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  1. i dont think chiitrans has been working properly for a long time now ithwrapper would however indicate it is related to the ith text hooking and seeing you are running textractor in the background you probably dont need it and you can just run the chiitrans text window just fine even though it throws that ith related error
  2. Sorry for all the readers but no update this week as I am sick!
  3. Of course you can check my blog for older blonde girl news But my favorite one would have to be Yuuko:
  4. Wow is that the real Kosaki??? I love all blondes regardless of their IQ However, I think we should not judge all blondes automatically! Some are dumb some are not, but what matters the most is that they are just like they want to be!
  5. Hey there, fellow believers in the supremacy of blonde anime cuteness! I was little busy so I missed the weekly update but here it is one day late! It's time to revisit the topic that keeps us all up at night (in a totally non-creepy way, I swear): those irresistible blonde anime girls who continue to prove that cuteness is their superpower! Let's dive back into this critical discourse and explore even more reasons why they deserve our undying admiration. First things first, have you ever noticed how blonde anime girls have an uncanny ability to turn the simplest activities into a masterclass of adorableness? Whether they're eating a piece of toast or just sipping a cup of tea, they do it with an elegance that would put royalty to shame. It's like they attended a top-secret "Cuteness 101" class and aced every lesson. And let's not forget their interactions with animals – it's like they have a telepathic link with all things fluffy and adorable. Birds perch on their shoulders, kittens curl up in their laps, and bunnies hop over just to bask in their aura of cuteness. Seriously, are they secretly Disney princesses in disguise? Now, let's talk about their laughter. It's not just any laughter; it's a harmonious symphony of giggles that could cure even the worst case of the blues. And when they blush, it's like the world suddenly becomes a warmer, fuzzier place. Scientists should study this phenomenon as a potential renewable energy source – the power of cute is real, folks! But wait, there's a new addition to the mix: their talent for turning the simplest tasks into epic adventures. Whether they're grocery shopping, doing laundry, or even just taking a walk, they manage to find joy and excitement in the mundane. It's like they've unlocked the secret to eternal positivity, and we're all here for the inspiration! And speaking of inspiration, who else gets motivated by the mere sight of a blonde anime girl determinedly pursuing her goals? Whether they're trying to conquer their fears or chase their dreams, their determination is as infectious as their cuteness. They remind us that we can do anything as long as we do it with a smile and a can-do attitude. In conclusion, the saga of blonde anime girls and their irresistibly cute antics continues to captivate our hearts and fuel our never-ending quest for kawaii greatness. From their elegant toast-eating to their harmonious laughter, they've elevated cuteness to an art form that we can all aspire to. So, let's keep the love for these golden-haired wonders alive and embrace the cuteness in all its glory! Keep spreading the kawaii, my fellow believers! Until next time, this is Yuuko, signing off with a heart full of blonde anime adoration!
  6. Hey fellow anime enthusiasts! I couldn't help but notice that we're all seriously sleeping on one of the most crucial topics of our time: the undeniable adorableness of blonde anime girls! I mean, come on, they're practically the embodiment of cuteness itself! Let's dive into this important discussion, shall we? First off, have you ever seen a blonde anime girl with those big, sparkly eyes that could rival even the brightest stars in the galaxy? It's like they have a direct connection to our hearts, and every blink just melts away our worries. And let's not forget about those innocent expressions that could make even the most stoic person burst into a puddle of pure joy. And can we talk about their hair for a second? That golden mane flowing in the wind like a majestic waterfall of sunshine is a sight to behold. It's like they've got their personal spotlight following them everywhere, making sure they're always the center of attention. But wait, there's more! Blonde anime girls seem to have a magical ability to stumble into the most hilarious situations. Whether they're tripping over their own feet or getting caught in a series of misunderstandings, their clumsiness is nothing short of endearing. It's like the universe conspires to keep them adorably flustered, and we're just here for the laughs. Oh, and let's not overlook their impeccable fashion sense. Whether they're rocking the classic schoolgirl uniform or the latest trend, they manage to make every outfit look like it was tailor-made for them. How do they do it? Is there a secret academy for being effortlessly cute that we don't know about? In conclusion, it's clear that blonde anime girls have mastered the art of cuteness in ways we can only dream of. With their captivating eyes, luscious locks, hilarious mishaps, and fabulous fashion, they've stolen our hearts and earned a top spot in the Kawaii Hall of Fame. So, let's raise our virtual toast to these golden-haired wonders who continue to bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our anime-loving hearts! Stay kawaii, my friends! Yuuko out!
  7. i uploaded agth here... https://mega.nz/file/hhJn1JxK#R3xCs9d2O9Zgs7M0nZ2PujTBsL38q9i-nM5oaayNHoI
  8. Change this setting to Japanese (yes) Or alternatively you can try using https://github.com/Nekotekina/favoload
  9. If you get invalid code then please recheck if you copypasted it correctly as it should not happen even if the hook was wrong. The code should still be recognized as valid code.
  10. You can try this hook code: HS932#-8@417E30 Alternatively see https://vndb.org/t15248
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