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  1. Late to inform this, but as of now we finally have Irotoridori no Sekai released, so have fun to anyone else who already play this. By the way, good job to Nekonyan for their programming because they manage to reduce the initial since of HD version at 9.4 GB to reasonable 4.2 GB on top removed the requirement of changing the time language display to Japan just to be able to play the VN properly. PS - As for Hikari, there's still no word from Nekonyan in regard of it, so let's just hope that someday they manage to get a hold of the license as well if only for the sake of anyone else who backed it with Hikari in mind. That said, Irotoridori no Sekai is still complete on it's own (Well FAVORITE obviously made it with standalone VN in mind), so you didn't need to wait if you still hesitate to play this because the remaining trilogy still untranslated.
  2. Visual Novel Translation Status (18/02/2024) Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as you can see we have a number of releases in this week so obviously this week is a very interesting one. Release wise, the most interesting one to me is obviously Irotoridori, although Nukitashi 2 release is also interesting on it's own. Other than the releases, Shiravune also shown to be quite aggressive in their announcements. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week, and I'll tell about the title in PS later. For fan translation, this week we have Taima Seiko Alice is at 30% translated, ChuSingura is at 39.49% translated, and Akagoei 3 is fully translated along with 28.54% edited. Cherry Kiss also announced their newest nukige, in which the developer of the nukige decided to make the heroines breast as big as possible (Compared to the previous trap maid nukige). In case you want to try it, it'll be available in Saturday later. Almost forgot to mention that JAST also announce the exact release date for their high production value nukige, Sisters: Last Day of Summer, and the date is June 3rd later. Aksys did release one of their announcement, Death Mark 2, with the VN is also available on Steam (If only Aksys can also do the same for their otome VNs). For the VN itself, it's the continuation of the first Death Mark that was also localized by Aksys. Go get the VN if you want to see more Death Mark ever since you wait for it in 2018, and have fun. Sekai finally reveal the progress for Nekonin ExHeart Spin, and both work are already past halfway with currently it's been at 60% translated along with 55% edited. They also finally released Nie no Hakoniwa, in which it's the first time Nekopara developer (ie Sayori) tried to make a horror mystery VN, and obviously Sayori show that she can still make good art despite that her role is the art director. That said, the VN also has some disturbing sex scenes, which to say is far more disturbing compared to Nekopara or Kara no Shoujo so much a certain someone said it almost rival Maggot Bait level of disturbing. For the VN itself, it's about the MC who was adopted into one of seven influential family in the isolated village is about to marry his step sister, and on their supposed happy day suddenly they are thrown into the nightmare. Go get Nie no Hakoniwa if you're curious on how Nekopara team can make horror VN, and have fun. Since I mentioned Kara no Shoujo earlier, I should also mentioned that Shiravune is about to release the second game in June 30th at the latest. While it's quite interesting if not ironic on how Kara no Shoujo 2 was banned by Steam back when Mangagamer had the license of it, I can only say that it's redundant release despite it has prologue in which Innocent Grey usually only made it as the trial. Speaking of redundant release, we also have Shiravune announce Taimanin Yukikaze with them also will release it in June 30th at the latest. Shiravune also has one release with exact release date, and it's Criminal Border 2nd part with they'll release it on March 7th later. For Shiravune's release at this week, we have two. The first release is To Heart 2 Dungeon Traveler, in which it's the start of Aquaplus Dungeon Traveler series with the premise is some sort of To Heart 2 spin-off with the cast thrown into another world and must do the adventure as the RPG party. I don't know if it mean that someday we'll going to have To Heart 2 release by Shiravune or not, but at least I know it's the closest one when it come to To Heart 2 official release. The biggest release from Shiravune on this week is obviously Nukitashi 2, in which it's more fitting to call it as sequel/fandisc with the closest comparison is Majikoi S (Has main story with after stories for each of the heroines). For the main story, it's about Junnosuke who is masturbate and thrown into another world with his former enemies (Three FS members), so obviously Junnosuke need to work together with his former enemies in order to go back to his world. Go get Nukitashi 2 if you want to play more of it, and have fun. Oh yes, I also should say that it's good to see Qruppo manage to have Nukitashi duology in English, which is an accomplishment compared to when Sol Press is almost ruin the chance to see