripts left to edit, so I'd say it should be sooner rather than later. I have no idea how much making the actual patch will take though.
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    YAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYA!!! I FINALLY HAVE IT!! I HAVE IT!! MY BACHELOR DEGREE IN...GENDER STU... jk jk i finally have my bachelor degree in Electronics & Telecommunications. This is the best day in my life, period!!!! !!!!YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!
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    Ugh, nope. Sweet Love if full of sex-scenes - that's just too much vanilla for me. >_< Speaking of sex-scenes... now I know why this last damn script is so long. I was kinda suspicious about it, since the previous one needs only a short epilogue, and yeah - one more H-scene! This will take more than a week... -.-' It's good that shipping stuff from Japan takes some time, so I won't get totally distracted by ChronoBox or something. That aside, editing pretty much caught up with the TL already, so we can move on to making the patch and QC-ing everything right after we deal with the last script. ^^
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    Well, like I said, this is uncharacteristic even for a VN with "only" one pass. This should not be blamed on the lack of additional passes, because that would imply that it would be okay with those passes. This is a fundamentally bad translation, and not something you'd want to build off of. It showcases a lack of ability on the part of the translators. And the whole reason Mikandi couldn't afford additional passes in the first place is because the translators grossly overcharged them. The way a professional VN translation usually works is: Step 1: Translation. Simple enough. They translate the text and that's it. There is usually only one translator but occasionally there are multiple, working on different parts of the script. Most professional VN companies trust the translators they hire and do not extensively check their work the way many fan translation projects do. Step 2: Editing. The role of editor varies company to company, script to script. In some places, they are primarily proofreaders, and in other places they work the prose more extensively. And some scripts absolutely require extensive reworking (though ideally, VN companies avoid hiring translators who would write translations that require that). Editors tend to get paid a good deal less than translators. Step 3: Testing. Again, this varies company to company. Some use testers as proofreaders, others just want them to make sure the program runs bug-free. Testers tend to get paid peanuts. Almost literally. That's about it. You don't have translators making multiple passes, improving the translation with every step, that just doesn't happen in most cases. In most professional VN translations, the finished script will look very similar to the raw translation, unless something went horribly wrong in the translation phase. If the raw translation reads horribly, then you have a bad translator. I'd say that the only cases where there are multiple real translation passes are cases like Flowers, where the company realizes the translation is fucked and scrambles to fix it. The translation budget laid out by MIkandi Japan suggests a 9.5 yen per Japanese character total cost for the translation (before it was cut down to one pass). This is maybe two to three times what some of the highest-paying VN companies might pay for translation/editing/etc. That itself isn't all that bad, since VN translation pays a pittance compared to the rest of professional game translation, but when you offer quality that is dramatically lower than the competition while charging multiple times more for your work, there's a big fucking problem. (also, for the record, around 10 yen per Japanese character translated is what a company like Square Enix or Nintendo might pay a translator for their raw translation.) (also also, for the record, what 7 Happy Creations was charging for their third pass just might be more than what MangaGamer pays a translator for their raw translation, to give you an idea of how outside the norm these guys were charging.) tl;dr: This translation blows. Raw translation is not supposed to look like this. 7 Happy Creations are scammers. Mikandi Japan are saps for falling for it.
