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  1. Nekonyan's Possible Two Announcements

    I am here to announce that the most recent announcement of an announcement was announced in error. Unfortunately, we're still making the finishing touches on some of the promo materials. We may have a more accurate announcement of an announcement at a later date, but not until we know exactly what day we can make said announcement. I am also announcing that we will be much more careful about announcing announcements going forward. We are very sorry for the disappointment this brings. It was an honest mistake, and we'll do better in the future. We won't say "we'll never announce an announcement ever again!" because it's honestly very helpful to prepare people and get them paying attention, rather than surprise announcing stuff. We promise we'll be more responsible about this from now on, though.
  2. Is Kindred Spirits similar to SeaBed?

    Kindred Spirits is a good feels and relaxation game. Play it if you just want to kick back and have a very pleasant time. There's no super involved plot or anything, but I wouldn't say it has no story. It's a series of romance stories, where the characters' relationships are developing on a pretty regular basis. Like, genuine development instead of them just hanging out for a while before spontaneously hooking up. It's really well-done, while still largely avoiding groan-worthy melodrama. I wrote a review for it a few years ago: https://fuwanovel.net/reviews/2016/03/16/kindred-spirits-on-the-roof/
  3. What are you playing?

    Yeah, the SSS system is a mess. There are way too many options available to the player (why do they give like nine settings per character??) with no indication on what any of them actually imply at the various branch points in the story. I don't have too much of a problem with inadvertently hitting bad ends, but in Root Double, getting the good ends requires way too much trial and error. I resorted to a walkthrough after running into the same situation you posted about with Kazami.
  4. What are you playing?

    It's true that this can be chalked up to a large variety of factors, but it's also true that the translation is dramatically better in just about every conceivable way. I had a similar experience. Degica's Muv Luv Extra made me laugh several times an hour while I maybe laughed once or twice the entire time reading Ixrec's Muv Luv. Translation is strange in the way it can have huge effects on how readers react to a work in ways that are completely invisible to the reader. Oftentimes when reading a substandard translation, the reader will enjoy themselves less without ever realizing why, or that the translation is substandard. That's one of the reasons translation quality is so important, even for people who only care if "they can understand what's happening." ANYWAY, I've been reading Re;Lord lately. It's surprisingly good, as long as you can tolerate a terrible protagonist who is meant to be laughed at instead of related to. It's just good dumb fun, and probably one of SP's best-translated games, in all honesty. It's a little short and very much an incomplete story (with part two coming out eventually, hopefully soon), but I recommend giving it a shot.
  5. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    About 80-90% of each after story is comprised of an h-scene, with the rest being a flimsy justification for the said h-scene. I wasn't aware that they weren't in the all-ages version, but that makes sense. They'd seriously be five minutes each otherwise and wouldn't really make any sense. Also, a patch went out earlier today. It's still being uploaded to NekoNyan's various partners, but it's at least live on Steam and I think NekoNyan's own site. Check where you bought the game from for the latest version. This patch contains fixes for all of the reported text errors, as well as more found during another quick pass we did on the game to polish it up.
  6. Reviews are not a good measure of success, no. I would not waste your time combing through the reviews counts for all the VNs.
  7. f/sn Realta Nua content question

    For what it's worth, according to Nasu, Realta Nua basically represents his original intent before he felt obligated to insert porn into the game. I get the feeling that the truth is somewhere in the middle (as in, sony's restrictions probably forced him to remove more content for the realta nua version than he otherwise would've).
  8. f/sn Realta Nua content question

    They added weird and contrived story justifications for the porn that were replaced in the realta nua version, so in effect, it writes out the sex entirely (I'm pretty sure). The violence/gore is kept intact, though the game never had much explicit gore to begin with.
  9. Just finished Crescendo....(Spoilers)

    Crescendo's pretty enjoyable, I found. But I never finished it because a couple of the routes bored me. Definitely underappreciated by modern audiences, imo. I get why, the art blows even by 2001 standards. Still worth giving a shot, though.
  10. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    The crash error should theoretically be solved in the most recent game version available on all official platforms. So if you're still experiencing crashing, make sure you're up to date. (note: nutaku has been lagging behind in providing the latest versions so I'm not 100% sure if they have updated yet)
  11. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    Basically... (Nene route spoilers)
  12. Steins;Gate, yo. There's no high school in sight there.
  13. What are you playing?

    I'm curious. Did they ever add in the stretch goal routes and all the other kickstarter stuff that wasn't there at launch?
  14. What are you playing?

    It's a legendarily bad scene. I had actually just finished MLA a few days ago after starting it in freaking 2014 (it's taken a while...). When I got to that scene last week I was flabbergasted. I knew everyone was calling it bad, but I didn't expect it to be THAT bad. There are dozens of different ways you can tackle that sort of storyline, and they chose the worst possible one, lmao.