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  2. @NowItsAngeTime All right, I added you to the QC conversation. You can find general info in the 1st message there. @Intrinsic Yeah, the initial goal was to make the patch for MoeNovel's version - and it might happen eventually. Right now we are focusing on the patch for the JP version, because it's far more convenient - 6-7 MB patch is easier to share than 2+ GB monster that would be required for the heavily butchered edition. It can be used as a basis to make patches for other versions later.
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  4. DiaboLiQuE / -デアボリカ- [Alice Soft]

    It's pretty cool seeing these old adventure titles, this kind of "merry adventures" you don't really see in modern vns. (There's fantasy adventure/harems in gameplay vns but the feel is still kinda different).
  5. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    Flat is justice, you heathen.
  6. Okay... Now you can paste a whole text and rewrite the .SCN file... Finally my life became easier. Example
  7. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    I would have picked Wagamama for boobs so i voted for it.
  8. Little Busters! Coming to Steam

    well im excited
  9. Rate the avatar above you

    Strong, handsome, awesome hero! 10000/10000
  10. Thanks for the bump; kinda missed this thread. I'm pretty interested in this one, actually. Neko reminds me of Momo from Tu-Love Ru, so that's already a major plus for me. I'll probably give it a try once I've read Dies Irae and SubaHibi.
  11. which Key game?

    I'm hesitant to play Clannad mostly because of how frustrating the anime was, and I feel like I will also get burnt out in the same way, which sort of brought up my question about what people thought about it vs. Rewrite so your "it's a different style/author" comment helps a lot. Usually I just read whatever route I find interesting when I play any sort of VN. I don't think it's cheesy really, just too much and sort of incongruent with the other themes present. Yeah that's basically what I decided. I'll just try out both.
  12. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Aight GL to us all in these final dark hours of Nozomi's Score Match with the rigged MMR. I've reached my 130k cutoff so I'm just gonna stall until the last hour-ish to play In other news Love Live All Stars sounds cool, i just hope it doesn't have it's own gacha thing going on or at the very least I hope they can link it closely with our current SIF accounts cuz I invested way too much into SIF already $-$
  13. Wow, 9% on Mikan this week. Very nice work. Keep it up!
  14. Trying to remember name of anime

    My apologies, I'm not really willing to put in the effort to browse through everything since I have no idea what this anime is, but you might be able to find what you're looking for if you use MAL's seasonal archive.
  15. This week we passed the 40% translation mark. 40.2% TOTAL +0.5% 24590/61172 +302 69.0% Routes +1.0% 24.6% Side Stories 21.7% Training Routes 88.6% Common 5.3% Karin 13.3% Ichigo 74.1% Mikan +9.0% 100.0% Yuzu 100.0% Suika 100.0% Twins 100.0% Zakuro
  16. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    Without a doubt: Hoshimemo (I'd wait for the official release if I were you) Koiken Otome Wagamama
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  18. Still nine days to go on our kickstarter campaign! Any kind of support is welcomed!
  19. VNR is back online!

    Are Waffle's new releases using new engine?. Because for some reason I can't hook 巨乳ファンタジー外伝2 after. https://vndb.org/r46846
  20. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    On my own personal scale I found that Hoshizora has the better story, Wagamama has better h scenes, and Koiken Otome is kinda in-between in both categories.
  21. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    will they actually release stuff this time? Or will it be third time (un)lucky?
  22. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    Koiken Otome are good VN to read, so I recommend reading Koiken Otome
  23. DiaboLiQuE / -デアボリカ- [Alice Soft]

    Imma play it
  24. Pact with a Witch [+18] [WIP]

