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  1. My guy, just look at the reactions in this thread. You're in the minority on freaking Fuwanovel, the weebiest place to talk about VNs short of 4chan. The only reasonable conclusion is that the one living in an echo chamber is you, not those of us saying 3rd-person self-reference sounds like ass in translation.
  2. I have witnessed the progress of an English speaker transitioning out of referring to themself in the third-person and into the first-person. The toddler in question finished making that change shortly before their third birthday. So if you want to feel like Saya is two years old while you're reading that game, go for it and apply that patch. Meanwhile, any halfway decent translator is going to understand how inaccurate it is to render 3rd-person self-reference in Japanese as 3rd-person self-reference in English.
  3. The walkthrough is silly and is targeted at seeing every single dialogue line, including like, one-line forks for "hey, aren't you going to kiss me?". You do not need a walkthrough if you want to see every route. Just kiss the girls and the rest will sort itself out. Trust me.
  4. I... don't know if he would want me to share that. He used to post here quite a lot, but I don't know if I should say more than that. I'll just say, there were only ever two company reps who did that who were well thought-of, and he's one of those two.
  5. I imagine this mostly flew under the radar, but a certain former PR rep, once known as the nicest guy in the VN industry, is translating this charming-looking indie game which is getting a Kickstarter to fund the translation: They already hit their funding goal, but consider showing them some love anyway; the game does look fun and goofy, and knowing Ian, the localization should be a riot.
  6. I am somewhat biased, but 9-nine-: Episode 2 has the only truly hilarious H-scene I have ever seen.
  7. Edit: I somehow completely misread the OP o_O, so I'm basically rewriting this post, lol Clannad, because I loved the anime. Which soon led to Little Busters, and then down a very deep rabbit hole...
  8. Yeah... The structure of the game is definitely not friendly in that regard. The prologue is a slog.
  9. Volume 3 completes the story. The writer indicated a long time back that they planned to write a volume 4 for the webnovel, as an epilogue story, which has never materialized. However, there's more content at the end of volume 3 of the game than there is in volume 3 of the webnovel, so I saw one person hypothesizing that they got out what they wanted to in the game, so we'd probably never see a volume 4 of the webnovel since the content they wanted to do was in the game instead. Who can say.
  10. the Nine games: volume 1: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976390/9nineEpisode_1/ volume 2: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1033420/9nineEpisode_2/
  11. Sorairo is a lot better than Kokoiro, imo. More plot, more action, a bad end that destroys you, and absolutely hilarious porn in the good end. I'm looking forward to Haruiro as well. Half a year... would be nice, but maybe!
  12. Broski's back, y'all. Denpasoft (full 18+ release): https://denpasoft.com/collections/newest-releases/products/9-nine-episode-2 Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1033420/9nineEpisode_2/ Denpasoft (free patch for the Steam release): https://denpasoft.com/collections/dlc/products/9-nine-episode-2-18-dlc
  13. It's certainly a divisive game, but mostly WRT the secret ending (a lot of people don't like it, which is understandable). That said, I don't agree that the protagonist is a scumbag, and I think if you play through the entirety of the first twins' route, that becomes very apparent.
  14. Uhh, so, to get the first post-ending scene, you just wait at the title screen for a while, and then it'll take you straight to a short post-ending scene. After you've seen that, you just start a new game (either from prologue or the other option, I don't have it handy), and the new options are available.
  15. And since it's on the same topic, I'll take this opportunity to add some more thoughts on the themes that I wrote up a while ago. Would not recommend reading until you've finished Alice's ending.
  16. The game starts after the prologue. Trust me, it changes character fast. I'm not a fan of the prologue either.
  17. Note that there is no all ages version and Steam and Denpasoft both have identical uncut, demosaiced releases. That means you'll need the right config toggles in Steam before they'll let you see it exists. Pick it up with a 10% launch discount on either store: Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100800/I_Walk_Among_Zombies_Vol_2/ Denpasoft: https://denpasoft.com/collections/newest-releases/products/i-walk-among-zombies-vol-2 The new heroine in this one is really cool, and as with volume 1, the volume 2 is one part post-apocalyptic survival horror one part human drama. This time, I'd say, with a little more emphasis on the "human" angle, as Yuusuke slowly starts to become a little less of a clod.
  18. No, yeah, the Kanon H scenes are truly awful. They were actually my first experience with H in a VN, and I was like, god, why is this a thing. And then I think my next experience was F/SN, which only reinforced that view. I had to play one more game with H in it (it ended up being Comyu) before I finally started thinking maybe H scenes weren't so bad after all.
  19. The nine episode 3 OP song kicks some major ass. To this day, I still love the Kindred Spirits on the Roof soundtrack. This number always makes me want to crank up the volume:
  20. They've said previously that leaving it off the shop was just an oversight (but that itself is obviously telling), and I don't think they deleted information about it from their site at any point. Yeah, it's actually pretty interesting, it's just way too short, and (at $3, this is saying something...) overpriced. Could've been an interesting teaser introduction if they'd bothered to keep it up and if they'd priced it better ($1? Free?).
  21. Fire Emblem is definitely tiring to play, but enjoyable. My problem with games like this is that I really sweat how "suboptimal" I'm playing, but I hate the idea of reading a guide, and I hate the time sink of save scumming. So I'm trying hard to just play the game and not worry too much, but it still exerts a little psychic pressure on me to be better at, say, intuiting the answers people want me to give them. I've never played a Fire Emblem game before, so this will probably sound silly to all you people who've played a lot of them, but it feels very Persona-like for me, and they both stress me out the same way for the same reasons.
  22. I finished the eight stories in Octopath Traveler, and I went to do the bonus dungeon... then got demolished by the game changing the rules on me in the second half of the last fight, which was ~2 hours after the most recent save point, and which was, I believe, only the second fight I've lost in the entire game. Jerks. I don't know if I have the patience to build a team to meet the new rules of engagement, especially given how difficult and time-consuming the first half (I think?) of the boss fight was. We'll see. At least beating the eight sub-bosses before it (who I will have to fight all over again...) each gave a lot of background lore for the game which really tied the whole thing together. Anybody who didn't do this last dungeon (and the game is honestly pretty secretive about it) basically missed out on half of the game's backstory, which is... kinda weird TBH! So maybe I'll go back to that and finish it off at some point, but in the meantime, I've started in on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and have chosen the Edelgard's Fanboys Black Eagles for my house. Onward to drama!
  23. A handful of reviews have popped up (undoubtedly from free keys, but what can you do), in case they help anyone make a decision: https://www.tech-gaming.com/the-witchs-love-diary/ https://honeysanime.com/the-witchs-love-diary-pc-steam-review/ But for my money, the best is this half-English half-Chinese review I spotted from a Steam user.
  24. Clearly you never played I Walk Among Zombies. Its commitment to safe sex in a zombie apocalypse setting is really quite impressive.
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