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  1. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    It's meant to be like a manga series or something similar. A series of bite-sized inexpensive releases telling a story over time.
  2. The translation patch already modified it so it can work in windows 8/10, so no further patching should be necessary. My main issue is the microscopic 640x480 resolution. I can't find any decent window zooming/stretching solution that works with this game. Windows' and borderless gaming's scaling options cause the rendering to freeze/glitch out and the windows 10 magnifier is very glitchy and laggy for me. There's always fullscreen mode, which does work, but it doesn't look as good as a straight 2x enlargement would and it makes multitasking more difficult. edit: and now it just crashed when i was alt tabbing while in fullscreen mode, and it caused other weirdness in my second monitor, like not being able to move my cursor to parts of the screen. This game is a real pain in the ass.
  3. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Err, what? Every decent business in every industry develops projects based on internal schedules that are only rarely exposed to the public.
  4. If you mean the translations are the same, then you're wrong. The two Clannad translations were done completely separate from each other. It's not so much that they rewrote the fan translation, they never used it in the first place. Assuming that you're asking about Little Busters, I don't think they changed the ending in that for ME/EX. ME/EX adds a few new routes, changes the ending somewhat in the Kud route (perhaps this is what you meant?), but the final ending should be the same, as far as I know. Or if you mean Tomoya After, I think they changed and extended the final parts of the story quite a bit for the ME version. Clannad, though, has no enhanced or 18+ version. There have never been any changes to Clannad's content in any of the its various re-releases.
  5. Please check VNDB whenever you want to know if an english translation of a VN exists. If there's no english version listed, that means it doesn't exist. On this game's page, you can see only Japanese versions are listed: https://vndb.org/v2466
  6. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Just because MangaGamer doesn't announce release estimates right away like Nekonyan does, it doesn't mean they don't have an internal schedule. And just because a game takes a while to go from announcement to release, it doesn't mean that it's fallen behind schedule. You're making a lot of assumptions that you can't back up.
  7. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    To clarify, NekoNyan's version will contain all of the enhancements to the base game the Vita version brings, but it will NOT contain the new routes introduced in New Division, the fandisc. (source: nekonyan discord) Sorta makes sense that the base game and fandisc are being treated as separate products. They probably come with separate licenses with separate fees and all for the licensor.
  8. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    You guys should read the whole thread. The announcement has been made already. So, the more sales that occur on Steam, the more visible your game is on their storefront. Sol Press is operating under the principle that the best way to maximize sales is to get as many people to buy the game on Steam as possible, thus enhancing its visibility on the storefront and making it more likely that other people will notice the game and buy it. There are a lot of people who are willing to buy games wherever they are, and if you release first outside of Steam, the hardcore fans will buy it outside of steam, and then you end up with fewer steam reviews, fewer community hub contributions and forum posts, and lower sales chart performance (and also will make it less likely that valve is willing to spotlight your game in special events and such, though that's always a crapshoot anyway). So, shepherding people to Steam first and foremost and then exploring other platforms later is a valid business strategy.
  9. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Nobody there said it was dropped. The IXTL situation does complicate matters a lot, but I know that enjoievan has been hard at work on the parts of the ML kickstarter to come after MLA, and it's still very possible that IXTL will move on to Kiminozo after that.
  10. Searching for a VN like Edelweiss

    Not quite. Majikoi S was half Wairu, half Maji Translations. And one of Majikoi A-1's routes was Wairu.
  11. Moenovel announces next Title

    NISA is responsible for DanganRonpa 3's translation, actually. Spike Chunsoft may have published it, but NISA was the loc company behind it. 428 is their first in-house localization job, and the staff on it are known to be good (respected pros from outside the VN scene). And don't forget XSEED (Corpse Party, soon to be London Detective Mysteria)
  12. I have a feeling you're misunderstanding both visual novels as a medium and Telltale's style of adventure games. School Days is an exception. I could point out that in School Days, the end states are not binary like you suggest and actually branch even more, but that's besides the point. That game exists on an extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to branching stories (and itself doesn't actually quality as a VN, truthfully). The vast majority of VNs have limited branching, especially modern VNs. In the modern VN, you make a series of choices that maybe change a few lines of text for each one, and through those choices it determines which "route" you end up on, which themselves are linear stories. Older VNs like Clannad have far more choices, but still ultimately have a route system where the game simply tells a series of linear stories to you. VNs that are like School Days are exceptionally rare. Telltale's adventure games, meanwhile, aren't really supposed to have substantially different endings/routes. That's not really the point of those games. Maybe six years ago there was some confusion as to what kind of games these were meant to be, but there shouldn't be any now. When I first played it in 2012, I found Telltale's TWD brilliant. The thing it did was that it told a single specific story with a single outcome whose progression was heavily influenced by the player. Its story beats were custom-delivered for every player based on their actions, which enhanced the emotional impact without compromising the authored experience. By contrast, I find that David Cage's games overreach and end up with incredibly sloppy narratives as a result. Too bad Telltale peaked with TWD season 1. The minds behind that game left the company soon after its completion, and telltale's been chasing after that success ever since. Anyway, for VN recommendations, check out our recommendations forum. Perhaps you can find a thread there suited to your own tastes, or you could make a new one. I'm guessing you're probably not going to want to jump straight into moe romance hell. If you enjoyed Steins;Gate, then I'll recommend Chaos;Child to you, another game set in the same world. Or for something structured more like the kind of typical PC VNs that are popular around here, and something much more action-oriented, Dies irae.
  13. Like them or not, official MTLs are a notable release that people are going to engage with. There is value in chronicling their release both from a historical perspective, while also potentially serving as a warning to anyone who sees the release in the wild. Like, when NarutoVegetaXxX over on hongfire or what have you whips out a machine tl of a VN in a day, the information that this happened is not useful or interesting to many (if anyone). Adding those kinds of releases to vndb would only increase their exposure. But when Cuffs partners with DMM to sell a machine translation of Your Diary on Steam, that information is inherently much more interesting. And by tracking it on vndb, we can hopefully warn people of its quality. That said, I choose not to list any MTLs on Fuwanovel VNTS regardless of whether they're official or not (or any extremely shoddy TLs in general). I see VNTS as serving a different purpose, though. I don't wish to give them any sort of recognition in VNTS whatsoever.
  14. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    It's the person who translated the last few Sonohana games for MG.
  15. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    To be honest, I'm still pretty skeptical that Kotonoha Amrilato will turn out okay. I usually don't fall for the "impossible to translate kamige" meme but the very nature of this game makes it extremely hard to translate. It's not just about overcoming a language barrier, but it's very specifically about approaching and learning Esperanto from the perspective of a Japanese speaker, and the similarities and differences between the two languages. There will be a lot of rewriting involved. Like, a whole lot. I feel like it's the kind of work that only means anything when read in the language it was originally written in, and that any "proper" translation for it would just be a completely different thing. It's a rather confusing choice of license for MG when you consider that.