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  1. Does anyone here watch (modern) anime English dubs?

    I watch dubs about half the time, maybe? If I'm watching something on Crunchyroll, which is often the case, there's not really much of a choice, but I buy a lot of discs and I have a tendency to watch dubs when available on those. As an example, I just finished rewatching the dub of Nagi no Asukara, which I've watched dubbed both times I've seen it, and I expect I'd find it very weird to watch it subbed and have all the voices be "wrong" vs. how I think of the characters. Other good dubs I can think of off the top of my head would include the Kokoro Connect dub, another of my favorite shows. A quick glance at my shelves also reminds me of Steins;Gate and Spice and Wolf, which IIRC both had excellent dubs. The anime adaptations of Key VNs are mix-and-match, though mostly good. Clannad is great except for Tomoyo, and Kanon is great except for Sayuri. Unfortunately, that one "except" can kind of ruin the whole experience, which obviously does make dubs more of a dicey proposition...
  2. What Anime are you watching now?

    +1 vote for "bored stupid" on Natsume's Book of Friends. I watched two whole seasons of it, always waiting for the show to "start". It never started, so I ended it. The problem for me was just that it was 100% episodic. I never felt like anything was achieved, or characters grew, or relationships evolved. It was just nonstop monster-of-the-week (for a really weird definition of "monster-of-the-week", admittedly, but still). I actually enjoyed a lot of individual episodes, but I never found myself wanting to watch another one because there was no overarching plot to hook me in.
  3. Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project

    It's been quite a while since the last update, but happily enough, progress has actually resumed. I don't have all that much progress to report, but the digit on the translated and edited percentage counters bumped up, so I figured it was worth a post here: Translated and Edited: 37455/40208 (93.2%), +375 (0.9%)
  4. Karakara 2 review discussion

    Thanks! It's always nice to hear that people appreciate the reviews. Also, WagaHigh is totally worth your time, even though it looks ridiculous on the face of it.
  5. Karakara 2 review discussion

    Anybody who expects me to have good taste should know better by now.
  6. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    I'm actually not worried about Sol Press from a translation side anymore, since they announced the translators for Sakura Sakura on Monday in an update to Kickstarter backers. The two translators, TBAC and Ningen, are both well-respected VN translators (and I personally think they're both very good). The QCers they announced are also mainstays of the typical VN localization companies. The editor on Sakura Sakura is the only unknown, plus anything that might be left from the original translators' work, I suppose, but they probably can't screw it up that bad if TBAC and Ningen are in charge of the translation now. We'll see how it pans out, but I'm not expecting to be disappointed by this one. That said, they haven't said who would be working on Newton and the Apple Tree yet.
  7. Karakara 2 review discussion

    https://fuwanovel.net/reviews/2017/11/15/karakara-2/ I actually really like this series. It's not deep or anything, but it reliably delivers the goods. Also, what's not to like about a kemonomimi harem?
  8. Symphonic rain

  9. Symphonic rain

  10. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I guess I'm the new record holder. I've been stalling it as long as Kenshin, apparently for the same reasons as him (and likewise, in spite of picking it up again on the 3DS). I kind of doubt I'll ever get back to it... I just don't have the patience for something that's that hard on my brain.
  11. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I finally finished Tales of Zestiria, after starting it probably six months ago. One brief spoilerish thought on the story overall: That complaining aside, I enjoyed it well enough. As I've once seen a Tales game rated before, I would rate this one: a Tales game out of ten. They're pretty much never my favorite, but they are pleasant. Also, the translation was bananas good, so that was nice. After I finished (that was a few days ago), the very next day I picked up Berseria, though I've hardly gotten anywhere with it (at least my main character got her proper "clothes", I guess, but I still don't have a party, for instance). I'm pretty stoked for Berseria, overall: badass female leads are my jam, and by all accounts, it's the best Tales game in a long time. Who knows, maybe this will be the Tales game that finally blows me away the way Vesperia did, a long time ago.
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    I watched Season 2 of Wagnaria and am preparing to jump right into Season 3. I loved Season 1 when I saw it, quite a while ago now, but for a variety of reasons didn't get to Season 2 until recently. The show is still hysterical, but Season 2 was a lot less gratifying than Season 1, so I'm looking forward to Season 3 actually wrapping things up properly. I wish the translation were better: this is probably the funniest anime I've ever watched, and it deserves a more clever translation than NISA gave it. I think Aniplex of America got Season 3, so we'll see if they did any better... my hopes aren't high.
  13. Symphonic rain

    Fal is unique, very divisive, and often not well liked. I think her route is awesome, but that's almost certainly a minority opinion. Lise is simply boring, IMO, and Torta's route is... well, you'll see. At any rate, you shouldn't write off Symphonic Rain until you've finished all three of those heroines' routes: strangely enough, none of them is a good indication of what the game is really like.
  14. Want something with a good plot (Not the jiggly kind)

    Note that Steins;Gate 0 is a completely separate story, and just as good as the original, IMO. Also, although I watched the anime first as well, when I finally talked myself into playing the VN it turned out to be well worth it: the material in the VN that they left out of the anime is really good stuff.
  15. Want something with a good plot (Not the jiggly kind)

    Maybe try a game from the Steampunk series, assuming you're up for that kind of atmosphere. Gahkthun is the only one with an official release and I really enjoyed it, but Inganock is a better game (with a worse translation...). Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0 are both probably good choices. Symphonic Rain might be a surprisingly good choice, though it starts off a little slow, and some of the initial routes aren't the greatest. Shadows of Pygmalion is underrated and would probably be a good fit for the request here. People don't talk about Demonbane much, but I think that's mostly since the game and the TL are both pretty old by now. Probably also a good fit, though. Demonbane is maybe the only VN I've played which I would describe as campy, but in spite of that, it has its fair share of dark themes as well.