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  1. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    I'm finished with a VN when either my patience for it runs out or I complete all of the routes.
  2. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    Not to mention they haven't even defined what their involvement will be. It's literally just a translation wishlist with no effort put into it.
  3. On branching and linear plots in visual novels

    Honestly, I don't care about the plot format as long as the VN tells the story well in whatever format it chooses. I've had many good experiences with linear VNs and branching VNs.
  4. Hoshizora no Memoria or Magical Marriage Lunatics?

    Honestly, the most likely company is Sekai Project currently, but honestly, I can't imagine many companies haven't tried licensing White Album 2 already. So it's highly unlikely in the next few years, but with its popularity, it should probably be localized eventually.
  5. Hoshizora no Memoria or Magical Marriage Lunatics?

    There are many factors people don't consider about those licensing surveys. Aquaplus already have a licensing deal with Atlus and nobody actually knows how that partnership works or if anybody can still get a license from Aquaplus. The White Album 2 license apparently costs a lot and that's a big hurdle for any VN company because the VN isn't guaranteed to sell in the end. The translators at Mangagamer do have some input with whatever gets licensed and we can't do anything about it if none of them is interested. Mangagamer doesn't pay their translators as much as other companies do and White Album 2 is, according to TLWiki, around 70,000 lines and I don't think low pay for that many lines would be worth it to a lot of translators. This is why I don't think White Album 2 will be localized by Mangagamer. It's unfortunate, but White Album 2 has been near the top of that list for a few years now and nothing has happened, most likely due to one or more of those circumstances.
  6. Hoshizora no Memoria or Magical Marriage Lunatics?

    A Sky Full of Stars is from MoeNovel. That says it all right there. Just wait for that group to add the h-scenes back into it before you read it. Hatsukoi 1/1 personally bored me to death, but who knows what it'll do for you. Tsujidou isn't like MajiKoi in a lot of ways, so I'd recommend giving it a shot and seeing if you like it. The White Album 2 TL is garbage, almost machine TL levels of bad, so avoid it at all costs. And for the original question, I haven't tried either, mainly because one isn't out and the other has a poor release, so wait until Magical Marriage Lunatics as Mangagamer almost always releases quality translations nowadays.
  7. If you are reading this....

    Not while I still have 3 exams to do.
  8. Help me choose my next VN!

    Dies Irae or Subahibi for sure.
  9. Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No Translation Project

    Hello again. Today, I have the fourth week of progress updates. There has been some good progress over the past week, but first of all, please welcome @Arcadeotic to the position of QC. Now for the updates. Translation: Prologue - 68% (1224/1791) TLC Prologue - 39% (707/1791) Edit Prologue - 21% (385/1791) We are still looking for a dedicated TLC as the other translator is only doing it for the prologue. If you think you are capable enough for the position, please PM me. That's all I have for this week. The prologue patch we are planning is inching ever closer now, so look forward to that. See you guys next update.
  10. What was the worst online argument you ever been in?

    I mean, dicks go into vaginas. That's straight as hell.
  11. What was the worst online argument you ever been in?

    Every single "Trap's aren't gay" argument that people make despite it being obvious that if you want to fuck a person with a penis, you are either gay or bisexual.
  12. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    >Massive amounts of verbal abuse Now you know how I felt when I read Fureraba and that red-haired bitch acted like a cunt for the entirety of what I read. It just pissed me off and made me question why anybody would like such a heroine unless you're a hyper masochist.
  13. Pic 1 - Himawari Pic 2 - Ever17 Pic 3 - Subahibi Pic 4 - Dies Irae