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  1. To be fair, if it's not much it probably won't impact the story a lot. It's a VN from before 2010, where they apparently felt the urgent need to add edgy H-scenes to every story VN just to boost sales. It's probably similar like in Gekkou no Carnevale, where you just had to press the skip button every 5 hours for a short time.
  2. Imho, H-scenes which are there for 'story reasons' are the worst. It essentially means their only purpose is for shock factor to illustrate brutal rape or abuse. Which in the end is just a bad excuse to appeal to fans of hardcore fetish sex. There are much better ways to convey love or drama than H-scenes, which makes them almost by definition optional and just for eye candy.
  3. So, I finished two more VN's... Gekkou no Carnevale is the first one. It's a bit of a mixed bag and therefore it took me quite a while to finish it. That said, I only finished Rebecca's route. I also wanted to play Lunaria's route, but it was blocked by Noel's and and Anna's routes and I didn't really have any motivation to go through these. Noel was too loli and Anna... not exactly the brightest light to phrase it carefully. And with the massive technical issues this title came with, like using the mouse interface freezing the game, skipping not working correctly, etc. I just had no
  4. Yeah, I tried to read Game of Thrones before it got the TV series and pretty much gave up inbetween the first book because the number of different characters was just too overwhelming. Though I usually can handle large character casts in movies and VN's much easier because they have an actual face there. Human face recognition is pretty powerful. I therefore liked the GoT TV series a lot more than the books. I haven't seen too much VN's yet that actually managed to have too much characters. I think Kami no Rhapsody and Shin Koihime (Kakumei) are probably the only ones that come to mind. B
  5. One of the cardinal mistakes of most VN's is the severe lack of support characters and different locations, because that automatically limits the scope of the story a lot. There's just so much you can do with only character interactions between a moe blob. This is particularly puzzling since this shouldn't even be a financial problem. Usually sprites require much less effort than full CG's, especially if they aren't main characters. They also don't even need to bother their main artist with it, since they can be done by assistant artists. Similar situation for the backgrounds. You don't r
  6. So, I played this for a while and really tried to like it, but I just... can't. Sometimes I really hate it if VNDB is right. Let's just address the elephant in the room. They couldn't get their usual main writer Sakurai to write it and picked their... scripter instead (?!) who should try his very best with the help of four (?!) equally questionable assistant writers. This is especially problematic in this case, since Sakurai has a very unique writing style that is almost poetic and fits very well to Liar Soft's somewhat surreal steampunk worlds with a lovecraftian touch. It might have its
  7. Nothing wrong with the sprite layering - she's just related to Lady Dimitrescu.
  8. Usually, I hesitate buying at full price, either if I'm not too interested in a title, or it seems rather expensive for what it offers.
  9. How interesting! I can start this either as a 32 bit process or as a 64 process. Both look the same, but the 64 bit variant takes almost 100 MB more memory. What a glutton!
  10. I'd almost make a bet that this is Vivi Alhazerd from Shinigami no Testament.
  11. Here you go: https://seiya-saiga.com/game/a-kaguya/lovexholic.html
  12. So, I've just finished the new Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 if with all routes. Considering that it was just released about 3 weeks ago and it's a rather long VN, that's very fast for my standards. For obvious reasons that also means that I've enjoyed it quite a bit. I was looking forward to this VN in particular for several reasons. First, KF1 - Gaiden 2 had some impressive world building with its recreation of medieval europe and its major powers. Second, I'm a bit of a history and mythology nerd and KF3's setting of the Roman Empire and the greco-roman pantheon of deities is of particular interest to
  13. Cool! That sounds interesting. If it works, it could finally replace my Chiitrans Lite + ITH_VNR combo. Considering Chiitrans most favortite hobby is crashing nowadays, and parts or it aren't even working anymore, I wouldn't exactly be depressed to get rid of it.
  14. Finished some VN's so I guess it's time to write a few words about them. 9-nine-:Episode 4 was the grand finale of the 9-nine- series. This part felt significantly darker than the previous entries. It's impressive how some characters that might appear all nice and friendly on the outside, can reveal a pitch black darkness inside of them. Even the protagonist himself could get pretty scary when driven into a corner. The writer could without any doubt also write a pure horror VN. That said, the romance part with Noa was probably the weakest of the four and also felt a bit forced
  15. I'd also recommend it. It's one of the best mixtures of slice-of-life, romance, mystery and chuuni I've read so far.
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