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  1. Random VN: Bishoujo Mangekyou - Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo

    Dunno about the others, but I would warn you from expecting much from Biman 3, that game was so disappointing. Good atmosphere/world, but weak as hell story and characters. I might check this one out though.
  2. Random VN: Kurenai no Tsuki

    I thought it was basically a classic "spend time with these pretty girls" game. If you find your waifu in one of those two, then you have a pretty well-balanced game. I personally was lukewarm towards them and so the VN as a whole. The setting's not bad, but the characters/drama aren't strong enough. Also the mystery takes too long to piece together. My god, if I ever have to go through a wall of choices again. This kind of detective work much better for point and click games, where the clues you get provide feedback to your actions. Picking some choice (or every choice) is just laborious and ruins any buildup. I played the two girl's endings and Akari's end, didn't get the harem end I *think* (or if I did I skipped through it and forgot about it).
  3. Nice to haves in VN artbooks (with Last Birdling post)

    I like having the original sketches, and the in-progress or concept art. Like you guys said, the original cg isn't that hard to get. Anything setting related is nice too. I imagine the artist has their own ideas of the setting and characters, esp. if they were the ones who did the char. design.
  4. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    I recently finished Kanojyo-tachi no Ryuugi. Going into the VN, I somehow mixed up this title with another VN, Yuri Kago no Naka, and thought it was going to be a hyper-chuuni novel. Well, it definitely wasn't that, but it was pretty good anyways. The VN starts out with the MC returning to old home where he sees his older twin sisters for the first time in five years. He is pretty miffed when his older sister Tobari ignores him completely. Especially since he (MC's name is Kotarou) holds a bit of an inferiority complex towards her. She does recruit him to the theatre club in order to perform at the upcoming school festival. He's going to be playing the main heroine alongside her as the hero. Yep, it's a VN with crossdressing. The MC is voiced, too (hooray!) I found the BGM well-fitted for each of the scenes. It looks like they paid attention there. Was really impressed by the voice acting for Tobari, Akane, and Suzutsuki. The early dialogue had a bit of characterization, but the voice acting really gave it life. Though when I saw Seseri's (blue-haired hopelessly genki-naive type) character I cringed at the thought of having to bear with her for the rest of the VN. I really liked Suzutsuki's (Pink-haired girl) route who I played first. Her route was super short (literally 6-7 scenes!!!), but it had this amazing atmosphere. She ends up being my favourite girl. Next I played Seseri's route, which mostly boring. Then was Akane (the older twin sister). Her route wasn't extensive like I thought it was, but it does provide some important facts about the sisters and their family. After that I skipped the other two minor heriones and went for the Tobari's route, the true herione's. While doing her route, I still found the events seems pretty underwhelming (just seemed like Kotarou arguing a lot with Tobari). But then the latter part of her route comes, and it's pretty good. At the end of the route there's this big perspective change which pretty much is the culmination of the entire route. It was amazing the first time, but it took me a second read to connect the pieces. Now I finally get why everyone on erogegamescape keeps saying the game exists for the sake of Tobari. Basically the whole game is revolving about Kotarou's (the MC) and Tobari's relationship (or apparent lack of one), and her mental state. It's kind of an unexpected work (old, heavy character-focus, and yet not being about the normal romance progressions), but the cg, music, voice acting, and characters are all quite good. Would recommend to someone who wants to read a character-focused story and doesn't mind the crossdressing, the unusual combination of elements, or the short length. As a side note, I think the crossdressing was more to allow Akari and Tobari to exhibit some S-traits during the sex scenes. The sex scenes are generally pretty mild, but the thing is, Kotarou is actually in the M position a lot of the time, which makes it feel more 'out there' than most crossdressing vns. I dunno. Kotarou's not bad relatively speaking, but some of the stuff made me groan a bit inside.
  5. What do you seek from VNs?

    Heriones, atmosphere, escapism/being able to feel a different mood, being able to see or discover ideals/values within the story, emotional engagement, cartharsis, things to wonder about, characters to watch. Oh, and don't forget Ero, of course. Totallly agree with @InvictusCobra, the combination of music+text+graphics+voice is amazing and almost is what I live for.
  6. Not any that I know of, and grimgar is one of my favourites. There really should be, the premise could totally work in a VN.
  7. Haha, I can see why you aren't in the mood. That veil of gloom is thick. I like the potential of this one for having more of a setting and less wacked up shit of Kamihamo, though the its hard getting into the protagonist's view. I'd be happy to review Istoria later this month after I get through term exams.
  8. Trinoline

    The setting screams Koromoebi no Nostalgia lool. It's different when you use an issue for it's gloom/depress value first, instead of intending to develop it evenly. Haven't investigated into minori's games that much but I'm starting to feel like they aren't my cup of tea either. Nice job on the level review.
  9. Visual Novels - Serious or Comedic?

    Serious with some comedy >> Purely serious >>>> Comedy all the way through >> Mostly comedy, with one serious part >>> Uninspired bland shit
  10. Don't really have high hopes, as the scenes in the OP looks a bit generic, and it's obviously a light-hearted comedy. The OP is great though.
  11. Blog purpose and Review of Cosmology of Kyoto

    Huh, thanks for the review! Saw the game a couple times on vndb and got curious what it what it was like. Probably not something I'll actually play (Japn mythology is as bonkers as modern dempa mindfuck imho), but nevertheless interesting!
  12. My March Release schedule

    むぅう、馬鹿にしないで! I wonder why they keep having typos, though. They should just get someone to proofread it.
  13. My March Release schedule

    Oh, Suisou Ginka no Istoria came out. The EGS readers loved it, so I think its going to be good!
  14. [Translators needed] Time Travelers

    Just curious, is this the same game? Someone's subbed it already. edit: I see, minus tips and certain side paths.
  15. How to learn Japanese fast???

    Fair enough. Personally when I studied genki I just poured my attention to the grammar items. Sometimes I'd write out some of the usages, but that was only for the stuff that I had trouble remembering. You can review the grammar points through multiple passes through the book (like chapter 1-2-3, then chapter 1-2, 3, 4, 5,-6, then 1-9, then the whole book, and then when you get to VN reading, if you come upon a grammar you think you remember, you can look in up in the textbook. Seeing the grammar in context, and looking it up when you can apply it right after is good reinforcement.