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  1. It's my birthday, where is my present?

    Happy birthday! My gift to you is this box! You probably shouldn't open it
  2. List of physical english releases of VNs

    Hey! We have not forgotten about that, and we are planning to go over the pinned threads in this board in the near future. (We were discussing it just the other day in the mod forum, actually.) When we do get around to that, we'll probably pin this one as well, as it's a very informative and detailed list. (Good job, @bakauchuujin!)
  3. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    Alright, let's try to keep things on topic.
  4. Hello!!

    I'm pretty bad at translating someone else's English into Japanese, so it is far from perfect: ようこそ! ここ、日本人のユーザーは少ないですね。(I use a comma to mark a natural stop, instead of putting a particle like で or には, as it just sounds better to me that way. This is an example of a less stiff, yet still polite sentence.) 他のメンバーのおすすめが聞きたいなら、ここで沢山ありますよ!(Insert link to the recommendation forum) We probably shouldn't completely hog this thread though, so if you want some more help, feel free to send me a PM!
  5. Hello!!

    Like Ayase said: You also used a pretty strange mix of forms, like なさい, which really isn't used when speaking to strangers. (Especially not when you are trying to come off as polite. なさい is very commanding, like "do this!", so using it mixed with long forms makes the sentence a little confusing. ならば is also a bit strange. Bit too stiff, maybe? You don't really hear people use stuff like that in normal spoken Japanese.
  6. MIKU! (/・ω・)/

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    2. Dergonu


      You mean, why am I following myself twice? :P




    3. Plk_Lesiak


      Oh... Do you still get a notification whenever you post something? :blink:

    4. Dergonu
  7. Hello!!

    いいですね!(^ω^) ありがとう!私も日本語の勉強頑張ります!まだまだですけどね…(/ω\) If you run into any issues on the forum, don't hesitate to send me a message! (/・ω・)/
  8. Hello!!

    Welcome! 英語上手ですね!自分で勉強していますか?私は日本で留学したとき、英語が話せる学生はあまりなくて、こんなに上手になるには沢山勉強が必要でしょう?すごい!(/・ω・)/ 'Twas me. I forgot to mark it so people could see who edited the post. Whopsie!
  9. Birthday thread

    Thanks! ^^ I could tell you... but I'd have to kill you.
  10. As Re;Lord is a localized title, you are better off sending a message to Denpasoft / Sekai Project directly. (Seeing as you have installed the game with an .exe, I assume you have the Denpasoft version.) You can either contact them on twitter, or fill out a contact form on their website.
  11. Hahaha, yeah... that happened, didn't it?
  12. #1: ChuSinGura 46+1 The most amazing story I have ever read. (Not just the best VN, but in terms of books and everything else, too.) It's such an incredible story from start to finish. One of the few VNs I'd call a masterpiece. #2: Chrono Box Another masterpiece in my book. After I finished it I had no idea what to do with myself for a good week. I just wanted to play the game all over again, and felt like no story would ever be as good. #3: Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana Bit of a different game, compared to the other two above. This was the first ever medium sized VN, (10-30 hour,) I read in Japanese, and actually felt like I understood everything. It was such an amazing feeling, and as such, this VN will always have a special place in my heart. It is a good nakige, with some interesting twists and turns, an amazing OST and great art. Definitely worth checking out. #4: Grisaia no Kajitsu One of the first VNs I ever played, and definitely one of the main reasons I fell in love with VNs as a whole. It was also one of the reasons I started learning Japanese, as I had no idea the other two games were being translated at the time, and I ended up reading the sequels in my broken Japanese instead. Had I not read Kajitsu, I might not have been as serious about my Japanese studies at the time, and it could have been just another hobby I gave up on.
  13. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday @Down!
  14. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    As long as jokes and "shitposts" are kept in moderation, and posted in the appropriate boards / threads, we don't mind. There is of course a possibility that continued derailing can lead to certain posts being hidden/ a staff member stepping in to ask the discussion to be brought back on topic, but we're of course not opposed to users having fun. We simply ask that people post with the forum rules in mind. They are there for a reason. (If you haven't read through them, please do so, as it is not our job to tell you what the rules are after the fact.)
  15. Mods that made you cry? (´;ω;`)

    Eclipsed, for abandoning the weeb life I cri evr tiem