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  1. I know that the title is sounds like a light novel title, and I agree with that. It's because for this occasion I decided to use Saekano (Which is started from light novel) titling as the title for this week VNTS review, and the reason is because we have Damekoi release. For the info, both of Damekoi and Saekano is written by Fumiaki Maruto although he's more well known as White Album 2 (WA2) writer though. As for the title, since we have Damekoi's main heroine (Mitoko) have 144 centimeters height and that she acted as the landlord with her irresponsible mother is missing, I use 'How to Raise 144 Centimeters Landlord' as the subtitle for Damekoi following Saekano pattern (I know that Damekoi full title here didn't have the word that mean 'How to Raise' (Sodatekata)). Speaking abut Saekano, from what I saw at TV Trope and Wikipedia I can say that the three initial heroines did follow both of WA2 and Daemkoi's characteristic with the main heroine (Megumi) is like Setsuna as the ordinary girl, Eriri is like Mitoko, and Utaha is the combination of Kazusa with her aloof side and Kaya with her like to flirt with the MC. My earlier rambling aside, welcome to this week VNTS review in that we have Damekoi as the big release from Mangagamer here, which is good because we finally can have famous Maruto work being fully translated (Other than Saekano). Damekoi release aside, we also have Anime Central announcements from both of Sekai and Mangagamer here with Sekai here did have the biggest surprise, because I'm seriously almost forgot that Sekai usually have Anime Central announcements as well (Their announcements is not too bad from what I did see here). We also have some updates from fan translation as well here along with one surprising JAST update. With the introduction done, let's see what I can write for this week as well. There's no much from fan translation updates at this week, so I'll just round it up with Eustia was at 70.79% translated (For the reminder we have Eris's patch released), the translator of Gore Screaming Show decided to retranslated the early scripts, Looverable was at 65.6% edited, and Watamasu was at 82% translated. I think that's all for this week fan translations updates. The surprising update from JAST is in regard of Kimkoi, in which currently they did the QA for that. While we still didn't know the release date for that VN yet, at least it mean that they almost ready for the release here so I hope that they'll be able to release it at this year if possible (Which should be doable as long as they didn't do the hardcopy as well), so that we can play the VN that did inspire Doki Doki Literature Club plot twist. We also have Frontwing did give the update in regard of Sharin that currently they in the last stage of debugging, so hopefully they'll be able to release it in the near future (Regardless on whether the release is redundant or not) seeing that the release was already delayed for several times. Speaking abut release plan, we also have Kogado did plan the release for Yumeutsutsu at June 13th later, so if you've been interested to buy it you can keep the note on that date especially if you like Hakuai's writing (Same writer and all). Sekai Projects We have three surprising announcements from Sekai back at Anime Central, but before going to the announcements we also have two updates from them. The first update from them is that they almost ready for G-Senjou 18+ release which should be good if you want to buy it legally, although other than that it's still redundant release anyway seeing that the scene is still in mosaic and the translation is still the same, but at least it mean that Sekai was almost finished with their redundant announcement there. Their second update is in regard of Majokoi in which they handed it to Steam in order to be reviewed by them, so it mean that they should be able to release it in the near future. As for Majokoi's update, I'm sort of hopeful and worry at the same time because we already know that Steam is being fickle with the censorship here, and yet I also can see that it could going smoothly seeing that Majokoi was be able to have PSV port which is owned by Sony (And you know on how tight Sony's censorship is). Regardless of that concern, I hope that we finally can have Majokoi released. All of the announcements from Sekai are their secret projects, although I didn't really know for certain though which is the order. As for the announcements, two of those were from Stage-Nana which is also known as Narcissu developer and the third one from the new partner. As for my interest, I guess my interest here will probably going to their third announcement (Kemomusu) simply because the graphic for