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  1. What to read next- "kamige edition"

    Alright, the people have spoken. Looks like I'll be reading Subahibi. Let's see what all the hype is about.
  2. What to read next- "kamige edition"

    Monster! Will be reading the translation. Mosiacs can suck it!
  3. Ssssslithery greetingssssssssss

    (*´ω`)/ッ Welcome, welcome!
  4. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Please try to keep this thread on topic and avoid derailing into off-topic subjects like politics etc.
  5. Alright, so there's a few VNs that have stayed on my backlog for ages that people claim are "kamiges." I have just never gotten around to reading these, so I guess it's time to find out what the hype is about. Question is, which one should I start with? The games in question are: Muv Luv Alternative, (well, all of the games, but from what I gather Alternative is the one that's actually good.) Dies Irae Subahibi
  6. Rate the avatar above you

  7. Birthday thread

    @Flutterz Happy birthday Flutzie! Here, have a moe! I miss moe bot Flutterz (/ω\)
  8. Yeah, when you put an item in your cart and go to pay, you'll see this: You can see your available points in the red square, and set the amount of points you want to spend on the item with the button marked by the arrow. (I think it automatically marks the amount needed to pay for the whole item with points when you do that.) I have a credit card registered too, so I have to make sure I use enough points if I want to only pay with those, though if you never register a card you don't have to worry about that. The top option means "don't use points" and the one below means I'll use my points. (In this case I don't have enough for the whole item, and I would just use 834 points to remove some of the price.) @NowItsAngeTime Oh and for adding points to your account once you have a card:
  9. No you simply input the code you get in the box that appears when you run the game for the first time. Not really. You just click register and input your name and email, but the site is in Japanese, so if you can't read much Japanese it could be a bit more challenging. So, for DMM their stance on western cards varies. I have used my credit card on DMM tons of times, though now and then they'll go "oh no, this is not ok!" Then suddenly they change their minds, lol. There is no harm in trying it out. (And as stupid as it is, if they do decline it you can always try again the next day and it might magically work, lmao.) But yeah, like @1P1A said, you can always buy DMM points and simply use them instead. Then you don't need a credit card. Though, buying points is more expensive than using your card, as the dealers that sells digital DMM point cards takes an extra cut. I personally use Play-Asia. They deliver the codes instantly and I have never had an issue with them when buying codes. In terms for registering it's pretty much the same as DLsite. You make an account with an email and password, then you get an email to confirm your account, that's it really. Again, the site is in JP, so that's the only "obstacle" I suppose.
  10. Link (or simply go to dlsite.com and select the middle 美少女ゲーム button. This is generally where eroge is. Some can be under 同人, "doujin" but not many. You can always check there too, just to be safe. That would be the button above 美少女ゲーム. Also, there are still some JP games on the English store, so you could always check there first.) Generally you need the JP name, though sometimes romanji can work. Depends on the title. Safest bet is searching by the JP name/ developer. You can use western credit cards just fine, though note that you need to make a new DLsite account for the JP site. Your English one won't work. It's all digital, yes. I for one have never come across a physical item on the site. Note that DLsite often uses serial code type DRM on their games. (Especially newer ones.) You'll know if the game you are looking at has it or not by looking for this on the game's store page: (You will get your serial code when you open the page to DL the game, and only need to input it once, so it's not that bad. Though, their DRM has been known to cause issues with text hooking tools should you use them, so do keep that in mind.)
  11. You have great taste Welcome! (/・ω・)/
  12. How many people cares for physical copies?

    I generally buy physical copies from Japan, not TLed games, so the EMS costs gets me. I have bought some games from MG in the past, and the shipping there wasn't too bad. Though, it does depend on the site, whether I use a third party shipper and so on. But yeah, I meant when ordering tokutens from Japan, not games from western publishers.
  13. How many people cares for physical copies?

    Yeah, I pretty much agree. Like I said, the chances of it becoming a problem is probably 1% or less, (and it would have to be something pretty disturbing, I'd imagine). I have never heard of a case where someone were prosecuted in norway because of fictional stuff. Still, better safe than sorry is what I think. (At least about physical items, as they do go through customs, while digital items aren't "discovered" as easily, especially when you use a VPN to download them.)
  14. Hi, I'm new, hi.

    Hi, welcome! o/
  15. How many people cares for physical copies?

    Yeah, I have a couple of hardcore games too. But, the laws in norway do technically say that even fictional rape etc is illegal, which is why I don't want to import too many games like that. The chance of it being confiscated and it actually becoming an issue is like, 1%, but it's still not a fun risk to take. That being said I did just import Legend of the Overfiend last week, so I guess I only think that sometimes, lol.