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  1. MoonStar
    Latest Entry

    By MoonStar,

    Hey everyone! My name is John Valentin (aka MoonStar) and you’re probably wondering why I’m here on Patreon. Well like many of you, I’m a huge fan of video games and visual novels, and over the last year I’ve been working on developing one, it’s called Tears of Yggdrasil.

    One of the things I wanted to do was make a game that really broke away from your traditional romance story set in a Japanese high school. So I asked myself, what if we went away from that, and mixed in Norse mythology? And that’s where Tears of Yggdrasil was born (at least mentally).

    The World Tree is dying, and your character is pulled into this world to save it. You have to journey through all of the different branches, from our world in Midgard to the highest branch of Asgard, and down to the lowest branch of Muspelheim. Each world has a different problem facing it, and only by uniting all of them, can you save the world tree.

    So why am I on Patreon? Well to be entirely honest, I’ve reached the end of my limited funding. I’m more of a writer than an artist, and if I want to move forward with the game, I’m going to need to get the art up to a good standard. The money from Patreon will go towards producing more art for the game, and eventually bringing it to a level where it could go on Steam!
    So please support Tears of Yggdrasil and let’s make something great together!



  2. For a lot of old fans, this is Softhouse Chara's defining masterpiece... and with good reason.  It has superb, complex gameplay that rewards careful forethought and strategic thinking and more than thirty unit types to play around with, running from common infantry to dragons.  It also has a solid story with decent storytelling (though, true to Softhouse Chara form, it isn't the focus of the game).

    First, I should say that the first time I played this game, I seriously screwed up in my early unit choices and ran out of money halfway through.  About the time Qoenis becomes available during the main story, I ran out of money and most of my 'normal' (generic) units were dead before I noticed.  I managed to drag things out to the end and barely beat the game, but I can't say that I actually enjoyed the process all that much.  As such, I never rated the game, because I came to the conclusion that at the level of Japanese I was reading, I wouldn't be able to master the battle system (also, I was doing it without the walkthrough). 

    In this, my second playthrough, the first thing I did was purchase three supply units (the best healer units, in the shape of a horse and wagon) and concentrated on putting together a solid attack force for three full squads.  This worked out far better than my previous playthrough, which was miserable, to say the least.  This time, once I got access to Dungeon 2 and grind-maxed three full squads of units (including a Black Knight and two Dragons for the firepower for each) I was basically able to ream the rest of the units in the game (though I tended to rearrange things for lower costs during side-mission and ones that only  needed two squads). 

    In other words, i went around happily breaking the game balance in precisely the way I've done with every other Softhouse Chara game I played, lol.

    In any case, some comments on the story... I'll be straight with you.  This game's story falls more than a little behind Eushully's Ikusa Megami series and most of its related games.  The best parts of the story are during the formative stages and the epilogue, with most of the rest being consumed with raping heroines into loving (pfft) submission in a style reminiscent of Bunny Black.  In fact, Darcs and Jin have almost identical personalities, which shouldn't surprise anyone, lol.

    I will say that the ending scenes were nice, in that they provided a short after-story for all the characters whose endings I'd fulfilled the conditions for.  A lot of them made me rofl.

    Overall, it is easy to see why this game is a classic... depending on how you play it, you can either sit back and enjoy strategic battles where a single slip-up means ruin, or you can play it as an evil, overpowered, balance-broken overlord of the battlefield who knows not defeat.  This is standard to SofthouseChara, since in most of their games, they've built a way to make the game easier into it, while making it difficult on the surface. 


  3. Visual Novel Translation Status (02/25/2017) 

    The title should be very obvious, especially if you're fan of Madoka. The gist of my title would be very obviously parodying very famous anime Madoka (Duh), only in the title I changed 'Madoka' to 'Mina' in the title because the girl in the image header was not Madoka of course, but rather our MC from recently released Shadows of Pygmalion Hajiro Mina. As for the Pygmalion, I played the demo already and saw some info on the internet, at Mangagamer blog post in which they said that Pygmalion here was quite comparable with Madoka there. In the end, it's just my opinion though that Pygmalion was quite parallel with Madoka, although perhaps the real reason I made the comparison between that was one segment from the demo and a scene from Madoka quite similar imo - also more interesting with one certain seiyuu (It was near the end of the demo, and the seiyuu in question was Kitamura Eri which also voiced Sayaka back in Madoka. Do the math). That's all for my writing about the title here, and welcome to this week VNTS Review in which I'll try to comment the progress for some updates here again.

    Okay, as for this week it's the most interesting weeks if we looking at the announcements from some company and planned release (At least for this year, which admittedly was only going at 2 months for now). This week we had some usual updates from both of Sekai and fan translation, a release of Mangagamer in which I already attempt talked about, and the biggest one here would be the announcements from Frontwing. As for what order I should write here, perhaps I'll start to talk about Sekai Project first here.

    Sekai Project

    They apparently had planned an interesting release for next week, but there's no info from my attempted search there. But first before I writing my opinion about that, let me do some roundup for their usual progress here with the exception the planned release. Okay, the roundup goes like Maitetsu was at 95.92% translated, Tokeijikake 2 was 60% translated (I'll just called this update Daybreak for next week here), 1st sekrit project was fully translated, Bokukotsu was at 33.54% translated, and Kanonana was at 32% translated. As for Tokeijikake kickstarter, it's already success from the last week and it's already gather more than 90,000 so no comment here. Almost forget that right now Rakuen was fully translated and starting the editing process (They still on track to release it on March - at least the Steam version iirc). That's all for the updates here.

    As for the planned release for next week, it should be very obvious enough. But just in case someone didn't get that, it's Chrono Clock in which apparently will be released at 28th. While the news here was of course very good if I may admit here, the info in regard of the release was still quite vague at that (Whether it's real or not, and I wouldn't count ANN as reliable source for release date). What I want to said is that one again there's still no indication when Chrono Clock is released as of now (Both of Steam and Nutaku page still said that the release date was 'Soon'). Therefore it's possible that Chrono Clock will be not released at 28th, but maybe at March it could be possible if I said here (Especially with this game was currently at 97.28% translated right now, which is slightly less ideal if one want 28th release). Despite what all I'd saying here earlier, of course I still interested with this VN and I would be happy if the release date was indeed right at 28th. For now in regard of Chrono Clock, I'll just wait and see here like usual.


    This week we had some interesting surprise from Frontwing. But first let me state that Phantom Trigger was already prepared their prefundia and the goal was at 80,000. Not the VN that I had interest with in the first place, so I'll pass. Though if some of you here want more Grisaia, go ahead and feel free to look at their Kickstarter later though (I'll report weekly fund gathering if possible here later). As for interesting surprise, there's two this week but first let me state the first interesting news. The first one was in regard of Island translation, which announced back at AX 2016 and right now it was in translation progress. For more info it was at halfway translated, and they planned to release it this year. Let's just see it later here.

    As for the second surprise here, it was Subahibi in which definitely had some history with VN Translation scene. This VN was quite (in)famous for apparently quite hard to translate prose, had some controversial sex scene even to me (I'm quite with with yuri in the first place and I could handle bestiality here slightly, but maybe I'll need to tolerate yaoi here), and apparently had some philosophical thing. As for more info, the translation was already there since back at 2012 around time when Kajitsu translation was announced (Both of those projects were at TL Wiki by the way). Of course, looking at current situation here Kajitsu was already finished as fan patch and officially released (Including became popular and discussed to the death), while there's still no complete Subahibi translation here. With this announced by Frontwing, hopefully we got this VN with complete translation here and many more people became aware of this great (Perhaps) - with side effects including there will be more Subahibi fanatic out there later lol. Oh, and Frontwing was also planned to release Subahibi this year as well.

