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  1. Okay, as for the release date it was already announced a while ago (Thanks for making the thread though). As for my opinion, it's one of interesting VN to me here so of course I'd look forward to the release here. In fact, I'd watch the Kickstarter quite closely back at 2015 and always following the updates here albeit occasionally. As for the pee, I'll just try to tolerate it I guess. Other than that, from what I'd saw back when I tried this the scenes was quite short at least compared to the length of Libra itself (I'd just Ctrl it though, so it maybe not accurate here). Oh, and by the way it's quite interesting of Mikandi that they put the new opening for translated version.
  2. Interesting. Maybe the requirement for the CG would be you need to call her every night (Didn't test this to be honest). Hope it could answer your question here.
  3. Well, the solution was easy. Just make sure that after visiting Amakase Detective Agency at Prologue (Sunday night), call Mikoto and you'll see her in bunny suit.
  4. Watched No Game No Life on Youtube last night (So much that I slept at almost 6 AM this morning). As for my comment, the MC (Sora) was quite interesting that he was quite smart and manage to rule a kingdom except he was smart at games and the conflict was settle by game (Card game, rock paper scissors, chess, you name it). While at the first look it was another anime with harem setup (One guy with several girl), turn out it was quite good and tolerable because at least Sora was had some interesting personality (ie quite cunning). Although the fact that Sora had very reliable female sidekick was help though, and also the world conquering plot. For last word here, the game was quite serious business there, with some calculating from Sora (Very extensively if I may say).
  5. Well, nobody could accurately predict the translation chance before they announce it. Although if I may say which company had the chance, it's probably Mangagamer if only they usually releasing nukige occasionally (And experienced to boot). Keep in mind that the chance was very tiny though. As for my interest, not one of my wishlist to be honest.
  6. Since we had Maya's route translated, as usual I'll post Maya's image song below. Enjoy. By the way, actually Maya was also had her own unique ending song (The 2nd after Runa, maybe because both of them was the two longest HatsuKoi routes). Anyway, here's the ending song below.
  7. Maybe I could recommend you both of Clannad (There's Sunohara ending which is bad ending) and Little Busters (There's heroines alright, but there's also some subtext that Riki and Kyousuke was very close). Keep in mind that those two was usual VN though, and hope it'll be help.
  8. To be exact here, she was only appear starting from PS2 port of Da Capo 2 which was ported back to PC with added H content. Mangagamer was only ported the default version of Da Capo 2, so no translated Aishia route as of now (Although maybe if Steam was exist back at 2010, it would be like Da Capo 3 though).
  9. Right now I'd almost finish Yayoi's route, so I'll comment on that later. Oh, and for next route I'll go with Rimu here.
  10. Welcome to Fuwanovel here, and if you need more advice here just ask us. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
  11. Unconventional romance huh? Okay then, how about: Dracu Riot - 3 out of 4 heroines were vampires Canvas 2 - One of heroines was MC's cousin, and the MC was the art teacher for several heroines to boot (So had both of incest and student teacher romance) Shinigami no Kiss and My Girlfriend is the President - The former had shinigami heroine (Also stepsister), while the latter had spaceship and Russia's president heroines (I didn't make up of it) Ikikoi - Two of the heroines were blood related (Little sisters and cousin) That's all that I could think for now, and hope it could be help.
  12. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and good luck to your project there. If you want to share your project, you could do that at 'Original VN Projects' section. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
  13. Maybe Ikikoi heroines who frequently like to physically hit MC all the times lol. Joke aside, I'd think Elina from Dracu Riot was qualified a little bit imo. Other than that, no idea yet.
  14. Yes, it was happening. As for my opinion here, this VN was look quite interesting especially it was came from the same company as Majikoi. Since here we had one dead project here, I thought to just start over with the new thread here. Anyway, just like back at HatsuKoi I'll using this thread to report Tsujidou progress from when the project begin (Which I assume it'll be not that long). PS - By the way, here's the news from Tsurezure themselves.
  15. Today we got Maya's patch release which of course it mean that we got Maya's route translated (Duh). Get the patch here if you interested, and here's the progress for this week as usual: Prologue: 100.0% Common: 100.0% Midori: 100.0% Yukino: 35.0% Runa: 100.0% Kyou: 100.0% Maya: 100.0% Total: 91.47% From now on, of course I'll report the progress on Yukino's route translation (Duh). Looking forward to Yukino's patch here ie completed patch. PS - By the way, their next project is Tsujidou which for now I only knew that it was had same setting as Majikoi. I'll look into it later.