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  1. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    you may die waiting, since the company that did the ps2/ps3 patches is now bankrupt. And I doubt any company will want to dub this game, as it has way, way too many characters besides the main ones. The art in Ciconia is way better than Higurashi and Umineko, speacially in the coloring department.
  2. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    I don't know how nobody talked about Ciconia When They Cry when it was released, but it is great
  3. ALL kanon endings choices/walkthroughs

    Are you sure there are bad endings in Kanon?
  4. The House in Fata Morgana

    it's also coming to the Switch
  5. New Higurashi anime is announced

    Yeah, the anime adaptation of Umineko was terrible, with a lot of important clues being cut off entirely. From what I can recall, it was made when Umineko had only the question arcs released, so DEEN didn't have the full material to work with, thus causing the lack of depth.
  6. New Higurashi anime is announced

    Honestly, they should stop milking Higurashi and focus on adapting the other 07th Expansion novels.
  7. Huh, no Umineko in their mystery tab. Not reliable at all
  8. They aren't a thing for a while. The good days for SP are now gone
  9. How long are Euphoria routes?

    They are not very long. The game overall is quite short.
  10. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    What I don't get in Misaki's route is
  11. I guess it's my turn now..

    Another pokémon fan is always a good thing, so welcome
  12. @Clephas would you help us here, since you've played it and know japanese?
  13. Is it good? Because although it is by Key, it doesn't have the same staff from their most relevant projects, mainly Maeda Jun.