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  1. Nekomiko in a nutshell

    Kind of.
  2. Little Busters: The Apology

    You lose the moment you apologise
  3. I won't be bored for the rest of my life, that's for sure. @namiultedjapanXD Simply read. That's all the advice I can give you. I used to have a similar problem in the past and often ended up postponing or even ditching the works I'd really like to play. When it came to me I'm simply wasting time and not doing anything useful, I began to read; if not what I wanted, at least whatever I had on my list. Now I typically leave the tastiest treats for best days - either weekends, days off work or vacations, occupying myself with shorter works on week days. Having a backlog helps greatly and if you're like me - having a bread range of interests - it definitely helps with organizing on what do you want to read and when. Growing numbers give off some sense of accomplishment and pride, ultimately making me want to read more.
  4. [inaudible meowing] jk Expect a new review soon™.
  5. Connection between Himawari and ISLAND

    Sure, you won't be the first one to do that
  6. Connection between Himawari and ISLAND

    I meant his latest light novel, Silent World. He also wrote short afterstories for the gals that got bundled with the BD's. There's still a chance they might bring them up for the english audience.
  7. My girlfriend is a mermaid!?

    Just look at the time.
  8. Connection between Himawari and ISLAND

    You'd have to thoroughly understand the lore behind the setting itself (which is the same for both works, separated by time) to make sense of it. I don't want to spoil stuff, but it has something to do with the Alice organization and extraterrestrials. The connection itself is being brought in GO's latest light novel.
  9. If anything, all the visual novels I read, which are universally considered as "kami tier" turned out to be fairly mediocre at most. I don't typically postpone reading for such reasons, but I tend to have really long withdrawal periods after reading really good works and it's mostly due to bonding with the characters.
  10. Tenkiame here and gone before I noticed

    Unfortunately, yes. I also doubt they will return to Steam, as the current situation on their storefront is counterproductive to most non-english vn developers.
  11. Tenkiame here and gone before I noticed

    I don't have much else to say. It's sad, but can't be helped. Regarding it not being on Steam any more - they supposedly dropped it due to not receiving response from Steam on time and went the safe route, especially considering what's happening right now. At this point it's as if - despite the initial willingness to support the genre - people behind Steam are willingly driving interested parties away from publishing eroge on their platform; not only eroge, but regular all-ages vns as well. What a wonderful time to be alive.
  12. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    I'm not surprised, to be honest. Minori hasn't really produce anything worthy of their name for the past couple of years. Trinoline was disappointing and supipara... just eh. They more or less dropped everything they excelled at in favour of catering to larger audience, it was the final nail to their coffin. Just by following their portfolio, you can clearly see an unhealthy shift from drama heavy and story-focused games to more simplistic slice of life stories, that pander to as many anime fans as possible losing their identity in the process. I'll definitely miss them, but that's how things go in this industry. The truth is the visual novel genre as we know it is facing a major crisis and with advent of mainstream PC gaming in Japan, there's less and less people interested in buying those over-priced, static story games, when they can easily buy good western games for much less that give far more in return for their investment.
  13. Island

    It's there.
  14. 25 Visual Novels One Should Read In 2019

    I knew it.
  15. Tenkiame Translation Project

    I was planning to write an reply, but Arcadeotic beat me to it. The translation project is officially dropped. It's truly saddening, but there's not much we can do in case of an official translation, regardless of it's translation quality. From a personal standpoint, it truly feels like a part of me died inside; not exactly because I "wasted" more than a year working on something that will never bear actual fruit (I was prepared it might actually happen), but because the result betrays all of my expectations and hopes I ever had for this game, remaining a spit to our dignity as project members. Likewise, the translation Artlink presented some samples of is borderline acceptable at most, an horrifying in worst case. What I saw on the game's Steam webpage made me nauseous. I'm not going to judge anyone - whether you're going to support it or not is up to you. Remember though, that by supporting such half-assed efforts at publishing japanese games on the west, you're giving both creators and publishers a green sign such practices are accepted and you're open to translations with this level of quality, even better - you're willing to pay for them. That is all. Feel free to discuss Artlink's release here, if you wish. I hope we'll meet again in more favourable situation. They're not really new, nor is this their first published game. It does seem like it's their first visual novel via Steam, though.