first Nukitashi in English. Last but not the least, we obviously have Irotoridori release, in which it's quite an ordeal to get it in English. To elaborate, it was started way back in 2012 with the translator has unfortunate health problem forcing him to stop the work after it's been at 91% translated. Some times after that, Akerou decided to work on this after he worked on Saku Saku, and obviously hoping that Sekai will pick it after they picked Hoshimemo. Then, Sol Press decided to pick this and they decided to do the Kickstarter because of the big scale of the project, only to have them failed to localize it. In 2022, finally Akerou (As Nekonyan CEO) manage to get the license to publish Irotoridori, and now we have it after 12 years of waiting. For the premise, it's about Yuuma who is a magician that has the healing power at the cost of his memories, and his life is about to get more busy after he save a girl who is falling down from the lighthouse. Go get Irotoridori if you've been waiting for 12 years, and have fun. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week. PS - For the title, obviously I parodied the first part of Narnia Chronicle (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) with I changed 'Lion' into 'Butterfly' and 'Witch' into 'Magician'. The 'Magician' part is obvious enough with Yuuma himself is a magician with it is the synonym for the witch, while for 'Butterfly' it's because Nukitashi 2 opening parodied Digimon Adventure opening with the opening song title of Digimon Adventure is Butterfly sang by the late Koji Wada.
  3. Seeing Uma Musume on the list remind me that I need to watch it from the first season, so I'll comment on it later. Anyway, let's see what I can comment in regard of Spring 2018 anime here. Shokugeki no Souma Train Arc - The writer is clearly started to run out of the idea on the cooking school who keep expelling the students, so he decided to being out the bad guy in order to make the plot more interesting (And obviously allowing the series run longer). That said, it's still not the most desperate writing the writer pull yet. Aikatsu Friends - Speaking of allowing the series run longer, Bandai decided to try shake the Aikatsu formula by making the idol perform as duet (Or Friend System as the series mention) in order to gain the interest. Unfortunately, unlike the past series it only has 76 episodes, so it's clear Aikatsu franchise popularity has being waned since 2018, which make Friends as the last animated Aikatsu before Bandai decided to make On Parade with that series is the mix of animation and live action. Izakaya Nobu - Obviously the closest comparison would be Isekai Restaurant, only that it deal with the izakaya (Japanese bar) who somehow ended up in another world without magic (Said world is more like the parallel world with no magic like us). Also unlike Isekai Restaurant, the main focus is on Japanese food which is justified seeing that the Nobu is specialized in Japanese food (And izakaya food usually is Japanese food that was served with the beer). Gun Gale Online - The side story of SAO, although unlike the main series the MC is not the template of generic isekai MC Kirito, but instead it's a tall woman who want to play as cute girl in MMO. Obviously, said woman decided to play the game when she know she can play as short character, and from there the female keep proving that her short avatar is not going to stop her to being capable in the battlefield. Magical Girl Site - Another magical girl deconstruction show with the trend is started from Madoka, although unlike usual magical girl show they didn't have transform but instead they only got the superpower. That said, it more than make up with the setting has the female MC need to deal with the rotten situation that she experienced, especially from her older brother. Also it should be mentioned there'll be a lot of scary moment, so yeah it goes without saying the show won't be lighthearted magical girl series. Gundam Build Driver - Just going to mention that I never follow Gundam closely until Witch from Mercury later, so obviously I didn't watch Build Driver. Steins Gate 0 - It's very obvious that 0 is one of MAGES setup to milking Steins Gate, although at least it's not as forced as Robotic Notes DaSH. The story itself is depict on how Okabe keep fumbling in the middle of his search for the true ending in Steins Gate, and so we'll going to see on how Okabe desperately navigate what happen if the player didn't follow the walkthrough to get the true ending. By the way while I did say it very clearly milking the franchise, I must say that I like Suzuha and Daru relationship in here. Also it's normal if you call 0 as fandisc, because MAGES actually just adapt the side stories into the game itself. Persona 5 - Being very popular game, obviously Persona 5 got the anime, although it seems to not quite well received. In any case, at least it seems the story is quite faithful even though the fans didn't like the animation. Oh yes, conveniently Atlus just released Persona 3 Reload, which is the remake of Persona 3 with Persona 5 gameplay. That's all for what I can comment in regard of Spring 2018 anime here.
