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  1. Turns out this is more than stills from the anime. There's a substantial amount of animation, still ripped from the anime of course. It looks very bad: (some spoilers present)
  2. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    It's very believable that they had to translate large parts (or maybe even all) of Sumaga, since the fan project they picked up was of rather low quality. The same doesn't seem to be what's happening with SakuSaku. Who knows what's up with that.
  3. Holy crap, the fuwafabulous theme now actually saves your color settings. It's a miracle!
  4. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    The point is to make it less confusing and inconsistent. It reads poorly when things like honorific usage and verb tense changes from line to line with no real explanation. You just have to infer from those things which is narration, which is inner thought. Parentheses makes this clear so you spend less time worrying about that crap and more time just reading.
  5. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    One thing you see in VNs from time to time is narration being written in a neutral voice in past tense, and inner thoughts written in character voice in present tense. I don't really like that too much unless the two are clearly denoted in some manner. One common VN technique for that is placing the inner voice in parentheses. A translated VN I know that does this is Duel Savior.
  6. Wagamama High Spec Release

    A memory leak has been discovered, pushing the release back two days.
  7. Wagamama High Spec Release

    SP already announced that wagahigh will have an 18+ release on the same day as the all-ages release (today). I believe that was an AX announcement.
  8. They're lying. It has not been retranslated. You can see the edit history for all of the scripts on their wiki, and it has clearly been an iterative editing process. They've done some work to smooth over the rough edges, but I still don't trust its translation accuracy, and the editing is pretty uneven thanks to how many people have been making changes and the scattershot approach they seem to have.
  9. I wouldn't call it outright terrible or anything. It gets the job done I guess, but it's just kind of low-effort and shoddy. My reaction to it is basically "eh, whatever," and not "wow, this is the next great localization company!"
  10. It literally is a continuation of the catastrophic previous attempt, it's the same TL. And it's terrible. This is the translation everyone refuses to acknowledge because it's so bad.
  11. You know there's a dramatically better translation for Konosora coming out in the near future, right? New Muv-Luv is good because the team behind it really cares and are putting a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it. The rest of Degica's output is not so hot. I definitely wouldn't place them on a pedestal.
  12. It seems like they're going into this empty handed and are hoping to make what they need off the Kickstarter. Which is what that site is for, sure, but I highly doubt that, using a 9-year-old no-name game like Sakura Sakura, they'll be able to generate enough capital to start the business proper, obtain a license, and pay for localization costs, even if they ran the KS campaign perfectly. And to make matters worse, it looks like they're planning on launching the campaign in less than two weeks without a proper website, and probably with no work done on their actual Kickstarter page yet. This has the makings of a total disaster. I hope these guys manage to do well and make an impact, but it's hard to be optimistic considering the circumstances.
  13. Cross Channel - Which translation should I read?

    GHS is a massively misogynistic shitheel, and although he may have more nuanced points, sorry if I don't particularly feel like sifting through his insane ramblings to pick those apart in detail. His translations read like garbage. Even if it's intentionally garbage, it's still garbage, and I wouldn't recommend anyone read them for any reason. Though, it's possible to make literal translations that aren't grammatical nightmares that constantly use words incorrectly, a skill GHS has yet to learn. I would also like for someone to provide a Japanese excerpt of these scenes, because I'm not convinced it IS a 100% literal translation. There is so much fluff in GHS's prose that just feels inserted.
  14. About FuwaReviews

    I haven't actually finished a VN since Chrono Clock, and I chose not to review that in the end because of the ongoing negotiations I was party to with its publisher. Before that, last finished Himawari in January. And then Supipara last August. Ouch. I don't have as much time as I used to for frivolously playing VNs, true, but to be honest, I also don't have quite as much drive as I used to. I still love VNs and enjoy reading them, but working on VN translation makes me want to do other shit after I mentally exhaust myself for the day. I'm halfway through Dies Irae and I plan on finishing that eventually. Hopefully sometime this month, but maybe next month instead. I'll review it once I'm done. After that, who knows. I don't want to quit reviewing but if I'm not finishing any new releases then I'll never have anything to review. Maybe once I finish Dracu-Riot I'll binge on a few games.
  15. Frontwing will localize Subahibi this year

    I'm not gonna say this is the right choice, but I imagine their logic was that "Discontinuous Existence" doesn't have the philosophical ring to it that they wanted to English speakers (whereas it might to the Japanese?), so they translated it to German to give it a more philosophical feel. Specifically, "Dasien" is an actual philosophical term used in English philosophical texts, with "diskontinuierliches" sometimes popping up in relation to "Dasein." Now, I have no idea if the philosophical concepts these terms represent have anything to do with Subahibi, but I do know the game delves pretty heavy into philosophy.