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  1. I tried it twice plus one try at the anime. I gave up all three times. It was sad
  2. Do you need to >see< it happening? Because in White Album 2, although not explicit at all, it is heavily implied that the hero's best friend is very popular with women.
  3. I don't really know, but it seems very similar to something Little Busters would have
  4. Does this series have a plot? I mean, a good plot, or is it something akin to a moege with some side story?
  5. Man, I have to say that White Album is being great so far! I'm still in the beginning of the Introductory Chapter [which was also covered in the anime version] but I'm already hooked. I love Little Busters, but it is a VN that at the time I first read it I could not fully appreciate, not because I didn't like it, but because I didn't understand it. Since I still have the Ex routes to read blind, I decided it would be nice to read everything again knowing about the true nature of the story so I can enjoy the hints and nuances in the characters' routes. My backlog is also packed with m
  6. Finished Seabed two days ago and since then I'm sad because it ended but I'm also enjoying White Album 2! Also started to reread Little Busters!
  7. I've been following the whole "controversy" on Reddit and I honestly don't see the problem. Other companies have "censored" their games to release on Steam - and I use quotation marks because many have pointed out that Cyanotype's sex scenes were NOT written by the author of the game and were taken out because the company AND said author decided to. And instead of just removing them and done, they actually wrote more content, drew new CGs and added a whole chunck of new content. The debate around the age/clothing of one of the characters is another that I don't follow - why do people care so m
  8. I also have a question... is the plot actually good? The game seems very interesting, but I don't want to read it if the story goes nowhere.
  9. Hmm the ones I'd recommend you have already played/started playing and, I might add, given bad scores lol You could try Swan Song - it's not horror, but instead a very depressing post-tragedy story.
  10. Just curious. I see that they have released a ton of new games and are announcing a lot more. Are their translations good? Can I expect quality from them?
  11. It's on my steam wishlist for some time, I think. Since you are new to the genre, try reading some small VNs and see if you like it
  12. Why not keep "nice idea" in the translation? It's weird that she says it but it's written 'good' instead
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