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Please consider taking this survey (Link) and let me know what you want to see fixed/improved upon across the various Fuwanovel sites. Your feedback will determine my work priorities this Summer/Fall. (Forum Post)

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  2. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Never played any actually scary VN's yet. Played a few that have been mildly disturbing or suspenseful though. * Grisaia no Kajitsu certainly has it's moments. It goes from extreme laugh out loud comedy in the common route, to various kinds of psychological traumas in the character routes. It's still the darkest VN I've read (even though it also gave me the greatest laughs). In particular, you'll like Amane's flashback... * ef - a fairy tale of the two . Has a lot of relationship drama. Then the Latter Tale part of it starts to progressively hit you in the gut. The only other VN I've read that had some darker themes. Of course, if you want something that is really disturbing, Subarashiki is apparently exactly that (I havn't read it yet, but I plan to). You could like The House in Fata Morgana too (apparently has a real mystery vibe to it).
  3. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    waves hand Those are not the anti-honorific arguments you are looking for. The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded. Speak for yourself. I stick to honorifics
  4. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Thank you so much for the information! Will definitely look into this!
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  6. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Oh, trust me, that won't do for Euphoria I suggest you start from the beginning https://vndb.org/v67 And then the Kai sequel, which answers the questions arcs: https://vndb.org/v68 If I'm not mistaken there's two versions, the original one and another from Mangagamer with a reworked resolution; and then there's 07th mods to make it look even better: So yeah, you might wanna look into that
  7. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    I'd say the creepiest and scariest VNs I've read have been Myth, Saya no Uta, and Soundless for sure. Even VNs like Chaos;Child and Subahibi have spine-tingling scenes, but I wouldn't consider them incredibly scary.
  8. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Sexual content is alright, I usually skip H-scenes anyways. Thanks for the reccomendations. Was going to read Higurashi years ago but never got to it. (I know, I should be ashamed) Any ideas where I should start?
  9. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    I'm not too much into horror... it's a genre I usually find pretty boring. However, I found Higurashi no naku koro ni not only pretty disturbing, but also very interesting. It kept me on the edge of my seat. If you haven't already, you might want to give it a try. It's a classic.
  10. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Japanese stuff: Saya no Uta, Phenomeno, euphoria (warning - this one have all kinds of super-drastic sexual content). OELVNs: Lynne, Sweetest Monster It's hard to find a genuinely scary VN, because that doesn't flow with the formula, but all these are definitely unsettling.

    Dude, you are the best! There is no stopping you, thanks! :-D
  12. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Lmao. Anyways I played corpse party and it was pretty alright. It was more of a jumpscare thing than an actual horrifying experience.
  13. Thanks for the list, very helpful. Do you also plan on making a list with nukiges and non-pc releases?
  14. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Any OELVN. Especially those with japanese names in title and honorifics in text. Scary as hell. Or you can try Corpse Party games. Though some of them have simple gameplay mechanics, and Book of shadows is VN.
  15. It's only banned for unofficial patches. You can still find officially MTLed VNs on VNDB. I wish they banned officially MTLed VNs too.
  16. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    Other than them laying of employers it seems like there are some changes going on with SP. While they lost a lot of their marketing team it seems to me as if they have been using twitter a lot more lately. They have also started selling 18+ physical things through Denpasoft (from what I can see most likely remaining things from kickstarters and conventions) and they seem to have started having a weekly sale on SP and Denpa (I know they discount a lot, but weekly seems quite often). So I wonder if anyone thinks this just happened to take place during the same time or if they are desperately trying new things to get more money, or that it is something else?
  17. I'm looking for something to scare the ever-living crap out of me or at least something that would disturb me greatly. Any recomendations?
  18. Pick Corrupted's Next VN Part #2

