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    After ten years playing VNs, you would think I would have completely lost faith in them by now, especially considering just how many I've played (744 not counting most of the nukige, replays and incomplete/dropped ones). Most VNs that aren't nukige are SOL-fests that exist solely to promote nostalgic fantasies about life in high school and getting into bishoujos' pants... not that that is an entirely horrible goal, but it isn't something I want to see five hundred times over. The romance is usually puerile and has no relation to reality, the characters have all their hard edges filed away by the needs of the archetype, and drama is used solely to add 'spice' (like one sprinkle of pumpkin spice, not cracked red pepper) to an otherwise endlessly sweet and bland recipe. So how is it that someone who has experienced that much essentially boring and pointless repetition of the same scenarios able to continue to enjoy VNs, even if he can't stand meaningless SOL anymore? At one time, it was a sense of duty, a belief that I was doing the community good by digging gems out of the piles of crap that are the SOL genre. I also had a sense of pride that I made an effort of objectivity that I have literally seen no one else attempt. I played games no one else bothered with because they didn't have the time or patience, and I did it because I thought someone looking at the games would want to know what they were getting into. I paid a price in a growing sense of bitterness, of boredom, and of a sense that I was forgetting the reason why I began to read fiction in the first place. I paid a price in people continually being trolls and trying to draw me into fights over my opinions on these games. I had people start reddits and send me pms being sympathetic about the very conversations they'd started (yes that happens). I also had people who respected what I was doing, and I knew there were people in the community who benefited from the fact that I was doing it. I watched VNs I had pushed get localizations and fantls (usually to my surprise), and I saw others that I had labeled as mediocre get hyped to a ridiculous degree. I tried to get other people to help with what I was doing, only to find that, without a reading speed similar to mine, it was too much of a burden on their lives and ate up the time to read the VNs they wanted to read. The bad generally outweighed the good immensely while I was doing VN of the Month, and even after, I found that the after-effects of my years of playing games I wasn't interested in personally had left me with scars I was unable to feel while my sense of duty was keeping me going. However, I can say that I still haven't given up on VNs. Why? The reason is ridiculously simple and at the same time profound (at least to me). I love the medium. For someone who likes an experience that combines the reading, visual input, and music without the need for a lot of input from the one experiencing it, VNs provide a unique storytelling experience. Books are great for the imagination and can send our souls exploring across landscapes that exist only in our own minds, but VNs provide a more filled-out framework for those who don't necessarily have the imagination to fill in all the gaps on their own, without rotting the imagination to the degree manga and anime do. I've been able to get people who had trouble reading books into VNs, then led them straight back to books and opened the world of imagination to them. I've seen people who had begun to feel the otaku community offered nothing more to them come alive again after playing a chuunige or a charage. I've picked up a random moe-looking VN and found a deep and compelling story that remains within me dozens of times. In the end, it is moments, experiences like that that keep me coming back, believing in the possibilities of VNs even now. It is the desire to find more such experiences that keeps me looking at new releases each month, and it is the belief that those experiences will never entirely vanish that keeps me from condemning the industry as a whole for the way it sabotages itself at times.
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    Hello everyone, I'm here with the first update of this year . I've finished my first playthrough of Kami no Rhapsody. And that also means I've finished translating the game on Lavirie's route (Yay!) Now, I'll go through my second playthrough for Mistoria's route, the appends and the New Game+ contents. I'll take this chance to translate the information screen and some other side texts as well. On a different note, I can't believe I've been doing this for a year already lol. At first, it was just a small project I started to improve my Japanese. But now, it has become a full project aiming to release a full patch for the game XD. Well, I'm having fun so I guess it all worked out ? In any case, I'm very grateful that there are so many people supporting this project. I'll try my best to give you the patch you've all been waiting for (hopefully, within this year ) That's about it this time. Thank you very much for reading and for your support over the last year. Though it's a bit late, Happy New Year everyone ^^.
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    Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #15

    Wow, I actually made another entry. Nobody saw that coming.
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    So, here are screenshots from current state: I wanted to post a video too, but MSI Afterburner has problems with framerate... I found original censored version too - had to look for FDD images instead of HD images with preinstaled game.
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    Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/970570/CHAOSCHILD/ With that said, I figure I’ll take this opportunity to ask for some clarification! I’ve been looking forward to reading Chaos;Child ever since Committee of Zero released their patch at the end of June last year, but I’ve been putting it off in order to read Chaos;Head Noah first, since Chaos;Child apparently spoils that. I’m growing more and more restless, since it might take a long time for Noah to be translated and I’m really hyped for Chaos;Child, so I’m currently considering reading the original Chaos;Head instead. What I’d like to know is: Are there any vital plot-related differences between Chaos;Head and Chaos;Head Noah, or is Noah just meant to bring some extra content for the fans of the original? I heard that Noah has a revamped True Ending and changes to the story, among other things. If I read the original Chaos;Head and then Chaos;Child, will Child spoil anything from Noah that isn’t in the original (like the revamped True Ending, for example)?
