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  1. >radical feminist >90% of their board is conservative christians pick one lol. fair point, but it seems like they were pressured from that front for 2 years, its still a plausable explanation
  2. it is, if you look at their board of directors theres tons of conservative christians on it.
  3. hows it propaganda? they're literally taking responsibility for the censoring LOL
  4. welp, here we go. https://endsexualexploitation.org/articles/top-videogame-company-steam-removing-sexually-graphic-content/
  5. I never thought about this actually, especially in the UK where they're implementing a law with porn passes https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/porn-passes-newsagents-shops-online-pornography-website-id-uk-government-a8349281.html
  6. Do you read VNs on the go or at home?

    im sure the general population greatly appreciates the dismemberment and scat porn.
  7. truly on par with the original script
  8. I need a short VN to read right now.

    Saya no uta
  9. Butterfly Seeker

    >shinsounoise was a failure >gave it a 7.5 :thunking:
  10. Favorite Tsundere?

  11. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    outdated, but always relevant in the VN scene
  12. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    this is not the first time I've posted this here