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  1. Happy new year

    Happy new year, friends!
  2. DDC is a cool VN. I simultaneously relate to their "looking at humanity from an outsider's perspective", and am shocked by how extreme their perspectives are. It's pretty weird and out there, but other than that, it's everything you could ask for in a plot-VN: great heroines, interesting and consistent MC, and routes that go in different directions.
  3. Saihate no Ima 最果てのイマ [Xuse]

    I didn't like Cross Channel, but I do plan on trying Saihate no Ima one day. The themes of a "sanctuary" are a bit interesting. How would you compare this work to Kazoku Keikaku? Would you recommend starting with that work, for someone who isn't that into Romeo Tanaka's works.
  4. It's finally here... MAGGOT BAITS!!!!

    I've been wanting to read Maggot baits for a while, but gotta wait until I feel confident enough to handle the sanity loss. The art (the only ClockUp game who's art I genuinely like) and the writing are major draws for me.
  5. Other goals like writing, game dev, blogging, friends, work skills, etc. have become more concrete and important to me, such that I am no longer fine with centering my life around reading VN's. Actually my mind is so much on those things (regardless of progress or not) that I find it hard to immerse in VN's and keep reading regularly. Reading progress slows to a crawl. Reading lots of VN's used to be a goal in itself to me. Now, I just chip away at 1-2 titles while stalling the rest. I also play some short interesting works from time to time, those are good fun too. Overall, I've dropped from 12 full-length VN's a year to reading 3-4 full-length VN's per year. I definitely could do better, with this mystical thing called time management, lol. I still enjoy the medium a lot, but I think I like that familiar reading feeling just as much as the story. For discovering new kinds of titles, I rather do that for anime nowadays, as they are much shorter and -- everything is new to me in a way -- I haven't watched that many types of anime. (You could say I'm familiar with about 50% of VN genres, but only 20% of anime genres).
  6. Steel [Graviton]

    I knew about Steel and its EGS reviews but it was hard to justify trying such a long title without knowing what the structure was like. Good to know that there's decent character focus. Thanks for the helpful review.
  7. I feel like organizing a server, then doing a group server project together (like making a mini-VN), or working on translating a shorter medium is better for having social interaction. Maybe because of the length of the text, lack of chapter releases (+ people following those releases), VN projects are pretty solidarity from my experience. I found more interaction/collaboration when I was helping with translating a LN in an existing discord server.
  8. Hmm fair enough. I haven't played that many charage so I don't know many of the truly easy ones. I put Leyline because the sentences are short and the dialogue is super simple and standard if the reader's watched anime. It doesn't matter if you can't understand the one incantation, you can see what's going on. Most of the other ones are for the same reason, simple dialogue/short sentences.
  9. 6000 words is solid vocab start (it's possible to start from about 1000 words), but you really should study grammar if you want to read. For starting VN's a rule of thumb is you want N3 (maybe N4 at the very start). Here are some easy VNs *翠の海 *そしての世界より *星織ユメミライ *Ley Line 黄昏時の境界線 *この大空に、翼をひろげて None of these are short though. Reddit has a list too: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KnyyDt7jimEz-dgeMSKymRaT2r3QKBPm9AzqZ6oUWAs/pub
  10. What are you playing?

    Started playing Otome ga Tsumugi Koi no Canvas . I'm playing for the icha icha to come, lol. It's a nice heartful charage. For a jousou vn the protagonist is sometimes impossibly good at being a maid, and there are overly kira kira sappy moments which kind of makes me roll my eyes. The art and voice acting is really great though. The characters outfits is quite good. My favourite voicing is Akie, who has the same VA as Irene from Eustia.
  11. The dialogue in Leyline is really easy, but since it has a mystery element that might make it harder to understand eventually.
  12. Shinimasu 100% tl celebration thread

    Lol nice avatar, its the "mission accomplished finally can die in peace" face. Grats on finishing
  13. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    What was so rare about Yuuri as a herione? The series looks really light-hearted, I like the OP's. Grats on finishing it.
  14. Mein Waifu is the Führer

    I think it's both hilarious and a bit disturbing (should we be doing this?)
  15. Yeah, it's @Chronopolize. Feel free to pm me. I dunno, as a non-artist, I feel like its the easier and carefree to find a main job and do my hobby as a hobby (also the unknowns and marketing of entrepreneurship makes me uncomfortable). Finding a way to monetize your passion is a difficult task, you probably need some mentors along the way and a lot of work. There are varying degrees, from freelance workers who have some an online presence, to content creators who have a brand, to professionals who frequently work on company projects. Nowadays, online shops and patreon makes it much easier for a single person to monetize, though you still need the skill and an audience.