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    Pure x Connect Translation

    Status update Prologue progress: Translation: Complete Editing: 1001/2120 Overall progress: Translation: 4379/43896 Editing: 1001/43896 Now with holidays over we go back to a regular update schedule, also, on further news, @Meat_Bun1 has joined us as an editor, so expect faster progress on the editing side of things.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hahahah! A miracle took place this morning! After filing a complain to the our College Dean regarding my predicament of being unable to enroll this semester and some backings from my father with support of my classmates. The bitch chairwoman was pressured and received quite a scolding from the higher ups then finally gave her approval for my enrollment. So in the end it all went well and I got enrolled today... I guess despite how crazy the world is, there's still some semblance of hope for me... However I won't easily forgive the atrocities that damn bitch has caused me, both draining me, physically and mentally. I'll put my plans of cursing/hexing her on hold for now... Until I graduate and then she can disappear... I'm already enjoying the suffering she had as I witness how pissed off she was when she handed me the paper works required to be enrollment... hehehe Thank you so much for the suggestion! I'll look into it once the storm has settle in... Real Life issues is taking a toll on me.... So much wonderful PC games and Visual Novels/Hentai/Eroge/Anime to watch/play/read... So little time.... How I desire to achieve financial freedom so that I won't have to be worried regarding mundane issues...
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    A short while ago I’ve reviewed PixelFade’s Crystalline, expressing my disappointment at what was a visually brilliant, but rather hollow experience, in many ways inferior to that studio's first project, Ace Academy. While AA, a mecha-themed game set in near future’s Japan, mixed convincing drama, a cast of archetypical, but compelling heroines and great SoL sections, providing a fairly balanced and enjoyable game, Crystalline focused much more on comedy and despite the fantasy adventure framework, failed to produce an engaging plot or characters interesting enough to make the whole experience satisfying. The genuine chemistry between Ace Academy’s characters and its compelling atmosphere let me even forgive its anticlimactic ending – PixelFade struggled heavily with that game's development, being forced to cut a large portion of the plot and rush the conclusion, infuriating many fans. The cuts and omissions were definitely visible, for me however, what was already there was simply too good to disregard and I still consider AA as one of the best EVNs I’ve ever read. As you can imagine, it was hard for me not to get excited when, shortly after Crystalline’s release, the studio announced Kaori After Story – a spin-off to Ace Academy, continuing the romance arc of Kaori, arguably the primary heroine of the first game. Using the Live 2D engine and animations from Crystalline, it promised to be another eye-candy, this time directed to the fans of PixelFade's debut title. What worried me, however, was that it was also described by the devs as primarily a comedy, most likely ignoring the bitter-sweet climate of the original and its somewhat ambivalent ending. Thankfully, as much as some might be disappointed with this game’s obvious disinterest in continuing Ace Academy’s main intrigue, connected to protagonist’s father’s scientific research and tragic death, there are many things here they should find highly satisfying – and even I, as reserved as I was when approaching KAS, couldn’t help but to enjoy it quite a lot. The spin-off might disappoint those hoping for any kind of elaboration on Ace Academy’s main intrigue, but the SoL fluff it offers is of excellent quality Kaori, the leader of the protagonist’s team of mecha pilots (the story is based around a futuristic sport, involving team battles between specialized mecha called GEARs), was the heroine with probably the most intricate and fun romance arc in Ace Academy. While her modern-tsundere attitude might be off-putting to some (she can be standoffish and often rude towards the protagonist even after they become a couple), there were many highly amusing interactions connected to her and fairly unique, memorable scenes that still stick to my mind, more than a year after reading AA. Especially if you chose the athletic archetype when starting the game, it was easy to create a genuine chemistry between her and the protagonist, both highly skilled and ambitious pilots, pulling each other up on their way to the very top. However, maybe more than any other route, it lacked genuinely romantic moments, in which Kaori would truly open up to the protagonist or show him affection, even though it was clear enough that she loved him. Whether connected to the whole project being cut short or not, it left me feeling just slightly unsatisfied with the whole scenario at the end of the original game. Kaori After Story feels like it was created exactly to fix this issue. Starting a few months after the end of Ace Academy, it involves the couple spending their Holiday break in Kaori’s hometown, along with her family. It focuses on the blooming relationship between her and the protagonist, completely forgoing the drama and delivering a few hours of absolutely lovely, light-hearted romantic fluff. Also unlike Crystalline, it toned down on the popcultural references, which I really never enjoyed that much in PixelFade’s games (although I admit that in this case, the sequence of the protagonist playing one of Kaori’s otome games is rather hilarious), instead delivering the humour primarily through some highly-amusing SoL scenes. The chemistry between the couple is definitely there, and Kaori’s family is highly likeable – as always in PixelFade’s games, all of it enhanced by good-quality voice acting. Kaori’s romantic arc in Ace Academy felt particularly inconclusive, with few compelling, romantic moments – After Story makes up for this perfectly Obviously, it doesn’t mean the experience is flawless. Just like with Crystalline, my possibly biggest gripe is connected to choices offered to the reader. While the romantic/slight teasing ones feel lovely and satisfying, you also have the option of being an over-the-top pervert or an annoying grump. The problem is, making these latter choices is nearly completely ineffectual for the plot and the ending – and there are paths in which there is really no reason for Kaori to not lose at least some of her faith in the protagonist. In what is essentially a piece of “fanservice” for people that liked Kaori’s arc and want to see her romance with the protagonist blooming, some of the choices really make no sense whatsoever, especially considering the fact that the conclusion is always a decisively positive one. While I can see the reason for including a few over-the-top, “stupid” choices, the unromantic/insensitive options simply leave a bad taste with your mouth, also serving no real purpose other than creating additional “interactivity”. The game, as mentioned before, is absolutely lovely visually, capitalizing on the technical expertise and assets the studio gained during the production of Crystalline. I was worried that with the repurposed animations and new sprite, the story might lose some of its personality, but in reality, everything felt appropriate and genuinely nice to watch. All things considered, this should be a great treat for the fans of Ace Academy, and especially those like me, who really enjoyed Kaori’s arc. And if you haven’t played AA… What are you waiting for? Go grab it already! It’s really worth it. Final Score: 3/5 Pros: + Lovely visuals + Satisfying SoL/romantic content Cons: - No substance beyond light-hearted SoL fluff - Choices are ultimately meaningless and some of them can be obnoxious VNDB Page Buy Kaori After Story on Steam
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    There's a lot of animosity and even boycott against Sekai. Like Lesiak said, I don't see the benefit in them going under. I guess there are some people who will say, "they did shit work, they had it coming" but that's a rather extreme view. Anyway I've seen all kinds of things said against Sekai. I mean, if people boycott Sekai before Winged Cloud, they're pretty twisted. This reminds me a bit of the console war, and that's quite sad. Boycotting them because "they're a mess" will put the final nail on their coffin. Why not help them in their time of need if something they release appeals to you. No, we must send them to oblivion because they... Er... What they did again? I thought they were just another company, with their own misgivings.
