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    Oh boy, another discussion I've had with Poltroon in the past. Are you sure you're not his alt? The issue with stances like this is- yes, you're right, it might not feel like you're missing anything at all. It's probably cut in a way that makes sure of that! But, that doesn't mean you aren't actually missing stuff. In fact, with the amount of H in this game you probably are. I haven't read the console version, so I don't know to what extent it cuts out H content, but the H is certainly "important" in this game, (as important as H can get; there's definitely "plot" related talks during the scenes, and many of them happen directly following emotional scenes, where dialogue will naturally continue in the H scene, instead of it being a complete scene transition into an isolated H-scene.) Often the feel you have when reading the cut game will be quite misleading. You don't know that you're missing out on stuff, because... well, it's not there so how would you know! I'm all for all-ages versions being available if someone prefers those, but the original not being available at all is in my opinion a problem for this very reason. People might start saying it's just as complete as the original, because it doesn't feel like anything is cut, when in reality, a good chunk of content might be missing. But with no 18+ version available in English, people aren't able to check just how much content is missing. The all-ages versions of Grisaia is a good example of this issue. I actually feel like people buying those are being ripped off. The actual ending in Rakuen is just staright up missing in the all-ages version. You actually don't see the way the story ends for the characters if you buy that. Yet, people don't complain about anything missing, because... well, they don't know it's missing! See the problem?
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    Hello and welcome to this year’s first EVN Chronicles Steam Curator Clean-up, where I look at the games that were sent to me in the past six months through Steam’s Curator Connect, but were either too small to warrant a full review, or I simply couldn’t cover them in detail due to time constraints. When I first did this kind of posts last year (you can check them out here: Part 1, Part 2), some of the games featured there waited extremely long for being covered. Because of this, I’ve decided that from this point forward, I’ll make this a twice-a-year event, being sure that every VN given to me gets its space on the blog within a reasonable time period. As always, I’m extremely thankful to all the developers that send me their work for assessment and it saddens me whenever my impressions are negative. I hope, however, that the feedback I can offer will be valuable to them, while believe it’s my duty to my readers to warn them against buying a game I find lacking. So, setting the introductory drivel aside, I hope you enjoy this brief overview of these four interesting VNs sent to me during the first half of 2019! Snowed IN Snowed IN is an unusual yuri nukige, focusing on pair for soldiers in the distant future, where cybernetic enhancement of the human body has reached incredible levels of sophistication. The protagonist, Sigma, is an experienced spec-ops officer who has modified her body to the point where little of it remains organic. For an infiltration mission against a cell of anti-augmentation radicals, she’s assigned with a fresh, talented recruit – a full “natural” named Linde, whose presence in the military is connected with an affirmative action plan for those not augmented. The two polar-opposite individuals, both through their background and attitudes, have to work together to survive the extremely dangerous assignment – and the mission itself hides even more threats and twists then the initial setup would suggest. Sounds intriguing? It surely does, but the fact this is a nukige, and a very short one at that (up to an hour and a half of content), should be taken into account when setting your expectations. The game explores its main themes rather briefly, often switching to sex scenes that are only vaguely justifiable in the context of the tense plot – the writing and main intrigue are solid, but simply too rushed to provide a compelling narrative. There are also some highly-questionable elements to it, especially in the rather distasteful bad ending – that’s definitely one point at which h-content was very unnecessary, even if those scenes are the “main point” of the game. As a piece of yuri smut in an unusual setting, it's definitely not the worst thing around – just don't expect anything more than that. Final Rating: (Cautiously) Recommended The Great Voyage The retro-inspired, pixelart VN The Great Voyage is definitely the best piece of literature among the titles listed in today's post, despite being the shortest one out of them all. This kinetic novel, with only around an hour of content, tells the story of three refugees from a city sacked by a ruthless rebel army. Stuck on a fleet of ships escaped from the carnage, now desperately looking for a new home and avoiding inevitable pursue by the enemy, the three protagonists (young noblewomen Eugenie, a melancholic poet Vassan and a con-artist posing as a foreign ambassador, Memnon) have to cope with their new situation, the loss they experienced and even the sins of their pasts. All this leads to a highly-compelling narrative about vastly different individuals trying to survive against all odds, find a new meaning to their lives and manoeuvring events mostly outside of their control – a deeply un-heroic and rather pessimistic scenario, that nonetheless feels interesting and genuine just because of how imperfect and often powerless its main characters are. The story is presented with simple, but highly stylized art that greatly fits its gloomy climate (and the same can be said about the game's eerie soundtrack). Its main downside is, obviously, the tiny length of the whole experience (thankfully the pricing is appropriately scaled, with the game costing $2 both on Steam and Itch.io), but I can't say it left me