    Other than Frontwing interesting surprise, there's Whirlpool with their new VN was apparently about entering Steam but it's not my interest there so I'll just pass on that (It's still quite unconfirmed by the way). Oh, and there's also two more Sakura games release at this month (Valentine Days and Magical Girl) which is awesome that Winged Cloud managed to released two VNs in one month (Although the story and production value from them was another question though).

    Fan Translation 

    First of all, there's usual Majokoi update for this week (73.3% translated and 67% edited). While the updates was usual for this week, there's some worryingly news namely that apparently the lead translation for Majokoi was already missing for some times and therefore the project will see some obstacle before finally they got the lead translator again. Hope the best for Majokoi team there. Oh, and speaking about Majokoi there's bigger news in regard of the team behind it - namely that apparently Luna Translation was dissolved and becoming inactive there. Quite sad to hear that, but nothing I could do here to be honest (Although if one interested to the projects, I think they'll just go independent again. Shin Koihime Musou already said that, while perhaps for Tsui Yuri there will be confirmation later). By the way, the Luna Translation drama wasn't affected Majokoi translation effort there (Just coincidence iirc). And speaking about Luna Translation, there's two updates from their projects at this week in which they had Ushieta was at 35% translated and Tsui Yuri was at 67% QC-ed. That's all for Luna Translation final update here (Probably).

    As for other updates from fan translation, there's only some usual updates there (Although there's one nukige release which I forgotten from last week). The updates were from both of Loverable and Konosora restoration. For more detail, Loverable was at 54.46% translated, 21.27% TLCed, 16.81% edited, and 78 out of 142 mail was image edited (Overall image editing was at 76.98%); while for Konosora right now Amane's route was at 55% retranslated and apparently there's release plan in April later. For the last update from fan translation here (I knew there's some, but both of the other updates was BL and more nukige in which I'm not quite interested with that), it was came from Fortune Arterial project and right now the translation for 3rd script for Erika's route still continuing at 38% translated.


    Once again this week we had Pygmalion, although other than Pygmalion Mangagamer also bring some other updates here which while not as juicy as expected it's still interesting (At least to me, although admittedly I only interested in both of Hapymaher and Sorcery Joker for now). I'll list all of the updates here first of all.

    • Hapymaher was 67% translated and 52% edited
    • Sorcery Joker was 76% translated and 65% edited
    • Naked Butler was reaching 40% mark re-translated
    • Fata Morgana fandisc was at 46% translated and 11% edited
    • Kuroinu 1 will be released at March 31st (Not the one that I interested, but apparently it got some interesting story there)
    • Kuroinu 2 was 43% translated and 11% edited
    • Boukaku was both at 69% (Interesting number I think) for both of translation and editing progress
    • Maggot Bait was 16% translated
    • Imouto Paradise 2 was 56% edited
    • 1st secret project was at 72% for both of translation and editing progress
    • 2nd secret project was at 41% translated and 11% edited
    • 3rd secret project was at 21% translated and 20% edited
    • 4th secret project was at 63% translated and 37% edited
    • 5th secret project was at 56% edited

    Other than my earlier nitpicking, overall Mangagamer bring some nice updates for their secret project there That's all I could said in regard of the updates from Mangagamer here.

    As for Mangagamer release at this week, it was once again Pygmalion in which I'd already describe enough parallel with Madoka. As for my story about Pygmalion, I remember that when I'm in vacation I checked Otakon 2015 announcement and of course there's announcement for both of Tokyo Babel and Pygmalion. Back there, I was interested with both because I think those two was had the most nice looking graphic compared to all announcements from Mangagamer (Except Supipara, but that's chapter based and unfinished to boot so it wouldn't count), and I also thinking that Jessica looking nice in that gothic outfit. Enough nostalgia there, and while I knew the review was quite mixed in Pygmalion I still interested with that here. And to close this section I would said better not expecting something like Tokyo Babel though ie many action - I mean don't expect too much from Pygmalion here otherwise there'll be many disappointment like our Clephas there (It's still good once again - at least from the demo imo).

    That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

    PS - There's more updates, and today HatsuKoi partial patch for Midori's route was released (Which of course made Midori's route obviously fully translated (Duh), although it's already is from few days ago though). Also HatsuKoi translation team was already planned their next route to be translated, which is Runa's route so I'll report each update for Runa's route if they had updates there from next weeks. For closing additional update here, right now overall translation for HatsuKoi was reaching 30% mark translated or to be exact at 30.93% translated. That's all for HatsuKoi update.

    PPS - Almost forget there's also an update from Denwalts new secret project, in which right now it was at 10.44% translated. No line count indication there, so I don't knew if the VN was long or not for now.

  4. While the final cause of my chronic insomnia has been a subject of much consternation on my part, the answer was none too subtle last night. Indeed, something weighed heavily on my heart, compounding the recurring problem of Arby's-induced arterial blockage.

    If I were to own a cat, would it ever catch on to my laser-pointing diversions? As any former or current participant in this activity can attest, it is very entertaining, such that one should enjoy it in the absence of concerns that it may someday become infeasible. I ruminated on this question after recalling this gif that tangentially addresses the matter.

    In other words, may I consider the feline mind analogous to that of a dog who, in a like manner, readily fetches the stick only to endure the same Sisyphean struggle moments later and without cessation?

  5. I mean, it’s not like I have better content to give ya. Like the last post, this is unedited from what I wrote down on the trot, with corrections at the bottom. You have been warned.





    I write 合い約束, but what I’m looking for is 会う約束. Repeated later on, too. ファック!

    Meant to be 弱えぇ, but apparently I was 羽い(ふり:ハイ) or something and wrote this instead

    pls zaka, that should be 書き. YOU KNEW THIS.


    549 b.gif?host=disearnestlydisearnest.wordpr

    View the full article

  6. Since they are giving this game in this month's Free-to-play games for PS Plus subscribers, I decided to give it a shot.

    This is a dating sim in its purest sense I guess. You basically have to find girls, talk to them well, and then go towards their route, having somewhere around 49 days, 4 slots per day to do so. Another plus point about this game is that it has a component of taking pictures of the girl you like. I found myself guilty pleasure in this, and enjoyed it quite a bit. However, since this is not an 18+ game, but rather 17+, it's a good thing for me. The gameplay is done well imo, since you can vary your angle and position quite flexibly, and there are different poses. Apart from that, the PS Vita can be rotated physically to get an angle and distance. They use the Gyro sensors in the Vita for this, and hey, it's quite nice. I preferred the traditional analog sticks approach more comfortable though.

    Now onto the route I cleared: Mai's, and my advice to anyone wanting to try this out would be: Don't go looking for a deep story with this. Just enjoy your days in the world being the main character. It provided a very nice break from the usual VNs for me. However, given the route's depth, it's quite well-written, I feel. Especially the last parts, where they wrap things up nicely. I personally was emotionally attached enough and enjoying the game to read it for 11 hours straight, including cooking and eating in between.

    Oh, and the little sister is not a heroine, for once. Phew. Scratch that. Apparently she is unlocked as a heroine if one gets all the other heroines' ends. While I am not against little sisters as heroines, I would like to see more of them as support characters, which is drawn out quite well here.

    The only qualm I have is the lack of number of save slots... it seems to have only 9 of them, which I used up in the course of the ending. Oh, and the fact that you cannot take screenshots normally. You can turn the photos you took into screenshots though.

    Well, I doubt I'll read any other routes in this VN cos it's just so much work, and the other heroines don't really appeal to me, except Hikari, maybe. Some others are stereotypes I detest, especially glasses+senpai+cool. Ugh.

    The one thing that feels really different about these gameplay-oriented dating sims is that you have more control on your actions, rather than selecting a choice while going "Oh, this definitely leads to X Heroine's route" and being done with it. And for me, it feels slightly more personal, for some reason (which is why I enjoyed it so much, as well as highly doubt I'll be reading the other routes).

