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  1. It sounds moderately interesting. From what you've described, Michael seems like a character I'd like a great deal, and together with a decent premise, it should make for an enjoyable tale. Yes, it's very appealing to me. This is my preference. However, I would not at all be opposed to having less "meaningful" choices (i.e. ones that only change dialogue) as long as they actually provide a whole different scene, or a sizeable amount of text when selected, and not legitimately one sentence of new information. In reference to the summary, I think it's not especially well
  2. I want to be temporarily (or, perhaps, permanently) transported to another world. That's essentially one of the main reasons stories exist, I suppose, but VNs do this particularly well for me due to the increased immersion as a result of having music and art, and the generally closer relationship you have with the protagonist. I especially enjoy VNs that are able to set and maintain a distinct atmosphere throughout, and ones that can make you invested enough in their universe that you feel emotions with an intensity similar to the characters themselves.
  3. I don't know if you still need help with this, and I can't figure out a lot of them myself, but here are some of my thoughts. I'm not certain about most of them so you'll need to take the attacks/skills themselves (is this what they are?) into consideration to judge which of the possibilities is more fitting, but I thought I'd leave some comments inside your spoiler nonetheless. I don't know what game you're translating and whether you can visibly see what the skills do, which would be helpful, but I don't have any confidence in these so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Open Task Scheduler and browse around for anything that looks like it may open a CMD window.
  5. Oh, I think I may have figured something out. It's there when I try to create a new thread in the Visual Novels section, but gone if I do so in General Discussion. It seems that not all sections allow threads to have tags.
  6. It took me a while to grasp what you're trying to say, but I think I get it now. Those kinds of characters do need to be explored more.
  7. I think I may have similar qualms in regards to stories in general. However, while you seem to be bothered by all characters who have overly pronounced personalities, I'm mainly concerned with protagonists that possess such traits. Maybe a lot of seasoned VN readers will disagree, but I greatly enjoy the self-insert type protagonists a lot of games employ. On the other hand, an MC with a very defined personality generally annoys me due to several factors. Mainly, it all comes down to being able to relate. What I frequently desire from stories is to see how a normal, human character handle
  8. You think that's creepy? I suppose it could seem that way if taken out of context, but when it played in the game, it gave me a more of a vibe of melancholic nostalgia. Anyway, it's nice to see my favorite VN to date get localized. Maybe I should re-read Eternal Heart if the goal is reached, as some of the action scenes and shrine maiden talk was rather confusing.
  9. You could get a mouse+keyboard adapter for consoles like XIM4 and the like if you'd rather avoid the horror that is using a controller for FPS games. It is expensive, however.
  10. I'm too lazy to comment on the other pointers you provided, but I'll say that I didn't like the forced text progression employed at certain points. It may be because my text settings were too fast, which probably affects the speed at which the game advances the text in those scenes as well (actually, I checked with a slower message speed now, and it doesn't seem like they are affected after all), but they felt a bit rushed to me. Even if that wasn't the case, I greatly enjoy the ability to read a VN at my own pace and pause when needed to process new information, further develop some of the id
  11. You have a good point. I'm not entirely sure whether I would really enjoy such a character or not, although it seems probable to me. I just noticed that I detest it every time an indifferent character mellows out and grows a soft spot for the main character in a VN. It would probably be irritating if they didn't mirror the MC's feelings at all, but they wouldn't necessarily have to be completely neutral towards him either. For example, an android could like the MC because he is useful for her mission of studying humans, or something to that tune. Thanks for those suggestions. They
  12. I've essentially given up on trying to find a heroine like that, and settled for ones such as you listed. They aren't as good, but I can still greatly enjoy interacting with them nonetheless. It's frightening to think that even someone with this many completed VNs under their belt isn't acquainted with such a heroine. Then again, from what I could gather out of reading that one post you made in a thread regarding memorable characters, you don't especially like this kind of archetype, do you? About Suzu, do you mean that she starts out emotional but as you get to know her closer, y
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