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  1. no fat morgan. list is shit. 0/10 but also no litbus. list isn't complete shit. 5/10
  2. i love how large parts of the VN fandom generally shits itself with rage any time a company comes in to legally release a a desired VN.
  3. Changing to JP locale can actually fuck with programs that like to auto-detect languages. My old MSI BIOS manager on my last PC would only display in Japanese until I was finally able to find the language settings as well as a few other installers for programs. Other than that, the actual programs run just fine. For what its worth, with the plethora of official releases, I don't bother with locale anymore.
  4. What do you guys think of.....

    and of those, I think Danganronpa is the only one that didn't sell like shit, and thats only because its aesthetic appeals to the "omg i luv hot topic!" portion of the vn/gaming community. TL Note: Hot Topic is a retail store that caters to middle school girls with edgy clothing and anime toys.
  5. Revamp Rules and Staff List

    This isn't attack on the individual mods just FYI. This is more to point out the massive shortcomings of the current moderation system. Hell, even a quick link somewhere on the site with a clear, concise list of rules, and consistent enforcement from the mods would be an improvement over this vague, unclear, mystical system of globals, boards, and non-listed mods (such as myself).
  6. Revamp Rules and Staff List

    Send a PM to who? There is no leadership aside from Kaguya who rarely seems to be able to make a firm decision without input from the top, which doesn't exist anymore sadly. I've seen Kags step in before and attempt to resolve this problem, but clearly it has not been fixed (poor guy was on vacation too).
  7. This comes out of a warning I received for spamming in a thread that was technically not in chatter but was nothing as chatter (the dumb mare loli thread that got featured). My spam in question was a single post I made with a reaction image. It was my first post in weeks as well, hardly something needing that silly warning garbage, Clephas. This made me realize that there are two problems here. Severely uneven enforcement of rules by moderators (which has honestly been a chronic problem for Fuwanovel through its entire history), and secondly, I don't even know who the staff of the website even are anymore. I was never aware that Clephas had the ability to issue warnings like that, nor was I aware board mods had any power to give warnings. I was under the impression that they could delete/hide posts and what not but not cut off posting of a member completely for a time. That in of itself is not the issue. The issue is more that there is that the Fuwa Directory is completely out of date. I have no damn idea who does what, and who has what powers. To solve both problems, there needs to be a retooling of the entire staff of Fuwanovel. Take a look at the directory and point out all of those who are not active, or no longer even run the project they are listed in. https://fuwanovel.net/about/our-team-fuwadirectory/ With this retooling of the staff (aka clean out the dead weight like myself), strong leadership absolutely needs to come down from the top and make abundantly clear what the rules of the forum are. The uneven application of rules needs to stop and more active leadership with clear lines of communication need to be implemented. This will give the mods much clearer direction of what is and isn't okay on this website. And no, this isn't a batman bitches about a handslap post. This is a response to a recurring problem with the leadership of fuwanovel today as I've seen this inconsistent rule enforcement multiple times with certain mods recently, and it follows a pattern that goes back to the days of Steve being an admin here. Those were bad days.
  8. What Should I Read Next (Poll)(Pure Love Stories)

    I will say that Clannad is a pretty good VN. I enjoyed it but it is an incredibly long slog. Little Busters! and me have a very troubled history, however, and I cannot recommend it.
  9. What Should I Read Next (Poll)(Pure Love Stories)

    Key VNs have garbage romance because every damn route is romance. There is little consistency in quality and even if the romance is good, you are forced to get through 500 bad routes to get to them
  10. Sooooo...is "Summer Pockets" the next big Key VN?

    tl;dr its garbo if you dont like key its not garbo if you like bad writing
  11. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    I mean yeah, VNs will never actually be popular in the west unless its a straight up meme game like Nekopara, Sakura, or DDLC. The genre is not taken seriously at all because it is tightly tied to a perception of being anime porn. Other hurdles remain too such as; lack of gameplay, poor story telling, generic cardboard cutouts, and the supposed gold standard of VNs are too damn long. Interactive media today aims to give instant gratification. VNs cannot do this very easily. Current VN fans do hold back the genre by demanding a preset standard of tropes, porn, and characters. Take for example Rancesama on twitter who threatened to stab people in the eye for some perceived slight against his favorite VNs. He was then promoted by Mangagamer and given a big special blog post to advertise Rance. Or the reaction when Sekai Project fucked up the loli train game where you sex lolis. How the hell to you advertise a genre in which the biggest outcries within the fanbase come when porn gets cut somehow or the leaders of the community threaten to kill people on twitter? VNs will not be popular with the current fanbase. VNs will not be popular with the current stable of companies promoting VNs. If VNs are to become popular, the fundamental definition of what a VN is would need to change. Which is kind of why I said I don't think VN fans want it to necessarily take off mainstream and become popular. The things you love about VNs would likely change and become heavily watered down. Not to mention porn would be gone. Please note, I am not demonizing anyone who loves porn in their VNs. I just think it is something that would be lost if VNs achieve mainstream success.
  12. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    I mean, I dont know if most VN fans really want VNs to become popular based on the treatment of shitty ol ddlc in the news.
  13. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    drop the porn for one. Once VNs are no longer associated with porn they stand a better chance. Western perceptions of sex are not going to change. And remember, even in Japan, its not like VN fans are proudly popular.
  14. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    i might make a new website about visual novels and attempt to make them popular in the west via discussion and informational guides on visual novels.
  15. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    I mean, every VN company has fucked up pretty bad a few times. Attitudes like this will result in just perpetual anger because someone will always be screwing the pooch.