that is quite good. Although apparently Sanarara (The second announcement) here is quite good though, because we have our Conjueror translated it. As for the first announcement, it's Winter Polaris in which apparently it'll have two stories in the VN itself. We also already have the progress for those three announcements, because it's been in work ever since it's announced as secret project. For the record, both of Kemomusu and Polaris were already fully translated with Kemomusu was already fully edited as well, and as for Polaris it's already at 70% translated. They also already have the release plan, in which they'll release Polaris at this summer, Kemomusu at Q4, and Sanrara at Q3. In any case, for now I'll just hope that Sekai will managed those three announcements on time. Mangagamer For Mangagamer announcement, we have Imopara 3 in which it's pretty much inevitable seeing that we already have two Imopara release from them. What I can comment about this would be that Moonstone here is managed to improved their design for the fourth and the fifth sister, while as for the rest it's still have the heavy shadow from both of previous Imopara. By the way I like the dress that the fifth sister wear because it looks cute, which is very ironic seeing that the fifth sister in both of first and second Imopara is quite plain looking to me. Like Sekai, Impoara 3 here is also their secret project and in this case it's their second project in which it's already in the testing progress, so perhaps we may have Imopara 3 release in near future. As for the story, well it's still one male MC manage to have a lot of sex with his five little sisters, and you shouldn't expect good story in the nukige anyway (Although there's some excetion in nukige as well). Mangagamer's biggest release is definitely Damekoi, and it's one of the announcements that I've been waiting since AX 2017 along with Evenicle (Already released), Senren Banka (Taken over by Nekonyan), and Nanairo. As for Damekoi, I'll just write the premise here seeing that I already write about the writer at the introduction above, but what I can say is that it's resembled WA2 as well. The premise here is that we have the MC (Osamu) got wasted because he was fired from his job and he also have to face the divorce, and that he slumped on the road. After that, he saw a woman who offer him a warm coffee and after that he felt grateful to the woman. Then Osamu search the woman's address in order to propose to her, only to find out that the woman was have an apartement and currently eloped left a daughter (Mitoko) to take care the apartement. Of course Mitoko was misunderstood that she tought that Osamu is the one who took her mother away, so she slapped him. After Osamu managed to resolve the misunderstanding, he decided to help Mitoko seeing that she's quite frail and Osamu himself also need to do something in order to to pull himself from his depression From there both of Osamu and Mitoko struggling to take care of the apartement. Go get Damekoi if you interested with it, and have fun. Almost forget to inform that Mangagamer also have a planned release for the next month as well seeing that they have Damekoi release, and their next release at June is Amrilato. As for the exact date, it's at 13th later so you may as well note that date if you want Amrilato here. Curiously we also have Yumeutsutsu release at that date as well in which it's also GL VN, so I'm kind of wonder if June 13th is a good date for GL or not (Well at least GL fans should be happy to have two GL VNs release at the same day). That's all for this week, and see you next week.
  2. Sekai Project Anime Central (ACEN) 2019 Announcements

    Graphically wise those announcements graphic were quite good, especially Kemomusu. Although Nanairo planned progress was more interesting anyway, but at least Sekai is getting there seeing that those three announcements were secret projects with two of the three were finished the translation (Let's hope that they'll be able to release it as they promised). Well I guess that's all for what I can say now.
  3. Here's the location of the save file, and I hope it'll be helpful to you. C:\Users\(Your PC Name)\Saved Games\Mangagamer
  4. Tears to tiara

    Well no, you didn't really need to play the sequel to enjoy Tears to Tiara. So yeah you wouldn't lose much for not playing the fandisc, and you can just directly play the first part if you want to try it.
  5. As for Imopara 3, it's not surprising seeing that we already have the two series beforehand and usually Mangagamer announce nukige at Anime Central. What I can comment is that at least Moonstone did improved their design on the 4th and 5th sister, although I can't say the same for the rest of the three though.
