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  1. Uh yeah if that release candidate post wasn't clear, the patch is done. Ruuko used her shaman magic on me again and put me into turbo overdrive like she did when I translated her ruute in record time. The only thing that's happening now is the editors and proofreaders are testing that the patch works properly on their systems. Which brings me to a question for the admins @Tay, since this will be completed shortly, what's the protocol for this thread? I guess I update the opening post to make it more of a release announcement and then it stays open for a bit longer for people to post and then it will be moved and locked? I won't get to do this very often
  2. Release candidate patch has now gone out to all the recent editors and proofreaders for final inspection. Ruu \o/
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    When I first started watching that series I thought it was hilarious. Unfortunately by about half way through it got mundane and repetitive without much forward movement and stopped being amusing. I did finish it and it was still okay but did not live up to the promise of the start (now that's never happened before has it?)
  4. I have no idea what you mean but then if you're talking about something incomprehensible in the text because you're playing an ancient beta then you're seriously missing out. I should have known it was a bad idea posting betas. I'll never do this again on subsequent projects. On the other hand, I will be giving all the people who worked on this project access to a release candidate final patch as soon as it's available before anyone else does. Assuming there are no difficulties with downloading and patching with the RC patch on various flavours of windows, that will be made available for download one week later. If this sounds like a software project schedule it's because I'm a software engineer and see merit in that approach - that's why I was releasing betas till beta10 and then noticed the technique wasn't quite as suitable here.
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    Well this was totally unexpected. I started watching Ranma 1/2 and... I love it! Instead of being sleep inducing I'm laughing regularly which is a miracle. It's actually a lot funnier and better paced than Maison Ikkoku was which is also considered a classic and from a similar era. I don't even need to speed it up to watch it. Perhaps it's because it's from a time when I was a kid and appeals to something in me. To add to the intrigue, it's from a time before they started nannying their TV shows and it has fan service right from the first episode, including nipples, despite being a prime time TV kids show. Compare that to today's stuff where nipples seem to be regarded about as offensive as a spreadshot - see the hype surrounding Asuna's nipple slip in the bluray of Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale D:
  6. I'm going to revise what I said. Since I love Ruuko so much it's very easy to proofread lots of it and it's the only thing left to do so it may well be released in October now.
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    I finished Da Capo III. What a steaming pile of shit. At least the fan service was okay. Of all the seasons, the least worst was Da Capo II season 2. Well I guess I watched them simply because I felt obliged and thought there might be some redeeming features but alas there really weren't. It provided some nice somnolence at the end of every night and that was about it. For my next long series somnolence I have chosen to resuscitate the ancient series Ranma 1/2. I remember starting it 15 years ago and gave up after getting bored because there were so many other things I hadn't watched yet. Now that I don't have much older stuff that I really want to catch up on any more, I will be trying to use Ranma for that sleep inducing effect. Fingers crossed.
  8. If you read the unedited Manaka route, the edited Sasara route is about 100 times better than what you read. The number of translation errors in Manaka's route was embarrassing. It has benefited probably the most from editing and proofreading though it is probably still the least accurate route translation wise due to where it was positioned in my translation ordering and who else had input into the translation checking (basically no one.) Oh and as for "easy to read", I should hope so since my native language is English :s
  9. I'd like to be realistic and not be too optimistic. I have commitments in October that make it unlikely. Nonetheless you have personally unlocked the release with your like
  10. /me continues to hold the VN to ransom.
  11. Just use Rooke's crappy default theme which is the only one that works, you know you want to...
  12. Progress update: I've completed QC'ing Sasara's route bringing QC to 90% complete. QC'ing her route was nowhere near as painful as the original translation pass because the extremely annoying behaviour of the protagonist through the middle part of her route didn't last anywhere near as long and I didn't need to spend much time on my least favourite epilogue (lol). Funny how annoying parts of it are yet how great the route is overall. @Benji Price has completed a terse proofread of Ruuko's ruute and doesn't have time to do a second proofread pass so I've taken responsibility of concurrently proofreading and QC'ing it. So I'm calling QC 90% complete and proofreading 95% complete. The rest is up to me and we're still on track for a November release. Ruu \o/ The last time I posted an update was shortly after the forums were resuscitated and even though I gave a great update no one liked my post because of the theme breakage. If people use the same excuse this time and no one likes this post I'm going to quit now and never release the final patch
  13. Summer 2017 Anime Discussion

    Brutal episode of Made in Abyss this week. Great stuff overall though
  14. What Anime are you watching now?

    Hanekawa best girl. My all time favourite VA is maybe 99% of the reason for it. If that's not enough then this should be enough to sway anyone: