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  1. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting, and also that's cute Chocola avatar there. I see that you're about to finish Rakuen there, so have fun (Also actually Phantom Trigger here is more like spin off, but if you want more Grisaia then feel free to try it). I hope that you'll have fun in here, and feel free to ask for more VN recommendations if you need it.
  2. Out of all Fall 1991 anime I only recognize Minky Momo in that it's the new universe from what I read somewhere, and also the one who was voiced by Hayashibara Megumi. Oh yes it also broadcasted in Indonesia, although I didn't manage to watch it fully unlike 1982 edition because of the TV's bad reception, and yes there's quite a number of broadcasted anime in Indonesia that I didn't get to watch because of the bad reception. Since I didn't watch it, I only know that Momo here is from the undersea kingdom instead of the outer space kingdom, and of course I don't know if she'll met her infamous
  3. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. I see that you like otome VN, so in case you need some otome VNs recommendations perhaps you can ask us here. Good luck in regard of your visual novel project, and I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.
  4. Considering that around the time when their announced the delay there are some high spike of COVID in Japan (Around 243,000 new daily cases in August 24th), I can see that one of their employee may caught the disease in the middle of production and thus evidently messed the work because the infected employee need to be isolated for at least two weeks. Anyway at least it seems the production process is already resuming seeing that everyone is fully recovered now according to this tweet, so hopefully they can release this on schedule if all goes well.
  5. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. I see that you like the VN from Makura/KeroQ, and while I agree that Subahibi it's good enough it's definitely has some flaws (I like the latter part of it even though some did say they prefer the beginning to middle part). I hope that you'll enjoy yourself in here, and also have fun in regard of Sakura no Toki that will be released on November 22nd later if you're already preordered it.
  6. As for 3x3, I only know that it has the manga that is licensed in Indonesia. For Tezuka Production, I should say that I like the coloring in Adachi and Shimamura anime (2020 GL anime for the info) even though they still not adapt the most important part of the story itself yet, and for the info from what I look they're mostly produced the anime that adapt the late Tezuka Osamu work (It's in the name after all, and their other works that I watch is Black Jack anime). As for NG Ramune anime, at least it's nice to see that it has midquel seeing that I only watch the prequel and the sequel because
  7. Well this is one of the unexpected news from JAST, although unfortunately I can't exact say that I welcomed the surprise here seeing that I can't exactly see on how the new version of it will improve the experience unlike Aoishiro (Besides graphical improvement and easy access to newer OS). In fact actually I expect (Or perhaps hoping) that JAST will release their remaining AX announcements in 2022 here, such as release both of Tokyo Hero Project or Gears of Dragoon 2, but it seems that it's still not the time yet so I'll wait for now. As for the VN itself, while I know that it has MC do
  8. Visual Novel Translation Status (18/09/2022) For this week VNTS Review title, since we have Houkago Cinderella C&D (Which to say it's not a good news for obvious reason) along with the announcement in regard of Akai Ito and Aoishiro HD version, I joined the word 'Cinderella' for the obvious reason along with 'Red' from Akai Ito (Translation note 1: Akai mean red) and 'Castle' from Aoishiro (Translation note 2: Shiro mean castle), so we have 'Cinderella of the Red Castle' as this week title. As for this week itself, seeing that there's the aforementioned Houkago Cinderella C&D alon
  9. I almost never pay attention to this section, and just now I noticed that there's Sekimeiya thread on this section which is quite ironic seeing that I mention it on my best rated translated VNs in 2021. Anyway my belated congratulation in regard of the release to the OP (If he read this message later), and it's nice to see that at least Sekimeiya here is quite well received compared to the other OELVN.
  10. Honestly I can say that Frontwing's dedication to fix the bug in regard of changing the resolution is very touching, especially when their more competent fellow company Ninetails refuse to do so in Gaia because they're too lazy to go through the technical difficulty to resize the resolution into 16:9 and only provided 4:3 resolution. Seriously speaking though, Frontwing here is obviously bite off more than they can chew seeing that the resolution change here should be the least concern when it come to finished product, and it's not like they can't just release it as it is seeing that we also h
  11. I only know that RG Veda here is the official debut manga for CLAMP, and it's obviously more dark compared to another well known CLAMP work Cardcaptor Sakura in which it's their lightest work. Also obviously the anime did rush the story, seeing that it just have 2 episodes. Oh yes RG Veda is also featured in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (CLAMP's attempt to do crossover work between their older works), although back when I watch it on Animax I obviously didn't understand know about it. Other than RG Veda, I have nothing to talk about this season, so that's all for my comment on Summer 1991
  12. From what I read Wizardry itself is a game that can be said as the source of all RPG element alongside Ultima, and most of Wizardry game are never localized which caused the fans to resort of fan translation in order to understand the text. Oh yes in here the player also need to draw the map, and it won't be quite easy to do seeing that there's a lot of traps and teleporter (Not to mention the enemies that can kill your party even if you're being careful). Atlus did try to made Etrian Odyssey in order to make a homage of Wizardry here by having the player to draw the map on the touch screen of
  13. From the moment I see the announcement of it, I can say that this is not what I'm interested with. That said though, I know there's fans of this game so obviously the release should be good for them. By the way in regard of the other VNs from TinkerBell (The company behind Inyochu), if someone ask what kind of VN from them that I want to see it localized, then I'll answer that I want Mugen no Sakura duology localized simply because it has magical girls as the main characters. I know that the reason for it is quite shallow, and besides it still has some disturbing sex contents anyway. Have fun
  14. Another update, although obviously it's not in regard of patch release here, but rather it's about the editing work in which apparently Irru got some extensive vacations so he projected that he might be finished the editing for both routes by the next month. Also the update on the website is listed as 'projected to be done around November', so we may see all works on Ginharu are finished by November, although whether it mean that there'll be Yuzuki's patch release on November or not (Or the release plan is still the same in regard of releasing the route patches separately) I don't really know,
  15. I just find out that it features the mascot character of Samurai Showdown itself, and as for my experience with SNK games (The company behind Samurai Showdown) it's basically zero because I've never play of it (I only know that they also produce King of Fighters game). No much to say here other than good luck with the project there.
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