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  1. E3

    It seems that CD Projekt hid a number of free keys for the Witcher 3 at the beginning of their trailer. What a nice thing to do
  2. What Anime are you watching now?

    While Ranma is a classic, Rumiko Takahashi's best work was always Maison Ikkoku (heartwarming romance ahoy)
  3. E3

    Shadows Die Twice looks fantastic! Recently there's been so many good games coming out, good times to be a gamer :3
  4. E3

    NEW CYBERPUNK TRAILER JUST DROPPED: Also definitive edition of Tales of Vesperia FIIIIIIIINALLY coming to the West.
  5. What is a newbie-friendly VN?

    I pretty much agree with all of this. If you need to put your computer into Japanese locale to play the game in English it's not newbie friendly, but plug and play into your favourite handheld or PS4 would be. A Steam release would be accessible, having to import a VN into your country that might set customs officials with rubber gloves onto you (thank you Australian laws) wouldn't be. And an accessible VN would be a smooth read. It doesn't have to be fantastically translated, but a smooth read that makes sense. Themes is hard to define because sometimes it just comes down to taste. I'd add one thing though, a route structure that doesn't require a walkthrough *looks at Clannad* My go to otome VNs to recommend are things like Hakuouki, Norn 9, Amnesia. Phoenix Wright and Danganronpa are good in general because they're essentially adventure games and you can bridge the divide to VNs like Stein's Gate that way.
  6. A few years ago when I wanted to give my sister an entry level VN to try (she's not a VN reader) I went for Hakuouki and it quickly became one of her favourite games. It was even the theme on her PS3. I did not go for Second Reproduction *rolls eyes*.
  7. Eh, community recommendation charts are just there for communities to congratulate and jerk each other over their favourite games. They are of questionable use to people needing recommendations. BTW, I'm taking a look at Reddit's previous "recommendation chart" and I have a question. Why is Kanon one of the "least" newbie friendly entries? Kanon was actually one of the first visual novels I read and I had no trouble with it. Also why would Fate Stay Night be a "newbie" selection? Isn't the route structure one of the more complex examples in the visual novel fandom? Would newbies know that Fate will be different (yet similar) to Unlimited Blade Works? Why is Hakuouki, an accessible game that was also released on the handheld, considered less newbie friendly than Second Reproduction which is a game that needs to be patched? Why is Utawarerumono considered newbie friendly when every time you save (with modern operating systems) it crashes? Then you need to do some funkie things to get the game working. Would newbies enjoy that extra dollop of frustration? Tsukihime is considered more newbie friendly than Kanon? What? Oh, and more newbie friendly than Ef, good to know ...
  8. Valve's new steam policy.

    I prefer a hand on approach purely from a practical standpoint - once oversaturation reaches a certain point, searching for games becomes a massive pain.
  9. I find recommendation charts pretty useless because they only take into account the tastes of the recommender and not the recommendee. I also notice these are only for VNs with an english translation, so what's this "beginner level VN" business? Entry level english use or "mild to no perviness" involved? Eh.
  10. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    The 3D looks semi-horrible. Not as bad as FF7 but still ...
  11. What makes the perfect waifu?

    I have necroed this thread to announce that this question, along with many other issues surrounding waifus, have finally been thoroughly researched and analysed. For everybody's convenience, the findings have been condensed down by a Youtube celeb to a 10 minute academic video. Rejoice everyone.
  12. People have been calling for GOG to include visual novels for over 5 years now ( https://www.gog.com/forum/general/why_is_gog_refusing_visual_novels/page1 ). Their policy has consistently been "we're not putting them up". Maybe MG and Sekai just wore them down through rugged persistence or something ...
  13. Nobody seems to know xD
  14. Highway Blossoms Remastered is live on Steam

    My problem with it is that it costs (often a lot of) money (also when done during the development process can lead to limiting the text, but that doesn't apply here). So if it's not needed, I wonder whether the increase in sales justifies the expense? I guess the developers could have got some voice actors on the cheap ...