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  2. Hey, everyone! So for this month I managed to (almost) complete one of the remaining story paths on Sayori's original Alter storyline, where Kyou gives in to temptation towards the end, and included a new CG for the fun part of this path. To get to the new writing, begin Sayori's Alter storyline and make sure she leaves Kyou's house as Sayori, and then accept Nozomi's offer of help when she makes it. Like always you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions on my SubscribeStar, Patreon or itch.io pages. I've also linked the most recent flowchart guide on the latest public news post on SubscribeStar. For next month, I intend to finish writing the ending here, and then start work on something that might be a little more fun~ Stay tuned! What's New WRITING: A new ending written for the Sayori Alter path, but for a short outline for the final momentsART: A couple of rooftop scenes from the Delusion storyline have been converted to use the CG assetsWord count is now around 423,000LOCALIZATION: Various edits and corrections to the existing Spanish scriptSome typo and grammar corrections
  3. Hello, I have a VN that ported to kirikiroid2. The ported version doesnt has .EXE while the original raw version has it. So, I was working with fan translation on android kirikiroid2 ver. and want to make it PC version. How can I make a file .EXE so that the game will run on PC ? Thanks, sorry for bad english.
  4. Maybe I'm just made of stone, but Hapymaher didn't really make me emotional almost at all, but I can definitely see how it could make a lot of people emotional, so I'll add a bit to the review to warn people since it does also have the Nakige tag on VNDB at 2.0. I do feel that the normal end at least actually added something to the story. Bad end was pretty ignorable though. But I'm a completionist through and through. I'll clarify that a bit as well as a few other things I caught after rereading my review / thinking on Hapymaher a bit more. Thanks for your comment Clephas!
  5. Which version on that list do you think you are using? There are download, package, and repackage versions listed.
  6. There are quite a few releases listed on vndb.org I tested translating the original one with 2 CDs. Maybe they changed the game engine at some point? I will look into the newer DVD version. No ETA though.
  7. Hapymaher's is a nakige, by genre, a game where the entire point of the story is to make you cry. The mystery elements are secondary. The most impressive parts of this VN besides the quality of the feels are the quality of the soundtrack and the genius with which it is utilized. To be blunt, there literally haven't been any VNs since it that have had such an excellent soundtrack that was also used so perfectly. The character designs are also unique and high-quality, if a bit overly influenced by Alice in Wonderland. As for routes, Yayoi's, Saki's, and Keiko's routes are interchangeable for order, so there isn't really a recommended order for them, at least in my experience. It is pretty much required that Alice's path be right before the true end, though. It is possible not to do the normal or bad end at all if you don't want to.
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  9. Hapymaher is an interesting read. It's a multi-route mystery with some really entertaining comedy bits throughout. Many people have called it a nakige, and I can definitely see where it could make a lot of people emotional, but it didn't really make me emotional almost at all. I think personally I may have just been distracted by trying to figure out what was going on at any given point in time to get emotional, so YMMV. Some parts are stronger than others, but overall it tells an entertaining story that manages to draw the reader in at various points, even if the major parts are foreshadowed well in advance. Overall I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys a multi-route mystery or just a well told story. Systems in this VN are pretty standard. I do like to call out that they do let you do custom mapping of buttons, which is incredibly useful for me as I prefer using space bar over enter to advance text. BGM is pretty unique in that it doesn't just blend in and felt like it was actually adding something to the story rather than simply being there, as well as being memorable. I do feel that the BGM is probably in my top 5 or so and I feel like I will actually remember it for quite a while, which can't be said for most VN BGM's for me. The story is pretty obviously influenced by Alice in Wonderland, right down to the character designs. Characters are pretty straightforward but cute and memorable. Character designs are pretty good, my favorite among the Purple Software games at least. There's Yayoi, the upperclassman who acts as a sort-of advisor to the MC, Saki, the childhood friend / sister who enjoys tormenting the MC, Keiko, the underclassman who is stubborn and standoffish. Alice, the naive, energetic, sort of mysterious girl, and Maia the sadistic younger sister. There's also some support cast that are entertaining in their own ways. I personally found all the characters entertaining to different levels. I found Saki to be particularly adorable throughout the story. Yayoi was also fun - and is voiced by my favorite VA Kazane. Keiko I