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  1. Foreword - Still no VNTS here, so once again I decided to make my own VNTS Review here. As usual I hope that you'll enjoy the review here. Seeing that we have Mangagamer did released Yurirei Full Chorus back at last Thursday, I decided to just add 'Fullvoice ReBORN' at the end of the full name of Yurirei here (Okujou no Yurirei-san) because it's what Yurirei Full Chorus really is if we boil down into it. For the explanation here, each time Liar-soft rereleased their partially voiced VN (The example are Inganock and Sharnoth) they always add 'Fullvoice ReBORN' into the VN name, although this time they decided to change the titling for Yurirei though wth 'Full Chorus' (I knew that it's supposed to adapt the school setting that Liar-soft set in Yurirei and in turn made the titling idiosyncratic). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which other than Yurirei Full Chorus release we finally got some updates from Mangagamer and as usual we also got to knew what Mangagamer will release in the next month (Regardless of my interest) along with usual fan translation updates, so at least this week is slightly more active compared to the past weeks. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. There's surprising news from PQube that they'll release Chaos Child at Wednesday later, in which it's should be good if we want to get it legally because it's very expensive if we want to apply the available fan patch (We need Japanese PC version and PSV script if we want to apply it legally). Although in case some people already have the English version of Chaos Child PC here here, obviously the release will going to be redundant to them. That sad, if from Chaos Child entering Steam (Risk for being banned aside) we can have more interesting SciFi ADV available in English, perhaps it's the good news here. In an unrelated note, I start to see that 5pb really like to milk SciFi ADV (Especially Steins Gate) which in turn delaying the continuation of SciFi ADV main story (I knew that the main story scope is quite big, but still), although perhaps it's just my baseless assumption here. From Mangagamer we have Yurirei Full Chorus release, in which it's only Yurirei re-released that was already released back at 2016. Although this release did have full voice, so if you want to hear more voice in Yurirei you should get it because the original Yurirei here was only partially voiced. As for Yurirei, I think everyone was already knew that we'll going to have two ghost wohse deeply n yuri relationship that want to established as many as GL/yuri couple in order to learn of how to express their feeling before going to afterlife, and that they decided to enlist the help from our female MC Yuna who understandably quite hesitant at first. Have fun if you want to replay Yurirei here or just want to play it for the first time (Go get the Full Chorus version if you want full voice here). Other than Full Chorus release, we also have Mangagamer did have their own updates. Before going to the updates, let me say that their next release (Steam Prison) is not quite interesting to me seeing that it's otome VN (And that my focus was on Mangagamer other queue list), although if you looking forward into it you can wait until February 14th later and treat it as the Valentine's gift from Mangagamer lol. As for the updates, we have Rance X was at 22% translated, Sukehime was at 82% translated along with 27% edited, Room No.9 was both at 80% for both of translation and editing progress, Sona-Nyl was at 79% translated, Escalayer was fully translated and 72% edited, Amatarasu was entering beta testing, and Maggot Bait was fully edited (Good job to the editor for enduring it lol). We also have first secret project, in which Mangagamer was apparently proud of it with the current progress was at 66% translated along with 19% edited. We also have interesting updates from them, in which that both of Bokuten and Damekoi were finished the testing along with Lilycle. Although apparently it's still quite a while though before the release, because Trinoline was still in scripting here and perhaps they'll release Trinoline first there. As usual we have the updates from fan translation, in which we have Eustia was at 61.97% translated along with 45.54% edited, Harugi's overall was at almost halfway (49%) translated with Shino's route was past halfway (58%) translated and Branch was at 45% translated, Pure Pure was at 91.79% translated with Tobari's route was at 88.79% translated, 4,379 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 1,001 lines of it were edited, Watamasu was at 38% translated, and that we finally got the full patch for HaraChuChu at this week although I'm not quite interested with this though seeing that it's just a nukige with pregnancy fetish (Go get the patch here if you interested, and have fun). For the last update form fan translation, as usual we have Hoshiori update in which Touko's route was at 66.8% translated with overall Hoshiori was at 65.27% translated. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  2. Anyway we have another update below, and apparently Irru can't wait for Natsuki's route here. Common: 100.0% Sora: 0.0% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 0.0% Misa: 100.0% Rikka: 100.0% Touko: 66.8% Total: 65.27% Not much to say, so that's all for this week.
  3. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    Is it mean that March 28th is your birthday date then? If so then I'll take a note on that.
  4. Birthday thread

