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  1. I'm putting this here because while visual novels are fine I guess, books, movies, manga, and anime are really the type of content I'm looking for. Tomorrow I am going to blow through the remaining four volumes of Kaze to Ki no Uta, and, well.. I have read more than enough Japanese tragedy porn to know that this will absolutely demolish me emotionally by the end. So I would like something to read/watch that is pleasant and relaxing without being boring or without charm. Thanks in advance!
  2. Got to the end of Kaze to Ki no uta's translated parts. It made me feel really tired and sad, which is something that I think it was supposed to do. While it is 70s shoujo BL (ie, not at all something I would read normally), it really did sing to me and almost felt similar in tone to the type of utsuge I like, ahaha. A lot of it is really hard hitting and relatable, especially where the main character is concerned. The other cast members, while certainly not generally as likable as people, are similarly interesting. Definitely reading the remainder of this one.
  3. Wow, these all look really good! Thank you!
  4. I'll be out of town for the next few days, so I need a few books to tide me over. Classical lit is preferred. I like French books a lot. Japanese is also good, especially as that gives me a chance to practice.
  5. Phoenix Wright but with more dead kids and a psychotic robot bear. And Then There Were None but L O V E
  6. I've been a user for a long time, but I rarely post. And I don't read nukige barring a few exceptions that either have stories or characters that I like.
  7. The h stuff annoyed me because at the time I was in middle school and couldn't play those yet, but I ended up using Umineko as a gateway drug anyway and played Katawa Shoujo one or two years later. And then I learned how to "acquire" and it was all over for me. So I guess I didn't really feel it much at all.
  8. I like No Thank You as someone who doesn't normally like bl. Make of that what you will.
  9. I think it's definitely something that could be done, but good god would playing it feel weird. Also, I get the sense that the devs want to move onto something else by the way it was written.
  10. I just finished Danganronpa v3 and was really curious as to what you guys thought of the ending (especially given how controversial it is). Personally I have mixed feelings in that I think it's a better conclusion than the previous two games had, but I'd be far more emotionally satisfied with a more normal one.
  11. Favorite vn: Tie between Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Fata Morgana. The former has the best cast of characters in anything I've ever read and an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a butter knife, while the latter is incredibly tight thematically. Favorite route: Chaos;Child- true (if that counts as a route). If not, I suppose Haru from G-Senjou. Favorite loli: Saya Favorite kyonyuu: Maybe Jo from Gakthun? Favorite shota: Luka from MonQuest Favorite best girl: Ange from Umineko Favorite art style: Fata Morgana or Kindred Spirits Favorite genre of vn: Utsuge~ Favorite "dere" type: Deredere Favorite yuri game: Okujou no Yurirei/Highway Blossoms Favorite non- canon pairing: I guess Kaede/Shuuichi from Danganronpa v3? Shipping isn't really a thing I do much, but those two did have pretty good chemistry, I think. Favorite side character: Meijuu from Rose Guns Days Favorite best boy: Michel from Fata Morgana Favorite translation: Gahkthun Favorite OELVN: Sweetest Monster Favorite trap: Ruka from Steins;Gate Favorite jrpg: FF7 Favorite waifu: Orai no Gahkthun's Favorite imouto: Maybe Yukari from KnS Favorite BL: No Thank You This post just made my day
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