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  1. For anyone who's been following this thread, I did end up watching kokoro connect and commented about it on another thread. It was excellent indeed (9/10) and the ending and romance was very satisfying to me, though romance wasn't its primary plot. And I only just started watching this too, after finally finding it. Already looks like my kind of thing from a bygone era that I enjoyed.
  2. Well I've watched this. I felt it was a little rushed overall, with dramatic stories happening abruptly and then being resolved quite quickly without too much of a bother in mostly predictable ways when there could have been much more exposition. Additionally the age difference didn't bother me; I know what they were trying to do with making him so young but it was actually unnecessary to make him that young. They could have been 20 and 16 instead of what looked like16 and 12 and the story would have worked just as well but oh well it was what it was. Also the Engrish lyrics were laughable as usual but I'm used to them by now. However none of that detracted from the fact that this show had soul and was heart warming and made me smile and laugh quite a bit.Thanks very much for the recommendation! It wasn't fantastic, but I still really enjoyed it, 8/10. Think I have to add it to my ultimately satisfying endings list as well. Queued up next, thanks! I have no problems with harems
  3. It's okay, you don't need to try so hard to convince yourself that you like it; accept that it really is shit.
  4. Only proofreading to go my friend, and after I do a quick QC of the remaining routes, it really will happen
  5. I'm not really sure what Astro was smoking when he posted on the wordpress site that Anzu's route was 50% complete. When I picked it up I found it to be about 15% complete, so I've come to give an update only to find that it looks like bad news when it's actually good news. But then it really doesn't matter, a project making forward progress is better at any percentage than one stalled. Progress update: Anzu's route is now 1/3 complete.
  6. Progress update: Graphic editing/uncensoring is now 100% complete courtesy of @Blake. Ruu \o/
  7. Awesome thanks, I wasn't at all aware of that one so I will investigate ASAP.
  8. There's no doubt that there's a tendency for newer things to rate more highly than old, irrespective of absolute quality. Only time will really tell where something lies. For example, there's a reason Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood rates more highly than all other series by virtually all different ways of ranking something, despite it having finished 7 years ago. Most other shows that have people rewatching or watching something long after it aired tend to rank lower with time. It would be nice if we had a retrospectoscope that could look back from the future on the present and give us the real rating, but alas no such technology exists (anyone got a microwave and mobile phone handy?) Additionally beyond a certain age, styles and sensibilities change and can never rate as good as they originally did. Either way, I rated Kimi no Na wa a 10/10 where that means "exquisite beyond words" because I felt that during the movie. However it's not as good as FMAB is... sheesh why am I being so pedantic? Point is it's still superb, but that doesn't mean it's my all time favourite film/show/series.
  9. Ah indeed you're right thanks. Vaguely heard of the name, but I don't believe it ever aired in my corner of the world.
  10. Saw it at the cinema with the whole family. It's superb. Try not to read up too much about it or you'll be spoilt; it is far more than just a body swap romance and surprised me which was remarkable in itself. I'm looking forward to seeing A silent voice in the cinema as well, but it has far more modest ambitions in its plot and I doubt will be quite as good but it's still rating well.
  11. I don't get it, I'm too old to get this joke
  12. Loved it. My wife and I have watched it through more than once, even though neither of us is a sports fan. There's only one sports anime I loved even better: Cross Game, and it finished a long time ago so if you're itching for another sports anime and to have even more closure than Haikyuu, that one is it. Heck I keep saying everyone should watch Cross Game at least once.
  13. I checked it out for reference. Firstly in the line just before it, she keeps calling herself a faillen angel rather than just a fallen angel, and there's no actual fail in the Japanese, just fallen. The divine retribution line is お仕置き設けてしまう oshioki moukete shimau which in literal translation is simply "she'll provide me a punishment", and after sanitising for less literal translation most would probably have translated it to no more than "she'll punish me." Now turn that into "pop a can of divine retribution" and see how well it fits with the angelic context of the show, sounds very much like modern English, and yet is completely different from the original without actually missing the nuance... just wow. I'd go so far as to say the translation is a better script than the original Japanese. Masamune-kun ends up sucking dicks by the end. Just when it looks like it's going to turn in a direction you don't like, it just keeps meandering around aimlessly in unexpected directions that don't advance the plot and by the end achieves... nothing. I started out liking it and by the end I was left scratching my head.