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  1. this is a terrible idea... but you go, guys
  2. pls Emi, anything Umineko related.
  3. You could try MangaGamer's discord. They are very active there and willing to help. You can also send them an email.
  4. "I hated it, worst game ever. 7/10"
  5. idk about Grisaia, but Umineko is simply unsolvable in the anime, since they didn't take in account MANY key points that make the solution possible
  6. I mean, what is fun? I, for instance, don't think it's fun to randomly choose while risking losing hours of investment because I didn't know I had to choose, idk, "walk 2 feets" instead of 3
  7. I just had an issue that I cannot replicate. When I opened up the notifications, the notifications menu took the entire upper part of the forum, as if it were a section
  8. Oh, forgot to mention. I took my own advice and, with pain in my heart, I gave up reading Adabana. It's great, beautiful, wonderful music. Unfortunatelly, I've been working reading texts all day long, so I didn't feel joy reading it, and since I stalled it so long ago, I decided to move on. Now I'm reading Flowers 3!
  9. Euphoria and Higurashi don't have anything in common... Higurashi is way more focused on psychological horror, while Euphoria is exactly what you'd expect [tho with great story]. Also there is a ton of SoL cutsy stuff in Higu, so you'll be fine. The og anime made Higurashi sound way worse than it actually is! That said, Umineko is better! But I do recommend reading them in order so you can enjoy some of Umi's twists and references
  10. Thaaanks I'm having some pizza and cake to celebrate \o/
  11. If you waited for this long already, some days should be easy to handle. And this is Jast, so it could be tomorrow or two years from now, who knows?
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