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  3. Happy April 1st, the patch for Beauty Kaleidoscope 2.5: The Girl You Were Once is out. Get it over on Daybreak Translations' website or on ours. Have fun with Haru. https://arcadeotic.wixsite.com/euphemictl/single-post/beauty-kaleidoscope-2-5-the-girl-you-were-once https://daybreaktl.wordpress.com/2023/03/31/april-update/
  4. Very cool. Thank you for this! A little off topic, does this Hexeditor method also work while finding what kind of engine other game built in?
  5. I realize the problem now, graph_bs folder is entirely missing. Reinstalling didn’t help, uninstalling and fresh install didn’t either.
  6. You can try the "Create archive" feature of GARbro. F3 is the shortcut.
  7. Hello I hope I’m posting in the correct spot. I am having a “graph_bs/CHR” error where the game is crashing right in the beginning. I don’t have a screenshot at the moment, but I’ll upload it if needed in a few minutes.
  8. Has anyone successfully extracted all of the dialogue/scripts from Sakura no Uta? I mean, obviously someone has, since there are patches. I can't seem to get it to work myself, though. I've done lots of googling and tried Garbro, BGIKit, arc unpacker, VNTranslationTools. Hell, I even tried stepping through VNTranslationTools with a debugger and it seemed that the disassembler was failing. Does anyone know the steps to get the untranslated scripts extracted or does someone have them on hand? If it entices you, I plan to use my limited GPT4 queries to slowly experiment with using it to translate the VN (I know this won't be anywhere near perfect given all the wordplay, but I'm just intrigued to try it).
  9. Welcome to Fuwanovel @Blue Lace Agate, and like the above said most of magical girl VNs has some NSFW element so it's kind of hard to find one without it (The closest one would be Sakura Moyu and even then it has some sex scenes). For the info Yuki Yuna also has VNs, but it seems the VN put mpre focus on daily life. Lastly sorry for the belated greeting, and I hope that you'll have fun in here.
  10. The interactive game continuation! https://www.patreon.com/posts/our-community-80822970
  11. That would imply a commitment they're not actually making. The idea behind crowdfunding is that you're funding a cause that's important to you, important enough to take a risk on. If you're an eroge fan backing an eroge localization project, it's kind of fundamental that the end product be an eroge. You can bet that the suits at corporate don't give a damn about making good on the vague suggestions some random staffer is making in an obscure Discord channel to a handful of Western fans across the globe--especially if they run into sexual themes issues with the Steam release. And if the patch that "appears" has technical or compatibility issues? They won't care about that either. Trust me: been there, done that.
  12. FwPC MH - Obviously it's the sequel of FwPC, and also the only two Precure series that manage to get the sequel. I know there's the announcement for both YPC5 and MGPC adult sequel, but it's another matter altogether. Obviously MH tell us more about Nagisa and Honoka now that they're in 9th grade in regard of what they'll doing after graduate from the junior high school, and while in the midst of it they got a new companion Hikari who can transform into Shiny Luminous (Although her ability is more of the support side even with her setting). Of course FwPC also need to deal with the enemies, in that FwPC will fight the group who want to revive the Dark King (The main villain). By the way, this is the last Precure series that was ever broadcasted in Indonesian television. Negima - While the manga ending has fair share of it's problem, the anime elevated it to a new degree thanks to the manga was still unfinished on the time anime was aired (Although maybe the staff decided to follow FMA 2003 example by being creative). Anyway Negima itself is initially just like Love Hina (Same author and all), although the author soon enough introduce a number of the plot element that he meant to write with Negima, namely that the author want to write something like shonen magic battle series only to have the higher up tell the author to make the same genre as Love Hina. Air - Obviously it's very faithful to the VN, although it's shorter than both Kyoani KEY adapted animation. Then again, maybe back then Kyoani was only given 12 episodes slot in order to test the water before being proved that it's quite successful. One thing to worth mention is that Kyoani make the cameo of Kanon's three heroines in one of the episodes, although whether it's to indirectly announced that they worked on Kanon 2006 or just to have it as Easter Egg I don't know. By the way out of all lengthy KEY VNs so far, AIR ending here can be said as the most bittersweet one thanks to a certain drama in the ending. That's all for what I can write in regard of Winter 2005 anime here.
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  14. Well, I can appreciate the fact that he is being transparent and honest with those who are interested.
  15. its just female and children, but yes im totally not bothering with those. Generally, I got my fighting/violent fix as a youngin and I just have 0 interest in anything related to action and fantasy fighting etc. Aside from that, I'm interested in any drama/nakige/heartwarming VN's, even ones that aren't incredibly popular or highly rated.
  16. It's not that hard to understand. He's saying that due to the cultural barrier, it's hard to communicate towards overseas fans. When they say, "They can't release an 18+ patch", overseas fans take that literally, while Japanese fans take that as "Someone will secretly release an 18+ patch later on." It's 建前 as they can't make an official announcement due to being scared of international pressure. Well up to you guys whether to take their word for it or not. Either way, I'm not really interested in this series nor in Kickstarters as I've been burned before.
