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  2. It would probably just be easier to add the translations to the Japanese version. Don't worry about adding the new scenes to the Japanese version I'm not that interested in them and they aren't part of the intended original experience. The extra effort required to get them in would likely be time consuming and difficult.
  3. Help regarding .noa archives

    Try putting the ERI image files on the root level and specifying them on the command line (instead of "E:¥yosuga¥edit", try placing image files in the same directory as noa32c.exe and specifying "image1.eri" "image2.eri") Tip: you can copy and paste using RIGHT CLICK (CTRL-C and CTRL-V do not work) List file method may also work.
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  5. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    I looked now into the JP release. It's a totally different engine. They ported the game to Kirikiri for the ENG release, but the JP release was in some other engine. And that means that whoever (if anyone ever decides to) picks up the H-scenes restoration project would have to do a lot of work on the technical side of things (if they want to combine the release into the most complete one). So yeah, now that I discovered this, I think H-scenes restoration project is even less likely. Just read it with the "good" all-ages translation it has now, and check the CGs on the net for H-scenes. I have no hopes a better solution will ever come up.
  6. Sounds like they did a good translation. Now if only it had the 18+ content.
  7. Looking through the mentions here and would like to ask one more thing. My favorite part of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai was the fact that they had a life outside of highschool and got married. Are any of these like that?
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  9. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Truth to be told, I would have prefered Sakura no Uta, but you can ask Bad End if you want more information
  10. Well... yes? According to your previous comment and this pic you said: 1) Adapt the graphics and modify the content to suit the tastes of the people of the other culture. 2) Change the game contents to "make it fit into the American themes prevalent today". That's basically what 4kids were doing... right? Right? You don't just talk about translation and speech adaptation, as I have mentioned, you have found the broadest definition of localization available and mindlessly applied it to the niche industry with quite specific customers and demands. To start with GALA is not even necessarily about creative works of fiction, it's mostly about services which are two extremely different things... I don't think I'm crazy but when I combine modifying the content, adapting the graphics and fitting in the american themes I basically get censorship and 4kids. Apollo and his burgers. If you, erm, got what you are advocating for, you would be the first to be upset. Fureraba is very far from what you are depicting, it only has a somewhat westernised style of dialogue. And according to you, that's not what localization is at all. And I'm not here for cheap jabs, if you ask pretty much any translator, they'd say that preserving the author's original ideas and intent is the most important thing of all, the only discourse is about being literal or more liberal about the wording during the translation. You are basically saying this yourself: "Here in the US, I hear the word "fool" used almost on a daily basis, and it lacks any hint of true contempt for somebody". So it wouldn't hold the same effect intended by the author hence they made her "rougher" to better reflect that idea. This is exactly what a more liberal attempt at preserving the original ideas and an intended impact on the reader is. Some agree with this approach, some advocate for a more literal translation but this is a different debate altogether.
  11. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I forgot about the joker hint. Maybe, yeah. In any case, Sakura no Mori is indeed a very likely announcement, either this AX, or later this year.
  12. 49 and even translating moege professionally. Most have burnt out long ago, but I'm still going strong. I started playing them 20 years ago.
  13. You do understand that timeless means that it's good even 10+ years in the future? If its filled with current memes and other nosense then people won't understand it later. Well, i've always said you'd have to be stupid as a brick to edit stuff like that in.
  14. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    From the first 500 lines or so that I've read, I wasn't impressed with the editing. The TL could have been better. It's not terrible or anything, just nothing amazing. Someone like Dergonu might be more competent to talk about accuracy of it (the game does have an option to turn on both English and Japanese subtitles at the same time), but other than that, I think I'll leave this one for when I learn Japanese. With the way it was handled, I don't expect they did the jokes translations right. This VN deserved a more skilled set of people to work on it.
