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  1. Confession: This is my last post on Fuwa.
  2. I could argue this on and on, but I think it's been made clear that the crux of my point will go ignored. As such, I don't think I'll post on this thread any longer. I did not mean myself when I meant people could be retraumatized, I apologize for the implication. Sadly, however, I've also met or heard from people who WERE very much hurt by learning of / being reminded of lolicons and the like. I apologize for framing it as a universal experience, it is not. But it absolutely can and does hurt people. I know victims of abuse who become really, really upset when the topic is brought up. (There's a really good read by an abuse victim about this on Medium, it's slightly more about fandom though, see if you can find it.) Lastly, the reason I used the word "traumatize" is that I've been dealing with thoughts of self-loathing and deep guilt (and shame) due to reasons detailed in this thread for a long time, and I sincerely believe/fear it's altered how I view people, especially myself. So perhaps the word "trauma" is too much (I sincerely apologize if you believe that is the case), but I've certainly been harmed psychologically by it.
  3. It's legitimately possible that some of the stuff I've seen condoned in the VN community and elsewhere (anime/manga/hentai) has legitimately traumatized me on some level. Traumatized by posting online. Just think about the extremity of the things I've been seeing for that to happen. (edit: I've been informed that this comes off as disrespectful, so I'm retracting this statement. I wouldn't describe my condition as "trauma".)
  4. Trust me, if that was what I'd been trying to do, I'd probably not even say shit before leaving. I simply believe the VN community as a whole has a significant, deep-seated and pervasive issue. If I didn't think things could change, I wouldn't have bothered to write anything about that. Furthermore, if nothing else, I know there are other people like me out there who have been harmed by how the VN community underestimates the dangers of these topics, and if nothing else I hoped I'd get through to one of those people. Many, perhaps most of us are complicit in perpetuating this issue, but it's something we need to reflect upon regardless. The VN community as it stands is not a safe place for many people.
  5. I wrote this thread because I literally was personally hurt by the very people posting in this thread and their attitudes. I wanted to talk about how certain things we endorse and enable as a community can hurt people, because I've been hurt by this very same thing. That's not the same thing as conservatives repressing gay people. At all. Frankly, the comparison is a non-sequitur. It hurts people who have been subjected to child sexual abuse (it retraumatizes them). Every single person who's not here to talk about lolis is exposed to them against their will. As you've acknowledged, this includes underage people. I've personally been hurt by this when I was underage (and don't even fucking TRY to come at me with your "but hurr your parents" defense). I've been trying to "fight to educate people to do better". That's why I told all of you that encouraging and spreading and normalizing lolicon talk has actively hurt me as a person. It was meant to be a personal confession, an admission that I've been hurt by a community that I used to adore, to maybe at least get some members of this community to reflect on the fact that the way extreme pornography is discussed in VNs and Fuwa can instill the wrong messages in people and maybe we shouldn't champion messages like that as a community BECAUSE THEY CAN DIRECTLY HURT REAL PEOPLE. Instead, I've been told that I'm to blame for being vulnerable and getting hurt (hint: I'm not the only underage person on here, and I've also never seen anyone filter any discussion whatsoever on here to adults), that saying "maybe we shouldn't allow some things" is equal to tyranny and dictatorship, and that I'm comparable to people trying to repress and shame LGBT people into submission because "it shouldn't be acceptable to get off to rape or drawings of children" is apparently comparable to "it shouldn't be acceptable for a man to love another man". How can you even equate these things? How can you see people being free to love others regardless of gender and people being able to see abuse, traumatization, even torture, as something sexy in any capacity as equal acts or things? Don't you realize how you need to say "BUT I'd never do it in real life" to only one of those things? Frankly, this thread really was a fucking mistake, because I expected too much of this community. Apparently making sure people get to normalize harmful messages, situations and acts is more important to Fuwanovel than reflection on whether your actions can harm people. I'm not that disappointed that Fuwanovel allowed people to condone it, even though I hate it, that's this website's prerogative. I'm disappointed that it's something people would do, irrespective of if Fuwa allowed it or not. So my goal wasn't to get it banned on here or anything, either, I'd be taking this up directly with the mod team/administration/Tay if that was the case. No, I tried to talk about my own pain and my own doubts and my own regrets because I wanted to talk to the members of Fuwanovel. Instead, I got called a bigot because someone being disgusted that you can enjoy drawn child porn is apparently similar to someone being disgusted two guys can kiss. I tried to communicate my own regrets and doubts because I tried to educate people to do