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  1. vn release

    Yeah, it's ridiculous to even suggest the conveyor belt of well-packaged turdburgers is ever going to stop as long as people pay for more.
  2. Hooray!
  3. Nope, I didn't take a screengrab but it certainly did trend, first in Japan and then worldwide (albeit not for long and near the bottom of the trends list).
  4. I'm genuinely surprised Ever17 is that popular. It trended worldwide on Twitter, made me think I turned on tailored trends by accident or something.
  5. Never heard of any widespread problems with those titles except for the MGITP fandisc, which was a total mess on every level and reportedly required Japanese locale to work correctly. Therefore I'd hazard a guess that you're doing something wrong, but JAST support may be to blame as well, since it's their job to make sure you get to run the VNs properly. Unless you wish to discuss your problems with them in more detail, my answer is: No, I've never had issues with digital releases from JAST/J-List, I managed to run and read everything I bought from them with no issues whatsoever. The only time I had to contact support (to restore my account after a couple of years of inactivity), they got back to me quickly and transferred all purchases to my new account without any problems.
  6. Fue (Katahane, Hinatabokko)
  7. Extremely, bafflingly overrated.
  8. Bedbugs, on the other hand, practice traumatic insemination. Instead of looking for the corresponding orifice, the male punctures the female's abdomen with his penis wherever the fuck he wants and injects sperm directly into the hemolymph (what passes for bloodstream in insects).
  9. Just one more reason to laugh and point at people buying physical editions, especially SUPER DUPER LIMITED PENIS-EXTENDING physical editions. Hahahaha. Haha. Ha.
  10. I've seen somebody on the internets joke that Riho's route is actually Gonda's route.
  11. Whatever you do, READ RIHO'S ROUTE LAST. Best order (this is not opinion, this IS the best order): Rimu and Yayoi (in any order) -> Kanade -> Riho. If you read Riho's route first, you're setting yourself up for a major disappointment in other routes.
  12. Interesting results so far. I've read three of these four (except for Brass Restoration). KiraKira has the best story, hands down. DEARDROPS has the best music (IMO) and Riho <3. As for Quartett!.. I read it ages ago (and I don't remember hating it) but I really can't remember much of anything about it... other than that it's my favorite example of Oyari Ashito's art in a VN. And I don't really like Oyari Ashito's art in VNs.
  13. Without spoiling? It's supposed to be an alternative Kotori arc, presumably for Kotori fans. It's barely even that in reality. It reads like something written by a person who hates Kotori, thinks she's much worse than Nemu and does everything possible to saddle you with a guilt trip for the ages if you dare think otherwise.