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  1. Clockwork Alt Works

    Is this forum in such a tragic state we're forced to keep spammers?
  2. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    I strongly believe this is the push the japanese game developers so much needed to finally move onto PC platform, which might also indicate a slow end to the japanese console era.
  3. Uncensoring through neural networks

    It's mainly for bar removal and does it decently well. It can't fully reconstruct large missing portions of the graphics, but does it exceedingly well on small bits and pieces.
  4. Invite your girlfriend to play eroge together with you. Problem solved.
  5. >brilliant writing Is it? Translators and editors aren't supposed to re-write. They are supposed to deliver a quality translation, while "quality" mileage may vary from person to person. If the original is well written, you need a translation on par to deliver it's quality to an english audience. On the other hand, even an excellent translator won't be able to save a game with shitty, amateurish writing. *looks at majority of vns*
  6. Typos are something most editors fix on the run. Definitely not something to berate translators for, as their main job is an entirely different field.
  7. Most advanced translators don't make laughable mistakes, at least not any that are instantly visible to your average english readers.
  8. It'll be a crime when it actually gets an english translation.
  9. [new release] Innocent Forest 1 & 2

    What a silly waste of time and money. What's the point in creating something no one will read? SP really has nothing better to do.
  10. Island

    That's true and I do mention about the flowchart. The reason why I don't bring it up on the first playthrough is because flowchart actually spoils event cgs and content before it's actually introduced to the players; I don't consider this normal, therefore can't recommend it as nothing more than help later on. If you find the Steam's guide better, you're free to use it instead. It's obvious both are based on the content already found out by japanese players, while I also provide potential save slots, instead of forcing players to skip through the game with every playthrough. Thanks for mentioning about the true end's name; I probably forgot to include it with the final revision.
  11. Hey there, I presume you're an english-speaking japanese circle, if I'm correct? If so, I wanted to applaud you for trying to reach out to western audience, although it might be a little bit more tricky, if you're planning something more substantial. Regarding your debut project - Is this story meant to be slice of life? Let me give you a warning - unless you're planning to involve your characters in some sort of twisted mystery or supernatural drama along the way, the story itself - based on synopsis you provide - does not look interesting at all, at least from my perspective. Maybe you'll have a chance with new players with proper advertising, but most of the hardened long-time players might not even notice your game. SoL alone should never be the driving force behind story in visual novels, it should only work to reinforce it. Western fans are also different in general and tend to prefer pure fictional/fantasy settings over real world drama, since they tend to be more interesting right from the start. Your story would have to be really well written with deeply fleshed-out characters to drive attention of the fanbase ad you'll have a hard time selling your game in this market, which is already very much oversaturated with very similar titles. That aside, the art does look gorgeous. I'll be following the development and wish you good luck.
  12. I'm so glad I didn't got involved in this. That aside, people seem to not see the problem being a part of a bigger picture - the community itself. I don't think we're capable of anything remotely constructive anymore as a community, the self-loathing meme is off the charts.
  13. What do you guys think of.....

    A real revolution for them would be to write an actually coherent story, where potential "heroines" aren't just rewards.
  14. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    I'm more amazed Cabbit still didn't went down under. Skyfish is doing themselves a great disservice by keeping that monstrosity up.