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  1. Inferior releases.

    Not Outlaw Django?
  2. Did Fuwa die?

    Heh, only the most awesome theme on the forums :3 It seems that, at the moment, 'likes' only work with one theme ...
  3. Did Fuwa die?

    There is one theme that always works perfectly. Just sayin' :3
  4. Libra of the Vampire Princess: Difficult to get into

    It's difficult to get into. If you're playing the english translation ... it really isn't
  5. This is why "headcanon" is so useful a concept. Eroge ruins your anime maiden? Pretend it doesn't exist -> problem solved But it's perfect the way it is. I fall in love every time I use it :3
  6. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    The verb changes are gone too I don't believe parentheses are needed to make things clear. Hopefully the final product will be a smooth read. We'll see xD ... 0.0
  7. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    IIRC (and I'm sick so my memory is worse than usual) Nocturne Illusion did that. I'm removing the parentheses in my edit. I honestly just don't see the point of them xD
  8. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    You're welcome Native speakers may or may not know. I've been concentrating on writing for about 10 years now so I've picked up a couple of things It's pretty much involved me down at the library reading through tons of books going "how do they do that! Why can't I make words dance like that! What secret potion are they drinking and how many animals did they sacrifice to before they got this good!!!!!" That was in the past though. Can't do that anymore ... I got kicked out when I tried to sacrifice the local librarian to an obscure Pagan God xD
  9. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    Italics to denote direct thoughts are really only used for third person fiction. With omnipresent you use a tag as well, whereas with limited (or close) no tag is needed. The italics and/or tags (tags as in "Roberto thought") are used to just indicate to the reader that those are direct thoughts of a certain person. Generally speaking narration in a first person novel are all the thoughts of the protagonist. You could also call these inner thoughts. Because these are both inner thoughts it’s sometimes thought to be inconsistent to narrate what are essentially the protagonists thoughts in the past then suddenly switch to the present for inner dialogue. There are people that do it, but the advice often given to writers is “don’t” xD. For example: For first-person POV, there are not often instances when you’d even need to use a thought tag to identify a character’s thoughts, much less use italics for those thoughts. Still, most often the thoughts of a first-person narrator will blend seamlessly into the surrounding text [...] Note that without the italics, I kept the verbs in the past tense to match the rest of the narration. This is a deliberate choice. It maintains consistency for the reader, keeps her from wondering why the writer changed from past to present tense. I just grabbed this piece from the internet from freelance editor Beth Hill, but it tends to match up. Unlike 3rd person, the writer doesn't need to clearly identify what are and are not the protagonists inner dialogues/inner monologues/inner thoughts because the reader will know that they are all the protagonist thoughts. Because of this, all those methods of distinguishing them (italics, tags, and change of tense) are really not needed
  10. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    Oh, okay I just noticed something (it's still early over here and I need some caffeine xD) If it’s a past tense novel, in first person narration, thoughts tend to also be in past tense. Basically because everything narrated is also the protagonists thoughts, there doesn’t need to be any differentiation between the tenses. If the main protagonist narrated everything in the past, why would his thoughts suddenly be narrated in the present? So it would never really be “I am going to go”. Check this excerpt out: [...]at least I had the balm of this simple, ordinary life to console me. I could look forward to years of Christmases with this girl in my arms, the privilege of growing old in this unfamiliar skin of mine. I knew that. I had everything. Notice how everything is in the past tense in this section of inner monologue despite her talking about the future and the present? Some literature writers could switch between past and present for inner thoughts in first person past tense, but it tends to call attention to the writing and most of the time genre fiction likes a smooth experience.
  11. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    The way I understand it, I think he's still in the process of making the decision. If he's walking through the decision and talking about a hypothetical event in the future then MG's prose should be fine. If he's already made the decision and has left, then you're correct. But it's really hard to tell on a screenshot like that xD. That could just be an inelegant bit of prose. They might have meant "Yes. From now on I would go to school alone." You never know with these sorts of translations
  12. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    Actually Zidan is right. It's hard to judge on a screenshot without context. He hasn't left yet, so Mangagamer's prose is fine as is.
  13. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    Sorry, but it's incorrect. The past perfect form is used in past "if conditional" statements. In short, the sentence is missing a "had". Most people would write it like this: "If I had waited for her to" I prefer this: "Had I waited for her to" In any case thehunterhunted is correct here
  14. FuwApocalypse is Over

    Thank you Nay and Tay :3