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  2. Most likely it is hard to get Lump of Sugar to say anything.
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  4. I apologize for such an unclear answer. I proofread your post again and noticed you talk only about the 18+ patch. Well, it's not like we can't ask them again for better info. Communication with Hikari is on a good way and they might send us a better answer. But it strongly depends on the confidentiality considering, they might also tell us that this is something that they/we can't announce yet. We will include this question in our weekly summary for them, so we just have to wait for the answer. I hope this answer does better, once more I apologize, Aki
  5. You are a bit out of subjet here, I trust you when you say that you do it for the sake of improvement, for fun and everything. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, what I was calling a "waste of time" was to "bring back this topic with them". When they say that 18+ doesn't concern their work, no matter how you look at it, it seems most likely a lost cause. But if think you can change their mind go ahead.
  6. @Kazami Yuiji Thanks a lot for the encouragement, that really means a lot to us To your question: Yes, our TLC ke-ke, who is currently working on Tsugumi's route. - Atom
  7. Both were great. Majikoi had a fun, giant cast of characters whom were all so fun yet insane. Chris is probably the most adorable thing in the world during her route, right there with Wanko. Fights were definitely fun so long as Momoyo wasn't involved (except in one or two cases) and I don't recall actually disliking any one character, only liking others a bit more. Kuki Hideo and his theme are a godsend. Only problem Majikoi has is that most routes that aren't for the main heroines don't really amount to anything but H-scenes. I was really hoping for a better Kokoro route. :C Grisaia on the other hand... I enjoy Yamato as a protagonist quite a bit. But Yuuji is on another level. A lot of the better comedy in Grisaia in my opinion is just when you're listening to his thoughts. His pondering about beans is the first thing that comes to mind. While not as big a cast as Majikoi, I didn't dislike any heroines at all. Yumiko was my least favorite, but she wasn't bad. The only problem was that some of the routes weren't so great. Sachi's in particular. But I understand that it is important to look both ways when crossing a road so I don't mind they used her route as a PSA. While the pacing did die down quite a bit, I preferred Amane's the most. I prefer Amane the most so maybe that's why? I would say that Grisaia is my preferred, but only by a little. Again, both were great.
  8. Fu** Yeeees, well its not gonna hapen for my birthday but at leats it is for in this year, thank you.
  9. Started The Silver Case (Silver Jinken) and... I'm not too impressed, for now. The game itself kind of stops or avoids all the tension and seriousness that I'm guessing we're meant to feel in these scenes and cases of murders, terror and mystery.
  10. Sugina Miki
  11. I mean as long as you're fine with washing machines I think you'll enjoy the VN. Haven't play any of the Zero Escape games so I am not sure what you're talking about, but Tsugumi is bae --- if my signature did not make that clear. And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, isn't that all that matters?
  12. Hurray I'm so excited for to read this VN, I can't believe I'm soon able to read this amazing VN
  13. Only proofreading to go my friend, and after I do a quick QC of the remaining routes, it really will happen
  14. Okay, as for the release date it was already announced a while ago (Thanks for making the thread though). As for my opinion, it's one of interesting VN to me here so of course I'd look forward to the release here. In fact, I'd watch the Kickstarter quite closely back at 2015 and always following the updates here albeit occasionally. As for the pee, I'll just try to tolerate it I guess. Other than that, from what I'd saw back when I tried this the scenes was quite short at least compared to the length of Libra itself (I'd just Ctrl it though, so it maybe not accurate here). Oh, and by the way it's quite interesting of Mikandi that they put the new opening for translated version.
  15. What really, What it's going to happen next?
  16. Dude, chill out. Just keep playing, the story isn't even over yet.
  17. Thank you for the responses! Yeah, it is hard nowadays with the flooded market but once I am locked in I am loyal . Time does play a matter though what they do within that time plays more of a role for me.
