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    Site Work 03/17/19

    Update 1 (12:45 AM EST) Technical issues have caused a hiccup in tonight's upgrade process. Going to ping Nay and we'll try again later today. For now, the forums and front site will be put back online. Original Message: Forums Going Offline at 12:00 (Midnight) EST In approximately 1.5 hours (at the time this goes live), the forums will be going offline for an unknown amount of time so that I can perform an outrageous amount of updates and fixes. I will announce when the forums are back online on our Twitter account (link). Please panic, and may the VN gods have mercy on our souls. (Aside: after the forums are updated -- or irreparably broken -- I will also be working on the front site. Once that's done, if I have any energy and strength left in my body, I will try and make a post updating the community about recent events which have caused my absence, and briefly touch on ways we can move forward.) < 3 - Tay
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    Do you know what Majikoi is? Comedy Do you know what is the WORST thing to machine translate? Comedy
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    Did you have to go about basically saying "fuck you and what I assume is your laziness"? It's clear the dude just wants to read it in any form since translation progress has gotten to the point where like a pc would say "too long to estimate" on the download estimate. Laziness? for what, not learning an entire language? How is reading it with machine translation a lack of respect?(If anything, it's showing his respect to the series by suffering through MTL because he wants more.) It isn't like he is going to release a MTL patch or something. And no, I am not buddy buddy with him, though I do know that this little outburst of yours was pretty childish and just unwarranted in general.
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    Site Work 03/17/19

    Since this message is inevitably going to disappear with a forum rollback, I'd like to announce that I love animal porn.
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    Let me guess, your forum?

    Hello there, I am Ztrepzilius. Some redditors suggest me to use this forum because reddit filters are more sensitive and comments could be buried in older thread. I spend more time lurking than posting stuffs for any medium, looking for gems in the over-saturated world. I don't consume many VNs in comparison to other medium. It's because there are lack of VNs with storyline that interest me rather than the VN itself. Visual novel reminded me of some point-click-adventure games, movie games and gamebook(choose your own adventure books) I played decades ago. I get introduce into VN medium by anime adaption and some lewd image. BTW, who the hell are you guys?
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    Site Work 03/17/19

    What is the 17th month?
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    VNs that will make me cry for days

    Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. - not much to say. Only that it also has great soundtrack.
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    Guys, don't take this idiots serious. You know what don't ever take a translator serious or someone who knows to claim Japanese. I've been friends with a lot of people who can speak Japanese and even make a living of it, and yet they claim MTL is bad, blahblah. but it's all BS. Most people think I know a bit of Japanese and let me tell you, this will be my first time I ever confess this. I actually don't at all. I use MTL for everything and speak with a lot of those so called friends about VNs I've read and they respect my opinion about it and I can talk about most details and they haven't showed any doubt that I could actually read it. What an absolute morons. I even tl doujins and get praised for it. LUL can you imagine it. It only reads so well because most of my projects has an editor.
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    Let me guess, your forum?

    A pretty random mix of VN addicts from all parts of the medium. For Japanese untranslated (non-nukige), I'm the one you want to ask. For EOVNs, probably Plk_Leslak right now. Feel free to post requests for suggestions in the recommendations section... someone will inevitably bombard you with their favorites. Edit: I'm a burnout who has probably played more untranslated Japanese VNs than anyone else on the site. I won't say that absolutely though, since there are a lot of lurkers and inactives who might have snuck in and played more, lol.
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    Let me guess, your forum?

