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  1. I'd already finished all of my Flyable Heart playthrough for a while, but I didn't had chance to write it yet until now. So, here goes my commentary for Suzuno route. As far as Flyable Heart goes, Suzuno was the most mysterious one. Namely because she was always had very little screen time in the common route, although she was play some important role though in heroine's route. Her problem was that she was invisible and afraid that she may need to separated with Shou (So much that Suzuno rejected Shou), and the first half of her route was devoted to come to term with that in regard of separation (Also, both of Suzuno and Shou love each other although it should be very obvious though). Other than that, everything goes well at least until the festival as usual. By the way, looks like the writer also influenced with Higurashi apparently namely that after festival something will be going worse or turned serious (Also in regard of zombie tag and water gun battle for reminder). Of course the inevitable happen and after that there's many twist thrown at us, in which some of that already foreshadowed at each of previous routes. Note that it'll be major spoiler so I'll using spoiler tag. Overall I think while there's some plot holes, it's still interesting enough to me even though the translation of course was quite awful (Machine translated and that). As for the score, I couldn't give the exact score here although I gave 7.6 at VNDB though. That's all for Flyable Heart here. PS - By the way, in regard of seiyuu Suzuno was voiced by Fujimori Yukina, who had some roles in VNs. Her roles was Kogasaka Chinami in Hoshimemo Eternal Heart (And you could patch her Chinami's new voice to Hoshimemo), Yanase Konomi from Princess Evangile, Akune Shino from Corona Blossom, Pirincess Margireta from Madou Koukaku, and Sawatari Michiru from soon to be released in English Chrono Clock.
  2. Now it's change to asking for strong heroine, huh? Know what, I'll try again here. As for my recommendation, I think 11eyes would be good recommendation (Misuzu was quite strong willed and strong in battle as well, although Kukuri was quite strong though as well even though she was mute). For other recommendation, perhaps you could try Seinarukana for Satsuki (Katima as well) or maybe ToHeart 2 for Tamaki (Or Tama-nee as fans called her). Also if you okay with yuri, then you could try Hakuai for Itsuki (Sakuya was quite strong, although maybe Asuka was too weak as MC for you though). Hope those recommendations will be help, and sorry if my VN couldn't fulfill your strong female criteria.
  3. Sorry there, I was just joking around in regard of my statement earlier there. Although if you want my answer here, I was bored and quite interested a little bit to this thread okay. As for your experience, it was quite unique I guess. Okay, I'll try to be serious here in regard of my statement. My new statement here would be 'Is okay that Mangagamer release it separately, although I still wouldn't buy it though'. In other word, it mean that I state that it's Mangagamer's right to release it separately in regard of Kuroinu because there's probably some negotiation behind Mangagamer and Liquid there, and the deal was to release it separately. What kind of deal obviously I didn't know, but what I knew is that if Mangagamer want to release it in single volume, they'll need to negotiate again of course in which once again will cause delay to Kuroinu release. That's all that I could said in regard of three part release from Mangagamer, although I obviously still won't buy this though for several reasons here.
  4. I don't knew if you really want my real answer here ie for real I don't knew the exact length here. But looking at some review which mentioned that common route length was around 7-9 hours, the line count for each route, and VNDB length said 30-50 hours (Long), I would assume that the length of common route would be probably at least 7-8 hours. Keep in mind that it's depend on the people if you want to determine the length, and to be honest I'd never count my playtime to read one VN. Sorry if I couldn't give satisfactory answer there. PS - I knew that 7-8 hours was quite long, but that's Tone Work for you and I'd knew that they managed to write longer routes in their next 2 VNs (Hoshi Ori and Gin'iro Haruka).
  5. I see, so apparently the release date was real then. But still I'm quite wary that there's probably some delay in the future though, so I wouldn't count on this much for now. Keep in mind that I still looking forward to Chrono Clock very much though, delayed or not (Of course it would be better if it's not delayed).
