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  2. Is there an option to upscale that?Its anoying that its staying at the left of the screen.
  3. One more question; do you know how to unlock the 5th CG in the second page of Ricca's route CGs?
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  5. For a lot of old fans, this is Softhouse Chara's defining masterpiece... and with good reason. It has superb, complex gameplay that rewards careful forethought and strategic thinking and more than thirty unit types to play around with, running from common infantry to dragons. It also has a solid story with decent storytelling (though, true to Softhouse Chara form, it isn't the focus of the game). First, I should say that the first time I played this game, I seriously screwed up in my early unit choices and ran out of money halfway through. About the time Qoenis becomes available during the main story, I ran out of money and most of my 'normal' (generic) units were dead before I noticed. I managed to drag things out to the end and barely beat the game, but I can't say that I actually enjoyed the process all that much. As such, I never rated the game, because I came to the conclusion that at the level of Japanese I was reading, I wouldn't be able to master the battle system (also, I was doing it without the walkthrough). In this, my second playthrough, the first thing I did was purchase three supply units (the best healer units, in the shape of a horse and wagon) and concentrated on putting together a solid attack force for three full squads. This worked out far better than my previous playthrough, which was miserable, to say the least. This time, once I got access to Dungeon 2 and grind-maxed three full squads of units (including a Black Knight and two Dragons for the firepower for each) I was basically able to ream the rest of the units in the game (though I tended to rearrange things for lower costs during side-mission and ones that only needed two squads). In other words, i went around happily breaking the game balance in precisely the way I've done with every other Softhouse Chara game I played, lol. In any case, some comments on the story... I'll be straight with you. This game's story falls more than a little behind Eushully's Ikusa Megami series and most of its related games. The best parts of the story are during the formative stages and the epilogue, with most of the rest being consumed with raping heroines into loving (pfft) submission in a style reminiscent of Bunny Black. In fact, Darcs and Jin have almost identical personalities, which shouldn't surprise anyone, lol. I will say that the ending scenes were nice, in that they provided a short after-story for all the characters whose endings I'd fulfilled the conditions for. A lot of them made me rofl. Overall, it is easy to see why this game is a classic... depending on how you play it, you can either sit back and enjoy strategic battles where a single slip-up means ruin, or you can play it as an evil, overpowered, balance-broken overlord of the battlefield who knows not defeat. This is standard to SofthouseChara, since in most of their games, they've built a way to make the game easier into it, while making it difficult on the surface.
  6. Wait... so includes the 3 main games , all the short story games, an art book, bonus content?! HOT DAMN!
  7. Nice xd
  8. You can't give up! Don't lose your way
  9. I broke my S. Link with Atlus USA. I just don't care anymore.
  10. I think it's a bit early to give up but unless somebody picks VNR up it's basically dead in the water. I've still been using it fine until the servers went down but now much of the functionality is gone. The best part of of VNR was the dictionary. The dictionary fixed a lot of the common problems one would encounter while reading VN's. For those of us that aren't talented or patient enough to learn scripting and regex this was a godsend. It's unfortunate but I may have to go back to the shitty way of doing things which is ITH and TA. At least TA has been updated recently and remains functional.
  11. Be sure to watch this before she takes it down.
  13. Been having this issue too. Login fails, can't check for updates and trying to make edit to translation fails too. Guess it's a problem with the host. Anyone know a way to make edits to the translation locally (setting them as only "only for myself" doesn't help), it's annoying how some character names are wrong and you can't fix it. :\
  14. Stop spreading misinformation @ahan94. Mireado is not the "second admin" of sakuradite. He is just a very active member of the VNR community and the one who updates his own custom build of ITHVNR which is essentially the successor to the original tool since the original ITHVNR only used VNR's latest hooking engine and Mireado, now that VNR isn't updated anymore, implements his own hacks and hooks. But he is certainly not in any position to maintain the actual VNR application or the sakuradite website. In the blogtext you linked he only said that he tried to contact jichi-sama but he didn't get any response. Like everyone else who tried that. I'm astonished how out of touch with reality the VNR community apparently is, who refuses to accept the harsh truth which is really not that hard to figure out. Let's look at the facts again, shall we? jichi-sama is a highly motivated and talented individual, was updating VNR nearly every day and was also always online on sakuradite to chat with his community one year ago, he suddenly stops updating VNR, nobody has seen him ever since You can deny reality as much as you want, but don't tell people who are genuinely interested in VNR's fate to wait and raise their hopes... when there is no hope left and this chapter in the history of text hooking is already over. Just move on.
  15. None of the choices in Kajitsu mean anything CG wise, except the last choice in every route. These choices will lead to separate endings, that contain different CGs. The choices in the common route only show some slightly different, humoristic scenes. What is important, is to save at all the route choices.* The routes can be played in any order you please, as they are all separate stories leading to outcomes unrelated to one another. * These are choices that leads into a route, and you have to go back and choose the right ones to go into the routes you want. I recommend using a guide for this part, as it might not be totally obvious during some of the routes which is the "enter" and which is the "leave" route choice. In addition, the choices appear after one another, so let's say you want to play Yumiko's route, you have to navigate correctly through all the other heroine route choices to end up in her route.
  16. agreed with dreamysyu as amanes route has a bit of a reveal that has to do with yuuji but really, it doesnt matter what route you take first or last. just a preference. its up to you in the end.
  17. Fuck. Yes. It's here. The artbook in this is amazing. A4 sized book with nearly 200 pages of high quality lewdness (´・ω・)
  18. This route seems to be the most connected to the sequels. It's also (in my opinion) the best.
  19. I know that, I wanted to make a topic, maybe the colosseum of chatter is good, almost every one of topics here are shitposts anyway
  20. Does that route contain the strongest flashback? Your order surely suited the anime adaptation
  21. I'm pretty sure this VN doesn't have any hidden stories or CG. The author of the walkthrough might've thought that some route order provided more enjoyable overall experience than the others, so he listed it. I personally think that the order in this VN doesn't really matter, though I recommend leaving Amane route to the end.
  22. So long as you make all the choices, at some point, you'll unlock everything. The order doesn't matter.
  23. Did you mean that I'm free with the choices in the game? I feel like if I don't follow this order, some CGs or hidden stories would be blocked.
  24. Absolutely nothing. You are entirely free to make whichever choices you would prefer.
  25. Hi guys I am currently playing Fruit of Grisaia and I found out that there is an order for players to follow in the walkthrough. So what exactly will happen if I don't follow this order? Please give me some information, I would be very appreciated.
  26. You guys thought 2016 was over, didn't you?
  27. just wait
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