    Happy 35th birthday to our @WinterfuryZX, and I hope that you'll have a good year ahead.
  5. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    Recently I did play this and took a liking to it, especially when we knew that Soutetsu here is qute capable as the MC. The story goes like Soutetsu did came back to his hometown (Ohitoyo) and seeing that there'll be aircraft factory being built he decided to fight against it because he can't bear to see his hometown being polluted. While at first it's easy to say that aircraft factory supporter is bad and the one who supported Soutetsu is good, it's not as easy as it looks seeing that both parties did have their own thinking to built Ohitoyo. That said, Soutetsu of curse would strife to fulfill what he want and he decided to use the train. Other than that, we also have the setting that each train did have AI system in form of little girl and that the AI could be romanced as well (While at first it's look out there, in the end it's just the same as Ell from Osadai in which it's more out there seeing that Ell is a spaceship). For the location setting, while Lose didn't said it directly it's quite obvious that Ohitoyo was located at the rural place in Kumamoto prefecture. I did like that Lose here did took many efforts to make many sprites, and by that I mean even Soutetsu father and mother did have sprites as well in which it shouldn't be necessary seeing that both of them were posthumous characters. There's also a bar that indicate the progression for each chapter, so you'll going to know of how much the contents that you already read, and in a sense gave some satisfaction everytime you'd finished the bar. There's also e-mote system, although looking at Nekopara it's not surprising though. Lastly, the heroines positioning in this VN is very clear with the three in the cover (Hachiroku, Paulette, and Hibki) are the main heroines while the rest of the girls were side heroines (There's four side routes and those routes were very short). As for the seiyuu/VA, for now I'll just explaining the man heroines one. Hachiroku's (The main heroine and first AI that Soutetsu know) seiyuu is Kirihana, who as we knew voiced Ayachi Nene from Sanoba (Some of Hachiroku's tones remind me of Nene), Ousaka Sora from Hoshiori, Lena Liechtenauer from Senren Banka, Horibe Yasube from ChuSingura, Mitsukasa Ayase from Riddle Jokers, and Ikoma Murasaki from Phantom Trigger. Paulette's (The mayor of Ohitoyo who is very young, and hinted to knew Soutetsu in the past) seiyuu is Aji Sanma who voiced Mochizuki Rina in Fureraba, Shinozaki Marika in Fureraba, Kuchiki Touko in Kara no Shoujo, Reime Kaho in Haretaka, and Heroina di Caballero istaa in Kirikoi (Quite mouthful). Lastly we have Hibiki who is Soutetsu step sister, and her seiyuu is Himari who is also vced Chocola in Nekpara, Croix Eden in Evenicle, and Hokari Kanae in euphoria. I guess that's all for my first look in Maitetsu here, and I'll try to write more later if possible.
  6. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    What I can think about breaking the 4th wall VN here is Kimikoi, although unfortunately it's still untranslated (At least JAST's work on this was quick). Other than that, I don't know much here so for now I'm sorry that I couldn't help you much on this. PS - Now that I remember it, perhaps you can try Subahibi later seeing that it dd have 4th wall breaking if you can understand it.
  7. Guess who's back, back again

    Welcome back to Fuwanovel, and if you need some recommendations for VN then feel free to ask here. I hope that you'll have fun once again here.
  8. What are you playing?

