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  1. Old times Fuwa: Private eye victoria

    newp because the actual idea is better than the execution. its a rather cringe read looking back on it. Who knows it might return in a different form some day.
  2. Old times Fuwa: Private eye victoria

    was set in NYC in the early 1900s. Gilded age politics, gang wars, pinkerton agents, and a cool conwoman who cons a property manager out of a whole tenement. I still have an early draft of the story
  3. ok so why is Little Busters on the list? Im done now. Good idea and best of luck!
  4. On Moderation and the Validity of Unenforced Standards

    just make me a mod and everything will be better again
  5. Valve's new steam policy.

    I wish I could run a company, makes lots of money, and not do a damn thing to improve it because I have a (somewhat tenuous now) monopoly.
  6. You put the JP title for some stupid reason. If this is a list for English fans... why? lol people who want to read more than one VN are in for a bad time. also its a joke
  7. bish i control+f that shit and didnt get a hit
  8. Fata Morgana Complete Edition

    Not entirely true. This is remastered with 4k visuals and will include the content that is exclusive to the Vita Complete Edition in Japan. Said content includes an entirely new story with voiced characters that I think fleshes out some of the After Story stuff from Requiem(?). Someone else pointed out that the Novectacle team teased some new content being added to this version.
  9. The House in Fata Morgana is superior to most of the garbage on that list currently.
  10. Fata Morgana Complete Edition

    rito was teasing me with this shit like a year and a half ago. I waited for far too long but now my time has come and so have i
  11. I'm not sure when they started doing it, but the Sakura Taisen game has timed choices and decisions that require various user inputs. I always felt that was a neat way to keep the player involved. Though the series is helped by not being a true VN .
  12. E3

    Game is good. Better than 2 but I haven't really played much of it. Its the Undertale effect. Game is good, fanbase ruins it by being insufferable much like me.
  13. E3

    oh good. another cdprojekt red game for the gaming community to jizz all over. I hate the witcher 3 simply because of the fanbase and I have a feeling that despite loving the look of the game, I will end up hating this too. also no gameplay yet they'll get a pass unlike every other company that does the same thing
  14. the forums break when you look at them funny. Best not to anger them
  15. What is a newbie-friendly VN?

    Little Busters! It is as newbie friendly as it gets since its target audience are 12 year olds.