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  1. I don't know how much they cost, but... they are quite expensive. Just take a look at some VN kickstarters and you'll have an idea. The best way to support authors is buying their games legitemely and spreading the word. Unless you are rich, then you can do wtv you want lol
  2. This is easy. Just read anything Key. Since you enjoyed Rewrite, I think the easiest one to get into is Little Busters. After you finish it, you have Clannad, Kanon, Air etc etc. Like Ange said, anything by Ryukishi is also a good read. But know that his other works are very, very different from Key's style.
  3. You should watch Higurashi Gou/Sotsu as they are sequels to the original story.
  4. You can read Angel Beats without the other games. According to various sources, the game is a complete experience, with three main routes and a ton of content. The only thing it lacks are the sequels and a conclusion, but the latter you can watch in the anime version. I'm loving WES. Loving. The map segments are bad, but I'm following a guide so it's not really a problem. I just wish there were more common scenes - as in scenes focused in the mystery instead of the characters - along the way. But I'm still in the beginning of Saya's route, so maybe it'll get better.
  5. the text itself was good, well written, but that was not enough. The music seemed very dated to me. Yeah, it didn't click with me, sadly. I had high hopes for it. I decided to play it safe and stalled Grisaia. Now I'm reading Angel Beats! and gosh, it's way better - in my opinion, of course. I'm also reading World End Syndrome. For the first time in ages I'm trying two at the same time. Since WES seems to be short, I will probably finish it early.
  6. I mean, there was only one scene that made me laugh a little and it was just after the protagonist told a horror story to Makina, I believe, the young one. I love comedy, but there is not much of it at least until now
  7. So... I'm not enjoying Grisaia I'm very early in the story, I think, and no character - or even music - has caught my attention enough to want to read. I've actually read very little of the game. Does it get better? Or is it a case of if I don't like it now I won't later?
  8. Planetarian and Narcissu are usually the ones people recommend to beginners. Also Saya no Uta, if they're into this kind of stuff. If they are more into the literature side of the genre, I would strongly recommend Adabana Odd Tales. And if they are into yuri, The expression Amrilato is also pretty nice.
  9. isn't sakuragames machine translation?
  10. Umineko but paying more attention to the mystery. I think I missed too much the first time I read it because I was focused on the narrative only. The same applies to the Infinity series, but those I'd just like to not remember the truth behind the mysteries so I could appreciate the story more. Clannad for the feels. I still want to rewatch the anime but I know the impact of the drama will be weaker. Planetarian too, but for a different reason: I didn't like it :< I wanted to not have this opinion about the game so I could really enjoy it.
  11. According to what Reddit says, some jokes and dialogue that contain explicit sex/illegal themes were rewritten, and one route has a major scene changed. Besides those, it's mainly the h-scenes, which I'm not interested into.
  12. I'm almost finishing Flowers 3 after reading it non-stop for a week after months stalling. I'm glad I did, because the story is so enjoyable, well written and engaging. The romance flows naturally and the mysteries actually made me interested in what was going on. I'm pretty excited for Flowers 4 [come on, Jast, release it already!] That said, I just bought a fan-favorite on Steam - yeah, Steam! because from what I researched, for me it is the best version - Fruit of Grisaia! Unless something major happens, such as Reflection Blue being completed, I'll read Grisaia next. Do you hav
  13. me trying to see the difference in my 1080p screen
  14. Iwaihime is already on my backlog, but I'm holding it because a) I'm watching Higurashi, so I'm getting my regular ryukishi doses and b) Reviews are pretty mixed, and I need something to hook me. As for the other recommendations, Gekkou no Carnevale and Ryuusei seem very good. Definetely going to take a closer look on those two. About Musicus, is it story-oriented? Because the impressions I get is that it's just an "more adult" Kira Kira. I read Bokuten and enjoyed it a lot, but I don't expect the same focus on story from Musicus. Am I wrong?
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