    We are remnants of what was once a mighty torrent empire, cultivating ancient traditions that have lost all their meaning long ago and awaiting our inevitable demise in the last few populated corners of the land. Welcome to our forums, hope you'll have fun around here! ^^
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    Little Busters: The Apology

    Hello. I am the guy who wrote that review of Little Busters that everyone hated because I did not like the game. Those poor people are doing just fine, however, even with my evil, vile, disgusting review out there still. I, on the other hand, have never been worse off. You see, I've been overwhelmed with guilt. I feel bad for what I did. I took a beloved visual novel, one that has changed the lives of many people, and slandered it with my negative review. Then I continued to ride that infamy I gained into relevancy allowing my hatred of Little Busters! to manifest itself as a false representation of my true opinion of it, much like I am doing right this moment. The truth about my time with Little Busters! is that I enjoyed the VN. It had some bad routes (like all of them) and had a really unremarkable ending. But can I say I did not enjoy my time reading it? Not really. The 24 hour stream was a blast, and subsequent streams were a lot of fun, especially when people were involved in the jokes and discussion of the routes as I read them. For example, Lewycool's Sexy Seagull Legs during Mio's route was light in an otherwise forgettable, boring route (protip: a character with no personality other than "I like books" is not a recipe for a fun route) and allowed me to actually have fun with the route. Likewise, discussions of Kurugaya's Balloon Tits carrying me off into the sky made her Bill Murray wannabe route more enjoyable. Refrain was a blast to read right up until the ending. I didn't hate Rin and simply wished we saw far more development from her than what we got. She was a fun character. The experience of reading Little Busters! was good. I had a good time. While my opinions on Little Busters! remain the same, that it is a bad VN (not horrid at least), I do not regret the time I spent on it and I sometimes wish I could read it over again on stream with everyone like I did before. So, I owe everyone an apology. I'm sorry your favorite VN is so shit I had to bring in friends to enjoy it instead. I can't wait to get my hands on the official Rewrite release in 600 years. Also, a review of an InvertMouse VN is coming very soon to this blog near you, assuming I'm not blocked first.
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    Site Work 03/17/19

    Just waiting on a little security change via Nay before I get this done. Gratzi, hero @Nayleen!
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    Site Work 03/17/19

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    Root double

    Just finished this and what a damn ride that was! Beautiful ending as well. Well, apart from indecisive harem. Don't know why writers write themselves into a corner like that tbh as i understand that none can be selected, at least from the important two. And it's funny how non romance stories have the best damn romance when it happens, what's up with that? Watase was a true man when he was talking to Kazami, way more touching than regular romance stuff. Either way, the story was good. There can be no doubt about that. It did have it's giant problem though, and that was it's way of telling the story. First route was amazing through and through. Second, not so much with it's infinite number of flashbacks and mc's grating voice as a kid. Third was ok. Fourth was almost as bad as the second with it's relentless flashbacking. Yes, every flashback was relevant and gave us a lot of "aha" moments, but that nagging feeling about the story as a whole being completely halted never vanished. It was a slog, even though it was at times very interesting, it was tedious nonetheless. But when the story finally broke out of it's cryostasis it immediately became amazing again, and with a touching ending as well. Well, i can't do anything but recommend this for anyone who likes suspense thrillers with loads of mysteries, plot twists and careful revelations. Well, be prepared for flashback hell, but that's about the only thing i can truly fault it with. I didn't read the extend episodes though as they just seem to be more flashbacking for more fleshing out of characters, which i personally feel is pointless.
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    Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    Reading MTL'd VNs is to respecting them as would reading a book with each page smeared in your own feces, blocking out half the words, be to reading a book. You're free to do that, of course, but please don't do it in public. It smells.
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    VNs like Saw (2004 film)?

    Yes. Literally. Euphoria is just SAW the hentai. And that’s why I will never ever read it.
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    Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    Thanks guys!! I'm personally working through the editing now, and I have to say our translator has done a fantastic job! Programming work is also ongoing at the same time. I'll keep everyone updated as things progress. For the time being, we just released the OP movie
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    Yeah, about that, the QCer just finished the QC yesterday. So I just need to apply the corrections, then make a patch, then let him test it, then we should be good to go
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    I don't like the idea that happy endings are necessarily unrealistic. Like, yeah, bad stuff happens IRL...but so does good stuff. If the writers pull a deus ex machina or something equally trite, then I can understand it--those are definitely unsatisfying, and since they often break the laws of that work's universe, those types of endings often contain weird/horrific implications for everyone else in the setting. But in general, I find well-done happy endings to be the most satisfying. Not everything has to be absolutely perfect, but there has to at least be hope for the future.
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    Site Work 03/17/19

    dont worry, i got your back fam.
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    It’s my Fuwaversary! Q&A 😃

