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  1. It will be a LOT easier for you to simply download soft denchi and logging in to the DRM. It's only a one time log in, and not difficult at all. The program will just do its thing in the background, without you needing to do anything.
  2. It does a decent job at rushing through the VN. It's not spectacular, but it covers the most important parts, whilst adding some original stuff here and there. If reading the VN just isn't on the table, then I'd recommend checking out the anime. But if you think you might read it sometime, don't watch the anime, as it will spoil a lot of the VN and take some of the enjoyment out when you do get to reading it.
  3. A belated happy birthday to @NowItsAngeTime!
  4. Welcome! I had a similar introduction to VNs, with Grisaia. Hope you enjoy your stay here. It's not as active as it used to be, but there's still lots of helpful users lurking around, plus a bunch of old threads you can check out for recommendations.
  5. If the backer status is no longer a thing, maybe we could make this a post count goal, similar to custom titles. Incentivize people to post more to get the cool stuff.
  6. This for sure. Always find these so annoying. It just feels like a forced way to introduce drama just for the sake of it.
  7. A lot of Frontwing’s "older" games are like that. Pure Girl and Innocent Girl are the same. Tons of goofy humor and lots of H. It was kind of their thing before. Jibril also has lots of H if I remember correctly. That’s always been the rage in Japan, after all, which used to be their only big audience. Only after they made their western branch did they start moving towards all-ages/ "optional" H content.
  8. Note that the game on steam is cut extremely heavily, just like with Subahibi, so you need the patch to actually play the game properly.
  9. This is extremely inaccurate. If 5 cents per moji was standard in VN translations you’d hear a lot less complaints about bad pay, lol. NDAs are a thing, so I can’t mention specifics, but uh, think like... a lot less than that. If you want the low end think a LOT lower than that. Like, jesus, where did that number even come from. I want in on that shit.
  10. I know right! Shocker, huh! Thank you~ Thank you! Thank you! Don't remind me! I'M HALFWAY TO 50 NOW, SRJSRELGKJSELRKG!
  11. Started watching critical role. With 115 episodes, all 3-4 hours each, it's uh... well, it's time consuming, lol. I think someone said watching it all takes 52 full days, and that's just the first campaign! (So worth it though, it's fucking dope.) It has also peaked my own interest in d&d, and I'm considering getting into it myself, which would also be another big time sink to distract myself with. Oh and work. I'm doing a lot more work than normal each day now. Actually finishing quite a while before deadlines is a new feeling, lol. Feels pretty good.
  12. The protagonist has the most voiced lines in the whole game usually, since he is present in all routes, and 99% of all scenes. So, voicing him would cost a truck load of money, on top of the cost of the female VAs doing the heroines. Then add in the fact that a lot of people who want to self insert mute the male MC anyways, and you have a very cost inefficient system. So just leaving him un-voiced is a quick fix to save costs without really losing much interest from customers, as a lot of them want him un-voiced anyways.
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