  4. Visual Novel Translation Status (11/02/2024) Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and because we're about to have Nukitashi 2 release I parodied it's opening song, BWLAUTE BEIRRD, by changing 'BEIRRD' into 'BEURTTERFLY'. For the info, Nukitashi 2 opening song title is the arrangement of 'Blue Water Bird' word, so in here I arranged the word 'Blue Water Butterfly'. As for why I chose butterfly, I'll speak about it later, but it's interesting to note that Shinsou Noise writer is also write Butterfly Seeker even with different company. Anyway, for this week there's no much announcement compared to the last week even though there's still some interesting updates, such as Ginharu estimation release time and Konosuna VN release. Overall, this week is an average one, and let's see what I can write about it. We have Konosuba VN released, and the premise is about Kazuma who partying with three beautiful girls with quirk find a cursed tablet that allow the user to generate new outfit. The reason why it's cursed is because the tablet will reverse the personality of the people around the user, which Kazuma has bad luck to deal with the new personalities of his teammate. The only way to break the curse is by wearing the specific outfit, so Kazuma (And the player) will do his best to outfitted his party members in order to break the curse. Yeah, this is basically dress up game with Konosuba character, so you can get it if you're Konosuba fans and want to see you favorite female characters dressed up in different outfit. Obviously not my type of VN here, but it has its own fans, especially Konosuba fans. Shiravune planned to release their NTR VN on March 12th later, and once again it's about the MC who do the NTR in order to save the heroine from her abusive husband. We have a company announced a trap VN, with the title of trap VN is Trap Yuri Garden. Obviously, the title is quite confusing, especially with trap yuri stuff, although from what I see in the synopsis it's more or less BL VN with trap hero and trap MC. While it's still not the kind of VN that I would get, at least I can say the staffs finally do the good job to make the MC looking good as the trap instead of just standard male MC design. Oh yes, the VN will be released sometimes on this year, and looking from past developer works and the planned length of this VN we may have another parts incoming. Sekai decided to moved up Nie no Hakoniwa release to 15th, which mean you can get newest Sekai VN earlier than planned For fan translation, first of all we have a fan release the full translation patch of If My Life Were to End Tomorrow, with the VN tell the story about depressed girl who often thinking that she should die do one big mistake on her important exam, and obviously it ended in sad manner being utsuge and all (Although the translator think it's leaned toward nakige). For the rest of fan translation updates, we have Taima Seiko Alice is at a quarter translated, Nagi no Koi is fully translated and edited with the assets work is also done, ChuSingura is at 39.28% translated, and we have new updates from Konosora Snow Present with it is currently fully translated. Lastly, we have the updates from Daybreak with Akagoei 3 is at 98.59% translated along with past a quarter (26.66%) edited, and we have them announce the release estimation time for Ginharu Yuzuki's patch release time, in which the team will do their best to push the release in March or at the latest April 1st with them currently finising the last remaining work on Yuzuki's route, so let's wait and see if they can release Yuzuki's patch at around that time later. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.
  5. Bump the thread again to post the tweet from Nekonyan, with said tweet is relevant to the post because Nekonyan host Irotoridori giveaway. The reason why it's relevant is because Nekonyan will give the Steam key of Irotoridori for free as long as the backer provide their confirmation, so yeah at least it can be assured the backer won't lose the money over nothing thanks to Sol Press incompetency. Oh yes, for the reminder Irotoridori will be released in four days later (In 16th), so you can note the date if you want to get it. PS - Also just in case you wonder on what is the backer confirmation stuff thing, Nekonyan did tweet a bit more in regard of it below. So yeah, it's more or less that you should provide the proof that you're indeed back the project.
