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  1. 9-nine-: Episode 2 released

    Interesting. I'm currently reading the first one and it's shaping up to be better than expected. If it keeps up that way, I'll surely get the second one as well.
  2. I read a bit more, but while I see the potential in the overall idea of the story, the writing is just far too bad to live up to it. The biggest offender is still the protagonist. For what he's supposed to represent, he should be somewhat sinister, charismatic and mysterious. But instead he's the absolute epitome of bland and boring. There's simply no way I'd be able to continue the story with this scumbag as a protagonist anymore. -- Dropped
  3. Hmm, started this at the weekend and so far it seems to be a pure nukige. Alice finds a diary where a scum protagonist pretty much bangs every female being that can't run away fast enough. But naturally, everyone of them is willingly spreading their legs as soon as he gets in range of 5 meters. I've rarely seen such an unlikable protagonist. If it continues like that I'll definitely drop it.
  4. Conjueror passed away

    Is this really true or a bad joke?! Conjueror was still a young guy, how could he just pass away? It would be absolutely shocking if that's true.
  5. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Harumina actually had four writers. I'm no expert about writers, but the only one I heard who is a bit infamous for his story ends is Kinugasa Shougo - the story writer of Akatsuki no Goei. And that one isn't part of the writer team here.
  6. What are you playing?

    I guess it depends a bit on what exactly you didn't like about the other otomes, and I didn't read that much myself, but if your main issue was the protagonist then I'm pretty confident that this should be an improvement. At least if you stick to the better routes like the one of Hanzou.
  7. What are you playing?

    So, I finished another otome VN: Nightshade - a tale about Ninjas. First, I wanted to say that I'm still a bit irritated that I have to revert to an otome VN if I want to read an action-loaded story about cool Ninjas, because the only other thing I get are a bunch of rotten sex fests from Black Lilith. So, since I got that off my heart now, I can start with my review. Nightshade is a story about the Kouga shinobi clan after the Iga clan was eliminated in the Tenshou Iga War, and its survivors fused with the Kouga clan. In that regard, it's a similar alternative Japanese history VN like Hakuouki, even if it doesn't quite reach the high level of it. The protagonist girl Enju is the daughter of the leaders of the Kouga clan and the former Iga clan and represents a symbol of their unification. When the VN starts she's pretty much a ninja rookie and sent on a mission with her companions to capture a famous thief in the capital of Kyo. The ninja's here fulfill different roles, depending on clan and current master. The range goes from private body guards and secret police like the Tokugawa, special agents and spies like the Kouga to simple hired mercenaries and assassins like the Fuma. The common route is pretty much about getting to know all the characters and Enju's first mission to capture the thief of Kyo. The individual character routes start after that mission is over and things going horrible wrong afterwards with Enju on the run. This part was surprisingly good, even if it could have probably been a bit longer. Enju is certainly the best protagonist character from the otome VN's I've read so far. Though that doesn't say much I guess, since I didn't read that much otomes yet. Since Enju is a shinobi herself and not just a passive bystander, she's much more involved and proactive as usual. The VN also had a great feature to get more involved into Enju's thoughts and emotions. On the lower left side there was always her portrait showing her current expressions. Other VN's usually only show the currently talking character face there, but here you can always see how she reacts on what others say or what she herself says and thinks. I really liked that, especially since Enju was a rather pretty and charming character. The quality of the routes varied though. The first route I read was from Choujirou. He's the leader of the Kouga group sent to Kyo and Enju's personal instructor. The character itself was great, but unfortunately his route not so much. A long time you've no idea what's going on and Enju is thrown around like a sack of rice between the guys trying to save her instead of doing something useful herself and I also found the resolution of the story fairly weak. On the other hand, it had some 'Red Wedding' like twist I simply didn't expect from that VN. Fun fact: Choujirou was voiced by Toriumi Kousuke who also voiced Saitou Hajime from Hakouki, who is exactly one of the three characters I read the routes from in Hakouki. The second route I read was from Hanzou, a former Iga member and now the leader of the private shinobi guard from lord Tokugawa. He's a real badass and considered the strongest ninja around. This was clearly my favorite route. Hanzou had a cool teasing relationship with lord Tokugawa who was my most favorite side character by a long mile. Hanzou and Enju also develop a touching Leon & Mathilda relationship, with Hanzou being the absolute super killer, giving her advanced training when they are on the run and fending off the other shinobi clans together. Hanzou also brings the best out of Enju. He likes smart and diligent characters, so Enju is forced to act that way if a romance relationship should develop. I also liked the plot resolution much more like in the previous route, even though I found the resolution about her father a bit too comic-book-villainy. Fun fact: Hanzou was voiced by Toriumi Kousuke who also voiced Kazama Chikage, the arch-villain from Hakouki, who is another one of the three characters I read the routes from in Hakouki. Fun fact-2: I thought that lord Tokugawa was a (pretty) woman in disguise the whole time, because 'he' looked and sounded so feminine. I couldn't believe the VNDB entry and even checked the gender of the voice actor... and apparently 'he' is supposed to be male. It was still so hard to believe that I was almost thinking about requesting a gender check. The third route I played was from Goemon. He appears like a simple womanizer at first, but tuns out to be a man of many secrets. The plot also develops rather different than the other two before, and involves the five elders much more. I liked it although it doesn't beat the one of Hanzou. Mainly because Enju was forced into a rather passive observer role here for a good part of the route. The situation demanded it and was well-founded, but it's still more fun to have Enju doing stuff and making decisions herself. I wasn't so interested in the teenie connection of Gekkamaru and his brother Kuroyuki. Especially Gekkamaru was painfully bland. I was fine with the routes of the three adults and therefore skipped the routes of those two. The individual routes have strong similarities anyway. The VN also had some pretty good side characters, especially Tokugawa Ieyasu, but also Enju's two companions Kyara and Ennosuke. Production values were decent even if it can't compete with Hakouki. Art designs were still good, although the images could have been a bit sharper. Story and characters were interesting although the villains were a bit lacking and made some plot resolutions disappointing. Hakuouki had much better developed villains. If the other four elders would have been as well developed as lord Tokugawa this VN could have even beaten Hakouki. Though Enju was certainly a better protagonist than Chizuru. The common and hero routes could also have been a bit longer I think. Character ranking: (Tokugawa Ieyasu) > Hanzou > Choujirou > Goemon >> Kuroyuki > Gekkamaru (Still irritated that Tokugawa is supposed to be a dude, but I certainly like her him) Overall rating 7.5/10
  8. Otakon Announcements 2019

