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  1. After more than two months waiting we finally have the word from Irru in regard of the hiatus, and the update says that they'll probably resume the work on Ginharu at 2021 later. Granted that there's still no guarantee as of now, but it's still nice to see some updates in regard of hiatus and hopefully I can see the updates of Ginharu again. So let's see on January later. PS - The blogpost in regard of Irru's word, and yeah I know that I'm very late for this.
  2. Might be this one, and I hope that my answer can help you here. PS - As for the ashen maid, you'll find out who she is later.
  3. Visual Novel Translation Status (11/29/2020) I'm sure that you realized that I parodied Gochiusa franchise, only that I changed Usagi' into 'Neko' because we have Nekopara 4 released few days ago and obviously Nekopara 4 here wouldn't deal with rabbit (Translation Note: Usagi mean rabbit). Speaking of Gochiusa Sol Press did manage to license the manga version of it, although looking from their recent performance I understand if the people have doubt on Sol Press. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for this week I can say that it's still like last week with several updates from both of Sekai and Nekonyan along with Nekonpara 4 release. Other than that, of course we still have the updates from fan translation as usual even though it's not as much like back at last week. So overall I guess I can say that this week is quite average one to a degree, and let's see what I can write for this week as well. While I did say that Sekai did have several updates, in practice it's just the announcements of the exact release date for their three short VNs. Those three VNs are Zombie VN Volume 3, Bokukotsu FD, and Zombie VN Volume 0. For the release date, it'll be at December 15th later which to say are coincide with several other releases at that week (ie Riddle Joker and Sukehime). While granted that the releases are not either Daybreak or Nine Episode 4, I guess it's good to see that Sekai finally cleared their backlog a bit. For Nekopara 4, it's more famous because of the art by Sayori that was apparently cited as good looking, and I can say it is considering back when I played Labyrinth of Touhou I use sprites mod with her arts on Touhou characters because I find the arts are good looking (I didn't know the arts in the sprite mod that I use are her works when I did play it). As for Nekopara 4 here, the premise is that our MC decided to go to France in order to get better in cake making because his father was disapprove the MC bakery. In any case, we should know that we play Nekopara here only for the catgirls and not for the story. Go get Nekopara 4 on Steam if you want to play more Nekopara, and have fun. As for this week fan translation, currently we have Shin Koihime Musou was at 38% edited, Yuuna's route from Harugi was at 69% (Nice number) translated, and Eustia was at 58.03% TLC-ed with Licia's route was at 32.17% TLC-ed. No much to say, so that's all for this week fan translation updates. For Nekonyan update, we have Kirikoi started the QA (At 1% right now), Clover Days was at 60% edited, their 1st secret project was at 65% translated, and their 2nd secret project was at 27% translated. They also has one more secret project with the current progress was fully translated and edited, and while I did suggest Harem Kingdom back at Nekonyan's Discord I guess the more reasonable guess would be either Tenshin Ranman or (Hopefully not) some VN that has available translation. In any case, Nekonyan said that they'll reveal the projects at either January or February, so let's see it later. Lastly currently they've been struck with payment processor problem at their own shop so that it can't be used, although since unlike Mangagamer at least it won't stop them to release Riddle Joker because Nekonyan still has several other shops. That's all for this week and sorry for being late here. See you next week. PS - I know that we have Ryuusei World Actor was released by (Unsurprisingly) ShiraVN at Johren (DMM owned store) today, although I decided to save that topic for my next VNTS Review. What I can say is that at least the character arts are looking good (Same artist as Koichoco), although obviously art here won't do much to save Kinugasa's inability to end his story properly.
  4. I see. Well in case some user like to play with console background and original sprites, just make sure that you delete all of original background (Blurred photograph one) in the Streaming Assets folder. I did test it with Matsuribayashi, and indeed you can play it with original sprites along with console background. With that, I guess your problem might be because you just move the folder with original sprites to the Streaming Assets in the game folder without removing the original background pictures.
  5. Sounds like an interesting case. Can I ask you to screenshot your CG and Sprites folder so that I can take a look at it? Because the answer for your problem here might be easier or closer than you think, although I may be wrong on this.
  6. There's a way to play with the original sprite while at the same time using Alchemist background. I did remember the progress, although I need to test it though since it's been a while I'd tweak Higurashi Steam version here. And it should be noted that it won't change the fact that the CG will use the new sprites for an obvious reason. PS - By the way the new release still didn't have soundtrack 'Ode to the Moon' that was available in the original version of Minagoroshi (Not Mangagamer translated version from 2010). I guess the soundtrack itself was got blocked by the copyright or something like that, so oh well.
