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  1. Chinese patched visual novels

    there are entire sites with full games on chinese, really easy to find them if you search them on google but remember piracy is wrong wrong wrong so dont do it
  2. probem with locale emulator an VNR

    sorry for the late reply, i dont know the game you should try using vnr or ithvnr im sure it's hookeable if you need to use a MT to read it then use chiitrans for that.
  3. probem with locale emulator an VNR

    what game are you trying to run?
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    this movie, probably the best war movie i've ever seen and will see
  5. If you use a virtual machine the best thing you can do is install xp sp3 and not 7 since the compatibly is way higher with XP, only very few, mostly old or with crappy engine games wont run on xp and will require 98 or even win 95. And yes win10 updates tend to do that in general with old software and hardware too...
  6. Utsuge = depressing games, they always end in a bad way, for example in an utsuge vn the heroine if she is sick she will die and not in a happy way like she wont become an angel or anything that can turn her death into something more happier. Clear examples of utsuge games = Narcissu. Nakige = a game that can make you cry and has some sad stuff in it but most of the time ends well, same scenario as before, the heroine doesn't die or she becomes an angel, etc. Perfect example of nakige = Clannad. 泣き-ゲーnaki-ge from crying 鬱-ゲー utsu-ge from depression 糞(くそ)-ゲー kuso-ge shitty game aka dustmania ゲー = for video game
  7. What you are looking for are utsuge (depressing) VNs, sadly or luckily depending the way you see it there is only 1 VN like that: Narcissu. There is nothing like narcissu or 1 litre of tears aside from that, trust me I've been searching for years now... Shiori's route on kanon is a joke, don't even bother. I can recommend you a few depressing VNs that I consider masterpieces or really good ones aside from narcissu, but they have some sci fi or fantasy elements on them: Tomoyo it's a wonderful life (Don't read the all ages ver they ruined the ending, go figure people don't like sad stuff so they made it happy ) <------this one is probably the only one without fantasy elements... kinda Fata morgana and then fata morgana another episode <----- a masterpiece without a doubt, specially the another episode Kira kira but only the normal ending of kirari's, don't bother reading the rest. Hello world natsumi's route Oh yeah and Gin'iro. You have plenty of vns there to read
  8. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    if you want older heroines this might interest you too https://vndb.org/v3061 one heroine is the kinder-garden teacher of your little daughter and the other is the sister of your dead wife (if i remember correctly ) and no there is no daughter route before you ask either way pm here or in discord me if you want help buying them
  9. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    they look old?OLD?????? what is this blasphemy you are talking about!!!!!
  10. DMMD Error Uninstalling

    well, you should never delete any software like that because when you install a program most of the time its add itself into the registry of window itself to do certain things, when you cannot uninstall it from the program files as you would normally do then boot the game itself (using daemon tools for example) and 99% of the time you will be able to uninstall it from the menu of the game itself. Now to fix your issue you will need to fix or clear the windows registry itself (either by deleting the entries that the game created or if you are lucky maybe with a software like ccleaner), since I don't know that game in particular i cant help to do it manually.
  11. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    I can only think about this 2 games right now: (with a mother as main heroine with normal tits and yet not a pure nukige) https://vndb.org/v4824 https://vndb.org/v7653 if you have issues "buying" them let me know
  12. Best VN by Key?

    1 Clannad 2 Planetarian 3 tomoyo after (+18 ver)
  13. H-code help ???

    the hcode works fine, i dont have much time but it seems to be a vnr issue or you are not entering the code correctly. Tested with ith 3.0 and some version of ithvnr. https://imgur.com/a/FLnly Open the visual novel > open ITH and insert the h-code (check the copy to clipboard option is checked)> open vnr but don't use it to hook the text and configure it to auto copy to clipboard only (im sure it has this option). That should work. If you are just parsing the text use chiitrans if not... well I can't help you since I don't use vnr and I really don't have much time to check anything right now. Last thing, if you applied any patch (not sure if there is any but just to be sure) then uninstall the game and install it again without it.
  14. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    They have Katawa Shoujo as their very first title, so fakku can't be bad just because of that
  15. Good Free Visual novel recommendations

    https://vndb.org/v19014 https://vndb.org/v10 https://vndb.org/v103 https://vndb.org/v167 https://vndb.org/v70 https://vndb.org/v9986 https://vndb.org/v1388 (kinda meh really but still worth reading and free) https://vndb.org/v39 https://vndb.org/v1296 https://vndb.org/v20094 https://vndb.org/v16549