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  1. VN with a heroine who is a villain/rival to the MC

    Yuma as heroine in To Heart 2 fits into that category, though the competition is all trivial slice of life stuff like gaming.
  2. First showing of the space shuttle called Enterprise, 42 years ago today.
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    Rewatching My Bride is a Mermaid with the family. Lots of fun.
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yep, an absolute gem of a slice of life show with characters with great depth to them. Charming is the way I'd describe it.
  5. Anything beyond 2x upscaling with waifu2x is a waste of time.
  6. Works for me, even better than no dick. Quick and dirty edit was great.
  7. Ever played a VN twice?

    Been playing them for 20 years and never repeated any but the ones I was translating. That said, I would have effectively played To Heart 2 about 20 times and Clover Day's about 5 times. Heading for at least 3 times through Haruka ni Aogi Uruwashi no since that's the current one I'm working on. But just for playing, no.
  8. Given the hype surrounding this paedo loli VN release, I'd be very surprised to learn that anyone found out about it from steam only...
  9. Unlikely since you can just buy the DLC from Fakku to upgrade a Steam version to a fappu version.
  10. Your work is much appreciated as always but I'm baffled as to why anyone who's interested in the H scenes would have bought the steam version in the first place? It was only about 5 bucks more for H.