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    For me, Sakura no Kisetsu is a classic. However, it's a bit unapproachable now, with old engine and awkward adventure-gameplay system - which is much more annoying than, say, YU-NO. As I wrote recently in recommendations thread: Well, sometimes I do things on a whim, and shortly after writing the above, I decided to give it a try Actually it's quite fun for now - writing things in Ren'py is almost like directing your own puppet-show . The goal is to rewrite Sakura no Kisetsu into standard VN structure with branching choices system - getting rid of the "look/think/talk with everything to trigger next scene" system. I do this by arranging texts from various "think" "look" and "talk" sections into the order that gives the best flow (and inserting small connecting bits in between where absolutely neccessary). I also plan to re-edit it or partially retranslate the lines that annoy me too much As I see, Brazilian Portugese translation uses similar approach, but they used assets (graphics and music) from the remake, which I'm not too fond of - they are very blurry, while the pixels from dithering are still very visible, so it's like the worst of both worlds . I'm working with assets from PC98 and DOS versions. I also plan to have switchable soundtrack, with all three versions available: PC98 - original FM soundtrack, GS - PC98 MIDI music replayed with SoundCanvas soundfont and AdLib - PC DOS version FM soundtrack. While browsing graphic files extracted from both versions I was surprised. I expected Japanese PC98 version to have mosaics (and if such were the case, planned to have mosaics on/off switch in the options), however, the version that is floating around the net is uncensored. Probably somebody hacked files with HCGs from English PC version into it? Graphics and scripts formats are identical between two versions, only music files are different because of different sound hardware. I looked at files more closely and yes, it seems that some CG files were replaced - while all graphic files from PC98 have 1996-04 dates, HCGs have 1999-10. For now I have ported first two scenes - talk with parents in Shuuji's home and first meeting with Reiko on the way to school - complete with music and sprites with facial animations, just like in the original Some preliminary screenshots coming in ~12 hours. Of course for now it is all pretty basic - just full-screen background and standard ren'py textbox. I'm still not sure whether to go with that approach, or try something more like in the original, with borders etc, and the actual scenes taking just small portion of the screen? Also, I'm still not sure how much smoothing (if any) should I use while converting backgrounds and sprites. But we can discuss that when there are screenshots. *I'm not sure in which subforum should I place it. It's clearly not "Original Visual Novel", it's also not exactly "Translation Project" (although probably some translating will be involved). Well, I hope our mods will help me by moving it into most suited section.
