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  1. Hey all! I'm dealing with a particularly tricky asset extraction for a very old, very short KiriKiri-based VN, and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it. As is sometimes the case with these old KiriKiri games, there are no separate .XP3 files; they're embedded right into the .EXE. I've used KrkrExtract to handle extraction on titles like this before. But this time, it just silently fails. Digging into the hex code, I see the author has obfuscated/compressed the .EXE using a command line tool called UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables). Great ! I grab that and successfully unpack the .EXE. Progress! But nope, KrkrExtract still silently fails. Okay, then how about manual .XP3 extraction via hex editor, which is something I've had to do once or twice? I know the signature string I'm looking for (58 50 33 0D 0A 20 0A 1A 8B 67 01), but unlike in most cases, I only find the first part (58 50 33 -- i.e. "XP3"). The rest is an unfamiliar set of values. I manually extract the data anyway and give it a whirl, but it doesn't function like a proper .XP3 file. So no luck there. So is the embedded .XP3 encrypted? I guess anything is possible, but I'm thinking probably not, since I can see bits and pieces of plaintext script here and there via the hex editor. I'm temporarily stumped. Any other approaches I'm not thinking of here? Should I just beat it like a piñata until all the delicious assets fall out? Is that how computers work?
  2. Nice blog post! And for what it's worth, I've grown somewhat more tolerant of ellipses over the years. Have they worn me down? ...Maybe. I suppose the key is using them with intentionality, and not as a typographical shrug that takes the place of finishing a thought or properly punctuating a sentence. To your point, it's hard for an ellipsis to do the important work of demarcating time when those same three dots are also being employed in a dozen other pointless odd-jobs throughout the text.
  3. Atom is another good choice as a text editor for Kirikiri projects. Cross-platform, plus there's syntax highlighting available for .ks and .tjs files. Super handy when you're staring at a wall of code.
  4. Sango's route is universally considered (by me) to be the worst of the lot, with way too much forced drama/psychobabble. So take heart! It can only get better from here.
  5. You can bring the eroge with you to the tropics, you know. Why stop at 80%? Live the dream.
  6. Welcome to Fuwa! I've gotta say, your tastes overlap mine to an extent that's eerie. (A) Have you been stalking me? (B) If so, do you know where I put my car keys after lunch? I'm having trouble finding them.
  7. How about "a squid munching on a dried old man"? Now there's a description everyone can relate to.
  8. Literal translation: You go to the orchestra for some Mozart. The musicians come on stage and give you some Mozart, note-for-note, measure for measure, just as it's written in the sheet music. Expressive translation: You go to the orchestra for some Mozart. The musicians come on stage and begin playing some Mozart. But the conductor's fine-tuned the piece to account for the acoustics of the hall, the strengths and weaknesses of her players — who are her first chairs, her soloists? — and her understanding of how the music needs to flow. When should it swell? When should it whisper? What's it trying to say? In both cases, you've heard a work by Mozart. But in only one, I'd suggest, have you been given the chance to experience it. (Replace all the above with a Led Zep cover band if you'd like. I won't judge.)
  9. It's not too much to ask. After so many years spent living on scraps, we've just become accustomed to asking too little.
  10. Another quick project plug: Luna Translations just released their v1.0 English patch for the Majo Koi Nikki (a.k.a. Witch's Love Diary) demo. And guess what? You should totally go get it. I've been helping out with their proofreading, and I can tell you they've done a bang-up job so far. Best part? It's super easy to obtain. Qoobrand offers the trial, which covers the game's prologue, as a free download on their site. (You'll want to grab the first one, not Trial 2.) Just download it, patch it up, and Robert's your mother's brother. Just so you know, he gets a little grabby after two or three scotches. It should also be said that Qoobrand jammed a bunch of H-scenes into the early hours of MajoKoi. Consider that fair warning... or the clang of a dinner bell, if you're hungry for that sort of thing. Unlike a lot of VNs, however, those sections are there for a reason.* MajoKoi is set up as an intricate puzzle, and the oddly early placement of the H is all part of the larger mystery. So go on — pull up a chair, order yourself a Dragon Burger (medium rare), and settle in for a small taste of what Majo Koi Nikki has to offer. Trial download: http://qoo.amuse-c.jp/01_mazyokoi/download.html English patch download: https://lunatranslationstestsite.wordpress.com/downloads/ * Not a good reason. But a better reason than most, at least.
  11. Perhaps the sanest post I've read on Fuwa in a long, long time. Thank you.
  12. Welcome to the unique hell that is working on a Pulltop Latte game.
  13. This begs the obvious question: “So what’s Frediting, huh?” Frediting is doing all the above very, very well. For example, a good Freditor would smack you upside the head for misusing “begs the question” like that. As Fred’s proofreader du jour, I can attest both to the quality of his prose and the dank awfulness of his puns.
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