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  1. VN with a heroine who is a villain/rival to the MC

    Let's see. If we talk about rival as in tsundere at the first look, then I would say that Ashe from Wagahigh here could be qualified. Other than Ashe, I think Renna from Tsujidou could be fit as well seeing that out of those three heroines only her whose clearly at your opposing side. For the last recommendations here, I'll recommend Chrono Clock with Misaki there. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to the OP there.
  2. New untranslated PTR list

    I can recommend you Baldr Force here, although too bad though that it was already translated here so you couldn't add that to your PTR list - of course you can read it in English later though. Anyway as for the list, I would say that both of Oretsuba (Some physiological content) and Bullet Butler (Action) would be good addition to the list, and for the latter you can also try the FD that did have the crossover with Ayakashibito. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
  3. It's more in regard of the matter of the taste though, namely that VirginSmasher here didn't like moege thing and Ai's route is full with flirting moment (Which is common in moege). So I would say that if you've read Ai's route, it would be better to just expect it as romance story instead of delinquent story even though Ai here is one of three main delinquent. Anyway have fun with Tsujidou there. As for the writing, I like to guess that Takahiro here did put some pressure to the new writer into the writing, so of course the tone here is more or less like Majikoi (It's still different though like OP Ange said). I can say this because I saw that Takahiro did work together with both of Ou Jackson and Tanaka Romeo, and I saw the review that both of the works did have complain that Takahiro overshadow the writing too much (Both of the aforementioned writer were pretty well known). Keep in mind that once again it was just my guess, so I may be wrong on this.
  4. 1100 Is The New 1000 AMA AYA Jamboree

    Seeing this thread remind me that I didn't make my achievement thread for a while here even though I'd already gathered 3,000 posts, so thanks for that. Maybe I'll try to remember to to make this kind of thread when my post count reach 4,000 posts later lol. Oh, and congratulations to your 1,100th post there.
  5. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    Considering that Cabbit willing to trust their 'overseas transplant' to SG twice it's easy to see that Cabbit here probably did almost bankrupt, and therefore they probably seek the easiest way to go overseas quickly. Too bad though that Hanokiwa here is licensed by SG, but it's not like that we couldn't move on from that, considering that there's a lot of good releases out there. Of course it's understandable if we worry that SG might become bigger and somehow managed to license something like Fate or White Album 2 (Yeah I knew it's very extreme situation), but I think rather than worry about that I guess we should be more focused on the current situation. PS - Actually SG could be partnered with either Mangagamer or JAST (Even Sekai is fine) if they want to expand overseas, just like Hikari Field with Nekonyan. But I guess they want to be independent there.
  6. What are you playing?

    As for now I decided to put aside of Your Diary because of technical issue, and decided to go back to Fureraba now that I'd enter Misakichi's route proper. Let's see if I could finish her route (And therefore Finished Fureraba) by the end of this month.
  7. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    I don't know if it's already being posted here or not, but since we have a sudden release of Baldr Force might as well celebrating it by posing the full opening of this by KOTOKO here. Enjoy. Also while I'm at Baldr Force subject here, might as well post the OST from there and the title itself is quite spoilerific, so I'll post it in the spoiler box.
  8. Bump this thread because we finally have KS for this, and the goal itself was quite odd at 148,305. For the release plan, I think it was pretty realistic considering that we'll gonna get it at December 2019 later so they should have a lot time to work on this, especially with Arunaru on board to translate this if the KS was managed to gather 148,305 ie funded. Anyway, here's the link to the KS page below and I'll keep an eye on this, so good luck to the campaign. Venus Blood Frontier Kickstarter
  9. Looking for the name of a vn

    Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na, and as for the reason to reanslate all age one I guess it because the all age one offer more routes compared to the older version. Hope I could answer your question here.
  10. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    I see. So perhaps it might be bad to both parties here and maybe episodic release wouldn't be ideal here, because even with the guideline the author might going to the wrong direction there. That said, I'm sure that at least the author did their best to minimize the plot hole between the VNs that was written as the serial. Although seeing that Daresora here is written like a manga, then yeah perhaps the chance that plot hole happened is going to be bigger.
  11. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    It might be a smart move from the writer though, because it mean that the writer could develop the story step by step instead all at once. Although as the costumer, this moves is obviously quite questionable and even more if it's true that the content was only one hour, so obviously it wouldn't enough time to develop both of the characters and the world building. In the end, what we can do is that we'll be waiting for Chapter 2 and hopefully it'll be in near future.
  12. I knew that I already said this, but let me said good luck once again and hopefully you'll be able to see through this until the end. Also you can ask us here of you need some help to do some editing and QC later. As for myself here, while usually I didn't took my interest with the fandisc, seeing that Miagete FD was translated here should be interesting considering that Pulltop already did planned to localized Konosora FD. Also I guess it would be interesting if we want to see more Miharu, since I'm sure that some people took some interest to the fallen teacher back at original Miagete (Because otherwise she wouldn't be the heroine here).
  13. Seven Days collector's edition on Kickstarter

    Late to the party here considering that you already gathered 80% of the funds, but still there's should be no deadline to say good luck in regard of the KS there. I'll gonna keep my eyes on this, so hopefully the release will going to be successful later. As for why they made the heroines suffer, I would like to say that it's obviously to form some attachment between the player and the heroines (And thus the player would be immerse themselves in heroines plight), and thus by making the heroines dead at the end it mean that they'll try to made the player cry. Or in other word, I think the developer was tried to develop the nakige there with using the crowdfund (Yes Seven Days funding here was mostly came from crowdfunding in Japan).
  14. ~Hia

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and yes I agree that Pulltop's (I'd rather call MoeNovel as Pulltop seeing that MoeNovel here is could be said as Pulltop overseas branch) choice to release all age VN on Steam could be said as a logical one. But still actually they could provide us the option to play the H scenes as well, because nowadays we saw many VN did provide the patch that allow us to see the sex scenes for the Steam version and I think Pulltop could avoid some backlash if they did the release like that. My take on Pulltop case aside, good luck on your translation project and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  15. Hello

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. Also whether OP here is a bee or THE bee or not the bee, the new user should be welcomed here as long as he/she did intend to participate in the forum or want to help the community here. As for your skill, I see that it might be useful in case you want to translate some VNs out there. Lastly, I hope that you'll have fun here.