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  1. Spring Anime of 2018

    WHAT? MORE DXD? MORE AMANCHU? MORE STEINS GATE? MORE WIXOSS???????????????????? I wish I still had I soul so I could give it to the devil again. The other animes seem great too, but I'll only read about them when more information comes.
  2. Will these ever get translations?

    Mangagamer is releasing Higurashi Hou (which includes some PC arcs), and there is a fan TL being worked on other arcs - they have even released one already. You have to own a steam/mangagamer release in order to play it, but here you have the patches: https://github.com/07th-mod Don't forget it is a fan project, not an official release. Alchemist are now gone, so the PS3 versions will probably never see the sunlight through MangaGamer.
  3. What were you doing in 2006 - 2009?

    In 2007 I was being born
  4. 3? Would it be only 2? The others are underage, no? You've probably read Umineko, right? The story is not about gore; although you could argue about it until episode 3, nobody would probably want to have +18 violence images on it - nor sex. DanganRonpa's characters are teenagers, so no, thanks. Ever17 why? There is nothing in the series that leads to sex, so it would be just like Key sex scenes all over it. I get the idea of your thread, but I don't think any changes are necessary to these titles nor to many others. Unless you consider something like earlier Sakura games all ages, what would be the point of having content altered like this?
  5. Pretty decent Denpasoft sale going rn

    They are available on Humble Bundle along other games (although All Ages) Mangagamer is also having a huge Valentine's sale, with a LOT of good games with good prices. You guys should check the website.
  6. What's the deal with VN mods

    What is the VN in question here? Having VN mods actually seem something interesting, if funny to read. We could replace all of Clannad sprites with Hatoful Boyfriend's so the sad stories would have a happy twist to them.
  7. Recommend me a 4~7/10 VN

    Sakura Cupid On a serious note, I'd say Sound of Drop - Fall into poison
  8. Another Sekai Bundle

    Why are we speaking in secret? It is not illegal to buy something and give it to someone else, at least not in many countries. What you can't do is to sell them or something similar. Steam probably doesn't even analyse if a key is used too often; this is me speaking, but they probably just see if it was used already. There's not even a link to share, as each key is randomly generated according to the software (steam). The only case that I know where sharing keys was a huge issue was when people found out the Nintendo Wii Mini exploit, where people could forge keys to get Club points and free games - some were even selling these codes.
  9. Another Sekai Bundle

    Tested Karakara and the key is invalid. Didn't try the others in case they do work
  10. Another Sekai Bundle

    Not gonna beg, but please, could you send me Just Deserts?
  11. Another Sekai Bundle

    I'd only get the average tier. Karakara 2 woudn't be enough for me to spend 6 dollars more, nor Saku Saku. Just Deserts, Root Double and Fault, though, are very interesting, and since one more game is coming in 6 days, those who are wondering about getting it, should do it. PS: If someone buys it and won't use Just Deserts' key, I'd appreciate a lot <3
  12. My surprise was because it will probably never get picked up, as, IIRC, the company that holds its rights really "holds" it, having high prices or anti-west policies, something like that. It is in MG's top 10 wishlist every year, but we all know that they won't translate it. Then, what surprises me the most is that even though everybody seems to want it, nobody started a translation before now.
  13. I just opened the link you guys posted here and there was a 2018 release tag on VNDB, and a TL group as well.
  14. w8, white album 2 is being translated and released in 2018? This is one of those myths we see ever since YU-NO was japanese-only. I really hope it is true