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  1. Whenever you see a nukige from a company localizers haven't or only barely worked with before, it's pretty safe to assume that it won't see a translation unless it's truly noteworthy in some way. No one has ever worked with Atelier Kaguya before, and even if someone did strike a deal with them, there isn't a particularly good reason to pick that specific title over any of the others among their vast catalog.
  2. I hope they're ready to flex their slang vocabulary with this one.
  3. VNDB has a highly rated friendship tag and no romance tags, so it seems like this is a VN without any romance.
  4. I wouldn't say this like it's a guarantee. They're probably registering a lot of domains to cover all of their bases, and I doubt they have firm plans to make every single one of those games.
  5. Sumaga has basically been in some form of editing since 2010, so considering the scale of time we're working with here I'm not sure you should read into it in that way and make assumptions. It's really anyone's guess as to whether Sumaga's editing is finished or not, and even if it is finished, what that means for its actual release.
  6. Quite a few people ended up with spare PS4s when they upgraded to PS4 Pro. I found someone in that situation and bought their perfect condition launch PS4 for a bargain earlier in the year.
  7. This is all predicated that your claim that BotW is the objectively better game and others are wrong for disagreeing. If I think BotW is better than Persona 5 and that it deserves GOTY over it, I'm wrong? Objectivity in that sense doesn't exist, and you should stop your attempts at asserting your opinion. This is not a conversation you're going to enjoy having. This is not a conversation I'm enjoying having. We should probably halt this right now.
  8. I've been over this kind of fanboyism for a long time, so no, you won't see me saddened by Persona 5's potential loss in any site's GOTY awards. Breath of the Wild has captivated a wide audience and is beloved by many, I won't presume to say that our tastes are superior to theirs, that's just asinine.
  9. This album dropped a week or so ago, it's pretty good.
  10. Go into Config -> Memory Cards, what does it show there? You could try deleting the card and making a new one in that screen. Also make sure that the memory card files themselves aren't set to read only.
  11. I'm sure it will earn them plenty of money, but JAST makes themselves an easy target and I'm all for that low-hanging fruit. I'd be less critical of them if they released other games too. Nier's thread titles are always very good, I'm honored to be mentioned in the same breath as him.
  12. When are we finally going to see translations for all the VNs based off of "Stacy's Mom"?
  13. Surprise! I know how much everyone has been looking forward to the hit visual novel Nympho Sensei Ryoko, and now it's finally here! With this mammoth on the horizon, maybe they'll have time to work on some of their side projects like Django and Sumaga.
  14. Indeed, there's more plot in P5, though I question how much that's worth when it's so juvenile and shallow. Whenever they have an opportunity to dig deeper into the issues that permeate every single aspect of the game, they sidestep and turn it into a black-and-white matter of good vs evil. I was really hoping for and expecting more. I'm still on the fourth dungeon but it doesn't look like this will change. Persona 5 is a game about social strife that lacks the balls to actually tackle social issues, beyond "evil people are bad." Wow.