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  1. Dunno, perhaps I've grown cynical as I age - but I can see this backfiring in a rather painful and impactful fashion. I don't think any of us really needed or wanted 18+ on Steam. Though, on one hand - it would be a large boost in sales for publishers, having that extra coverage on such a well known platform (not to mention it might help bypass the bullshit MG etc have tradionally gone through with payment processors). But, this might be abit too much exposure - and no amount of age-gating on Steam will satisfy those with torches and pitchforks. All they'll need to do is exagg
  2. They bit off more than they could chew - so it's not really a surprise. Though, nuking their marketing people will hurt more than help long-term. (unless they luck out and find new hires with industry experience already under their belts)
  3. Too lazy to read through the thread, so I'll just chime in my two cents (having read the OP at least) The anti-anime thing that often rears its head is more of a general society thing, than Valve specifically (as you see it often being a scape-goat for all manner of things). I'll hesistantly call it a form of racism - or at least, "personal interpretations being misconstrued as objective truth". Someone that doesn't typically watch anime or pay attention to the styles used often make assumptions on a characters age, mistaking various characters as being younger then they actually
  4. Had to drop it, sad to say - it had promise but turned out to not be my thing.
  5. I can agree with some cases, sure - but tone of voice can convey the meaning of something like "You...." Unless a reader has voices turned off, inflection is a universal thing - anyone can tell when someone is angry, sad, happy, etc - pair that with the actual wording, and you got the intended meaning across, without adding words that could change the context and personality. Though of course that can only really be applied to things with voices. non-voiced is a different matter - though even then things like "You..." wouldn't be that difficult to understand, if the reader understands the
  6. Setting aside the eternal debate of literal vs. reimagined, the example Hiashi provided is pretty cringy. Which is disappointing - what little I've seen of the non-h narrative so far, seemed alright (except for the odd swear shoehorned in without reason). Makes me wonder if they had someone else do the hscenes? Or someone that simply didn't really want to work on the hscenes, so said "fuck it" and just trolled the readers~
  7. Subjective. Personally I approve of the removal of excessive swearing, along with other gratuitous liberties.

    Man, I loved Max Payne 2 ( 1st was ok, but the second was a masterpeice for its time).

  9. Gross. Pretty obnoxious for a April fools joke

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Be glad. Every April Fools comes to an end.

  10. Tokemi Check-in, waaaay back around '01 - '02. Was pretty good for what it was, in hindsight.
  11. Mostly a lurker nowadays - but keeping with my yearly tradition, have some bees.
  12. I'm not sure if there's any major differences in the writing style between the Denpasoft release and the original fantl - but having read the fantl, I actually liked Konomi's route. It's a rare thing for incest in a VN to be treated as an actual taboo - it gave it some interesting weight. The development and plot was about coming to terms with the feelings, and facing the societal bias (and the consequences) regarding the taboo itself - pretty heavy stuff tbh. "Pure love making everything all right" Wasn't really the end message I got from it, I got "there will always be adversity." And it did
  13. NNL had made a single, combined version - though finding anyone with that version nowdays is likely going to be hard. Even moreso with a save file still tucked away.
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