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  1. Let me guess, your forum?

    Reddit is mainly useful for news. It's hard to even have a discussion on Reddit these days because interesting (read: controversial) comments tend to get downvoted and hidden. Excessive moderation and even blacklisting are also problems. The life of any given topic tends to be less than 1-2 days, leaving only a small window for participation. Fuwanovel is more focused on discussion and community. It hosts a diversity of opinions and there's less pressure to conform to an established consensus. The blog section offers an opportunity to follow individuals and stake out your own space for expression. The more interesting topics tend to generate ongoing discussions that continue for several days or weeks. As for myself, I follow industry trends and play eroge, especially untranslated gameplay titles. I'm probably best known for my coverage of censorship issues.
  2. It’s my Fuwaversary! Q&A πŸ˜ƒ

    As an aspiring developer, what types of VNs do you think best appeal to Western fans? Are there specific elements or focuses that might increase appeal? What role do you think marketing has in the success of a title? Should new developers like yourself invest resources in marketing, publicity, and community engagement, or should they leave that to publishers and sales platforms and focus on making games?
  3. This doesn't feel like a serious attempt to promote the project. On the other hand, Doddler's retweet was probably helpful.
  4. They'd simply file chargebacks. Credit card company policies heavily favor the consumer. I suspect Sol Press won't actually collect $85k here (minus any BackerKit income). But the real backers will be charged and it should be close enough to what was needed that Sol Press will benefit from any fake pledges.
  5. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    I find it ironic that even their closing message to fans is from behind a firewall that blocks foreigners.
  6. What sort of publicity has Sol Press done outside of Kickstarter? Have they made any attempt to reach out to users who weren't already following them and this project?
  7. Don't use Google Translate or similar statistically-driven translation algorithms to play visual novels. You want to use a rules-based translator that translates predictably (even if it's wrong), not a guesslation. Meta-knowledge--knowing what you know, and what you don't--is important when faced with unreliable information. Statistical translations often remove the metadata--the messy grammar and such--that cue you in when the machine translator is messing up. If you know the translation is wrong, you can use context to fill in the gaps. If not, you'll just end up more confused. Also, rules-based translators have predictable quirks that you'll eventually learn. As for context, you're going to need it whether you're reading the Japanese or a machine translation. The machine translation doesn't need to incorporate the context necessarily because there's always a human reading it. What's important is that it doesn't assume the wrong context, or that the human can identify when the context is wrong and fill it in appropriately.
  8. What snacks do you like to eat while reading a VN?

    I don't snack between meals. Every time I eat or drink something that isn't water, I have to brush my teeth. Though even without that restriction, I always preferred a regimented eating routine.
  9. Screenshots 3,4,7 read like nonsense. A large part of this may be lack of context (they chose the screenshots, not me), but the Japanese in screenshot 3 contains no mention of sighing, 4 refers to herself and not the listener, and I have no idea where "side effect of intense aggression" came from in 7. Could be censorship of a reading of η››γ‚Š, which is sexual. The English in 7 in particular is an incoherent mess of sentence fragments. I'll leave it to people who've played the Japanese version to untangle the mess of puns and fill in what these lines are actually supposed to mean.
  10. The marketing materials could have been translated by a different team, been held to a more relaxed time schedule, or received more review. As far as evidence hierarchy goes: Random scenes from the main game > demo > screenshots > other marketing materials If the screenshots are poorly translated, that's more likely to be representative of the game's translation than character profiles and such. At least they're selling the game in Japanese so you can ignore the English translation completely if you want.
  11. Even with the original Japanese I can't decipher multiple screenshots. The translations are definitely not right, but without context I can only guess what they're supposed to mean. It's similar to the bewilderment of walking into a casual conversation at a random point, where the subject matter is cloaked by ambiguous pronouns and references known only to them. The lines I can decipher are superficial and tell us nothing about the characters or setting. Screenshots are supposed to be carefully chosen to highlight selling points and themes--not randomly chosen. It makes you wonder if they even played the game they're selling.
  12. Random VN: Eien no Aselia

    Last I heard, the rights for the franchise were sold to the writer since the new game was announced, and the project is very likely dead.
  13. If your main goal is to widen the selection of visual novels you have access to, buying a new platform is a poor way of going about it. Instead, you should be text-hooking PC VNs and playing them in Japanese. There's a handful of PS Vita-only VNs in English, whereas there's literally thousands of PC VNs that are available in Japanese but not English. More generally, if you can't think of at least 5 games you'd buy right now if you had a given platform, it's not worth investing in. Multiply that by at least 2 if the platform is at the end of life.
  14. Eushully's fantasy world

    But the first Ikusa Megami was released in 1999, while the first Venus Blood came out in 2007.
  15. Power over what? What? If you can't "control your fanbase" you're not all that powerful, are you?