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  1. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Sounds like the perfect time to start learning Japanese. That's what I did when I was getting intense burnout from pretty shit licensing announcements. There's no proof, only wishful thinking. That being said, Sakura no Mori isn't exactly a bad shout, but with the direction MG has been going with in terms of licenses, I'd more expect a Moonstone moege before it.
  2. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    Fureraba definitely. Usually, I can manage to read at least 3-4 hours of the most boring VNs I've ever read, but Fureraba had such abysmal comedy and heroines that ranged from forgettable to terrible that I dropped it after an hour of reading.
  3. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    A general disconnect from each scene. Just feels like a goddamn anime with no actual progression. That continued into Nanaru's route. There are also problems with any drama that goes on. Like, seriously. The drama in this VN ranges from meh to incredibly weak. Finally, I did say it had some funny sections, but there are also quite a few sections that made me groan in annoyance. Also, I can't really say I'm liking it. Sure, the common route was decent, but I wouldn't rate it higher than a 6.5. Nanaru's route was so mixed in terms of quality that it ended up with a 5.3 overall. I really don't want to read Suzu's route either, as she is easily the weakest heroine.
  4. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    The common route actually isn't bad either, but certain issues started popping up. I don't know if this'll continue into the branch common routes, but I hope it doesn't as this VN has had some funny sections to it.
  5. Since my computer's finally working and will let me post this, here it is. Contrary to popular belief, I do actually like things.
  6. I would, but the two VNs I would recommend for this would just be spoiling that they have time loops.
  7. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Thank you, 心.
  8. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Surprisingly enough, when I gave the prologue a read, it was alright. Only 1 of the heroines got on my nerves somewhat, and I laughed at a few of the jokes. Definitely better than Fureraba for that alone already. I don't know if I'll continue past the common route depending on how the love-triangle aspect is handled, but not a bad start so far.
  9. 1. Nobody said you had to read books to be a "real" reader. You're making connections that aren't there. It was a jab at your "arguments" against prose mattering in a localization. 2. Yes. As you've shown in the past, you have no clue about what prose is and how it affects reading experiences, and people right criticized you for it. If you don't know what it is, just don't talk about it. Simple. 3. I'm aware. The prose argument doesn't even apply to those VNs. With those, it's more TL/editing mistakes more than anything. 4. That 5% consists of some of the biggest VNs in the scene, so obviously people will care if somebody unqualified tries to TL it. If you can't write at the same level in English as the original writer can in Japanese, what's the point? 5. Weren't you the one who said that prose is only in about 5% of VNs? Obviously if that were the case, their values wouldn't apply to everything. Plus, these "elitists" care about the source material and want to see it localized in the best way possible. The people who don't want anything they love localized are stupid, that's fair, but maybe don't fault people for being passionate about maintaining prose when you have no clue what it is by your own admission.
  10. Reading an Ernest Hemingway book would probably kill this man.
  11. Friendship routes

    Enigma has a couple of those.
  12. kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi

    Big facts.
  13. Sekai Project Anime Central (ACEN) 2019 Announcements

    It died with Light.