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  1. someone could recomand a VN similar to highway blossoms?

    I guess Katahane would be qualify seeing that it have GL relationship along with the journey theme, although it also have male and girl relationship as well. Other than that you can try Flowers tetraligy as well, although currently only two out of four part (Spring and Summer) that currently available in English though. It still conclusive enough to a degree on it's own, so you can try it directly. I don't know if you slready tried those VNs or not, but regardless of that I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  2. New here

    Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. No much to say other than feel free to ask some VN Recommendations if you want it, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  3. The reason is simply to test on whether the user can delete the thread or not, and if the user can't it mean that the one who delete the previous threads is the moderator (I did try it in order to answer Marcus-beta's question).
  4. Once again good video there, although you did miss Sakuramori release though. About Genesis, well it surely would have a lot of sex scenes seeing that even VNDB categorized it as nukige, so yeah I'll pass it. As for Alka, rather than both of Miagete FD and Kud Wafter my focus is on whether they can keep their pace for Reflection Blue later or not, but of course the new projects are always welcome. For Saya no Uta, I can't comment on that other than JAST should do some checking before distributing the hardcopy. Speaking about hardcopy, I did remember Aokana hardcopy KS and actually Switch release here is actually one of their promise back at KS, so nice to see that Nekonyan can fulfill another of their obligation (Recently they did post at their KS update in that they already have the sample for the box). No much to say for Majikoi A series, but at least only two games left to have all of Majikoi games to be translated (With the assumption that there'll be no more Majikoi project, although apparently we'll have another one). In the end, I can say that April as quite a nice month with two big VNs releases (To me), Makeover and Sakuramori. And seeing that they (Nekonyan) already almost complete with Hello Lady, I guess we may have the release for that in this year as well although it's more or less just my wishful thinking though.
  5. Inuyasha Sequel Manga In The Works!

    Good news I guess, although whether it can reach overseas or not is another issue though. Then again seeing that Inuyasha is quite popular, I guess it wouldn't be surprising to see this localized in one way or another. Oh and by the way Inuyasha here is actually isekai anime with female MC, although of course our focus would be on Inuyasha anyway seeing that it's his name in the title and all. By the way I'm not quite into Inuyasha here, although I still know that it's quite well known in Indonesia seeing that it's been broadcasted in the past.
  6. Sayuka's Practice Diary Review

    Welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week title since we have Mangagamer announce Escalayer exact release date and we have a sudden BL nukige release, I just combined those two into 'Sayuka's Practice Diary' with Sayuka here is the main heroine of Escalayer (By the way I always thought that it was written as Sayaka) and the localized title for the BL nukige itself is 'Hiiragi's Practice Diary'. What I can comment about this week would be it's an average seeing that there's no major release, although arguably Matsuribayashi release here would be quite big though if only for the sake of modding it seeing that the old version of PS2 patch here is pretty much messy because there's no PS2 adaptation of Matsuribayashi. Another thing to note that recently we have Sekai frequently give us some updates, which is good enough. With this done, let's see what I can write for this week as well here. For the aforementioned BL VN, well not interested but at least it should be good if you like it I suppose. The release for that once again was quite sudden, so admittedly it's fly under my radar here. We also have KukkoroDays with premise that was basically boiled down as a mysterious main heroine was suddenly appear in the MC room and that she said that she's from another world, and that she'll stay in the MC house until she find a way to go back to her world. Not much to say other than at least there's more translated isekai VN out there even though most of those are only short nukige though, and feel free to try it if you interested with it. Almost forget to said that the BL nukige here is fan translated VN, while for KukkoroDays here it's the official release from the creator themselves. Lastly we have Wanko to Marriage release was delayed from 13th to 28th later, so you need to wait if you want to play it. As for this week fan translation updates, we have Eustia was at 89.14% translated with side routes was past a quarter (29.51%) translated, Miotsukushi Ura was almost halfway (49%) translated, Kud Wafter all age version was at 18.80% translated, Miagete fandisc was past halfway (50.23%) translated with Orihime's route fully translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 34% edited, and we have a sudden update from Amayui in which currently it's been at almost three quarter (74%) translated. Lastly we have 14,425 lines of Pure x Connent translated with additional note that Moemi's route fully translated, so with this we have four routes still untranslated and good job to the translator to finished one route. For Sekai, while granted that the updates is not much, I appreciate their current pacing in that currently they tried to give the updates as often as possible. The updates is we have Kimagure about to start the translation, Sanarara R was at a quarter edited, Amairo Chocolata was fully translated along with 20% edited, and Nine Episode 3 was at 15% translated. No much to say other than I'm waiting for Daybreak update, so that's all for this week from Sekai. We have many updates from Mangagamer, especially in regard of their secret project. But before going to the update, I'll try to talk about their release here. As we know we have Mangagamer did rerelease Matsuribayashi, and with this it mean that we all original Higurashi being retranslated with Matsuribayashi was supposed to be the ending of Higurashi's game. Anyway the premise is that after finally go through the horror of Hinamizawa, the team confront the source of misfortune that haunt them across previous seven games. While Matsuribayashi here did quite a good job to tying up the plot, I also understand that some people might not like it so we have another ending (Miotsukushi) created in order to allow the people to chose the preferred ending. With this done, it mean that we have the whole Higurashi was fully retranslated and after that Mangagamer will translate the rest of the side stories which to say was quite a number. In any case have fun if you want to play the original last part of Higurashi, although if you want to play Matsuribayashi with the updated CG then you must wait for a while seeing that the work for the patch was just started. As for Mangagamer's next release, once again it's Escalayer in which they'll release it at June 11th. While I did think that it's interesting that we got more magical girl VN, I also know that the gameplay is less refined compared to Haruka. Even with all said here, I'll still play it anyway of only for the magical girl heroine. For the rest of the updates we have Mangagamer did reveal 1st secret project was Musicus (Overdrive's Swan Song) which not surprising at all, considering that we already know for a while and that I started to think that one of the secret project might be Musicus. It's still nice though to see Mangagamer reveal it, and currently it's been at 77% translated along with 76% edited. We also have two more secret project revealed, in which currently it's been worked at sizable amount (3rd secret project was at 86% translated along with 81% edited, while for the 4th secret project was at 83% translated along with 71% edited). For the rest of the updates, we have both of Mugen Renkan and Room No.9 finished the testing, Genesis was fully translated along with 40% edited, and Sona-Nyl's bonus content (Refrain) was at a quarter translated. That's all for Mangagamer's update. That's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry for being late here. See you next week.
  7. VNs with heroines who drink alcohol too

