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  1. Do you mean fan remakes/remaster projects? Of course they'll put an end to them since it's potential money loss. It's not like Nintendo plan to release and sell 18+ patches.
  2. There is already decent amount of 18+ patches and nude mods for games (even Nintendo one, like SSBU, AC or Pokemon). Nintendo doesn't care about it.
  3. That a lot of text for something so trivial. If anything they pick best colors, since blue or green aren't that popular (I don't like them too). Although a brown haired one would be nice, but I'm completely fine with their pattern. Being consistent is not that bad if you reuse something good. Also, Mihiro is a pink hair. And Karen is pink too.
  4. That's a bad example. YukiMelt has a Day-One 18+ patch that is free and restores all content. People might misunderstand. Noratoto is more valid example of butchering.
  5. Are you not satisfied with relation function on vndb? https://vndb.org/v2762/rg Pretty sure you can play it in release date order.
  6. Did you try compatibility mode with win 7? Also, what is your path to the game? Try "C:\KoiChoco\" or any other drive.
  7. He asks about after stories with time skip. For example if game was about high school, then "after story" tells you about university, living together, work, married life, etc. I don't think any of these games have something like that.
  8. March 31, 2020 Simply put, it has around 30% more content. New characters and new story that take place after main one are most valuable new features. Since you can't transfer saves between versions, I don't think it's even worth it to waste your money and time on vanilla Persona 5.
  9. Persona 5 is a waste of money when Persona 5 Royal release is near. So Atelier Ryza. It's better than other two.
  10. This VN is pretty old, but certainly fits the bill - Kotori Love Ex P (English) It's a combination of Kotori route from Da Capo, her fandisc stories and after story that you are looking for. Basically you don't need to read original Da Capo game, and you can ignore IF (Innocent Finale) alternative route since it's drama oriented and meaningless. Hani Tsuma (Jap) is good too, although after stories is not that long.
  11. Never encountered any lags with my Asus VivoTab Note 8 (4 core cpu 1,86 Ghz and 2 GB ram), except maybe while skipping text.
  12. Pure fantasy romance without haremish/rapist protagonist is rare, especially on english. I think the closest one you can get is "Aiyoku no Eustia" that is still being translated. No erofu tho. There is also a "Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori" but seems like Frontwing forgot about english tl. If you fine with non-hentai rpg's like Agarest, you can also try "Fire Emblem (Awakening / Fates / Three houses)" and "Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time".
  13. Ignoring the fact that there would be less Lolige which are always better than game with an old hags, yes. But the price is too high. JAST is slow, Steam has drm. I don't see any problems with patches unless the buyer is dumb. Also, maybe they want to make two different stores. One is all-age and one is 18+. Like Jbox and Jlist. There is no point in 18+ right now.
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