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  1. the levels of sarcasm are too high in here
  2. maybe a new game entirely? I know that minori is dead, but maybe Mangagamer can pull some strings to make something small such as Korokkopur [or however it is written] happen.
  3. Funniest VN

    The game that made me laugh the most is Clannad. All the sadness apart, the comedy is great in this VN, something that I don't think Key has ever achieved again in their other titles.
  4. Prettiest school uniforms in VNs?

    of course there are, the whole secondary school has an uniform
  5. it's the choice of the other person not wanting to have sex with us
  6. What I like the most about the VN community is that no matter how bad I am with relationships, or even dating, or even even kissing random people at parties, there are you guys not caring about sex at all. You inspire me <3
  7. Isn't there a theory that all KEY games are in the same universe? It'd be great if it is a thing. I like the idea of a shared universe, as long as it is consistent.
  8. Best Kiss Scene In A Visual Novel

    I have just finished Heart of the Woods and there are some kisses there.
  9. Just taking Fuwa into consideration, most of the members are not from the US. I still have to read the rest of the thread, but I must admit that we brazilians have a culture of piracy that boomed with the PS2 and XBOX 360. The vast majority of players of these two platforms - which are still very active - may still pirate games nowadays. The middle class in Brazil is not one that allows people to play more than one full priced game a month, or even more.
  10. Share a weird/stupid/disturbing dream

    White Album 2 being released
  11. Trinoline Walkthrough (Minori)

    I remember picking "go to a walk" or something similar to enter Yuuri's route.
  12. 4 to 8 are great, but 9 stole my heart
  13. Kyoto Animation arson

    This makes me really sad, specially knowing that the 33 plus families will have to suffer from the loss of their members. Everything is horrifying, I don't understand what makes someone goes insane like that.
  14. Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4

    2019? Fuwa died a few years before. We're in Fuwalimbo for a while now