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  1. Anyone know what VN this girl is from?

    Looks a lot like (female) Ranma. Anime & manga, no VN. https://myanimelist.net/anime/210/Ranma_½
  2. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    That was pretty cool of Astra to have a super long epilogue. I was worried everything would go bad but no, it was just an excuse to give us their after story. I wish more shows did that.
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    Was looking for something good to rewatch with my wife and spotted Kotoura-san and we watched that through. What a great fun show that was. Had a nice balance of (resolving) drama, comedy, light ecchi, and romance. Loved it. It had been so long since I watched it that I'd virtually forgotten what happened. I need to find more gems from the past that I haven't seen in ages instead of watching the vast quantities of new crap that keeps coming out.
  4. Thanks! Never too late. To Heart 2 will last forever for me, and any feedback is always appreciated
  5. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    I agree. I started out thinking this would be a great season but so much has faded over time. Maou sama is boring now despite being initially hilarious, Two hit mama is lame arse mom love shit, Hensuki barely gets a smirk out of me, Katsutte kami desperately needed a much longer running and rushed AF, arifureta was appalling from the get go, but managed to get worse (long since dropped now), cop craft has serious production issues but is still kinda okay, uchinoko is soothing iyashikei but not much else, dumbbell forgot to actually be funny or ecchi, failing on both counts, fire force is as you said, joshikousei, sounan, and Tejina barely get a grin, and there was sooo much I dropped. However, it's not all bad. Savage girls is really pleasing, astra and dr stone are both intriguing, accelerator is okayish, danmachi is good fun. Kimetsu no Yaiba really stood out as you said, and based on its pacing desperately needs about 3 more seasons if it's to fully explore all the characters, Tanjrou's evolution, and the downfall of the 12. My biggest disappointment is Mix though. I really expected magic from it like the original Touch anime it's a sequel to, or even better Cross Game (also by the same writer) but instead it's been pretty plain sports anime. Weirdest part of all I can't get my head around is the sound mixing (pun intended) in it. The sound effects are ten times louder than the voices, making it really distracting.
  6. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    If anybody else has been following the Fruits Basket reboot, that episode was the clincher. I've been waiting for that scene since seeing the original many years ago, but it still floored me. Damn I wept so hard.
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    Lucky you enjoy it. Whilst the romantic overtones were nice they were too few and I struggled with Takagi and just wanted to throttle the fucking bitch and gave up a few episodes into season 2.
  8. Haha, I kept the list to just my highest rating shows here for brevity. There's so much more I'd happily watch more seasons of, but that list above are the things I desperately would like to sequels of -- that haven't had sequels announced.
  9. Sora no otoshimono was kinda finished, but not according to the original source material... Agree with those you've posted. You've opened a can of worms for me Excluding shows that are already going to have sequels, add: Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Love Hina reboot. Absolute Duo. Actually, I am... Banner of the stars reboot. Claymore reboot. Devil is a part timer. Full metal panic. Interviews with monster girls. Land of the lustrous. Monster musume. Nisekoi (yes I still want to see it to the end.) No game no life. One week friends. Saga of Tanya the evil. Amaenaide yo. Black bullet. Bloom into you. Boarding school Juliet. Hentai prince and the stony cat. High school DXD. His and her circumstances reboot. Infinite stratos. Irregular at magic high school. Kabaneri of the iron fortress. Kaguya sama. Kamisama dolls. Kampfer. Mayo Chiki! Noragami. Seraph of the end. Silver spoon. Troubled life of Miss Kotoura. UQ holder. Yona of the dawn.
  10. What Anime are you watching now?

    Edgy trash always gets the attention of uh... attention deficit teenagers. Never fear, this crap will be soon forgotten and anyone who tries to watch it in the years to come will rate it appropriately, as you have.
  11. Cuties with pink hair

    Damn, beat me to it. Ruu \o/
  12. I should probably point out that whilst Astro left the original project, and there have been no public announcements of any progress, the project is still very much alive. I can't stop you from starting your own project from scratch, but I'd recommend against it.
  13. Anime recommend

    Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan
  14. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Playing Akatsuki no Goei. Can't complain as it's been fun so far.
  15. Don't forget many are attracted to VNs because of 18+ material, and people in their heads justify reading/watching 18+ material more if they don't pay for it.