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  1. Okay, but seriously, next year for sure it'll be Ami's year
  2. One thing that has always baffled me is why Discord is more popular than traditional forums. As a medium of communication I much prefer the forum format. Not to mention that information is much better stored and searchable via web browsers when it's on a forum as opposed to a Discord server. There are also certain topics and conversations that work better when you can write out a thought out reply rather than a series of instant messages
  3. I suppose now's as good a time as any to share an article/blog post I did on Aaeru for a completely different site and thus a totally different audience. I was afraid the article might have been viewed as controversial here since it seems like modern Fuwanovel really likes to pretend it never was a piracy site, and my sympathies with Aaeru and her vision perhaps leak a bit strongly. So I was hesitant to share it here for a while. But at least for me personally, Aaeru left a weirdly significant impact on me despite never really talking to her, so I'll leave this here for anyone curious: A story from my hometown on the net: Aaeru, the piracy advocate who vanished
  4. Interesting that you say that most VNs are too short. I feel like VNs are awfully padded out a lot of the time. Instead of showing us what's necessary, they'll beat us with the same SOL dynamics for ages and consider that "character development." That said, I completely agree with you on Dies Irae. I feel like Ange doesn't like the work (which in and of itself is fine), but used the video as an excuse to bash on it without sticking to the topic at hand. I should also add that the writing in Dies Irae's fight scenes is superb and I couldn't disagree more with this take from the video. It's about one of the few VNs where I actually go back time to time and reread the fights.
  5. Welcome back! By any chance do you remember what your old username was?
  6. That's a cool find, thanks for sharing. Just curious, why do you want to leave Renpy?
  7. Nah, only Marin. She was my anime waifu for 2022. I want a crossover with her and Yumeko from Kakegurui where they lezz out
  8. Looks really cool Thanatos, just the kind of thing up my alley. Also, I liked the look of the ONScripter short VN you posted about on your twitter. Are you planning to release that as well sometime?
  9. Both True Remembrance and The Dandelion Girl are wholesome enough for kids. Neither has an Arabic translation, but they are both reasonably short (VNs tend to be long). But whereas True Remembrance is around 6 hours long, The Dandelion Girl is only around 1, so it might be easier to start with that one. The Dandelion Girl is also an adaptation of a this short story, so it could also be used as a gateway into reading literature if that's your intention.
  10. Sounds like you're working on some cool projects Emily! I sent you a pm responding to your questions.
  11. Holy shit the bots/shills are getting smarter. The first two sentences were actually relevant to the thread... but nothing past that
  12. Glad you revived this sort of thing. Anything to connect the gap between the EVN and JVN crowd I think is a good thing. I don't have too much to add, but here are some I quite like that I haven't seen mentioned here yet: Juniper's Knot: A short, well written story that nearly a decade later still leaves quite a good impression. Focused on the interactions between a lost boy and a demon confined within a magic circle, it has some folklore-ish vibes to it. However, the bouncing between the two perspectives of the boy and the demon girl adds a modern flare to a story that otherwise does feel like it could be within a Grimm Fairy Tales book. This is all not to mention the beautiful art. For more info here's a review. Digital: A Love Story : "It's not what you say, it's how you say it that matters", is the first thing that comes to mind with this VN. The story itself is quite simple, but the presentation is so excellent that it makes up for where the story might slack. Especially as somebody who is quite fascinated with old computers, I loved how the whole story is told through BBS messages. BBS standing for Bulletin Board System, and was essentially the internet before the internet. Its presentation mimics said environment very convincingly as well. The Dandelion Girl: Another entry in that short and sweet department. Although often overshadowed by it's more successful sibling (the other 4chan visual novel, Katawa Shoujo), I think its charm shines through. And that's really the appeal I find with this VN. It's nothing amazing, but has a soulful charm to it. I guess I'm just preserving the classics with this post, but I'm sure if @Plk_Lesiak sees this, he will have some more up to date VNs to mention. Btw, glad to see that mine got a mentioned. Even if it's just to be polite.
  13. It does seem that for indie VN devs (practically everyone in the EVN sphere), we're kind of left to fend for ourselves. Even with Sekai Project, from what I've heard they still expect you to do a fair amount of the marketing yourself. I suspect a major reason for this is that there isn't enough money in the EVN niche to support a publisher that wished to deal exclusively with EVNs. I haven't looked carefully into it though, so I'd be curious to see what others have to say
  14. Ah, yes. The age old philosophical question in Otakudom. "What is moe?"
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