    All that being said, have some pixelated awesomeness that is Mai-chan, shot by yours truly:


  7. Boring introduction to understand why I'm making this tutorial. (You can skip this if you want)

    So this tutorial is to create that so called "mechanical immersion" when you play a VN, kinda (?)
    Personally I read old VNs with the help of chiitrans for parsing the text, to being able to immerse myself into the story I need to read it in full-screen mode (I just can't read it otherwise) and this is not a problem when I read new novels that allow me to kinda cheat and use chiitrans even in full-screen mode but what about old VNs? With VNs that have resolutions of 640x480 or 800x600 you can't go full-screen and use chiitrans at the same time, the parser will either look really bad or it simply won't show.
    Now, to fix this issue I used to use a virtual machine called Oracle VM VirtualBox, that program allowed me to scale the screen at any size I wanted so I could play the VNs in "full-screen" mode and it kinda worked... but the problem is... using a virtual machine was a pain in the ass in general :rubycry: so I searched for an easier solution and here it is:

    (End of the boring introduction)


    What you will need:


    (OnTopReplica, ResizeEnableRunner and maybe Windows on top)
    All the softwares are free and ad-free too but you can scan them if you want.


    1) Download, unpack and install everything (some of them don't require any installation).

    2) See if you can take a shortcut by using ResizeEnableRunner, this wont work most of the time and it will make some VNs look bad, but you can try if you want.

    Just resize the screen of the VN by clicking on the borders of the VN itself and while holding the left click drag it and expand it, just like you do with any other program.




     3) If that method doesn't work (80% of the time) or you just don't like how it looks, then use OnTopReplica.

    a) Open the program and you will see this:



    Left click on it...trust me on this one.:OurLordAndSavior:

    b) Select your VN and click in "-whole-"



    c) Once your VN is selected you will know because the program will duplicate the screen, now you can resize it but that's not what we want to do, we want to go full-screen mode.
    So go to: Resize > Full-screen. (you can also double click on the duplicated screen and it will do the same thing)



    d) Now this is the important part, you will need to advance the text of the VN with your keyboard but you can also use your mouse.
    Position the VN behind the duplicated window, then right click on the duplicated screen and click on "enable click-through", the duplicated screen will now be "transparent" so you can click through it.



    Here is how it looks and a comparison using the stretching mode (with ResizeEnableRunner) and using the duplicated screen.
    NOTE: The "resize enable runner" program uses the same method that Visual Novel Reader to stretch the visual novels.




    Problems you may encounter while using the software:

    *Some VNs will love to stay on top of the screen or they won't let you use, in my case chiitrans or the parser you normally use, for those cases use WindowsOnTop. 
    Open it > assign a hotkey to it > and when have that issue just force the program to stay on top, this is how I solved it with some VNs, for example setsunai, or just old VNs.



    *Why I'm seeing black borders? It's annoying!


    Easy peasy Japanesey, now you can read your VNs full of runes and 象形文字 in full-screen mode for a perfect immersion.:rize:
    Btw, if you are wondering about the delay between the duplicated screen and the original, well there isn't any. (I'm sure there is probably some but it's imperceptible)

  8. I finished this game the other day, and decided to write up a short blog post on it.

    Ryuukishi Bloody † Saga is the "sequel" to Akabei Soft3's Ryakudatsusha no Inen, (though the only relevant connection is the main character, and it pretty much works as a standalone game tbh.) The game completely breaks away from the dark nukige-like feel the first game had, and shifts the genre completely into something rather light hearted. (Though it has some rather gore filled fight scenes here and there.) The art even changes completely, making it feel like a totally different game.

    I made a post about the prequel a bit back, and the things I felt that game did wrong was handled very well in the sequel, making it blow my expectations away. For those interested in this game who don't like overly dark themed stories and therefore want to stay clear of the prequel, you should be fine playing the sequel only as long as you read a general summary of the first game. (There is a couple of smaller refrences to the first game in the sequel, though nothing major.)

    For those interested, I wrote up a summary of the first game here. It doesn't cover absolutely everything, but it gives you the info you need to read the second game.


    The game begins with the introduction of a young boy named Roy, and his family. They live a peaceful life, without a care in the world. That is, until a brutal gang of bandits knocks down their door and turns their lives into a living hell.

    Sparing you of some of the gruesome details, Roy's father and mother is killed, and Roy and his sister is captured by the gang. His sister is passed around among the bandits, while Roy is given to a sadistic woman named Hamiro, who loves breaking the minds of young boys.

    After being "toyed with" by Hamiro and her already mindbroken young slaves, Roy is brought outside to witness the murder of his own sister. She is tortured to death before his eyes at the command of the gang's leader.

    One would think all of this should destroy Roy's mind, but instead he refuses to give in and plots to join the gang and slowly gain their trust, so that he can one day get his revenge and slay them all.

    Time passes, and Roy grows up. Though he is still Hamiro's "slave", he never lets his mind falter, and he still plans on taking the lives of the bandits once he grows strong enough.

    During the story, Roy falls in love with Hamiro's daughter, Meshia(?) (damn katakana names.) The two of them bond over their hellish lives, and Meshia tries to get Roy to run away with her. Sadly, before they can do anything about this plan, Hamiro decides Roy needs to realize his place, and has Meshia drugged and raped as Roy listens from the other side of a barricaded door. When he finally makes it into the room and murders everyone inside, (including Hamiro who simply laughs at the spectacle like the true monster she is,) Meshia is beyond saving. Roy reluctantly kills her, and the last thing she does is mouth the words "thank you."

    Enraged, Roy seeks out the leader of the bandits and fights him. Although he almost loses his own life in the struggle, Roy manages to kill him and the game ends with Roy simply standing still covered in blood, asking himself... "what do I do now?"


    The sequel begins a while after this, and Roy has seemingly found a new purpose: pursuing his father's occupation. (A herbalist(?) Is that the right word? He collects all sorts of plants, makes medicine and stuff like that.)

    Bloody Saga starts off with Roy walking through the forest without a care in the world, headed for a city called Veludylun. However, on his way there he notices dark smoke rising from within the city walls, and he is stopped by a group of knights protecting the entrance. The city is in a state of emergency, as a massive dragon is attacking. This is apperantly not the first time this has happened, and as mortal weapons cannot harm the dragon because of its tough scales, the best the knights within the city can do is distract the dragon long enough until it leaves.


    Seeing the people of the city in dire need of help, Roy volunteers to help out with taking care of the wounded, as well as rebuilding the parts of the city destroyed by the ruthless dragon's attack. Keeping his dark past locked away deep within his mind, Roy starts a new life in Veludylun. He befriends four female knights, (who were originally selected by the king as "guards" to keep an eye on the outsider,) and together with them he spends his days helping out rebuild the city, uncertain when the dragon will attack next. 


    The story of the game is nice, although it takes a bit of time for it to pick up. The slice of life moments are more than welcome though, as they don't feel boring at all. (At least not to me.) The heroines are great, and Roy is a fantastic main character. The villains are also well made, and the fight scenes are for sure one of the best aspects of the game.

    I haven't read too many serious harem stories so I don't have many games to compare it to, but this one pulls it off very well. All the heroines gets enough screen time, they all have their own reasons for liking the MC and the harem doesn't feel forced. (My only complaint is the high amount of H-scenes... they really didn't need that many. 2-3 for each heroine would be fine, but instead there is like, 6 per heroine which is just a bit too much.)


