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  1. You're welcome............. But seriously, glad you solved the problem
  2. Since the problem is in japanese, have you checked if your locale is set to Japan? Have you tried to reinstall the game from scratch? Check if the company has a twitter account or other social medias since they are not replying your emails. On a very quick google research, I only got that there is a problem with the script, apparently. See if your antivirus is not deleting some files.
  3. I'm not into action/fighting, but I must say that pretty much all fighting scenes in Tokyo Babel (as well as the VN as a whole) are must reads, as they are both well written and exciting, while further developing the characters.
  4. I was once called a pedo because I said I liked anime. The argument was that "anime only have child-like girls doing erotic stuff". I totally get why people prefer not to be too open about it. Obviously, this commend was made by someone who thinks anime = lolis and japan = anime, so I never took it too deep into my heart.
  5. You can link sites here as long as they do not have pirated content and warn the user for possible NSFW materials.
  6. I've been reading all your comments too and I think any points I could raise were dealt already in some way. Let's wait and see what will happen in the next episodes.
  7. Nah, I understand your worries, and I do think in a similar way sometimes. But to try to get to MG at this point may not be good either, since their backlog is full of unreleased games yet and, apart from Umineko spin off and this retranslation (which was done by Witch Hunter), they did not show any interest on licensing other 07th games. You can say Libra and SakuraGame are bad and are examples of how a new company may be crap, but wasn't that what Sekai Project did? Haven't they kickstarted their project for Clannad, I think, and then become one of the biggest companies nowadays? Or am I wrong? I think that if SOL are interested on entering the market and listen to us, what harm can it do to tell them what we want? They may end up being another bad company and I can be completely wrong about this, but if we don't at least give them a chance, they'll never get better anyway.
  8. Since you guys are here, you could try bringing 07th Expansion games that are not translated yet (all after Rose Gun Days)
  9. I've already seen this game before, and thought it looked interesting. I hope they get funded again. Btw, was Sakura... Sakura? lauched? (I forgot the name, pretty sure it is sakura sakura)
  10. On h-scenes in VNs

    I have to ask this: do all users who say H scenes are bad actually has/had a relationship in real life? Sex is exactly like eroges show: people start fucking for no reason, moan non-stop and usually it ends in two or three minutes. On topic, there are many, many threads with the same discussion, and I hope this one doesn't end like those. H Scenes are important as long as you're interested on them. Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not, and depending on which, I read them or skip them entirely. I understand that many if not most sex scenes on eroges are there only to increase sales, and we have to consider that story-oriented VNs are way younger than sex-focused ones.
  11. new to vn clannad

    Here: It is as easy as it seems: you just have to choose the choices here. I'd follow the recommended route order if I were you, since some routes have bonuses if you read one before, such as Tomoyo after Misae, and the true ending (After Story) having a lot of content related to Nagisa (main heroine)
  12. new to vn clannad

    Unfortunatelly, it is impossible to get the true ending without a guide (or too much patience) There is one guide here, on the Walkthroughs section. If you follow it, there will be no difficulties playing clannad, as it presents all possible routes with the correct choices to choose. There may be some different as the game was retranslated, but all will appear in order. I don't know if it is the best fit for a first-time player, as it is as long or more than Fate, and you'll probably get bored before advancing if you're not used to how VNs work.
  13. Symphonic rain

    spoiler???? I mean, like other said, Fal is the only mean heroine here, and since you are going to read it anyway, I hope you enjoy the other routes as much as I did. Last edit: Torta is, at least in my opinion, the true heroine in SR. The way you are describing your experience, hating Fal, bored with Lise is pretty much what all of us felt reading the game.
  14. Symphonic rain

    Well, if you're expecting things to get better, I recommend reading other VNs. Fal is the worst person ever (personality), while the other three are what you'd expect from a common drama/romance VN. Be careful, though, as both heroines before the true ending have depressing stories, about abuse, self depreciation and other bad stuff, while the true route, although not happy per se, does have a good ending. If you really don't care too much, you could skip completely the second route, as it doesn't change anything in the story. That said, you must read at least Torta and Al Fine (before true route) in order to get the full story and all the twists it has.