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    Well, anime and visual novels of course, that's why I'm here ^^ Also a bit japanese language, RPG (pnp and computer ones), doujin music, and beer brewing.

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  1. Help to clean up my plan to read list

    Whut? There are people that dont know what kind of VN Katawa Shoujo is? Suddenly I feel old Girls are physically disabled and I said fetish as a joke - its not anything weird. It's quite normal romance charage, just every heroine have some kind of disability. Why it is (was?) so popular... there are probably other people who could explain that better than me.
  2. Help to clean up my plan to read list

    It seems opinions vary a lot But since you are just looking for opinions anyway here is mine. Air - not bad, but definitely the weakest of Key VNs, so if you dont have to read them all skip this one. Katawa Shoujo - unlees you have fetish for disabled girls you can skip this one. Or you could just finish Rin route and skip the rest. Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - I didn't finished it (yet) but I'm stuck at >true< route which supposed to be the best, and I have zero motivation to continue reading. Medicore story about bunch of kids that get some kind of superpower and no one have any good idea (including scenario writer) what to do with it. Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My Girlfriend is the President - one of the worst VNs I read (or at least tryied). Some people like absurd setting and stupid dialogues however, so depending on your preferences you could read it anyway (or at least try). Symphonic Rain - if you want rhytm game just play OSU, if you want good story go anywhere else.
  3. Rewrite, what just happened??? (Spoilers)

    Yeah, some of choices are rather stupid and counterintuitive. I would say its standard for KEY games unfortunately. Nowadays when I start reading something the first thing I do is look for walkthrough so I won't have that kind of poblems (and I don't miss any scene). It's not something everyone do, but I think it just saves me from that kind of frustration you currently have ;p
  4. Rewrite, what just happened??? (Spoilers)

    It was the end of common route. Could it be that you did not qualify for any heroine route? Some games don't have 'default' heroine, could be that Rewrite is like that. Did you use a walkthrough? It could be best to start from the beginning and just follow chosen path (while skipping all read text). You can find walkthrough here: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/689-rewrite/
  5. Well, to be fair I did mute BGM in one VN - I was reading one of Sonohana games and music was so dreadfully bad and unfitting that I decided to play music from another VN in its place. And (quite unexpectedly for me) I found the game much mure enjoyable after the change. Still except those rare ocasions when I just can't stand game's own music I wouldn't mute it.
  6. Wait, there are people that turn off background music? O.o'
  7. Post pics you like rename poll

    This poll sucks, I can't choose "Yes, of course"
  8. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Started Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba. It really has been a while since I read something that made me cry so much... and I only finished reading first chapter O.o' It seems there is a lot of tears ahead of me ^^
  9. Kanon have winter setting and for some reason to this day I have quite strong mental connection between winter and this VN ^^
  10. Dramatic love triangle

    While it's your decision if you want look on score or not... how the fact that romance focused VNs have lower scores at average make data useless? If you already know that romance is scored lower then use that information when you compare scores. Data is rarely useless as long you actually analyze it rather then take numbers as they are.
  11. Dramatic love triangle

    Well... no. One have to get information from somewhere and you just throw title at me without word of explanation. If you just look a average score than yea, this can be misleading. But as long you keep in mind stuff like if it is translated to english, how popular it is, what genre it represents and look at whole score structure than you can get some worthwile info from that. But ok, I've put some more effort to get some info about this VN and I think I will pass after all.
  12. Dramatic love triangle

    I think I will go with this one for now. It sounds interesting, I like its visual style... and is shorter than White Album ^^' Thanks for your help :]
  13. Dramatic love triangle

    Thanks, I may give it a try. Having the same scenario writer as Steins;Gate sounds interesting, but user score isn't as high as White Album have
  14. Shadowverse

    Well, you just confirmed yourself that characters' personality created by story mode in japanese version is different than created in english version. While, as you said, some people may like english version more I still don't think it's fine making that kind of changes. Also japanese version have such voice actors as Tomokazu Sugita, Kikuko Inoue and Rie Kugimiya - there is no way I would choose any english voice actor over those ^^
  15. Dramatic love triangle

    I already watched anime, so I don't think there is much point in reading this. Unfortunately japanese manga won't do - I can't read without parser ^^'