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  1. You could watch/read (LN) Hamefura, which is exactly this: a girl reincarnates in the body of the villainess of an otome game.
  2. "Only for readers with a very high tolerance for angst" now I'm into it
  3. It's not. I believe it's with Nekonyan. As for your question, specifically, there was a leak of the official tl, so you can play it if you want...
  4. this is a terrible idea... but you go, guys
  5. pls Emi, anything Umineko related.
  6. You could try MangaGamer's discord. They are very active there and willing to help. You can also send them an email.
  7. "I hated it, worst game ever. 7/10"
  8. idk about Grisaia, but Umineko is simply unsolvable in the anime, since they didn't take in account MANY key points that make the solution possible
  9. I mean, what is fun? I, for instance, don't think it's fun to randomly choose while risking losing hours of investment because I didn't know I had to choose, idk, "walk 2 feets" instead of 3
  10. I just had an issue that I cannot replicate. When I opened up the notifications, the notifications menu took the entire upper part of the forum, as if it were a section
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