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  1. How do you refer to fuwa members by name?

    I'm too lazy for making the nickname for the users here, so usually I like to just write user's default name if I need to reference something that the user said.
  2. Nice to see that Sol Press finally managed to release their first announcements after a several delays here, and not to mention there's some obstacle with waiting for Steam review along with the upscaling works. Anyway Sakusakura here s definitely not a part of Sakura franchise from Winged Cloud here, because it's been released back at 2009. The premise here is that we'll going to have two MCs along with four heroines, and each heroines will be separated into two to have a love triangle drama with each of the MCs. While this VN looks like will not as interesting as WA2 in regard of the love triangle, it's still have some good point though especially in regard of the casts and the interfaces. As for the heroines, once again we'll have four so let me list the heroines here and the MC here seeing that the MCs here got voiced as well. 1. Kirishima Sakura - The stoic vice president of the art club, in which she's also one of the respectable students because the school setting in Sakusakura did have the art club here being the most prominent club. Her seiyuu is Akane Tomonaga in whch we should recognize her roles as Kawakami Kazuko/Wanko from Majikoi, Kazami Kazuki from Grisaia franchise, Moribe Jun from Root Double, Nagamine Nozomi from Seinarukana, and Hasuno Saki from Hapymaher. 2. Sakura Nanako - The dorm mother, and also the math teacher at the school. She's quite short so she usually have the problem to exert her authority, although whenever she's angry she's quite frightening. Her seiyuu is Maki Izumi, in which her roles in VNs is Kamikita Komari from Little Busters, Shindou Chihiro from ef, Hanasaki Akane from Da Capo 2, Tachibana Shizuru from Grisaia franchise, and Mizuzaka Ren from Baldr Force PC version. 3. Inaba Tohru - Our first MC and those two heroines above are his heroines. His setting is that he's an ace of kendo back at his old school and he want to move on to the new school because he want to have some interaction with the girls seeing that his old school was all by school. His seiyuu is Fukushima Jun who his more well known role was Kazuma from Konosuba, and his roles in VNs were Sarukawa Kinjirou from Wagahigh and Akashima Ayumu (Occasionally) from Yumina the Ethereal. 4. Nitta Aki - The childhood friend of the second MC, in which she's the manager of the kendo club while at the same time the sole member of the gymnastic club (The athletic club in the school did got shafted in favor of art club). As childhood friend, she's very often dd have quarrels with her friend so much that Tohru tell that the childhood friend duo looks like a married couple lol. Her seyuu is Kanematsu Yuuka in which her roles in translated VNs were Oofusa Hiyori from Dracu Riot and Ondera Asahi from Period. 5. Tachibana Kurumi - Personally I find her design is quite cute. Anyway her role is that she's the prodigy whose still at junior high school, and yet she already show some talent in art. Even though she's quite talented in art, in the past she's also like to play MMORPG and being shut in. Currently she's tryng to find her teammate in MMORPG that was never appear after the game in question was shut down. Her seiyuu is Sakakibara Yui in which Dies Irae fan should know her as Marie's seiyuu and the openng singer. Other than Mare, her role were Kishimoto Ayase in Chaos Head, Mint in Sorakumo, and Ai in Amatarasu. 6. Fuse Naoki - The aforementioned second MC who like to quarrel with Aki quite often. He's also the captain of kendo club which faced similar situation like gymnastic club as well, so much that Naoki decided to try recruit Tohru through questionable method. He's also like to sell the photo of the girls which he get through the questionable method as well. His seiyuu is Michihiko Hagi in which he did voice Hinata back at I/O. That's all for the main casts of Sakusakura, and if you want to learn abut this game through the reviews, you can read both of Moroboshi Yuumei's one and Accany's one which should be the good read although as usual beware of minor spoiler though for the precaution here.
  3. Looking for a Romance VN I have not read

