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  1. If they add lines like , tl would be already a pure gold.
  2. To make it worse, Sony and Nintendo can't allow explicit vn's on their systems. Also characters has verified age (almost all of them ~15 year old), so it is impossible even on PC, except things like Golden Time. Three unbreakable walls... This world is too cruel.
  3. Almost all consoles animege like ToLove-Ru, KonoSuba, Nisekoi, OreImo, Haganai and etc. With original VA from anime H-scenes would be really cool addition.
  4. Spirit of retarnia system requirements

    This game is badly optimized (Unity engine...). I have similar problem (5 sec loading menu and battles), though I already finished the game.
  5. I would say Sadistic or Femdom as personality are always a big NO for me. But not that much as Idol, Ghost and Spirit (like in Fate series) archetypes. They always come with same freaking drama mostly without good end (except Idols, but this archetype are worst as it is...).
  6. My most awkward thing to happen with me while reading a VN is lack of any chances of awkward things to happen. I wish there somebody ever came to my room... even on the middle of an h-scene (preferably. In that situation I've always wanted to say "do you want to try that?" with a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face. Missed opportunity, guys...)
  7. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    Do you need physical copy? Limited for 4000 yen https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1049399246 Normal for 2000 yen https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1054642705
  8. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15132/stop-your-mouse-from-waking-up-your-windows-7-computer/
  9. Has Moege Ever Improved Your Life?

    Can I call it an improvement, if it is a my only reason to wake up?
  10. When I've finished all girls that I found likable. In rare instances I am finishing with game after 1 route, because if I came only for her traits and others doesn't seem interesting so there's no point for me to continue. Funny enough there usually no true routes in my games. Maybe because I filtered all drama/nakige's/ustuge's? Huh.
  11. What wrong with it? Moe genre sells better than another pseudo-serious vn's. There are plenty of people like me who prefer "standard moege VN's with a cliche story" even after hundreds of them (btw, for me "Hello, good-bye" less appealing than others). So, calling it a "bad decision" because "you" don't like that genre, sounds like a desperate cry. It is like complaining that they do not choose otomes, traps, bl, yuri and etc. I won't say moege ultimately better that nakige , but many people preferring one for other. Like Aksys games has there niche with Otome games, now we have moege company. Not to mention people who reading vn's like date sims for escapism and can't handle psychological stuff with depressing ending after depressing ending. (I think there plenty of them, looking on moege sales) So, NekoNyan, you have my acknowledgment of your decision and I'll buy 4/5 of your games (Should find a info about Hello, good-bye endings...)
  12. Oh, thanks, forgot to look into game pages on website. Sanoba Witch without mosaic would be awesome... Lazy Yuzusoft...
  13. Where did you see that? Uncensored doesn't mean without mosaic. Anyway, more moege is always pleasurable to see. Best genre for vn.
  14. Guy behind tl didn't like first game, so he decided to take a second one. There is no connection between them so who cares if you didn't read any of them because they are similar in all aspects (except teacher route).
  15. SukiSuki, Lovely x Cation 2, OreImo D2, Amagami. Yeah, I love date sims.