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  1. Eushully's fantasy world

    But the first Ikusa Megami was released in 1999, while the first Venus Blood came out in 2007.
  2. Power over what? What? If you can't "control your fanbase" you're not all that powerful, are you?
  3. Sorry, all we have are the vague memories of those who participated, as far as i know.
  4. Choices are usually in a different text thread. Sometimes tooltips (e.g., in gameplay titles) are too. If not, you can typically look up the text for both of these in a JP walkthrough. Buttons themselves will usually be graphics, and thus are unhookable, but typically you can find out what they do by trial and error or by reading tutorials.
  5. Uncensoring through neural networks

    The most advanced neural network known to science is the human brain, and it can reconstruct images nearly instantly using the power of imagination.
  6. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Sterilizing content for consoles will just push people towards PC. This segmentation of content targeted at adults vs. a general audience already exists in the Japanese market. Sucks if you own a console, but for PC gamers this just makes it more likely that the games you want to play will be available on Steam. Given that PC games are usually cheaper than console games, are more likely to get deep discounts, and don't require investment in fixed-function hardware, that's a net positive. If Sony wants to shift away from adult gaming, then my response is, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."
  7. Could've mitigated this problem by routing the funds through JAST. I complained about the the transactions being in yen when I saw the first draft of the Kickstarter page. My bank also flagged the transaction but sent me a notice rather than automatically rejecting it.
  8. Staggered by fan backlash over its censorship of President Yukino, Kagura Games has partnered with JAST and MangaGamer to provide uncensored releases. Kagura Games commits to uncensored releases after fan backlash
  9. I know some users get very upset when a translated line doesn't match the voices. Others don't really care as long as it makes sense and the conversations are coherent and consistent. Still others fixate on how terminology is translated and get very passionate about it, even begging their boss on their hands and knees to let them translate a term a given way.
  10. If I wanted to study the issue systematically, I'd probably break down the issue into its components and individually assess these. For example: Literal accuracy (Is that what this line means?) Contextual accuracy (Was the context correctly conveyed? Did the translator understand the source material, inspiration, or cultural references?) Flow (Do sentences read well to an English native? Do the words and ideas trip over each other, confusing the reader or encouraging the reader to skim rather than read? Does the writing avoid useless repetition?) Style (Does the writing style match the setting? Are character quirks captured well? Are honorifics deployed in accordance with the user's expectations?) Spelling/grammar You'll probably find that readers have different tolerances for shortcomings in each component. In some cases, users may actually have opposing ideas on what is even "best".
  11. The localization of Saya's Song was impressive. If the game didn't have Japanese voices, you could easily believe it was originally written in English.
  12. Your poll is fine for what it is, but I would take caution in the interpretation of the results. Your descriptions pigeonhole users in very obvious ways into the current top-ranked choice. You're not actually gauging what people think, but what YOU think (which is also interesting, to be fair). Also, I know this didn't take you 5 min because it took longer than that to read it.
  13. I don't see an option for an excellent writer (great editing?) with an elementary/intermediate understanding of Japanese. Mastery of the target language is more important for translation than command of the source language. The worst manual translations are often made by Japanese natives. The translations are correct but aren't something anyone except the diehard fans would want to read.
  14. The trial released with the KS was lightly edited. Some problematic lines were changed while others were not changed at all. Ryechu even admitted that he did an additional pass later and this didn't make it into the demo.
  15. At the risk of committing myself to reviewing the demo TL, I would say TL accuracy is not necessarily the main concern, based on what I've seen of Fateburn's writing. As an editor, would I want access to the original JP? Absolutely, and I typically did ask for this when consulted.