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  1. Just a heads up that this project is not dead but progressing very slowly. 1/3 of the planned editing is now complete.
  2. I did not say it was required, and I have nothing to do with the running of the site. I was offering a useful workaround that saves me a bucketload of time on a truckload of sites thanks to the all pervasive spam/bot/ddos world we live in, not just this one. Do with the information what you please...
  3. Try installing the privacypass browser add on as well, it makes cloudflare very happy.
  4. Unless they have claim to all the works from one studio, that's as good as giving away that they're working on the title, so the same is achieved by announcing early without sneaking around. They can reserve early announcements for when there's a fantl.
  5. Early announcement may help avoid embarrassment in the case of fan translation conflict too.
  6. Added Doctor Stone, Horimiya, ReZero S2, UmaMusume S2.
  7. Dropped all the inactive staff. Other translators have bailed once more. This project has gone back to only being 4/6 routes planned that I've translated and will be edited. Once editing is complete we'll release a patch just of those routes and call it a day. Thanks to our editors for not giving up.
  8. Why are these even questions? Are there people who honestly want every single shikataganai to be translated as "it can't be helped" and every sasuga as "As expected?" Really? I mean that goes beyond even rigid translation, that's picking the very first choice in a dictionary every time and nothing short of insane.
  9. Added Strike Witches 3 (best show last season), Gymnastics Samurai, Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon 3, Haikyuu 4.
  10. For what it's worth I run everything still on linux. Proton works quite well but still isn't the godsend you're looking for. Don't get too excited by upcoming kernel (correct spelling) releases. They get a lot of publicity but there is always kernel development going on and these features you read about almost never translate into revolutionary improvements. If you end up going down the linux path, you can always ping me on discord to help you try and get some games running if they're not working. I've been using linux exclusively for over 20 years. I generally give up on videos after just one
  11. Absolutely not. What I listed will get more than half working. Some videos require quartz enabled, others want it disabled, others want ffdshow installed others want lavfilters installed and others just won't work at all. There are a million different ways to playback mpeg1 internally on windows and because of this clusterfuck you have to do a special song and dance with wine to get them working. If you want 100% of mpeg1 videos to play back, for god's sake stay on windows.
  12. Welcome aboard @Senpai Ken who's offered to help with the translation. He'll be translating Misaki and Sumika's routes and has already begun on Misaki's. Here's hoping the curse is finally broken. Ruu \o/
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