  6. So yeah we finally have it released after almost two year of waiting according to Mangagamer's tweet here (Their next release is Amrilato at June 13th later for the info), and seeing that the writer is also WA2 writer anyone who play that should recognize some resemblance at Damekoi here. Lastly feel free to discuss it here, and I'll add more info (Also poll) later at this post. Edit - As for the VN itself, since I already read some reviews and also already played a bit of WA2, I can say that Maruto here did use this VN as his stepping stone for WA2 later, or rather we can treat this as WA prototype. That aside, I like that this VN is still have a lot of good reception out there, and for now I can say that Damekoi here might be another candidate for the best VN at this year after Hoshiori, although of course we still need to wait until December later. Just in case you still unsure abut this VN, you can read the reviews (A lot of that ) that was written by Conjueror (The translator), mod Clephas, Yuumei (Beware A LOT of spoiler), Joyjason (You know this VN will be good when usually critical Joyjason say that this is his best VN), and Warum (Also have some spoiler). Since the reviews here contain some spoiler to the degrees and some of you may not like the spoiler very much, you can read some Mangagamer's post by the translator (Conjueror obviously) and the editor (Garejei who is also Conjueror's usual partner). Oh and while the reviews here did view Damekoi in very favorable light, it's still up to the reader though on how they'll appreciate it later. For the premise, I wouldn't talk much abut it seeing that all of the reviews did good job to explain it. But in case you did want to avoid the spoiler by not read the review, I'll quote the introduction from Mangagamer site below. For the characters and seiyuu, let me write abut those below. 1. Hinosaka Mitoko The man heroine of Damekoi and she's more or less resemble Setsuna from WA in that she's very cheerful even though she's tsundere toward Osamu (And easily jealous as well), and from the opening her season is spring. Her setting is that she was left by her irresponsible mother and that she was left alone with heavy responsibilities to take care the boardinghouse (Including pay the bills) while at the same time she need to mind her future seeing that she was still in school, so obviously she need Osamu's support even though she denied it (Being tsundere and all). Her seiyuu is Taguchi Hiroko in which she have a lot of roles in VNs such as Kagami Sumika from Muv Luv franchise, Hinata Natsumi from Sharin, Suou Amane from Grsaia franchise, Yarai Miu from Dracu Riot, Masamune Shizuru from Noble Works, Tsukishma Kyou from Hatsukoi 1/1, Murasaki Hazuki from Dal Segno, Miyamura Miyako from ef, Kasugano Sora from Yosuga no Sora, and Kitsuki Riho from Koiresort. 2. Amagi Kaya Osamu's new forward coworker, and since I compared Mitoko to Setsuna then I would say that Kaya here did resemble Chiaki to a degree from the first glance. Also like Mitoko she also have her season at the opening, and in Kaya's case it's summer. Other than supposed coworker, she also like to tease Osamu whenever she got the chance and that she like to wear the sexy clothes much to Osamu's dismay (Although the reader may not mind too much though). Also like Osamu, she'd get fired from her previous job before she met Osamu. Her seiyuu is Sakurai Harumi, in that her roles are Kanemoto Akari from Noble Works, Takamori Haruka from Beat Blade Haruka, Kanami from Rance 03, Tokizaki Maya from Hatsukoi 1/1, Tokido Saya from Little Busters, Yayoi B. Lutwidge from Hapymaher, Lily from Himegari, and Kisaragi Mizuha from Gin'iro Haruka. 3. Sawashima Himeo The scheming and young neighbor character who aldo happen to hire both of Osamu and Kaya, and also tends to show her jealousy towards Osamu because he can get more close to Mitoko. Like the other Damekoi heroines, she have the season motif as well and for her it's autumn. As for her character resemblance like Mari she's also the MC's employer, although for her role in story wise Koharu might be even closer. As for her seiyuu she's the one who got two seiyuu for different version (Takahashi Ciaki for PC and Sakakibara Yui for PSV version), although since this is PC version I'll use the PC one. For Chiaki herself, her roles are Hayase Mitsuki from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (And Muv Luv franchise), Ishtar from I/O, Kusunoki Yua from Chaos Child, Akamine Saiko from 11eyes, Sasaki Yuka from Swan Song, and Kanroji Nanami from School Days. 4. Kounou Asami Mitoko's homeroom teacher who always worry abut her, and also have a special connection with Osamu in that she's his former wife. She's also quite popular in that she's quite well known as being nice to the students, although she argue a lot with Mitoko though. As for her comparison, I would think that Kazusa would be the most obvious comparison here with her have the conflict with Osamu, and Osamu understandably have awkward meeting with her. As for her season, it's winter which is very obvious seeing that it's the only season left. Her seiyuu is Isshiki Hikaru (Real name Tanaka Ryouko) who like Mitoko's seiyuu also have a lot of roles, such as Narukana from Seinarukana, Makabe Midori from Hatsukoi 1/1, Hinaori Kagome from Comyu, Sakaki Yumiko from Grsaia franchise, Kawahara Sakuya from I/O, Neon Schalar Smilja from Gahkthun, Kirimiya Mizuki from Yume Miru Kusuri, and Kurugaya Yuiko from Little Busters. I guess that's all for all of the info that I can gather here, and remember to not expect this as kamige (ie trapped in the hype) even though the reviews favor it very much.
