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  4. Just finished the suspision route, and it was good, even better than greed. I loved harrisson character developpement and his internal struggle. The last case was good too. But everything after that is exactly like the end of the greed route : rushed/flawed/full of contradictions. It feels kind of weird there is no further developpement after the last case (which left me a kind of empty feeling). I don't want to be disappointed further, this route will be my last.
  5. the Clunky, Clumsy Princess Ayeka Jurai, from TOYNAMI's short-lived 2001 "Tenchi Muyo!" 12in. Character Doll series, that single-handedly inspired me to pick-up Sewing as a Hobby and a Skill;
  6. Wanna hear about popularity polls? In the latest episode of An VNture Podcast, we check out some of the history and impact of character polls in the world of VNs!
  7. Hello guys and welcome to our weekly Dev Status! Fluffy Tail Studios slowly but surely has been making Project Genome closer to its release. This week was all about optimizing the game for all the platforms. The hardest thing here is that every system processes information a little differently, thus making us create pretty much a whole new build specifically for that particular system. Our programmer has encountered several unusual things. The most crucial of them was different types of symbols in each system. The same symbols have their own identificator that varies from system to system. Because of that some parts of the text weren’t displayed correctly on the screen. Fortunately, we figured it out and now it’s not a problem anymore. Windows and Android are on top of the release list, since for us they’re the simplest to optimize for thanks to their open architecture. As for macOS and iOS, they’re quite stubborn to release a game for, however we’ll do our best to let Project Genome be playable on those as well. Thank you for your support! Enjoy your stay here! Yours truly, Fluffy Tail Studio ——RUS—— Привет, друзья, и добро пожаловать в наш еженедельный Статус Разработки! Fluffy Tail Studio медленно, но верно приближает Project Genome к релизу. Вся эта неделя была посвящена оптимизации игры для всех платформ. Самое сложное здесь то, что каждая система обрабатывает информацию немного по-разному, что заставляет нас создавать практически совершенно новую сборку специально для этой конкретной системы. Наш программист столкнулся с несколькими необычными проблемами. Наиболее важной из них были разные типы символов в каждой системе. Одни и те же символы имеют свой собственный идентификатор, который варьируется от системы к системе. Из-за этого некоторые части текста отображались на экране некорректно. К счастью, мы разобрались с этим, и теперь это больше не проблема. Windows и Android возглавляют релизный список, поскольку для нас проще всего оптимизировать именно для них благодаря их открытой архитектуре. Что касается macOS и iOS, то они довольно упрямы в этом плане, однако мы сделаем все возможное, чтобы в Project Genome можно было играть и на них. Спасибо за вашу поддержку! Наслаждайтесь временем, проведенным здесь! Искренне ваши, Fluffy Tail Studio
  8. Last week
  9. Hi, everyone! This update sees the new Nozomi Trance story path written up to a conclusion! To find the new path, begin the game on Nozomi's route, give her a reinduction trigger and on the weekend convince her to stay. For a more specific rundown of the choices needed, please check the guide attached to my Patreon article about this release where the new part is marked in green. There are a couple of caveats when playing this story, though. For one thing, while it's fully playable and enjoyable regardless of your prior choices, the much more complete version of the climactic scene can only be witnessed if one has chosen to tickle Nozomi earlier in the story before it branches into this one. The new CG art is in this version of the story and is looking rather glorious if I do say so myself ^^; Selecting the choice that isn't tickling will still give a story that's playable to the end, only the climactic scene contains placeholder art assets and an unfinished script that will be completed for next month. And that concludes another year of free monthly updates for Penlight~ Enjoy the holiday season and I'll see you next year ^.