  17. Thank you for replying on and old post. Ya, I am not into Chuuni stuff myself. I was curious because I happened to see the pic on an old anime.
  18. One of the Japanese members who may be a company employee said this in reference to the 18+ patch. "They can't say they develop it, but it doesn't mean they don't develop it." Guess we just have to wait and see. By the way, エイベックス is Avex who seem to be the current rights holder for Age.
  19. That message uses terms/slang I'm not familiar with. Is スペコミュ communicating [a game's] specs? エイベックス seems like the name of an entity, perhaps of a company or the pseudonym for a representative. Seems like he's fretting that overseas fans don't seem content with vague suggestions that funding the Kickstarter non-adult project might someday result in an adult release. Which, well, seems like a perfectly reasonable stance. Kickstarter projects often don't fulfill their stated commitments, much less their unstated ones. If they want buy-in from the eroge community, they're going to need to show a concrete commitment. They could always take a page from Ninetail's book: partner with an eroge publisher who will take responsibility for the adult release. After the ridiculousness between Sekai Project and GIGA, with GIGA appearing to actively block an adult release, it's hard to give JP companies the benefit of the doubt anymore. The problem is not that nuance isn't being communicated across the language barrier. It's them not showing commitment on a topic that's important to their Western fans, many of whom have gotten burned on this before.
  20. There are couple review links here
  21. Let’s play game! Answers tomorrow! https://www.patreon.com/posts/lets-play-little-80770455
  22. If so it was dropped a long time ago. Apparently there was supposed to be a reboot, but it never came to fruition. It seems like Kouki and the devs are doing this HD remake on their own.
  23. Apparently it is still in the planning stage and Kouki stated that it is for a Japanese release first. If it does well in Japan, then they plan to do an English release. As for the R18 patch, this was posted " ホント、𠮷スペコミュの海外メンバーには助けてもらってます! 海外ファンと国内ファンでは、前提や知識に差があるので、なかなかうまくニュアンスが伝わらないので、マジでコミュメンの神ムーブに感謝ですわ 例えば、 「一部上場企業のIP企業で、キックスターターとかだと18禁はだせない」って書くと、当たり前だけど「R18は絶対作らない」と理解される。 だから 「未来には全ての可能性がある」って、公式で発言できるギリギリの曖昧な表現の発言した。 これが日本人の感覚だと「発売後に、どこかのけしからん誰かさんが作ったエロパッチ当てることになるんだろうな~w」となるのが、 海外ファンだと「エイベックスはそれを認めるとは明言していない!」となる(汗。 この文脈の違いというか、ニュアンスの壁はかなり大変(汗。" The Devs are actively communicating with English speaking fans and taking ideas for kick starter rewards on Discord. You can check it out if you want.
  24. Greetings, dear forum. 5 years ago I released a game. It had many flaws. I couldn't pull it off - yet. Now I'm going to make it right. Windy Meadow - tales of 3 young people facing difficult choices, set in a village from the fantasy world of Roadwarden. Coming (very) soon. And you can add it to your wishlist on Steam! Over the span of this 3-hour game, you navigate 3 distinctive characters lost among complex relationships and difficult choices. Vena, the huntress, has an opportunity to take a lucrative job for the city merchants, and to leave her home for years to come. Before she decides what to do next, she needs to figure out her relationship with her over controlling father, and learn what it is that she truly wants from her life. Fabel, the storyteller, is struggling with a difficult past, and the limitations it puts on him as he tries to pursue his dream of becoming a bard. Before he makes his final decision, he needs to figure out what’s more important to him - trying to satisfy his audience, or staying true to his own passion. Iudicia, the herbalist, has agreed to marry a man she feels safe with, but whom she doesn’t love. Being an outsider her entire life, she now needs to decide if she’d rather sacrifice a part of herself to get closer to others, or embrace her anger and follow her instincts. Thanks to all sorts of updates across the board - from massive rewrites, new scenes, updated visuals, to the most basic UI redesigns - I’m convinced the game has truly leveled up as an experience. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. To me, reimagining an entire, old project is an exciting journey.
  25. Tsubasa Chronicles- Have to disagree that this was crap. For fans of xxxHolic and CCS it is a good anime. I loved it as a multiverse journey, myself.... Basilisk- High-quality animation, powerful combat scenes, ridiculous story. Trinity Blood- Excellent setting, sub-par protagonist, good action. Elementar Gerad- Shounen, middle-of-the-line quality, decent but no better than decent. Futaokoi Alternative- Weird series, somewhat humorous, thought the person who made the original material had to be high on crack.
  26. I am trying to use VNR to translate text in this novel, but it does not work, the translation box do not appear. The only thing that does work is "Select" option in OCR Menu, when you creating area of translation manually (Holding Shift and left Mouse button), but translation is ridiculously, ridiculously bad. I tried change Text encoding in text settings to those which are in other novels, with which VNR get along well, but still no result. I assume that problem is probably in H-code, but I am a complete noob with that, so if someone still use VNR and know it well and/or used it to translate specifically Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2, can you please help with that? Sorry and thanks in advance.
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