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  1. VNR is back online!

    You mean ITHVNR?
  2. Visual Novel Translation Machines. Help.

    Hooking is game-specific. If you're just starting out, try a game that has a known working hook first.
  3. The most accessible visuals novels to a Western audience will be cheap, interactive, and/or feature gameplay. We're starting to see more interactive fiction games, but Western developers typically don't have the budget or skillset to release titles that match the production values of the Japanese, where VN-making is an established professional industry. Where Western developers have the advantage is in cultivating a supportive fanbase, networking, and marketing/publicity.
  4. The next round of Ninetail Prefundia replies has arrived. Buried within is a surprising revelation! http://prefundia.com//projects/view/test/16225/#disqus_thread
  5. Discord Server - Visual Novel Info Hub

    Most importantly, the Discord server has a dedicated Venus Blood Frontier channel that's actively observed by Ninetail and used as a focus group to assess fans' reaction to new ideas. A JAST representative is active there as well, so it's fun trying to claw information out of him.
  6. Something with evil route ?

    I recommend VN-SRPG Venus Blood Frontier. The protagonist is a cold, calculating half-demon seeking to conquer the lands of humans, and corruption is a major theme. He wins through cunning rather than brute strength, and mid-game it splits into Law (anti-hero) and Chaos (villain) routes. Ninetail is currently trying to fund a translation of this, and hopefully other games in the series.
  7. There's been quite a bit of activity in the Prefundia comments section over the past 24hrs. Everyone interested should check it out and upvote deserving comments.
  8. Regarding concerns about self-editing or lack of it in the prologue demo: If Ninetail's translator didn't find time to edit a couple hours worth of promotional materials to help the campaign, priorities are HIGHLY unlikely to change when the campaign is funded, the incentive to impress disappears, and the scope of the job multiplies by 50x. Ninetail's translator will always be busy, and there will always be higher priorities than polishing a translation that's already been paid for--like releasing the game sooner rather than later to fund its next game. Steam players won't care, so if backers don't hold them accountable, no one will. I have no doubt Ninetail's translator will try harder in the future, and the next gameplay trial might even be satisfactory. But in the big scheme of things, this isn't a problem one person can try-hard his way out of. The necessary resources need to be set aside, or it simply won't happen. A good editor is a lot cheaper than Keimaru seems to think. I talked to a source who HIRES editors for VNs, and he confirmed this. If Ninetail is looking for professional English editors that speak Japanese or are affiliated with a group that is based in Japan--and can respond to inquiries in Japanese--they're doing it wrong.
  9. Ninetail Director Keimaru responded to feedback on the Prefundia on Twitter, which I translated on my Twitter account with retweets linking back to the originals. I've aggregated the Tweets here, starting with this one. "Reception [of the Venus Blood Frontier Prefundia] has been generally favorable, but one request that has stood out is to add an editor to the team. We're currently examining this. "Ninetail's games truly have a ton of text and the cost of translation is no joke, making this a difficult situation. "Though I think the situation has changed considerably, a previous translation estimate for a certain Venus Blood title rang up at $300,000--just for the translation--and we gave up. For this campaign, that would work out to 75% of a $400k goal, and [would be] completely infeasible. "Like magic, we managed to reduce the cost by 2/3, so it's painful to start piling on more costs again. If the goal were $200k that would be one thing, but that seems like a pretty infeasible target. "But I do want to respond to users' expectations as much as possible. I think we've responded to almost every other request fans made of us with the Prefundia announcement. Adding this as a stretch goal is certainly one possibility, but right now I'm not sure [about contractual feasibility?]. We'll look into it."
  10. I'll just leave my feedback here since Prefundia may never get around to restoring my comment (which was marked as spam): Ninetail did a great job responding to fan concerns after the early info leaks: confirming an 18+ release on JAST, mosaic removal, and a free 18+ patch for the Steam version to be released same-day. Base goal seems reasonable and likely to be achieved. A gameplay trial (presumably released in time for the Kickstarter?) should win over SRPG lovers. $30 is VERY reasonable for a massive, complex game like this with high replay value. However, I do still have concerns: The project page seems rather "rough". The writing looks like the rushed work of one person without editing. I haven't played the demo yet, but I hear it suffers from similar issues. You really need a professional editor to raise this from "passionate amateur" to "competent professional" tier. There's so much love and care put into the original writing, and it's a shame to see it degrade in translation. At the very least, professional editing should be added as stretch goal #1. You mention that parts of the translation will be outsourced. To whom, and how much? What sort of quality can we expect? Can you give us a sample of their work or tell us what VNs they've translated? Honestly, I'd rather see professional editing and no TL outsourcing, especially with no samples of their work provided. Adding an editor to the TL workflow should increase both the speed and the quality of the translation. It's the industry standard method of localization. Even fan translations use editors, and they're generally easier to find than JP -> ENG translators too.
  11. Safe to buy from Denpasoft?

    Similar info in different contexts is not equally sensitive. If you found a picture of your wife (that you'd never seen) in a string bikini on her phone, you might not think much of it. If you found the same photo on your best male friend's phone, that slightly changes the interpretation. Though the risk of compromise might be the same in each situation (which may or may not be so), the consequences are not.
  12. Safe to buy from Denpasoft?

    Depends what you're trying to protect yourself from: casual hacks and software glitches, financial thieves, or government surveillance/investigation. The first requires only minimal precautions. The second is already covered by automated fraud detection, robust consumer protections, and easy deactivation of compromised cards. The third is nearly impossible without superhuman efforts. Personally, I think people underestimate the frequency and potential damage of the first. Also, changing your name and address is a lot harder than deactivating your credit card.
  13. Safe to buy from Denpasoft?

    I entered fake info because I know the risks of oversharing. Others might not be so foresighted, and with the current system these users don't seem to have any recourse if they later decide they don't want to share their personal info. Customer and payment databases are stored separately. What I've been discussing is the customer database, which is typically not subject to the same security standards as the payment database. Denpasoft uses a store platform called Shopify. It wasn't designed with adult entertainment in mind, and Dovac clearly rushed out his implementation of it.
  14. Safe to buy from Denpasoft?

    The way you 'stop' it is not letting them store info that you want kept private. In Denpasoft's case, they ask for your name at registration. They ask for your e-mail and physical address when you try to 'buy' something free. They ask for this info they don't need, store it, and don't seem to allow you to change the name or e-mail address if you later change your mind. That's poor policy, especially in the adult business where personally-identifiable info is sensitive. By comparison, I checked my Nutaku account and I don't even see an entry for a name. As incompetent as Nutaku is, they get it.