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  1. When will be the last day of sale?
  2. I would say just not to read moeges if he doesn't like it. My suggestion is for you to take some time away from VNs, since you are not enjoying them. Try different games, maybe some RPGs/hybrids, and when you feel like reading, you can come back and enjoy VNs. Now, if you don't feel like it, I'd recommend some short ones: Enigma is a good one to begin with - it is very short and good all through it. Try also Planetarian, by Key.
  3. Umineko is the second entry on the series (the third, if you consider both Higurashi and Umineko are 2 parts each), and it is the best VN ever. Like someone said above, it is not the same as Higurashi, but it is far better. And there are a lot of references in it, the most proeminent being Bernkastel/Rika. Seriously, you should start Umineko as fast as you can - it is great. edit: it is not a sequel, but part of the same series "When they cry", so besides the ton of references, it is a 100% new story
  4. I'm not into this stuff in real life, nor in games. However, Euphoria is one exception because of how much people like it. On the plus side, until now, it is not as heavy as I was expecting it to be, which is good.
  5. Until you guys pointed out, I didn't know about the panic button. I hope I never need to use that again. My strategy was to talk to her about other things, pretending nothing happened. She didn't ask. And yeah, I don't know why, but people only seem to enter my bedroom when I'm into something they should not see. Idk, sex may attract mothers/friends, even when they are only 1% of the game (not the case)
  6. So, I was reading this masterpiece solely for the story and was going to skip the sex, when my mother simply invaded my bedroom and saw Sensei with her ass/vagina open to the screen. Now, she thinks I''m a pervert and that I was fapping. Worst thing: I'm gay and she knows that.
  7. No, the game is really short. All routes are like this :/ I think the longest one, at least for me, was Misaki's, and [spoilerish too] it is more a second route for Michiru than Misaki. Also, the prologue is everything you have for that first girl. And, if you like Cro now, prepare to hate her route.
  8. I love how people are simply throwing their hates for actual good games isntead of helping the guy The two worst VN's I've read so far are Tsundere and Over the Rainbow, both translated. The first one is a mess in any possible way, and actually unplayable after some parts. The second is well done, but the story is fucked up. It is about a doctor raping a mental ill girl who "thinks" she is seven years old.
  9. I'm going against your purpose here, but I have to comment your BGs specifically and by yours, I mean the teams'. I love how the ones you posted have at the same time a professional and an amateurish flavors to them. I mean, I can see that this is not from a huge company with lots of money to spare, but at the same time I can see the quality I'd expect from them, you know? There seems to have a lot of details, but, and here's my first complaint, the pictures with sprites show blurry backgrounds. Is this on purpose? Why not show all their potention during the reading? Also, still on that, I usually dislike when games zoom in their BGs and make them all stretchy just for who knows why? I'd rather see a static BG during action scenes than a low quality moving one. A question: why do the sprites differ so much from the characters on CGs? Personally, I prefer them like in the latter, but still loved both. The question is really about the subtle change.
  10. For me it would be very interesting if the story were about a guy who wants to buy all Sakura Games but has no money to do so. So, he starts working in a VN's company to earn some cash and finds out they are the ones behind the series, and all company workers are actually large breast women who of course would love to be gripped by this guy. (this last part I just forced into the synopsis to sound like a real Sakura game) Edit: Another possibility would be for him to find out that all heroines from past games are based in actual Winged Cloud's workers and then he starts the gripping.
  11. I know, but I had to try
  12. Hi, fellow members. Since yesterday, I have noticed something weird happening in my notebook, and I'm starting to get worried because it has never happened before and I cannot find help on the internet. There is a pop up window that appears for least than a second, too fast to see normaly, but noticeable since it happens constantly. It doesn't load anything, nor changes any apparent aspects on my notebook, but looks like something is being opened. The first time I saw it, however, it was a Command Prompt-like window, so that is where my fear of it being a problem comes from. Also, it can happen any moment, even using programs that usually have priority, such as games and video players. If someone knows what it may be, or possible recommendations on keeping my notebook "safe", I would appreciate. I don't have pictures because it would be near impossible to print the issue. Edit: As the title says, I'm using Windows 10, which had a small update recently. I've been using it since it was released for testing, and only yesterday this problem happened.
  13. I'm still reading it and got another important question about the game. The WT I'm following presents Double's endings in this order: Since my last experience following their order was not a good one (reading A's True ending before Normal), I'd rather ask you people which is the better order to read these endings. Should I read the "other" endings before the True one, or are they bonus, so I can read them later? And what is the difference between capital and non capital letters in this context? Are any of the Xtend chapters included in these endings?
  14. It does not appear to me too. May be something related to our Members status.
  15. Relevant to note that Chrono's scenes are not directly related to the story, so you can read both pieces without the other. Also, it seems that in the near future there will be a demosaic patch to it, so you should wait if you want.