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    Perhaps the most universal complaint of those who read Japanese VNs, regardless of their tastes, is the bland, non-people, average protagonists that make up better than 90% of all VN protagonists. This trend began with the first moege, as a technique to allow people to self-insert more easily, but the tradition has worked against VNs more than it has worked for them, with protagonists with unique quirks turning out to be almost as important to a VN's lasting popularity as heroine quality. Unfortunately for those new to VNs, it is impossible to tell at a glance whether a protagonist will be interesting or not based on the cover, since most protagonists don't have a tachie, voice-acting, or a character description on the official site, lol. So, as a service to my fellow Fuwans, I decided to go ahead and make this list. The greater majority of these games will be untranslated, but I will go ahead and list ones that are translated that I know of. Feel free to help me add to the list, though this one is for Japanese-origin games, not EVNs. The baseline for these protagonists will be that they are either unique, unusual, or capable (intelligent, talented, and/or skilled at something and have something approaching a personality) without deliberate nerfing of their qualities to make heroines stand out more. Harem protagonists who are merely kind to everyone will not count for the purpose of this list, and characters whose personality/capabilities/talents/skills get toned down in the heroine routes will also not qualify. Translated Tokyo Babel Ayakashibito Hello, Lady (soon) Hapymaher Noble Works (yes, he does make the baseline) Dracu-riot (assuming the official release comes out) Nanairo Reincarnation (soon) Tsukihime FSN Comyu (yes, I include this... because even if you hate Akihito's man-whore qualities, he is definitely not a cardboard cut-out character) Rance games (I hate the Rance games, personally, but you can't say he isn't unique) Majikoi Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (Dai only seems sheeple on the surface... he has enough depth as a character to qualify) Eien no Aselia (while his personality is standard for a jrpg protagonist, it has enough twists and unique qualities to make the list) Seinarukana (similar to above) Fata Morgana no Yakata (I wavered because of the way the game is structured, but I chose to list it anyway) Grisaia series Kikokugai Demonbane 11eyes Rewrite (I hate this protagonist, but he stands out, even if he is a dumbass) Animamundi Baldr SkyDive (whenever it comes out) ChuSinGura (I honestly wavered on this one, both because the protagonist is a moron and because I don't consider this to have been truly translated) Cross Channel Daiteikoku Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Dies Irae I/O Yumina Kyonyuu Fantasy (yes, I'm serious even as I'm laughing) Planetarian Rose Guns Days Sekien no Inganock Gakthun Sharin no Kuni Shikkoku no Sharnoth Shin Koihime Musou (apparently tl is at 100%, so I'm including it) Sorcery Jokers (Senri!!!) Tears to Tiara Tokeijikake no Leyline series Venus Blood Frontier (whenever it comes out) Wanko to Kurasou Eden* Untranslated Akeiro Kaikitan Ikusa Megami series Soukoku no Arterial Fuukan no Grasesta Madou Koukaku Silverio series Tiny Dungeon series Zero Infinity Electro-Arms Soranica Ele Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier Komorebi no Nostalgica Devils Devel Concept Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana Evolimit Bullet Butlers Tokyo Necro Soukou Akki Muramasa Ou no Mimi ni wa Todokanai Shugo no Tate series Amatsutsumi Floral Flowlove Aoi Tori Mirai Nostalgia Bradyon Veda Draculius Gensou no Avatar Abyss Homicide Club Hyper→Highspeed→Genius Inochi no Spare Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo yori mo Konata yori Kanata Made Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de Jingai Makyou "Hello, World" Natsu no Owari no Nirvana Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas Rui wa Tomo o Yobu Ryuukishi Bloody Saga Vermilion Bind of Blood Satsukoi Sinclient Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide Suisei Ginka Yurikago yori Tenshi Made Izuna Zanshinken Tasogare no Sinsemilla Valkyrie Runabout Sekai o Sukuu dake no Kantan na Oshigoto Haru to Yuki Semiramis no Tenbin Tsukiakari Lunch Tsuisou no Augment Kamikaze Explorer Prism Recollection Houkago no Futekikakusha Izayoi no Fortuna Natsuzora no Perseus Minamijuujisei Renka Ojou-sama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary Sakura no Mori Dreamers AstralAir no Shiroki Towa Irotoridori no Sekai Senren Banka Reminiscence Akagoei series Soshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni Naru Harumade Kururu Haruru Minamo ni Kin'iro Loveriche Love Rec. Natsuiro Recipe Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic Sakura Nikagetsu Iroha ~Aki no Yuuhi ni Kagefumi o~ Campus's Uso series World Election (seriously push this one for fantasy charage lovers) Curio Dealer Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai Lamunation Sora no Tsukurikata Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa Sakura, Sakimashita Amairo Islenauts Blade x Bullet Gouen no Soleil Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu Doushite, Sonna ni Kurokami ga Suki na no?! (more charage with some plot) Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake Butterfly Seeker Fake Azure Arcology Re:Birth Colony Gekkou no Carnevale Hatsuyuki Sakura Gurenka Hikari no Umi no Apeiria (this guy's personality is so out there you wouldn't even be able to tell if anything effected him, lol) Hotel. (this is also a joke from me that I can share only with those few who have read it, lol) Kamigakari Cross Heart Kimi to Boku to no Kishi no Hibi Witch's Garden Kono Sekai no Mukou de Kouyoku no Soleil Lovesick Puppies (more