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  1. As for August, yeah it's quite busy indeed. Let's see what I can comment when it come to the VN news at August 2021. Well Ai Yori Aoshi itself is not quite a big VN even before JAST sell it at their website, although I wonder if it mean that JAST will sell the rest of Hirameki licenses with some of their better licenses are Ever17 and Phantom of Inferno (In the case of the latter I really hope that JAST did convert it to more practical format (Outside DVD Player) and possibly re-translate it because some of the lines are mistranslated). Speaking of retranslation since we already ha
  2. There's a tag of the VNs in question at VNDB, and the tag is 'Confinement'. As for what kind of VN that has the tag, the most famous one is Ever17 in which it's earlier work from both of Zero Escape writer and Root Double director back when they'd work together. Other than Ever17, I can also recommend some other VNs such as Raging Loop, I/O, and Remember11 (I/O is didn't have trapped situation though). You can also try both of Somnium and Shibuya Scramble in case you interested with some detective VNs (The former was also worked on by Zero Escape writer and the latter is serve as the inspirati
  3. Well that's quite a vague question here because art and story can be quite a subjective matter. That said if you asking for the VNs that has good plot and arts, I can recommend you to read my top 10 best rated translated VNs lists here, and here's the list for 2019 and 2020 (Note that I list Aokana and Ryuusei in the respective years). I don't know if you'll read all of the VNs from my lists or not, but regardless of that I hope that my lists here can be helpful to you. PS - If you still need some more recommendations, then I can suggest you either Utawarerumono trilogy, Kirikoi, or Muram
  4. There's Erina from Dracu Riot, although she's a little more perverted out there. If you prefer the exact same character down to the hair and the VA, perhaps you may be interested with Kana from Daitoshokan. Other than that, well I guess Honoka from Haretaka can also qualify here although she might be a bit extreme compared to what you think. Lastly there's Hazuki from Study Steady. I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
  5. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week because we have Shiravune released 'Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka's Story' I decided to parodied Alicesoft Beat series because the similarities of both VN when it come to the main heroine got the power (Through sex), so we have 'Beat Diviner Sayaka' as this week VNTS Review title (For a bit of translation note, in Sengoku Rance Onmyoji was translated as 'Diviner' in the older translation while Arunaru keep it as 'Onmyoji' for Mangagamer version). Back to the review, and what I can say is that at least Shiravune here did deliver an inte
  6. Koiama 2 - Once again it should be enough if you want some light relaxing moege, and tis time we have two more heroines. Oh yes it also already available in English along with the prequel thanks to Sekai. Erovoice - While it's obviously another VN that depict the behind the scene of voicing the eroge akin of Eroge in that it depict the creation of, well eroge it remind me of Sore ga Seiyuu anime though back when Mangagamer announced it at this year Otakon. Currently it's been fully translated and edited by them, so we may have this as their next release or if not we may have them release
  7. As for what happen in regard of this, perhaps the word from the TLC person at Reddit can answer that (Source for anyone else who want to confirm it). The context is in regard of someone asking to just leak the patch like previous August VNs, and the TLC person did say that he's not in the position to do that. As for the translator himself (ie the OP), I can see that he's been pretty busy with stuffs and all. I also understand though if he want to do some TLC work on it, because after all it would be very annoying if someone who have enough knowledge of Japanese language and having too
  8. I don't know what your friend like, but in this case he still didn't get the VN that he want to play yet then I can suggest something like Parquet, ATRI, Marco, Umikana, and True Remembrance. In case your friend want to read something that has fighting and dark story, then he can try both of Kikokugai and Hanachirasu. I hope that my recommendations here can be help to your friend in case he still didn't play those VNs.
  9. I don't know if you still searching the VNs for PS4 or Switch, but just in case you still look into it then I can suggest you something like Shibuya Scramble, Aokana, Steins Gate, and Fata Morgana. I don't know if you already read those or whether the VNs will fulfill your taste or not, but regardless of that I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  10. Amazing Grace - Looks like cute moege, although beneath that there's some hidden plot happen seeing that even the synopsis tell us that there'll be time loop. Also apparently the VN itself also like to talk about art as well, which make sense seeing that one of the heroine is a painter. The opening of this song also make me know that the singer has quite unique nasal singing voice in which she keep that voice from all the way back when she sang for Koi Iru Chu Lips opening song (And by the way it should be obvious that the opening song is not real Amazing Grace song). By the way I think that S
  11. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the very belated greeting. I did remember that you have Youtube channel for Nitroplus stuffs, and after I check it I understand that you did upload Kimikoi/Totono and Tokyo Necro OST (I'm kind of hope that JAST will somehow localized the latter). I hope that you'll have fun here.
  12. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the very belated greeting. No much to say other than I understand that you're Akagoei fans looking from the avatar and that I hope you'll have fun here.
  13. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Axanael officially started the translation with sizeable progress along with the VN has the variation of Russian Roulette game called Kagome Games, I make a parody of Russian Roulette so we have 'Kagome Roulette' as this week VNTS Review. As for this week, we have a number of significant updates when it come to fan translation such as the aforementioned Axanael or Akagoei, while at the same time there's no much update from official side other than the releases of those two underrated VNs (I know that Nekonyan give us interesting updates at th
  14. Deep One - I only know that I remember some controversy in regard of this, and turned out it's in regard on how the VN is incomplete with no route for the heroines and all with anyone who got it legally got it worse because they must pay the full eroge price (Around 9,000 yen) for basically an episodic VN. Obviously people were mad about this, and thus they'd review bombing both VNDB and Erogamescape. Well I guess this should be good VN in case anyone didn't know the controversy and play it as it is. Loca Love Volume 1 - Frontwing's attempt to make episodic single heroine VNs, and in here
  15. Raspberry Cube - Good that Madosoft did realize that Wagahigh heroines breasts size are quite ridiculous and thus they toned down the breast design in that they even had two heroines have small breast. Obviously we can expect this as charage like Wagahigh, and it's a shame that we didn't have Sekai localize this because they chose to localize Feng VNs (Not that there's anything wrong with that, although it would be good to see more Madosoft VN in English). NG - Another non-otome VN that was localized by Aksys, and no much to say that it should be good for horror VN fans. Kemomusu - I
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