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  1. Talking less about VN Kickstarters and more about Kickstarters for games in general.
  2. Another kickstarter inevitably bites the dust. Shame, I wanted to try this out pretty badly
  3. NieR Replicant Translation

    The perfect attitude to have when seeking help
  4. Surprised I haven't seen anyone here post about the DGS translation project, but just in case anyone is interested I wanted to let you all know. Scarlet Study has been translating the game for a while now, and after not having any releases for around 10 months they finally dropped episode 3-4 the other day. And on top of that, they made the translation for the Android port of the game as well, so it's much easier to get ahold of it. Apparently the final case shouldn't take nearly as long to release, so the game should be finished soon! Anyone else happen to play this yet? Gonna be picking up the game in a few days on no life-ing it for a week or so.
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    Abby is nice, but is kinda outclassed by Hokusai. That third skill is just so OP, so much defense reduction.
  6. Coconut is the only choice
  7. So I started the game last night and finished the prologue, and wanted to do all the other routes before Ai's. Was going to follow the walkthrough but I have already entered Ai's route before the walkthrough is even supposed to start? Reloaded the save to pick a different option and it put me on Sae's afterstory. I'm pretty confused, is the walkthrough incorrect or am I missing something? Do I have to go down Ai's route to start the other two? Edit: Figured it out. There are a couple choices before the date where the walkthrough starts that determine which route you go down.
  8. There's just so much to choose from, so i'd love some recommendations. I have a few things i'm looking for Romance - which is going to be in most games so that shouldn't be an issue Length - at least 30-50 hours, the longer the better Routes - would like to have a few, never been a huge fan of linear stuff No BL/otome - just not my thing No nukige - not what i'm looking for at the moment No utsuge - drama is fine, some darker tones are also fine (ex. Grisaia, G-senjou) but i'm not really looking to throw myself into despair That's about it, any recommendations are welcome!
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    It's a christmas miracle
  10. I heard the Yoake patch was super outdated and far from the final product. Not sure if it's worth reading like that, though it does look like a fun time
  11. I do want to mention that i'm not specifically looking for something like DI. In fact, something different would probably be preferred so I don't get burnt out on the genre.
  12. Thanks for some recommendations, though I've read most of what you listed. Rarely update my VNDB so I guess I should either remove it or put the time in to update it
  13. Finally broke down and finished it, and now i'm ready for a VN binge. The best thing would be something I haven't heard of yet, and I haven't been keeping up with any TL's for the past couple years or so, so I may have missed quite a few things. In terms of what else i'm looking for, no utsuge. It can get sad or depressing at times, but i'd prefer a happy ending if possible . Also a conclusive ending, some of these DI routes have left me craving something with endings that feel complete, having an epilogue expanding on said ending (or a fandisk that's also translated) would be even better. The longer the better, preferably one that's 30-50 hours or so. Going to be scrolling through VNDB in the meantime
  14. Because i'm not entirely sure what all just happened. Aside from my happiness at seeing a normal Samiel and a Schreiber that isn't batshit insane from torment, and seeing all of the gang get back together, i'm a little confused as to how all this happened. Was the Ren there the original? Or was he also reincarnated? Why were Rea and Kei children, but Shirou, Ellie, and presumably Ren not? Same with Marie. And for Marie i'm even more confused, is she capable of reincarnating herself? And in the case that this isn't the original ren (), was he also capable of reincarnating himself? The whole part with Kasumi is the only thing that really makes sense, since she seemed to be the only one there that didn't actually die in the final fight. And then how do they all just happen to remember eachother? Someone please help because I slept on this and my mind still can't process what just happened
  15. Thing is, I also recall hearing that some of the sex scenes are also pretty plot relevant. Deciding whether to read it or not is a struggle