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  1. Ever Imagine your in a VN?

    Nope, but back in school, I remember every night while I was in bed getting to sleep, I'd imagine myself and friends from school in some awesome MMO similar to .hack//Sign. It was a lot of fun
  2. Fortune Arterial Translation project

    Colour me interested! I love finding new stuff to put on me list, please keep on the good work~! As always, I appreciate everything people like you do. I wish you and your team all the best on your project.
  3. Yeah...from seeing Asonn's screenshots... eeeeeessshhh Do not want.
  4. Dakimakuras on planes

    Up the butt?
  5. Greeting

    Welcome to Fuwa~! I'm a big fan by the way, you are such a badass VN protag!
  6. 5000 posts post

    YOU LIAR OMG I CAN'T BELI-- I hope you had a good Christmas also, Flutterz! <3
  7. '...and not a single thing of worth was said.' - 500 posts ^ ^

    Me glad me make you laff. I aprisheate you menshioning me <3
  8. Guilty Crown Lost Christmas English Patch

    Congratulations to everyone working on and finishing the project! I'll happily add this to my never-ending list of VN's to play. I enjoyed the anime, so I'll be sure to give this a go when I can. Thank you very much for your hard work!
  9. Greetings!

    Welcome to Fuwa~! It's nice to have you here! This is a very friendly community to find yourself in searching for more information and recommendations on more VN's. All you have to do is open your mouth and go aaahhnn~
  10. Hello to everyone!!

    Welcome to Fuwa~! This is indeed the right place for you in finding new VN's and meeting people sharing the same interest. I myself joined earlier this year, and have made quite a few new friends! P.S Your English was very well~
  11. Greetings everyone!

    Welcome to Fuwa~! You've definitely come to the right place to find more recommendations on VN's for you to read. I recommend you creating an account on VNDB if you haven't already, to keep track of all the VN's you'll find that you might be interested in reading.
  12. Hey bois

    Welcome to Fuwa Mr. Lurker~!
  13. Nice to meet you, everyone!

    Welcome to Fuwawa~ I do! I'm sure you'll find plenty of new recommendations here, this community is really helpful and friendly in that aspect.
  14. So, about Let's Plays of Visual Novels...

    I guess I should've been more specific, as reading back on it, you probably thought of watching a live-stream or something. I was picturing Hikari reading a non-translated VN to me live through Skype or whatever. It'd be more personal and intimate rather than watching a pre-recorded video, which is why I'm sure it would be hilarious.