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  1. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    Another posts and this time it were from both of translator and the editor, and let's just said it was quite confusing to read through that. I'll just try to summarize here what they wrote here: The translator (Trip) was hate Maki's route and I think he suffering some of burnout because of that Trip also said that she look forward to translate Saeko's route Despite that, he promised us that he'll finishing Tsujidou translation In regard of Trip's post, the editor (Urrim) confirmed that they still in track to finishing Tsujidou That said, apparently for now they quite uncertain what they'll doing after Hoshiori which they stated that it wouldn't be out at 2018 Because of that, there's no certainity whether they'll translate Virgin Road or not As for my opinion, well whatever they want I guess. Hope that they managed to resolve the matter itselves. PS - Oh, and apparently from their post there's another VN that was created by tone works and looking from their releases so far, it's easy to guess that they might had autumn setting.
  2. It's us, not me!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the late greeting here. In regard of yours VN, good luck and hope the development goes smoothly. Of course if you need some opinion in regard of your work, just ask us.
  3. What are you playing?

    As for Grisaia trilogy, I did heard some things in regard of retcon for Michiru's route which to tell the truth looks like a hasty one. Then again, perhaps both of Meikyuu and Rakuen was hastily created by Frontwing in the past. As for the reason I say this, from what I knew recently apparently the trilogy was already planned when Kajitsu was created, and in the time of creation Frontwing was almost bankrupt (Yes bankrupt which is probably the reason of why they expanded overseas). From there, they pour their energy into making Kajitsu as some sort of Swan Song just in case the sales gone bad and they announce bankruptcy. Of course they managed to avoid that, although since they quickly announced two sequels immediately I bet they just still in need of money. Long story short, the trilogy was created and now we have Grisaia franchise here. My opinion still won't change anyway in that they could just make Kajitsu only and treated both of Meikyuu and Rakuen like fandisk a la Sharin, but at least it's interesting to knew that fact. PS - In regard of trilogy strangely enough I prefer anime way to stramlined Kajitsu, and only that because they made one continuity which Yuuji managed to solve all girls problem in one continuity and in turn make Meikyuu beginning more bearable.
  4. Does anyone here watch (modern) anime English dubs?

    If you mean by modern was the anime from 2010's, then so far I still didn't watch those in dub yet and maybe will not in near future. The reason was because nowadays it would be easier to find the subbed anime while usually the dubbing take some time. That said, there's an anime that I want to see the dubbed version and it was Phoenix Wright, if only because we already have localized names in the game itself - I didn't like that the sub did keep their Japanese name when they could just localised it like live action movie of Phoenix Wright, but that's just me.
  5. Another Fresh Face

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and if you want some horror VN than I think Subahibi and Umineko should be good for you. Or if you have some knowledge in regard of Japanese language, then Kimi to Kanojo to Koi should be good for you because one of the ending was resembled DDLC. Hope you have fun here.
  6. Karakara 2 review discussion

    As for the review, good one like usual. Although interesting enough that apparently you're giving five star for this VN, even though you might already realize the problem of this VN. To me it's obviously another attempt to cash garb from Sekai, because from what I heard the ending was a cliffhanger one. Of course it mean that we're supposed to wait for KARAKARA 3 if we want to see some satisfying conclusion there, and interestingly apparently Frontwing was using this method first for their Grisaia trilogy - unsurprisingly the main writer of KARAKARA also wrote for Grisaia trilogy. Well, in the end it's just my opinion though and I'll look forward to KARAKARA 3 - and your review to that as well.
  7. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    Well to be fair most VN company would use Steam as their store overseas, because right now it was one of well known way to allow the game well known by wide people. As for the reason for the censorship, it was because there's Steam policy in which there's shouldn't be any explicit sex content in regard of the VN and most VN company tried to adapt by censoring the H Scenes. HOWEVER, what MoeNovel (Or rather I should say Pulltop) did is very different from what usual VN company did because all of those company still provide some way to have the reader read 18+ scenes, or if the developer was really afraid in regard of 18+ content translated then they could just use the console version for Steam release (Like the after mentioned Shuffle). And for this case, looks like Pulltop just did the same stunt like back at Konosora so I couldn't say that I look forward to Miagete very much here - the other reason was because the size was pretty big though lol. Also like ChaosRaven said, recently there's many surges of this type of VNs that was translated compared to back at 2013 and not to mention that many recent releases allow us to read H Scenes translated. So yeah, for now I think we could just treat this as one of released good moege. tldr - Pulltop censorship policy might be annoying for some people, but in the end as customer nowadays we had many choice for this type of VN so ultimately it's just another VN. And if we want to see Pulltop VN censored, I think the only solution is have the fan translated the VN themselves like Koiresort. PS - I think we shouldn't bashing MoeNovel harshly because I'm sure they didn't knew anything about overseas VN market and it could be come as ungrateful to them, but instead we should bash Pulltop HARD for making that decision in regard of censorship and more if we take into account that Pulltop did had experience release 18+ VN overseas with Princess Waltz, yet now they chose not back at Konosora.
  8. MangaGamer AnimeNYC 2017 announcements