food for charagamers) Toppara Zashiki Warashi no Hanashi Naka no Hito Nado Inai Natsuiro no Nostalgia Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Naname Onigokko Otomimi Infinity Para-Sol Prima Stella Paradise Lost Kajiri Kamui Kagura Sanzen Sekai Yuugi (only Otomege I know of that fulfills the prime condition) Primal x Hearts Tayutama (original only) Shinigami no Testament Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro Stellula Eques Codex Tasogare no Himekishi (seriously, the protagonist is subject to some interesting stuff, like akuochi and/or corruption of characters) Toki o Tsumugu Yakusoku Unjou no Fairy Tale Yuganda Uso no Koi to Letter Yoru Meguru, Bokura no Maigo Kyoushitsu Tsuki ni Yorisou, Otome no Sahou Request includes G-Senjou no Maou Aiyoku no Eustia Watashi no Real wa Juujitsu Shisugiteiru Shirogane no Soleil Root Double Edit: A lot of these characters stand out due to personality traits or quirks, as much as anything else. The key point is that the protagonist is a 'person' instead of a cipher or catalyst. For those who wonder why I didn't include Tsuki ni Yorisou, Otome no Sahou 2, the reason is pretty simple... in every path, the protagonist's individuality vanishes and he becomes enslaved to the heroine's character needs.
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    After ten years playing VNs, you would think I would have completely lost faith in them by now, especially considering just how many I've played (744 not counting most of the nukige, replays and incomplete/dropped ones). Most VNs that aren't nukige are SOL-fests that exist solely to promote nostalgic fantasies about life in high school and getting into bishoujos' pants... not that that is an entirely horrible goal, but it isn't something I want to see five hundred times over. The romance is usually puerile and has no relation to reality, the characters have all their hard edges filed away by the needs of the archetype, and drama is used solely to add 'spice' (like one sprinkle of pumpkin spice, not cracked red pepper) to an otherwise endlessly sweet and bland recipe. So how is it that someone who has experienced that much essentially boring and pointless repetition of the same scenarios able to continue to enjoy VNs, even if he can't stand meaningless SOL anymore? At one time, it was a sense of duty, a belief that I was doing the community good by digging gems out of the piles of crap that are the SOL genre. I also had a sense of pride that I made an effort of objectivity that I have literally seen no one else attempt. I played games no one else bothered with because they didn't have the time or patience, and I did it because I thought someone looking at the games would want to know what they were getting into. I paid a price in a growing sense of bitterness, of boredom, and of a sense that I was forgetting the reason why I began to read fiction in the first place. I paid a price in people continually being trolls and trying to draw me into fights over my opinions on these games. I had people start reddits and send me pms being sympathetic about the very conversations they'd started (yes that happens). I also had people who respected what I was doing, and I knew there were people in the community who benefited from the fact that I was doing it. I watched VNs I had pushed get localizations and fantls (usually to my surprise), and I saw others that I had labeled as mediocre get hyped to a ridiculous degree. I tried to get other people to help with what I was doing, only to find that, without a reading speed similar to mine, it was too much of a burden on their lives and ate up the time to read the VNs they wanted to read. The bad generally outweighed the good immensely while I was doing VN of the Month, and even after, I found that the after-effects of my years of playing games I wasn't interested in personally had left me with scars I was unable to feel while my sense of duty was keeping me going. However, I can say that I still haven't given up on VNs. Why? The reason is ridiculously simple and at the same time profound (at least to me). I love the medium. For someone who likes an experience that combines the reading, visual input, and music without the need for a lot of input from the one experiencing it, VNs provide a unique storytelling experience. Books are great for the imagination and can send our souls exploring across landscapes that exist only in our own minds, but VNs provide a more filled-out framework for those who don't necessarily have the imagination to fill in all the gaps on their own, without rotting the imagination to the degree manga and anime do. I've been able to get people who had trouble reading books into VNs, then led them straight back to books and opened the world of imagination to them. I've seen people who had begun to feel the otaku community offered nothing more to them come alive again after playing a chuunige or a charage. I've picked up a random moe-looking VN and found a deep and compelling story that remains within me dozens of times. In the end, it is moments, experiences like that that keep me coming back, believing in the possibilities of VNs even now. It is the desire to find more such experiences that keeps me looking at new releases each month, and it is the belief that those experiences will never entirely vanish that keeps me from condemning the industry as a whole for the way it sabotages itself at times.
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    EDIT: Patch taken down for some important reasons. Check in later for details. Instructions: Simply insert the patch file, root.pfs.003, into your Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi game folder (the folder with the other root.pfs files). VNDB FAQ: Staff: Merry Christmas!
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    Santa Hats for Your Avatars, once again

