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  1. I can't stand Clannad, Kanon, Air and to a lesser extent little busters either their anime or visual novel counterpart but it's because of a personal preference when it comes to art styles, it creeps me out
  2. It happens with most cases that the anime ends up being inferior to the visual novel counterpart.
  3. More often than not Visual novel adaptations get butchered in anime, if you're able to I'll always recommend you to read the vn instead of watching the anime first. Then you can watch it if you're still curious though if you want to get a bit more of the characters or whatever.
  4. Hello and welcome to Fuw0, S;G is pretty damn good and you should try S;G 0 if you haven't.
  5. It is not bad but it's super pixelated, still 6/10
  6. Hello and welcome to Fuwa
  7. I think that the problem you're currently having isn't patch related, I'm running the same English patch as everyone else and my game looks perfectly fine Though I'm not sure what could be messing up your game.
  8. Welcome to Fuwa
  9. Hello and welcome.
  10. Welcome to Fuwa.
  11. It was okay but I just don't watch tv shows much anymore, dropped all the ones I had going pretty much, kind of got uninterested in them
  12. Three down, two to go :sacchan:


    1. mitchhamilton


      great progress, dark. :sachi:

  13. If I remember correctly I stopped watching it mid season 5 as it was airing and haven't really gone back to it, kind of hard to now since I barely remember anything that had happened before I stopped
  14. There's no doubt in my mind that KnS 1 & 2 (I'd recommend reading Cartagra before them if you haven't), I would tell you to go for Euphoria but if you're not good with the more extreme side of things then perhaps you should wait a bit to do so