found to be a bit of a one note character personally. I won't go into details regarding the routes as they would be full of spoilers, but they were interesting and shared quite a bit of story between them with entirely different last chapters (8 chapters in the VN in total with a few intermissions). I found all the routes to be entertaining in their own ways, there were some emotional high - and low - points in the stories that are designed fairly well to get you involved in each heroine's individual history and story moving forward. I particularly enjoyed Yayoi's route personally, as it was the most relatable to myself, but I feel most people would probably enjoy Saki's route (among the three main heroines) the most. I liked Keiko's route less than the others, but that's probably partially because I was less of a fan of her character as she felt somewhat one note at times. In total there were 8 endings if you include the bad end, normal end, each heroine's route, and 1 true end at the very end of everything. Because of the shared scenes, each route you play through takes less time than the route before it (in most cases). Due to the nature of the mystery and shared scenes, if you're a completionist like I am, I think it's best to follow a recommended route order of Bad End > Yayoi > Keiko > Saki > Maia > Normal End > Alice > True End - although both the bad end and normal end are completely skippable and Yayoi/Saki/Keiko can technically be done in any order. I do think the normal end adds to the story, while the bad end won't be missed except by completionists like myself. My argument for the order of Yayoi > Keiko > Saki is so that you slowly find out more information without seeing it in a weird order and possibly getting confused, as I feel Saki's route has the most useful information in it (at least in my opinion). The order I followed was actually Yayoi / Saki / Keiko and I feel that Keiko's route then dragged a bit as I felt I already had most of the information necessary to keep moving forward. Ultimately I'd recommend Hapymaher to most readers, especially those who enjoy a well told story, multi-route mysteries, or a subdued nakige, especially if you're a fan of a mix of them. The BGM and systems were particularly strong suits in my opinion. Characters and routes themselves were solid without any obvious weaknesses or anything to complain about.
  10. Crime Rhyme does not require any special handling for the script files. Extract the script files using Garbro-mod into a folder called scripts. Edit the shift-jis scripts.dsf and then run the game. Crime Rhyme also does not seem to be a kirikiri game. It does not have any .xp3 files at the root and the scripts are in not in a format I have seen before. Are you sure you are linking to the right VN? Or are you able to change text the same way I was able to?
  11. Today, I am going to start reading Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim. Since my post from nearly 2 weeks ago, I finished both Mashiro-iro Symphony -Sana Edition- and NEKO-NIN exHeart. Sana Edition is a great addition to the original Mashiro-iro Symphony. It may take a long time before Sana and Shingo become a couple, but it makes the moments after the confession worth it. This is a really good romance VN. As for NEKO-NIN exHeart, I would just say that it is decent. The characters are unmemorable but likeable, the art is good, and the music is acceptable. The story is just ninja catgirl antics and Haruki slowly warming up to them. Even though I am just following Haruki's daily life, the story never makes me forget that it is building up to something. And most of the plot being slice of life makes everything that happens near the end of the story stand out more. Also, I was a little moved by some of the scenes Haruki has with Yura and/or Tama. Someday, I will read the other VNs in this series.
  12. Update 1.1.0_EA is now available, this update brings the English translation without native fixes. Lately I've been asked about the status of the translation, so while the translation is being fixed I decided to publish this fix. First of all, the translation was created by Suki and corrected by MaryZ and is being corrected to native by Claire (NoraNekoGames) so thank you very much for doing the translation! The next patch will include the English language corrections that are pending. List of changes added English language added new GUI added archivements code optimization game engine update to R8.2.2 Note about the Japanese translation: The translation has errors, however, corrections will be paused until a proper translation can be made. My Japanese is not very good and I still have a lot to learn, it took me 5 years to get the basics and I still struggle to express myself in Japanese. The dictionary did not help me well to do the translation, so I hope in the future to find someone to translate from English to Japanese, but for the time being the corrections for the Japanese translation will be paused. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1299800
  13. While I was waiting for a response, I found a way to make the game run its scripts from an extracted state/form. To do this, you need to extract the scripts into the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\DigitalCute\ttf\ttf\scripts" and move the "scripts.bin" file itself to a different location.
