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  1. Lamunation Release

    That's outright bizarre that they'd charge so much for the engine license that it's more economical to just port the game to a different engine. So much of the eroge industry seems to operate in a Bizarro World that defies common sense.
  2. Spoken as a true Dead Apostle of the ancient Fuwa ways. What is dead may never die!
  3. Have you tried Textractor as an alternative to VNR?
  4. It looks like the main updates are custom tags/filtering, more elaborate privacy settings, and a new field for personal notes?
  5. Unfortunately, risk of disappointment--or even project implosion--is part of the crowdfunding experience. Never back more than you're willing to see disappear with nothing to show for it. Don't back companies you don't trust. Don't back with any expectation of timelines being met or delays being properly communicated. Companies have no obligation to refund your money if you aren't satisfied. If you have concerns about any of the above, you shouldn't be pledging in the first place. That said, clearly Sol Press is in pretty dire straits if a few thousand dollars is more important to them than their company's reputation. It sounds like their main concern right now is stopping the bleeding rather than long-term health.
  6. Texthooking issue, ITHVNR, ITH

    Try this H-code. I found it by searching the game's JP name on Google: "母三人とアナあそび agth". http://www.vnr.cn/a/163.html /HSN0*28@E8714:mother3.exe
  7. Arunaru not working anymore with mangagamer

    I don't know what you did but you broke the Internet.
  8. What to license It's a basic supply and demand problem. What's available, how much it costs to sell, how much you can expect to sell at what price. The best deal isn't necessarily the most-wanted title. Licensing Mosaics can be a major sticking point. Some companies don't want to release an ero version overseas at all. Timeline The process goes at the rate of the slowest step. In many cases, this is the interface between the JP dev and the English localization team. God help you if you encounter problems that only the devs can fix, and they see your project as their lowest priority (typical).
  9. Mangagamer and Minori News(?) to be announced soon

    Oh, I'll take a guess! MangaGamer will start developing games using minori's IPs, and minori will sell them! With the power of friendship, they'll do together what they failed to do alone!
  10. The problem with reviews and reviewers

    I justify this as a desire to promote games that might not be on peoples' radar, or that they might not have seriously considered. Why spend time and effort promoting that which has already been extensively covered elsewhere, especially if my perspective doesn't bring anything new to the table? Does that generate value for my audience? As a novelty seeker, I'm often interested in the games people AREN'T playing, and giving them reasons they should. Conversely, I don't write too many negative reviews, because why would I choose to spend my time writing reviews about games I didn't like?
  11. This seems backwards. As people progress in their careers, their income tends to grow (more money, not less). A work of fiction's target demographic tends to correlate with its protagonist (high school settings with a straight male protagonist would be aimed at young males). More likely: Eroge appeal to young males. As the market has matured, its initial base has grown older and drifted away for various reasons--including moving on in their career (less time) and that THEY'RE the ones less interested in high school settings and writing aimed at young males. Meanwhile, the younger generation has less disposable income these days, a phenomenon that isn't limited to Japan. Many of them spend their time on mobile, consoles, or on social media, and may not even have a PC for personal use. Those who have a PC and game on it have a growing library of Western alternatives to play (e.g., on Steam).
  12. Should be similar to Valve's cut: ~30-40%. Keep in mind the expense of running a digital shop is not trivial. By cutting retail out of your operation entirely, that's a significant savings in time, effort, and money--especially if you're just going to suck at it anyway.
  13. I'm not sure how a business like this can keep going when they stop selling the vast majority of their lineup for months at a time, and even delay new releases because they're fixated on release on their (broken) store or not at all. Japanese devs have gone under for less. Meanwhile the likes of Sol Press are struggling just to get by, even without such levels of dysfunction.
  14. Why Visual Novels?

    The unique draw of VNs is ero with context--often a little ero and a lot of context. You don't really find this in other mediums of porn, especially outside Japan.