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    Have you ever wondered what a character's hair style tells you about their identity? I did a little stats analysis using vndb to find out: https://bunnyadvocate.tumblr.com/post/161292880097/hair-tropes-in-japanese-media There's nothing too surprising in here, but I thought it was fun to examine~
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    MangaGamer will release free uncensor patches for future Steam releases of eroge, following the lead of MiKandi JP and English indie developers. MangaGamer commits to free uncensor patches for Steam releases From MangaGamer's official blog:
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    As someone who is learning Japanese, and intends on becoming a professional translator, I don't like this mentality. It is the job of the translator to produce a good translation that pleases the readers, and not a poor translation that is hard to understand, (or worse, one that is straight up incorrect.) People being okay with bad translations means the people who translated said work gets away with it, and more bad translations could surface in the future. If no one speaks up about someone's work being bad, then the translator and the localization company won't learn. It's okay to criticise translators if their work is sub-par. I know for a fact that my first work wasn't the best, and I use the feedback I got from that as motivation to get better in the future. This should be what all translators tries to do. So, I think it's important that the community speaks up about something if there is actual issues in a localization. Based on the lines Decay has posted in this thread so far, the translation looks very awkward. I hope the lines are at the very least accurate, (I'll be checking this later when the game comes out,) but even if they are, we should definitely let Mikandi Japan know that their work is in need of some serious editing. If they aren't made aware of the fact that their work isn't that good, they could just keep making sub-par translations for the foreseeable future, which would suck for them and their fans. With the amount of good localizations that has been released in the past few years, this community should be allowed to have high standards when it comes to translations.
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    Some samples to tide ya'll over: "She grips in her hand something that looks like a leash and it's connected to the thing tied around my body." Because who needs commas? Or grammar in general? There are quite a few lines where it seems like they straight up forgot to use commas. Of course, that's almost the least of this line's problems. It has the prose of a twelve year old's Spongebob Squarepants fanfic. From pointless repetition ("grips in her hand"), to frustrating vagueness ("the thing tied around my body"), to word usage that's uncommon in English ("my body" when "me" also works). It's the kind of line you have to read two or three times to figure out what it's saying. "Stream with reduced force runs along her thighs like water trickling from rocks and flows onto the washing area of the bathroom." Bwueahhh!? First of all, welcome to the first of many pissing incidents in Libra of the Vampire Princess! I hope you like pee, because boy does this VN have a lot of it. Aside from the aforementioned lack of commas, this line also introduces another common issue: the lack of articles. One of their many translators seems to have frequently left them out, and their editor(s) didn't catch a it very often. I'm guessing that their staff had very few people whose first language is English, and it shows. Just like the first line, even if this line had proper punctuation, it could be worded much better. Like, "down rocks" instead of "from rocks," though that metaphor is super clunky anyway. "A weak stream" instead of "stream with reduced force." I mean, really, trying to slap some band-aids on this line is idiotic. It needs to be thrown out and rewritten completely. "It is simply impossible to stop mindlessly flowing pee with a thin cloth." I want to mindlessly flow this line into the fucking garbage can. "The thin cloth of her panties is no match for the uncontrollable flow of urine." I spent ten seconds thinking up that alternative. It's still quite bad, yet somehow a hundred times better than what they had. The two chief problems being 1) the way their version is phrased makes it sound like stopping the flow is an active effort, when it is not, and 2) maybe I missed this in biology, but I'm pretty sure urine doesn't have a consciousness, and so the piss can't be "mindlessly flowing." "But so many weird things happened recently like, a random attacker and cosplay girl. And close to me, two transfer students from a small country I never heard of before called Racronia." I'm sorry, but I'm still not fully sure what the fuck this line is saying. What happened with the attacker and cosplay girl? What did the two transfer students do??? This is what happens when you throw grammar out the window. That second sentence is one very long sentence fragment. At least this line has commas. One of them isn't in the right spot, but hey, it's progress! Oh, also, it's Lacronia. They can't even get their own proper nouns right. "Well, I'm your fiancee. As the two people who promised each other the future, it is proper to live together." And in this case, an article showed up where it wasn't needed! C'mon! And what the hell does "promised each other the future" even mean? It sounds really poetic and meaningful, but I'm pretty sure it's not actually supposed to be. An overall incredibly awkward line. "Hooray, Master's got a lawful wife! After this, suck as much blood as possible and keep your favorite mistresses! Yay, harem, successful man!" Boo, Libra, terrible fucking translation! Mari is a ditz, but she's at least be able to form complete, comprehensible sentences. Also, Shuma doesn't have any mistresses to keep currently, that line is about acquiring new ones. This maid is obsessed with encouraging the protagonist to create as big of a harem as possible. It would be funny if it was actually translated halfway competently. This is basically the entire translation. Some routes will likely be better than others since there were multiple translators, but I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything being especially good.
