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  1. Fair enough, I see what you are saying. Banning it as a whole certainly may not be a good idea as it does help some students out. Most of my stance on the issue comes from the immense discomfort I remember from my own health classes in high school.
  2. Most people learn what they know about sex from their peers and friends when growing up. Kids talk about this stuff all the time. They learn it from other kids, or their older siblings, and then spread it to their friends. Any kid with a normal social life growing up will first learn about sex in this way. This is also how knowledge has spread about sex for most of human history. On the contrary, sex education is a very uncomfortable and unnatural way to relay this information, and it often has the opposite effect than what it intends. While I don't know the statistic myself, I would really like to know the percentage of teenage pregnancies that happened where the girl (and guy for that matter) really didn't know that sex leads to babies. Again, I really don't know the answer, but I would be willing to bet that the overwhelming majority were perfectly aware of what they were doing. There is no cure for teenage impulsiveness other than maybe proper discipline. And that is up to the parents.
  3. While I understand the concern you are bringing up, I really don't see sex education (in schools at least) as a solution to avoid pregnancy, STDs, etc. I remember when I had Health Class aka "sex education class" in High School. Me and my friends goofed off the whole time and couldn't take any of it seriously or pay attention. Some people say this is why "good sex education" is important, but I argue that all sex education is inherently going to be ineffective. The reason me and my friends goofed off is because it is a super awkward subject to talk about and we really didn't want want to engage in it. I think a much better solution would be to not live in such a degenerate society, but I suppose we are too down that rabbit hole to come out now.
  4. Birthday thread

    It looks like we do lol. Hope you had a good one!
  5. does anyone know how to buy japanese vns

    Hmm, that really depends on your background and circumstances. Actually, I'm just going to send you a pm so as not to derail this thread too much.
  6. does anyone know how to buy japanese vns

    I moved here (right now its temporary though). The Japanese University I am studying at (Waseda) has a double degree program with my home college. Since I plan on permanently moving here, I decided to do that program since having a degree from a Japanese Uni would make it easier to get a job here that isn't English teaching.
  7. Wow, and everyone has been promoted to an Admin. Fucking awesome
  8. does anyone know how to buy japanese vns

    It really bothers me how xenophobic Japanese companies are. Living in Japan, I always buy my VNs in person or online here. But honestly, since they clearly are not accommodating to foreign business. For people not living in Japan, I see nothing wrong with pirating Japanese VNs if there isn't a reasonable way to buy them.
  9. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    Eerie that you should make that reference, I just watched The Shining recently. Although I disagree, I think hes making a normal face. You both are beautiful in the photo.
  10. Otaku and media

    Damn, this post reminds me how wAAAAAAAAy back in early to mid 2013 I got in an intense argument with someone (maybe it was Zoom909) over if Akagi could beat all the Saki girls in a mahjong match. Ahh, good times.
  11. Got Me a Job Interview at My Local KFC

    Good luck man, getting a job at KFC can be tough. They even rejected the now richest man in China:
  12. VN Developer Spotlight: Reine Works

    Great interview. It was quite interesting to read and you asked good questions. I look forward to reading your next interview
  13. Never happened to you?

    Fair enough. I realize that my views aren't exactly inline with politically correct thought. But I respect the fact that you know that political discussions tend not to go anywhere. Mostly because political view points are things that are deeply embedded from personal experience, and often not very pleasant experiences. And by the way, if I've offended you, I do apologize. While I feel it is important to be honest about my opinions, I am aware that I could accidentally offend people. And I don't say things with the intention to offend, just to be honest. If you want to talk it out via PM, feel free to send me a message.
  14. I usually use my laptop. Especially for posting. For browsing if I am away from home and bored, I might check fuwa occasionally on my phone. But my phone recently broke, so that option isn't currently available to me.
  15. Never happened to you?

    It's not a derogatory statement about women. Porn stars are whores, that is literally their job. I am not at all implying that all women are whores, but whores are by definition whores. Think about it this way, would you want your sister or mother to work in the porn industry? Probably not right? Because it is degrading. Not just for them personally, but for their whole family. I was also implying that just because a woman is beautiful does not mean that her personality or morality matches that of her face. Good girls with moral standards deserve respect. Hell, the same is true of guys as well. I think one of the most dangerous mistakes guys can make is to project their idealization on a girl, and ignore the truth about her. It is misguided to idealize women like Medieval poets did. These are my views at least. Feel free to disagree or agree, but that is how I feel about the subject.