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  1. None of the choices in Kajitsu mean anything CG wise, except the last choice in every route. These choices will lead to separate endings, that contain different CGs. The choices in the common route only show some slightly different, humoristic scenes. What is important, is to save at all the route choices.* The routes can be played in any order you please, as they are all separate stories leading to outcomes unrelated to one another. * These are choices that leads into a route, and you have to go back and choose the right ones to go into the routes you want. I recommend using a guide for this part, as it might not be totally obvious during some of the routes which is the "enter" and which is the "leave" route choice. In addition, the choices appear after one another, so let's say you want to play Yumiko's route, you have to navigate correctly through all the other heroine route choices to end up in her route.
  2. Fuck. Yes. It's here. The artbook in this is amazing. A4 sized book with nearly 200 pages of high quality lewdness (´・ω・)
  3. I like how all the comments in this thread is about how people don't care. If you don't care, why are commenting in the first place? I'd like to see a combined release as well, at least. The split release bothers me a bit, not because of cost or anything, but just because I'll have to wait for the rest of the game if I buy the first part. One release, or three parts released at the same time, would have been much better in my opinion. The reason they did this is according to them that they can get the porn out faster, but I'd honestly much rather wait a bit for a later release of the complete game/ all the parts instead. So, I'll probably just sit around until the parts are all out.
  4. Let's hope this was like the Love Sweets thing where someone else, not the translators, actually made the posts. (The chances are really small, but hey. Let's pray desu.)
  5. I haven't gotten too far, but I started it and it seems very interesting. I really like the atmosphere and writing. The art is a bit unique, but it grew on me after a bit of time in game. I'd say it's worth a shot, though keep in mind I haven't read too much yet.
  6. A wild Dergonu appeared! Yeah, I saw it on kickstarter a while ago and thought it looked like a pretty cool OELVN, so I backed it.
  7. The 3 part release does tick me off a bit, and I'll probably wait for all the parts before I buy it tbh. Even if it is a nukige, having it cut into 3 must impact the experience somewhat. Liquid does make good nukige though, so I'll definitely buy it eventually.
  8. So both Dies Irae and Subahibi will get localized the same year. 2017 is looking pretty good for western VN fans.
  9. Angel didn't even make it on the list? Oh well, more of her for me to enjoy all by myself
  10. Aw, and here I was hoping we'd get that this update. Oh well.
  11. It's true, lol. Now, that doesn't mean I didn't like the true route, of course, but I liked Mizuha's route the most in the whole game. If anything I usually like side routes in story based games. Makes it easier to focus on the main story, then treat the heroine romance and such as a separate entity. (Like the example mentioned above, G-senjou, which does this rather well.) I find that most of the time, mainstream opinions about routes etc usually differs from mine, so I'm keeping an open mind about the routes in this game until I play them myself.
  12. Wasn't trying to say you didn't. Just meant to point out that the OP would have to read a VN for about 50 hours just to get to one specific scene. If he thinks that is worth it, that's fine I guess, but that's some very serious dedication for one H-scene.
  13. Keep in mind that the H scene in question is locked away in chapter 4, and you will have to play a good 40-50 hours to get there, all for the 10 minute scene. (It is indeed nice, though.)
  14. Adorable. Also, same voice actress as Chikara from ChuSinGura? Waifu confirmed.