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  1. Confession: Some time ago I started to play KanColle, then I decided to play Granblue Fantasy... then I decided to also play Fate/Grand Order. ...I feel like I made a terrible life decision which I will regret bitterly in the future. But it's too late to stop now, gotta get these event-limited characters.
  2. It's Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets-sareta Ken.
  3. Confession: I just learned today that I managed to enter a university this year. First thing I thought after learning this was "Oh shit, looks like I won't be lazing around this year again". *sigh* I suppose I should be happy but I feel just melancholic, guess it is partly because I don't really have a dream or a ambition to motivate me and partly because I am much indecisive and don't know if things will go alright with the course I choosed. Oh well, it will start just in the middle of the year, I just need to cheer up until then and hope things will go well.
  4. The tale of a man trying to save his half-sisters from being NTRed by their father while impregnating them all.
  5. Hope isn't dead yet: http://steamcommunity.com/app/493450/discussions/0/350543389017284698/?ctp=2#c34041212240056758
  6. Confession: Some months ago while I was in the twitter there was a promoted tweet about a news. It's was something like this:"Feminist activists protest in an university urinating in the floor naked". There was also a photo women squatted in the floor naked. When I read it and saw the photo this was what I thought: "Activists? In my day we called women like this of sluts."
  7. As dollar is expensive in my country and the Steam has the regional pricing (which I think invites many other customers) there is no way I could dislike visual novels getting into Steam. Although the "novel games are over priced" talk also trigger me it's no like I am can do anything about it and people always came up with something to complain about anyway. Just stop reading steam forums, I became much less depressed when I stoped.
  8. Que tópico inesperado. Até ler português na internet é estranho para mim já que eu parei de frequentar sites em português desde que aprendi a ler inglês. Bem...Um oi de Pernambuco. É meio reconfortante saber que há Brasileiros (e Portugueses) na Fuwanovel. Agora só preciso achar um monarquista que goste de anime e outras coisas 2D para deixar de me sentir um esquisito. Espero que nada que eu escreva soe esquisito. Sempre fui desleixado com meu português e a desde que aprendi a ler inglês eu tenho "estranhado" algumas expressões portuguesas. Não sou carioca mas também não gost
  9. I don't understand when people say that they have to pay more for the 18+ scenes. It's pretty obvious that it's just that the all-ages version has a discount to make up for the lack of the scenes, just look at Nekopara Vol.1: It doesn't has a official patch but the price of the all-ages version is half of the 18+version. Also the price of all-ages version+ the price 18+ patch= price of the 18+version. The people that don't like of 18+ scenes can get the game cheaper and the ones that want 18+ scenes will pay the normal price. What is the problem with that? I didn't liked Dovac's behavior
  10. Well, I sure that at least you would be strong enough for defeat me as easily he would be.
  11. Confession: I am somewhat clumsy and tend to accidentally to crash into something like chairs, grids, walls and some unexpected things in ways that sometimes astonish my relatives . There was a time when I hit the same feet multiples times in a short span of days, I ended up breaking a bit the nail of the big toe and if I remeber correctly I still hit my feet one more time after that. Some days ago I didn't notice a part of the floor was damp and I slipped and hit my feet in the grid breaking a bit the little finger, later that day I hit my other feet in the sofa's leg. If I were a cute anime
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