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  1. Effort is important. Correcting typos is quick and easy. Rewriting lines is time-consuming and hard (and often thankless). If you hire an editor and (under)pay them by the word--regardless of the quality of their work--expect them to do as little work as possible.
  2. Please help me to decide which Laptop Fan

    Spend $150 to fix the problem, then remember to buy a desktop PC next time so the fix costs $10. If the original fan failed, it might not be a very good fan. If you're going to spend $150 to fix this, you might as well spend an extra $10 to make sure the fix is permanent. I use fluid bearing fans for their quiet operation and durability.
  3. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Kanji are not exactly the barrier they used to be, now that instant lookup is just a mouseover away. Learning Japanese is hard, but kanji is not the main barrier. If anything, the disparate sentence structure and embedded ambiguity are the biggest obstacles to casual learners and machine translation. Contractors are bound by nondisclosure agreements. Given that SP has very carefully withheld information on the topic, they're not going to watch and let their contractors subvert the company line. The problem with waiting until a title is mostly done to announce it is that fan translators could start a project and then refuse to stop (because of sunk costs). A project announcement is also a stake in the ground.
  4. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I didn't. I tried Gold back before the 18+ version of Eiyuu Senki was released in English. My experience with Gold left me with little reason to go back and try the original.
  5. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Eiyuu Senki Gold's setting was generic and the dialogue was the same tedious comic banter seen in every moe comedy released in the past 10 years. After trudging through that, I encountered a simplistic battle system that left me with no motivation to continue. The entire experience screamed "generic".
  6. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I tried Eiyuu Senki Gold. I couldn't make it past the prologue. Yamizome Revenger is decent, but the battles can get repetitive (since your goal isn't to defeat them, but rather to drag out the battles for maximum corruption increase), while the school life parts are pretty episodic and dull.
  7. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    The VN I dropped the quickest was an NTR game by Material called Boku Igai no Otoko o Shiranai Kanojo. It wouldn't work in Windows 8/10 and they never bothered to patch it (even though Windows 8 released the same month). I also dropped Kimi ga Nozomu Eien fairly quickly due to the constant crashing. I imagine that technical issues are the leading cause of games being dropped within the first hour.
  8. I responded to a particular point of the OP's, taken from a section of his post dedicated to lolicon--discussion of which is indeed forbidden. Each of my responses after that was on the same subject. If you want to talk in generalities or about related topics, go ahead.
  9. First of all, Hata is not me. Second, the discussion of the subject is literally forbidden here. I can talk in generalities about it, but what's the point? The "serious discussion" the OP claims to want simply can't happen here. The End.
  10. Back in the day when Fuwa banned discussions of loli content--provoked by a thread I created. You can read my allegory of that affair, along with a link to what's left of the discussion, in the FuwaHistory thread. Essentially, Tay himself stepped in and decided that the discussion was over. Threats of reporting Fuwanovel to Interpol may or may not have been involved.
  11. Just wanted to reiterate this. I tried to have this discussion back in the day. I was shut down. Reflection was obviously not the priority at the time. Though it doesn't seem to me like you want to "reflect" or have a "discussion". You want others to agree with you. You want those who disagree to be marginalized. And you're leaving because this isn't a battle--what else is it?--you think you can win. Yet here you are, continuing the fight even when you decided that your battle is over. If you want to talk only with people who agree with you, then create a private Discord channel and invite your friends. It'll be a lot less stressful--and probably a lot less interesting.
  12. cross days error

    There's likely some sort of font problem. Do the usual changing of all relevant settings to Japanese. I played this without changing my system language, so you can rule that out.
  13. Sekai Project implied that there was nothing they could do about the issue from their side. That's interesting that the JP side was willing to revisit it after all this time. I wonder what changed their mind.
  14. Opinions on localizing/translating Visual Novel titles

    Seems like it's common nowadays to combine parts of the Japanese title with an English subtitle so both fans and newcomers can easily identify it. One of the most important aspects of a title is its SEO; if the title uses a common phrase, it becomes hard to find related content in search engines. Throwing in some simple Japanese or abbreviation of Japanese helps to make it more unique and memorable.
  15. Visual Novel Steam Sales Declining?

    While this may be true, the English market still has room to grow; we're not yet at the saturation point where everyone who would be interested in VNs is buying them. The Japanese market is. Localization costs are also much lower than producing original content, making it far easier to turn a profit reliably. Also, the explosive success of the Subverse Kickstarter shows that there's a great latent demand for gameplay eroge that exceeds even well-loved VN franchises like MuvLuv. I expect the largest growth in the English market will be in gameplay eroge rather than pure VNs. It remains to be seen whether Japanese devs will be able to capture this market, but their record to date doesn't inspire much confidence.