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  1. Confession: This is my last post on Fuwa.
  2. I could argue this on and on, but I think it's been made clear that the crux of my point will go ignored. As such, I don't think I'll post on this thread any longer. I did not mean myself when I meant people could be retraumatized, I apologize for the implication. Sadly, however, I've also met or heard from people who WERE very much hurt by learning of / being reminded of lolicons and the like. I apologize for framing it as a universal experience, it is not. But it absolutely can and does hurt people. I know victims of abuse who become really, really upset when the topic is broug
  3. It's legitimately possible that some of the stuff I've seen condoned in the VN community and elsewhere (anime/manga/hentai) has legitimately traumatized me on some level. Traumatized by posting online. Just think about the extremity of the things I've been seeing for that to happen. (edit: I've been informed that this comes off as disrespectful, so I'm retracting this statement. I wouldn't describe my condition as "trauma".)
  4. Trust me, if that was what I'd been trying to do, I'd probably not even say shit before leaving. I simply believe the VN community as a whole has a significant, deep-seated and pervasive issue. If I didn't think things could change, I wouldn't have bothered to write anything about that. Furthermore, if nothing else, I know there are other people like me out there who have been harmed by how the VN community underestimates the dangers of these topics, and if nothing else I hoped I'd get through to one of those people. Many, perhaps most of us are complicit in perpetuating this issue, but
  5. I wrote this thread because I literally was personally hurt by the very people posting in this thread and their attitudes. I wanted to talk about how certain things we endorse and enable as a community can hurt people, because I've been hurt by this very same thing. That's not the same thing as conservatives repressing gay people. At all. Frankly, the comparison is a non-sequitur. It hurts people who have been subjected to child sexual abuse (it retraumatizes them). Every single person who's not here to talk about lolis is exposed to them against their will. As you've acknowledge
  6. I'd never learned how you stood on this, and given how much I respect your knowledge on the industry, I'm relieved and happy to hear we're on the same page.
  7. Law adapts to society and not the other way around. It's an extremely fucking weak stance to take to say "if it's legal it's right" on anything. For example, in many countries you can discriminate against people for being gay, that doesn't mean discriminating against someone for being gay is ever a morally right thing to do. Something similar applies here. And even putting that aside, drawn child porn (sue me) IS actually illegal in many countries so what you're saying makes no sense whatsoever. Law, like anything else, is not objective. Unless you're saying fapping to pictures of kids s
  8. This is not the same as violence in video games. Video game violence is removed from its context, and "sanitized", so to speak, to be enjoyable. When a game tries to reflect that accurately, it's often derided for good reason, like Hatred, because people generally enjoy video game guns and stuff enjoy the feeling of hitting targets and having an impact on something, and not making people feel pain. I've played video games about war and about combat, but they don't make me feel that a war would be any less terrifying or any easier to get through. Consuming pornography is a completel
  9. People might be tired of discussing it but that doesn't make the political dimensions and consequences of what people are doing go away. Everything is politicized, literally everything, including any attempt to ignore or sideline the politics of something. Trust me, I made this thread because I couldn't fucking handle feeling like I could be a danger to people by enabling abusive media. It doesn't please me to be talking about it or to be quitting this forum over it, but it needs to be done.
  10. Is there any way to get into contact with you?

    1. Funyarinpa


      Can you send me a private message? I can give you my Discord 

    2. Deeth


      I tried to send you a private message earlier but it didn't work for some reason. If you don't mind giving me your discord, then please ^^

  11. High schoolers ogling high schoolers isn't that much of a problem but a lot of out-and-out adults well into their 20s and 30s watch it and condone it, and even actively refuse to question how it represents female characters in general. That's a relatively minor point anyway, and not what I wished to talk about here.
  12. I've been sticking it out for the sole purpose of laughing diabolically about it next Christmas, and now that will no longer be a thing clearly, so don't you worry, the end of the Santa hat is close at hand. But I'll wait until this thread has run its course and I fully leave. BTW, not that I couldn't circumvent it in a couple minutes, but since my ISP bans imgur I can't see that image >:D
  13. I personally believe respectful pornography can be done, but 99.9% of current porn doesn't fit into that lol. You have a fair point there, but one more deep than I'm willing to argue here.
  14. If your take from this is "well I guess we can't have porn then" I have no fucking idea what to fucking say to you. But well, that attitude is why I'm leaving. The VN community in general has never cared about underage people being in common discussion spaces. It's no wonder teenagers grow up thinking saying or doing anything is OK when they grow up around people/adults who watch anime that wants to show high schoolers as fuckable and call that OK Always been a pleasure to know you, Tiago. Take care, old friend. (And let me know if you're on Twitter on Discord.)
  15. I've been thinking about leaving for some time. I'll miss many memories I made here and people I met. I want to thank some of them once more. @Tiagfvarela I've always seen you as a companion, of sorts. We joined around a similar time, and talked on many things together. I don't know, I just feel like we've seen a lot together, which is a weird thing to say to someone I haven't talked to in a long time. @solidbatman By gifting me The House In Fata Morgana three years ago, you changed my life. I don't know if I told you that. Thank you. @OriginalRen I don't think you'll ever
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