    Bloody Saga is an entertaining fantasy VN with good writing, epic action scenes and a decent amount of slice of life moments with the heroines. There is a good amount of focus on the romance between the MC and the knights, but enough weight is still put on the core story so that it doesn't become your standard charage love story. The setting and time period in which the story takes place is also a nice break from your standard VNs, and the voiced protagonist + the stunning art just makes the experience more enjoyable. Although the game has its darker moments, they fit into the story very well, and aren't sexualized pointlessly like in the first game. Overall this VN is a very enjoyable read, and I strongly recommend checking it out.

  9. Ambiguity is a fascinating element of language, one an editor both struggles with and celebrates regularly. On the celebration side of things, ambiguity is an essential tool in the setup of a lot of short jokes, for one. As an example, an ambiguous statement leads to a misunderstanding, and in a VN said misunderstanding usually leads to an accidental love confession, resulting in the unfortunate victim stammering outrageously while blushing like a sunset. How cute. Ambiguity can also be a powerful tool in foreshadowing, since it allows a single statement to be interpreted in two ways, of which one can be applicable to the immediate present, thus making it a perfectly reasonable line to have in the present, and the other only meaningful when considering future events, usually causing the reader to look back and say, "Ahh-hah, now I see what it really meant." Ambiguity is also absolutely essential in writing clever blog post titles. But on the struggling side, ambiguity is often an enemy getting in the way of your reader enjoying your text.

    As you read, your brain furiously analyzes words as they come in, building up and tearing down many possible syntactical structures for the sentence and many possible semantic interpretations of the various words and phrases, before eventually trimming this all down to a single interpretation of the sentence, typically over the course of a tiny fraction of a second. However, there are many stumbling blocks which can lengthen this process or thwart it entirely, notably including actual errors (misspellings, dropped words, incorrect grammar, etc.,), which is probably the chief reason why such errors are so frowned-upon in typical writing. Slowing down the reader's understanding, or preventing it entirely, is generally not the author's goal, assuming said author is not James Joyce.

    Setting aside actual errors, ambiguity is one of the main impediments to a reader's understanding. Since one of a VN editor's chief goals is to ensure a script flows well for a reader, eliminating unintentional ambiguity is an important sub-goal. Even outside of intentional usage like in the cases mentioned in the first paragraph, ambiguity in English is still incredibly common, with small ambiguities cropping up constantly while reading essentially any text. Let's take a look at an example of a super-small ambiguity which slows down the reader just a tiny bit, a sentence containing my least favorite word:


    I told you that I gave you the unburnt piece of toast, right?

    Looks fine, right? As a whole the sentence is totally unambiguous. But while you're reading it, you're going to run into "that", and "that"'s a problem. "That" is an incredibly flexible word in the English language: it's a pronoun, a determiner, an adverb, and a relative pronoun. It's actually even more flexible in British English, where it can act as a subordinating conjunction, and even though most VN translations are written in American English, the lines there are pretty fuzzy, and it wouldn't be surprising or confusing to see a sentence like "He asked that she go" in a VN.

    Now, in the sentence above, "that" is being used as a relative pronoun, but the prefix of this sentence, "I told you that" is also a perfectly well-formed English sentence in which it's instead being used as a pronoun, and if your brain follows such an interpretation immediately as you read the sentence, it'll take it a few extra milliseconds for your brain to unwedge itself, reorganize into treating "that" as a relative pronoun, and continue on forming the correct interpretation.

    All right, doesn't sound like a big deal, does it? You're right. This particular, single instance isn't. But they add up, and you can do better, so you might as well. To put it in super technical jargon I didn't know until I was writing up this post, English has a so-called "zero relative pronoun" which can be used in place of relative pronouns like "that" which are introducing restrictive relative clauses. To give an example, since the previous jargon is so technical as to be basically useless, instead of the above sentence, you can just drop "that" and write:


    I told you I gave you the unburnt piece of toast, right?

    Now, look, I'm not saying this makes a huge difference, but doesn't this version feel a tiny bit better when you read it? Eliminating usage of overly-flexible words like "that" is a good way to reduce some ambiguity, but keep in mind this is a single example of a specific case. It just happened to be the one which prompted this blog post. However, I assure you, if you start reading your work with a careful eye out for the clarity of each line, you'll find tons of small, unintentional ambiguities popping out at you which you want to correct. Training yourself to look for them and to clean them up is one part of helping your text flow better.

    I guess that's that. I hope you got something out of that, and I ask that, if you have questions, comments, or problems regarding this or "that", you leave a note below to that effect.

  10. So, as the poll doesn't seem to give me an answer any time soon, I decided to start with this one.

    For those who don't know, ableist means prejudice against those with disabilities. As most people in society are able-bodied, disabled people, as a minority, have to cope with toxic words and expressions that hurt them. By saying this words in a negative way, you are basically saying that disabled people are inferior. It's the same as using 'gay' as an insult. As those expressions are by no means necessary, we all can police ourselves in order to avoid them. 

    Also, when I say 'ableist expressions', I'm not saying those who use them are ableist. Most people aren't even aware of the ableist connotations, so they aren't the ones to fault, society is.

    Here are some of the expressions and why they are ableist:

    1. Blinded by ignorance, fear, etc. (offends blind people)

    2. Crazy (offends people with mental diseases)

    3. Cripple (a very offensive word for people with physical disabilities)

    4. Dumb (refers to deaf people, or individuals with communication disorders)

    5. Idiot (intellectual disabilities)

    6. Imbecile (same as 5)

    7. Lame (offends people who have mobility disabilities)

    8. Stupid (same as 5)

    9. Moron (same as 5)

    10. Nuts (same as 5)

    11. Psycho (same as 5)

    12. Retarded (same as 5)

    13. Special needs (an euphemism that is actually offensive. It's better to use the word "disabled")


    There are, of course, many other offensive expressions, unfortunately. But this list is just to give you an idea in hope to convince you be more careful with your words from now on.


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    I wanted to wait until the year is over before I write my list for this year, but of course I haven't had the time to actually look at the December releases and now the year is over. Luckily, there isn't much interesting for me anyway.
    Before we start, just let me mention some noteworthy December titles:

    • Venus Blood Ragnarok could be a nice game, but I don't really like the Venus Blood series, and as some kind of sequel it probably won't win me over anyway.
    • I have played the trial of Meguru Sekai de Towanaru Chikai wo and it really didn't impress me. Looked like an even cheaper version of Izumo 4. And Izumo 4 was already a letdown last year. The RPG mechanics of Izumo 4 are very simple and Meguru Sekai de seems even simpler. But that is not all, contrary to Izumo 4, this time the game also looks pretty ugly! It that the reason why Yamamoto Kazue changed her name to  Yamamoto ☆ Kazue for this? Well, I probably will play it nonetheless because I don't like to judge something I haven't really played, but eh, not in the near future.

    That's it for December. The rest doesn't interest me or I already know it will be bad (You can't fool me Moonstone!). Did I just say I don't judge something I haven't played? Eh, whatever... :maple:

    But now some honorable mentions of games that actually looked interesting but I haven't had the time to read them, so they won't be in my 2016 list:

    • Dungeons & Daimeiwaku: I've read the trial, but haven't found the time to read the actual game. I'm sure it's good but it's kind of demotivating for me to read an RPG without any gameplay, heh.
    • Iwaihime: Ryukishi07 and horror should be exactly what I'm looking for but for some reason I have this untouched on my hdd for a year now. Maybe I miss the Ryukishi07-art, since it doesn't look as good with generic moeblobs. :reeee:
    • Trianthology: Now I have the art, but not a full Ryukishi07 game, haha. Still, I have to read this sometime soon.
    • Kanojo * Step: This could probably be the "Best Charage" of 2016 as far as I have seen it. The humor is great, something that's really missing in pretty much every other modern charage. It's a shame that the genre charage has such a low priority for me, so I haven't really read much of this VN so far.

