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  1. That sure took a while. I think we can rule out the porn having been written in from the start in this one, lmao.
  2. Hello Dengonu, since the announcement of a new Inyouchuu game it struck to me the idea of translating the very first game myself, but I dont have any sort of experience in the matter, so I was looking for information on how to translate visual novels and about TinkerBell scripts/engine and I found out that you where one of the few people that had comments about Tinkerberll and Inyouchuu on this website, I was wondering, if maybe you knew of anyone that had tried to do something like this before or whenever it is possible (apparently TinkerBell uses and custom engine called C,system of which I can barely find info and it feels it might make things hard/impossible).

    In case I havent explained myself, im trying to patch the Inyouchuu games in english since TinkerBell and no one else wants to :)  Thanks for any help or information you might share.

    1. Dergonu


      I’m afraid I know nothing about coding/ hacking/ scripts etc when it comes to translation. I just translate. 
      You could try checking out the various script hacking threads on this forum for help. Maybe someone has tried hacking the script format here in the past. Other than that I can’t do anything but wish you luck I’m afraid. 
      I hope you’re able to find some help elswhere :) 

  3. How did you change your background image?

    1. Dergonu


      Oh, that's a feature unlocked by either donating to the site or being a staff member as far as I remember. I've suggested adding it as a post based milestone like custom titles, but for now it's not something most users can access I'm afraid.

  4. Dergonu

    Gawr Gura

    Oh so this is where that shark that goes あ. On twitter comes from. There’s so much art of her from Japanese artists, I thought it was an anime char or something, lol.
  5. Yes, it was a game I hoped I’d be able to translate myself one day, actually. Oh well. It’s cute and fun. Definitely has more substance than something like Sisterly Bliss, despite being about the same length. So yeah, it’s good stuff.
  6. That is our stance on officially localized games. You will have more luck talking to the devs than people here, most likely.
  7. It will be a LOT easier for you to simply download soft denchi and logging in to the DRM. It's only a one time log in, and not difficult at all. The program will just do its thing in the background, without you needing to do anything.
  8. It does a decent job at rushing through the VN. It's not spectacular, but it covers the most important parts, whilst adding some original stuff here and there. If reading the VN just isn't on the table, then I'd recommend checking out the anime. But if you think you might read it sometime, don't watch the anime, as it will spoil a lot of the VN and take some of the enjoyment out when you do get to reading it.
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