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  1. Well since I'm here. Playing Chusingura 46+1 for the second time. Been a long time since I last played it. A long time since I played any VN at all tbh. This has always been in my top 3 VNs of all time, and that def has not changed. Actually playing the all-ages version this time. The official Japanese vita port is actually a great port of the game without butchering anything of the content. Even adds in a lot of new scenes, too. Pretty neat. So far I'm reminded once again why Kuranoske is the best girl and why chapter 1 is goat. On chapter 3 atm, and I do remember this absolutely destroying me last time so let's see how my feels hold up. Chapter 2 was already pretty rough with ... well, if you know you know. Anyways, if this actually gets me back into VNs I do still have 2 other Inre games I have to get to. Apparently they aren't nearly as good as Chusingura and bushi no kodou, but it's still Inre so I should give them a read. Edit: Too lazy to change my signature, apparently the last game I played was Tetsu to Ra w
  2. Makes sense to me. I'll go ahead an unpin it, and we'll see how that goes. I doubt it would get buried fast anyways rn with the... lack of activity in other threads.
  3. Hey man, welcome back. The place is pretty dead rn and a lot of the old guard is gone, but some people have been coming back recently. Maybe one day the whole gang will be back
  4. They're actually quite consistent and clear on this. Their policy explicitly states, even if your game does not feature H content, characters that appear underage put in "provocative" situations will get the game banned. Porn on steam is not an issue at all, far from it. They literally have an adult section for a reason. It's the school uniforms and underage chars in romance/ lewd settings that gets you the hammer. Not saying I agree with this policy, btw. I agree it's fucking dumb. But people saying this comes out of nowhere with no warning are wrong. Steam has this stuff in their guidelines for devs.
  5. Dergonu

    Literally Hitler

    It wasn’t me. I’d never ban your quality blogs
  6. My beard has sadly vanished since that post, but they are still cool. (*ノωノ) Yeah, was about to say, I haven't seen you around in a while! Not that I'm very active either. I miss the old days too. We hardly get any shitposts anymore. Sad times w
  7. Confession, I haven't read and completed a visual novel, (outside of what I translate,) for over a year and a half now. Also I still have a beard. Beards are cool.
  8. I still have my beard, don’t tell Fiddle

  9. Steam has a lot of reviewers, and some are more lenient than others. That being said, the idea that there’s a rogue reviewer who has it out for VNs is just silly. The issue lies with what some people see as potential explotation of children, whether such content is actually present or not. They are aware of external patches that puts content back in, so this is not really a workaround at all. If characters look young and are put in romantic situations in an anime styled game on steam, especially if they wear school uniforms or a large portion of the game happens in a high school, there is a high chance of it being banned. It’s true that some games slip through the cracks too, but trying to push games with high school settings and heroines who are students is risky on Steam as the situation with reviews are right now. Interestingly, sexual content is not the problem, as some people seem to think. It’s strictly related to potential explotation of children. Any kind of sexual content outside of that is totally fine on Steam, and they even have an adult section specifically for 18+ games.
  10. It covers the overall story of the VNs, yes. There is no continuation after. (I won’t count phantom bullet or whatever as canon, fight me.) Kajitsu is extremely different in places, though, especially the endings. (The anime ending to Kajitsu is anime original and not a part of the VN.) So I’d recommend reading Kajitsu. The other two are pretty well adapted. (And in my opinion those two VNs aren’t that interesting anyways.)
  11. I'll just mention things not already posted above. Let's see, if you're looking for something that's just horrible and fucked up, then Rettoukan comes to mind. It depends on your play style in the game, but assuming you choose all the ... worst choices, Heaven Death game is really fucked up. Something with more story but still a lot of fucked up content would be things like Nikuniku and Tokage no Shippo Kiri. A bit less extreme, with some fucked content here and there and an overall dark story would be things like Chou no Yume, Kowaku no Toki, Tetsu to Ra, Shin'Yaku Inyouchuu (and all the other In'Youchuu games), Mugen no Sakura. I've got lots more, but this should be enough for now, lol.
  12. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s one of my favorites, though. And the only Light game I’ve actually finished, lol. It’s not a nukige, and it’s definitely a serious game that tells a good story, but I can see how the disturbing content would completely ruin the enjoyment if you’re not able to handle that kind of stuff. It does bother me a little that this post spoils pretty much every plot point and twist, though. Maybe a spoiler warning at the top for those who might want to read it sometime would be nice.
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