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  2. As for August, yeah it's quite busy indeed. Let's see what I can comment when it come to the VN news at August 2021. Well Ai Yori Aoshi itself is not quite a big VN even before JAST sell it at their website, although I wonder if it mean that JAST will sell the rest of Hirameki licenses with some of their better licenses are Ever17 and Phantom of Inferno (In the case of the latter I really hope that JAST did convert it to more practical format (Outside DVD Player) and possibly re-translate it because some of the lines are mistranslated). Speaking of retranslation since we already ha
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  4. I got about a third of the way through Alpha-nighthawk before I dropped it. Simply put, it has all of Liar-soft's bad habits with none of the good. Love Commu is a nukige masquerading as a charage. Unfortunately, it isn't as good as some of the similar games like Erect. I got through one path of Pieces before dropping it out of boredom. At this point, I was already out of the VN of the Month thing, so I had no reason to force myself to play something I felt was boring. Realive... it feels like yesterday that I played this. It is basically just another high-end nakige by Purp
  5. Realive is the only masterpiece I can vouch for. Micchi adds Aonatsu Line and pieces/Wataridori no Somnium to the list of interest. 1. LoveR LoveR(ラヴアール)[190314] Kadokawa Games 1 Romance. Record. A new love begins… The summer of your second year of high school. You happen to meet six girls. And then… love. A future of romance? The school festival will take place in two months. And there, the confession…
  6. I doubt that they are trying to sell the translation. The lead translator is just probably busy with real-life stuff, but if some members of the project is not happy with progress being bottlenecked due to being too busy, I think it's better to ask for some help or to delegate some responsibilites to others.
  7. Thank you for ur recommendations! I will make sure to check them all
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  9. Pretty sure it´s also a matter of how much localizer xy is willing to pay. eushully for example is not against someone officially releasing their titles in the west, just the amount of money they´ve asked for (sekai in this case), seems a little offputting. guess same pretty much goes for some others as well, which might change over time (devs getting into financial shenanigans etc), or not. & with now DMM proactively stomping the loc market you can´t really predict anything anymore
  10. Hello and welcome, Ali! I hope you enjoy it here
  11. Fan translations do not exist because Japanese companies do not want to release in the west, it is a money problem. Fact is that there are many translated VNs from developers that then got official release here. I get that some companies do not want to release in the west, it does not mean that it will always be the case. The fact that a developer did not provide any license yet doesn't mean that they will never. Are you working with them to say such affirmation?
  12. No one even remotely said anything even close to that and there is zero chance it will get a official translation. It almost seems like you completely misunderstood what I said there as your reply doesn't match with what I said at all. You clearly aren't aware there are Japanese visual novel developers who do not want to bring their visual novels to the west, this developer, Eshully and Toneworks (neither have a single official translation) are the 3 I can think of and there are likely many more.
  13. Welcome Ali. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
  14. Wait, do you really believe that officially localized games have been licensed for free? The fact that none of their game has been sold in the west doesn't mean that they do not want to (perhaps it is the case, but I and YOU have no idea), but it is also possible that they didn't get a proper offer yet. Please you can say that it is very unlikely, but do not say that it is impossible. You are clearly not objective
  15. Hello, im following this Project since some Time and its Nice to see that you can slowly get back to working on it. But i wanted to ask something in Regards of that " Partial Release" of Yuukis H-Scenes. Is it for all Scenes in her Route ( I think 4 or 5 Scenes she has?) or only 1 or 2? If those Patches have all SCenes translated, then its worth to wait a Couple more Months i guess until you put them together in one Patch i guess? If so, then take your Time nonethless, i guess i speak for everyone that we can wait as long as it takes until your Finished with everything.
  16. There's a tag of the VNs in question at VNDB, and the tag is 'Confinement'. As for what kind of VN that has the tag, the most famous one is Ever17 in which it's earlier work from both of Zero Escape writer and Root Double director back when they'd work together. Other than Ever17, I can also recommend some other VNs such as Raging Loop, I/O, and Remember11 (I/O is didn't have trapped situation though). You can also try both of Somnium and Shibuya Scramble in case you interested with some detective VNs (The former was also worked on by Zero Escape writer and the latter is serve as the inspirati
  17. Well that's quite a vague question here because art and story can be quite a subjective matter. That said if you asking for the VNs that has good plot and arts, I can recommend you to read my top 10 best rated translated VNs lists here, and here's the list for 2019 and 2020 (Note that I list Aokana and Ryuusei in the respective years). I don't know if you'll read all of the VNs from my lists or not, but regardless of that I hope that my lists here can be helpful to you. PS - If you still need some more recommendations, then I can suggest you either Utawarerumono trilogy, Kirikoi, or Muram
  18. There's Erina from Dracu Riot, although she's a little more perverted out there. If you prefer the exact same character down to the hair and the VA, perhaps you may be interested with Kana from Daitoshokan. Other than that, well I guess Honoka from Haretaka can also qualify here although she might be a bit extreme compared to what you think. Lastly there's Hazuki from Study Steady. I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
  19. Not much news from me, but the project is not dead - @Plk_Lesiak is gradually proceeding with proofreading and editing But today I stumbled upon interesting thing on vndb - which further confirms my theory about common pool of assets shared between various TIARE/JAST games. Just look at this screenshot from Muchimuchi Sexy Parfait Onee-sama You which was released on Windows only (no PC98 version). And compare with this:
  20. Hey, it's been a while. Now that our hacker and translator are back in action, we should be able to continue the project. And in fact, I bring good news: Proud to announce that we're releasing another partial, with Yuuki's Hscenes! https://mega.nz/file/wQYAlT6S#JOnB7tImLTwVGGAf54u4P5y2UFZE65snfwTN-2IgOB8 Also a progress update on the others: Michi: 100% translated, 25% edited. Shachi: Starting up. Patricia - 1 Scene translated and edited. On hold. (linecount pending) If everything goes well, next patch should come in a month or so, and the one aft
  21. Hey Ali! Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay
  22. Hey everyone, it's been a while! I just downloaded and installed the latest Eushully game yesterday, Amayui Labyrinth Meister. Unfortunately, the game seems to be running into some graphical issues as seen in the spoilers below. I've never had this issue with any of Eushully's games and it's really frustrating because it looks terrible and takes a lot of enjoyment out of the game. Has anyone of you encountered this problem or maybe seen a solution to this problem? Internal Screenshot, looking just fine: External screenshot, the way I get to see it:
  23. Hi, Hope all will be doing well. I am Ali a new member. I have just join the forum.
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  25. Been playing We Happy Few for a little something different, but now I have been looking for a new game to play. Probably going to get that Nier game when I get some money put away.
  26. Welcome and what do you like to read, if you don't mind me asking?
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