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  1. The rules of a Good Trap Protagonist game

    Out of the entries in your list, it seems only KoiTate and OtoBoku have been translated, and they're both dominant types. I prefer submissive type heroines in general, but I don't think I've come across a dominant trap type yet. There are a couple others that are translated, but didn't make the list. What are your thoughts on Heart de Roommate and Otomaid? I don't plan on prioritizing these titles over KoiTate or OtoBoku, but I'd like to know if they're at least worth reading.
  2. Proper way to play Umineko?

    Yeah, same. I was actually planning to wait on the gold edition to start Umineko at all, but I've lost all hope for the project. Kind of a shame since this would've been the best way to read Umineko. :/
  3. Fuwanovel Confessions

    All hail Dergonu, the king of degenerates!
  4. Fuwanovel Confessions

    It kinda is, but not as bad as ITRTG. At least with NGU Idle I can figure out what to do after reading a guide. The prior has a miserably cluttered interface that doesn't even have a proper in-game tutorial and throws a lot of complex mechanics at you from the get-go. Ya know, that was true at the time I posted that, but now that I've unlocked beards of power, it's kinda starting to feel like a daily grind now. Granted, you can still progress the game at a reasonable rate offline, but beards are way too powerful to ignore. They give a permanent multiplier to your adventure stats, and these are the stats that actually determine how fast your progress the game once you down your first titan (before that, boss stats are better). To make matters worse, there is only one other way to permanently boost your adventure stats aside from upgrading your gear, and that method doesn't really give you any leeway to put points into those stats since the other upgrades have higher priority (before that, you need 400 levels in respawn, and that take a while). And see, while beards are seriously powerful in this regard, they hit a massive performance drop after 24 hours and requires a reset in order to regain that performance. What's worse is that it takes about 2 hours to set yourself back up for optimal gains, and it does require a bit of babysitting as you approach the 2-hour mark. I've been losing sleep to this game, and it's having a negative impact on my grades and overall well-being. That said, there's still a part of me wants to keep at it with this game since it's actually enjoyable. Like, if I could no-life NGU Idle without consequence, I'd have no beef with this. It really is a fun game by its own right, but it's way too big of a time investment at this point for me to stay committed to it.
  5. Winter 2020 Anime Discussion

    Got around to watching Railgun, Somali, and Hanako-kun, and so far I'm not too disappointed. I do feel Hanako-kun needs work on its atmosphere; I'm not really getting the same creepy vibes I got from the trailer. There's not much else to compliment Ogata's voice acting, so it feels kinda flat for the most part. I think I'll keep watching this. Somali has just about everything I loved in Uchinoko, and then some. The art and music are both well done and greatly enhance the atmosphere. The anime showcases Somali's playfulness really well, especially when it's held in contrast to the golem's quiet stoicism. While there was a minor error in one of the scenes, I do enjoy the subtlety with which the anime tells its story. What I really appreciate about this anime is that it doesn't forcefeed small details through cheap dialogue and just lets everything unravel organically, and I quite like this format of storytelling. I think the idea of the girl being the last of the human race is a rather interesting twist on traditional lore, and it seems that the anime is building something on it already. It's only the first episode, but it's already given me much to look forward to. Oh, and Somali herself is just precious. She makes me wish I was a father.
  6. Anime with ultimately satisfying endings

    Ah, good choice here! I love the characters in this series. Surprisingly good music too. I watched an episode of this at my anime club; it's hilarious. Good to see it managed to keep things going until the end. Ooh, that reminds me, I need to add the movie to my list. It was so nice being able to watch that in theaters. And yeah, definitely a good ending here (although part of me wishes he ended up with Koga). Huh, you don't see very many comedies with satisfying endings these days. How was that?
  7. Spring Anime List of 2020

    Kaguya-sama S2 - Huh, I just finished watching the first season. Looking forward to the sequel! Re:Zero S2 - More Rem please! Shironeko Project - So far this is the only non-sequel I'm interested in. It's a non-isekai action fantasy with pleasant visuals and character designs, and it looks like it could go somewhere. Not terribly enthusiastic about the director, but at least he's not bad. Given my love for fantasy in general, I'll be happy if this anime is just half-decent. Edit: I should also mention that Taku Iwasaki is going to be composing for Shironeko Project. If nothing else goes right, at least his music will add a lot to this series.
  8. Anime with ultimately satisfying endings

