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  1. I seconded Date A Live trilogy as well, and as for the bonus the main writer also involved in the VN production as well. Other than that, there's Toradora VN, Oreimo VN, and the recently translated ReZero VN if you interested with some gameplay. Well no much that I can say in regard of anime adaptation VNs other than it has potential.
  2. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and feel free to ask for more VNs recommendation if you need it. Quite straightforward introduction there, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  3. Since we have both of Jeanne at the Clock Tower released alongside Kirikoi, I decided to combined both element from both work for this week VNTS Review title. For the info, Jeanne here is based on the story of Joan of Arc (Loosely at that) and that one of her alias is 'The Maid of Orleans', so obviously I changed 'Orleans' into 'Sortilège' in which the latter is the fictional country in Kirikoi. As for this week, well I can say that it's quite exciting seeing that we have a number of the releases with the most interesting one is Kirikoi along with several new VNs announcements. Of course we ha
  4. Grisaia no Yuukan - One of Frontwing's attempt to milk Grisaia, and at least you can just directly dismissed it unlike Meikyuu and Rakuen which most people would still treat those two as Kajitsu's sequels even though I treat those as fandisc. Suki Suki - Supposedly normal moege (Which for the most part it is) that ended up has more soap drama plot compared to Haretaka (Same writer) in the routes, and that the staffs badly manage their budget so much that they can't write Maya's route which according to the director was in the initial plan. Another controversy here is that Arunaru did loca
  5. Bokukotsu - It has English release thanks to Sekai Project, the art is quite good thanks to Sayori, it has a lot of sex scenes which should be expected feature from nukige, and that I like the design from two of the heroines here (The brocon cupid (Emiri) and the witch (Miyabi)). No much to say other than those and of course you should just enjoy the graphic along with the comedy instead of expecting the serious story here. Utawarerumono 2 - At first I thought that Aquaplus (Formerly Leaf) did milk Utawarerumono along with they forgotten their original fanbase (PC gamer) because they just
  6. Ne no Kami - GL VN with the setting in Kyoto and has some sex scenes, and it has supernatural element as well. No much to say in regard of this seeing that I didn't pay attention much on Ne no Kami here. Miniature Garden - The opening song is good and it has Tokui Sora (Also known as Soramaru to the fans) as one of the VA, although it seems that it was quite underrated with some critic said that the story was rushed or something like that. At least it's available in English if one want to play it. Nekopara 0 - The prequel of Nekopara and it's also been localized by Sekai as well, and
  7. Great Ace Attorney - Looks like Capcom gave up to localize the name for the casts, although they still need to alter the name that were related to Sherlock Holmes thanks to the copyright. In any case, good that we'll going to see official localization of this being released at July 27th later after some dismissed that it would be impossible to localize because it would be quite hard to hide the Japanese element. Akai Suru no Hitomi - The last part of Irotoridori, in that once again Yuuma did need to save Shinku thanks to the bad fate that she suffer. I sort of agree with Gangrelion's revi
  8. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I combined 'Clock Tower' from Jeanne at the Clock Tower that will be released later along with this week nukige release (Big Dick at the Beach), so we have 'Clock Tower at the Beach' as this week VNTS Review title (By the way I also find out that there's a real clock tower in the beach in which it's place of interest at Monteral). As for this week, well if not for Nekonyan's updates at yesterday it would be a dry week seeing that we only have one nukige release from Cherry Kiss. That said, at least there's fault side below so actually it w
  9. Ojou-sama to Himitsu no Otome - Princess Evangile with the MC himself is a trap who enter the all female school instead of having him enter as the first trial of co-ed school, which mean that at least it shouldn't be neccesary to have infamous headmistress plot being repeated. The plot here is like Tsukiyori, while the heroines sprites are like Princess Evangile heroines. Well I guess this VN here might be the one that inspire Madosoft to keep their hair color across their VNs, seeing that basically Moonstone here just copy paste their Evangile's design. Persona 4 Dancing All Night - The
  10. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. No much to say other than good luck on your project and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  11. ExS-Tia - Serial VNs with the premise magical girl that will fight evil and along the way they'll risk their live to be raped by the monster that they fought. Yeah it's typical magical girl nukige all right, although I kind want to see it localized seeing that it's still rare to see magical girl VN got translated. Yukikaze 2 - Black Lilith did dare to retcon majority of the prequel so in this VN we somehow still has the heroines virgin, and of course in here they'll need to risk their virginity again. Other than that it's nice to see that Yukikaze has smaller breast compared to usual big
  12. Late to bump this, but at last we finally have the Steam store page for side below. Also we have the release month that was announced back at Indie Live Expo, and it'll be at September later so let's see if we can really see it's released at that month or not (The screen capture from the video that show side below release month).
  13. I'm sorry for my very belated VNTS Review for this week, and as for the title I'll tell it at PS later. For this week, well I can say that this week is quite plain in regard of the releases, although on the other hand though we have interesting new VN announced along with some updates from fan translation. Overall this week is still quite an average one even though it's not too bad, and let's see what I can write in regard of this. JAST did release Closed Game in which it did mark their 5th release in a year, and I should say that they did a good job for manage to five releases in span of
  14. Quite a number of the releases that I recognize, so let's see what I can comment in regard of April 2015 releases. Basenjin - I would like light to localize the prequel only if it's what light can do at most, although I definitely won't push my luck too much for the localization chance by making the online petition at Change.org in order to have light localize Senshinkan. Da Capo 2 Dearest Marriage - Good for Otome fans I suppose, and other than that I suppose Otome here at least is more popular compared to her grandmother Nemu if Circus willingly to make the fandisc for her. Unlike
  15. Enigma - Doujin VN that was translated by the late Conjueror and was published by Fruitbat Factory, and it seems to be one of underrated VNs. That said it has interesting premise in that the MC was need to deal with his own disease and that he's about to die, and that he arrived in the mysterious island that has mysterious forest that somehow share the same name as the disease that the MC suffer. Lastly I can say that the graphic and the opening of this VN are quite nice, so perhaps you may pick Enigma just for the graphic alone although keep in mind that the story here will be quite depressin
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