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  1. I mean, I know how much you all love Kickstarters. At any rate, the game looked cute when Frontwing announced it back at AX, and it still does, so I kicked it. Go give it a kick if so inclined. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frontwing/expose-your-inner-otaku-with-visual-novel-momoiro/ (looks like the link auto-embeds as a video, so whatever, I left the video and the raw link)
  2. Saya no Uta Doujin Remake?

  3. It's a sunny day in Seattle...

    Seattle... Hmmm...
  4. Guys, it's Sol Press, not SoL Press. Like the sun, not the boring genre.
  5. Yeah, definitely wasn't being serious there. VN localization isn't a zero-sum game. I feel like I may have accidentally come off as one of those morons who gets angry when the stars align and once per millennium one of these companies releases an otome game. Truth is, I like to see the VN localizing companies bringing over a variety of stuff, even when it's not all specifically to my taste, since I think it makes them more likely to thrive and thus to continue to bring over the things that actually are to my taste. Though I really do want them to get more softhouse-seal GRANDEE porn, that's some good shit.
  6. License bad games. License bad games that aren't even the bad games I want them to license (*cough* https://vndb.org/p1374 *cough*).
  7. How good should your translation be before editing?

    You're much better off just getting someone who knows what they're doing translating it in the first place. Translation checking is a luxury some localization projects have, but at least in fan translations, it's largely there to compensate for the fact that most of the people working in fan translations just aren't very good translators. 99% of the time, if they were passable at translating, they'd get out of fan translation and translate for a living. If the translation is best described as garble, no editor can save it short of going to check every translated line and effectively redoing the work. I think what you're saying here is predicated on a mistaken assumption people often make when talking about localization: that there's some sort pidgin language between Japanese and English (let's call it Fantranslationese). Bizarrely, some people not only believe in the existence of Fantranslationese, but they have even convinced themselves that they prefer to read Fantranslationese over English. But make no mistake: Fantranslationese is not a language, and it does not communicate anything like what the original Japanese did and what a decent English translation would. Fantranslationese is a pale shadow of a language, and an editor can only do so much to fix a "translation" attempting to use it short of retranslating the work because the editor otherwise doesn't actually get an experience like reading the original. Relying on editors to inject flair into a Fantranslationese script means you lost all the flair that was in the original. You're certainly not there yet, but you're well on your way to writing fanfiction instead of a translation, if you go this route. Editors should be polishing a translation, smoothing out rough edges and ensuring consistency. They absolutely should be fixing the translator's mistakes, always with the aid of the translator, because the editor sees the work differently and therefore is going to rarely find translation mistakes due to their different view. This is a given especially because of how ambiguous and context-dependent Japanese is. I never want to work on any project with a translator who believes this.
  8. What are you playing?

    At least one of the people behind the fan translation of Sharin has disavowed it and actively discourages people from reading it, so, yeah, I'd wait for the official. Regarding G-Senjou:
  9. Books!

    Nice. Now that Amazon has stopped procrastinating, you can do the same.
  10. Is Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete still being translated?

    The WareMete project is dead. I haven't heard from the translator + project lead in about a year, and we've cleaned up all the organizational stuff around it. I suppose it's always possible he or someone else will start up a new project, but the old one is gone. Also, just to clarify, there is no Luna Translation, so that isn't the Luna Translation progress page; that's the personal page of a nice person who happens to be the programmer for a lot of different projects, some of which were formerly part of "Luna Translation" when that was a thing. But yeah, the art on the game sure is freaking stellar, right? I'm just saying, it'd be a good suggestion for the MangaGamer survey...
  11. Suggestions out of these titles

    HoshiMemo didn't have "quite a bit of content not translated". It had, IIRC, five untranslated lines across probably a 40,000-50,000 line game. I think Leyline had more, but IIRC it was on the order of 30 lines? At any rate, you can read my review to see why, but I definitely wouldn't recommend HoshiMemo... Muv Luv Alternative is legendary, but Muv Luv is supposed to be kind of a slog. I'd still probably pick Muv Luv, among those, since eventually you'll get to Alternative and have a great time with it. Fate/Stay Night is legendary, too, and that one I can personally say I enjoyed.
  12. Test your English vocabulary

    Clephas beat me: http://testyourvocab.com/result?user=9518258 I felt bad because I had to dock myself terpsichorean because I couldn't remember what Terpischore was the muse of, and mawkish even though I looked it up like four days ago.
  13. What are you playing?

    FWIW, I agree a lot of the stuff you're talking about feels pretty fuzzy. I don't recall having any problems with the points you're raising, but I have unspeakably strong suspension of disbelief, so it's not uncommon for me to say "man, what a great story" about things where every other person on the planet would say "god, that whole ending was just a massive ass-pull", so I've learned not to take my being okay with a plot as a sign that it's actually okay. So, yeah, I'm definitely not trying to argue or anything, just trying to understand/clarify.