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  1. Virgin Road - At first Tsurezure did have plan to translate this, but too bad that Trip didn't like Maki to say it lightly so the plan to translate this was halted indefinitely moreso because Trip decided to retired from translating the VNs. Which is too bad seeing that Virgin Road did expand some stories, although if Trip didn't want to do it I guess no much that we can do here. At least Nekonyan did localize Kirikoi FD Golden Time, and if having same writer here is any indication perhaps we can expect same writing as Virgin Road in Golden Time later. Daitoshokan Shippo Days - The transl
  2. Majikoi A-2 - Minato-soft decide to continuing their milking on Majikoi, so they decided to release five more short VNs. Well at least it's good for Majikoi's fans if anything else. Otome Riron - Navel really like to make the sequel from one of their VN isn't it. No much to say other that at least Navel did make an attempt to have the MC can get his own happy ending even though the path on this VN was started from Tsukiyori's bad end, and at least the continuation here wasn't as forced as Grisaia trilogy because this VN was started from the bad ending of Tsukiyori. Namiki Delation -
  3. Bunny Black 3 - Considering that most of the casts are new characters, it's understandable that the fans didn't like it because they expect the return of the old character. Other than that, it also introduce city-building game which apparently not quite good. In any case if Bunny Black 3 was not as good as the first two, it's understandable that Aroduc didn't want to translate it. Gensou no Idea - The first 3rdeye VN that introduce dual MC, and that it's obviously filled with battle. guess I can say that it's a success so much that 3rdeye repeat the formula in their next VNs (Sorcery Jok
  4. Currently trying Amayui here, and overall even though the gameplay is the same as Kamidori there's some difference.
  5. Sorry for being very late for this week VNTS Review, and I'll tell the title at PS later. As for this week, let me say that it's quite interesting in that we have Musicus release in that it's one of well received VNs that was just released by Mangagamer a week ago, and other than Musicus we have JAST did release their BL VNs. We also have two updates in regard of Black Lilith nukige, in which one of those updates is the release of the full translation patch. All in all, this week is more or less a breather after what we have from previous two weeks in that we have both Sekai and Nekonyan have
  6. Shitsuaru - Another ojou-sama VN from same company that Sol Press licensed, although until today Sol Press still didn't manage to release it. Other than the localization circumstances and that it has both of sadist and masochist, no much that I can say here. Josou Kaikyou - It got the translation patch at 2019, and I only note the release as trap nukige (And looking from my VNTS Review back when I wrote that at the release time, my attention goes to HGB) so no much I can say in regard of that. ChuSingura 46+1 - The MC was somehow struck to the past with the 47 ronin that was destined
  7. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. In case you like DDLC, perhaps you may try something like Kimikoi in that it's twist is more or less has some resemblance to a degree. Feel free to ask for the other VN recommendations if you need it, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  8. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. No much that I can say other than good luck on your project and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  9. Since I'm very late to comment here, let me just say what I can in regard of the releases for the first third of 2013. Daitoshokan - This is the first VN that finally break the curse that August VNs won't be translated, and yes I know that there's two August VNs that were translated beforehand but it's not count to me because Yoake here didn't have the sex scenes translated (I know it has two new routes in exchange of the censorship) and Shippo Days here is just this VN side story. Anyway while there's some supernatural plot in this VN, the main focus here should be the slice of life with
  10. Musicus is now released, so if you want to read it now you can get it from Mangagamer. Have fun. PS - I know that some of you are excited for this thanks to the good reviews that it gather, but I would say that just keep the expectation on this in check so that you won't be disappointed if Musicus here didn't meet your expectation. Not that I would say that it's wrong to expect much from this anyway. PPS - Here's Mangagamer's post in regard of Route D (Also known as bad end route), and beware that it has some spoiler to a degree. And just in case you wonder who is Sumi, she's th
  11. Sorry for being late in regard of VNTS Review again, and I'll explain the title at PS later. As for this week, my main focus here is on Sekai announcement in which it should be very exciting for the people who like to see Sekai's big backlog of licenses, so if you've been worried on how recently Sekai's backlog being thinned out don't worry because Sekai did address your worry by adding nine new VNs with eight of those new VNs are from Feng in which as we know was bankrupted. Other than Sekai sudden backlog increase, we have Chaos Head Noah monthly update along with some other update from fan
  12. Well I would say that Mangagamer is not that bad with their next Overdrive VN (Musicus) release looks quite good, although whether people can still find it good or not it's up to each of their own, and don't forget that they still have Sona-Nyl in queue in which it seems possible for them to release it at this year. About JAST, after Kimikoi they've released Flowers Automne, Majikoi (It's a redundant one though), and Eiyuu Senki GOLD in that those three are far from what I think as nukige. Granted that they still not quite active and the releases are not as appealing as Nekonyan, but at least
  13. Happy 26th birthday to mod @Dergonu, and I hope you'll have a good birthday.
  14. Well in case you still didn't know it you can try Wizard's Climber in that it's about the VN where you raised the girl to be the best wizard, although beware that the gameplay is kind of difficult. Other than that, I seconded Romanesque and Beat series although beware that Beat series also come with some disturbing sex scenes. I hope that my recommendation here will be helpful to you.
  15. Yeah I meant Island Diary, and I already fixed it. So thanks for pointing out the mistake. I won't exactly expect Eustia to be finished in start of Summer here, but if they want to do it then they can go ahead. What I know is that currently they need to sped their progress on Licia's chapter TLC, so it depend on whether the translator want to ask help in regard of Licia's chapter TLC or not if one want to sped up the progress and therefore Esutia's quick release. I agree that Nekonyan usually has interesting announcements, and as for expanding I believe that they tried that bit by bit alt
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