    Here's all your hatless avatars back. Personally, I'm going to change mine back when the liturgical Christmas season ends, because I'm not a heathen. @1P1A @Akshay @alpacaman @bakauchuujin @Canicheslayer @Dergonu @Dreamysyu @Emi @Funyarinpa @Happiness+ @LemiusK @MaggieROBOT @mitchhamilton @SeniorBlitz @Silvz @tahu157 @Thyndd @UnlimitedMoeWorks @wei123 @Zakamutt (Man, the @ function is buggy in every way imaginable. Fix that shizzle, Tay.)
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    Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #14

    I've gotta live up to the name of the blog, ya know? Actually I recently found about about the Hoshi Ori patch that's being worked on right now, and that made me want to revisit Ginharu. I was considering just reading it on my own without updating the blog but that felt wrong. I'll probably end up disappearing for another year after a few entries, but we'll see. In the meantime, I'll probably have fewer screenshots and more summarization because I'm lazy. Also it turns out that I never even published the previous entry in September of 2017, so here it is I guess Now onto the stuff I read recently and not over a year ago
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: Today I decided on a New Year resolution that I feel fairly comfortable with. I wasn't planning to have any this year, but then my therapist suggested that I make it my goal to stop being hard on myself. With it being a strong source of anxiety for me, I think it might be worth pursuing this new line of thought and making it my primary focus for 2019. Even though I wasn't quite able to reach my weight-loss goal, I did lose a substantial amount of weight (58 pounds) and I'm about 15 pounds away from getting out of obesity. And since I've already developed the habit of working out every day, and I won't have that much more weight to lose before I'm in a semi-comfortable range, I think I can leave this as a secondary focus. I'm gonna aim to be a little more outgoing this year too. So far the only thing I've really done in college is go to class and get good grades. I did have some interaction with one of my coding professors and came up with a few ideas on how to improve my employability, but I've yet to actually do anything to get me in the right direction. That definitely needs to change if I want to stand out a little more to potential employers. Overall, 2018 was a phenomenal year for me. It was probably the greatest period of growth I've experienced in my whole life, and I'm excited to see how things turn out for me this year.
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    In this case, then yeah you can wait until Easter. I'm quite sure that they can release Natsuki's patch by Easter if all goess well, or if not then at least Rikka's route should be a good read by then. Anyway, today we have surprise release of Rikka's patch in which it's very surprising because they say that they may not be able to have Christmas release, and lo and behold they managed to release it one day before Christmas. Go get the patch here, and enjoy the Christmas gift there. As for the next plan, Trip will took a rest for one or two weeks presumeably for holiday so perhaps we'll going to see the progress at Touko's route at 2019 later. Here's this week update below, even though you may already see it: Common: 100.0% Sora: 0.0% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 0.0% Misa: 100.0% Rikka: 100.0% Touko: 0.0% Total: 54.06% That's all for this week update, and merry early Christmas.
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    Hello everyone, I'm here with the first update of this year . I've finished my first playthrough of Kami no Rhapsody. And that also means I've finished translating the game on Lavirie's route (Yay!) Now, I'll go through my second playthrough for Mistoria's route, the appends and the New Game+ contents. I'll take this chance to translate the information screen and some other side texts as well. On a different note, I can't believe I've been doing this for a year already lol. At first, it was just a small project I started to improve my Japanese. But now, it has become a full project aiming to release a full patch for the game XD. Well, I'm having fun so I guess it all worked out ? In any case, I'm very grateful that there are so many people supporting this project. I'll try my best to give you the patch you've all been waiting for (hopefully, within this year ) That's about it this time. Thank you very much for reading and for your support over the last year. Though it's a bit late, Happy New Year everyone ^^.
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    The translation is pretty good. All those criticisms regarding localization are some galaxy brain thinking bullshit. I welcome the "dude" change because it makes the game memorable, and it's fun.
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    Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #15

    Wow, I actually made another entry. Nobody saw that coming.
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    So, here are screenshots from current state: I wanted to post a video too, but MSI Afterburner has problems with framerate... I found original censored version too - had to look for FDD images instead of HD images with preinstaled game.
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    What are you playing?