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    Kotachi Asterio is a 15 year old boy who wants to help people that can’t fight for themselves. However, he isn't some sort of superhero- he can just see things other people can't. During the day, he goes to high school with his best friend, Ophi. At night, the two fight off specters, monsters that lurk in shadows and can harm people. It is a kinetic visual novel in terms of story, as there is only one ending. Game Design Document ★ Public Script ★ Concept Art Kotachi Asterio wants to help people that can’t fight for themselves. However, he isn't some sort of superhero- he can just see things other people can't. During the day, he goes to high school with his best friend, Ophi. At night, the two fight off specters, monsters that lurk in shadows and can harm people. Kotachi has been able to see specters since he was about 10. When his grandfather died, he was given a wooden box that was simply inscribed with “to whoever can grasp it”. Inside were a pair of white revolvers- however, his parents couldn’t see them, leading Kotachi to realize the revolvers were special. He finds that his revolvers are actually forged from the constellation Perseus, and can be used to fight of specters, monsters that fester in dark places. The game starts with Kotachi and his best friend, Ophi, fighting off specters when they stumble upon a talking fox who claims to be an Aligner, someone who fights specters, and makes the two boys her apprentices. They meet several other characters as they all train to become certified Aligners from C.O.I.N., an organization that employs Aligners to dispel and research specters. Throughout the game, it becomes apparent that some constellations actually embody human forms, and are a group known as the Zodiac- a group that was previously thought to be legend, as they haven’t been seen for decades. Kotachi is one of the few people in the world with a weapon strong enough to dispel the specters controlling each of the Zodiac, and thus can become their Protector, someone who shields the constellations from specters and is able to invoke their power in battle. ✩ Kotachi Asterio Kotachi almost always has a grin on his face and, when he isn’t being lazy, he’s typically upbeat. However, he’s not very outgoing, and Ophi is his only real friend until Vulpe comes along and forces him to meet new people. Kotachi would be perfectly content staying a nobody and destroying specters on his own time, as he hates change. He's a junior in high school and has no clue what his major in college will be- his backup plan is becoming a "professional" urban explorer. ✩ Ophi Lira Ophi is a very standoffish character who is both distrusting and generally doesn’t like the rest of the cast, save for Kotachi. However, aside from their “teacher”, Vulpe, Ophi is the most experienced in the group, as he’s been able to see specters “for as long as [he] can remember”. Even with Kotachi, though, there are things he doesn’t like to talk about- specifically his family, or lack thereof. However, through all of his rude and snide comments directed at Kotachi, Ophi does care about him. In game, Ophi is an optional love interest. ✩ Ayane Miu Ayane is seemingly cold and standoffish, but she doesn’t like people who waste her time or slack off. She is the tentative valedictorian of their class and also the incognito PTA president while also learning the ropes of running a national bank, her father's business. It's safe to say she doesn't exactly like to rest. ✩ Leos Coronil Leos tries to get along with everyone. He’s an easy going guy, but his calm nature makes him the target of bullying, specifically from football players who think he’s crazy for seeing specters. Within the group, he’s the median, and thinks more with his heart than with his brain. He’s the ace of the soccer team and prefers the company of people as opposed to being alone. ✩ Riko Asterio Riko is Kotachi’s adopted older sister. She used to be close with Kotachi when they were younger, but a failure to stay in touch or even visit after she moved into a dorm for high school caused the two to grow apart. Riko is mostly the opposite of her brother- she’s outgoing, vibrant, and constantly trying new things. She’s never still except when busy with work and loves to be around others. Most of all, she likes teasing Kotachi. ✩ Dania Truman Dania doesn’t get out a lot, not since her grandfather passed away. She used to volunteer at the C.O.I.N. outpost with him, healing Aligners, so when he passed away she kept at it, even if she became more reserved. Dania is timid and doesn’t talk a lot to strangers, but isn’t quiet- instead, she only talks a lot to people she’s comfortable being around because of her shyness. Character Sprites - 25% Done Walking Sprites - 10% Writing - 100% Script Revisions - 40% Programming - 10% Music - 2% Art, writing, scripting - me (Mikomi Kisomi) Music - undetermined Game Twitter ★ Dev Blog ★ Overview Hey guys! This is my newest project, Asterism. It's an RPG VN (i.e. an RPG with VN elements) that is being made in Ren'Py. It centers around Kotachi and the rest of the cast training and becoming certified Aligners, and eventually him becoming the Protector of the Zodiac. I've already had a few questions about it before, so note- this game is astronomy based, not astrology based. The main cast all use weapons forged from constellations such as Perseus, Serpens, Aquila, and more- each weapon was placed on Earth long ago by ancient powers. Each of the weapons can be upgraded. Later on, Kotachi begins rescuing members of the Zodiac from specters that have infected them- once he has successfully rescued a constellation, he is able to summon them to help fight off specters. The fights in the game are classic JRPG turn-based style and there are multiple dungeons in the game. As previously mentioned, there are some boys love elements in it, i.e. Kotachi can end up with a boy, but the story itself is very low on romance and it's optional. However, there is only one ending, so choices only change dialogue and some scenes. The word count so far is about 60k words, but the full game after dungeons will be about 10+ hours long. There will be a demo released sometime in 2019, but the full game will be commercial, around $15-20. This will be playable on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. ★ Questions About the Game ⋆ What are you expecting from this? ⋆ Where you confused at any point while reading the descriptions? ⋆ Who is your favorite character? ⋆ Have you ever played an RPG VN? If so, what would you like to see us do better?
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    https://twitter.com/Happine27386045 For real though, I didn’t make a post just to shill. I am here to start a post conference discussion regarding Visual;Coference 2019. So let this be the main thread for conversing this stuff. Where to begin? @NaiDriftlin Got us Tickets. The only other person I saw there that was from Fuwa is @Plk_Lesiak. If I haven’t seen you, I am sorry. So the conference was really fun. I should’ve asked “Why is this discord the Sekai Project Discord?”. I don’t know why. The Talks There were no Japanese speakers this time around because the organizer ran out of time and did everything late. Life gets in the way. So, you can’t blame him for that, but we had plenty of speakers. My favorites were: Wolf’s talk on NanoReno, AGILUS’s talk on organizing a conference like this, Quilly’s talk on the VN development pipeline, and Ryechu’s for obvious reasons. You come the talks, but you stay for the people. The People This is one of the hardest parts to talk about, because the goal for me is to become part of the industry. Because I love reading VNs, but I love making VNs more. So, getting into a room (or virtual room) full of VN developers would easily be the highlight of my day. Honestly, I glad, so much grateful for @NaiDriftlin. I finally got to talk to a ton of people. Who all happening to be working on VNs as well. I was really happy when they opened everything up to voice chat on Discord, it feels a lot better to talk to people through voice, so you can actually her their voices behind their anime avatars. In Conclusion Honestly, I don’t want this to be a long post, because it’s just a jumping off point into further discussion by anyone who happened to be there or willing to learn what happened exactly. Because I can only provide my viewpoint. The conference lasted 7 hours, but after that we hanged for three more hours until I left like at 9:30 PM EST. Overall, I am really happy. On average I am a pretty happy individual, but right now you can say I am exprencing Happiness+ (Pun intended.)
