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  1. No. If I remember correctly, one of our users - Clephas - made a list of japanese titles that are fairly easy to get into and read in japanese. You should give it a try.
  2. Island

    You were right - I omitted that one ending. I rewrote the Walkthrough part to better reflect how the story flows; it should also make it far easier to follow the entire guide from now on. Thanks! That one took me an entire year to spot, haha.
  3. Saya no Uta Coming to Steam

    I have no idea what was the point in releasing it on Steam, but whatever. What really bothers me though is that creating a new butchered version (no pun intended) does a crack on this otherwise timeless gem.
  4. Man, it's good to be back.

  5. As much as their front-end is somewhat to blame, the real issue comes from the fact their payment processor had to deal with huge amounts of fraudulent chargebacks and stolen credit cards, which forced them to cease their contract with MG. It's a fairly common occurrence within the umbrella of 18+ industry. It may sound stupid, but a lot of people don't want their families to know they buy porn.
  6. Dead Days

    I presume the poor writing might be a result of a really rushed job. The game was announced shortly after Okami and released afterwards in what was a really short period of time. I didn't try the trial yet. How does it feel in terms of general quality compared to their previous titles, mainly art and sound departments? If it's worse or simplified, Clock-Up may have released more of a budget game instead.
  7. Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    You don't need to be a weeb to create good visual novels with anime aesthetics, nor is being one a requirement. The core people responsible for KS weren't weebs; they were mostly troll extraordinaries, which is a norm for many respectable 4c users.
  8. Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    The lead dev and creator behind LiS is a hardcore weeb himself; expecting some sort of a miracle in this case was a bit of a stretch.
  9. Anyone who knows japanese culture a bit better

    *wink* TO LOVE-Ru *wink*
  10. Rocket no Natsu ロケットの夏 [TerraLunar]

    I'm so glad you've reviewed this title, it's been on my backlog for quite a while. Now I have a proper reason to fire it up this summer as well!
  11. D.U.O. ~song for all~ [Panda House]

    Those games never sold well to start with. Japanese fans have a tendency to jump into subjective bandwagons, where they favor the single best game of the month, while the others remain either unpopular or fade into obscurity with passing years, causing actually good studios to close. Within their perceived culture of cute, they prefer light-hearted vns or eroge over plot-heavy stories full of dramatism. Exceptions happen, but in general I'd say it's one of the reasons moege/charage games became the most prolific genres within the industry at the moment, whilst around 2000's, they barely existed as extensions of SoL-focused games. Makes you wonder, huh.
  12. Birthday thread

    I don't celebrate my birthday anymore, but thanks anyway
  13. Nekomiko in a nutshell

    You're probably thinking about Tenkiame; publisher pulled it off the Steam in favor of a more safe store.
  14. Sekai Project sets a new low standard

    How surprising.