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  2. use the patch i posted earlier in the chat, just copy and paste it into the game directory and then use "AGE Patch.exe" as launcher and the crash should no longer occur you may need to exempt it from your firewall though as my own antivirus kept false flagging it when run.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm trying to translate this game (https://vndb.org/r27057) to portuguese but i'm having trouble because i need to use special characters like "Éêéáàãâçõ" and the font that the game uses doesn't support them, also, the file that has all text uses Shift-Jis so i can't write these characters. The font is a file called "font48.xtx" and i believe it's an uncompressed file. There are other files that have a .xtx extension but when i compare them with a HEX editor they are a little different in the beginning of the file. There is a tool that can extract .xtx files and convert to .bmp but it works only for characters sprites and backgrounds, there is no way to repack them into .xtx, i tried using this tool on other files but it doesn't work. I also tried changing the font file to other things and i've got a different results, if i simply put a random image called "font48.xtx" in the folder, the games loads but displays white squares for every letter but if i put an image called "font48.xtx" while editing the file with a HEX editor putting the same header of the original font to the new file, the game loads the image but it's all scrambled. Random image named "font48.xtx" result: https://i.imgur.com/n1I4xMm.png Image named "font48.xtx" with xtx header from the font result: https://i.imgur.com/NFjQD1E.png I need help to extract the font, edit and repack it, if possible i want to do the same for a file called "title.spc" that i believe it has all the images of the game's menu that i can't edit to translate right now. I think all compressed files use LZSS compression I uploaded some sample files that you can look. "EIN_AD05S.spc" is a compressed character sprite that can be extracted with http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/spc2bmp.html "font48.xtx" is the font file "title.spc is a compressed file that i think it has the menu images, i don't know if it helps in anything but it's possible to use a LZSS decompressor in this file and renaming it to a ".bin" extension so it can be open with Game Extractor that displays all files inside it, the same thing is possible for "EIN_AD05S.spc" and "font48.xtx" but for the font it's not necessary to decompress first Sample files: https://mega.nz/file/wMx3ARZI#NddHoLIttTj8iPqkJOPjNz5xUWOlN54KWFCRoTUUBYI
  4. Edit Title bar kirikiri

    Hi Gilang4321. No sure if this is already resolved. For some reason, the game seems to prioritize appconfig.tjs in your data.xp3 instead of patch.xp3, so you can't just put your appconfig.tjs file into patch.xp3. You have to replace the original data.xp3 for your new appconfig.tjs to work. If you plan to just release a patch.xp3 file and not to modify the original data.xp3, then there's another way. Add this line to data\main\config.tjs: global.ENV_GameName = "Title here"; Then you can just put the new config.tjs in your patch.xp3 and it'll work.
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    So yesterday I started watching Vividred Operation and Senran Kagura. Why didn't I start sooner? I'm so annoyed with my past self.
  6. I see... I've got the file, thanks
  7. KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thehiddenlevels/cosplay-convention-crisis-0 From the links below you can download a demo and a patch for demo (18+ only!) for it: STEAM / itch.io / Mirror / Mirror (mac) | 18+: Patch / Mirror (win) | Patch / Mirror (mac) Cosplay Convention Crisis is a Visual Novel that puts you in the shoes of Jacob Kirby: middling athlete, student, and casual nerd. Guide Kirby over a handful of days across the paths of three strange and powerful women. Think the convention scene is easy? Try to survive magical girls, aliens, robots, femme fatales armed with eldritch artifacts, and convention cafeterias. You might be proven wrong! Manage your schedule, collect trivia, and try not to die as circumstances spin wildly out of control. Attend panels, acquire merchandise, trade barbs with super-fans, ponder the meaning of life, watch the latest super hit’s trailer, and attempt to romance strange and powerful girls. Assemble a quirky ensemble costume for a contest and try to get back home! CCC: It's a great time in the making! Genre: Sci-Fi, Parody, Comedy, Romance Sim. Platforms: PC and Consoles. (Xbox One & Series X, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch). Language: English & Русский. Launch Price: $19.99 Release date: around September 7, 2021 About 100,000 words of text. 4 or more endings. 3 beautiful girls. More than 5 backgrounds and 20 CG are in the demo and more are planned! MAIN MENU THEME: https://soundcloud.com/user-763184136/cosplay-convention-crisis-main-menu KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thehiddenlevels/cosplay-convention-crisis-0
  8. Yesterday
  9. Not having that issue at all, plays the same with the full patch, I will never use Japanese locale emulator as that is never needed, you only ever need your non-unicode language set to Japanese. Something else is wrong if the full patch is causing the game to crash.
  10. With the newest patch the game would start and shortly thereafter crash. The only thing that would show up is a black screen for a short time. My App Locale was in Japanese so I tried a bunch of things to get it to work. What ended up working was using a japanese locale emulator. So if your game is crashing on startup use a locale emulator.
  11. Tsukihime anime (fan-made)

