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  2. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    You've read my thoughts
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  4. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    you may die waiting, since the company that did the ps2/ps3 patches is now bankrupt. And I doubt any company will want to dub this game, as it has way, way too many characters besides the main ones. The art in Ciconia is way better than Higurashi and Umineko, speacially in the coloring department.
  5. Hi!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel. As for your VN project here, I have no much to say other than good luck on it. I hope you'll enjoy yourself here.
  6. I see that Nakura Reiji is still like dramatic writing for his stories there like back at Deardrops. Also out of those three routes, I still think that Minamo's route here is probably the realistic one (Quite ironic seeing that she have same VA as Rimu and I did criticize Rimu's route). While for Yuri's route, let's just treat it as a very overblown Soap Opera with Nakura was (Probably) in a deep depression when he wrote it and he's just cured when he about to write on how he should resolve Yuri's situation, and actually it remind me of some Indonesian soap opera very much (Some evil man/woman are always have sudden heel face turn after some big thing happened (Usually by accident/arrest/sickness)). For the grand twist perhaps weird might be a right word to it, although it might be fit for the author considering that he probably have some cynical view in love and that he's (Presumeably) in depression because of (Probably) love problem.
  7. think i found a translator in the wild

    I'm not quite interested with femdom nukige here, but if he like it then it's okay (He even admit that hectranslate femdom VN for fun).
  8. What are you playing?

    Play Rhapsody, and let me try to summarize the gameplay that people think as controversial. 1. I did find that the rune level up system is like anti-grinding trope in order to prevent overpowered parties just like level caps at Kamidori, although they also add lock in the rune slot that have similar function though in which it's pretty much almost useless considering that rune is very scarce (Only available from certain monsters and maps first clear reward). I only play up to Chapter 4 beginning though and I'd hear that it'll be even harder, so perhaps I should be prepared for that. 2. While the magic and skill did use the same mana meter that was used to summoning allies, I think it's not much trouble if we equip '-1 mana cost to cast' medal to caster (ie Patra). So far I never have any mana shortage, seeing that you can just collect the crystal that the enemies drop and you'll always gain 1 mana/blue Sacred Camp (So you should control as much as Sacred Camp if you want to collect mana to cast the spell, which honestly easier said than done), and more importantly using cheap spell (ie less than 4 mana cost). Of course there's stronger spell that consume more mana, but for easier map you should just equip cheap spell. Speaking about mana meter, I did find that the characters limit break is quite inefficient considering that it need 30 mana to cast (Granted the power is very big, but still). 3. For medals barter, yeah it's not so good change here seeing that we don't know which medals that we wouldn't use anymore, and that the barter price is twice the cost (For the info, you need to give your spare medals in order to get the new medal). I think I only have complain on this one for now. I guess that's all for what I can write about Rhapsody here, and to conclude I would say that the translation is acceptable to me while for the gameplay is mostly fine to me except for the medals barter (Oh and no healing through potion like Kamidori, although in exchange it'll force you to play smart). I'll try to write more about Rhapsody later.
  9. You can always try both of Soukoku no Arterial and Madou Koukaku if you've desperate, but better not seeing that the narration patch for those two are incomprehensible to understand (I only remember that Madou Koukaku was have slightly (Emphasis on slightly) better translation compared to Arterial. Lastly there's Kozukuri Banchou, although the gameplay is not usual Eushully one though (Don't worry about the translation, because this one is properly translated by Aroduc who also Kamidori's translator). Feel free to try those if you want more Eushully VNs, but beware of Madou Koukaku and Arterial incomprehensible translation, moreso if you didn't understand some general Japanese spoken words. PS - By the way you better just don't ask the team to translate another VN, because usually the translator have their own business and personal preferrence (Not to mention that usually it would take a very long time to complete).
  10. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    People do, but I guess no one dare since usually people get lectured when they ask for update so rest assured
  11. Hi!

    We absolutely LOVE those!
  12. Hi!

    Thank you for the Oxford comma.
  13. Hi!

    Ahhh...... but it waits to do that until the end, and this VN is connected to 'Through the Gates of the Silver Key' , which itself did some of those infodumps and explained mythos elements, for the first time in the history of Lovecraft's writing It's meant to combine the two sides of that coin - dread and explanation of the Universe... a bit more of the Science Fiction aspect of things. Then at the very end with what you find out about the narrator (Lynthenea) and the person she's talking to, it kind of flips things into sadistic horror mode. We were initially going to have a guest cameo by Randolph Carter himself but didn't want to derail the storyline from Caleeca. Thanks for the welcome!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi!

