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  1. HEY YOU, YES YOU! Are you sad? Are you single and isnt likely to get a relationship in the foreseeable future? Are you sad that you cant pleasure yourself to chinese powerpoints more without getting sore? Can you look at this picture and think "this is definitely me"? WELL FEAR NOT MOTHERFUCKER, SUMI-NEE IS HERE. But now you might ask "but kawasumi-san, my crippling depression is not gonna go away just because you tell me to go out and get a fucking life". But fret not, you can safely read further because this is not what we're going through today. Today its about something different JUST IMAGINE FOR A SECOND: CUMMING OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT GETTING SORE GO FULL AHEGAO LIKE THE GIRLS IN YOUR FAVORITE PORN GAMES CUM MORE THAN YAMATO IN MAJIKOI IN JUST ONE SESSION THIS SOUNDS FUCKING GREAT RIGHT? It does and if you think otherwise you're lying to yourself ARE YOU READY FOR THE BIG SECRET? THE ULTIMATE TIP? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE AND ITS Now, before I loose you, lets look at some pros and cons! pros: 1. It feels fucking amazing, you will NEVER achieve something like this with just polishing the pole 2. Massaging your prostate actually reduces the risk of cancer 3. Multiple orgasms, youll be able to cum over and over again from the same spot and your thirst will never quench completely, thus the ahegao cycle begins cons: 1. some are not able to obtain an orgasm through this and I feel legit really sorry for you if this is you in this case (and if you havent tried but you somehow "know" then no, no you dont you faggot, go do it) 2. it also takes time, it will feel good but mostly wierd the first time, then it will feel better and better and better. The more you do it, the better it will be but now you might ask "but sumi-sankunchansama thats fucking gay" You also know whats fucking gay? PLAYING JAPANESE PORN GAMES. people also think that its gross, but lets be real here, what about those nachos you have stashed in the corner of your room and havent touched for months? yep, I know. With that cleared out lets get started shall we? The prostate is what you wanna aim for here , its a little lump thats located between the bladder and the penis and is about the same size as a walnut (if not, then you should go see a doctor ASAP). As you might have seen in your filthy hentai doujins, theres a lot of nice toys to massage this little wonder in your anus, BUT.all you need are your hands, you can even wear plastic gloves if you cant get over your bacteria fear (I personally do enema's but its tiresome gotta admit lol). now for lube, if you're an organic fag like me you wanna use water lube, simply because its just fucking water, but oil based is better if you wanna go at it for hours (also water based lube dries the entrance out if you use it a bit and needs to be put on more frequently so yeah) Do you remember that little thing you do with your hand? like you're using your middle fingers and grinding them upwards? yes that. just stick your fingers up there and grind away! Massage that damn thing like its the only thing that matters, grab your favorite porn game, play around with your willy a little, whatever works. YES, ITS ACTUALLY THIS FUCKING SIMPLE. now go out on your new glorious prostate massaging adventure, you might even like it so much that you're going to end up like me if you end up liking it too much you might also end up like this guy, but lets face it, youll never get a gf anyway so you dont have anything to loose anyway Now go out and make your onee-san proud and fap with your ass to your hearts content!
  3. https://vndb.org/v1484 doesnt need any further introduction
  4. I dont read VNs for shit atm so this is basically just shameless self promotion. enjoy some sweaty ass lo-fi animuh beatz I made
  5. だめよおおおおおおおお!!!!!
  6. seems like people are enjoying it lol
  7. im fine with it. but im fucking mad also, I was looking forward to mari. but it seems like her h scenes is in her human form, which angers me greatly and I want my money back
  8. its a peege, much better
  9. kek. I backed this, gonna be exciting to get
  10. SukaSuka just instantly swept in and became the anime im looking most forward to watching this spring. The music and art direction is on point and I have never seen a show that sets its tone so fast and does it so well. This is going to be either one of the most memorable or the most underrated show this season, I call it.
  11. I still remember some of the manga I read, at some point it just uses every kind of red thread lol
  12. >reusing the same jokes and stereotypes seven million times >fun