  6. Because we had Subahibi localization announcement yesterday, how about one soundtrack from there - Saihate no Sora (Enjoy the creepy picture there, because I'd find it quite unsettling the first time I saw the picture).
  7. Welcome back there. Although it may be very late here to said this, let me said happy belated birthday to you there (Late for 39 days). Hope you had good year ahead.

  8. Well, my condolence then to Aokana project. Hope someday in the future it could be continued, so we finally would be able to enjoy Aokana in English.
  9. Okay then, may I ask for the choice like 'I don't care about it in the first place even though it's the best hentai in universe, so I don't care whether it's very expensive or not' or something like that. Because I would be just said whatever to Kuroinu there. Although if some people interested with that, go for that if I may say here.
  10. Well, many people said my English here had some trouble (Sorry about that). But if you need my confirmation, I think you could just ignore accuracy upgrade there. Although if you need to upgrade accuracy, feel free to do so there (But make sure you upgrade to include stun there). In the end, it's up to you there. As for sex with Kimchi thing, to be honest I'm forgot about that once again. But if you may give you save to me perhaps I could try to check it there (Just my suggestion here). Although I still think there will be another event for her later though.
  11. There is character walkthrough for Rance VI, but if you need my answer I'll try to answer here. As for present, it's to increase FR. If I may suggest here, for earlier game you should give it to Prima then upgrade her healing skill to made her didn't need to wait for healing someone. As for late game, maybe give it to anyone else who you feel need to have more FR though I'd almost never give any present now though (I'd at late game by the way). For Rance, update his Rance Attack for inducing stun, some SP upgrade, and Main Character. While for Sill as my experience here I'd upgrade her Snow Laser to reduce charge time, Recovery Rain to increase it's power, and some SP Upgrade. It's depend on you though in the end, but you may follow my experience here. As for visiting Kimchi, I'd forgot about my experience but I think if you visit her you need some present. But if you had some present, maybe wait until the events at later in the game. That's all I could think of, and hope it could be help.
  12. Visual Novel Translation Status (02/25/2017) The title should be very obvious, especially if you're fan of Madoka. The gist of my title would be very obviously parodying very famous anime Madoka (Duh), only in the title I changed 'Madoka' to 'Mina' in the title because the girl in the image header was not Madoka of course, but rather our MC from recently released Shadows of Pygmalion Hajiro Mina. As for the Pygmalion, I played the demo already and saw some info on the internet, at Mangagamer blog post in which they said that Pygmalion here was quite comparable with Madoka there. In the end, it's just my opinion though that Pygmalion was quite parallel with Madoka, although perhaps the real reason I made the comparison between that was one segment from the demo and a scene from Madoka quite similar imo - also more interesting with one certain seiyuu (It was near the end of the demo, and the seiyuu in question was Kitamura Eri which also voiced Sayaka back in Madoka. Do the math). That's all for my writing about the title here, and welcome to this week VNTS Review in which I'll try to comment the progress for some updates here again. Okay, as for this week it's the most interesting weeks if we looking at the announcements from some company and planned release (At least for this year, which admittedly was only going at 2 months for now). This week we had some usual updates from both of Sekai and fan translation, a release of Mangagamer in which I already attempt talked about, and the biggest one here would be the announcements from Frontwing. As for what order I should write here, perhaps I'll start to talk about Sekai Project first here. Sekai Project They apparently had planned an interesting release for next week, but there's no info from my attempted search there. But first before I writing my opinion about that, let me do some roundup for their usual progress here with the exception the planned release. Okay, the roundup goes like Maitetsu was at 95.92% translated, Tokeijikake 2 was 60% translated (I'll just called this update Daybreak for next week here), 1st sekrit project was fully translated, Bokukotsu was at 33.54% translated, and Kanonana was at 32% translated. As for Tokeijikake kickstarter, it's already success from the last week and it's already gather more than 90,000 so no comment here. Almost forget that right now Rakuen was fully translated and starting the editing process (They still on track to release it on March - at least the Steam version