    Now I mention some games people might expect in my list of 2016's best eroge, but I actually found them to be only mediocre:

    • Shi ni Iku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuku Zouo: Yeah, I wasn't as excited about this as everyone else. I do not fetishize gore. I like death as an element of a thrilling story, but death in Nikuniku has no impact. There is no meaning in killing someone when they can't die.
    • Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan: This game has a Genre-Shift tag of 3.0 on vndb and some people claim it would be different than what you expect it to be.
      Spoiler: It's exactly what it looks like! WTF are the people talking about? lol
    • Maitetsu: Borefest and not even usable as a lolige. Really only interesting for train otakus.


    Now let's start with the list of maybe not necessarily the best but the most impressive eroge of 2016, for me at least:

    27459.jpgEroge of the Year: Natsu no Kusari

    Best game without a doubt, there is no other contender here. If I would make a Top 5 of 2017, the second place would already be many, many levels under this one. It's so good (or all the other recent games are just so bad, lol).

    I have already written walls of text in other threads about this game so I won't repeat myself here. I will just say that this game is exactly what I'm looking for when I read an eroge, the reason why I even started with this medium.

    Great characterization and the perfect use of narration, music, visuals and voices makes this one of the most compelling short stories I have read in years.


    29582.jpgBest NTR Eroge: Dearest Blue

    The lack of elf is really showing and I certainly can't say that any LiLiM game is really good, but at least with Dearest Blue LiLiM improved on their formula and made it its best game so far.

    We still have some obvious "Do you want to get NTR'd"-choices, but they are not as in-your-face as in previous titles. Some choices make you wonder what will actually happen if you go this route and that at least is an improvement. In some instances there is some believable drama and especially one route is good where you can cheer for both, the protagonist and the rival because both characters are likable. The main heroine is also well-characterized, being an independent and strong woman without going too bitchy or slutty.

    Still, not everything is good. Pretty much every male character except the aforementioned one is a one-dimensional evil villain. The biggest problem however is that the story is build around some kind of NTR/death-game where all the players need to outwit each other ... but in the end there are no mind games or twists happening! Heck, even I could probably win this game because every other character is so bad at this, not having a plan or making retarded moves. What a disappointment! Read this for the relationship drama, not for the death game.


    Best Modern Oldschool Eroge: Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I really think that the writing in many of the latest Mink-games is topnotch. Really, if Mink-games weren't conceptually so limited (being only nukige), they could be really great.

    Why is that? Is it because Mink is such an old company that they still carry on old writing traditions which were established in the Golden Age of eroge? That at least would explain why Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou is so good when it conceptually shouldn't be!

    Don't misunderstand me, Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou is not a good slave-training eroge. There is no real SLG gameplay here, instead the only choice the player has is to visit 1 of 20 locations every day hoping that some kind of event happens there. There is no indication which area you have to visit, neither in script nor in the interface, it's completely by chance. Save-scumming and blindly gathering events at its finest, huh.

    But if you can look behind this (preferably with a walkthrough), you will find a game that feels like the late 90s. Mainly because this is a blatant clone of 99's Yakin Byoutou. It's pretty much "Night Shift School Girls". Aside from the setting that is now a school, we have the same kind of characters, the same storyline and the same development Yakin Byoutou had. And it's great, because that formula still works 17 years later! The ugly main character, who has just enough understanding of the human psyche to get what he wants, the pure maidens who fall into his traps, not because they are sluts but because they are believable corrupted, and the evil female mastermind who is probably even worse than the main character. It's beautiful. The nostalgia is strong with this one.


    28999.jpgBest Dark and Edgy Eroge: Tokage no Shippo Kiri

    I'm cheating here a bit because the game was released in November 2015. But since the fandisc was released in January last year which means the full experience was only available to us in 2016, I see it as 2016 game.

    There is not much to say here, what Derg not already said. Games like this prove that even low-budget publisher can make good games, if they just try. CYCLET is not Black Cyc, but it tries nonetheless to be something special and succeeds in setting itself apart from all the other low budget publisher. Maybe that is the reason we only had one CYCLET game in 2016; they emphasize on quality, not quantity.


    28277.jpgBest RPG: Dungeon of Regalias

    Let's not talk about the story and the characters. They are terrible, like in every Astronauts Sirius game. But damn is the gameplay addicting and actually good. Like in, really, really good.

    This is probably one of the best ero-dungeon crawler existing. They did everything right with this one. Hard difficulty available from start. Skills as "items" which can be equipped so you can change your build without any resetting of skill points like in other games. Monsters who all act differently thus forcing you to change your strategy and character builds and party constantly. Great game.



    27186.jpgBest SRPG: Sankai Ou no Yubiwa

    I'm probably the only one, but ... I actually liked 2016's Eushully game. Yeah, really. Ok, it wasn't really a good SRPG; it actually had many flaws, like being far too easy and exploitable and the routes being too similar to each other... but... I liked the concept. Having six main characters who all represent a different kind of approach to the Ero-RPG genre is really something I wish more games would do. I hate the good guy, the antihero and the maou archetype, and sadly most Eushully games have one of these three as their main character. But Sankai Ou has also three other, more interesting protagonists to choose from. For example, I always wanted the angels to win in an Eushully game, and finally I have the opportunity to do this because the obligatory fallen-angel storyline is already covered in the other routes. Nice.


    Biggest disappointment: Extravaganza ~Mushigurui Hen~

    I was so hyped for this one. The first true Black Cyc game after 5 years of absence. Written by Banya Izumi who we could trust with the task of continuing a beloved series, right? Right?

    No, it's awful. This game turned out to be an abomination which is quite remarkable because Black Cyc already milked the Extravaganza series with bad sidestories back when Black Cyc was still good for the most part. And Mushigurui Hen is even worse than these cheap nukige spinoffs. At least with cheap nukige fandisc, we know we get something bad. Mushigurui Hen on the other hand could have been good. It could have been awesome. But it wasn't.

    So what went wrong? You have these great characters with their epic background stories, but what do they do with them? Putting them in school, because school life is, as we all now, the most important thing ever. And if a character is too old for school, just make them into rich snobs whose only problem in life is being too old (meaning being 23 years old) and lamenting about not having the time to go to the cinema with friends because work (meaning being CEO and chilling all the day in the office).

    And if that wasn't bad enough, they also retcon a character death because this character was very popular back then and we need him for funny slice of life scenes now, yay.

    The most offending thing however is how this "sequel" actually takes place after the second arc of the original Extravaganza, which means before the last third of the original game. And all the important character events in the third arc which really were the heart of the Extravaganza story apparently don't take place in this timeline. Instead, we get inferior and meaningless drama with derailed characters in Mushigurui Hen which is apparently now the canon timeline. Hurray.


    Biggest insult: Everything released by Akabei Soft 3

    I'm not going into this now, but literally every AKB3 game this year greatly offended me, just as Silky's Plus' games did last year. Let's just say that AKB3 makes games which represent everything that's wrong with modern eroge and have nothing left of what made eroge once great. (I might write a post explaining this statement in the near future.)
    It saddens me how popular these games are. A dark prospect for 2017.


  11. To configure Silent Hill 4: The Room 2 on the PCSX2 (Ps2 emulator) follow this guide :http://wiki.pcsx2.net/index.php/Silent_Hill_4:_The_Room
    The PS2 version Silent Hill Origins emulated through PCSX2 using Direct X11 software mode in GSdx, game runs above 60fps with no dropped frames, or graphical glitches. This shows the early part of the game in the room and then through the tunnel to the station.

  12. Welcome back to another part of our exploration of best game openings. It is going to be very hard top the openings from Part 1. But here is another great list of openings that will be a lot of fun to watch.

    Leaf is a very long standing company with many different styles under its belt. They developed and published some really popular vns and dating sims. Shizuku is what many call the first denpa visual novel and certainly shows why. The opening is very haunting and foreboding. This is the opening from the remake but the original’s opening was very much the same.




