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  1. Birthday thread

    Sorry for slightly late to say this beforehand. Happy 27th birthday to our @Ranzo, and also happy birthday to @Zvana as well. Hope both of you will have a good year ahead.
  2. Tenkiame Translation Project

    Long time to see this project, so I'm glad that it's still ongoing here. Once again good luck to the team and hope that they can finish the translation.
  3. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    After read Adamstan's review above, perhaps I can treat Miagete translated version as standalone VN that was different from the original one. But still it didn't mean that Pulltop can cut ~7,500 lines from the H-scenes alone for overseas release only, and I still think that if they really want to approach all age player at least they should rereleased it at the console for the Japanese player first. PS - Forget to said that they put the effort for one of SD CG (The one when Akito show his d*ck to both of Hikari and Saya) in which they drawing the new version of that, so at least itPulttop put slightly effort on that - the original SD CG is quite graphic to me.
  4. The game was already available at both of Steam store and Mangagamer shop, so in case you still didn't have this VN you may purchase it from those stores. Congratulation for the releases, and I hope that we'll get the continuation of Chuusotsu here.
  5. Anybody playing Re;lord?

    To me I still didn't play this yet because it's just the first part of the trilogy. But after read Fred's take on this, maybe I'll consider to play ReLord here. I hope that Sekai release the rest of the trilogy as well, but seeing the state they currently in maybe it's quite hard to fulfill.
  6. Cocoro@Function, any news?

    From what I remember, at first it was going well with the steady progress at Mina's route. Then after Mina's route finished (At 27% translated overall), the translator for that route (MDZ) quit the team and apparently nobody in Gokuro-sama have translating skill. So more or less the team can't do any further translation, and therefore the project as of now is dead because it's been inactive for a long time (Also the website is already dead). As for MDZ himself I think he was already have some real life business, so you can't ask him to continuing this - his blog was no longer available, but at least you can use Wayback Machine to read the blog content. PS - While indeed that Pulltop was already joined localization business, I still think that the problem is more or less lies in lack of the translator from Gokuro-sama side after MDZ quit.
  7. Lurker saying hi

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and no problem here if you decided to mainly just a lurker here. Feel free to post here though if you want to say something or ask VN Recommendations, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  8. Oreimo Disc 2.. Died ?

    As far as the project concerned, it's still alive although personally I never keep my eyes on this serously though (Fuwanovel VNTS keep reporting the progress). If you curious about current progress, you can visit the translator's Twitter here. Hope I can answer your question.
  9. New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

    Well let's just say that at least it's really diving to the undersea, no need to making a plane to fly in the sky or look at starry sky night.
  10. What are you playing?

    Already finished with both of 'Jaberwocky 1' and 'Which Dreamed It' for Subahibi, and obviously the next route will be the finale. I'll try to comment about this later on the discussion page.
  11. I don't know if these recommendation will be alike Just Because anime or not, but let me try on this one. As for the recommendations, I think Dal Segno can be good. Other than that, maybe you can try both of Saku Saku and Wagahigh. I hope my recommendations will be able to help you.
  12. Aheahe Moon S Review

