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  1. I agree, the merging of dating sims with adventure games was an interesting development that was central in creating VNs. If you go back to the Sound Novel era with stuff like Kamaitachi no Yoru, it's not immediately obvious that the two genres (sound novels and dating sims) would work so well together. But because of that hybrid, VNs went in the direction where choices effect the direction the narrative goes, choose your adventure book style. Currently I'm playing some retro point and click games, and its interesting how open to exploration they are, but the structure of the story is more lin
  2. Yeah, I mean both VNs and point and click adventures have their roots in text adventure games and interactive fiction. What I find kind of interesting is that at a certain point, both in Japan and in the west the emphasis of interactive fiction starts getting placed more on the fiction, and relatively less on the interaction. In early text-adventures, the fiction is really just an excuse for interaction. But in the 90s with both VNs and point and click games, this seems to flip where the interaction becomes a means to explore the fiction. Kind of like looking at an evolutionary chart of
  3. Don't know anything about this, but I'm assuming you (or friends/associates) worked on this so congrats on finishing the project!
  4. Excellent video, it's really quite well done from pretty much every aspect. While not directly related to the video, I do have an observation I'd like to share and I'm curious about your thoughts. Briefly in the Intro & History portion of the video you go over how Japanese PC games eventually evolved to become more story focused. Eventually embracing more text heavy games. Bowl of Lentils in his video does a good job connecting this to the history of Japanese Adventure Games. Something I find quite curious though, is that at around the same time American PC games also began to merge s
  5. Update: Okay, so a friend on another forum corrected the Spanish (apparently Google translate did mostly a good job), and I sent the Spanish translation team an email. Haven't heard anything from them yet, but it's only been a day. Hope they respond soon though. In the meantime, I've been looking into the hacking side of things myself. Since I'm intending to translate the 2020 download edition of For Elise, I'm in some luck because that runs on SiglusEngine. Good News: With the tool SiglusExtract I was able open up and extract many of the game's files. Bad News: There is no
  6. Visual novels seem to have gained a dirty reputation as cheap, disposable works of escapism. Often focused on simulating relationships in a digital, anime themed virtual reality. When I think of a visual novel fan with the most vanilla taste, I think of ones that want to be coddled in anime cliches so thick any semblance of reality's discomforts can be forgotten. Among other reasons, I think this is an explanation for why For Elise ~Elise no tame ni~ has been so overlooked. No other visual novel has ever felt so raw. There is hardly anything anime about it, aside from the character design
  7. I thought about that as well and I think you're right. It's more a courtesy thing. I feel like they would be more responsive and willing to help me if I reach out to them in Spanish. But maybe I'm overthinking it
  8. I am highly interested in translating For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~. On the translation side of things, everything is set. A competent bilingual friend of mind who is also a huge fan of the work agreed to work with me on this project. The only missing team member is a hacker who could both extract the script and insert the translated version back in (and create a patch) is missing. I've thought about contacting the translation team Chaos Gate Team who translated For Elise into Spanish, but I don't know any Spanish myself. Of course I thought about just emailing them a Google translated ver
  9. Welcome! What VNs have you enjoyed so far?
  10. That's very honorable of you
  11. I'm so confused. How was this blog posted yesterday, if there are comments that are literally dating back to 2019 here? Is fuwa glitching out, or what? EDIT: Oh, I see what you did you sly dog you. Apparently editing the blog post bumps it up the list. Had no idea you could necro blog posts that way.
  12. That's a nice length. I have a hard time getting into longer VNs these days. Also I think I fall on the ~ 4 hour side of that spectrum lol
  13. Looks interesting. Around how long would you say it takes? The vndb page doesn't have an estimate Currently I'm reading For Elise after not having picked up a VN in a while myself. I think it's highly underrated, and I'm loving it. If you like darker stories with more realistic characters, you'll love it. If that doesn't sound appealing however, then it's probably not for you.
  14. I was mostly just explaining the sentiment behind mitchhamilton's comment, since it seemed to have been misunderstood a bit. As you mentioned, given the state of these forums there really isn't any objective harm to dumping video links (at this point in time). But it does kind of break an unwritten rule of forum culture. As opposed to Reddit which is basically solely focused on whatever topic a particular subreddit is about, and seems to be pretty accepting of self promotion. Forums always balanced that with a communal aspect. Hence why people like Solidbatman and other once prominent members
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