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  1. Steins;Gate, yo. There's no high school in sight there.
  2. What are you playing?

    I'm curious. Did they ever add in the stretch goal routes and all the other kickstarter stuff that wasn't there at launch?
  3. What are you playing?

    It's a legendarily bad scene. I had actually just finished MLA a few days ago after starting it in freaking 2014 (it's taken a while...). When I got to that scene last week I was flabbergasted. I knew everyone was calling it bad, but I didn't expect it to be THAT bad. There are dozens of different ways you can tackle that sort of storyline, and they chose the worst possible one, lmao.
  4. It helped that the game was written originally in japanese, whereas the translation is stiff and unnatural fairly frequently. Honestly, I feel like bad translations are the main reason people dislike dubs. A LOT of anime have shitty subs that have to be retranslated for dubs (and even then are often not done well), and a lot of the garbage NISA dubs people complain about are trying to voice awful translations. Not saying a good TL will automatically make a good dub, but even an okay but sometimes weird TL like Umineko can make for a bad dub, which is why I'm weary.
  5. My main concern is actually the translation. I don't think even the best English voice actors will sound right if they're working off the current MangaGamer script. If you want a dub to sound right, the script has to be written in ways VN translations usually aren't, Umineko included.
  6. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    Fair warning about the Nutaku version: they uploaded a weeks-old build instead of the most recent build we supplied them, so it doesn't have the dual language support and is missing a fair amount of the QA. It will hopefully be fixed soon. I'll let you all know when it is.
  7. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    There's story leading up to Wakana's h-scenes too, but it's not very deep at all. It's probably about 3-ish hours long? Hard for me to judge since I spent considerably more time on it in my editing pass.
  8. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    You're wrong about this too. I never tried to imply this at all. All I'm saying is that every licensing contract between a japanese developer and an english publisher comes with different stipulations and that it may not always be possible to put 18+ DLC on steam because of these differing contracts. I don't have any insider information as to why any particular game does or doesn't get an 18+ patch on steam.
  9. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    They have. They haven't for every VN, because it likely depends on their contracts with japanese publishers and whatnot, but Sekai Project has definitely been putting (both free and paid) 18+ DLC on steam.
  10. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    Yeah, there are a fair number of h-scenes. They're mostly rather porny and separated from the plot. Usually just the knowledge that they had sex is what's most important. In the all-ages version we don't censor anything outside of the h-scenes. We've even kept any instances of nudity outside of the h-scenes. Since there's technically an h-scene right at the beginning of the game that is very important to the story (a masturbation scene), we've kept that intact but zoomed in on the girl's face so nothing naughty is shown. It will be $30 on steam with a 10% launch discount, so $27. Same price as everywhere else.
  11. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    Hello, this is Biased Decay, your editor for Sanoba Witch (for everything aside from the Nene route). This game is good. I hope you all enjoy it. In case you missed it, we've subbed a series of short and fun 4koma videos to tease the release a little. The rest are on the NekoNyan youtube channel here. And since it wasn't posted in the OP, this will be available on Steam here, with a free 18+ DLC available if you have adult content enabled in your steam account settings. It will also be available on almost every western eroge storefront. Nutaku, Fakku, MangaGamer, JAST, and NekoNyan's own site. Also Wakana rules. Alright, shilling over.
  12. Umineko

    The patch does not add everything from the PS3 version to the PC version like Silvz claims. The patch lacks a lot of the animations the PS3 version added, like lip-syncing, animated text in certain spots, screen shaking, rain, etc. There is a lot of rain in the game (a Lot) and the animated rain does add to the mood imo, but it's fairly inessential. There are other PS3 features as well, but they're all minor enough that I've forgotten them. You can pretty safely play on the MG version with the patch and get like 98% of the experience. Umineko Project will take a while to fully release because they're porting the game from scratch.
  13. hack yotsunoha

    What's available on Sol Press' site isn't a patch, it's a demo. It's a stand-alone program that you run without copying over to anything else. And it only covers a small portion of the game because it's a demo.
  14. Clear formatting on your post (the eraser on the left side of the toolbar) or set the text to automatic color so it can show up in themes with a white post background: Anyway, to answer your question, every time I see a game with populated backgrounds, I see people praise the backgrounds as feeling lively and lived-in. You never hear anyone praise a background for being empty, though. So generally, it's pure upside. The thing is, barely any VN devs actually have characters in the background because it's simply a lot more work. While people praise backgrounds for having characters, it's a luxury. I don't think anyone avoids VNs that don't have those kinds of backgrounds. It's probably not worth it for a small-time VN dev to spend all that time populating their backgrounds. Though I guess I should point out that the current best-selling VN dev, Yuzusoft, is a company that does populate their backgrounds. It helps lend an air of polish to your product.
  15. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    My unbiased opinion is that KoiKuma has fantastic fap material, but Sanoba Witch's isn't half bad either. If you want anything else from the game, then get Sanoba because KoiKuma is literally just a nukige whereas Sanoba is a full-fledged moege. My biased opinion is Sanoba Witch 10,000%. Buy copies for all your friends too.