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    Thought that many people here would probably like this so here: https://www.humblebundle.com/sekai-project-bundle Lots of awesome games for cheap.
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    Type-moon has branched out so into so much other media that it would probably survive the complete collapse of the VN industry. Nitroplus has a lot of solid IPs that make them huge amounts of money from swag, as much as from the games themselves. The likelihood of that company going down anytime soon is low. Mainstream companies like Navel are far more likely to take a hit.
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    Dies irae, long-held to be the holy grail of chuuni VNs, is finally upon us! Often praised for its complex and wordy prose, its philosophical themes, its extensive and gloriously nerdy fight sequences, and the manner in which it deconstructs the chuuni action genre, it's a grand battle opera that has become a seminal work in Japan, and we finally have the chance to experience it for ourselves! Whether we're blown away or we're completely let down by the hype, it will be an interesting experience either way. It's currently only available on Steam. If you were a kickstarter backer, go to your Backerkit dashboard, the codes should be there. First things first, the recommended route order: Kasumi -> Kei -> Marie -> Rea. The game's two parts represent the order in which the routes were initially released, but that is NOT the order in which you should read the VNs. The route order is unlocked, yet can ruin the experience if you go out of order. Stick to the recommended route order if you want to have the best experience, no matter who your favored waifu is. Furthermore, there are specific choices you have to make in the Rea route if you want the best, most complete ending in the game. Follow this walkthrough, composed by one of the game's translators, if you want an easier time with that. The second issue: Bueehhh!? Two parts? DLC?? Freemium!?!? Ever since the prefundia launched last year, light has said that there would be two parts. Dies irae is an absolutely huge work, and would typically necessitate a $50+ price tag, yet Steam is a platform that is extremely unfriendly towards high-priced VNs. The split game setup was conceived as a way to combat the hostile environment for high-priced VNs on Steam. And just yesterday, light revealed that they will be offering the common route for free. So, it will be free common route + Act I and Act II purchasable separately, all in one storefront. Third issue: All-ages? Waitaminute! This was an adult game! Dies irae has a long and complex history of releases. To be frank, the initial release of the game was a mess that not many people actually liked very much. They then released a free patch that rewrote large parts of the scenario and added a good chunk of content, but it still wasn't enough. The second release of the game, Acta Est Fabula, added two new routes that further explored the universe of Dies irae and provided a new final route that was far more satisfying than the last, making it actually feel like a complete story. And then, a few years later, the all-ages-only Amantes amantes was released. It didn't add any new routes, but it did add a boatload of content to the existing routes, including an expanded final ending that is considered a must-read, as well as all-ages h-scene replacements that people have said do a better job with character bonding and development. Amantes amantes has ever since been considered the definitive version of the game by its fanbase, and is the version that was Kickstarted. However, light recognizes the weeaboo's love for porn, and is going to offer an 18+ patch that will add those h-scenes back in (and remove the replacement scenes). Unfortunately, this patch will take a little while to come out—it's currently scheduled for late July. Be aware of this if you insist on playing the 18+ version of the game. It's happening, just not right away. Also be aware that the version of the game on Steam now has long been considered THE version of the game to play. Misc issues: The menus for some are in Japanese unless you use Japanese system locale! If you're experiencing Japanese menus, switch your system locale. This is not a consistent issue, and the team is aware of it and looking for a fix. (fixed) So let us see what all the hype is (or isn't) about! Use this thread to share your experiences. Remember to use spoiler tags and to properly label them for anything spoilery.
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    It sounds like MiKandi JP had no connections in the English VN scene and ended up overpaying for the sort of contract English translation services you'd find in Japan. Typical rookie error. Rates for VN translation (and Japanese pop culture media in general) are especially low because fans are willing to work for far below market rates, and sometimes devote more energy to the work as well. MiKandi Japan failed to leverage that to their advantage. This is disappointing and serves as a stark reminder that new publishers can't be trusted to meet even basic quality standards. We've seen this over and over again from just about every new company to the business.
