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  1. Glad you revived this sort of thing. Anything to connect the gap between the EVN and JVN crowd I think is a good thing. I don't have too much to add, but here are some I quite like that I haven't seen mentioned here yet: Juniper's Knot: A short, well written story that nearly a decade later still leaves quite a good impression. Focused on the interactions between a lost boy and a demon confined within a magic circle, it has some folklore-ish vibes to it. However, the bouncing between the two perspectives of the boy and the demon girl adds a modern flare to a story that otherwise does feel
  2. It does seem that for indie VN devs (practically everyone in the EVN sphere), we're kind of left to fend for ourselves. Even with Sekai Project, from what I've heard they still expect you to do a fair amount of the marketing yourself. I suspect a major reason for this is that there isn't enough money in the EVN niche to support a publisher that wished to deal exclusively with EVNs. I haven't looked carefully into it though, so I'd be curious to see what others have to say
  3. Ah, yes. The age old philosophical question in Otakudom. "What is moe?"
  4. Bowl of Lentils is amazing. Been a fan of his work for a while. He definitely deserves the shoutout here
  5. I'm quite aware of that, and I realize that if your aim is profit and/or popularity my stance is an absurd one. But not everyone creates for that reason. That is not to say that recognition or profit is a bad thing, but for me they are secondary. I should say though, going with my flier analogy that there are two ways to distribute fliers, and my problem is only with one method. You can stand on a street and shove them in peoples faces, or you can put them up as posters around town. In both cases people can see them, but one is forceful and creates an obnoxious first impression. Even if
  6. Hey, first of all congratulations on getting Siren's Call out. I haven't read it yet, but it looks quite interesting and I can tell a lot of heart went into it. You mentioned that marketing along with management were you're weakest skills. I can't comment on my management skills since my own VN (link in my sig) was small scale and aside from the editing, which was done by a long time acquaintance on this forum, the only other person I worked with was someone I'm very close to irl. But I definitely know that I also suck at marketing. Would you mind talking about that a bit? What have you l
  7. Agreed, except those were all the reasons why I hated it. You might like Symphonic Rain, but it's kind of clear our tastes are different. Symphonic Rain definitely has emotional twists involving the relationships between the characters though. Which sounds like what you're looking for. But the characters aren't nearly as stupid about why they do the things they do
  8. Although recent trends seem to be saying otherwise, I quite agree with you! There's a magical quality to VNs, and reading a great VN is an experience like no other. The potential for them to get popular is all there in the medium, it just needs better marketing. In any case, I'm glad you're doing you're best to advocate for VNs! Btw, I'm happy to hear you read my VN. I hope it was an overall enjoyable experience, I'm aware it's far from perfect. But if people now and again are still reading it and are getting something out of it, that makes me happy.
  9. Good to see somebody fighting the good fight! I like the energy in your posts and your optimism. Although I'm largely in agreement with solidbatman that the Western VN scene in general seems to be in decline. But I do genuinely believe there is a place for VNs as a medium as they offer a unique experience unlike any other medium. A bit over a year ago I uploaded a video in which I talk about all the reasons I think VNs have potential as a medium in a digital era. I realize that you're specifically concerned with reviving interest in Fuwanovel, but reviving interest in VNs would be crucial for
  10. You weren't kidding! Apparently it's called Air Pocket Advance. There's also a Game Boy Color version called Air Pocket: The GBC version looks surprisingly good all things considered (it sounds like shit though). The GBA version actually looks (and sounds) pretty good and seems to be a decent port. Even the opening theme sounds pretty good on the GBA version. And to believe there are people out there that shit on the GBA sound chip... All the information about it is in Japanese, but you can read up more about it here. Apparently the way the port works is that
  11. There is certainly no official port of Air on the Nintendo DS. It's possible that if you know what your doing with DS hacking and homebrew stuff, there is a way to get it to work, but that's obviously more of an engineering project than any practical way to read Air on the go.
  12. Kind of relevant, but Tsui no Sora (the 1999 precursor to Subahibi) has an animated OVA, and it's considered by some to be the worst anime to ever exist. I'm sure there's worse, but damn is it near the bottom of the barrel.
  13. That has more to do with this site being a ghost town within cyberspace. We're just the old farts who refuse to leave
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