    Well, this thread went places. Anyway, welcome to Fuwa! I'm just finishing Lyn;Lin and I like what it was going for at first, but... Why the infodumps? That's not how lovecraftian horror works. The moment the game starts explaining everything through plain narration, all the tension and mystery evaporates from it. :C
  15. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    Won't read it until the art is better and it has voices. After the raging success of the previous series there is no excuse for this poor, yet expensive release.
  16. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Greetings, New free texture images ready on these pages: TXR – Abstract https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ TXR – Abstract - Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract-cartoon/ TXR – Bark - Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-bark-seamless/ Don’t forget to check out my 2000+ music and sound effects tracks, too. Have a great weekend!
  17. Roadwarden looks much better now, all thanks to the new font. : ) The text has more space to breathe, the letters have more personality, and thanks to the serifs, it’s going to be easier to keep track of the lines you read. Everybody wins. Other changes were introduced as well, such as the new addition to the inventory screen - when you now point at any icon, the item’s name is instantly displayed, so you don’t have to click anything if you try to quickly find something in your equipment. I currently write dialogues, quests and stores for the game’s largest area, it’s quite exhausting, and I try to avoid spoilers. : P However, you can expect more posts very soon.
  18. Hi!

    The closest other story that lyn;lin is related to isn't even a visual novel, it's 'Through the Gates of the Silver Key' by HP Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price and even brings back elements from Randolph Carter's meeting of Yog-Sothoth in that story Other influences are the old 'Twilight Zone' Tv Show, Junji Ito, and Stephen King. Visual Influences are heavily influenced by 1980s Body Horror Stuff like John Carpenter's 'The Thing', films like 'From Beyond' and 'Society', etc. so we're kinda coming from a waaaaaaaaaay different direction than most creators I think! I don't know if that's good or bad.
  19. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    Raging Loop is my best VN for 2019
  20. Hi!

    I thought the VN reference I was referring to was obvious so I just left it like that. As for actual thoughts: It's a weird mix of being schlocky and sort-of-embracing it and being full serious in the sequence where the viewpoint character is transported and given all that delicious knowledge. I don't entirely dislike it but there is some whiplash between the two modes. There is some buildup of horror tension, but like many short duration horror stories it kind of feels a bit overly accelerated. I guess it could have been much worse though. Like basically all EVNs that aren't Actual Sunlight the prose could be edited to read better. Including, but certainly not limited to, basic errors like an uncapitalized "i" in a section that didn't seem like it should be fucked up textually. The listing of edgy verbs and nouns in one part feels a bit juvenile and honestly badly done; it doesn't really confer anything scary it just looks like someone tried writing down all the edgy words they could think of in no particular order. I guess you can argue that was on purpose as an issue with the viewpoint character's mindset but it was still unengaging. I would probably want to revamp this section with a few less gorey and more cosmic scares mixed in and the structure changed to be a bit more than just one unconnected word after the other. It doesn't remind me of Saya or anything else much; maybe other cosmic horror stories for the part where the viewpoint character is transported to the entity. Well, the start reminds me of more than one equally schlocky horror thing, I guess, lol.
  21. Hi!

    Go ahead and spoil it! Just push the spoiler button! I'm curious what you thought. We've gotten some comparisons to a certain unique VN (ahem....S N U) and also mentions of (M B) and another one.
  22. Hi!

    Okay that was pretty entertaining I'm not sure how I feel about spoiling [well known visual novel] just for a joke, though I guess a lot of people including me will have played it lol You certainly have a unique style if nothing else lol
  23. Hi!

    Thank you! I'm uploading a *hopefully* corrected version as we speak. Let me know how you like the ending.
  24. Hi!

    After loading a save it worked this time? the hell Edit: I can reproduce the bug(?) easily by starting from the beginning. The transition only works if I load a save, which also makes a background image white where it would show a picture otherwise Edit 2: the save has to be close to the crash point to stop the bug from occurring as well. Edit 3: whoa these are some naughty hung processes
  25. Hi!

    Okay so what happens for me is, the black screen at ~15:50 in the video never ends; it doesn't proceed to the next image, the settings cogwheel does nothing when clicked either. I guess the VN just hangs for me then? lol tyranobuilder
  26. Hi!

    Here's a let's play:
  27. Hi!

    The second one (lyn;lin) loops back to the title screen after the credits?
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