    Playing Little Busters, aiming for Nishizono's route. But the real drama has been the Battle Rankings! Here's what's happened...... * Rin defeated Sasami, and Riki got Sasami's Perfume. * I challenge Kengo at the first opportunity. Thanks to the Perfume (and a bit of luck), I defeat Kengo in the very first match! * Rin defeats Sasami several more times, giving me even more Sasami related items. As a result, I'm rather overpowered (with sky high Agility in particular). * I would defeat Kengo another TWO times in a row. And Rin. Before the story demotes me to last place.... * At the bottom of the rankings, Kurugaya hands me my first loss. I would defeat her in the rematch. * Komari would basically curbstomp me twice in a row. I BARELY got past her on the 3rd try.... * I steadily climb the ranks. Rin briefly manages to become #1. She gets demoted, but reaches #1 again! * After Kengo is demoted, I defeat him AGAIN! Placing me in the top3.... * Masato knocks Rin out of the top spot .... again. Meanwhile, Kyousuke makes it to 4. While Komari basically falls to the bottom. * I finally knock off Masato and claim the #1 spot! * ........ and the very next thing that happens is ...... Mystery Man!! First time I've ever seen him.... * "Saito" debuts against Komari ....... AND KOMARI WINS SOMEHOW!!!!! * Kengo continues to be a joke, losing to Kurugaya twice.... * "Saito" defeats Komari in the rematch (SHE ALMOST WON AGAIN!). Then he starts zooming up the rankings.... * Kyousuke would take the #1 spot from me, then I'd take it back. Kurugaya attempts to demote me from #3 to #5 at one point, but I got VERY lucky.... * In a VERY clutch matchup, I defeat Kyousuke again, and become #1....... * ........ while Saito becomes #2, knocking off Masato (Masato would have won, except he slipped on his own Soap!). * Me vs Saito then happens!! AND I WIN with a KO on the final round!! Luckily Saito had a rather useless weapon (mousetrap). Who needs "KEY Magic", when RNG can script the Battle Rankings, and create awesome drama that way! I'm sure the KEY Magic comes later.....
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    What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    You're flexin' too hard on us here, bro.
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    ...During the release of Sakura no Uta some EOPs were scared of what he would do after the fact— more so even when he made a statement saying he might not like it. why is that so? to my understanding everyone´s free to like what he likes, and in case clephas possibly no liking sakuuta, so fucking be it. hell given the mentioned situation those eops couldn´t even read it, so why being concerned/scared/pissed off by anyones personal opinion? i just don´t get it. what´s real fucking bad is certain e-celebs declaring titles of their liking to be the alphas & omegas of galge, in a way basically endorsing sheep mentality. nothing worse than blindly buying whatever overhyped title, only to find it boring as fuck, or the existence of people actively defending bandwagoning as how the community should be. unneeeded toxicity when commenting is one thing, but a bunch of braindead fucks is in no way any better.
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    The New Year is just a few days away, so why not take a look today at another appropriately-themed VN? Ebi-hime is probably best known for both yuri romances and horror VNs, but in reality created a huge variety of slice-of-life and mystery titles, both borrowing from different formulas and simultaneously breaking their rules, ultimately escaping any kind of easy classification. Games like Empty Horizons or Asphyxia are clearly identified with common labels such as “otome” or “yuri”, but they pretty much never cater to the reader’s expectations taken from reading other visual novels within those genres. There are also certain elements extremely common for ebi’s work, regardless of topics or conventions she’s trying to tackle. Deeply flawed, painfully realistic characters, extensive internal monologues of the protagonists and a nostalgic aura are almost constant elements of her writing, making most of her stories fairly easily recognizable and differentiating them from the typical Western-produced VNs. Ebi’s latest release, A Winter’s Daydream, while at first glance might look like a silly comedy, can be accurately described in only one way. It’s an ebi-hime VN through and through: slow-paced, introspective and handling serious, existential topics despite any humorous elements and the wacky premise. And, as you can easily expect from this particular author, it does all those things in a thoroughly satisfying way. Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
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    This is an article about 25 zisual movels, often called zakage, that I wholeheartedly recommend you read. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oIrKghtAxg3U2nFCIwg8a6O8CbgZqWGqGlGQ68wPfo0/edit?usp=sharing Inspired by @Rain Spectre
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    Conjueror gave it a bad review, so no thank you.
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    long enough to make the letter z not look like a letter anymore
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    Chiho attempts to explain the plot of her route - (ca December 2018, colorized)
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    Translation Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 100% (2691/2691) Miyabi Route - 86% (9365/10854) Tonoko Route - 100% (8709/8709) Branch School - 44% (2593/5846) Total - 37% (25149/68206) TLC Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 6% (157/2691) Branch School - 3% (187/5846) Total - 3% (2135/68206) Edit Prologue - 100% (1791/1791) Main School - 6% (157/2691) Branch School - 44% (2583/5846) Total - 7% (4520/68206) We are still looking for a permanent TLC to work on this project. Please PM me if you're interested in working as a TLC for this project. That's all for now. See you in a couple of weeks.
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    Inspecting the pages, Making*Lovers looks to be so much better than I expected it to be! http://ml.nekonyansoft.com/index.html http://senren.nekonyansoft.com/index.html
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    sweet pool hype thread!

    they mean exactly the same (if you mean the genre), except yaoi have a derogatory origin and connotations, so let's stick with BL, shall we? I explain it better at shameless self promotion:
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    VNTS Status

    It's not data gathering scripts that are broken. We've never used scripts for that—all data gathering is done by hand. It's the blog software and plugins that we rely on for posting the updates that are broken.
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    Rice, what do you use it for?

    Once every month I boil a bunch and spread it on a table, let it cool and the grains separate. I put a wooden frame around the grains, play around with them, make patterns as my fingertips slowly grow sticky with starch. After a while of this ennui takes me, and I start breaking up the patterns, scattering the grains where they will, making a chaotic, amorphous field of it all - it reminds me of how the TV set used to look when you got the wrong channel, back in the days before cable. And I think to myself, looking at that chaotic, amorphous blob: this still makes more sense than Fuwanovel's moderation standards.
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    Another update, and no need for much word here seeing that Irru didn't have anything else to report there: Common: 100.0% Sora: 0.0% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 0.0% Misa: 100.0% Rikka: 75.9% Touko: 0.0% Total: 49.79% That's all for this week update.
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    The Fuwanovel I want for 2019

