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  1. VNs suitable for...

    Nah, Grisaia is a comedy VN, it has little to no similarities to G-Senjou. The Angelic Howl chapter is the only one that might come close. The only VN similar to G-Senjou is its predecessor Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.
  2. Baldr Sky (Available soon!)

    I'm a bit disappointed that they couldn't get a higher resolution for this title - 800 x 600 feels pretty outdated nowadays. But from what I've heard, the title wasn't easy to get ported to English, so I guess it's already a good thing they managed to get it working at all. Though I'm not sure how the title is holding up these days. The Baldr series doesn't seem to be a big as it once were. I'm not really interested that much in the gameplay, so I hope there isn't too much of it. But getting a big budget mecha VN is kind of exciting, the last I've read was MuvLuv Alternative I think. I hope it lives up to the hype.
  3. Are they really over 18?

    Every eroge reader should know that the disclaimer saying that every character is over 18 years old, is just a meme that's only there to guarantee you that all characters are minors. Beware of reading a VN without that disclaimer - you might see a character that's actually 18 or even older!
  4. Do you play with walkthrough?

    I usually try to avoid using a walkthrough as long as possible. In typical moeges, finding the right heroine route is usually not all too difficult and in more plot focused games it's fun to make all the choices yourself and see where you're ending up. I only use a walkthrough if I get stuck or to complete all or certain paths of a VN. Making my own choices also increases the immersion for me since I feel in control and not just following a path someone else decided. I'm also not sure if people are aware that many walkthroughs follow a middleground path to delay the splitting into the various routes as long as possible to make efficient use of save points. And that also includes neglecting certain heroine choices to stay 'neutral' as long as possible. That means you might miss out text sections for certain heroines in favour of not committing to their route too early. Most walkthroughs only care about CG completion, but not about scene or text completion. But if I go for a heroine, it means I'll pick every choice in the game in favor of her, so I get all her scenes.
  5. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Oh, that's good to know. Then I don't have to wait to continue, if it's an extra scenario anyway.
  6. /cast Revive @ Sprite

    I wonder from where they got the money to resume operations. It's not that those studios usually just choose to close down. Except Minori of course, but Minori was always a bit weird.
  7. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Would be nice to get an ETA for the Perfect Edition. I've Aokana stalled right at the start of Misaki's route and I'm just waiting for that update now.
  8. What are you playing?

    I've played DameKoi for some time now, but honestly this title didn't age well - and I'm not talking about the art. While it's nice to have a VN with an adult protagonist for a change, he's so indecisive and scatterbrained that he felt more like an insecure teenager than most teenage protagonists I've played. I'll also echo some comments I've seen on VNDB about it: The VN tries pretty hard to be like an episodic anime, but fails because it's a VN and not an anime. There's too much switching around of perspectives without any reason that just drags the pacing down and the protagonist feels undeveloped and bland as a consequence. I also don't understand the route structure of this title. You essentially have to go through half of one heroine's route after another instead of focussing on one heroine. During that time the protagonist comes over as so indecisive to decide for or against that heroine that it borders on rudeness on far too many occasions. And since the VN is so busy showing conversations between other characters, the actual interaction between the protagonist and the heroines comes off badly. Overall, I felt not a glimmer of chemistry between them. And for a VN that is neither particular funny, nor has an interesting plot, or at least some entertaining slice of life, that's pretty much the final nail in the coffin. Also, a short comment about the remake. I don't know who had the glorious idea to change the originally dark text box that only covered maybe a fourth of the screen, into this huge white monster text box that covers almost a third of the whole screen. Without making it almost completely opaque it's hard to read and the text itself only covers about two thirds of the text box. The awfull business-nerd soundtrack also didn't help. But for what it's worth, I kinda liked the heroines - mainly Asami, Kaya and Mitoko. Final rating: 4/10 Overall, that was probably the most bland and boring VN I've read this year and I regret not dropping it earlier than in Himeo's route. What a disappointment!
  9. Lamunation Release

