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  1. There is age verification - I had to verify my age at least a million times - but it's possible that it's problematic to use with the new filter system. In that case it's probably more a temporary technical problem then.
  2. The title isn't exactly available everywhere - PCGamer reports that it's restricted in 28 countries. I wasn't exactly surprised that it's restricted in countries like Arabia and Lebanon, but it's also not allowed in Japan and Germany. I guess the former is because of the H-scenes are censored, but I've no idea what problem Germany has with it - usually they're quite liberal about that kind of stuff. Not that I'd have a big interest in the title, but it's a bit unexpected that I couldn't get it on Steam even if I wanted to.
  3. Regarding Horror Visual Novels

    There isn't just a lack of horror VN's, there is a lack of story VN's in general. Most VN developers seem to stick to an annual release cycle nowadays, because a longer development time is usually too expensive and risky. And creating a 'good' story VN with decent length in just one year is almost impossible to do, especially since you also need a skilled writer for that. But a typical slice of life VN with little to no plot, but backed up by some decent H-scenes can be easily produced in one year and you don't necessarily need a particular talented writer for it - just a good artist. And story VN's often don't sell that well, which is another problem. Just look at Innocent Grey's list of releases on VNDB. KnS1 and especially KnS2 did take several years to make, but with their yuri series Flowers, they changed to a fixed annual release cycle as well, while KnS3 is in development for probably more than five years now. It's not hard to guess that they use Flowers to finance KnS3. And Innocent Grey is already one of the more popular story VN producers. Others like Propeller already did bite the dust. There's probably a better chance for shorter story/horror VN's like Saya no Uta nowadays, but that doesn't change the fact that some cheaply produced moeges still sell even better.
  4. I think it's fine as long as the ero content isn't an essential part of the VN like in nukiges. So I guess it's probably okay for your typical slice of life and story VN's, but not so much for ero heavy VN's. While I didn't play it myself, I heard that the adult patch is pretty much essential for SubaHibi on Steam. Such cases should stay adult-only in future then. Still, I see a lot of abuse potential here just to increase visibility on Steam. Guess time will tell if it's really an issue or not.
  5. Yeah, I'd also appreciate it if they wouldn't start straight up by trying the limits and throw a bomb like Maggot Baits on Steam. It's probably a more wise approach to start with something more light-hearted like an uncut moege. Or... they could go full scandal news and throw the most outrages stuff on Steam just to get into the news headlines. I'd really like to see the Kara on Shoujo series on Steam now, but I'm not sure if it would be a good start due to its gory parts. Denpasoft also announced that Shining Song Starnova will get its adult content as optional DLC, and I'm really wondering what that means for its visibility on Steam. Will the Steam filter hide it or not if there's optional adult content? If the title will then be treated as 'all ages' then, I wouldn't be surprised if many developers will try to hide their adult content in DLC just to to increase its visibility on Steam. And technically that would mean cheating the system again.
  6. Valve opens Steam to uncensored eroge and hentai games

    Yes, I'm also wondering how PayPal will react to this. I also find it hard to believe that the regular porn market will just ignore the new possibilities that Steam's new policy will offer them. Although adult VN's might be the first to make use of it, I wouldn't be surprised if Steam will soon be flooded by regular porn productions with real actors as well.
  7. Very nice to see that there's now a legal way for VN's with ero content to be sold on Steam. I hope this will now make an end to the ridiculous H-patches for cheating ero content into all ages VN's. I'm also curious how PayPal will react to Steam's open adult philosophy now. Will they allow adult VN's to be bought via PayPal, or will they try to block it? Steam is a heavy weight client, so I wouldn't be surprised if they'd just turn a blind eye to it.
  8. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Hello Lady is indeed good news. I'll almost certainly pick that up. Technically, I'd also be interested in Sakura Game's Fortissimo and Midori no Umi, but those translations are pretty hard to stomach, even for my lowly standards.
  9. I usually read several VN's at the same time, so I can pick one I'm currently in the mood to read. And just like others said, if you're not in the mood to read at all, then you can do other things like watching movies or anime's or play games.
  10. Pick Corrupted's Next VN Part #2

    It might be also worth checking out A Sky Full of Stars since it has a similar star theme like Hoshimem. I didn't play it yet though, but the ratings are pretty high for that kind of VN. Though currently, there's only the all ages version available, even if there's a restoration patch in the works. So if you're bothered by that, you can also just wait or ignore it altogether.
  11. Teacher heroines

    From the ones I played I liked Ibuki Mei from Edelweiss, and Kurokawa Sera from Lovely & Cation. The latter is Japanese though. I'd also suggest Canvas 2 even if it's a bit dated by now, but the protagonist is a teacher and you get all kinds of teacher-student and teacher-teacher relationships there. It has two teachers Kiri and Saya to choose from. And then there are some older nukiges from Jast like Cosplay Fetish Academy which has a teacher romance with Maika and Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry which has two I think. The first title was kind of okay, the latter not so much. There's also the untranslated Saint Estella Gakuin no Shichinin no Majo, but the teacher route with Anri is a bit NTRish. I think those are the only ones I can remember at the moment.
  12. I actually found the problem - and it didn't have anything to do with Windows updates. I noticed that my file manager had problems with the miniature view of images and after some experimenting, I found out that the problem could be solved when I started it in compatibility mode with Windows 7. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that this triggered another side affect. All programs started with it were probably started in compatibility mode too, and that seems to have broken the hooking. What a mess.
  13. I never had problems with Windows 7. I think that's more for older VN's < 2004 and I tend to stick to newer ones. Windows 10 Pro Build 17134.228. I think it's either update KB4343909 or KB890830 since I got them just a few days ago. There was also KB4343902, but it's an update for Adobe Flash Player, so I don't think it's the cause.
  14. Anyone still able to hook games with ITH VNR? Because I can't anymore and I didn't change anything. I guess one of Windows 10 latest shitty security updates killed it. So since Chiitrans was already killed 1 - 2 years ago, now not even ITH works anymore. So this essentially means that text hooking on Windows 10 is completely dead now, because nothing works anymore. At least that seems to be the case on my system now. I still have a Windows 7 virtual machine, which I created for Caucasus, but it's a time restricted free version, so I'm not really sure if it works anymore. Guess I could create a new one, but I dislike the extra effort.
  15. [SPOILERS] Hapymaher: So about Maia...

    I guess the fandisc Hapymaher - Fragmentation Dream will have some more information about her. At least the synopsis seems to indicate that.