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  1. Madoka Movie 3 - Let's just say that Shaft make the movie to do some fund gathering in order to eventually do more milking bring a worthy sequel in form of Rebellion. Kill la Kill - Just like how Gurren Lagann answer Evangelion, this time Kill la Kill answer Madoka and I say this because some of Studio Trigger staffs did work on Gurren Lagann. Also just like Gurren Lagann there'll be flashy fight with them making the usual naked body not played for fanservice much but instead it was used as the way to allow the heroes to fight the enemies, and it make sense in the context. Oh yes, even though I say that this is answer Madoka, Trigger staff decided to be frank with the outfit design is more like powered armor without frilly magical girl outfit. Walkure Romanze - I do some search on Youtube seeing that the full translation patch of this has been available, and what I find is that there's a lot of scenes with the director make it as bait and switch for perverted moment. That aside, this series is like Aokana in that both male MC need to deal with their early retirement from being an athlete, and unlike in Aokana at least the staffs realized that Takahiro is the MC instead of Mio. Non Non Biyori - CGDCT in a rural village, and Hotaru is very good looking for a 5th grade (I did use her as my avatar for some times before settled with Nadja). Her aside, it seems people watch it more for Renge. Has male character, although the character is never speak so it's non-factor. Little Busters Refrain - The part where the story started to pick up, and in here the staffs adapt Yuiko's route along with Rin's route and of course Refrain, which make sense of we know the VN seeing that Yuiko's route give us the foreshadowing in regard of story mechanism. Also it's quite obvious that unlike After Story, Refrain here told the story about the secret of the world, although the main meat is on how Riki grew up to be someone who can surpass her cool hero Kyousuke. WA2 - Even though it's called WA2, it only adapt Introductory Chapter so obviously it's still incomplete. Seeing that Introductory Chapter is quite short, at least I can say that the anime adapt this quite faithfully. Note that WA2 did make love triangle being dramatic without relying on violence action like in School Days. As for if the studio can adapt Closing Chapter, while it might be easy to just adapt Setsuna's route in Closing Chapter, they would definitely need to thinking hard on which route that they should adapt to avoid controversy in would be Coda adaptation. Oh yes, like Walkure Romanze the VN of it also already have full translation patch that translate the VN all the way until Coda endings (And mini after stories as well). Lastly I should say that Todokanai Koi (The opening song) here is really iconic WA2 song. That's all for what I can write in regard of Fall 2013 anime.
  2. Visual Novel Translation Status (17/09/2023) Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title because we have the update from Ginharu in regard of Yuzuki's route along with H2O release that also has the initial SCA-DI version of Sakura no Uta, I made a parody of the anime Yume-iro Patissiere by changing 'Yume' into 'Sakura' so we have 'Sakura-iro Patissiere' which sounds like Sakura-iro Dreamer VN lol. Oh yes, for the patissiere part it's because Yuzuki's dream to be the great patissiere in order to be like her late father who is a pastry chef (Patissiere mean female pastry chef). As for this week, while we have a number of announcements and releases, I can only say those are quite small, with the biggest update to me is obviously in regard of Ginharu. Overall, this week is an average one and let's see what I can write in regard of it. Sekai has several updates, with the most prominent one is they delayed Usonatsu release because they need to finishing its QA work in which currently is at 30% done. Other than Usonatsu delay, we also have both of Animal Trail (The FD and 2nd game) are apparently just starting the QA work and Nie no Hakoniwa is at halfway edited. Speaking of Nie no Hakoniwa, apparently this VN is bigger than what the illustrator (Sayori) usually work, although whether it'll be true or not we'll see. Frontwing finally have the release date for Ginka, and said date will be on October 26th later. Cherry Kiss is about to release yet another nukige with married women working on cafe to help their husband pay the debt, and they'll release it on 22nd later. Succulent decided to localize two of their own VN, and from what I see the company specialty is short 18+ Otome VN. The first VN is Tsuki no Onna, Kawa no Tenshi, Kami Meku Toki (Or Tsuki no Onna for short) with the story is the female MC met a handsome serial killer and have the romance (By the way the MC breast