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  1. Nobody's trying to make Moenovel/Pulltop look like the good guys. You need to stop snapping at people over this, and you also need to stop telling other people the kinds of games they should or shouldn't be playing. I enjoy eroge with or without the h-scenes, and this preference is none of your business. I think it's silly to not offer 18+ options for eroge. It would be best if there was that option, and I'd use it if it was available. I also think it's okay to present people with accurate information as to what is and isn't expected to be censored, and I don't understand why you're lashing out against people trying to do so.
  2. They did, but that doesn't mean anything for Miagete Goran. See the part I edited into my post above.
  3. That's a problem for some, but not for everyone (I don't really give too much of a shit, for instance). The further censorship that happened in IMHHW was a much bigger dealbreaker for many. The actual biggest issue is that the IMHHW translation that was pure garbage. We still have no confidence that it will be any better in this release. I explained what Moenovel exactly is and how they translate things in this week's VNTS, if you're interested:
  4. They did more than remove IMHHW's h-scenes. They removed anything even vaguely sexual in nature and in some instances even censored kissing scenes. These are alterations that were not made with LoveKami. Hence, they changed their censorship policies. It seems possible that the only changes that will be made to Miagete Goran are the changes (almost) every other company makes when releasing eroge on Steam.
  5. Those tags were added by Moenovel, including the "nudity" tag. That tag is often used for partial nudity, however. Still, as Mr. Poltroon said (and was misunderstood for saying), Moenovel's censorship policies have definitely changed since IMHHW. If you're concerned that the game will be completely sanitized for little children with everything even slightly questionable altered, then I think it's at least somewhat likely that won't be the case here.
  6. Little busters PE is on steam

    As Littleshogun says, they are essentially the same translations. They did a polishing pass and made the Steam version a bit better, but not by much from what I've seen.
  7. What are you playing?

    I heard they made some pretty big changes to the second half of the Kud route. Not sure how big exactly or what's different, though.
  8. A few months ago they asked for QC testers on Reddit. That's the only thing I've heard from them in the last year.
  9. Inferior releases.

    The year's still not over! The claim was Eiyuu Senki in Summer, Princess X in Fall, Flowers in Winter, and Katahane early next year. JAST is actually releasing Princess X in fall like they claimed, so who knows. Maybe we'll see a December Flowers release or something.
  10. Inferior releases.

    Incidentally, JAST is releasing another game next week. (Princess X)
  11. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    In which cases is it unnecessary? It's just a little hard to take your criticisms seriously when all you say is "they added words." "Adding words" is an integral part of the translation process. Sometimes removing them, too! I'd be interested to see a more nuanced criticism of the translation.
  12. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    Any votes made before a VN is out are voided. Any votes made after are impossible to prove wrongdoing with, unless we have instances where, like, the same IP is being used to cast multiple votes.
  13. What are you playing?

    You probably missed the edit I made a few minutes ago: That's not too different from her physical form in the true route, from what I can tell. The protagonist calling her a "woman" isn't a clear indicator in my opinion because who knows what gets lost in translation, or how the protagonist wants to call an immortal goddess. I think his comments on her at the start of her route was largely in reference to how different she seemed when she was walking around like everyone else and wearing normal clothes. Her difference in behavior was chalked up to how completely unfamiliar she was with having a physical form, basically reducing her to the status of a toddler who grow up in a hurry.
  14. What are you playing?

    Uhhhh, they did create her that way in the first place. That's how she was for the entire game. Maybe it's hard to tell because of the perspective in the CG's and the way she wears her kimono, but she's definitely a loli from start to finish. Just look at her on the cover:
  15. Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project

    There are other tabs to that spreadsheet, look at the bottom of the sheet itself to see them. Translation is 21.3% done.