  7. Quite a number of releases that I know, so let me comment in regard of September 2009. Kokuhaku - I think you should know that I write more on VAs CV rather than the story in the comment section at Deep Blue's review, because the main feature of it was just as place for the VAs to test their capabilities to voicing different character types. At least the VAs themselves (Tsuji Ayumi, Mamiko Noto, Hirano Aya, and Yui Horie) are quite famous if anything else and that they show their capabilities. Tears to Tiara Gaiden - Too bad that Leaf is more interested to release this as console VN instead of porting it to PC as well, but at least they allowed ShiraVN to port Utawarerumono trilogy to PC as well so good to see that Leaf still care about their original customers as well to a degree. Nega 0 - Second Eternal VN after Yumina, and it looks interesting due to magical girl in charge of debugging which remind me of Corrector Yui. Of course it would be gameplay VN, seeing that it's the same company behind Yumina. Too bad that it's still not translated yet, but I guess it can't be helped here. Natsu no Ame - Good to see that you like it. As for the VN, it remind me that my roommate also try to play this by using ATLAS back at 2011. I kind of interested to see this translated, if only for the sake of 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes that inevitably will happen in the VN lol. As for the one who can translate it, ShiraVN is obviously the most likely candidate and of course I really hope that they won't use the same translator as Your Diary. eden - Back then I did nitpick that the VN didn't explore enough about the cause of doomsday (The red star), although if minori ask us to focused on Ryou x Sion rather than doomsday plot then I guess it's normal if we better not to be focused on that. eden here is sort of the last minori VN that have sex scenes along with small breast heroine (Sion) before they decided to be ambitious with Supipara only to be flopped and their heroines in their VNs after Supipara have big breasts along with having numerous amount of sex scenes, at least before their cease of operation. Also unlike other minori VNs, eden here is quite short and only featured single heroine (Sion). That's all for my comment in regard of September 2009.
  8. Currently watch Majo no Tabitabi along with Gochiusa Bloom, and I'll try to comment on those two when the series over. Also Gochiusa here is quite nostalgic, in that I also watch the second season of it back at five years ago at same season (Fall).
  9. No much comment for now other than it have too many continuation from the previous series, and that for HealGPC movie it'll be out at March 20 later with the crossover from YPC5 characters (By the way I'm okay with HealGPC episode as long as Toei didn't insert YPC5 characters into one of the episode like back at HugPC when they add FwPC and later the whole Precure into the special episodes).
  10. Considering that there's no update after more than two years, safe to say that the project might be not quite alive anymore. Still if the project leader want to revive it, then go ahead.
  11. Visual Novel Translation Status (11/22/2020) Because we have Sekai opened the Steam store for Bokukotsu FD along with announced the release month at December and that we have Kimihane GL VN released, I decided to parodied Kimihane English title (Wanting Wings) by just change 'Wings' into 'Cupid' so that we have 'Wanting Cupid' as this week VNTS Review title. For the info, in Bokukotsu one of the heroine is a fallen cupid who is quite a brocon, and coincidentally Kimihane also has a premise in regard of the angel (Note that cupid here is usually mean the love angel). As for this week, other than those two announcements (Kimihane release and Bokukotsu FD Steam store opened) we have some updates from Sekai and Mangagamer along with usual fan translation updates so overall I can only say that this week is slightly more active compared to the last week, and let's see what I can write for this week as well. Fruitbat did release Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode 3 with the name of Lady Hexers, and apparently some of the graphic was altered thanks to Valve's request in that they'd ban the VN in the past (Probably because of some contents that was inappropriate in Steam based on their reasoning). I don't know though if it's the last part of Jiangshi x Daoshi or not, although from what I see looks like the developer will continue it. Get the VN if you want to see the continuation of Jiangshi x Daoshi, and have fun. As for Sekai updates, once again we have Steam store for Bokukotsu FD opened along with announced the release month at December later, Amairo Chocolate English version was in second round of QA, and the QA for Dragon Princess was already completed with the current progress for that was to compiling the reports to the developer (In this case Whirlpool). I can only say that I prefer to see the update in regard of Nine Episode 4, but if they need more time to work on that so much that they can't fulfill December release target, it can't be helped I guess. Lastly we also have Zombie VN Volume 0 will be released at December later, so I guess Sekai want to clear their backlog of Zombie VN at this year. As for Kimihane, from what I can see apparently it's more or less an usual GL VN although apparently the writing is quite good. I don't know much other than the casts did see the angel at their childhood and that they suspect that one of the casts are the angel that they saw in their childhood, so go get the VN if you want to know more about the story and have fun. Since Mangagamer release mean that they'll announce another VN to be released at next month, it mean that they'll do it again and this time we'll going to have Sukehime released at December 17th later. For Mangagamer's updates, currently we have both of Musicus and Hentai Lifestyle are in testing (Which mean that there'll be no 2020 release for Musicus), Jeanne