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  1. Aiming for a Christmas release *fingers crossed* I hope everyone is well.
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates~ I just graduated from college so I would be able to put more time on this. My old editor died and I recently just found new editor for the project. Bad news is, he will start from scratch to keep wordings consistent. Also the word wrap is broken and it could use some help. And wow it's been 4 years already, thank you for sticking with me and my snail progress.
  3. The scripts are being edited nao. *zoom* *zoom* Come back 3-5 months from now. Sorry for the delays.
  4. I'm still looking for someone who can make a *working* re-packer. Kind of busy with college so it might take a few hours/days/weeks for me to reply but it's still alive. Adios~
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