    At least we got one interesting announcement with Sakura no Mori Dreamers now. I still take it with a grain of salt since its VNDB rating isn't particularly high for a story VN. We'll see how it turns out. However, I guess the biggest surprise is that they are actually gonna release one of their many Rance titles which was lost in translation. I was seriouly starting to think their only purpose was to grab the titles to make sure they'll never get released in the west.
  9. I'm kinda interested in that one, since it seems to have strong mystery parts and isn't just a slice of life moege. VNDB rating is also pretty decent.
  10. I think the "dodgy" look comes with selling porn. A website redesign won't really change that. Anyway, I'm also slowly getting a bit worried. Seems to have been a bigger incident again, if it takes so long to fix their payment processor issues.
  11. Hmm, sounds more like a cheap excuse to avoid censoring trouble with Japanese authorities. I actually happen to have an art book from PeasSoft with all the game art including H-scenes and pretty much all of it is without mosaics. The sinful places are instead covered by little black bars which are so tiny, that they cover almost nothing and should be easily restored. But I guess they also 'lost' the sources for that as well and all phyiscal copies too. I could lend them mine if they want though...
  12. Kyoto Animation arson

    That indeed lets little doubt about his intentions. That sounds like a pretty careless law. Guess it was just a matter of time that something devastating happened. If house construction companies are allowed to build smaller houses like time bombs to save money, they will definitely do so.
  13. Kyoto Animation arson

    I wonder if the arsonist is really the only thing to blame here. The whole severity and rate of spread of the arson doesn't exactly make you believe that this building had a real fire protection system. The simple fact that the culprint was caught by his own fire, suggests that things weren't exactly going as intended. I wouldn't even be surprised if his initial idea was just to cause some property damage to bring his point across and then call it a day. In that case I'd really like to know if the severity of the arson was actually caused by a violation of fire safety regulations.
  14. Kyoto Animation arson

    Read it as well - pretty shocking! Who the hell targets an anime studio?! They made a bunch of really popular animes: K-On, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, some Key classics, etc. I hope they can recover from that, but having over 30 victims in a studio with just about 130 employers isn't something where life can go on like before.
  15. Well, the 'poorly done' anime is the main reason why the Fate franchise is so popular nowadays. And while it took some liberties, it followed mostly the Saber route. It also had way less inconsistencies than Unlimited Blade Works which made a dumb clown out of Kotomine Kirei (I'll never forgive that), and that 'triple suicide' to grant Rin her 50 cm titan steel plot armor was probably the worst scene in the whole VN. Anyway, I still liked it despite its flaws. Can't say the same for Fate/Zero though which I never finished. I take a few plot inconsistencies over a bunch of soulless characters and a pacing from hell anyday.