    Score! As long as there'a at least one person that reads my little self-conscious play-diary, then I am validated in my spam. Thanks! Yeah I've learned my lesson on pushing through on recommended games many times over. CLANNAD took me SO many tries to actually get through my first playthrough, then became the mindblowing, lifechanging experience that got me into VNs. Just recently, Ever17 bored me and frustrated me...then I got to the end and it laughed in my face for ever doubting it. I'm procrastinating on Fate Morgana by finishi Evenicle and Nekopara atm. Nekopara rubs my heart in a very special, unexpected way...every time a completely dependent cat girl asks me for money for a vending machine or permission to walk to the back of a store and look at something my BDSM Dom's heart goes aflutter. And Evenicle is imply the best turn-based JRPG style game I have ever played. Years after I swore off that medium, here I am actually going out of my way to explore everything and get into unnecessary combat because the game is so fun and rewarding. My only complaint is that I can't keep up with Aster - my refractory period is longer than his, so I can't keep up with the pace of the sex scenes! I suppose I am too scared to look up recommended play orders but...I regret doing G-String wrong. I WOULD like recommendations when the play order is super necessary to the experience. Really hard for me to determine that that's the case ahead of time without risking spoilers, you know? Sounds like I should at least also concern myself with Hapymaher, like you said. Perhaps I'll make a post later to research what people think are necessary play orders.
  19. Yeah, the abundance of MTLs is the main reason why I don't pick up any new LNs anymore. And the retranslations to already ruined series are very rare. I personally believe that we should thank whoever decided to ban MTLs on vndb, because otherwise the situation with VNs would probably be pretty similar.

    08/21 - Nagi's ROUTE COMPLETED! FULL PATCH Maitetsu 18+ Demosaic Patch - FULL Main Heroines + Loli Side Chars.7z Installation guide: - if you have downloaded the daily patch - patch3.xp3 just manually delete it ( you don't need it anymore because its already inside the FULL Three Main Heroines patch. ) Incremental update - no incremental update - because deltax with 7z made a bigger sized file then the FULL PATCH, it didn't make sense to make one. Want to support the project?
  21. Revamp Rules and Staff List

    If you stumble upon any piracy links or sexualized loli/shota content, please do report it. I tried in the past to remove all direct mentions of piracy sites and links in a bunch of old threads, but it was quite frankly exhausting. I spent hours and hours and hours doing nothing but that for several days before I got completely burnt out. I still remove them whenever I happen to find them, but I don't have it in me to crawl the entire forum removing every bit of infringing content. As far as I can tell, Kags and I cannot change that page. If I had to guess, only admins or users with powers over content on the main site can do that.
  22. Script Extraction Thread

    Hello everyone, i have a small problem, I want to translate a BGI game (Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na) into Spanish, so I need a custom font(already have), so I don't know how to modify the game's scripts to read the custom font. I know it's in the ipl._bp file, but I don't know how to do it.
  23. Pick Corrupted's Next VN Part #2

    Believe me, it gets way more engaging down the line. I also had to force myself though at first, but then, a few hours in, I became really engaged. Now it's one of my top 5 VNs. Most people do, btw. I personally try to at least check if there is something like a recommended route order for a VN I want to read. A lot of VNs don't enforce the order of the routes, even if one route basically spoils another one. I just recently found myself in a similar situation where I was reading Hapymaher and accidentally chose an option leading to the true end on my second playthrough, and I ended up spoiling an important plot point. Oh, and I'm not very active on this forum recently, so I'm almost always late to reply, but I just want to say that your playthroughs are rather interesting to follow.
  24. Actually S;G has the benefit of, no one really knows how altering the past would work, so anything goes. From what I've gathered, it's just a vision about time travel (or more specifically, "time warping" if we take the Denwa Renji into account), it doesn't aim to be fully realistic but to tell an engaging story, and it succeeds at that. Still every rule of their time travel is according to current physics.
  25. Revamp Rules and Staff List

    If you want a short explanation of who can do what on the mod team, it's pretty much in the rules already. Also, moderators will enforce and interpret the rules a little differently. We have been making an effort recently to communicate more before taking action, + we keep a log of all moderation, so everyone knows what the other moderators are up to. (Especially for us board mods, so that the higher-ups knows what we're doing.) I completely agree that the staff page needs a full re-work. It's ... very outdated. We don't even have a chat feature anymore, RIP. Certainly something that should be looked into.
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