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  1. The accuracy rate for dictionary words appears to be >90% [1]. What aspects of text hooking are useful to you likely stems from your own language knowledge. Clephas learned spoken Japanese first, so his main obstacle with reading VNs initially was linking written words to his extensive verbal vocabulary. That would likely be the main challenge for natives as well. For most of us, the dictionary aspect is far more useful than furigana because pronunciation is not necessary to extract meaning. In addition, claiming that dictionary lookup is more "accurate" than furigana parsing i
  2. Subverse is an ambitious cinematic gameplay erogame that blends visual novel dialogue, SHMUP and grid-combat gameplay, and animated ero. Sanahtlig's Corner: Subverse, Adult gaming goes mainstream
  3. I still maintain (as on VNDB) that you're probably better off with Textractor + DeepL, maybe paired with ATLAS.
  4. I'm a bit wary that the release will fail to live up to my expectations (e.g., not 18+, somehow censored, destined for release in 2025), but I'm cautiously optimistic.
  5. So even my alter-ego burned out? There's something vaguely nihilistic about watching successive generations burn brightly and then be snuffed out by the ravages of time. It's like watching the community slowly approach heat death.
  6. Yes, I'm pretty sure Mikan refers to herself as "Mikan" in her own dialogue. It's a trope often used to portray childishness/immaturity. You should be able to hear it in the dialogue, no?
  7. Nitroplus's games are probably the closest you'll get in English. Take a look at Saya no Uta and Demonbane. A Clockwork Ley-Line from Unison Shift is also a good fit. Black Cyc and 3rdEye also have some titles that qualify. I've combined the "heroine with a gothic look" and "loli heroine tags" to pull up a list of other titles on VNDB: https://vndb.org/v/all?q=&fil=tag_inc-154~527.tagspoil-0.plat-win&rfil=&cfil=&s=rating&o=d The "vampire heroine" tag also tends to give results with goth lolis (including the rare and precious immortal loli): https://vndb.org/v/a
  8. The search function in Textractor is underappreciated. Good work highlighting and explaining it. You might consider expounding on it in the text though.
  9. You clearly underestimate the desperate ingenuity of the language corsair if you think such petty tricks can get between a man and his porn.
  10. For the sake of spiting Zakamutt, I put this through DeepL machine TL: (I didn't want to give any help to auto-translation users, so I wrote this in small complicated Japanese. If you don't allow it, please erase the entire post) This may be a phenomenon that occurred when the system's calendar doesn't rotate in the Japanese order. If you can fix it in the Windows system settings, you can get the text. I've seen something like this before. I've seen something like this before. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  11. I don't know how you expect to hook text that doesn't exist. Does this problem only occur when Textractor is running?
  12. Blindly downloading and installing things without understanding what you're doing is probably the source of the issue. Post a screenshot of your dictionaries directory. It should look similar to this: https://i.imgur.com/3lggOvm.png If the edict2 dictionaries are much larger than mine, they're compressed, or you have other dictionaries in the directory, that's probably your issue.
  13. Tay just misses the exhilarating adventure of being first mate of a pirate ship leading a FuwaFabulous experiment to free the world from intellectual property. If only he could return to those days and relive them.
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