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  1. Otaku corners aren't made. They naturally appear as a result of our obsessions, the miasma of our lust and desire corrupting the air and creating an area full of moe.
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  2. Clephas

    hello lady question

    Yeah, I'm talking about the ones on syosetu. They are just about as long as the main story and are ongoing. There are also several major story arcs in addition to a bunch of short stories, including three involving Kousuke and two involving Kouki.
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  3. Spire

    The VII Enigma

    - THE VII ENIGMA Fate, love, death... Can the enigma be solved? - - 『The VII Enigma』is a character-driven mystery visual novel like no other. Set in a shadowy world of dystopian conspiracy, you must defy the fabric of reality, navigating the desperate path against the tyranny of time itself.. - GAMEPLAY SAMPLER: FEATURES: Sci-fi and time-travel elements integrated with action, psychological themes, plot twists and impacting character moments. Dynamic kinetic action sequences. A broad cast of complex characters set in an intricate world. Bad endings, normal endin
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  4. I believe that both sides chose what's the best way to cope in regard of lack of update (Either by been too wary with thinking that the project is dead or by putting too much hope on this and shot down the opposing opinion), although obviously it would lead to some unhealthy debate because both sides has some reasonable excuse (To a degree) to think what they believe. In the end, it should be obvious that it's the best to be in the middle like I say earlier (ie wait and see until the release).
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  5. Sorry for the late response, i checked the script and i think the problem is the space character, which the engine this is a termination line. Writing the phrase with a comma or other symbols displays the text correctly. I'll do more research to find out how to bypass this issue but i don't know if i'll be able to. The problem is that without any script in the engine itself, this might not be an easy fix. And since i'm not a programmer i can't debug the engine to know exactly how to patch this issue. If you find a workaround, let me know. EDIT: With the help of my friend i've been
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  6. Seraphim

    What are you playing?

    @adamstan watching the OP be like
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  7. I managed to repack it but just the first word appears xDD, the whole sentence is "It was a summer day when the cicadas were chirping annoyingly."
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  8. Shiori #1, otherwise you're actually human garbage.
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