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  1. I liked atmosphere and the art. It's a nice little romantic drama. I just finished one branch. At first I thought the characters were pretty scummy/vain, but depending what you pick in the options they're pretty sympathizable. The English translation's a little clunky in places, but it seemed to convey things decently enough. One thing that stood out is how the narration is omniscient: it shows thoughts from multiple characters in the same scene. That kind of added to the sense of being an audience, watching from on above. If you like watching a story that's like a play, you'd like this. Like I said, I've only finished one branch... In the UI department, the text skip is painfully slow, and you can't set the text to show without delay. But maybe I can forgive this, since the start game screen is so nice.
  2. I only recognize one title 妖姫のとむらい, but, nice taste you got there.
  3. Claymore has some shounen elements to it, but other than that its a dead serious supernatural story set in a fantasy world. You'd read it for the serious fights, the setting (their powers, the organizations), and the intrigue. The anime compared to the manga has some annoying, but otherwise, it's a matter of whether the above's your cup of tea. I watched the anime and then skimmed through the manga (too fast to really appreciate it) many years ago. The manga's something I'd consider revisiting, if I'm ever in the mood for that kind of stuff.
  4. I finished watching Simoun this week, really loved it. Didn't think I'd see an anime with so much dedication to its characters. From the first episode, it looks like some strange fantasy series with yuri tied into it, but it actually turns out to be a really memorable and well thought out show. Without spoiling anything, the characters, drama, and setting all played huge parts in the story. Now it feels pretty homey reviewing the show and noticing details the second time around.
  5. For the rating system I have, most of the VN's I appreciate and did something admirably well get a rating between 8.2 and 8.6. The reason why I don't give out ratings higher than 9 often is that at those highest levels my scale isn't even really well defined. It's hard for me to tell what properties a VN had that made it excellent in many areas, or outstanding in something it did. So upon finishing a really good series, without further examination, I can "this is probably at least a 9" At the end of the day, the numerical rating is just a memory jog for what things you liked/disliked, and what you thought the VN did well or not. Different VN's are trying to do different things, so their ratings aren't comparable to other VN's unless the two are closely related in genre. That is to say, there isn't much meaning in directly comparing their ratings and trying to draw something from that.
  6. This shouldn't be a problem. If it fits its good. It might be a cop-out if say you ran a kickstarter and hand funds for that, but for your average indie developer, who cares. If it fits that's all that matters.
  8. They're mostly introverted or quirky and maudlin works, though there's quite of range, but if that's your cup of tea and you don't mind the art she's pretty decent. Definitely much better than your average OELVN writer.
  9. The author said on twitter a while back that StP would be about twice the length of the previous installments. Anyways, I love Fault's combination of stunning visuals and the world view (plus the fact that story is respectable). I'm guessing the story probably will be more involved and psychological than the other episodes, seeing as its Ritona's whole backstory. Looking forward to it.
  10. Isn't this a common line, though? I swear I've heard it somewhere else.
  11. I'd love to reccomend Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai (it's pretty cool), but that VN has a lot misery (probably not what you think, either). The story is a mystery with rather conceptual supernatural elements. It is also a character-centric work. Semiramis no Tenbin is a fascinating/stimulating read, though not particularly 'happy' (what Clephas said). It's also a harder title to read (but totally doable). Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide if you don't hate the setting and the pace of it, you'll probably enjoy it. It's a little bit different, and yet should still appeal to a wide range of niche readers.
  12. Yeah, you really nailed it. Btw, welcome to the fuwanovel! I think there are enough story-focused vns now on steam that that front has a lot of opportunity to attract new members.
  13. Random corrections (why did I think this was a good idea)
  14. Woah, that sounds awfully familiar. I was taking a database course last term as well.
  15. 間 (ま) here refers the natural or unnatural gap during words in a conversation. so this speaker is being conscious that there's an awkward pause right now. Edit: read the context. Here the pause has obviously occurred because HF couldn't answer, so the narrator concludes that she had been waiting a long time.