  15. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    No, it's mori because they mentionned the joker
  16. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yeah, that S2 is almost definitely not happening. Not after that whole fiasco with Mitsuhiro Ichiki... https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-09-04/kokoro-connect-staff-issues-statements-on-performer-treatment A real shame, too. Apparently this was the result of a harmless joke gone viral, and everyone losing their shit for no reason. This is why we can never have nice things.
  17. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I remember one of the hints from last year's roundly blog post or so was "Sakura". And they didn't announce any titles yet with the "Sakura" hint. So yeah, Sakura no Uta/Sakura no Mori are still possible announcements for this AX. Seeing how there's only 1 title listed now for AX, it could be either of those two.
  18. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    That's actually easy: mangagamer letted a lot of hints on their blog about this title last year. Bad End was showing off everyday on his twitter "I feel so good working on my secret project for mangagamer" etc, so then one day I sent him a pm: "hi bro, how bro, how is it going with Sakura no Mori?" The dude never mentionned his "secret" project since then lol.
  19. Once again thanks for doing this! Is there going to be another partial patch before the full release or would you rather w8 until it's fully completed?
  20. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Alright, thank you.
  21. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Anime Expo - an Anime convention in Los Angeles http://www.anime-expo.org/ And a lot of the VN publishers announce their new licences there.
  22. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    What is AX?
  23. Romcom/SoL anime with actual romance?

    Huh, I find it a bit strange you have Golden Time on your list, but not Toradora. That was done by the same author, and to put it frankly, it was vastly superior in every aspect. The anime does make it clear who the main girl is, and it does develop the relationship consistently (though it starts off in a roundabout way). The drama is there, but I'd like to think it was fairly organic and well-written. It serves a clear purpose in developing the characters, and it does invoke a genuine feeling of sympathy because the characters are so easy to grow attached to. And, most importantly, the romance is both conclusive and satisfying. On the other hand, I think Golden Time rushes into the main pairing's relationship way too quickly. Instead of making romance the endgame, Golden Time brings it to the forefront of the story, essentially removing all of the anticipation that normally comes with the genre. You'd think it was a novel concept that could go somewhere interesting, but, unfortunately, the anime does not handle it gracefully. It tries to pull this off by implementing copious amounts of frustrating drama and ill-conceived pseudo-psychology (specifically pertaining to Banri's condition) in an attempt to maintain the audience's interests. The only way I was able to tolerate that anime was Kouko. Even though the author might've taken a number of missteps with the romance, she can still pull off a damn good heroine! It's not something I'd heartily recommend to romance enthusiasts, especially if they haven't watched Toradora. That said, I do kinda feel for the author, because it would be a serious challenge to create a suitable follow-up for something as successful as Toradora (it was a big deal around the time it was published).
  24. But guys, those hot discussions are very nice, but the game already released... Any opinions about translation quality? Etc?.. Hah? Would be nice to hear.
  25. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Oh, please, say, will be some broadcasts of live recording after panels? Thanks!
  26. No, definitely not, I assure you I was just going to ask you how were the h-scenes in this since you've already read it If it's as you say above, then indeed that might be problematic. That was the issue I had with all-ages versions of Sakura Sakura or Hitotsuba (also, the cuts were too broad), and that's why I switched to +18 versions for those. There's some truth to that. But then - with PE I've read both versions (+18 first) and yet I slightly prefer all-ages in this case. The important thing is - did they put the effort to convey the intimacy between the characters in other ways, or not. Because yeah, those emotional dialogues are important, but countless lines of moans, sound effects and narrating every single thrust can quickly become tiresome, and not all writers can find good balance I mentioned above some games where I finally chose +18 version. But then OTOH there was SukiSuki, where I really lamented the lack of proper all-ages edition Its H-scenes were awful for moege. There was no love at all in them - just mechanical fucking - at least that was my perception. Also, let's not forget Key classics (Kanon, AIR, and LB), where h-scenes totally ruin the mood... BTW I'm still curious how will Cruise Sign turn out for me, as H-scenes in Konosora were pretty good, and besides they seem to be rather essential plot point for Ageha's route. +1
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