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  1. Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2018 are out

    Extremely surprised to see Deep One on this list especially after the fiasco the episodic shit caused. Other than that, pretty much what I expected from this list. Glad to see a Lucle game getting into the top 10 and still bewildered at how people still enjoy Yuzusoft's mediocrity. Also, >NukiTashi being called a nukige omegalul
  2. VNs for learning Japanese

    Textractor is the best one out there right now. I use it in combination with Chiitrans as a parser for dictionary definitions and look up random words it doesn't hook properly online. Here's the git for it. https://github.com/Artikash/Textractor/releases
  3. VNs for learning Japanese

    Honestly, any Japanese reader will tell you to read whatever you find the most interesting. I wouldn't go jumping into a VN by Mareni, Masada, or Romeo right off the bat, but just pick something that will hold your interest and use a text hooker to help memorize vocab that'll pop up throughout your reading.
  4. Honestly, if you want to have a good 2019, learn Japanese and read all the great unTLed stuff out there like Kusarihime, Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai, and Umi Kara Kuru Mono. But if you're too unmotivated to do that, here's some that should tide you over. Himawari Dies Irae Subahibi Fata Morgana Myth Enigma Kara no Shoujo series Chuusotsu Soundless
  5. Hidden Pearls

    Yes I am.
  6. Hidden Pearls

    UmiKara. Only has a rating around a 7 on VNDB, but it is a truly gripping denpa VN. The atmosphere, twists, and characters are all oppressive as hell, so it's not for the people who enjoy light-hearted stuff. I gave it an 8/10 and is my second favourite denpa VN behind Myth
  7. You got DameKoi to get your fix of that. w
  8. God will anything good be translated soon?

    I wish you luck in your studies then. I'd recommend reading this and taking notes if you want to get into reading unTLed VNs faster. http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar This argument goes completely out the window once you actually think about it. 1. If you would truly love to learn Japanese, you could find even half an hour during your day to dedicate to studying. Even if your study periods are in small, allocated amounts of time, you will progress over time. 2. I know quite a few people who've been in your situation and have managed to learn Japanese nonetheless. It honestly just sounds like you're not motivated enough.
  9. God will anything good be translated soon?

    You know what I did when I got tired of how mediocre the English scene was getting? I started learning Japanese in order to avoid it. You can too instead of complaining about it on here.
  10. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    Rip NoraToto. Kiri must be devastated (or really happy, I dunno).
  11. Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #15

    I want a petition to rename this to Reading Endless SoL Very Slowly. www
  12. When does Dies Irae get good?

    I really liked all 4 routes, but it starts to get truly great by Marie's route. Kasumi and Kei have damn good routes, but Marie and Rea have some of the best routes I've ever read.
  13. Why is Sekai taking forever to release new VNs?

    Overambition has been their downfall. They tried getting as many licenses as they could from their genesis until around 2017 without any preparation on how to get those licenses translated and out in a reasonable period of time.
  14. My top five visual novels for 2018 that I read.

    Here are my top 5 VNs I read this year. It's a mix of English and JP releases because I started reading in JP starting in August. 1. Dies Irae - possibly the best chuunige I'll ever read (until maybe Muramasa or KKK). Epic battles that manage to be over-the-top and investing as hell at the same time, a great cast of characters, beautiful writing, and have I mentioned the battles yet, because they're amazing. Overall the best game I've read this year. 2. Chaos;Child - easily one of the most gripping reads I've experienced in a long time. An intriguing mystery filled with so many mind-boggling twists and turns, a good cast, entertaining humour, and a weird, but interesting route setup. 3. Kusarihime Euthanasia - a fantastic mystery VN from Liarsoft and easily their best title I've read so far. Simple, but brilliant writing, a good cast of characters (especially Kurame), a setting that has an oppressive atmosphere to it, great twists, and ridiculously engaging final chapters that'll confuse and entertain at the same time. 4. Himawari Aqua After - the fandisc to my favourite VN of all time and it continues the original story brilliantly. The cast is as funny and play off each other just as well as the original, the themes it explores are relatable and provide for very emotional moments, and the ending...well, it made me cry for the first time in a VN since the original Himawari. Would be higher if the first part were more developed, but it was still quite good. 5. Hotel - a really good Sol-drama set in a Hotel throughout its entire runtime. The second best new cast of characters I came across this year, all with relatable issues and interesting backstories, great drama that had me at the edge of my seat, a ladder structure that works with the pacing of the VN, an emotional ending. Definitely the best underrated VN I read this year. Honorable mentions Fata Morgana FD Sorcery Jokers Grisaia no Rakuen Soundless UmiKara I/O Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana
  15. VN Survey

    Here's my list of must-haves for VNs. 1. Must have honorifics, no matter what language it is in. I need my chans and sans or else I will kill myself. 2. Must stick thoroughly to Japanese sentence structures. Must have concepts like "Despite this," "Even though," "Is that so?" "Pregnant with," and "Ittadakimasu" or else I will kill myself. 3. Must be edited by an ESL with no proper understanding of English for a genuine experience. Must be overwritten and underwritten at the same time, circa HoshiMemo localization or else I will kill myself. And by kill myself, I mean bitch about it on r/vns.