is very big so much that it can rival the heroine in Milk Factory). The second is Hime no Rakuen with the MC being dominant against the two heroes, or in other word it's otome VN with femdom which is very rare. Both are still not have the release date, so let's just wait and see. We have two releases from fan translation. The first one is yet another small VN from Shinzou Translation with the translated title is The Saddest Smile in the World that has the premise a pachinko addict encounter a girl in the part who want some sweets, and some times after that both started to know each other. For the second release it's Shiina Mahou no Himitsu or in English it should be Shiima Mahou Secret. The premise of the VN goes like we have the MC who live in a rent apartment with the titular Shiina Mahou as the landlady, and one day the MC find out her deepest secret. Namely that she's a doujin author who specialized in drawing erotic manga, which of course embarrassed her very much. Of course, the MC didn't really mad at her work but instead he support Mahou's secret job, and from there both of the MC and Mahou will do a lot of sex in the name of material research. For the rest of fan translation updates, we have Tsuma Netori is at 55% edited, ChuSingura is at 31.54% translated, past three quarter of Fate/Extra CCC (2035 out of 2499 script files) are edited, and Akagoei FD is at 53.51% translated. Last but not the least, Yuzuki's route of Ginharu finally saw QA progress (Or in their word 'under QA'), which mean that at least we already have it fully edited, so at least this should be the last step before finally we have Yuzuki's patch released. Realistically speaking we may have it released in 2024, although I hope that Daybreak can release Yuzuki's patch around Christmas just like Mizuha's patch. Speaking of Mizuha's route, Daybreak already released the update for Mizuha's patch so you can download the update if you didn't like the rough experience of reading her route. That's all for what I can say in regard of this week, and see you next week.
  3. Obviously there's no English translation patch seeing that the team apparently struggling to find the best way to translate Nasu's prose and therefore had several lengthy session of passionate but unproductive debates (If they still working on it). Anyway you didn't need to wait for the translation team finally manage to reach a conclusion and release the patch for PC version, because Aniplex finally saw that the potential for the Steam market and they'll release PC version of Mahoyo on December 13th (The link to the Steam store). As for to put it on Android, it might be possible seeing the engine is Kirikiri, although I don't know how to compress the size.
  4. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting, @Meinos Kaen. Good luck on your company, and I hope that you'll have fun in here.
  5. Free - All swimmer are male, so it's pretty clear that the female audience will got their fanservice lol. That aside, well I suppose it's like usual shonen sport. Daybreak Illusion - The obvious Madoka imitation, and unlike Madoka and certain other anime it didn't popular enough to see more work. Speaking about Madoka, Shaft finally have a teaser of it's second movie that was set after Rebellion. Symphogear G - It's quite clear that the singing while fighting is quite successful, so obviously they make the sequel. In G, the team have a new journey, which mean the chance to met new friends and new enemies. So it's more or less another Symphogear. Neptunia - The adaptation of the first three games, although it's mostly adapt the third game faithfully with them mixed up the events from the first and second game. Oh, and obviously it has more comedy compared to the game itself. Silver Spoon - After working on FMA, the author decided to write a story based on her experience of helping her family farm in Hokkaido, and thus we have Silver Spoon. Of course though being the author story on the farm, it's obvious she didn't write on how non-alchemist fight against the alchemist or the homonculi ruled the military state from behind the shadow, but instead just usual slice of live in a farm. Kiniro Mosaic - I knew this anime from a Precure community member, and I decided to watch both series which I manage to like. In here we have Shino who is have fetish for blonde hair, and she find herself drawn to Alice when Shino stay in Alice's house at England (So obviously Alice has blonde hair). In high school, Shino find out that Alice decided to stay in Japan to go to the same school as Shino, and then both of them will have a lot of fun with their friends. Oh yes good job to the staffs to have the VAs spoke in English for the premiere episode, especially Alice and her mother VA. That's all for what I can write in regard of Summer 2013 anime here.
