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  1. There are no extra "scenes" unlocked from bonus codes, only extra art, OP/ED movie replay, and VA comments (which have been subbed in English, of course). The English game's bonus codes were meant to have been given out by the Sol Press twitter account... but it seems like they've kind of dropped the ball there.
  2. hmmm. Let me paste what I said again and bold something for emphasis. The fork for Mom and harem routes is only available at the end of the first day. You say you "gave all of them 3 hearts for about 3 or 4 days", so I'm guessing you missed the chance at the end of the first day? They'll be in the lineup of kisses: in addition to the four individual girls, there will be an additional option of Mom, and one more option for all four sisters.
  3. The only thing I can imagine you missed is that you need to play the harem route twice to see all the scenes. Which pair of sisters you pick first changes the scenes you see after that. I think there are two (or four?) long scenes after that split, before it converges for the harem route ending.
  4. My guy, just look at the reactions in this thread. You're in the minority on freaking Fuwanovel, the weebiest place to talk about VNs short of 4chan. The only reasonable conclusion is that the one living in an echo chamber is you, not those of us saying 3rd-person self-reference sounds like ass in translation.
  5. If you have cleared all the girls' routes, then if you kiss them all at every opportunity (so you end the day with 3 hearts), you should have both the harem route and the mom route available at the end of the first day. The harem route does not unlock until you have cleared all the sisters' routes. Edit: And I'll add, following the Japanese guide is only for the insane. Just kiss all the girls all the time and you'll be fine, honestly.
  6. I have witnessed the progress of an English speaker transitioning out of referring to themself in the third-person and into the first-person. The toddler in question finished making that change shortly before their third birthday. So if you want to feel like Saya is two years old while you're reading that game, go for it and apply that patch. Meanwhile, any halfway decent translator is going to understand how inaccurate it is to render 3rd-person self-reference in Japanese as 3rd-person self-reference in English.
  7. The walkthrough is silly and is targeted at seeing every single dialogue line, including like, one-line forks for "hey, aren't you going to kiss me?". You do not need a walkthrough if you want to see every route. Just kiss the girls and the rest will sort itself out. Trust me.
  8. I... don't know if he would want me to share that. He used to post here quite a lot, but I don't know if I should say more than that. I'll just say, there were only ever two company reps who did that who were well thought-of, and he's one of those two.
  9. I imagine this mostly flew under the radar, but a certain former PR rep, once known as the nicest guy in the VN industry, is translating this charming-looking indie game which is getting a Kickstarter to fund the translation: They already hit their funding goal, but consider showing them some love anyway; the game does look fun and goofy, and knowing Ian, the localization should be a riot.
  10. I am somewhat biased, but 9-nine-: Episode 2 has the only truly hilarious H-scene I have ever seen.
  11. Edit: I somehow completely misread the OP o_O, so I'm basically rewriting this post, lol Clannad, because I loved the anime. Which soon led to Little Busters, and then down a very deep rabbit hole...
  12. Yeah... The structure of the game is definitely not friendly in that regard. The prologue is a slog.
  13. On the one hand, I understand not wanting to abandon your own hard work. On the other hand, once a company has announced an official localization, the civil thing to do if you're a fan translation outfit is to talk to the developer and understand what they want you to do, not to say "fuck you, Key, we're going to keep releasing our fan TL patches". I hope these guys cool off a bit and have a conversation with the developer's English representatives to understand what their wishes are. Who knows? Maybe there's room for collaboration.
  14. Volume 3 completes the story. The writer indicated a long time back that they planned to write a volume 4 for the webnovel, as an epilogue story, which has never materialized. However, there's more content at the end of volume 3 of the game than there is in volume 3 of the webnovel, so I saw one person hypothesizing that they got out what they wanted to in the game, so we'd probably never see a volume 4 of the webnovel since the content they wanted to do was in the game instead. Who can say.
  15. the Nine games: volume 1: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976390/9nineEpisode_1/ volume 2: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1033420/9nineEpisode_2/
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