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  1. oh this is neat. KS was my second VN I read i think (after Analogue: A Hate Story). Might have to dive back in ten years later and see if it makes me cringe now or not.
  2. ive begun raging loop rikako is friend
  3. i always get kind of sad to see this sort of thing even if i dont watch them and stuff
  4. for real very few experiences hit me like finishing Ever17 or Clannad. and very few experiences have made me as angry as Little Busters
  5. ryza 3 is the only thing people should care about but i know ya'll better than that.
  6. my problem with yuriko was that she is hot and i like being killed by her
  7. Kukrushka ruined so many damn loops for me. Once she gets set on something, everyone and I mean EVERYONE joins up with her. Or once you know without a doubt she is the Gnosia, she easily manipulates people like Otome and from there she steamrolls to victory. And if you are too heavy on accusations at her, you're done almost instantly against her. She was rough for me to deal with. Sha-ming and Yuriko were pretty straight forward. My bias almost never let me go after Setsu though. Setsu is love, Setsu is life.
  8. A friend last year recommended the VN Gnosia to me. I, being who I am, resisted for a while. VNs had hurt me. They had abused me. Pancaked my love for storytelling. But then, I saw the artwork for Gnosia and said "Screw it, letsago." I grabbed it for the Switch and went to town playing it. It is the perfect type of VN to play in short bursts. For me, that meant before bed usually for 20-30 minutes a night. For those that don't know, Gnosia is a social deduction VN that plays out a bit more like Town of Salem than it does Among Us. For starters, the game's story is told in loops. You wake u
  9. i always forget that NIS helped develop Grimgrimoire. explains why NISA got the rights i guess.
  10. Elan is good people. A big fan of them and their sister studio, Coattails. Good crews all around and good news to hear.
  11. Sounds good enough for me. We used to have reps pop over from time to time (though perhaps more communication was done on the reviews side), but I get more so what you are aiming for here.
  12. how would this new revived fuwanovel compare to /r/vns or various discord communities? what sort of more specific role do you envision for fuwanovel long term within the vn community? i feel that with the advent of vn spam on steam, visual novels as a medium (at the very least in English) may have peaked and the sheer glut of them now act as a sort of cap with little room for growth. Meanwhile, hybrid VNs like 13 Sentinels succeeded to a certain degree by not advertising the VN portion, though perhaps that is a poor example because its Vanillaware. anywho, yeah, just curious what role fuwa
  13. i saw zaka post anime porn on his big tv in his living room on twitter in the year of our lord 2022 also i remember you tyrael
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