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  1. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    Good pick up. Though I'll wait for that Sakura game before putting any doubts or hopes on translation quality. Btw I like how Solpress are managing feedback. "Some" companies should learn from them.
  2. " It covers the Common (edited), Kana (edited), and Ureshino (unedited) normal routes. Shirasaki's route is translated as well (likely unedited)." Also part of Maho route translated until H-scene. So you can read Kana and Ureshino(even if it is unedited, I doesn't noticed any major mistakes).
  3. Looking for new JP vita VNs

    Forgot about "Memories OFF" . It is very popular console exclusive series with many games. Memories Off 6: Next Relation Memories Off 6 ~T-Wave~ Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku - Futari no Fuuryuuan
  4. Looking for new JP vita VNs

    Net high... Just play it! Tokushu Houdoubu 特殊報道部 Shin Hayarigami 1-2 真 流行り神 -- Also, maybe KonoSuba if you like anime games? Or "Date-A-Live Twin Edition Rio Reincarnation" is very good choice(~2 games in one)
  5. Asakura Nemu from "D.C. ~Da Capo~" is obsessive But you could achieve a hate for obsessive heroines after her Be aware.
  6. t japan vs SakuraGame

    But language doesn't matter. If you want to download, you will download any version regardless of language. Theres is no point to buy japanese version if don't understand that language. English fan TL brings only new potential customers that may(or not) buy this game. Also if we assume the English community as a bunch of filthy pirates, then prepackaged edition is even better, because it is useless for those, who want to play in original, and people who download it - will never buy original version. Then what the point? You should be proud if someone want to translate your work for free(bad TL is another story...) and share it with more people. I just can't see how this can bring any harm for sales...
  7. t japan vs SakuraGame

    I guess price tag was too low for him? That guy an asshole, btw. https://vndb.org/t8891
  8. Nah, it is still one of the best route and girl. You will get what you need, but just one mentioned problem remains unsolved and with fandisc you'll get much better impression. Little spoiler: Also each girl except side's and Nagi has two endings with different storyline and confession, so it is really doesn't matter if you choose your own "true end".
  9. I would say Yoake was ~85-95% finished. There too many unedited flaws that even I noticed. About Saga Planet Vn's - I bet TL was started before fully reading them, and after did so they was discontinued. Unlike August games there quite a bit bad points in them that you want to forget(Hatsuyuki Sakura) or will regret about reading it(Hanasaki). I really hope "Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai" come out in best quality, without leaks or anything. This is really a good vn, and one of my favorite, it deserve to be fully translated. Though I must say without "-Dreaming Sheep-" fandisc few routes there feels bland(side's and Tamamo), but overall it is a very pleasurable ride with warm feeling.
  10. https://libraryshepherd.tumblr.com/ 69128/69128 (100%) lines translated 69128/69128 (100%) lines edited Oct 31st, 2016
  11. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    I bet you are not playing any PC VNs on consoles. What "If" they make a proper fandisc Flight Diary + added new content from Cruise Sign(Akari route), but without H scenes(like on Vita/Ps3)? It will be more "complete" version
  12. Grisaia no Kajitsu PSP English patch

    No. PC and Consoles has different files. And PSV used patched eboot.bin so it is will not work on PSP.
  13. Parting Ending - need many "recommendations"