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  1. Revamp Rules and Staff List

    it's literally been ten months since we've tried to get the ball rolling. at this point I highly doubt that Tay ever finalizes it with the person in question.
  2. Guess who's back, back again

    I remember you
  3. What is your favourite VN store?

    buying VNs in 2019 lol
  4. What a dumb thread. Read what you like, even if people like me say its shit.
  5. List of notable Visual Novel related discords

    in the trash where it belongs
  6. solidbatman AMA v3: re

    he ded
  7. solidbatman AMA v3: re

    First VN was Analogue: A Hate Story followed about a year later by Ever 17 I believe. I still read them occasionally but they usually have to stand out greatly, be an EVN, or be from someone I know for me to really pick one up and read now. Fuwanovel likely had little to do with VNs taking off in the west like they have over the past few years. I think the fact Fuwanovel got larger was due to an already existing interest in VNs in the western world. Fuwanovel is more an result of the popularity of VNs, not the cause. As for relevancy, I believe it can be like it was in the past. VNTS was very popular, and some of the information pages that were planned would be a boon. Hopefully these can be revived in the near future because I think Fuwanovel can still be a valuable resource for news, reviews, and guides with its current existing user base. I wasn't here at the very beginning, but Aaeru's goal was to create a visual novel repository of pre-patched VNs to make downloading and playing VNs far easier for people who were unwilling, or unable to install patches which required you to be able to find the VN in question, pirate it, and then get the patch from the fan TL website. Sometimes these patches were impossible to get as were the VNs, so Aaeru sought to make it easier for people to get those VNs by providing the torrents and a seedbox. The forums sort of got tacked on. She believed that by lowering the difficulty of acquiring VNs, more people would be interested in trying them out. Even her "What is a VN" page oversimplified what a VN was to target fans of anime/manga in hopes of getting them hooked.
  8. solidbatman AMA v3: re

  9. solidbatman AMA v3: re

    Noticing some interest in fuwahistory on a few threads, I'm bored, and I wanna spur some sort of discussion today. So, feel free to ask me anything about myself, VNs, old reviews, fuwanovel in general, etc. Note to mods: Not sure if Member's Lounge is fine for this. If not, or it gets super spammy, feel free to move it.
  10. can confirm. People are trying to revitalize the site but due to the centralized nature of the leadership its very slow going to get things done when the head honcho is in the middle of the wilderness curing cancer.
  11. What exactly was the FuwaBundle?

    get banned for taLKING ABout it
  12. What exactly was the FuwaBundle?

    The first rule of Fuwabundle is to not speak about Fuwabundle
  13. MangaGamer Winter Sale

    time to buy Please Bang my Wife for tay. He loves NTR
  14. The Fuwanovel I want for 2019

    The website went into its worst ever Fuwapocolypse because of her silliness. The site was literally done for until Tay stepped in, put ol Cybersteel and Steve in charge for a while as he did a bunch of behind the scenes work to bring it back fully and expand the site. For a while, Fuwanovel had very good relations with the localization companies and forged great contacts with them under Tay's leadership. It was Tay who placed people like Zaka and Decay in positions on the website to help bring an influx of activity and repair the VNTS. Meanwhile Aaeru vanished without a word, got us in big ass trouble by using a pirated version of the forum software, and left the site in shambles. I appreciate what she did starting the site, but its pretty clear to me that it greatly outgrew what she wanted and she likely did not approve of the direction the site was headed (hence her attempts to shut it all down later).