    (Technically my fuwaversary was yesterday,) Damn, it’s been a whole year since I joined Fuwanovel because of a bad experience I had r/VNs. Which is funny, because I joined fuwa right around my spring break and it’s my spring break again. Anyway, quite a few things happened to me since I joined Fuwa, I mainly wanted to contribute more the fuwa community because this one of the few bastions of intellectual discussion regarding EVNs. Most people on reddit think EVNs are shit, because all they read over there are JVNs. I wanted to help more here at Fuwanovel. I even throw some money at this website. (Hence I am a backer) After I learned that Fuwanovel is basically at a stand still because @Tay is really busy. I decided to help around in the EVN scene. Some of the things I am working on right now. I am an EVN dev for the most part. I am working on getting a visual novel out in the summer. It’s my first one actually. I put it on hiatus because life, and thanks to VN conference, I got super motivated to further my career in this very very niche market within the otaku realm. So, look forward to that. I will post an update on that soon enough because I have my voice actors and a background artist. That audition was fun. Right now, I am at Watercress Studios as a new programmer. I joined the team back on February 18th. So far, this is my first time making an EVN as part of a jam. If you are familiar with Watercress Studios, we are making a “very watercress” EVN. This photo should give you a hint. This is a EVN for NaNoReNo, so obviously it’s coming out after march. I would love for all of you guys to try it out and write some reviews on it. #ThisWasForYou https://twitter.com/TeamWatercress Make sure you follow us on twitter because we’ve just been spilling all kinds of stuff on this visual novel. A watercress member founded a new studio called Colorless and I am an assistant writer for an EVN called Gilded Gamers. There is no expected release date, so it’s going to be a while. So basically, I am working on three visual novels at the current moment. If you’re still reading this long post, Thank you. Let me tell I you why I like developing EVNs. I’ve said this before on Fuwanovel. But I believe that visual novels are art. Maybe because I am young and I am not jaded as the older otakus in this fandom. But I truly believe that the EVN medium is on the cusp of a revolution. I can see it. I can imagine it. I know it’s going to happen. I sincerely don’t want this to be the case anymore. Visual novels need to be a starter medium, and the best way to accomplish that is to create EVNs. EVNs that normies will wanna read. EVNs that will break what I call the Otaku Barrier where @Clephas talks about how VNs snatch otaku form other mediums. I wanna thank everyone here from @Plk_Lesiak, @tymmur, @Clephas, and everyone else for all the knowledge you have given me. Regarding the visual novel medium. I want to thank @Tay for helping maintain fuwa after all the drama during the great pirate era. I want to thank @solidbatman for being cool. I want to thank @Kiriririri for all the You don’t know how happy I am to be part of such a great community. Thank you. Now, you guys can ask me any question. Nothing is off-limits. Oh yeah here’s my twitter: https://twitter.com/Happine27386045
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    What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    It's cruel to ask someone with as much experience as I've had what his favorite is... but I'll name my top six instead.
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    Did you try Narcissu? It should be quite effective and I think like the whole series got an English release by this point.
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    I'm very shallow at picking if i have too much to pick from. I go to vndb and see the art and read the tags and the plot introduction. If everything checks out and it seems to be something i'd like then i go for it. But now i'm just like many others, and just waiting for releases as there aren't really that much good left to choose from.
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    How do you react if Truck-kun isekai'd you into another world as your waifu? Husbando is fine too. Somebody might collect merchandise of themselves and cloning to experience true narcissism.
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    I disagree with it having nothing to do it, considering I was sticking up for OP in this case the entire time. Honestly, you need to have a little chat with your resident "purposefully abrasive"(found that gem on the neko forums when one user in this thread was called out for his behavior there) users who try to shit on someone else reading something the way they intend to do so. I said many times "let people enjoy things how they want" though somehow it devolved into what it became. Also, see Zakamutt's comment, you might want to hide it considering he's blatantly calling the OP an imbecile. Either way, it's clear that there is always the bad apples that come along to sour things. Now, I won't be commenting further on this thread. (I know I'm not 100% innocent but at least I stuck up for OP in this case and didn't try to be an outright ass about it. My answer to the main topic? Probably shouldn't read in MTL but if you want to try who am I to stop OP from doing so?)
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    ive literally read every majikoi vn with a machine translator. first one wasnt done and the original tl team just disappeared so i finished with a machine tl. same with the second one. tl took forever for the A series so i read those with a machine tl. i got the jokes, i got the drama so dont listen to the "elites" as its acceptable with a machine tl.
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    OTOH, MTLs can spew some really hilarious lines - so maybe different kind of comedy will be born this way
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    Wow, what a wonderful circlejerk this turned out to be. I think you guys spent so much fuel you won't be able to read eroge for the next two weeks. But yeah, reading comedy VNs though an MTL sounds kind of miserable...
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    Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    It's probably both of you want the last word, and one of you probably the wiser (looking at you) should stop replying. Hopefully MCDerp takes the hint. Worse case an moderator need to sort you guys out with the old fashion time out at the staircase w. it seems McDerp didn't.. oh well
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    What else did you expect? People to sympathize with your laziness and lack of respect for the original text by forcibly butchering it through Google Translate? Get real.
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    MTL is a horrible idea in general and for comedy its even worse. None of the jokes will make sense since everything is gonna be translated extremely literally with no care for context whatsoever.
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    Focus on your Japanese studies. The world doesn't need more half-baked "English" patches.
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    What are you playing?