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    Mr Poltroon

    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Keep us posted.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: Just wanted to post something on fuwa since I returned after a long gap, so there.
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    I have to say that I admire your madness. Sometimes reminds me of my own
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    My favorite ones that I've played this year are 1. Flowers Vol.2 It was a sequel that managed to be better than it's predecessor in every way, thanks in part than having one of the best and most interesting protags I've seen. I really felt a deep connection with Erika and she stole the show, just like I thought she would. I should probably write a review for it just so I can gush on it some more. 2. Fatal 12 It is pretty rare that a vn comes along that really surprises me and Fatal 12 really accomplished that and it did so consistently. I loved how varied and intriguing the characters were, I loved how wonderful the protag was. I also just really loved the story. 3. Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- Few visual novels try and even attempt to do any world building at all. It's just one forsaken high school after another until the end of time. Inganock pulls this off splendidly and that's it's greatest strength. It also has a splendid cast including Atti, who's just the best. 4. Aioshiro Despite having some drawbacks, which includes a few extremely long discussions about food and long tirades about Japanese folklore, it still manages to be very enjoyable thanks in part to it's unique and varied cast and it's great protagonist. Shouko is one of the best I've seen and she is steadfast and strong without being overpowered. 5. Shadows of Pygmalion I really enjoyed this vn thanks to the intriguing plot and solid characters. I especially liked the last route and how strong it turned out to be. The protag was also really enjoyable and I enjoyed the explanation behind her character. More proof that yuri's produce some of the best protags around.
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    I, for one, wouldn't be that happy about it because of their role as EVN and doujin publisher, with probably no company that would be able/willing to fill the void. Plus, them going down wouldn't necessarily mean the licences they already have would get any kind of smooth transition to another publisher. I just wish they'd at least get their translation quality fixed, delays are annoying, but I see them as little more than minor inconveniences if the final product properly delivers. Although if they already mismanaged themselves into bankrupcy and are only delaying the inevitable with the restructuring etc, it wouldn't be that surprising. After all, if the mess on the outside is in any way indicative of how the company functions internally... "A mess" would probably be a pretty generous description here.
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on how things are going. For the translation, I've finished with chapter 8 and is now working on chapter 9. I think about 40-50% of chapter 9 has been translated. For the translation check, Danywar is still working on chapter 1. The progress has been a bit slow since he's quite busy irl. Other than that, we've finally found an editor for the project! Danywar has asked his friend, a writer, to help us with editing the script. Now, we only need to find an image editor and the team will be complete. That's about it for this update. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. The translation for chapter 8 is now under way. Currently, about 10-15% of the script has been translated. As for the translation check, Danywar is continuing with his work on chapter 1. We've been quite busy so there hasn't been much progress, but I'll try my best to work on it whenever I can get some free time. I think that's about it this time. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. About the translation, I've finished with the translation of chapter 7, just in time for it to still be within this month XD. I'll start working on chapter 8 soon. As for the translation check, Danywar has already gone through the prologue. He's currently working on chapter 1, with about 10-15% of it already done. After all the good news, there's the bad news. We still haven't been able to find an Editor or Image Editor yet. I'll try my best to assemble the whole team as soon as possible. For now, please wait a little longer. Of course, whether or not the team is fully assembled, we'll continue working on our own parts. Worst case scenario, we'll put some kind of edit in ourselves and release the patch XD. But well, let's hope it won't come to that. I think that's about it for this update. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another small update. First of all, about the translation, I'm about half-way through chapter 7. If things go well, I may be able to finish chapter 7 within this month. Secondly, and probably the more important news of the two, Danywar has joined the team as the Translation Checker. Since my Japanese is still not very good yet, his addition will surely improve the quality of the translation. I think that's about it for this update. See you ^^.
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    Well, you don't have to join the team to help me. Seeing you coming here, encouraging me like this is plenty of support already. Knowing that there are people looking forward to the completion of the project is what motivates me to continue working on it ^^. So, thank you very much for your encouragement. I don't know when I'll update the patch, but I'll make sure it's worth the wait once I do update it. Please look forward to it ^^.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hmm... I'm been watching some of Improvement Pill's Videos a while back and also read some of his book recommendations. That's where I first heard the Power of Habit Book although I still wasn't able to finish it at the moment. Yes his videos seems reasonable and believable, much more better than the infamous school of life videos. I also heard from somewhere that if life is getting harder, it means you're leveling up in the game of life or something along those lines. I've just read a couple of Personal Development/Self Help Books and this is what I get wow! Anyways It's not over yet for me and life's still expecting something out of me and intend on fighting until the end of my days... Thank you so much for the concern and support! Pretty much appreciate it!
