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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    I have listened to this... a lot over the past few days. I might have a small problem.
  2. It's a wonderful Megumin pic too
  3. I'll help @HMN out on the British one. I-if he's interested, o-of course
  4. Post your desktop screen shot

    Y'all be mad jelly
  5. I love how @Forgetful Frank is in all but one of those posts. He is, after all, an integral part of our FuwaSpammer experience
  6. From these, what would you play next?

    Haha, tell me about it. I am... several hours into Tokyo Babel and haven't read any of that in aaaaaages. I'm probably going to have to start pretty much over again.
  7. From these, what would you play next?

    I'd take on Narcissu if you fancy getting ready to feel. It is very good, but yeah, it's pretty heavy stuff. I'll always rec Grisaia too, if it's available Great if you fancy a long read!
  8. \O/

    I remember the days of you introducing me to Polish rap music in Fuwachat heh, welcome back!
  9. Your experience of "the visual novel entry barrier"

    I ended up playing Katawa Shoujo after a friend of mine talked about it to me one day. Spent about the next year hovering round those forums like a bad smell, while playing any free VNs I could find. I loved (and still love) the feelings that I develop towards characters while reading, be it because of their design (it normally is), voice, backstory, quirks and what-have-you. A good VN is one that I'm thinking about for what feels like forever after I read it. The main barrier for me - well, there's two - is that I don't like pirating shit. It scares me, to be honest, and while I'm hardly flush with money I like paying for things where I can. The second is the content. I am the vanilla-est, most easily bothered reader of these things that you'll come across. As such, I won't play most VNs, cos either I can't afford them, or I don't like what's in them. And that's fine, cos there's still plenty of highly-rated, very safe-for-lifework ones for me to read
  10. Favourite Foods

    My favourite meal in the whole world is something called cock-a-leekie soup. It's a lovely, warming soup made with leek, chicken, stock, and whatever root vegetables you fancy. Doesn't tend to look all that great, but it's absolutely amazing. I also like basically any form of Italian pasta dish (so good job with those pics earlier). And I will mainline bananas like no tomorrow.
  11. The Fuwa shipping thread

    pls no crunching me up pls
  12. Bingeable Content

    Was it you that I rec'd The Pizza Show to? Cos it's good and is all about pizza and yeah, it's alright for spaffing an afternoon away
  13. I'm doing this cos I love you fren




  14. If you liked that, you're going to love Amane's route
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    A lovely Finndeath demo