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  1. What are you playing?

    Speaking about that I know Joyjason like Mashiro as well, and once again it really says a lot. Also the art here should be noted as well, if only because Kawamura is the one who take care of that in the anime adaptation. For the context here, Kawamura here is one of PreCure artist and I always remember that my favorite PreCure reviewer said that her drawing is beautiful, so I think Tsubasu here might trust Kawamura as the one who redraw the former art for the anime version. So it's easy to say that Tsubasu art here is quite beautiful just like Kawamura, and I hope that we can have more of the VN with her art available in English (So far we only have Saku Saku and Nine) especially in regard of Mashiro. PS - Forget to say that my suggestion on Kawamura and Tsubasu interaction for the anime version might be only just speculation, although if it's true that it would be very interesting.
  2. Well good luck to your friend there, and hopefully he'll spend less money on those expensive merchandise.
  3. Haretaka aka Farther Than the Blue Sky Discussion

    And it's released according to their tweet below. Feel free to discuss about Haretaka here and have fun. PS - I'll add the heroines info in the opening post later, and yeah we'll going to have a section in that we can see the characters will explain rocketry lingo.
  4. New Sol Press Release Onii❤️Kiss on Sep 24th

    I guess it's far more better if they move the release date to the earlier days instead of delay it, so good for them. Godd luck to Sol Press for the release, although I may not play this later.
  5. Compass of Dei Gratia announced by Lemnisca

    Yeah I know, although to some people who didn't pay much attention out there the difference is very big. But then again we also have Neighbor and the failed Carrion Crow KS, in which the base goal was only at 5,000 for the former and 10,000 for the latter. Granted that those two VNs did have very low development cost, but at least it should be enough for comparison seeing that those two KS also have localization fee as the breakdown. And looking from the Carrion Crow I think the lack of awareness might be the cause of failure here, so hopefully Lemnisca here would promote more on this VN in order to raise the awareness seeing that the base goal here is basically five times of Carrion Crow.
  6. Mangagamer and Minori News(?) to be announced soon

    Seeing that the payment processor problem is already resolved, at least we didn't need to worry on that front anymore (Or if we borrow Sanahtlig's word Mangagamer didn't really need to borrow minori's IPs to develop the VNs and minori didn't really need to sell Mangagamer's VNs). Although our question on what's the announcement is still remaining for obvious reason, so we can only wait for now seeing that obviously today is still not October 3rd.
  7. Seeing that you already decided on the release date, for now I'll just keep my eyes on the project here. Good luck on the project and hopefully it'll be successful.
  8. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    You can always check the CG though if you curious whether their lips for kissing is really connected or not, as long as you didn't mind the spoiler.
  9. Compass of Dei Gratia announced by Lemnisca

    After seeing more well known VN only need at least 20,000 base goal (Even a very well known Aokana only have base goal of 10,000), I felt that 50,000 as the base goal for a lesser known VN is a bit too much. Granted that at least it's cheaper than Irotoridori (85,000 base goal) and that the cheap base goal was only for the physical version, but Irotoridori here is a more well known VN and we know that KS did face uncertainty when it's ongoing. That said, I hope that Lemisca will manage to pull through this so good luck to them.
  10. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Still with Yugioh Duel Link here, because it's the only game that I can play in my handphone and my very old laptop here have a lot of limitation to play newer hame (Non VN). And yeah I'm still not spent the real world money yet if you curious, although if you want to win a lot of PvP you definitely need to shill some cash in order to make a meta deck that can almost consistently always winning (Currently it's Desperado Barrel Dragon deck, and I would need to spent some money to obtain two more of the core card).
  11. Hi from Spain

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and as for your problem unfortunately I don't know the solution but hopefully you'll find out the solution later (Good luck on your project). Feel free to ask some VNs recommendations here if you need it, and I hope you'll have fun here.
  12. The Blue Magistrate Review

    Welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for the title seeing that we have Aokana exact release date announcement along with the plan to localize the VN about alternate history in regard of Magistrate, I decided to combined both of the VN into 'The Blue Magistrate' as this week VNTS title (TL notes: Ao mean blue). As for this week, while we didn't have major release (Except for Asagi Zero) this week we have a lot of updates from both of Mangagamer and Nekonyan. While the latter is more prominent seeing that we have Aokana release date announcement from them, we shouldn't forget that apparently Mangagamer already find a way to resolve their payment processor problem. Other than that, there's still some fan translation updates as usual along with some updates from Sekai. So overall I can say that this week is at least more lively compared to the last two weeks thanks to the updates, and let's see what I can write for this week as well. As for Magistrate VN, the graphic is admittedly quite nice to see along with the fact that they story remind us of Ace Attorney. Although the company behind the localization (Hobibox) was quite doubtful here, especially if we remember that their experience is basically translate Your Diary, which basically was quite a bad one. As for the releases, apparently they'll release three chapters (Out of four chapters) first at tomorrow (17th) in order to see the feedback from the reader and after that they'll release the full version with improved translation or something like that. They'll also planned to sell the post story content that was inappropriate for all age release separately, in which it's basically mean that they'll sell the sex scenes separately just like Your Diary (Just treat it as DLC I suppose). What I can say is that it would be better if Hobibox was released all of four chapters, and of course they should make the translation is far better compared to Your Diary (I really hope that they'll do it at the very least). In any case, let's see the release tomorrow even though Hobibox here not quite confident with their translation. From fan translation here once again we have Taimainin Asagi Zero release by Rattanman which to say was not the one that I keep my eyes on seeing that it's a dark nukige and all, but at least it should be the good news for Asagi's fan after seeing Valve going tantrum by deleting the store page for the main game for some questionable reason (For the reminder the reason is not because Asagi have a lot of rape, but rather because there's a high school student in a VN with a lot of rape). For the usual updates, we have both of Eustia and Ginharu updates here. For Eustia, currently it was at 76.35% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 40.32% translated (And currently it passed 50,000 lines translated mark), and we also have the editing ongoing with the current progress was at 53.88% edited. For Ginharu seeing that both Trip and Irru are quite busy we didn't have much progress like last week, although at least it's still good enough with Hinata's route was at 68.46% translated and overall Ginharu was at 39.17% translated. That's all for this week fan translation updates. As for Mangagamer, while we may still have some doubt in that whether they already fix their payment processor or not, the fact that they post 4-koma Haretaka at their blog seems convincing enough that they already fixed it. We also have that they announced Hashihime exact release date, and it'll be at 26th later (While the premise is admittedly good, it's still a BL VN though so not my interest here). Other than the release announcement, we also have them finalized the release build for three of their VNs (Amatarasu, Imopara 3, and Funbag 2) so perhaps we may see those three VNs in testing at the near future. For the rest of the update, we have Mugen Renkan fully translated and edited, Magic and Slash was at 83.5% edited, Sona-Nyl was at 30% edited, Uchikano was at 37% edited, and WanNyan was at 90% edited. For Sekai, well we only have Nekonin 3 was in QA (I just hope that it didn't need multiple QAs like Nanairo) and Bokukotsu FD was at 60% translated. Almost forget that we have release date for NG, in which Aksys have the release date for Steam version at October 10th later. For Nekonyan their biggest announcement is obviously Aokana release date announcement, but before that let's see their updates as well. For the update we have the second secret project was at 30% translated along with a quarter edited, the third secret project was at 10% translated, Senren Banka was at 45% translated and edited, Hello Lady was at 85% translated along with 70% edited, Aokana was obviously fully edited, and Makeover was at 65% translated and edited. We also will have a word from them in regard of Senren Banka, so let's wait for them in regard of that even though we can more or less predict the word here. As for their secret project, while obviously there's still no word about that safe to said that it's possible that it might be Riddle Joker seeing that they used one of SD CG from there at their tweet and as we recall Nekonyan would use the picture from their licensed VN at their tweets, although to make sure that it's their announcement let's wait and see until Nekonyan reveal their secret projects later. As for Aokana's release date, it'll be at 27th later so you may note the date if you want to get it from one of the stores that sell Aokana (JAST, Mangagamer, Denpasoft, Fakku, Nutaku, Steam, and Nekonyan's own store). For more detail, they'll also add Misaki's sex scenes from Perfect edition as DLC later with the price at US$5 in order to cover up the license cost which apparently was quite expensive. In any case, let's look forward at 27th later in which we finally have Aokana's curse being broken if all goes well. Thta's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  13. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Another update, and apparently both of Irru and Trip are pretty busy looking from the update below. Common: 100.0% Bethly: 100.0% Mizuha: 0.0% Yuzuki: 0.0% Momiji: 0.0% Hinata: 68.46% Total: 39.17% For more info we have two Hinata's sex scenes lines totalling ~2,900 lines, and that Trip was almost finished with Hinata's high school arc so hopefully we can see Hinata's route fully translated in the near future. That's all for this week update.
  14. Aokana Release by Nekonyan

    Yeah we already have exact release date for Aokana, and it'll be at 27th later according to their newest KS update so I figure that it would be the good time to open the discussion. As for Aokana, what I can see for now is that the overall reception would be quite a positive one so much that Joyjason gave it 8. As for now, well we can only wait and hope that it'll go smoothly. Aokana will be available in the seven shops (NekoNyan store, Denpasoft, Fakku, JAST, Mangagamer, Nutaku, and Steam), so feel free to get from whichever shop that you prefer. I'll add more info on the heroines later.