iirc). That's all for the updates here. As for the planned release for next week, it should be very obvious enough. But just in case someone didn't get that, it's Chrono Clock in which apparently will be released at 28th. While the news here was of course very good if I may admit here, the info in regard of the release was still quite vague at that (Whether it's real or not, and I wouldn't count ANN as reliable source for release date). What I want to said is that one again there's still no indication when Chrono Clock is released as of now (Both of Steam and Nutaku page still said that the release date was 'Soon'). Therefore it's possible that Chrono Clock will be not released at 28th, but maybe at March it could be possible if I said here (Especially with this game was currently at 97.28% translated right now, which is slightly less ideal if one want 28th release). Despite what all I'd saying here earlier, of course I still interested with this VN and I would be happy if the release date was indeed right at 28th. For now in regard of Chrono Clock, I'll just wait and see here like usual. Other This week we had some interesting surprise from Frontwing. But first let me state that Phantom Trigger was already prepared their prefundia and the goal was at 80,000. Not the VN that I had interest with in the first place, so I'll pass. Though if some of you here want more Grisaia, go ahead and feel free to look at their Kickstarter later though (I'll report weekly fund gathering if possible here later). As for interesting surprise, there's two this week but first let me state the first interesting news. The first one was in regard of Island translation, which announced back at AX 2016 and right now it was in translation progress. For more info it was at halfway translated, and they planned to release it this year. Let's just see it later here. As for the second surprise here, it was Subahibi in which definitely had some history with VN Translation scene. This VN was quite (in)famous for apparently quite hard to translate prose, had some controversial sex scene even to me (I'm quite with with yuri in the first place and I could handle bestiality here slightly, but maybe I'll need to tolerate yaoi here), and apparently had some philosophical thing. As for more info, the translation was already there since back at 2012 around time when Kajitsu translation was announced (Both of those projects were at TL Wiki by the way). Of course, looking at current situation here Kajitsu was already finished as fan patch and officially released (Including became popular and discussed to the death), while there's still no complete Subahibi translation here. With this announced by Frontwing, hopefully we got this VN with complete translation here and many more people became aware of this great (Perhaps) - with side effects including there will be more Subahibi fanatic out there later lol. Oh, and Frontwing was also planned to release Subahibi this year as well. Other than Frontwing interesting surprise, there's Whirlpool with their new VN was apparently about entering Steam but it's not my interest there so I'll just pass on that (It's still quite unconfirmed by the way). Oh, and there's also two more Sakura games release at this month (Valentine Days and Magical Girl) which is awesome that Winged Cloud managed to released two VNs in one month (Although the story and production value from them was another question though). Fan Translation First of all, there's usual Majokoi update for this week (73.3% translated and 67% edited). While the updates was usual for this week, there's some worryingly news namely that apparently the lead translation for Majokoi was already missing for some times and therefore the project will see some obstacle before finally they got the lead translator again. Hope the best for Majokoi team there. Oh, and speaking about Majokoi there's bigger news in regard of the team behind it - namely that apparently Luna Translation was dissolved and becoming inactive there. Quite sad to hear that, but nothing I could do here to be honest (Although if one interested to the projects, I think they'll just go independent again. Shin Koihime Musou already said that, while perhaps for Tsui Yuri there will be confirmation later). By the way, the Luna Translation drama wasn't affected Majokoi translation effort there (Just coincidence iirc). And speaking about Luna Translation, there's two updates from their projects at this week in which they had Ushieta was at 35% translated and Tsui Yuri was at 67% QC-ed. That's all for Luna Translation final update here (Probably). As for other updates from fan translation, there's only some usual updates there (Although there's one nukige release which I forgotten from last week). The updates were from both of Loverable and Konosora restoration. For more detail, Loverable was at 54.46% translated, 21.27% TLCed, 16.81% edited, and 78 out of 142 mail was image edited (Overall image