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  1. Clannad [all ages, but just perfect] Other Key VNs are also very good.
  2. just wanted to be in the page 666 I've been playing Adabana Odd Tales for a very long time - unfortunately, my job is cosuming my free time - and I must say that the game is AMAZING, and it shocks me that no one seems to be/have been talking about it. It was released alongside ATRI, and it has Liar-soft all over it [obviously]. I've also decided to finally go back to playing Corpse Party after leaving it some years ago unfinished. Aaaand although not a VN, I've been playing Yuppie Psycho on switch [which is also available for pc]. Seriously, you guys should try it!
  3. wow this is very important information, congratulations!
  4. I don't understand indonesian, but wish the best of luck! One suggestion, if possible, would be to make the font bigger. It looks really small, at least in the pictures you posted.
  5. well, they do not translate their games, but other companies do. That said, we had Lamento, Sweet Pool, Saya, Dramatical Murder, Kimi no kanojo, Togainu no Chi, Phantom of Inferno, Kikougai, Demonbaine, Hanachirasu, Steins;Gate and its siblings [which, by their own, are already more than 4 games :P] and so on.
  6. I think it'd be better if you search for it in VNDB, using the appropriate tag. That's because, as far as I know, not many [if someone at all] enjoys NTR to recommend one :s
  7. this image gave me some Utena vibes
  8. You say Oshirabu, but isn't it developed by its parent/sister company, who produced Amrilato? Just the fact it was written by the same author of Flowers is already a must-buy for me. Thank you for your work here
  9. trial and error? I mean, I think that's basically how you should play this kind of games [of course, nobody does that]. There are vns that are way easy to go through, and the choices are more oriented towards specific story moments rather than to confuse the player. Idk how this one is, but if it's like Steins;Gate, well, I don't know the answer - that was impossible.
  10. Hello, I wanted to post an image and the only way I could do so was by inserting from a URL. I wonder if it is possible to add an upload function to the forums, so we can upload images instead of relying on imgur or similar sites.
  11. the color you used is impossible to read in dark themes
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