    I see that you guess it would be out at Q3 of 2018, make sense. And by vague that I stated earlier, it was in regard of the which month when Mangagamer would release Evenicle because so far there's no hint in regard of month from Mangagamer (Duh). So perhaps what you speculated in regard of Evenicle would be the truth. As for Sweet Switch, perhaps it could be for January release like you said. Although looking from last January when we got Da Capo 3, then perhaps a bigger release like either Damekoi or Sorcery Joker would be possible as well because those two were in testing as of now - and certainly my wish here. So I say that perhaps we could had January release was divided by Sweet Switch and another release, because sometimes we had Mangagamer released two titles in one month. In regard of Bokuten, I think the reason for the development hell was because Mangagamer decided to port it to the new engine, and Doddler as the one who should work on that was quite busy with Imopara so Bokuten was getting low priority. PS - I knew that there's also Suki Suki which still in testing right now, but seeing that the testing still not complete since back at May perhaps there's some negotiation in regard of Chuuable Soft right now that they Chuuable was bankrupted.
  9. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    This week the translation was (Sorry) slowed down because Trip himself was sick for a week. Anyway here's the update for this week even though it's not much below: Common Route Part 1: 100.0% Common Route Part 2: 100.0% Ai: 100.0% Renna: 0.0% Maki: 65.80% Saeko: 0.0% Total: 65.96% What I could say is that at least when Urrim resume his editing work again it should be take less time to caught up with the translated part, and the regression was not much if that would be happen. Anyway, hope that Trip would have good rest and get well soon. That's all for this week.
  10. I think I'll just do biweekly bump to this thread from now on. Anyway, this week the progress was at 23.2% translated. That's all for now.
  11. Visual Novel Translation Status (11/19/2017) This week we had Kuroinu Chapter 2 release along with the announcement in regard of Newton to Ringo no Ki (I'll call it Newton VN), and because of that I make the title as a derivative version of Detective Conan movie here which had some callback to London (The Phantom of Baker Street) in regard of the real Isaac Newton who lived in London. As for the 'Black Hound' part, it was a direct translation from Kuroinu and I felt that hound was more fitting than dog which Mangagamer translated 'inu' as, because from what I understand in the VN Kuroinu itself was the Red Baron for the MC who was quite infamous for hunting the woman. Oh, and speaking about London which located in England there's a famous novel from there which titled 'The Hounds of the Baskerville', which is part of Conan Doyle work who depict one of the great detective Sherlock Holmes adventure. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which we had many update from official localization company which should be good if you want more officially localized VN, although admittedly there's one infamous company that was mixed along with. Let's see what we had for this week. As for fan translation, it's still mostly just usual update here and so I'll just write it up here like usual. For Eustia, right now it was at 26.63% translated along with 16.35% edited and 16.33% TLC-ed. As for Loverable, it was at 94.2% translated (Kaho's route was at 61.39% translated), 63.78% TLC-ed, 26.45% edited, and 18.29% QC-ed. Looks like there would be no progress for Pure Pure this week because apparently the translator was quite busy in real life, although we still got usual update from Musumaker here in which it was at 43.4% translated right now. There's Venus Blood Chimera as well which right now was at 86% translated and the translator was released another patch as well. We finally had some Majokoi update here, and right now it was at 93.2% translated and edited. As for Tsukiyori, right now it was at 23.2% translated. For the last progress, Tsujidou progress was indeed (Sorry) slowed down because of Trip sickness which mean that the progress was not as good as last weeks, but at least it had the upside in which it could allow Urrim to catch up in regard of editing - the progress was Maki's route was at 65.80% translated and overall was at 65.96% translated. That's all for fan translation. Sekai Project Finally we could saw Sekai new tracker, and you could visit that tracker here. As for the updates from the tracker, we had both of Kanonana and Girl in Glasses was already in QA along with first Tokeijikake - there's also Maitetsu which is already in QA as well but apparently they need to wait the third party in regard of some policy difference (Probably), Nanairo Reincarnation was already at 80% translated, Bokukotsu was already finished the translation and waiting for engine work, and finally we had Daybreak was finished with the translation as well. They also had licensing request section, in which two of the candidate title were Hello Lady and Amatsutsumi. There would be voting in regard of that, so we couldn't be so sure whether Sekai will manage to negotiate and localized the title or not in the future for now. As for this week release, we had Sekai released the Nekonin 2nd side story for Saiha who is as we knew a ninja who wearing a mismatch modern military uniform, and with 18+ content as well. Sekai also did announced one planned release, in which they'll gonna released Hoshimemo for Steam at December 18th later and they already set the Steam store for that purpose. In regard of 18+ patch for Hoshimemo, I guess they'll gonna have a word in regard of that later but seeing that usually it was released along with Steam version as well perhaps Hoshimemo