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  1. Izumi Ban'ya usually writes vns with strong female protagonists and/or characters.
  2. my otaku denial phase went backwards, I started out being a fucking weeb, then I was out of it for a couple of years while still casually watching anime, now im a total weeb that denies it and makes fun of weebs all day long
  3. reported for offtopic aw, thank you, you've been a big help, thank you
  4. maybe, if you ask nicely
  5. im gonna get more out and focus more on my music which is something I have neglected a lot since I started studying it ironically enough a strange creature, or a main heroine in kanon, you decide I got laid when I was a normie and now I just get dicks
  6. a lot of stuff which I dont wanna whine about here, slide in my dms sometime if you REALLY wanna hear it never, I stopped aging at 12 #forevershota that I like dicks?
  7. I actually used to have a social life, go out every weekend, travel everywhere I could.
  8. so, my 25th year of existence has been.....eh good stuff: Got into a vn dev company sort of, gonna make music, learned enough japanese to read jp vns, discovered the joy of penis bad stuff: introvert and NEET like never before in my entire history of living AMA
  9. well NOW i have birthday, its funny that fuwa says 25 even though im 26 now, gg fuwa
  10. the higurashi anime is OK but fucking stay away from the umineko anime and read the vn you lazy bum