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  1. There will always be better hardware so lol What if the game devs actually created good games with good gameplay and not just something that looks #pretty but is absolute trash to play and the fun lasts for 2 hours.
  2. If you have python installed then just download the file i linked and drop the game exe onto it. The file itself has the same guide.
  3. If you have python installed https://pastebin.com/XG0qAuBW
  4. Then you either install the program and then login with your account to it or use another tool to just remove the DRM from the game.
  5. Blog posts with lots of comments seem to cut off on mobile when using Spectrum theme. Other themes worked just fine.
  6. It was made for supporters so if you are not a supporter then bad luck
  7. SAO is good. 以上です。
  8. This link should work: http://mirror.studio-ramble.com/upload/9/200805/11eyes_update_patch101.zip We tested this before and it seemed to work with the download edition of the game. How to install see this post here:
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