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  1. The State of VNs

    I think enjoyment and fascination is a state of the mind. While it's rare that you're going to come across exactly the vn you felt like reading, if you try reading a bunch of stories, you might get into a few of them, and that will be just as good. The more stuff you enjoy, the more comparisons you can draw, which might help you enjoy other works.
  2. The State of VNs

    Vn's and lns are different then western media, but after reading a bunch I still don't yet see how Kishotenketsu describes them. I do think that any description/depiction of a world, character and events can constitute a story, even without plot or conflict. Western shows usually can't pull their characters away from western culture, or western media tropes. LN's/VN's have their own tropes, but I actually like some of them.
  3. For comedy or faster-paced VN's, it's great to have voice acting. It gives the thing more life. Also in important scenes the voice acting can provide a voice that you couldn't have imagined from the text. Voice acting's never going to be able to save a bad story though. For English works I almost always prefer no voice acting. It seems fake and not seamless like JP voice acting, iuuno.
  4. The Sad Fact about Replaying VNs

    Around four years is about how long after I find I'm able to comfortably replay VN's. After that long, even the trite portions I probably will experience in a different way to how I remembered. Besides replaying for interesting scenes and details, one could also replay to enjoy the atmosphere of the VN. That'd be something I'd replay a charage for. There's also catharsis like Clephas mentioned. Charage's lose a lot on the replay because you can never have that feeling of warm anticipation wondering what will happen next. Unconventional stories might actually gain on the replay, because you aren't disappointed when the story ended up going in different direction. Any story with lots to analyze would be a natural replay target... though those kinds of stories are more common in books than VN's. At it is I'm barely able to finish all the routes of a VN on the first play (unless required for the true end) . And so, whatever I'm replaying for, I only go through a couple sections, which is far short of the full VN.
  5. Things that Happen

    I think that, writing for the reviews team, or any blog, is like a hobby project. It's something you spend effort on and share with the community because its what you love. If life (even if life, being another VN) is messing with you and you couldn't handle doing what you originally had planned, we understand. We all have lives that can get out of control; we can even just get lost in all the things we want to do. I haven't read many fuwa-reviews (partly due to their being too many titles to keep up with), but I do remember really liking your posts on vn writing from way back. Hope your project goes well, and look forward to seeing you back (speaking as fuwa resident lurk-master).
  6. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    Took a brief look. Most of it is translated good, but there are a few mistakes in the difficult parts. But I don't think it would hurt anyone's enjoyment of the game. I'm glad they listened to feedback and improved the translation quality.
  7. Microtransactions and my views

    I had this experience where I was playing f2p for a long time, and then finally gave in and bought premium. At that moment I felt like everything in the game should become trivial. Like when you activate cheat mode in a single-player game. But it didn't and I felt disappointed, lost motivation and quit. A lot of my friends play these games with everyday routines, which kind of makes me want to stay away from those micro-transaction games. Usually it isn't the routine gameplay that appeals to me, but the combination with voice acting and art. Because of that and the fact that I don't play games on my mobile phone, I seldom play those kinds of games. I did manage to spend about $200 on a game called Shadowverse. About half of that was on a 33% off sale. Though I must say, the transaction system is honestly pretty decent for that game - it's clean and elegant, and f2p is a real legitimate option. I also found it's easy to get lured into buying shitty stuff on dlsite (quickly learned my lesson though). For big-name steam games I watch a lot of gameplay videos before buying them to make sure that I'll actually play and enjoy the game. Overall I feel that it was good I got exposure to these elements in a moderate way and didn't get hooked on those seriously exploitative games. I agree. In terms of games, micro-transaction ones are the bottom of the barrel. I don't consider them as games anymore, when they are not about gameplay and are just a system with stimuli designed to psychologically trap their users.
  8. My VN Reassessment Project (UPDATED)

    I'm still curious what you'll think about Kanojo-tachi no Ryuugi the second time around.
  9. Bokura no Sekai ni Shukufuku o

    That sure is some detail for a nakige VN. Gonna try this one out. Been ages since I've properly played something (just been reading LN/Manga/Anime).
  10. What other hobbies do you have?

    I really like fiction and been wanting to write a few stories of my own (though I barely get any writing done). I'm also pretty interested in game design and development. For gaming I tend to lean towards strategy games, cause I like getting better at things, though sometimes I just try out games to see what the developers made. For outdoor activities, I was into longboarding in the past year or two.
  11. Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de

    Merciless Utsuge...don't think I'm in the mood for that atm haha...
  12. What are you playing?

    Starting playing Magical Charming as a much needed change-of-pace. (before that I was reading the LN series SukaSuka and SukaMoka. Both those were intense and crushingly sad at times). I haven't played much VN's in the last couple months, it's nice to enjoy them some more. Not much to say. Basically just recovering with moe.
  13. First 2D Crush

    Man I totally forgot, it might have been Tenshi from Angel Beats. I have a thing for stoic girls haha. I also liked that girl from Maeda Jun's PV "Killer Song". This was when back when I was high school, before I got into VN's.
  14. DiaboLiQuE / -デアボリカ- [Alice Soft]

    It's pretty cool seeing these old adventure titles, this kind of "merry adventures" you don't really see in modern vns. (There's fantasy adventure/harems in gameplay vns but the feel is still kinda different).