  6. Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live - The best Pretty Rhythm with them improved the song, and I admit that I'd like to hear the duet song. Tatsunoko here also put some focus on the handsome male cast, so at least this time they have more role besides being there as the fanservice for female audience by have them perform several times. Hataraku Maou-sama - The reverse of Maoyu with the hero being female and the demon king being male, and also both got thrown into the real world with the demon king keep thinking that he'll survive in the real world like the demon king. Has the second season in 2022, although apparently the animation gotten worse. It also has controversial ending which to say didn't do any favor to the fans. Attack on Titan - It also got controversial ending, and some hardcore fans got crosse the line by made the death threat to the writer. Anyway the writer did mention that he was inspired by Muv Luv Alternative with the Titan here is obviously stand-in for Beta, and of course with a lot of death and all. Initially the author sent the manga to Shueshia, although they rejected it without realising that it could be their Cash Cow Franchise (Oh well, their loss). Then the writer goes to another publisher, and the rest is history. Date A Live - Admittedly the premise is quite questionable with the MC need to date the spirit to save the world, but surprisingly the author find a way to make it work while adding sci-fi element. Other thing to note is that the artist is also Neptunia franchise artist, so it's normal that Idea Factory (The company behind Neptunia) published the VNs for Date A Live. Devil Survivor 2 - I remember that I make a note on demon summoning cost because resummoning demon from Compendium is quite costly and I played this up to the early 7th day. Anyway for the anime, let's just say that the staffs got a bit creative in regard of rewriting and arranging some of the game plot points. That's all for what I can comment in regard of Spring 2023 anime here.
  7. Visual Novel Translation Status (10/09/2023) Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have both H2O and Anonymous Code I decided to change 'Sand' from H2O full title (H2O -Footprints in the Sand-) into 'Code', so we have 'Footprints in the Code' as the title. As for this week, I can say that it's an interesting one, especially with the fan translation has several releases. Other than that, we also have Anonymous Code in that it's the newest entry of Science Adventure series. Other than those two releases, we also have several release announcements. Anyway, let's see what I can write in regard of this week. Craftwork delayed their Geminism release to November 24th with their reason is they want to make the work in perfect condition or something like that. Sekai announced they'll release something on 22nd later, although it's just their little sister succubus nukige. Well, at least their backlog is decreased again. Shiravune announced that they got the license for Criminal Border after posting the very obvious hint with the picture of Meryl (One of Criminal Border heroine). For the info Criminal Border is the serial VN from Purple Software with the core staffs are the one who work on Nine, although unfortunately Tsubasu is not working with them but instead they work with the new artist (Not the usual Purple Software artist), so I can only say that I need to get used to the art in that I keep thinking so ever since Purple Software reveal it. Oh yes they already have the exact release date for the 1st part, and it'll be on November 14th later. We have a surprise release of the translation patch for the VN Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope in which it's Ryukishi07 VN with the Itaru Hinoue as the artist (Her art is not as bad as Koropokkur), and this time Ryukishi try to write four girls got trapped in a death game. The game master give two choice to the girls, in which they'll either see everyone or one of them dead. The other thing that I know is that it's quite underrated and it's only for console (PSV and Switch), so feel free to try the VN if you have the console and want to read more Ryukishi's work. For the updates, we have Tsuma Netori is at halfway edited, Haruka no Sora Kozue's route is at halfway translated along with the overall VN is past three quarter (77%) translated and TLC-ed, 1629 out of 2499 script files for Fate/Extra CCC are edited, and Akagoei 3 is at 52.04% translated. As for Majikoi A-5, it's the last part of Majikoi A and with this now Majikoi A is fully translated so good for Majikoi fans. I did mention that we would have H2O release in this month, although I didn't know if the translator would release it in last Friday. H2O is the VN from way back in 2006 with the anime adaptation available, and for the premise we have Takuma who is