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  1. Only if you live in a dystopian book-burning hellworld. Let's try not to become that.
  2. The issue is that there are no rules. Just a vague "no pornographic content" guideline with no further definition of what that means, and what specifically is and isn't allowed in your games. These games they're targeting now were specifically looked at and approved by Valve. Especially Kindred Spirits, MangaGamer specifically sent every single potentially questionable graphic to Steam and had them verify each one, and also made sure they played the game and gave it the okay. Kindred Spirits followed the rules, except now Valve decided that no, actually it doesn't follow the rules.
  3. Contrary to what a lot of people try to claim, suppression of sexual content like this is always spurred by conservative thought. Fundamentalist christians are the biggest advocates for the suppression of sexual content, and said fundamentalists are at the heart of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, formerly Morality in Media. They rebranded in an attempt to appeal to leftist movements but that doesn't change who they really are. To try to claim that they are radical feminists is hilarious to me. None of the leftists I know are happy with this news.
  4. If you don't know japanese and are admitting that you're not an expert at it, then I don't know why you're commenting on its faithfulness. Either way, the language being used in the japanese version is very casual, so equivalently casual language is being used in the translation. The english version of those lines pretty accurately depict the tone in the japanese lines. I would like to know how you think japanese families talk to each other, if not in this kind of casual tone.
  5. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    Just now saw the official cross channel site. lmao
  6. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    I'm willing to bet the resolution thing is just them taking screenshots on their 1680x1050 monitor fullscreen in stretched mode and not thinking about how bad that looks when submitting those shots to Steam. I doubt that's the actual native res. I really hope it's not. That wouldn't make any sense.
  7. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    I feel like it's necessary to spoil CC to an extent when marketing it to people. We're talking about the basic premise of the game here. I wouldn't write a marketing pitch without that. I understand that some people would enjoy the game more if they didn't know that, but if you're that kind of person then you shouldn't be reading game summaries at all. Look at the score on VNDB and make your decision based on that.
  8. The fan translation team spilled the beans that this was happening months ago. They didn't say who contacted them, but it was pretty obviously JAST. Anyway, the fan tl team turned JAST down for whatever reason, which is probably for the best because Verdelish is a really good translator. JAST's localization will be way better than the fan tl now.
  9. Recommend me a 4~7/10 VN

    Check out Wind: A Breath of Heart sometime. A very mediocre VN. Maybe too mediocre to meme off of?
  10. This is a very different kind of VN compared to Corona Blossom. Whatever you liked/didn't like about that probably doesn't apply here. You should just consider if you want this kind of nukige or not.
  11. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    I'm pretty sure Maji Translations plans on translating everything.
  12. When are we getting the post about this systemic issue tbh because I agree (maybe there isn't anything new worth talking about? But idk about that...) Though admittedly, I hate it being like this but the notion of people generally not noticing on a conscious level is p real
  13. Well, I can tell you that barely any game translations, VN or otherwise, employ extensive TLC. The most TLC you tend to get is from editors who also know Japanese and can correct errors during the editing pass, which is somewhat common in certain translation companies like 8-4 and such. MangaGamer, for example, almost never TLCs unless it's an adopted fan translation. The idea is that a translator who is good enough to get paid should be good enough to get it right the first time around. NekoNyan does have TLC listed in their progress page, which is interesting. I'm not sure how comprehensive that is, though.
  14. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    As far as I know, the game you mentioned was the only non-machine translation we've seen from them, and that's only because the developer insisted on Cafe translating it for them. Now that the game has been pulled from Steam, I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually popped up elsewhere with a different publisher.
  15. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    Reposting this from the other thread: I have a review copy and have been playing it for several days, though not very actively. I am still early in the common route (encountered no choices so far). Some thoughts about what I've read so far: The script contains occasional bits of sexual humor. A woman sending the protagonist a picture of her cleavage to cheer him up hasn't been altered. This is something that would have been changed in IMHHW. I don't yet know if stuff like bath scenes have been changed, if more explicit sexual talk is changed, or how the lead-ins to h-scenes and stuff are handled. The translation so far is considerably better than IMHHW. For the common route at least, it feels like a native English speaker actually touched these scripts at some point in the process. There are still occasional grammar errors and the prose is pretty sloppy. I expect a large level of inconsistency from a Moenovel game this big, so other parts of the game may be considerably worse (or better). As of now though, I'd say this translation is a little below average based on what we typically see from official releases.