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  1. Looking for a romance VN with Yandere route

    It's a bit of a spoiler, but the game fits your criteria well, so open it if you're interested: (It's one heroine with several endings.)
  2. Lol, that's such a harmless line. She just calls him perverted. If it directly mentioned them having had sex, I guess it would have made sense, but I see no reason to cut stuff like this just because it's an "all-ages" version.
  3. Sekirei. Pure Engagement ended with "to be conutinued" yet it never was. Would really like to see the rest of the series in anime form.
  4. It has had some pretty incredible effects on my life. For starters, it got me my job. Had I not started reading VNs I probably would never have started learning Japanese, and I certainly wouldn't have thought of starting up a fan translation, which is what led me into full-time translation. I realize now translating has always been my dream job, I just never knew it, heh. It also got me to Japan. Sitting in my new Japanese apartment typing this right now, actually. Once again I never would have thought much about going here, let alone moving here, had it not been for VNs. And of course, it has introduced me to so many great people, both online and in real. I met so many great people at uni, which I started to study Japanese as a result of my interest in VNs, and of course, I've met tons of great people in online communities like this, discord, etc, and through work and whatnot. So overall VNs have affected my life very positively, and I don't know where I would be today without them, honestly.
  5. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Whops, it got moved when I merged the threads! Moved it back, fanTL discussion is indeed the right board!
  6. Gin'iro Haruka general thoughts.

    Um, who are you? If you don’t mind, I’m waiting for a reply from my good friend Tiago. I’m sure he’ll be back soon, it’s only been three years.
  7. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Merged the two threads, you only need one
  8. I think it's doing just fine. While it might have shrunk a little bit, I think this has more to do with just how well it was doing in Japan for a while. It's only natural for industries, especially ones this niche, to go up and down a little. People get overdramatic when well-known companies go under, but this is hardly a sign of doom for the industry and is usually linked more to poor business decisions. We've also seen new companies rise up recently, seemingly from nothing, and do really well. (Nukitashi, for instance.) 2019 has been a great year so far in my opinion. Lots of cool releases already, plus more cool stuff to come. As far as what challenges devs face nowadays, I'm honestly not sure. Right now maybe 2020 Olympics censorship? Lol.

    This does exist, though not translated, sadly. Seisai no Resonance is like this. You play as the new girl who just transferred into an all-girls school, and you can choose from 5 main heroines, as well as three side heroines with short extra routes. (Just a scene or two each, but still nice.) It also has really good story. It's my favorite yuri title to date, and the only one I'm aware of that takes a standard eroge style route system, but makes it yuri.
  10. I have been making some blog posts on one series that does this recently, Tinkerbell's "Aojiru verse." I think one thing that is key is shared staff across the games, especially writing staff. It's common for each game to have a short summary of what has transpired in previous games so that you can start anywhere in the series, though it's not recommended to jump into the middle of the franchise. Routes and choices helps, as you can do a lot with the story that does not have to get picked up in the next installment. For In'Youchuu-games that are a part of the Aojiru verse-there is always one canon ending, and many branches which aren't considered canon in the next game. This way it won't be as hard to keep things consistent in the sequel(s). That is one strength of visual novels, you don't need to make everything that transpires in the game "canon" to the shared universe.
  11. I Walk Among Zombies vol. 2 released

    I already own all three in Japanese, but the H is so nice uncensored, I gotta buy them again The art is just really good in general. Must admit I read these mainly for the H, but the story is definitely intersting too.
  12. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    It's like 8k lines, so that's physically impossible.
  13. Conjueror passed away

    It's all over Twitter, both Gare and Steiner confirmed it. Jesus, this is just so sad. He was so young. RIP
  14. Saya no Uta Coming to Steam

    The JAST store version is uncut though, so it’s just for the Steam version. It’s cool that they are giving previous owners of Saya a free upgrade too, so we don’t have to buy it twice.