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  1. Kisaragi Gold Flowers Review

    Because of Flowers Autumn release and that I already said that I'll combined Saga Planets season VNs with 'Flowers', we have 'Kisaragi Gold Flowers' as this week VNTS Review and obviously I parodied Kisaragi Gold Star in that it represent autumn. For a bit more translation note, we can also translate Kisaragi as 'like the moon' with one of the kanji writing have 'moon' kanji. For on how it have the connection with autumn, it's from Japanese culture in that one of their autumn tradition is moon viewing in which it's the variation from China's event (Mid-Autumn Festival). I don't know though if Niijima Yuu did think that much when he make the title of Kisaragi Gold Star, but it could be interesting if he did. Anyway as for this week other than Flowers Autumn release, we also have both of Nekonyan and Mangagamer gave us a number of updates. There's also fan translation updates as well, so overall I can say that this week is quite active. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. We have Sol Press did update that currently they have Sakura Celebration was at 83% edited, and what I can say is that on how much their progress on Irotoridori in regard of the engine works recently. In any case I just hope that Sol Press will have smooth release on Irotoridori, which to say might be easier said than done considering that Bokuten was banned (Granted that turned out the file still have some 18+ CG, but still quite enough for a wake up call). Other than that, there's Eden's Ritter release in that it's the first release from Shira VN when it come to nukige (And a dark one at that). What I can say is that if you like dark nukige with big breast heroines (Same developer as Funbag for the info), go get the VN and have fun. For Photonmelodies (Another Muv Luv fandisc after Photonflowers), I guess I can say that you can get it if you want to see more Muv Luv and more importantly want to see the epilogue of Alternative from Altered Fable so have fun with that. Sekai did delayed Rewrite+ release from November 2020 to January 2021, which to say not surprising at all. Although if the delay mean that Sekai would willing to hasten their interesting VNs releases such as Harukuru, Nine Episode 3, and Daybreak then I don't mind the delay lol. That said it mean more waiting for Rewrite fans, so hopefully they'll be able to get around the delay somehow (I still think that Rewrite+ release is redundant one though). From Mangagamer, we have updates from their secret projects in that the 4th was both fully translated and edited, the 6th was at 64% translated along with 62% edited, the 7th was fully translated along with 88% edited, and the 3rd was currently in testing with both of translation and editing progress are finished. For other updates, we have Sona-Nyl Refrain was past three quarter (76%) translated, Sukehime was in testing, Rance 02 was finished the testing, and Musicus was fully translated and edited with image editing for that was currently ongoing. From fan translation we have Eustia was at 92.98% translated with side routes was past halfway (54.43%) translated, 15,267 lines of Pure x Connect are translated along with 8,289 lines are edited, Loverable was at 89.5% edited, Harugi was at 58% traslated with Branch route was at 42% translated, and Ginharu overall was at 65.84% translated with Yuzuki's route was at 21.46% translated. We also have Alka manage to translated more than halfway (51.5%) of Reflection Blue with Shizuku's route was fully translated and Miki's route was at 67.1% translated, although it didn't mean that they'll directly release the patch as soon as it finished though (ie no August or September release) because Alka still need to get through several process before releasing Reflection Blue patch. Lastly we have Alka did inform that they'll release Miagete FD patch at first weeks of August, so let's see if they can release it at this month later. While I did expect that Nekonyan will release Hello Lady next at this year, turned out that IxShe Tell is more likely to be Nekonyan's next release because currently it's at 70% in QC while Hello Lady was at halfway in QC (By the way IxShe Tell was already fully translated and edited). There's also the fact that Hello Lady engine was currently being worked on by the developer, so perhaps we must wait for a while before the release. For the rest of Nekonyan's update, we have both of their secret project and Melty Moment was at 35% translated, Aokana Extra 1 was at 90% translated along with halfway edited, Kirikoi was at 85% translated along with 45% edited, and lastly we have Riddle Joker was at 90% for both of translation and editing progress along with 35% in QC. As for Flowers Autumn, the premise is still in regard of GL story with the MC for this time is Yuzuhira who about to be graduated from Saint Angrecaum school and that she still have some regret even after she handing her position as student president council to Suoh (Flowers Spring MC). In order to resolve the regret, Yuzuriha decided to ask some help from her best friend since childhood Nerine who may or may not become her lover in the future. With this it mean that we already have three quarter of Flowers tetralogy being translated, and looks like it'll be right that JAST took two years to release each part of the tetralogy. While granted that we still didn't know when exactly JAST will announce Flowers Winter, it should be obvious that JAST will take the license of if they want a complete tetralogy barring some special circumstances. In any case if you want to see more Flowers, you can get it from either JAST store or Steam and have fun. Oh and even though this is the third part of the tetralogy, the VN itself is still complete enough so you can play it right now if you worry about whether you should wait for Flowers Winter or not. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  2. VN of the Month May 2008 - G-senjou no Maou

