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  1. Welcome, have a good time.
  2. Welcome welcome, hope you have a good one.
  3. I hate childhood friends routes, they're so samey, bland and boring.
  4. Because passione produced a subpar season (DxD Hero), while you may be able to bash TNK for the last season (BorN) and their decision to cut content from it plus the pacing being all over the place, passione did no better in their first attempt plus while more faithful to the LN the art style was also lost and downgraded. Overall I don't think Passione did a good job, personally I would've gone with a different studio tbh. TNK was out because they couldn't shoulder it financially anymore either.
  5. Nice to meetcha, welcome to Fuwa.
  6. Not sure if this counts or if it is the kind of thing you're looking for but Sharin no Kuni has it's own FD with epilogues for all the routes.
  7. I agree with the sentiment, I stopped reading teen based romance vns because of that. in all honesty it takes forever and it's filled with tons of pointless banter that comes off as filler and tires the reader out.
  8. Welcome to FuwaFuwa, hope you enjoy yourself and get acquainted with the place quickly.
  9. Utawarerumono or Psycho-Pass I'd say both are pretty good, I only played a bit of Shibuya Scramble and it seemed to be decent but never got around to finishing it.
  10. Persona 5 clearly, it's the best one out of the ones on that list.
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