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  1. Detective VN

    So no Umineko for you? Well, ~if~ you change your mind about supernatural elements, go for Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. As for games, I really can't remember any. What I can recommend is to read Agatha Christie, and you probably know why.
  2. And what about Key?

    Just a small question. Is the baseball minigame mandatory to read Little Busters to the end? I simply can't understand how to play this minigame, always missing balls. I'm terrible on it.
  3. And what about Key?

    I'd go with Air before Kanon if I were you. Air was one of the best for me, and the age gap between Air and Clannad is smaller than Kanon, so you'll adapt better to the older games. But sseriously, DO read both of them, they are as incredible as Clannad - and as sad But really, don't let the art style or the "oldness" keep you away from them. AIR and KANON are unique experiences, even more since you are already a fan.
  4. And what about Key?

    It's sad to see such a low number for Fatal Twelve. It one of the best VNs I've read the last few months. Maybe because it is all ages, people were not too interested on it, which is a shame. But to LB also get those numbers........ eh, I really hope Rewrite+ sells more thant - that -
  5. And what about Key?

    Oh, it did? I really missed that, which in a way is good, since now I don't have to wait it's jap-only that sucks
  6. And what about Key?

    I think I'm getting kind of repetitive on my threads, but this is a serious concern that I don't see many talking about, at least here in the forums. What happened to Key? I'm pretty sure they had both Rewrite and Angel Beats! planned to be released in English, besides, supposedly, working on AB! 2. But as far as I can see, they simply disappeared? Even their main artist (who I think already left before, though) is now on her own new projects.
  7. I wanted to be a joke-ice cream, but @mitchhamilton was faster
  8. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    I think nobody mentioned it, but is it possible to link the VNDB list to it in order to avoid VNs that I've already read? Or at least select ones that we want to be excluded, without "disliking" it? And although there are screenshots, they are too small and without an option to open/zoom it.
  9. You only need to use Japanese locale if there is no official english release. If there is one, it is not necessary.
  10. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    On a serious note, is this going to be the main focus of Fuwanovel? Or will it integrate the frontpage we already have?
  11. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    Thanks @Silvz for giving us the idea when you gave users the idea of flooding the site with recommendations.
  12. Yes, you have to buy the original game in Japanese, install it and then install the patch over it. I don't know websites where you can buy them, but someone else may help you with this. The patching system is usually very simple. The fan groups upload an exe file that does all the work by itself. If not, there are other easy ways to install. You should look into each website for more information about patching, as the methods may vary. Speaking of Rewrite, although it's been a long time since we've heard about it, there is an official release of it in English in the future. Maybe you should wait a little more before reading it. Since you got interested on it, why not try other games from Key, the developer, that are already available in english? Clannad, Little Busters, Planetarian just to start.
  13. So now Fuwa is really dead?

    It does. I think it is 60%, but I may be wrong. But considering that the switch is 300$ and I paid around 400$, it is not too bad. The worst part, however, is that 1 dollar equals 3,90 reais. Which is the price of a coca-cola can. And since I can't control my thingers, I have also spent 100 dollars in switch games, so I'm nearly broke this month.
  14. So now Fuwa is really dead?

    I think the Switch is cheaper on Europe than in Brazil. I bought mine on Mercado Livre, but I don't know if it works there.
  15. No problem, I'm back to shake things up! College sucks. Kids, don't do it to yourselves. Btw Nintendo Switch is a console sent from the Gods.