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  1. That's quite understandable, re-porting is a huge pain in the ass. Especially when you've been working with a specific engine for so long. So I understand where you're coming from.
  2. Just curious, why did you got with Nscripter? Renpy seems to be the industry standard for EVNs and it has Windows, Mac and Linux (as well as mobile) support.
  3. Umineko is a beast of a work that I've been putting off for many years now, probably around a decade. I first learned about it after watching the Higurashi anime back in 2010. At first I stayed away because I wasn't a fan of Ryukishi07's sausage-finger art. However these days it seems that most common ports of Umineko utilize updated art. But, that still left one other huge factor for why I was so intimidated by Umineko for so long. The estimated reading time of both the Question and Answer arcs is around 150 hours. That's a huge time commitment, and I am not a particularly patient or fast reader. If a book doesn't grab my interest within the first couple of chapters I feel no remorse in dropping it. And I apply that same rule to everything I read or watch. So works that have slow starts but supposedly “get better, I promise it gets way better if you continue with it!”, are works I generally avoid. But hey, Subahibi proved to be exceptional and I had a hunch that Umineko would prove to be as well. Essentially the whole coronavirus lockdown presented me with a rare opportunity to finally tackle Umineko. My last semester of Uni got delayed by over a month, and I figured if ever in my life I would have time to read Umineko it would be now. So I purchased the Steam releases of the Question and Answer arcs and installed the voice patch. Which by the way was a slight pain in the ass to do, since the voice-patch is banned in Japan for some copyright protection reasons. However using a VPN managed to solve that problem. To date I've read the first 5 episodes of Umineko including their associated tea party chapters. Which according to Steam clocks me in at 88 hours (I wasn't kidding about being a slow reader). I admire the balls it took for Ryukishi07 to literally take the most cliched premise of a “dark and stormy night in an isolated mansion” mystery setup, and to turn that premise so much on its head that my attention is wrapped entirely in the web of the narrative he has setup. And without being pretentious about it, Umineko makes it clear that the mystery genre, and literature in general, is something that Ryukishi07 holds dear to his heart. It is very much a love letter to the mystery genre, while also being a complete deconstruction of it. More than that though, it isn't just the plot which is masterly crafted, but what makes it standout is that it truly fleshes out its entire cast. Characters aren't just there to be pieces in a puzzle to solve, even if at first they may all seem to be fairly generic. Gradually as the layers peel, you will see the facade in much of the interactions between the family and all the conflicting and complex motives various characters hold beneath the surface. And above all, they are all sympathetic despite being quite flawed. If I had to pick one character in particular that was surprisingly much more complex then I anticipated, it would be the 9 year old Maria. I fully expected her to be a simple little kid character, who was there mostly to just be cute or maybe to be used for cheap tragedy. No, far from it. Even Maria has complex motives of her own that reach surprising levels of depth. And so if even the initial impression of a 9 year old can be deceptive, I think we can easily imagine that being true for the rest of the cast as well. What I found consistently very impressive about the work, is that as I mentioned previously I am not a patient reader. I hate it when stories have segments of seemingly dull character interactions to establish build up. This usually gets me in an irritated mood where I think, “This better be building up to something great, because I'm in no mood to settle for good.” And invariably, every single time so far that Umineko ordered for my extended patience, it was rewarded well beyond my expectations. A story that I initially found off putting precisely because of its length, is now a story I don't want to end. The irony, huh.
  4. You have Battler as your avatar right? Given what you said, what did you think about Ange and her subplot in Umineko? (Also I only finished the question arcs so far, so please avoid any details that come up during the answer arcs)
  5. Literally my thoughts on childhood friend routes as well.
  6. Nazi VN Idea

    Going to agree with Clephas here generally, but I'll add my two cents. When it comes to any work of fiction that focuses on a particular time period/setting, they tend to be best when they are really well researched. If you focus the story less on being a dating sim and more on the mystery of German/Nazi research, not only would it be potentially more interesting. But it could mitigate some political backlash. Specifically if you avoid any sort of moralizing of Nazi characters, and display careful and meticulous research into the horrors of their research (might want to look into this guy as well as his associates a bit), you could avoid most pitfalls in public opinion and still tell an interesting story.
  7. nothing & nowhere (Western VN Review)

    Although this is about Nothing & Nowhere you've ended up convincing me to read Lynne! To be honest I haven't heard of it before, but I'm a sucker for good psychological horror, and I actually really like the artistic design of it based off of the vndb sample photos.
  8. Darren's Commercially Free Music