    So, I'm currently also poaching in otome territory and finished Hakuouki - Kyoto Winds, the first part of the saga with the second part Edo Blossoms to follow. While Ozmafia left we with somewhat mixed feelings due to a wonky plot, this was overall a vastly better experience. I think this is also the first VN that I've read that could be called historic fiction, following a group of Shinsengumi samurai through the fall of the shogunate during the second half of the 19th century. I liked the two anime seasons and therefore always wanted to read the visual novels too. The first part does focus on the events in Kyoto and the conflict with the Satsuma domain. Surprisingly, despite being an otome and playing a female protagonist, this didn't feel 'girly' at all. Although the characters are certainly a bit romanticized, the whole atmosphere and setting was serious and mature. Although the VN has many hero routes and choices, it's still more of a plot focused kinetic story. The chapters focus on certain historic events involving the Shinsengumi and the choices mostly decide which characters to follow. The romance was at least in this part very light - there was not even a kissing scene. It's more bromance than romance. The protagonist was also so passive that she often appeared more like an independent observer instead of a fully involved character. The VN is clearly more about the story and the interaction of its characters and less about the interaction with the protagonist. I think there was even a choice to switch off romance at the start, but I didn't use it since I wasn't sure what I'd miss. Ironically, this often felt more like a well written chuunige due to its focus on cool guys and sword fighting action. You won't find your typical idiot friend here. The characters were a real blast, not only the Shinsengumi themselves, but also their enemies and the Choshu clan in particular. I think only Fate and Dies Irae put so much attention into their male characters. Although this is a historic VN, it also has some fantasy elements. There are furies - vampire-like individuals with special powers (that's not even a spoiler since it's already shown in the prologue) - and the Choshu also aren't exactly normal. Overall, my favorite character was Hijikata, the commander of the Shinsengumi whose route I played first. Then I played the route of the Choshu leader Kazama and Saito's afterwards. I thought about playing Harada's route as well, but with each route there's less new stuff and only the endings are a bit different, so I passed on it. Amagiri was also pretty cool despite being just a side character. Though those were only my favorites, since I liked most characters. The production values of the VN are very high. Great art even with animated mouths, good music, top voice actors and lots of drawn and voiced characters in general. It's hard to believe that this VN is already more than 10 years old. Overall, I'd rate this part an 8/10. I'd even given it a higher rating if the protagonist would have been better developed and more pro-active, but it was also not a big hassle, since she was more passive and not annoying. Looking forward to the second part.
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    Some companies used Kickstarter to fund physical merchandise rather than creation of the game or localization like Frontwing. Nekonyan is contemplating whether to use crowdfunding for physical like them. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1178845152/enjoy-a-sugary-sweet-life-with-visual-novel-loca-l/posts/2310451 https://nekonyansoft.com/blog/the-state-of-affairs
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    It's tagged as "Nakige" with 3.0 at VNDB, so maybe... I expected it to release later in the year. Now, I want release dates for Farther than the blue sky and Maggot Baits.
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    Hi there. That's correct. A free adult patch will be available on our website for the Steam version at launch. We noted that information in the blog post, but derped on relaying that information on Twitter. Our bad. We'll make a point to mention it going forward.
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    No? This is kiri's take on it:
