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  1. You just reminded me of a joke Fire Emblem hack I did 5 years ago about the VN community: Part 2 is more focused on Fuwa, and heavily references the community back when this was made (2015). I suppose it's sorta Fuwa history kinda.
  2. Regarding honorifics and "Onii-chan" I'm really confused myself which is better. I don't like the inclusion of honorifics and "Onii-chan" because it makes it harder to recommend VNs to people who aren't already entrenched in Otaku media. To a certain extent I want to see VNs "get more popular in the west", to quote the Fuwa slogan, but it's hard to appeal to people outside of the niche when they see cringey stuff like "Onii-chan" all over the place. On the otherhand, we don't really have a culture of referring to people by their social rank (kouhai, senpai, Onii-chan, Onee-chan). Yes we have w
  3. I agree that those types of games and VNs can both be lumped under the broader category of Interactive Fiction, but I wouldn't call them Visual Novels. I think reading is a critical component for anything to be considered novelistic.
  4. I think I overall agree with your sentiment, but if you define things with a vague term like "story" it can get very murky. Should Detroit: Become Human be considered a visual novel? It is mostly story driven, but not with a prose narrative. A similar argument can be made with the Metal Gear Solid series, that whole franchise is incredibly focused on story, and features many extensive cutscenes. But I would still classify it as a game series and not a visual novel series. For a visual novel to count as one, I think its crucial for the story to be primarily communicated via a prose narrati
  5. I have faith that Nohman will return one day, even if its been 4 years since his last login... His Bill Murray avatar is as iconic to fuwa as the old school fuwa site theme.
  6. Zalor

    Senkou no Clarias

    Good to see you posting again! I completely understand being burned out and uninterested in most current releases. I feel much the same not just about VNs but anime as well. Most things feel so uninspired these days. The diversity of stories explored in anime (and VNs as well) from 2000 - 2010 were great, and a fair amount of them were pretty good. The past 5 years in particular seem to be quite stagnant for otaku-media. Generally speaking that is (I'm aware there are some exceptions).
  7. Originally I didn't have much to say about this, other than that tastes are somewhat subjective and after strong evaluation I standby most of my writing decisions (even if some disapprove). But, I do appreciate all the effort you spent into pointing out all the parts you had problems with. So if nothing else, thank you for the constructive feedback and giving it a try. EDIT: I should add, when I say I standby the writing I don't mean to imply that I think the writing is free from fault. But personally, I'm done modifying this work and ready to move on with my life to other things. Most o
  8. I really appreciate the review and the fuwa-endorsement! Thank you for spending time to write up your thoughts!
  9. My personal favorite KEY work is Kanon (their first title). I mean this as a huge fan of Kanon when I say that you should probably watch the 2006 anime adaptation of Kanon instead of diving into the VN. In general I think its a good introduction to KEY. For one, every major work of KEY has mostly been derivative of Kanon (and ONE, which is a VN many of the founding staff of KEY made for another company). So if you like Kanon, its safe to say you will like their other stuff. The reason I recommend the 2006 anime, is because it hits all the high notes of the original VN, but cuts a lot of
  10. The best judge of quality is time. Fads come and go, which is why popularity is a poor judge. Think of all the anime that gets discussed every season. Some of which is very popular and then gets forgotten about within a year or 2. On the other hand, there are cases where something went unnoticed for a while, and eventually it gets dug up and finally appreciated. I realize its a frustrating answer, to say that the only way to really determine quality is to wait. But I think its the only consistent method that is relatively free of bias.
  11. “War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.” ~Judge Holden (Blood Meridian) “My love is destruction. Its flames ache to devour all that exist: Heaven and Hell, God and Satan; all things in Creation, from the first universe that was, to the last that will ever be.” ~Reinhard Heydrich (Dies Irae) The archetype of a sentient embodiment of war continues to persist, and has morphed considerably from its mythological origins. Having finished Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, considered by some literary cr
  12. First of all, thank you very much for having read it! And I'm glad you found many aspects of it pleasurable. Your criticism of the ending isn't something I myself even disagree with. Way back when it was only in the form of a script, I personally felt it was one of the weaker aspects of the story. I can at least explain why I ultimately went with it, for any curious: As for the flickering screens, what you mentioned was also a concern of mine. I think the effect can add a nice touch, but I'm also aware some people might be sensitive to it. I'm sure if I looked into it I could figure out
  13. Update: Version 1.20. is now out. @Zakamutt was the editor for this version and he helped a lot. This will likely be the final update to the VN. And if not the final, it is certainly the most significant update. The script has been thoroughly examined and polished of any errors. If any errors do remain they were either intentionally left in as a design decision, or my subconscious just really wants them there lol.
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