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  1. Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4

    2019? Fuwa died a few years before. We're in Fuwalimbo for a while now
  2. Mangagamer didnt have the rights to use the assets from ps3, so the patch is completely unnoficial. Howeeeeeeeeever, they have recently announced that they are releasing Umineko with full PS3 assets + English narration and dubbing, so I really recommend yyou to wait a few more months, as this will probably be the definitive way to play Umineko.
  3. Best (free) mysteries?

    Cartagra comes before Kara no Shojo, so I'd suggest you to read it first. Some characters only are fully developed in Cartagra.
  4. Best (free) mysteries?

    I think you missed the whole point of the game
  5. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    hmm this question is quite tricky, as the fastest for me was Hadaka Shitsuji. However, I did not drop it because of its qualities, or possible lack of them, but because I had just finished Higurashi ch. 6, so the transition was horrible for me. Also, it is a long VN, so the prospect of taking time scared me away of it. All that said, although I dropped it, I still plan to someday read it. The best answer, in this case, is Tsundere - I'll spare you from viewing its VNDB page. Even if I wanted to read it, I couldn't, since there are many bugs that close the game/stop progression.
  6. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    Umineko no Kaku Koro ni
  7. School VN with Deredere Heroine

    Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
  8. Trinoline Release

    hey people, one question on VNDB this game has the multiple ends tag, but there is no walkthrough anywhere on the internet. How do I reach the other routes/what choices should I take?
  9. someone may have already noticed it, but rub a dub thanks for the grub is in image posted twice here, showing the different styles each company uses.
  10. What are "Classic" VNs?

  11. Friendship routes

    Just for the sake of my curiosity, I was wondering if there are games with multiple routes where instead of romancing the boy/girl of each route the game presents a friendship-only relationship. I don't mean joke endings such as in Clannad, nor between people of the same gender. What I mean is a route based solely around friendship between the MC and the boy/girl
  12. Hello from Portugal!

    yup, you. For some reason, my memory failed me
  13. Hello from Portugal!

    Olár. Acho que tem mais um membro de Portugal aqui, mas não lembro quem. No caso, sou br \o/ Welcome to Fuwa