blind ever since his mother death move the rural village in order to allow himself to move onfrom his mother's death. In the village, he met the rude Hayame, the kind Hinata, and the mysterious Otoha, and Takuma somehow has his blindness gradually recovered the more he interact with the three heroines. Oh yes, the patch also translate the fandisc (Root after and another) with said fandisc add some more contents, such as the route for some side characters with one of said character is a trap (Interestingly enough the MC for the trap route is female, which to say is quite unique), and most prominently the some sort trial of Sakura no Uta that SCA-DI would have a lot of problem finishing it until 2015. Anyway get H2O if you want to play old VN from Makura which should be good as long you didn't expect another Subahibi or Sakura no Uta, and have fun. Lastly we have Anonymous Code released, and said work is the sixth game of Science Adventure series in which it had go through rewriting six times. It should also be mentioned that other than console it also available for PC, so at least you can play it if you have PC but didn't have the console. Oh yes it also has English dub, and from what I hear it's definitely far better than Taisho Alice dub lol (Although to be fair Somnium duology English dub are quite good). For the premise we have the world in 2037 still reeling after the disaster called Sad Morning in 2036, and one of the people who live in such world is Pollon who is well known hacker and has imaginary fiancee with the name Aizaki Momo. One day after his prank goes wrong, he find a girl with animal costume who has the same name as his imaginary fiancee was in problem. Seeing that Pollon is like to help someone, he decided to help Momo even though it may risk his life, if not for the gadget that allow him to do Save and Load (So yeah there'll be some Fourth Wall Break here) that he somehow gained. Go get Anonymous Code if you want the newest Science Adventure, and have fun. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.
  8. Maoyuu - Well it's like Spice and Wolf especially with the hero and the demon queen has same VAs as Lawrence and Holo respectively (Also with the talk of economy at the start of the story). That aside, the work here did challenge on hero's perspective when it come to save humanity, which the smart the demon queen would shown the hero it won't be simply to just beat the demon queen because turned out the economy for both sides are revolving around war. Oh yes, this series is quite unique in that the author didn't bother to give the name to the casts, but instead just called them as the class that they have. Love Live - The humble beginning of the big Love Live franchise, and this is created after they made several animated music video (MV). It should be noted that this is the third attempt of Bandai making the idol franchise after Idolmaster and Aikatsu, although it has difference in which it didn't have male manager or weekly concert, but instead it's just nine girls who banded together to save their school. It has 3D CGI for the dance, but at least it's better than Aikatsu early CGI. Oh yes since there's none of male, naturally GL fans have a lot of fun enjoying this and quite often ship some of the members. Kira-kira 5th Anniversary - This isn't really anime series with coherent story, but rather several songs from Overdrive VNs sang in the concert. So yes it's more or less 25 minutes MV that you can watch it in this link (No English sub though, but instead it has Chinese sub). DDPC - This time Toei decided to make every episode has some plot advancement along with making some change, although unfortunately the change manage to sour most of the audience. The reason is because Toei decided to make the new mid-season Precure from someone out of nowhere instead of someone that has been foreshadowed enough, and it's really telling that each Precure after this almost always will use the character that has been around since the beginning as the mid-season Precure (Even if it's not, there's always leak with Toei didn't dare to stray from it). That said, this is interesting Precure series if you didn't mind the controversy, and by the way I should mention that Nabatame voiced the pink Precure (Cure Heart) here. Da Capo 3 - The anime only adapt the Prologue instead of the main story which obviously won't even scratch the main story of the VN itself. Also the Prologue here is not really the real prologue of the VN (The real prologue was hidden as one of the side story), but instead just show the reincarnation of the casts in the main story. That said, the anime did manage to bring small Sakura into Prologue story even though she supposed to show up in the main story (As in she didn't appear in the Prologue). That's all for what I can write in regard of Winter 2013 anime here.
