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  1. Isn't Light supposed to have gone down with their owner Greenwood? They sound pretty lively and full of plans for a dead company. Though the Silverio series certainly sounds interesting.
  2. Anime Expo News Replacements

    Also looking forward to Liar-Soft's Jeanne. I'm admittedly a bit worried about the low VNDB rating, but the vote count is rather low and the EGS rating apparently a lot higher, so I'm still optimistic here. Not sure what to expect from the MuvLuv spinoffs. I think I'll need more info and maybe a review about them before I can make a decision about them. The other stuff doesn't seem particular interesting, though I guess there's more to come. I wonder when MangaGamer will announce their annual Rance title this year...
  3. Master Magistrate Full-Version Review

    The adult DLC is free btw.
  4. Hm, maybe I'm misreading things, but according to the Eustia Progress Tracker the translation is 100% finished. Isn't that actually a great thing?
  5. What is your least favorite type of route plot?

    The time loop is certainly my least favorite plot type. I think only Stein's Gate did it right, because the whole story was pretty much about time travel theory. But most others just use it as a cheap way to unnecessarily stretch the length of their story by reusing plot arcs, and that gets repetitive very soon. Most VN's are already slow - no reason to make it even worse and drag them down to snail pacing by repeating stuff over and over again. That's not to say that I'd dislike all titles with time loop, some are actually quite decent, but most of them would be better without it.
  6. VN like Master Magistrate ( Ouka Sabaki )

    I'm currently playing it as well. I heard it's similar to the Phoenix Wrigth series, so maybe you can have a look at those. Never read them myself though, but they seem pretty popular. Danganronpa series might also fit the bill, but I didn't play those either yet. But they are also pretty popular. I think both series are also available on Steam. Kara no Shoujo series also has investigations. Though none of those have a shogunate era setting.
  7. ANY NEWS ON Lovely x Cation?

    Nothing official, but there's a fan translation project for Pretty x Cation:
  8. What are you playing?

    No kidding here, when you arrive in the capital, pretty much the whole plot is thrown overboard and replaced with tons of random slice of life scenes of questionable quality. I wonder if it's really worth finishing at all, or if it wouldn't just be better to skip straight to Mask of Truth that has all the good stuff. BTW, I think the review would have been also readable with normal font size.
  9. Why I dropped Tenmei no Conquista

    Well, currently it has a lower rating on VNDB than Sankai Ou no Yubiwa, and that's saying something.
  10. I cannot run several visual novels

    Your system settings sound right and at least one of the titles seems to work. But just looking at the super fancy file path in the error message, that first thing I'd try would be to install it directly in C:\Hajimete and not use any fancy special characters or spaces in the file path. I remember that Baku Ane pretty much refused to run any other way.
  11. Wouldn't be surprising, Higurashi has a fairly popular anime, while the one of Umineko looks like Ryuukishi07 would have drawn it himself *shudder*. And popular animes matter a lot, even in the VN scene.
  12. Fata Morgana is in the list, just by its Japanese name ファタモルガーナの館. But Umineko really seems to be missing. Rather odd, considering Higurashi made it almost half a dozen times into the list. XD
  13. Well, EGS is blocked for my region at the moment. Oddly enough, it works every two years or so for a few months and then gets blocked again. I think I like the list with >500 votes more, because it filters out most special editions of popular titles. Ever 17 made it three times into the other list. Seeing that, I appreciate that VNDB merges all editions of a title into one entry.
  14. Do the ratings take the popularity (vote-count) into account like bayesian, or just the average height of the votes? Some titles feel really out of place, like a Family Project in the top ten. And almost none of the most popular story heavy weights made it in the list - neither Stein's Gate, nor Umineko, nor Fata Morgana?! But a simple rapige sitting on first place, uh huh... Well, I guess that says a lot about the preferences of the EGS voters...
  15. Sol Press is leaving the VN scene and Mirai Radio is dropped

    Understandable decision. Having to rely on the erratic Steamquisition to sell your titles can certainly be quite frustrating. And unlike MangaGamer or Sekai they don't have their own established shop site. Though it's nice to hear that they still want to translate some rare hand picked titles in future. The market is a bit oversaturated anyway, so getting some rare pearls instead of just a bunch of mediocrity doesn't sound too bad.