    I hope you step on a Lego.
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    Actually, this isn't true either. Take a look at their initial lineup announcement at https://nekonyansoft.com/blog/2018-announcements and see if you can spot the odd one out which has no announced progress. TBH, all the people I know at the independent VN loc companies, from the bottom to the top, are simultaneously: passionate about the medium doing the best they can for the games and for the fans constantly running into difficulties, sometimes of their own making, but just as often from external sources occasionally fucking up, as is normal for people constantly scrambling to deal with said fuckups, because they don't have the benefit of a lot of financial resources to solve the problems they create NekoNyan is going to have their share of fuckups, just like Sol Press is. Just like Sekai Project has since before them. Just like MangaGamer before them. And just like JAST before all the rest. If you're putting any of these companies on a pedestal, you're in for disappointment. But also, if you've somehow deluded yourself into believing any of them is in this industry just for the sweet sweet cash, rather than out of love for the content, you're bonkers.
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    I resuscitated a twitter profile I'd never used and am posting my progress on there now since this thread is only updated every few weeks.
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    Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/970570/CHAOSCHILD/ With that said, I figure I’ll take this opportunity to ask for some clarification! I’ve been looking forward to reading Chaos;Child ever since Committee of Zero released their patch at the end of June last year, but I’ve been putting it off in order to read Chaos;Head Noah first, since Chaos;Child apparently spoils that. I’m growing more and more restless, since it might take a long time for Noah to be translated and I’m really hyped for Chaos;Child, so I’m currently considering reading the original Chaos;Head instead. What I’d like to know is: Are there any vital plot-related differences between Chaos;Head and Chaos;Head Noah, or is Noah just meant to bring some extra content for the fans of the original? I heard that Noah has a revamped True Ending and changes to the story, among other things. If I read the original Chaos;Head and then Chaos;Child, will Child spoil anything from Noah that isn’t in the original (like the revamped True Ending, for example)?
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    Pure x Connect Translation

    Status update Prologue progress: Translation: Complete Editing: 1001/2120 Overall progress: Translation: 4379/43896 Editing: 1001/43896 Now with holidays over we go back to a regular update schedule, also, on further news, @Meat_Bun1 has joined us as an editor, so expect faster progress on the editing side of things.
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    A short while ago I’ve reviewed PixelFade’s Crystalline, expressing my disappointment at what was a visually brilliant, but rather hollow experience, in many ways inferior to that studio's first project, Ace Academy. While AA, a mecha-themed game set in near future’s Japan, mixed convincing drama, a cast of archetypical, but compelling heroines and great SoL sections, providing a fairly balanced and enjoyable game, Crystalline focused much more on comedy and despite the fantasy adventure framework, failed to produce an engaging plot or characters interesting enough to make the whole experience satisfying. The genuine chemistry between Ace Academy’s characters and its compelling atmosphere let me even forgive its anticlimactic ending – PixelFade struggled heavily with that game's development, being forced to cut a large portion of the plot and rush the conclusion, infuriating many fans. The cuts and omissions were definitely visible, for me however, what was already there was simply too good to disregard and I still consider AA as one of the best EVNs I’ve ever read. As you can imagine, it was hard for me not to get excited when, shortly after Crystalline’s release, the studio announced Kaori After Story – a spin-off to Ace Academy, continuing the romance arc of Kaori, arguably the primary heroine of the first game. Using the Live 2D engine and animations from Crystalline, it promised to be another eye-candy, this time directed to the fans of PixelFade's debut title. What worried me, however, was that it was also described by the devs as primarily a comedy, most likely ignoring the bitter-sweet climate of the original and its somewhat ambivalent ending. Thankfully, as much as some might be disappointed with this game’s obvious disinterest in continuing Ace Academy’s main intrigue, connected to protagonist’s father’s scientific research and tragic death, there are many things here they should find highly satisfying – and even I, as reserved as I was when approaching KAS, couldn’t help but to enjoy it quite a lot. The spin-off might disappoint those hoping for any kind of elaboration on Ace Academy’s main intrigue, but the SoL fluff it offers is of excellent quality Kaori, the leader of the protagonist’s team of mecha pilots (the story is based around a futuristic sport, involving team battles between specialized mecha called GEARs), was the heroine with probably the most intricate and fun romance arc in Ace Academy. While her modern-tsundere attitude might be off-putting to some (she can be standoffish and often rude towards the protagonist even after they become a couple), there were many highly amusing interactions connected to her and fairly unique, memorable scenes that still stick to my mind, more than a year after reading AA. Especially if you chose the athletic archetype when starting the game, it was easy to create a genuine chemistry between her and the protagonist, both highly skilled and ambitious pilots, pulling each other up on their way to the very top. However, maybe more than any other route, it lacked genuinely romantic moments, in which Kaori would truly open up to the protagonist or show him affection, even though it was clear enough that she loved him. Whether connected to the whole project being cut short or not, it left me feeling just slightly unsatisfied with the whole scenario at the end of the original game. Kaori After Story feels like it was created exactly to fix this issue. Starting a few months after the end of Ace Academy, it involves the couple spending their Holiday break in Kaori’s hometown, along with her family. It focuses on the blooming relationship between her and the protagonist, completely forgoing the drama and delivering a few hours of absolutely lovely, light-hearted romantic fluff. Also unlike Crystalline, it toned down on the popcultural references, which I really never enjoyed that much in PixelFade’s games (although I admit that in this case, the sequence of the protagonist playing one of Kaori’s otome games is rather hilarious), instead delivering the humour primarily through some highly-amusing SoL scenes. The chemistry between the couple is definitely there, and Kaori’s family is highly likeable – as always in PixelFade’s games, all of it enhanced by good-quality voice acting. Kaori’s romantic arc in Ace Academy felt particularly inconclusive, with few compelling, romantic moments – After Story makes up for this perfectly Obviously, it doesn’t mean the experience is flawless. Just like with Crystalline, my possibly biggest gripe is connected to choices offered to the reader. While the romantic/slight teasing ones feel lovely and satisfying, you also have the option of being an over-the-top pervert or an annoying grump. The problem is, making these latter choices is nearly completely ineffectual for the plot and the ending – and there are paths in which there is really no reason for Kaori to not lose at least some of her faith in the protagonist. In what is essentially a piece of “fanservice” for people that liked Kaori’s arc and want to see her romance with the protagonist blooming, some of the choices really make no sense whatsoever, especially considering the fact that the conclusion is always a decisively positive one. While I can see the reason for including a few over-the-top, “stupid” choices, the unromantic/insensitive options simply leave a bad taste with your mouth, also serving no real purpose other than creating additional “interactivity”. The game, as mentioned before, is absolutely lovely visually, capitalizing on the technical expertise and assets the studio gained during the production of Crystalline. I was worried that with the repurposed animations and new sprite, the story might lose some of its personality, but in reality, everything felt appropriate and genuinely nice to watch. All things considered, this should be a great treat for the fans of Ace Academy, and especially those like me, who really enjoyed Kaori’s arc. And if you haven’t played AA… What are you waiting for? Go grab it already! It’s really worth it. Final Score: 3/5 Pros: + Lovely visuals + Satisfying SoL/romantic content Cons: - No substance beyond light-hearted SoL fluff - Choices are ultimately meaningless and some of them can be obnoxious VNDB Page Buy Kaori After Story on Steam
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    There's a lot of animosity and even boycott against Sekai. Like Lesiak said, I don't see the benefit in them going under. I guess there are some people who will say, "they did shit work, they had it coming" but that's a rather extreme view. Anyway I've seen all kinds of things said against Sekai. I mean, if people boycott Sekai before Winged Cloud, they're pretty twisted. This reminds me a bit of the console war, and that's quite sad. Boycotting them because "they're a mess" will put the final nail on their coffin. Why not help them in their time of need if something they release appeals to you. No, we must send them to oblivion because they... Er... What they did again? I thought they were just another company, with their own misgivings.
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    Now that's some good taste right there.
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    55% edited~ and also happy new year everyone!
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    sweet pool hype thread!