  18. I can't stand this way of making decisions... If I raise the MC's SSS rating during a decision... Is he going to be brave and jump into the fire?... or is he going to be wise and not jump in?... If someone is disagreeing with the MC but makes a good and rational point, will raising both the MC's and the person who's arguing's bar make the MC accept and admire that decision?.. Will raising only the arguer's bar and dropping the MC's make it so he ignores the arguer and makes a bad choice? Or does it mean he'll back down timidly? Same questions if I raise the MC's bar and drop the arguer's... >_< I'm all for trying something different but this system makes absolutely NO sense, no pun intended. ANYWAY, now that I've blown off some steam, the real reason why I'm here. I just got the good ending in the "After" story. I haven't even begun the "Before" story because a lot of people told me I should definitely do the "After" story first or I'll be spoiled a lot. The thing I'm confused about though, is that at the end of the "After" story in the good ending, it ends with a big cliff hanger... Doesn't the "Before" story take place BEFORE the "After" story, if that makes sense? In other words, am I not going to see what happens next in the "After" story"? It might sound silly, but if I get no more information about what happens next in the "After" story, then I really don't want to even bother playing "Before". Just in case your memory is fuzzy about what happens in the good ending of the "After" story, it ends with the MC and the young man he saved (and most likely shot?) locked inside area N, with the MC's squad mates and the researcher going nuts outside trying to kill him (I'm guessing due to the particles from the machine) and the young man's friend, a girl, slowly bleeding out somewhere (I've never seen her in the "After" story, though I'm sure she's in the "Before" story) Anyway, if it's left like that as a cliff hanger even after playing the "Before" story, I don't want to waste my time. Can someone tell me, without spoiling anything, if I DO get to find out what happens next from playing the "Before" story? Or if maybe I somehow missed more content in the "After" story? I can't believe they'd let the story end like that..
  19. I'm not really sure what Astro was smoking when he posted on the wordpress site that Anzu's route was 50% complete. When I picked it up I found it to be about 15% complete, so I've come to give an update only to find that it looks like bad news when it's actually good news. But then it really doesn't matter, a project making forward progress is better at any percentage than one stalled. Progress update: Anzu's route is now 1/3 complete.
  20. I remember how chill they were - the rep they had posting here from time to time seemed pretty decent too. Was disappointed when I found out there was no route for Iris, but w/e, still seemed worth backing. Just glad they more or less kept their initial timeframe.
  21. Then I would definitely say Amane from Grisaia. The Rei route from Snow Sakura is along those lines as well. Albeit it's an older VN. I'm assuming you've played Majikoi because there is a bevvy of fits for you there. Fate Stay/Night is built on strong-willed female leads. Although how the VN is assembled is a bit different than your average VN. All i can think of atm. Best of luck.
  22. I'll be honest the h-scene content of pee is not my thing. I mainly backed this to support the company's well run kickstarter and them being new...hoping the game is still enjoyable if I fast forward through the pee scenes though.
  23. I don't know how can you call it a "waste of time".You never got in touch with them, we are in direct contact with the head of the Tayutama project in Hikari Field. We are doing this to improve the translation as much as possible, we are doing it for the English (western) community and you really write something such demotivating like this? I hope you didn't mean it seriously. We volunteered to them and they accepted out help. We are not doing this for money. We are doing this for fun, for improving our languages skills (except Higgins, he is an American) and also for obtaining some experience in this. And if they were really ignoring us they wouldn't update the English website which Higgins corrected for them, they would never allowed us to post in their behalf here and also they would never kept in touch with us in the 1st place. What is between Hikari and LoS DOES NOT concern us. We just care about making the translation as best as possible. Regarding the 18+ patch: It WAS NOT Hikari who released the 18+ patch in China, but a different company did (I apologize for the wrong information earlier). That might be the reason for them to tell us that it's not their concern, because it wasn't their concern even in China, 18+ patch is something different than just a translation project. So, no... We are NOT being used and the cooperation is profitable for both sides. For them it's maybe money, but for us it's experience and possibility to became an official translation group. If there is something else you want to know or suggest, just feel free to comment further. Thank you, Aki
  24. Progress update: Graphic editing/uncensoring is now 100% complete courtesy of @Blake. Ruu \o/
  25. Granted, I don't have much experience with VNs, but Steins;Gate is one I really like. It looks fantastic (especially on a big screen) and it also looks like nothing else I've seen. The "dots" for example, really pop and add character to the art. I also really like the style of the backgrounds, though I don't know how to describe it. It seems kind of run-down in a lot of places, but not in a "neglected" or "broken" way - more in a "lived in" type of way.
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