could be had 18+ version released along with Steam version as well. I still think it's pretty redundant release, but then again maybe some people want to see new translation for Hoshimemo so there's that. Other We finally had an announcement from MoeNovel in regard of their secret project, and 'surprisingly' it's Miagete. Okay, most people were already predict it since back when MoeNovel said that they'll gonna release a VN with astronomy title, but still it would be very surprising because it's MoeNovel (And to certain extent Pulltop) that we're talking about. The reason was because we knew that Pulltop did their blunder to localized Konosora by cutting all of H Scenes and also rewriting a route as the result of that as well, and of course naturally the fans were outraged by that action. What's quite baffling was apparently Pulltop was so afraid by allowing 18+ version to go to overseas, although perhaps it could be understandable with Rapelay scandal which apparently traumatized Japanese developer in regard of allowing eroge overseas. But still with many VN localization company nowadays like Mangagamer or Sekai, it sort of questionable if Pulltop still afraid of that and instead preferring to do that by themselves and do their questionable policy. Hope that someday Pulltop higher up realize that they should learn from both of Sekai and Mangagamer in regard of 18+ version distribution. Oh, as for the release MoeNovel said that they'll release it at December later and for the premise it's almost the same as Hoshimemo in regard of viewing star (Quite a coincidence). For good news here, we had Sol Press decided to try another KS to localized the VN and the VN in question was after mentioned Newton to Ringo no Ki or as localized Newton and Apple Tree. As for the VN itself, we had Newton who of course was depicted as a girl instead of the old man since this is an eroge as well. For more info, this VN was also involved time travel as well since the MC himself was came from the future because he was messed up with some sort of the time machine, and in turn messed up with the apple tree which supposed to be the inspiration for the gravitation theory. From there, the MC himself must fixed his mistake and hopefully managed to guide Newton to discover gravitation theory. As for my impression of the VN, the opening was remind me of Sharnoth because of the accordion and quite ironic at that because Liar Soft would be more fitting to make this VN with alternative Isaac Newton because they already had alternative England at Sharnoth as well. Also the Newton herself was mostly resembled Michiru from Grisaia franchise. As for the KS, they'll start it at December 1st later and for now I would say good luck to their Kickstarter. Oh, for one more good news we had Seabed release was changed at earlier date from December 26th to December 19th, which is good if you want to get Seabed as soon as possible. Although I wonder though if the reason for that change was in regard of South East Asia big tsunami anniversary or not, but perhaps it is. Mangagamer As expected, Mangagamer did had batch of updates this week. For the roundup here we had Hapymaher was at 96% edited, Trinoline was at 53% translated and 5% edited, Sengoku Rance was past halfway (51%) retranslated and 20% edited, Sideboob was fully edited, Sona Nyl was at 18% translated, Rance Quest was at 35% translated and 26% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was fully translated, and Maggot Bait was at 63% translated along with 1% edited. There's also another VN that entering the testing, and it's Damekoi which mean it should be almost ready for the release so perhaps we could see it released at 2018 beginning. Speaking about release planning, finally we had release date for Imopara 2 which is at December 22nd later - although to be honest I prefer that Mangagamer release Evenicle at that date instead of Imopara 2. Oh well. As for the announcements, turn out that my guess was right that they announced two nukige VNs so it's not quite interesting. Although to be fair, the convention where Mangagamer announced those was the small one, and the year was almost end. For the VNs, the title was Sweet Switch and Bitter Exclusion which surprisingly(?) almost finished the translation, with the former was already in testing (Fully translated and edited) while the latter was already fully translated and 44% edited. Not quite interested with the announcements, but it could be interesting for some people though. Speaking about nukige here, we had Kuroinu Chapter 2 which released back at 17th in which the titular character was doing the hunting like back at Chapter 1 and in this case of Chapter 2 we had another 3 of his prey (ie women). Yeah, the MC was a rapist who like to rape and corrupt the woman alright. Oh and we also had already Chapter 3 was at 39% edited, so you might as well waiting for the 3rd part if you want to play Kuroinu fully. For last news we had Chiru released at the same date as Kuroinu Chapter 2 (Back at 17th as well), and we also gonna have Golden Fantasy release at December 8th later. As for my comment, Chiru release was quite redundant even with capability to change the graphic easily and adding the voice, because there's already Chiru with that addition since back at 2013. Not to mention that the ending was already well known for Umineko hardcore fan, so yeah in a way Chiru was redundant release although it should good for Steam user though for they finally could enjoy Chiru legally. As for Golden Fantasia, good if you want to punch your hated Umineko character I think, although I'd heard that apparently there would be some interesting ending so perhaps it would be worth getting a shot if you like fighting game. I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.
  12. MangaGamer AnimeNYC 2017 announcements

