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  1. Visual novel help!

    No, time zone is not what I meant, even if it's in the same settings category. You have to change the data and time format that influences how date and time is shown in the task bar for example. There's also a languages panel where you can add additional languages. Windows 10 doesn't install all language packs by default.
  2. Visual novel help!

    A lot of VN's also require you to set the time format to Japanese. Not sure if that's the solution for your problem since usually the result is a crash and not just a simple font problem. It's also possible that you have to install Japanese language support, so you get all required fonts.
  3. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    I see the whole thing pretty relaxed. When Konosora was released is was a brand new high quality VN amongst lots of old and average stuff. At that time it stood out and therefore it did really hurt that it was censored that way. But nowadays there are so many new and good releases from all kinds of publishers that it got almost impossible to keep up with all the new stuff anyway. So I'm almost grateful to get a reason to skip this one - there are lots of replacements to fill the gap. Moenovel doesn't care even the slightest bit about the English fan base, they only care about their sales. They therefore never had to reconsider their policy since Konosora sold great. So if anyone really wants Moenovel to get a change of mind, the best thing is to just not buy the title in this state. If sales are poor they might reconsider, but if sales are still good, why should they change anything?
  4. Visual novels like Fruit of Grisaia and Katawa Shoujo?

    I think the closest thing to Grisaia is probably the Akatsuki no Goei trilogy which is unfortunately untranslated. The closest translated VN I could think of is probably Comyu.
  5. Top Fights in VNs? (light general spoilers)

    Actually, the difference of power was my biggest problem with them. Shirou is apparently just a 'normal human', just a bit tougher than most, and Bey & Co are totally overpowed super human beings. Since Bey can apparently kill normal humans with a snip of his fingers through his blood skills - which he did at the school - fighting Shirou was completely unnecessary. He could have just killed him with a finger snip. Furthermore, the explanation that Shirou doesn't feel pain 'just because he's stupid' also isn't particularly convincing and not feeling pain also doesn't stop your body from collapsing if you suffer heavy injuries. The only fight of Shirou I could somehow believe was the first one because of the surprise moment. But the rest was just absurd nonesense. For me a fight has to offer a certain plausibility or there's just no point in them.
  6. Top Fights in VNs? (light general spoilers)

    I think the VN's with most impressive fights I've seen are from F/SN, F/HA, Muvluv Alternative and Chusingura. But I can only name two that particularly stood out: 1.) The bridge fight in Fate / Hollow Ataraxia 2.) The last fight against Shinpachi in Chusingura
  7. MangaGamer AnimeNYC 2017 announcements

    While the thought makes certainly sense, Japanese VN developers seem to 'click' in a different way and they usually seem to ask "Why not this older game?" instead. When MangaGamer got involved with AliceSoft they had to start with Beat Blades Haruka from the Bronze Age despite wanting a newer (or any) Rance title, and when they had a short deal with Lilith, they just got some titles from the Stone Age (which might be a reason why their relationship ended soon). Fortunately, we didn't have to endure a title from the early Cretaceaus period - meaning pre 2000 - yet. So Japanese VN developers seem to be rather protective about their newer and better titles.
  8. MangaGamer AnimeNYC 2017 announcements

    It was a small con, so it's about what could have been expected from it. I'm not even sure if MangaGamer did even participate at it the years before.
  9. MangaGamer made some announcements on the AnimeNYC 2017 convention. Two Ammolite nukiges were announced - Sweet Switch and Bitter Exclusion - which are actually don't looking so bad, even if the latter one is certainly 2NTR4Me. Besides that, Princess Evangile W Happiness will get a hardcopy. Not too unexpected, and I'm actually thinking about getting the whole double package along with a KnS2 hardcopy. ImoPara 2 also got an X-mas release date for 22nd December, and this strange Umineko Fighter thingy as well at 8th of December.
  10. On h-scenes in VNs

    Seconded Although this might be an eroge forum, I don't want it to drown in vulgarity. Nothing against some suggestive comments from time to time if they come with a twinkle in the eye, but I'd find such a 'reaction' on a post of mine borderline insulting. I prefer the reaction types to keep a certain 'innocence'.
  11. On h-scenes in VNs

    Man, 23 replies in just 4 hours - it's kind of clear where people's interests are lying in... Anyway, the presence of H-scenes strongly affects sales (just ask Minori about Supipara... or better not), so they are shoveled into every VN regardless of quality and if they are needed or not. There are definitely VN's with good H-scenes, but most of them are untranslated. And good art is a very important factor for good H-scenes, so if you don't have that even a good (ero) writer is in trouble.
  12. VN of the Month, October 2017

    Are you going to try the upcoming Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha from Amuse Crafts new sub-brand CRYSTALIA? It's a knight girl VN, so I'm kinda interested in it. Looks rather decent, even if the character art is a bit too cute for my usual taste. Since it's a new brand it's a bit of an unwritten paper, so it could probably turn out as complete crap - couldn't blame you if you'll skip it. On the other hand, they seem to have at least some experienced writers working on it. Not sure what your reading plans are for this month so far. I guess Aoi Tori will be one, even if I hope for your sanity that its story turns out better than it sounds from the description - I read it several times and I'm still not quite getting it. At least it got already 5 hyper-confident troll votes from people who seem to be able to judge the unreleased title with their crystal ball - so surely nothing can go wrong here.
  13. Might be a matter of taste, but I found KnS2 not even remotely as dark and depressing as the first one. Much less gore and you can actually save people for a change.
  14. Hmm, we'll see... Having just dropped the translation of L&C1 isn't the most encouraging sign that the translation of the successor will be finished. Anyway, I finished L&C2 just recently and wrote a short review here. Overall enjoyed it, although I liked the first one a tiny little bit more.
  15. Chiitrans Issue

    Chiitrans doesn't hook all VN's. You can try to use ITH for text hooking instead and just let Chiitrans parse the text fom the clipboard. I think there was also a way to use an H-code in Chiitrans, so you could also search one for Senran Banka. Or you just wait until Sekai Project releases the translated version.