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  1. >Ctrl+F >[Metroid Prime] >"0 results" Let's fix that now by me recommending Metroid Prime. I've beaten it god knows how many times now yet I still love every minute of it. (The Chozo ghosts still haunt me to this day, however)
  2. Some stories were quite nonsense like EVAtrice/410's Popularity Poll Massacre (EVAtrice slaughters everyone above her in the popularity polls to get to 1st place) and Dlanor/Virgilia's Rose Room Mystery (You have to see it to believe it)
  3. Play the first game and watch the Blood Drive chapter of the 2nd beforehand, otherwise you won't understand shit.
  4. You can but then you'll miss key scenes relating to the mystery. You can very well try and figure out "who dunnit" and "how dunnit" just by jumping to the core questions, but you'll miss the "why dunnit" if you ignore the small scenes like that.
  5. This is a fool's bet, so I'll throw my hat in because it's a guaranteed win.
  6. It's a horror VN with some exploration gameplay. Much of the appeal of the games is discovering the many ways the characters can die (and there are quite a few.) as well as solve the mystery of the school. Although by now, I'm sure everyone already knows that So if exploration and body horror ain't your thing, you can skip this game if you want. But, personally, I feel you'd be doing yourself a disservice.
  7. Ok, I went to this yesterday and I have to say, if you really get into it you can actually believe you're in a true game like in 999/VLR. You even get to wear the watches and use them to open several doors. (And while there was a puzzle involving addition of the numbers on the watches, there was nothing on digital roots, sadly) While I won't divulge much, I should say that there is a very good reason Clover is on the poster. Plus, there's a lot of neat easter eggs scattered in the escape room that link back to the game. The only real issue I had with it is that in our escape, one of the teams discovered that their puzzle was more-or-less solved and left the rest of us for dead until the game master informed them that, yes, you still have to help the rest of us who are solving it the good old fashioned way. (ie do the human version of tapping every part of the screen and see if there's an answer there)
  8. It never bothered you that her exploration sprite also had greyish-brown hair too? There's a difference in scripts between 3DS/PSP version and the PC version. The 3DS version has all the Extra Chapters from the PSP version as well as a few new ones. The PC version only has 4 Extra Chapters, one of which is a treading of the Book of Shadows chapter "Tooth" in the BC/BD exploration style.
  9. Because 5pb owns the resources of the PSP games and I don't think XSEED would be willing to pay the licensing fees for the art when the original doujin art is available for the PC edition.
  10. The Original sprites are the ones from the screenshot, the PSP ones are the redrawn ones. While PC version is being released later than the PSP games, it's the PC game that came out first.
  11. Personally, I would suggest making that survey available on other forums and the like. After all, I'm sure on a site like Fuwa there's bound to be a bias towards certain choices.
  12. discolor is one of my favorite tracks and plays during one of the scenes that still gets me.
  13. Already booked my slot. Let's hope no one brings an axe
  14. PC and PSP have an almost exact script, minus a few scenes. Plus, the art and VA of the PSP version is far better than BC's doujin art and VA. On the subject of the PC version, I've heard the main issue is the engine since GrisGris engine is not exactly the nicest thing. It's the same engine that was used to build the original release of CP2, which might be why it's been getting delayed so much.
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