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  1. Why I still haven't given up on VNs.

    Sounds kind of like Groundhog Day, accept instead of reliving the same day over and over again its the same trite stories and character archetypes over and over again. I always wondered how you did it, and was even more amazed at how you still love VNs despite putting yourself through it.
  2. When does Dies Irae get good?

    Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. I do like the VN and I recognize the great potential that awaits me to continue, but the frustrating aspects I mentioned in the opening post were getting me to falter. Kasumi in particular I find insufferable and I literally just mash the enter button every time she shows up on screen. I heard some people say that you had to read Kasumi's route first. But honestly, I am liking your idea of just entirely skipping her route in favor of Kei's. Kei I like so far, and her dynamic with Ren is actually interesting to read.
  3. When does Dies Irae get good?

    How important is it to finish Dies Irae before reading Kajiri Kamui Kagura? Everything from the art, setting, characters and writing seems to have all the strengths of Dies Irae while lacking the tedious aspects.
  4. I have a weird history with Dies Irae. Its a VN I've know about for some 5 years now. It was always lauded as "the best VN you will never read", and the aura in which it got talked about reeked with pretension. Much like Suba Hibi, it was one of those untranslated VNs that couldn't be criticized since only those with Japanese literacy could read it. And for whatever odd reason, the minority of Western VN fans who could read untld VNs seemed to all ubiquitously love it. A couple years ago after having studied Japanese for a bit, I finally cracked Suba Hibi (this was when the translation was in this odd purgatory status), and despite all the skepticism I approached it with, it became one of my favorite VNs. Certainly in my top 3. I went into Dies Irae with with the optimism I came out of Suba Hibi with. And indeed, the Prologue of Dies Irae alone impressed me very much. I always heard the VN praised for its writing, and the prose was quite gorgeous. Furthermore, the characters it introduced and the conflict all caught my attention. Then we get to the first scene where Shirou and Ren start brawling it out. Upon first appearance I loved Shirou. He had all the chaotic and interesting elements I wanted in a protagonist. But instead we get stuck with Ren. I'm a couple of chapters in, and admittedly my biggest issue with the VN is Ren and his school friends (especially Kasumi!). Compared to the Villains the protagonists lack any interesting qualities. The fight scenes I have seen so far have all been very engaging, but they contrast night and day with the dullness of the school scenes. Furthermore, its kind of disorienting reading highly stylized prose for the fights, and then the most generic VN dialogues once we get back to Ren and his school life. My last annoyance with the VN is the adolescent tier philosophizing that goes around. I heard the VN praised for the various philosophies the characters encapsulate, but much of it so far doesn't seem impressive. Although I might just be annoyed because Ren's constant internal monologues and dialogues lamenting the loss of his "regular mundane life" is simply just boring, and repetitive. I'd much rather see more Shirou spouting on about his desire for chaos. Would you recommend I continue Dies Irae? I do find certain parts of it very fun and engaging (the villains and the fight scenes), but Ren as a protagonist is dragging down the experience so much for me.
  5. Hero's Journey in VNs

    Yes, from a literary standpoint I completely agree with you. I don't much like stories that too easily fall into the monomyth structure myself. Although I would argue, the significance of the theory is that there is something in the human collective subconscious that produces these stories without even trying. The fact that every (or at least nearly every) mythological story follows this structure says a lot more about us as a species then about the works themselves. But when fictional works intentionally write according to this model, as oppose to following it subconsciously and effortlessly; that is when I get disappointed. Controversial option, but I didn't like the Star Wars movies for this reason. The Hero's Journey felt forced as oppose to natural (among other issues).
  6. Hero's Journey in VNs

    Haha, its one of those literary theories that is surrounded by a fair bit of controversy isn't it. As a metaphor for life, I rather like it though. What do you particularly dislike about it?
  7. Synergia [Cyberpunk] [Yuri]

    I think I was one of those people lol. This is my most anticipated VN. I'm really glad to hear that the progress is going well.
  8. As a huge Suba Hibi fan, I've been really interested in this work for a while. Thanks for doing such a comprehensive review on it. I always saw it as the rough draft to Suba Hibi. And thinking about it that way, it is amazing how much Sca-ji polished it up in the course of 10 years.
  9. Hero's Journey in VNs

    What VNs have you noticed can be broken down into the structure of the Hero's Journey? If so, which elements of the Hero's journey are most present? I don't think most follow the structure exactly, but I'm willing to bet that a decent amount of story based VNs follow the structure loosely. Particularly Chuunige. I would argue in a very roundabout way Suba Hibi follows the general structure. There is a call to adventure (going down the rabbit hole). Delving into the unknown. A road of trails And the achievement of the freedom to live (幸福に生きよ!)
  10. MAL Alternative?

    I never understood why people used MAL. I just keep a notepad document and write any anime I watched on that. Been doing that for years
  11. Nothing wrong with having a higher diversity of VNs that focus on different tastes. The VN medium has a lot more potential for artistic expression then it is often self-limited to. It wouldn't be a bad thing to have a a new pool of VN fans and readers that are into something else. And it wouldn't mean "sacrificing the existing VN readers". There is no reason the two can't coexist.
  12. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    That's funny, the old look is exactly why I do want to read it.
  13. Discord Server - Visual Novel Info Hub

    Wow, Google Translate really does work much better with German than with Japanese. Looks like you got a cool community there. I'm not a Discord (or any IRC) user, but I support your goal in popularizing VNs!
  14. Something with evil route ?

    G-Senjou no Maou's bad endings always involve the MC becoming evil