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  3. Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to Fuwanovel. Enjoy your stay, and have fun.
  4. Hi Everyone,

    hello, and welcome to fuwa!
  5. Favorite protagonist?

    Probably Rengo from Extravaganza. I've always liked characters who are through-and-through delinquents, and not the generic high school trouble maker.
  6. Spring Anime of 2018

    Funny how you claim I can't read yet you're bringing into the discussion a medium that wasn't overtly mentioned. You must be one of those people who watches a movie and goes "Eh, the book was better". I never said anything about the anime being good, I simply said that you likely won't enjoy it if you don't enjoy the shock deaths, and such. The manga has nothing to do with this. Say it one more time, they say third times the charm.
  7. Hi Everyone,

    Hi Everyone, I really can't explain when I started playing VNs (Galaxy Angel is considered a VN according to VNDB), but my first true VN was in 2010. I've been on and off with VNs ever since and haven't been deeply into until recently as of 2017. I moved to VNs from light novels after being disappointed with how authors choose to end their story (Happened multiple times). I am not sure how I found this website, but I guess it's the result of browsing too much online. I usually like looking for more information and resources on the VN titles that I have started playing since 2017 and it's always impossible to find. I play a mix of localized and in-localized titles and you can find some of my current lineup on my YouTube channel. I would like to increase my intake of VNs, but I'm busy as a student in the teaching credential program. I also need to increase my rate of MIDI production as well. But anyways, nice to meet you.
  8. Today
  9. VNS like HunniePop or Booty Calls?

    Oh hey. @Strike105X Thanks for the suggestions guys, but she doesn't really want to do a lot of reading, as the ones I mentioned she likes smut + gameplay, not so much the reading. Not even talking about hentai here, just ecchi / smutty.
  10. What are you playing?

    Just finished this route a few minutes ago and wow... I wanted to jump straight into the Haruka route (really wondering how things will go there) but now I feel like I need to take a break and collect myself for a bit... It... Yeah it's rough...
  11. What are you playing?

    You's route finished (well, at least the good ending). Man, I need some sleep Now onto Sara. Then I guess I'll go through the bad endings and finally, finally the true route to give some relief to this headache PS: Lol the pen scene.
  12. Today is my birthday

    Meta: Bernkastel Rokkenjima: Eva JUST SAYING
  13. Today is my birthday

    I MADE IT IN TIME! Good (bad? I don't know) thing I'm not in Japan! Happy birthday, Silvz! *insert imaginary emote with your fav Umineko character!*
  14. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    I’m super staticky or something, so I fry computer parts even wearing a static strap plugged into the ground (I know it works because my dad used it when he worked on Telecommunications equipment) while naked and touching metal pipes with my foot. My friends don’t let me near their computers. Because of this I get other people to build my computers for me. For my most recent one (about six years ago), I got lazy and bought a pre-built Asus gaming rig figuring Asus could be trusted to make good computers. It arrived with a French Canadian keyboard (yes, that’s a thing. No, I didn’t know that until this machine either). Then three days after I got it, it would just endlessly reboot and the restore partition wouldn’t work. So I sent it back to Asus demanding a refund. They sent it back to me repaired saying they don’t offer refunds. Within a couple of weeks the Ethernet card wouldn’t work every second boot, so I have disable and re-enable it in device manager. The mouse will also not work on boot up once or twice a month. When Windows 8.1 came out it would get part way through the installation before telling me I don’t have a genuine copy of Windows. So either something is incompatible, or Asus put a fake copy of Windows 8 on it... Because of this I can’t upgrade to Windows 10 even if I wanted to. Oh yeah, and the surround sounds speakers I’ve used on computers with no problem for 15 years go *pop* and only have sound come out of the centre speaker if I don’t turn them off before I start a YouTube vid or if I listen to voices in certain VNs or games.
  15. Today is my birthday

    I think in Japan it is already the 22nd, but yeah, I still have one our and 10 minutes
  16. Today is my birthday

    Happy almost belated birthday Silv. Or is it belated after all... Nope. None of Brazil’s time zones are tomorrow yet. I’m good.
  17. Great Game Music

    Recently like to hear Bloody Destiny from Persona 1 PSP, so I'll share it here. Enjoy.
  18. Today is my birthday

    Silvz's* Aproveita e vem me dar um abraço
  19. Yesterday
  20. Favorite protagonist?

    Oh. I feel like an idiot now.
  21. Favorite protagonist?

    Gonna be hard for anyone to top Yuuji in my opinion. Though Okabe might (but I havn't personally played Steins Gate yet). Shoutout to Aoi from IMHHW, for not being the brooding, borderline anti-social protag most VN protags are (still somewhat dense when it comes to girls though xD).
  22. Favorite protagonist?

    [tendou setsuna from tokyo babel] Nanomachines man...NANOMACHINES . Don't really have favourites though, liked a bunch of these protags for different reasons. Tesla, Okabe, Yuuji etc.
  23. Favorite protagonist?

    Katawa Shoujo's Hisao, of course. Also VA-11 HALL-A's Jill. At this point I think I love Jill more than I love Hisao. But I voted for Shirou because fuck Yuuji.
  24. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    I have this horrible little bug in my unity game where my files sometimes save with the wrong encoding format, and I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it. I've been living with this horrible, little bug for almost 1.5 months now. I'm still waiting for it to die *sobs*
  25. Favorite protagonist?

    TAKUMI-CHAN from Chaos;Head. "A second-year high school student that lives like a hikikomori in a metal container and spends most of his time playing games."
  26. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    oh wow I totally lowballed some line counts then.
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