unsatisfied in any major way. It did a surprisingly good job at both developing the main characters and resolving their arcs, and even creating an interesting and believable setting for their stories to play out in. The premise obviously held the potential to expand into a much grander tale, but it's not something I could seriously hold against The Great Voyage – it's simply a great short story that I can recommend wholeheartedly to anyone that looks for a satisfying literary experience in their VNs above anything else. Final Rating: Highly Recommended Manna for our Malices Today's Steam is full of extremely simple VNs that are put on the platform as cash-grab shovelware, early experiments with VN-making software or even straight-up trolling. And while Manna for our Malices might look like it belongs to one of those categories, with its simplistic visuals and over-the-top writing, there’s actually much more to it. In this short time-looping story, you take control of Ai, a foul-mouthed high school girl who, for an unknown reason, is killed by a knifer while coming back home after lessons, only to wake up in at the beginning of the same day. Throughout the game, you’ll go through this loop dozens of times (quite often with Ai commenting angrily about her poor luck), slowly uncovering the underlying conspiracies and the roles the protagonist and people around her play in the whole intrigue. With every new piece of information, the already-visited locations will provide new clues and new dialogue options will appear, until you’re ready to solve the puzzle and break Ai out of the endless cycle of waking up and being murdered. The game, for the most part, does a really good job of implementing this concept, at least before the very last stretch – I had to consult the walkthrough to reach the true ending and I’m not sure I’d ever come up with the solution the VN expected me to find otherwise. The characters are heavily exaggerated, being either complete weirdos or walking anime tropes (this includes the protagonist and her closest friend Aoi, who’s a “deredere childhood friend” archetype on steroids). The humour is crude but effective, and after getting into the story I was strangely invested in solving the overall puzzle, while the “true” conclusion was properly fun and cheesy. The game play’s a lot on anime clichés, with an obvious understanding of the medium, which helps in making its visuals and writing seem like a deliberate choice, rather than just amateurishness. The end effect is trashy for sure, but strangely captivating – I had a lot of fun going through the various stages of the intrigue and uncovering layers upon layers of mystery beneath the at first mundane-looking setting. For this, I can quite confidently recommend giving Manna for our Malices a chance – although, for the amount of content it offers, the $5 asking price is just barely acceptable. Final Rating: Recommended Lyantei Lately, I’ve grown weary of tackling stat management games, as over time I find more and more of them pointlessly tedious and boring, with “simulation” aspects rarely being compelling and mostly distracting me from the parts of the game I’m actually interested in, that is, the story. Still, in the case of Lyantei, I think my biases are among the lesser reasons for which I did not enjoy playing it. At first glance, this story of a young girl/guy (you can choose the protagonist’s gender, which mostly affects the romance options available to you) traveling to a distant inn owned by their aunt, in order to help her pay off a debt seems like something I’d enjoy – more casual, slice-of-life stories in a fantasy setting are still a bit underexplored niche and offer great potential. The production values of the game, while simple, were also not bad enough to discourage me – I can put up with anything that isn’t straight-up ugly if what I read is interesting enough. Sadly, in Lyantei there’s barely any interesting narrative to speak of – the character arcs are incredibly cliched, which is only made worse by the awkward English writing and the protagonist who just comes out as pushy and weird, sticking his/her nose into everyone's business without any real reason. The game is also very short, which makes all the character arcs feel incredibly rushed. The romance especially comes pretty much out of nowhere, while lack of proper CGs make the story feel empty like few other VNs I’ve played. On top of that, the structure of the game drove me to utter frustration – to get into each hero/heroine arcs you have to stumble upon them early on, by doing various chores at the inn at the right moments. Absurdly-enough, the triggers lead to these scenes are quite obscure and it’s easy to miss most of the story in each of your runs. I see absolutely no logic behind that choice and with no guide available, I ended up dropping Lyantei without finishing all the routes, which I do very rarely, especially with games I receive review copies for. Little good can also be said about stat-management itself, which is basic and functional, but not in any way interesting. Your only goal is to earn enough money in 30 days to pay off your Aunt’s debt, by helping around the inn and selling potions you make with your alchemy skills, but with the short span of the game and no meaningful side objectives, there’s actually very little to it. In the end, while I feel that Lyantei is not an awful game at its core, it just doesn’t represent the quality I’m looking for in a commercial product and can’t recommend buying it under any conditions. If it was a free VN, with some additional polish and tweaks I could still consider it worth trying out – however, I don’t think the developer will be able to fix it enough to justify putting a price tag on it, and especially the $9 one it currently has. Maybe on their next try… Final Rating: Not Recommended Courage for a Kiss Mikołaj Spychał is a Polish VN developer that has recently released his second attempt at creating a perfectly-generic high school romance VN (after his debut Jake's Love Story and a quite unfortunate journey to the world of catgirls in the form of his second title, Nekokoro). And