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    What is your favourite VN store?

    Steam > JAST > MangaGamer > others If VN is on Steam I buy it right away, If not I check JAST (love their region pricing).
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    I am not 100% certain on this one. From my experience, 向 is an odd kanji with some words whose meanings I still don't fully understand. I know it only as "facing (toward something)" and verbs and nouns that go with it seem to carry such and related meanings. In this case, I don't know the positions of the listener and the speaker, and I don't know how they are facing each other and the surroundings. From the point of the speaker, the said bulding could indeed be to the left as it's writtein in the JP line. However, from the perspective of the listener, that could actually be his "right". It could be that's why the TLer wrote it as "right" because when the speaker is explaining, she would use the listener's perception of left/right, not her own.
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    Wow.... long time no update! I've got some amazing updates to share, including some gameplay! So... screenshot dump time!
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    (stealing this from someone else's post on Reddit) https://www.removeddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/a2otxh/jast_holds_the_rights_for_two_classic_games/
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    Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    Alright, maybe I'm overinterpreting it then.
  32. 1 point
    I can see why they added those TL notes. I am not entirely against them here, but... isn't there a way to just write her line in another way then that won't require a TL note at all? Say, something like: As for honorifics... ...I just had a long discussion about it with someone a day ago or two. That question is quite problematic, and I don't know how to help you with that. It's a tough question. Considering how I myself am lost about it, I don't think I should be giving you advice on that matter.
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    The list in this thread is no longer being updated - any future updates will appear on my blog, in this article. The Steam Creator feature is quite a neat thing and I think it can be used to promote quality VNs and good brands on Steam, which are now always at risk of drowning in the sea of crap that gets published on the platform on a daily basis. The devs and publishers are really jumping in to make use of the new tools, so I thought it could be a good idea to already start working on a comprehensive list of creators that are worth following from a VN fan's perspective. When I think it's comprehensive enough, I will publish it on the blog, but for now, I will appreciate all the feedback on the format, descriptions I use or the profiles I might've missed. I've only started going through the profiles and I know new creator pages will be popping up every day in the coming weeks, so this will be a prolonged process. For the descriptions, I include only titles available on Steam in them and state some pretty obvious facts, but I would like this to be somewhat useful even for people that know relatively little about VNs and want to find good sources of those on Steam. --------------------------------------------------- EVN developer and publisher profiles Sekai Project (localization and publishing company, mostly focused on visual novels; World End Economica, Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius). Ebi-hime (critically-acclaimed Western VN developer, most well-known for her yuri and horror titles; Sweetest Monster, Asphyxia). Christine Love (writer and EVN developer, one of the early starts of the Western VN scene; Analogue: A Hate Story, Ladykiller in a Bind). Hanako Games (EVN publisher and developer specialized in yuri and otome games; A Little Lily Princess, Long Live the Queen). WinterWolves (Western developer creating RPGs with visual novel-style storytelling, dating sims and romance VNs; Loren the Amazon Princess, Roommates). Razzart Visual (EVN developer most well-known for her yuri titles; Love Ribbon, Starlight Vega). InvertMouse (Australian EVN developer, known for unusual, mostly non-romantic stories; Without Within, The Last Birdling) Lupiesoft (EVN development team best known for creating futa eroge; The Menagerie, Mutiny!!). MoaCube (EVN developer known for distinct, non-anime artstyle and characterization; Cinders, Solstice). Zetsubou Games (writer and developer involved in many well-known EVN projects; Sable's Grimoire, Sickness). Afterthought Studio (EVN developer and publisher; Forgotten, Not Lost; CUPID). Dharker Studios (EVN developer and publisher, best known for ecchi titles; Army Gals, Negligee). Sukeban Games (Venezuelan game developer, authors of VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action). Other VN-related profiles MangaGamer (the biggest VN localization company in the West; Sorcery Jokers, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome). VisualArts/Key (one of the oldest and most respected VN developers, now localizing and publishing their own games in-house; Little Busters, Planetarian). Frontwing USA (Western publishing arm of Frontwing, a major JP VN developer; Wonderful Everyday Down the Rabbit-Hole, Grisaia series). JAST USA (the oldest VN/dating sim localization company in the West; Eiyuu Senki, Flowers series). Spike Chuunsoft (Japanese developer and publisher; Steins;Gate, Danganronpa). Degica Games (Japanese game publisher, occasionally delving into the VN niche; Symphonic Rain, Love Nurse Addiction). Fruitbat Factory (localization company focused on doujin Japanese games, including VNs; Seabed, Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation). Idea Factory (Japanese developer and publisher, most known for the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, but also for popular otome VNs; Amnesia: Memories, Hakuoki). Sol Press (Japanese media localization company that recently expanded into the VN market; Sakura Sakura, Newton and the Apple Tree). NekoNyan (VN localization company specialized in moege; Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~; Sanoba Witch). Alice in Dissonance (Japanese doujin circle; Fault series, Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell). NEKO WORKs (Japanese developer, creators of the Nekopara series; Nekopara, Tropical Liquor). SakuraGame (Chinese publisher infamous for their low-quality, machine-translated English releases; Tricolour Lovestory; Fortissimo FA). Small developers and publishers Culture Select (doujin game localization company; Dead End Junction, One Small Fire at a Time). Top Hat Studios (EVN developer and publisher; Episicava, The Wilting Amaranth). DigitalEZ (publishing company best known for Western releases of Chinese VNs - sadly, with inconsistent translation quality; Notch - The Innocent LunA, Oblivious Garden). roseVeRte (Japanese doujin circle specialized in otome VNs; How to Take Off Your Mask; Cafe 0). NoBreadStudio (EVN developer from Poland, authors of mystery/romance VN SoulSet). Neoclassic Games (Italian EVN developer, authors of Elisa: the Innkeeper). Sierra Lee Games (EVN developer, author of the yandere horror title Crimson Gray). Gosatsu Visual Novels (EVN developer, authors of SHINRAI - Broken Beyond Despair). NVLMaker (Chinese VN publisher; Gaokao.Love.100Days, Season of 12 Colors). Nyu Media (doujin game localization company, publishers of the English version of Cherry Tree High Comedy Club). Hikari Field (VN localization company from China, occasionally producing English releases; Tayutama 2, Magical Charming!). Träumendes Mädchen (EVN developer; Ambre, Garden of Oblivion). Tranquil Studios (EVN developer, authors of Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery). Goldbar Games (EVN developer, authors of the freeware title Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder). Deadline Softs (EVN developer, authors of Blue Bird). Kurenaibook (JP developer, author of futa VN Ayakashigami) Mystery Corgi (EVN programmer and GUI designer, co-developer of AIdol). Mikołaj Spychał (VN developer from Poland, author of Jake's Love Story).