    Changelog v00.05.01: . Making you suffer with her tongue all your body., 2nd Date with Neus. . ADVISE: The game advance slow on FREE version, you can wait to the next month if you want enjoy better the walkthrought. Your choice. Download it in GAMEJOLT or ITCH.IO --- Next Public version will have better translation and many new color sprites and backgrounds.
  25. Steam page - http://store.steampowered.com/app/69908 ... ove_Story/ Jake's Love Story is an slice-of-life/comedy/romance about group of friends in high school. In this short interactive story for everyone play as Jake, an totally average high school student. Meet cheerful and clumsy Emma, cold and distant Alice and friendly Mike! During Jake's school days you will get to make various choices, resulting in few different story endings, each of them can have some visual changes, so in the end you can end up in one of many endings! Will you manage to get all of them? Do school projects, laugh at funny situations, help Jake's friends... or not. Decision is up to you! Will one of the girls agree to go with Jake to prom? Or maybe both of them? Will the group stay friends? How Jake's story ends? Game is relatively short in one reading, but with many choices and sometimes even "dialogue trees" you can end up in one of 9 story endings, each having 4 possible visual changes, adding up to 36 endings in total. I estimate one playtrough for about an hour at average speed, but figuring out getting all endings and entering all scenes might take a while.
  26. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    Why not read them all? Pick one and go to the others after it Regarding Hoshizora, it is getting an oficial release soon, so I suggest you to wait a little to get it, as the fan translation is not good.
  27. Foreword: I don't believe Alice Soft - they can only make eroge and bakage. But this game was highly praised overseas. Who knows, maybe it's the game that can overcome my aversion. Title: Diabolique Developer: Alice Soft Date: 1998-05-28 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2261 Synopsis: In this world, here are two kinds of intelligent beings. One are humans and the other are Diaboliques. Diaboliques possess power, violence, intelligence, and eternal life. Their life form was categorized into four levels, the lowest division lacking intelligence, reproduction ability and beauty and the fourth being very intelligent and able to change form. For thousands of years, human race has been suppressed by the danger of diabolique. However, a legend has passed on through generation that there's diabolique that kills its own species. This diabolique was Azulite - one of the only five Lord Diabolique (the ones of highest category). Being known as the "species killer," Azulite has come up to kill diaboliques. At here, he met a girl named Letticia. Her innocence and tragic background has attracted Azulite, and soon Azulite fell in love with her. However, the two lovers were separated after Letticia was killed. They promised to see each other when she was reincarnated. Carrying with the promise, Azulite once again set off on a journey looking for Letticia. Structure: There are roughly five big parts corresponding to five different time periods. Length: 16 hours Game type: Command selection adventure Difficulty: Easy. Story is one way road and bad ends are possible only if make a bad decision in battle. Even then the game kindly suggests to load from the beginning of the battle rather than finding your earlier savegame. Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 10/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 10/10 Rating comments: Two games in a row with a 10/10... either my standards are that low or the games are that good. I actually stand for the latter. My only complain to game quality is that it's not voiced and music only lasts for couple minutes and fades before the next scene is reached. And I did not particularly like the way the five Lord Diaboliques were presented. We get short scenes with them between the main Azurite story parts and only by the mids of fifth final part we're told their names and their governing elements. So through the game they are just random guys and when we get acquainted to them, there's already a climax part pending. I'd like to get more of Lord Diabolique characters. Protagonist: Azurite is absolutely fabulous as a protagonist. He lost most of his memory, but he knows that he's the strongest of Lord Diaboliques. He remembers he's searching for something and wanders around killing his kin and getting food and shelter for that. He travels in a human form and he looks like a very tall elf with his long hair, slender body and big sword. But in this cruel world drowned in blood he's the only gentelman. He's very polite, kind, good-mannered and modest. He never drawn his sword against any human no matter how bad he's bullied or hunted (well, not in human state at least he-he). And he's a one-woman man. From the moment he met Leticia in humiliating conditions he felt a deep sympathy towards her. He's never laid an eye on any