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  1. I feel that common routes should introduce me to the characters, the setting and the general plot. When done well, common routes should plant the seeds that will grow into a story in the routes, as well as introduce me to the characters and the game's world etc. I do agree that certain common routes can drag on and get a bit boring, but slice of life games with standard heroine routes should definitely have them, as the common route is usually how I decide what heroine's route I want to go down first.
  2. The main story is called the grand route. (It's the Cocoon of Caprice one.)
  3. I don't think that's a good solution. My advice would be, make sure you stay around groups of people or teachers for a bit, and they won't do anything. Don't talk to them, don't look at them. Just pretend they don't exist and do your own thing. Also, like the others said, trying to run someone over is a really serious thing. This isn't just some funny joke they can brush off; that's seriously messed up. Take it to the police and see what happens. Those morons deserve to get punished for acting like that.
  4. As for who TLed this, I'm not 100% sure. But, it should be the same person/ people who did the first game, now working with SP. As for the word censorship in H-scenes. Crude words for genitals gets censored in Japanese eroge most of the time, and the bleeps are literally in the audio files. They would have to record new lines for the western release to decensor those, and no one really cares whether you can hear them say cock or not. Are you sure the same specific words were said in both cases? Maybe you heard a less crude word in the first scene, then different ones in the second one. I have not played the English Meikyuu grand route yet, and it has been a while since I played the Japanese one, but the crude word censorship should be the same the whole game. If it isn't then this is an inconsistency from Frontwing, not Sekai Project.
  5. Yes, it's a TL of the original; no altered content at all.
  6. No problem, glad I could help.
  7. Still, this is a survey where you say what you want to see licensed, not what you think might get licensed. Vote for what you want to see, regardless of how likely or unlikely it is for it to actually get picked up.
  8. @Limerence_ happy birthday! (It's okay, I still have 1 minute until midnight here, so I made it!) \o/
  9. Hehe, I remember the last one of these they did and I put down Maggot Baits and Dies Irae. Well... here we are, lol. I chose 2 games I have already read and feel deserve English TLs, and 1 game from my backlog I plan on reading that I'd love to see TLed. Ryuukishi Bloody † Saga Kimi e okuru, sora no hana Sengoku † Koihime X ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~ Ohhh yes me too, definitely. I actually want OSTs of games more than the physical game itself, as I love just listening to good OSTs when I'm TLing or studying etc.
  10. I actually liked the H in this game. The reason I put it down as a bad thing was simply the frequency and amount of it. The first 2-3 scenes for each heroine felt like they achieved something, and they felt relevant to the story. However, once they started going into their 6th H-scene, what was achievable in terms of character development was kind of achieved already, and it was mainly just pointless H. Hot, but not really needed.
  11. The code will remain usable for longer, but it will vanish after 7 days so WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE! Or else you are going to lose it. Whenever you log into a new IP adress you will need the code and the email, so save that in a document somewhere so you remember it. The error you are seeing now is what happens when you try to use the English patch with the 1.0 version of the game. You simply have to update the game in order to make it work. Now, updating the game to the 1.1 version is a bit harder with download editions compared to physical editions. First off, download the 1.1 patch from this site. Now, if you don't have it, download 7zip. What you do next is extract the folder, so now you'll have a folder with a launcher in it. Next up, right click the launcher in the folder and extract the it using 7zip. The reason for this is that the launcher won't recognize the digital game, and the launcher won't work, therefore you must manually extract its files. Now, place the extracted files in the root game folder for 11 eyes, (same place as the English patch.) Now it should work! If the translation patch has the same name as the patch.xp3 in the extracted folder, rename the translation patch to patch2.xp3. Do NOT replace the file. (Do not place the entire extracted folder in there, but all the files inside said folder. It should look like this:) All of these go in the root 11eyes folder.
  12. Did you buy the game as a guest, or did you log into an account when you bought it? Either way, the email you used when you bought it is your log in username. To unlock the game you have to put in your email and password once. (The email is the email you used to buy the game from Getchu, and the password is generated automatically when you buy it, and should be visible on the page you downloaded the game from. It is also possible they sent it to you in an email.) Last time I bought a game from their site, the password was generated and displayed on the page I donwloaded the game from. Note that when typing in your information in the log-in DRM from Getchu, the top should be your email, the bottom should be the password. I once ran into an issue where the launcher wouldn't register me typing in @, and I fixed this by simply typing the email somewhere else, then copy pasting it into the field. (So double check that your email is indeed typed correctly.)
  13. Holy crap, that spike though... Although it's unlikely they will reach the next stretch goal in 8 hours, it would be pretty nice if they did. I am a sucker for artbooks and stuff like that. *crosses fingers*
  14. Meikyuu's grand route is actually separate from the rest of the after routes etc. The after routes all contain spoilers to the heroine's route in the first game, obviously, but other than that the routes in Meikyuu aren't related at all, and you can read them in any order that you want.