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  1. 0.0 I must be coming down with something … knowing my luck, something hideously fatal with lots of pus It’s been nice knowing you all Someone write a nice eulogy for me, and don’t forget to mention “how handsome and debonair” I was
  2. It's more logical and consistent to me -> I play this game, I play that game, I play cricket (not "at cricket"), we play rugby, I play his game, I play my game. To me it's more logical to say "That's his game. Well, I can play it just as well" which morphs into "two can play that game" rather than say "two can play at that game". People use both, but I like the version I use better
  3. Shuma will refuse too? "If you refuse, then I too will refuse. And you shall suffer as I am suffering, and we can suffer together throughout eternity. And at the end of days you shall know that I too can refuse as well as you, Mwahahaha" The meaning of the phrase is slightly different. It means that the person will copy the others' plan, trick, or strategy. So Shuma is saying he will copy her strategy of ... whatever she's doing and possibly direct it back at her. Taken from the meaning of "game" that means plan, tactic, or strategy ("oh, so that's her game.") That may not sound like a big difference but it makes a big difference when applying the technique. Whether this line makes sense or not really depends on context, and whether there's a game she's playing (or that he thinks she's playing) for him to copy. If there is it makes sense, if there isn't it doesn't make sense. If it does make sense, I still think the sentence could still benefit from a slight rearranging :3 : "if you refuse, well ... two can play that game." The first part of the sentence is horrible, BTW xD
  4. That's footage of them still on the first page trying to figure out what the hell "The sun already exploded so it's not even dangerous. You should have pointed that part out when you butted in on my line. You need to work on that." actually means ...
  5. I'm wondering how the final product released compares to earlier versions. That is, did they use the delay to improve the translation at all?
  6. I meant that most people who value translation quality have had plenty of warning about this product and are probably staying away and can't be bothered. Those (few) who buy a digital copy are probably those who don't care so much about how it reads in English and therefore the reviews are mostly positive. I mean, I think we've had a good month or two warning about the game now, and to be honest I didn't even know it was released (that's how little interest I have in it )
  7. Steam - most people who value translation quality know to stay away, which is why you're left with a mere 7ish reviews on the Steam page. Kickstarter - I loaded up the page and was confronted with complaints about technical issues. My guess would be 'one thing at a time' [sarcasm] I love the practice of keeping romanised Japanese words in the script and putting the translation in brackets, that's just genius. They should have done it all like that [/sarcasm]
  8. "Hill stats don't work in cycling manager 2017" Yes I agree, a cycling VN would be glorious. If the reader chose to attack hard on the downhill in the rain, the game would boot them off a mountain and they'll get a 2 minute internal monologue lamenting they're last choice, philosophically discussing the rain and they're impending doom, and a "oh no, I'm going to land on that cute squirrel" wail at the end. If the reader chose not to attack on the downhill ... the game would still boot them off the mountain.
  9. I really wish you wouldn't
  10. Nup. It seems like it was caused by a new version of the program (I think,) and while my virus definitions are up to date (kinda ... generally up to date anyway) I have an older version of the program. Mainly because on occasion updates have a habit of breaking things and so I let other people be the guinea pigs and I'll just stick with what works That and I rarely do full scans with Avast. I surfed for years on XP with zero antivirus protection and without a problem, so I don't feel the need to keep on top of my scans. I mainly use Avast for real time protection and every once in a great while I'll run some scans xD
  11. Avast antivirus, windows firewall. Good protection, but it's a bit bloated. Doesn't matter so much when you have an excess of RAM, but if I were RAM deprived and using Windows 10 I'd probably just stick with Windows Defender/Windows essential security.
  12. I'm glad Tsukihime knocked 999 out of the contest :3
  13. I keep a copy of Word on the desktop because you sometimes need it when working with others, but it doesn’t really see much use. I hate that I’m forced to have a copy ... although the desktop is currently in pieces atm xD. Life without Word isn't so bad :3
  14. There's a couple of reasons people should use MS Office. 1) They need to make heavy use of Excel or another non-Word program. The excel program in LibreOffice is not very good, for example. 2) Compatible formats with colleagues. For those using MS Office mainly for MS Word (and possibly some light excel use,) but want to use Word for casual purposes, LibreOffice is almost as good and is free. I'd seriously consider it mainly because MS Word is not that great a word processor, and Libre's version is pretty much MS Word 2003 so it's almost as good.Journalists/bloggers/researchers/writers who need an intensive word program will probably want to fork out for Scrivener. It's many times better than MS Word for any kind of professional writing. I have Scrivener and do most of my actual writing on that, and casually use LibreOffice for junk text stuff. I don't really use Excel and Powerpoint so I don't need MSOffice