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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    I still miss these guys.
  2. Introduction Thread[Gone Right]

    Hey there newfriend Welcome to the forums!!!!! !!
  3. I have difficulty deleting anything, VN or otherwise. And most of the time, if I do I'm normally back in the recycle bin a few days later hitting 'restore'. I'm like a mum that can't throw away her kid's toys from when they were 4.
  4. First 2D Crush

    Probably would've been Rena Ryuugu of Higurashi fame. Golly, did that turn out to be a fun ride.
  5. Chapter 3 is all nice and proof-read/edited
  6. Need help picking what to read next

    Floral Flowlove looks cute as ever-living shit and you've already read the wulf-chan route of Amairo so it's all downhill from there anyway This is the only right move.
  7. Chris Cornell appreciation thread

    I don't think you're sappy mate [2] I never really knew his work all that thoroughly, but I owned the Audioslave s/t as an accident (my uncle got sent it by mistake by Amazon one day, and he sent it to me cos he knows I like that sort of thing). Far from my favourite album, but man did he have a good set of lungs on him - the tagged song is one that in particular sticks. RIP Chris.
  8. What manga are you currently reading?

    Just bombed through HajiOtsu. It was lovely. HEFTY SPOILERS: Would read again and in all honesty will likely buy, if not in physical form then as an eBook. 9.5/10, would emotionally scrub myself with again.
  9. Do you listen to VN's Background Music or Mute it?

    That was what made it so interesting for me, to be honest. I think if you could get through it in 15 minutes it wouldn't have had nearly the same crushing effect of time on me, and the repeated music actually added to it. Nearly any other scenario wouldn't have worked like that, however.
  10. Do you listen to VN's Background Music or Mute it?

    Shit. To be honest, I don't do this much. I used to do it in the early days But most of the time nowadays I do listen to the music. I doubt my appreciation of the Amane route in Grisaia would have been the same without it.
  11. What manga are you currently reading?

    Just spent an hour reading through Koneko Hiroimashita.
  12. some comedy

    My suggestions are always credible! But yeah, it is seriously a good laugh reading it, which I guess is all one could want from a comedy.
  13. some comedy

    https://vndb.org/v18199 :^)
  14. Fuwanovel Confessions

    So I was cooking pasta earlier and, cos I was feeling lazy, I used a jar of sauce instead of making one. As I stirred it into the pasta, it made these schlick noises - my first thought was not 'perhaps I should add some pepper', or even 'this looks tasty.' Instead, I thought 'man, this sounds lewd as shit.' I kinda miss those days of, you know, not being a pervert.