  6. Time for another update, and the translator stated this is the last update before Yuzuki's patch release. As for the updates, it's simply that the translator will pushing the release on either March or at the very latest April 1st (To honor Bishoujo Mangekyou 2.5 full translation patch release at last year), so yeah it's almost time for Ginharu full translation patch release. For a bit of elaboration, actually the translator tried to push Yuzuki's patch release on February, although he thought it can't be done because the hacker just got through surgery with said hacker bedridden from it. Oh yes, it also has status update, and it simply says 'Finishing QA'. That's all for (Hopefully) the last update before Yuzuki's patch release.
  7. For January 2024, interesting to note that it seems Japanese and overseas have different preference when it come to two of the best release of this month, Boku no Suki and Hakkenden, with Japanese prefer the latter (From Erogamescape) and overseas prefer the former (From VNDB). That said, VNDB votes is kind of unreliable anyway since the voters for both VNs are consist of different people, which obviously mean different taste between the voters. As for VN of the Month, well, let's just say that I would chose Hakkenden if only for the (Relatively) high production value. By the way, I know there are five VNs, but out of those only Boku no Suki and Hakkenden are notable enough. No info that I can find about the two doujin VN, and it's interesting to see Sudama Relation has bad reception. Anyway, let me comment on the two VNs below. Hakkenden - Once again it has higher production value, and it's a new VN from Irodori which as we know has released Ouka Sabaki with the gameplay similar to Ace Attorney (Which turned out it's not the coincidence because the writer did work on several Touhou fangame with Ace Attorney parody). That said, from what I see it seems Japanese is probably have more knowledge about Hakkenden compared to the overseas, so perhaps it's the reason why the VN has better reception in there. Seeing that Shiravune has Ouka Sabaki, I hope that they can also localize Hakkenden sometimes in the future. Boku no Suki - It's more or less another ensemble VN with trap MC, with the premise his childhood friend suddenly have jealousy toward the MC boy's form because the childhood friend only know when the MC do crossdress as cute girl, so obviously the MC will have some explaining toward his childhood friend before finally become the couple. While the VN has two other heroines (The MC older sister and the childhood friend maid), the VN itself apparently quite short so the main focus is the childhood friend, at least looking from the CG count. That's all for what I can comment in regard of January 2024 release.
  8. Shibukuzu, eh? I remember that mod Dergonu who is now working as Cherry Kiss translator did work on this. Also Bug System still has knack to develop the VN with disturbing content in their newest VN (Which dubbed as Shibukuzu 2), so obviously I probably just skip their VN later. That aside, unfortunately I can't help much here, but still I figure that I should say good luck to the project and I hope it'll be successful despite my taste towards the VN.
  9. Welcome to Fuwanovel @hoodi3flare. As for Oppai Ero App which I dubbed it as 2nd Milk Factory VN, I should say that it has nice looking graphic and varied number of heroines, in which it definitely what it need to make a good nukige, although from what I heard Milk Factory VNs usually have good comedy writing. That said, I still won't try it but at least good to know that you seems took a liking to it. Milk Factory VN aside, I hope that you'll have fun in here.
  10. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting, @squid. No much to say here besides I hope that you'll have fun in here.
  11. Another green bar is increased, so we have yet another progress happen even with the leak. That said, the next script files work may took a longer while, especially since it has the most line in the whole Eustia's chapter (673 lines) while the translator just finished the shortest script files (189 lines).