    The animation is impressive, the VA is wince-worthy. Best of a bad group is Akiha.
  12. Data extraction thread

    Anyone have the Eushully unpacker? All links around here are dead, can you fix them please? Thank you. ~ (Also the first post misspelled Eushully as Enshully please fix for future people)
  13. Script Extraction Thread

    Looking for a way to unpack Eushully game Kami no Rhapsody. The links in this thread do not have tools available. If anyone has some please share thank you~!
  14. Sharing some NSFW erotic scenes [+18 only]

    Thank you very much for your comment! (and sorry for my extremely slow reply T_T ) I didn't notice that in my scenes the main character is always seduced or lured into sex. I've read the rest of my scenes and it's like that in most of them! I wasn't aware of it :0 I guess that it's easier for me to write erotic scenes like that. It's hard to explain, but I feel that it's more natural like that. I have a few ones in which the action is driven by the main character, but those have some kinky content and I'm unsure if I can post them here. I'll definitely work on this in the future. There's always room for improvement, right? Anyway, once more, thank you very much for your comment! It means a lot to me \_^▽^_/
  15. Tsukihime anime (fan-made)

    Wow, that's really impressive looking. They've got the UFO Table artstyle matched perfectly.
  16. Foreword: Never faced crossovers in visual novels before, so expectations ranged from weird fandisk to something like Soukou Akki Muramasa since I rated both original games high. Synopsis: Depending on which route you choose, you start out as either Alfred Arrowsmith, after his united front with Rick against Gustave, or Kuki Youkou after his final confrontation with Soushichi. Ungaikyou (literary means the mirror beyond the clouds), a youkai made from the failure attempt of the mirror of the three artifacts belonging to Amaterasu (the Sun god in Japanese mythology), has chosen these two to help them create a world of their own. In exchange, Alfred and Kuki are temporary exempt from going to the netherworld and finish their lingering desires…in their non-respective worlds. After the completion of the two stories, the final route—Chronobelt—unlocks. Almost immediately after Kuki and Alfred finish dealing with their lingering desires, invaders have slipped through the portals and into the Infinite Corridors (the space connecting the two worlds). Before long, team Ayakashibito is in a constant war with team Bullet Butlers in what can only be described as the city of Chaos. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-PwZGYTHAmfELzDEYeRcXZ Game type: Supernatural action fandisc Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 There are three English reviews (1 2 3) which actually portray the nature of the game vividly, but I could not understand some things from them, like length, structure of all three parts and how H events are incorporated. Basically, I needed decide for myself whether it's a fandisc or stand alone complex story. So, there are three parts - Ayakashibito where Rick helps to prepare school festival with Ayakashibito characters, Bullet Butlers where Kuki fulfills his revenge wish, and Chrono Belt where Soushichi gets in a time loop and faces antagonist together with other heroes. And I already see a problem here. Three separate episodes mean an anthology, and I seriously don't like anthologies. This time it's all familiar characters already, but three loosely connected stories with three different characters is not how a normal game should look like. If it's an integral work, then is there a connection between these stories? There definitely is. Basically, all three happen in different worlds, and there is a travel between these worlds by a means of some mirror or something. That's a very loose link. We basically destroy two perfectly normal worlds with additional supernatural elements just to satisfy our need in crossover. Are first two stories really needed for Chrono Belt? Actually, nope. These stories are introduced just to give Rick happy childhood that he never had and to show coolness of Kuki as he fights enemies of his specialization - youkai. How long are these stories? Rick episode has a lot of characters communicating with each other for some time, so it takes it rather slow ending up at 8 hours. Kuki episode is shorter and more straightforward, so it ended at 4 hours for me. Chrono Belt took 9 hours for me. These are pretty short lengths for finished stories. As for endings, there are just two branches at the very end with the final decision. It looks less and less like an integral game to me. There is also one unskippable bad ending linked to the nature of time loop. And it's a very bad ending when you need to do same things like 10 times over and over and get tentacle rape scene. Good job, Propeller! What are the most distinctive traits of a fandisc? Random H scenes, naturally. And Chrono Belt route is full of them. It all follows the same flow - Soushichi decides to go to some place - there he meets and spontaneously violates a girl - time loops back to where it started. Rinse and repeat with all the available girls. It's an absolutely disgusting move to introduce travel between worlds, time travel, get two rather conventional routes for each of the game just to throw in a nukige at the final True Route. I absolutely can't stand game's structure, nature and concept. Oh, and H scenes are same ugly as in original games. Hey, but did not I just put a masterpiece score for Chrono Belt? I did. The reason is that whenever I start to actually read those routes, they are really great. Not all heroines got much screen time, but writer really tried to saturate every second of gameplay with awesomeness. Dialogues, events and battles are top notch. I seriously dislike this stupid time loop as well as some innate murderous intent against characters of opposing game, but it's a very enjoyable read with nice additions to characters' personalities and cool ending. So, in conclusion, Chrono Belt is not a sequel or an integral game. It's a fandisc from all the sides - structure, length and H events. But it's a fandisc of two fantasy fighting plotge, so there is enough extension into chunige to appeal to all fans. I can't rate a fandisc any higher than that. I would not even recommend reading it if you don't want to see such detailed and finished stories to erode with sudden time and space continuum shifts. But if you liked both games and can get over some conventionality, then it's an enjoyable read and worthy addition to original games, though not outstanding as a separate product.
  17. There's two type sys.arc file right? sysgrp.arc and sysprg.arc I've alrady check inside the sysgrp.arc there's just images for UI. And inside the sysprg.arc there's file ._bp, this is I cannot disassembler with BGI-asdis I don't know why.
  18. Script Extraction Thread

