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    Stubbornness and Burnout

    For those familiar with me, you know I spent year after year doing VN of the Month and that I ritualistically complained about how tired I was of this or that trope or bad habit that plagued the industry or games. I was asked repeatedly why I could still plow through so many VNs, despite the stress? The simple answer is that I have always been stubborn as hell. I've experienced 'burnout' numerous times in my life, mostly because I have a naturally obsessive personality. Once I start obsessing over something, I literally am incapable of ceasing to do so without something jarring me completely away from it for a time, which usually results in me realizing I burned out long ago and have just been hanging out of stubbornness. The same was the case for VNs. When I first started playing VNs, all VNs were worth at least trying. However, as time went on, I increasingly lost interest in most nukige and eventually my interest in 'everyday teenaged life SOL romance' (or 'the standard charage') began to fade. It was probably about 2016 when this reached the critical point, but it took another year and a two-week bout of flu where I couldn't think well enough to play anything to bump me out of my years-long trance. Part of it was that I rarely, if ever, took a break from VNs during those years. I was always playing at least one, and I had a tendency to barrel through them consecutively without even a short pause to rest, week after week, month after month. I used most of my free time to play them, I structured my work schedule and habits around playing them, and I generally existed solely to do so. I dunno how many of you can even imagine what living like that is like... but it was the fact that I am no longer driven to play game after game that is letting me sit back and enjoy the few I actually want to play. I go back and pull stuff out of my attic on a whim, I dig through my collection based on a desire to relive a single scene, and I generally just take pleasure in playing what I want to play. Would it be strange for you to hear that this all feels unnatural to me, after all these years? I've been playing third-rate charage I didn't want to even see, much less play, for years... and now I only play stuff that takes my interest, dropping them if I don't see any hope for the game to break out of the shell of mediocrity. I don't feel driven to blog about replays beyond when I feel like it or when I think I have something to add to a previous assessment, and I can actually sit back and enjoy the few charage I actually feel like I want to play. While I do have regrets, they aren't about the years spent obsessing and over-playing VNs, despite my previous words. I set out to do VN of the Month because, at the time, there was no way for people to have an idea of what they were getting into with most VNs. It was a bit startling how few people were seriously trying to let people know what kind of VNs were out there without spoiling everything from beginning to end. Even today, most reviewers can't seem to keep heavy spoilers out of the text, which saddens me. However, I no longer feel that it is my mission to 'fix' this. I've been there, I've done that, and I won't be doing it again. I will still play VNs, and I will still review them (on occasion), but don't expect me to be as prolific as I used to be, lol.
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    They ended up employing a number of new translators, 5 I think (including me). I know they're doing LNs, manga and VNs, but I don't really know what the experimental titles are as I've been put on a regular VN translation which suits me perfectly since that's all I'm interested in.
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    Reading VN is masochistic

    You rode through a great journey. The emotional high stays with you throughout the day, and maybe the next, slowly phasing out. Sometimes you think back to just how good it was and reminisce in fond memories. You start another visual novel. You hope it'll be as good as the last. . You read an unpolished gem. You found some interesting parts, narrative patterns, or thoughts in the novel that you enjoyed. While parts of it may have dragged or been unpolished, there's a certain charm to it all. You want to shill it to all your friends so they can enjoy it too, and start to think about whom it would be good to recommend it to. You look up other works by the author... . You read something you ultimately didn't find amazing, but think will be interesting to discuss with people. You don't feel like you wasted your time, exactly; maybe you used it suboptimally, but how could you know? You know more about the medium and can draw more parallels with other works when talking to other people deeply into the medium. . You read something pretty garbage. You find solidarity with other people in talking about just what makes it such trash. It lets you see how storycraft can go wrong, and improves your pattern recognition to help you avoid something so disappointing again. You know the medium better, have better picking skills, and have something new to meme about. . You read a Fuwanovel forum post by a fifteen year old trying but failing to sound profound, and cringe. You contemplate suicide, but eventually decide that it is not worth it, even though something tells you you have just contracted a painful form of malignant cancer. You write a forum post in reply
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    Hello everyone, Though a little late, I'm back with another progress update. For the translation, the script for the append and New Game+ is about 80% translated. Dany and Vuken are continuing with the tlc and edit for chapter 2 respectively. Nylios will continue to translate the In-Game Terminologies. Glupak will also continue with his work on the Menu Images. We've been a bit busy irl, so there wasn't much progress. But now that summer is here, maybe we'll be able to find more time to spend on this project . In any case, that's all for now. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    The problem with thinking 'prose' is all about muh chuunige or whatever is that much of comedy is just as dependent on good unmetered writing as whatever the so-called prose nerds like. Would Grisaia's common route, which could well have continued into moe style routes rather than what it actually does with a few tweaks, really have been close to as good with a lame translation? Good prose doesn't have to mean big words or descriptions tinted dangerously close to the violet end of the spectrum either. Nailing character voice, which seems to me like something you'd want in a character-focused moege to make the girls feel alive, is entirely a prose problem, and indeed a translation quality problem.
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    Ugh, are we having yet another discussion about 2D vs 3D again or something...? Is it really THAT difficult for people to keep their 2D mentality in check and not let that influence their thinking in real life? It's perfectly normal for a person to enjoy 2D loli stuff, and still want to beat the hell out of a real life pedophile. Also, I mean, this is pretty much like "I find people killing each other gross and disgusting, so I will just boycott the whole movie community together". It's perfectly normal for a person to have something they can't stomach. Doesn't mean they have to spread that hate to everything associated to it. I can't handle NTR. That shit disgusts me. But I still enjoy everything else that is not NTR like normal. It's not that people "normalized" this and that. People just learned to just, ignore things that they have no interest in and let the person be, that's all.
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    The problem is that you can't actually get a lot of good criticism. Usually it's 99% vague autistic screeching. With that said I'd love for that autist anon on 4chan to go through one of my translations in case I let some mistranslations slip through, I can just ignore whatever things I don't care about in his evaluation. That's only the reading-the-japanese side of translation though which is not that big of a part of it. It is incredibly rare to get critique on an actually useful level, and it's certainly not going to come from the fans who actually get upset about most translations.
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    Oh boy, another discussion I've had with Poltroon in the past. Are you sure you're not his alt? The issue with stances like this is- yes, you're right, it might not feel like you're missing anything at all. It's probably cut in a way that makes sure of that! But, that doesn't mean you aren't actually missing stuff. In fact, with the amount of H in this game you probably are. I haven't read the console version, so I don't know to what extent it cuts out H content, but the H is certainly "important" in this game, (as important as H can get; there's definitely "plot" related talks during the scenes, and many of them happen directly following emotional scenes, where dialogue will naturally continue in the H scene, instead of it being a complete scene transition into an isolated H-scene.) Often the feel you have when reading the cut game will be quite misleading. You don't know that you're missing out on stuff, because... well, it's not there so how would you know! I'm all for all-ages versions being available if someone prefers those, but the original not being available at all is in my opinion a problem for this very reason. People might start saying it's just as complete as the original, because it doesn't feel like anything is cut, when in reality, a good chunk of content might be missing. But with no 18+ version available in English, people aren't able to check just how much content is missing. The all-ages versions of Grisaia is a good example of this issue. I actually feel like people buying those are being ripped off. The actual ending in Rakuen is just staright up missing in the all-ages version. You actually don't see the way the story ends for the characters if you buy that. Yet, people don't complain about anything missing, because... well, they don't know it's missing! See the problem?
