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  1. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Kamome's patch of Summer Pocket released obviously I'll reuse 'KEY All Stars Memories' with the 'Part 4' here is obviously meant that this is the fourth times that I use this title. For the reminder, I use that particular title was because Summer Pocket here have the older KEY VNs plot as some sort of KEY memorial (My interpretation) and we also have Precure All Stars Memories that the staffs intend as Precure memorial (By the way the writer for that movie will write upcoming Precure (Healin' Good Precure or HealGPC)). As for this week, well I guess I can say that it's more lively because we have several releases here although ironically the most interesting update here would be partial one though (And yeah it include Senren Banka demo release). Overall I think this week is better compared to the last week when it comes to updates (Duh), and let's see what I can write at this week. We finally have some updates from Sol Press, although I would like to ask though why they didn't announce it on Twitter seeing that it's been a while since we see some updates from them (The CEO even announce three updates in Sol Press Discord only). I'll list the update at next VNTS Review, but I guess I can say that it's too bad that there's still no progress ftom Mirai Radio here. We also have Chuusotsu 1.5 release here, and what I can say is that go get it if you like Chuusotsu since the start and have fun. Almost forget that we also have JAST announced the release date for their (Redundant) Togainu no Chi at February 25th later, and that we have Cherry Kiss released their newest nukige (I'd pass on this, but if you already play it and like it then have fun). From Mangagamer, as expected they announce their next release after they released Magic and Slash, and this time their release is Imopara 3 in which they'll release it at February 13th later (One day before Valentine day). As for the release itself, while female MC is always good turned out that it's not much special seeing that we have a lot of female MC in HRPG that was created by RPGMaker, and apparently Magic and Slash is one of those (Mangagamer did port it to Unity engine though). For more info, it also have action RPG gameplay which while it sounds interesting, actually we already have Baldr Sky release here if we talk about action RPG (And both of Rhapsody and Frontier have more interesting gameplay, at least from what I think after I'd read a review about Magic and Slash). Still if you want some action RPG that have cute female MC and will be raped when she lose, go get Magic and Slash here and have fun. From Nekonyan we have Senren Banka trial released, which mean that they should be ready for their Senren Banka release in the near future. I know that they still didn't announce the date here and that it's up to them, but if I want to be hopeful perhaps I may expect March 30th release as their 2nd anniversary of Fureraba's release prize. In any case, our Nekonyan here is obviously far more successful in regard of bringing Senren Banka to Steam compared to Sekai. There's also Kamome's patch of Summer Pocket release like I mentioned earlier, and currently we already have Alka translated five files of the true routes. While we already have four heroines route translated, it's still not finished though because KEY recently like to write the true route and Summer Pocket here is no exception. From the progress, we have 32% script still untranslated and that amount did contain true route. Good luck to Alka there, and in any case let's see if Visual Art can resolve their problem and release it before Alka finished their work in true route here. For fan translstion, we have Loverable was at 78.56% edited, Eustia was at 88.07% translated (Side routes was at 22.58% translated) and 78.37% edited (Eustia's chapter was at 54.95% edited), and no update from Ginharu because apparently they took some rest or something like that. From Rhapsody, apparently the team get some more staffs to help with the editing and image translating, and as the result the progress for both of those are going smoothly (Hopefully we can get Rhapsody's full patch at this year if possible). That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  2. Summer Pockets English Translation

