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  1. God I watched that stream live. I overestimated my level and thought I could get through it, but I just lost it when she split the spider's body in half. To think that she actually ate it. The worst part is that there were crabs to eat the next day, which constantly reminded me of the damn tarantula.
  2. One Thousand Lies - https://vndb.org/v19014
  3. With the ones you mentioned, the following 3 will probably be to your taste. Little Busters!, Sharin no Kuni, My Girlfriend is the President
  4. General, the protagonist's mother from Dra+Koi. The most responsible mom one could have.
  5. I hope Papa Bones can fit a hat on him.
  6. I on the other hand liked Tokyo Babel a lot, it is one of my favorite chunni games. I especially liked our protag Setsuna, compared to the usual ones, I liked the fact that while being kind he was also to the point and ruthless enough. From the points mentioned, only two of them affected me. Firstly the art didn't really bother me much 4 years back, now though I do think that the characters indeed look a bit too young. Then the part about ero is very much a missed opportunity but then again there weren't any scenes which made me feel a sense of incompleteness due to not having H, so I c
  7. FinalChaos

    Mori Calliope

    Just sharing this here for fellow Dead Beats. Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/85774801
  8. Just too cute. Soucre: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/84437676
  9. So very true. People just shitting around is rather common, getting annoyed at times is understandable. Though what does concern me is the exploitation of passion that's happening. It will just suck drive out of people and getting inspired works will keep getting rarer. But then again, as said it is not something unique to MG but rather happening in the industry (gaming too). It's just quite sad to be honest.
  10. For me it's similar, a story or a underlying context is what makes anything relevant and interesting, just random people screwing each other isn't really something I care much about. The H-scene doesn't necessarily need plot-progression, but showcasing the characters involved and experiencing a new side of them is really the important part. The ones that I've disliked are generally those that don't take characters and the situation into context and just insert a generic h-scene. The girls often behave completely different before and during a h-scene which removes any immersion you have.
  11. Kumo Desu Ka is indeed a good novel. I'd read the WN quite a while back, so don't really know how different LN is. The WN did have some issues in the later parts with more perspectives being introduced, but overall wasn't too bad. Not sure till where LN has reached, but I read till the point where 'White' was introduced (not saying more cause spoilers). Plot twists are indeed great, I especially like that the 'obvious' situations (cliches) are given some background/reasons and not just swept under the rug. The monologue of Kumoko is a major draw point at the start and remains entertaini
  12. Well the first volume is still pretty good (though edgy asf), gets too cliched and boring from there. Dropped it after the 3rd volume. The novel that's been on my mind recently is Lord of Secrets, which is also the best ln I read in the past year. Really good novel, the plot and characters are both great. The world background and the mysteries surrounding it are always interesting to follow. The power setting of 22 routes/sequences that replace the traditional mage/warrior is beautifully made. Basically I recommend it highly, definitely worth the read.
  13. I'm definitely gonna be trying it one day. Of course the one day would need me craving for dark stuff and also with renewed SAN.
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