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  1. It's been a while since I saw this, and I see you're making some progress there. Well no much to say here other than good job on the progress so far and hopefully you'll be able to finish this later.
  2. I see that both of Skill Taker and Inferior Eyes share the same author, and interesting that both has very contrasting different character design (Skill Taker MC design is Stock Shonen Hero while Inferior Eyes MC design is Stock Light Novel Hero, which to say at least both have the word 'Hero'). As far as the author concerned, at least his twitter is still active somehow with the last activity was re-tweet the post from May 23rd. That aside what I can say in regard of the work is that at least it's nice if you're in need of some eye candy in form of female character, although if you want to se
  3. Welcome to this week and since we have Akagoei (English title Guardian of Daybreak) released I decided to make a parody of the writer's another work, Ryuusei World Actor, by changing the word 'Actor' into 'Guardian', so we have 'Meteor World Guardian' (Translation Note: Ryuusei mean meteor) as this week VNTS Review title. As for what I can say this week is more or less an active one thanks to a big number of announcements courtesy of Nekonyan and to an extend Mangagamer on Anime Central 2022 (That has finally been up after two years absences because of pandemic). Of course there's also the rel
  4. Another update, and as of now 115 out of 139 script files of Mizuha's route has been translated with 9 out of 10 sex scenes were done. Also with Akagoei done, it mean that the translator obviously will have focused on Mizuha's route from now on so hopefully we may get Mizuha's patch in the near future.
  5. As for both of JAST and Love Lab, I know that both of them have announcements with Love Lab here is basically revealed their secret projects. Although since both of them explicitly said that they didn't attend Anime Central, I excluded those two because I only make the list for the companies who attend it. Also while Irotoridori here is definitely open a new possibilities of Nekonyan localizing more FAVORITE VN, Nekonyan may chose to either localize the rest of Irotoridori or Astral Air in which they already fully translated the latter ever since back at 2016. So yeah while Sakura Moyu localiz
  6. Well I've been late for this, but better late than never. Anyway here's the announcements from our first convention since the pandemic, although with Nekonyan announced several interesting title this thread here is more or less just for Nekonyan's announcements even though there's also Mangagamer's announcements. Mangagamer Announcement 1 - The Patient S Remedy Announcement 2 - How a Healthy Hentai Administers Public Service Nekonyan Announcement 1 - Secret Agent of the Knight Academy Announcement 2 - Floral Flowlove Announcement 3 -
  7. It seems that Toei has been liking crossover since 1970's with them making the crossover between Devilman and Mazinger Z, and they've been still at it with them doing crossover in Precure movies (The newest one has both of TRPC and HCPC in a movie). Whether it's good or not is up to each of their own, although if I may say something personally I didn't quite like on how Toei made the crossover in Precure All Star Memories in that Toei forced all of previous Precure (Up to KKPC) in one movie. Crossover movie aside, we have Mazinger Z in which it's quite an iconic anime, Casshern in which it's a
  8. Agree with that, and for the info actually all of the written progress on the tracker were already completed with the progress on it is just on how much the translator programming the text into the VN (Thus I did write the progress on the tracker as 'in programming'). For the info we actually has new updates on Reddit, in that Chapter 4 of it (I assume that it's Licia's chapter, although if we treat the prologue as Chapter 1 the Chapter 4 would be Irene's chapter) has the QA in progress. Here's hoping that the team can keep up with the pacing here.
  9. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and as for what's my favorite let's just say that I'm not have what I can say as the most favorite so it's quite hard to answer the question here. Although now that I think of it, I suppose I can say that Precure here (Especially GPPC) is my favorite to a degree. Lastly I hope you'll have fun in here.
  10. Well that's too bad then. That said, I'm not really know if the translator would willingly to reupload it later or not, or rather whether he have time to look at this thread.
  11. Mon Cheri is quite unusual because it only has 13 episodes which to say is stand out because usually 1970's anime here would have more than one season, although of course had it aired nowadays with the same episode number it should be not unusual anymore (Like I say before nowadays anime only has 12 episodes per season, with some of rare cases has 13 episides). As for Gatchaman, it's another anime that was aired in Indonesia back at 2000's (And yes there's quite a number of old anime aired back then) and it's more serious than Yatterman despite from the same studio (Well Hutch is quite serious
  12. Well obviously Animentary audience target here is Japanese, so the studio need to portray Japanese soldier as heroic people despite some understandably would feel complicated about the matter (And let's leave it at that). Other than that, I did remember Bakabon was aired in Indonesia for a brief time (Don't remember much about the story other than the father somehow is more prominent than the titular Bakabon, and that Indonesia aired 1973 version), and Lupin 3 is about the thief with the staff did tried to have the crossover with Conan in one of the movie. Well that's all for my comment on 197
  13. For this week VNTS Review, I just make a parody one of the new project, Hyouryuu Kangoku Chronos, by changing 'Chronos' with 'Gaia' in the English title of it, Chronos the Floating Prison Ship, so we have 'Gaia the Floating Prison Ship' as this week VNTS Review. The reason for 'Gaia' name here is because we have a new plan from Ninetail that they'll do the Kickstarter to localize Venus Blood Gaia, which mean obviously it'll be their next project. Welcome to this week VNTS, and as what I can say is that personally I thought that this week is a bit plain to me although at least it looks quite ac
  14. Today we have another update, although said update is more like a week ago though because right now apparently the translator put some focus on polishing Akagoei (Daybreak's main translation project). As for the update, currently 94 out of 139 script files were translated with 6 out of 10 sex scenes were translated. Also the translator mention that he already finished with the high school arc, so all that left from Mizuha's route is her adult arc (Each of Ginharu's routes are divided into three arcs (Middle school, high school, and adult) for the reminder).
  15. As for the updates, there's one on the Twitter with the latest update below. And yes as you can see it's been fully translated with the remaining works are editing and testing, and if they keep the pace like right now we may see Snow full translation patch in the near future.
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