    I did state in edit summary at VNDB for Imopara 2 that I prefer either Evenicle or Suki Suki as December release for Mangagamer instead of that. Oh well, and as for the announcement to be fair it's just a smaller convention compared to both of AX and Otakon, so it's logical enough to me that Mangagamer just announced nukige VNs there. @TheCrimsonFucker As for Evenicle, according to VNDB edit summary apparently Mangagamer said that they'll be release it 'within the year' which sounds quite vague obviously. What I sure for now is that it could be released at either one of twelve months at 2018 later XDDDD.
  13. Visual novels like Fruit of Grisaia and Katawa Shoujo?

    Little Busters perhaps, especially the Steam version which got additional three new routes translated. Oh, perhaps both of Yoake and Symphonic Rain could be good alternative as well. If you want more from eroge side, then I guess both of Noble Works, HatsuKoi, Majikoi, and Dracu Riot should be interesting to you as well. Hope it'll be help.
  14. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    I did heard some talk in regard of this, and was quite surprised hearing that it will be localized as well. Good luck to the Sol Press there, and hope that the staff was already prepare the Prefundia if they want to do another Kickstarter here like Sakusakura. PS - The opening sing was remind me if Sharnoth opening because it had accordion, and perhaps it could be interesting if Liar Soft have a VN with alternative Isaac Newton as well - it's their forte after all.
  15. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    There's some female member here, and moat of then say that they want otome VN for recommendations. We also did have some female member who are quite active (ie had more than 500 posts) like @CeruleanGamer and @Novel21, although in Cerulean's case she was quite busy with her husband though. Other than those two, I don't know any active female member here.