while you're probably thinking now that more cookie-cutter, teenage love stories is the last thing our niche needs, there are still things to appreciate in Courage for a Kiss, at least from the perspective of its author's growth. The main storyline here involves the protagonist and four girls somewhat reluctantly banding up to create a school play for a regional contest – the play itself is an interesting storytelling gimmick, as its content and the roles particular characters will perform depend on some of your choices. These changes are particularly fun to observe between routes, just as are minor variations in the dialogue that reflect your previous choices and the information you learn about the girls in different paths. While other than that the heroines and their stories are utterly generic and even a bit too similar to each other, this attention to detail makes the setting feel a bit deeper than you'd expect. Visually the game is simple, but pleasant to look at and is undeniably a huge improvement over this dev's earlier projects, with decent, mildly animated sprites and high-quality backgrounds. However, it suffers from a single, borderline-fatal flaw – an utter lack of proper CGs, which takes away quite a lot of impact from crucial moments in the story. The music is good for the most part, but sometimes kicks in a bit too strong, distracting from the scene rather than supporting it. All-in-all, it's a competent and reasonably satisfying, even if very basic and tame romance VN, and if you for some reason feel like reading another one of those, there are definitely worse options out there. Final Rating: (Cautiously) Recommended There weren't many “must reads” among the shorter VNs sent to me in the last few months, but I can’t say they didn’t offer surprises – the one game that I actually expected the least from, Manna for our Malices, managed to be the most enjoyable among them and something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of in the EVN scene – a witty play on the formula that didn’t treat itself seriously, but still strived to tell a fun story and surprise the reader with its twists. This kind of fun factor is what both Snowed IN and Lyantei visibly lacked, making them much more forgettable by the result. The Great Voyage, on the other hand, reminded me that VNs can be great not only as full-fledged video games, but also as a form of illustrated literature – focusing on a really compelling narrative is often worth a lot more than gameplay gimmicks and branching paths, then it goes to satisfaction you gan from the whole experience. And for the meantime, I hope you all enjoyed this little post – if the games that get sent to me warrant it, the next one will show up in December. You can also expect full-on reviews of larger games given to me through Steam Curation – I’ve received review copies of some very interesting titles, both new and old, that I really want to give the spotlight to. Have a great weekend everyone!
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    One of the main problems I have is a lot of the times it doesn't accurately represent the characters personality. In Fureraba there is red haired chick that's supposed to be a classic tsundere, but all the swearing in her dialogue turns her into an American bitch. I'm pretty sure most of us that read VNs are weebs and we actually enjoy the Japanese anime trope character archetypes. Localization companies seem so hell bent on removing those aspects of a character and changing the characters into an American archetype that is similar. I know I sure as hell don't want that. I want a translation that keeps as much of the Japanese anime culture present as possible while still having sentences that flow well. A lot of the times I see people try defend the overly liberal translations by saying 'native English people don't talk like that'. The fuck do I care about how actual English people speak. I want to see how the Japanese anime character speaks, but in English.
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    Well, it's been a lot longer than any of us hoped, but lo and behold, we have a Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/972160/The_Witchs_Love_Diary/
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    AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Since it's only 10 days before AX, I think it would be appropriate if I'm open the thread about it. As for the schedule, you can see it below. JAST USA New and Upcoming Titles Wednesday (July 3rd), July 03, 9:30pm - 10:30pm Visual Novels with Sekai Project Thursday (July 4th), 4:30pm - 5:30pm Denpasoft: Erecting A Market & The Rise of Adult Gaming (18+) Thursday (July 4th), 10:30pm - 11:30pm Aksys Games Panel Of GLOBAL DOMINATION! Friday (July 5th), 3:30pm - 4:30pm MangaGamer: The Now & Future of Visual Novels (18+) Saturday (July 6th), 8:30pm - 9:30pm FAKKU Industry Panel and Q&A (18+) Saturday (July 6th), 10:00pm - 11:00pm What's going on in the industry with Sol Press?! (18+) Saturday (July 6th), 10:00pm - 11:00pm In case you'd have a hard time to adjust the time, it's Los Angeles time and it's timezone was at GMT -7. Since we'll probably will going to have a lot of announcements, I'll probably either put the announcements in the spoiler box or just link it to the post that contain the announcements. For my comment here, I think we already know that Denpa here would be announced all of 18+ version of Sekai announcement if Sekai decided to announce a VN that did have 18+ contents censored, and occasionally some original announcements so we can treat Denpa and Sekai announcements as one for the most part. Mangagamer curiously only have one announcement planned according to their announcement page, although we may have sudden announcement from them like back at last year AX though. No much comment from both of Fakku and Aksys seeing that most probably their announcement would be nukige and sci-fi respectively, although I wonder though what Sol Press will bring to the table here. I guess that's all for what I can say now, and I'll bump this if AX is started or whenever there's an announcement (Duh).