  7. At least we should appriciate that Akiko Hana remind us in that she also capable play deredere girl heroine, when her recent well known roles is tsundere heroines (Yuzuyu, Kath, and Alice) - Ironically I know her role first as R-Ne in that she's the same type heroine as the little sister here. Other than my comment on Akiko Hana here (By the way she use different alias here), I guess this is just another short light nukige with little sister fetish (Blood related to boot) so there's no much to talk about. In any case, it' good that finally we have Cafe's work is released after some hurdle in the past.
  8. Well.I almost forget this project here, but perhaps there's some work in the background that was neccesary there (Mostly in regard of dub a lot of text in which it's what Umineko famous for).
  9. Snow Carnival Review

    Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I decided to combined both of Pure x Connect opening song title (Snow x Connect) with Makeover opening song title (Girl's Carnival) because we have the progress from both of those two Smee's VNs (Pure x Connect prologue patch release and the increase in Makeover translation progress), so we have 'Snow Carnival'. Apparently there's a short movie with the same title that was produced back at 1949 according to IMDb and that the movie itself promoted the ski resort, but of course I won't review that here because I can't find the movie (It's inevitable I suppose). As for this week, after quite dry last week surprisingly we see a lot of updates from both of official and fan translation sections, so I would say that we have a good week here. Let's see what I an write for this week as well. For the first update we have our Steam apparently having the bad mood so that they decided to ban Yotsunoha, which obviously hinder Sol Press attempt to release it. We stll ddn't knw thugh what's the next step that Sol Press will take to circumvent it, but hopefully they'll be able to release Yotsunoha in the future even if Steam wouldn't lift their ban on that VN (I guess Sol Press can try to sell it in the other shops just like Nekonyan when HGB was banned by Steam). We also have some progress from Sekai as well, in which it's quite surprising although too bad though it's not in regard of either Majokoi, Daybreak, or Nanairo. But instead the progress that we have are Rewrite+ was at 67% translated and Nekonin 3 was at 71% translated, which to say was not kind of projects that I look closely. If anything, at least they started to give the update more frequently (Biweekly just like Mangagamer), so at least it's good for them. Other than that, we also have Meru indirectly said that Flowers Autumn translation progress was already past halfway mark at her Curious Cat here, so at least there's some work on Flowers there. From Mangagamer, after Amrilato we have three more projects that were finalizing the release build which mean that we have three more VNs almost ready for the release, although unfortunately Haretaka was still in beta though. As for the projects that are in finalizing progress, they are Hashihime, Amatarasu, and Minagoroshi (At least we can enjoy Higurashi penultimate arc with voices in the near future). Other than those three, we have Sengoku Rance finished the testing (Whatever), Sona-Nyl was finished the translation progress, image editing for Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was in progress, NyanCafe was both fully translated and edited, WanNyan was at 40% edited, and Sukehime was past halfway (54%) edited. We also have one more secret project from Mangagamer, so excluding the revealed projects we currently have six unknown projects from them. For the updates of secret projects, we have 1st was at 88% edited, 6th was at 66% translated along with 9% edited, 7th was at 66% translated along with 65% edited, and the newest one (8th) was at 48% translated along with 10% edited. They also will have Anime Central announcement at 19th later, in which it might be one of secret projects (I wouldn't expect well known title though). That's all for Mangagamer section here. Other We have Hemoimo release, in which despite questionable premise and title it was translated by one of well known translator (Cafe). As for the premise itself, we have cute little sister that was voiced by Akiko Hana (Yuzuyu from Fureraba, Kath from Evenicle, Alice from Newton VN, R-Ne from Corona Blossom) suffered hemorrhoid, and somehow she decided to tell the MC about her suffering. Of course the MC as a responsible man decided to help his little sister and as time goes on both of the MC and his little sister getting entangled in incest relationship. Other than that, I can only say it's that we finally can have the release after it did have a lot of hardship at the beginnng seeing that it was banned at Steam (For a very obvious reason) and almost cancelled. Anyway go get the VN if you in need of some short nukige, and have fun. Speaking abut