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    Hello, As mentioned in the update post above, I've finished with the game on Lavirie's route. With that said, there are still a lot of other untranslated I have to work on. As for whether or not the patch will be released within this year, well... I hope so? I'll try my best to have the full patch ready within this year. As for the images, I'm not very well-versed in image editing so I can't say if it's going to simple or not XD. But well, from what I've seen, some of the texts in the images have their own text boxes so they should be quite simple? As for the other, they may require some redraw since they're right on top of the images? I can't say for sure though. If you want, I can send you some images for you to look at?
  35. 1 point
    Today I finished editing backgrounds - upscaling and smoothing. For each image I created one or more smoothed versions, layered them with original, and then mixed them in various proportions by hand (using eraser tool with different settings). The goal was to make them look at least decently in 600p resolution - some were more forgiving, and some thougher. I didn't smooth them completely - after all, there's "pixel" in pixel-art However I think the effect is nice. Here's one image for comparison (it was used in previous screenshots, but I feel this version looks better): Original (480x296, 16 colors - game ran at 640x400 but interface took much space): Edited (1066x600): Now, graphics-wise, there are sprites and CGs left.
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    Birthday thread

    Thanks Xionsprophecy. And happy birthday to Eclipsed.
  37. 1 point

    What Anime are you watching now?

    The Promised Neverland, Mob Psycho 100 II and Jojo part 5. Also Vinland Saga and Dr. Stone coming up later this year. What a great year to be an anime fan.
  38. 1 point
    Hello, Thank you for your encouragement ^^. As for the image editor, I guess the most important task is changing the Japanese text in the images to English. There are a lot of images with text in this game such as the tutorials, the God Medals (skills), the stages, etc. While ZAP has already released an interface patch for the game with most of the images translated, there are some mistakes in there. I want to fix those mistakes and have the remaining images translated for my patch.
  39. 1 point
    Another Eushully Fan here, thank you very much for your effort into this VN i'm really looking forward to it, best of luck! PS: Out of curiosity what does the image editor exactly have to do ?
  40. 1 point

    What are you playing?

    I'm going through Shiny Days right now, and it's even more of a technical disaster than School Days HQ. The first freeze happened within less than half a minute from starting, and it was just downhill from there. After a ton of crashes and freezes, I began troubleshooting like a madman for hours on end. I tried a billion-or-so different fixes in Windows 10, like playing in Windowed mode, different compatibility modes, closing all other programs and so on, and then I gave up and figured I'd try playing it in Windows 7 instead. Problem was, I didn't have Windows 7 installed anywhere, and getting that taken care of turned out to be easier said than done. I decided to install it on Boot Camp on my MacBook, but then I ran into all sorts of trouble with that instead. I had to pick up old Boot Camp files because the newer ones were incompatible with Windows 7 on my machine, and when I finally managed to install and get into the OS, no devices worked. No USB ports, no network, etc, so there was no way for me to install the game. Defeated, I moved on to install Windows 7 on a USB drive so I could use it on my PC, but after a gazillion BSOD's and whatnot, I accepted that this apparently wouldn't work either, hung my head, sighed and turned to my last resort: An old computer I haven't used in forever. I had to make some hardware changes first, but then I was finally able to install Windows 7 and start Shiny Days again... only to see it freeze within a couple of minutes. I gave it one final attempt by switching to Windowed mode, and apparently the combination of that + Windows 7 seems to have done the trick. ~2 hours and no crashes or freezes yet. This has been a battle, let me tell you. I have never before fought this hard to make a visual novel or game run on my computer, and it feels kinda weird that it was for Shiny Days of all things. I guess I'll blame my OCD tendencies.
