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  1. srw30 is fun. i use the sakura taisen crew to destroy everyone.
  2. I finished Raging Loop last week. I went in expecting another find the werewolf type game and came out of it realizing I never got to play the game. Yet, I never once realized it until the final credits rolled. Yes, Raging Loop is essentially a kinetic novel. While there are choices that branch, the choices always lead to bad endings that unlock keys for the true ending. There are no character endings, only the true. That aside, Raging Loop was an enjoyable read, though perhaps not up there with my all time favorites. The story opens with you, a dude named Haruki riding your motorcycle. You broke up with your girlfriend (yo self insert!) and are just aimlessly riding. You come across a weird village after wrecking and meet a wonderful lady named Chemi who loves to joke about killing you. But she gives you beer and seems to really like you so lets just put that little character quirk on the back burner for the next ten hours or so yeah? Things are going nicely though the villagers do not really trust you since you had crashed in a river where they put their dead. Then, the mists show up and everyone freaks the hell out saying the wolves are coming. Some people get killed and thus begins The Feast, a trial in which the villagers must sus out the wolves and hang them. Various people will have guardians that give them specific powers to aid during the feast. For example, the Crow can check the person who was hung to see if they were human or a wolf. Its your typical fare in this genre except you really do not play the feasts. They are all on a set path that you really do not alter except to get different keys by getting yourself killed from time to time. Yes, you will nearly always die. Its a loop. Hence the title. Your goal is to find a way to break the loop and to do so, you must see all of the different endings. Quickly, your goal changes from simply surviving to uncovering every mystery the village has to offer. A nifty feature that this game has is a choice tree. At any time you may jump back to previous choices from any branch you are on to use the keys you gain during routes to unlock new branches. It saves you from having to have a bunch of saves and constantly reload as you just pull up the menu and go to the choice. The choice selection will even show you which keys you need so you can quickly find out where to go with the keys you've gathered. Its nice, but again, this novel is kinetic. You will end up on the true ending simply by playing. Do not fret if you perish. It is a loop. You'll be back. anyway i'm down bad for rikako and i hope she feels the same way hey girl
  3. oh this is neat. KS was my second VN I read i think (after Analogue: A Hate Story). Might have to dive back in ten years later and see if it makes me cringe now or not.
  4. ive begun raging loop rikako is friend
  5. ryza 3 is the only thing people should care about but i know ya'll better than that.
  6. my problem with yuriko was that she is hot and i like being killed by her
  7. Kukrushka ruined so many damn loops for me. Once she gets set on something, everyone and I mean EVERYONE joins up with her. Or once you know without a doubt she is the Gnosia, she easily manipulates people like Otome and from there she steamrolls to victory. And if you are too heavy on accusations at her, you're done almost instantly against her. She was rough for me to deal with. Sha-ming and Yuriko were pretty straight forward. My bias almost never let me go after Setsu though. Setsu is love, Setsu is life.
  8. A friend last year recommended the VN Gnosia to me. I, being who I am, resisted for a while. VNs had hurt me. They had abused me. Pancaked my love for storytelling. But then, I saw the artwork for Gnosia and said "Screw it, letsago." I grabbed it for the Switch and went to town playing it. It is the perfect type of VN to play in short bursts. For me, that meant before bed usually for 20-30 minutes a night. For those that don't know, Gnosia is a social deduction VN that plays out a bit more like Town of Salem than it does Among Us. For starters, the game's story is told in loops. You wake up at the start of a loop on a spaceship, assigned a role. The ship AI has detected a Gnosia may be on board. These parasitic aliens seek to infect each crew member and make it to a space port to continue spreading as far as they can. The goal of those not infected to to find the Gnosia and put them into cold sleep where they can spread no more. Each character is assigned a role on each loop. Some may be engineers that can find out who the Gnosia is each night. There may be a doctor who can discover the identity of anyone put into cold sleep. Those with Guard Duty are those who never left the ship and therefore cannot be Gnosia. AC Followers worship Gnosia and do everything they can to help them. Then, anywhere from 1-4 characters can be Gnosia. They can lie, cheat, and steal their way to survival in order to either put every crew member into cold sleep, or kill each person. They can select one person each night to kill. The main bulk of the gameplay is made up by debates, where characters discuss and vote on who they must put into cold sleep. Engineers and doctors share their reports, though Gnosia and AC Followers can like about their role to muddy and confuse the debate, or convince others that the true engineers or doctors are in fact Gnosia. Each character has stats that dictates how they will act during debates. One character, for example, who hates lying and is super perceptive, may be able to immediately tell when someone is lying, but has low charisma and as result, struggles to convince others of the truth. You yourself also have stats that go up against other characters stats to see how convincing you are, or how trustworthy. The story is told in between the debates, as you can visit parts of the ship to talk to characters. Under certain conditions, you may get character events that shed more light on their character and their story. As you are only one of two people aware of the looping, you must discover as much information as you can to find a way out of the loop. For me, this took about 130 loops. Later in the game, you will be able to alter the starting conditions to better set up the conditions needed to trigger character events. And the game will auto-set them for you to nearly guarantee the character events as well if you so choose. The game is addicting, pretty to look at, and the story quite engaging. It is the type of game better suited towards short bursts rather than hours long sessions as the loops can feel repetitive as you try to trigger events. As each loop normally only takes 5-10 minutes, playing for 30-40 minutes at a time can net a solid 3-6 loops which I think is a solid amount for a single sitting. To sum up my thoughts, allow me to simply state, Setsu masterrace please play gnosia do it for setsu thoughts?
  9. i always forget that NIS helped develop Grimgrimoire. explains why NISA got the rights i guess.
  10. Elan is good people. A big fan of them and their sister studio, Coattails. Good crews all around and good news to hear.
  11. i saw zaka post anime porn on his big tv in his living room on twitter in the year of our lord 2022 also i remember you tyrael
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