nukige, we have Cherry Kiss announced two nukige (Aunt cousin nukige and isekai nukige) in which the MC will have sex with his aunt and tsundere cousin for the former, while for the latter nukige we'll going to have the MC raping the female knights who each of then rule a territory. Needless to say I'll pass those two announcements. From Nekonyan, we have several good updates. First of all, we'll going to have Sukiren released at 31st later so at least it help alleviate Nekonyan's burden a bit, and of curse this obviously the good news for anyone else who've been looking forward to Sukiren since it's announced back at a year ago. Fr the updates, we have Hello Lady started the translation progress and currently going nicely, Senren Banka was at 20% translated and edited, Makeover was at a quarter translated and edited, and last but not the least we have Aokana was almost finished the translation progress at 90% translated while at the same time was at halfway edited. From the look of it, I think it might be possible if Nekonyan released Aokana at this year although for now it's still too early to tell though. In any case, I hope that they keep the good work there. Fan Translation For fan translation roundup, we have Summer Pocket was at 27.62% translated, Watamasu was at 78% translated, and Loverable was at 64.51% translated. We also have Eusta was currently at 70.03% translated with Licia's arc was almost finished at 95.97% translated, and more importantly we have Eris's patch released in which it'd covered ~36% part of the whole Eustia. While I'm still prefer the full patch for the obvious reason here, at least we'd getting closer to breaking Eustia's curse in which it's been infamous because back at 2012 we have Takajun of Yandere translated it and finally managed to release Fione's patch, only to have his effort fall short because there's no continuation to the older project (Which is understandable seeing that Takajun did have 12-13 hours of works). In any case with Daitoshokan and Yoake available in English, if Eustia is fully translated then we'll going to have three August's VNs translated in that it'll break the famed August's curse even further. Well good luck to Eustia's translation team to finish the rest, and you can get Eris's patch here if you want to try it. Like I say at the beginning, we have Pure x Connect prologue patch released. As for the patch, it's obviously only covered the prologue so you still need to wait if you want to play it fully in English (Duh). For the team's next plan, they'll release the common route patch next in which it'll have at least 13,000 lines translated, although it might take a while though. As for the progress for Pure x Connect itself, currently we have 7,205 lines translated with 3,560 lines edited (Out of 43,896 lines). You can get the prologue patch for Pure x Connect here if you want yo try it, and have fun. For the last update, we also have Rhapsody's update in which the translator managed to translate hot spring event from the first append disk, while at the same time there's some other works going at the same time (Such as translating character profile, working on image menu, and TLC-ing Chapter 2. I guess that's all for this week, and see you next week.
  10. Hello from Portugal!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and even though I'm not from Portugal here it's still nice to see another new member here. I hope that you'll have fun here.
  11. Sup chiefs

    Well you still early compared to me in that I introduce myself one year after registration. Anyway welcome to Fuwanovel, and you can ask some VNs recommendations if you in need of that. I hope that you'll be able to enjoy yourself here.
  12. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    Since we have Pure x Connect prologue patch released, I figure that I post the full opening version of that, sang by Shimotsuki Haruka. Enjoy. PS - Good luck to Pure x Connect translation team there.
  13. As for how many chapters in Eustia, there's seven including prologue and the side stories. As for how the routes work, it's just like G-Senjou or Grisaia in that there'll be a choice that determined whether you'll continue until the end or finished the particular character rouye. PS - Congratulation to the OP for Eris's patch there, and good luck to finished the rest of the script.
  14. Angel Beats VN or anime?

    Just watch the anime obviously seeing that judging from episode 1 in that they'd write three characters route in that there's a lot f characters and obviously it mean that we'll have a very long wait if you want to see it finished, and not to mention that there's no word in regard of volume 2 development.
  15. VNs that need more attention

    I definitely wish that Shirokoi would be more popular, although maybe it wouldn't count here seeing that it's still new. So in this case my answer would be Shibuya Scramble, Flowers Summer, Seabed, Enigma, and Pygmalion.