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    Yeah, my point exactly. A well-executed campaign should rely on a large number of people contributing what they're comfortable with for tier rewards they're actually interested in. There's obviously going to be a decent premium on all of it, especially the limited-edition collector's items, but fans shouldn't be encouraged to make personal sacrifices just to make a commercial project happen. Although, I can't say I see any reliable method of preventing that with how crowdfunding platforms currently work. I'd honestly be all for strict caps on how much can you can pay and how many higher-tier rewards the campaign creator can offer in video game Kickstarters, but such rules are probably impossible to define properly and would cause a huge uproar. Many players seem to be happy about getting broke over their favourite pyramid scheme (hello there Star Citizen) and who am I to tell them that they're idiots wrong to do so? The only thing that can work is holding companies to higher standards and making people aware that crowdfunding shouldn't work like charity auctions for the sake of commercial game developers/localizers. That VN license/project you're trying to fund doesn't have cancer, it doesn't need your money NOW OR NEVER. And if it's not sustainable, maybe it really shouldn't happen at this exact point in time...
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    I, of course will go to the yuri route
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    So, I actually look up to you a little bit because I remember reading one of the epics from @sanahtlig where you got into several intense arguments that literally shaped the history of this site. You even became a mod during some the interesting times. I can go on and on, but I remember you saying something really fucking epic. I quoted it before when I first talked with you. You said something along the lines, then why we do have that motto. I probably could find the quote but I am on the road right now for spring break and I want to make this simple and sweet. But you’re really cool. You made a difference on Fuwa during the most important moments in this site’s history. You see me as an outsider? What gave you that impression? I’ve known about visual novels since when I was very young when visual novels and dating sims were practically the same genre. That was about two decades ago on the internet. I got into visual novels from newgrounds.com. Before that, I was largely playing dating sims like galaxy sim angel and Pico Sim date. Funnny enough, your avatar from a very interesting anime where the MC seduces girls from what he learned from playing dating sims, and someone who dated a handful of girls; I can say those skills actually worked. Visual novels as I see them as an evolution of dating sims with less gameplay mechanics but with character route story structure. Now Fuwanovel. I came here from time to time originally because you guys had torrents and it was awesome back in 2014. I never was on the forums until last year because of a important debate. That debate being visual novels being high art. Oh thank you so much, I feel like I am very online in my philosophy regarding visual novels. I think EVN devs are stuck in their own way too. They are stuck on so called “conventions” of the medium. So if you notice any weird commonalities between the EVNs you’re reading. It’s because of that. The funny thing is that there’s no convention. “EVNs have to be like this.” “EVNs have to be like that.” “No past tense.” “No people of color.” “No long narratives.” “Add more slice of life moments.” These are the handful of things I heard on a few dev channels on Discord. So when you said: It seems to me sometimes that the genre gut stuck in a way that authors always think too much about satisfying the same needs of otakus that they have satisfied for the last 20 years. I agree with you a 1000% percent. I literally had an argument with a studio director over this last week. Because he want to make an EVN that targets shounen fans, but they wanna make a moege. Like, what shounen fan is going to read a slice of life moege EVN? We debated for two and half hours over this until they settled on making it more like Fate/Stay Night becayse I can imagine shounen anime fans reading something like fate and they get into the VN medium. EVN fans don’t read enough JVNs; JVN fans don’t read enough EVNs. JVN fans be like: “EVNs are just meme games lolz like DDLC or KS.” EVN fans be like: “JVNs are too long like Muv-luv and F/SN” I am really glad you like my thoughts. It makes me feel that someone is actually listening to me.
