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Site Work Failed, But We Didn't Die

Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update ^^. There are both good news and bad news this time, so let's get started with the bad news first. Our image editor, glupak, has withdrawn from the team. He's too busy irl right now to continue helping us. Glupak, thank you very much for everything you'd done/edited for us ^^. On to the good news, I've finished translating all of the texts for the game! Yay! I'll take another look at it though, in case I missed something. But other than that, I'll probably only be making the patch now, and maybe posting progress update here? Now then, I guess it's time I answered the question some of you have been asking for quite a while now: Will I translate another Eushully VN? And the answer is ... no, for now. I've spent a little too much time on this project, so I'll take a little break for now (I need some time to clean up my game backlog XD). After that, I'll probably find some other project to work on. I don't know when I'll start again, but if there is any VN you guys would like to have translated, Eushully or not, you can make a post in this thread. I'll take a look at them, and maybe work on them, that is, if I can get my hands on the VN and the tools to extract the text XD. Another thing is with glupak gone, we have no image editor. Technically, Nylios is switching over to image editing, but even with what glupak has done, there are still a lot of images left. That's why I'll start recruiting for more image editors to help Nylios with the task. If you or your friends are interested in helping us making this patch a reality, please post in this thread or send me a pm. Thank you ^^. Well, I think that's about it for now... I wonder if I can say that after posting a wall of text zzzzz But in any case, thank you for reading, and see you next time ^^.
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    Hello again. It's been a long time, and many of you probably thought this project was dead. However, we are still alive, just going through a few changes. I'll list everything that's happened since the last update. First of all, Hasa is no longer a part of the team. He had many irl stuff to deal with and couldn't contribute as much as he would've liked to the project. So we're without a second translator, and are currently looking for on good enough to work on this project. Second of all, since we don't have a good enough translator to fill Hasa's boots, the team and I have to decided that we will focus our efforts on finishing the editing and QA of the Main School half of KaniShino and release that as a patch. That means that the Branch School routes' future is in doubt atm, but if we find another translator willing to help us complete that half, then it should be finished. TLDR: We'll be releasing the main school patch as the final patch unless we find a second editor and translator to help us finish the second half. Progress will be slow, but I assure you that the Main School patch will come out as soon as we can manage it. Thank you for sticking with us, and we hope you're excited to see the patch.
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    Hello there, all you good people still following my content-starved blog! There will be no regular review post this week (I’ll be catching up next week with one about Reine Work’s Our Lovely Escape, and hopefully a week after that with one of the long-overdue games sent to me for review), but I’ve wanted to take this opportunity to share the reasons behind the recent slowdown on the site and talk a bit my plans for the future. A warning: this will contain a lot of personal musings that most of you are probably not very interested in. However, I kind of need this opportunity to vent and reset. I’ll add a tl;dr version at the end of this post. Outside of my, not-extremely-successful attempt to jumpstart a new wave of activity on Fuwanovel, there have been a few other things happening behind the scenes. The major one was my academic project on visual novel fan translations, which led me to submitting a paper for an international fan studies conference in Cracow. Preparing the speech in English (this was the first time I wasn’t speaking in Polish on such an event), running a survey with people involved in fan translation projects… It all took a lot out of me and gave me little time and energy to actually enjoy VNs as such. It also coincided with a minor health