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    They need to define "translation passes," because most professional VN translations have only one translation pass. Did that mean no editing, either? It doesn't matter, though, because here's the deal: No good translation has ever looked like how this translation looks like at ANY stage. This isn't a case of it being unfinished, this is a case of the people involved having no idea what they're doing. They should never have been allowed to translate this to begin with. If the extra passes were to be performed by these guys, then I highly doubt it would turn out much better anyway. Either way, it seems like 7 Happy Creations, the translation firm they hired for this project, borderline scammed Mikandi Japan. They charged an excessive premium for their services (WAY more than any other VN TL company), while having little to no experience and absolutely no talent for this. edit: I'd also like to point out that "Yakkety yak yak" is an acceptable alternative to "bla bla bla" and such.
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    As seen in the title, I'm planning to translate Golden Marriage, a VN by Ensemble. However, due to my lack of knowledge and experience, I'm looking for any advice for TLs. I've read https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/2254-how-to-translate-a-vn/ before, but I would like to see a detailed step-by-step explanation. Golden Marriage uses .arc files(Like If My Heart Had Wings) and I have successfully extracted the files(I think). Extracting Rio.arc gave me what I think is the script. But, I can't comprehend it. Example:・ 往 }MA9 1eI}=II 往 I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can explain. https://vndb.org/v14264
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    The patch they provide in the update is only for physical backers, but in the same update, it says "Q: Is this patch for the digital version of the game? A: No. Physical copies only. We will announce the full details of the digital adult patch soon." So there'll likely be a digital adult patch. But the steam game's not even out yet. You might be jumping the gun a little, here...?
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    There are panties in the UI so all your complaints have been nullified.
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    Hey everyone! We’ve been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean progress has slowed down. Translation and TLC are progressing faster than they ever and it seems our editors have finally decided to do their job as well 😉 Three quarters of Chinatsu's route are translated, which pushes the total TL progress to 70% \o/ Read this post on our website: http://raburabu.net/progress-update-2017-05-26/
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    I'd check the actual Japanese line before getting your pitchforks out. Tarantino is relatively popular in Japan though and didn't Makoto herself reference him at another point when mentioning the kinds of movies she likes? Either way, I tend to be in favor of replacing obscure Japanese pop-culture references hardly anyone reading an English translation would understand.
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    Holy shit. Guys, the matter is done and settled already. Please, drop it. Congratulations to Pabloc for finally reaching the finish line! I'm really excited for you.
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    I personally believe that locks were invented for the very purpose of giving weebs privacy when playing eroge.
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    Hi guys. Just checked my Humble account and I apparently have some Steam keys I can spare. Proteus Shadowrun: Dragonfall Mountain Intrusion 2 English Country Tune (actually played this one, really nice and calming ambient puzzler, pretty tough to boot) Tiny & Big In Grandpa's Leftovers Little Inferno Capsized Oil Rush Just make a post saying you want a game. First come first serve, one game per person (unless nobody else claims the second game you want), and I'll PM you a key.
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    Christ I've always been bad at these. Anyways, hey y'all! I'm Matangi. I've liked visual novels for a while now and I've been hitched to write some content for the good folks here at Fuwanovel, mainly reviews. I'm also hoping to hop on board some translation projects as well as I'd like to hone my skills as an editor. I think that's it for now. See you around!