better. I'll be honest- On a personal level, I find this shit disgusting, and reprehensible. To an extent, I'm slightly embarrassed I've ever been a member of this forum. I find it, and all of you lolicons, fucking gross. That's enough reason to leave. The rest of my post beyond my thanks and "fuck the rest of y'all, I'm out" was precisely an attempt to educate people to do better, but I can't do that when almost everyone -even you- told me that my attempt to educate is an attack on freedom itself. You can hurt people without intention, and people can tell you that they've been hurt by you. I agree that it'd shake the community deeply. But many communities, including niche enthusiast communities, can and do have deep-seated issues. That doesn't mean they aren't worth facing and exploring. I don't want to come across like I intend to shame you for not being a sexual person, at all. However, this might've been far clearer to you if you were a sexual person. The thing is, trivializing the significance of fictional depictions of sexual abuse makes that abuse seem like something tolerable or acceptable to enjoy. Imagine if a similar level of extreme fiction wasn't involved in porn but just... fiction. Imagine if you knew someone who sincerely, intensely enjoyed reading stories about the Nazis committing genocide. And they told you that they go on the internet and talk about how much they love reading Nazi fanfiction. And now think a step more generally and imagine that this Nazi fanfiction was in the form of short stories and you couldn't go on general short story forums without coming across people who kept talking about how much they enjoy Nazi fanfiction (and to be clear, this fanfiction is straight up reveling-in-gas-chambers, 1000% antisemitism, enjoying reading about someone die in agony sort of stuff). Then someone asks "but why are you writing and reading and enjoying stories about Nazis committing genocide where the genocide is presented as if the genocide was a good thing?" and they get the answer "real Jews aren't getting gassed, so it's fine, I don't condone actual Jews getting gassed". That's what it's like. It's after leaving this place for a long time that I started to realize just how little understanding I had for why people could be disturbed by lolicon shit and similar porn. But the thing is, talking about it by saying "It's fiction so it's fine" and not a word more makes it seem like what you're condoning isn't a big deal at all. It understates the messages sent by such fiction itself -extreme sexism at a bare minimum- and whether you like it or not, and however much you shift the blame, communities like this actively encourage and enable actual abusers. I can assure you that there's a VN enthusiast pedophile out there who, encouraged by all the lolicon talk, has actually abused children because getting off to porn of children is normalized in this community. A pedophile can, and I'm sure does, find encouragement in the lolicon community because when you go, say, read a doujin manga that features children, the comments on the site you read that won't be about how the readers need to ensure that they aren't repressing actual pedophilic tendencies, it'll be about how "hot" or "well-drawn" or whatever it is. This is even unintentionally admitted by a lot of pro-lolicons, who often claim that having access to drawn child porn gives pedophiles a "healthy, victimless outlet" for their desires (this clearly implies people are aware that abusers can and do peruse abusive porn). With lolicon trash this is somewhat obvious, but with stuff like rape, it sometimes won't even be acknowledged that what's being portrayed and glorified and fetishized in a given porn is sexual assault. And this mentality is literally parallelled by actual rapists. People who watch a rape hentai enjoy seeing the woman feel powerless and violated, and real rapists very much enjoy the same thing. Hentai protagonists don't care about boundaries, or informed consent, or ensuring the safety of their partner, and neither do many abusive partners in the real world. Don't tell me that people don't have unrealistic standards -not only in terms of body appearance but also in terms of relationships- because of and reinforced by (most/all) porn, because it very obviously, very clearly and very prominently happens (an example is women getting groped on Japanese public transportation which has been sexualized to the point where it has literally become its own porn subgenre), and there's no way whatsoever that drawn porn avoids reinforcing such tropes in any way whatsoever, especially when hentai can and does get even worse than your average filmed porn. All media and all fiction reflects and reinforces cultural notions, anyone who's taken a single media studies class can tell you that. Fiction gives us stories that we inevitably relate to life itself because that's how people interact with art, we relate things to our own experiences. And you can internalize unintentional messages you might not have intended to receive or the creator of whatever you're consuming might not have intended to convey. People who absolutely care about race relations in the US for example might still harbor an unconscious bias against people of color because the media portrays people of color in a worse light. You might stop empathizing with people who have suffered terrible things IRL to the same degree, even if you don't intend to do so at all. Particularly in niche subcultures, this accidental internalization can reach a point where people can normalize fetishizing abuse to the point where people actually being abused -who cannot be expected