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  1. I'll just mention things not already posted above. Let's see, if you're looking for something that's just horrible and fucked up, then Rettoukan comes to mind. It depends on your play style in the game, but assuming you choose all the ... worst choices, Heaven Death game is really fucked up. Something with more story but still a lot of fucked up content would be things like Nikuniku and Tokage no Shippo Kiri. A bit less extreme, with some fucked content here and there and an overall dark story would be things like Chou no Yume, Kowaku no Toki, Tetsu to Ra, Shin'Yaku Inyouchuu (and all
  2. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s one of my favorites, though. And the only Light game I’ve actually finished, lol. It’s not a nukige, and it’s definitely a serious game that tells a good story, but I can see how the disturbing content would completely ruin the enjoyment if you’re not able to handle that kind of stuff. It does bother me a little that this post spoils pretty much every plot point and twist, though. Maybe a spoiler warning at the top for those who might want to read it sometime would be nice.
  3. I use DMM and DLsite a lot. Probably too much tbh. Both are great. DLsite more so for doujin works, with DMM having a huge VN library, from new releases to old stuff. Recommend both sites.
  4. If you want to clear doubts about the quality of your translation, provide actual samples of it for us to read. Scripts chosen at random, preferably. As someone who just completed a job that was 1m characters long over about half a year, I can attest to it being impossible to do twice that in two months. Like, literally impossible.
  5. Please, never accept work offering 1 yen per character. Doujin circles or not, that’s just slave work. Having worked for Japanese companies before, needing proof of residence seems about right. Their tax laws and what not are a huge pain, and you likely need to submit a lot more than that to actually get paid. Lots of forms, and physical copies of them that must be mailed at that. Gotta love Japan right w
  6. Back when I was studying at uni in Japan, one of my professors recommended a series of grammar dictionaries that came in handy. When it comes to grammar learning in these types of communities, I rarely see people mention anything other than Tae Kim's guide, which I'm personally not a huge fan of. Figured these could be helpful for people specifically only learning the bare minimum for reading, so they can look up grammar just as easily as vocab when reading. You can just keep it next to you while you read, and quickly flip through the pages for whatever piece of grammar you encounter and want
  7. While I'd say it is frowned upon, there is no rule against making a machineTL project, so there's no reason to close the thread. Remember to keep the discussion civil, everyone.
  8. That sure took a while. I think we can rule out the porn having been written in from the start in this one, lmao.
  9. Hello Dengonu, since the announcement of a new Inyouchuu game it struck to me the idea of translating the very first game myself, but I dont have any sort of experience in the matter, so I was looking for information on how to translate visual novels and about TinkerBell scripts/engine and I found out that you where one of the few people that had comments about Tinkerberll and Inyouchuu on this website, I was wondering, if maybe you knew of anyone that had tried to do something like this before or whenever it is possible (apparently TinkerBell uses and custom engine called C,system of which I can barely find info and it feels it might make things hard/impossible).

    In case I havent explained myself, im trying to patch the Inyouchuu games in english since TinkerBell and no one else wants to :)  Thanks for any help or information you might share.

    1. Dergonu


      I’m afraid I know nothing about coding/ hacking/ scripts etc when it comes to translation. I just translate. 
      You could try checking out the various script hacking threads on this forum for help. Maybe someone has tried hacking the script format here in the past. Other than that I can’t do anything but wish you luck I’m afraid. 
      I hope you’re able to find some help elswhere :) 

  10. How did you change your background image?

    1. Dergonu


      Oh, that's a feature unlocked by either donating to the site or being a staff member as far as I remember. I've suggested adding it as a post based milestone like custom titles, but for now it's not something most users can access I'm afraid.

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