issue, which despite its non-threatening nature made it impossible for me to sit straight for nearly two weeks – a truly infuriating thing when you should be working on your computer and are basically running out of time. This was probably a major factor which destroyed my motivation for working on the project, which in turn made it be the most painful and depressing one to date. I, however, still made my short presentation in the presence of prof. Matt Hills, one of the most influential researchers in my obscure field of study, and learned quite a lot from other speakers. Here’s some photographic proof, courtesy of my girlfriend who once more agreed to help me inflate my ego by documenting my speech. 😉 As you can see, I was asking the Heavens to help me and my listeners to get through those 20+ minutes of my horrible English accent. Not sure to what degree my prayers were heard, but at least there were no fatalities. Oh, and in the lower-left corner, it’s Matt Hills. That was both awesome and terrifying. And here’s a rare moment where my conference ID wasn’t hanging backwards! You can see the fear in my eyes – one would think after nearly 10 similar presentations I’d be a little bit calmer, but it’s apparently in my nature to stress out over everything. And here’s me taking one of two questions that were still possible to ask after I’ve used all the discussion time for my way-too-long PowerPoint slideshow. And yup, I will insert Flowers whenever that's even remotely appropriate. Suou x Rikka forever. You can't stop me! While, in general, my project was fruitful and I’m satisfied with my performance, I also ended up so physically and emotionally drained that I’ve ditched the other two days of the conference, just enjoying my time in Cracow. Even after coming back, I had a day of what could be described as a full-on breakdown before I kind of got my shit together. All this, of course, has some very real consequences for the blog: for quite a while, I didn’t have the time and energy to really read VNs. And, obviously, without any new material to cover, I didn’t write anything either. It’s the first time since establishing the Blogger site that I have no “emergency” posts to use or quick ideas to supplement more involved write-ups with, even despite switching to the biweekly schedule. And honestly, I don’t expect to write much in-advance anymore. The “one post every two weeks” frequency is here to stay and I’m going to be flexible about it, switching content and dates when necessary. The other thing is that I still want to make the blog a little bit more of my personal space. I’ve kept up the regular stream of content both to become a better writer and to prove a few things to myself. I think I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved, and while I’m definitely not discarding the general profile of the blog and the responsibilities I’ve taken upon myself (like covering the games sent to me), I’m going to have fun with it too. Write silly stuff connected to the weeb culture and my peculiar experience with it. I’ve already hinted at this at the beginning of the summer, but I’m even more determined to make it happen now. No hobby I’ve picked up over the years was this intellectually stimulating and satisfying as this one and I want to do all I can to keep it this way– I can't let things go too stale. And while I’m doing all this weird stuff and overthinking things, I hope you guys will stay and still read my crappy writing. Exploring the creativity and passion of EVN devs is not something I’ll ever get tired of, and I hope we can enjoy their stuff together for years to come. Thank you all for following my work, and until next week! tl;dr I’ve been to a fan studies conference which, together with minor health issues, ate a month and a half of my life. I’ll get back to “serious” posting next week, returning to the bi-weekly schedule. I might sneak in some weird posts about Japanese popculture between “proper” EVN ones. EVNs are love, EVNs are life (still). See you next week for actual content!
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    https://www.patreon.com/vndb/overview List of features planned eventually: https://vndb.org/d8#4
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    Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    We finally have a proper update!!!
