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  1. Hentai games

    In a Venn diagram counting releases (especially Japanese PC), "hentai games" and "visual novels" have a great deal of overlap. However, "hentai games" includes a variety of games without a narrative focus, including gameplay-focused titles and sex sims. These are more familiar to some audiences than visual novels. "Visual novels" include non-adult releases, especially in English. Which term is used also signals what is most salient or important to the speakers. To the casual onlooker, the presence of hardcore porn in this genre is more striking than the narrative format in use. To someone who doesn't appreciate the narrative format or is ambivalent about it, there's little reason to emphasize it (except to distract from the adult content). From my perspective, whether the games contain porn or not, it is striking that the vast majority in this genre focus on the interaction of the protagonist with pretty girls (or guys). Given that, whether the games contain porn or not is almost a technicality.
  2. Textractor Simple Setup

    I'm going to dismiss the rude implications of this comment as a lack of English mastery / ignorance of the toxic stereotypes about text hooking. My point is that there's no rule that you have to use the same tool to hook the text and manipulate it. A tool that does both may seem a simpler solution, but compatibility is the main priority for a text hooker. You're going to end up using a different text hooker to solve a compatibility issue at some point, especially since Textractor is no longer being actively developed. Meanwhile text manipulation tools are relatively stable (though online lookup, such as for machine learning approaches, needs regular upkeep or it breaks). Separating the text hooking and text manipulation components is useful because it frees you up to find the best tool for each task. I've used 6 different text hookers over the years since the dawn of VN text hooking around 2004, but Translation Aggregator has served me well for about 12 years now.
  3. Anime Expo News Replacements

    I'm with Clephas here. Hypno is a great choice. Even if they had to change the title to evade the censors.
  4. Textractor Simple Setup

    I prefer to use Textractor to hook the text and Translation Aggregator to display, since Translation Aggregator can display furigana and do mouse-over word lookup using MeCab and JParser. Machine translation alone just isn't sufficient to understand every line. At best it's good for superficially skimming the general theme of a scene. Sometimes that's enough, but sometimes not--especially at the start of a game, when you don't understand much about the characters and setting. Translation Aggregator can also display machine translation, though I haven't compared the options available (and working) vs. other tools. It works with ATLAS, which is all I've ever used.
  5. If you're just making tools to alter text (i.e., you're not going to release something aimed at end-users), then this is a non-issue. You mentioned you have very little programming experience, so I assumed your main skill set was translation.
  6. Escude is working with two different publishers simultaneously. https://vndb.org/v14520 And these are just the ones that have been publicly announced.
  7. What is your least favorite type of route plot?

    Many VNs are NOT romantic by nature, or at least they're not focused on romantic choice, yet they feel pressure to conform to the convention of having multiple love options. Princess Waltz is illustrative: the game is pretty focused on one particular heroine, yet at the end a throwaway H-scene is tacked on with a heroine of your choice. This type of route structure often doesn't have obvious cues in the premise. There's also the type of game you're referring to: a good example would be the Cation series. They ARE focused on romance, but there's not any meaningful conflict or dramatic tension. This is more likely to be indicated in the premise.
  8. What is your least favorite type of route plot?

    My least favorite route plot? That would be where the route has no dramatic tension and is just a vehicle to deliver H-scenes or other "feel-good" fluff. A lot of games just tack "routes" on to check a feature box and don't feature any meaningful divergence from the main plot.
  9. Escude is actively releasing games in English. Why not work on a title unlikely to see an official release? Alternatively, you could approach English publishers and see if they'd hire you to translate this, in which case the hacking/insertion would probably be done for you.
  10. Meta - Addressing Fuwanovel Forum Issues

    I think the community in general has fragmented. It's still there, but it's spread across Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and other places for unstructured discussion, in addition to the many forum alternatives such as Steam, VNDB, and Reddit. As others have pointed out, fan translation is accounting for a smaller proportion of releases, and as a fan translation hub Fuwanovel is thus losing its ability to draw new members. To stay relevant, Fuwanovel would have to eke out a new niche, something that distinguishes itself from the many alternatives. I do think that forums are steadily losing ground to alternatives, especially Discord and Twitter. These are far more frictionless for new users, as they allow you to interact with many different communities with a single registration, and you can participate without needing to organize your thoughts or have any subject matter knowledge. The small cliques that form on such platforms are also often more comfortable since these platforms enable users to congregate with likeminded people and avoid people they disagree with. It's more difficult to do this on a forum, which usually draws a more diverse community (if it's large enough to sustain activity to begin with).
  11. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Where I'm living we're entering lockdown. My employer told me to stay home (with pay), my complex closed all the common areas and the office isn't conducting face-to-face meetings anymore. All this and the number of reported cases in my area is still in the single digits.
  12. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Influenza is unstable on surfaces. It lasts for only a few minutes on the skin, which means there's much less opportunity for hand-to-face transmission. Meanwhile SARS-CoV-2 appears to last for hours or days on many surfaces. It can survive suspended in the air for hours. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/covid19-days-surfaces-experiment-findings/story?id=69569397 Since it can spread without symptoms, anything except a proactive quarantine isn't terribly effective. This allows for sudden spikes in regional death tolls without a high infection-fatality rate, and also explains why it's so dangerous for the elderly--by the time it starts killing people, the general community has already been exposed.
  13. Coronavirus discussion thread

    The Diamond Princess quarantine represents a unique social experiment, as we have a population that was thoroughly tested and thus where we know both the total infected as well as the total dead. 5 weeks after the start of the outbreak, 7 had died. A total of 619 were infected. This allows us to compute a fatality rate of 1.1%. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-03-07/diamond-princess-passenger-dies-bringing-ships-death-toll-to-seven-nhk https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/quarantine-on-covid-19-cruise-ship-may-have-led-to-more-infections https://cmmid.github.io/topics/covid19/severity/diamond_cruise_cfr_estimates.html But this is an overestimate for the general population, since the ship's population skewed elderly. Adjusting for this puts the estimated death rate in the (Chinese) general population at ~0.5%, which is more deadly than the seasonal flu ( ~0.1%), but not "100x" so. Note that all the deaths observed in this particular sample were in people aged 70+.
  14. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Some experts are predicting that this infection will become endemic--that is, a large proportion of the population will be exposed sooner or later. If you're in a susceptible population, this infection is dangerous. So is the seasonal flu (which has a staggering death toll each year). But normally our health system is equipped to handle the seasonal waves (we also have vaccines for the flu that provide a degree of protection). The danger here is less the threat of infection and more the rate of infection--as well as the behavioral and social consequences of fear.