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  1. Yes, very true. I guess I have an issue with the fact that they are trying to remain an "all-ages" company, yet they localize tons of eroge, including games as fetishy as Nukitashi. (A game they cannot possibly make an all-ages version of, and therefore CANNOT sell on their own store!) Of course, I guess they could just sell it on sites like JAST and cut their losses for that particular title, but you have to admit, this is kind of weird. Why localize this if they know they can't even sell it. I just find it so puzzling that a company that wants to stay so mainstream and "all-age" friendly is so dead set on doing eroge in the first place. It really would make more sense for them to use the "Panty Press" brand like a separate company, like Sekai did with Denpasoft. No matter how hard they try, they won't be able to avoid the fact that they ARE selling eroge, lots of them. I just don't see this all-age only site as a good idea, considering the amount of eroge they localize.
  2. No. I specifically avoided mentioning MG because their issue IS unique. All the other big loc companies have an 18+ site, and run it just fine. It's an objective fact that what Sol Press is doing goes away from this norm. That's it, my point is made. We are having different arguments at this point.
  3. I did not mention Mangagamer, actually. MG seems to be the only company facing this issue often, which makes sense, seeing as they have a large library of very dark games, featuing everything from lolis, rape, guro and so on. For standard companies without these types of games, it doesn't seem to be much of an issue. (There's also the JAST approach of cutting the content, and leaking a "fan-made" patch days after release to avoid these things, if you plan on licensing controversial games.) Mangagamer's issues aren't really comparable to the other eroge companies.
  4. Sure, but you can just save yourself the trouble and buy it uncut on JAST, which is kind of my point. Not to mention, this way new customers won't know that there is a patch, as there is no mention of it on their website. Seems utterly pointless to me, as they already have their censored games on Steam. Why buy from this sore when you can buy A) the uncensored game on JAST or B) exactly the same version on Steam. The payment processor issue is clearly fixable, as Denpasoft, JAST, Fakku etc etc are all already selling eroge. They clearly chose some processor that's overly strict on adult content, and that's their own fault. They are selling eroge. What the hell are they going to do with games like Nukitashi? That game physically cannot be sold in an "all-ages version." You have no game left at that point.
  5. An all-ages only store. (??) You are actually getting a more complete product buying their games from JAST. They don’t even link to their patches on the store.
  6. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    I would not worry about having your computers/ phones checked. I have never experienced this in Japan, and have never heard of it being done. A couple of importnat tips to start of: First, make sure you always carry cash around with you! Most places, restaurants and stores alike, won't take cards! And, even if they do, there's a high chance your western cards won't do. Go to a 7-eleven and take out a decent amount of cash when you arrive. (7-eleven ATMs accept most foreign cards.) Japan is a very safe country, so don't feel scared about carrying around a lot of cash; it's very common there. (And there are like no pickpockets in the whole country.) When you arrive at Narita, (or another airport, if you're landing somewhere else,) go to an internet rental counter and rent a mobile router or a sim card. These are usually quite cheap, and you can get unlimited data usage for periods of 1-2 weeks, depending on how long your stay is. Western phones won't work well in Japan, and data prices are very high if you're not using wifi, so I strongly recommend you get one of these. The staff also speaks English, so you don't have to worry about that. Now, first advice I have for dining in Japan: Don't judge the quality of a restaurant by the outside. A lot of places, even fancy ones, will look extremely barebones on the outside. If you're looking for cheap dining options, family restaurants are pretty nice. It might seem kind of lame going to chains like Denny's in Japan, but they actually have good, reasonably priced food. (Japanese dishes as well, not just western stuff.) Denny's is also open 24/7, so it's a pretty chill place. Saizeriya is also a family restaurant chain that's quite popular, though they have less Japanese food compared to Denny's. Ramen places are always nice. You usually get quite a lot of food for your money. It's also very delicious! Also, contrary to popular belief, you can find some seriously cheap yet good sushi places. Google is your friend when it comes to finding them. If you want cheap hotels, then capsule hotels are your best bet. Though, keep in mind, these are just tiny rooms with a bed, usually nothing else. You could also get a bed in a dorm styled hotel, which is usuaully a little better in terms of bahtroom/ shower facilities, though they will be shared among all the occupants. If you want a private room, then it's going to be a bit pricy, even for smaller ones, assuming you're looking for a place in Tokyo/ Kyoto. As for buying merch, Akihabara. It's basically just a town filled with merch, lol. If there is any specific kinds of merch you are looking for, for specific types of series', you should google the series' name, then akihabara, and see what comes up. Chances are there are several stores selling stuff from it. Other than that, you have the big named stores like Sofmap, Gamers, K-books, Trader etc etc. Just walk around town and try not to blow all your money on merch. (/ω\) If you're going in the summer/ spring, bring light clothing. It gets extremely hot in the summer, and the humidity is also incredibly high. Sunscreen and sunglasses!
  7. Just a heads up, the 18+ scenes are NOT present in the game’s story. You can only view them from the gallery.
  8. Nicely done harem