^ What's New WRITING: The "Convince her to stay" branch of Nozomi's Trance story path has been written to a conclusion, albeit with some placeholder script remainingART: New CG for the climactic scene of the new Nozomi Trance path, with one of the versions fully illustrated and the other using placeholder art to be completed in the next updateMUSIC: The music track "Measured" has been cut in length slightly so it loops betterFIX: Corrected a slight discoloration that occurred during the Nozomi Trance argument CGWord count is now over 414,000FIX: Corrected a display bug in the Tennis Bot route where Hiroko's sprite showed the wrong clothing for a couple of lines during one of the weekend scenesLOCALIZATION: Various edits and corrections to the existing Spanish scriptMinor typo and grammar corrections
  10. Come into being, oh starlight written upon the heavens, for we are a shining falling star. From the moment this heart began to beat, the dark prophecy was set in stone. The messenger of disaster is given no right to live upon the earth. Sunken deep beneath the dark ocean, the serpent burns its very self with curses. It will never be forgotten, it will never be forgiven. The grinding of scales, the raging fangs. For the sight of Midgard burnt upon the inside of its eyelids stokes the flames of its hatred. Do you desire my death, oh gods? Then you are resigned to your fate, are you not? The promise of reaping what one has sown. The great serpent sheds its skin again and again in order to become the prophesied divine demon. The endlessly long, massive body and resentment. It isn't enough, more, more, more, more... it devours and writhes, and now it is too late. The World Serpent has been completed. Looking down upon the small planet, its fangs glisten with malice and its tongue flickers. Now, who should I swallow first? Metalnova- Sacrilege Jormungand! Be burnt upon the heavens, oh my guardian star, that I might raise up the metallic flame. The black death that corrupts the half-man, half-horse. The endless poison of the hydra whispers to me to give up my immortality, but I merely snort, calling it unworthy of consideration. Let my hooves resound against the earth, let me draw my bowstring back, let me hold my resolve within my heart as I run toward the horizon. Neither suffering nor despair can cause this great bow to rot away! For if I listen closely, I can here it... the sound of lightning in the heavens. Oh great father in the heavens, you say that it is too soon for me to become a constellation? You bless me again with the order to fight? Then I will go all out, giving everything I have. I have cut off my rotten flesh and replace it with iron limbs. I need not tainted blood, I shall change it out with burning oil. Until you call me to your side and become one of the constellations, now my comrade let us go together into battle! Let us raise up the promised vow and loose the arrow to pierce through evil! Metalnova, Overdrive Sagittarius! Come into being, oh starlight written upon the heavens, for we are a shining falling star. The time has come for your punishment, oh dark god of the bloodlline of the cloud giants. You now reap what you have sown, so look upon this. The blade you once forged with your own hands has been freed from the iron box. The flames will never forgive the countless sins whispered of in the shadows. With the flames burning with rage, you will be burnt away with your castle. Turn to ashes, oh kingdom of the heavens! Rot away, oh Valhalla! And listen, you souls of heroes! Those collars are unbefitting of you. Let us march forth to strike down the gods. For the sake of the world that will bloom once again after the solemn hell. Metalnova-- Valhalla-birth Laevateinn! Come into being, oh starlight written upon the heavens, for we are a shining falling star. The noble duty of chaining the hungry wolf. If all others stand still in terror, then I shall be the one to complete it. Now go ahead, take a bite. My off-hand was offered to the demon beast, and as it hungrily devoured the flesh and blood, it was chained down firmly. As the price for my bravery, crimson drips from the end of my mangled arm. My fingers will never return, but why should I regret it? If I can protect prosperity and the law, as well as show my bravery... ... to be a shield is my honor. I beg of you, that you should smile and praise me. 'Your devotion is the example of what a protector should be.' Metalnova- Tyr-Bind Gleipnir!
