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  1. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week since we have Sakura Forest Girl 2 released along with JAST announced the exact release date of their short nukige that featured slime girl (Mamono Musume Slime and Scylla) I just change 'Forest Girl' into 'Slime Girl' so we have 'Sakura Slime Girl' for the title. As for this week, well plain would be the right word to say it considering that there's no much updates for this week. That said it didn't mean that there's no topic to talk though because at least there's some updates from Sekai, and so let's see what I can write in regard of th
  2. Welcome to Fuwanovel and I see that you like Meiya from Muv Luv franchise. Feel free to ask any other VN Recommendations if you wish so, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  3. Recently been playing Omega Quintet, and let's just said that I've been at 40 hours on it. So far it's quite nice dungeon crawler game with the wrapping idol characters, although if I may admit something there's no much variety in attack so I know that some other player may understandably quite bored with it. Lastly with the name Takt as the MC and that the idols color scheme, it remind me of Galaxy Angel although Takt can equipped to one idol in order to do follow up attack or defend her.
  4. Late to the party here. As for your question, well if you didn't mind on so-called high number of rape scene in Muramasa then you can get it when JAST release that at August 24th later (The sex scenes are quite short anyway). Of course since you ask for translated version, then I would suggest you to try Shibuya Scramble in that it's available for PC, didn't have sex content in the first place, and that the art is far from moe style one. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  5. At least Sekai has some lucky contract with KEY so that they can license Clannad which to say is quite a big VN even back when the available translation patch is very rough one, so that they have good standing. While for Sol Press, I admit that I support them in the beginning but with their planned initial release is a very old underrated VN safe to say that it won't interest most of the people, and not to mention that they're too hasty by taking too much licenses of well known VNs at once instead of taking it slowly (One can argue that Sol Press has bad luck with money, seeing that they didn'
  6. I don't know much on how bad rape in Muramasa would be, but I guess I can expect it that it's almost like Kikokugai (I only play the one with voice though and thus the scenes were toned down because Nitroplus chose all star anime VAs instead of all stars eroge VAs, so the comparison might be wrong). Story speaking, perhaps expect this as souped up Hanachirasu would be good idea seeing that it's from same writer. Lastly while I look forward to this very well received VN in English later, I can see that the topic that Muramasa raised here would be the good one to discuss/debate to a degree.
  7. Welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week title, since we have JAST finally announced Muramasa exact release date along with Distant Memorajo release in which the latter is the sequel of Amrilato (It's GL VN with learning Esperanto as the premise for the reminder), I decided to use the Esperanto direct translation of Muramasa English title (Full Metal Daemon Muramasa) so we have 'Plena Metala Demono Muramasa' as this week VNTS Review title and obviously this is not Esperanto translated Muramasa review in case you're wonder about it lol. For this week, well JAST obviously has the bigge
  8. I see that you finally decided to reveal the state of White Album 2 translation project outside Discord. Well it's good to see that we may have two very well received untranslated VNs (This and Muramasa) released in English language at this year (2021), so good luck on the editing work on Coda along with the playtesting there.
  9. We surely have many news in regard of VNs at June, so let's see what I can comment on June here. Laplacian surely know on how to open a can of worm by decided to making Aojashin overseas release as all age VN just because they decided to go all age, which mean obviously it wouldn't be an easy pill to swallow because it's basically mean that Laplacian going Pulltop for their Magnum Opus. Granted the writer did promise that he'll write the side episodes in order to make up the censorship, but unless the new contents can really make up for the censorship like Dies Irae or Eien no Aselia I s
  10. New Danganronpa V3 - Well there's a lot to talk in regard of this Danganronpa, although the two things that stick out like a sore thumb is that the female MC at the beginning is turned out to be Decoy MC and that the ending can be said quite controversial to a degree. Anyway at least this Danganronpa might be good if one want more of it, although it didn't really continue the story from previous two VNs though (The anime is the finale for previous two Danganronpa VNs). Kamisama no Game - While some of you may remember euphoria when it come to the premise, turned out that the writer of thi
  11. Lovekami Sweet Stars - Pulltop's answer to infamous Sakura OELVN series in that they released it for overseas first. Of course Pulltop did re-released this in Japan with sex scenes, although since like I say it's like Sakura series nothing was lost even though Pulltop did their bad policy of censoring the releases for overseas. Sankaime - I manage to finish this using Indonesian patch, and while some did criticize the MC (Taichi) for being bland I would say that the best friend character here is very bland (His lack of screentime didn't help at all) compared to the MC. Windmill here also
  12. Now that's some interesting request here. That said, I didn't listen much Indonesian song on Youtube although obviously it didn't mean that I don't know some Indonesian songs. Anyway I suppose I'll just embed several Indonesian song collection here below, and have fun to listening all of it. Keep in mind that it's mostly mainstream Indonesian song here, and all of those songs are the old one.
  13. Welcome to Fuwanovel. Quite a straightforward greeting, so let me say that I hope you'll enjoy yourself here.
  14. First Nekonyan announcements is not that bad though, because at least they still manage to get two of their big title at that time (Sanoba and Fureraba) released on schedule and sometimes it should be enough to make the impact for most of the people (I'm content with it by the way). For the rest of the three, HGB was released at January 2019, Sukiren was released at May 2019, and Melty Moment still unreleased until today thanks to the complication behind the translation progress. Nowadays they didn't announced the exact (Or hard) release date until they're really ready, and when they do that i
  15. Are you that desperate so much that you decided to write some unproven statement that having role model in VN would increase the economy of a country? I afraid that this time I must be blunt by saying that you didn't do this for the sake of African American like you always said, but it's merely for the sake of yourself who always order us to help you in any way to fulfill your own wish that even not reasonable seeing that you're just Asian instead of African American like many of us think (Also even if you're African American your campaign would still raise some question). Let me give you some
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