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    There are only three types of post, good post with lot of thought, stupid post that make you want to commit die and post that disturb you. You rode through a great argument, then you realise you have no brain cell to process. The emptiness overwhelms you. You endured the post for the sake of making your point, feeling you have wasted your time and should have done something else. You are so disturbed you closed window. Since you have already seen it, it is still your own loss. In all cases, the reader suffer. I have observed that people frequently deliberately and consciously do something that is against their own interest. This can only be explained by a latent desire to be punished, a thing I know well. I have long realised I am incapable of bringing much joy to anyone, and as such does not deserve to be happy. This is the punishment that is due to me. A sin that cannot be absolved through religion, science and humanity. Fuwanovel is one of the last thing I can enjoy in life. Through this masochistic experience I can repent my sin.
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    @Funyarinpa the exact post I wanted to respond to was hidden and I'll leave up to @Dergonu whether my response is justified, but are you sure you want to use this "anger and disgust" argument? Disgust is nr 1 emotion driving every kind of bigotry. And as much as I disagree with many people arguing with you, the more agitated you get, the more that is exactly what you're starting to look like - a bigot, labelling broad categories of people as harmful degenerates because they reject your moral viewpoints. Asking them to keep their offensive compulsions private, as they supposedly endanger the society by showing them, exactly like conservatives always pushed gay people to do. Obviously, it's not a perfect parallel, but I just want to to put what you're doing into perspective. You ask people to show empathy and follow with condemnation and judgment. You go on emotional tirades instead of making a case for yourself - I mean, who exactly the loli discussions on niche forums are hurting? Who is exposed to them against their will? You do all the things that makes me cringe away from the social justice movements despite agreeing with them on the vast majority of stuff - you try to sanitize the public sphere instead of fighting to educate people to do better. You show contempt that only makes the other side feel threatened and resentful. And even if you're morally, and maybe even practically right... That's simply not how you approach people. There's no point to any of it, if you behave like that.
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    If you don't get rid of the Santa hat in your avatar before leaving, I swear I'll eat my shoes. Here, I'll even give you (AGAIN) the proper version of it. Wow, isn't Fiddle a nice guy? If I were someone whose avatar still had a Santa hat in it, I'd want to get rid of said Santa hat, especially out of courtesy for the guy who gave me that Santa hat in the first place. A fine parting gift, if I do say so myself.
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    Or another possible answer:
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    Sankaku Renai || Love Triangle Trouble || スキとスキとでサンカク恋愛 **Summary** This Walkthrough is based on the Official Western release of Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai, published by NekoNyan and is available for Purchase on Steam And NekoNyan Store as well as other 3rd party storefronts. The VN was originally Developed and Published by ASa Project. **Description** Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren’ai is a game by Asa Project. A game in which protagonist Sousuke, his stepsister Nanaru and their parents make up their small 4 person family. Living a normal life, and enjoying their school days. All of that changes however, once his real sister Suzu comes back in their life. A love triangle unfolds whereby both of his sisters try to win his favor. Nanaru being open and energetic one, while Suzu is more reserved yet gentle. Then the story heats up even more once his childhood friend Maho and the mysterious senpai Shiina join the battle. So with 2 different love triangles happening around him, what will become of Sousuke? **Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order** This VN has 4 Main Heroines and 2 Side Heroines. Each Route can be completed in any given order. The save system in this VN is slightly different from your standard save system. It uses Bookmark system. The Bookmarks can be further filtered according to various categories of your choosing. You will need 5 bookmark slots for the Purpose of this walk through. Note that Bookmarks cannot be overwritten, however they can be deleted. The guide follows the following Route order Shiina > Maho > Cara > Akane > Suzu > Nanaru. The Route order needs to be followed in order to make use of the Bookmark points used by this guide **Route Guideline** Kisu Shiina Narutaki Maho Cara Olivia ( Side Heroine ) Warota Akane ( Side Heroine ) Komorie Suzu Komorie Nanaru **Attribution** This Walkthrough was referenced from Seiya-Saiga, Chuee's Guide on Steam as well as my own playthrough of the VN
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    @darkmage2015 and @Raum You're playing the non-fixed karin_qa script. You have to reapply the updated patch. @Bokun Thanks, you found the reason why the game won't save. I'm working on making a patch now that has a Japanese character at the start of every line. Edit: Okay, I've updated the patch so that saveload works now. For dialog, it has 「」wrapping and for narration, there is a space/indent. I should've known this would be an issue. There was the same limitation in the 2008 version of the game.
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    Fruitbat don't publish/license the game so I have only meant that even though they don't release 18+ games themselves, they should still bring to the Harukaze's attention (who are basically self-publishing the game) that there's a very eager audience for the original 18+ version and plenty of platforms to sell it on. Since, you know, it looks like Harukaze have no meaningful interaction with the western audience whatsoever. Nothing more, nothing less. I'd even say that I generally like Fruitbat, they have released plenty of cool non-ero VNs like Chuusotsu or Seabed, sustain a somewhat decent TL/tech quality and the only game of theirs that originally had ero got the 18+ release on behalf of JAST anyway so it's not like they robbed you of anything. I'm only salty that they didn't bring Eiyuu Senki to the vita back in the day. Boo.
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    Good news: All assets needed are extractable. Now all I need to do is to make plugins that allow the reading of the assets directly. This is a patch that requires a copy of the Vita version of "The House in Fata Morgana Dreams of the Revenants Edition" to work, and I will not be bundling it with my patch.