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    this goddamn-ish mentality of yours is exactly what´s keeping companies such as mikandi jp to appear on stage, ultimately fucking up people´s hopes and expectations. you seriously don´t want to get it, do you? like if this (libra etc) was an unofficial translation of sorts, like if some retards suddenly decided on doing stuff they had no single clue about, like them stubbornly ignoring all goodwill-ish feedback in the process of creating an abomination you could either read(?), or refuse doing so, because well, it´d be an unoffical one, so fuck it. but in the case of libra it´s fundamentically different - licensing costs & whatnot probably at a minimum due to them being all lovey-dovey with xero - still got an impressive sum of little over 180k out of the kickstarter campaign of theirs - having put quite some reccources into propaganda and avertisement - unless all funds were spend on drinking finest shochu and whoring around with schoolgirls, there should´ve definitely been enough left for hiring themselves some competent staff - & lastly let´s please not forget one of the claims they did make: "XERO has partnered with MiKandi Japan to complete this giant task. Together we are working with the original writers, and programmers to deliver a superbly translated game" so yo, from a customers point of view this sure is sth to feel angry about, even more so if he/she happened to back the aforementioned campaign, which as things stand now was build on lies and utterly false assurances. not even remotely wanting to mention the bad turn they´ve done to each and every smaller-ish publisher who´s trying to somehow get by when doing kickstarters. edit: and just to be clear, this has so fuckingly nothing to do with being able to read moonrunes or not, because if you´re calling yourself a professional, yet keep on delivering one hell of a garbled mess, getting condemned should be expected. simple as that.
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    I've made so many mistakes in my life.
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    If you ever get sleep deprived that's a good time to shitpost too
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    I think arguing about replay value is stupid. The idea was invented way in the 90's when stupid reviewers were saying "this game is linear, once you finish it there is no reason to go back". Implying that it's not even worth buying. It seems like people are more concerned about length and replay value rather than focusing on the quality of the experience you get from playing the game. If I really love a game I will want to play it again. Jrpgs are linear but does this mean we should play Final Fantasy 7 only once? To lengthen the game time developers put stupid side quests and mission in their games that have nothing to do with the story and add absolutely nothing to the experience. And it's the same with visual novels. If it is something I really loved you bet I'll want to read it again. I don't care if it's a story focused vn with a true route. And I don't even care if it's a complete linear and without any choices. If I love it I'll read it regardless of choices and length. Higurashi is a great series and it doesn't have choices at all, you won't see me complaining about it. If replayablity is an issue then why would we read a book twice or watch our favorite movie again. I think replay value is irrelevant, you make your own replay value. Just ask yourself was this an amazing enough experience for me personally and would ever want to experience it again. It's all about how much you loved the game in the first place.
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    Now, in spite of what I said above, I completely disagree with this. Every person I've seen complaining about the P5 translation (including notably Connor and Verde) has done so for the excellent reason that, if an official localization is weak (especially a high-profile one like P5), you should call out how and why it is, out of a very legitimate fear that we're going to regress back to what JP video game translations were like in years gone past, if the fan base isn't vigilant and vocal about problems. They also did an excellent job of clearly explaining the problems and their scope, and the claim that it was an attempt at "promotion of their ideas of an 'ideal' translation" is, IMO, a huge overstatement: the P5 translation stinks at times, and it isn't asking for too much to ask for a P5 translation that doesn't stink at times. Getting far afield from the topic, though, at this point... I seriously wonder when Libra will release something other than physicals, even though I guess I'm unlikely to play it at this point... It sure is a weird English release for a VN, though, where the physical release is the first thing available.
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    Sorry, but they aren't entitled to my gratitude, and I'm not going to suck them off for presenting us with a pile of garbage I would not enjoy reading. >When you look at VNs that have tens of thousands of lines of text, and you pick maybe 10 out that are bad, isn't that a bit much? What do you want out of me? I told you the entire VN is like that, and it is. How am I supposed to criticize their work? Do I have to comb over their entire translation and present you with 10,000 reasons it's bad? I COULD do that, but I don't feel like wasting the several hundred hours of my life it would take. If you enjoy bad translations, then more power to you I guess. But they have done nothing to deserve any sort of appreciation from those of us who do not enjoy bad translations.
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    Please buy your visual novels. If you don't want to pay a lot (and who does?), buy them during sales. More piracy means less titles licensed.
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    Anybody starting out in writing or translation should read this VN. They can regard it as a long and arduous lesson on what not to do when writing something in English.