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  1. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Well as it happens my view-point on existence is similar. I was nihilistic when I first reached this conclusion, but now realize it's kinda irrelevant. Afterall, we live through abstraction. Rather than thinking that I like eating an ice-cream due my free will or some brainwashing, it's more important to know that you enjoy eating it.
  2. youtube - Most random

    The crystallization of human wisdom.
  3. Your once in a lifetime VN

    Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai
  4. youtube - Most random

    Well yeah exact results won't apply, but it is undeniable that a void will be created - one that would be needed to filled properly with other interests. You know even for mice some of them adapted -beautiful ones- so adapting is definitely possible, just the ratio is unknown. If this change happens slowly over time with everyone slowly getting used to the change it would be alright, though on the other hand a sudden lack of purpose would make quiet a few people mentally unstable. Using that exact scenario in human case is arguably an extreme case but definitely a possible one.
  5. youtube - Most random

    Also something for people who read Tokyo Babel,
  6. Sol Press 2019 Licensing Survey

    Ikusa Megami Zero for me. Can't wait for some Eushully titles getting translated, chances are probably slim but doesn't hurt to try.
  7. What to read next- "kamige edition"

    While I haven't read Subahibi, I'd suggest Dies Irae over MLA. Mainly due to the the 2 parts needed to be read before MLA and the annoying protagonist.
  8. Fall 2018 Anime Discussion

    Dunno about the manga but I have read the light novel, where Veldora (the dragon) does show up again though after a looong time. His interaction then is damn good too. The point where he comes out is Gonna watch Fairy Tail and Index 3 from the sequels, and plan to try out Zombieland saga and Kyuuketsu-san for now.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Found this a couple of days back, like it a lot. Was thinking of watching the movie as it looked good (the trailer too), though I wonder why it has a low (6.7) rating on MAL. Hopefully it will be good.
  10. Predicting the sexual activity of VN characters

    Mine too. But apparently Monsters are fine ....... in water.
  11. It felt a bit difficult to decide at first, but then it hit me that there's a perfect series for me. Being able to do literally anything and getting away with it, a ginormous cast of great heroines, and becoming a King to boot. Rance is just perfect.
  12. Your pick for best anime opening of 2017!!

    Sakura Quest's OP was pretty great too.
  13. Yeah, I would definitely continue reading vns. Though my requirements of quality to read a vn would probably increase quite a bit. In terms of the vn market: Firstly you could argue that the quality would increase a bit, but at the same time the vns utilizing h-scenes as plot points (like euphoria) would also disappear. So in the end I don't think there would be a significant difference in quality. At the same time the money earned through h-scenes (which tbh are a major selling point for most vns) would vanish leading to a major downsizing of the industry. Also the vacuum left by the absence of nukiges would not be replaced by quality vns which some would think. Most likely rather than drowning in a sea of nukiges we would be submerged by a flood of moeges.
  14. I love conquest-strategy games. Though unfortunately being the pleb that I am, can't play the 2 series you listed and the vast majority of those games as they are untranslated. Have played Sengoku Rance though and I loved it through and through. On the other hand western games are also pretty good, (playing total war Shogun 2 now and liking it a lot) especially in terms of realism compared to vns but they completely give up on characterization. I do understand the thought that conquest centers on troops and individuals are largely irrelevant, but that causes you to not care enough about the people involved. Like in Sengoku Rance, each general has special abilities and is specially recruited which makes me actually care who I'm sending to battle rather than just looking at the stats and saying 'ah general no.3 is going to this battle'. Also the character events give a much needed variation to the repeated nations being conquered. The whole bunch of Tokugawa brothers that you need to fight makes you remember it specifically rather than it simply being the '3rd or 4th random adjacent nation you conquered'. Oh well somehow it turned into me complaining about lack of individualization in western conquest games. Anyways would love to hear some recs about such conquest-strategy games whether western or Jap (translated), if you have any.