    Leaf’s next visual novel (in a series of 3, the 3rd being To Heart) was in the mystery horror genre. The original opening was bad but the one here is from the remake. The opening is fully animated with a good quality animation and an even more beautiful somewhat tragic song.




    When it comes to visual novels with beautifully breathtaking mesmerizing visual presentation minori is one company almost nobody can rival. Here is an opening from ef – a fairy tale of the two.




    eden*is another magically impressive opening and a much better song.




    Next up is Supipara. Is it even possible to describe this opening with words? Just watch for yourself and enjoy the happy charming feel good song and once again, amazing animation.




    As one of the most popular fan translated visual novels Sharin no Kuni’s opening displays a lot of growth and outpost of life’s responsibilitie. Sins need to be paid for, punishments need to be dealt with. This is how the wheels of country turn.




    If Sharin no Kuni was popular then G-Senjou no Mao was practically worshiped by the English visual novel fan community. This vn needs no introductions, so enjoy the opening.




    One of the most complex and complicated visual novel stories ever written I/O is guaranteed to make your mind turn to fluffy mushy gel. The opening is a lot more cryptic then the actual story. It is a long journey and the beginning is the end, the end is the beginning.




    12Riven was a very unsuccessful game, for some reason. However it has a great catchy opening song and a very intriguing presentation. It is reminiscent of the openings from the Infinity series and this style will be used in Uchikoshi’s later games as well.




    A few years after I/O Regista comes out with another breaking hit. Root Double has very memorable opening and for those who played and completed the game it is absolutely unforgettable. The game was later released as Xtend edition with a new opening (in addition to the original) but it was full of spoilers so beware.




    Sakura Wars has a very special place in a lot of Japanese gamer’s hearts. It’s a wonderfully memorable series and used to be a huge franchise with several different anime shows, theater shows, and of course the games. Music has always been an important cog in this series. This includes the game’s opening, an opening that is put on a high pedestal  almost no opening ever can reach. The only other opening that surpasses this one is from the Evangelion tv series.




    The 2nd game in the series has an even better rendition of the song.




    Sakura Wars 3 was a huge game and a big step forward. The opening was the most amazing so far, at least in its visual presentation. The music was wonderfully bright and memorable and theatric but could not supass the original.




    As Sakura Wars 4 concluded the series they went back to the song that started it all but this time the main singer is the series protagonist finally getting a central stage for the first time in the saga’s history.




    Years later there was a ps2 remake of the first game. Same awesome song, new awesome animation.




    They tried to revive the series with Sakura Wars 5 but it was too late. People moved on. There was a plan to introduce the series to the west and the 5th game did came out in English but it was way before the boom of visual novels and adventure games in the west. It is still an excellent opening.




    When talking about awesome opening Fate/Stay Night is a game that shouldn’t be missed. There are many openings but the original one is as memorable today as it was back then. And remember, people die when they are killed.




    The ps2 version had it’s own awesome collection openings.




    However the Vita version had the best openings. They were animated by Ufotable. The PS2 openings were very similar to each other, almost the same but Vita’s openings are all different and all have the same high quality animation between them.






    Mahoutsukai no Yoru doesn’t have animation but the opening is just as breathtaking with beautiful illustrations, camera panning, shot composition, and emotionally soothing music makes this joy to watch.




    Nitroplus’ first visual novel, Phantom of Inferno made showed that there was room for serious stories to be told with the visual novel medium. The game itself had many remakes and every single one is worth playing but the opening in the PS2 version is one of the best.




    Sumaga has a very creative opening with stylistic art and designs.




    One of the most desired visual novels to be translated, after Dies Irae and Surashiki Hibe, Muramasa has an awesome hotblooded opening and it will make your blood hot.




    Nitroplus’ Axanael is another game with an opening oozing with style and great graphical design.




    For such a short project Guilty Crown Lost Christmas has amazing production values and the opening quality is above a lot of full big budget vns.




    Years later Nitroplus blew everything away with their new game Tokyo Necro and the opening did not disappoint. It’s in complete 3d cg but the direction style is so bombastic and awesome it was a welcome change from the usual openings.




    Finally, we’ll finish with another amazing, awesome, hotblooded, and the best opening to a fighting game ever. The opening to Soul Edge. The opening has the perfect music as well as perfectly showing every character. Giving us an idea of their background and stories, what they are fighting for and what they want to protect. Some scenes were quite amazing. Every scene here is memorable.




    This has been another list of great openings and we’re not done yet. See ya in part 3.

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    Hello again Fuwanovel, it's Dfbreezy (now named Kotario). This new entry is going to talk about the problems when motivating team members to work and to commune.

    There are alot of problems with development. The ones that are most known, are funding, recruitment and meeting deadlines. Yes, those exist and are very well known because Devs highlight that very frequently. But one other element that is largely overlooked is team motivation or involvement. How is this a problem? Read further to find out.

    Picture you have a nice concept. In fact you've completed the first draft of the said concept. You then go into recruitment based on the summary of the concept... not the concept itself. Of course the recruitee does a passover of the summary, checks whether the genres fit with him, and inquire about their all important pay.

    This process is done and repeated over and over again in the EVN sector. It's basic practice to some extent. But that is where the problem begins friends. After the payment is settled, almost every team member (minus writers) never actually takes the time to assess the content of the project until it's over and done with. All the ask is for what you need and References.

    That is the problem. You, in reading the content, should know what is needed based on the description of the scenes in the concept material. But most of that is waived based on "I'm working on multiple projects". 

    I myself have had this problem with my team, with only 50% of the team actually reading the content. Luckily my character artist falls in that category. Because of that, i feel we have a distinctive disadvantage against other studios whose members actively take part in shaping the story itself, not just the VN aspect.

    It may just be my assumption and speculation at this point, but what if team immersion could affect the final product positively and make it far better than it normally is? Some good food for thought, i'd say. 

  13. So this year I've taken to writing some independent OELVN pieces, two freebies that have both gone on some sort of hiatus and one paid one that I'm nearing completion of. One of the freebies the project lead kind of had her own vision for what I was writing (and I was too verbose). The other the lead liked what I wrote and even had a demo made of it. You can view it on YouTube. I did the writing, and yes, it's based on the anime "Free!" No money changed hands, in case you were wondering, and my work was, also, free. But I haven't heard back from her or about the project since late spring. Not sure if it's just on hiatus or she got other writers to do the character routes.

    That brings me to the paid project I'm close to finishing - "Stay! Stay! People's Democratic Republic of Korea" is, as you would suspect, in part a parody of Overdrive's "Go! Go! Nippon!" The project leader has been really supportive, and has mostly liked what I've given him. (There was one part where he toned down some of the tropes a bit. Maybe one day after release I'll be allowed to show the original script.) The intro, all "date" routes and interludes have been written and most edited. I'm down to the group outing and finale. I know where I want to go - it's a matter of actually getting it down. Sometimes it's hard working a full-time job, helping to raise two kids with a wife who also works full-time, and then writing on the side as well. So I'm not getting it done as fast as I'd like. I blame Fate/Grand Order, Drift Girls and Granblue Fantasy as well. CURSE YOU FUN PHONE/TABLET APP GAMES!!!

    Darr over at DEVGRU_P has been keeping busy lately, adding in some other projects for production, such as Maid Mansion. He's a pretty nice guy and easy to work with. We're already talking future works beyond "Stay! Stay!" as well, so I'm pretty happy. I guess my main hope is that I'm as good a writer as I feel I am and the game/story goes over well.

    Also, Eunji best Tsundere 2017!!!

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  14. Disclaimer: At the end of this post I get pretty salty, so be aware of that. This post endorses MY and MY OPINION ONLY. The numbers about the costs of a translation team were researched before putting them here.