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    49 and even translating moege professionally. Most have burnt out long ago, but I'm still going strong. I started playing them 20 years ago.
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    Actually that's from the PS4 version. This is the default Steam version of the art:
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    Well, I'm 35 now, and I just started recently (reading school moeges and watching HS romcom anime ) And, isn't @ittaku way past 40 and still doing this? (I think he mentioned his age in some post)
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    https://twitter.com/MangaGamer/status/1141733949795950592 If you're curious about other Visual Novel related discords there's a list here: https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/abgg62/list_of_notable_visual_novel_related_subreddits/
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    Alright. I started Kokoro Connect 3 days ago, and I've finished 13 episodes of it. I was really skeptical of the show due to how it starts out its conflict. I'm not a fan of being thrown into the fire without warning, so when the conflict just came out of nowhere in the first episode, I felt really iffy about the show. Thankfully, it was entertaining enough to keep me watching up to the point where I am now. What I do like about the show is how it handles its arcs via the EDs. I'm a fan of how SHAFT handles the arcs in the Monogatari Series and Nisekoi by characterizing either the OP or the ED based on which character the arc focuses on or what the arc itself is, so seeing the name of the arcs in the changing EDs in Kokoro Connect really pumps me up to watch it. That particular aspect of the show may be the reason why I continued to watch it despite my prior qualms about it. One last thing, that I absolutely cannot ignore. Nagase Iori best girl.
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    No it wouldn't, injecting boorish westerm vulgarities into a non-vulgar speech is not an equivalent of referring to someone informally. Example: "O-omae!" (informal, somewhat disrepectful way of referring to someone by saying "You".) Murrican libral translation: "YOU asshole, I'll fuck your shit up bastard!"
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    Hello, Thank you for your encouragements ^^. As for the patch, right now, we don't have anything planned. However, we may release a more polished and more complete partial patch. I think it'd be better if we could include our translations of the Menu and UI in the partial patch. We'll be able to get some feedback for them before releasing the complete patch as well. I'll make an announcement if there's another patch coming, whether it's the partial or complete patch.
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    Yeah, I've played the orignal. It's going to take quite some work to make a patch for it. Even if someone does do it, it won't be out for quite a while. (And tbh, it's unlikely someone is going to bother.) Still, one can hope. Best case would be that the devs sees the backlash about the lack of H and makes one themselves. Though, they seem fairly steadfast on not doing so, sadly. Before someone asks why I care if I've read it already: While I've already read the game in Japanese, I hate to see situations like these. I want others to be able to experience the full game like I did. I like to support official releases of my favorite games, so I'd love to buy an English copy of this. But, I don't usually purchase censored versions of games, so I'm a bit torn on this one. On one hand, I'd like to support the release, but on the other, I'm hesitant as it would feel like condoning censorship. @Mr Poltroon and I had a discussion about this very issue some time ago. Not buying the game at all just means the company might lose interest in the western market from poor sales, but supporting a censored release might lead to them doing it again. I want neither. I generally try to go with option number three and be vocal about the issue and hope a full version gets released one day that I can support. Hence, my comments on the matter. Not sure exactly to what extent Fruitbat's representative on here deals with the devs if at all, but one can hope our talks abut the issue at least makes it to the ears of the devs through them.
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    Neat. Hopefully someone makes a patch for the H-scenes too. It's always a shame seeing good games censored in the west.
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    Someone released a "CG Patch" that replace the censored CGs from the console version with the ones from the original japanese PC version. Example: Vanilla Steam Version: Steam version w/ CG Patch:
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    Synergia [Cyberpunk] [Yuri]

    Synergia demo is now out, be sure to check it out!: >>STEAM DEMO<< >>ITCH.IO DEMO<< Oh and now we have a website too: https://synergia-game.com
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    I wish that never exist... [sighs]
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    I wish that never exist... [sighs]
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    No, the point of the game localization company is to translate it into the target language in a way that preserves the author's original ideas and intent the most while considering the particularities of said language. There are all sorts of localization industries with their own rules so we shouldn't mix them up with the extremely broad definitions. The idea of making something "fit into the american themes prevalent today" honestly horrifies me and provokes nightmarish flashbacks from the days of yore when official anime releases were messed up beyond recognition and the legendary 4kids did their legendary stuff. Not to mention, that americans are not even close to the sole target of such localizations, its target audience is the whole english-speaking world.
