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  1. Clephas Guide to a fun untranslated chuunige life

    Bookmarked. Thanks for the list, Clephas! I'm making a few life adjustments right now, but I plan on picking up my Japanese studies again in a couple months once I've gotten everything sorted out. I find your tier 1 suggestions to be a lot more interesting than the beginners list here. Not that I wouldn't want to read any of them eventually, but a chuunige would be a much better motivator for me (especially Draculius, which is something I'm particularly interested in).
  2. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

  3. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Actually, it seems I'm mistaken this time. Netflix is airing the anime weekly (I guess they changed their mind), but it won't be released in the US. I was a little confused since I saw a group providing torrents for Netflix rips, so I did a little more digging and found out a little more from this thread. https://www.funimation.com/forum/topic/15330/violet-evergarden-not-for-the-u-s-according-to-netflix/9
  4. Favourite Foods

    Curry chicken is my bi-weekly anticipation. I order this stuff so much from a nearby Chinese takeout that I don't even have to tell anyone what I ordered, lol. In a way, I can sort of relate to the patrons in Isekai Shokudou since I never really buy anything else on the menu. It's so good.
  5. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Netflix won't release it till after it finishes airing. It's part of their business model, as atrocious as it may be for most anime viewers. If you wanna watch it ongoing, you'll pretty much have to watch it illegally.
  6. Birthday thread

    Oh shit, uh, happy belated, Shikomizue! Sorry I missed ya yesterday.
  7. Favorite opening movie in a VN

    I get so pumped listening to MLA's OP.
  8. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday, Eclipsed! Stay sober and enjoy your day and stuff.
  9. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

    Source: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=122478
  10. What?! A moege tale?!

    If only the game were for a different audience. That guy is one cute trap for sure.
  11. Favorite choice in a VN?

    From Rewrite.
  12. @NowItsAngeTime Join us~ I like using both. One can never have too much Rem on one page.