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  1. How many games promise an english version without providing one? Keep in mind that you're allowed to have games that aren't in English on Steam, yet bizarrely, it's Steam policy that all games must have an English description. So if you're releasing a foreign-language-only game on Steam, it still must have an English description. It's pretty clear when they don't have English versions, though.
  2. If by "borderline fraud," you mean "selling a product of poor quality," then that is not against Steam's publishing terms. Valve won't take action against anyone just because the quality of their game is poor, unless it actually doesn't work as advertised, and even then the times they step in are extremely far and few between. A game simply having a poor translation would be allowed to stay on Steam no matter how many people report it.
  3. I'm still in the denial phase myself, after being in the game for the last 16 or so years.
  4. It sounds strange because it's being translated by a Chinese company who doesn't actually understand English.
  5. Dovac just popped in on the SP discord, so I asked him and he confirmed it, the Feb 28th release date is real.
  6. You're responding to a 3.5 year old post. It sounds like Pablo already has editing secured.
  7. That's because in moege, h-scenes are actually used for relationship development, often very lazily. Amid all the moans and squelches, you'll hear a sudden barrage of "I love you"s and then the protagonist has an emotional epiphany over a few lines, before the moans and squelches start up again. This may happen for both characters, often in the first h-scene of the route. They also may develop the dynamic of who's in control of the relationship here and that kind of thing. It's lazy because they often forgo relationship development outside the h-scenes. They use the sex as a crutch so they don't have to build up a romantic and/or emotional mood outside of sex and probably the confession scene or whatever. The problem is that when you remove h-scenes from games that use them as a crutch, they end up predictably falling apart. The routes have that empty feeling to them because the relationships feel underdeveloped. That's completely valid to criticise when it happens, too. This leads to people saying that sex scenes in general are necessary for proper relationship development, but on the contrary, I feel like stories that don't use sex as a crutch often have stronger relationship development overall. Himawari is a good, recent example of this, in my opinion. The all-ages version doesn't have the h-scenes, obviously, but it barely matters because the way the characters and relationships develop still feels fairly natural. They also left in anything important in the lead-up and aftermath of the sex scenes. Because indeed, it's often the stuff that leads to sex and happens as a result of sex that's far more important to relationships than the sex itself. Himawari was written with that in mind, is much better for it, and loses nothing when you remove the actual sex. Going back to the original question posed, I do prefer to read the uncensored original version whenever possible. But I'm not gonna hand-wring over it if I can't. It's often just not that big of a deal.
  8. The translation seems iffy and from a technical side it seems like a mess, what's with that shitty word wrapping? To be honest, I'm not sure I want to support such a low-effort cashgrab.
  9. I'm just echoing the common sentiment, to be honest. edit: Specifically, the most hate I've heard has been for the Neko route, which is seemingly everyone's new waifu here.
  10. I hope ya'll are ready for the crushingly disappointing side routes.
  11. I don't think any Denpasoft releases have had DRM, but I could be wrong. That will have to be up to Unison Shift, ultimately. Kohaku, the fan group that did the first game's translation, has one translator. The first game was translated entirely by him. We don't have confirmation with the other two, but I imagine the situation is the same. The eta is listed on the reward tiers, the full trilogy is expected to ship by January 2018, but you should take any kickstarter release estimate with a large grain of salt.
  12. Based on what they've said before, they want Ley-Line 1 out in q1 2017. I could be misremembering that, though.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/a-clockwork-ley-line-a-visual-novel-trilogy This is similar to how the Chrono Clock KS was set up, with them saying that the localizations are already funded and being released no matter what, the crowdfunding is just so they can do a special limited box set for all three games. So you shouldn't feel a strong impetus to fund this for the sake of seeing these games in English, though they do seem to be offering a pretty good discount over what the final retail price will be for the digital copies. The Ley-Line games are magical mysteries with plenty of comedy and some romance. They seem to be pretty well-liked, with good ratings in EGS and VNDB and generally good reviews, although people disliked the second game a little (a huge cliffhanger ending being one of the biggest complaints). In any case, I've had them on my VNDB wishlist for years now, so I'm glad the entire trilogy has been confirmed. Here's a review from Conjueror, for those who want to know more: https://vnrw.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/vn-tokeijikake-no-ley-line/ edit: I forgot to mention, yes, 18+ versions are confirmed.
  14. "More is planned" does not necessarily mean an incomplete story. There are many ways to do multi-part series where the individual stories feel complete, though I admit Japan doesn't seem great at that.
  15. This project died years ago, no one is translating it, it will never be completed.