    Ryuukishi Bloody Saga is one of my favorites, and it has a proper, functional harem. (So none of that "I gotta suck your dick for mana to save the world" shit.) Sadly it's not translated. I'm not sure if you're only asking for TLed games or not. If so, just... ignore me...
  9. Where to find old Visual Novels (1990s)

    If you want to buy old eroge from the 90s, Japanese Amazon is a good place to start. People usually sell used versions on there. Getting digital versions of old games can prove difficult, as many companies either never got around to making them, or went under before they could. (Like Zone.) You will need a virtual machine of an old OS, or a computer running an old OS in order to play them, usually. A handful will be able to run on W10 with the right compatibility settings, but it’s rare.
  10. Reborn as a censored goat in another world.
  11. Oh boy, another discussion I've had with Poltroon in the past. Are you sure you're not his alt? The issue with stances like this is- yes, you're right, it might not feel like you're missing anything at all. It's probably cut in a way that makes sure of that! But, that doesn't mean you aren't actually missing stuff. In fact, with the amount of H in this game you probably are. I haven't read the console version, so I don't know to what extent it cuts out H content, but the H is certainly "important" in this game, (as important as H can get; there's definitely "plot" related talks during the scenes, and many of them happen directly following emotional scenes, where dialogue will naturally continue in the H scene, instead of it being a complete scene transition into an isolated H-scene.) Often the feel you have when reading the cut game will be quite misleading. You don't know that you're missing out on stuff, because... well, it's not there so how would you know! I'm all for all-ages versions being available if someone prefers those, but the original not being available at all is in my opinion a problem for this very reason. People might start saying it's just as complete as the original, because it doesn't feel like anything is cut, when in reality, a good chunk of content might be missing. But with no 18+ version available in English, people aren't able to check just how much content is missing. The all-ages versions of Grisaia is a good example of this issue. I actually feel like people buying those are being ripped off. The actual ending in Rakuen is just staright up missing in the all-ages version. You actually don't see the way the story ends for the characters if you buy that. Yet, people don't complain about anything missing, because... well, they don't know it's missing! See the problem?
  12. Yeah, I've played the orignal. It's going to take quite some work to make a patch for it. Even if someone does do it, it won't be out for quite a while. (And tbh, it's unlikely someone is going to bother.) Still, one can hope. Best case would be that the devs sees the backlash about the lack of H and makes one themselves. Though, they seem fairly steadfast on not doing so, sadly. Before someone asks why I care if I've read it already: While I've already read the game in Japanese, I hate to see situations like these. I want others to be able to experience the full game like I did. I like to support official releases of my favorite games, so I'd love to buy an English copy of this. But, I don't usually purchase censored versions of games, so I'm a bit torn on this one. On one hand, I'd like to support the release, but on the other, I'm hesitant as it would feel like condoning censorship. @Mr Poltroon and I had a discussion about this very issue some time ago. Not buying the game at all just means the company might lose interest in the western market from poor sales, but supporting a censored release might lead to them doing it again. I want neither. I generally try to go with option number three and be vocal about the issue and hope a full version gets released one day that I can support. Hence, my comments on the matter. Not sure exactly to what extent Fruitbat's representative on here deals with the devs if at all, but one can hope our talks abut the issue at least makes it to the ears of the devs through them.
  13. Neat. Hopefully someone makes a patch for the H-scenes too. It's always a shame seeing good games censored in the west.
  14. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    You shouldn't worry about that at all! Sure, the average height for women in Japan isn't that tall, but that doesn't mean they look at tall people as freaks! Many of the girls in my class are fairly tall for women, and they fit in just fine. You might have people mention that you are tall now and then, but that's the case for pretty much any foreigners in Japan. Heck, if you're traveling in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, you're gonig to be seeing lots of other tall foreigners. You shouldn't let something so trivial stop you from going there!
  15. Reading VN is masochistic

    Sorry, I meant don't have fun. I forgot we don't allow that here.