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  1. Princess Mononoke's a beautiful movie [i should watch it again], welcome!
  2. Hello Mcderpingheimer, third of his name, friend of kaguya, seeker of fish and moderator of discord. Welcome!
  3. I remember you valiantly encouraging people to buy fata morgana, didn't you get 5 copies? ,anyway, welcome back man, and godspeed with that paper.
  4. I remember watching that video of you going around different shops in akihabahara like two years ago, pretty interesting. Welcome back man.
  5. Just finished Helck and it was superb. Really loved reading this story.
  6. https://myanimelist.net/anime/37021/Iya_na_Kao_sare_nagara_Opantsu_Misete_Moraitai [I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear] While browsing mal I came across this, the description on the announcement says: "Drawn by 40-hara, the series depicts various situations where maids, high school girls, nurses, shrine maidens show their panties with a look of disdain." , that's it. From what i gather, its not a h-anime.
  7. As a simple member of this place, I think this contest would fit [why wouldn't it? its a nice idea]. Yes its definitely fun and might i say, interesting..., its also a smart way to publicise your game. I mean its pretty interesting to see a character you like drawn in a different art style by a pro. There's this sense of adventure . Maybe broaden the scope to anime/Vn/manga characters. About picking an entry, set a limit, their world count to 100 words and 2 images minimum or maximum, up to you. Since you guys started it, you'll should pick the winner. Don't put it up to polls since it might create some negativity among people that see their characters or post get shafted by the community, also trolls could torpedo the polls, its possible. Maybe the criteria's could relate to a character from your Vn, for example, say you have a proactive, clumsy but intelligent protagonist in your Vn, and you want to see if people hve characters with similar characteristics from different mediums that they like. Why did they like them?, heck if a lot of people participate you might even get more idea to what people enjoy to supplement your own writing. About participation, you're active in 12-15 places right? it shouldn't be a problem. Anyway you can just send messages and see if people would be interested in participating before starting the contest. How many people would you like to pull in? whats the purpose of the contest? if its to generate interest in your Vn, how far are you willing to go? are forums enough? should you send out messages about the contest to people that write about adult gaming? If it's just on a whim and for fun than participation count shouldn't matter too much . You could just select entries that aligned best with what you were looking for, it is your contest after all. Just be clear and concise with what you're looking for in the contest, and your answers to why you liked the entries you choose. Okay this turned into a long post lol, sorry! just throwing idea's at you. Good luck! [your marketing is working, i'll go check out your site now ].
  8. "To each, their own", personally that's how i look at it. When those versus scenario's you mentioned appear, I don't really mind it if those arguments are about the VNs themselves, though sometimes people tend to start insulting and generalising people on a personal level, example: "f people that read moege, they're all ....". People like different VNS, and i agree with you that they should be respectful of that at least. Honestly I don't even hate or dislike people that read sakura games, people find some value in it that i don't understand [i have guesses though], but that's fine. Arguing about VN genres, distributor systems, translations, h-scenes etc is a good thing, it promotes discourse and involvement in a community. It also creates awareness, it causes people to research things for themselves, and learn new information on subjects they're not familiar with. People can think for themselves [if they want], they can form their own opinions about, say, "Is that translation as bad as they say it is", "are h-scenes really essential to this particular VN based on its themes". "should i trust sekai to deliver physicals at a reasonable time from the announced date?". Those arguments do provide good information at times. I don't have a clear picture of how the VN community is as a whole since i only use fuwa for VN related things [its the only forum i use.], whatever I need to know is here and if i'm uncertain of something, there are people here that I can ask. The mods run a tight ship [i think], if people get attacked here, i trust that they'll take care of it, so it creates a cleaner environment for people to discuss what they want. If the vn community outside of fuwa is anything like here, i think that's pretty decent [i doubt it though, since this is the internet]. Fans as a whole are like a stereotype of an american high school in movies, there's always going to be various groups that are elitist about what they like, but there's also the majority of nameless students walking around, going to school, studying and going back home, not bothering too much about the fuss around them.
  9. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1565632 http://5-y.2-d.jp/ [his main website, the illustration in here] the illustrator, Kantoku, for Imouto sae Ireba Ii. drew the box art.
  10. Oh wow, 100%! Congrats guys, good luck with the final push. Cheers
  11. [Syoukaki] Jounetsu Engage Passion Engage (Yawaraka na Taion)
  12. Not communicating [going completely silent and ignoring your consumers], no transparency regarding issues such as translation quality and delays [why has it taken years and so on]. I get that companies have to remain quiet before announcing partnership and future releases, but regarding other issues...
  13. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2188232 [he draws comics with the same art style too, i haven't read them yet but i saw some of it on his deviantart, looks beautiful]. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=46419 https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1313098
  14. Chihayafuru' Gets Third Season https://myanimelist.net/news/54171601
  15. Pretty sweet of you to think of the members here and reference them like this! I liked the commentary you wrote for some of the planets, nice post mate .
  16. Yeah i do this too lol. Unlike dergonu, it actually feels odd for me to sit and read a VN . I don't really feel any negative side effects from it... yet, since i exercise [though i've been slowing down recently due to laziness ].
  17. You used some kind of program for this, yes? Oh dear god, don't tell me you got into each profile individually to retrieve the data yourself . Its really thorough and impressive research, otsukaresama! I'll be interested to read your next research topic too, as you mentioned only 17% of users mention that their gender is female. It'll be interesting to see how their taste vary. Good luck with it!
  18. There are actually quite a number of people here in their thirties mate . Happy birthday Clephas , thanks for all the VN knowledge drops and recommendations.
  19. Yeah, I thought it'll be at least 24 episodes [or 50!, or 200!] initially since its the last fun arc. I mean gintama's humour with sprinkles of seriousness along with its wacky cast, is what drew everyone to gintama in the first place. It certainly is sad that this [slip arc] will be the final arc to represent that ever, and silver soul will end it all, but i'm glad that there's a full season dedicated to concluding gintama. It doesn't feel rushed and incomplete. The anime has been going on for 12 years and the manga for 15, consistently. The author probably burnt out man lol. Its tough writing comedy for that long consistently, i reckon. I liked the op too, and the ed had all the heroines in wedding dresses [so cute! ]. Well you never know, knowing gintama, I wouldn't be surprised if it resumes down the line somewhere .
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