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  1. im fine with it. but im fucking mad also, I was looking forward to mari. but it seems like her h scenes is in her human form, which angers me greatly and I want my money back
  2. its a peege, much better
  3. kek. I backed this, gonna be exciting to get
  4. SukaSuka just instantly swept in and became the anime im looking most forward to watching this spring. The music and art direction is on point and I have never seen a show that sets its tone so fast and does it so well. This is going to be either one of the most memorable or the most underrated show this season, I call it.
  5. I still remember some of the manga I read, at some point it just uses every kind of red thread lol
  6. >reusing the same jokes and stereotypes seven million times >fun
  7. while I agree, I dont think it was THAT boring
  8. looks like the BL title is gonna be interesting, gonna grab that
  9. https://clyp.it/ctgdmx13
  10. I have slumps like this all the time lol, its nice because it keeps me from burning out on vns tbh
  11. netorare is sadly a very uncommon subject to get translated by english translators since they cant handle that their cant white knight their precious waifus
  12. check out the vn companies Nounai Kanojo and No~Strike, make some really good trapge's or like, not masterpieces but traplovers cant be choosers sadly :C