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    See, that's exactly what I was talking about. I can already tell that based on what you said here, you definitely aren't gonna be a fan of either Nukitashi or, for that matter, the VN that's coming out in just a couple of days, Sankaku Renai. I can already tell you right now that both of these are gonna be full of "idiotic humour", "shitty 4chan memes", and maybe some "low class american idiots swearing" (not sure about the third one, but with TBAC being the main TL for both Fureraba and Sankaku Renai, it's quite possible he may have used that style of swearing again... that is, if he considered it appropriate for the VN in question). That's just how comedy VNs work. I don't know how else you could properly localize these. They are pretty much dumb in Japanese, and so I don't see any problem with them sounding dumb in English too (and hence one of the major reasons I avoid moege with accent on comedy like a plague - they are a huge pain in the ass to work on, and whatever you do, someone's always bound to consider your comedy writing "idiotic"). Also, that last piece of advice I marked in your comment... Man, do you even realize what "make it as widely acceptable as possible" even means? I hear that all the time and I am really starting to believe you people have no idea how many disagreements among everyone on this there are. "Widely acceptable" implies that whoever's working on VN translations should go out and always measure how many people want translations to be in one or the other style (I've seen some folks trying to measure this by doing surveys) and then act according to the results. Do you realize how unfeasible doing this all the time really is? First of all, even the fans themselves don't really know what they want. I see so many disagreements between people who want honorifics/no honorifics, who want liberal/non-liberal translations, who want dumb memes/no dumb memes, who want masterful prose writing (LOL at this one!)/no masterful prose necessary... etc, etc. How's one to decide on what to do?! Who's able to satisfy all these contradictory demands?! I don't know anyone who has ever seriously tried to measure what the VN fans want, and it's probably for a good reason. Even if they could, there's just no way you would be able to satisfy everyone, or for that matter "as widely acceptable as possible" size of community. "As widely acceptable" is just a myth. You don't know what's really "widely acceptable" as you're often gonna see complaints from a sizeable portion of community no matter what you do. There's just no way to accurately measure this, especially if you consider the new fans who might be coming in and who aren't necessarily gonna be weebs. And that's one of the major reasons why I believe translators like Arunaru and his ilk do what they do. They don't bother with "as widely as acceptable as possible". There's no such thing to begin with. So... what's a TLer gonna do then? Simple. They judge according to what sounds good to them and how they imagine the VN should read like. This sort of bias in translation... you get it all the fucking time, no matter who's at the helm doing the translation. I can tell you that every TLer out there has his own fucking way of translating something, and that's why no 2 translations are ever the same. No, I don't approve of translators who overlocalize and invent up silly shit just for the sake of novelty (no, I definitely don't approve of random Spanish lines that feel forced and out of the setting at hand), but that's just how things in this industry go. I don't let my "preference on style" cloud my judgement. Otherwise, I'd have to start despising the so-called "rewriting" that so many translators do. In fact, all the translations that we read are in fact nothing more than re-imagining of the Japanese works they are based on. Even the most literal translation you could dig out is still a re-imagining of the original work at hand (just remember that Japanese doesn't really have accurate English equivalents for many of its words and expressions and you'll understand what I mean by this). So you can recognize the inclusion/exclusion of honorifics as a style choice, but not "idiotic humour", "shitty 4chan memes", and "low class american swearing"? Tell me, have you read anything in pure Japanese so far? And if yes, imagine you were a TL. How would you translate this commonly used simple phrase from Japanese "よろしくおねがいします"? I'll tell you... if you have any sanity as a translator, you won't ever TL it as "Please treat me well.", no matter the context (I've yet to see a crazy-enough TLer who would do that). Basically, what all TLers do here is, they "rewrite" it every time they see it, depending on the scene, character, tone, etc. You people have to understand that translation work is more art than science. What you refer to as "rewriting the entire fucking thing" is exactly how all translations in a nutshell are. They are essentially someone's rewriting (I called it "reimagining" earlier in my post) of the VN at hand. Unless you're reading VNs in Japanese, you are always gonna be reading someone's reimagination of the VN based of its original. And while we can criticize a TLer's accuracy of translation, his creativity to carry over the Japanese lines, etc, etc. I would never go and say that TLers are "void of rationality and critical thinking" for just being liberal with their reimagination of the work at hand. In fact, I think totally opposite here. If they didn't do this type of stuff, then I'd question their sanity and rationality. I am in no way endorsing what NekoNyan did with Fureraba. I didn't even read it myself to judge their work yet. That said... if the biggest complaint one can make about a translation work is "swearing", then I don't really believe that translation was as bad as some are making it out to be. We have far, far bigger problems with translations nowadays. Personally, I am more pissed off about poor grammar, typos, and overall QC issues plaguing so many of official releases coming out nowadays. I consider that to be real shoddy work and that's what I am more worried about than some localization choice. Also... "people at large complain about this" - how many people? Did you measure? I am asking you this because I tend to see a lot of pro and anti-sentiments regarding this. I've seen a lot of praise from some of the more casual VN readers, loving Fureraba's localization. And then there are more weeb-oriented fans who absolutely abhor the localization of Fureraba. So which one is the right way? The casuals? The weebs? How do you satisfy all of these people at once? Is it even doable? No, I definitely don't think so.
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    Hello and welcome to this year’s first EVN Chronicles Steam Curator Clean-up, where I look at the games that were sent to me in the past six months through Steam’s Curator Connect, but were either too small to warrant a full review, or I simply couldn’t cover them in detail due to time constraints. When I first did this kind of posts last year (you can check them out here: Part 1, Part 2), some of the games featured there waited extremely long for being covered. Because of this, I’ve decided that from this point forward, I’ll make this a twice-a-year event, being sure that every VN given to me gets its space on the blog within a reasonable time period. As always, I’m extremely thankful to all the developers that send me their work for assessment and it saddens me whenever my impressions are negative. I hope, however, that the feedback I can offer will be valuable to them, while believe it’s my duty to my readers to warn them against buying a game I find lacking. So, setting the introductory drivel aside, I hope you enjoy this brief overview of these four interesting VNs sent to me during the first half of 2019! Snowed IN Snowed IN is an unusual yuri nukige, focusing on pair for soldiers in the distant future, where cybernetic enhancement of the human body has reached incredible levels of sophistication. The protagonist, Sigma, is an experienced spec-ops officer who has modified her body to the point where little of it remains organic. For an infiltration mission against a cell of anti-augmentation radicals, she’s assigned with a fresh, talented recruit – a full “natural” named Linde, whose presence in the military is connected with an affirmative action plan for those not augmented. The two polar-opposite individuals, both through their background and attitudes, have to work together to survive the extremely dangerous assignment – and the mission itself hides even more threats and twists then the initial setup would suggest. Sounds intriguing? It surely does, but the fact this is a nukige, and a very short one at that (up to an hour and a half of content), should be taken into account when setting your expectations. The game explores its main themes rather briefly, often switching to sex scenes that are only vaguely justifiable in the context of the tense plot – the writing and main intrigue are solid, but simply too rushed to provide a compelling narrative. There are also some highly-questionable elements to it, especially in the rather distasteful bad ending – that’s definitely one point at which h-content was very unnecessary, even if those scenes are the “main point” of the game. As a piece of yuri smut in an unusual setting, it's definitely not the worst thing around – just don't expect anything more than that. Final Rating: (Cautiously) Recommended The Great Voyage The retro-inspired, pixelart VN The Great Voyage is definitely the best piece of literature among the titles listed in today's post, despite being the shortest one out of them all. This kinetic novel, with only around an hour of content, tells the story of three refugees from a city sacked by a ruthless rebel army. Stuck on a fleet of ships escaped from the carnage, now desperately looking for a new home and avoiding inevitable pursue by the enemy, the three protagonists (young