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  1. About Yumeutsutsu, I did remember that the writing between four routes are very different. By very different I mean looks like each writer did what they think it's the best when it come to narration, and therefore the perspective writing between four routes are vary. To elaborate, Saki's route didn't have perspective but instead there's only non-stop conversation (ie no monologue) just like the manga without narration, Nana's perspective is fully focused on Nana with few lines back to Ai, Marie route has standard everchanging perspective between Ai and Marie, and lastly Kokoro's route is goes as normal with Ai in charge of monologue just like common route. Also I like that the textbox color here is reflect on which character perspective that currently the reader read. As for the twist, let's just say that it's not as surprising as Hakuai although it's still quite wham in the VN itself. Either way have fun in regard of Yumeutsutsu. For both of Carnevale and Rhapsody, well don't expect much in regard of those two is the good advice that I can give. Although it's less in regard of the VNs are bad and it's more that you better not expect something amazing in those two VNs because after all disappointment was born from high expectation. That said, those two VNs are still good on their own so have fun in regard of that. Also Carnevale engine here is really bugged, so it would be wise to follow the translator advice to not right click on it (Although admittedly it's quite annoying in that you can only use keyboard to access the menu). In case you have doubt on the translation thanks to translator infamous translation of Cross Channel in the past, I'll just say that the translation is okay despite some of awkward wording, or to make some comparison here I have more problem with typo at 11eyes than Carnevale's translation and yet I still say that it's nice to have 11eyes translated.
  2. About Umikana, what I can say is that Pulltop won't make it as 18+ VN. The reason is simply because they chose newbie anime VA in which I'm sure that they won't do voice act for eroge first, and the VA themselves did use real name instead of pseudonym (The most famous one is Akari Kitou who is famous for voicing Nezuko in Demon Slayer and Momo in Machikado Mazoku). Most importantly, Pulltop already released Umikana in Japan and it mean that they already have a vision on how the VN will going. So yeah unless Pulltop want to recast the VA for 18+ version I don't think that they'll make Umikana (And Anofure) 18+ version, and I certainly hope that they keep Umikana as all age VN because if they really make 18+ version of it then Pulltop's reputation is going worse than already is (At least to me).
  3. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. If you need some VN recommendations you can try to ask us here, and feel free to discuss any VN that you did read if you want to. I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.
  4. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and in regard of your project good luck on the crowdfund there. I hope that you'll have fun here.
  5. I'm not sure if it's wise to quite the job (If you do it voluntarily) in order to work on a website especially at times like this when many people lost their job thanks to pandemic, but if it's your passion I can only say good luck on that.
  6. As it stands, yes it is. I also wonder about the same things in the past by the way, although looking at it now it seems that I'm not quite polite back then in regard of asking the circumstances.
  7. Since we have a news in regard of Ginaharu, of course I use the title 'Silver Colored Faraway' here and 'Track 6' is mean that I use the title for the sixth time. Unfortunately the news that we have here is not a good one though, hence 'Requiem' in the title, and if you know about Catholic church requiem here is mean a Mass celebrated for repose of one deceased soul or in music term Requiem here is the last Mozart's work before he passed away. Also once again I use the title from one of Kanon 2006 episode, and in this case it's episode 10 (Requiem Atop the Hill). I'll explain more in regard of the title at PS later. As for this week, other than the news about Ginahru it's quite a plain one to sum it up because there's no much updates at this week, although Nekonyan here did reveal that they have two more secret projects at their Discord so it's a bit of interesting. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week. Admittedly Trip drop Ginharu is understandably very upsetting because it mean that he drop it after he translate two thirds of it and not to mention that people hoping that he'll continuing it after the hiatus, but if we think several breaks that he tooks in the past it's not surprising that he decided to drop it. I understand that its very disappointing, but what I can say is that unless we can have Mizuha's patch being released immediately just by saying that it's either waste of time or nobody will trust Trip, it's pretty much pointless to do those so what can we do here is just try to move on. While Trip decided to drop Ginharu here Irru still want it to be finished, so if you want to help him or know a translator who willing to finish the last one third of Ginharu you can call Irru later through his Discord (The invite link here). Cherry Kiss did release another isekai nukige VN in which it's about the MC who supposed to not have superpower at first only to have his power to be awaken thanks to a drug later, and let's just say that you can play it if you interested and have fun. Verdelish still do good job with Slow Damage in which currently it's at 36% translated, and turned out that we also have Nine Episode 4 already starting the QA for some times. As from where you can see the progress, turned out that Sekai decided to add that important update in their Denpasoft tracker instead of their usual tracker (Currently the status on their usual tracker for Nine Episode 4 is that they're starting the QA soon). We also have Nekonyan announced that they have two more secret projects, although in this case they only reveal it at their Discord though in that they made two additional channels for discussing the secret projects, and you can try to guess their next projects at their Discord. Of course we still don't know what're their projects are, so for now we can only wait for Nekonyan to reveal their secret projects later (I assume that they'll reveal the projects in February at the latest based on this tweet). Seeing that Tsui no Sora Remake keep showing some progress, I decided to keep my eyes on that and currently 900 out of 15,087 lines are translated. I know that the project may get some unexpected circumstance in the future, but considering that the translator already decided to release the patch at this year I figure that I'll see if the translator can do it or not. Other than Tsui no Sora Remake, we have Loverable was at 94.71% edited, Eustia was at 60.92% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 36.26% TLC-ed, and Harugi was at 76% translated with Yuuna's route was already past 90% mark (91%) translated. Lastly there's also Alka's progress on reworking original Summer Pockets, and currently they manage to reworking the original line in which currently it's been at 46.8% reworked. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week. PS - For more explanation in regard of the title, I change words 'the Hill' in Kanon 2006 episide 10 title into 'the Snowing Town' so we have 'Requiem Atop the Snowing Town' as this week VNTS Review. Snowing Town here is also the title for one of Ginharu's soundtrack, and also it's the title screen theme.