    Been awhile since Ao's patch route released, and yes this time we have Kamome's patch released (I know that I'm late for this, because they released this back at Sunday). Go get the patch from their site as usual, and have fun. As for the future plan, obviously it's to translate the true route (ie Alka and Pocket) and currently they already have five script files translated. With this we have all four heroines routes translated, and if you want to play it because of the heroines then perhaps this is the best time to play Summer Pocket here (In this case, have fun).
  3. Hi!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel. As for your VN project here, I have no much to say other than good luck on it. I hope you'll enjoy yourself here.
  4. I see that Nakura Reiji is still like dramatic writing for his stories there like back at Deardrops. Also out of those three routes, I still think that Minamo's route here is probably the realistic one (Quite ironic seeing that she have same VA as Rimu and I did criticize Rimu's route). While for Yuri's route, let's just treat it as a very overblown Soap Opera with Nakura was (Probably) in a deep depression when he wrote it and he's just cured when he about to write on how he should resolve Yuri's situation, and actually it remind me of some Indonesian soap opera very much (Some evil man/woman are always have sudden heel face turn after some big thing happened (Usually by accident/arrest/sickness)). For the grand twist perhaps weird might be a right word to it, although it might be fit for the author considering that he probably have some cynical view in love and that he's (Presumeably) in depression because of (Probably) love problem.
  5. think i found a translator in the wild

    I'm not quite interested with femdom nukige here, but if he like it then it's okay (He even admit that hectranslate femdom VN for fun).
  6. What are you playing?

    Play Rhapsody, and let me try to summarize the gameplay that people think as controversial. 1. I did find that the rune level up system is like anti-grinding trope in order to prevent overpowered parties just like level caps at Kamidori, although they also add lock in the rune slot that have similar function though in which it's pretty much almost useless considering that rune is very scarce (Only available from certain monsters and maps first clear reward). I only play up to Chapter 4 beginning though and I'd hear that it'll be even harder, so perhaps I should be prepared for that. 2. While the magic and skill did use the same mana meter that was used to summoning allies, I think it's not much trouble if we equip '-1 mana cost to cast' medal to caster (ie Patra). So far I never have any mana shortage, seeing that you can just collect the crystal that the enemies drop and you'll always gain 1 mana/blue Sacred Camp (So you should control as much as Sacred Camp if you want to collect mana to cast the spell, which honestly easier said than done), and more importantly using cheap spell (ie less than 4 mana cost). Of course there's stronger spell that consume more mana, but for easier map you should just equip cheap spell. Speaking about mana meter, I did find that the characters limit break is quite inefficient considering that it need 30 mana to cast (Granted the power is very big, but still). 3. For medals barter, yeah it's not so good change here seeing that we don't know which medals that we wouldn't use anymore, and that the barter price is twice the cost (For the info, you need to give your spare medals in order to get the new medal). I think I only have complain on this one for now. I guess that's all for what I can write about Rhapsody here, and to conclude I would say that the translation is acceptable to me while for the gameplay is mostly fine to me except for the medals barter (Oh and no healing through potion like Kamidori, although in exchange it'll force you to play smart). I'll try to write more about Rhapsody later.
  7. You can always try both of Soukoku no Arterial and Madou Koukaku if you've desperate, but better not seeing that the narration patch for those two are incomprehensible to understand (I only remember that Madou Koukaku was have slightly (Emphasis on slightly) better translation compared to Arterial. Lastly there's Kozukuri Banchou, although the gameplay is not usual Eushully one though (Don't worry about the translation, because this one is properly translated by Aroduc who also Kamidori's translator). Feel free to try those if you want more Eushully VNs, but beware of Madou Koukaku and Arterial incomprehensible translation, moreso if you didn't understand some general Japanese spoken words. PS - By the way you better just don't ask the team to translate another VN, because usually the translator have their own business and personal preferrence (Not to mention that usually it would take a very long time to complete).
  8. Birthday thread

