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  1. Hey, guy who is still working on this project here. Just wanted to inform people that we did not drop this, I just don't really come on Fuwanovel very often and don't update the thread because I don't feel the need to. Of course I won't stop anyone else from attempting to TL this, but just wanted to let you know that we are still working on a translation for this game.
  2. Mass Effect Andromeda - Ready for judgment (TuT)

    Anyone who's reaching far into their ass and pulling this argument is probably not someone you want to take seriously anyway.
  3. VN with 18+ scenes

    I am pretty sure it's just a fetish thing and nothing else.
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    Orange was all about best boy Suwa. I agree the conclusion was rather underwhelming in tone, both in the manga and in the anime, but it was still a nice adventure.
  5. Don't worry guys, much like the dead pixels on the Nintendo Switch, this is just a feature!
  6. Visual novel download

    In case you didn't know, vndb is a database, you don't download games from it, you merely use it to find information on visual novels.
  7. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Kami-sama no Game is way longer than I initially planned. In fact, I'm finding myself skimming through h-scenes because they're just so frequent. Otherwise I would never finish the game. It really is a game I wish I had more time to dedicate to. I agree it can get very wordy as well (to the point where I get bored).
  8. Otaku Denial Phase

    Your description of your brother sounds awfully familiar...
  9. Of course it's catgirls. Did the nekopara success just make every Japanese eroge dev go "we can make big bucks if we release a catgirl VN on steam!" ?
  10. Initially it was thought it was but the admins later said reddit no longer uses it. Apparently they stopped using Cloudflare before the bug showed up.
  11. Update: Nayleen has said a MITM attack would be necessary to read the information from Fuwanovel going through Cloudflare. In the end though it's better to be safe than sorry so changing your fuwa password is still recommended. You may or may not have seen it already but Cloudflare has recently been discovered to have security flaws and has been accessed by third parties to get things like passwords for the past 5 or so months from them: https://blog.cloudflare.com/incident-report-on-memory-leak-caused-by-cloudflare-parser-bug/ These issues have, since their discovery, been fixed. Major sites like Reddit (Reddit admins have confirmed the website no longer uses cloudflare and is thus not affected) and Discord were affected by this. Google was not though since they use their own DDoS protection. Fuwanovel also uses Cloudflare for DDoS protection. I'm hoping to hear a comment from @Nayleen on whether this directly affects us or not but just for safety's sake I'd advice you to change your Fuwanovel password along with any other password from sites that were affected by this. If you use the same password across multiple sites, change it on all those sitea, even if they weren't affected. You might want to consider using a password manager like lastpass in the future as well (the free version is solid and the paid version is only 1 dollar a month). Here's a full list of affected sites for anyone interested: https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare I'm on mobile so I'm just rushing this out since I have to leave soon but if it turns out Fuwanovel wasn't affected then that's all the best. Regardless, it never hurts to change your password.
  12. Are you related to Kayuga? You have complementary profile pics, and I was wondering if I should follow you too. Oh, and where is the list of Global Moderators?