    add engine ISM ENGINE archive *isa - https://github.com/morkt/GARbro script - *ism - script - https://github.com/regomne/lneditor/releases/tag/v2.1.2
  19. Kisaragi Gold Flowers Review

    Because of Flowers Autumn release and that I already said that I'll combined Saga Planets season VNs with 'Flowers', we have 'Kisaragi Gold Flowers' as this week VNTS Review and obviously I parodied Kisaragi Gold Star in that it represent autumn. For a bit more translation note, we can also translate Kisaragi as 'like the moon' with one of the kanji writing have 'moon' kanji. For on how it have the connection with autumn, it's from Japanese culture in that one of their autumn tradition is moon viewing in which it's the variation from China's event (Mid-Autumn Festival). I don't know though if Niijima Yuu did think that much when he make the title of Kisaragi Gold Star, but it could be interesting if he did. Anyway as for this week other than Flowers Autumn release, we also have both of Nekonyan and Mangagamer gave us a number of updates. There's also fan translation updates as well, so overall I can say that this week is quite active. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. We have Sol Press did update that currently they have Sakura Celebration was at 83% edited, and what I can say is that on how much their progress on Irotoridori in regard of the engine works recently. In any case I just hope that Sol Press will have smooth release on Irotoridori, which to say might be easier said than done considering that Bokuten was banned (Granted that turned out the file still have some 18+ CG, but still quite enough for a wake up call). Other than that, there's Eden's Ritter release in that it's the first release from Shira VN when it come to nukige (And a dark one at that). What I can say is that if you like dark nukige with big breast heroines (Same developer as Funbag for the info), go get the VN and have fun. For Photonmelodies (Another Muv Luv fandisc after Photonflowers), I guess I can say that you can get it if you want to see more Muv Luv and more importantly want to see the epilogue of Alternative from Altered Fable so have fun with that. Sekai did delayed Rewrite+ release from November 2020 to January 2021, which to say not surprising at all. Although if the delay mean that Sekai would willing to hasten their interesting VNs releases such as Harukuru, Nine Episode 3, and Daybreak then I don't mind the delay lol. That said it mean more waiting for Rewrite fans, so hopefully they'll be able to get around the delay somehow (I still think that Rewrite+ release is redundant one though). From Mangagamer, we have updates from their secret projects in that the 4th was both fully translated and edited, the 6th was at 64% translated along with 62% edited, the 7th was fully translated along with 88% edited, and the 3rd was currently in testing with both of translation and editing progress are finished. For other updates, we have Sona-Nyl Refrain was past three quarter (76%) translated, Sukehime was in testing, Rance 02 was finished the testing, and Musicus was fully translated and edited with image editing for that was currently ongoing. From fan translation we have Eustia was at 92.98% translated with side routes was past halfway (54.43%) translated, 15,267 lines of Pure x Connect are translated along with 8,289 lines are edited, Loverable was at 89.5% edited, Harugi was at 58% traslated with Branch route was at 42% translated, and Ginharu overall was at 65.84% translated with Yuzuki's route was at 21.46% translated. We also have Alka manage to translated more than halfway (51.5%) of Reflection Blue with Shizuku's route was fully translated and Miki's route was at 67.1% translated, although it didn't mean that they'll directly release the patch as soon as it finished though (ie no August or September release) because Alka still need to get through several process before releasing Reflection Blue patch. Lastly we have Alka did inform that they'll release Miagete FD patch at first weeks of August, so let's see if they can release it at this month later. While I did expect that Nekonyan will release Hello Lady next at this year, turned out that IxShe Tell is more likely to be Nekonyan's next release because currently it's at 70% in QC while Hello Lady was at halfway in QC (By the way IxShe Tell was already fully translated and edited). There's also the fact that Hello Lady engine was currently being worked on by the developer, so perhaps we must wait for a while before the release. For the rest of Nekonyan's update, we have both of their secret project and Melty Moment was at 35% translated, Aokana Extra 1 was at 90% translated along with halfway edited, Kirikoi was at 85% translated along with 45% edited, and lastly we have Riddle Joker was at 90% for both of translation and editing progress along with 35% in QC. As for Flowers Autumn, the premise is still in regard of GL story with the MC for this time is Yuzuhira who about to be graduated from Saint Angrecaum school and that she still have some regret even after she handing her position as student president council to Suoh (Flowers Spring MC). In order to resolve the regret, Yuzuriha decided to ask some help from her best friend since childhood Nerine who may or may not become her lover in the future. With this it mean that we already have three quarter of Flowers tetralogy being translated, and looks like it'll be right that JAST took two years to release each part of the tetralogy. While granted that we still didn't know when exactly JAST will announce Flowers Winter, it should be obvious that JAST will take the license of if they want a complete tetralogy barring some special circumstances. In any case if you want to see more Flowers, you can get it from either JAST store or Steam and have fun. Oh and even though this is the third part of the tetralogy, the VN itself is still complete enough so you can play it right now if you worry about whether you should wait for Flowers Winter or not. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  20. The only Tsukihime anime we'll ever get (excluding Carnival Phantasm)
  21. Let's Talk: Kami no Rhapsody

