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  1. The dialogue in Leyline is really easy, but since it has a mystery element that might make it harder to understand eventually.
  2. Shinimasu 100% tl celebration thread

    Lol nice avatar, its the "mission accomplished finally can die in peace" face. Grats on finishing
  3. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    What was so rare about Yuuri as a herione? The series looks really light-hearted, I like the OP's. Grats on finishing it.
  4. Mein Waifu is the Führer

    I think it's both hilarious and a bit disturbing (should we be doing this?)
  5. Yeah, it's @Chronopolize. Feel free to pm me. I dunno, as a non-artist, I feel like its the easier and carefree to find a main job and do my hobby as a hobby (also the unknowns and marketing of entrepreneurship makes me uncomfortable). Finding a way to monetize your passion is a difficult task, you probably need some mentors along the way and a lot of work. There are varying degrees, from freelance workers who have some an online presence, to content creators who have a brand, to professionals who frequently work on company projects. Nowadays, online shops and patreon makes it much easier for a single person to monetize, though you still need the skill and an audience.
  6. When my head is full of the last VN I read, I find it helps to write all my thoughts down. Once I've written it down, I feel its easier to put it aside, I think because I know I've recorded it somewhere, and also the processing of writing stuff down helps to sort out jumbled feelings. If the VN was long enough, I usually find it satisfying enough remembering the journey that happened. If I'm really home-sick after finishing a VN, I might rewatch parts of it, to kind of ease off it. In rare cases I felt like I was thinking TOO much about the series. But it was not that hard to gradually get back to the normal life. If I finish a great route and have trouble playing the others cause I get stuck, I'll usually put the VN on hold. I don't think you can enjoy a story or route for what it is when you're mainly thinking about a different one. One of the worst things is when the VN is great, but its too short and leaves you craving more.
  7. High school wasn't especially fun or meaningful for me so nope. Though I imagine if you had good times in high school it might make you reminisce.
  8. guren

    You're probably better off just looking up a cg set of it online. The art is nice, but the gameplay is infamously terrible.
  9. Rocket no Natsu ロケットの夏 [TerraLunar]

    Nice review! I'm a fan of VN's with a cosy atmosphere. I didn't notice you have links to English reviews. Pretty handy, also if you've played the game and want to see a western opinion.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCZBRocN7AN1N9Ypvgql7lg Doujin game of the Year. Highly reccomend if you are interested in seeing doujins vns of all sorts of genres. I would definitely go play some of those titles, if only I had more spare time.
  11. Your Favorite OP's and/or ED's

    Never been so hyped by an OP. I love how every single shot shows an element of the show. The main trio are exceptional, and the OP gets that across. Norman: A kind soul, but an unbounded mastermind. Ray: The brains, who despite being tsun and almost crazy, seems to act as the voice of reality among the three. Emma: Idealistic, loving, and true to a fault. Carrying the weight of a reckless dream, she withstands being ground into dust by way of her indomitable will and the help of those around her.
  12. Last visual novel

    G-senjou no Maou I like to hate on this VN because it's a little bit plot holed, but it is a strong mix of thriller and emotion, the main route is quite the ride, and something about the ending. It was nice reading your comments on your VNDB list. I mostly play untranslated games, so it's hard for me to pick... you've played many of the quality, intriguing games with a translation. Since you've read quite a few experimental works, perhaps SeaBed? It is a sort of unique work, is a lot about the mundane living and coming to terms with the past. It seems to be have been cherished by many who have read it.
  13. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    https://vndb.org/v10680/ Luna from Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou comes to mind. Isn't translated though. She's also dominant in the H-scene if you pick the right choices.
  14. [Video Series] JP VN Guided Reading

    Ah, right, you must be running through VN's pretty quickly to be able to review so many. Thanks for the kind words. It's a different kind of reading, called intensive reading (where you study text closely and dissect it). The majority of one's reading can and should be extensive reading, which is just reading tons and not worrying about understanding everything.
  15. pick one for me

    Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai cause Pooltron keeps spamming screenshots from it, and it looks hilarious. But Katawa Shoujo is a good read. It's on the shorter side and the routes are varied and pretty interesting.