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    I think I might've already said it somewhere earlier in the thread, but to clarify the CGs have the same degree of minimal censoring as the Switch version does, not the light-show of the PS4 version.
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    What are you playing?

    Bah, I just had to replay quite a bit of YU-NO because the Fuwanovel walkthrough for some reason has a save indicator after a choice you're supposed to save before. I guess I'll have to stay more ahead in the guide from now on (rather than read one line at a time, like I usually do) in order to avoid running into this issue again. I really wish this VN had more than one save slot.
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    I think the MTL patch is good enough for sex. Not like it has any literary value.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Joined a few days ago! Didn't make an introductory post anymore since I kinda lurked for a while teehee
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    What are you playing?

    Finished KARAKARA and Analogue: A Hate Story. Nothing much to say for KARAKARA. It was what I expected it to be. Although the plot would have been more engaging had it been given more emphasis, the shortness of the game and its understandable focus on its moe aspect dampen its significance. Would probably take people at most 3 hours to finish? I did it in less than 2. Well, at least the art was cute. Special mention for its music tracks though. Was really catchy, especially the one that plays when Leon drives in his car. Analogue: A Hate Story was as fun as I heard it to be. Been a long time since I played a VN with its own kind of gameplay, so going through this one was refreshing. The way it told its story was also really nice to the point that I'd call it pretty appropriate for the kind of story it was telling. Go buy it if you ever have money to spare. Specific note for Analogue: I couldn't take the game seriously at times because I couldn't get it out of my mind how much *Hyun-ae reminds me of @Fiddle and Christmas hats.
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    Hello, Before I answer your question, I should say that I'm the type that read anything as long as they don't make me fall asleep. So I'm probably not the best person to ask for impression on the story. In any case, I think the story is quite good. It's not amazing or anything, but it's enjoyable. At the very least, I haven't fallen asleep while reading KnR yet XD. In comparison to Kamidori... It's been so long since I played Kamidori so I don't remember much of it, but if I have to, I'd rank them around the same.
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    Pretty sure he simply meant the censored nipples which can be considered a part of censoring H-scenes.
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    Laika Karou

    Shoujo City 3D (alpha release)

    Sorry for late reply. I hardly ever get any replies in this thread, so I check it only occasionally. The full version of the game is planned for release in the summer of 2020.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    I dig it! Very trippy indeed, but I like this kind of stuff. ^^ I'll definitely use your advice too. Confession: I totaly derailed Fuwanovel Confessions thread into a retro JP music one.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    That's a neat song. But the original is so gloriously 80s!
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    There is this genre called City Pop that was popular in the late 70s and 80s that might fit your description.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Welcome to the dark side Yeah, Keyakizaka46 is good. I personally also like many songs by AKB48. Both groups (and many others in "48 group") share the same producer (Yasushi Akimoto), who writes all the lyrics. Music is made by various people/bands. OTOH most of the Hello!Project idol groups (Morning Musume etc) were rather meh to me - maybe those were the ones you found in the beginning. As for '80s/'90s pop - I absolutely love all CDs by Aya Hisakawa (久川綾). Some songs from Seiko Matsuda (松田聖子) from late '80s/early '90s are pretty good too. There's also ton of great songs on the Sailor Moon related CDs (not all were used in the anime) - they can all be downloaded at sailormusic.net - that's what was my gateway drug into japanese music Songs for Slayers and Magic Knight Rayearth are great as well. However it turns out that most of my japanese CD collection is from '00s. The great thing is, that they still keep many features from earlier years - it isn't like in the western pop, where new style comes and almost completely wipes away the old. When trying to 'date' japanese song, you can only say "not earlier than" - if there are for example instruments/sounds used that weren't used before. But you can find many songs recorded recently, that could as well be released 20 or 30 years ago - that's what I like about japanese pop the most. They don't discard the past - they build upon it. Some of my favourite singers / acts (apart from the ones mentioned above): Anri Kumaki ( 熊木杏里 ), Ai Kawashima (川嶋あい), Miyako Hasegawa (長谷川都), Maiko Fujita (藤田麻衣子), FictionJunction / Kalafina and other Yuki Kajiura's acts, Ayako Ikeda (池田綾子), Kayoko Yoshizawa (吉澤嘉代子), Minako Kawae (川江美奈子) Most of those are singer-songwriter type - quite different from idols. Going back to the '80s, I have also compilation CD of Mami Ayukawa (鮎川麻弥) - some nice songs there, including pretty good cover of Modern Talking's "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" Not sure which ones/how many of those will you like, but at least you have some names to put into YT search to check out For ultimate cheese, sounding like straight from the eighties, check out girl going by stagename KOTO (not to be confused with Dutch spacesynth band ): I love how they nailed perfectly every aspect of '80s aesthetics (including both beatuiful synth sounds and horrible visuals )