    Amaranto here is more or less quite underrated VN, although at least it's available in English as well. For Fushigi Yuugi otome VN, it's obviously like any license game in that you'll going to romance Tamahome and try to persuade the best friend who obviously on villain side because of her capability to summon Seiryuu just like in the original, although apparently this time you can romance any of Suzaku warrior (Other than Tamahome I mean). Also it's too bad that the VA for Tamahome here is not the original one (Midorikawa Hikaru), but I guess they need to deal with the cost to hire him. Like I say beforehand, Aoishiro art is still capable to go toe to toe with recent VNs. Or rather it also help to bring the atmosphere of the ocean because we'll going to see a lot of blue, and the opening song is also good. While visually wise the VN is beautiful, you better use the walkthrough to play this because there'll be a lot of endings to get (56) and most of those are bad endings. Granted that there's flowchart as well, but seeing that the team didn't bother to translate it may as well just use the walkthrough. Oh and it's also have a lot of food talk in the afternoon, in which you may wouldn't like it seeing that the actions did mostly happen at night (From what I remember). While G-Senjou art is not as beautiful as Aoishiro, it's story more than make up for it in that it's lauded as Death Note like VN. The fact that we have Lelouch (Fukuyama Jun) as Maou is help a lot, and that most of the soundtrack are the remix of original classical music. We also have Sekai release this back at 2015 after some controversies with one of those are mosaic (Honestly debating about mosaic is not that important to me but whatever), and that we have 18+ patch back at 2018. What I can say is that Sekai's release is redundant because we already have this translated ever since back at 2010 end, but at least it help to make G-Senjou more famous in overseas if anything else.
  3. Hey there, new user here

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and let me assure you that no one will bite you as long as you've been responsible with your post here. If you need some VN recommendations, feel free to ask (I can suggest you to try Kami no Rhapsody here. Lastly, I hope that you'll have fun here.
  4. Let's Talk: Kami no Rhapsody

    Like I say beforehand you can change the medal before entering any dungeon. Just chose any dungeon (Other than Shrine of the End obviously) and look out the button with the text 'Equip God Medal', and you'll be able to change the medal like in the Shrine of the End. Although if you want to change the medal in battle as well, unfortunately it won't happen so you better prepared or just save and load often. Hope it'll be help.
  5. VN of the Month April 2008 - Gouen no Soleil -Chaos Region-