  9. Love Chuunibyou and Other Delusions - A story about a male (Yuuta) meet female (Rikka) who happen to be chuunibyou (Therefore have high imagination), which obviously would going to getting closer. Another thing to note is that Rikka's imagination is involving battle, which allow Kyoani to show their animation skill in battle scenes even though technically the scenes is not happening for real. Madoka Recap - The reason it exist is to allow the watcher to watch the series again, although the main reason is obviously because Shaft and it's director realized that Madoka have potential to gather the money, therefore they decided to milk by making the recap movie before moving on to the other things. Code Breaker - Initially it has female MC, although the author obviously wrote it from the time when Shonen manga MC is mostly male so the decoy female MC soon overshadowed by the true male MC. Anyway, no much to say other than the anime has fighting and all per usual 2000's Shonen series. Aikatsu - I like the first opening song Signalize, although as for the 3D dance let's just say that it's quite rough so much that my sister who watched it in around 2013 New Year can even see it (She just casually watch the anime for the info). For the anime itself, it's pretty much like Precure except the staff change 'fighting of the week' concept into 'performance of the week' concert. Admittedly Pretty Rhythm also does that, but at least it has some drama in the mix. Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal 2 - The continuation of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, and yes I forgot to mention that Yuma also has XYZ Extra Deck monster as his ace (Number 39 Utopia), although it's not as good as Stardust Dragon when it come to card for the tournament. Shin Sekai no Yori - I did wonder why there's GL tag even though I already know the anime is quite dark, and only by reading the manga I see why there's a GL tag along with the author tried to justify the scenes (Not really neccesary though). That said, the main focus is on how the casts will try to survive in their messed up world where ESP is treated as symbol of power. Little Busters - At first the fans has doubt whether JC Staff can do good job to animate it seeing that Kyoani did the good job to adapted all three previous KEY VNs (Also on how JC Staff did their best to make the infamous Tsukihime anime), and turned out they did the job quite well. For the first part, it adapt four out of six routes with JC Staffs save both of Yuiko and Rin routes (The latter for a very obvious reason) for the next part. Robotic Notes - It's pretty clear that MAGES hope that they can repeat Steins Gate success in anime adaptation, For the anime itself, at least the anime is quite faithful to the VN. Jojo - Obviously people watching this not because of the groundbreaking story (It's manga is from 1986 and the story is quite cliche by today or 2012 standard), but instead it's for the meme which to say quite handful. The anime here adapt the first two parts, because each manga is quite short with the first part only has 45 chapters which the staffs adapted into first 9 episodes. That said, it's quite important because it's established the hero villain relationship that will keep ongoing until the sixth chapter. Also with all of the manga are already finished long ago, at least you didn't need to worry for filler here. That's all for what I can write in regard of Fall 2012 anime here.
  10. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and your name remind me of fighting the boss with that name in Mana Khemia lol. Anyway quite straightforward introduction, so I'll just say that I hope you'll have fun in here as well.
  11. SAO - Gonna give a praise to the original, especially with the staffs going all out with the adaptation. That said, there's also controversial plot in the latter half with the author himself was embarrassed that he resort to wrote it. On the other hand though, the success of SAO mean more copy of it, and obviously some of the later isekai story based on SAO (Especially the MC in which they made it similar with Kirito as much as possible), which lead to the saturation of the story with isekai premise. On the other hand, at least isekai story didn't only focused with female MC like in the past. Kokoro Connect - I recall that I did some searching back when the translation project for the VN of it was happening, and what I found is bullying scandal to one of the VA which can be summarized as the joke goes too far resulting some shakeup in the middle of the series. Other than that, well it's about body switching between each casts before it got serious in later episodes. MLA Total Eclipse - The closest MLA anime that the fans got in 2014, and at least it expand the world of MLA so that age can making more of MLA works base on the setting. Oh yes, we have the VN version of it was just fully translated in last year. Koichoco - We have translation patch of this, and Nekonyan announced this with the plan to release it in this year (More like Hikari Field plan though). The anime did adapt Chisato route (Which make sense seeing that the player forced to play her route first in the original version), although it add some Satsuki backstory and the original villain. Lastly, the opening song of the anime is quite good. That's all for what I can write in regard of Summer 2012 anime here.
