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  1. Wonderful to meet you all!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the late greeting here. In regard of your project, well good luck on that and hope you managed to see through it. Feel free to come here whenever you have the time, and of course hopefully you'll have fun while in here.
  2. It's a sunny day in Seattle...

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting here. Quite interesting that you knew VN since back at 2006, because like Ranzo I started to knew that back at 2009. Hope you have fun here.
  3. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    Sorry for very late here. Anyway here's another update for this week below, so here goes. Common Route Part 1: 100.0% Common Route Part 2: 100.0% Ai: 100.0% Renna: 60.89% Maki: 100.0% Saeko: 100.0% Total: 90.98% Since it was almost finished with less than 10% left, they already planned for the release date. The plan is that they'll gonna release this at around April 8th, because the translator will be busy at this week and at March end later. Keep in mind that the date may be change in the future, so there's still no 100% guarantee that they'll release Renna's patch at that date because anything can happen. If anything, at least we getting close for Tsujidou full patch for now. That's all for this week.
  4. Sakura Vampire Review

    Visual Novel Translation Status (02/18/2018) Before starting this week VNTS Review, let me say that there's interesting development from Winged Cloud that they recently released Sakura Cupid which obviously one of my VNTS Review title here. In regard of that, I'll decided to just let it go and maybe buy some lotto lol. If anything, this show that any Sakura VN can be released as long as there's any adjective in the dictionary - just paste Sakura to any adjective and you'll have another new title for Winged Cloud VN. Speaking about Sakura naming scheme my VNTS Review for this week is also like that, because we have Sakura Cupid release once again and this week VNTS Review image header was the vampire from Dracu Riot, so we have 'Sakura Vampire' which I'm sure it'll be one of Winged Cloud ideas. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week while there's still no big release at least the updates for this week was more livelier compared to the last week, if only because we have slightly more updates. So at least it's good for now from what we have at this week, especially in regard of a certain updates for myself here. As usual, let's see what I can write for this week as well. From Sekai, we have Dracu Riot which is finally have in programming and stated will have a QA soon. Personally I'd find that update is not quite interesting, but at least for anyone else who waiting for Sekai version of Dracu Riot it's getting there. Also for more info, Tenshin Ranman also did have same progress which is more interesting to me. While those two updates are good because it mean that the time of Yuzusoft VNs coming officially translated almost close, seeing that it's Sekai I'm not quite sure of whether I should trust them or not especially in regard of whether they'll able to release those quickly or not. For more update from Sekai, right now Fatal Twelve entering QA stage so at least they should still on track for March release, for now. Other than those updates, apparently Bokukotsu did have the status 'Stalled', so maybe they can't make the time for February release. Although in exchange of that, at least there's Tropical Liquor which could sort of work as the substitute because it have same illustrator (Sayori of Nekopara fame) lol, with the exact releast date for three language was already announced (It'll be at March 10th later). That's all for Sekai Project updates. As for fan translation, we have Loverable was at 74.38% TLC-ed, Musumaker was at 48.4% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 19.71% translated and overall was at 58.76% translated, Tenkiame common route was at halfway translated, and Majokoi was at 91% TLC-ed with Konron's route was progressed rapidly from 1% to 21% TLC-ed. Other than those usual updates, we have Tsujidou was reached 90% mark (90.98%) translated with Renna's route was at 60.89% translated - and as expected they'll going for April release (At 8th) because Trip's gonna busy at March end and next week, so they put April 8th as the safe bet although keep in mind that it might be change in the future. For the last update from fan translation, we have the update from Higurashi PS3 port with the progress right now is Tsukiotoshi arc was at 12% translated. For Newton VN, right now the common route was at 89% translated and Haru's route was at 11% translated, while at the same time Lavi's route was at 17% edited. They also admitted that the editing going slow, but they have the reason for that namely the editor was focusing on edited Sakusakura so hopefully they'll be able to have March release. There's Fureraba which coincidentally have March release as well, with the progress was at 80% QC-ed and fully edited so at least they on track to have on time release (At March obviously). There's two Chinese VNs update as well, with Cryste was fully translated (80% edited) and Rice-hime was at 35% translated (25% (A quarter) edited). I guess that's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for be very late here. See you next week.
  5. Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2017 are out

    Well interesting list, although too bad that for obvious reason I can't read those lol. At least one of the winner (Trinoline) will be released by Mangagamer later. As for Chrono Box, looks like it'll be an interesting VN. But seeing the sexual tags, I guess it'll be as infamous as euphoria if it's ever released overseas ie translated. If that's the case, maybe I'll consider to read that although I won't be so sure for now though.
  6. Knowing KEY, the added sex scenes for Clannad may not the best one in the world. But still, I agree that it can be help if we have sex with Nagisa lol. As for my wish, let's see. Out of all those Sci fi ADV, I think Chaos Head is the most fitting if we havecthe sex scenes, because we have many fan service delusion so why we don't have something like sex delusion lol. Other than that, I guess any Memories Off are the good candidates. Also looking at the history, then Supipara is would be the most interesting example seeing that they did attempted to remove sex scenes, only to be failed and cause minori to be almost bankrupted. For the last examples, then Ar Tonelico is the prime example seeing that we have too many innuendo and fan service thing that considered too much for console VN. PS - Since there's still no one mentioned this, then I'll say that Pygmalion deserved to have the H scenes, especially at the beginning when it's pretty obvious that Mina was raped by Ruka even though she was not naked.
  7. What's the deal with VN mods