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    This scene is the opening of Silverio Vendetta, and the two monologues (one from Zephyr, one from a spoiler character who isn't named in the scene) define the nature of the game's theme. “勝利”とは、何だ? What is victory? “栄光”とは、何だ? What is glory? それを得れば、何も失わずに済むのだろうか I choose that path, will I be able to live without losing anything? 救えるのか。守れるのか。本当に、幸せになれるのだろうか Can I save what is mine? Can I protect it? Can I really find happiness?  問いは切実。なぜなら、勝利というものはとても恐ろしいものだから。それが輝きの内に秘めている毒牙を、俺は誰より痛感している。 I ask this earnestly. For victory is by nature frightening to me. I know the poisoned fangs hidden within its glorious light better than anyone.   身の丈を超えた栄誉、使い切れないほどの大金、人目に付かざるを得ない大成功……そういったものはどうしても過剰摂取してしまった途端、逆に所有者を苦しめにかかる。 Honors that leave capability in the dust, more money than one can spend, success that can't help but be noticed... Those things can't help but cause the holder suffering the moment they overdose upon them.   つまりは反作用。 In other words, it is a reaction.   分かりやすいところでは敗者からの妬みつらみに有名税、人物像の一人歩きに、あらぬ期待や噂話。過激なものでは殺害予告、崇拝脅迫などなどと…… Amongst the more obvious would be jealousy from the defeated, the price of fame, the public's view differing from reality, and unfounded rumors and expectations. The more extreme end can even go to death threats, worship, blackmail, etc...  悪意か、あるいは逆に暴走した善意ゆえか。どちらにしても恐ろしいことには変わりなく。 Whether it is malice or berserk good will, they are both terrifying.   それは時として単純な敗北を上回る激痛と化し、更なる破滅の呼び水となる。 At times, that even becomes a suffering far more terrible than simple defeat, and it can even become the cause of utter ruin.   大きな事業が成功した代償に、愛する家族に累が及べば本末転倒。それと同じだ。 It is the same as losing your family as the cost for succeeding in business. It's counterproductive.   時としてここは負けておくだとか、少し遠慮をしてみせるとか、そういった配慮が必要な瞬間は間違いなく存在している。勝てば官軍とは早々いかない It is an absolute truth that there are times when it is best to consider allowing defeat or showing humility.  無論、だからといって勝利するなと言っているわけでもないのだ。そんなことを真剣に語るやつは心底馬鹿だし、目が曇っていると言う他ない。 Of course, I'm not saying 'don't win'. Anyone who says that is a total idiot and is blind to reality.   人ならば誰しも、いいやどんな生物であろうと例外なく勝利という結果を目指す。それが自然で、当たり前の行動原理だ。そもそも負けてばかりでは生きることさえ難しく、無制限に敗者を許してくれるほど世の中は甘い形に出来てはいない。 Humans... no all living things regardless of origin seek a victorious result. That way of being is perfectly natural and a matter of course. It is truly rare that victory is unadulterated. In the first place, if you are always on the losing side, it is hard to even live, and the world isn't so kind as to infinitely forgive the defeated.   だからそいつの器に見合った勝利と、妥協できる程度の敗北。その一線を見極めて行動するのが充実した人生を送るコツではなかろうかと、思わざるを得ないのだ。 That's why the ideal is to seek victories one is capable of handling and defeats one is capable of accepting. I can't help but believe that the key to living a full life is acting while keeping an eye on that thin line. 大きな夢を目指すことで惨めに敗れるくらいなら、最初から挑戦せずにそこそこの勝負で済ませておくのが最も賢く、傷も浅い……と。 'Rather than suffering a terrible defeat as the result of pursuing a great dream, it is much smarter and less painful to avoid challenging your limits and be satisfied with minor victories and losses...' 反吐の出そうな弱者の論理展開だがこれを口にしているやつは存外多く、かくいう俺もその一人。 That's the nauseating thought process of the weak, but there are a lot of people out there who talk this way... and I am one of them. 卑小? 凡人? そうだな、指摘されてもその通り。自分自身でよく分かっているよ。予め負けた時のために予防線を張っているだけだろうと誹られても、まったく、ぐうの音も出ない Pathetic? Mediocre? Yes, what you are saying is correct. I know that very well. Even if you say I'm just making excuses for the time I lose in advance, I can't refute you. そうだとも、俺は小物だ。 That's right, I'm a pathetic man. 人としても男としても、小さな器しか持っていない。 Whether as a person or a man, I am only capable of so much. 大した理想や信念もなくその日暮らしの金銭さえ手に入れられれば満足という、翻弄される風見鶏。 I live without any real ideals or convictions, an opportunist who is quite satisfied as long as he can make enough money to live day by day. 受動的、かつ厭世的。ただ一言、情けない。 I'm passive as well as pessimistic. To sum me up in a single word... pathetic. けれど── However... それでもただ一つ、言い訳をさせてもらうなら悟ったまでの人生について具申したい。 Still, if you'll let me make one excuse, I would like to report on the life I lived until I came to this realization. 俺は何も負け続けたからこうなったわけではなく、求めてもいない勝利のせいでこうなってしまったのだから。 I didn't end up this way because I kept losing but rather because of an unwanted set of victories. そう──勝てば碌なことにはならない。 That's right... nothing good comes of winning. 必ず、より強大な姿となって次の苦難が訪れる。 Without fail, the next, much larger tribulation follows it up. それは冗談みたいな言葉だが俺にとっては紛うことなく真実だった。 That might seem like some kind of joke... but it was an absolute truth for me. 本当に、ああ本当に、いつもいつも、いつもいつもいつもいつも…… Really, oh really... every time, always, always always... 敵に、任務に、難問に、勝負に、勝ったところで状況が一向に改善されない。