noblewomen Eugenie, a melancholic poet Vassan and a con-artist posing as a foreign ambassador, Memnon) have to cope with their new situation, the loss they experienced and even the sins of their pasts. All this leads to a highly-compelling narrative about vastly different individuals trying to survive against all odds, find a new meaning to their lives and manoeuvring events mostly outside of their control – a deeply un-heroic and rather pessimistic scenario, that nonetheless feels interesting and genuine just because of how imperfect and often powerless its main characters are. The story is presented with simple, but highly stylized art that greatly fits its gloomy climate (and the same can be said about the game's eerie soundtrack). Its main downside is, obviously, the tiny length of the whole experience (thankfully the pricing is appropriately scaled, with the game costing $2 both on Steam and Itch.io), but I can't say it left me unsatisfied in any major way. It did a surprisingly good job at both developing the main characters and resolving their arcs, and even creating an interesting and believable setting for their stories to play out in. The premise obviously held the potential to expand into a much grander tale, but it's not something I could seriously hold against The Great Voyage – it's simply a great short story that I can recommend wholeheartedly to anyone that looks for a satisfying literary experience in their VNs above anything else. Final Rating: Highly Recommended Manna for our Malices Today's Steam is full of extremely simple VNs that are put on the platform as cash-grab shovelware, early experiments with VN-making software or even straight-up trolling. And while Manna for our Malices might look like it belongs to one of those categories, with its simplistic visuals and over-the-top writing, there’s actually much more to it. In this short time-looping story, you take control of Ai, a foul-mouthed high school girl who, for an unknown reason, is killed by a knifer while coming back home after lessons, only to wake up in at the beginning of the same day. Throughout the game, you’ll go through this loop dozens of times (quite often with Ai commenting angrily about her poor luck), slowly uncovering the underlying conspiracies and the roles the protagonist and people around her play in the whole intrigue. With every new piece of information, the already-visited locations will provide new clues and new dialogue options will appear, until you’re ready to solve the puzzle and break Ai out of the endless cycle of waking up and being murdered. The game, for the most part, does a really good job of implementing this concept, at least before the very last stretch – I had to consult the walkthrough to reach the true ending and I’m not sure I’d ever come up with the solution the VN expected me to find otherwise. The characters are heavily exaggerated, being either complete weirdos or walking anime tropes (this includes the protagonist and her closest friend Aoi, who’s a “deredere childhood friend” archetype on steroids). The humour is crude but effective, and after getting into the story I was strangely invested in solving the overall puzzle, while the “true” conclusion was properly fun and cheesy. The game play’s a lot on anime clichés, with an obvious understanding of the medium, which helps in making its visuals and writing seem like a deliberate choice, rather than just amateurishness. The end effect is trashy for sure, but strangely captivating – I had a lot of fun going through the various stages of the intrigue and uncovering layers upon layers of mystery beneath the at first mundane-looking setting. For this, I can quite confidently recommend giving Manna for our Malices a chance – although, for the amount of content it offers, the $5 asking price is just barely acceptable. Final Rating: Recommended Lyantei Lately, I’ve grown weary of tackling stat management games, as over time I find more and more of them pointlessly tedious and boring, with “simulation” aspects rarely being compelling and mostly distracting me from the parts of the game I’m actually interested in, that is, the story. Still, in the case of Lyantei, I think my biases are among the lesser reasons for which I did not enjoy playing it. At first glance, this story of a young girl/guy (you can choose the protagonist’s gender, which mostly affects the romance options available to you) traveling to a distant inn owned by their aunt, in order to help her pay off a debt seems like something I’d enjoy – more casual, slice-of-life stories in a fantasy setting are still a bit underexplored niche and offer great potential. The production values of the game, while simple, were also not bad enough to discourage me – I can put up with anything that isn’t straight-up ugly if what I read is interesting enough. Sadly, in Lyantei there’s barely any interesting narrative to speak of – the character arcs are incredibly cliched, which is only made worse by the awkward English writing and the protagonist who just comes out as pushy and weird, sticking his/her nose into everyone's business without any real reason. The game is also very short, which makes all the character arcs feel incredibly rushed. The romance especially comes pretty much out of nowhere, while lack of proper CGs make the story feel empty like few other VNs I’ve played. On top of that, the structure of the game drove me to utter frustration – to get into each hero/heroine arcs you have to stumble upon them early on, by doing various chores at the inn at the right moments. Absurdly-enough, the triggers lead to these scenes are quite obscure and it’s easy to miss most of the story in each of your runs. I see absolutely no logic behind that choice and with no guide available, I ended up dropping Lyantei without finishing all the routes, which I do very rarely, especially with games I receive review copies for. Little good can also be said about stat-management itself, which is basic and functional, but not in any way interesting. Your only goal is to earn enough money in 30 days to pay off your Aunt’s debt, by helping around the inn and selling potions you make with your alchemy skills, but with the short span of the game and no meaningful side objectives, there’s actually very little to it. In the end, while I feel that Lyantei is not an awful game at its core, it just doesn’t represent the quality I’m looking for in a commercial product and can’t recommend buying it under any conditions. If it was a free VN, with some additional polish and tweaks I could still consider it worth trying out – however, I don’t think the developer will be able to fix it enough to justify putting a price tag on it, and especially the $9 one it currently has. Maybe on their next try… Final Rating: Not Recommended Courage for a Kiss Mikołaj Spychał is a Polish VN developer that has recently released his second attempt at creating a perfectly-generic high school romance VN (after his debut Jake's Love Story and a quite unfortunate journey to the world of catgirls in the form of his second title, Nekokoro). And while you're probably thinking now that more cookie-cutter, teenage love stories is the last thing our niche needs, there are still things to appreciate in Courage for a Kiss, at least from the perspective of its author's growth. The main storyline here involves the protagonist and four girls somewhat reluctantly banding up to create a school play for a regional contest – the play itself is an interesting storytelling gimmick, as its content and the roles particular characters will perform depend on some of your choices. These changes are particularly fun to observe between routes, just as are minor variations in the dialogue that reflect your previous choices and the information you learn about the girls in different paths. While other than that the heroines and their stories are utterly generic and even a bit too similar to each other, this attention to detail makes the setting feel a bit deeper than you'd expect. Visually the game is simple, but pleasant to look at and is undeniably a huge improvement over this dev's earlier projects, with decent, mildly animated sprites and high-quality backgrounds. However, it suffers from a single, borderline-fatal flaw – an utter lack of proper CGs, which takes away quite a lot of impact from crucial moments in the story. The music is good for the most part, but sometimes kicks in a bit too strong, distracting from the scene rather than supporting it. All-in-all, it's a competent and reasonably satisfying, even if very basic and tame romance VN, and if you for some reason feel like reading another one of those, there are definitely worse options out there. Final Rating: (Cautiously) Recommended There weren't many “must reads” among the shorter VNs sent to me in the last few months, but I can’t say they didn’t offer surprises – the one game that I actually expected the least from, Manna for our Malices, managed to be the most enjoyable among them and something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of in the EVN scene – a witty play on the formula that didn’t treat itself seriously, but still strived to tell a fun story and surprise the reader with its twists. This kind of fun factor is what both Snowed IN and Lyantei visibly lacked, making them much more forgettable by the result. The Great Voyage, on the other hand, reminded me that VNs can be great not only as full-fledged video games, but also as a form of illustrated literature – focusing on a really compelling narrative is often worth a lot more than gameplay gimmicks and branching paths, then it goes to satisfaction you gan from the whole experience. And for the meantime, I hope you all enjoyed this little post – if the games that get sent to me warrant it, the next one will show up in December. You can also expect full-on reviews of larger games given to me through Steam Curation – I’ve received review copies of some very interesting titles, both new and old, that I really want to give the spotlight to. Have a great weekend everyone!