    While granted that 11eyes is nowadays just average VN, back at 2011 it's one of the VN that people have interest with it especially with one project was active. Time passed, and of course seeing that the project is inactive not surprisingly people started to lose hope on seeing 11eyes got translated. At least until Denwalts released it back at 2016 end, and I'm very surprised with the release (Even though it's supposed to be a surprise release) because it mean that we finally have it translated and that Denwalts himself show us that he can translate well know work if he wants. It also got anime adaptation, although the director (Or maybe the writer) might be didn't like Yuka seeing that her action in the anime is something that she wouldn't do (Granted that Yuka's action in VN is also quite extreme, but obviously not like in the anime and still under some symphatetic circumstances). Like mod Clephas said, the route is basically just have minor differences so obviously it's not quite worth to view all of the routes (At least the anime fan can try to dilute their anger by chose Mizusu's route). Lastly while I appreciated Denwalts for his efforts, beware that his patch contain some typo and that he localized Mizusu's weapons as Big Dipper stars (Not that I mind the localization though lol). Chaos Head is the first work of Nitroplus going all age by released it in console, and apparently it's quite successful. Of course the fame is not like Steins Gate, but at least it's enough for them to make the sequel/fandisc (Chaos Head Love Chu Chu), the reboot version (Noah), and the continuation (Chaos Child). The MC Takumi is honestly quite disturbing, seeing that he lived on top of a building wasting his time playing game and almost never going outside, which might be a bad reflection to anyone else who live like Takumi. Also for the reminder that Nitroplus did involved in this, which mean that there'll be disturbing contents. I did expect that Zettai Karen Children will use their adult art seeing that they quite good looking in senior high later. But instead the creator did use their children version, although if the author like it then whatever (Just for the reminder that loli would be disturbing in real life).
  6. As for the all age version, apparently there's still some 18+ CG left behind in the all age (ie Steam) version. Here's the post in question from Reddit, and I'll quote it below. The screenshot if you need some more proof. I guess I can say that Valve did really check Bokuten thoroughly (Probably including using GARbro), so that they decided to give the ban. What I can say is that while I did comment that Bokuten's plot is like soap opera (Especially at Yuri's route), it's still not right to outright banned it. Although if I may give some more speculation, seeing the middle school girl uniform (Even though the middle schooler in question is as evil as soap opera villains) and rape surely give Valve some alarm to check on Bokuten, although whether it's caused by some troll who report on Bokuten or not is another matter (Some did speculate that the ban was caused by the report).
  7. Let's Talk: Kami no Rhapsody

    If it's not broke, don't fix it. At least that's what I think in regard of Eushully UI. As for medals, you can change it before you're going to enter a dungeon so you didn't need to go back to the shrine, although I understand if you manage to miss that feature because it's not quite visible or you already think on going to the dungeon (Speaking from my experience).
  8. What manga are you currently reading?

    Did read both of QED and CMB, and both manga did have some detective works. While granted that the author here is not the most creative one when it come to the art, at least his cases are more than make up for it seeing that it contain some knowledge. As for what kind of cases that the casts will solve, you better find out by yourself but one thing for sure the trick is far more simple compared to Conan or even Kindaichi. The format is more like that each chapter will contain a standalone cases, which actually make sense for this type of manga as opposed to Conan which is more like have a hidden plot while in reality Gosho did aim Conan to have many standalone cases (Of course it become Conan's weakness in that some of the cases that have plot attached are quite not up to par with usual case, at least to me). Forgot to mention that actually QED itself is quite popular in Japan, and I think Trails in the Sky character designer really like the design of Sou and Kana from there (Male and female protagonists respectively). Why I said that? Because Joshua and Estelle of Trails in the Sky did resembled Sou and Kana very much, which should be quite obvious for Japanese (I don't know if some overseas people did realize that though, seeing that QED is less popular overseas).
  9. Tri☆Stars とらい☆すたーず [Clock Up team Lilac]

    Quite surprising that turned out Clock Up also have magical girl VN with normal sex scene with little number at that (Despite being the branch company), while surely we know that Clock Up is more famous with something that have extreme sex scenes (ie euphoria, Maggot Baits, and Fraternite).
  10. Hiya there ~

    Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. No much to say other than good luck to your project and I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.
  11. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    The update for this week below. Common: 100.0% Bethly: 100.0% Mizuha: 0.0% Yuzuki: 21.46% Momiji: 100.0% Hinata: 100.0% Total: 65.84% No much to say other than they already finished with Yuzuki's Middle School arc, so that's all for this week update.
  12. Sol Press is leaving the VN scene and Mirai Radio is dropped

