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    When you close your eyes, I disappear.
  • Birthday 09/10/99

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    rock and metal music
    handheld gaming consoles
    dark h
    i also play the electric guitar a little

    As for VN's, my favorite franchise is Zero Escape, my favorite game and VN is Virtue's Last Reward, Danganronpa and Infinity are my other favorite VN series.

    I love bashing Muv Luv (especially Extra and Alternative) whenever I can, and I praise Zero Escape wherever possible. However, I'm open to debating on dissenting opinions. Feel free to rant to me about 999 or Virtue's Last Reward or the Danganronpa games, I'm all ears
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  1. Oh god, if you love Gothic art style... The House In Fata Morgana might be up your god damn alley: (big pics)
  2. you should read the house in fata morgana it's the exact opposite of grisaia in terms of style, plot, structure and anything else read it anyway
  3. you two are back? holy fuck it's like late 2014 in here
  4. Oh yeah I already have 13 hours clocked in Scholar of the First Sin lol, bought the game from Humble Bundle (it's 12 bucks there now). Started it before I finished DS1. I really like it so far, but some things like HP decrease really annoys me. Found a ring to counteract that though, and just got to no man's wharf.
  5. Welp. Finished DS1, clocked at 74 hours. What a goddamn wonderful game. Only regret is using black pyromancy on Gwyn lol, shit's extremely (extremely!) powerful.
  6. Which version of Higurashi are you playing? Steam release? Old localization release? The Japanese release itself?
  7. Looked for that exact same thing and I'm incredibly disappointed right now. Smh. All these Amane and Michiru fans... tsk tsk tsk.
  8. It is "not extreme" only in the sense that "Some people don't feel physically disgusted while playing it". A VN that features repeated and detailed scenes of torture and rape is "extreme" in every other sense of the word. There are more extreme VNs out there (Starless with its 80 scenes, guillodick, horses, pigs comes to mind) but Euphoria is still at a 9.9999 if not a 10 on the "really fucked up shit" scale.
  9. RIP. Oh well, if you're gay, that at least rules out the possible impression that she thinks you're a closet rapist or something. I'd say that's a plus. Sensei's scenes are the least fucked up of those in Euphoria, so you lucked out on that front.
  10. Congratulations my dude, you deserve it.
  11. I'm pretty sure there's two And the Skype group is still active lol
  12. codes sent. been home for 7 hours but I'm a lazy shit
  13. I'll send the keys once I get home. Bump the thread if I forget to do so.
  14. Civ V pls