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  2. Suki Suki release at December 13th later

    I got used to getting cucked on superior side characters by now. It always happens, the pain dulls over time. No reason not to have fun regardless.
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  4. Suki Suki release at December 13th later

    Cant say that post makes the game more appealing
  5. Suki Suki release at December 13th later

    As for the CG number, it was at 1,669 CGs looking from the posted picture. Keep in mind that I may be wrong though. Anyway, we have Mangagamer did post another director comment in regard of Suki Suki here, and I did find that the reason of why there's no Maya's route is quite bleak knowing Chuuable's situation. Read the post here if you'd interested with it, and by the way it's the last part for the info.
  6. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Sjw and hipster detected i guess
  7. Helloooo

    Hello, im glad if you say so. I think Akari funny, despite being cute she recklessly act tough like a man that cause trouble for herself. Those awesome recommendation, im gonna try Root Double for sure. nothing better than life and death drama . Thanks Shogun .
  8. Good 2017-2018 novels

    Could someone recommend me good chuuni or mystery VNs which were released in 2017 or 2018. Or something that looks promising and should be released soon (in 2-3 months) NO yaoi, yuri, rape, Silverio series (already completed) or incomplete stuff.
  9. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    damn sjws amirite fellow dumbasses?
  10. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    First they need to fire hipsters and metoo fanatics from the company
  11. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    The problem here isn't Valve banning the games. Fact of the matter is that it is their storefront and they can absolutely dictate what is allowed to be sold and what isn't. That falls completely under their rights as a company. The larger issue at hand is the absolutely inconsistent method that they use to dictate what can and can't be sold. We've seen over the past few months Steam go from not allowing 18+ patches, to allowing uncensored porn on steam, back to even nuking the games from orbit. Valve needs to set up a uniform policy here and stop flip flopping back and forth.
  12. I'm not planning on completely skipping the readings per se, but I'm following Heisig's book for the moment so it's not something I'll learn at the beginning. After all, what good will knowing the readings do me if I don't yet have the vocab? After I'm done with muh kanji I'll be learning a lot of new words through sentences in context, and it's through that process that I hope I'll adquire the (most common) readings. Speaking of which, it's been a week since I opened this thread. So far I'm being consistent listening to as much japanese as I possibly can and I've gone through the first 200 kanji of Heisig's RTK. Let's start the second week!
  13. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Okay, my mistake then. Thank you for the correction. I can understand that Steam need to follow the law and staffs need to follow Steam policy, but it has to be fair and not bias. If there's no nudity or sex act or whatever violating the policy or regulation, no need to ban the game then.
  14. Fuukan no Grasesta: gameplay as of Chapter 6

