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  2. Notice the 3 way tie at 12th with the same score 328874 = (3)Nya Hanayo
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  4. Exciting news today, I'm happy to announce I have partnered with Sekai Project for this release! A poll is being held to decide which heroine will get their route shown before the demo release, I'd greatly appreciate your vote: http://tinyurl.com/zpjl6wu
  5. Wait i thought you're going for that specific number point?
  6. Hey, the xp3tools thing doesn't work on the xp3 files from the Nekopara series. Is there a specific tool I should be using for Nekopara xp3 files?
  7. Kotomi bro! Yeah!!
  8. a certain yume miru kusuri ending because that bitch didnt suffer enough
  9. false next person want to sing world's end in the world's end
  10. If people leave by their own hand then they should come back the same way, no one should have a granted invite waiting for them to finish their temper tantrum. We're not kids, rules are rules and no one is above them.

    To all of those who complain about having to follow simple rules to mantain order I'd like to simply remind them that we try our best to keep everyone happy and comfortable.



    And if you ever do consider coming back you'll just have to ask, that's all. Best of luck.





  11. Welcome to Fuwa, have a great time.
  12. Oh A i don't know what is EG's forum & B i don't know what EG's stands for in EG's forum anyway don't worry I'm not upset i understand completely it's OK :).
  13. Yesterday
  14. recruiting

    Good luck! Definitely one of the more interesting projects.
  15. I saw the same message on EG's forum and I thought you might be circling around VN communities so that's why I asked. I don't particularly care at all but it just made me curious xD
  16. Casual not even top 10
  17. I didn't like any of the endings to 11eyes except for the kikuji kikokugai also ended in a very lame and bad way and honestly hated the explanation for why the main antagonist did what he did.
  18. ...is That Asuka?
  19. I only play VNs adapted from anime, if they have incestuous pregnancy endings.
  20. I'll guess you were a bit ironic here, but mostly. When you have an IP you brought with money, you have less money to put into...Plot, art, music...etc, basically, you're not aiming at good quality material, you aim for cash-grab.
  21. "I will return(find you), wait for me" is the worst one. How many vn's with them? I dunno, countless, maybe? Jap's sure a love that ending. And i can't shelter from them even in no-drama comedy's. What a pain in a...
  22. Why they are bad? If they can't be used without source material, or having different genre - does that mean bad? Being rabu-rabu, doki-doki, chu-chu with fav characters - is priceless. Ah Kurisu, where are your moege with pregnant ending. I'll definitely would paid for this... Anyway, now i know that i shouldn't play psycho-pass, huh.
  23. I agree. I played LB on PSP though, so my experience might have varied some. Regardless though, I didn't like the ending. Could've been much better at the end.
  24. Well, other than Clannad (which I haven't finished btw, but saw the anime) we also have Little Busters, which also has a pretty shitty ending. It feels like Maeda just doesn't know how to end his stories. Well, recently I started to get a feeling that he doesn't even know how to write a proper story, without fully relying on 'feels'.
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