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    As for VN's, my favorite franchise is Zero Escape, my favorite game and VN is Virtue's Last Reward, Danganronpa and Infinity are my other favorite VN series.

    I love bashing Muv Luv (especially Extra and Alternative) whenever I can, and I praise Zero Escape wherever possible. However, I'm open to debating on dissenting opinions. Feel free to rant to me about 999 or Virtue's Last Reward or the Danganronpa games, I'm all ears
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  1. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    All significant endings achieved and significant optional parts read.
  2. On branching and linear plots in visual novels

    Both can work very well. Umineko with choices would've probably been unbearable, whereas Steins;Gate's true ending is way too fucking convoluted to get. The House In Fata Morgana only employs choices that lead to a bad ending almost immediately and that works in its favor, while YU-NO's sheer hell of choices, routes and brances serves to flesh out its world and themes in a very memorable and entertaining way. If we're talking about the true route/no true route debate, I prefer there to be a true route. Not necessarily something that invalidates all other routes, but I want the game to wrap things up after you explore all individual routes in a sensible way. Otherwise it feels more like busywork, to me at least. Not that I've played any charage VN without a true route, maybe except... Muv Luv Extra and Grisaia.
  3. What was the worst online argument you ever been in?

    It reinforces harmful stereotypes REGARDLESS of what your intention is.
  4. What is/are your favourite AMV or MAD(s)?

    No one posted the "but he's a guy" MAD for Steins;Gate??
  5. What was the worst online argument you ever been in?

    It speaks volumes to me that we're posing the question as "are traps gay" "trap" is considered a slur and is offensive to many trans people (regardless of whether it's just a joke/ironic to you). It's understandable why "MtF people are just women trying to trick men into sucking a dick" is an offensive sentiment. (and that's what you imply by using the word) I feel that's somewhat necessary background to be even debating this issue. /shrug Divorced from that, the question of whether sexuality is inherently related to genitalia is a worthwhile one. My answer would be that we're attracted to masculinity and femininity more than genitalia, but since gender itself is a social construct, some people form a mental connection between genitalia and masculinity/femininity that's inherent to their comprehension of gender, so I'd find it understandable if someone was not attracted to so-called """"""""traps"""""""" because they appeared too masculine to them on the basis of having a penis. -- The worst online arguments I've had are probably related to atheism and/or politics. Unless you count that one time where my the-best friend laid out how I'd been hurting him and exploiting his trust for the last six months over whatsapp web one day.
  6. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    Do you have a medical condition like epilepsy? Because it sounds like you do. Seeing a doctor sounds like a good idea. As for the discussion here, well, I never noticed any ostensible amount of trolling or derailing. Apparently it matters more to others. Maybe it's because I'm an indifferent old fart (by the metrics of this forum). So I guess I'm not qualified to speak about it.
  7. Guess I've been here 4 years now? o.O

    shit I've been here for 4 years and a month, I just realized. wow fuck
  8. How in the fuck did I manage to miss this
  9. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    The House In Fata Morgana is my favorite VN, period, and I don't want to have to support Sekai Project to play the next game by their developers in English.
  10. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    I am really distressed that they will be covering NarKarma's localization...
  11. I wanna read something 'smooth'

    Please read Higurashi
  13. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I miss playing Never7. It's campy and simple in an endearing, familiar, comforting way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiJJRRWD8LM
  14. Moe

    I detest it. I simply don't feel like any moege presents a plausible cast of characters or plausible interactions. Now, the same's true for many things I indulgently enjoy. But moe is also very formulaic in a manner that's very grating to me. Interactions in moege always feel rather shallow and insincere to me. Also, the sheer focus on romcom just depresses me because let's face it I can't envision myself being mature, caring and reliable enough to turn someone's life around.