    As for Maitetsu I can try to adapt at the very least, and I think not all of them were loli seeing that some of them were adult. I understand though that most people out there have a lot trouble to not disturbed, and let's stop the loli discussion in here because otherwise it'll be very bothersome. As for the route structure, at least I can see that the cover did have three heroines that would be prevalent because their route would be main, unlike Suki Suki in which what I saw is two side heroines did bigger prominence compared to three main heroines. Granted that Maitetsu's budget here might be bigger than Suki Suki (Chuable was almost bankrupt at the time of Suki Suki development, remember), but I think Chuable should be able to arrange the budget more neatly (ie I think they could still make Maya's route if they didn't design too much characters and made some unnecessary CGs). PS - The movie was played very slowly on my laptop, although it's more because my old laptop though rather than the VN itself. Just want to say it here.
  9. As for thread resurrection, as long as it's still on topic I would say it's okay. In fact, I didn't realize that there's a thread that did talk abut device preference to play VN until I saw this thread. To answer the title here, like everyone else I prefer to play VNs on PC simply because it's capable to save many VNs at once while in iOs or android the save capabilities would be limited. Not to mention the screen is obviously bigger n PC, and that there's a complicated steps to play VNs in handphone (Along with the obvious problem that handphone screen is smaller). PS - Actually my device here is laptop instead of PC, but it's still count as PC though to an extend.
  10. What is your favourite VN store?

    Rather than no mosaic, I would say that their tendency to produce hardcopy for every release was the reason of why JAST was slow on release VNs (Only four at 2018 compared to Mangagamer in which they almost manage to release a VN once per month). As for topic, let's just say that if I ever want to purchase the VNs then I would buy it from Steam even with some of their questionable decision recently.
  11. As for the true route matter I believe that it might be Sora's seeing that her route will have a lot of star talking simply because Sora is a member of stargazing club, and more importantly it's quite obvious that Sora's activity did convey the title here (Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, and for TL Note here 'hoshi' mean 'star').
  12. Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #16

    Good readthrough as usual, and I didn't have any problem with what kind of reading speed that you have here. As for Bethly's New Year grab, actually instead of yukata it's kimono mostly because it's winter and obviously yukata wouldn't fit for New Year visit. You can read more about the difference here, although to be fair it's hard to differentiate those two if we're not familiar with the difference. Since you also mentioned budget, I understand if Tone Work's here was saving the budget by not drawing the items because they probably blew it up at HatsuKoi in background image (They'd have two or three variant of that compared to both of Hoshiori and Ginharu), although HatsuKoi as 20th anniversary project for Visual Arts definitely helped with the budget though.
  13. What are you playing?

    Tried Maitetsu a bit, and let's just say that this VN did have the best interface among the VN that was released at last year (2018).
  14. Chaos;Child Steam release next week!

    Well like everyone say you can just read original Chaos Head to understand the plot point, and even if you didn't play Chaos Head first I think you can still understand Chaos Child story enough. But still I think it would be the best if you can play Chaos Head first, so that you can understand the reference at Chaos Child later. As for the Steam release, what I can say is congratulation for the release at five days later, and it's good for them that Steam didn't banned this blindly (Must be because of the murder case). That said, the release was redundant to me though seeing that we already have fan patch for PC version, but if you want to buy it at the cheaper price than you can look forward to Steam release (We need original PC version copies and PSV version script, so essentially you'll need to buy those two version if you want to to play non-Steam version and obviously by buying two version it mean that it'll be more expensive compared to Steam edition.
  15. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    As for Gotoubun, yeah it's quite interesting after reading the manga and the sisters bond remind me of the old anime with the quintuplets here. I wonder who the one that will marry Fuutaro, but I guess harem ending is quite a viable option lol. Oh and I think Tezuka did write the doctor who operate Dororo is Black Jack's ancestor, and yeah Tezuka did have 'Write What You Know' trope in which the late Tezuka did show up his medical knowledge because he's the doctor before writing manga.