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  1. I'm more confused with how you pronounce 'whahahahahahat'. I've settled on war + ha ha ha ha + hat. Unfortunately that sounds weird af
  2. Weirdly enough, considering America’s love of all things ‘R’, I thought they would have preferred the more ‘R’ish ‘arse’ over ‘ass’ xD Whoever wrote this can bullshit with the best of them
  3. Silly American english *tsk tsk*
  4. From a creator's point of view, if they accept mindless criticism they'll be driven to improve their work even if they got no meaningful information from the criticism. If they accept mindless praise they'll be of the impression that they don't need to improve. Thus mindless praise leads to stagnation from a creator's point of view. Stagnation is bad, m'kay From a consumer's point of view ... I don't see any ill effects from mindless praise or criticism really.
  5. Hmmm, does this mean you do think the Ace Attorney series is massively overrated or have I just misinterpreted your post?
  6. P4D was Persona 4 Dancing all ... whatever, and P4U was Ultimax. I'm gonna guess P5D and P5U will be the same. No clue what AG and R stand for (heh, Persona 5 Racing all Night!)
  7. Greeeeeeat. More dancing and fighting games ... Wheeeee
  8. Happy B'day HMN and Down. I've heard naked pagan rituals are fun ways to spend your birthday ... just sayin'
  9. It's a really good game. Flawed sure, but real good nonetheless. People seem to be shocked because Yahtzee doesn't say many good things about modern JRPGs but to be honest, there are few good things to say about modern JRPGs. EDIT: In general ... in recent times. There's been a bit of a resurgence lately
  10. Hmmm, well take this with a grain of salt because this is just what I'm hearing (haven't confirmed it myself.) The open world genre can be split into two categories, a traditional "controlled world" formula which is like a linear game placed on an open world map. It's like a scripted world, it's open but with cutscenes and fetch quests which means that one player's path will be similar to another player's path. The new kid on the block is the "engaged world", which builds an open world and the game itself is that exploration. It leaves people to craft their own adventures. Craft their own narratives. And these experiences will be different enough to each other to encourage sharing on social media. Which is what's happening to BotW. BotW leans towards the "engaged world" and a lot of people are excited. That being said a lot of people were excited about "The Sims" franchise and I never found it to be an engaging game ... Anyway, that's just what I hear
  11. To be fair, Breath of the Wild is said (I haven't played it myself) to have to take the open world formula (a difficult formula to succeed in) and move it forward. It's supposed to have been a spectacular success. Persona takes a tried and true formula and just releases a polished re-iteration (standard dungeon crawling and dating sim stuff, with a story.) BotW is just on a completely different scale to Persona. Personally I enjoy Persona a LOT but I don't believe it deserves to be a GOTY contender.
  12. Django was being promoted about the same time
  13. I rushed in here thinking they finally announced Django, after so many years of waiting I could taste the fun. Then I opened the topic and ... ... The pain is real man, and so are the tears. Big sobby tears
  14. Unless you've got a spare 200 hours (there's a guide called the 300 hour guide) the anime is quite the tempting alternative. You can't get to the after story unless you've unlocked each characters' sparkly thing (which is dodgy gameplay design imo. Replaying the lengthy common route 7ish times to do each character just so you can get to the ending feels like the developers trolling their fans.) The anime was actually a nice adaption, and if you like that then you can always play the VN afterward for added frustration depth