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    Hello guys, name's Jeremiah Sand, and I'm here posting this thread because I need some help with releasing a patch for this game I've been working on for a while. Background Some months ago I started translating Sen no Hatou to English and I was committed to finish the project, but due to me switching to a more professional enviroment in translations I no longer have much time to dump into the project and I fear that at the speed I'm going it'll never come out, so I'd like to release everything I've done until now, or at least the contents that the game trial covers. Progress so far Around 20k lines translated (the trial covers 10k lines) and tlc'd (except maybe the last thousand) ready to be edited at any moment. I wouldn't mind releasing as it is if I could, but the main issues holding me back are: 1. I lack an editor, the previous one ghosted me, and I'm an ESL so I fear some parts might need the help of a native to improve the reading experience. 2. Although I have a tool that is supposed to insert the text into the game said tool doesn't work, and thus I am left without a means to insert back text or images. I can't extract any images either. 3. (Optional) I would not mind having a couple of QCs at my disposal if possible, but having the text edited is a priority and I won't accept any form of QC until I have confirmation that the editing has been finished. 4. Probably not an issue, but maybe I need image editing, depending on whether the guy who was open to help me is atill available or not. So yeah, that's everything. Maybe a trial patch is not what people seek, but I'd really like to get this out as I've been working very hard on it and I would like to encourage someone to maybe continue with what I did, unless enough people would ask me to see this until the end, and in that case I would highly consider doing so. VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v15708 Extra things: 1. I will translate both openings that appear in the trial and add video lyrics if possible in them (if I have the means to do so). 2. I will translate the UI if I have the means to do so, just like the OPs. If anyone haa extra questions by all means, I'm available here and in discord (Jeremiah Sand#4446). Don't PM there to troll, you will be met with an instablock if you do so. If this threads lack any critical info please let me know so I can add it asap. Thanks for reading so far, and hopefully something comes out of this. Have a good day and may the Lord bless you all, Jeremiah. EDIT: I've found someone willing to do the engine stuff for me, so thanks to @Porygon2 for that. I've already gotten some messages worried about my work "not being up to standards" (without having even seen it) since I'm a random and this is a Fan Translation, so if you want to help but feel the need to see if my work is good or not for your standards PM me and I'll gladly show my work to prove its quality.
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    Thanks for the good work. I beelive in you.
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    I won't be bored for the rest of my life, that's for sure. @namiultedjapanXD Simply read. That's all the advice I can give you. I used to have a similar problem in the past and often ended up postponing or even ditching the works I'd really like to play. When it came to me I'm simply wasting time and not doing anything useful, I began to read; if not what I wanted, at least whatever I had on my list. Now I typically leave the tastiest treats for best days - either weekends, days off work or vacations, occupying myself with shorter works on week days. Having a backlog helps greatly and if you're like me - having a bread range of interests - it definitely helps with organizing on what do you want to read and when. Growing numbers give off some sense of accomplishment and pride, ultimately making me want to read more.
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    If the quote “our language is the reflection of ourselves” is true, then what could we learn from Steam user reviews (other than that we deserve every bad game ever published there)? I thought it’d be fun to generate some word clouds of Steam VN user reviews: what words tend to pop up in positive reviews vs negative ones, which words are overused in 18+ VNs, and how old can I make myself feel by seeing all these memes references. Data collection Using the Steam API, I collected the English user reviews for any VN released before 2019 on Steam, giving us 250,000 reviews in total. I filtered out Doki Doki Literature Club’s 71,000 reviews to prevent the results being skewed too heavily towards one VN. I also filtered out any word that appeared in fewer than 5 different VNs to prevent character names from popular VNs from filling up the results too much. Word associations A higher resolution set of these word-cloud images can be found here. The larger a word is the more frequently it’s used. First up is a comparison of what words tend to appear more often in VN reviews vs a random selection of other games on Steam. There’s nothing too surprising here, it’s mostly just popular VN series and various “weeaboo” terms. “Uncensored” also pops up quite prominently, showing how much 18+ content matters to the medium. Next