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  1. Should I play Rance chronologically?

    The chronology of the Rance series is actually kinda weird, in that Rance X leans on story elements that were inserted into the remakes of 1 and 3. And those remakes contain references to other Rance games. So the general recommended read order is the release order, with 1 through 4 being largely ignorable.
  2. If you're talking about the west specifically, then I can actually see Evenicle becoming more popular here. At least until Rance X comes out. Japan, though? Definitely not. I wouldn't be shocked if Alicesoft makes a sequel some day but it's not about to become their new flagship franchise or anything.
  3. Sooooo...is "Summer Pockets" the next big Key VN?

    Summer Pockets seems more on the scale of Air instead of Clannad or Little Busters. It seems to be a decently large VN, but not as huge as some of Key's other ones.
  4. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    R-Right, of course I noticed that sentence. >.>
  5. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    01 was a fully redone game with lots of new content and story stuff, was it not?
  6. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    Oh, stop being a baby. MG has been releasing a shitload of other stuff lately. Don't throw a tantrum just because they're throwing fans of other stuff a bone this con.
  7. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    To be honest, it's a little hard to get excited by new Rance announcements when MangaGamer still has two other Rance games in their backlog waiting to be released. And we all expected these announcements to happen at some point anyway. For people wondering about 01/02/03, those games are fairly short and we probably won't see X for at least two more years, maybe even more. I wouldn't be surprised if the remakes get translated and released before X, even though X was announced first. I really hope MangaGamer at least releases 03 first. I think 6 is the start of a new story arc and works on its own, but it comes bundled with 5D and that one is very short and introduces a few of the characters in 6, so you may as well start with 5D.
  8. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    I'm a bit biased since I was the dracu riot editor, but I dispute the notion that only sophisticated prose needs to be written well. I find it really important for comedy as well, and Dracu-Riot is a comedy game first and foremost. The leaked patch read halfway decently on the surface, but the moment you stopped and thought about almost any exchange of dialogue in the game, you'd find a ton of little inconsistencies that break the flow. The patch actually contained thousands of unfixed mistranslations on the micro scale. So while you could accurately glean the bigger picture from the translation, most of the dialogue felt a little off. The comedy that relied on absurd situations all still worked, but most of the banter lacked impact and wasn't as entertaining as it could've been. My team and I fixed all of those little errors, and I think the game is a lot more entertaining as a result (though of course I would, lol). That, in addition to us trying to make the prose more natural in general as well as a (light-handed) attempt at making the different character personalities more distinct meant that over 70% of the lines were changed from that patch, so the changes probably aren't as minor as you're thinking. Though I perfectly understand why someone wouldn't want to read the whole VN again if they already read the fan tl version.
  9. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    The game's writer mentioned it in an almost off-hand comment on his twitter a few years ago, but there's been complete silence on it since then. This is the first time it's been properly announced.
  10. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    Well, at least Hard Work (an EVN) was announced a while ago. The showing this year was just an update/demo announcement? And Mischievous Sensation is another third party EVN. They also announced that I Walk Among Zombies ep1 is releasing... right now, actually! https://denpasoft.com/products/i-walk-among-zombies
  11. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    Literal h-scene translations can be a problem too. I might just die if I have to read about a cock "clawing away at her inner walls" one more time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if "beat that pussy up" was a literal translation too, based on how so many literal translations end up sounding more like snuff than sex. I support creative translations in h-scenes, as long as the translator or editor actually understands what is and isn't erotic for english readers. Here's an especially poignant line from Insem's Dracu-Riot translation. Warning: not mind safe. Maybe this is hot for someone like @Dergonu, but not me.
  12. JAST BLUE New Announcements

    JAST didn't buy the fan translation for sweet pool, and I'm pretty sure they're not buying the fan translations for these, either.
  13. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    To explain exactly what makes totono special would be a huge spoiler. Which means it's the type of school life VN where major spoilers are possible. There's a lot more to it than it first seems. I wouldn't say it's much like Subahibi. If you want to compare it to another VN, I'd say Doki Doki Literature Club is a poor man's version of totono.
  14. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    That's Flowers Summer, and it's available at AX already and is coming out everywhere else in 11 days.
  15. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    No real news. They handed out the demo, then moved on without saying anything about the actual status of the translation. Panel video here btw: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BRKjeOQApBxw It's sideways, so watch it on your phone or rotate your monitor.