    So, has it been this long since you've gotten a satisfying ending, or are you not posting here anymore? I was digging around the anime forum to reference your list, and I was a little surprised to see it was pushed to page 2. D:
  9. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I think I remember us having a discussion on this once. Not gonna lie, though, I'm having my own moment of weakness atm. Been playing NGU Idle again just recently. Even though it's a slightly predatory game that managed to pull $10 out of me (screw that timegated loot filter), I still can't seem to pull myself away from it. But see, unlike most of the other idles I've played in the past, this one actually does have a few redeeming features that make it worth playing. For one, the scaling in this game is nuts. There are a lot of unique mechanics that add to your overall progression, and the challenges you unlock over time are interesting and add even more to its scaling. The gear drops have some really interesting benefits to progression, too. Going through various reset mechanics and planning your build around them is also kinda cool, and allows you to further appreciate the scaling of the game. Additionally, it doesn't disincentivize you from staying offline for longer periods due to the way progression is structured. I can't say I feel a particularly strong urge to play when I'm not feeling up to it. To me, it feels like both active and passive players are rewarded fairly once you down your first titan (which doesn't take long). Lastly, the game's humor is mean, stupid, and charming in its own way. I'll admit it's not the funniest game I've played, but it does add something to the overall experience. This right here is one of the best examples of toilet humor I've seen in a while (feel free to judge me), and it even includes some cleverly disguised comedy. Do expect some references to Legend of Zelda in the forest zone. But still, somehow I feel like I shouldn't be playing this. :/
  10. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I don't know why, but I randomly started thinking about this old meme again. God I miss Caramelldansen.
  11. The Outer Worlds

    Okay, so I've decided to play this after randomly looking up a review for it (I never noticed we had a thread for it already), and I'm so happy with my experience with it. I had tried Fallout 3 years ago after borrowing it from a friend, but I just never got that into it. For someone who just isn't into shooters at all, it didn't sell itself that well to me at the time, although that probably has more to do with my strong aversion to FPS at the time (Halos 2 & 3 were the only ones I even bothered with). Because I was put off initially, I never quite got around to New Vegas, so The Outer Worlds is mostly a new experience for me. If anyone has had a few meaningful conversations with me, they'll likely know how firmly anti-establishment I am. So for a game that humorously exaggerates corporate greed and influence while setting up a disturbingly chilling premise for the story to build on, I was hooked very quickly. Even though I'm not particularly drawn to this style of gameplay, I had more than enough reason to continue going. I wasn't disappointed at all with how the story's themes played out as I progressed, and I was impressed by the narrative depth and weight behind some of the choices choices you make and the well-crafted skill association that complimented it. It provided for a highly immersive experience. And because the dialogue system is so rich, it gave me a reason to replay it immediately. In fact, I'll probably play it again a few more times–once to get a more balanced good ending, again to get the joke ending, and one final time for the bad ending. The game has a pretty steep learning curb for both gameplay and dialogue choices (at least to scrub players like myself), so I'm pretty much gonna have to lean on guides from here on out. While I certainly do not regret playing this game blind, I do recall a few instances where I could've made better choices. So now that I've got that experience under my belt, I'm gonna be playing around with a few builds I've found on Youtube to further optimize my gameplay. With that being said, I do feel that there were a few major detractors that kept this game from being amazing. While this is most certainly designed well, it is still shy of a proper AAA game. A solid AA for sure, but the experience is bogged down by its limitations in scale, innovation, and storytelling. While the characters are far from boring, they're not terribly interesting, either. I enjoy my interactions with them enough to not want to skip through their dialogue, but that's not exactly pushing any boundaries. I also take issue with the game's ending not feeling as rewarding as I'd have liked, and there wasn't really anything that surprised or excited me. As with the characters, the story was enjoyable enough that I was consistently entertained and interested, but not enough to completely satisfy me. I also think the story should've gone on for much longer than it did due to its dissatisfying ending and wasted potential for an interesting continuation. For what it does, I'd consider The Outer Worlds an 8/10 game. Keep in mind, an 8 is still a very high score from me considering my tendency to rate most things a 5 or 6. The game is still excellent, and I'm so happy to have picked it up, but I still think there's a lot it can improve on. While I'd be remiss to downplay the hard work and planning that went into it, it's probably the timing for which The Outer Worlds came out that attributed greatly to its hype. With Fallout fans being utterly deprived from the most recent title's massive failures, it makes sense that they'd be praising Obsidian's rendition to high heaven for filling in the void. However, I think the main detractors that kept it from living up to its hype are mostly attributed to budget constraints as opposed to staff incompetency, so I'm thrilled to see this game performing as well as it did. I'd also like to see if Obsidian's acquisition by Microsoft will address some of the budgeting issues the company suffers from... and not blow up in our faces later on. Hopefully by now they'll understand the pitfalls of the current high-budget gaming industry and take notice of what makes companies like Obsidian so damn valuable. While the potential for increased creative freedom is there, I'd hate for Microsoft's horrendously greedy practices in the gaming industry to have the opposite effect. Microsoft has made a shitton of dumb choices in the past, but I don't think they could be that shortsighted (especially with the predicament Activision-Blizzard and Bethesda are in). Btw, this is the first game I've played by Obsidian, and I think I understand why their other games are so well-received. Now that I think about it, I've had a copy of Neverwinter Nights 2 sitting on my shelf for over a decade now... lol. Maybe it's about time I played Pillars, too. And wow, this turned into a really long post. Edit: Oh gfdi apparently the version of NW2 I have only includes one expac instead of 3. Now I'm feeling like this'll be shelved permanently. :/
  12. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    I went to my first anime convention (Holiday Matsuri), and boy did I go to town on the merch there. I did not think I could go over the $300 spending limit I set for myself, but somehow I managed to throw in another $70 on top of that. Oh well; it happens. No regrets!
  13. padowo padowo xmas

    Merry Christmas, everybody!