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    One of the main problems I have is a lot of the times it doesn't accurately represent the characters personality. In Fureraba there is red haired chick that's supposed to be a classic tsundere, but all the swearing in her dialogue turns her into an American bitch. I'm pretty sure most of us that read VNs are weebs and we actually enjoy the Japanese anime trope character archetypes. Localization companies seem so hell bent on removing those aspects of a character and changing the characters into an American archetype that is similar. I know I sure as hell don't want that. I want a translation that keeps as much of the Japanese anime culture present as possible while still having sentences that flow well. A lot of the times I see people try defend the overly liberal translations by saying 'native English people don't talk like that'. The fuck do I care about how actual English people speak. I want to see how the Japanese anime character speaks, but in English.
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    (This is difficult to write. Also, it's going to get personal, and if you need any trigger warnings, it's probably best to stay away, this might be disturbing for you.) IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE OR YOUNGER THAN 18 YEARS OLD, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT READING THIS MIGHT DO TO YOU, I DON'T RECOMMEND IT. I found this website very shortly after I got into VNs, because I was looking for a way to play Ever17. That was 2014, and I was 14 then. It's been... five years. Fuwa meant a lot to me in that time, and I think it still does now. By making me an ardent fan of VNs this place sidetracked my entire academic career (love to read 'em and post on forums too much now ) and as such will always hold a place in my life and heart. I still have one of the highest post counts on here, and I've seen a whole ton of people come and go. I'm one of the old guard so to speak, and I'm proud of that, in a way. Fuwa has changed in big and small ways since I joined... I wasn't here for Aaeru, but I was here for Okami and Ren and more Fuwapocalypses I can count. But I'll be leaving. It's a hard decision, but I think I've long truly left the things that once connected me to this forum in the first place. I don't know if I can or will get my account deleted, or do anything of the sort... I don't know how I feel, ultimately, about having been a part of this place for 5 years. I'm trying not to stop writing, because my decision to leave has to do with one of the most disgusting personal issues I've ever had and it's easy to give up on writing this and close the tab, and move on with my day. It's hard to sort out what I want to say. Since I'll be leaving, I also want to give my gratitude to this website and particularly some of its people, but I'll try to leave that to the end, ö. First, I want to discuss why Fuwanovel, and the VN community as a whole, hurt me at large. I've not posted extensively on here for a long time. And I think it'll end up staying that way. One of the reasons I started to get less involved here was that I got the impression we had some Trump supporters here (just as a general sentiment). But seeing as I continue to participate on other websites which also condone such bigotry, I can't really say that that's the only reason I am leaving. It's the administration's prerogative to allow that. Another, more involved reason was actually due to something more general to the VN community (and actually even more generally, the anime/manga community). The extent to which we condone harmful pornography. Back then in 2014, when this was the main place I talked to people about my interests, this was also a slightly different place. We had a vigilante sort of doctrine, whereby we distributed torrents of fan translated visual novels to build a fanbase by simply getting people to pirate the games we loved. Many of you reading this (and probably the three of you that care) already know this, but anyways. I don't know how well it worked or how much it contributed in the end, but it hooked me. Another aspect of 2014 Fuwanovel, however, was more insidious... Loli shit. I remember particularly a fellow going by the name of Steve being absolutely bonkers about this shit. Posting loli stuff everywhere. But this is not a Steve callout post. We've all heard the rationalizations... "It's fictional", "It keeps actual pedos from offending", "I am a lolicon because they're cute", "Free speech means nothing I say, do or condone has any consequence", the list goes on. But at the end of the day we had (have) a lot of people who still thought and think it's a perfectly normal and safe thing to do to jack off to drawings of children. If you're here to debate this with me, just close the tab and save yourself the trouble. Now, especially if you're a newer member, you might be confused about this loli stuff, they don't seem very prevalent now. Well, that's because the hosting service that runs the servers for the entire forum forced Fuwanovel to get rid of any loli pornography out of legal concerns a few years ago. There was a lot of mod-related drama about it before, too. So what's the issue if it's banned on here now? Well... 3 things. 1. I've seen no self reflection or serious discussion of this, I don't think I've seen anyone seriously reflect on the extremity of pornography that is allowed to condone here. 2. The mentality that normalized being a "lolicon" (in normal person terms, pedophile) is still alive. 3. I've realized how much it hurt me. Acting like there's no repercussions to enjoying jerking off to ANY DEPICTION OF children, or rape, or coercion, or manipulation (and probably incest) all-too-common in visual novels is... reductive. It's dangerous. We might've enabled someone who saw the lolicon posts on this forum, and decided to make that a reality- and we'll never know. But whether that happened or not is irrelevant. At the end of the day, Fuwanovel is still a place where even if you can't talk about loli stuff, you can talk about Starless or any number of games that make a fetish out of depraved, fucked up, harmful, sexist shit, without examining what it does to you or other people. I know there's no question of whether it's harmful or not, because I've slowly come to realize that it directly hurt me and my mentality about sex and sexuality. Now, it might be because that I browsed this place while underage for years. Maybe my parents should've known better than to let me use the internet unsupervised. Maybe just warping the mentalities of children and teenagers is a worthy price to pay to freely discuss VNs. Maybe *I* should've known better, but known better than to stay in this place after I saw the word "lolicon" be used in casual conversation for the first time. But in direct part thanks to VNs and attitudes I saw on here, I became someone desensetized to and able to condone (and get off to) absolutely disgusting shit. During sex, the girl tells the guy not to do something but the guy ignores her and does that thing anyways? It's fine, she enjoys it. A scene where at least one character is a high schooler? Lol it's fine this is anime, and she's hot. Fucking someone who doesn't even know what an orgasm is because they're just that uninformed about their own body? Not manipulative at all! A scene where the girl's extremely embarrassed but the guy just doesn't care and straight up gets to fucking her anyway? Who gives a shit about communication and consent? Fuck a character that looks like a 10 year old, who fucking cares as long as you can find a group of people to reassure you that it's okay? Now, this isn't exclusive to Fuwanovel. The entire fucking anime, manga and VN community turns a blind eye to this shit. I'm fucking 19, I've regularly immersed myself in this content and this way of looking at media and pornography that the Fuwanovel community and the VN community fed to me on a near-daily basis for five years. That's 25% of my life. A long time. I'm only now realizing just how fucked up and directly hurtful to real people this is. Did you know so much as hearing about people who casually masturbate to drawings of children can send victims of child sexual abuse into panic attacks they take hours if not days to recover from? Did you know that when you masturbate to porn featuring coercion or worse for a long time you can become a person who can be aroused by someone else's sincere pain? Do you know how easy it is to develop misconceptions and unhealthy understandings about sex, sexuality, and consent when almost all porn condoned by the people you talk to on a peer basis every day makes a mockery of the concept of treating someone you're making love to as a person? I played Euphoria at 15 and I still get extremely disturbed and uncomfortable when I think about it. I'm not even necessarily a victim of any of this. Just months if not weeks ago I casually recommended pornography that does exactly this to people on here. I've played my deliberate, informed, willful part in normalizing getting off to ANY depiction of abuse whatsoever. I am complicit. I don't know if I talked about it on here before, but I've been struggling for years about knowing I am a person with some of these fucked up fantasies. I wouldn't even think of doing anything about it in real life, because I know it can fucking hurt people. But it took me five years to even understand why even learning about it can make some feel preyed upon or manipulated. It's just... not healthy. It's fucking creepy, it's gross. I literally hate myself for it, and deserve to do so, because it's a thing to be hated. Being able to derive pleasure from someone being subjected to pain, or being violated, or being manipulated or coerced... That's gross, creepy, unhealthy, and harmful. If you still want to get off to depraved shit, at least keep it to yourself and to spaces where people are willing to examine what indulging in such fetishes does to them and the people around them. It's not a normal thing to do. It's dangerous, in the truest sense of the word, and if you want to consume media that normalizes abuse, it's your full responsibility to ensure the safety of people you reveal that activity and spread such media to. I know, because I normalized it in my head, and I'm still working to understand how it can hurt other people, because I've thrown the part of me that can empathize with that and then told other people it's okay to do so as well. You might be able to deflect blame from yourself by saying it's my fault or my parents' fault that I hurt myself by engaging with proponents of extreme pornography in the VN community. That's on you. But I know I, too, am to blame for condoning these things that I didn't realize hurt me. It's not worth it. Getting off to fucked up shit is not worth telling someone coercion, rape, or any abuse could or should be enjoyable in any capacity. Even if you tell yourself that fiction, perhaps the clearest reflection of people's cultural, philosophical and personal beliefs, has no bearing whatsoever on real life. I want none of it anymore. I want to do better than that. Be better than that. And I think that means letting go of the me that used to be OK with abusive pornography. And that means letting go of Fuwanovel. And that's why I'm leaving.
