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  3. My gaming addiction, and how it affected me.

    Well, gaming/internet addiction was one of the constant elements of my life since early teens. Directly, it never went into truly destructive territories (I've managed my everyday duties and spending habits pretty well), but led me into this super-asocial way of living, social anxiety and failing the second year of my studies really hard (not from not trying, but just from how overwhelming some of the tasks before me were, like doing field surveys - I'm much better nowadays when it goes to interacting with people, but I know it would be still a huge challenge to try to get interviews from strangers in the way we were asked to do it back then). Thankfully, it was all within context of free higher education in Poland, otherwise it might've had much more severe consequences. I guess I never really lost myself in gaming, but I was spending pretty much every free moment on it since I've got a computer of my own, only having it not make me fail in school etc. through a complete lack of social life. Last year, I decided things have to change and started slowly removing games from my life, with a single exception of VNs and promise to myself that I'll keep my otaku activities creative, never regressing to spending countless hours of lonely, mindless grind in strategy games and RPGs. In the end, I've started writing reviews of anime and VNs, then the blog and this led me to the current place - one in which I pretty much stopped playing any games outside of VNs and finally started working on myself a bit (I'm even exercising every day, something I never thought could actually happen). It might not look that different from the outside (I'm still spending A LOT of time reading VNs and producing content), but it's way more satisfying and connects me with people rather than isolating me from them, even if it's mostly online contacts. Anyways, thanks for sharing your story and I hope you stay strong. These things are not easy to deal with and removing the temptation is sometimes indeed the best idea (after all, I've eventually done so myself - after getting rid of WoW a few weeks ago I literally don't have games on my relatively high-end computer that aren't 2D anime slideshows, with the sole exception of Darkest Dungeon :>). I think VNs are, in the end, way more intellectually stimulating and easy to manage than most traditional games. Good luck and I hope they'll serve you well on your new path.
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  5. How many people cares for physical copies?

    Considering the size of the VN community as well as the amount of those interested in physicals I would say there is pretty much no chance for a community based on making their own physicals to exist.
  6. How many people cares for physical copies?

    I'd love to have everything physical, but I can't afford it. Especially, since there's so many out of print and that I missed the Kickstarters for and stuff. I've been thinking of trying to put together art and everything, burn copies, and make my own physical editions, but I'd have to learn how to use Photoshop or something. Is there any communities into that type of stuff like there are for regular games and movies? If there was something like thecoverproject, but for VNs I'd do it in an instant.
  7. My gaming addiction, and how it affected me.

    Didn't you ever bored or would you just drop one when that happened and buy a new one? I mean I love video games, but when I overdo it I feel like I have to at least watch some anime or something. As the above poster said though, it's okay to make mistakes when you're young. The important thing is learning from those mistakes. It sounds like you have a good family and grounds to build a wonderful life. Good luck OP.
  8. Thank you guys! It will be nice to be able to talk about this stuff for a change. Visual novels always feel so underappreciated. Happy to be somewhere where that's not the case.
  9. [POLL] What's your translation quality cutoff?

    Sigh... I guess I remembered it wrong. I couldn't find any thread, but maybe it was a post? I dug this out and I think that may be what I remembered. If that's not it, then I wrongly remembered by whom the thread/post was. I know it was very informative about TL quality and had ratings listed.
  10. Does anyone have a link?
  11. [POLL] What's your translation quality cutoff?

    While I have little experience with VNs in-general, from what I've read so far, my quality cut-off point is at number 4 where the grammar starts to become cringy as hell. I'll at least read anything from 5 and up just as long as the translation is fluent enough to read.
  12. Hi, I'm new, hi.

    Chaos Child has been on my radar since steins gate, and it's on the vita too, so I will definitely get to that sooner or later. Never heard of Shibuya Scramble though, looks way mad --> count me intrigued. Anyway, thanks for the welcomes and the recommendations!
  13. That's actually an interesting point. We often tend to assume that original was well written to begin with, and blame all bad or awkward things on translation team.
  14. My gaming addiction, and how it affected me.

