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  1. I strongly suspect you'll enjoy Kindred Spirits. It has an absolutely lovable main character, it's a fantastic game (way up there on my list of favorites), and it has the same lighthearted vibe as Chrono Clock. Aside from that, give Karakara a try. It's short and sweet and good, and there's a sequel in the works. Supipara is a good reco as well, but be aware that the translated release only has one route, and the others might come... eventually...
  2. I'm actually surprised that neither of you knew that meaning of "stiff", but I was raised on a strict diet of American television and whatever books I could get my hands on, so maybe that's really not all that well-known... Don't know if I learned that from Get Smart or from Dashiell Hammett, but if I were ever writing a detective show or something, that word would come to mind immediately at the right times.
  3. While "whitewashing" is the common event and the most-known term for it (and deservedly so, since it's really a frightfully clever and nicely alliterative term), someone even coined the derivative term "asianwashing" to refer to the Attack on Titan live-action movie, and it got a lot of mockery for it (and for, by most accounts, being crappy, but that's a separate issue). So, as the OP says, this isn't some uniquely American problem: everybody does it. But, contrary to what the OP says, sometimes they get called out on it. That said, I think there's something to be said for avoiding "whitewashing" (or asianwashing, or anything). I don't want to get lynched by gamergaters for allegedly saying that there's some moral obligation to representative sample of the population in a piece of entertainment media, so I'm going to try to address this on purely artistic merits: when a director, for example, takes a manga that's written almost entirely about a bunch of European people who go so far as to point out how weird it is that one of their companions is from Japan and makes a movie where every last one of those characters is played by a Japanese person, don't you feel like they've kind of lost some of the flavor of the original? Distinct cultural backgrounds are a very real thing. A lot of us around here probably enjoy a lot of Japanese stuff simply because it's Japanese, and therefore different from our usual experience. Whitewashing cleans out all of that differentiation and leaves you with a blander cast. It just makes things less interesting.
  4. In fairness, I did have to look up nugatory. I've certainly heard it before, but couldn't remember it without any context. The only other stumper this time was that usage of "rum," which is apparently British, old-fashioned, informal speech. Not shedding any tears over not knowing that one. "Abattoir" is only a good word when you're writing a high fantasy novel and you want to make your carnage-covered battlefield sound fancy, in my experience, but I guess I don't read a lot of horror fiction, which is probably another good place for it to show up. "Sultry" and "suss" are great words; use them all the time!
  5. While I'd be delighted to hear that, it seems unlikely given they've already announced Sona-Nyl but haven't started progress on it. I doubt they'd double-down on those titles.
  6. Well, yes and no. MangaGamer only has a booth at SakuraCon, not a panel, so they won't be announcing anything there. It looks like SP will have a panel there, presumably as well as a booth, so I expect they'll be announcing things (they usually do). Both of those are business as usual for those two companies at SakuraCon - both of the last two years were exactly the same, IIRC. The Sekai Project panel at SakuraCon was incredibly well attended last year (like, maybe a hundred people?), so I'm kind of surprised MG doesn't come there, too, but I expect it's a question of costs and inconvenience; traveling isn't cheap and they probably don't have a huge number of personnel who could run a panel, whereas just having a booth to sell stuff is a lot easier. Anyway, apologies for the threadjack. To get back to the topic, aside from the FFG announcement, I have no expectations (in either sense) for the MG announcements at Anime Boston, but I'm content with that one.
  7. The lack of romance in P4 for both the nurse and the stepmother was borderline criminal (but especially the nurse, I mean, damn...).
  8. Little bit of editing progress this week; TL still ramping up on the script, so no change there. Edit: 27925/40208 (69.5%), +266 (0.7%)
  9. Only opinion I've seen (though I think it was a somewhat biased one) is that the Steam version messed up some things that the JAST version got right, so you're likely better off with the JAST version.
  10. Recommend you to: start a new save periodically, and maybe check in for further advice after you finish your first route if you find yourself confused (I know I did) Have fun! I first played it long after I'd already watched the anime, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  11. Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden is a pretty likely candidate though, and I, for one, will play it. I wonder how they'll localize the title...
  12. Not sure what's up with your strikethrough "unfitting" there, but if I'm understanding it correctly, I think you may have missed the boat on a lot of the game's allusions. The original Japanese script heavily cribs from Platonic terminology (go look up anamnesis, for instance) and Platonic philosophy in general, and though I'm not certain, I'm pretty sure the word you're referring to is yet another example of borrowed Greek philosophy terminology and not Japanese at all. I believe the word they're saying is essentially "meme" (which is, of course, a very good reason not to just transliterate it...), and that it's actually a reference to mimesis. Relatedly, here's a short blog post from the game's editor which talks a bit about this stuff: http://blog.mangagamer.org/2017/02/22/allusions-in-pygmalion/
  13. I didn't see it posted elsewhere (I probably just missed it), but just so it's in this thread too: The game is actually going to be VR, though it will support a non-VR mode for plebes like me. Sekai Project has long-since been confirmed to be handling the US release. The English release is coming out really soon, on March 31st 2017
  14. I haven't forgotten you either, @Mr Poltroon, I've just been ignoring you since you asked about stuff that was harder to answer. For starters, I totally agree with you that asterisked sound effects are less of an interruption than singularly complex sentence structure. Forcing the reader to go back and re-read a sentence just to try to understand what the blazes is going on when all they want is to move on to the next element in the plot is anathema to the goal of most VNs, which is, generally, to offer the straightforward entertainment of a quick jaunt through a story world, rather than the joy of ruminating on a particularly fibrous utterance. However, *clears his throat*, I would like to point you at the hill you're about to go sliding down. It is, if I do say so myself, a slippery slope *wink*. My own personal experience with trying to use this technique was that use instantly turned to abuse *sigh*. Before too long, the dialogue was filled with all sorts of things that had no business being there; they weren't sounds being made by a speaker at all, but rather related actions which, if they needed to be communicated, belonged more properly in a narration line, and if none was available, why then the dialogue itself would have to carry the meaning *shakes his head*. It simply doesn't make sense for characters to be communicating quite so much in what is, ultimately, a poor excuse for narration *nod*. In a nutshell, I found that the technique simply did my script more harm than it did my script good. The same is true of the use of italics in scripts I've read: I have seen them used only once that I can recall, in an official translation, and while once or twice they were helpful, much more often they were completely unneeded and simply served to call attention to themselves and look out of place. When a tool causes you more harm than it does you good, it's better to simply force yourself to throw it out and work under tighter constraints. Art has always and will always flourish under constraints, and I personally have not found it particularly onerous to go without this one tool; on the contrary, I've relished the change. Aside from their usage to introduce lists of things, you can also use a colon in place of a semi-colon when the half of a sentence after the colon is more like an illumination/rephrasing of some part of the first half, rather than a separate, related, independent clause. It's kind of an advanced technique, I guess? I don't mention it in the guide both because I don't have a solid handle on the rule myself and because I think it's not really a necessary thing to do (there are plenty of other options available), but I certainly do use colons this way myself from time to time without much thought. Your usage looks perfectly cromulent to me. (I would probably always assume the former interpretation, not the latter, without some strong contextual evidence otherwise, and I would probably only find it not to be a somewhat odd utterance when coming on the heels of a request for help putting on a seatbelt.)
  15. TBH, I'm pretty interested in this topic as well, and really should check out Fault myself, since it's the only one I can think of. That said, the closest I can think of that I've read would be (and neither of these is precisely what you're asking for, to be sure, but both are kind of in the ballpark): eden* Karakara