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  1. So yeah, this might be something of a hot take, but I don't think Demon Slayer was good at all. I don't mind it going for a simple plot, and there were some things I found interesting, but it's a major flaw when 80% of the anime's storytelling comes from internal monologues. Not only is it lazy since it requires little to no planning, but it fails to fully utilize its assets as an anime. I wouldn't mind it as much if it was kept to a minimum, but they packed so much into every episode that it severely impacted my enjoyment of the series. There is so much information that anime is able to convey compared to something like a book, so it makes no sense for Demon Slayer to restrict itself to the degree it has been. Anime can benefit from a variety of techniques such as facial expressions, meaningful dialogue, camera zooms, sound direction, atmosphere, and various other aspects that are unique to the medium. But no, Demon Slayer decided to hamfist almost everything with monologues and poorly timed flashbacks. It's a shame too; I really wanted to like this anime. The animation is stunning, but no matter how much you dress up garbage, it's still garbage. I probably would've enjoyed this more as a picture book than I did as an anime. Other than the animation, I have absolutely no respect for what this anime does. Hell, even that one awesome fight scene on episode 19 was bogged down by this. 4/10
  2. Yo this is the most hype AMV I've seen in a long time.
  3. Okay, I just realized it's my dark mode addon causing the issues. Thought it might've been a site issue. I'll just switch to a theme with native dark mode and turn the addon off for this site. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, everything just looks kinda jumbled. I'm on FF 82.0 64-bit and running Windows 10.
  5. Pokemon fans got hit with a nostalgia bomb.
  6. Huh, I see. I haven't encountered a book that drew me in with the use of complex writing as opposed to engaging storytelling. I'm pretty sure I won't get that experience from the English TL of Dies Irae due to its frequent misuse of advanced terminology.
  7. Do even native speakers struggle to read stuff like this? Seems like it'd be a major hassle to read. I don't remember any off the top of my head, but I remember running into a few English novels where I constantly needed to look up words, and I usually hate them, lol.
  8. Mine would be Agents of Shield. It has a lot of interesting scenarios and fun superhero stuff that are enough to keep me engaged. The characters are also pretty relatable (even when they aren't in the main cast). I do still tune in to western TV shows once in a while since my Mom and I share a Netflix account. I still very much prefer anime, though.
  9. Perhaps you can abuse your admin rights a little?
  10. You know, if it weren't for you, I might not even consider reading EVNs. I still haven't, but I will eventually! I've got Highway Blossoms sitting in my library! And yeah, mate, enjoy your break. Maybe in the meantime you could try watching something like Bofuri? That might help to alleviate some of your stress.
  11. Happy belated, littleshogun! And happy birthday to you, Mr. Tiag!
  12. That was such a good ending. Really enjoyed the anime overall. Felt like it did just about everything to resolve the main conflict in this arc and didn't leave me wanting for much. It was the kind of anime where I wouldn't mind more content, but I was happy with what I got. The characters and plot were interesting in this series, too. I'm also glad that the protagonist being overpowered made sense within the context of the plot and didn't diminish the weight of the main conflict.
  13. I finished playing VA-11 Hall-A recently and it was quite enjoyable. The bartending mechanics were nicely woven into the story and surprisingly challenging at times. The protagonist, Jill, is adorable and relatable and made for an overall enjoyable experience in the game. She has these weird quirks that contrast with her serious demeanor and makes her all the more endearing. The rest of the cast also have some interesting personalities that kinda make them stand out in their own way, and it was interesting to hear about their views on society. I always made it a point to serve the right drink at the right time so I don't miss out on any good dialogue. Oh, and Dorothy is a lot of fun :3 The ending managed to make me cry a bit. It was bittersweet, but still left me feeling hopeful for Jill. I'm very much content with how things turned out overall and how well the game managed to leave an impression on me. The game may or may not need a guide depending on how observant you are, but some choices are just really difficult to get without one. That said, whenever I did find the most optimal answer, I'm always able to trace it back to subtle hints in the dialogue. If any of you go in blind for your first playthrough, I'd recommend paying extra careful attention to each client's preferences and to Jill whenever she talks about a drink's history. Thankfully the game is fairly forgiving on mistakes, so you'll be fine as long as you're not a total jerk. Overall, I highly recommend it!
  14. The only reason I would want to own an Xbone is to play that Lost Odyssey game Microsoft is holding hostage. But then if I wanted to play just that, I'd run it on a 360 emulator.
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