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  1. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    It's depend on your taste actually, but if your need help then I guess I could suggest Hoshimemo as well here because it's the safest choice and the general consensus. As for the other two, I think you could try later if you interested and about Wagahigh despite my first impression in regard of oversized boobs, turned out it was quite good enough.
  2. Hi guys!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and may I see what kind of VN that you translated? Hope you had fun here.
  3. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    I understand if you want to be more focused on Japanese version - I agree with you in regard of the size, because it's easier to patch the available game (Japanese version) than adding the new content to Konosora Steam version ie IMHHW - in which I tried to install the old patch to IMHHW and it was quite a pain to install, not to mention that the CG view placement was misplaced because the change that MoeNovel applied. Look forward to the final version here.
  4. I see, although looks like it's more in regard of side routes (ie Ruka's, Faris's, and Suzuha's route) though, and I think White Fox could just animated that as some sort of OVAs instead of make a new game. Oh well, at least their put slight effort to animated side routes there.
  5. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    And they do better in regard of Leyline instead of this. Oh well.
  6. Bump this thread, and the reason was because we had good news in regard of this. The good news was finally they opening the Steam store for the first part of this trilogy here, which mean that at least they finished any requirement to be sold at Steam. Oh, and the release date was pretty close so it should be a good news as well (It's should be at October, although I could see the possibility that Sekai would delay it up to November though). No word for 18+ version for now, and hope that we got word in regard of that soon. As for my opinion here, at least Sekai didn't do the same mistake like back at Saku Saku by do the announcement of release date after they had Steam store ie ready for Steam release, and the release date was in month instead of exact date so they could anticipate some hurdle (Like engine break) in the future. It's not really that hard to do considering that they already did like that several times in the past, but for some reason they forgot that when dealing with Saku Saku matter. Sorry for OOT here, and just want to write this up here. That's all for now.
  7. Little Busters! Coming to Steam

    Since we finally had news from Visual Arts in regard of Little Busters for Steam, I decided to revived this thread (And Solidbatman nightmare as well XD) now that it's been almost two years since the last post. Here's the Twitter in regard of this below: What I could say is that at least they still sort of fulfill their first promise for Spring 2017 release here, although it's for Australian people though. Hope that it could be good news for anyone else who look forward to this, although I'd find this sort of redundant though if not for the new three routes.
  8. I need a good Romance VN

    It's actually fully translated, although apparently it's still unedited though and it was about to be localized by Sekai. As for my suggestion here, I would say it's better to try the full unedited translation patch first and if you disliked the translation, then you could chose to quit Dracu Riot and wait for Sekai version. Hope you had fun play Dracu Riot later if you chose that.
  9. Chaos Child Localization Rumor was True

    Bump this thread, and right now we finally had the news in regard of Chaos Child English release. Here's PQube tweet in regard of that below: https://mobile.twitter.com/PQubeGames/status/909810955445522433 Well, at least it's still at October which my prediction here at least right. Hope anyone else who already pre-oredered for Chaos Child have fun to play it.
  10. I need a good Romance VN

    Well, I knew that there's already recommendation thread there but I see no harm to do recommendations here, so here goes. As for the VNs that you want here, I think Yoake would make a good candidate there although there's no sex scene though for the translated one. If you want some with sex scenes, then I could recommend both of Noble Works and Dracu Riot here. Oh, and if you want more recent release there's Dal Segno (Which it's very similar with Da Capo trilogy), Wagahigh (The heroines breast were quite a little too big though), and HatsuKoi. For last recommendations here, since you like Konosora perhaps I could recommend Koiresort here. Hope my recommendations here help.
  11. I would say that Steins Gate milking was 5pb's survival instinct there, same as many other game or VN companies when they got a successful franchise really - see Fate for Type Moon, Muv Luv for age, Persona for ATLUS, and Kingdom Heart for Square Enix. Well, back to topic. From the screen, let's just said that unless they add new content I think it's not good enough reason to buy because the fan could just watch the anime there if they want anime art (Save money as well). And if Elite was going to be like School Days here, I'm sure that it would be pain to deal in the future if it was ported to PC because I'd heard that Days did had many bug at the VNs (And big size as well). Let's just hope that 5pb managed to release Elite without bug in the future later, if they really want to do that.
  12. Sakura Sakura is getting a Kickstarter

    Here's my belated congratulation message for finally funded at 28,810 here. I knew that we usually get the burst near the end here, but still I was quite anxious in regard of this. Hope that Sol Press managed to have a good release for this, especially in regard of the translation later on.
  13. I think all of the recommendations were good, although I still want to give some more recommendation here though. From mine I think Koichoco could be good if you want some school politic, or if not perhaps Koiken Otome could be good as well even though it had some superpower setting. Oh, and Yoake was quite good looking even though it's supposedly 2005 VN, and of course had some romance. For the last recommendations here, I think you could try Da Capo trilogy later. Hope this would be help here, and have fun.
  14. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    Another progress from Tsurezure here, and they also stated that in upcoming two weeks they probably wouldn't be able to do the translation because they will busy to once again do the QC, image editing, and preparing for Ai's patch. Anyway, here's the update: Common Route Part 1: 100.0% Common Route Part 2: 100.0% Ai: 100.0% Renna: 0.0% Maki: 0.0% Saeko: 0.0% Total: 49.58% Yes, once again Ai's route translation was finished obviously and that's left three routes to be translated. As for the next plan in regard of translation, if I remember they say that they're gonna do Maki after Ai but guess they're gonna announce that later. That's all for this week.
  15. Sakura Sakura is getting a Kickstarter

    Well, congratulation for hitting the goal in regard of the Kickstarter. That's quite a big burst there, because just few hours ago I remember that it was still at around 22,000. Anyway, looking forward to the full release here.