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  1. New guy interested in translating

    That's cool. As long you are studying Japanese on the side you should improve pretty decently.
  2. New guy interested in translating

    Zaka's right, it's actually depends more on your grammar level, however reading and encountering grammar in actual works is how you internalize them and understand what type of tone different language is used for (angry/sad/uncertain/being sarcastic/etc.) My first VN TL project was when I had read about 1 full VN and knew up to N3, it was OKAY for slice of life, but I also am very analytical about grammar and spent a lot of time thinking about the translations. Anything less than knowing N3 and it's a waste of time -- you're going to make mistakes everywhere. To make it clear, learning translation and learning Japanese are two different things. If you translate, you will probably get better at translating. But in general, translating is a very inefficient way of learning Japanese. Instead of translating a work, then studying 6-12 months of Japanese, you could just study the Japanese first, translate the work, which would produce a much better translation for equal or less work. Btw, the most important thing for understanding (which applies to both reading and translating) is grammar. Get the notes for N2 and N1 and study them, then read a bunch of VN's and recognize or look them up again when you spot them.
  3. New guy interested in translating

    4 VN's isn't good (You really want like 10-12). But I know many people who tried getting into translating after about that much (myself included).
  4. How Can I Properly Utilize Flowcharts?

    Generally, you have three things: branches, flags (inactive or active), branches, and number parameters (such affection or trust level). So you have a common route, and they branch off at some point to the main routes. How the branches split off is totally up to you. If you mainly want to tell a story, I'd recommend just having a very simple branching structure (you can have optional side events though.) A single choice in an critical part of the story can be way more effective than pointless choices every 10 minutes. If you want to make something more game-like, like a western interactive novel, well that has its own complexities in how to make the branching work with the narrative. For sure they will use flags and number parameters.
  5. I got Sakura spirit too, this thing is RIGGED
  6. There's no comparison to an actual translation. Maybe if you just want to enjoy the moe and atmosphere. MTL can be helpful for reading description if you have no intention of learning Japanese, but it also tends to butcher dialogue horribly. You can see a random MTL for reference.
  7. How much do you play VN a day/a week?

    I used to read like 2-5 hours a day. Nowadays I only read like 30min-1hour per day. Usually I get distracted by other media too. For some reason I find it easier to marathon web novels... probably there are less distractions reading them on my phone.
  8. Yep, there are smart/clever ways to mix the two (Freespace 2 was great) But they are the exception. In Freespace I imagine they had to consider what type of scenes they could portray within the gameplay. Using missions + briefings is a great gameplay+narrative link. For a good hybrid, you generally want to include meaningful dialogue during gameplay, and you also need to work to un-ambiguously frame the gameplay within the narrative (know what exactly happened in story terms).
  9. From a ideal standpoint, the moment you mix gamplay and narrative, one of the two has to give way. For VN's generally you want to prioritize the story and do everything so that the gameplay doesn't interfere with the narrative. (Actually I thought of mahou shoujo too, lol@Zakamutt). My gripe is that games in general have too many levels, and nothing sucks more than unneccesary levels also killing the story pacing. Just do battles, and if there are too few add extra levels on the side. If you prioritize gameplay, you now have the freedom to cater the story and pacing to what works best for the gameplay. You can't do this if you already have a plot planned out.
  10. Random VN: Kanojo-tachi no Ryuugi

    Thanks, it was cool to see an objective description of the novel after finishing it. I enjoyed the good heroine characterization and voice acting, though the taboo/messed up relationships made for a rocky experience. Bit unsettling, though I guess the heroines having initiative most of the time was intentional by the authors.
  11. How do you find the time to read so much?

    Been reading VN's for over 8 years, but according to VNDB I've only finished 57 VN's (tried a lot more though). Nowadays, I got other hobbies, and I also like to read light novels and web novels, which kinda takes the place of VN's once you get into the story. I mainly get through long works by prioritizing them (whoops) over other responsibilities. You just go straight to reading when you have free time. That being said, I rarely read super long VN's, and I almost never finish all the routes unless its a plotge and doing so is required.
  12. Making a game is a lot of work (talking many months), RPG's are super time consuming even relative to other genres. Also, adding gameplay can clash or dilute the narrative. Why are LN's doing so well? Because the production costs are so little compared to VN's and games, making it easy to break even and cover flops.
  13. Blade Rondo is a fast-paced 2 player card game featuring beautiful gothic anime art. The gameplay is simple but sharp, a nice change from the usual collectable card games. A game takes around 10-15 minutes. There are also a few expansions out which haven't been translated yet. In order to play the mod you need Tabletop Simulator on Steam. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895115999 Thanks to the original mod creator sakuya4667 and @Cyrillej1 for her awesome image editing work. PS: I actually did this TL last year but never got around to sharing it. The translation itself only took 2 days -- it took longer to figure out the rules xD.
  14. Your Visual Novel, Manga, Anime, Game of the Decade

    VN: Mahou Shoujo (lifelike characters and interactions) Anime: Simoun (could not expect an anime like this, it's like a moody space opera with character development) Manga: N/A LN: Mushoku Tensei, it made me think about what it would be like raising a family. Grimgar: Has influenced me a lot over the years. Serious party combat isekai ftw.