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  1. I think the Steampunk VN's from Liar-Soft have some pretty unique creature designs, since they are heavily inspired by Lovecraftian horror.
  2. Just wanted to give this a try but the line breaks don't seem to work anymore with the english patch - words just end in the middle and continue in the next line. Any way to fix that? Edit: Never mind, I got it working with a clean reinstall.
  3. What are you playing?

    Not really, although I guess it makes sense to go for the more prominent members of the Shinsengumi first like Hijikata Toshizou. After that it's kind of interesting to experience the story from a somewhat different perspective and go for Kazama Chikage. Sakamoto Ryouma was also a character I only met in certain circumstances. Nevertheless, the first part Kyoto Winds can be considered the common route, which doesn't really has a lot of character specific route parts. The second part Edo Blossoms has pretty much all the individual story parts. But considering there are 12 character routes, which aren't so different to each other, I'd pick a few favorites and go for them.
  4. What are you playing?

    I wouldn't say that. Yuuri only did that because Hanako got really desperate and also very clearly showed it to her. Considering Yuuri and Hanako had a history with the burn mark and it was clear that Yuuri had a bad conscience because of it, it wasn't all too surprising to me. It was also more of a 'let's break up for now until Hanako has recovered' and less of a forever. They got together again not much later anyway. IMHO the bigger weakness of Yuuri was that she seemed kinda cold in their realtionship, while Hanako was all emotional. I had the impression that the writer didn't really know how to continue with Yuuri after he brought them together besides showing some H-scenes. Not exactly a unique problem though, I think I've seen that quite often so far and mostly in pure romance VN's without another sub-plot that could carry the VN. Probably one of the major reasons why in anime the couples very rarely come together before the absolute end. But this was technically a love triangle, and those are always kinda ridiculous. XD
  5. What are you playing?

    Finished two VN's, Hakuoki - Edo Blossoms and SakuSaku. Edo Blossoms was the second part of Hakuoki after Kyoto Winds which I like quite a bit. This focused on the events after the Shinsengumi left Kyoto and moved to Edo, the former Tokyo. This time marked the decline of the Shinsengumi and as such quite a lot of them didn't make it depending on the route. This felt somewhat fan-discy though - in contrast to Kyoto Winds this wasn't a single branching story, but a collection of 12 after-stories instead, for each hero you could already romance in Kyoto Winds. In a way this was exactly what Kyoto Winds was missing since this one focused more on the romance part of the chosen hero which was barely present in the first part. On the flip side, if you have 12 different routes with no shared parts, the quality is inevitably going to suffer. The routes were kinda short as a consequence and from a narrative point of view this simply wasn't on par with Kyoto Winds. Major events were often just mentioned in a side note and not played out. I did the routes of Hijikata, Kazama and Saito which were the ones I also played in Kyoto Winds. The routes of Hijikata and Saito felt a bit sameish while the route of Kazama was a bit different. Considering he was pretty much the arch-enemy of the Shinsengumi, it was kinda interesting to see the events from the side of the actual victors of the conflict. I find this VN a bit hard to judge. On the one hand it simply wasn't as good story wise as its predecessor, on the other hand it had the romance parts the predecessor was missing. While I personally wasn't so interesed in those, I still enjoyed it for what it was. And for the people who were a bit disappointed by the lack of romance in Kyoto Winds, this is certainly a good addition. Overall rating: 7/10 Though depending on what you're interested in, the grade might be higher or lower. I think I started SakuSaku almost 1,5 years ago, which obviously isn't the best sign if I need that long to finish it. An I didn't even read all routes, just the ones of Ann, Yuuri and Konami. So let's don't talk around the bush and directly address the elephant in the room: This VN was just painfully boring far too often over the full length of the title. On the other hand, the heroines were still kinda charming and the character interactions were actually not that bad. The VN just completely failed to gain any value out of its Shinigami sub-plot - there was just not effort put into it and if you make everything light and fluffy it just doesn't grab you anymore. The story had some similarities with Hosihmem, but that one did a better job in that regard. Though the comparison helped me to track down the real top offender of the VN after finishing the first route with Ann. The music is just dreadful bad - it's basically concentrated boredom in the shape of sound waves. It's a major difference to Hosihmem which had some pretty good dramatic soundtracks. I had a long break after the first route, but when I picked it up again this year and played the routes of Yuuri and Konami, I listened to soundtracks of Stellaris and Passengers instead. While it may sound odd that someone listens to scifi soundtracks when playing a school slice of life VN, the somewhat more melancholic and tense music helped a lot to make the events at least 'appear' more dramatic. It reminded me again how important a good soundtrack is for a VN - it can easily make of break a VN. And to be fair, some of the parts were actually decently written. I think the real star in Yuuri's route was probably her sister Hanako. The relationship between those was just adorable and seeing Hanako desperate in tears of unrequited love and fear of losing her sister was just too touching and made her my favorite heroine. Another entry in my list of favorite heroines that didn't get a route. Konami's route also surprised me a bit that they approached the incest sibling drama in a surprisingly mature way. Aoi felt for the first time like a responsible mother to me and she gained more sympathy points from me for that in this route as in the rest of the VN together. Not that Aoi would have looked anywhere near her supposed age though... Ann's route was probably the best route regarding the Shinigami sub-plot, though it still left a lot to be desired. Didn't play Tina's route which probably also deals more with that topic. Heroine ranking: Hanako > Ann = Elle > Nao > Yuuri > Konami > Tina > Mio = Aoi Overall rating. 6.5/10 The VN could have been much better if the writer would have tried to focus more on the Shinigami plot and make it more dramatic instead of keeping everything fluffy and comedic. Hyberion was just an awful written character. Making him a scary badass instead of an idiot clown would have already helped a lot.
  6. IMHO, the character designs of ImoPara 3 are a lot worse than the ones from the two previous titles - probably because they changed the artist. But I didn't really care anymore about ImoPara 2 and I'll therefore care even less about this one.
  7. Yotsunoha rejected from Steam?