    Hmm, I don't think I've ever had any issues with money. Don't tell me you've been paying a few extra visits to the Brothel There's not much to buy and you keep getting health/action restoration items. Even if it can be tough to buy them back, I suggest using them asap or stacking them together. The same goes with using reinforce items as soon as possible. I didn't have issues with hiring fees since I literally don't sleep until I am close to finishing the chapter, and that is to see the story and character events. In the first chapter, I even made a mistake and took a couple hours to figure out there were three more characters to hire back at the basement lol. As for equipment items, greens tend to be better to be blues since you can reinforce those, but what matters the most is the equipped skill. Disasters are more challenging than the average fight, but I find that you are pretty much guaranteed to win as long as you keep your health up until you can use Kaur to defend. His Cover skill forces enemies to attack him instead, which means instead of an AoE attack, all damage will be focused on Kaur but with his defensive stats. When I fight those enemies I not only focus on keeping my health at 100% but also use +phys atk, especially with those characters deal too little damage. Either way, the only challenging enemies are those that can use AoE attacks...and sometimes they can be unexpected (like the firebird and the worm). I also found that upgrading skills isn't that amazing, even more so those that only give you an extra 1% chance to do something. There are some really good ones, such as increased drop rate, Judar's Lone Wolf skill and Kaur's defensive skills. Of course, the Charm skills too. Overall, I am excited for NG+ but I feel that the game has serious balance issues (relatively easy game with one or two enemies here and there that can one-shot you).
  15. Foreword: I have a difficult history with Liar-Soft. Their games amaze me, but I usually get really confused by them as well. Like I really liked Forest, but it's so overburdened with meanings and layers that you never know if you grasped it all or not. But Hiragumo-chan that's probably the closest thing to our game disappointed me both times I tried to play it. All I knew that Gyousatsu being the second game of the company (it does not mean first one was not crazy) was already crazy. Crazy good or crazy bad? Title: Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure Developer: Liar-soft Date: 2000-04-28 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v5096 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcrG01XXMAU Synopsis: End of Edo period, Kyoto. Hero becomes a part of a newly-formed Shinsengumi unit. He is to protect Kyoto from the evil hands of Kinno (Kyushu) and develop relations with squad female members such as Hijikata and Okita. Despite the real historical period, events are mostly comical and beyond time limits. For example, heroines often appeal to human rights protection. Depending on the value of real "absurdity" parameter in the game you can get rid of the great devil coming to Kyoto with a 88 mm cannon, cyborgs or panda samurai. Structure: No real structure Length: One route took me two and a half hours. But there are a lot of characters and routes. Game type: Samurai theme bakage Difficulty: Very easy, apart of quizzes. Could not answer even the easiest level question which rank Adolf Hitler had during first World War. I would not call that an easy question! Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Rating comments: Truth be told, game turned out to be better than I expected, thus the score. It's not just a bakage. Main character and heroines are solid enough. There is a good mix of absurdity and story, and most of jokes are based exactly on absurdity elements. I actually found myself smiling four times during one route, and that's a good result. Character route I played surprisingly had quite satisfactory love story elements. It really made me ask myself - wow, I wonder what the other routes are like. There's a neat epilogue that tells the further story based on your choices. Considered the number of characters, the good and bad endings and different degrees of absurdity for the ending, the replayability is great here. Protagonist: Shimada Makoto is pretty cool as protagonist with his carefree attitude, but I don't know what historical figure served as his prototype, so he was no special for me. Characters: Again, I only remember three members of Shinsengumi - Hijikata, Okita and Kondou, so they made the most sense to me. I choose Okita, of course, since she was supposed to be the captain of the unit and because she had the biggest problem of the characters. Okita story was nice and tender, but the epilogue surprised me even more. Story: Hero comes to Edo from Kyoto without money, but luckily he stumbles upon Shinsengumi unit and becomes a recruit there. For some time he just goes on patrols with the member he prefers the most, and then it's time for the clash with enemies who oppose the Shogunate and want to obstruct elections. CG: First let's say that there aren't standing sprites in the game. Instead, there are squares with faces. It does not look good generally, but here there is a lot of interaction expressed by movement of these squares - squares clash, chase each other etc, so game feels really lively as you see all the actions happening through squares movement. On the other hand there are few CG because of that since a lot of stuff is possible to show just with square movements. But those CG that exist are quite impressive for me. Sound: I know there is BGM in game since there is an Omake in game with 20 compositions, but my sound card failed to play it on any Windows version I tried from Win98 to Win10. I was not sure if the trouble was on my side or not, and I was half a way through the game when I recognized there 100% must be BGM. Could have done it on a tablet that usually is much better with sound in old games. Voicing is really partial... only for important events. Was not quite enough, but at least we know how each girl sounds. Humor: Here are couple examples that made me laugh. First time was when hero was sent to buy juice for everyone in vending machine outside, and there was even a dialogue line "What, a vending machine?!", but I did not want to raise absurdity level for my playthrough. The second time was when hooded monk Benkei appeared as one of the more powerful enemies. That was really funny for me since those historical figures are about seven hundred ages apart. Overall comments: This game is just nor for a Westerner. It has tons of specific humor that tackles specific situations from Japan history. It was a nice experience though, a gulp of fresh air compared to other visual novels from the first half of 2000.
  16. I really don't get it what is the point of this sequel in the first place. Sounds just like a cash grab like Code Geass new movies are. The only way that I see in which they can make it work story wise is using world after one of Saya's routes, but that wouldn't make it a sequel, but rather just shared world.
  17. Fate/Grand Order

    @wei123 3 years playing fgo, I never had that good rolling. F my E-rank luck Are you not interested for dat ass, flutz? Maybe I will roll once, hoping to get event CE at least
  18. Fate/Grand Order

    It's been a good day today.
  19. @Stormwolf Please, use spoiler tags when directly discussing the events from the endings. On-topic: it's dumb. I have nothing to add.
  20. Clearly you weren't paying attention to the dialogue, because it's quite clear she died in childbirth. It wouldn't make sense for her live anyway, especially if you know what Song of Saya is actually modeled on story-wise (Hint, it isn't Lovecraft). As for the sequel being pointless, trust me, that's a question we all have.
  21. If i dont remember wrongly it was just stated that she gave birth and never actually stated that she died. And like i said, why continue without saya? Would be a pointless sequel.
  22. Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1500 Tracks

    Hi Everyone, This week’s new free tracks are all from my Fantasy pages: “MAGIC OCEAN” (Looping) soundimage.org/fantasywonder "STRANGE GAME MENU_V001" (Looping) soundimage.org/fantasy-2 "RPG MAP MUSIC" (Looping) "A SEA OF JEWELS" (Looping) “RPG THEME” (Looping) soundimage.org/fantasy-3 Have a good week!
  23. I've just got to ask the question I'm sure everyone already has on their minds Will there be more Shoggoth dicking or not?
  24. Also, someone on Discord suggested the idea of the continuation being Demonbane fighting Saya, and that is too amusing an idea not to mention here.
  25. It wasnt. Wether saya died or not in one of the endings is up for debate. It could be continued as if she survived. No point in a sequel if she's dead.
  26. When you say continuation (sequel) which ending do you think it will continue?
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