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  1. Added Little Witch Academia the TV series.
  2. I've now completed ~70% of Anzu's route. Yes the updates are getting more fine-grained but I think people prefer it this way
  3. Started watching bakuman and after only a few episodes I love it! This is great stuff.
  4. Just finished watching Fruits Basket after a long drawn out intermittent watching. I've known this ancient show has rated very high for a long time but at no stage while watching it could I see how it scored a median rating of 9 out of 10... till the last 2 episodes. I was mostly only mildly amused through it though it wasn't an unpleasant way to pass the time. However the last 2-3 episodes were totally unexpected and really the culmination of 23 episodes of apparently harmless build up but with some amazing emotional weight. No it's not a resolving harem happy ending or anything like that but it has a beautiful ending nonetheless. I was going to give it a 6/10 as "decent" but the ending pushed it up to 7. I can't very well rate the rest of the series on the ending only but I'm glad I watched it though I can easily see how anyone would struggle to watch it with today's anime sensibilities. One thing it doesn't suffer from that older anime usually does, though, is being slow. The dialogue and movement is rapid through the whole series except during dramatic scenes. It's an observation I've made that old series are usually so slow that I have to watch them at higher speed because the dialogue and pace are normally glacial and this was not like that at all. In fact quite a few of the more classic shows also did not suffer from that slow pace problem so perhaps that's why they became classics. These days most bad anime suffers from the other extreme - trying so hard to maintain interest through pace that they blast thousands of lines of mindless dialogue or meaningless action to give the impression of being dense thematically when they're just plain dense instead. I never did quite figure out why they called it Fruits Basket by the way...
  5. And terrible animation so expressive.
  6. By the way there's a trick to getting Japanese locale within wine apps, but you have to start it on the command line or create a shortcut of sorts somewhere that calls it. LC_ALL=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine app.exe where app.exe is the game's executable filename. As for getting videos to play within visual novels under wine, you need to use winetricks to install ffdshow, quartz and wmp9. When ffdshow installs and the configuration window comes up, you have to enable mpeg1 playback from it which is disabled by default (many VNs use mpeg1 for video).
  7. 1. It will work very well with your CPU, your main issue will be getting the GPU working. There is a very good driver for your GPU but it's not installed by default since it's non-free software so you'll usually be prompted to install it after installing the operating system. 2. Visual novels will work very well under any virtualisation software - kvm is the most common one used and is free, vmware is a commercial one but works very well. The reason they work well under virtualisation is you're actually just running windows within a virtual machine. Accessing your linux files from within the virtual machine is trickier but doable. Usually you can only copy from one to the other since they're seen as two separate machines, but you can do some file sharing magic which is now getting into some more advanced functionality and non-trivial. However, in general most visual novels will actually work with 'wine' the windows emulator that doesn't need windows installed, but is a little trickier to set up. I run all of my VNs under wine. Fullscreen works on all more recent ones, but some ancient ones have trouble going full screen. 3. The media players under linux are excellent. mpv is the best player, but if you're familiar with vlc it is equally available though as you said it didn't work for you but most people with vlc on linux have no issues. 4. Photoshop will work under wine again, or if you install a virtual windows you can just run it under that. Mint is still available and a fine choice, especially if you've used it in the past and familiar with it.
  8. Mr Poltroon has covered it, but not specifically I guess. The following is a list of wildly different genre anime where there is a substantial romance component that meets your initial requirement and I rated v. good or better. I've put asterisks next to the ones where the genre is primarily romance, even if it's in a sci-fi or alternate world etc. Chivalry of a Failed Knight Kamisama Kiss Kanon2006 Lovely Complex * My Love Story!! * Planetes Toradora! * Waiting in the Summer * Chobits Familiar of Zero Golden Time * His and Her Circumstances * ItaKiss * Kimikiss pure rouge * Mysterious Girlfriend X * Please Teacher! * Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches There are loads more, but I tried to stick to some of the better ones.
  9. Seikai suru kado went into a totally unexpected direction this week. It's been very solid and was almost starting to feel repetitive so it's nice to see this change...
  10. Just finished watching the feature length "Suki ni naru sono shunkan wo" aka The Moment You Fall in Love which is the ~sequel to Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita aka I've always loved you, the second in the "(love) confession executive committee" movies. It was a very pleasant romance to pass the time without much in the way of real drama and a handful of standard tropes but nicely executed and most enjoyable. There were strong ties to the first movie with it being set in parallel with other the characters, but each movie can easily be watched by itself though the order to watch them should be obeyed and I enjoyed the earlier one a little more than this one. I believe they were planning one more in the series as well. Definitely worth a watch if you want to see some self contained unchallenging romance - just make sure to watch beyond the closing credits. 8/10
  11. Anzu's route is now ~60% complete.
  12. It's not just you. Though I guess the writer achieved his aim of making us appropriately disgusted. This episode was the one that made me think this story is taking too long with not enough material, and it doesn't look like there's any resolution in sight anywhere at this rate.
  13. Seen Maid Sama and it was good. The others I know of but haven't watched. I'll investigate them in the future. Thanks!
  14. Thanks. I'm all over .si already but they don't have years worth of old stuff and the um tracking thing associated with the old stuff is dead even if records of it are also available.