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    Don't allow yourself to be too fixed on Japanese sentence structure. They have a different way of writing. Once you start reading more JP, you start noticing that even the sentence order isn't like in English (like for example, introducing the fact first, and then the action that caused it). And you probably already know that the order of information present in JP sentences is often in reverse compared to their English counterparts (like how final verbs in JP are usually at the end, while in English they come right after the subject). Now that's an old VN right there. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The art does look MS-DOSish xD The thing is... ピカピカ is a common "to" adverb (I saw it in some of those 1000 most used Onomatopoeic words in JP). It just means "shiny" (remember Pikachu from Pokemon? ). However, it can also denote something being new (as in "a shiny new thing I just bought"). And that's the sense in which it was used there in that line. "I am a brand new, fresh, first year high school student." However, the MC added (死語) after the word, probably as a mild joke (ピカピカ is definitely not an obscure, archaic word that's gotten out of use). I think it's one of those Japanese sarcasm thingies you see from time to time. Someone more experienced would probably be able to explain it better than me. Yes, it is awkward. It's too stiff and I'd argue it may have been done by a JP native, not an English speaker xD ... However, I am not surprised. VN translations in the 90s were shit. I read Divi-dead, and yeah... that one was quite an experience to read through.
  42. 1 point
    You've already done what could be considered the 'best' route because in Tsukishima's one, minor spoilers- Also since you mention childhood friend, the one in "If you love me then say so" is one of the best i've read seems so, even in Giniro Haruka from what i've read, they've learnt from their mistakes in Hatsukoi (although MC in that is apparently too flawless)
  43. 1 point

    Project Cappuccino - V1.10.0! [NSFW]

    A new public version is now available for download. We've set up an info page that includes the links as well as some additional details. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eYlJfS7avE7_N10Cvux9CzY5ImCLBnOQbSCSLxdAX_U/edit Hope you guys enjoy!
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    I would agree with you 3 or 4 years ago but now there's other companies ready to take their place rather support someone like Nekonyan than Sekai at this point and what do you mean by support anyway, buying all the crap they release instead of good titles? They also haven't communicated about a lot of stuff either, why is Leyline 2 delayed again? If you look at a post thats from more than a year ago now they were apparently 87% done...? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/a-clockwork-ley-line-a-visual-novel-trilogy/posts/2023733 Literally 0 updates after that other than saying 'Engine porting is difficult'. Imagine how the kickstarter backers feel. Also depends on what interests me, nothing Sekai released in whole of 2018 is interesting (note VNs are a very low priority hobby of mine, below a lot of other things) They are becoming the new JAST
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    Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari and Yakusoku no Neverland have some highly rated manga as well, and I'm reading Tate no Yuusha myself. Probably just gonna take a sneak peak of Tate no Yuusha because the manga is pretty far into it and chances are it won't be able to catch up so I'll just watch a few episodes of that and drop it probs. I'm probs gonna watch Date A Live Ⅲ as well, since I'm already pretty invested into it (Kotori best girl), and maybe a bit of Domekano since I've read pretty far into that as well. Gonna keep an eye on Kakegurui 2 as well because I've read the manga for that too, except because I'm lazy, I just ended up stalling Domekano and Kakegurui's manga cuz I just cbf to stay up to date since I'm literally reading like 200+ ongoing manga rn. This might be a good opportunity to pick them back up if I really get into the adaptations. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai is actually really good, I've also read a fair way into it and if your into rom-coms rivalry plots you would probably really like this provided that the adaptation is really good, but it should be fine since A-1 has done a pretty good job with Alicization so far.
  46. 1 point
    Just try it though. But know the common route is not something you enjoy, but something you need to endure. And its almost worth it for that one girl who is sweeter than candy.
  47. 1 point
    I see. In that case, good for Nekonyan there although we must wait until 2020 for the most early release though.
  48. 1 point
    I wouldn't mind having a ticket. I'll probably miss a lot of it, considering the timezone difference and other obligations of mine, but I'm super-appreciative for the whole event and will definitely watch as much as I can.
  49. 1 point
    Yes. I've already translated the prologue and chapter 1-6. With that said, they aren't fully translated yet. Since I'm playing the game as well, I don't want to get too much spoilers. Because of that, I only translated the route that I chose, which at the moment is Lavirie. When I start New Game +, I'll translate Mistoria's route while going over all of my translation once more. While I do try to get everything, there may also be texts that I've missed. The append is also not yet available for me since I'm only on my first playthrough, so most of them aren't translated. Iirc, the only part of the Append that is translated is the Loser's Maze. As for the total amount of chapters, based on the scripts, there is a total of 10 chapters, 11 if we count the prologue as well.
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    One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~

    One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ Summary One's story revolves around Kouhei Orihara, the main protagonist, who suspects that at some point his current life will change while living a peaceful daily routine. Due to this, he begins to seclude himself in the Eternal World, a world within his mind. The game's main recurring motif is a focus on the Eternal World, a mystical alternate space which is never clearly explained, and the details of which are unknown. Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order There isn't really a best order in this game, so just pick a girl you like and do her route. After you've gotten one good end you can do Hikami's route. I personally went Nagamori-Misaki-Mio-Akane-Nanase-Shiina-Hikami. Route Guideline Nagamori Mizuka Kawana Misaki Kouzuki Mio Satomura Akane Nanase Rumi Shiina Mayu Hikami Shun Attribution This walkthrough is based on info attained here with some adjustments made by me.