  14. I wanted to translate this vn, so to get things started I tried using Krkrextract, which works out for just about every kirkiri game, but this time, it didn't even identify the process as kirikiri. Then I used GarBro to decrypt and extract the contents of the scenario folder, and tried repacking it with the same encryption method, just to make sure it would work, but when I tried playing the vn, this error popped up: Then I used Translator++ to create an xp3 file, which resulted in this error: And now I'm completely lost as to how to pack the translated files after the translation is done Any help would be appreciated
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  16. Hmm...after using GARBro (Game Resource Browser) to browse the scripts.bin you provided...ah this is the script from "Tincle ★ Twinkle Festival!" I see! Very nice! Are you planning on translating it or just trying to read the scripts for eaiser time to play? Either way let me help! In GARBro, It says that the scripts.bin is a DxLib Engine Resource Archive (Though the game was made in Pix Studio so I guess it uses DXLib which is Interesting!). I don't know anything about DxLib but I believe they're tools to archive it, GARBro is able to extract the scripts.bin so if you want that you can get it here: https://github.com/crskycode/GARbro (I'm using a forked version of GARBro as this is more active and up-to-date) Extract and Open GARBro once done, then either open or browse to the folder where your scripts.bin is and you can either open it to browse the script files or choose to extract it! (When extracting, make sure to tick off "Extract Images" and "Extract Audio" as they're no such files within the scripts.bin and it'll not properly extract them!) As for archiving the scripts back together well...I saw a tool called "DxaEncode" but I don't know if it's the right program to do it or if there's something better/different needed to archive it, give it a try though as you can find instructions and the DL link under "DXLibary" here: https://lenen.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Game_Tools_and_Modifications Hope this helps, your welcome and see ya!
  17. Currently reading Hapymaher - it's a lot better than I expected from its premise / summary on VNDB. Since my last post I've read: Crescendo (technically a reread since I read it 20+ years ago, posted a review of it here), Canvas 2, Yandere, Aikagi and Aikagi After days (Fandisc), Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu, Kanojo no Seiiki, and Cerulean Days. I'd recommend Crescendo to nakige / moege fans, Canvas 2 and the Aikagi's to moege fans although Aikagi is pure SoL fluff. Cerulean Days is a pretty good EVN that could've done a lot more with its premise but is still a serviceable mystery-sort of. Yandere - if you don't mind some pretty dark stuff - is so bad that it's funny at times, but it is pretty terrible don't get me wrong. And Tenshi no Inai is both interesting and has the most insufferable MC in a VN I've read recently. Leaf really has the craziest range in their development portfolio.
  18. Welcome to Fuwanovel! It's nice that we have many artists joining the forum. There's not much else to add except that I hope you have a great time here.
  19. Nalaris Night Of Clashing Souls, the title of the monster girl visual novel our team (unnamed for the moment) is currently developing (early in development) TITLE SCREEN (WIP) This monster girl visual novel shares the tales of two monsters: WARNING, THERE'S SOME SPOILERS AHEAD! -ALYSS THE CENTAUR KNIGHT- (Character images taken from the overall outlook provided by the artist, character models could be modified slightly) Alyss is a knight who retired after the past war that took place on Nalaris. On a fateful night, Alyss encounters her best friend and previous war companion "Dastian" the triclops in a very delicate state and provides help. During her retirement, Alyss spent her days peacefully at home working as a tailor/dressmaker, and before the war started, her parents were against her desire to become a soldier, explaing the reason being that they were worried about her life/safety (her parents were also against her becoming a tailor/dressmaker) The inspiration/desire to become a soldier was born because of someone who she had a deep bond with during her childhood. Since she became a knight and after the war, Alyss relationship with her family became ill/nonexistant and never recovered from that point onwards, because as long as the path she chose in life opposed what her family wanted her to become, she was never going to be loved and or accepted. However, she wasn't alone after the war, Alyss usually spent a very important portion of her life with her best friend "Dastian" Many events unfold after she meets up with Dastian and finds up what happened to him. Alyss then finds herself out of retirement and on a quest to investigate a portal whose wherabouts are unknown. This portal was opened on an mysterious world called "Earth" She is 210 years old (Aproximately 21 years old in human years), and a vegetarian. This centaur is an extremely fast fighter who's phenomenal at dodging/parrying and chaining attacks in quick succession but she has slightly a below average endurance and strength, a fast all rounder as a knight. Her magical element is "Thunder". Thunder is very strong against water magic, wind magic, airborne creatures, dark