other woman and when one woman throughout the story tried to force herself on him, his manhood could not react at all. He's very loyal and that makes the story unique. Well, he's quite sensitive too and he can afford to cry when he's with Leticia. He's a great cook and at mornings he always greets Leticia in an apron and with a ladle inviting her to have breakfast. Characters: Each of the five story parts has its own set of characters. I adore party adventures and story part 2 and 3 were about adventuring in two different parties and that was absolutely cool. I really liked those different party members with fancy characters, but they don't play significant role. Only Leticia follows throughout all the parts (actually, even she's absent in one part) and enemies. There is also Aria girl that has an important role in 4th and 5th story parts, so let's look at those two girls. Leticia: Well... she's different. Part 1 shows us canonical abused scary girl. Part 2 is an absolutely different, bold and picky personality and a different appearance. Part 3 is again totally different from those two, but I would not like to spoil here. In Part 4 she's absent and in Part 5 she's basically canonical Leticia again, but she remembers all the previous reincarnations as well. Well, she's quite a typical heroine like in many single heroine stories. Sensitive scared crybaby who knows next to nothing about the world and that gives Azurite an opportunity to act protective and teach her basic facts about the world. But as for me, Part 2 and Part 3 Leticia reincarnations are much cooler, totally different personalities and great stories. Aria: She's a usual native Indian girl, curious and brave. She recovers Azurite body when he falls into a trap and takes care of him while he recovers. But Azurite falls into the same trap for the second time (well, he's not wisest man) and she dies stepping up and getting all the blows that were ment for Azurite. That's an inevitable spoiler because there's not point discussing Aria as human. Azurite makes a misfortune (intelligent creation) of her she stays protecting those ruins and waiting for Azurite. Well, that's the biggest charm about this girl. She's becomes a killing machine, but she regains her memories - she looses humanity, but she has intelligence and senses. She's condemned to wait for Azurite for hundreds years in that dark den and eventually he comes... not alone, but with Leticia. There's a very touching scene of jealousy risen inside Aria towards Leticia and that and her damned fate make her a very memorable character. Story: Story is superb throughout first four story parts. There's a lot of diabolique fights, lots of death, lots of adventuring. Part 2 and 3 features adventuring inside two different parties and that's just the best moments of the game. Part two is also a perfect slice of life on top of that. So we get to know Leticia in part 1 and eventually lose her. In part 2 after 60 years we discover her soul in a different girl and eventually lose her. At this point I already thought I knew what would happen in leftover parts. But part 3 is totally shocking - there's no Azurite in it, there's no Leticia in it - main three characters are a pub girl, a huge warrior woman and pub girl's brother who wishes to go adventuring and joins that huge warrior woman. For two hours the story lingers and you start to put up with the fact that's it's a totally different story when - BAM - Azurite appears in a totally unexpected way - BAM - Leticia appears and the chapter shortly ends. Ok... now I adjusted my expectations and the leftover stories were bound to be the same Azurite is searching for Leticia, but in other humans forms, easy as that. And fourth chapter gives another shock - there's Azurite in his usual for throughout the whole chapter, but Leticia does not make appearance in this chapter at all - not her soul, pretty much nothing! Just wow. So fifth chapter should finally be about meeting of two heroes, right? NOT. For one and a half hour you watch a slice of life about 7-year old reincarnated Leticia and her 7-year old friends. And I'd like to assure you that watching a slice of life about 7-year old first graders is not fun in any way - that was the most torturing part of the game. But fifth part is the longest one (about 5 hours long), so there is enough time for heroes union and new confrontation setting and final resolution. I'll tackle the fifth chapter in Themes more. CG: There's a lot of CG, actually. I'm totally satisfied by is quantity and quality. Here are some gore CG for the taste of it. There's a lot of CG, actually. I'm totally satisfied by is quantity and quality. Here are some gore CG for the taste of it. HCG: Believe it or not, but there are only two and a half hentai scenes in the game. Two scenes for 16 hour long gameplay. I'm sorry, is this really Alice Soft? Well, it is. In order to make up with just two H-scenes there are a lot of half-naked/naked shots. A lot of enemies are drawn the way to amplify eroticism. There are a lot of flashbacks and occasional nudity scenes, so don't worry, it's