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  1. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    I knew it's been too late considering that the survey was already finished, but still I want to answer this here. As for my vote, I decided to go with slightly more realistic one in that it's from the available company, and yet at the same time it's still an interesting one. So as for my wish I decided to chose Evenicle 2 (From Alice Soft), Da Capo 4 (From Circus), and Hapymaher FD (From Purple Software). I knew that Da Capo 4 is all age VN and still not released yet, sobut it's not like Mangagamer could try to license that latter seeing that Circus did have good partnership with Mangagamer ever since Mangagamer was stablished. In the end, I didn't expect much from my wish here seeing that they probably need to process a lot of request, but if they could fulfill it then it's a bonus.
  2. Happy first anniversary to the project here, and hopefully Hasa could have more free time to translate this (I knew he might be busy right now though).
  3. Site Work 03/17/19

    Nice to see that admin Tay is still well even though he's quite busy nowadays, and I hope that we can see more of him in the future. Other than that, I'll just hope that the updates will be successful and there'll be no more rollback like in the past.
  4. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    I would say that the need of the translation tool is very distracting seeing that I prefer full screen for reading VN, and I think it's not worth it. For more elaboration, I did read Your Diary+ and let's just say that I decided to give up after I have a very hard time to understand why Kanade's dad need to leave the house for several days (The translation was like he need to audit the cafe in his hometown or something like that). Which is a shame seeing that I'm interested with both of the art and the VAs. Also while you can still use the voice to understand the story, sometimes it's not enough because you still need to understand the narration which obviously unvoiced and the MTL wouldn't be able to translate it clearly. So yeah that's the risk for trying to read VN using MTL, which might be traumatized some people considering that it would be very bothersome.
  5. So, Trinoline's release date has been announced

    I see that finally Mangagamer finally ready to release Trinoline at the next month, so good for them if we knew that minori did cease their operation (They still not bankrupted yet according to Mangagamer). Although I also wonder though whether Mangagamer will release Damekoi at May later, seeing that it did have same status as Trinoline here (I look forward to Damekoi more here). Anyway, my impression is that the opening was not fully 2D animated (Understandable), we'll going to have android and sick girl heroines, this would be another nakige looking from minori, and obviously the heroines have big breasts (Not important),
  6. What are you playing?

