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  1. I finished playing VA-11 Hall-A recently and it was quite enjoyable. The bartending mechanics were nicely woven into the story and surprisingly challenging at times. The protagonist, Jill, is adorable and relatable and made for an overall enjoyable experience in the game. She has these weird quirks that contrast with her serious demeanor and makes her all the more endearing. The rest of the cast also have some interesting personalities that kinda make them stand out in their own way, and it was interesting to hear about their views on society. I always made it a point to serve the right drink at the right time so I don't miss out on any good dialogue. Oh, and Dorothy is a lot of fun :3 The ending managed to make me cry a bit. It was bittersweet, but still left me feeling hopeful for Jill. I'm very much content with how things turned out overall and how well the game managed to leave an impression on me. The game may or may not need a guide depending on how observant you are, but some choices are just really difficult to get without one. That said, whenever I did find the most optimal answer, I'm always able to trace it back to subtle hints in the dialogue. If any of you go in blind for your first playthrough, I'd recommend paying extra careful attention to each client's preferences and to Jill whenever she talks about a drink's history. Thankfully the game is fairly forgiving on mistakes, so you'll be fine as long as you're not a total jerk. Overall, I highly recommend it!
  2. The only reason I would want to own an Xbone is to play that Lost Odyssey game Microsoft is holding hostage. But then if I wanted to play just that, I'd run it on a 360 emulator.
  3. I'd be careful buying consoles at launch. Let everyone else be the beta testers.
  4. It really is. Steam takes a 30% cut from sales, which is pretty awful if you ask me. Whenever I'm able to, I try to at least get keys from outside its platform so I can still use it for organizing my games and for the controller support. I remember Xpadder! I forget why I stopped using it, but I eventually switched to JoyToKey for some reason. Been having issues with it lately, though. Man, I used to think I was the only one who cared about controller support in a VN.
  5. Oh snap, that's awesome! If that pre-order sale is going after the end of October, I won't have to worry about my budget at all. That really made my day. Thank you!
  6. I guess that's a little better than a flat-out no. Thanks for the response!
  7. Congratulations on the successful backing! Is there a chance that the physical game and all the other merch will be available after the KS? Not that I wouldn't mind backing it now, but I've had a few... expenses come up recently.
  8. He wrote the main scenario. The other 2 just worked on individual routes.
  9. I can't tell you what he was trying to say on a grander scale, but there were times where I feel like he was trying to say "fuck you" during certain events.
  10. Pardon me for joining in late. I'm not excited about MAPPA, tbh. I'll admit I haven't watched that much of their anime, but I can say that Dororo only had one episode of quality animation (and the rest was just okay). I heard Zombieland Saga suffered from similar issues and that there were supposedly moments of cop-out CG animation. They are capable of making quality animation, but not in the same capacity or consistency as WIT. It won't be a Madhouse -> JC Staff type of decline, but I'm almost positive that there will be a decline.
  11. Here's something with a list of individual quests. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/284257-ara-fell-enhanced-edition/faqs/78292/quests-list
  12. Yeah, I really like the controller support on Steam. I've never liked Xbox controllers because of how bulky they are, and the Logitech wireless controllers are awful at keeping a connection. Granted, InputMapper and JoyToKey can be used to similar effect, but it's not quite as easy to operate.
  13. I have a thing for dramatic entrances, lol. It's good to see you again. Been kinda keeping to myself lately after my hospital visit in February (I'm fine now, no worries), but I think I'll be sticking around more often. I really missed you guys.
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