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  1. What do you seek from VNs?

    I seek the Holy Grail. ... What? Someone had to say it.
  2. I think it's extremely generous to call Rise a tsundere, cause that implies she has a personality.
  3. It's the Shuffle! school of script writing.
  4. #MakeMarikaGreatAgain
  5. Happy Canada Day!

    I hope you're sorry!
  6. Wait, Grisaia was up against Clannad? All my lols. I can't possibly tell which one I dislike more. It's probably Clannad tho. Grisaia is not quite as bad. On the other hand, Clannad has this small bit of After Story which is actually pretty great... argh.
  7. Yeah, out of the 4 remaining titles I vaguely dislike two and haven't read the other two. #shittasteconfirmed EDIT: Oh, and they're arranged in such way that I can't even vote for any of them, cause the two I have read are in the different semi-finals.
  8. Doubt about Fate/Stay Night

    The original anime was based on Saber's route, the UBW movie and the UBW anime were based on Rin's route. There's a movie in development (I think, not really paying too much attention) based on Sakura's route. Either way, I think there's enough content in the VN to justify reading it if you like the franchise.
  9. What's your favorite visual novels company

    OVERDRIVE fanboy (well, more like fanoldman) here.
  10. Where do you meet people online?

    Everywhere, really. There's bloody people everywhere on the internet, I couldn't avoid meeting them if I tried!
  11. Horror visual novels

    Saya no Uta is the lovecraftianiest of VNs.
  12. NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Released!

    I'll be honest, I'm almost tempted to get it just to get more details about the dystopian world those catgirls seem to live in. It's infinitely more interesting than whatever drivel passes for the actual story in these VNs.