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  1. Pick your Fuwaifu! (2018 edition)

    I didnt get my "kawasumi - sausage is included" option :c
  2. Translator, taking fan projects

    Kusaka is great, also the common route isnt pure sol and actually ties up everything and builds up to the wierd stuff amazingly with pretty good foreshadowing all the way through, its better than 99% of all the common routes i've read so far. anyway, I know that @CryingWestern has all the tools and scripts out there ripe for the taking so, you can literally just take the scripts and begin
  3. Translator, taking fan projects

    someone should send him the gore screaming show scripts
  4. Has Moege Ever Improved Your Life?

    ha....haahaha...ha no.
  5. Best Non-Moege You've Ever Read.

    I will always stand by this, no shitty bloated SoL, everything felt relevant, something the writers people consider to be the kamiges of the kamiges cant stop doing (looking at you masada)
  6. What are some of your favorite songs from VNs

    I have too many favorites to list by now, so ill just list my current favorite
  7. got into vns when I was at a very lonely place in my life, so I found this amazing thing where i could actually sex the waifus as well....so that was nice I guess, for a month or two. But then i discovered saya no uta that showed me what vns are capable of doing that anime are incapable of and it just kinda took off from there
  8. What?! A moege tale?!

    omg yes, hes so cute! this rambling is spot on
  9. H-hi there s-senpai

    saya no uta is amazing, i concur. learn japanese and shit
  10. M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~

    L E W D