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  2. Trinoline Release

    Ok this game is huge, like in terms of file size. Fureraba is a VN of similar length and this is twice the size of that. It must be the animations or something lol This is also the first time a VN actually lagged for me, had to turn special effects etc off since it was using up more than 90% of my GPU and caused a slight delay in advancing text As for the VN itself, its pretty good. The MC is nothing like Hatsukoi's one, havent entered a route yet though.
  3. I guess they wont really announce anything big at Anime Boston
  4. Cool, still havent bothered to touch the FD though but will probably get around to it soon
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  6. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    you may like Code;Realize if you don't mind it being an otome.
  7. [Video Series] JP VN Guided Reading

    No native speakers might find it difficult to follow, but it's a great idea, good work!
  8. It's not Higurashi. It's a completely new game by the same author,and is technically considered the part of the same series (like Umineko), but will have only lose relations to the previous games. It isn't even released in Japan yet, it will be released in English simultaneously with the Japanese release.
  9. Well at least we are getting more Higurashi. I'm gonna read it when all of the chapters are released. I know it will be a while, but I have plenty of vns to keep me busy for now.
  10. wasn´t there a post from luneman saying they´re going to do inhouse translations themselves a few months ago?
  11. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Even though i read VNs for about 5 years, i've only re-read 1 VN, "Tokyo School Life", and it wasn't because the story was great, it was because i ended the VN when i was reaaally sleepy, i think i was over 90 hours awake back then, and when i finally slept, i forgot the whole plot, and for some reason i can't remember, i overwrote the save, so i played the whole VN again. i was sleepy, okay? I got used to never re-read anything because i never had time to do so, and now that i do have time, i'm used to "not re-read". Same for anime, i can count on my fingers the number of animes i did re-watch. (btw, i've got over 10k Episodes and 400 Finished Animes on my MAL, and i've yet to complete the list, so it's not like i have nothing good to re-watch.)
  12. NekoMiko

    I followed it exactly except I ignored the bad ending (no CGs with it so you can ignore it) and still have all CGs in Gallery and all Memories. Gallery is for the CGs and the Memory is for the H-scenes. Try going through it again but ignore the bad ending in the walkthrough guide and you shouldn't have a problem getting all CGs and Memories. I generally ignore bad endings if I can help it.
  13. I will buy the cat girl VNs if they get a physical release, otherwise I will skip them. As for the likelihood for a physical release for them I think the chances are quite low.
  14. Was expecting Lune >_> I highly doubt I would buy those two cat girl vns. they look big mehhhh
  15. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    I've reread Hakuoki when both parts of Shinkai came out on Steam... Or rather, I'm still rereading it, because I only read 1-3 routes every few months XD And I'm taking it so slowly precisely because it's just as good as I remember, so I don't want to rush or be done with it too early. As someone mentioned before, it really is like coming home to old friends (especially since it was my first VN). The fact that they've added 6 more character routes (one of which I was praying for ever since I've first read Hakuoki) makes it even better <3
  16. HoshiOri Discussion

    dont with soras route. didnt get as bored as much as marika one. this CG reminds me with this edit: it appears that i cant use the smart phone in after route
  17. Hey I'm new to this all decrypting business, but I have been trying to deal with .bcs files of RUNE games recently myself. The fact that there is a fan translation of one of their games gives me hope that my task is not insurmountable. But I have been hitting some bumps along the way. If you could link me to where I could download the original and the decrypted script of Hatsukoi I might be able to get a better understanding of whats going on there. Or at least narrow the possibilities.
  18. Script Extraction Thread

    Hey I'm new and I don't know if this is the most appropriate place to post this, but here goes. I have been trying to decrypt RUNE games. Their scenario files end with .BCS. I have searched through the internet, but don't seem to be able to find a decoder. When it comes to unpacking an archive there is no problems. Most tools are able to do it. The archives end with .g2 which as I understand are decoded with glib2. But basically GARbro can do it no problem. They also have their own image format .PGX. Which also GARbro can be used to understand it. But when it comes to scenario files I can't find anything. So I delved into the hex myself. I found several things there, but I don't seem to find a pattern to the first 5 u4 integers given at the start of the file. One of the problems is that the first int is bigger then the file itself. Which would imply some compression. And the last int seems to be always smaller than the file, except I have found exceptions where it is even bigger than the first int. I suspect it might be part of the actual file data. And when it comes to others ints. I have not been able to find a consistent pattern through all the files of how they are all linked. There always seems to be an exception to whatever file pattern I may find. The funny thing is even though it seems to be compressed I noticed that there was a lot of FF in the file. So I ran a xor(FF) and what I got almost makes sense. I can find glimpses of readable data. Commands, file names etc. But they always have some strange artifacts in the middle of them. Like an extra byte stuck in the middle of a word. Almost like the file is corrupted. Here is an example: 25 6E 6F 25 00 25 00 66 69 40 6C 65 6E 61 6D 00 65 0E 00 69 04 6E 66 0F 00 00 62 67 2F 62 67 00 30 00 31 61 2E 70 67 78 Without the nonsense it reads: no filename inf bg/bg01a.pgx... at least I think It's all encoded in shift-JIS. Similar stuff is in the rest of the file. Sometimes more obvious, sometimes less. I still have some ideas of what I might try next, but I feel I might be either, going in the wrong direction, or might face that I don't have the necessary knowledge to do it. So any info you can share would be appreciated.
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  20. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession I wish to harvest these souls
  21. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    What is there to call out? He just prefers MTL a bit too much, it's not like he's forcing his opinion on anyone. IMO following someone around on the forums and bugging them is pretty douchy. Like I mean, there ARE some annoyances with sagoaz, with searching by letter (titles that start with a small ょ character, numbers, or alternate furigana, and doujin games being seperate).
  22. Houkago no Futekikakusha

    I don't speak Chinese and am not sure if this helps you, but here is the snapshot of that page from when it was still available.
  23. Yeah sorry if I call out people who just use google translate to play games and complain Japanese sites being hard to use when all you just need to know is the basic Japanese alphabet.
  24. Houkago no Futekikakusha

    Does anyone have a working link for the Chinese patch? The link on VNDB doesn't work
  25. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    Oh yeah that's what was confusing. きゅう sounds are recorded under き, and same for the other "y" sounds. I just google as well, cause fk that Stop being a fucking prick and trumpeting your dumb clique on the forums.
  26. Windows 10 Shiny Days Fullscreen Freeze

    so i tried changing my desktops settings and play windowed that way. its not entirely ideal but its working so cant complain too much.
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