is the list of words that are more likely to come up in reviews the user submitted as a thumbs-up (a positive review). While there’s all the usual flattering terms you’d expect, it’s fun to see how many words traditionally associated with negative feelings come up here: tears, cry, sadness, and bittersweet all show up indicating how much we seek a deep emotional release in VNs... also “memes.” What goes up must come down, here we have words that tend to come up in thumbs-down Steam reviews. Despite VNs being a visual medium, almost all the terms would seem to describe their opinion on the story/writing rather than the visuals, with “boring,” “waste,” and “stupid” all coming up more often than “ugly.” This suggests the most common way a VN can disappoint its users ie through its writing rather than its aesthetic, although this may because it’s easier to judge the visuals from screenshots before you purchase the VN. The English-developed VNs reviews are mostly full of titles of popular EVNs, but we can also see how much more socially progressive EVNs are, with terms like gender, diversity, and lgbt coming up more often than in JVNs. Truly Japan is the land of wonder, or at least kawaii catgirls according to these results. It’s curious that “fighting” would be linked to JVNs, perhaps because there’s so few EVNs that depict violence. Thank you Steam reviews for telling us in the review that a free VN is free. Truly a valuable service. There’s a certain irony that the words that come up more often in commercial VNs are all about how to get it cheaper: sale, bundle, and discount are all prominent terms. These are the words that tend to come up more often in otome VNs reviews (VNs with a female protagonist pursuing male love interests). Words associated with fantasy type settings pop up frequently, queen, princess, and prince are all present which is unsurprising given otome’s love of the fantasy genre. These are the cursed words which come up more often in 18+ VNs, what is lacking in eloquence is at least made up in “tiddies.” These are the words that tend to come up in shorter reviews. We’re told a picture paints a thousand words, but who needs a thousand words when you have swear words to convey meaning instead? Who needs verbose reviews when you have “fuck gay catgirl boobs.” I’m sold on that VN already. You can find higher resolution versions of all these word cloud images here (as well as the longer-review wordcloud which wasn’t included here because it’s boring). You can also view the results in spreadsheet format here, which is useful for reading the smaller (less-common) words. Review trends I’d be ashamed to put my name to an analysis post that didn’t have a graph or two, so to cleanse the palette after all those word clouds here are a few graphs looking at some review statistics. Typically reviews tend to be fairly short, just a few sentences at 150 characters, but there’s no stopping the more long-winded of us who might be few in number, but dramatically pull up the average wordcount with their detailed account of everything that happens in a VN. I expected that the longer a review was, the more likely it would be that the reviewer liked it. It’s the fans who want to talk about it the most isn’t it? Well it turns out to be the other way around, the longer a review is, the more likely it is that the reviewer disliked it. Perhaps unhappy user’s feel the need to justify their opinion more when it goes against the general positive consensus on Steam, where 86% of all reviews are positive. So in accordance with this trend and the excessive length of this post, I hereby give my Steam VN review analysis a thumbs down. Not enough kawaii catgirls. While I don’t think any of these results were surprising, I hope you found it a fun read. If you’re interested in more, check out my other posts on tumblr. Feel free to give any feedback or suggestions for other analyses either here, twitter, or Discord (Sunleaf_Willow /(^ n ^=)\#1616). Thanks to Lunaterra, /u/8cccc9, and Elm for their input during this analysis.
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    As most people point out, translating is a tough job. But the real hurdle is the quality and accuracy of it, and I might be the worst person to rely on for you guys, because of my perfectionist streak/complex which is the primary source of my frustration everytime I look back on what I did, and right now I'm being like "wth was I thinking!?" There's also issues with the currently released chapters. I won't take the links down or anything, but I will update once/if I get to it Thanks for your patience, guys. It means a lot. As for those who want to translate it themselves, by all means. It doesn't hurt to pick up Japanese as a skill.