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  1. Mangagamer and Minori News(?) to be announced soon

    What in the hell does "We always keep minority spirit" even mean?
  2. Oooh this is a tough one. Despite their narrative problems, Key generally has done well to craft some good characters even if their character arcs left something to be desired. I think I'd have to go for Nagisa just because not enough VNs carry the high school romances into adulthood and show the challenges of a new couple starting out, but she is such a good anchor for After Story and perfect for giving a measure of agency and realism to the issues that plague our MC while also maintaining herself as a strong character in her own right, even if she does become a little plot "devicey" by the end.
  3. Why Visual Novels?

    So a VN is a VN because it doesn't assume you're low IQ and are not politically correct, unlike the thousands of other books, tv shows, magazines, manga, anime, etc etc that are just like that? My first question, that you are so hung up on, was rhetorical. If you are a non-native English speaker, I apologize as I realize the nuance of that might be lost on you or perhaps your response is getting tangled up in a language barrier between us in which case I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll pose the question again in slightly different terms to hopefully help clear this up. The main question, once again, was why are VNs VNs? Why do creators, not readers make VNs over other forms? Why do VNs exist? If your answer is that the creators are given more freedom in content when compared to other forms of media, then your previous responses make slightly more sense even if I feel their is plenty of evidence to the contrary that shows authors in other forms of media are no less hindered by content, especially in an age of self-publishing.
  4. Why Visual Novels?

    "So my main question isn't so much what is a VN but why is a VN a VN? Yes I know, stupid question but it is something I'm curious about." End of the post. I can see how it might be confusing if you only read the first couple of sentences while ignoring the context of those first few sentences. I asked that rhetorical question and answered it in my own post to highlight the main question.
  5. Why Visual Novels?

    I'm asking why do people write VNs. Why are VNs created over other forms of media?
  6. Why Visual Novels?

    I see that you are a gamer™ of culture. If you are of such high intellect, then surely you could have read the question I was asking properly.
  7. I always liked how Macross handles its shared universe, treating each previous entry as a dramatization of what actually happened. A VN could certainly do something similar to tell the story they want within a universe without being held back by a previous entry.
  8. Maybe it was covered in this thread (I'm lazy and don't feel like reading 4 pages), but I'd be very interested to see some sort of sales data on a steam release w/ uncut store release and compare that to downloads on nyaa or other pirating websites. I'd imagine steam releases proportionally sell better but I've no way of really looking at that sort of data unless a company wants to divulge it.
  9. Shinimasu 100% tl celebration thread

    Congrats on finishing it, but I think I'm more impressed that you changed your avatar tbh
  10. The Language of Love Review Discussion

    I'd been curious about this one for a while because the premise was somewhat unique and ebi-hime is a pretty good writer. Glad to see you enjoyed it!
  11. I mean yeah you could pay to import them, rely on some random ass JAST USA releases when they felt like doing something, and maybe Mangagamer for ef and random ass nukige. I kept an eye on things starting around 2010ish and there was very very little outside of crazy nukige being released officially in the west. For most people, piracy + fan patch was just about the only way to get anything. I'm not demonizing it, just pointing out my observation of the market starting around 2010. If there was some unknown to me VN renaissance before then, my mistake. I welcome any explanation showing otherwise, though, since like I said, I simply am unaware of releases happening anywhere close to the frequency and with the ease of purchase we have today.
  12. IMHHW(Nintendo Switch)

    Switch Restoration Project when?
  13. Piracy is ingrained in the VN market due to the fact that originally, the only way to acquire virtually all VNs was to pirate them and apply a fan patch. Steam and Kickstarter really changed the market. Old habits die hard.
  14. Mein Waifu is the Führer

    Wargirl Games is making an actual strategy-esque VN called My Little Dictator which might be more along these lines. It's been in development since 1945 anyway it feels like.