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  1. If the point of the VN and the developers was to take an stance AGAINST promoting crimes against children they didn't do a very good job and the message doesn't convey AT ALL... Specially not when your main artist draw just loli hentai and the art in the VN itself depict children in very suggestive posses or in places that you would relate to a jav and I'm not just saying that while I look at the cover and one of the girls (they all have between 8 and 11 yo) has like a condom in her mouth, yes, yes I know, it's probably just a healthy food or something that will turn that little girl into a strong woman : D
  2. Where can I buy digital visual novels?

    Will try that and inform how it goes,
  3. Where can I buy digital visual novels?

    It might be since most of the games I bought i had to use a vpn, so maybe it's "flagging" my whole library. I can access normally to that page but as I said before not the one I linked
  4. Where can I buy digital visual novels?

    Maybe it depends on the country itself, I can't. I was able at one point...probably beginning of 2016 but not anymore. I have only digital games in there and also some free games too.
  5. Where can I buy digital visual novels?

    Every game i was interested in buying wasnt available world wide, for example http://ikimasyou.com/ and many of the updated win 10 version of old games (all came with that annoying drm system) and yes is a pain, having limited number of installs and having to verify your copy every time you install it, specially if you run your games under a virtual machine, not counting that it runs in the background scanning and sending constant info to them about who knows Also I just imagined that you cannot access to your game list unless you use a japanese vpn or else they will redirect you to nutaku webpage? Both of you kinda omitted that fact which is important imo... http://dlsoft.dmm.com/mylibrary/ -> http://www.dmm.com/top/-/error/area/ > nutaku shit site http://personal.games.dmm.com/my-games/ -> "ご利用中のゲームはありません" (not true, using a vpn you can see them and download them)
  6. Where can I buy digital visual novels?

    I don't recommend buying from dmm since you need to use a japanese vpn to buy any game and also to download them or see your game list of owned games, if you don't they will send you to nutaku page but still you wont be able to access your games lol I recommend dlsite where you can use paypal or digiket, getchu is a good alternative too. Btw before buying a game check for this first: Which means it has some kind of drm, don't buy those, they are a pain in the ass and for example if you bought a game from dmm you will need a japanese vpn (or proxy) to play the game, at least the first time. And as any drm protection they run a software in the background that do shady stuff and also sometimes you wont be able to even hook the vn because of it since the .exe is modified by the drm system.
  7. Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

    "My little sis got hemorrhoids so, I stuck a suppository up her ass." My beautiful, graceful little sister... has bleeding hemorrhoids! Unable to discuss this problem with anyone, she comes to me for advice. I go out and buy a suppository for her but...... "Oniichan...... I can't...... get it all the way in......" It would seem she failed at inserting it. I've heard it's actually pretty hard to put it in yourself. "B, big bro...... Please...... put it in for me......?" EH!? But, I'll see her anus if I do that!? Her face scarlet red, her body trembling in embarrassment. My little sister begs so earnestly. She's so adorable. I can no longer hold on to my sense of reason! What will Oniichan do!? Let's mix things up with my little sister's best friend. Things escalate for the worse? No, we of course mean, the best!
  8. If you read KnS you will want to read KnS2 after and that one is a lot darker than KnS and more depressing overall too. I loved the ending (the true ending) but I'm sure is not for everyone. Also you need to read cartagra before reading KnS.
  9. narcissu is a depressing game, so yeah that was a joke. Yume miru kusuri has happy endings, they are not bittersweet they are pure happy endings. The game on the other side in general is a bit on the melancholic or sad side.
  10. Narcissu XD Maybe yume miru kusuri, general theme is not very happy but the endings are (this is kinda spoiler but since you are asking ).
  11. Sorry, i forgot about the update, since it comes included with the version you "buy" online xD i assumed you had it installed.
  12. Just as "a.exe" without the quotes, or whatever name you want, I just changed it because it was easier for me to not have the full name in japanese.
  13. Use this H-Code /HAN-C@62CC5:a.exe <------- change the name of your vn name .exe to a.exe or it wont work (probably)
  14. That's in "mexican". It says: "That moment when realize that your mom is going to hit you." It's poorly written, my eyes are hurting.
  15. Grisaia no Rakuen question

    Reading any grisaia all ages version is a sin, leaving aside if they are good or bad games, the all ages version are heavily censored not just in the eroge content but plot and dialogues too, specially in the sequels where the focus of the stories are heavily on the sexual side, these are games that cannot be censored without ruining them in the process. So the short answer is: wait for the +18 version.