    Visual Novel Translation Status (04/23/2018) Because we have Sailor Moon nukige VN released and we have Pulltop announced their localization for all age VN, I decided to make this week VNTS Review title into 'Aheahe Moon S'. As for Aheahe Moon, it's obviously the title of the Sailor Moon doujin nukige. While for S, it was the title for season 3 of Sailor Moon. For more explanation, it was the season when both of Sailor Uranus and Neptune were introduced, and both of the planets were known in Japan as 'Sky King' and 'Sea King' respectively. Also Pulltop's VN did have both sky and sea for the title as well (Sora (Sky) to Umi (Sea) ga, Fureau Kanata - I'll call it Umikana), so in regard of that I decided to combined it although it might be too roundabout though lol. As for this week, it's more or less just still like last week although instead this time we have Mangagamer gave a bunch of updates. Other than that, I was quite surprised to see that Pulltop decided to localized their newest all age VN - Umikana. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. Another week with no notable update from Sekai, so more or less we can just think of it as the usual thing lol. They still better than JAST though, because at least they still have frequent updates no matter of how small it be. Right now I didn't see their progress for Secret Project 3, though apparently they still waiting for the third party in regard of that. Speaking about secret project, Sekai decided to add another one so we have four secret projects from Sekai, and right now their 4th secret project was at 10% translated and in need of the engine work. Other than secret project, we have Nekonin 2 was through QA which apparently mean that it's almost ready for the release (Hopefully). For Pulltop's next release (Umikana), okay it looks interesting from the graphic alone. Also if we look at the writer, he was the one who wrote both of Konosora and Miagete so at least we can expect the dynamic that happened in both of those two VNs to be reappeared. Also since the release is originally all age, I think it should be less controversial compared to their previous releases. My concern is that looking from the price alone looks like it'll be a short VN, so maybe the writer himself can't explore the heroines story more. That said I'm quite interested with this a bit, although I'm also wary with the chance that Pulltop will rereleased with with 18+ content for Japanese only though (Like their previous 2 Lovekami). Other than Umikana we have Yotsunoha was at 60% translated, and Princess Maker 5 will be available in Steam at 26th later (Redundant release if I may say because we already have release it fan translated). For Frontwing, we have them updated Island homepage with the screenshot from the English version, which mean that at least the time for Island English version release is almost near, and it's probably around the same time when the anime airing (It'll be at airing as Summer 2018 anime for the reminder). Unfortunately this week we didn't have Musumaker update because the translator have some stuff to do at this week, but at least we still have some updates here. For the update we have Eustia was at 40.53% translated along with 26.72% edited and 27.13% TLC-ed, Harugi's prologue was at 68% translated along with 39% TLC-ed and 21% edited (Finally the overall progress was moved to 2% translated), and Shin Koihime Musou was at 27% edited. For more updates, from Loverable we finally saw some progress in both of QC and editing with the current progress was at 36.07% edited and 20.16% QC-ed. Also this week we have the progress from Pure Pure as well, with Hinata's route was at 79.58% translated and overall was at 72.20% translated, and apparently they'll need to do another reediting, because the translated script at the beginning was quite different with their current translated script. For the last update, we have Quof released his translation of Aheahe Moon which can be summarized as Sailor Moon doujin nukige like I said earlier. So i'll just say that it's good that Quof will continuing his LxC 2 project now that Aheahe Moon is completed. Finally we have another Mangagamer batch of updates, and looks like they'll go monthly updates instead of biweekly updates from now on. For the roundup, we got Sona-Nyl was at 40% translated, Rance Quest was at 90% translated and 74% edited, Sengoku Rance was fully edited, Trinoline was at 91% translated and 56% edited, Maggot Bait was at 80% translated and 38% edited, Steam Prison was at 78% for both of translation and editing progress, and Amatarasu was at 83% translated and 10% edited. Too bad that there's still no statement whether it's possible that we'll gonna see either Damekoi, Evenicle, or Hapymaher at this year, but at least if some people look forward to their last Boston announcement then they'll be happy with the updates here. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  13. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    If that's the case, then it's good for Pulltop I guess. But I still think that they should at least release it as all age version in Japan first before release it overseas, not the other way around. That way, at least the overseas fandom would be slightly mad at them and Pulltop can promote all age Miagete at console (ie PSV). Oh well.
  14. Gonna finished Fureraba, looking for similar VN

    As for the recommendation, I can recommend you HatsuKoi, Saku Saku, Tsujidou, and Miagete. For Miagete, as long as you didn't mind with the H scenes is cut then it's fine. After that, maybe you can try Da Capo trilogy as well as ToHeart 2. Hope my recommendations will help you.
  15. Hoshizora no Memoria or Magical Marriage Lunatics?

    HatsuKoi, well I admit that the MC himself can be a big hurdle if you dislike hetare MC. But still I would recommend you to try it over Miagete (A Sky Full of Stars), because from what I saw in the review Miagete is more or less like Konosora. Oh, as for HatsuKoi MC he's at his worst on both of Yukino's and Runa's routes, otherwise I think he's quite normal one. If you dislike Majikoi, then I suggest you to avoid Tsujidou because the tone is more or less the same (It's still have some difference though like VirginSmasher said). Simple as that. For ToHeart 2, I think the romance itselves are pretty much standard one. Then again it's 2005 VN, so yeah. Oh, both of White Album 2 and To Heart 2 was released by same company (Leaf), and the company problem is that they recently prefer to release their VN in console only which is not good for anyonw else who dudn't own the console. As for the topic, while Hoshimemo itself did have some problem with the story, I still prefer that over Marriage because at least Hoshimemo's setting was not as ridiculuous as Marriage. As for which translation, I think you better use the fan version one because at least you didn't need to deal with the untranslated text. Oh and if you didn't like Hoshimemo, at least it mean that Marriage will be your taste then. As far as I know about Rewrite, the storyline is vastly different from usual KEY VN, so the romance will be less significant compared to their previous VN. Oh and it also have some action in the story.