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  1. It'd be much wiser just to tell an alternate story/world just set in a similiar era, like youjo senki. The thing is like, if you were to realistically show ww1 foot battles, it would not be very glorious(?) or interesting for the story. There's no way the MC, let alone the whole main cast could all survive, or accomplish much. But with some suspension of disbelief you could definitely tell a compelling story in that era. There's a class of japanese novels that are war records, mostly in fantasy. Though most are not down to gritty and down to earth. A politically opinionated work
  2. bruh no spoilers in the thread title. should call it G-senjou no maou ending question or something edit: to answer your question, I don't think there's an official answer. Some JP person guessed 春菜 (haruna), as it's similiar to usami haru.
  3. Luna from Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou Elrise from Gurenka (though she becomes equal later on) Probably someone from Gensou no Idea (3/4 of the heroines are strong willed), though not exactly sure who.
  4. Hey, you write too, that's cool! Good luck on your VN! I'm a fan of the royal castle setting too. Man, the outfits in royal alchemist look beautfiul.
  5. I dunno, it depends on execution. Pick whichever want you want to make more. You're the one who's going to be spending hundreds of hours on it. 1. This is the more unique idea, though the reader (myself included) isn't prolly going to be a wrestling fan to start with, so you want some way to get the reader invested (possibly a relatable main character). Also, what type of gameplay? 2. Why is the medieval character in cyberpunk, is it that kind of world, or did they get teleported? What's the story arc? The issue with having cyberpunk setting / fantasy is that it's hard to narrow it d
  6. Kokuzai o Ukerubeki Mono and prolly anything from that developer.
  7. Would add Fault as high fantasy, no magic academy but royalty, magic, and teenager characters.
  8. Most presentation elements (like plot twists, vfx, voice acting, art) has a effect it's aiming for. In a narrower sense, quality is extra effort/good execution that puts it above the standard mediocre approach. Quality is production values, attention to details, actual proficiency of the writer, well-developed character/setting/story EXCEPT where things are intentionally kept simple for a smoother experience. What I call skillfulness is how well the the author worked within the bounds of the format/genre to make an exciting/interesting story. How well the visuals and music managed up
  9. It's like a play with (mostly static) avatars instead of live people. Putting quality aside, the difference between novels is that it's much more distinct when a character enters/exits the scene. That and the locations are more defined because they can't be vague like in a novel. I mean a play still has music, sfx, script, and choreography (scripting in case of a vn). I'd say it translates pretty well.
  10. I realized I haven't played many romance-focused vns. Some obscure titles, but here we go: Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (main branch routes) Hateshinaku Aoi, Kono Sora no Shita de (pretty somber mood) Noel (Serious yuri, though it only takes up about 40% of the story)
  11. You're welcome! Kami no Ue is one of my favourites, I liked the 幻想的な atmosphere and the soft art style too.
  12. Hmm, when it comes to games with a colorful soft artstyle.... Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai (plot game) Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no Gurenka (A nice comfy chuuni-supernatural game) 白詰草話 -EPISODE OF THE CLOVERS- (the story's pretty ??? but the art's pretty cute.) And lastly an indie free game which I played and quite liked: ReIn∽Alter (Note: Despite appearances, it's NOT an eroge/light novel. The story gets very serious later)
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