    The official English release of the BL VN sweet pool by JAST USA is in a few hours! It's gonna be my first BL, and I'm excited. Being an EOP, there seem to be a limited number of translated BL out there...
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    What are you playing?

    So, I finally finished The House of Fata Morgana, and that was quite the ride. Probably the most powerful VN I've read in years emotion-wise - I was literally in tears at the end. I think the last VN that was able to achieve that was Minori's Eden. I had the VN stalled for almost a year or so after the 4 - 5 introductory chapters as I'd call them. Their main purpose was to set up the stage for the real story, but after several short stories that were just loosly connected I got a bit impatient to see the big picture and therefore stalled it a while. But when I picked it up again last week, the VN unleashed its full potential and I almost couldn't stop reading anymore. Overall, there were several aspects that really impressed me about this VN. First, it's really well constructed - pretty much every chapter is an essential mosaic of a big tale. That's not to say I liked every chapter, especially the third and to a certain degree also fourth and fifth didn't really capture me that much. But nevertheless, every chapter had a meaning that allowed the following chapters to build up on it. They wouldn't have been as strong without the introductory chapters. After some initial doubts, I was extremely relieved that in contrast to some other witch VN out there, this wasn't just 80% meaningless filler text and characters. Second, the VN plays with all shades of grey, including bright white and pitch black. It's literally impossible to simply order things in good and evil. Circumstances can massively change people either for the better or worse, and sometimes it's just a matter of perception. There are situations where every action will do a good thing for one side and a bad thing for another, and you'll simply have to make a decision what's more important to you. The writer showed a great understanding how life works. Third, the VN doesn't get lost in grey. Not every character is just a result or product of his or here circumstances. There are still ones that stand out among the masses and refuse to just be a plaything of destiny. And sometimes the brightest light can turn into the darkest black. Fourth, not every character starts out as the epitome of greatness - they need time to grow and develop. I also want to use that opportunity to emphasize how important a plot is to develop its characters - even for a moege. Maybe the deredere isn't as dull and boring if she gets into a situation where she's challenged a bit. And maybe the tsundere isn't just a bitch and shows really admirable virtues given the right situation. Fata Morgana has several characters that might even seem bland at first, but change and develop over time, because the story allows them to do so. Fifth, the writer achieved to make the central tragedy 'special'. Given the time period the story plays in, you could find tragedies and suffering everywhere. Just having a character who experienced great misery isn't sufficient. You need an outstanding character who was victim of a great injustice for that. Visually, the VN certainly hit the mark with its more classical western look, although I still consider the cheaply made blurred photo backgrounds a real downer. In some situations I wasn't even able to decipher what's supposed to be shown on it. In others, the proportions of the sprites didn't fit to the ones of the background at all. It was certainly my biggest gripe about the visuals of the title. The music was pretty great, although I have to say that there were 1 - 2 slice of life tracks I wasn't so fond of - and unfortunately those were probably the most played tracks in the VN *sigh*. But pretty much all tense and dramatic tracks ranged from solid to great. It's a bit unfortunate that the VN didn't have voices though. The VN also frequently seemed to be more expressive when it took a more classic book or novel approach with full images and NVL style. Some of the most engrossing parts were just text and a plain background like a simple book. Although I think they handled the ADV parts with sprites much better in the second half of the VN. Favorite characters: Final rating: 8.5/10 I would have even given an ultra rare 9, but the crappy backgrounds and the lack of voices were a bit of a downer. Still an amazing VN though. I also finished Ann's route of Saku Saku... after more than one year of reading. I also wanted to read Yuuri's route, but Ann's was so boring that I'm not sure if I should just drop it. I recently bought Sakura Sakura and I'd be more interested to read that one as a moege at the moment. Regarding story VN's, Chaos Child will be next.
