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  1. I always run into words that I know from strange contexts that aren't exactly related to their meanings. Bugbear (d&d) and Melange (Dune) for example. I always am tempted to include them. http://testyourvocab.com/result?user=9563970
  2. I'm pretty sure they're staying together for stability for the children. You seem to think that because he's turned to an odd form of relief makes him a bad guy. I hardly think that he's doing any real damage to his children, from what I've read. Again, who cares if they think his hobby is weird. It's much better that he takes care of his own mental health via coping mechanisms and continue to provide for them. Which he is, right? I think the alternative, which is a reality for a lot of families, is that the parents either divorce and cause a lot of damage to the children, or they live very unhappy lives. I think it's good that he's finding a way to help himself meet his needs for love when his wife is not apparently willing to. It just seems like you've demonized this guy because you think it's weird. I'm just going from what was said in the article, since I don't really care to read a bunch of different accounts. In the first place my comment was aimed at this specific situation. Sex dolls are pretty strange, but people are too. They have all sorts of needs and get all sorts of twisted when those aren't met. I'm glad he's finding a way to meet them that isn't hurting anyone (no, his children thinking it's strange is not actually traumatizing them). As for the reasons his wife isn't giving him any love? I don't think they really matter. Most likely they just don't love each other anymore, but they love their children enough to stay together.
  3. I mean, it sounds like his his wife isn't really giving him any love either, lol. It also doesn't sound like he's really shirking his children. Who cares if they think his hobby (or whatever it is) is weird...
  4. I did not know that. I figure that she's been pushed by the group for a long time (for inexplicable reasons at first?), but I never thought she seemed very special. On the flip side, as you say, that does make her more relatable in a way.
  5. I was wondering if anyone here can explain this to me. I've recently been watching AKBingo, but I wouldn't say I'm very deep into the idol fandom beyond that, so I'm definitely missing something. I just don't quite get it. Also I wonder if anyone on this sight has any interest in this sort of discussion.
  6. I was just wondering what other communities you guys are a part of. I've recently been thinking more about forums and the flavor of each of the ones I know personally. It really is kind of hard to go looking for a new one to join. A lot of them seem wonky in on way or another. That ends up being endearing sometimes, though. Let me know!
  7. I opened this thread to post almost literally this. Although maybe the song that I hear the clearest in my head is Be Yourself
  8. I've been into the AKB48 and co idol group variety shows recently. Once you find a few idols that you in particular love, it's a lot of fun. I've been meaning to find new people to talk to about that kind of stuff since flut has been ignoring me Finding a hobby that will help you meet people is always a good idea.
  9. Always read with sound. Especially for VNs with amazing osts like Tsukihime. Though I think muting voices might be my preference. I think the worst soundtrack I've ever run into in a VN was Dra+Koi (which is a fantastic short VN btw), but even then I just turned it way low so it was more background and less music, haha. Reading in silence isn't good, and I don't trust anyone but the game-maker to pick music with quality enough timing and fit for the story. Like, I can't imagine listening to some random bgm that I like even though it doesn't match up... That's very weird to me.
  10. Hey folks, I have plans to go to Japan with my brother and a friend in a few weeks and am trying to make sure I have everything in order. I've actually never traveled outside of the United States, so I'm a bit worried about running into confusing obstacles in another language. I was hoping some people here who know what they are talking about could give me some information (general or specific, anything could help ^^). Stuff I would love to hear about include Transportation: What's the best way to get around? Is there a transportation fare card you can buy instead of having to deal with fares individually? If so can you buy such a thing for a length of time or do you simply load a certain number of rides/whatever units they use (I think they use estimated travel times). We want to go from Tokyo to Kyoto during the trip, is there a high-speed train that we should purchase a ticket for in advance? Should I be buying a fare card in advance? Places to visit, places to eat: Cmon, you have to have something to say here ^^. Fun nighttime outings, good types places to eat, good things to eat, information about hot springs, the districts of tokyo, temples to visit in kyoto and maybe tokyo, anything. Warnings/general advice/anecdotes: hit me up with those stories Anyway, I hope I'm not too greedy hoping for some fun and some informative responses. I plan on working out allll the details in the coming days, but it would ease the concern bulding in my heart to have some information laid freely before me. So I'd appreciate any advice you can give for a first-time traveler. I don't speak Japanese btw
  11. This is looping almost exactly on beat with the song I'm listening to. It's rather startling.
  12. I've been using the microsoft basic mouse for the past two years or so and it broke yesterday, so I need a new one. I thought I'd ask around and see what mice people like. My preference is for extremely light mice, all the extra features are not necessary but not unwanted. Any suggestions?
  13. Brood War is being cast again. Afreeca TV is my new favorite thing
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