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  1. Another Fresh Face

    Hey, welcome to the world of VNs, where every single story ever made is about a dude running around, trying to date high school girls. Nice to meet you. Run. Run while you still can!
  2. I have glanced over some of the TL and, well, I don't hate it. It's quite literal at times, though they do try to localize most of the Japanese terms and such in the game. (There is actually quite a lot of that in this VN, with it being centered around youkai, Japanese deities and such .) They also clearly had a translator or editor who wasn't afraid of going liberal when it was needed, as several jokes gets completely localized. If only they kept that up through the entire script, this could have been a great translation. Still, it's definitely not bad. They handled Nazuna's lines pretty well. Her speech pattern is super weird in the RAW, and localizing it properly is quite difficult tbh. But they did a good job of reflecting her personality in all her lines. During one scene, Sumire and Nazuna are supposed to learn some English, and read out a terrible engrish line from a textbook. Here they actually changed that into Japanese instead, making it seem like they are silly weebs practicing elementary Japanese. I actually thought that was quite clever. It definitely works, as even if you don't speak any Japanese at all, it's obvious what's going on, and I think you'd still find it funny. (So, it's nothing like the monstrosity that is DD from Chrono Clock.) Overall I'd say the TL is decent for their first title. If they cut down on some of the overly literal TLs, there is definitely potential there. On the technical side: The game runs very smoothly on my tablet, and the HD assets are really nice. They also added in a few new quality of life features, like being able to backtrack through lines with a simple click. The android version doesn't have a gallery button at the moment, but this will be added soon in an update. So, they definitely did good job on the technical stuff. The company seems very open to feedback, which is nice. I asked if it would be possible to add an option to scale the CGs back to the normal resolution. (They are cropped a little bit, because of the HD upscale.) They seem willing to do so, and said they'd look into it. All the content is intact as well, so yeah, definitely worth buying. (If you can stomach some literal translations.)
  3. I wasn't trying to snap at anyone. If I offended you in any way, I am sorry. (Well, I was snapping at Moenovel, for obvious reasons.) What I was trying to say is that censorship is not okay. You seemingly agree to this, great. But when you said the only change made to the game will be what every other company does, it came off the wrong way to me. The way you phrased it makes it seem like Moenovel will be doing what other companies does, by offering the original version as well. But they won't. To me this seemed like you were defending them. As someone who helps write the VNTS, you have the ability to influence a lot of people's opinion on things, which is why asked if you could add in a note about Moenovel's censoring when talking about their localizations. You not minding having H-scenes removed is absolutely fine, but that still doesn't make it objectively okay. People need to know that a game has been censored, so they can choose for themselves whether they are okay with thay or not. I agree that we shouldn't compare If my heart had wings level of censorship to what was done with Love Kami, though. They are definitely different levels of censorship, and I should have been more clear about that difference myself. Censorship is still censorship though, and we shouldn't be okay with it. Like I said above, we deserve better. (And get better treatment from essentially every other localization company.) Lastly, my comment about "dont like H, pick a different genre," came out wrong. People can pick what version they want, of course. Been writing this on my phone, so pardon the typos. Might be a lot of them.
  4. The problem is that this is still censorship when the full version isn't released. All other localization companies offers the full version through a patch or on a different website. The only reason steam always has censored releases is because that's Steam's policy, and Steam is the biggest VN platform in the west. But Moenovel doesn't offer the original in any way. I am glad that they have at least (seemingly, we'll have to wait and see for sure,) stopped literally censoring anything from kissing to innuendos, but the problem still remains; they only localize eroge, then censor them and slap them on steam. Some people might be okay with having H-scenes removed, but that doesn't mean it's okay. This is eroge we are talking about. If you don't want H-scenes in them, you're playing the wrong genre. Please stop trying to make Moenovel look like the good guys here. They still censor their games, and they still ignore all fan feedback. If you're going to cover this game in the VNTS, please make a disclaimer saying it has been censored, and that supporitng them advocates that. If people keep supporting Moenovel, they'll keep repeating the same shit over and over. The only way to make them stop is to cut off their money. Trying to tell them what the west wants hasn't worked. People have been doing that since If My Heart Had Wings launched. All they think about is money, and they get that when people keep on buying their censored crap. The VN localization scene has come so far in the past couple of years. We're finally at a point where censorship doesn't happen that much anymore. Most new eroge localizations gets their respective 18+ versions, and all-ages versions for those who wants that. Everybody wins. So when a company like Moenovel starts censoring stuff without offering the original anywhere, they are ruining the great thing the west has finally started building. Don't support companies like them; we deserve better.
  5. Worthwhile VNs on Android (in English)?

    Oh wait, make sure you choose the new version released by Cherry Kiss Games. The old version is a bad, censored version. The new version, Mofu Mofu edition is the one you want. It should be available on the Amazon app store. The reason the old version made it on the google play store is because they censored it beyond repair. (The TL was also trash in the old version.)
  6. No, those tags are chosen by users I think. Most VNs gets that tag, even if they don't actually have nudity, cuz #steam. Might also be a marketing tactic to make horny 14 year olds click on the game.
  7. Looks like Japan has rubbed off on me. We don't understand sarcasm over here.
  8. Worthwhile VNs on Android (in English)?

    Wild Romance came out for android the other day. Though, I wouldn't recommend playing it on a bus, with it being a nukige and all It's a pretty fun game for what it is, though.
  9. Yes, they should... When you are given 2 options, and one is objectively better than the other, choosing the worse one is weird. I can't even fathom that someone would ask this question. Are you really saying you are okay with TLs that are incorrect, simply because you're an "average reader?" ... What's even the point of TLs, if people don't care if they are accurate or not.
  10. What other hobbies do you have?

    My hobby is stalking Fiddle.
  11. Okay, so they changed their policy from 12 year old girls to horny 14 year olds. The issue still remains that they are censoring all their games. You speak as if removing all 18+ content from eroge isn't censorship. If they made proper all-ages ports, that would be something, but they just straight up cut out all 18+ material. That's taking 3 steps back from all the good stuff that has happened to the western VN market the past few years, which is why this company angers me greatly. They represent what's wrong with VN localization.
  12. The circle does that because that is the literal reason why Moenovel censored If my heart had wings in the first place. They wanted to market eroge to kids, for some absurd reason, and stuck with that policy. There is nothing special about that one CG with some soap over a nipple in LoveKami; even If my heart had wings had certain "slightly lewd" CGs still intact, just censored. There is tons of other CGs they just straight up removed from Love Kami, without replacing them with anything. These aren't all-ages ports, they are just the normal version with content literally cut out. You might be fine with having your games censored, but many people people aren't. I personally won't support a company that keeps doing this. Lucky for me I can read the original, but that's not the case for many western fans, so when a game gets censored without any way to restore the original content, it's stuck in that incomplete version forever or until some saint like Pabloc shows up to fix Moenovel's mess. (And people who are willing to do that are rare.)
  13. I mean, that game still got censored in the western release, so their policy seems to hold tight.