    Hello guys. Aizen-Sama here with another spicy rant. Although I haven’t been around the forums as long as other users who have spent their time here several years (I have spent around 7 months more or less at the present time being) I have seen that there’s a huge problem that I’ve mostly seen here, in Fuwanovel, more than any other site that congregates VN fans. In fact, I think that this doesn’t happen anywhere but here, but again, what do I know? I don’t really visit Reddit nor 4chan that much, let alone interact there.

    Anyways, what I want to address is a problem that has been going on since the beginning stages of this site, and that problem is the Translation Requests, or what I like to call “e-beggars” (yes, I know this term has been invented already).

    First and foremost, the majority of people that make these Translation Request posts are usually new users and I’m fully aware of that. But this has been blowing up lately. I know that 4 posts in the last month and a half doesn’t sound like that much, but the proposals are getting so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe sometimes if the guys asking these things are for real or if they’re straight out trolling.

    Let’s take this post as a quick example. You’re scrolling through the forums and see this post, and then the thought comes to mind “Another typical Request Post. Sigh. Let’s see what this guy’s asking for…” and then you see this:

    These posts show nothing more than ignorance and arrogance, as well as no interest towards these groups they are begging to translate something for them. Do these people even understand what it takes to translate a medium length VN? A medium length, around the 35-40k line mark in my opinion, could easily take a year. And the guy in this post begged for 5 medium and long length VN’s to be translated, one of them being >50 hours long.

    But don’t be mistaken, the worst part about that post wasn’t the amount of VN’s he was begging for nor their length. It was the last statement: “Thanks in advance”. Although it sounds stupid, that’s what triggered me the most. A shitty “thanks in advance” is not something that motivates people to do these things. People have to put themselves in a translators’ shoes sometimes. Not only him, but also the people who aren’t translating, but the ones who edit the text, proofread it, the image editors, the quality checkers, etc… Do they think that the task can be easily done if the guy in question knows Japanese? Not even close.

    The secret of a translation project.

    I know this is hard to believe for the e-beggars, but the translation of a game requires an enormous amount of time, and one year to finish the TRANSLATION, not editing, of a medium length VN is a very decent deadline. And I’m talking about a medium length game, not a long one. Majo Koi has around 47k lines. Supposing it had one sole translator and the translator in question did 100 lines a day, the game would be finished in around 470 days approximately, this taking into account he diligently does 100 lines a day, no skipping, no nothing. Let’s convert that into hours spent in total, since that tends to shock people more; 470 days doing 100 lines a day, if the translator is an experienced one, meaning that he has done this before or is a professional in the field, he could get rid of that task in about an hour. But an amateur translator, basically the bulk of the community in itself when it comes to fan translations, could take around 1,5 or 2 hours to do the exact same number of lines. That could mean than in total, just translating could take from 470 hours for the experienced translator, which means around 20 full days translating something, to 705-940 hours for the amateur translator, which is around 30-40 days translating nonstop. And this would be just translation, I’m purposely taking out the other processes such as editing and QC’ing. Do you e-beggars understand the amount of work is being put in these projects? This is why Translation Request posts should be completely banned off this site and instantly deleted. Then again, where would I put my insulting memes towards the op’s to gain likes for no reason?

    Let’s throw in another question now that we’re shifting towards that matter: Is fan-translating Visual Novels even worth it in the first place?

    Before I answer (although it’s probably known what I’m going to say, given my tone) let me address this: I by no means think that fan-translation is bad, in fact, it has been the reason why we’re getting official localizations now and I think that no amount of praise of thanks can equate the amount of work the translators of these projects did in order for this genre to be known better in the Western community.

    But, as sad as it sounds, fan translating at this moment is not worth it. Why? I’ll put in some of the reasons:

    • -          Although some members of the vocal community throw in the occasional thanks once the patch is out that’s all the team who translated the game gets. Nothing more, nothing less. Some people might say that recognition counts as some sort of reward as well, but personally I don’t think that’s the case.

    • -          No reviews of the translated VN’s are usually made (this is what in my opinion spreads the awareness of these games), only discussion threads are made, which is pretty sad in my opinion.

    • -          I’m going to quote something that Clephas said in one of my posts, that sums up this next point:  “Another thing is that most people in the community will never even try to experience fantl from the other side of things... they don't realize how much time it eats up, that emptiness you feel when you realize you've used dozens of hours of your personal time only to put out a patch that people bash left and right for 'errors' and other shit.”

    • -          The work put in to translate the game itself is not worth, meaning that the compensation that the translator/team worked for it is not even close enough to what they should be getting.

    Lastly, I want to address the problem that comes with donations, awareness of localization costs/translation costs, and ignorance.

    I’ll cut to the chase; for the people that think that with donations alone you can “pay” a translator to do some kind of game, you’re WRONG. Let’s put an example of what could a medium VN translation cost: let’s suppose that the team consists of three persons, to translate a 1.5 million jp character VN (equating to a 45k line count approximately). The translator gets 1 cent per Japanese character, the editor gets 1 cent per English word and the QC gets a quarter of a cent for each English word. In total, the final price equates to 33k dollars JUST FOR THE TEAM TO TRANSLATE A SINGLE VN. And these prices are apparently pretty shitty for a translator, so yeah, there you go. Besides, why donating a random group of guys, who could easily run away with the money and machine translate the game, or not even translate the game at all, when you can just support the official localizers? Contrary to what some people think they are actually releasing more games than ever and the 18+ industry in the scene has never seen so many official releases ever.

    Summing up this 3 page-long essay of frustration:

    • 1.       Please for the love of god don’t e-beg or Request for translations. Just no, it triggers people off and it only shows how ignorant you are about what happens behind the scenes.

    • 2.       Fan Translating in this actual moment is NOT WORTH, only people who are very commited and have a strong resolution will be able to start one, and very few out of those will actually finish the project.

    • 3.       Donations are NOT a solution to encourage Fan Translation, it ruins the very concept of it and it’s also ILLEGAL. Don’t support an already illegal activity by paying it.

    • 4.       Before posting retarded shit on the forums please look for other posts similar to what you might want to post. Maybe looking at the responses could enlighten you and help the other users not waste their time by reading the same shit over and over again.

    • 5.       Before criticizing Translations and patches for “errors” and “typos” and being a little whining bitch how about you try to show interest on how much effort people put on the translation of these games behind the scenes? (This goes solely to the people that haven't experienced working on a fan translation and whine non-stop about "how bad the translation of this is" and blah blah blah.)

    Anyways, I think that’s all the rage out. For those of you who haven’t dozed off already have a nice day and all of that stuff.

    And if you smash that like button you will get your very own… DIES IRAE MACHINE TRANSLATED PATCH. Yes! This is not a scam at all, your own personal Dies Irae Machine Translated patch. If you leave a like you can choose between a Google, Bing, or a Skype translated patch. I’ve invested so many hours on them, it was totally worth though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  15. Been busy this week, didn't get to read as much, took a bunch of screenshots though!

    Bethly came to school the next day, all healthy and less depressed.



    "But... I like winter"

    A girl after my own heart :heart:

    The one-room classroom had its first meeting, and it basically consisted of Yukito, the 5 grills and Momo-chan-sensei as the teacher. Since the topic was "My favourite thing" and Yukito was first, he gave a speech about how the local mountaintop was his favourite thing, and everyone liked it so much they decided they wanted to go there.



    [Crap about how much it costs to go to the mountain peak]


    "Impossible, I can't pay for everyone!"


    "Cheapskate! Cheapskate!"

    Bethly also talked about her favourite thing, which is Alberta, and her mom. After the one-room classroom, everyone went home together, and discussed the two speeches.



    "A round trip [to Canada] costs 300,000 yen."


