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  1. Goodbye

    You could just change your username and hope no one realises it uwu
  2. Recommend seeing a doctor. It is normal for males to crave for young and clean girls.
  3. I have done it few times in the past with Cheat engine and HAT but it really depends on the game. I never used it on Amagami but I van't remember if I couldn't get it to work or just didn't even bother trying because Amagami is just easy to read and has very little actual text in it.
  4. I got promoted today. Ask me anything.

    Can you give me $1000?
  5. LMFAOOOOOO holy shit HAHAHA TOTAL bruh MOMENT om g lol haha my sides bro im experiencing heart palpitations this joke man dude this is EVERYTHING im lol my brain is deteriorating HAHAHA LOL
  6. Just like the translation of Noratoto (don't let other people fool you), the translation is very good.
  7. Snow Presents hooking problem

    Download editions pretty often have small modifications because they usually use some kind of DRM when launching the game for the first time causing the hooks to stop working.
  8. padowo padowo xmas

    happy hollidayss!!!
  9. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    If 18+ release would actually be possible Jast would have released Baldr 9 years ago.
  10. Did you do all bad ends, normal ends, good ends for each heroine. I also don't know what you mean by Extra Story but if it means Murasaki route then I think it was not translated.
  11. Massive Forehead

    I think it will please you that in Riddle Joker they actually addressed this issue. On left we can see the sprite from trial and on the right we have the final version.
  12. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    This is actually Steam requiring it. They won't allow it otherwise.
  13. Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

    Think there is a bug in your blog post. I don't see KirikoiGT anywhere.