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  1. Yuuko


    Might be better for new users as Facerig costs at least $600 for individuals and more like $8000 for companies? Maybe. Dunno. Sucks for existing users though but I'm not seeing they having any problems with the current setup either so they just gonna keep using that?
  2. Sorry it was me who threw $500 at her...
  3. Yuuko

    Genshin impact

    So what you mean it feels exactly like all mobile games do Meanwhile I can kill all bosses in the game either in 1 or 2 openings
  4. Yeah that is always the standard after your first payment fails. Was just wondering if I should switch my payment method to something else before I do my next order from them because after the first payment fails I'm not gonna do a transfer.
  5. When you say they do not accept foreign credit cards anymore, does it mean this order just failed payment or do you have any more information on that? There also seems to be GooglePay option added so that might be easier than transfer...
  6. Yo, Yuuko here with another spicy topic. Please watch Natsume Eri. She is very kawaii. Also watch my sheep friend Ps. I'm dumb.
  7. Yes, writing is actually super important for moege. Charage is actually just moege with good writing, but people just call them charage because their ego does not allow them to like moege.
  8. just replace all shadow raid legends ads with nekopara ads
  9. Yuuko

    Genshin impact

    First time I only had anemo protag with me and it can kill only 1 of the orbs at the time so had to do it 3 times
  10. Yuuko

    Genshin impact

    Shiny Colors actually has a similar gacha system where you need 5 copies of a character if you want to actually get high rank and beat other players (and guarantee drop is at 300 pulls for current rate-up, no other guarantee drops in the system). The thing with Genshin though is that you should not look at any tier lists (you really shouldn't in any gacha game imo) but just play with a character you like. So far you can beat anything in the game pretty casually if we don't count the higher tier dungeons where you need to think of element combos and whatnot more. The game has now been out for 2 weeks and I have 5 Barbara and 4 Fischl so give it month or two and everyone will probably have some dupes of 4 star characters and maybe one dupe of 5 star character if lucky. With the game updates coming every 6 weeks, there is plenty of time to collect everything before you can progress again in the game. (Currently the game gets a lot more grindy after ar30 or so)
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