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  1. Well on another Note: I can't imagine Kate Higgins doing C.C. justice. At least, acknowledge that this is a voice of a waifu lol. Seriously though, I don't think of Kate voice as hot sadly and I'm sure if we're to watch it in English, it would probably cut into my enjoyment of C.C. there. Kinda like how I don't like English Saber voice as they needed a real British Girl to be her voice or something to make her sound hot lol.
  2. Yoyo

    Dude you're not going to believe this but we share the same birthday Lmao.  I'm born the 4/7 too

    1. Zalor


      Holy shit really! That really is a huge coincidence :michiru:

  3. Good luck trying to find it legally as I didn't see it on the funimation network the last time I was on it. Fansubs on the other hand should no problems and I prefer the Japanese voices myself. In this case, I rather take a Lelouch that plays his role straight than have it be played hammy like they did in the English dub supposedly.
  4. I'm actually glad that you pointed out that The Britannian Empire is truly representative of the Imperial British Empire if it never ceased to be a super power. I admit to failing to see that in my analysis yet, I feel that Code Geass embraces the alternative history subject matter as to avoid the controversy of making the United States a true antagonistic force. In this case, I feel it was really creative to run the whole ten yards with the idea and make a thrilling story that at the same time feels very relevant to the time frame it was released in. Furthermore, I wouldn't mind di
  5. Preface: I love this picture from the Picture Dramas of Code Geass with everyone smiling and enjoying school life at Ashford academy. Even C.C. looks to be cheerful for once and it's probably because she finally got to be president of the Pizza club. I can't help but to show a smile on my face every time I see it. Truly, its such a sad dream of what never came to be. Long time no see everyone. I doubt that much of anyone missed me but I appreciate that you're taking the time to read this. I was asked by a friend, in real life, why I haven't written another thought piece in such
  6. I'm going start with a bit of correspondence before I get back to talking about Sayuri and how she relates to my now new experiences with Air. I want to say that, for me, Kanon was the anime that brought me back into anime as it came at a special time I moved back to my hometown though I'm sure I must have said this earlier elsewhere. The thing I may have left out, however, I was prior in a japanese culture rejection phase as I was really big into, at the time, western comics and animation. I'm sure it was fueled by my former home forum apathy towards stuff release here in the west a
  7. Before I start, I'd like to offer my own apologies in replying late too. In the meantime between your two posts (which I will reply to in the other thread in due time) I have written actually two analysis but just posted for Facebook. I wrote one for Nisekoi as at the time rumored to been ending soon and Code Geass which I had just finished. I haven't posted them here as it was more for my friends on Facebook to read but I plan to repost my Code Geass one here with some touch up. It was a great show btw and I wonder if you would read my analysis on that. The other reason for my del
  8. I first want to first off discuss the ending routes miracles a bit more in detail in relation to Ayu. It's Shiori route that she gives a genre-savy and slight 4th wall breaking dialogue to Yuuichi about how the life they can be living is a dream of someone. To quote her, "Like, somebody's dreaming about me, about us, and they can have one wish granted, anything. Only within the dream, obviously. Well, of course she couldn't just have a wish granted for no reason. Like, when she first started living in the dream world, she couldn't do anything but cry. But if she kept waiting in the drea
  9. Right after Sayuri says "This is my goal," she continues to explain to Yuuichi, "Sayuri has still a long way to go. Sayuri will do her best. So please, wait a little longer." I feel this provides ample evidence that she's acknowledging there is a problem and is reassuring Yuuichi who asked, "I can't replace Kazuya but, can you at least treat me the same?" Where I can see why you point out Sayuri is clinging to the past, there's evidence here that shows that, despite the three years she had with Mai, she's only barely still getting started. Of course it would seem like she's not letting go
  10. Before I begin, I like to first take a moment in offering my apologies in taking a long time to give you a response. I know it was in my analysis that you posted your thoughts but, I thought it would be more appropriate tell you my thoughts here on Sayuri x Mai dynamic first. Furthermore, the reason why I took so long to respond was that I really was mentally exhausted from writing back to back Analysis and review of Kanon (It was well over 8k words and probably 20 pages worth of material) that I needed a small break away from Kanon to decompress. With that said, here's my input. Fi
  11. You're not wrong but I mean the case of Moon's Haruka. She reminds if anything of Kaori in Kanon and the book 'One" kind of skips having a character like her. As for Makoto, She seems to me like if she was a more childish Nanase. That's my take though
  12. You're ahead of Me as I haven't read Air and I'm not even finish with Moon. Which reminds me, I feel I see a lack of Moon discussions and that book I feel is the most Raw Key novel ever. Like, it's the Anti key Feels lol. Like imagine all that sappy "Shot right through the Kokoro" and "Unlimited Feel Works" of all their stories then have it be flipside upside down to where you lose your faith in humanity lol. On another note, I feel it stands out too just because how modern the character tropes still feel from a story back from 1997. I suppose the concept of a tsundere was proba
  13. I feel Yui was the reason I was able to finish golden time as the scond half SUCKD big time and was such a disappointment being it was maker of Torodora. So Yeah, Anime does get better with just her presence. I should mention Though that it's her Tsundere B that's second to None as her Naru and Koko (Kaga? I forget the name from Golden Time) were prime examples of what I mean. On a side note, Had Monogatari (I'm actually really behind as I haven't watched Tsuki OR past that) let Yui be black cat mode for all conversations, she be best the best girl even with the likes of Ma
  14. To be fair in my case, it actually felt like homework of sorts as I had no motivation either but I'm big key Fan. I felt I should get a primary experience on all their works to better understand the stories they make. In This case, I really enjoy how their writing style evolves with each book they made. It's a world of difference in just comparing One and Kanon, for example, as Kanon I feel is the major label debut with a much more polish story and art. Where I still I like One's dating more and it's heroines, I feel Kanon is league's better with its refinement an
  15. The funny thing about Ayu is that whenever she got mad, I thought to myself, "Okay Hanekawa, Enough with the lecturing xD" as she's also the cat in Bakemonogatari. I actually much prefer though Yui in the role of Ayu as I love how sweet she is there while in Bake, I dislike how fake Hanekawa comes across though I suppose it's more the writing than Yui fault. Other than that, thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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