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  2. Soooo I'm slowly recovering my interest in reading after a few months without touching a book/VN, so I missed pretty much everything that came out in the last year/few monts. Just so you know, the last VN I fully read was Atri, which I bought at launch. Which games should I consider reading in the near future? I only ask for recent releases because I've already read everything else one can possibly think of. It just need to be story-oriented - drama, romance etc. and English translated. Thanks
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  4. Thanks! I wonder what your opinion will be for Secret Agent ~shadow flower~ Also, new otome series game Hoshioto announced by them, as always!
  5. @adamstan Manual debug (CE debugger or x64dbg). Like https://wiki.anime-sharing.com/hgames/index.php?title=AGTH/Tutorial Your signature: 4883EC28837D14000F85????????48????48??????????B0FEFFFF48????B0FEFFFF48????204C????????????4C????1848????????????48??????????78FFFFFF48 My Signature: 4883EC28837D14000F85????????48????48????B0FEFFFF48??????????B0FEFFFF48????204C????????????4C????1848????????????48??????????78FFFFFF48 Hmm..., this signature will work for both machine. 4883EC28837D14000F85????????48????48????????????????????????B0FEFFFF48????204C????????????4C????1848????????????48?
  6. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as we can see this week is quite big with several companies decided to do several releases at once so obviously this week is quite exciting here. Other than releases, of course there's also some updates as well along with Nekonyan's new planned release (Even though it's not as interesting as their usual planned releases). Let's see what I can write in regard of this week here, and I'll tell the reason for the title at PS later even though it should be obvious. Yuzusoft asked Sakura Miko (The virtual Youtuber for the reminder) to do some stream for the
  7. Thanks! I found correct signature for my system, and now it works (Screenshot got weirdly streched, but that doesn't matter ) If I may ask - how did you know that it should be function 0x46328 ?
  8. Hello everyone! We did a lot of work this month. So now I can tell you a little bit more about the new update. This post will be about news and before few days to release I will make posts about 100% of the content in the new episode, but right now I can tell you what most likely will be in the new episode. Now I found the new artist for backgrounds, so you will see a new rework of the Kujins tribe, also 3 new backgrounds for the combat system. We changed the combat system to make it more easier and interesting. In the first update, it will be part of the story but in t
  9. @adamstan function 0x46328 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gc42hY8MYmZJMtgrzG6PqWT6X0BBou-P2HbWnRD2jbE/
  10. I'll be honest, I'm not too sure on the whole reading is declining debate. Don't get me wrong, I do believe people are reading less and prefer tv and video games, but I do feel like a lot of young people enjoy reading as a hobby. I just remembered that my sister, who is a teacher, says that her kids do love reading despite also loving their phones. I do think less people read, but at the same time that people who love it wont go away. Still, people will love video games and tv more (obviously). I realize though that I and some others here are being a bit too negative about this topic. As
  11. You bring up some serious concerns that I have as well. Particularly the points about if people aren't reading, why would they read VNs? As well as the point that VNs don't seem to be growing. The VN medium may very well be doomed, but I don't think it HAS to be, and I think it could even thrive, so long as the right things happen. And I guess that's my point, if these things don't happen the medium could very well be screwed. So the reason I think VNs have an appeal to people who are increasingly reading less, is because of its acoustic quality. It may sound ass backwards, but soun
  12. You can really play in any order really seeing that Primal x Hearts here is just a charage, and of course it's also applied to the sequel. So the only general advice that I can give is that see which heroine that attract you the most and then chose to leave the said heroines as the last route that you'll play. Also since this is just a charage, it would be better to expect that it's mostly lighthearted and therefore you better not expect heavy story here. Have fun in regard of Primal x Hearts duology later. PS - There's a review from mod Clephas in that he said that both of Haruhi and Ali
  13. Clephas ended up choosing nothing, but I'll stop at Ai Yori Aoi Umi no Hate , will need to eventually review it. Micchi only pointed at delayed titles and one fandisc. 1. Shiin 死印 [170601] Experience 1 2 3 The Tokyo metropolitan area's H City. In this suburban city, a strange rumor has been spreading recently. Those who possess the «mark» will die. The «mark» is unexpectedly engraved onto the body, as if it was a chewed up birthmark, and is said to result in an unknown death. As a matter of fact, a strange incident occurred w
  14. Last week
  15. A question in the vn I always like to leave the main heroine last could you tell me who are the main heroines in primal hearts 1 and 2. Ps I know that there are 4 heroines per game what I want to know about each vn who are considered the main heroines.
  16. This was a good watch, but I have to wonder if this holds much truth, especially for creators outside of Japan. I mean, if people are reading less, why would they read a vn? Most vns are just reading with the occasional choice. I mean yeah having art may attract some, but I'm just not seeing visual novels as a medium that can grow outside JVNs. Another problem is, are vns really growing? I mean what's the point of writing one if no one will take the time to read it. Just look at Steam, it's over flooded with vns and it seems its hard to even get 10 reviews. I don't mean to sound negative and i
  17. Majiro engine is problematic. What VN is it, anyway?
  18. when I open the "scenario.arc" (arc_conv https://github.com/3licie/majiro-tools ) many ".mjo" files are opened, I pass those files to "notepad ++" and I put "condification / character set / japanese / shift-jis" and I see the text in japanese and everything opens perfectly. The problem is that when I edit the text and open the game, it sends me an error and the game dies. I would like you to help me to fix this please.
  19. Hello everyone ! I'm announcing this here because there is no French community. I have completely finished translating the game. I will be releasing a patch very soon. Just the time to take care of some little things. I've done this translation with Atelier Traduction ( Twitter : @AtelierTrad ). Here, there are some screenshots of the work done on the patch : Screenshot 1 : Screenshot 2 : Screenshot 3 : I hope that many French people will be able to discover this game with this patch. P
  20. I was full of hope, but sadly, it's again perhaps the problem of different compilations on different systems - on mine, I get "No Result!" message when trying your custom script with d-code. Could you describe how did you arrive at this code? Then maybe I'll be able to work out the one for my system.
  21. That's quite rough situation there. Anyway if you need some VNs with happy endings in order to help with the depression or sleep problem, I guess three Marmalade VNs that Shiravune just released recently (Study Steady, Primal Hearts, and Primal Hearts 2) might be work. Other than that, there's Sugar Style, Making Lovers, Hoshiori, and IxSHE Tell. I don't know if those VNs can cure your depression or not seeing that usually depression problem is quite hard to cure, although I can say that at least those VNs are quite lighthearted. Lastly if you still didn't read those VNs I hope that my recomme
  22. Let's see what I can comment on April 2017 releases. Song of Memories - Well it might be nice to have idol using their power of music to fight the zombie through rhythm game, although compared to Omega Quintet that has same premise with normal battle system (Or rather tweaked Neptunia battle system) I'll say that Omega Quintet is better. At least you can know the heroines better in this VN, even though some of the heroines problems may came off as Soap Opera twist. Nine Episode 1 - First part of Nine quintology (Or tetralogy if you treated the last part as the fandisc which to say it
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