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    Last week, had my occasional anime marathon with my friend. We watched three shows, two of which were new for me. First show was Made in Abyss. At first I thought it was going to be full of furry bait and despair after being exposed to countless Nanachi fanart, but I'm glad to say that it exceeded expectations. I absolutely loved the adventurous feeling the show had going for it, embodied by the characters of Riko and Reg. Second show was Violet Evergarden. I expected it to be a romantic show with how there was so much emphasis in the feeling of love from the start, but I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. Violet is such a precious person. I absolutely loved watching her develop into the kind of person she wanted to become. Cried every other episode. I'm a crybaby. I think I'll watch Kokoro Connect next. I have to at least try out @Roach's recommendations.
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    Now this... This is the Fuwanovel I remember; complete and utter garbage. I missed it. Thank you all for bringing it back to me so I remember why I stopped interacting with the VN community in general this thread has it all and I hope it stays up as a testament to how god damn stupid the VN community is Hopefully Tay deletes this site soon.
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    People is and always will be so different and have many different opinions, we cannot avoid this. Despite that, we must try to respect each other and allow everyone to express what they think. We must protect the right of everyone to stay away from things/people they dislike too, that way nothing is forced upon no one and everyone is happy and everyone is free to voice their opinion on stuff. Someone can hurt you with words. You can ignore this someone then and befriend others whose words you like. No one forces you to share their views, and no one forces you to argue with them about how yours are better. If this hurts you, you can just ignore it. If you feel the psychological NEED to impose your morals upon them despite being able to ignore it, it is you who is making a problem for yourself. Please think about it coldly, realise you can just ignore the people and the VN's you dislike, and enjoy what is good for you and be happy.
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    Birthday thread

    Happy birthday to me lol! And its raining hard here too huhuhu
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    Tamayura Mirai

    Tamayura Mirai is the latest game by Azurite, the company behind Shinsou Noise and Akumade Kore wa. Unlike the previous two, it is not a guro mystery. Instead, it is a fantasy with an extremely similar setting to Monobeno (which had a great setting, even if the lolicon elements were outright disgusting). It also shares a writer (Touta) with such excellent games as Kin'iro Loveriche, Floral Flowlove, Gin'iro Haruka, and Ojousama wa Gokigen Naname. Before I go any further, I want to speak as to why I compared the setting to Monobeno. Fukano, the town/valley in which the story is set, is a backwater where youkai, humans, and deities coexist. Folk traditions, such as deities within the home, are still alive and well, if not entirely understood (the death of the last folk shaman in the area ensured that, from what is said). The protagonist's role is very similar to the role of the miko in Monobeno (keeping harmony and balance between the supernatural and mortal), and, though the younger generation isn't, a certain level of superstition remains in the older generation. In addition, the protagonist's choice to live isolated in the mountains in a run-down and modified old Japanese school (think the school from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) also echoes the isolation of the protagonist's home in Monobeno. That said, the atmosphere in the game isn't as severe as Monobeno's, though the protagonist's 'duty' is harrowing at times. All that said, this is definitely its own game. The general atmosphere is a bit somber, and the characters all have some kind of serious problem that leaves them a lot less at peace than they seem on the surface (the protagonist included). The protagonist is a mage who wields runic magic (Norse shamanic style), and he has the role of keeping peace the mixed-origin supernatural community of Fukano, the setting. He lives in an abandoned school in the mountains with a succubus named Midari, who has the dual problems of being afraid of men and deeply fearing her own nature (though her upbringing shows through at the oddest times). At the school he attends, he frequently meets with a water spirit information broker named Hanako (one of the heroines). Occasionally, he meets up with his oppai-loli 'oneechan' (who is very childish and has a really poorly-executed accent that just comes off all wrong in the VA...). The story begins with his encounter with Yukina, a girl with naturally high levels of spiritual energy who is completely untrained (and is thus a danger to herself and everyone around her, since youkai and monsters can gain power by eating such people, and others make assumptions about what she can do based on her spiritual power). I won't go into details about their meeting, because this is a game best experienced the first time without too many preconceptions. This is essentially a nakige, and it does a pretty good job of bringing out the tears. The protagonist's duty often brings him into contact with situations where he must deal with various tragedies, sometimes from the present, sometimes from the past. His own previous life isn't exactly bright and flowery either, lol. The protagonist has a tendency to see himself as weak and selfish, but he has a seemingly endless capacity for getting obsessed with solving other people's problems... which actually makes him perfect for his work (considering the nature of the mountain deity and certain hints given during the common route, it is pretty clear that he was given his role specifically because of that tendency). The heroine routes, quite naturally, focus on the issues with the heroines... to be specific, dealing with the issues that bother them the most deeply. Equally quite naturally, the first heroine I picked was Midari, the succubus. Midari Midari is a member of the succubus nobility who was exiled from her homeland because of her fear of men and inability to feed properly (essentially have sex with men...and lots of them, preferably). Worse (from her perspective), she fell in love with the protagonist on their first meeting, thus dooming her in the eyes of her people and filling her with a constant conflict between her impulses and her love for the protagonist. Midari has a very gentle and refined manner, and she has the grace that one would expect from a noblewoman... However, on occasion, she makes remarks (usual casual references to sex acts or her sisters and mother's sluttiness) that reveal rather blatantly that she isn't human and her basic upbringing wasn't either. Her path is all about dealing with her internal conflict and its real-world consequences... and this leads to a lot of nice emotional drama and a decent catharsis... though, to be honest, the cathartic scenes two-thirds of the way through the common route were better. Hanako For those who understand the reference, yes Hanako does hang around in the girls' toilet. Hanako is a water youkai that came over from China six hundred years before the story began and eventually rose to become one of the top figures of all the water youkai in Fukano. She is actually pretty powerful, and she serves as an information broker for Mutsuki (the protagonist) as he performs his duty as the Mage of Fukano. Hanako's