    "Three hu-!? Momo-chan-sensei!"


    "Absolutely impossible!"

    It was decided that they'd go up to the mountain top on the weekend. Naturally Yukito and Yuzuki arrived at the rendezvous point first, and they soon saw what looked like Hina being accosted by two large gentlemen, and figured they must be womanizers, so Yukito had to go save her.



    "I'm going to have to choose my words carefully..."

    Not the words someone who can barely read wants to hear before a choice. Thankfully it's pretty simple, as well as inconsequential. The real difference is what you call Hina:

    "What business do you have with my girlfriend?"

    "What business do you have with my kouhai?"

    "What business do you have with my imouto?"

    Naturally, I went for the last option. Thankfully Hina picks up really quickly on what you're trying to do.


    "Onii-chan, you're late! You finally came!"


    Yuzuki-chan isn't as quick-witted

    But of course, I had to try the other options too.


    "Oh, darling, you're late~! You finally came♪"


    ("Keep up, Senpai!")

    This time Yukito is taken aback


    "Oh, sorry h-honey."

    And of course there's the least interesting option


    "Oh! Senpai, nice timing!"

    Turns out they were just tourists trying to get directions.

    Eventually everyone but Bethly arrives, and since she's nowhere to be seen we end up taking the cable car without her.



    "Escorting ladies is a good man's duty"

    That bear scarf though


    A short while after we reach the top, we hear a familiar sneeze somewhere nearby.



    "A lone girl was sitting on the snow."

    Turns out she got lost on her way to the rendezvous, so when she asked for directions a helpful person showed her how to get to the cable car, so she got to the top first, and all alone.

    Once the group is all back together, everyone decides to have a snowball fight, as middle-schoolers do.



    Based on the fact that hovering over each option gives you a chibi face of the girl you're picking first to join your team, I'm assuming this is the (or one of the) only important choice in the game and determines which route you're going to do. Obviously I picked Bethly. :Teeku:


    These ended up being the teams...


    "Before I knew it, the ground was littered with corpses."

    Drama queen.


    "Thanks to the childish adult, the mix-grade team emerged victorious."

    aka we fucking lost

    Well, that's all for now, and now it's time for more reading! :sacchan:

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    Recent Entries

    So, a blog section on Fuwanovel. Funny that I didn't notice this feature till now. I used to create blogs on a lot of other websites (Blogger, Wordpress, Facebook, MyAnimeList, etc.), so you'd think I would've created a blog here sooner. And by "blogging", I really meant "whining about my personal shit to people who don't really give a damn on the cancerous space we called the Internet". Yep, that about sums it up.

    But, since I'm going to post this on public space anyway, might as well write something semi-productive. Let's stroke that narcissism stick and talk a little bit about myself, in case any junior explorer is morbidly curious about just what kind of deranged creature Lucius Maximus vinchi really is.


    Oh boy, we're really starting off juicy, with that weeaboo goodness oozing outta the pores.

    But in honesty, I haven't seen that many anime for a while now, and many of my favorite anime are the casual mainstream kind the professional 'anime experts' would probable cringe at the very mention of their titles...

    P.S.: If you ever refer to yourself as an "anime expert", please end your life for the sake of humanity.

    • Madoka Magica, edgy grimdark 'deconstruction' of the magical girl genre (it's not really a deconstruction, but saying so makes it sound more special than it really is).
    • Gintama, repetitive toilet humor with sometimes samurai drama thrown in.
    • WadaMote, a satirical reflection of my life, and how pathetic it is. The self-mockery is humorous to some people, apparently. Kill me please.
      Again, insert "satirical" to prevent people from thinking that it's just another anime trash.
    • Shiki, another edgy grimdark anime pandering to the emo-crowd with pretentious thoughts about how humanity is cancer. Which is true, but doesn't make the emos any less pretentious.
    • Casshern Sins... okay, this one is actually good. Can't mock it.
    • Hellsing Ultimate: Dracula for weeaboos.
    • Black Lagoon: Tarantino movies for weeaboos.

    As you can see, my favorites list hasn't been updated with new titles (or as the weebs like to call it, "seasonal anime") for quite some time now, with the latest entry being 2013. I tend to fall into the habit of being overly attached to any 'favorites' of mine to the point where I would avidly compare new anime with them, so it's very rare for me to favorite any new titles.

    And with my currently 'busy' days of reading VNs in my mom's washed out basement, I just have no time to spare for anime... unless of course, it's an adaptation of one of the VNs I'm reading.

    Speaking of VN-adapted anime, I feel like I should first talk about this weird habit of mine that I've constantly mentioned in the forums, the one where I would synchronize my current VN or video game playthrough with the anime adaptation. I think the first time I did that was during my second playthrough of Clannad, and because the anime adapted the VN so faithfully, reading the VN while playing the anime at the side just became a rather interesting experience for me. Ever since then, it stuck as a habit and I kept pulling this stupid stunt ever since, just for the sheer sake of experiencing the animation elements a visual novel couldn't compensate with its limited platform. It's kinda like streaming cut-scenes on a separate window while you play a video game with no cut-scenes.

    And so, thanks to this habit of mine, I have an excuse to still watch anime today even while I'm preoccupied with completing VNs. It's just that, in recent years, anime as a static medium without the kind of interactivity you get from video games, that factor put me off from devoting my attention to it. And when you have the attention of a squirrel like myself, multitasking just isn't my specialty. On the other hand, the anime medium comes with a certain kind of attraction that just draws me back to it for some reason, and while I complain a lot about the cliches, the idealism and moe aspects of anime (particularly slice-of-life anime) can be rather relaxing at times compared to American animation with their edgy sociopolitical humor branded as "satire".

    tl;dr version: I'm still an anime fan today.

    YouTube Channels I'm Subscribed To

    For the morbidly curious, here's a list of YouTubers I pay attention to every now and then, in between my time reading VNs.

    • Pyrocynical (Reacts to cringey videos and makes fun of them; Leafy clone)
    • h3h3Productions (Reacts to cringey videos and makes fun of them; Leafy clone #2)
    • Ethan and Hila (h3h3's other channel, listed as "h2h2Productions" in the URL - that's the level of comedy they possess)
    • Filthy Frank (Untouchable God of YouTube; also a far deadlier dose of cancer than the actual cancer, LeafyIsQueer)
    • TooDamnFilthy (Papa Franku's other channel, for reminiscing on Franku's best unfunny moments)
    • DramaAlert (recently subscribed, only to catch the Leafy exposed news; will dump away like a cheap whore after which)
    • OtakuMOE (Squeaky high-pitched voice animu waifu that reacts to trending topics and sometimes makes fun of them; Japanese Leafy clone)
    • ERB (Epic Rap Battles of History, AKA rappers spitting sick rhymes about dead people, sometimes fictional pop culture characters)
    • ScrewAttack (Creators of "Death Battle", a program where video game/comic book characters fight to the death, and nerds get butthurt about the loser)

    Now, obviously, I'm not going to list every single channel I'm subscribed to, because some of them no longer make quality content (but I still left them subscribed in hopes that they would get over their cancer) or haven't updated their channel in forever.

    Visual Novels I'm Currently Reading

    Listed in order of most liked to most disliked.

    • Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru
    • euphoria
    • Corpse Party
    • Danganronpa 2

    Yeah, I don't have much to say about visual novels in this post, ironically, because I've already talked about them in the forums a lot.

    And that's it. Just like that, it's over.

    In conclusion, cyberbullying channels are cancer cancer cancer cancer, anime is shittier than ever, and I'm a massive hypocrite cunt who rips off other YouTubers' self-derogatory humor, because that edgy brand of comedy is trending nowadays apparently.

    Till next time (which I promise to be more serious and less satirical *fingers-crossed*), peace out.