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  1. Moege "Kimi to Yumemishi" for free!

    It's not required. Might be a bug on their side, but if you'll use their booth page and refuse on confirmation to log-in, you can still access the DL links. Their webpages are a mess of empty links and redirects, but the main page for the game looks gorgeous.
  2. The best visual novel of all time

    You should die solely from using that sort of theme on VNDB.
  3. Purple Software's Unique Take on Text Boxes

    This isn't anything new - a bunch of studios experimented with such ways of storytelling. LittleWitch was the most notable company - they developed their own FFD (Floating Frame Director) engine to handle such text bubbles and used them in their games since 2002. Only when you don't know how to handle their engines. Most games don't have them hard-coded and FFD's text bubbles are fully customizable.
  4. Fetishes in VN/eroge

    I have a particular fondness for heroines, which are vastly different from society they live in - not only in terms of being different in appearance, but psychological standpoint as well. This is perhaps why I love "monster girls" so much. It's particularly interesting to follow their lives between what we'd seemingly call "normal" and see how they cope with all the related problems, which stem from them being plain different to complete hatred from other people only because they are something others aren't. In-between relationships thing and bonds that form between people based on many different factors, I'd have to include maids as well. I'm a fag when it comes to maids and their work. It's the relationships they form with their masters - but not just plain servitude, but complete devotion - both to their work and their masters, often for the rest of their lives. Obviously, it's different from real life, where maids are just paid servants, but the more satisfying it is, when you have a story which is able to delve into that sort of servitude and love (often twisted to some extent), where a maid swears to serve and even protect their masters, both in good and wrong. It's the ultimate sort of affection and loyalty that surpasses any known boundaries. Eternal life and it's implications might be another, especially if related to the previous one. What about heroines, who are forced into eternal lives to serve someone else, especially if it's done against their will? In terms of more plain fetishes... I'd have to include feet and animal ears & tails; a bit of good ol' fashioned S/M isn't bad, either - especially if it involves stepping on people
  5. Yorite Konoha wa Kurenai ni

    I rarely play such games, especially those by LoS... but this one, I've been kind of waiting for. Those guilty pleasures of mine
  6. Japanese devs grew complacent over the last years. I won't say good, story-driven games don't happen anymore but it's true we're seeing less of them. It's all a matter of growing competition and used up formulas, which stifle creativity and cause the weakest players to go out of business, which in turn enforces the remaining studios to cling to tested ideas, all in order to ensure their success and survival. That said, it can't be helped if you're only reading shit games from shit developers and aren't willing to venture outside your safe zone.
  7. Has Moege Ever Improved Your Life?

    If anything, it only made my life bland and tasteless.
  8. What are your thoughts on Western indie VN's?

    The main issue with EVN's is they often don't strive beyond constraints of their own perception. A lot of people tend to consider them "poor japanese imitations" and oftentimes - rightfully so; it's because being both a developer and a part of this thriving industry, western creators often get that gist literally and feel the need to copy japanese works in order to remain successful. This is partially revelant, because large part of the community in itself is compromised of weebs and people who tend to consume massive ammounts of japanese popculture; catering to them might seem like the only viable way to ensure popularity to a somewhat degree. At the same time, a lot of devs actually show promise with their works, by producing complete derivatives of what typical vn's tend to be, naming Along the Edge as one of the prime examples on how western based vn's can remain original and creative; whether they are successful is another story. Lately I also enjoyed Sweetest Monster as an unique approach to classic horror storytelling and I strongly feel we need more games in a similiar manner. Games, that actually try to tell a story, instead of being just a static, run of the mill animay adventures. I presume we're on the right track, but still have a long way before our western developers create their own unique identity and increase the overall quality of their works. There's a lot of promise hidden within this market and genre. First and foremost, we need skilled creators striving to produce more ambitious works, especially in terms of storytelling, writing and overall composition. We already have too many games that are the same copy-paste of identical stories with different art assets plastered on top of them.
  9. Like they actually care about what you want. They only care about themselves and your money
  10. Tenkiame Translation Project

    Hey guys, I'll just drop a couple cents from myself. We're in urgent need of a TLC. The reason is simple - trying to stay faithful with the original at an acceptable level and ensuring quality throughout the entire translation; it's much easier for the translator to work, if he has someone to back him up, just like every writer needs an editor. The TL itself is progressing smoothly. At the moment, we have everything secured and all that's left to do is the translation itself and all the remaining technical work - mainly the GUI translations and repacking, which I'll be responsible for. The current estimate is a rough one, as we plan to deliver a polished patch instead of an half-arsed work you just copy over the original files. Eitherway, it shouldn't take that long, at least not as long as Biman (hopefully) We plan to release a partial translation in the form of the game's trial version first, followed by the full patch afterwards. This is also to ensure the final translation will be released as a quality product, since we want to gather feedback after the trial release. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them here an we'll try to respond in a timely manner. We're planning to open our own Discord server soon - regardless whether you simply want to hop in and say hi, nag about release dates, Dab to encourage Bee, ask something specific or offer help - everyone will be welcome. Stay tuned for more info. I guess that's all on my side. Wish us luck!
  11. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    Yeah, it's definitely the "I will rape you in your dreams" kind of face. The earbuds are actually from Samsung, Apple is shit.
  12. Everything. No hands holding. That aside, it actually depends on the game itself and what developers had in store for their playerbase. Some games rely more on actual true routes while other are "multiple route" stories, where each route brings insight to the plot as a whole; there's a lot to be taken into account and ultimately, it depends on you as well. If you're a completionist, you will aim to 100% a vn, whether you enjoy it fully, or not but other people might be satisfied with only reaching a true route or doing a route of their favourite characters.
  13. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    A lot of people nowadays probably don't even know how I look IRL at the moment. I give you the opportunity to know le watashi now. I feel it's the only picture I recently made, where I look like a half-decent human being. Don't ask me where I live
  14. Only when prose operates on strict usage of honorifics to address people and create a setting, it won't make much of a difference otherwise. Don't be a weeb.
  15. I forgot to add one more thing - seriously, fuck japanese honorifics. They are not required in like 85% of cases. If you want a quality TL, you drop honorifics for the sake of language integration and use western-based equivalents, when possible.