    iirc, you can just go to some random areas then immediately quit to get those scenes. This is a decent game with interesting characters. I dropped halfway because of the main character .
  22. What Anime are you watching now?

    Just started watching the 4th season of Sword Art Online. Am going to miss this anime once it finishes airing
  23. Last week
  24. Hmm, you will need a disassembly of the BGI scripts, find for the font face name, usually MS ゴシック or メイリオ or MS Pゴシック Then around the string see if you found any number bettwen 24-36, maybe will be the font size. By the way, is most probabbly to you found the correct file in the sys???.arc
  25. What are you playing?

    So, I have just finished Misa's route in Natsu no Ame, which means completing whole VN. Misa's route was truly wonderful, almost like from the different game I mean, Rikako's and Midori's routes were also pretty good, but this one really outshines them. On the surface, in the beginning it might have look like your typical moege teacher route, but it really goes beyond that. Mostly thanks to Nene (It reminded me of Language of Love a bit). I love how, especially the second part, is focused on the themes of family. Romance part is also the best among four routes - it was the only route, where first sex scene didn't jump out of nowhere There was proper build up to that moment. It was really lovely, heartwarming route - I laughed and cried a lot, even though it wasn't full-blown nakige. Epilogue was also sweet. So my ranking of routes would probably be something like Misa >>> Midori = Rikako (cannot choose which one I liked more, as their moods were quite different) > Hinako (lovely heroine, but the route itself feels unpolished, a bit disappointing, especially since I'm always keen on osananajimi routes). Graphics, music and voices were really good - no complaints from me at all. I agree with Joyjason's review, that it was nice touch to have epilogues narrated by heroines. If all routes were of the same quaility as Misa's, this VN would easily be the 9, but since the other three lacked that extra something, after all I'll settle with 8/10. Very good charage, with decent pacing, one outsdanding route, two very good ones, and one a bit weaker. So while my review isn't as enthusiastic as Joyjason's one, I'd still recommend this game to anyone who isn't allergic to a bit of SoL, or Konno Asta's writing Not bad for his first VN I think it could gain some popularity if it got decent translation, but perhaps now 800x600 resolution might put off some people... after all it's 2009 VN. But I'd love to see what Nekonyansoft could make of it
  26. List of notable Visual Novel related discords as of 2020

    They recently had to temporarily take down their link, likely due to a controversy. They just made a new link, I edited it in the main post.
  27. List of notable Visual Novel related discords as of 2020

    I've noticed that the MangaGamer discord link has been down for a while now. Is the discord server still active? Or did they disable the invite link?
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