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  1. They put a VN full of rape and guro on Steam and act surprised that it gets banned?!? The level of naivety shown here is baffling.
  2. Oh my, it's ages since I played this. If your questions aren't already covered by my summary here, I'm not sure if I can remember any more details. I don't really use discord, so it's either via forum posts or PM.
  3. So, the recent release of The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass went pretty unnoticed so far, but currently seems to get some attention thanks to a comment on VNDB. It actually has a rating above 8.5 with over 60 votes there, which is unusually high for an OELVN. There aren't even that many JVN's that high. It's a scifi mystery thriller that actually looks pretty professional. It uses NVL style, which I personally don't like that much, but if the story is good it might not matter that much. So, for everyone who isn't already jumping on Muramasa and looking more for a SciFi mystery VN in the spirit of
  4. Reception is rather lukewarm so far and considering I'm two full Yuzusoft titles lagging behind already, I'll probably give this a pass at least for now.
  5. Maybe it's the market place? Amazon.jp has that as well and then it's not Amazon itself shipping the goods, but some private persons instead. Probably the case for at least half of the stuff I buy from there...
  6. Never used DMM, DLSite or Gyutto, so I can't really say anything about those. But you can probably find a dozen other online shops like Trader, AmiAmi or Akiba Sofmap in Japan that sell hard copies. Usually, you can get all hard copies from Amazon.jp, so you don't really need other shops. UNLESS you want a hard copy bundled with a certain wallscroll. Then it can get pretty difficult since VN developers have a tendency to make all kinds of exclusive deals with certain shops regarding those. I use Tenso as proxy service and it was 100% reliable so far, so I can just recommend it, since it a
  7. The shop situation is just so much better in Japan. You can pretty much get everything from Getchu, both download and hard copy versions. And Amazon.jp is still neat to get things cheaper or older versions that might be out of stock at Getchu. In addition to that you can also get merchanising articles like tapestries or dakimakura there, which are pretty much non-existant in the west. Here Steam kinda works for all ages stuff, even though there's still always a dice roll that they find an absurd reason to not allow it, but for adult stuff it's just a mess. It's really unfortunate that the
  8. I'm not sure if it's the same way in all three parts. I think it should work always in Ryuuki no Taimou which is the one I'm currently playing, but I'm not sure about Son Go no Ketsumyaku anymore and I haven't even played Souten no Haou yet.
  9. I think the battles can be skipped if you don't want to play them. But they also shouldn't be too difficult - at least for the first half of each part. I also had the impression that the 'blue ball' formation (I think it enhances your special abilities) seemed pretty strong - at least in Ryuuki no Taimou.
  10. My backlog of English VN's alone aready demands a high amount of discipline against random VN's. Not to mention that I'm still struggling to get my current Japanese VN Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Ryuuki no Taimou finished - it's just so ridiculous long.
  11. How do you decide, which of those old relics of VN development to play anyway? It looks so incredible niche, that it's more something I'd expect to show up when clicking on "Random visual novel" in VNDB.
  12. Omg, it's slowly getting really hard to keep up with all the new VN releases. And Johren seems to get more and more popular for VN releases. Considering Steam is literally dead for German customers nowadays if it comes to VN's, I'm slowly thinking about buying stuff from there.
  13. So can tastes differ. I actually liked the straight to the point style in the VN and would have probably hated some comedic streched out debate battles. The main work is done out of the divine elections anyway. No reason to talk around the bush there.
  14. To be fair, if it's not much it probably won't impact the story a lot. It's a VN from before 2010, where they apparently felt the urgent need to add edgy H-scenes to every story VN just to boost sales. It's probably similar like in Gekkou no Carnevale, where you just had to press the skip button every 5 hours for a short time.
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