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  1. Now this... This is the Fuwanovel I remember; complete and utter garbage. I missed it. Thank you all for bringing it back to me so I remember why I stopped interacting with the VN community in general this thread has it all and I hope it stays up as a testament to how god damn stupid the VN community is Hopefully Tay deletes this site soon.
  2. Post updated with new characters and a corrected text box, though I am aware it is still a bit too large. A demo will be made available in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Just a heads up for you @Deeth. The developers have said they intend to port the new console release to PC when they are able to but Reincarnation is tricky due to licensing issues as I said earlier. That being said, they stated they are going to negotiate to try and get the full console release over to PC.
  4. I imagine licensing for the voice acted future arc storyline is the problematic point here on why a PC release is difficult. Otherwise its upscaled/redrawn content aside from that future arc. Hopefully you can find a method to get this working for you.
  5. Site leadership changed and partnerships were formed with localization companies as steam releases and obscure releases became more common. We felt that assisting through legal means was more valuable than supporting continued piracy. As for this, I think I misunderstood the project originally, but I am glad you are not packaging it as I originally believed. So, yeah, you should be within forum rules. Which makes me glad; Fata Morgana is a phenomenal VN and I want the developers to get as much cash as possible from this.
  6. Pretty sure this goes against forum rules.
  7. Opinions on localizing/translating Visual Novel titles

    I want to see a localization company be brave enough to take a title that has an English title already, and then translate it into Japanese for the localization.
  8. Spring 2019 Anime Discussion

    I watched the first episode of Fruits Basket and fell in love instantly. Passing on every other show this season.
  9. Site Work 03/17/19

    or just gift him a copy of Please Bang My Wife
  10. It’s my Fuwaversary! Q&A 😃

    take that opinion of me and put it in the trash where it belongs. You're a brave soul digging into the past. At least I have no old racist tweets that will lose me the clout that I don't have. keep reading EVNs. JVNs suck unless its Fata Morgana.
  11. Little Busters: The Apology

    Sakura Spirit at least had effort put into it and succeeded at what it wanted to be. The last statement in my post was more a joke, I actually did enjoy reading Little Busters but for the sake of my pride, pretend I never said that. let sleeping dogs die
  12. Well I look for the popular ones that the weebs like. Then I ignore those because they are all mostly the same thing. That narrows it down pretty heavily. Also read shorter VNs. They tend to be paced better and tell a more tightly woven story.
  13. Little Busters: The Apology

    Hello. I am the guy who wrote that review of Little Busters that everyone hated because I did not like the game. Those poor people are doing just fine, however, even with my evil, vile, disgusting review out there still. I, on the other hand, have never been worse off. You see, I've been overwhelmed with guilt. I feel bad for what I did. I took a beloved visual novel, one that has changed the lives of many people, and slandered it with my negative review. Then I continued to ride that infamy I gained into relevancy allowing my hatred of Little Busters! to manifest itself as a false representation of my true opinion of it, much like I am doing right this moment. The truth about my time with Little Busters! is that I enjoyed the VN. It had some bad routes (like all of them) and had a really unremarkable ending. But can I say I did not enjoy my time reading it? Not really. The 24 hour stream was a blast, and subsequent streams were a lot of fun, especially when people were involved in the jokes and discussion of the routes as I read them. For example, Lewycool's Sexy Seagull Legs during Mio's route was light in an otherwise forgettable, boring route (protip: a character with no personality other than "I like books" is not a recipe for a fun route) and allowed me to actually have fun with the route. Likewise, discussions of Kurugaya's Balloon Tits carrying me off into the sky made her Bill Murray wannabe route more enjoyable. Refrain was a blast to read right up until the ending. I didn't hate Rin and simply wished we saw far more development from her than what we got. She was a fun character. The experience of reading Little Busters! was good. I had a good time. While my opinions on Little Busters! remain the same, that it is a bad VN (not horrid at least), I do not regret the time I spent on it and I sometimes wish I could read it over again on stream with everyone like I did before. So, I owe everyone an apology. I'm sorry your favorite VN is so shit I had to bring in friends to enjoy it instead. I can't wait to get my hands on the official Rewrite release in 600 years. Also, a review of an InvertMouse VN is coming very soon to this blog near you, assuming I'm not blocked first.
  14. It’s my Fuwaversary! Q&A 😃

    why am i cool? This is new. I must know the truth