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  1. Looking over stuff I've played, the best fits that are also pretty solid games are: Deus Machina Demonbane (because "Book Heroine" is not a very common tag, and Al has far and away the best route anyway) The Steampunk series (the romance in Sekien no Inganock is definitely a little off-kilter) There's an incest route in Chrono Clock too, I suppose, and it's a pretty good game to begin with, but it generally feels pretty straightforward, so I doubt it's what you're looking for. Do have to agree with skrewball's suggestion of Funbag Fantasy, though — it's certainly more interesting than a run-of-the-mill nukige.
  2. Keep an eye out for our release of Majo Koi Nikki. It's a surprisingly close fit to what you're asking for.
  3. Confession: I just took a bite of this blueberry muffin I'm eating for breakfast and a veritable geyser of blueberry juice shot out and got all over my monitor and desk and keyboard. I still can't even believe what I just saw was physically possible.
  4. I'm confused: if it's okay to say something is "underrated' with the intended meaning that not enough people appreciate it for the quality one perceives it to have (that part about appreciating and quality are inseparable from the definition of "underrated," BTW; if you were trying to drop that part of the definition, then I think you're simply incorrectly redefining the word to "not well-known," which in practice isn't what people actually mean when they use it), why is it not okay to call something else "overrated" with the intended meaning that too many people appreciate it for the quality one perceives it to have? I'm not saying the word "overrated" isn't overused (which it certainly is) or incorrectly used (which it probably also is); I'm just saying that the statement "Sword Art Online is overrated" is a perfectly rational thing for me to say. Moreover, to be clear, I agree with you that I'm expressing an opinion when I do that; it's not some factual statement. Actually trying to argue over whether or not something is "overrated" would be pretty silly. But having a discussion wherein various people express whether they think something is overrated doesn't really seem fundamentally problematic to me (if arguably a little uninteresting, unless there's further elaboration on why people perceive it that way, and also perhaps arguably somewhat contradictory, since if everybody thought something was overrated, it would seem that, by definition, at least some of them were demonstrably factually wrong).
  5. Actually, I think you're around the right age, just not born in the right place: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ThunderCats
  6. It's because you're taking the picture at an angle to the sheet, thereby inducing foreshortening.
  7. Between last night and tonight, I finished both Rimu's route (I only had like five minutes left in it, it turned out) and Yayoi's route. Rimu's ending was kinda sweet, I guess, but all in all a pretty disappointing route, with rather forced, trivial drama. Yayoi's, on the other hand, was actually good, if short, and it had one CG near the end (not in the H scene, you pervs, before that) that I thought was awesome. Deardrops was worth playing for that CG alone, but now it's time for me to move on to the more substantial routes! I'm pleased to say that I'm really looking forward to Kanade's. It took her a while to win me over, but I have a feeling she's going to kick all kinds of ass. I'm actually more excited for her than for Riho, at this point.
  8. Okay, fine, you all have convinced me I need to watch Kara no Kyoukai. I was already getting pushed in that direction after some recent conversations with people, but you pushed me over the edge.
  9. I'm pleased to report that some numbers got bigger this week! Having wrapped up work on his previous project, TBAC did some TLC on the Cinderella route and is otherwise still catching up on reading other TLed routes. I also did a few thousand more lines of polishing up the edit this week, but that doesn't show up in the numbers, so all you get this week is: TLC: 7489/40208 (18.5%), +1040 (2.6%)
  10. Sorry I've fallen off the radar for the past week, despite facilitating this month. All I can say is, it's been a busy past week for me. I'm currently in the middle of Rimu's route (which presumably means I'm close to my first ending, since I understand Rimu and Yayoi have pretty short routes). I liked the common route, but the transition to Rimu's route felt pretty jarring, and I'm not really feeling the drama that's building up right now. Looking forward more to Yayoi's route, which I plan to do next. The standout element for me in this game so far is the cast. I liked most of the main cast at first sight (all but Kanade), and they've all been growing on me ever since (especially Kanade). By the time I finish the game, I suspect I'm going to be looking back fondly on the lot of them and feeling very happy to have met them. But time will tell! I should have a lot of time over this weekend to read, so hopefully I'll be back to say more over the next few days as I start finishing routes.
  11. mystery

    Malicious? Menacing? Monstrous? Oooh, there we go, monstrous.
  12. tl project

    That Though, though.
  13. It's the same as the one here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toy-039-s-Planning-Demonbane-Nitro-A1-AL-Azif-PVC-Figure-New-Authentic-Statue-/220868039558 One thing that doesn't come out well in the pictures I can find is that one foot attaches to a little clear raised spike, which makes it look like she's flying. Also, it doesn't look great from above because of the angle she's leaning in at, but placed slightly above head level (which is conveniently the location I had in mind for it anyway), it looks pretty sweet. I must not buy another one...
  14. Chrono Clock was very recently released and should be exactly what you're looking for.