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  1. Not any that I know of, and grimgar is one of my favourites. There really should be, the premise could totally work in a VN.
  2. Haha, I can see why you aren't in the mood. That veil of gloom is thick. I like the potential of this one for having more of a setting and less wacked up shit of Kamihamo, though the its hard getting into the protagonist's view. I'd be happy to review Istoria later this month after I get through term exams.
  3. The setting screams Koromoebi no Nostalgia lool. It's different when you use an issue for it's gloom/depress value first, instead of intending to develop it evenly. Haven't investigated into minori's games that much but I'm starting to feel like they aren't my cup of tea either. Nice job on the level review.
  4. Serious with some comedy >> Purely serious >>>> Comedy all the way through >> Mostly comedy, with one serious part >>> Uninspired bland shit
  5. Don't really have high hopes, as the scenes in the OP looks a bit generic, and it's obviously a light-hearted comedy. The OP is great though.
  6. Huh, thanks for the review! Saw the game a couple times on vndb and got curious what it what it was like. Probably not something I'll actually play (Japn mythology is as bonkers as modern dempa mindfuck imho), but nevertheless interesting!
  7. むぅう、馬鹿にしないで! I wonder why they keep having typos, though. They should just get someone to proofread it.
  8. Oh, Suisou Ginka no Istoria came out. The EGS readers loved it, so I think its going to be good!
  9. Just curious, is this the same game? Someone's subbed it already. edit: I see, minus tips and certain side paths.
  10. Fair enough. Personally when I studied genki I just poured my attention to the grammar items. Sometimes I'd write out some of the usages, but that was only for the stuff that I had trouble remembering. You can review the grammar points through multiple passes through the book (like chapter 1-2-3, then chapter 1-2, 3, 4, 5,-6, then 1-9, then the whole book, and then when you get to VN reading, if you come upon a grammar you think you remember, you can look in up in the textbook. Seeing the grammar in context, and looking it up when you can apply it right after is good reinforcement.
  11. For genki, you don't have to do the exercises, focus instead on the grammar items (go through them and review them a week later, a month later). Though it is important to practice conjugation lots so you can internalize the conjugations. (Don't have to memorize the kanji, but copy out the words. For the stuff that you handwrite, it's good to look up stroke order, but other than that stroke order's not going to really matter to you since it's mostly only relevant when writing by hand.). Just about any J-E dictionary is fine. Most of them provide the stroke order for kanji, which is useful. If you haven't already, go and add Japanese IME (Japanese keyboard input) to your computer. http://www.edrdg.org/cgi-bin/wwwjdic/wwwjdic?1C http://jisho.org/ https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/kanji-stroke-order/ Also here are stroke order guidelines you can refer to later. Will make remembering a lot easier, since the majority of radicals (and thus kanji) follow these conventions.
  12. Start slow. Study Tae kim's guide and/or Genki 1+ Genki 2 If you don't know enough vocab, stop and study the vocab, and then go back to studying Grammar. Studying grammar is hard, don't expect for it all to sink in on the first time. Come back and review the grammar items (Genki is better for reviewing that Tae kim, because the grammar is organized into easy to reference items. To give some perspective, it probably takes in the range of 80-100 hours or 1.5-4 months to go through Tae kim up to and including Essential Grammar / Genki 1+Genki 2 and an appropriate amount of vocab (like 250 words), for the beginner. The start is where you have to get used to basic conjugation, kanji, learning vocab, and Japanese grammar, and so it's normal for things to feel slow and hard. Go and study a bunch for starters, and then you can come back with more questions about what to do.
  13. I only played the start of Amamtsumi myself, but that conversation was great I marathoned Kami-sama no Game for a week and really liked it. The characters and semi-realisticness stood out. Only thing that might be worth mentioning before hand is that in a true sense it's still an open ending. The novel's set up directly for a sequel. Still found it really good though. Overall, the less you know about it going in the better.
  14. Top Vn's I want: (no particular order) Mahou Shoujo Kami-sama no Game -Kankinsareta 6nin no Danjo- Aiyoku no Eustia Kami no ue No Mahoutsukai Semiramis no Tenbin Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide Komorebi no Nostalgica Stuff I haven't played but looks cool Rui ha Tomo wo Yobu Saihate no Ima White Album 2
  15. For the last two days, I thought that was actually a cg of her eating ice cream. And with that in mind I was like "rather than cute, this is more like wincing cause she's trying so hard to eat ice cream". fffffffffff I've made a terrible mistake. My guess is that, while people's states are divided for the other girls, everybody like the cute loli at the end. So Kud represents the feeling of moe and bliss that everyone agrees on.