    Well you're not exactly wrong for thinking like that, because at the first glance it looks like any ordinary nukige synopsis. But Sanoba here is from Yuzusoft whose also behind both of Dracu Riot and Noble Works, so obviously they'll going to do their usual forte and just in case you want the answer here Sanoba is a charage with romance instead of nukige even with nukige-ish premise. Have fun with Sanoba if you want to try it later.
  4. Looking for a Romance VN I have not read

    Well the most obvious recommendation here should be Sanoba, seeing that it's the most recent release by Nekonyan. For more recommendations, I can recommend you something like Little Busters, Crescendo, and Ikikoi there. Also if you can wait for a while, there'll be Sakusakura release at 19th so you can try that later. For the last recommendations, I would like to seconded Hoshiori and even though it's only one route that got translated I think it would be good recommendations for you, seeing that the team who translated it was quite good at their speed (ie you didn't need wait for long if you want to play it fully translated). I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  5. Hello guys, virgin here

    Unique thread title aside, welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting here. As for the recommendations for moege, perhaps you can try something like HatsuKoi, Dracu Riot, Wagahigh, Chrono Clock, Fureraba, and Tsujidou (Try Majikoi as well if you have time). Miagete could be nice to try as well seeing that you already play Konosora according to your Steam account, and while at it I recommend you to try Koiresort as well. I hope that you'll have fun here.
  6. Hello there~

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. As for the recommendations, everyone already gave the good ones so let me add both of Pygmalion and Aoishiro into your list, and by the way those two dd have some combats (Obviously those two did have GL). I hope that you'll have fun here.
  7. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    I guess in the end it's up to the developer whether they want to adapt the new Sony's policy or not, and if they didn't want to adapt to the new policy because it'll be time consuming, well there's always Switch and Steam although the latter might be changed their mind later though.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and yeah it's still active as of now even though not as busy like in the past. Feel free if you want to contribute more at this community, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  9. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    I guess I can say good job to Sony for making themselves meme material, and gathered some potentially angry gamer from their own homeland (Japan). Then again, even with this controversial news they probably wouldn't think about it too much and just keep going with their policy.
  10. Wedding Wars X Review