route is a weird one and it isn't as emotional as Midari's route was. To be honest, a large part of the reason why is that the relationship part starts really quickly and feels somewhat forced... Hanako has a reason to like Mutsuki, but Mutsuki doesn't really have a good reason to fall in love with her, so it feels weird. This is in opposition to Midari, who has been at his side for some time when the story began and is insanely devoted to his well-being (not to mention sexy and graceful at the same time, lol). This route could have been handled much better by using a tactic similar to the Midari route, where they become closer during the course of him carrying out his duties... unfortunately, the way the route was handled was sadly inept for such a potentially interesting heroine. Yukina Yukina is a young woman with a natural gift for the use of spiritual power (so much so that she can attack youkai with her bare hands and blasts of raw energy). Her characterization is a straight out tsundere, so anyone who reads this VN with some experience with the character type will probably be able to predict her reactions in most situations. I started laughing at a few points when she said something so typically tsundere that I couldn't believe any writer would still use the lines...lol Yukina's route is all about her personal issues, both her past and her present ones. I do feel that this route's romance was far too hurried (like Hanako's) in the sense that their relationship should have had more time to develop into something deeper before things began to accelerate. That said, the actual events after the romance solidifies are well-written and described, and you gain a lot more insight into Mutsuki's motivations and the depth of his personality than you do in the other paths. I recommend this path be read after the other two heroines available at the beginning, simply because the revelations made here are too overarching to allow you to truly enjoy the other paths without reservation. Shiro Shiro is the protagonist's loli-oppai oneechan, who speaks with a weird houben (regional accent) that is poorly used by the VA to the point of being wince-worthy (yes, this is worth mentioning again). Shiro and Mutsuki's issues are the core of everything that has shaped Mutsuki to be the person he is. As such, it was only natural that Shiro would end up as the true path heroine... indeed, her path begins after the end of a non-romantic Yukina path. I'm not going to spoil what those issues are, but I should note that Shiro was the motivation that drove Mutsuki to become a magus. In the setting, magi are seekers of forbidden truths, similar in some ways to the magi of the Nasuverse save that they don't seem to have a large-scale organization or influence on the mundane world. As such, they frequently take actions that are amoral in the pursuit of their path of research, and many naturally think in ways that are out of sync with humanity. The Mage of Fukano is a rare exception, in that the deities of Fukano have made a role for the holder of the position in the natural existence of the valley and mountains. Mutsuki's path of research is about as immoral as it gets, even if he still has a conscience and his motivations come from a very human place. As such, it takes a central role in the major dilemma of the path, as anyone who has read Yukina's path would guess anyway. In the end, this was the path (other than the common route) which drew out the most tears from me. Shiro and Mutsuki's story is full of sorrow but ends with joy, so I can honestly say this falls into the classic 'nakige' style. Conclusions I have a few things left I want to say before bowing out on this game. First, I wanted a Feles (Mephistopheles) route, since Feles is ridiculously deredere (in a yandere way) over the protagonist. Another issue is that I thought that leaving the protagonist's deeper issues out of Midari's and Hanako's paths was something of a poor choice. Yukina is presented as a mirror to the protagonist as well as a heroine, so it is understandable that she would play such a vital role for setting up the true path. However, I felt that failing to properly deal with his personal issues in either of those two paths was a mistake. Mutsuki does have VERY serious issues that can't really be glossed over... not to mention that I seriously doubt Midari's issues would end just with what we saw in the path (living with a succubus in a state of perpetual near-starvation will inevitably have its ups and downs).
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    Sekai Project VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery World End Economica June 2014 May 2015 Not yet delivered Clannad November 11th 2014 October 2015 March 2016 Grisaia Trilogy December 2014 October 2015 April 2018 Memory’s Dogma June 2015 December 2016 Not yet delivered The Human Reignition Project June 2015 December 2016 Not yet delivered Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project October 2015 April 2016 Not yet delivered Root Double January 2016 March 2016 November 2016 Chrono Clock August 2016 April 2017 Not yet delivered A Clockwork Ley-Line Febuary 2017 January 2018 Not yet delivered Fatal Twelve March 2017 January 2018 November 2018 Hoshizora No Memoria May 2017 September 2018 Not yet delivered Shining Song Starnova August 2017 August 2018 June 2019 A light in the Dark February 2018 June 2018 Not yet delivered Tokyo Chronos July 2018 April 2019 Not yet delivered Frontwing VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery Corona Blossom vol 1 June 2016 October 2016 Not yet delivered Corona Blossom vol 2 September 2016 December 2016 Not yet delivered Sharin no Kuni November 2016 October 2017 Not yet delivered Corona Blossom vol 3 December 2016 March 2017 Not yet delivered Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 1 and 2 March 2017 June 2017 March 2019 Grisaia Complete box (part of Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 1 and 2 kickstarter) March 2017 Q4 2017 Febuary 2019 Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 3 June 2017 September 2017 Not yet delivered Wonderful Everyday August 2017 January 2018 Not yet delivered Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 4 November 2017 April 2018 Not yet delivered Momoiro Closet Febuary 2018 July 2018 Not yet delivered Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 5 June 2018 October 2018 Not yet delivered Island August 2018 December 2018 Not yet delivered Sol Press VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery Sakura Sakura August 2017 December 2017 Not yet delivered Newton and the Apple Tree December 2017 May 2018 Not yet delivered Irotoridori no Sekai Febuary 2019 December 2021 Not yet delivered Others VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery Muv-Luv September 2015 September 2016 July 2018 Libra of the Vampire Princess December 2015 November 2016 May 2017 Dies Irae December 2016 May 2017 April 2018 Koropokkur March 2018 September 2018 October 2018 Venusblood Frontier September 2018 December 2019 Not yet delivered Seven Days September 2018 January 2019 Not yet delivered
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    I will literally spew forth a list of Visual Novels with a romantic element. I will assume the shorter ones that are more like a nukige are not within your sphere of interest. Most of these will not be to your tastes due to sheer statistic probability. Beware. VNs: VN/Game mix: If you want me to list the more romantic nukige (that means, sex primarily for love, and nothing really going into extremes), just ask. The comedy was hilarious (to me) and the girls are pretty unique. I just don't get the thing that's going on in the background... It's so weird.
