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  1. To be clear, there's a big difference between an otaku and a weeb. The former still has a chance of being a normal person in public. The latter, not so much. But if you're on this message board, and you don't think you're an otaku, you probably are and are in denial. I'm an otaku, and I'm okay with that, because I'm not also a weeb.
  2. Karakara is really good (vastly underrated, IMO) and pretty short. I recommend the version with H scenes
  3. I came into this thread only so I could post basically what @Narcosis said, except that, in addition to not caring about the game anyway, even if I did want to play it, I also wouldn't give a shit how they released it.
  4. I'm not familiar with most of those (of the things you're listing characters from, I've only played the first Majikoi), so a description of the features you appreciate rather than a list of characters might be more helpful.
  5. Can you define "strong female character"? I consider the Funbag Fantasy heroines to be generally pretty weak, even when physically strong, because I mostly think of the personality side, strength of will, etc., when I see "strong female character". Kagome in Comyu isn't a terrible suggestion, but there's really not much focus on her for most of the game. Looking through my list of decent VNs for ones with strong female characters (per my interpretation, and I have no idea if that matches what you're looking for or not): Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning (most all of the characters, including the main character Neon, though she has a complicated back and forth between strength and weakness) Kindred Spirits (Yuna; also kind of complicated, though) Fate/Stay Night (Rin, and to a lesser extent Saber; bonus here is that they're both physically strong as well, especially Saber, of course)
  6. I'm going to start reading it today, with the intent to do a FuwaReview of it. But that'll almost certainly take a while (at least a week, probably more like two); I don't have the ability to read a VN for more than an hour or two at a stretch, so don't know if you want to wait that long for just my opinion
  7. I've been to Arkansas a few times. It's probably not gonna be great.
  8. I'm guessing you've never been to Arkansas before.
  9. Look who's talking 4/10 (doesn't really do much for me at all)
  10. Will you change that signature, because I feel like it's about to give me a seizure?
  11. What are you going to do to become less of a NEET in the coming year?
  12. Okay, it's an exciting week full of news! Bad news. You wanted good news? Sorry, only bad news. But anyway, first, some rather anemic progress numbers: Translated: 29478/40208 (73.3%), +65 (0.2%) Edited: 26927/40208 (67.0%), +262 (0.7%) Now, onto news, which explains the anemic numbers. Two unrelated things have happened to this translation project: Our lead translator fell off the grid three weeks ago. He disappears for a week or so at a time every now and then, which we deal with, but three weeks is a long-ass time. The project is now officially in the market for a new lead translator, and moreover, it is officially on ice until we have someone who can take up that mantle. I hope to have the project back up in full swing very soon, but for the moment, there won't be progress to mention, because though yes, we have another translator, we need a lead translator to backstop, assist, and, well, lead. If you think you're up to that and you're willing to commit a lot of time to a very long project with very little benefit aside from the satisfaction of a job well done, enabling people to experience an excellent VN, I guess you can contact me, but I'm not expecting anything in that ballpark from this post. This is purely me informing people about the current state of the project, in the interest of transparency. I've got some contacts (not a lot). I'm trying them (clumsily). Hopefully they'll pan out and we'll be back on track soon. I don't know if this has been announced elsewhere, but if not, I guess I'm announcing it, because of that whole transparency thing. The project founder, Aizen, has stepped down from Luna Translations. At this point, there is no longer any such entity. There are websites, social media accounts, etc., floating around by that name; they're not longer affiliated with anything at all, including this project. The assorted teams under that umbrella are now independent (though of course still in contact with each other). What does that practically mean for this project? Basically nothing, honestly. In particular, as I mentioned before, to my knowledge, this change is completely unrelated to our lead TL's disappearance (he disappeared three weeks ago, so, it's not exactly the coincidence of timing it may superficially appear to be). If you want to talk about Luna TL for any reason, I ask that you use a different thread for it (and will ask a mod to move/delete posts from this thread if necessary), since this thread's topic is the Majo Koi Nikki translation project, which, aside from what I hope to be a temporary freeze while we find a new lead translator, is still a TL project, still operating with the same people it has been (except from that whole lead TL thing).
  13. Wait, really, Claymore was good? I think I gave it two episodes, a long long time ago before I watched much anime (perhaps this is the problem?), and couldn't get into it at all. Does it end properly? What makes it good? On my front: I'm about 5 episodes into Maria now, and it is not what I was expecting, on many fronts. The constant sexual innuendo from the succubus and the incubus is actually pretty funny (at least for my easy sense of humor), and I'm really liking the overall vibe of the show, and especially, of course, Maria. I still don't have a good feel for exactly where the show is headed, but I'm enjoying the ride.