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  1. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    Obviously because of fandisc wich is has continuation as after stories (+ harem route, marriage endings) with main cast and you'll never see them translated. At least Sekai never tl any fandisc's out of kickstarter.
  2. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    I see. Well, dark skinned are indeed rare so you can count this as major pros. Although Sanoba Witch has Meguru, who is funny and cute af, and also a gamer that plays on 3DS. Did I mention she is lonely and need your love? (NSFW wallpaper with her).
  3. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    Who is that? Only egyptian in there are mummy girl, and only catgirl is tiger wich is side heroine (she has route in fandisc).
  4. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    Reminder to don't ever touch Niijima Yuu routes.
  5. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    Sanoba Witch of course. Yuzusoft games is always worth buying. KoiKuma is another unfinished vn without fandisc. Also it is Sekai, who knows how translation turns out.
  6. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    In addition to English releases above, I can recommend Shirahase Yuuna. The game is average (too many h-scenes and early confessions), but her route is quite good. Also, Lamune and Sorairo is good place for them. I liked the idea of starting point as a kid. But I think you need to try Aikagi. Simple but cute vn with one heroine as osananajimi. She is not an osananajimi. Just classmate and acquaintance from last school.
  7. Not like I care cause rape is same shit, but this is NTR Type A or B. In NTR type C "The heroine is raped in front of the protagonist and he can only helplessly watch it. It's non-consensual from start to finish."
  8. They didn't change anything in script, so black screen over H scenes doesn't help. If heroine was violated then you surely know about it in any version and she becomes impure for reader. Maybe this is matter of preference, but plot with romance where other males saw naked or touched your love interest is already ntr heavy, even without penetration (though this game also has it, sadly...). As for me this is big NG, damedame and etc. Here a little spoiler description about versions:
  9. Just got tired of anime, manga or even jrpg, where protagonist most likely didn't pick any girl, or chooses less appealing one (pink haired, lol). Also story's without conclusion by itself irritates me (pick any harem anime based on ranobe). Not to mention its hard to self-insert in anime. And here I am, dating any girl that I want and with full story in it. + legit hentai as a bonus, no need in Doujishi anymore.
  10. Did you try OnTopReplica?
  11. But girls are still a used goods.
  12. Looked at vndb sexual tags. Why even bother. Glad that the Sky is different (a little, though...).
  13. Analysing EVN and JVN fans on Steam

    I've got bad news for you.
  14. Kinda explicit and arousing description if you ask me: I don't think this would last long in that state.
  15. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    *sigh* Then why using New Division cover... Bummer. Will wait until proper announcement of full version.