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    Hi, guys! Nayru here, one of the two developers from NoBreadStudio. I wanted to introduce you to the second project we've been working on. Just like SoulSet, this one's also of the mystery genre, only with supernatural elements instead of fantasy this time. Check it out and give the demo a try! Any kind of feedback is always welcome! >>> Now Live on Kickstarter! Please support us! <<< >>> Play the demo on Itch.io! <<< Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook | Discord | Itch.io | VNDB Summer's here and school's out! Join Kevin and his group of friends as they leave for a much-anticipated trip into the wild outdoors. There will be camping, fishing, hiking... Oh, and campfire stories, of course! But don't believe everything you hear. All the nasty rumors surrounding Wright Lake are surely just that - rumors. Or are they? Whiteheart Woods is a visual novel that explores the themes of friendship, love, and personal secrets, set in a world on the brink of a great change. Experience a story- and character-driven narrative, and make meaningful choices that affect your relationships and determine what endings you get. Genres: supernatural, mystery, comedy, romance, suspense Romance: B x G, B x B 4 pursuable characters (3 female, 1 male) Over 50k words of script (over 5h of gameplay) Multiple endings that depend on your choices Character sprites with blinking animations and various outfits CG, Background and Ending Galleries H-scenes Steam Achievements and Trading Cards Available for Windows, Mac and Linux Just like every summer, Kevin takes a break from the noise and hustle of big city life. Bringing along a group of close friends, he leaves for a week of cabin camping on the shores of a remote lake, deep in the wilderness. But despite being known for its breathtaking, serene beauty and crystal clear waters, the area also holds a reputation for bizarre, unexplained happenings. It isn't long before the group begins to discover that there is more to Wright Lake than even the most outlandish campfire stories would suggest... Content warnings: general mature themes, strong language, use of alcohol, nudity, sexual content. Nayru - Lead Developer / Artist / Writer / Programmer MstMori - Artist / Writer / GUI Designer Marcianek - Background Artist Questions: 1. What parts of the demo did you enjoy/didn't enjoy and why? 2. Which character did you find the most intriguing so far? We'd love to hear what you think!
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    I need help finding this hentai!

    So there's a young kid in a car and the girl next to him takes off her top so he begins sucking on her. Then the girl In the front does the same so he jumps on her and starts sucking her too. The girl in the back is masturbating so he gets on her and starts sucking and licking her privates. He gropes all the girls tits. There's 4 girls in the car. If this sounds familiar to anyone please tell me the name. The boy has green and yellow hair.
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    Well, yeah, it would be easier to just hack the original adult JP release and work on it instead. RIP Noratoto. I wish someone wanted to TL these H-scenes...
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    Romcom/SoL anime with actual romance?

    So, lately I've noticed that few things give me as much joy as romance anime that take the romance part seriously - and by seriously I don't mean drama-filled, but quickly establishing the main girl, consistently developing the relationship between her and the protagonist (genders can be reversed), and concluding everything in a proper manner (the characters are clearly a couple by the end of it). This is something that majorly boosted my enjoyment of shows such as Bunnygirl Senpai, Yamada-san and the Seven Witches or even the initial arc of SAO. So, I kind of wanted to gather recommendations for shows that actually deliver in this department. Preferably in a lighthearted manner, but the anxiety-inducing drama is also acceptable if the payoff is worth it. Things I haven't seen yet, but probably fit my criteria are for example (correct me if I got any of those wrong): Your Name. You Lie in April ReLIFE My Love Story Golden Time You can find the general overview of what I saw and the shit taste I have in my MAL. Please, throw your vast knowledge at me senpais!
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    Is it not correct? The actual Association of Localization, their definition is incorrect? Alright Did I mention 4kids? I never said censor it to hell, but most Americans/English speaking people are accustomed to a lot more swearing then the "IIE!!/NO!! or いいえ!!, or the legendary ばか/BAKA!!" that the Japanese find harsh. So in this case for Fureraba, NN did just that by making the "harsh no's" be swearing and other bitchiness in an attempt to be funny and to appeal to the English market with a more English translation. Here in the US, I hear the word "fool" used almost on a daily basis, and it lacks any hint of true contempt for somebody. Would it really be appealing to have Yuzuyu telling MC he's a "fool/idiot/dummy" every time she gets embarrassed and the like? Not to me at least. Honestly, if you want it exactly the way the "author intended it to be read", maybe reading it in Japanese might be your forte?
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    What are you playing?

