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  1. Yeah, that's one of the biggest mysteries of the VN genre to me too. While otomes cover all kinds of interesting historic or fantasy settings, and also represent them with an appropriate authenticy, the common VN's adressed to guys almost exclusively consist of school life moeges and derivatives.
  2. Same problem for me.
  3. They really do seem to put up a lot of effort into keeping westerners out. Not sure if it's worth to ask for unblocking, since I use the site just occasionally to make some comparisons with VNDB. Still annoying though...
  4. Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn

    Yes, I expected that much. Liar-soft doesn't really seem to be big into romance. A bit of a pity, but as long as they've other qualities to make up for it, I don't really mind. The title does look interesting, so should MangaGamer pick it up, I'd most likely play it.
  5. Until a short while ago it was possible to access the Japanese VN rating site EGS without a proxy via http://egs.omaera.org/~ap2/ero/toukei_kaiseki/. But this link doesn't seem to work anymore, at least for me. Is it still working for others or am I the only one who gets a 505 Gateway timeout error? Anyone know another link that can be used without proxy?
  6. Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn

    Does this game have romance? I didn't see any tags for it, though judging by the cover Rin seems to play a more prominent role. And if this title has routes, are those heroine routes or just routes with different plot developments?
  7. Pretty hyped about this one for a change. I waited a long time for it. Well, I'm not really worried about this one, since my tastes in VN's seem rather different from his. I mean, he also considers Kara no Shoujo just an average VN while Himawari is the best kamige ever written for him. That's pretty much the complete opposite of my opinion. That's not to say I'd expect Hapymaher to be perfect. It'll most likely have similar flaws like Chrono Clock had, although I do expect it to be better.
  8. Koi Suru Kokoro to Mahou no Kotoba

    Omg, that title brings 'same-face syndrome' really to a new level...
  9. Not sure what to think about this one. It certainly looks very interesting and seems to be a refreshing change of pace to the usual school life moeges. However... While I'd like both, a seriously written horror story or an H-heavy take on Highschool of the Dead, but a dark zombie rape hentai isn't exactly on my wish list. The tag combinations of Necrophilia, Unavoidable Rape and Kinetic VN pretty much kill the VN for me. Girls raped by zombies is certainly the last thing I want to see.
  10. John Bain AKA Total Biscuit has passed.

    He was my favorite game critic. I'm so sorry that he had to die in such a young age. It's hard to believe that all our modern medicine couldn't help him.
  11. What are you playing?

    So, before following the recent Battle Royal trend and start playing... Fatal Twelve, I wanted to first clear up my backlog a bit. Therefore, since I kinda liked Gahkthun, I started playing Sekien no Inganock. And since I also got Himawari in a sale just like Stein's Gate, and the latter turned out to be pretty okay, I started that one reading too. When I started reading Inganock, I was honestly surprised how grim it was. I think the last VN I read that was that grim was probably Saya no Uta, although that was even more grim. While Gahkthun did showcase a prosperous and lively city centered on the high society and their dark secrets, Inganock is an almost desperate place. A city suffering from various super natural sicknesses, mutating, mutilating and killing vast amounts of people. The city is split into several levels, with the healthy and wealthy people at the top, and the sickly and poor deported to the lower slum levels. The whole theme reminds me a lot of Fallout and Shadowrun. It's a bit depressing, but the atmosphere still sucks you in. The protagonist is a doctor who tries is best to heal the poor and help where he can. He's a really likable dude who's currently top candidate for my protagonist of the year. The writing is a bit more on the poetic side sometimes, but overall it's pretty good and has a very mature touch. Kia is an innocent child Gee rescued in the slums and also behaves like that. Atty is technically also a victim of a sickness, but she was lucky enough to just be turned into a cat girl and could be more or less considered Gee's girlfriend. The three stick together and pretty much build a family with some funny and touching interaction between them. Art is a bit outdated though. Music is better even if some get a bit more repetitive after a while. If it comes to presentation, Gahkthun is certainly the better title. Can't judge the story yet though. Himawari is almost the opposite like Inganock. You have your loli moe blob and the writing is a mixture of goofy comedy, lots of cutesy talk and rather dull slice of life. To be perfectly honest, it's absolutely dreadful. I knew that it was supposed to have a weak start, so I waited until the second chapter - and it got worse. Overall, there are massive problems in almost every area, beginning from the lackluster world building to the characters, the writing and the whole tone of the VN. Warning: Rant incoming! While it's possible that it gets a bit better later on (it can't really get worse anymore), the fact that I don't give the slightest damn about the whole cast anymore, makes it pointless for me to continue => Dropped. Heroine rating: Don't care >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aoi > Aries Overall rating: 2 / 10
  12. Mangagamer to bring their visual novels to GOG

    I wasn't entirely serious about that lol. But I agree with sarkasmus (what a name ) that even if they wanted to, it would raise all kinds of problems with payment portals like PayPal and public reception.
  13. Considering VN's developed in the west, I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival in the Bronze Age first, since we're technically still dabbling in the Stone Age.
  14. Mangagamer to bring their visual novels to GOG

    Considering GOG was created by the Witcher guys, can we assume that they shouldn't have any problems with adult content?! Well seriously, it's a bit surprising since GOG wasn't exactly open minded in regards to visual novels so far. But considering recent events, it could be that they just want to show Steam the finger a bit.
  15. I'd tend to say that the years 2004 - 2011 were the most impactful for the whole genre to qualify as a golden age. 2004 - Fate/Stay Night (Chuuni/Story), Clannad (Nakige), Shuffle (Moege) 2005 - Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (Chuuni/Story), Sharin no Kuni (Story), Otoboku (Trap-Protag Moege) 2006 - MuvLuv Alternative (Story), Da Capo 2 (Nakige), Sengoku Rance (Gameplay), ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two 2007 - Little Busters (Nakige), Koihime Musou (Ero-Story-Moege), Dies Irae (Chuuni) 2008 - G-Senjou no Maou (Story), Kara no Shoujo (Story), Shin Koihime Musou (Ero-Story-Moege), Fortune Arterial (Moege), Akatsuki no Goei (Story/Moege), Ikusa Megami Zero (Gameplay) 2009 - Baldr Sky Dive (Gameplay), Majikoi (Action Comedy), Eden (Utsuge), Hoshimem (Nakige), Mashiro Iro Symphony (Moege), Oretsuba (Slice of Life), Muramasa (Chuuni) 2010 - SubaHibi (Story), Ikusa Megami Verita (Gameplay), Stein's Gate (Story), Otoboku 2 (Trap-Protag Moege), White Album 2 (Nakige), Kiriya Roku Shimai (Ero-Story) 2011 - Aiyoku no Eustia (Story), Grisaia (Story-Moege), Kamidori Alchemy Meister (Gameplay), Walkure Romanze (Knight Girls), Lovely x Cation (Dating Sim), Rewrite (Story/Nakige), Euphoria (Story-Fetish-Nukige), Rance Quest (Gameplay) The years after still had some good titles, but not in such a density. I guess the competition got stronger and there was a market saturation, because most improvements were made in the artistic area, while there was a definite decline in good story titles. Probably due to a tighter budget, coupled with the fact that the audience requests more H-scenes in better quality today. I also want to emphasize that I'm not a fan of all the titles I've listed here!!! *cough* Rance *cough* Euphoria *cough*