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  1. I see. Well hopefully it mean that the QC progress won't change anymore in the future, and good luck once again.
  2. Libra sticky issue aside (It's up to you to find out if you could understand it or not though), there's HatsuKoi which is a slice of life VN, Dies Irae and 11eyes if you want some action VN, Clannad if you want some touching story (Symphonic Rain as well), or maybe you could try sci fi like Root Double there. Hope those recommendations help.
  3. Well, I'll still try it later. While I knew Flyable Heart was had bad translation, at least I did read some badly translated VN compared to that (Madou Koukaku and Soukoku no Arterial NekoHen patch) and yet I managed to understand it. Let's just hope that they didn't translated 'Tadaaa' as some inappropriate word like sh*t.
  4. Well, sometimes it was summer indeed at December in my country (Indonesia). Put that aside I think most of the VN with Southern Hemisphere setting didn't had mention summer at December (I knew about Hemisphere reversal there by the way). About the setting, actually there's one Japanese VN but it would major spoiler to talk about that so no. Well, it's up to you to drop it I guess. Anyway, Mangagamer did introduce the third character today and by the way she was voiced by Eri Sendai who used Haruka Sora pseudonym (I linked VNDB link for Haruka Sora role). Enjoy. Dal Segno Character Intros V.3 – Meet Io! PS - By the way the introduction was quite chuuni there, especially with name as the sacrifice thing and 'inner sanctum' thing. Quite ironic that she was voiced Rikka's older sister back at Chuunibyou anime, in which she was the reasonable one (Whacking Rikka with ladle when Rikka had her delusion) compared to Rikka's.
  5. Oh, okay then. Thanks for the correction, although my answer was still the same though that Angel Beat translation project did exist.
  6. Well, if I may be honest yeah. It's just run of the mill eroge like Da Capo (Make sense since this and Da Capo was from same company). Although if I may say something the graphic was nice looking, and the environment itself was interesting with summer at December (Usually, December was associates with winter and snow in VNs) although it's more like eternal summer though.
  7. Well you could suggest untranslated version to the OP then, seeing that he want to read Japanese VN and want to read Dies Irae to boot. Besides, I guess Libra wasn't too hard in regard of the Japanese like Dies Irae, right?
  8. As for the fan translation project, it did exist. Although it was apparently get C&D by Visual Arts though because they planned to released Angel Beats officially. Oh, as for the OP answer there's no English translation for the VN at this moment unfortunately.
  9. Well, perhaps it's better if you just drop that if you terrible at the gameplay. Actually the gameplay was easy if you didn't care for perfect score, but it could be challanging later though. And instead of Aselia (Just drop it along with Baldr Sky if you're terrible at gameplay) I'll change my recommendation to I/O and Evolimit. Both of those were sci-fi, and quite interesting at that. Just play it even if you already knew about spoiler. As for Katawa Shoujo it's just VN with physically disabled girl (Blind, deaf, lost legs, lost hands, and burned face) as the heroines. However what makes it interesting is that it was developed by 4ch with some trouble in production iirc, and yet it managed to had story almost as good as any standard charage (Keep in mind that there's also the year of the production was at 2009, which back then didn't had any particular OELVN iirc).
  10. Let's see what I could recommend to you here. Hapymaher - One girl (Not heroine unfortunately, but major character nonetheless) had gothic lolita. Not translated yet unfortunately Dracu Riot - Elina was flirts with you a lot. That's all Sayooshi - An untranslated denpa games Tokyo Babel - One of translated chuunige that was well accepted (Besides Dies Irae). Had apolayptic setting As for Dies Irae, I think the translation was quite good so far so I would suggest you to try the translated version as well. That's all for my recommendations here now.
  11. Well, recently I tried to enter reddit and already did the log in there.
  12. Oh, here's Hazuki's introduction from Mangagamer blog. So enjoy. Dal Segno Character Intros V.2 – Say Hello to Hazuki! By the way they forgot to mention the seiyuu for Hazuki, so let me fixed that problem here. As for her seiyuu, she is Natsunoo Koori aka Taguchi Hiroko who once again voiced Sumika from Muv Luv franchise, Amane from Grisaia franchise, and Miu from Dracu Riot. I did saw some video with Hazuki in, and I must said that her voice was indeed sounds like Koori's range although a bit subtle though iirc.
  13. Then again, Reinhard was the leader of LDO and the king of his demonic Hall of Valhalla so I guess it's kind fitting if Reinhard was very arrogant (Not to mention that he look people's soul as resources in order to fuel his power). Right now I'm at Chapter 7 and for the first route obviously I'll going with Kasumi, or as Shiro said Bakasumi (Twitsumi if you follow translation). So far, it's quite good read although BGM looping issue was get a little annoying though, especially if it's occured often. Other than that, no problem with the story and by the way the BGM was quite good.
  14. I did check all the VN and also watch some anime adaptation, which meant it count for both I guess (I voted read the original VN though). Anyway, good contest although it's quite predictable near the end. As for my opinion, I think without Steins Gate, Fate, and Grisaia no Kajitsu it could be more balanced contest but then again guess it'll be hard to get some votes without those three. I'm pretty much okay with that though if you ask my opinion.
  15. Well, maybe I could recommend Yoake there although the story was very light compared to Eustia though. Other than that, maybe both of Root Double and I/O if you want more sci-fi, or perhaps Chrono Clock if you want more light story like Yoake. Hope it'll be help.