very much Alice Soft, just adapted to fit the pure love eternal reincarnation story. And the only Azurite and Leticia H event is one of the most memorable in my gaming experience. There's no music and no voice during that. Only the rising and fainting gusts of wind are heard. The scene is maid as manga scrolling strips overlapping each other with up to 4 small screens deployed at one time. Very beautiful and touching. Sound: Sound is my biggest complain. I'm used to unvoiced games, that's ok. But each bgm fades after some two minutes and during the rest of the scene there's dead silence so I really often had to check whether I forgot to turn on sound or something. Actually, there are also nice sound effects during actions, but everyday life scenes lack them a lot. Themes: So first four chapters were pretty much brainless merry adventures with some sad resolutions. I loved those the most. But then came final fifth chapter and game suddenly turned into a nakige. The great diabolique/human war broke out and our heroes are hunted from both sides as well as by four Lord Diabolique. Leticia shakes in hysteria crying that's she's tired of running and hiding asking to leave her alone. Azurite is totally depressed as well because he can't give anything besides his feelings to the woman he loves. Those are very depressing scenes that last throughout the whole fifth chapter. But at the same time a lot of serious questions are raised. 1) Time brings change. Leticia was hiding in the forests with Azurite for 11 years and now she's 18 and she's tired, she wants a normal life. Feelings alone aren't a solid basis of relations. 2) What's better - to reincarnate, lose memory and start anew or to keep on living? Surprisingly, I feel like the game says that reincarnating even with memory loss is much better. First four chapters are a vivid example of it. It used to be a great romance story, but once heroes got together and Leticia turned 18 things have changed. She'll soon get old and die of boredom in the forest. Bearing the burden of past lives memory is already difficult. So when fire kings visits her alone in the forest and suggests to wipe her memory she's pretty much ready for both memory wipe and even death and reincarnation since reality has turned into such a heavy burden. 3) What's good and what's evil? Diabolique Lords are almighty cruel creatures that enslave humans, but with the story flow we start to see their characters, their griefs, their losses and they aren't seen as evil anymore. Humans used to be on losing side, but with the invention of firearms the balance shifted and humans started to kill even 24 Diaboliques getting very close to hunting Diabolique Lords. While diaboliques mostly used humans for sex pleasures, humans started to torture diaboliques just for the sake of revenge and those tortures were inhumane. At fifth chapter we're given the ultimate choice - shall we support the Diabolique Lords or shall we keep on hiding and fighting diaboliques. Supporting Diabolique Lords leads us to the first game ending with Azurite regained memories and power of Lord Diabolique of darkness and Leticia happily living with him. This is not a true ending, but I don't see it as a bad ending either. Humans with their lowly desires are hardly better than diabliques. While they were weak, they used to humiliate their own kin. And the story of Leticia in Part 1 is a vivid example of that. Now they got the power and they start to torture and humiliate even diabolique gods. Under diabolique lords dominance the Earth survived for thousands of years and they never really cared much about the humans, never tried to wipe them. And there's big question whether the human dominance going to be better. Azurite understands that and he chooses the third way. No spoilers. Humor: I don't really need humor to enjoy the story, but it can be a very nice addition to the story. In this game those seldom humor moments present were of Alice Soft bakage heritage. Here's one example of its "humor". Chapter 2 Leticia takes Azurite's clothes and gets to wash it while Azurite sits covered with a blanket. He wants to get breakfast and set coffee, but Leticia notices that it's dangerous and he could get a scorch. Azurite suggests that he wears an apron to prevent that. -But you don't have anything to wear, all your clothes is being washed! -I can wear an apron as I am! -NO! PLEASE! NO WAY! Overall comments: Atlach-Nacha was the first game of Alice Soft to shake my beliefs in Alice Soft as a sucky company. But it's Diabolique that made me surrender and shake off all the grunts. Diabolique is really an astonishing adventure and pure love story. It's ever surprising, mysterious nature keeps the thrill on all the time and I finished this 16 hour story in just two sittings. It has plenty of touching moments and an ultimately satisfactory ending. It's a waste to bury such story just because the game is old, has command selection gameplay and meciocre sound support. You can always glimpse on the game through my video playthrough as well.
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