was in programming, and 6th secret project was at both 73% translated and edited. No much to say other than I'm waiting for them to reveal their remaining secret project and see if Mangagamer will release Rance Quest for January later or not, so that's all for Mangagamer's updates. For usual updates of fan translation, currently we have Eustia was at 57.87% TLC-ed with Licia's Chapter was at 31.33% TLC-ed, Harugi was at 72% translated with Misaki's route was at 16% translated and Yuuna's route was at almost two third (66%) translated, and Loverable was at 92.42% edited. For more updates currently we have Watamasu finished the second pass for all of the translation, and we also have Daybreak Translation finished both of common and Reika's route at halfway translated with common route was translated slightly more than halfway. We also have Oreimo's translator tested the patch before releasing it, so perhaps the time for Oreimo VN to be released is near. We also have surprise update with Spice and Wolf DS VN was fully translated, and as for the VN itself you can play as the nameless MC who apparently was intended as Lawrence stand in and that you're supposed to accompany Holo the titular wolf to a journey for a year. Here's the project page if you interested, although I'm not quite interested though. Lastly we have Pure x Connect make a big update in that they finished translated Moemi's route, and for the progress currently they got 18,743 lines are already translated. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  12. So is another fifteen years old did read euphoria without doing some research beforehand? That said if you do some research before reading it, I can guarantee that you won't trapped in reading a disturbing VN. And no even with knowledge that the plot twist is interesting on it's own, I won't either reading this or adding it into one of best rated VNs in my list. As for imagining the bad situation would happen in real life, better not imagine that because those disturbing scenes are more or less just a result of imagination that was created for some people with niche interest.
  13. As for this month, the two biggest releases are Umineko Chiru and Majikoi. Still let me comment on some other releases here. I Can - Idol nukige VN that apparently will have some corruption. At least the idol costume is very sexy if I may say something lol. Memories Off 6 - I guess this is pretty much all age charage without much explicit fanservice, so no 18+ patch if anyone else want to ask the possibility of that. That said, at least the girls are good looking so you can play this if you like to play all age charage and own the console to play it along with have some capabilities to read Japanese. My primary focus on Memories Off 6 is not the VN though, but rather one of the graphic staffs which turned out to be Kawamura Toshie who is more well known in Precure fans as the character designer for three Precure series (YPC5 duology, SmPC, and HugPC) and that her character design is very beautiful. Her job in here is as the artist for the CG, although it's quite hard to tell if the art in the CG is resembled some of her design in Precure or not seeing that Memories Off here is also have other staffs that drew the CG. She also participate in Ever17 as well, although her role is only coloring the CG so she can't show her drawing. Anyway I'm quite surprised to see her name in VNDB when I idly browse it. Umineko Chiru - The second part of Umineko, and unfortunately DEEN didn't adapt it yet though. Might be for the best seeing that DEEN did some infamous mistake on adapting Umineko first part, and that they may not have enough money to adapt Chiru properly seeing that it's quite a long VN with DEEN already shown that they save a lot of money by cutting some of important detail in the anime adaptation. As for Chiru here, one word that I can say is that it's quite controversial thanks to the ending that was quite unsatisfying, which to say might be true to a degree seeing that it didn't show some part clearly. The manga thankfully did show some unrevealed contents clearly, so there's no longer questionable part. Still too bad though that Episode 8 here is only got 58 average score at Erogamescape, but I guess they didn't like it back then. Mangagamer did release this back at 2017, although by then it's already redundant seeing that we already have the version with PS3 art and voices since back at 2013. Majikoi - The concept is like Little Busters in that both MC are the member of a group of friends, although Majikoi here is more hotter and lighter than Little Busters because Majikoi focus here is on comedy along with better drawn sex scenes lol. As for the VN, Taka-Jun of Yandere Translation translate this until he translate Miyako's route was at 85% translated before he's being busy with work, and thus it become the meme. At least until 2014 when some Fuwanovel members decided to continue the work and finally release it at 2015. JAST also did show some interest in this before announcing it at AX 2019, although by then it's already redundant. There's also the fact that they'll need to cut the voice because it would be too expensive to pay the license for some VA, so it's too bad that Steam version that'll be released at December later will have some unvoiced lines. That said, I would still suggest you to buy Steam version anyway if possible, if only for the sake of more officially localized Minato-soft VNs. That's all for my comment on August 2009 here.
  14. Well there's a lot of example of that. Let me recommend you Wagahigh, Saku Saku, Hoshiori, Daitoshokan, and Haretaka. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you in case you still didn't play those VNs.
  15. Even though my feeling for DaSH is quite complicated with Daru as one of the MC and all, at least I can say that my feeling to the villain theme from DaSH itself is not complicated in that it's a chilling and good song. Enjoy.
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