    So, after finishing another 100 hour long behemoth recently, I decided to play several shorter and less well-known VNs. Cryste: the Faith of Fire Volume 1 is a Chinese VN that I've seen in recommendations on Fuwa some time ago, and it looked like something that I could enjoy so I decided to play it. The basic premise is that some random hikikomori guy gets isekaied into the body of a silver-haired loli princess, but the whole gender bender doesn't really matter that much in the end because The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body . Overall, this feels like a lot more typical story for a gender bender light novel (just why is it always silver haired lolis, I wonder?) rather than a visual novel, so I wasn't really surprised when I learned that it actually is an adaptation of a Chinese light novel. Overall, it's a bit hard to talk about this VN since it's supposed to be only the beginning of the story. The first 80% of the plot mostly consists of just character introduction and some basic world building. There isn't really much "plot" in this part at all, and, while predictable, but still works pretty well as an enjoyable light read. The characters are more or less generic, but I wouldn't call them bad or boring. Overall, their motivations make sense if you stop to think about it, and it didn't feel like they were there simply to push the story forward like in many works like that. I'm really interested to see how they will interact and develop in the future. What I didn't like, however, is the story structure and the general writing quality. Many scenes that would be pretty important for the characterization were skipped, and, though it's technically not very difficult to guess why the characters acted the way they did, it still felt like something was missing. There also appear to be some factual mistakes, and I'm not sure if they were made during the translation or existed in the original work. However, in the last 20% the story makes a complete U-turn, and it actually did manage to surprise me. Definitely didn't expect the plot to go this way, even though the hints were there, and I feel very excited to see what happens next. Unfortunately, the novel ends right at the most interesting moment, and we are forced to wait for the next volume for the continuation. And here we come to the worst part - this VN is unfinished. While it has "Volume 1" in the title, I don't really expect the continuation to ever come out. It's been two years after the release, and it doesn't look like there is any news about the next volume. And even if it does come out eventually, the original light novel is pretty massive, so I doubt that we will ever see it fully adapted into the VN format. And the novel isn't translated (I hoped that there could be a fan-translation available somewhere on the Internet, but no, doesn't look like it), so there's no way to experience the full story if you don't speak Chinese. Still, it wasn't a bad experience. The first 80% of the story mostly work on their own even without the continuation. I definitely enjoyed it overall, and I will play the next volume if it ever comes out. And also, the production values are surprisingly good for an amateur work. Both art and music are quite pretty, and it's fully voiced. Overall, if you're okay with reading an incomplete work and feel like you might enjoy it, I recommend giving it a try (it's quite short anyway). I'm giving it 6/10 for now. I'll most likely raise it the the sequel ever comes out. PS. And now I realized how many Japanese loan words are Chinese in origin. Last Purify is a freeware doujin VN written by Insider. It doesn't have an English translation and isn't very well known, but someone translated it into Russian, so I was able to read it. And, you know, this VN turned out to be unexpectedly good! It's set in the future after a nuclear war that destroyed a big part of humanity. In order to avoid another war, humans decided to move one step further in the evolution away from their animal nature and completely get rid of their emotions and everything that could cause them, including art and religion. The whole world is currently under a single country called Ethics, with the exception of the city of Tokyo that still manages to fight back against them. The story starts when our protagonist, the boy called Tohru who lives in the colony of Tsukuba in Ethics, appears in front of the defenders of Tokyo. He doesn't remember what caused him to leave his colony and go to the enemy territory. He is taken as a prisoner of war and now has to live in Tokyo, among these people who still have emotions and for some reason he doesn't understand would rather prefer to die rather than letting go of everything they hold dear. Overall, it's essentially a slice-of-live VN, set in the dystopic future, with some political commentary and "feelz". I'd say, the drama is what I enjoyed the most. Unlike the previous VN, this one isn't voiced and has a minimal amount of CGs, but is surprisingly well written. And I don't see any major flaws at all, other than that the second ending feels a bit rushed. It's a big shame this isn't translated. I definitely recommend to read it if you have a chance. 8/10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And now I honestly don't know what to read next. Maybe I'll give another otome a try or something.
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    You are correct H-scene patch cannot be made, since PC never had an all ages version to begin with. In japan this game was always 18+ only, it was so popular that they made a different all ages version for CONSOLES. The release for West is based on the CONSOLE VERSION,also this version has an additional scenes that's unique to this version, it would be really difficult to make a patch for this since its different from the ORIGINAL 18+ version on PC. As for the most complete version, the original PC JP game had like 4-5 scenes per heroine, just look at some CGs and basically it was 30-40% of the content that game had to offer, this game considered a borderline nukige. Usually there are differences between censored and butchered game... this one has been slaughtered with no mercy! This is an eroge stripped of its ero content, unfortunately Japanese treats west as inferior beings and we get censored versions most of time, also cultural imperialism extremely strong and every game changed to suit US ideals and mainstream ideologies (SJW/ progressive feminist, American puritism)
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    Romcom/SoL anime with actual romance?