    Well, not exactly surprising to be honest. Just seeing those two Nekomiya loli twins with their very suggestive red elementary school backpacks made it somewhat clear to me why.
  8. What are you playing?

    I've now finished Heart of the Woods, my first OELVN in ages, and it was actually surprisingly good. If that's the new OELVN standard, then I'm all for more of it. Heart of the Woods could be described as a modern fairy tale about a conflict of good vs. evil. While the cast isn't particular sizable, the creators certainly tried to make the most of it. Although it's tagged as a yuri VN, it's still first and foremost a story VN about defeating an evil being. The VN relies on several corner stones for that: The friendship between Maddie and Tara, the mysteries of the woods and its inhabitants, Morgan and her weird cat, the relationship between Maddie and Abigail and the evil being itself. The friendship between Maddie and Tara is rather realistically showcased. When they arrive in the remote village they were invited to by Morgan, they are in a bit of a crisis, but over the course of the story they overcome it and stick together when it matters. I also liked how the VN just slowly reveals its supernatural elements. In the beginning, everythings looks normal and Morgan appears more like a weirdo who made up some stories to attract attention. But then, slowly more and more strange things are happening and the true nature of some people is revealed. It was also nice that the VN went deeper into the mysterious world of the woods and its inhabitants. There are other VN's which are just teasing things and riding on the sugar coat *cough* Hapymaher *cough*. The VN also does a very good job in presenting its story in a very engaging way. Many key events and situations are emphasized with well placed event CG's and some pretty good atmospheric soundtracks. Story progress is decently paced, opposing the trend of slowing down everything with tons of slice of life. Although the VN shows that the OELVN scene made a lot of progress in comparison to its Japanese counter parts, it's still a bit rough around the edges. There's no voice acting, and while the VN has some good soundtracks and effects, it's handling of it is often a bit wonky. There were many occasions when music wasn't faded out but apruptly stopped or changed instead. In other situations there was no sound at all and I wasn't sure if I accidentally muted my speakers. Sprites were okay, but they could have had more variety in positions. Why was Morgan the only character constantly staring into the screen while all the others were watching to the sides? Furthermore, while story and characters were well presented, both were still kept kind of simple in a rather straight black and white scenario. Good and evil characters were mostly clear and there was no sudden twist or surprinsing revelation in that regard. It did fit to the overall fairy tale theme though. While the relationship between Maddie and Abigail was rather sweet and well developed, I can't exactly say the same thing about the one between Morgan and Tara. They were suddently sleeping together and that was pretty much their 'relationship development'. Not to mention that there was little chemisty between them. Though I could never really see Tara as much more as a side kick of Maddie. I think I would have preferred to have a choice of Maddie getting together with Abigail or Morgan. And why does the most pretty girl of the VN, only appear in the true ending with no chance of romance?! I didn't play with the adult patch. Just found out about it after I was finished, but I didn't really care about it anyway in that kind of VN. Anyway, overall a very nice VN that values your time for a change. Heroine ranking: Maddie > Abigail > Morgan > Tara Overall rating: 7.5/10
  9. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    When you're in Japan, what about joining the official eroge racing association?! I guess my favorite cars would be the following ones... I'd probably die of embarrassment driving in one, but it would be so worth it!
  10. Shuffle! Sequel announced