to "know better"- can rationalize their own abuse, or where abusers can find justification for their abuse. Nobody consumes VNs in a vacuum, and nobody consumes porn in a vacuum. When the VN community at large makes it seem normal to jerk off to hurtful porn, people who didn't get into the community for the abusive porn and who don't have all the faculties or the willingness to compartmentalize and process how they react to and feel about it can receive harmful messages. And particularly, Fuwanovel for example is not a lolicon site. It's a visual novel site. People who come here for VNs are exposed to lolicon fetishism without their consent. How this might affect someone is extremely downplayed in most VN circles. You might trigger someone's trauma. You might simply send off the wrong lesson. Someone who sees lolicon fetishism is accepted somewhere might take that to mean other messaging elsewhere might similarly be "fictional only" and end up normalizing that as well, and that can lead to all sorts of shit like radicalization, which is what gets you mass shooters in the US. Lastly, something that angers me: I fucking hate the notion that things you do on the Internet are free of consequence. You're free to do what you want online, but that doesn't mean that what you choose to do and support is free of consequence. It's like traffic. You might drive like there aren't any other cars on the road, but any crashes you cause are still your fault even if it isn't what you intended. The idea that other people are responsible for shielding themselves from hurt from you while you aren't responsible at all is nonsensical, selfish, idiotic, and evil. edit: Refusing to examine how condoning lolicon and similar fetish stuff especially on a large scale is like driving on a road and refusing to slow down even though there's a car in front of you, then blaming the car in front of you for not changing lines and respecting your right to drive as you wish because any limitation on driving is a violation of the creed of Freedom of Movement, and saying you should have every right to drive without slowing down and other drivers are responsible for getting out of your way.
  6. I'd never learned how you stood on this, and given how much I respect your knowledge on the industry, I'm relieved and happy to hear we're on the same page.
  7. Law adapts to society and not the other way around. It's an extremely fucking weak stance to take to say "if it's legal it's right" on anything. For example, in many countries you can discriminate against people for being gay, that doesn't mean discriminating against someone for being gay is ever a morally right thing to do. Something similar applies here. And even putting that aside, drawn child porn (sue me) IS actually illegal in many countries so what you're saying makes no sense whatsoever. Law, like anything else, is not objective. Unless you're saying fapping to pictures of kids should be morally right in one country and wrong in another just because of laws. (Even furthermore, going by the recent UN child porn guideline debacle, most countries *are* actually open to banning it all outright even if they haven't already done so.) Finally, the reason I didn't come in here, call you closet pedophiles and then just leave is because I wanted to discuss the harm these things can do in a respectful way and maybe get others to also reflect on their behavior and beliefs themselves, not because I'd just outlaw it if I could and call it a day. If it came down to that for you to understand what the fuck you do and support, though, I'd prefer a 'tyrant' that protects people over someone else that appeases people who just want to get off to anything and everything.
  8. This is not the same as violence in video games. Video game violence is removed from its context, and "sanitized", so to speak, to be enjoyable. When a game tries to reflect that accurately, it's often derided for good reason, like Hatred, because people generally enjoy video game guns and stuff enjoy the feeling of hitting targets and having an impact on something, and not making people feel pain. I've played video games about war and about combat, but they don't make me feel that a war would be any less terrifying or any easier to get through. Consuming pornography is a completely different ballpark. Even if you could (somehow) separate reality from fiction, all media still influence us, this is perhaps the central lesson of all media theory. Media influences us, this isn't so hard to understand. It's easy to separate video game violence from real violence because for most people the level of gratuitous violence in a game never closely reflects reality. For porn, though, you can never separate the sexual feelings one gets from watching porn from how they view sex, because sex is a colossal part of human life and porn can interact with that conception of sex and sexuality in ways combat does not. And even putting all that aside, 2 things remain: 1. This attitude hurt me. I know this for a fact. 2. Visual novels are a medium about telling a story through text, accompanied by music, sprites, backgrounds, etc. There's nothing about that that says "you have to be able to find someone's pain arousing to be able to enjoy this medium". The industry's infatuation with abusive porn comes from the fact that way too many people who are enthusiastic about the industry condone fictional sexualized abuse. Put another way, it being fictional does not explain nor justify ANYTHING about why you think it's healthy to be able (and willing) to get off to a depiction of pain. Your pleasure shouldn't follow from another's pain.