    Already finished with Paulette's route from Maitetsu, so I think I'll continuing Hitotsuba for now (Might as well take Mimari's route first seeing that apparently there's a bug that you can unlock her first sex scenes after you finished Hikari's route).
  7. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    Finished Paulette's route and let's just say that become the mayor is not as easy as it looks because you need to take care of parliament before finally managed to make your own decision, at least in democratic country. While the problem in Maitetsu is easily solved thanks to Soutetsu and Paulette's competence along with the help from Ohitoyo citizens, the route still give us interesting lesson of what mayor (Or any executive) need to face each time the make the policy. Other than mayor issue which stressed Paulette, it also my question whether she knew Soutetsu after his almost death experience, and the answer is yes she does although Soutetsu learnt about it off screen though. Overall it's interesting to learn more about Ohitoyo town through Paulette's route here, although unfortunately many Japanese term did escape me though. As for the next route of Maitetsu, I think I'll go with Hibiki later. Oh and you can unlock all of the sex scenes if you've interested with, and I think it didn't affect the plot much at least from what I see at Paulette's route here (It might be nice for some additional dialogue though).
  8. Official would usually have bureaucracy that hinder them to release the translation quickly, so even with how fast they were in official translation it wouldn't be do any good because the company would need to take care of their problem one by one before finally can release it. Oh and by the way Tsurezure didn't even need nine months to translate Hoshiori here, but instead they do it in less than seven months which of course even better (I still remember they started the project back at October 2017).
  9. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for the title seeing that we finally have Lilycle released and I already parodied Idolmasters back when it's release date announced as The Idolmasters Lily Girls, I decided to add first impression as in I'll treat this as episode 1 review of Lily Girls lol (Of course you wouldn't be able to see the next episodes of Lily Girls). As for my first impression about this week is kind of dry seeing that the official update is very scarce with only Mangagamer releaded Lilycle release here along with following Mangagamer release (Trinoline), so perhaps there wouldn't be much to talk at this week. Regardless of that, let's see what I can write for this week as well. From fan translation, we have Eustia was at 64.17% translated along with 48.82% edited, Harugi's Branch was at 56% edited, Watamasu was past halfway (55%) translated, Tokihogushi was past halfway (55%) edited, and Natsuki's route in Hoshiori was past halfway (58.68%) translated with overall Hoshiori was at 94.72% translated (Which mean the release time for Natsuki's patch is drawing closer). There's also a project by Surferdude to translate Eiyuu Senki GOLD for the reminder, and apparently the translator (Surferdude) was already translated a lot of the sex scenes although personally I would wait until the full patch is released though (I knew that I might be hoping too much, but to me it's the best option for now). From Mangagamer we'll going to have Trinoline release at April 18th later (One day after big election in Indonesia here), in which it mean that Mangagamer did get around of minori's inactivity (They also said that they still continuing with Supipara funding). While this is quite a big news seeing that Trinoline did have big size (At around 11 GB) and big breast, I'm more interested whether Mangagamer was already prepared Damekoi for their next release or not seeing that both of Damekoi and Trinoline did have same status in that both VNs did awaiting for additional material from the company itself, at least before Mangagamer announced Trinoline as their next release after Lilycle (I'm still think that emote system in Damekoi was just a gimmic from Hermit there, so actually Mangagamer didn't really need to work on the newer version imo). I knew that my prediction here is can be wrong, so let's wait and see what Mangagamer will announce at next month for their next release. About Lilycle, congratulation for it's release here. While the system is supposedly the same as Yurirei and that the art is quite like the painting, my interest is more towards the seiyuu though because the seiyuu themselves make Lilycle here more interesting here. In which some of them were involved in Idolmaster like Mangagamer blogpost state and we also got Hatsune Miku's voice (Fujita Saki), so at least it should be very appealing if you look from the seiyuu alone. As for the VN itself, I would say that the graphic is very bright (I find that it's very similar to idol mobage graphic) and the text is very hard to read because sometimes the text color did use very bright color (While this help personalized the characters, it could be very annoying to read almost invisible text). As for the premise, we have the three girls find themselves trapped in the dilemma in which each girls must chose one of another two girls to be her lover, only to be complicated with each girl did also confused as well because of the dilemma. Other than triangle GL love, in here we'll also have several couple that was available in the drama CD beforehand bringing the total girl into 15 girls, and unlike the trio MCs at least they only need to deal with one girl so it's less confusing. Go get the VN from either Mangagamer store or Steam store, and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being short here. See you next week.
  10. No much word from Irru other than Natsuki is still cute, so here's the update for this week: Common: 100.0% Sora: 100.0% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 58.68% Misa: 100.0% Rikka: 100.0% Touko: 100.0% Total: 94.72% That's all for this week update.
  11. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    As for reading with MTL here, I did read Flyable Heart (Quite bad but still understandable with over literal words), Soukoku no Arterial (Thank to spoiler I can follow the plot), Madou Koukaku (Just focused on the battle and the translation was very bad along with Soukoku), AIR (Yukito's name is changed into Inin), and Your Diary. While granted that you can still understand it, to me it's not worth it to install additional program such as VNR (Need to be always online) or ATLAS (Very complicated), and you need to spent additional effort to understand it. In the end while MTL did have a lot mistakes, it's not like I could stop the OP to stop read Majikoi A with MTL so good luck to the OP in regard of reading Majikoi A with MTL (Even though I couldn't really recommended that).
  12. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    Speaking about minori, Mangagamer did write about this at their blog and saying that minori was still not bankrupted yet. Although it's true though that they ceased the operations, so we wouldn't know what will happen to minori in the future. Here's the blogpost from Mangagamer below if you want to read it. The Closure of Minori
  13. Let me guess, your forum?

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. As for who I am, I guess I can say that I'm just a newbie in regard of the VNs here so I joined this forum in order to learn more about VN (Especially the VN translation history). I just hope that you'll have fun here, and feel free to ask for VN Recommendations if you need it later.
  14. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    Just want to say that this thread remind me of this: And also I find that this love story at this thread is far better compared to Twilight XDD. PS - Honestly there's nothing to talk about here now that Stormwolf already decided it, and if he can't understand MTL then it's his consequence here so there's no need to either defend or attack it anymore.
  15. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    As for whether people tried to read Majkoi with MTL, it's depend on the time. If you ask this before 2015, then you may find some people who attempted to read that by using ATLAS or similar program. But if you ask that question after 2015 like you did this time, the the answer is absolutely no. Anyway as for Majkoi I would say that the sequel here is even more forced compared to Grisaia, and I already said several times that I always treat Meikyuu and Rakuen as fandiscs for Kajitsu. The reason is simple, because actually S here is planned to be Majikoi's fandiscs only that Minato upped it's status to become sequel for the promotion. So for straightforward answer here, you better just ignored those fandiscs (A series) if some of those still untranslated because the main game is conclusive enough (And S here is more than conclusive because it's just a fandisc).