creatures but, it's weak to earth magic (Alyss is decent with magic) The weapon she uses is a custom made shielded/spiked staff (The symbol on the shield represents centaurian knights as a whole) -DASTIAN THE TRICLOPS WARRIOR- Dastian, a very serious but passionate triclops warrior with a burning heart. Retired from being a soldier years ago and often visited/was visited by Alyss time after the war had concluded. He continued being a blacksmith after the war. (Dastian learned blacksmithing during the war and that became one of the many things he became passionate about). However, his life and mental state deteriorated as time passed. Time flew by and Dastian visited his centaur friend less and less, sometimes even rejecting visits from Alyss herself, the situation came to a point where both friends lost contact with each other for years. One day a catastrophic event happens and Dastian ends in an extremely bad state (Both mentally and physically), he's then found by Alyss shortly after said event takes place. With a very complicated family, past, present and a very uncertain future, Dastian has to face the strongest enemy he's fought against so far once again..."himself". Can Alyss friendship open up a new path for him walk? (Less info is shared about Dastian in comparison to Alyss because being too specific about his past/present could raise inmense spoilers) He's 5000 years old (Aproximately 25 years old in human years. Triclops, ciclops and ogre/beast variants age at an extremely slow rate, some age so slowly that they may look as if they're inmortal, also, triclops develop an adult appearance at a very early age, they are also extremely resistant/almost inmune to sickness/ilness/weakening magic) As a warrior, Dastian endurance is second to none, and he's supremely strong, so strong that he's feared by many, and those who fear Dastian don't even dare to engage him in battle due to his known physical prowess. Dastian however, has below average speed, he's a slow but incredibly strong/resistant warrior. His magical element is Earth (Though Dastian is more versed at hand to hand combat and isn't very experienced when it comes to casting spells or using any kind of magical powers). Earth is strong against thunder and poison but weak against ice, fire, water and wind (four of the most important elemental magical powers) The weapon he uses are the fighter's gauntlet's (His armor is an original model he crafted that mainly provides high endurance to magic, Dastian doesn't like wearing helmets) SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/NalarisNOCS/ Devianart: https://www.deviantart.com/nalarisnocs Yotube (for music): https://www.youtube.com/@NalarisNightOfClashingSouls Patreon (For some extra content, early access to content, uncensored content, etc) : https://www.patreon.com/NalarisNightOfClashingSouls THAT WOULD BE ALL FOR NOW! THANK YOU FOR READING! WE WILL KEEP THIS UPDATED!
  20. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for be very late here. As for the title, I'll tell it at PS below. Anyway, as we know we have AX several days ago, and as for the announcements let's just say that it's still quite lukewarm even though I knew I shouldn't expect much more of it anyway. That said, there are some interesting highlight when it come to this year AX, so at least it's still quite noteworthy to a degree. Overall, this week is an almost interesting one thanks to AX, and let's see what I can write in regard of it. Before going to AX announcements, let me write the updates for this week. First of all, we have the company plan to release Knight Case File sometimes in this year, so feel free to note the release time in case you want to play it. For fan translation updates, we have Akagoei 3 is at 81.48% edited along with 15.96% in QA and Karenai Saku is at 81% translated. Last but not the least, we have Floral Flowlove is fully edited, although it should be noted that said update is not outright confirmed by the staffs themselves with it only appear in the progress bar of their site, so we may need to wait until Nekonyan fully confirmed about it, probably at Otakon in which they're planned to attend it and possibly announce their secret projects. For AX announcements, first of all we have both Aksys and Idea Factory announced four Switch only otome VNs. From Aksys, we have Mistonia and Uchronia. For the former, it's about a girl who lost everything decided to take the revenge to everyone who had been wronged her, while for Uchronia it's about the sheltered girl who live in the floating city encounter the amnesiac handsome man who involve in the incident related to the hidden truth behind the floating city. Aksys also already have the release estimation for both, with they will release both sometimes in the next year. From Idea Factory, we have Senjou no Waltz and Teminara with both coincidentally have the female MC cursed in different way (Senjou no Waltz MC is wielding the cursed sword, while Teminara MC was said to be cursed). For the release plan, like Aksys they'll also release both of their otome VNs sometimes in the next year, so yeah four Swith only otome VNs to look forward to in 2025. Mangagamer announced two title, with the first one is related to the princess knight nukige that Shiravune released, and said title is The Alchemist & His Battle-Scarred Homunculus. For the premise, it's about the alchemist who has been betrayed by his