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  1. For me it was Kuro' visit during second night of common route But I like all characters so I'm not in a hurry to get into her route.
  2. Huh, I was thinking you are complaining about mosaics... I can understand wanting physical version with ero scenes so we are cool :]
  3. Please don't take this too personally because it's more general but... WTF I really don't understand why some pople discard a VN because it's not uncensored. It's not a nukige. It's not like you are just buying porn so you want to make sure that side it's completely up to your taste. There is only 1 scene for Shinku, 3 for Mio and 2 for each other heroine. Of course (as it usually is) they serve no purpose plot-wise and can just be skipped. It's completely fine to not wanting to read or buy something, but using that kind of reasoning really pisses me off -.-
  4. Well that's not very encouraging. I started reading this as well, but my Japanese is rather bad and reading speed in very low. It's also rather difficult with a lot of monologues and descriptions (it would be much easier and faster with more dialogues...). At first I thought it will take me a month to finish, but there is no way... Still, even with my slow reading it is very nice. It 'feels' a lot like Irotoridori no Sekai (and its' sequel) but with more drama (sadness?) and less slice of life. And music is just amazing :] I don't really know why this game release was delayed two times bu
  5. I finished reading it just yesterday ^^ I have to agree with Clephas, it's a great nakige with a lot of scenes that will make you cry. There are many sad or emotionally moving scenes in common route and heroine routes. Also all drama is quite reasonable and I never felt that scenario writer is trying to force you to feel sad just by making characters cry or something (I really dislike that). Great dramatic romance (including very well made dramatic love triangle), satisfying character development and even some plot (mostly in common route). Also pleasant to eye graphics and nice, moo
  6. I would say if you can understand (most of) dialogue just from listening then in couple of weeks of learning japanese you can be ready to read simple charage. Just learn hiragana and katakana, and some basic grammar. You dont really NEED kanji for the start. Just use text hooker and parser. Sure, your reading speed will be low at the start but if you really want it definitly possible. Definitely it will take some effort (if you never tried learning japanese), but for the true love it is worth making some sacrifices
  7. There is only one correct answer: Irotoridori no Sekai Irotoridori no Hikari Akai Hitomi no Utsuru Sekai They don't have english translation but when it comes to true love things like language barriers are trivial.
  8. Whut? There are people that dont know what kind of VN Katawa Shoujo is? Suddenly I feel old Girls are physically disabled and I said fetish as a joke - its not anything weird. It's quite normal romance charage, just every heroine have some kind of disability. Why it is (was?) so popular... there are probably other people who could explain that better than me.
  9. It seems opinions vary a lot But since you are just looking for opinions anyway here is mine. Air - not bad, but definitely the weakest of Key VNs, so if you dont have to read them all skip this one. Katawa Shoujo - unlees you have fetish for disabled girls you can skip this one. Or you could just finish Rin route and skip the rest. Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - I didn't finished it (yet) but I'm stuck at >true< route which supposed to be the best, and I have zero motivation to continue reading. Medicore story about bunch of kids that get some kind of superpower and no one
  10. Yeah, some of choices are rather stupid and counterintuitive. I would say its standard for KEY games unfortunately. Nowadays when I start reading something the first thing I do is look for walkthrough so I won't have that kind of poblems (and I don't miss any scene). It's not something everyone do, but I think it just saves me from that kind of frustration you currently have ;p
  11. It was the end of common route. Could it be that you did not qualify for any heroine route? Some games don't have 'default' heroine, could be that Rewrite is like that. Did you use a walkthrough? It could be best to start from the beginning and just follow chosen path (while skipping all read text). You can find walkthrough here: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/689-rewrite/
  12. Well, to be fair I did mute BGM in one VN - I was reading one of Sonohana games and music was so dreadfully bad and unfitting that I decided to play music from another VN in its place. And (quite unexpectedly for me) I found the game much mure enjoyable after the change. Still except those rare ocasions when I just can't stand game's own music I wouldn't mute it.
  13. Wait, there are people that turn off background music? O.o'
  14. This poll sucks, I can't choose "Yes, of course"
  15. Started Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba. It really has been a while since I read something that made me cry so much... and I only finished reading first chapter O.o' It seems there is a lot of tears ahead of me ^^
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