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  1. You go the average route, you get the average results.
  2. All social media are cancer and should be purged off the internet, there are no more discussions to be made there. The quicker you realize they're not the centrepiece of the world, the happier and more fulfilling will your life become.
  3. If I remember correctly form the past, most that remained of Light went under AkabeiSoft's wings - most likely in an attempt to secure talents - but there's no official statement regarding their current legal status. The sole fact they're still operating under their original brand name means they must have been given some degree of freedom/independency to pursue their own projects. Regardless, no one will buy these vns aside from a small circle of rabid fans. I don't even know what's there to discuss.
  4. My initial experience with ATRI was very mixed. Minutes into game, I was trust into a story that seemed so hilariously bad, cliched and deprived of any sort of coherence or literal realism, I wanted to put my fist through the monitor. Another issue is that Konno Asta is good at writing heartfelt romance stories, but extremely bad at anything outside that requires him to step out of his bubble; not to say the writing itself is at most mediocre when it comes to dialogue and outright bland on everything else, including actual prose. It's just baffling to me he didn't even bother to do any sort of research, when writing the prologue. It really devalues the entire game afterwards and at the same time, forces you to greatly lower your expectations, thus lowering the enjoyment. There are moments, when the script shines, but these are an exception, not the rule. I hope the later parts will make me change my mind, because so far what I've seen was severely disappointing to me. I came expecting something along the lines of YKK or Aria, but the story doesn't even try to properly utilize it's setting.
  5. The opening of ATRI... it's so bad. I expected something better from Konno, but seems he's really an overrated writer, unable to write anything remotely decent outside his bubble. I have a feeling this visual novel will drive me insane.

  6. That's quite possible, definitely more so than the GDPR conspiracies and whatnot. Add the fact Aniplex so far was working mainly on anime licensing and such practices aren't uncommon in this business. I presume the reason they don't comment on it is... because there's no one to reply. Aniplex of America looks like a shell company and I wouldn't be surprised if they have barely anyone working there, least being responsible for any sort of PR. Also true.
  7. What do you mean? Are you referring to Sona Nyl? I'm kinda out of the loop with the latest news, but last time I checked they went as far as to port the game into an entirely new engine written from scratch in Ren'Py; hardly "bad" from my point of view.
  8. I don't know the background behind this release, but I would even go as far to say this might kill Liar-Soft, depending on the circumstances and their current legal agreements. Not to say they were doing bad... but their new games are considerably of lower quality - both story and art-wise - and it shows. Lo and behold - we just came full circle.
  9. Welcome to the world of modern day eroge.
  10. On one hand, I really want to support good visual novels and their developers. On the other, Aniplex is one of those companies I really don't want to have anything to do with. It's a tough nut to crack, especially considering it's the sort of a story I'm really in for.
  11. You're welcome. Sorry for this rather "late" reply, but I wasn't really around here until a while ago. Regarding the translation - I'd say it's at least possible. Applique -Sister- is no more, but the parent company still exists; it's hard to tell what is the game's legal situation in terms of rights but from my experience, such titles can be often easier to acquire. Obviously, it's age would also be a deciding factor, as older games tend to be cheaper to license. They actually let him. At least, that's what I remember. There's also some -very- interesting content regarding this matter
  12. I consider market to be completely oversaturated. In the end, it only hurts everyone.
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