    That's very interesting! In contrast to this SPIRAL! thing they released some time ago, this actually 'looks' like Shuffle. Those are clearly Sia and Nerine on the cover page. I guess it certainly helps that the original artists are actually drawing the VN this time and aren't just 'assisting with school uniform design' and leaving the character designs to a loli artist from Da Capo. Maybe... there is even a chance for my favorite character Ai (my avatar) from the Nerine fan disc to be included. The list of writers actually looks pretty impressive. They have Ou Jackson and Higashinosuke on board, the main writers of Oretachi and Tsuriotsu which are Navel's most highly regarded works. I hope they'll keep the the two Da Capo writers from messing things up. That was certainly one of the main reasons it got popular both in Japan and in the west. It's rating isn't high, but there aren't that many VN's with more than 3000 votes on VNDB. Popularity isn't just about a high rating but also about the vote count. Shuffle's main strength was arguably its simplicity, so it's not surprising that the rating isn't high. It's the same with Nekopara - huge popularity and high vote count, but the rating is below 7. I also appreciate that Shuffle was a somewhat fast-paced moege - in the worst case it at least didn't overstay its welcome. Many moeges nowadays are real slice of life monsters with huge amounts of filler text that unfortunately have the tendency to bore me to death. Though Shuffle did have an interesting setting, so I think there's also more potential in it than just a simple moege if they want to.
  11. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    I would have expected Scandinavia to be expensive just like Western Europe in general, but not that the difference to Japan would be so big.
  12. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    How did you handle the financial aspect? I guess since you're studying Japanese you could benefit from some kind of university support program? If so, was this only for your first visit or also for your next one, or will you finance that one yourself? I assume you will or already are working as a freelance translator then. Do you find live in Japan cheaper or more expensive than your home country (Norway if I remember right)? Will you stick to VN's or also do other stuff? I think I heard that other translators are also doing sub titles for animes, light novels, manga... and even manuals.
  13. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Propeller VN's also have pretty good tense and atmospheric music. I'm still hearing the soundtracks from Tokyo Babel and The Shadows of Pygmalion from time to time. Liar-Soft VN's also have good music with a mixture of classic and atmospheric tracks - especially Ourai no Gahkthun.
  14. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Actually, just from reading the description, the protagonist is at least initially not into Mitoko, but her mother instead. That sounds pretty normal to me and indicates that their relationship might be more of a father-daughter type, at least in the common route. Not sure how it's handled in this VN, but in most other VN's with loli routes I read, the protagonist takes more of a care-taker or big brother role in the common route and only starts to show romantic interest when you actively approach her route. If this the same, then there's no problem because you can just skip her route. Most VN's are a bit like (Bioware) RPGs - the player controls the romantic interests of the protagonist. I think Angel Beats has even a gay route, and I never heard anyone complaining that its protagonist was lusting for handsome dudes non-stop during the common route.
  15. VNs that need more attention

    I think Fatal Twelve didn't get enough attention because it's pretty much from a no-name company aiueo Kompany. Considering what some established franchise dared to deliver as a 'story', it's really painful to see this going almost unnoticed. It's not without flaws, but right along with Fata Morgana it's one of the best story VN's I've read in years. Judging by their former releases, it probably got about three years of development time - and it shows. It's clearly not one of those half-assed products where the plot was sacrificed to comply to an annual release cycle.