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  1. VNs with good fan-hype content?

    > then talks about DDLC I usually tend to avoid things that are overhyped
  2. What is your favourite VN store?

    Steam, of course I wonder why Mangagamer doesn't update their store, or at least merge it with the blog they usually post things on.
  3. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    > normal sex > no GL or BL Terrible choice of words, and a very homophobic one.
  4. Romance VN with poetical and good quote MC

    Have you tried playing KEY games? I'd recommend Clannad and Air. I also see that you haven't read Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, and from your list on VNDB this is the best option for what you are looking for.
  5. What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    I didn't like Himawari either, and I think you're the first person I see that didn't love it.
  6. Mystery / True Route VNS like Ever17

    IIRC Remember11 was supposed to have one more route that was cancelled due to lack of budget or something like that. It is a complete story, but the mystery here depends a lot on reading the bad endings and understanding the series' universe. That being said, I think reading Never7 would help a lot explaining both Ever17's twist and Remember11's mystery.
  7. Mystery / True Route VNS like Ever17

    Jesus Christ, Fuwanovel needs a button for me to click and automatically suggest Umineko. I can't recommend Umineko enough. Although it is a kinect novel (more than 50 hours of reading), it has everything you look for. What I can tell you that may ease your detective self is that there are enough clues to find out the culprit in Episode 1 (of 8). But, of course, if you don't find it out right away, the story gives you a lot of different perspectives and clues to solve the mystery before the final answer. The name is Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, and both parts are sold by MangaGamer - Rondo, the first one, and Chiru, the second part. But if you wait some months, there will be a definitive version released by Mangagamer. If you don't want to wait, buy the games and then apply the patch for PS3 graphics and voices. Believe me, you WILL like Umineko. _____ Other good mystery games: Swan Song, Cartagra/Kara no shoujo series and, as people mentioned before, the Zero Escape series and the rest of the infinite series (ever 17 is the second of the series)
  8. Just to be clear, you mean that leak from some months ago, right? Or did it happen again? If so, I'm kind of worried for sekai
  9. If by romance you mean having to pick choices/routes in order to get a girl, no, it's not like that. There is, however, romance, love, but I would be spoiling the experience for you if I explain how this romance is developed. I garantee, though, that everything you requested here is present in Umineko. The whole game is well developed, and considering your critics about G-senjou, I think that you will enjoy Umineko a lot. On a side note, I would also recommend you reading the Cartagra/Kara no Shoujo games, which are from the same company that created Flowers. Have in mind, however, that it they are focused on the mystery and gory aspects of the murders that compose the narrative.
  10. Your once in a lifetime VN

    Yandere (just once was enough for hating it forever)
  11. Favored text box presentation in VNs.

    I don't get why you are playing Sakura freaking Dungeon instead of Umineko. I mean, what's the point? On topic, ADV is the best for me, although I don't mind when a game switches to NVL in some specific scenes. What I really hate are floating text boxes.
  12. 428 Shibuya Walkthrough help

    Hello! It doesn't mean you need to follow this order, I believe the WT was made considering the order that makes more sense storywise. Even if you don't follow the order, it is possible to get all the bad endings by picking the choices needed. For Bad Ending 1, in the example you posted, you should pick Kano as the first character in the entire game, and then just play it until you reach the bad ending - no matter the choice you pick, it is going to lead to a bad ending. Since you have finished the game already, it wouldn't be possible to do that, BUT in the WT there is a section called "Bad Ending List" (the last spoiler) that explains how you can get into and out of each ending. You have to use that list in order to backtrack for each specific ending. So in order to get Bad Ending 1, you should go into Achi's route at 10:30 and choose option A and, as soon as you do it, you should go back to the time chart and pick Kano's route.
  13. I don't recall eden being that sad