    Saeko from Tsujidou is have two personalities, one as cool teacher in the school and heavy drinker at home. Granted that she's only a side heroine, but at least it's still count becahse she have a route with Hiroshi (Only a side route though). For more example, there's Utawarerumono sequel duology in that both of Atuy and Kuon like to drink with Kuon like to drink mead (Basically alcoholic drink that was created from honey). Lastly, there's also Yuka from Never7 with one CG depict her drink an alcohol in bikini.
  8. Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

    Congratulation for the revival there, and good luck for the Christmas release there.
  9. Your Diary +H | Translation?

    Unfortunately there's no other translation project there, so there's no place for updating the progress. Also unfortunately while there's a plan from the publisher themselves in that they'll retranslate it, so far there's no update in regard of that. So yeah there's no choice other than read it at current situation, which is not ideal solution I must say. In the end, it's too bad that there's no proper translation of Your Diary yet here which is a shame seeing that the art is quite good.
  10. Saimin Yuugi translation project

    As for Sayori, admittedly her arts are quite good. In fact I used her Touhou art mod when I did play Labyrinth of Touhou, and I didn't realized that it's her arts until recently. It's just too bad that most of her works are in nukige or simple moege (ie Nekopara) though, but then again that kind of VNs would surely need some good arts so I guess it's not wrong if Sayori work on those title. Lastly, good luck to your project there.
  11. That's an interesting way to avoid the censorship I guess, with Frontwing (FW) did cut the common route and all. Although actually it's not exactly their first time to cut the majority of the content for Steam version though, in that the first time they did this was back at Subahibi. As for my opinion, I'll just pass for this and waiting for Hatsumira, if only because Hatsumira was more interesting if we look at the premise (For the reminder, FW did mention at their Reddit AMA that they'll release both of this VN and Hatsumira). I like the opening song though, which is quite fitting seeing that it's quite chilling and the setting is in the winter.
  12. Gamer Girls in Visual Novels

    As for mine, I did remember that DD from Chrono Clock is have a setting in which she's a high scorer in dance game. Granted that it's only a passing, but seeing that she develop a title it still count to a degree (It should also be noted that DD like to wear maid uniform whenever she play the dance game).
  13. Hello All You Beautiful People

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and I see that you've been here for almost two years. No problem to me though in regard of the late introduction, because I also do the same here. Feel free to ask for some VN Recommendations if you need it, and good luck on your stories later. Lastly I hope that you'll have fun here, although of course you already did that here.
  14. Well I'm not the part of the forum's staff here. The reason on why I know that the user is not allowed to delete the thread is simply because I tried it, and there's no option to delete the thread (ie you can only edit the thread).
  15. Captivating novels like Umineko

    May as well recommend Shibuya Scramble here, seeing that it have thriller story along with some mystery. If you want more, then perhaps you can try Fata Morgana and Rose Guns Days (The latter is from Ryukishi07 as well). I don't know though if those three would be able to captivate you or not, but still I hope that my recommendations would be helpful to you anyway.