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  1. Thaaanks I'm having some pizza and cake to celebrate \o/
  2. If you waited for this long already, some days should be easy to handle. And this is Jast, so it could be tomorrow or two years from now, who knows?
  3. It is great, one of the best [at least to me rs]. There are some choices on episode 8, and two different endings, but the "bad" ending does not add too much to it. Well, liking Rewrite, you'll probably enjoy Summer Pockets. As the name implies, the protagonist only stays in the island for the summer, although the main story happens there. If you enjoy yaoi, No, thank you!!! may also be interesting.
  4. Umineko This one is hard, because usually who changes sides is the hero/ine, I guess. I need to update my list in order to recommend stuff to others :x It is kind of a stretch, but you could try Ever17. It's not exactly what you requested but it could work.
  5. nah, they are just anime uh, just to be clear, I meant that they have these quircks because they are characters in an anime-like game, which is very common in this media. Characters that repeat words, use the third person, who always do the same dumb thing over and over... it's not too deep as "it's actually autism", just a trend
  6. I don't understand, can you show us an example? I don't think I have ever seen this happening, at least in full patched/localized VNs. And if this gives you a feeling of "budget", many great stories can be told in simple packages [looking at you, Higurashi]. Now, for me one thing that although doesn't make me drop a vn [but annoys me a lot] is a non-voiced protagonist. I don't feel like self inserting and all that jazz, I prefer that the characters have full identities - which also reflect on them having sprites. A minor complaint is when characters don't change their positions at all, like, there are only one or two sprite variations - not that bad, but some sprites are usually in very specific poses that do not blend at all in every scene. A good example of that is Katahane, that, at least as far as I remember, one pose for each character, maybe more for the major ones.
  7. Well, for your first and third request, you could go with Summer Pockets [or wait for Reflection Blue to be translated, which has more routes and content]. Keep in mind that SP has a ton of supernatural, tho, as any other Key novel.
  8. it was not on purpose, but because of lack of money
  9. I don't read anymore but what I do is to first see if there is a recommended route order and stick to it. If there isn't, I just go to my favorite one first. Never read the common route twice, only the new scenes/variations - pretty much any recent VN has the option to skip only read text.
  10. There is an ending, and it's solvable and understandable plotwise. But they didn't make the third route that would explain everything. At least that's what I read back then. So it is a full experience and a very good one, it's just not explicit in its answers. Buuuut, if you understand how Ever17 works, specially in its twist in the end, you'll easily figure out Remember11.
  11. Worth reading, yes. Same plot, no. I don't remember a lot of the whole plot, but it's just the "trapped in a place that will soon be destroyed" that is the same, the rest is actually different. But you could just read other stuff before it, in order to enjoy it more instead of comparing it to other works
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