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  1. Help me choose my next avatar

    1 is really nice. Love the colors, so pwetty
  2. My question is... why do I know the answer to this already?
  3. Looks like one of my favorite VNs might be next in line I was really hoping to TL this myself for a company some day. SakuraGame, I hope you step on like, all the legos.
  4. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    It's way too short like this for me to be interested in it, tbh. Maybe I'll buy it when all the parts are out. I'm not a fan of periodic releases as is. One where the parts are literally an hour each sounds pretty dumb for a visual novel.
  5. Just a reminder that piracy is against Fuwanovel's rules. If you want to discuss where to get the game, please link official sources, or take such talks elswhere.
  6. Actually, this just happened. Seems like they really are starting to allow straight up ero on Steam. (This game features actual H-scenes, not just "some lewd", so looks like eroge on Steam is a thing now.)
  7. regarding Chusingura censorship

    Do you have a source for this information? Translating ChuSinGura is... extremely hard. Like, I'm an official translator, but I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole at the moment. The difficulty of the Japanese, the required knowledge of Japanese history + the amount of text in general makes me extremely sceptical that "some guy" would be able to produce a good translation for this. Especially since he is "in need of help." As for your other question, I own the physical game for all the ChuSinGura titles, including Miburo.
  8. BDSM clothing!!! ヽ(´▽`)/
  9. Hm true. If you can add money using a foreign credit card, then use the balance as if it was a JP gift card, that's quite the life hack by itself though (´・ω・)
  10. Hmm, and is that usable across regions? Idk if it maybe registers your account on one domain, and considers you from that region, so the balance won't work on others. Seeing as normal gift cards works like that, it's possbile. (If not, that's a super neat feature.)
  11. For any region, though? I mean if you are currently not in Japan. (If you can choose the region, then I did not, lol.)
  12. Are you using a Japanese gift card? If you're using one from your region, it won't work. Using a Japanese gift card with no western credit cards registered works for me. (I also have an actual Japanese address; idk if maybe using a fake one could also cause issues?) You can buy Japanese Amazon gift cards digitally online from different sites, though there is obviously a chance you'll get scammed, so don't go with anything that looks shady. I personally use Play-Asia for DMM, Amazon and Itunes gift cards when I need to get past the credit card restrictions on JP sites. It's possible that there are other sites offering better prices. I just use this because I've used it before and know I can trust it.
  13. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    While I get that you don't want to release your games outside steam FIRST, know that you are losing sales by not doing so at all. (I haven't bought Newton, as I simply don't want to buy VNs on steam.) It will be the same for this new game, too. I hope that you do start putting your games on other platforms soon. Until then, I'll be skipping them, at least, and I know others that will too. If you look at any other VN publisher in the west, you'll see that they pretty much always release the standalone 18+ ver. and the Steam ver. at the same time.
  14. Moenovel announces next Title

    Thing about Cruise Sign is that it is the ENTIRE game, + the fandisk and a new all-ages route specifically desgined for PSvita. This is just a censored version of the fandisk and nothing else. So, it's not really the same. But yeah, for someone like yourself who does not enjoy H-scenes, this might be just fine as long as the TL is good. I have a feeling you'd be skipping the H content anyways.
  15. Moenovel announces next Title

    Fandisks tend to be made for those perverts. It's normally just new H-scenes for the old heroines, and some short scenarios for new heroines where H is the main focus. So, you'll be losing a good 40% of the game with this release, at least. Flight Diary does also have some extra story content, so that is something. But yeah, you are losing a lot of the fandisk with an all-ages release. Hopefully the TL is okay, so people at least get to enjoy the story. Then again, Moenovel... you never know with them. It's a real shame that they refuse to do 18+ releases, especially once they start to dig into fandisks, where the H is such a big part of the game.