    Hey Darren, thank you so much for doing this. One of the most difficult aspects of deving a VN is that it isn't just writing/scripting, but visuals and music play a huge role as well. But especially for smaller teams or individuals starting out, getting all the required assets can be quite difficult. So free quality music helps a lot!
  9. New VN Publisher ANIPLEX.EXE blocks Europe

    I agree with that, but because this is involving other companies if one of them is more conservative, this could easily drag the other ones down by having to compromise. Since my understanding is that this is a join venture between all of them. Which likely means that if any big disagreements come up it would easily result in compromise, and defaulting to conventional business practices. But again, this is all just speculation on my part.
  10. New VN Publisher ANIPLEX.EXE blocks Europe

    So I'm kind of late to this news, but both VNs look genuinely promising. On that front I am very optimistic. As for the business side of things with this strange policy towards Europe, well this sounds like just the kind of bullshit I would expect from Japanese companies. Its not just xenophobia, the boomers who are in charge of most Japanese companies are hardly ever business savvy, and this is in large part because in most Japanese companies you don't get promoted on merit but rather seniority. I don't know the specifics of the companies involved here, but the phenomenon I mentioned is just broadly speaking a major issue I've noticed in how Japanese business culture functions.
  11. im super new! lol

    Hey, welcome to the forums! Yeah, Muv Luv Alternative is a really popular one, never read it myself yet though. What other VNs do you really like?
  12. I think I said this way back earlier in this thread a couple of years ago, and I still mean it just as much now, but its great to have somebody such as yourself producing and uploading free, quality, royalty free music for VN developers to use. I hate how a lot of software these days take advantage of subscription models. Hope my modest donation helps a bit.
  13. Visual Novels are a Hot Medium

    Its funny because when I read the part you quoted I felt like it was mostly in line with my point, although I admit there were some bits that seemingly contradict my point. But I'll go with the watching a playthrough on youtube example. Here is why I think its cool, going with the quote you provided: Although a Lets play is more streamlined, it is precisely because the consumption is more passive that makes it cooler because the information conveyed is in a more low definition way. When watching a lets play we aren't paying so much attention to the games its self and all the high definition visual and audio assests that went into the games as much as you are watching to see the comparatively low definition reactions of somebody. And in either way, even if we disagree on the technical term this falls under, it seems we are both in agreement that this is a more passive form of entertainment. And that's really the point I'm concerned with. It also seems that you agree that VNs are more immersive, which is the main point I want to get at. I know it might seem obvious to most VN veterans that they are an immersive medium, but I think its an important ground point to establish when thinking about the question "what are the appeal of VNs?"
  14. Visual Novels are a Hot Medium

    Personally I've pretty much given up hope on the next era of great VNs coming from Japan for precisely all the reasons you mentioned. I feel like there is market potential in the English language sphere, but as I see it, it is a market that doesn't know it exists yet. Kind of like how movies were just dumb carnival entertainment in the early days, but then later on became a serious art form. The Japanese market is overly committed to the carnival entertainment of nukige and stories that are filled with tropes. EVNs don't have that problem from a marketing standpoint, but in practice many similar mistakes are made. Especially EVNs which try to mimic Japanese VNs too much. That's part of the reason I made this post (and may continue to expand on my theory with additional posts), because I think once we (VN fans and developers) understand what the fundamental appeal of a VN is at its core, then people will start taking them to a new direction that at least attempts to actualize that potential more. Meaning most people don't know what a particular medium truly really is (in this case VNs), or rather they don't recognize its true potential until after it has gotten a decent chance to age a bit. Mcluhan describes my point much better in this minute long clip here: (link). In regards to that clip, I think the "old content" that VNs are influenced too much by is their evolution from video games/text adventure porn games from the late 80s early 90s.
  15. Visual Novels are a Hot Medium

    I see what your saying but that's not exactly it. For instance literature was a textbook example of a hot medium according to Mcluhan himself, and reading can be quite abstract; such as symbolic poetry, experimental novels, etc. And considering that Finnegans Wake was one of hits favorite novels, he was definitely aware of how abstract literature could get. That's why for simplicity's sake I explained it as hot mediums demand more of your focus and cooler media allow you to approach things more casually. Since that seems to be the way he more consistently uses it. Lol same. I wish I spent even half the time I do watching Youtube instead reading VNs and books. But Youtube is just so easy when you want to relax and passively distract yourself.