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  2. Megazone 23 got a firm masterpiece score from me. Other masterpieces for me include Dirty Pair and Sangokushi (1985) . Great times begin from 1985 ! 1. Shoukoujo Sara 小公女セーラ [1985-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/46) Tags: Shoujo Historical Drama, Slice of Life Sent to an all-girls boarding school due to her father's overseas job, Sarah Crewe is a promising young girl who excels both academically and socially in her new life in London. However, her world is turned u
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  4. No! But it DOES appear that way! The game I played has a little more intricate art style. People on that planet primarily worked in mines. basketball stars
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  6. More or less agree... the sprite looks a bit washed out against the background. Another solution would be to darken the colors of the background slightly to make her stand out even more and make her paleness part of the plot, though. Lots of ways to use that from a writer's perspective.
  7. Hello there, sorry i'm kinda new to these things so i never use the .exe you use here except the arc_conv. I did try some searching to it but it seems i have to do the compiling myself. But the thing is, it seems i have to install vs2013 first to compile it as I'm currently using vs2019. Would you be so kind to share the .exe file you compiled? As it would save me the trouble to install 2 different vs in my low-end laptop, seeing just having one of them is enough to make my laptop screaming in agony. I would still try to install vs2013 to see if my laptop can handle both though. Th
  8. Tsubasa - It's aired in Indonesia back in 2003, and it become quite memetic thanks to 2002 version where adult Tsubasa has his elementary school flashback within the match. While granted some works did use the same storytelling, it's obviously won't stop people to think that Tsubasa would like to have flashback every time he bring the ball. That aside, as you can see it's obviously soccer anime and this one is really started from the elementary school which involving Tsubasa keep competing in soccer tournament all the way until he join Barcelona, and if I may say something turned out that Japa
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  10. Looks ok to me, I've definitely seen more jarring style differences. Edit: Maybe one thing I'd modify is the coloring. The sprite is really bright, would probably blend well with slightly deeper skin and hair colours, she's literally whiter than the clouds.
  11. Found some screenshots from 2019 Roadwarden demo and compared them to the ones I took this week... What a long journey!
  12. The repacking app - YsPac - doesn't work well It only repacks images, sounds files, but doesn't repack other files. After a lots time google it, I found a wonderful application. It does a good job for both unpack & repack ypf files https://arca.live/b/handtranslator/37085669?category=툴&target=all&keyword=&p=1
  13. What about this one then? It's the only other VN I can find fitting your criteria.
  14. No! But it DOES look like it! The art style is a bit more complex in the one I played... And in that planet people worked in mines, mostly
  15. Hi everyone, a year ago I played a BL game where the MC was taken to another planet that were only men... And kind of a prisoners planet? Kind of a sci-fi game, but I loved it and I can't even remember the MCs name, I do know that it was indie but comercial If anyone remembers something similar I will appreciate it!
  16. I'm currently playing Total Eclipse. Noce ride so far but damn it can became too hreavy with descrptions and discussions of TSF features and functilnaly sometimes.
  17. hello guys, i'm an italian translator, i hope to know you and find myself well. thanks for your work
  18. Yesterday I finished the prologue for Seven Days: Anata to Sugosu Nanokakan and so far I'm really enjoying it. The heroines are pretty likeable and it looks nice The only thing I'm missing is voiced protagonist - after playing few VNs with this feature (9-Nine, Damekoi or - recently - Loopers) I really got to like it.
  19. Greetings Fellow Creatives, Please don't forget about my Ogg music packs. Each pack contains all of my tracks to date from my most popular genres: Fantasy Music - Over 261 Tracks Sci-Fi Music - Over 260 Tracks Funny / Quirky / Weird Music - Over 200 Tracks Puzzle Music - Over 130 Tracks Chiptunes Music - Over 100 Tracks Action Music - Over 80 Tracks Looping Music - Over 60 Tracks Dark/Ominous Music - Over 50 Tracks Horror/Surreal Music - Over 50 Tracks The packs are contained in Zip folders so you can quickly download everything at once. You can access them from my
  20. Before someone asks, I merely paused the other VN to start Magatsu Barai (and Xenoblade Chronicles 3). I will finish it (eventually). Magatsu Barai is the first Light game to be made from beginning to end after the collapse of the company's original owners. As such, it is only natural (and unfortunate, at least to an extent) that some things will have changed. To address the elephant in the room for anyone who has seen the cover or sample cgs... The coloring really is that awful. I mean, how could any cg artist think those colors wouldn't be eye cancer? On the other hand, t
  21. It was difficult to translate CMVS Engine games as there was no way to repack the files to CPZ. But it was found that the games work without packing to CPZ. You can try the following way. Example: Mirai Nostalgia - H Scene Trial Edition Editing scripts: 1. Unpack "data/pack/script.cpz" using arc_conv and move the "code" folder into the "data" folder 2. Dump "data/code/snzh00.ps2" using Ps2TextDumper.exe and edit snzh00.ps2.txt (Save in UTF-8 without BOM) 3. Repack snzh00.ps2 using PurplePS3Packer.exe 4. Edit cmvs.cfg to change fonts [MESSAGE_INFO] FONT=MS G
  22. Only Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä gets a masterpiece score from me in 1984 1. Juusenki L-Gaim 重戦機エルガイム [1984-I] Sunrise (Dropped 5/54) Tags: Shounen Mecha, Space In the year 3990, the immortal Oldna Poseidal rules Pentagona, a war-torn solar system of five planets. Daba Myroad is a survivor of the Yaman Clan, just one of numerous native societies nearly wiped out by the tyrant. Living on the remote planet Koam with his friend Mirao Kyao, Daba possesses L-Gaim, a hum
  23. Amatsutsumi was released with issues sadly. From VNDB: "Game contains the following issues and Denpasoft can not guarantee they will be fixed due to licensing and permissions:Loading a save from the title screen would cause the title bar to have previous title bar text inside.Song titles are in Japanese.The videos contain Japanese text and do not have English translations.SD Art contains Japanese text and does not have English translations." It also said there were mosaics, but it seems that was false.
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