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  1. Welcome to Fuwa! You can absolutely do what you’re looking for in Ren’Py. Just use NVL mode: https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/nvl_mode.html It’s a little harder to customize than ADV mode (text and name tag at bottom), but still entirely doable.
  2. Darbury presents Darbury’s Old Visual Novels for Old People Named Darbury Will anybody care about this TL other than me? Probably not. So let’s just agree to call it a micro-niche release, okay? Anyway, there’s this doujin VN called Hitokata. It’s old. Came out 20 years ago, in fact. A one-person labor of love released at the turn of the century. It’s also well-regarded in the Japanese freeware VN community. Start poking around people’s top 10 lists of free VNs and you’ll be surprised how often it turns up. I mean, not Narcissu often… but enough. Why? Nostalgia maybe. Back in the d
  3. I mean kiririki.exe, a command-line utility for manipulating XP3 files. But as I said, I don't have a direct download link for you. Google around enough, though, and maybe you'll find it...
  4. Welcome to Fuwa! I don't know all the details of your project, but here are some quick thoughts: KrkrExtract has always been a crapshoot for repacking. I tend to get the best results with kiririki (though it's hard to find a download of that these days) or GARbro. You're looking to make a patch, right? And not replace the data.xp3 file wholesale? If so, you'll probably want your final output to be a patch.xp3 file rather than a data.xp3. Don't try to replicate the file structure of the data folder in your XP3. Just keep your updated files loose in the patch folder and the eng
  5. Yup, something in that direction could definitely work. And since you won't have to worry about contrast against arbitrary backgrounds, you can remove the outline and just go with a dark color for the nav text. (Unstroked text will almost always be more legible at small point sizes.)
  6. This version, 100% — plus, like, 3% percent I had sitting around in my jacket pocket. It solves so many problems for you. It minimizes the impact of the dithered backgrounds while also giving them visual context. It keeps character sprites from sliding to the far, far edges of the canvas (or behind their own dialogue portraits). And it just looks rad. Restyle that Ren'py bottom nav with an 8-bit pixel font and you got yourself a winner.
  7. Hi! Best of luck with your translation patch! Some thoughts below: Issue #1 The special characters aren't just bold, they're a different font entirely. (Your base font is serif; the special characters are sans-serif.) Most likely answer is that the English version of the game is using a custom font, which in Kirikiri is usually stored as .TFT files, and that font doesn't include accented characters. So whenever one of those shows up, the engine reverts to its default font. Possible solutions include: creating your own custom font containing the characters you need. (There's a
  8. Welcome to the imperfect world of wrestling with file encodings. Actually, I'm sure it makes perfect sense to all the CS majors out there, but... Looking back on my project notes, seems like my workflow involved copy/pasting the original Shift-JIS source into a new TextEdit doc (yup, I'm on Mac) then re-saving it out from there as a UTF-16 LE file. Apparently TextEdit did the best job of keeping the BOM where it needed to be. Anyway, this is the part where you get to experiment and find a workflow that works best for you. Or bribe one of those fancy CS majors into explaining the "sen
  9. Visual Studio Code and Atom are both fine cross-platform options. Down in the lower right of their editing windows, they'll show you the current encoding of a file and let you re-encode it before saving.
  10. Was about to say the same thing. I've run into this problem as well, and saving as UTF-16 LE with BOM always fixed it. How to tell if you did it right? Crack open your UTF-16 LE .ks file in a hex editor. It should start with "FF FE".
  11. I've played around with AIRNovel some in the past — I was taking a peek at Shin'ainaru Kodoku to Kunou e — and it's not too bad, all things considered. The development tools are all freely available at https://famibee.web.fc2.com/intro/home.htm. Extracting the assets from a game was pretty easy, but decrypting them without the key is where I got stuck. (It partially encrypts each file with a RC4 cipher, so you need to know both the key and the encryption length offset. Or something very technical sounding like that.)
  12. So hey! This eventually became a thing. Two things, actually. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? / The Girl in the Glass: Short horror-tinged VN that's part medical drama, part psychological thriller, part murder-mystery. https://www.thejulysociety.com/projects/the-girl-in-the-glass The End of the Summer: Very short VN about the disappearance of a family's pet cat... among other things. https://www.thejulysociety.com/projects/the-end-of-the-summer Ended up ditching KiriKiri entirely for these and just rebuilt from the ground up in Ren'Py. The originals haven't been offici
  13. Yeah, I got a bad batch of gas station sushi and ended up in a medically induced coma for the past four years. Just woke up this morning. Anything interesting happen while I was out? Can’t wait to finally see how Game of Thrones ends... @NSAID: I totally get the low/no budget dilemma. Been there, done that, got the off-brand t-shirt. Maybe just tack it on your v2.0 to-do list?
  14. Welcome to Fuwa! Always glad to see creators putting new material out there. One friendly suggestion: have a native English reader go through your script. While I haven't played the full VN yet, your Steam screenshots have enough anguished English in them ("I look at the both of my hands", "despite the sky is still shrouded") that it might easily dissuade someone from downloading/playing the game. You've clearly put a lot of work into this, so it's worth the extra effort to make sure that readers can fully immerse themselves in the world you've created.
  15. Yeah, probably so. I was hoping to keep everything clean and simple, but I forgot this is 2020. Clean and simple's not on the menu.
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