    Foreword - Since Decay already tweeted that he can't make VNTS because some function at the main site is broken, currently he was stuck because he can't make one and therefore waiting until admin Tay appear again which easier said than done considering that the admin is been missing. So obviously there'll be no VNTS again and like usual I decided to make another VNTS Review. Hope you'll enjoy this. As for this week review, I decided to once again parodying Wedding Peach because we have elf angel demon nukige release from Cherry Kiss Games (Congratulation to mod Dergonu in regard of the release seeing that it's his 2nd translation work). For more elaboration, in the 2nd opening of Wedding Peach we have the word 'Tenshi Akuma...' which obviously mean angel and demon, and the japanese title for the aforementioned nukige did have those two words. The title of the opening in question is 'Wedding Wars' and I must say that it's quite fittng considering that the three of the creatures (Angel, demon, and elf) did engage in 'wars' to get the MC. Also since this is a nukige, I add letter X in the end of the title just like controversial Valis X in which that version of Valis did have sex contents (By the way both Wedding Peach and Valis are magical girl, even though the media is different with the former is anime and the latter is video game). With that matter done, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which while there's no big release we have two companies did have a lot of updates especially Mangagamer, so it's good to me. Let's see what I can write at this week. This week we have announcement that there'll be Date A Live VN released for overseas at 2019 later, and the releases was available for both of Steam and PS4 with the latter was gathering some controversy in regard of censorship and banning VN port to PS4. As for Date A Live itself, at first I thought that the premise was quite absurd with one male need to romance the spirits in order to maintain the peace, but then I learned that this is one of well known anime so perhaps the release will be interesting for Date A Live fan. Also from what I'd heard the VN was apparently quite good so perhaps you may interested with the title, although I'm still not quite interested with Date A Live franchise as of now anyway. Other than Date A Live VN announcement, we have elf demon angel nukige release from Cherry Kiss Game in which the premise was the same as Date A Live, except instead to maintain peace the MC need to decided which female that deserved to be with him, because the females that were from different race each was fought over the MC in order to make their children very strong (The MC somehow have the gene that came from the legendary warrior). Go get the nukige from either Steam, JAST, or FAKKU if you interested, and have fun. We also have Onikiss was at 40% translated and 2% edited, so at least it's good to see that now we can see the progress from one of eight Sol Press VNs announcements. Other than Sol Press, we also have some updates from Nekonyan in which we have Aokana was at 20% translated, Sukiren was at halfway translated, and HGB was at 80% edited. Speaking about HGB, Nekonyan did already the Steam store for that and they already said that they'll going to announced the exact release date later, so the time for us to finally enjoy HGB shouldn't be long considering that Steam list the release date at Winter 2018 (Should be released in December's end at the latest). As for HGB itself, while the premise might make us expect there'll be action, I would say that it would be better if we just expect HGB as charage instead of the action VN because I saw some disappointment that HGB didn't have enough action (ie just expect it like Kajitsu or Sharin with some MC's past scattered through four routes). From Mangagamer, we have a lot of surprise that namely six of their projects were entering beta, so at least those seven should be ready for the release. Those six VNs were Steam Prison, Lilycle, Trinoline, Yurirei Full Chorus, Damekoi, and Bokuten. As for the last one, it's been in editing for a long time so it's good to see that we finally have Bokuten was almost ready for the release after more than two years of works. Personally I look forward to Damekoi here, in which Mangagamer did apply the emote system from the newer version (2018 release) into the English release, and seeing that it's already finished the testing one I think the testing for this time was to test if the emote system will run well or not in English version - I just hope that Mangagamer will release it at December if they still want to do 2018 release for Damekoi. For more info, we also have Suki Suki entering final round of testing which surely mean that Mangagamer was indeed finally manage to handle the license right from Chuuable. For the roundup of the updates from them, we have Amatarasu was at 82% edited, Sukehime was at 40% translated and 15% edited, Escalayer was at 97% translated, Room No.9 was at 60% translated and 45% edited, Maggot Bait was at 64.2% edited, and Sona-Nyl was at 67% translated. That's all for Mangagamer updates, and I'll look forward to their announcements at Anime NYC later. From fan translation we have Eustia was at 57.56% translated, Harugi's overall was at 29% translated with Miyabi's route was at 37% translated and Branch was at 41% translated along with 31% edited, Watamasu was at 18% translated, and Pure Pure was at 88.15% translated with Tobari's route was at 62.79% translated. Also we'll going to have another project revived, and the project in question is Bishoujo Mangekoyo 2.5 or if we want to call it in classy way it would be 'Kaleidoscope Beauty: You were the Girl (I knew) Back Then', in which if we knew it was started back at two years ago before finally stalled because Arcadeotic being busy there. The project will be started at December later, so for now what I can say is that good luck to the project. For the last update, we have Trip whose been busy back at conference and beeing tired from that managed to translated 36.21% of Misa's route through the weekend (Good job on that), and the overall progress for Hoshiori was at 27.41% translated. I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.
  11. Another update below: Common: 100.0% Sora: 0.0% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 0.0% Misa: 36.21% Rikka: 0.0% Touko: 0.0% Total: 27.41% Not much to say other than good progress as usual, and moreso if we consider that Trip was managed to get that progress when he was tired from the confrence at the week beginning. Also I like to note that he was work on those at the weekend. That's all for this week.
  12. Perhaps I should rephrase my word into 'and yet so far they only managed to have one successful full VN release', and the released VN in question is Newton VN. As for both LN and Daresora, the former didn't really need a lot of complicated work like coding and stuff while the latter script was not long unlike those 8 announcements, so like I say the future road for them would be hard. But then again, people could improved though so if you think that Sol Press was already prepared to work on those 8 full VNs announcements, then so be it. And by prepared I mean that I hope they already prepared for a lot of engine work for those 8 full VN, especially Irotoridori in which it did have some coding that force the player to use Japanese locale and date format to run it properly. For the last word here, while I did say that Sol Press will have a hard future road, I'm still looking forward to their work here (Especially Irotoridori) so good luck to them.
  13. Let's just be glad that the KS was successful, albeit a barely one. That said, the future road for them would be hard though because they need to deal with 8 announcements, and yet so far they only managed to have one successful release. As for Irotoridori, if we remember back when Sekai did the KS for Hoshimemo they added EH as the additional goal or something like that, so it might be possible that Sol Press will work on the FDs as well. Personally I'd fine though with the main VN only, but if the FDs is important as well hopefully Sol Press will also take care of those as well (I'll just think that it's like Grisaia anyway that FDs is important to the story but not quite necessary). By the way they already released the roundup for their announcements at their blog, so you can view their blogpost here. As for my comment, once again my interest is going with Irotoridori following with Mirai Radio and Nukitashi. While for the rest more or less I'm didn't pay attention much with varying degree so yeah they can take their time to refine the translation for however long they were. By the way, I just realized that Shitsuaru did have BDSM scenes so at least it's good if you like that kind of sex scenes lol.
  14. Crystalline (Western VN Review)