  8. Kotori Love Ex P - Good package for Kotori's fans in that Circus did their best to compile all of Kotori's route from across several version of Da Capo, and it's also available in English as well so good for Kotori overseas fans. In any case, apparently Kotori is very popular so obviously Circus as company who like to milk their Da Capo won't miss the chance to milk Kotori's fans, although in exchange Nemu here is become more infamous (Poor her). Akagoei 3 - I did read that apparently it's also has no satisfying ending even though it's the last entry of Akagoei trilogy, and thus I conclude that Kinugasa here might not be able to end his story. That said, I also know that he can write good comedy and characters interaction along with the setting as Ryuusei shown, so perhaps one shouldn't expect clear ending in any of Kinugasa's work because he clearly not capable to write that (Or you can treat him as someone who prefer to write open ending). Speaking about Ryuusei I know that it has sequel in development, although if Kinugasa also apply his open ending writing in Ryuusei sequel safe to say that people who expect clear ending in sequel will be disappointed (Not that I expect Kinugasa to write clear ending in Ryuusei sequel anyway). This VN also has translation, although currently they still translate the first part of the trilogy so we must wait until the team work on the last part here. Ikusa Verita - Somehow VNDB classify this as nukige even though it should be obvious that it's another gameplay heavy VN as per Eushully release. I only know that it got two MC and the gameplay is RPG instead of SRPG like usual Eushully VNs that are released after this, and that it's the start when Eushully did release their VN once per year with Verita here is their 2010 release. Yeah it also has narration and interface translation, although if Arterial narration patch is any indication I don't think that the narration will have readable translation (I still not tested it yet though). That's all for my comment in regard of April 2010 releases, and as for this month the releases are not as big as last month.
  9. We have Pulltop finally announce 18+ version of this, and obviously it's only available in Japan because Pulltop didn't want to spent too much money in order to license the voices for sex scenes for overseas release (ie they may need to sell all of their assets just for that). The release date of it will be at March 26th later, and it has different Japanese name (Pureness Harem). Anyway at least this might be good if anyone want to read the sex scenes in Healing Harem even in Japanese, and it's not surprising that Pulltop rerelease this in 18+ version if we look at the VAs name (They use pseudonym instead of real name).
  10. Quite a big month in regard of March 2010 here, so let's see what I can comment on this. Cross Day - My comment is more for the Days franchise in general. As for the VN, I hear that it got bugs and the size are pretty big for the VNs at that year. Although in exchange it play like the interactive anime though, so I can say that it got some innovation. That said, good innovation can't save the story and setting though in which I can say that the writer himself might be a heavy drinker so much that he created a character that basically is a very much what I can say as playboy that caused the family tree to become tangled to say it lightly, along with several other controversial plot and setting. The anime itself didn't help with the reputation at all, with the anime director chose to adapt bad ending presumably because he thought that School Days need to be ended dramatically as a lesson for playboy lol. In any case, at least nowadays 0verflow stop their VN development so that there's no more controversial release from them with Shiny Days as their last VN. Chaos Head Love Chu Chu - Unlike Noah you can say this as the fandisc, although Mages categorized it as sequel though. Granted that there's might be some plot point happen in the fandisc/sequel there, although in the end most of the contents are fanservices though. So yeah you can safely ignore it if you already content with Chaos Head ending, although you may find something good though if you took a liking to a certain Chaos Head characters because sometimes fandisc/sequel of Science Adventure develop a character there. Subahibi - First of all it's pretty obvious that SCA-DI did develop this as 10th anniversary of Tsui no Sora before changing the date to 2012, only that he left the initial year setting is still at 2009. I think the review is pretty much conclude and explain enough on what is Subahibi, so let's me just say that overall it's a good VN with some flaw such as Zakuro's suicide which to me it's pretty questionable. Both Subahibi and Tsui no Sora did have a lot of similarities, and for Subahibi the similarities only happen up to half of the VN. Speaking of Tsui no Sora there's a remake of it as well, in which other than improving the graphic (Up to Subahibi standard) along with adding the voices, the most notable addition is Yasuko's chapter in which she become one of the major characters while at the same time her new design is quite cute (Yasuko in Subahibi here is just minor character). I guess I can say that both of Subahibi and Tsui no Sora (And the remake as well) are good on their own, although Tsui no Sora OVA here is objectively bad though. White Album 2 - Unlike School Days, the director here didn't adapt the anime based on the bad ending which is good. Although it's not really says much though because the anime only adapt the Introduction Chapter and that part itself is only short linear VN with bittersweet ending, which is logical seeing that there's Closing Chapter that supposed to resolve the story. In case you thinking that Introduction Chapter is more memorable, I understand because the ending itself has some best impact while for Closing Chapter it's mostly abut Haruki chose to either with Setsuna or one of three additional love interests, and the additional love interests might be not as interested as Kazusa Setsuna duo. It also has same writer as Damekoi, and you didn't need to play the prequel because WA2 here is pretty much standalone. Lastly WA2 here has some good songs, and the most iconic one is the opening of Introduction Chapter Todokanai Koi. That's all for my comment in regard of March 2010.