    If that's the case then perhaps what I said earlier is quite subjective one, so I'm sorry about that. If that's the case, then perhaps the modding have the point for that, if only for entertainment value. That said, the sense of humor is quite diferent for each people so the humorous mods may don't have a point if the people didn't appriciate the joke, so there's that. PS - My encounter with humorous mod was not quite pleasant, and it's back when Dracu Riot was still didn't have completed translated patch yet. I did downloaded the patch expected that it's full patch, only to find out that Yuuto's name was chaned to Anown or something like that lol.
  8. As for Gahkthun, from what I'd heard at least Neon was more hot blooded compared to Mary so we can say that Neon is the braver one. Though I would say that it's up to you though to find out about that by yourself, so maybe you better try Gahkthun by yourself to find whether you'll like it or hate it like Sharnoth. For Madou Koukaku, the story was more or less conquering simulation game so you rule one territory and then expand it. As for the characters, I would say that they good enough but actually the focus on that is the gameplay. So like Gahkthun, I would say that you better try it by yourself because you may have different opinion in regard of characters. PS - I saw that you apparently still didn't have VNDB list. For that matter, I would suggest you to create one and listed what VN that you already played. That way, we could easily suggest the VNs that yoy looking for and avoid suggesting the title that you might be already played, like Kyonyuu Fantasy sequels.
  9. Memories Off Series for Free

    Good news alright, although the lack of translation for those VNs dampen the good news for me though lol. So to me it's not that interesting news, but it should be good if you want to get Memories Off VNs legally I guess.
  10. Konnichiwa~!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for no Japanese word from me here. It's quite interesting that we got Japanese user here, and of course any people should be welcomed to Fuwanovel. Hope you have fun here. PS - I'm quite interested about the fact that Pulltop did insist to release the translated version without sex scenes, and especially when they released Lovekami for overseas without H scenes first only to add the H scenes for Japanese only release later. So what's your opinion in regard of this, and sorry for asking the sticky question here.
  11. What's the deal with VN mods

    Like ChaosRaven said, I agree that technically fan translation could be count as the mod, but then again it's up to each other. In light of that, I guess we could think Steins Gate PS4 translation into PC version as mods (Also Kikokugai translation into 2011 version), and so does PS3 graphic and voice insert to Higurashi and Umineko. In that case, the graphic insert to Higurashi and Umineko actually help people who dislike the older graphic and like modern looking one, and also like to hear the voice as well. Steins Gate 0 mod obviously very helpful for anyone else who didn't own consoles (PS4 or PC) and want to play that, because it's translation only available for the consoles version. Other than those example, if the mods were something like changing the characters name into something outrageous or translated the text into an obvious joke, then yeah the mods were obviously did not have any point.
  12. Let's see, maybe you can try both of Soukoku no Arterial and Madou Koukaku if you want untranslated one. I knew that the former did have some SoL, but it only for around two chapters before the plot get serious. Other than that if you didn't like the gameplay, then maybe both of Ayakashibito and Comyu because both of those were some sort of fantasy VN. Oh, and you can try Gahkthun, Inganock, and Sharnoth as well. Hope the recommendations will be help.
  13. A VN like this...

    For Miagete, there's a project to restoring the H scenes ongoing, so if you interested you can visit the thread below. As for the recommendations, well apparently you already read most of Slice of Life VNs that was translated. That said, I can still recommend Kanon, Air, and Little Busters since apparently you still didn't read those three - for Little Busters one you better play Steam version because it add three new additional routes. For other recommendations, maybe Shuffle will be interesting if you want a very light VN. Also since you like G-Senjou, perhaps you'll be interested to try Sharin as well - by the way you can avoid harem route if you dislike that. For last recommendations, I guess Galaxy Angel trilogy should be a good one although it have the RTS gameplay though. Hope the recommendations will be help.
  14. Recommend me a 4~7/10 VN

    Interesting request I guess. As for the request, I think any VN that Cain Ciabai recommend will do but keep in mind that the majority of those were nukige. Oh, you may try both of The Best Eroge Ever and OMGWTFOTL as well. Hope the recommendations will be help.
  15. Fuwonovel Destroying Visual Novels in the West

    Well too bad that apparently Fuwanovel didn't allowed VN with that kind of thought provoking localized title to be translated. Good luck with the project if you still interested with that, and I hope you'll see through it.