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  1. OP, note that this is sarcasm. See this thread for info on why. Hmm, have you checked out the 50 translated VNs you should read before you die thread? Lots of great VN recommendations for beginners there. My personal recommendations would be Grisaia no Kajitsu and Eden*.
  2. No, absolutely not. The Chrono Clock translation is God tier compared to this. The translation for Libra is quite poor, sadly. I have not played edelweiss, but I can compare it to konosora. I'd say Libra is just a tiny bit better than konosora's TL, mainly because konosora also edited the script, making lines straight up wrong. In Libra's case we have pretty poor TLs, that are definitely too literal, but they are still technically correct, at least. So, not a good TL by any means, but at the very least it's a tiny bit better than konosora's TL.
  3. I know there are already several posts talking about the translation of this game on the forum, but some people might have missed them, as the bulk of the posts were made some time ago, so I figured a new thread might be in order, now that the game is out for everyone. I have been reading the game for about 2 hours now, comparing the JP lines to the English translations as I read. This translation is very literal, to the point where the English sentences often make little to no sense. The biggest issue seems to be that the translator transliterated everything. It seems like he/she just looked at the Japanese line, and word by word, translated everything directly into an English sentence as is, without any re-wording, giving no thought to how the line would flow in English. And the result is... terrible. From what I can tell, the translator has not made any rookie JP mistakes, like mistaking particles etc, (though keep in mind I could only go by the voiced lines and not the narrated ones, as I do not have the Japanese script in front of me.) That being said, an "accurate" translation doesn't really mean much when the English is barely comprehensible as a result. A few examples of what you will see in the translation: (Decay also posted some examples last month, which you can see here.) Screenshots: You also have things like this: This is an official localization, and yet it reads like a bad fan TL. We should not be okay with this. Many of us paid money for this. From what I can tell, the translation's accuracy is not the issue, but the translator's lack of English knowledge is. A proper editing pass and some QCing could fix 90% of the issues in this translation. We should all, (in a calm manner, of course,) ask Mikandi to do something about this. Whether they will actually listen to us or not is hard to say, but I'd like to think they will. Their PR has been on point through the entire campaign, (they were logged into this forum just last night, showing that they are checking the threads about their game frequently) and if enough people voice their complaints about the translation, I hope they will look into doing something about it. Tweet them, comment on their kickstarter page if you are a backer or post on their website. Make your stance on the TL known. If one person complains, nothing will happen, but if everyone does, it's going to be hard for Mikandi to ignore us. With their prevoiusly open attitude towards the community, I'd like to think they will listen. So, for the moment, my recommendation is that you do not buy this game. Wait and see if they will do something about our concerns first. Hopefully they will listen and do something about the TL. If you buy the game now in its current state, just be warned: it's not very good, and you might come to regret your decision.
  4. This is actually not the case, though. As you can see by my edit. As long as you are a backer, you get the patch for free when you buy the game. You just have to send them proof that you bought it, (just message them on kickstarter,) and you'll get the patch from them.
  5. EDIT: After sending them a message asking why, it seems they mean the patch will only be availalbe if you can prove you also bought the game. So, as a backer you will get the patch for free, IF you also bought the game. But, it will NOT be sent to you atomatically, even if you pledged over the 3$ they are charging for the patch. But ONLY backer will get it for free. They did not say the reason why they suddenly changed their mind on this. So yeah, they did indeed randomly go back on their word. Unless you pledged at least 30$, you will not get the patch and must buy it separately. Also, what the hell is even gonig on? The game has been out for over a day, but no kickstarter update talking about it? The patch is clearly done, but only backers can obtain it. We don't even have the option to purchase it yet. Meanwhile, all they are doing is shiposting on twitter. Did they murder their old PR guy and hire the guys from Dies instead or something?
  6. I don't understand what is up with the 18+ patch. They clearly stated several times that they are releasing it for free for everyone, the moment the game comes out. And yet, here we are, only a few people got the patch, and it's locked behind a password? (I'm a backer, but I didn't even get it. It seems like only backers of a certain tier + got the patch.) They have been saying the patch will be free since last year: @MiKandi Japan can you guys give us some info on what is going on here? ...
  7. The UI in Nurse Love Addiction is pretty big by default. The JP version is the same on that front. I personally really enjoyed the game. It's one of the few TLed yuri games with a good story. The translation was a bit awkward at times, but not bad. A few typos, some literal TLs and a few cases of awkward English is the worst you'll encounter. Accuracy wise, it was fine, so unless you are bothered a lot by a few awkward sentences here and there, the TL is absolutely fine to read.
  8. Things are going well. Got an editor onboard, who will start editing soon. We are in the middle of getting him set up with the tools etc at the moment. Progress wise, things aren't moving super fast, but I make sure there is at least some form of progress every week. I was planning to get a lot more TLing done during my vacation, but I just really needed some personal time to relax and recover from a long year at uni during these first few weeks. My vacation is long, so I have plenty of time to get more TLing done in the coming months. The progress will hopefully speed up soon.
  9. Welcome to the forum, nice to meet you
  10. (´・ω・`)
  11. This sounds very interesting. I was thinking of just jumping into the new game that is coming out in August without reading any of the others, (mainly because Rubi-sama made the art for this new one, and I LOVE her art,) but I guess I should read the previous games first. In what order should one read the games?
  12. I was looking forward to Blade x Bullet, but... delays.
  13. I encountered the same issue. What I did was I grabbed a 100% save file online. After applying it, go back to the last map movement choice you made, and CTRL forward. (You have seen all of this already, so don't worry about missing anything.) Now with the 100% save file you should get a non-map movement choice all the way at the end. One takes you the normal ending you have just seen, and the other to the true ending. The true ending choice is: Here is my save file if you can't find any. Just put it into the game directory>save data and overwrite the your current file.
  14. Hang in there Flutterz! \o/
  15. We all know what we want in the next volume