    I hope the low price strategy succeeds, it would be a win for everyone. Guess the Chinese market was also the reason that Noratoto 1 & 2 were so cheap. I just noticed that they also have a Chinese translation included.
  10. Lol, that doesn't even come close to Sekai KS problems yet. I'm still waiting for my Chrone Clock hardcopy which had an original ETA of April 2017.
  11. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    Nah, I read it but I just don't buy it. Harukaze itself obviously doesn't care about all ages at all and I don't really get why their rebrand Tokyotoon should, except for the translation studio not willing to deal with adult content. Besides that, they can always do the same like Sekai Project and stay 'totally' all ages by cheating in the porn through another brand.
  12. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    That's exactly the reason why I'm so irritated that they're selling the game so cheap. I'm pretty sure that they could sell more copies for even 2 - 3 times that price if they'd just have included the H-scenes. I mean, how expensive are those voice royalties just for the H-scenses? Greater than the whole rest of the voices + the entire translation + the whole management cost to localize the title? Seriously?! I mean, do they have the British queen doing an H-scene or what?
  13. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    The decision to throw out the H-scenes here is really irritating. I mean they offer the title dirt cheap for about 15 bucks and people will still be unhappy because of it. If they would have included the H-scenes they could easily sell it for 2 - 3 times as much and probably still sell more copies of it. But I guess it's the same problem like in Moenovels's case: they hired a translation studio that doesn't do adult scenes. Couldn't they just hire a freelance translator instead of Frognation Ltd.?! The title would have certainly sold good enough to offer the translator a fair payment. And considering the apparently not exactly tremendous salaries the competition seems to offer, it shouldn't have been difficult to find one. Not to mention that I doubt that Frognation Ltd. was such a cheap alternative. Can't they just a hire a freelance translator for an H-scene DLC?! They could at least offer a compromise and say that if the title sells good enough, they'll consider it.
  14. What are you playing?

    I wouldn't go that far, since it did have some rather well written parts, but it's certainly not a must-read imo.
  15. What are you playing?

    Finished Nanairo Reincarnation about a week ago or so. Overall, it was a bit of a so so experience with both, strong highs and lows. Let's start with the strengths of the title, since it certainly has them. The slice of life and comedy parts are for the most part rather well written, and to a lesser degree the nakige parts too, even though there weren't too many of them. Iyo the nerdy zashiki-warashi house spirit in particular was just brilliant. On the one hand she could be absolutely hilarious and shap-tongued, on the other hand she could also switch to a much more serious tone in the blink of an eye. You could even say she was the true master of the house - nobody knows more than she does. They also got the overall family-feeling of togetherness rather well through with Iyo, Kotori, Aoi and Fuyou being the solid heart of the cast. The nakige parts were also well done, even though there weren't too many of them and most of them related to Kotori, who was without any doubt the main heroine. Now to the not so good parts of the VN - and unfortunately there weren't just a few of them. First, the handling of the H-scenes was just awful - for the sake of the story I can just suggest to play without the adult patch. Pretty much all the H-scenes related to the demon characters were enforced and unrelated to any routes. The reasoning for those was also pretty silly and more what you'd expect from a nukige. But even story-wise, there would have been plausible reasons to give you a choice, but for reasons unknown you didn't get that. Especially annoying were the scenes for Iris, a sub-loli character that was so obviously just included as pedo-bait. My personal 'highlight' was the scene that could be labeled as 'dangerous pedophile forces 8 - 10 year old girl into sex against her will' - there wasn't even a 'reason' for that scene. Next problem were the routes. Technically there were four - for Kotori, Iyo, Yumi and Azusa -, but only the one of Kotori really deserved to be called a route (admittedly, I didn't play Iyo's). But the ones of Yumi and Azusa did only bombard you with H-scenes out of the blue, then break up, continue with Kotori's route and reunite with a final H-scene at the end. I've actually no clue why Yumi and Azusa even got a route - they barely qualified as side characters. The characters that should have had routes are Aoi and Fuyou. My only reasonable explanation for this whole route and H-scene mess is that they ran out of time and budget and tried to shoehorn at least the H-scenes in. It's also a bit odd if a heroine gets a better ending in the route of another heroine than in her own. And that's unfortunately not all - the plot itself also had some glaring issues. Although the VN had a clear focus on slice of life and comedy with some nakige elements, they got the glorious idea to include some grim-dark murder case in the second half, you'd usually expect from Innocent Grey. I'd be totally fine with that if they'd actually commit to that. However, they somehow tried to mix it up with some of their comedy, making the plot sections in the best case ridiculous and in the worst case tasteless. It already says a lot that they didn't even take the effort to draw a sprite for their main antagonist. But naturally, the resources were there for pervert-san - a minor character that was only included for the lulz. The police was also presented as completely retarded and their little spook-shows to scare the antagonist just embarassing. Pretty much only Kotori managed to give that plot-arc some dignity. 'That' scene did hit home - I give them that. They should have sticked to what they are good at - slice of life, comedy and light drama - and not dabble in Innocent Grey territory. Imho, the 9-nine series got the slice of life and comedy with plot better done. Heroine ranking: Iyo > Kotori > Fuyou = Kikyou = Aoi > Yumi = Asuza >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iris Overall rating: 6.5/10 If they'd focused more on their strengths, they could have easily gotten a 7+ rating from me. But this was just to uneven for that.