  12. Visual Novel Translation Status (03/09/2023) Because we have Norn9 FD with Nobuo Uematsu as one of the composer released and Nekonyan also announce the exact release date for Secret Agent, I figure that I make a parody for one of the most famous soundtrack that Uematsu have, specifically 'One-Winged Angel' which is very famous as the theme of the main villain for FF7 (And yes, in the past Uematsu is more known as the main composer of Final Fantasy), so we have 'One-Winged Agent' as the title, which somehow still fitting seeing that there's Agent archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh with each members themselves are the angels that represent the planets. Anyway, while Nekonyan announcement is interesting, overall I should say that this week is another below average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it. Aksys did release the fandisc for Norn9, and it's obviously the after stories for each of the routes in the main game. Other than that, it's just too bad there's no Steam release for English version of Norn9 while Idea Factory approved Steam release for Chinese version. Go play Norn9 FD if you want to see it's and obviously have Switch, and have fun. Once again Frontwing delaying the release for Sharin to September, and apparently the reason is because there's still some works left or something like that. Then again, Frontwing did have two (Relatively) major releases in last two months, so perhaps the delay is kind of make sense to a degree. As for the exact release date of Secret Agent, it'll be on 29th later so feel free to take note of the date if you want to play first translated ensemble VN. For fan translation, we have the QC work for H2O is finished, so all that's left is obviously working on what's left before finally released it, and since the translator targeting September release we may see it in the near future. For the rest of the updates, we have 1465 out of 2499 main scripts of Fate/Extra CCC are edited, Tsuma Netori is at 40% edited, ChuSingura is at 31.11% translated, Akagoei FD is fully edited, and Akagoei 3 is past halfway (50.03%) translated. We also have Aonatsu Line trial patch release, although since the translator is very honest so much that he admit that he used DeepL to learning the base of the dialogue, obviously it's no longer can be called as manual translation. At least I can just ignore this altogether now, seeing that I'm not exactly a fan of them working on Switch version instead of PC version even though I know the programmer can only work on Switch game. That's all for what I can week in regard of this week, and sorry for being short here. See you next week. PS - I know today we have Majikoi A-5 release along with Shiravune leaked a very obvious hint to their next announcement, although I'll talk about it in the next VNTS Review.
  13. If you're looking for some different art, maybe you can try Fata Morgana, although it should be noted that it's not really pure horror VN seeing that it's more like tragedy VN even though the second door is indeed quite creepy. Other than that, maybe Higanbana duology in which both VNs are not as lengthy as the other author works (Higurashi and Umineko). I don't know if you're already read those or not, but nevertheless I hope that my recommendations can be helpful to you.
  14. For VN of the Month, I would say that I chose Usonatsu in that it has nice art with the developer already proven themselves to make it ever since they worked on Sound of Drop (And Fatal Twelve). Other than it's nice art, honestly I don't know much about it except that the female MC may ended up with one girl with the other girls may form the second couple. Would like more GL VN with more than one heroine like Hakuai or Aoishiro, but it's nice that we got more GL VN after the boom was died down past 2016. About Harem x Shangri-La, well nice big boobs I suppose. I did wonder if the VN can be like Wagahigh in that turned out it has nice character routes, although looks like it's impossible to hope so seeing that the boob design for the heroines make Wagahigh boobs looks very small lol. In any case, apparently the ending has two types of harem ending, although then again HaremKingdom with reasonable boob size has five types of harem ending. At least the art is good if you can get past on how the boobs were drawn in exaggerating manner. That's all for what I can write in regard of August 2023 releases.
  15. Accel World is more or less like SAO, except the MC is being fat instead of slim. Lupin Fujiko Mine seems to deconstruct the Fujiko Mine character who often has work together with Lupin only to betray him, although in the end the deconstruction didn't last. For Saint Seiya Omega, Toei decided to hire HCPC artist which in turn make the characters resembled HCPC. AKB0048 is what would happen if the Macross creator decided to make an anime about AKB48, which of course he add space rebellion plot (At least the creator already have enough experience to combine idol and space war in previous Macross series). Medaka Box is like what happen if someone who has capability like Momoyo tried to find her purpose through helping anyone else. Lastly, Nyaruko-san is about the girl version of Nyarlathotep that usually depicted as the villains in any other works. Well, that's all for what I can comment in regard of Spring 2012 anime here.
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