それどころか、難易度がアップした状態で似たような事態が連続するという始末。まったく訳が分からない。 Whether an enemy, a mission, a difficult question, or a competition, achieving victory fails to improve the situation. Moreover, I found myself facing similar situations at escalating levels of difficulty. Seriously, what's with that? 身をすり減らして勝った途端、より恐るべき難題が必ず目の前にふりかかる。 The moment I won by running myself ragged, an even worse problem would always, without exception, pop up before me. 血反吐をはいて生き抜いた途端、どこからか容易に超えざる大敵が次は俺の番だと出現してくる。 The moment I came out victorious, puking blood, another great enemy would appear before me. まるで運命という宝箱をぶちまけでもしたかのように。際限なく湧き出てくる次の問題、次の敵、次の次の次の次の──勝者が負わねばならぬ義務。 It was almost as if the contents of fate's treasure box were scattered before me. Problems, enemies, and every tribulation you could possibly imagine welling forth endlessly... the duty a victor must bear. おまえは見事に勝ったのだから、栄光を手にしたのだから、次のステージに進むのは当然でより相応しい争いに身を投じなければならないとでも? Is the world saying that, since I won, since I achieved glory that proceeding to the next stage is a matter of course, and I have to throw myself into a more fitting conflict? それが勝者の宿命だから? ふざけろよ、こんな馬鹿げた話があるか Because that is the duty of a victor? Screw that! Can there be anything more idiotic than this?! 誰しもみな現状をより良くしたいから勝利や栄光を願うのに、なぜか俺に限ってはそれが自らの首を絞めていくのだから、不条理という他ないだろう。 Everyone seeks victory and glory to make their present better, but for some reason, in my case, that just strangles me. You can't call that anything other than absurdity. そして当然、凡人なのだから負けもする。いいやむしろ、何も出来ずに地を這う方が多いくらいだ。 And of course, since I'm just a normal person, I lose as well. No, it was actually more common for me to be crawling the earth, helpless. それが嫌だから研鑽を積み、慣れない努力に手を伸ばしたこともある。 There was a time when, because I didn't like that, I took the unfamiliar path of working hard. けれど勝てば、決まって訪れる次の困難。永遠に脱出不能の蟻地獄。頭がどうにかなりそうだった。 However, if I won, I was doomed to face the next tribulation. It was a hellish existence I was incapable of escaping. I felt like I was going to go mad. そんな状態に置かれて尚不屈の意志を保てるほど、人の心は強くない。 Placed into that kind of situation, the human heart isn't so strong as to be able to maintain an indomitable will. だから、俺はもう十分だと疲れ果てて。 And so, I decided I had enough, exhausted. このまま、ただ流されて生きることを選択し。 I chose to live going with the flow. 自分が塵だということを、嫌になるほど受け入れたのに。 Though I hated it, I even accepted the fact that I was worthless trash. けれど── However... それでも、守らなければならない子が出来たから。 Yest still, I found a girl I had to protect. 彼女を救うために、このちっぽけな命を懸けると誓った。ゆえに後もう一度だけと奮い立たせて、再起する。 I vowed to use this pathetic life to save her. For that reason, I forced myself to stand and go forth once again. 一世一代、最後の博打。そして俺は何の因果か勝ってしまい…… It was a once in a lifetime, final gamble... and for some reason I won... どうしようもなく“勝利”を手にしてしまったのだ。 And I achieved yet another terrible victory. それがすなわち、地獄への片道切符に変貌するということをついぞ甘くみたままに…… I foolishly failed to realize that that was doomed to transform into a one-way trip to hell... (at this point, it changes narrators from Zephyr to another) 死神が呼び寄せられる。手に負えない艱難辛苦が訪れる。 The grim reaper is called forth. Trials and tribulations beyond my ability to handle arrive. 守り抜くなど絶対不可能。勝者へは永遠に至れない。 Protecting her to the end is absolutely impossible. He will never become a true victor. 訪れる次の大敵──次の不幸。次の苦難。次の破滅。 What comes is another enemy, another misfortune, another tribulation, another ruin. 掴み取ったはずの未来は暗黒に蝕まれたまま続行していく。 The future he thought he'd reached continues to move forward, eaten away by darkness. むしろ手にした奇跡を呼び水に、よりおぞましい新たな試練を組み込んで運命を駆動させるのだ。 Rather, the miracle he managed to create becomes fuel for another challenge, turning the wheels of fate. それが“逆襲”と呼ばれるものの本質。 That is the nature of a 'counterattack'. 弱者が強者を滅ぼすからこそ成立する概念は、ゆえ逆説的に、勝利の栄華を手にしてしまえば執行資格を失ってしまう。 As it is a concept that exists through the weak destroying the strong, if the glory of victory is achieved, the right to use it is lost. ……彼は永遠の負け犬、呪われた銀の人狼。 ... He is an eternal loser, the cursed silver werewolf. 常に敗亡の淵で嘆きながらあらゆる敵を巨大な咢門で噛み砕く、痩せさらばえた負の害獣。 The gaunt evil beast who crushes all enemies in its great jaws while howling its despair from the depths of defeat. 次にやって来る狩人が更に凶悪な存在になると分かっていても、自分自身の宿命から逃れられずに足掻いている。 He continues to struggle, even though he knows that the next hunter will be even more terrible than the last, unable to escape his destiny. “勝利”からは逃げられない。 It is impossible to escape from victory. “勝利”からは逃げられない。 It is impossible to escape from victory. “勝利”からは逃げられない。 It is impossible to escape from victory. 「ならば────」 "Then..." ──さあ、どうするか? ... now, what will you do?
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    Rewrite+ Kickstarter