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    What a dumb thread. Read what you like, even if people like me say its shit.
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    If anyone likes to use Discord and want more places to discuss visual novels or you want to post more about visual novels you're reading, here's a list of the discords I'm aware of. Feel free to point out any I'm missing. List of Discords for official licensing companies, TL groups and major websites MangaGamer's Umineko Golden Fantasia - https://discord.gg/xsgJKjh JAST USA - https://discord.gg/rMGjzQE Sekai Project - https://sekaiproject.com/discord/ Sol Press - http://discord.gg/hrcAzxq Nekonyan - https://discord.gg/BK4dFsG Todokanai (White Album 2 Fan TL group) - https://discord.me/TodokanaiTL /r/visualnovels (also a place for Visual Novel Developers to go by going to devtalk channel) - https://discord.gg/Z6skErt Fuwanovel - https://discord.gg/F79q4dp ----- List of fanmade discords for VN series Air - https://discord.gg/N8wTXEK Chaos;Child playthrough and discussion server: https://discord.gg/aqcsPWY Dies Irae - https://discordapp.com/invite/fVgRb7T Doki Doki Literature Club - https://discord.gg/6cKj8cq Fata Morgana - https://discord.gg/3vVkkH2 Grisaia - https://discord.gg/0vIZSb9oQQcDDPTX Higurashi + Umineko (Hinamizawa): https://discord.gg/c8Akk4G If My Heart Had Wings/Kono Oozora + other Pulltop (Latte) VNs - https://discord.gg/pjWQw57 Kanon - https://discord.gg/9dHnpXS KEY/VisualArts (Kanon, Air, Clannad, Planetarian, Little Busters, Rewrite, Angel Beats, Harmonia, Summer Pockets) - https://discord.gg/Wd4DrgN Katawa Shoujo https://discord.gg/S2EHXbA Little Busters - https://discord.gg/PPz6xRa MajiKoi - https://discord.gg/wqAcmHp Muv-Luv - https://discord.gg/0wXwnqY9lQcO0u0E NekoPara - https://discord.gg/xGY7Hec Otome Games - https://discord.gg/gYFY5yF Overdrive (Edelweiss, KiraKira, Deardrops, Dengeki Stryker, Go Go Nippon, etc) - https://discord.gg/m8sGK4u Rewrite - https://discord.gg/FCBb8M4 Root Double / Infinity Series (Never7, Ever17, Remember11) / IO - https://discord.gg/7fy6A6n Steins Gate + Science Adventure VNs (Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes, Chaos;Child, etc) - https://discord.gg/YBmZzfA Symphonic Rain - https://discord.gg/DtmxqSY Tactics (One and Moon) - https://discord.gg/XUfvN2p Type Moon - https://discord.gg/fate Umineko (/r/umineko) - https://discord.gg/mV9jM9G Umineko (Rokkenjima) - https://discordapp.com/invite/0lT4R2yl29qJKjkc Yuri (Girl x Girl) Visual Novels - https://discord.gg/MykW77j Not including things like DanganRonpa/Ace Attorney discords since those games are so popular theyre not really VN community based as much and are super easy to find. Most of these should be welcome to all readers. Whether you want to read the series for the first time, or have already and just want to discuss the VNs. Just make sure to respect spoilers and any other rules the discord has. If there's any I'm missing on the list, feel free to point them out and I can edit them in.
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    I have played G-senjou no Maou. The game is rather pretentious as some characters will talk over each other just so the author demonstrates that they're "smart" like bringing up quotes, or a saying that is so out of place and doesn't relate to the topic, simply for the sake of having quotes. Not deeply well thought out, and sometimes don't make sense if you just give them a minute of thought. Really, most of the romance titles I have read have the protagonist, and the heroine falling for each other, a simple crush. Which is fine in real life, but it is boring to read especially without events happening. Moeges especially have a weird train of dialogue, not really how people speak to eachother. Some of the characters will just feel like badly programmed robots who have been fed quotes, or sayings to say at random. Example It was impossible to truly determine the single greatest moment of your life until you were looking back on things from your deathbed, of course. But I was sure everyone had wished for similar at least once It's common to read VNs with backwards logic where a heroine will beat the protagonist, berate him for his stupidity, then the cast will make the leap of logic that they like each-other. It is especially obnoxious if the heroine is just unthinkably selfish, stupid, self-servant, and down-right gullible. People find gullible appealing, and "cute." But unless characters grow out of that phase, and develop, I dislike it. The characters feel static. I want something like the love relationship in Flowers Sur Ete, the two heroines feel like they feed off of eachother. Negatively, or positively. They love each other for a reason, and are willing to give a piece of themselves for the other person. It does feel like they were made for each other, true love.
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    Hello good,bye discussion

