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  1. Sol Press 2019 Licensing Survey

    I'm gonna just drop a quick suggestion if anyone's unsure what LN to request. And hey, it saves you from having to navigate a Japanese website~ http://amzn.asia/d/aQHiyXi As for my VN choice, I think I'll go with Ikusa Megami Zero as well. I don't really have anything else in mind, so I'll just go with FinalChaos' choice. I'm not particularly disinterested in it, either. Edit: I'll add in a manga link too. I don't particularly care for manga in general, but I remember liking this when I picked it up years ago, and it doesn't look like any fan TLs are interested in translating it further. http://amzn.asia/d/6vDfIG5
  2. Not a bad dub at all. I'll do a voice comparison later to decide if I want to take the English voices over the Japanese, but I'm definitely not turning it down outright. This may be an effective way to pull in a new audience to visual novels (especially with something as noteworthy as Umineko). Hmm, I wonder if my mom might like this. I was thinking the same thing, actually. I do hope they put in an option to mute the narrator to make the read more immersive. Edit: Almost forgot to mention how much I love the OP dub. Normally I don't care much for dubbing Japanese songs, but this is damn good.
  3. Happy Halloween

    There's a version of this with better quality.
  4. What are your thoughts on episodic visual novels?

    God damn, I've never seen that OP before. I'm familiar with the VN and all, but I've never actually bothered looking up the OP since I'm not in the habit of doing so. Did this bankrupt Minori? xD Back on topic: I don't know how I'd feel about episodic releases since I've never picked one up, but I guess I'd rather have a partial experience than no experience at all. Madhouse has pretty much conditioned me for incomplete works as far as anime goes, so I'll just use that when approaching episodic VNs. Plus, I have a bad habit of leaving VNs unfinished anyways, so this release format might actually be pretty nice.
  5. I have lost faith in VN

    It all depends on what you do with it. You could be given a hundred million dollars (or a even a billion with the current US lottery) overnight and still find yourself back at square one if you don't do anything reasonable with it. What I truly admire about storytelling media in general is the opportunity to experience something new and inspiring. What draws me to VNs especially is the effective potential they have to deliver something unique and inspiring. Little Busters was my earliest exposure to the medium, and it's still the most memorable experience I've had, and it's one of the many works I've come across that fostered my appreciation for meaningful interactions with other people. Muv-Luv Alternative may not have been the first piece of fiction to expose me to quantum science, but it was the first that managed to spark my interest in it. The way this VN presented the associated theories was mind-boggling to the point of breaching utter impossibility, yet completely justified by today's science. I don't know if I'll ever be able to approach this topic as a Computer Programmer, but if I'm ever given the opportunity, I would embrace it with full enthusiasm. But yeah, having those experiences under your belt won't necessarily drive you forward depending on your mindset. Is there anything present in your life that gives it meaning meaning? Do you have any goals to work toward? Do you know what steps you need to take to meet those goals? These are very important questions you need to have an answer for if you feel your life is lacking in some way. I do believe VNs have the power to push you in the right direction (and possibly the opposite), but you won't get any clear-cut answers from them.
  6. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday, @Flutterz!
  7. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Yikes man. Ya know, I used to think I had a gaming addiction myself until my therapist told me otherwise, and now I know for sure I don't have it after reading your story. My issue wasn't so much that I was playing games obsessively, but it was my immediate go-to when my anxiety started getting bad. I'd play them for hours on end because I didn't want to face the problems I had in front of me. What kept it from being an addiction, however, is that I would be able to pull myself away from them when I absolutely needed to. I suppose you weren't quite as lucky. Sorry to hear about happened to you with university; that's not gonna be very easy to recover from. But ya know, that's fine. You've already taken a major step forward just by acknowledging your problems, and you've even taken it another step further by making plans to get a handle on your addiction. Keep doing that! Even if half your ideas fail, you will find something that works eventually if you just keep trying. I don't know if you have access to one, but try to get with a therapist too. They really do help tremendously.
  8. Rate the avatar above you

    You are living up to your name. 8/10 Thanks for the bump! I was starting to miss this thread.
  9. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday, KURISUTIIIIIIIIINA! It's so cool! Sonofabitch!
  10. I suppose I'd be part of the group that reads VNs infrequently despite posting regularly on a forum dedicated to VNs. Although I have been reading Demonbane lately. It's a fun read.