    I have to applaud your honesty as many others would have kept it to themselves.Judging from your studies I surmise that you are still young and can afford to make mistakes. Others may not be so fortunate if they got consumed in alcoholism or worse.It is better to make mistakes earlier in life than latter but I am not the most suitable person to give these kind of advice.I really wish you actually make concrete changes to life and not declare yourself victory days after some life-changing events. I know I sound pessimistic and you would likely want encouragement not caution but I do not want to give promises that I cannot keep.
  15. Sure you can't have brilliant writing in the translation when you started with Sakura games...
  16. >brilliant writing Is it? Translators and editors aren't supposed to re-write. They are supposed to deliver a quality translation, while "quality" mileage may vary from person to person. If the original is well written, you need a translation on par to deliver it's quality to an english audience. On the other hand, even an excellent translator won't be able to save a game with shitty, amateurish writing. *looks at majority of vns*
  17. I did not blame the translator. The rating is for overall translation/editing/localisation.
  18. Typos are something most editors fix on the run. Definitely not something to berate translators for, as their main job is an entirely different field.
  19. Oh look, another rambly story from a user who barely even comes on here at all. Well technically, I still lurk on here from time to time, and I'm mostly active on @mitchhamilton's group as EastCoastDrifter, so I'm still a part of Fuwa in some way. Although I may become more active and into VNs in the future, as I will explain below. Just a few days ago, my parents got rid of my PlayStation 4, Vita, and my entire game collection, as well as force me to purge all of my games from my Steam account except Steins;Gate. This is because I've done some terrible things that absolutely warrant this sort of punishment, and it ties to a major problem I have for the last three years. I have a bad gaming addiction, and it affected all aspects of my life, from my schooling to my work. When I started receiving checks back in 2015, the possibility of me buying anything I want was opened, and from that impulse, I bought a PlayStation Vita with my own money for the first time. Since then, I've been using up my money to continue adding games to not just my Vita, but also my Steam account as well. My impulse to buy more games increased over the years, and eventually I bought a PlayStation 4 too. My mindset became ever more hungry for games as the years go buy. Suddenly, I became lazy, and stopped doing the things I loved like writing and drawing all for the sake of playing more games. I lost focus on finding a job, and my attempts to register into university were shaky. Then something happened that affected my life greatly. In December 2016, my cat passed away, and I lost a close childhood companion that I've had for seventeen years. With nothing to comfort, I resorted to staying in my house and caring nothing but buying and playing video games. For all purposes, I was effectively a shut-in, only going out to game stores on occasion. It should come to no surprise that eventually, this hit a breaking point. Just last week, I bought myself a new laptop with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX graphics card, and with it, the possibilities of more advanced PC games that my old laptop couldn't even handle before, were opened. The thing is, I was already in university by that point and receiving loans to pay off my school tuition. And guess what, I did a dumb move and used up my student loans to buy that laptop. And not only that, I lied to my parents and my school councilors with the excuse that my old laptop was failing when it actually still runs fine. Since my gaming urge was quelled, I've decided that I don't need to be in university anymore and dropped my courses entirely, all just to play with my new toy. So when news of me dropping my courses hit my parents, they were furious. They knew full well what the cause of my issue was and took direct measures to ensure that I get back into university and continue my education. They made me return the gaming laptop back to the store to get a refund so I can reclaim the loans I've used up, and as I've said before, they also got rid of my PS4, Vita, and my entire game collection (they gave them away to my aunt and her kids), and forced me to purge all of my games from my Steam account. This was effectively a wake-up call for me, that my gaming addiction went too far. Now that I have no games left, my eyes are opened. Now I'm considering going back to my old hobbies of writing and drawing, and will focus on finding a job so I can live on my own. Hell, I'm even going back to watching anime, since I haven't watched one since the start of my gaming addiction three years ago. I'm also going to fully try out VNs too. Remember when I said that all my games from my Steam account were purged except for Steins;Gate? Well that's because my parents are old codgers who are not very tech savvy, so when they saw Steins;Gate, they didn't even consider it a game at all, and called it a "digital book" instead. Their ignorance on VNs actually saved Steins;Gate from getting purged, and with that, I can get to actually finishing the VN. This is my story of my gaming addiction. Did you have similar experiences too? If so, what did you learn from this?
  20. 6 for more serious works, 5 if I don't really expect the original to be good in the first place. In my native language the cutoff would probably be closer to 7, that's why I always read VNs in English.
  21. We usually call them typos...
  22. Most advanced translators don't make laughable mistakes, at least not any that are instantly visible to your average english readers.
  23. Click here to meet hot young person in your area!

    I'm at around 28, so I'm definitely not very young here. Anyway welcome to the community and apparently we'd have similar taste in regard of VNs, and if you need some other VNs recommendations than you can ask us about that here. I'm also hope that you'll have fun here.
  24. Hi, I'm new, hi.

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and as for VNs recommendations I think both of Chaos Child and Shibuya Scramble with the former was from the same series as Steins Gate (Sci Fi ADV). Of course while I'm at it you may try Chaos Head as well, considering that it's the first Sci Fi ADV that was came from Steins Gate. I hope that you'll have fun here, and if you need some more recommendations feel free to ask us.
  25. Yeah, 5 is minimum for me too. Unfortunately, most of the 5's I played were official translations BTW recently I expeirenced something between 7 and 8, but it wasn't VN, but anime subtitles. I'm speaking about fan-TLed polish subtitles for "Toradora!". I started watching with english subs, and they felt rather stiff and bland. Then I wanted to show it to my mom, so I found PL-subbed version, and it was really good. There were some mistakes, but it felt very natural. BTW they ditched honorifics but still retained some level of information provided by them, by substituting diminutive versions of names in place of -chan - I think they are easier to create in polish than in english, at least for character names in this show. It turned out pretty good.
  26. I'm fine with 5 for FTs, but if you want me to spend money on the translated version it has to be at least 7.
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