  11. Here's Alas de Luz from Atelier Meruru, and I like the soundtrack despite that it only play at the superboss fight in Meruru. Enjoy.
  12. Abyss of the Sacrifice - One of the VNs that was translated in 2020, although it's quite underrated though. What I can say in regard of this would be this is a VN where you watch cute girls do cute things, except that the cute things here is escaping from the collapsing underground facility and sometimes turn on each other. From the reviews that I scanned, apparently the complain are mostly in regard of the puzzles which hard to solve without a guide. The VAs for this VN is quite well known, with name such as Kitamura Eri, Yukana, and Shizuka Itou. If anything else, at least Zero Escape fans can try this VN if one felt that the former did lacking in regard of the cute girls, although beware of the puzzle though. Oh at least there's PC version, so you didn't need to play untranslated PSP version and therefore no reason on using PSP emulator to play this. Other than Abyss no Sacrifice, no much well known VN in regard of February 2010 so I guess this month is sort of a breather before next month in which there's two big name releases. So that's all for my comment in regard of this month.
  13. Too complicated to use, but I suppose it can be useful for some people who want to search DDPC nukige in which I did find two of it (Unfortunately it's unvoiced, so no 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes even though Nabatame did voiced pink Precure of DDPC lol). Other than that, I only use advance search function to sort the best rated translated VNs in each year so I didn't find much use of it. So my conclusion on this would be nice feature but a little bit unneccesary.
  14. Kazusa from Hitotsuba might be fitting for you, and other than that maybe Ranpha from Galaxy Angel trilogy. Also Ashe from Wagahigh and Yuzuyu from Fureraba can qualify as well. I hope my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
  15. Ar Tonelico 3 - Apparently it's a downgrade of Ar Tonelico 2 in term of story and battle wise, which may or may not caused by high expectation of some people who've been wanting to play Ar Tonelico last part here. No much to say other than it's the last part of Ar Tonelico trilogy, it has good song at least as per Ar Tonelico usual, and that it's still too bad that GUST is more interested to release Atelier into Steam instead of Ar Tonelico (Not that it's wrong seeing that Atelier here is GUST's main series, and I like Mana Khemia in that it's one of Atelier series game). Mirai Nikki - I only know that it involve the most infamous yandere Yuno in which I always got her entry when I googled YU-NO, and that she's madly in love with Yukiteru (The MC). Oh, both of Yukiteru and Yuno here are involved with crazy game that was held by the god (Deus Ex Machina) with the participant must kill the other participant (Think Danganronpa), and that both of Yuno and Yukiteru somehow work together to won the game. At least the original creator of this involved in the VN, so there's that. Hoshimemo FD - Rather than FD, I guess I can say that FAVORITE here is like to make a pseudo sequel in their FD and Hoshimemo FD here is not exception. That said, it's still not too much though seeing that only two heroines that have full after stories (ie continuation of the heroines story) compared to Irotoridori in that apparently you must play Irotoridori FD in order to get complete understanding of each heroines, which to say not quite ideal format to me. Sekai also license Hoshimemo FD as well, and at least they've been better at it with the current progress was at 62% translated. Yumina FD - Same as main game, although in here you can also play as the other competitors that you fought in the main game, including Nayuta who decided to pick Ayumu as her partner in the upcoming battle against Yumina. Other than that, the party did remind me of Konosuba with Ayumu share same VA as Kazuma and often being the voice of reason, while Yumina here is as intelligent as Aqua. JAST still no license this yet, but I guess it's because licensing the FD here would be too much for them. That's all for my comment in regard of January 2010 releases.
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