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  1. VN Geography Map Revamped

    You could put SakuraGame somewhere
  2. Clockwork Alt Works

    I wonder who is my alt
  3. [help] 428 Shibuya Scramble

    Thank you a lot! I will probably come to ask for your help again pretty soon haha
  4. So yeah, it took me two days to get completely lost in this game. I have been following the walkthrough available here in the forums until the second time slot (11:00 - 12:00) and then decided to read Tama's storyline before the others. The problem is that the WT only has the choices made in each route instead of having all choices needed to get to some endings. So, when I tried to get the bad ending 16, no matter what, I kept getting BE 15, probably due to my choices in Tama's storyline. As those who have played know, the choices in every route affect the others, but I simply don't know how to revert my choices to a point where I can "fix" it. It may seem trivial as it is only one ending for now, but as the game has almost 100 of them, I'm afraid that I may have the same issue (or even a bigger one). The worst part is that besides Fuwa's guide, I can't seem to find another one, nor one that has all the choices that lead to the endings. The worst part is that there isn't a ctrl Skip option, and rereading everything just to find out that I had the wrong ending doesn't help. Please, community, help me <3
  5. Story-driven VN

    Thank you all for your help! Besides my initial despite, I decided to read 428, and I'm actually enjoying it a lot. It's a shame it is not voiced, though, but it is totally worth my money!
  6. Harmonia (and also Planetarian), both by KEY. Lucid9 is also very good (technically it will - would? - get a sequel with routes, but the story of the game is complete and can be read without worry.)
  7. Story-driven VN

    I mean, I am picky haha I've always been. I know you wouldn't recommend something you don't like, but you have to agree with me on this one D:
  8. Story-driven VN

    forgot to quote you - sorry Magical Eyes is another game that was on my list but for some reason I never read. It gives me some Tokyo Babel vibes from the pictures, which is definetely a good thing. The other games I've already read, and honestly loved both Fatal Twelve and Enigma, although Moonlit Garden was just meh.
  9. Story-driven VN

    I haven't read it yet, and it was in my list, but I recall someone saying it wasn't good. Good recommendation! Yes, of course! I love Fata Morgana <3 And, uh... I mean, real people and all @_@ I don't know if it would be a good read. Is the story good enough to get over the art? Already read it! It was great for the most part (it could be shorter). I/O was in my list waaay back when fuwa still had torrents, but for some reason I never read it. Maybe I'll go with that one. Besides Island - which Clephas made it seem terrible -, I've already read all of those (Hakuai is amazing, btw) That art .-----.
  10. Story-driven VN

    Hello! So, I've just finished Higurashi (the last one available) and I want a new VN to read. However, for the first time in years, I haven't decided which one. I'd like to read a VN focused on the plot, instead of the characters. It can have routes, but ones that really impact the story. Do not recommend Kara no Shoujo, Umineko, KEY, Swan Song (etc) because I have already read those. Since I missed a lot of new releases from the last few months, the recommendations could start by them. Thanks in advance <3 edit: If there are plot twists, it's even better! And english-only.
  11. Oh, I guess it's time to finish the first game on my 3DS. The 2D graphics and the ultra low sound volume pushed me away from it.
  12. Umineko

    Yeah, my bad, though most of the features it lacks are just cosmetic and the patch as a whole allows a complete experience as it has voices, sprites, backgrounds, etc from the PS3 version.
  13. Umineko

    the one I linked uses textboxes
  14. Umineko

    > Buy MG's version > Download the installer in https://github.com/07th-mod > Enjoy ps3 graphics and voices you're welcome Just to clarify, this is a 100% patch, in fullHD, that adds everything available from the PS3 version to Mangagamer's new translation. This is the most complete and recent patch, and it is not UmiTweak nor Umineko Project. The installer is the same for Higurashi, but if you want to see how it works, just click in the Umineko-question and umineko-answer sections.