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  1. This game might be worth picking up now. For research purposes, of course
  2. What other hobbies do you have?

    Lying in bed everyday for as long as possible.
  3. VN of the Month, October 2017

    As interesting that game seemed while early in development, I lost my interest after seeing the trailer. Honestly, the story seems to be all over the place and lost much of it's original appeal when less was known. I really don't like the blatant and forced h-aspect, either. Purple Soft games are a hit or miss, although they've mostly been misses so far with their latest releases and I don't feel Aoi Tori will be any different; it just seems to be wrapped in better packaging. Time will tell.
  4. Guess we're still not grown up enough to play eroge by japanese standards
  5. Karakara 2 review discussion

    >5 stars
  6. Thank gods they are releasing it, so I won't have to care at all about any potential fuck ups on their side. Tis' a wonderful time to live in. On a sidenote, I had never, ever understood what's so amusing about vn's dealing with astronomy clubs. It's the most bland, cliched and godawful way to tell a story, unless it involves extraterrestrial contacts, space anomalies or large celestial bodies (actually, just rocks) floating through the vast expanses of cosmos. Seriously, as much as watching stars (or more like the dusk/night sky) can be considered both interesting and romantic, reading about people doing so is not.
  7. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    Sakurai's games have a distinctively feminine vibe to them, but calling them otomege or female-oriented games would be a major stretch. It just so happens Sakurai is a woman herself (a thing that doesn't happen often in the jp eroge industry) and most of her games feature females as lead characters. This obviously makes most of the stories expressed from a female POV, which in turn makes it easier for women to relate to; her games have nothing to do with classic otomege, they are 100% story-driven experiences and even though romance quite often plays a major role, it's a secondary factor in most cases that doesn't tie her stories in any way. In fact, women in her games rarely end up in relationships with other people as means to end their tales.
  8. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    That's one hell of a master's thesis
  9. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    Vanadis mostly produces vanilla h games, though. To be honest, I prefer the corruptive or otherworldly aspects. That said, there's not that many games, where tentacles are either eldritch manifestations or creations brought through human sins/greed/destructive behaviour, as in tampering with powers that are beyond their control.
  10. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    There are many kinds of tentacle rape, there's probably one for you as well.
  11. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    It's nice to see more fresh games being licensed. It's not the most amazing, but definitely one of the better vn's released this year.
  12. I never said it has NTR. I said it follows the same exact formula - as in, it is made to make players feel anger, jealousy and aversion towards the characters.
  13. Don't be surprised, Princess X is a big middle finger towards the fans of monster girls; it was made in the exact same formula NTR games are made; iirc, as to make you question why you actually feel attracted (often sexually ) to something, which is more or less a fucking monster. Not saying it couldn't be done in a better way, without actually alienating a large part of the fanbase.
  14. I know, right? To be honest, the best stuff that's out there is out of the reach for most, but I wouldn't say it's good, either. Most of the games that involve monster girls are really bad. There is a couple of studios, that specialize in them, if you prefer the classic vanilla approach, but those are typically down to the earth porn games with little to no story. I'd really like to see a really good game, that involves monster girls in a way I presume interests us the most - as in, both showing the differences and ways different characters deal with being monsters between humans or vice versa. What measure is being a human and what it really means to be a "monster"? Things like that.