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    Based on how eroge companies generally operate regarding their western releases (especially when they have no "partner" to help them), I'd say simply asking them first would be the wise decision as japanese eroge pubs may not think of releasing a 18+ version for the most absurd reasons you can't even imagine in the right mind. Looking back, I'd even say they usually approach the release with the mentality of "of course we are going for the safe console version, why would we release porn in the wild west and ask for trouble?" and only then fans can sometimes manage to dissuade them. I have a very hard time believing that NoraNeko of all things (considering that all seiyuus in the game are the usual suspects) is exactly that legendary game which can't be released uncut due to the extreme licensing issues and it's not simply a case of "can't be bothered to go back to the basic preparations that late in the game". If there's no will, there obviously won't be a way. While true, it would be absurd to stall the steam release for another, say, six months simply because they didn't think of releasing 18+ version, it still means that if noone presses them about it, they'll just think that everything is marvellous and they are genious strategists. Especially since, as I understand it, they don't even look at the feedback, only Fruitbat does. Fruitbat that's not even releasing 18+ games to begin with.
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    Can only speak from my personal experience, which is about a dozen things with about eight different translators, but at least from what I've seen in the industry, the translator usually checks over the editor's output and does so-called "counter-edits" (75% of the games I've worked on). Also, who gets the "final cut" between the TL and the editor is kind of up in the air, though usually the TL and editor simply discuss anything where they disagree, so it's not really an issue. And just briefly, regarding Fureraba: the translator has spoken very highly of the work the editor did on Fureraba on several occasions, to me and to others, so you can at least assume they were agreed that it was good work overall. I haven't read it myself, but the screenshots I've seen posted here and there have always looked fine to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Birthday thread

    Thank you for the wishes everyone! It's such a weird feeling being in my 30s already... At least I've got a lot of weird RL stuff happening lately to distract me from my advanced age. Hopefully, it will settle down soon and I'll be able to celebrate by reading some VNs in peace. :3
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    I flatly refuse to CHANGE TO IMPERIAL is what I mean. Haha.
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    Fred the Barber

    Birthday thread

    Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate the warm wishes.
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    I suddenly remembered our chat on Discord. And yeah, all your points stand true. Knowing all these things that I've come to realize after following this scene for so long, I dare not to publicly speak ill of any VN translation's quality nowadays, whether it be official or fanTL. The situation has really gone for the worse. It saddens me to say that most English-only VN readers will never understand what it looks like to be the one having to work on this stuff. The stuff you said are things only someone who has worked on visual novel translations can truly understand. All the time, I see VN fans complaining about the minorest of shit that they don't like in some translation works out there (from honorifics inclusion to whether there's too much swearing used in the translation and other types of silly shit), not realizing how difficult it really is to fulfill all of their selfish demands. The people they are looking for to do those "proper translations"... those people don't work on visual novels. I'd really like it if they could stop deluding themselves into expecting amazing translation works done by anyone who's working on VNs nowadays. Only hardcore VN fans and hobbyist type of freelancers work on VNs nowadays. Nobody who has any semblance of self-respect won't come anywhere near VNs. That word you just used in your post... "ungrateful"... that's exactly how I would describe working on VN translations. Ultimately UNGRATEFUL.
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    No, you're correct. Nukitashi is fucking hard to translate because of its puns and memes. I certainly feel like they've thrown me in the deep end. Ultimately the plan is for there to be more translators working on it though and not just myself partially because of the difficulty but additionally because it's quite big and they had planned for it to be completed sooner. You are right though - there are very few VN translators in general.
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    49 and even translating moege professionally. Most have burnt out long ago, but I'm still going strong. I started playing them 20 years ago.
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    What are you playing?

    It's 3AM or something and I finally finished Da Capo. Kotori's route was full of romance. Getting into Da Capo, the kind of content it had was exactly the kind of content I was expecting from a romance-focused moege. It was refreshing to finally read something within what I imagined the story to be. I loved Miharu's route, and it made me realize who real best girl is. I love bananas now. Etc route was pretty interesting, and is a nice play with the overall theme of the game. After reading it all and unlocking all scenarios, I think I can say that Da Capo exceeded my expectations as a moege (or whatever the more appropriate term is for these moege derivatives). It lives up to its reputation, at least. However, I do have some qualms about some of the routes I just finished. I guess I'll just put those in my journal so I don't spoil people who just want to read through buzz here.
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    If you're leaving now, then farewell, sir! Take good care of yourself throughout your life! But, you know, you're going to get rid of the Santa hat before leaving, right? Right?
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    Oh yeah, you know, those honor killings in rural Turkey, where they kill women that were raped or had sex with someone before marriage, as disgrace to their families? Who are we to judge it? After all, it's an important part of their culture. And sorry for hyperbolic comparison, but after years of people trying to teach me how to be "culturally sensitive" I still fail to see how something being a part of culture or tradition should stop us from questioning it. I think we are all aware that Japanese culture enabling paedophiles (and mysoginy) is an actual problem, while the issue we're talking about now is not reforming Japanese people, but what should we do when that media, with all its fucked up baggage, comes to us. And the answer Funyarinpa pushes, as I understand it, is that we should at least be aware that we're promoting something questionable which might have toxic influence on people. That ignoring this fact is hard to justify from a moral standpoint and it should inform how we discuss/recommend stuff. I don't care that much, as I've dropped any pretence of being a decent person a while ago (I just don't have energy for activism, I barely have enough for living), but I think he has something of a point. Edit: And BTW, pointing to a problem within a medium doesn't mean judging people that enjoy it or calling for banning stuff. Within the community, it's about discussion and awereness. I'm definitely above judging people... Outside maybe of those defending Hajimete no Okaa-san. Sorry mates, but actual pedophilia apologism & romanticised child rape and impregnation porn might be a bit over the line of what should be reasonably allowed.
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    there are a demo avaliable https://store.steampowered.com/app/1010600/The_Princess_the_Stray_Cat_and_Matters_of_the_Heart/
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    Don't let facts get in the way of a good story. We haven't licensed anything - as I pointed out just a few posts earlier in this thread. Not the voices, not the game. It's being released by Harukaze via their label of TOKYOTOON, and would've been exactly the same way without us, just with less QA and lacking user support. That statement's all sorts of amusing on other grounds as well, but oh well.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I've just learned that there's is a large subreddit (and more broadly, a large community) of femcels, that is more or less female incels, but them and male incels hate each other with a burning passion (instead of, like, hooking up and cancelling each other's problems?). If this doesn't represent perfectly how screwed up modern society is, I'm not sure what does. (+ crying inside) EDIT: And funnily enough, I think the lady that introduced me to the fact of femcels being a thing is the same person that made this memorable Bing search I mentioned in my previous post. She went to /vnsuggest subreddit today looking for "yuri lolicon visual novel" and got downvoted to hell, but her nick, "femcelforever", sparked my curiosity. BTW, that's probably on my top 5 list of saddest nicks anyone could use online.
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    From the Guidelines page on VNDb: "Very rough estimate of the time required to finish all endings of the visual novel. To determine the length of a game, it's often better to ignore this time indication and instead compare it with other games you've played. It's all relative, after all."