    Late to the party. As for their light novel (LN), they already been infamous with the LN community in that they also didn't like Sol Press because of the obvious reasons. In any case, the only VN that was interesting from Sol Press that have significant progress right now is Irotoridori, and I just hope that they'll have it released at this year (Small chance I know).
  13. As for this week title since we have Phantom Trigger Volume 7 was released by Frontwing and that it's supposed to be the finale, I decided to just combined Phantom Trigger with the last part of Grisaia trilogy (So-called) so that we have 'Phantom Trigger no Rakuen'. As for 'Vol. 1' part, turned out that the ending was sort of ended in a cliffhanger and will continue in the next chapter hence 'Vol. 1' as the subtitle. As for this week, other than Phantom Trigger Volume 7 release we have a lot of interesting updates especially from fan translation section, and more importantly we finally have Rhapsody's full patch being released in that it mean now we have three Eushully VNs did properly translated. So overall I guess I can say that this week is quite interesting one, and let's see what I can write for this week. Cherry Kiss did release My Creampie Heaven nukige back at Friday, and turned out that it have three VNs that was bundled into one release. Furthermore, it also turned out that the MC did have different love interests at each VN even though the premise is exactly the same. It's not like it would make a difference anyway in that it's not interesting nukige to me, but you can get that if you like it and have fun. Speaking about nukige release, JAST also did release Shoujo Dominance in that the premise is telling the story about the daughter who have some Electra Complex towards the father (Our MC). What I can comment is that the main heroine design was looking more like a strict office lady instead of a high school student, although perhaps I'm getting used to see cute schoolgirl in VNs though. I never think that the writer may already envisioned the story between MC and his wife only to change it to forbidden love between father and daughter, and that the designer already finished the design for the wife heroine and they ran out of time. You can get Shoujo Dominance from JAST if you want to play that short nukige, and have fun. Alicesoft decided to released the demo for Evenicle 2 at August 17th later, which obviously coincidence with my independence day. No much to say other than I look forward on how much that the demo will show the gameplay and story, and more importantly whether Alicesoft will be able to release Evenicle 2 at this year or not. As for Phantom Trigger Volume 7, once again turned out that the ending was ended in cliffhanger so we must wait for one more chapter before the finale. That said, the cliffhanger was apparently not as bad as Meikyuu though so at least you can play this if you want. In any case you can play it if you want to see Phantom Trigger team preparation for the final battle, and have fun. As for the Volume 8 release, we may have it longer so I expect that the development time will take some time in that it might take more than a year. For fan translation updates we have Harugi was at 57% translated with Branch route was at 32% translated with Sumika's route was at 7% translated, Taimanin Yukikaze 2 was at 90% translated, Loverable was at 89.44% edited, Reflection Blue was at 40.7% translated with Miki's route was at 44.6% translated and Shizuku's route was past three quarter (77.2%) translated, and Eustia was at 92.45% translated with side routes was past halfway (51.01%) translated along with the editing progress almost catching up was at 91.65% edited. We also have sudden translated demo for Shukufuku no Campanella. As for Campanella itself, it's Windmill VN which mean that the VN usually did have fantasy setting, and Campanella here is no exception (My experience here is more with Sankaime though, in that while it's more modern it's still end up like fantasy VN). I don't know whether the translator will eventually translate the whole VN or not, but I hope he will seeing that a Windmill VN in English is good especially with Sol Press withdrawing from VN translation business. Lastly we finally have full patch of Kami no Rhapsody, and with this we have another Eushully VN being translated. The team also did announce their next Eushully VN project, and in this case it's Fuukan no Grasesta or I'll just call it as Grasesta. As for Rhapsody itself, more or less you should expect Kamidori when it come to the MC seeing that he can recruit several people to help him thanks to his mysterious charisma. Of course you shouldn't focused much on story anyway if we talk about Eushully VN, but rather the gameplay. As for the gameplay, at least I can say that it's quite balanced enough on the first playthrough, although if you go to the post game dungeon beware though that it's not quite balanced. Granted that Kamidori also did have the same problem as well, but at least I can say that Kamidori here is still somewhat balanced in the post game dungeon. That said it's been a while since we have Eushully VN with proper translation, so feel free to try it and have fun. Lastly let me say that I'll look forward to Grasetsa progress later, and that I'm still waiting for Amayui full patch. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  14. Congratulation for the release of the full patch. Personally I prefer Arterial as the next project, but Grasesta sound like not too bad there so good luck on that later.
  15. Looking for something clever

    Late to the party here. For my recommendations, I'll suggest you to try either Shibuya Scramble, Rose Guns Days, or Raging Loop if you still didn't play those three. I hope my recommendations will be helpful to you.