    It was very sudden, but, apparently, it's live . https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/digital-and-physical-release-of-keys-rewrite The translation, started by late Conjueror, will be finished by Steiner. And here I was thinking that I would never back anything by Sekai again.
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    some of these things sound absolutely wild. i can't believe there's bible verses and marijuana in this game, wtf, i might not be able to handle all this crazy shit...
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    Jun Inoue

    What are you playing?

    It employs a very classic nakige structure. The first part is comedic and light-hearted. Then there's romance, the tragic climax and a bittersweet ending. It surprised me too, because the thing about the demons made me thing it would be a simple story peppered with h-scenes everywhere, contrasting oddly with its nakige tag, but it most definitely isn't so. It's fairly short (even if you do more than one route, which isn't all that necessary), so do tell me if you play it! Fair enough. I'll start it either way, as I had originally planned, be it comedic enough or not Otherwise I might just play it and rewatch some comedy anime or smth haha.
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    Rewrite+ Kickstarter

    Because Sekai is evil and an existential enemy of the weebkind. Seriously though, even though this might still take a while and you can always count on SP to screw up some part of it... The translators involved are no con-artists and I actually quite like how the campaign is structured – I don't see any far-reaching promises there and even the top tiers are fairly reasonable. Hopefully it will give Sekai an opportunity to repair its reputation a bit.
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    Hi, guys! This is Nayru writing. Here's my new solo project! Blankspace will be coming to Kickstarter on 10/29! >> Here's the Kickstarter link! << Press the "Notify me" button to get notified on launch! Not sure what he's been doing the night before, Chris wakes up in a strange room, handcuffed to a pipe. He doesn't recognize the girl that wakes up next to him, but it seems they're both in a similar predicament. What's their story? Can they get out? Blankspace is an escape room visual novel with point-and-click elements. Interact with Beryl, investigate your surroundings, solve puzzles, and find your way out of a strange-looking room! Genres: mystery, puzzle, suspense, romance Romance: BxG Features: - 2-5 hours of playtime - A story-rich, character-driven narrative - Choices that affect your relationship & ending - Multiple endings - Optional free H-patch (available upon release) - Available for Windows & Linux - Content warning - This story will contain general mature themes, strong language, blood, alcohol consumption, sexual content, and will explore some dark topics, including abuse, depression, and suicide. Please take note of this if you're sensitive to such things. Player discretion is advised. Credits: Nayru - Creator Xolf - Proofreading / Coding Assistance Planned release: Q2 2020 Characters: Screenshots: Follow NoBreadStudio on: Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook | Discord | Itch.io | VNDB
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    Good luck. You're gonna need it. Most worthwhile TLers/editors already work only officially, so finding fresh blood for any kind of fanTL project is incredibly difficult. But, if you manage to polish ittaku's work and release that as a patch, it's still gonna be a great success. This was a beast of a project to pick up, so managing to finish even a half of it is amazing.
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    feng is filing for bankruptcy

    Plenty of studios went down under as of late; Feng isn't the only one. Point is, Feng has never achieved any sort of a success and their games were completely unremarkable so it's not much of a loss, as harsh as it sounds.
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    Usually, I focus mostly on the perspective of a consumer when I write in this blog. I do this because I am and always have been primarily a consumer of material rather than a creator. However, that doesn't mean I've never created anything... just that I haven't published anything (well, under my own name... ghost writing doesn't count) since some early fiction on Deviantart over a decade ago. So, since I'm not writing as many reviews, I chose to start a small corner describing the techniques I use when I'm writing fiction (which I still do as a hobby, though I stopped posting it after the last site I posted massively on went under). Today's corner is about the techniques I use when creating a character (usually the protagonist and his immediate surrounding characters, as well as the antagonist) in the brainstorming process. There are two types I use... the flow of thought type and the 'important points' type. The flow of thoughts (similar to flow of consciousness style of writing) involves simply writing out all the qualities, the basic history, and abilities/talents/weaknesses of a character as they occur to you in prose form. This is very similar to the character summaries given on official websites, but in much more detail, with specific important points (to you) described in detail. Immediately after I complete this process, I ink out the setting (I usually create a setting in parallel to the characters) and then I start the 'sculpting' process. The sculpting process involves slowly shaving away or altering parts of the character that don't quite fit with the full setting, are excessive (it is easy to make fantasy protagonists over-powered, for instance), or just don't seem to be internally consistent in retrospect. The final step is to try to write an intro scene for that character that would make sense for that character in the universe you've created, giving you an impression that you can use to form their role in a story. The second method I use is more mechanical. In this case, I write out all the qualities in list form, based on what kind of character I'm interested in making. I usually use this for side-characters, as it is a much 'dryer' approach. Essentially, I create Personality, History, Relationships, and Abilities/Talents/Quirks/Weaknesses categories. Relationships is generally the first category I focus on, connecting their strand of the web to that of the protagonist and/or other characters. The second is usually either History or Personality. The reason is that this defines the nature of the Relationships, giving it a more distinct form. Last is the Abilities/Talents/Quirks/Weaknesses category. To be blunt, while this is important to their role in the story, it is the aspect that is most likely to be subject to change based on what is necessary to keep the plot going. These are the basic techniques I use... to be honest, since I've never been formally educated in creative writing, I don't know how close my methodology is to that which is commonly used, but I find that this works best for me.
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    Hallo! alien51 here, lurking around quite casually~ I'm an alien otaku. My whims n fancies revolve around Japanese BGM(visual novels n alike), mad scientists, star wars, and moege. My VN reading speed is around 31 visual novels in one month(sometimes i surprise even myself). Now i'm learning how to extract music from Visual novels. That chuunige music(occasionally utsuge too), i tend to hear that at dinner, depending on mood. My favs R Cartagra, Umineko, Kara no Shoujo, Nekopara, and Yandere Happy Sunday~
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    DOWNLOAD: https://djnostyle.itch.io/nothing-is-beautiful VNDB: https://vndb.org/v26715 This is the story of a girl who loves whales and a boy who eats too much candy. "What will happen to us in the summer?" A simple question from a simple girl -- but one that Yuu is unable to answer. Cursed with a severe case of psychosis at birth, Yuu sees and hears things that no one else can. These delusions, which come in waves brought on by the weight of God and past traumas, turn his daily life into an endless struggle toward normalcy. The game takes place over a two-week period at the end of high school. Please live a beautiful life. God is watching. Amen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, everyone! Please check out Nothing is Beautiful. It's a psychological drama I'm writing and producing entirely on my own. Every asset in this game is royalty-free and, as such, the full game will be free as well upon release. Right now, the demo covers the first day of a two-week period. Please be advised, this game does have several dark themes and deals heavily with the impact of religion on the human psyche. If you have an issue with that, I completely understand and hold nothing against you. I do, however, hope that those of you who aren't put off by this enjoy the world I have created. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEROINES: (All designed by Liah) Saki Your childhood friend and source of free food and laundry. She is very kind and loves whales. Please be nice to her. She is very sad. Reina Your classmate. You used to be close, but you stopped hanging out with her for some reason. You don't know why. Her three sizes are 89/61/88 and she loves horror movies. Miu Your kouhai. She will act brave. She is lying. Do not love her until she learns to love herself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no planned release date for the full project as of yet, but I'll continue working hard to deliver a very memorable experience. Thanks for reading!
  17. 2 points

    Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    I was really hyped when I saw that this VN get localized. It'll be a day one buy for me when it's released. It pretty much combines all the things I like: murder mystery, Japanese history and knight girls. I was even thinking about reading the Japanese version, but fortunately that won't be necessary anymore.
  18. 2 points
    I don't remember being raised by you though I'll probably post an update this weekends or the next. Please look forward to it ^^.
  19. 1 point
    Hello. I am planning to do a full game release, but since it'd take me quite a long time to do it all in one dump due to my professional duties, I was planning to release the full game's translation by routes, since the story has a ladder progression, aka the best way to read it is in the order of routes the game forces you into. As for when I'll release that, maybe next year if things pick up with editing? I've already translated quite a bit of the game, so the only thing left would be to just work on that since the other tasks are pretty much done (save the UI).
  20. 1 point

    Blog update + my VN FTL university project

    You got balls of steel bro. I wouldn't talk about eroge in public.
  21. 1 point

    What are you playing?

    Ooooh, I was under the impression it's a comedy nukige and was going to pass on it either entirely or at least for the moment, but now I'm actually interested (like the masochist I apparently am)! I might give it a go when I'm done with Yukizakura!
  22. 1 point
    Main school alone is the length of a medium-length VN, as it's around 34k lines.
  23. 1 point

    Rewrite+ Kickstarter

    Happily spent $200+ bucks for my love to Kotori and physical stuff. You guys are for a treat who thought Kotori's route ending was lacking in Harvest Festa. Also if anyone is interested in discussing Rewrite or getting hype for this release, make sure to join the Rewrite discord https://discord.gg/FCBb8M4
  24. 1 point

    feng is filing for bankruptcy

    I'm not celebrating... well, maybe a little. I played at least part of all their games after Somaru Saka, and each one was a complete waste of time, even before I got sick of charage. If it was one of the better companies like Alcot or Pulltop, I'd be grieving, but this one literally has no redeeming games/qualities.
  25. 1 point

    feng is filing for bankruptcy

    By oversaturation I mean there are too many companies for the existing market. If you look back to the early years of eroge when Fate and Clannad were released, there were much less companies at work that released products of adequate quality, so the few that did exist could sell a lot more titles. I'm also not sure if the total number of companies is really getting smaller since there are also new companies joining the competition, and there's usually not a extra forum post when that happens. So the overall negative impression might be misleading.
  26. 1 point
    Though there is no such post (I believe there were some, at one point) now, I'll see about either finding an old one or making a new one explaining the editor. For spoiler tags, all you have to do is click the eye icon in the editor. Whenever you type a reply, you are doing so in a box, and at the top left there should be an icon that looks like an eye. If you hover over it, it'll display a tooltip saying 'Spoiler'. That is the button you need to click.
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    Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    You select the text you want to hide, and click "eye" icon in the toolbar of the text box.
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    What are you playing?

    Good thing they covered the boobs, or else those innocent 17-year-olds might get traumatized!
  29. 1 point

    What Anime are you watching now?

    I guess, this month I'm watching more anime than I usually do in a year. Kaguya-sama: Love is War. You know, this show is amazing! Absolutely loved the comedy, and it's exactly the type of romantic comedy that I enjoy the most. The only major drawback is the lack of a satisfying ending, so, I guess, it's time to wait for season 2. I may read the manga, but I don't really enjoy manga as much as VNs, LNs or anime, so I'd rather wait for season 2 for now. If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord. Well, it was better than I expected. Definitely a cute and also surprisingly touching story. Again, the only real flaw is the lack of real ending, and, moreover, this show overall feels just like an extended prologue. I probably will read the LN at some point. Phantom in the Twilight. Just randomly stumbled upon this show on Crunchyroll, and, you know, this one is a good example that I have bad taste. Both the story and the worldbuilding were a complete trainwreck, but, somehow, I still liked this show in the end and enjoyed it immensely. Though, admittedly, I laughed at how cliche and chuuni some scenes were. At the same time, the production values are pretty good, the voice actors are very recognizable, and the protagonist is pretty entertaining to watch too. Also, I quite liked this ending song.
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    Master Magistrate is the murder mystery detective visual novel set in the late years of Japan's Edo Period. Developed by the indie studio Irodori and released in the year of 2017, it quickly attained popularity and became a hit amongst Japanese fans. They praised the great direction sense, well-crafted scenario, immersive atmosphere, and fascinating soundtrack, amongst other aspects. Hobibox have attained publishing rights for the Chinese and English versions of the game, wishing to bring this experience overseas. They have committed themselves to provide a high-quality product, hoping to turn a new leaf and redeem themselves for not so fruitful past endeavors. Read more at https://j-addicts.de/master-magistrate-early-access-review/ - we now have a comment box! (I was initially planning on cross-posting here but the screenshots looked strange, so yeah).
  31. 1 point

    Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    Good review there, and I admit that at first I dismissed it. Of course after I did a bit of searching, I find that the character is quite good looking and that it have some familiar VAs so I picked my interest to this. And not to mention that Hobibox here is basically improved their translation from Your Diary, which mean that at least they learnt from their mistake by hire the native speaker. Too bad that their confidence is plummeted seeing that they didn't release the full version for this yet (I know that they have the reason, but I want to say it), and so we need to wait for a while here. I don't have any problem to wait until 2020 though, because we have enough good release for this year. By the way I already played this, and yeah it resembled Ace attorney except that the MC here is the judge instead of the attorney with Nagai Sr. here is basically Blaise with Nagai Jr. here is basically Sebastian (AAI2 refrence, and yeah I used localized name). Oh and the dad of the MC here is basically Mia Fey, except less busty and less beautiful (The dad is quite handsome here). Also apparently they change the vertical textbox to horizontal textbox, which is acceptable seeing that it would be very awkward if Hobibox keep the vertical textbox here. Anyway after read the review and solve the first case here, I can say that I'll look forward to the full release and of course hopefully they'll also have 18+ contents as well. PS - Almost forget to say that Koume here is really living up to her family name lol.
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    PFS files fully supported in GARBro.
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    Would have been this year if more people had shown up to the raid.
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    Another person that is into VN BGM! I like! My favorite BGM generally comes from the Grisaia series, the Muv-Luv series, and Clannad. Aokana seems to have some really good music too... As for Aliens ...... I think the truth of that will be publicly disclosed within 2 years (seems steps are already been taken to prepare the masses for such a disclosure). We just have to wait for the Deepstate vs Alliance covert war to conclude. At least that's the impression I'm getting... Anyways, enjoy your stay here.
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    I was skeptical about the alien part at first, but this convinced me. ^^ Welcome to Fuwa, extraterrestrial!
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    Thanks a lot mrpaladin <3 i did think about when this kind of game from eushully gonna get translated n now here it is i found it ! thanks a lot to u ! hopefully company like mangagamers or few others can recruit u to make lot of VN/eroge can be enjoyed by lot of ppls who cant read japanese like us! i wholeheartly thank u for ur hardwok !
  37. 1 point
    sounds like great news so far, well excluding the thingie about glupak, so congrats on successfully pushing through. & regarding what possibly comes next, you might wanna look at ninetails older titles, as there´s some real good stuff in there, eg. eve, amatsukaze & whatnot.
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    Yo yo yo!
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    pleasantly surprised by the demo so far as its concept & overall theme seems to be well thought-through. as someone with DID myself this makes for a "wholesome" experience aka god is dead. best wishes on your endeavour, best of luck & just do your thing.
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    Eroge with romance route, with a non romantic ending. Astounding work. With this title and the other one its no wonder their company went tits up.
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    Will just leave this here: I read this with @Zakamutt, and it was pretty fun for the both of us. It was entertaining enough to make for a pleasant evening. As you may be able to gauge from his response, he quite enjoyed it. The game is more serious than what it first might seem to be. I'd be interested in the full version but I wonder if the humor would stay as funny if the game were several hours long. The game becomes so self-referential that sometimes you can predict what's coming next. Just about as often as I have no idea what could come next, mind you. Aside from that, I'd like to point out a few issues (only like 4 sentences). For example, "for for", lay instead of lie (incorrect usage), the one line about the wincing door (feels slightly odd) and some other line that should've been in past tense (I think the verb was...remain?). Oh, and make sure to use em dash instead of en dash — it looks way better. I'd also considering toning down their usage, or they lose their oomph. God is dead but he left us this visual novel.
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    Good afternoon fellow avid readers

    I don't have an editor, my work is a bit closer to that of an editor than a straight-out writer, except in cases when I need to rewrite the entire contents of a given job (it happens). Edit: I do write fiction for fun, but I don't think I've ever been satisfied completely with it after the world-building phase.
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    VN's like these one's