kingdom because he didn't like to using homunculus as tool of war. One day, he find discarded female homunculus with her use for war is already over, so the alchemist decided to take care of her even with he know the age span of the homunculi are quite short. The second announcement is Rose Guns Days, in which as we know it's been available in English ever since 2015. That said, it came with the updates, although said update is unfortunately not adding the voice (So no Yukari Tamura as Stella or Daisuke Ono as Philip), but instead it's just graphic update into HD which may be necessary for high spec PC. Anyway, RGD is obviously redundant to me, but at least it should stop people spam Mangagamer survey with it. Speaking of HD update, we have Sekai decided to re-release Nekopara series into HD, which sounds like desperate milking because the series itself is already have good production value. Then again, maybe some fans still want to play Nekopara in higher definition for some reasons, so if you really want to play (Or maybe replay) Nekopara Volume 1 in HD then you can wait for it. For more important news about Nekopara, we have Nekopara After (Or as I call it Nekopara 5) was currently in production and set to be released in next year. We also have them announced the last part of Amairo Chocolata trilogy with they tried to have it released in at the latest December 31st, and let's see if the release is also has available English text or just has Chinese only translation. Lastly, they have plan to release Akaneiro sometimes on this year with it somehow already in programming despite the last update of it is still at halfway translated, so let's see if they can fulfill it (Also hopefully they meant English translation and not Chinese only translation when they bring that announcement at AX). Lastly we have JAST bring the most announcements at five, although three of those (Seira, Hanamaru 2, Cornelica) are just nukige so only two are noteworthy. The first announcement is Dead End Aegis fandisc which is the fandisc for dark magical girl VN Dead End Aegis. This should be good fandisc for the fans seeing that it mean they'll going to see more Metawo's good arts with he also drew new suffering magical girl. The last announcement is Daiteikoku, which as we know is Alicesoft VN who mainly work with Mangagamer in regard of Rance series. For the premise, it's about a man who is a playboy tasked to rebuild a ruined army with the man do it very successfully so much he attempt to take over the world. From what I hear, it didn't have good reception in regard of the story and gameplay compared to the other Alicesoft VNs, so maybe I need to temper my expectation. JAST also mention that it's still at the early stage of work so it may take years for the release, and good for them for being honest. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week. PS - For the title, because we have Sekai give us update in regard of their desperate attempt of milking Nekopara along with JAST announced Daiteikoku, I decided to combined both so we have 'Neko Para Vol. 5 Innocent Sin'. For elaboration, 'Nekopara Vol. 5' is obviously points toward Nekopara After, while for Innocent Sin it's from Persona 2 first half that featured Hitler as the antagonist with Daiteikoku also feature Hitler as the cute girl (Her name in Daiteikoku is Retia Adolf though).
  21. I forgot to report, that I finished Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai (console version - including spinoff and FD) around a week ago Overally it was very enjoyable read. With 40 endings and 90k lines it took some time, but I almost never felt bored - this VN created nice environment, where it was just enjoyable to spend time with the characters. Yeah, after finishing whole game I stand by that opinion I also still find the amount of event CGs not enough - but that's a minor gripe. As for "True routes", I think the naming might be a bit misleading. There is just one true route, and main heroine of that route is Nagi - but it also has optional branches for other girls. However, I'd treat that as an extra, since those endings aren't as fleshed out as the "normal" routes for the girls. I'd also like to mention the console-exclusive route for new character - Kingyo. It was great, among the best routes in the whole game That's the second (or even third) time I encountered that phenomenon - the other one being Wakaba's route from Tenshin Ranman, (and perhaps also Chihiro from Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o). FanDisc provides very nice supplement for each heroine. And spinoff Houkago Shippo Days is just a nice short mini-VN in the same setting. Nothing great, but I liked it nevertheless. ********************************************************** And currently I'm reading perhaps the most random VN so far - You & I. It's the last title by JAST/Tiare (best known for Sakura no Kisetsu, Meisou Toshi etc). It's also their first VN that ditched the command-based adventure game system, and went with Ikura GDL engine (Crescendo, Kazoku Keikaku, Yukizakura etc). This title got released in June 1999, so it's as old as Kanon. But the writing is more in-line with Sakura no Kisetsu So far it seems to be very generic old-school charage, but for some weird reason I'm enjoying it
  22. Summer Memories. There is also a sequel now called Winter Memories.
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