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  1. Amairo Chocolata 2 - Well Sekai did localize it, and we may have this released in the next year if all goes well. Happy Life, Show Up - FAVORITE decided to try Russian as the place setting for their next VN here, but as we can see from Funnerific review it should be quite obvious that the writer got many things wrong and instead they apply Japanese customs into the VNs, which to say is quite understandable because it would be very time consuming to research Russian customs and culture (At least the writer got few things right according to the review). Other than the place setting, what I
  2. Yubisaki Connection has a good graphic, while for Umi to Yuki at least it's quite well received from what I see (I wonder though if Nekonyan and Shiravune will localized those two VNs respectively). The only title that I recognize here is Nine Shinshou in that Palette did sell it as sequel in which to be fair it is because it resolve the remaining plot. That said though, other than the remaining plot the rest of it is indeed fandisc just like you say because we'll going to have the after stories for all of the heroines. Oh yes somehow Palette decided to make this as all age VN, as in they prep
  3. Well thanks to Nekonyan's effort, as of now we have half of the VNs from them were translated. That said though, if you need specified recommendations then I can suggest you either Sanoba Witch and Senren Banka. You can also wait for Cafe Stella here, in that it might be not too long before Nekonyan released it (Not at this year though). I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  4. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. Also in case you need to ask for more VN Recommendations, you can always ask here. Lastly I hope that you'll have fun here.
  5. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for the belated review here. As for this week title, well I just combined the words from both of Fakku and Mangagamer nukige releases so that we have 'Sultry Elves and a Chaste Orc' as this week VNTS Review, and for the reminder the English title for both of Fakku and Mangagamer releases are 'Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday' and 'Horny Elves and a Moral Orc' respectively. Anyway what I can say in regard of this week is that it's an active one thanks to Mangagamer announce an interesting new title along with Sekai releases two of their title, so
  6. Yukiiro Sign - Well the staffs did pick two VAs that have the alias 'Yuki' to act as two of the heroines, so I can say that the staffs really trying to go all out with snow theme there (Translation notes: Yuki mean snow). Genpei Ryoran - Another Japanese history VN from inre, and you should expect that there'll be gender bender version of Japanese historical characters in that this time it's from Heian era (At 794 to 1185 AD). Just in case you wonder whether there'll be a chance of this to be localized, I think inre may not consider that after they did fail with ChuSingura kickstsrter.
  7. Clarias - Another attempt from GIGA to write another robot story after they decided to self-destruct(?) with Baldr Bringer, and this time they mixed isekai element along with bring Niijima Yuu to the table. And apparently it didn't work because apparently Niijima's writer here might be not fit for this VN seeing that it has sci-fi setting while Niijima previous works here are the best when it come to involving magic and fairy tale. Then again though, perhaps this time he has more problem with the writing the story according to the review. Oh yes there's also complain that there's no new game p
  8. Nice to see that you finally manage to surpassed Michi and keep going on with this, and yeah now that we entered 2021 it's really almost caught up with the present here. That said though, ironically I didn't have much to talk at this month other than Buddy Mission Bond here is a really underrated untranslated VN and I only recognize ReZero VN that also got English translation as well (At least it still got the original writer and artist there). Well that's all for what I can say in regard of January 2021 releases.
  9. Looks like Realive here might be an interesting VN after all, even if the design here is like Hapymaher (Well at least Purple Software realized that the player want to have the heroines have sex with their class outfit in the main VN instead of waiting until the FD lol). As for whether we can have this localized, while I did say that Purple Software may ask Mangagamer if they want to keep the similarities with Hapymaher, honestly I'm fine with any company provided that they can deliver the release in reasonable time (Although if I may say my preference, then it would be boiled down to both of
  10. If you need some more recommendations, perhaps you can try something like Iwaihime, Saya no Uta, Kimikoi, Pygmalion, Raging Loop, Ouka Sabaki, Sorcery Joker, Ever17, Somnium, I/O, Root Double, Remember11, and Muramasa. I don't know if you already play those VNs or not, but regardless of that I hope my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
  11. Let's just say that what he say is not something that should be openly discussed, and if it really happen it bound to bring a lot of pointless debate. You can check this Reddit thread to see what kind of the translator that we got for Bishoujo Mangekyou 3 here (If he really do it). As for the newest post, well he said that he just want to spread the patch to the fellow Happoubi Jin fans who can tell him the three secrets of him that he wrote at his Tweet, and of course I obviously decided to ignore it as long as possible (Although the translator here make it impossible to do such by posting th
  12. Looks like he decided to hid the post after being called out on his nonsense. Though after seeing this I did try to hid my topic and find out there's no way to do it, so I assume that the moderator decided to do that here and if it's the latter that really happen then good job for them.
  13. May as well seconded Grisaia trilogy here, because while Kajitsu here did cut a lot of contents (Well they forced to compress 50 hours length contents into 13 episodes) at least they did good job enough when it come to the streamlining the story in which it's what the VN trilogy attempt to do and the result is obviously a lot of inconsistent continuity between the trilogy because Kajitsu here is basically a complete VN. Other than that, Air and Kanon 2006 has good reception enough. Also there's both of Utawarerumono and White Album 2 in which both are have good reception, although admittedly b
  14. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. Good luck on your VNs search there, and I hope you'll have fun here.
  15. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Yamizome Revenger released back at 5th with one of the heroines is the MC classmate who become himekishi (Literally mean Princess Knight in Japan) in order to fight the demon king who possessed the MC, I parodied the light novel with the name that literally tell the same situation (Himekishi ga Classmate) although the novel has slightly different circumstances from Yamizome hence the word Gaiden (It mean 'Side Story' in Japan, so we can treat Yamizome Revenger as side story for Himekishi ga Classmate if one want to make a crossover of those t
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