  12. Visual Novel Translation Status (04/02/2024) Because we have Shuuen no Virche FD announced with the subtitle 'Epic:Lycoris' along with we have the exact release date for Tengoku Struggle, I combine both word so we have 'Lycoris Struggle' as this week VNTS Review title. Anyway, this week we have Aksys Games very active with they announced four new title at once, although unfortunately it's only for console. Another thing to note is obviously Aniplex finally make their big move in regard of Type Moon, in which they announced Fate/Stay Night Remaster to be available in English. Overall, I can say that this week is definitely far more interesting compared to the whole January, and so this week is an above average one bordering interesting. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week. Cherry Kiss released their first BL VN (Or to exact it's usual VN with trap maid heroines), and nice to know they tried to branch out the demography. Visual Arts announced they'll release Lunaria on 22nd later, although there's no word if the PC version will also available at that date or not. Looks like Shinjuku Soumei staffs find out they did need to worked more on their VN, so they decided to delay the release from February to April 11th later. Idea Factory announced they'll localize Cupid Parasite FD, and they'll release it within this year. As we knew Aniplex has very big news with they announced they'll localize Fate/Stay Night. While technically it's the most interesting news, it should be noted that unlike Tsukihime Type-Moon didn't remake Fate, so basically this is a redundant release with they use PSV version (So no sex scenes), and even if one give the reason the old translation is very outdated there's more recent translation that translate majority of the VN. That said, if you want to purchase it, Aniplex will release it on this year, and it'll be available on both Switch and PC so good for Aniplex they did announce PC version of Fate directly (Unlike Tsukihime Remake). Once again Aksys has four new title, although unfortunately it's only for console. Other than four new title, they also has Tengoku Struggle exact release date announcement (At April 4th later). For the four new title, those title are Shueen no Virche FD, Radiant Tale FD, Despera Drops, and Ihanashi no Majo. No comment of the FD besides that it seems to be quite substantial. For Despera Drops, it's about the female MC who got arrested because she was suspected in the murder case only to be freed when the vehicle who escorted her got the accident, and some bad guy tried to get the MC's unknown power. Ihanashi no Majo is about 16 years old boy who moved on to the remote island in Okinawa find out his grandfather who suppose to take care of him disappeared, and then the boy met the girl who call herself a witch. For the release time, Aksys will release Despera Drops in 2025 with the rest of the three title will be available in this year. For fan translation, we have Akagoei 3 is at 91.14% translated along with almost a quarter (24.25%) edited, Shin Koihime Musou is at 70% edited, Taima Seiko Alice is at 20% translated, and ChuSingura is at 38.48% translated with Chapter 2 is at 65.09% translated. That's all for fan translation updates on this week. Last but not the least, we have Shiravune announce the exact release date for Nukitashi 2, and said date will be on 16th later so yeah we'll going to have three releases at that date. Anyway for Nukitashi 2, it should be obvious that it's the sequel for the first glance, except not really because half of the contents is the after stories of Nukitashi 1 heroines so in a way it's more like fandisc, which perhaps I should calling it as sequel/fandisc with the VNs that fulfill the category are Grisaia no Meikyuu (And Rakuen) and Irotoridori no Hikari. Anyway for Nukitashi 2 main story, it's about Junnosuke who somehow thrown into another dimension together with his three former enemies (FS member) when he masturbate (Yes it happen all right), and the world is the opposite what Junnosuke tried to acheive in the prequel with he himself is the highest leader know as 'Sex Emperor'. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.
  13. From what you tell us, you probably need to learn how to do the coding in order to insert the text, so you didn't really need to learn Japanese if your problem is just grammatical or spelling error. That said, it still very tedious work to do so anyway even if said job is just to inserting the text, and unless there's easy to use engine (Like Eushully one) it'll took some times to learn about the coding. Unfortunately I don't know how to insert the text in the game outside the one from Eushully, but if you need on how to begin perhaps you can try to open the VN files by using Garbro.
  14. I'm very late to inform this, but better late than never. Anyway, in case anyone else still waiting for the final QA to be completed, the colored bar is increased by one since around December, so at least we can be rest assured that the translator still willing to working on this despite his real life busyness.
  15. @Clephas I said that I didn't think Ragnarok favorably, which obviously is because it's the sequel of the finished VN. That said, of course my feeling can change over time, just like Evenicle 2. It also interesting that Dualtail tried to add Ruin/Madness form into the story in Ragnarok, albeit at limited capacity. While you may think the story is not up to standard compared to Frontier (And admittedly it's the general problem in the sequels), gameplay wise Ragnarok is obviously has many QOL improvement compared to Frontier (If you want to chase S-Rank, and Frontier has tall order to got S-Rank in the first playthrough). Anyway, my real reason writing this is to talk a bit about my word on Ninetail decision. While I also want to see them localize Lagoon and Saviour, I didn't mind if they localize Ragnarok first. That said, if you ask me which Venus Blood game that I want Ninetail to skip, it's obviously Brave. Then again, looking from the cameo Ninetail proably already decided to localize all Venus Blood games (After Frontier), so there's no other choice to wait until they done with the Kickstarter of their current VN done before moving on to more interesting VN (Especially Lagoon).
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