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  1. Hey, everyone! It pains me to say this, but seeing as I no longer have the time to manage a project like this, I'll be stepping down as leader and QA of the project. Ittaku will be taking over as leader, and we'll be looking for applicants for the QA position. It's been a turbulent, but fun few years, and I wish every one of the staff the best in getting this project over the line. VS
  2. Hello again. Ever since the last update, I have some great news. We have found a translator willing to do the branch school routes. They've completed a few projects in the past, and are capable of helping us finish this project. That being said, don't expect the pace that Ittaku had when he was working. They're gonna take their time and do the best job they possibly can. We're also still searching for a second editor who is good enough to work on either the branch school section or the main school section. If you think you have the capabilities to do so, please contact me here or on
  3. Hello again. It's been a long time, and many of you probably thought this project was dead. However, we are still alive, just going through a few changes. I'll list everything that's happened since the last update. First of all, Hasa is no longer a part of the team. He had many irl stuff to deal with and couldn't contribute as much as he would've liked to the project. So we're without a second translator, and are currently looking for on good enough to work on this project. Second of all, since we don't have a good enough translator to fill Hasa's boots, the team and I have to decide
  4. To call that a translation is like calling a car without brakes, a steering wheel, and an engine a functioning vehicle.
  5. Honestly, just read whatever interests you. Even if you end up missing stuff (you always do on your first few reads), you can always just go back to it later on and give it a reread.
  6. A 120 line doujin after only having learned Japanese for 2 months, mind you. I knew my limits. w
  7. Because English readers are really damn good at waiting. I mean, a lot of people have somehow been waiting for Django for around 8 years without learning Japanese.
  8. You could put those Japanese skills you have to the test with it. Hino's only like one of 8 writers on it, so no biggie.
  9. You expect people to known titles from before 2004? That's optimistic.
  10. Sounds like the perfect time to start learning Japanese. That's what I did when I was getting intense burnout from pretty shit licensing announcements. There's no proof, only wishful thinking. That being said, Sakura no Mori isn't exactly a bad shout, but with the direction MG has been going with in terms of licenses, I'd more expect a Moonstone moege before it.
  11. Fureraba definitely. Usually, I can manage to read at least 3-4 hours of the most boring VNs I've ever read, but Fureraba had such abysmal comedy and heroines that ranged from forgettable to terrible that I dropped it after an hour of reading.
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