    Good review there, and to be honest can't say much about the cons seeing that it could be pros for some people. That said I agree with you that the graphic here should be the biggest draw for the player here, seeing that the reason I'm quite interested with this was exactly because of that. As for isekai, while in anime or LN it's already oversaturated (ie too much), actually the premise like standard isekai in VN is quite rare because there's less than 100 VNs that have tag 'Protagonist from Different World', so I think I can say that isekai genre here would be quite innovative for VNs, although I need more data in regard of LNs and anime that have similar premise though.
  15. Top 10 Reasons To Learn Japanese (or not)

    I'm bored so let me explain why those 10 reasons were not enough to convince me to learn Japanese, and yes I'd realize that this is a meme here. 1. I'm already have been busy with Duel Links, and right now I'm not quite interested to try any idol games lol. 2. I think Kotose wouldn't care trivial matter such as language, because if she's really a god then she would surely understand every human language and what she would needed is that her believer shower her with a lot of faith. 3. If people just want to enjoy Yuuko's goodness in form of visual I will suggeat to just download Hapymaher FD CG pac enok, search for Yuuko's sex scenes CG, and feel free to use the CG in any way to enjoy it. Although if you want to enjoy it in story, well perhaps learning Japanese is slightly matter (Or just use VN Reader if they didn't mind MTL to pl.y Hapymaher FD) 4. I feel sorry for the throat of the man who say the word following the latter, because those two words mean the same with the latter need loud pronounciation because it have two exclamation. 5. There's saying music is the universal language, so we didn't really the Japanese to enjoy the songs (Knowing Japanese to understand the lyric is a bonus though, and in turn help the people appreciate the songs even more). 6. First time I'd heard that, and basically it's the variety show that already spawn ~550 episode (In regard of AKB 48 bingo). And by the way there's still some anime that have more than 10 seasons (ie Conan, One Piece, PreCure, Pokemon) so if you think one season as 12 episodes anime, then you can change your anime preference to those aforementioned anime. 7. Good reason I admit, although not much seeing that you can save money for other stuffs instead of buying original works, or you can still use official subs and buy localized manga in which it mean that at least you save some money from the import tax. 8. There's many thing out there that could be converted into bad meme, and those things were surely could be from any languages besides Japanese. 9. Sounds good, although it's not like we lacks vampire heroines in translated VNs anyway (Miu, Callen, and Arcueid), and Yuuko is not a vampire by the way. 10. Well I still didn't learn Japanese, and yet I already made the shit lists to counter your points lol. And thus that's all of my reasons of why the list above didn't convince me enough to learn Japanese.