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  1. The new content sucks. -signed: a huge fan and shill of the original story
  2. we did a good one on facebook many years ago about the removal of torrents and highlighting our devotion to love live. still my personal favorite.
  3. Man, I was just tryna be a good socialist and advocate for living wages for translators. Now we here
  4. The guy does have a choice, yes. he exercised it and you called it narcissism and virtue signalling that he warned others. Your obvious personal distaste for the guy aside, I am failing to understand your point. If the industry cannot survive without exploitation of worker passion, then the industry should not survive. The demand to support higher wages isn't there and MG along with other companies deserve to go out of business. Unfortunately, the VN community is stupidly passionate about working for free and taking for free, so yes, you are right. I doubt much changes. Maybe it's just the fac
  5. what an asinine remark. the guy merely warned about how shitty the pay is, and the constant cost cutting measures affecting quality. if virtue signalling is "please pay me something livable" and then leaving when the company refuses, then consider me a virtue signaler. if all the employees just keep their mouths shut then nothing changes. If companies like SP and MG are unable to survive without worker exploitation, then they deserve to go under. You seem like the kind of person that would have defended the government for their actions during various union busting exercises. After all, workers
  6. wait, mac and cheese is something kfc didnt offer before? I could have sworn that they did when I last ate at one like 10 years ago.
  7. What in the hell does "We always keep minority spirit" even mean?
  8. Oooh this is a tough one. Despite their narrative problems, Key generally has done well to craft some good characters even if their character arcs left something to be desired. I think I'd have to go for Nagisa just because not enough VNs carry the high school romances into adulthood and show the challenges of a new couple starting out, but she is such a good anchor for After Story and perfect for giving a measure of agency and realism to the issues that plague our MC while also maintaining herself as a strong character in her own right, even if she does become a little plot "devicey" by the e
  9. So a VN is a VN because it doesn't assume you're low IQ and are not politically correct, unlike the thousands of other books, tv shows, magazines, manga, anime, etc etc that are just like that? My first question, that you are so hung up on, was rhetorical. If you are a non-native English speaker, I apologize as I realize the nuance of that might be lost on you or perhaps your response is getting tangled up in a language barrier between us in which case I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll pose the question again in slightly different terms to hopefully help clear this up. The main questio
  10. "So my main question isn't so much what is a VN but why is a VN a VN? Yes I know, stupid question but it is something I'm curious about." End of the post. I can see how it might be confusing if you only read the first couple of sentences while ignoring the context of those first few sentences. I asked that rhetorical question and answered it in my own post to highlight the main question.
  11. I'm asking why do people write VNs. Why are VNs created over other forms of media?
  12. I see that you are a gamer™ of culture. If you are of such high intellect, then surely you could have read the question I was asking properly.
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