    Well, you are looking for something rather specific, there are still a lot of choices though, but they can feel kinda samey really quickly. Just saying you're gonna run into a lot of childhood friends overcoming their initial hesitation to deepen an otherwise satisfying relationship, (non-) blood-related little sisters overcoming that taboo, unapproachable rich girls with a secret talent/hobby, bonus points for unreasonable parents and super approachable good girls with twisted family situations and/or issues with classmates who vie for your attention, while being at a recently coed school or attending a niche club. I tend to read them in moderation instead of succession, every once in a while it feels sweet, but they can quickly get boring if stories feel too much alike with color swipes of the characters. It's also a bit difficult to draw a clear line between what would be happy happy or a sad happy ending, is it sad happy when characters take 4 years to see each other again and all you get treated to is another 10 lines of dialogue before the credits roll? But I digress. Anyway, have some that might suit you. Dracu riot https://vndb.org/v8213 Liked the setting, pretty much urban fantasy with vampires, what could go wrong. Koi choco https://vndb.org/v4028 Picked that one up because of the anime, pretty solid writing and enjoyable character interaction even besides the protagonist. It's also pretty much the baseline between drama/romance/plot these VNs usually have. Devil on G String https://vndb.org/v211 A bit more of a thrillride, the heroines clearly get uneven amounts of attention as intended with a clear true route. Still a satisfying read for me. Harukoi Otome https://vndb.org/v979 More on the dramatic side when the endings approach, wrapped up with happy endings if you choose well. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai https://vndb.org/v8158 Great characters, funny, the bumps in the road are very minor, great pick-me-up when you want something lighthearted. Tried to post some examples from different sides of the spectrum that should still fall into your search criteria.
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    Hi Hi

    Hi and welcome to Fuwanovel!
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    Well, whatever, guess I'll leave that up to the editor (if I ever manage to get to that stage with this project ) For now I want to say, that I just finished 5th chapter (some retranslation, and translating the lines missing from official TL), which makes roughly 25% of the whole text.
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    Anyone who has read one of my reviews knows I'm something of a cynic and a pessimist. I try to think the best about every VN I go into, but my first impulse is to see what is wrong, rather than what is right. Whether it is optimism and rose-colored glasses or pessimism and cynicism, and excess of either is often a negative influence on the quality of a review. Generally speaking, I usually make an effort to find something I like about a VN's concept before going in, then I start the VN trying to enjoy it as an outgrowth of that. By the end, this usually results in me having experienced both the negative and positive aspects of the VN... the problem is, when reviewing, it is all too easy to forget what is good about the VN. As a result, when I'm writing up a review, the first thing I do is write up a list of the good points I found, ignoring the mitigating negative factors. I then build the review around these and include the negative points in with the rest... but you can probably tell that being positive just doesn't come naturally to me, since I tend to be pretty harsh. However, by using this system, I've found dozens of VN gems over the years that I probably would have discarded for perceived negative qualities if I didn't use this process. Indeed, early on in my reading of untranslated VNs, I dropped numerous ones simply because they had a negative aspect that I got obsessed with. I would later go back and replay them, only to find that the negative aspect wasn't as big a deal as I thought at the time, since I made the effort to go back with a differing perspective. A poor quality in a reviewer is the tendency to ignore the negatives about something you like. Another one is to rate things entirely based on aspects you only have a vague grasp or focus on (in my case, due to my eye problems, I'm not the best judge of artwork, and my musical sense is entirely based on how it enhances the atmosphere, rather than raw quality comprehension). I'm a story reviewer. I review almost exclusively based on the story, characters, and presentation. As such, art and sound rarely have a place in my reviews, since I don't think I'm qualified to evaluate them except in the most general of terms. I can tell when a VA did an exceptional job, because it stands out enough for me to notice. I will even mention this in the review, since it takes a lot for a performance to stand out to me. However, I never pretend to know the ins and outs of specific aspects of VA or musical quality. I simply don't have the right kind of ear for that kind of thing, not being musically inclined. One thing I've noticed in some reviewers who prefer niche genres (such as myself) is to display a tendency I refer to as PGRD (or Popular Game Reactionary Disorder). It is a fictional mental disease that many of us who have a distinct preference for a niche genre display that causes us to have a knee-jerk negative reaction to popular works, simply because they are mainstream. This is a problem that is particularly common in Western otakus of around my age, who became fanboys during a time when watching anime, playing Japanese video games, and reading manga had a rather strong stigma that left us feeling isolated and defensive. However, it is also present in people who prefer niche genres (I get the double whammy, being both). That sense of isolation leads to a tendency to over-praise our favorite materials and bash anything that we see as being too popular. In reverse, there are those who automatically dismiss anything that isn't mainstream. Both types are reactionary in nature and have little to do with the quality of the materials in question. Being a long-time sci-fi addict, I can't understand why anyone would enjoy Avatar (the movie). However, if I make the mistake of saying that in front of a fanboy of the movie, I will inevitably get a vociferous lecture on how misunderstood the movie is by science fiction fans... There are many such examples of such behavior I have experienced over the years, both in myself and in others. As such, a reviewer has to be willing to examine his own motives for liking or hating something. Are you being cynical for the sake of being cynical? Are you over-praising something to the point of overlooking the obvious problems with it? Are you making excuses while thinking you are making a reasoned argument? On the other side, are you ignoring the voice of reason to give you an excuse to dislike something? In the end, bias is unavoidable... but it is a reviewer's duty to do their best to cast aside as much of it as possible, because people use our reviews as reference points when they pick what they want to play/read/watch.
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    Good luck with the project, and tysm for translating this vn.
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    Good luck to you. All August translations are welcome \o/
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