    Don't worry I'm not going to leave Fuwa, I'm going too stay member for looooooooong time
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    VN Survey

    Here's my list of must-haves for VNs. 1. Must have honorifics, no matter what language it is in. I need my chans and sans or else I will kill myself. 2. Must stick thoroughly to Japanese sentence structures. Must have concepts like "Despite this," "Even though," "Is that so?" "Pregnant with," and "Ittadakimasu" or else I will kill myself. 3. Must be edited by an ESL with no proper understanding of English for a genuine experience. Must be overwritten and underwritten at the same time, circa HoshiMemo localization or else I will kill myself. And by kill myself, I mean bitch about it on r/vns.
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    Longer than I spend writing my blog posts but not more than 5 seconds.
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    On the "games for girls" side of things, I think 2018 was a pretty solid year. We got the localization of both Psychedelica games, and Sweet Pool recently. For Japanese releases, there were Cendrillon Palika as a Switch exclusive (as the Vita is dying in the West because Sony itself is trying to kill it, it's a good thing to expand the market), Piofiore no Banshou, a fandisk for Collar x Malice, and some great BL games from first-time developers, like Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma and Nie no Machi.
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    My new relationship with SOL

    If yall haven't guessed (or just read my previous posts) my primary reason for giving up VN of the Month was being buried in SOL... well, that and the fact that playing that many new VNs a month took up too much of my time and left me none for any pursuits beyond work. My immediate realization afterwards was that I quite simply couldn't play SOL games at all for the first few months. After years of constant overdosing on saccharine fake romance and meaningless conversations that exist only to make you go moe over the heroines, I had simply had enough. Even now, I literally cannot play a pure SOL game without my body physically rejecting it by putting me to sleep or giving me a headache. After a while, I got to where SOL didn't bother me, as long as I knew there was something beyond it (actual plot of some sort, maybe a little violence or a protagonist I could like). Unfortunately, that means I can't bring myself to play anything where I see no hint of something beyond the SOL (seishun doesn't count, since that is default). My most recent experiments (Clochette games) told me that I could still enjoy SOL as long as it was peppered with something interesting. However, I quickly realized when I tried to play some of the newer games that came out this month... I wanted to vomit after starting several of them. I literally couldn't stand the obviously standard-issue protagonist, the weak carbon copy heroines, and the dead copies of games that came out years ago. For instance, Sora ni Kizanda Parallelogram was such a blatant attempt to use the nostalgia of both Aokana and Walkure Romanze fans (FD for the former and complete pack for the later came out recently) that it made me want to be sick. The protagonist's situation and personality were carbon copies of the one from Walkure Romanze, and the situation and setting were partially stolen from Aokana. Hell, one of the heroines is of the same type as the main heroine from Aokana. That sent me over the edge, and I sold my copy to a local eroge addict so I wouldn't have to look at the filthy thing again. Worse, a bad copy of Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukurikata came out this month, and I wanted to smash something (I hate games that focus on entertainment industries). Ugh. *coughs* ahem, now that I got that out of my system, I have to wonder... am I going to have just as violent a reaction next month and the next after? There are things I used to like about SOL games that I just can't enjoy anymore, and that saddens me deeply... and my tolerance for blatant and pathetic attempts at milking other companies' games' popularity has gone down to zero, apparently.
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    Poll is rigged there is no option for "I am dating my waifu in real life."
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    Yeah, I hear you. I sometimes wonder if setting up for a big announcement and then doing the release at the time of the announcement wouldn't actually be more effective than the current state, lack of publicity be damned... or at least maybe announcing just a week in advance of release or something. By the time anything comes out these days, from anyone, it's always like "oh yeah, that thing".
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    Quite an interesting announcements that we got, and in turn it did make Sekai position is even worse. As for their announcements, the name are Senren Banka and Making Lover. Yes one of those were Senren Banka in which it's one of the VN that I'm interested with back at AX 2016 that was licensed by Sekai, and in turn it left Sekai with one (Or two if you still wait for official Dracu Riot release) Yuzusoft VN. Anyway, here's the link to Nekonyan's blogpost for the proof.
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    What are you playing?

    Started reading ......... Little Busters! Time to get punched in the feels another 40 times? This is a KEY VN afterall..... Well so far, I like the slice of life elements between the group (it's also refreshing to have quite a few supporting male leads). The Pokemon style "battles" between characters are amusing