    Happy 27th birthday to our @Sonicboom2.0, and I hope you'll have a good year ahead.
  9. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and while there's still not much to say at this week as well at least we have some interesting stuffs happen such as Nekonyan opened Steam store page for Senren Banka. Other than that we also have some updates from both of Mangagamer and fan translstion, so overall I think this week is a bit plain here. I'll tell the title at PS later, and let's see what I can write for this week. Fruitbat have a plan to released Chuusotsu 1.5 in which the release date for that will tomorrow, although to me I don't really particularly interested with it though seeing that I'm still don't know much about Chuusotsu to be very blunt (Perhaps it might be a good addition for Chuusotsu's fans). About Senren Banka Steam store page here, two days ago we have Nekonyan open the store for that. While granted we still don't know when Nekonyan will release it seeing that they also plan to release the trial version of that here, at least the time for that is almost close so hopefully we'll have it at this year (Should be possible seeing that we have 11 months left). One more thing here is that it's quite ironic that Sekai did announce Senren Banks first, and yet the one who open the Steam store page for that was Nekonyan. For Mangagamer's updates here, we have Sona-Nyl was at three quarter edited, both of Mugen Renkan and Macchiato was in programing, and both of WanNyan and Escalayer was in testing. Not much to say other than it's good that we can finally see Escalayer in testing (More magical girl VN is always good), so let's see what Mangagamer will announce for their next release after they'll release Magic and Slash later. We finally have Pure Pure was continuing their progress after the translator being busyfor some time, and currently the progress for that was at 93.68% translated (Still a rough one though). Other than that we have 9,634 out of 43,896 lines of Pure x Connect were translated (Almost 10,000 lines translated there), Loverable was at 78.39% edited, Miotsukushi Omote was past 90% mark (92%) translated, Summer Pocket was at 68.40% translated with Kamome's route was fully translated (So we should have Kamome's patch released in the near future), and Eustia was at 87.48% translated (Side route was at 18.77% translated) along with 77.76% edited (Eustia's chapter was past halfway (50.50%) edited). For the last update once again we have Ginharu's update, in which we have Momiji's route was past halfway (51.16%) translated and overall Ginharu was at 53.44% translated. Not much to say other than I like that Tsurezure back to their usual pace at this week. That's all for this week, and sorry if this week is still a short one. See you next week. PS - For the title, I just joined Escalayer's English title (Beat Angel Escslayer) and 'A La Mode' from WanNyan full title so we have 'Beat Angel Escalayer A La Mode' as this week title, which is quite fitting anyway seeing that we have Kira Kira Precure A La Mode and Escalayer here is a magical girl to a degree (Perhaps we may have the sequel with the same name (Beat Angel Escalayer A La Mode) if Alicesoft in the mood for it).
  10. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    As for what I like personally, I guess Kami no Rhapsody and Venus Blood Frontier might count here (Even though those two released at year's end and the former was still partial) because both of those have gameplay. For best rated 2019 VN releases here, I created the list of those in my blog (Feel free to change any VN with your favorite VN that was released in 2019 if you're not satisfied). PS - By the way I interpret the title as the VNs that was released in 2019.
  11. Soukoku no Arterial: Info

    As for relationship quest here, I forgot the exact detail here. So what I can say is that perhaps you just need to take a rest in order to initiate time skip, and perhaps some of the events that you mentioned will appear. While my suggestion here will be not helpful seeing that you're already on Narumi's route (It's a recommended route anyway, so it's okay), you may try it at your next playthrough.
  12. Hi Guys

    Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. As for the translator, unfortunately I can't really help since I'm quite bad at Japanese/Korean. Still feel free to discuss anything that you like in regard of manga/manhwa here, and I hope you'll have fun here.
  13. The save folder is in C/App Data/Local/Eushully, and usually it's hidden so you may search it in your computer.
  14. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Here's the update for this week. Common: 100.0% Bethly: 100.0% Mizuha: 0.0% Yuzuki: 0.0% Momiji: 51.16% Hinata: 100.0% Total: 53.44% No much to say other than Trip did a good job for this week, so that's all for the update.
  15. So you managed to have unedited text patch as belated Christmas prize here? In any case I'm apologize in that I've been wrong when I said that there's no Christmas release here, and congratulation for the patch release here. As for my feedback, I'm not quite good on the flaw of the words here so let's just say that perhaps you may fix the typo such as 'ang' in the prologue (I can only find that one so far).