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  1. I expected much from all of them. I think the common route was pretty funny and all the game's assets, both graphical and technical, it is a shame how it does not focus on the story at all. And it is not like they did not develop it to be moe or to grab steam sales - all characters simply deviate from their original idea and have their routes turned into something completely unbelievable from the start. I think my biggest disappointment was with Misaki, since it was just a second route for Michiru with a bad ending for her (as, obviously, you get with Misaki in her route). Speaking of Michiru, I NEVER got the idea of her being blind, as the game only reminds you she is when it is irrelevant. In some moments, her sprites seem to be looking at you, and from I know from real blinds, it is not how it is supposed to be. Cro has more problems than that, and I cannot get why the hell they went the way they did. Even the beginning of it was great, with a huge plot twist and the characters being coherent to it, just to ignore everything as a whole and to put Cro as a brand new character who has nothing from the one we got to love. The worst thing is: the MC don't give a fuck about any of that, he only wants to date someone. On a side note, D.D. was ironically the only route to stay true to its previous development.
  2. Don't expect too much from Cro's route, as you'll probably not like it either. I'm struggling exactly with this problem, as Cro was the character I was hoping it would be incredible, but her route is disappointing in many different ways.
  3. Her style reminds me of Key, is that related? I still see a lot of fan devotion to some characters, but nowadays we have so many stories coming every month that it is almost impossible just to focus in one character. Usually I only get really attached to long-term anime characters, such as Pokémon's Ash's companions or book characters. These last are better because I can picture my best image of it while reading, so I will always fall in love for them.
  4. Thanks! Went to confirm on Fuwa's walkthrough, since I did not remember it. It is the fourh one, "Who am I" or "I've got to find my friends"
  5. Even though you don't actually get with the guys (or anyone), Enigma has a lot of both men and women interests. Some may argue there aren't, as the protagonist doesn't start a relationship with them, but it is clear both male characters are into him, while one female one states she is in many moments.
  6. Actually, it works like this: The character who is narrating will not be voiced, while it will whenever he is a normal character. You will have two narrators, which change depending on your first choice in the game. Going a little further, the story is always narrated through a first-person narrator, although it will depend on your first choice. Some routes are only accessible through one of them, while the others will be through the other. The true route can be played throug either characters, as their POV shifts later in this route (and only on this one).
  7. Never 7 is considered the worst from the series, while Ever17 is the best. You should give it and Remember11 a try, since both games are incredible. The last one, however, doesn't have a proper ending, being left to the player to interpret it
  8. hmmmmmmmmmmmm aren't there any requirements to do Izumi's? Try to finish all routes first. You need all flags, and IIRC there is one in her sister's route. Did you wait for AFTER the credits too? Like I said, I played it some years ago, but I remember it not being difficult after following the WT.
  9. The funniest thing is considering this a "story loss" since Chrono Clock does not even have a story.
  10. I don't think this is what he wants... Well, Clannad has Tomoyo's route, Steins;Gate (no spoilers here, just go for it), Yume Miru Kusuri
  11. I may also not remember well after some years, but I remember Izumi [old blue-haired girl] to be the true ending, and Yuka Cure the extra story, without voices, which you read after the main game. Yuka Cure has two endings, but only B is relevant. You should follow this order here:
  12. Hmmmmmm now I'm on a hard spot. I remember Cartagra having a prostitute character who hit on the protagonist a lot. It is a great novel, and the prequel of Kara no Shoujo, but maybe it is not what you want here. Symphonic Rain... there are some heroines who would do anything for the MC... again, maybe not what you want, but a great read anyway. I'm sure I've read something that fits your request better, but I stopped updating my list some months ago and forgot almost everything
  13. I hate to give the same recommendation to different people, buttttt - Chrono Clock has a heroine that does that for almost all of her dialogues. Michiru is the MC's sister and she treats him like a king.
  14. Well, I did not see the other thread, and I'm only an user; but the quote from the rules was already posted, so I don't have too much to say. This is a complicated topic and in my opinion your thread was too much, since you are specifically talking about sex here. Well, I think you got your answer, so the purpose was achieved. Next time, I think you should avoid talking about it. I do encourage you to participate and discuss about any other subjects, though, and enjoy your readings.
  15. I don't think you are using the correct term here, but I need to warn you: It is forbidden to talk about underage characters in this forum, no matter the gender.