  11. Somehow... i had totally overlooked this ♥Cutie Pie♥ when she released back in 2011. Well... ♥She's Coming Home for Christmas in 2023♥
  12. Berserk 2016 - At least the story itself can make up for the infamy of the visual, which is the major disappointment for the fans. Then again if you can get past the art, I guess the 2016 Berserk is good on it's own. Mob 100 - Just want to mention that the original artist is the one who draw One Man Punch, so the MC has similar looks to Saitama. Danganronpa 3 - The epilogue of Danganronpa duology (V3 is the new continuation), and let's just say that it's quite divisive to the fans. New Game - CGDCT based on game company, although it also has serious plot about making the game. Koe no Katachi - What I can say that even the premise is quite dramatic, especially with the movie (And the manga) deal with the bullying of the deaf which is major concern in Japan, so it's quite inevitable there's some soap drama moments mixed in there, moreso in regard of the male MC who has the deep regret doing the bullying to her deaf female classmate. Kimi no Na Wa - As for why the audience like it, it would be simply because of the art thanks to Makoto Shinkai effort. That said even though usually Shinkai's work has bittersweet ending (Especially ef and eden if we count Shinkai work on the opening for those two VNs), at least this movie has relatively happy ending even after several dramatic moments. Amanchu - The first part has all female casts while the second season has additional male cast, and let's just say that the additional male cast along with the manga ending didn't bring good opinion to GL community. That aside, it has good scenery drawing, just like the previous author's work (Aria). Tales of Zetstria - I only knew that the lore of the game was expanded in Berseria (The prequel), and it has controversy with the initial heroine (Alisha) was turned out to be the only guest character (ie decoy heroine) with she was replaced after some times, which make sense the anime tried to fixed the issue by giving more spotlight to Alisha throughout the series. Fate Ilya 3 - Being Fate franchise it's inevitable that the author is required to write dark story with epic combat even though the series is just started as the magical girl parody featuring Ilya, and it really show in this season with alternative timeline stuff. Love Live Sunshine - It's about the nine student who live in countryside need to face their school is about to be closed down, and after see Muse (The name of the group from previous Love Live) manage to save the school they decided to do the same with they call themselves as Aquors. While at first people see Aquors under Muse's shadow, eventually Aquors manage to prove their own identity. It should be noted that compared to Muse, Aquours is still around with they recently have the anime about one of it's member (Yohane) in alternative world with Muse themselves was disbanded in 2016. That's all for what I can comment in regard of Summer 2016 release.
  13. wait a second...you have this lost translation? Could you upload it somewhere for me? I am trying hard to learn JP but Im craving a favorite VN so badly(hoshimemo is my favorite vn)
  14. Welcome to Fuwa! Hope you have a grand time here. And maybe you'll find some reading buddies too! Nice drawing by the way! What does ROV stand for anyway? It looks super pretty!
  15. hello everyone, nice to meet you all, i´ve being in touch with VN a long time ago but never actually commented with anyone. i hope i can discover new things and share with all of you i`m from bogota, Colombia here, i leave you a little ROV drawing a did a while ago <3
  16. Hi, I know I’m replying half a year later but I’m currently attempting the same thing you did (extracting the sprites from FHD) and I was wondering if you could share your Python script you used to convert the decoded file to PNG? I’ve tried searching online for a script and writing my own to no avail. Thank you in advance for your time ^^
  17. Even better in my opinion is Armin appearing in the paths, to see nothing but Zeke playing with sand and saying "oh, hey Eren's friend."
