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  1. We can finally distinguish the characters via hair color!
  2. I never understood what's so gruesome about Saya no Uta tbh. It's a dark tragedy, but there was never any scene in it that made me look away and/or wince, so I never understood this stigma surrounding the game (like when people say the game is super gorey I always wonder if they even play other games).
  3. JLPT is short for Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It has 5 levels, starting with the easiest at N5 and going up to the hardest N1. You can think of it as the European A1-C2 levels if you wish. The only difference here is that JLPT is about literacy more than anything and it has predetermined kanji and vocabulary for each level (you can see the list here here) whereas the European levels are a more broad evaluation of your skills in all the fields.
  4. JRPG has a ton of vocabulary you can learn and is completely free. Mechanics are simple: destroy monsters by typing the readings of the kanji/word above their head. However, once the game determines you've learned a word, it won't show you the reading again, thus forcing you to remember. Each area has harder and harder kanji, up to JLPT N1. I have fun playing it when I'm bored.
  5. It means the rift between us and the normies is growing bigger. Don't feel down.
  6. Big Order is a travesty, an insult to storytelling, but Hand Shakers really sunk lower by failing to even be watchable. The imagery is legitimately nausea inducing.
  7. It might have to do with there not being porn on the covers. Postal offices only evaluate what they can see, they're not gonna play the game. Another thing I forgot to mention, with SAL you'll likely be getting your package in those carton envelopes, not in a cardboard box like you probably would get with DHL and EMS. They wrap it in plastic and bubble wrap it though so it should be safe.
  8. I have ordered multiple times from Mandarake (specifically their Sahra and Utsunomiya stores, but I'd assume they all operate the same way) and I can say they're pretty reliable. They are reasonable with prices, but it also depends on the shipping method you pick. If you pick SAL it'll usually be pretty cheap, but it can't be an order over 2 Kg (doesn't seem to be the case here though). The most I have paid for shipping using SAL was like 1,080 yen for 3 books (which means the package weighed about 700 grams). They can also put insurance on the package if you ask them. Their costumer support is pretty reliable as well (I have always gotten a response from them in 24 hours or less). If SAL is not available, mandarake also has an option before you checkout that says "cancel the order if SAL is not available", so you have that safeguard too. If all you're getting is a 90g item then just pick SAL and you'll be paying pennies for shipping. EMS and DHL are super not worth it for such a small item.
  9. This is what I imagine hell sounds like.
  10. I think the point the dev was trying to make with the video was that he can't do anything if Twitch won't talk to him. Maybe everything is wrong with the game, maybe it's just some elements, but the dev is willing to work with Twitch to fix whatever issues they have with the game so it can be streamed, he wants the game to suit Twitch's needs, so the issue here is that Twitch won't talk to him about it. Some of his comparisons with other games are, well, shit (because context matters). I think it's clear the issue with Yandere Simulator is the combination of all these elements and the focus the game puts on them, not just one or two single "controversial" elements (hence why the comparisons really didn't serve much purpose anyway). Lastly, Twitch wants money. Him saying it's anything but money is silly. Anime games, especially ones with controversial elements like Yandere Simulator, are likely not something Twitch wants on their platform (they have to be ad-friendly after all). Plus, the game has not proven itself to be big enough for Twitch to "look away" and let it be on its platform. Yes, GTA 5 and God of War are pretty explicit games, but they're big household names, so of course Twitch will let super popular games like that be streamed. Yandere Simulator has not proven itself to be this type of game (youtube views/subs mean jackshit to Twitch), so for now it's going to be lumped with the other "creepy weeb games". But regardless of whether the game is controversial or not, I think Twitch is in the wrong for not talking to the dev. Even if it was just to say they can not stream his game, even if it was just to say the entire premise of the game is something they don't like, I believe the dev has the right to an answer from Twitch, who proudly talk about how they support game devs and want them to be successful.
  11. Finally I can rate more things 1/10 and decrease my mean score even further!
  12. Don't get me wrong, it's not that netorare can't be a fun theme to explore, it's just that it's explored horribly in Kuzu no Honkai since every character is super unlikeable, at least for me. It should be dully noted I'm not hating on the series because there's a cuck in it, but rather because the storyline and the drama surrounding the characters is retarded. This is coming from someone who reads netorare on the regular.
  13. It's only because I read the manga that I shit on Kuzu no Honkai. It honestly was refreshing when I first checked it out too. It seemed to dive into sexual relationships and how sex isn't just about love and all that, which is nice. But then things start gradually getting worse.