  9. People might be tired of discussing it but that doesn't make the political dimensions and consequences of what people are doing go away. Everything is politicized, literally everything, including any attempt to ignore or sideline the politics of something. Trust me, I made this thread because I couldn't fucking handle feeling like I could be a danger to people by enabling abusive media. It doesn't please me to be talking about it or to be quitting this forum over it, but it needs to be done.
  10. Is there any way to get into contact with you?

    1. Funyarinpa


      Can you send me a private message? I can give you my Discord 

    2. Deeth


      I tried to send you a private message earlier but it didn't work for some reason. If you don't mind giving me your discord, then please ^^

  11. High schoolers ogling high schoolers isn't that much of a problem but a lot of out-and-out adults well into their 20s and 30s watch it and condone it, and even actively refuse to question how it represents female characters in general. That's a relatively minor point anyway, and not what I wished to talk about here.
  12. I've been sticking it out for the sole purpose of laughing diabolically about it next Christmas, and now that will no longer be a thing clearly, so don't you worry, the end of the Santa hat is close at hand. But I'll wait until this thread has run its course and I fully leave. BTW, not that I couldn't circumvent it in a couple minutes, but since my ISP bans imgur I can't see that image >:D
  13. I personally believe respectful pornography can be done, but 99.9% of current porn doesn't fit into that lol. You have a fair point there, but one more deep than I'm willing to argue here.
  14. If your take from this is "well I guess we can't have porn then" I have no fucking idea what to fucking say to you. But well, that attitude is why I'm leaving. The VN community in general has never cared about underage people being in common discussion spaces. It's no wonder teenagers grow up thinking saying or doing anything is OK when they grow up around people/adults who watch anime that wants to show high schoolers as fuckable and call that OK Always been a pleasure to know you, Tiago. Take care, old friend. (And let me know if you're on Twitter on Discord.)
  15. I've been thinking about leaving for some time. I'll miss many memories I made here and people I met. I want to thank some of them once more. @Tiagfvarela I've always seen you as a companion, of sorts. We joined around a similar time, and talked on many things together. I don't know, I just feel like we've seen a lot together, which is a weird thing to say to someone I haven't talked to in a long time. @solidbatman By gifting me The House In Fata Morgana three years ago, you changed my life. I don't know if I told you that. Thank you. @OriginalRen I don't think you'll ever see this, but you were always nice to see around. I'm sincerely sorry if you were creeped out by that phase of mine around 2015? where I went around as "Funyarenpa", I just wanted to join in on the inside joke bullshittery but that's no excuse. @Okami Likewise, I don't think you'll ever read this or care, but your posts on transcending humanity by letting go of all sexuality always gave me a good laff. And in retrospect, if we can't have porn or sexuality without "lolicons", maybe you even had a bit of a point. @Kenshin_sama You were always there to talk. You're the reason I hung around for so long in the Confessions thread for so long. I wish you the best, dude. @babiker You were always there, and always a pretty cool person to hang around. @Kurisu-Chan If I ever find someone who loves me half as much you love Kurisu, I'll consider myself as having made it in life. @Soradragoon I haven't seen you in years. You haven't been on here for 4. If you ever see this, take care @Vokoca Chatting with you over Skype in the FSJPG days was so much fun. Hope you're doing okay. And lastly, a thank you to anyone I'm forgetting and everyone who let the Confessions thread reach almost 600 fucking pages through the years... I don't know if I contributed much. If I got a few people interested in The House In Fata Morgana or Zero Escape, I've done my part. I'll miss this place. But I think the Fuwanovel I know left me way before I decided to leave it. I think it's long gone. There's a new Fuwa now, and I just don't have much of a place in it. Most people who were there during my most formative and most involved years here have already moved on. And I don't think I know the people who do remain all that well. That makes it easier to leave somehow. It's been 5 years and it's hard to say goodbye, honestly. I know I'm forgetting people. I'm sorry if you thought you deserved a mention, you do... It's just that I've rarely been on here for a long, long time now... DM me if you wanna stay in touch, though. I think I'll stick around for a few days to read responses here and things, because I' haven't participated in a long discussion here in a long time, and making my last lengthy posting spree about myself seems fitting. For all I said above, it should've been an easier decision to leave. But it somehow isn't. Oh well, life goes on, and this place has already moved on from me. That one ever17 podcast we did with some people was fun. So were the skype calls. I don't think I ever had beef with anyone on here. Someone called Middle Eastern people "sand n*****s" in a post some years ago though, and I don't remember who exactly that was, but fuck you. So long, y'all. Time for me to go.
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