    Chivalry of a Failed Knight (TV) Bakuman. (TV) Banner of the Stars (TV) Kokoro Connect (TV) Lovely Complex (TV) My Love Story!! (TV) Bloom Into You (TV) Boarding School Juliet (TV) (The) Familiar of Zero (TV) Golden Time (TV) Haruka Nogizaka's Secret (TV) His and Her Circumstances (TV) ItaKiss (TV) Kimi ni Todoke - From Me to You (TV) Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! (TV) Momokuri (ONA) Please Teacher! (TV) ReLIFE (TV) Say "I love you." (TV) Tsuredure Children (TV) Emma: A Victorian Romance (TV) Just Because! (TV) Kamisama Kiss (TV) My Bride is a Mermaid (TV) Real Girl (TV) Record of Grancrest War (TV) Snow White with the Red Hair (TV) Twin Star Exorcists (TV) Wolf Girl & Black Prince (TV)
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    @mods: I wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move the post to where it belongs to if you consider it placed wrongly here. The original Visual Novel already hinted about Mio's time in America, however it never properly explained what happened to her back then. This was supposed to be taken care of by a manga called "Children's Collapse" as well as an audio drama called "FAR TOO LATE - Slumbering Fools". Overthe course of the last six months I animated the majority of the audio drama (it's an hour in length so please bear with me) in a Visual-Novel-esque manner, so as to give you a way to read the transcript along with the voice-over. If you're interested, then you'll find the playlist to the entire animation below. Keep in mind the first part can't really use a lot of sprites, as the featured characters simply don't have any. This changes from the second part onwards though
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    This is actually woefully out of date, but has some things in it. Besides that, I'd add at least this one, perhaps more later. Edit: Also, you may have noticed I moved your thread to the recommendation forum.
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    What are you playing?

    I just finished first route (Airi's) in Mashiro Iro Symphony. W O W It was great - if it will maintain similar level for remaining three routes, it's clearly aiming for 8+ score. For a moege it is indeed amazing. Nice humor, great romance, likeable characters, great art, music... I also loved SDCGs that appeared here and there. かわいい... I'm truly impressed. On to the next route (but tomorrow... )
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    Why are they doing this to ussssssssssssss, aaaaaaaaa!!!! :sad_face: I hate when they do this, I hate it Noratoto 18+ probably never too.
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    My “break” is over! I’m back into the full-dev mode and it feels great. <3 I’m working on the dialogues for the first tavern. There’s a lot of things to talk about and to do here, and guess what. You don’t even Have to come here, and if you’re aggressive toward the innkeeper, you’ll just get thrown out. Choose your Attitudes wisely!
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    Best of luck with this!
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    Good to see you around here again, shit taste and all. Inaba for life.
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    Yeah, I think so, create tool is 'hard' and isn't everyone who understand, but basically the hacker in a group just need work in the begin and the end of the project... (usually 2 weeks...?) but the translator, editors, QC and etc need keep the work for years usually, then, is more 'easy' but is more 'exhausting' than the coder work.
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    I haven't dropped any vns yet, but I almost dropped the 1st Da Capo. I ended up liking it, once I read more routes.
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    Trans! Translation Project

    Greetings, mortals. I, the, *ahem* ...have decided upon this august hour to deliver unto thee a progress report. As of current, 104 lines out of 2779 have been translated, and all of these have also been first pass edited and translation checked. I do believe more passes of editing may happen however as the head EOP Slave Zander has not currently incorporated some pressing suggestions by yours truly. Or maybe not - verily, I cannot know what percolates inside his mortal brain, but half of it must be empty space. In other news, this deity is much pleased by the contents of Trans!; it has reached the highest unity not once, not twice, but three times in total from around 600 lines and 2 scenes of intercourse. It would, however, like to warn those with a disposition not inclined to the nonconsensual; Trans! appears to accommodate this particular mental configuration poorly. Lest I provide no unoriginal material, allow me to meme edit the rather horrendous description taken "from vndb": Ami, Minori, Taiga, and Ryuuji visit a Shinto shrine rumored to give its supplicants success in their romantic endeavours. A fearful entanglement occurs, and our hero and heroines find themselves tumbling down the stone stairs... "What? My voice...," Ryuuji says, "Why am I in Ami's body?"... Forsooth, their predicament weaves a tangled web indeed: They all have switched bodies! Ami, having sprung into Ryuuji's flesh, finds herself ruled utterly by that limb of limbs, her newfound dick - and thus proceeds to embark upon a rapestravaganza of entrancing proportions. But deep down, we all know: the only proper name for her is KawashiBITCH. Thank you for your time, and farewell, mortals. Until next time.