  18. There will be no hats this year, or probably any subsequent year, because I'm busy. Apologies.

  19. Lucid9 Kickstarter Launches January 1st, 2024! Exciting news, everyone! The Lucid9 Kickstarter is officially launching on January 1st, 2024! We've poured our hearts and souls into crafting this campaign, and we can't wait to share it with everyone. To be among the first notified when the campaign goes live, head over to our Kickstarter pre-launch page today! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/618620552/lucid9-a-mystery-visual-novel In the meantime, we're gearing up for launch by reaching out to content creators and journalists. During the month of January, we also plan to host a series of development livestreams. We'll be posting more details about the stream schedule and guest appearances as we draw closer to the new year. As we've always aimed to introduce more people to the magic of visual novels, we hope this campaign will reignite the spark of interest in Lucid9 that emerged upon its initial release years ago. With the backing of our passionate community through this Kickstarter campaign, we confidently anticipate completing the game by the end of 2024. And to further fuel your excitement, we're proud to unveil the brand-new story trailer today! Take a look! Why Kickstarter? Since its creation in 2014, Lucid9 has been in development for nearly a decade. Despite some notable releases, such as Inciting Incident in 2016 and the heroine prologues in 2019, progress has been slow and inconsistent due to the game being a free project. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made things more difficult, with many of us having less time and resources than usual. A Kickstarter campaign would allow us to complete the game in a reasonable timeframe and open up opportunities for additional features and polish, depending on the amount of funding we receive. Without funding, we are limited in the content we can create. A fully funded project would cover the cost of character sprites, backgrounds, CGs, music, programming, and writing, and potentially include additional art, voice acting, and an animated opening. While the full game will still be released for everyone to play for free, we have a number of exciting rewards lined up exclusive to backers, including signed physical illustrations, digital wallpapers, artbooks, Lucid9 themed t-shirts, and more! Story In the heart of the bustling metropolis of Isamu, Japan, a dark shadow looms over the esteemed Isamu Academy. Yama Ishimoto, an intelligent yet jaded high school student, finds himself thrust into the center of a chilling mystery as a wave of gruesome murders sweeps through the school. These killings bear an eerie resemblance to the unsolved Independent Murders that once plunged the city into chaos years ago. As Yama delves deeper into the enigma, he uncovers a labyrinth of secrets and hidden truths that intertwine with the city's dark past. With each revelation, he navigates a treacherous path that draws him and his companions closer to the heart of a sinister conspiracy that has cast a pall over Isamu. Lucid9 is a tale of suspense that delves into the depths of human nature, exploring themes of friendship, betrayal, and the unwavering pursuit of truth in the face of overwhelming darkness. How You Can Help We would be grateful if you would consider supporting our Kickstarter campaign. Every contribution, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated! You can pledge as little as $1, and every pledge will help us reach our goal. You can also share the project with your friends and family to help us spread the word. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. And to get the latest news about Lucid9, be sure to subscribe to our official newsletter here! https://mailchi.mp/ec1f448e6101/falllen-snow-studios-newsletter Thank you so much for your support! Our Socials: The Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/618620552/lucid9-a-mystery-visual-novel Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/439940 Itch.io: https://fallen-snow-studios.itch.io/lucid9vn Official Website: https://lucid9.weebly.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FallenSnowS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lucid9vn/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/q3fyjT2 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@fallensnowstudios6347 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fallensnowstudios/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lucid9/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fallensnowstudios - The Fallen Snow Studios Team
  20. Experience the vast world of Visual Novels on the Steam Deck, where gaming meets portability. Dive into captivating narratives with the Codex Executor, ensuring seamless gameplay. Elevate your gaming journey with this powerful handheld console.
  21. It's really interesting. Currently, this teaching feeling game is popular in many countries
  22. In my experience, JVNs - at the very least - tend to be reliant on sit-com and manzai (someone saying or doing something silly and the other person pointing it out in an amusing way). The other common one is plays on language (kanji puns, misusing proverbs, etc) that don't translate into English and are thus usually missed or fall flat when translated. The vast majority of comedy in JVNs is sit-com, where the situation and its inherent absurdity provides the humor or the reactions of the characters do so. Japanese VN writers love tongue-in-cheek, though every once in a while slapstick will be dropped in to change the pace (slapstick was a lot more common twenty to thirty years ago in anime and manga than it is today, whereas sitcom was relatively rare... manzai is about the same, since it seems to be the undying genre of comedy in Japan, for whatever reason).
  23. Earlier
  24. Ahhh it's kinda weird, but it'll make more sense as you advance I think.
  25. You'll learn more about Mia's actions later. I assume this is for the second investigation?
  26. I am in the suspision route right now and I am at the investigation part, I am at loss at the part where Harrisson learn that Mia is trying to get new/different contacts but it's helly vague. That info came out of nowhere and we don't know from who with what about who, I assume it was a deal with the producer but wasn't Mia always nagging about never making any deal with them? I am so confused. Can you explain exactly what happenned? Unless we learn more about it later?
  27. Hey, another review where someone complains about a vn being a vn.
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