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  1. I'd also recommend it. It's one of the best mixtures of slice-of-life, romance, mystery and chuuni I've read so far.
  2. I'm super excited for that one, despite its questionable ratings on VNDB. I would have never expected it to be released before Sona-Nyl though.
  3. But why would MangaGamer not move those scenes into the adult patch as well? It doesn't really make sense to make an adult patch if the title in question is already adult only.
  4. Ironically, I think I'd like Shaon a lot more than Yamato who felt more sly than smart to me. And playing the big dominator in H-scenes to compensate that he's next to useless in combat didn't gain any sympathy points with me either. I would have vastly preferred Tadakatsu as protagonist in Majikoi. That said, I liked Yamato in Kazuko's route though. They somehow did fit together and she made him show mostly his good sides. Didn't like him much in the other routes though.
  5. Feels a bit unfitting for this type of VN. I'm not really opposed to darker stories, but in Musicus I'd be looking more for a fun ride with quirky characters and some good old Overdrive humor. But well, if it's just one bad end route you can avoid...
  6. So Musicus has more grim and depressing themes than The House in Fata Morgana, Umineko, ef - the latter tale, etc. which are all All Ages?! That's a VN about music and a rock band right?! And not the next gore, abuse and depression festival? I also found the Witcher 3 a very emotional ride due to how well it was made and the maturity of the story and characters. I think only The House in Fata Morgana gave me similar vibes. So I definitely disagree about Witcher 3 not being comparable, but that might vary depending on each individual experience of course. Not to mention that it's tagged 18
  7. Does Steam do that with all new visual novels now? They didn't do that for Riddle Joker yet, which also has an adult patch. So either that's their newest bully tactic, or Musicus has way more grim themes than expected. Funny how 18+ games like The Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk are not tagged adult-only, while an all-ages VN about a rock band with no adult content is tagged as such. Oh ah, I forgot, those are AAA games which could cause a significant backlash and loss of money if they would be tagged that way. Naturally, that makes them way more all-ages than a true all-ages title could ever be. The l
  8. Is there a particular reason why the title is still marked as adult-only on Steam even if it has a separate adult patch? According to MangaGamer the Steam edition is all-ages, so why is it tagged as adult-only?
  9. If they bring over Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, it'll be the first time that a VN gets translated which I've already read in Japanese.
  10. That's certainly another interesting VN, but from Minato Carnival and not Minato Soft.
  11. It looks pretty cool. Actually, it seems to be the first big new title from Minato Soft after Majikoi, which is quite some time. They just released a million Majikoi fan discs since then, except for this Shoujo-tachi thingy.
  12. Not bad! Those are some pretty decent titles. NekoNyan certainly seems to have build up some good connections to the VN scene. Maybe I should send my hopeless prayers for the Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- trilogy to them.
  13. Bought 9 -Nine- Episode 4 on release, but I'm not that far into it yet - just past the prologue. But I'm pretty sure it'll be good, since I liked all its episodes so far and this one is supposed to be the best.
  14. To be fair, it can be tough to accurately judge such grey zone titles, especially if they are part of a series where some titles qualify and others not. That said, I would personally prefer the rules to be more strict towards reading time vs. gameplay time, even if it would mean that some popular series would drop out. But I remember buying some *visual novels* recommended by VNDB like Yu-No or the Nonary Games and ended up severely disappointed, because I just got some crappy puzzle or adventure games with little to no narration. That doesn't necessarily mean that their stories are bad itself
  15. Senkou no Clarias kinda caught my eye because the main heroine on the cover looks like Luna from Tsuriotsu. Not really a coincidence, because Navel's artist Suzuhira Hiro did the character designs for that title this time. Too bad the ratings aren't too good - the art is certainly pretty.
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