editing was at 76.98%); while for Konosora right now Amane's route was at 55% retranslated and apparently there's release plan in April later. For the last update from fan translation here (I knew there's some, but both of the other updates was BL and more nukige in which I'm not quite interested with that), it was came from Fortune Arterial project and right now the translation for 3rd script for Erika's route still continuing at 38% translated. Mangagamer Once again this week we had Pygmalion, although other than Pygmalion Mangagamer also bring some other updates here which while not as juicy as expected it's still interesting (At least to me, although admittedly I only interested in both of Hapymaher and Sorcery Joker for now). I'll list all of the updates here first of all. Hapymaher was 67% translated and 52% edited Sorcery Joker was 76% translated and 65% edited Naked Butler was reaching 40% mark re-translated Fata Morgana fandisc was at 46% translated and 11% edited Kuroinu 1 will be released at March 31st (Not the one that I interested, but apparently it got some interesting story there) Kuroinu 2 was 43% translated and 11% edited Boukaku was both at 69% (Interesting number I think) for both of translation and editing progress Maggot Bait was 16% translated Imouto Paradise 2 was 56% edited 1st secret project was at 72% for both of translation and editing progress 2nd secret project was at 41% translated and 11% edited 3rd secret project was at 21% translated and 20% edited 4th secret project was at 63% translated and 37% edited 5th secret project was at 56% edited Other than my earlier nitpicking, overall Mangagamer bring some nice updates for their secret project there That's all I could said in regard of the updates from Mangagamer here. As for Mangagamer release at this week, it was once again Pygmalion in which I'd already describe enough parallel with Madoka. As for my story about Pygmalion, I remember that when I'm in vacation I checked Otakon 2015 announcement and of course there's announcement for both of Tokyo Babel and Pygmalion. Back there, I was interested with both because I think those two was had the most nice looking graphic compared to all announcements from Mangagamer (Except Supipara, but that's chapter based and unfinished to boot so it wouldn't count), and I also thinking that Jessica looking nice in that gothic outfit. Enough nostalgia there, and while I knew the review was quite mixed in Pygmalion I still interested with that here. And to close this section I would said better not expecting something like Tokyo Babel though ie many action - I mean don't expect too much from Pygmalion here otherwise there'll be many disappointment like our Clephas there (It's still good once again - at least from the demo imo). That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. PS - There's more updates, and today HatsuKoi partial patch for Midori's route was released (Which of course made Midori's route obviously fully translated (Duh), although it's already is from few days ago though). Also HatsuKoi translation team was already planned their next route to be translated, which is Runa's route so I'll report each update for Runa's route if they had updates there from next weeks. For closing additional update here, right now overall translation for HatsuKoi was reaching 30% mark translated or to be exact at 30.93% translated. That's all for HatsuKoi update. PPS - Almost forget there's also an update from Denwalts new secret project, in which right now it was at 10.44% translated. No line count indication there, so I don't knew if the VN was long or not for now.
  13. Tears to Tiara perhaps, and Duel Savior as well although there's some slight twist though (MC was from modern age). That's all I could think the example of.
  14. Quite limited option there, but if you want some short VNs you could try fault duology, Kikokugai, True Remembrance, and Quartett. I don't know if those will fit your yaste or not though. Hope my recommendations there could be help.
  15. I see then, although I'm still not quite interested with this though. But if anyone interested with this, look forward to the eventual release of all three parts then. I think it's just a matter of the deal time. At the time of the announce, Mangagamer probably already finished the deal with the Liquid in regard of Kuroinu to released the chapters separately. And the complete version of Kuroinu was finished by the time Mangagamer announced the translation of Kuroinu. While arguably there's already complete version earlier there, I think Mangagamer want to bring the version which had the most improvement there and the release was happened to released separately. As for not released in full version (I mean all 3 chapters into one game, and improved version at that), it'll be mean that Mangagamer need to make a deal again and therefore it'll be delayed there. Keep in mind it's just my speculation though, so I may be wrong here.