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  1. But what's the point of referencing French revolutionary history if it's just going to be another slice-of-life school setting...? Where's the chaos, cult of personality, grandiose dreams of empire, bold military maneuvers and conquest?
  2. Wow, Softhouse Chara and then GIGA. The titans of gameplay eroge are falling one-by-one.
  3. Is Gore Screaming Show a moege? Discuss.
  4. Do Western users actually play VNs on consoles? Is that where the majority of the Western fanbase is at?
  5. You might consider giving AI-generated art a try. https://lunarmimi.net/mimi-art-tips/6-mind-blowing-ai-art-generators-for-anime-artist/
  6. Wow, sounds like a mess. I can overlook some of these issues, but these are pretty critical: I assume the game-breaking crash at the end will be fixed. These issues probably won't be, as there's no way they weren't noticed during testing. Not sure how they thought the game could be released with critical features broken or missing. I wonder if the skip function breaking is related to edits made to text in one part of the script that weren't properly carried over to duplicate text in other parts (resulting in previously read text not being flagged as already read). That would suggest either that their scripting code is spaghetti, or the edits were sloppy. I've seen this happen with old saves in serially updated Patreon games, where script and save versions don't match.
  7. I'm playing Yakuza 0 (on Steam) and there's literally a side-story where a ring of high school girls (led by a bully) are selling their used underwear. There's another side-story where an elementary schooler solicits the adult main character to be his girlfriend, and says she'll "give him her precious thing". And yet another where some punks try to sell a mother and her elementary-school child into prostitution. So, uh, yeah. Keep in mind: Sony NA is giving some of these titles a pass, while Valve isn't. So yes, Valve being stricter than Sony--while simultaneously carrying actual porn--is headline-worthy.
  8. It's already happening. Check out Being a DIK, for example. You've got professional production values and a thoroughly engrossing story combined with considerable player choice and interactive elements. The ero is pretty good too. And you get all of the above without the tiresome tropes and tedious writing that are endemic to JVNs.
  9. I've been getting mixed messages about Shiravune as a English localizer/publisher. On one hand, many of their early releases were professional quality. On the other hand, I've heard that quality in their later releases has been inconsistent--they seem to have partnered with many different contractors of varying competence to increase throughput and reduce costs. Then there's the censorship: they've done some very weird things like censoring a shota protagonist out of the HCG.
  10. I tried Sugoi Translator (Offline) recently and was impressed by the strides made recently in machine-learning enhanced JP -> ENG translation. My friend and I independently checked the translation accuracy of the latest offline translation model (3.3) in two different titles. We agreed that accuracy has reached the point that those with some JP knowledge can use it as an alternative to dictionary lookups or for speed reading. Subject/object confusion is still a major problem and therefore we aren't quite at the point where it's safe/recommended for those with no JP knowledge. I ran some comparisons with DeepL and found Sugoi Translator (3.3 model) to be comparable to DeepL for VNs. Sugoi Translator has several significant advantages over DeepL: Can be run on the host computer with low translation latency (<1s) when properly configured. Optimized for VNs, and can recognize and translate odd speech patterns used by anime characters. Freeware with no rate limits. No online connection required. Doesn't spontaneously break all the time because you were blacklisted or the server API changed. The tool however is non-trivial to properly configure and will require some persistence and resourcefulness to fully optimize (e.g., update the model, use CUDA, and seamlessly incorporate into a workflow). Documentation is scattered and updates are frequent and not automatic, and therefore many users are probably using a non-optimized version. I'm sufficiently satisfied with Sugoi Translator that it's replaced ATLAS in my workflow. Until now I've found statistical machine translation alternatives either too unreliable (Google Translate) or too unwieldy (DeepL), but Sugoi finally convinced me that real progress has been made.
  11. The accuracy rate for dictionary words appears to be >90% [1]. What aspects of text hooking are useful to you likely stems from your own language knowledge. Clephas learned spoken Japanese first, so his main obstacle with reading VNs initially was linking written words to his extensive verbal vocabulary. That would likely be the main challenge for natives as well. For most of us, the dictionary aspect is far more useful than furigana because pronunciation is not necessary to extract meaning. In addition, claiming that dictionary lookup is more "accurate" than furigana parsing is not necessarily meaningful (words having meaning, right?). How would we assess accuracy? We'd look up the word and see if the right definition is somewhere in the list. Seems straightforward, but try this for 掛かる. This has exactly one reading, but 14 different definitions in EDICT. Just because the right definition is somewhere in there doesn't mean Beginning Language Learner A will be able to pick out the right one, or in any sort of expeditious manner. I can throw an unindexed 2000-page dictionary at you and say it's "100% accurate" because it contains every known definition for every word--but is that meaningful if you can't find what you're looking for? At least with furigana readings, the software attempts to pick out the right one rather than shove the entire burden on the language learner.
  12. Subverse is an ambitious cinematic gameplay erogame that blends visual novel dialogue, SHMUP and grid-combat gameplay, and animated ero. Sanahtlig's Corner: Subverse, Adult gaming goes mainstream
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