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  1. Murible desu Tengoku is totemo kowai place desu!! Koko would imasugu makes wareware kierundesu!!!
  2. Short, interesting, and in Japanese

    B-B-But TsukiMori only has 3517 lines ;w;
  3. Did I kiku yuri soko? I am kininarous!
  4. Short, interesting, and in Japanese

    You should read AsuOwaru, Stargazer and Shimaisou ww Well more seriously you could try 月ともりとあなたと私
  5. Hi everyone!

    フワノベルへよこそ! 死なないでください!よろしくにゃん~
  6. Suuuuuure Typo Master
  7. It's over!! But Bueeh?! Translations, Though
  8. unforgettable skype quotes

    @TexasDicehad a dream...
  9. unforgettable skype quotes

    Hmmm.... So no context at all I mean you just took this out of your hat without warning beforehand

    Welp, not me soooo meh I mean your ship is with Derg, you're just my onii-chan/plaything~~
  11. unforgettable skype quotes

    [14:03:38] Yeah Way 【一車】: [14:02] Texas Dice: Fucking fence-sitter [14:04:31] Yeah Way 【一車】: You're either convicted to being a ナイスガイ or you rape her. [14:04:37] Vokoca: I only decide based on how much it would put my own ass at risk w [14:04:44] Yeah Way 【一車】: lel [14:04:52] Vokoca: I'm not a nice guy nor a rapist, I'm a fucking coward [14:04:57] Texas Dice: Anyone wanna become radical? [14:04:58] Vokoca: That's what I am w [14:09:55] Hanako 百合: I'm not a nice guy nor a rapist, I'm a fucking coward - Vokoca 2017 [14:10:06] Texas Dice: (cwl) [14:10:07] Vokoca: Yeah put that on my grave I needed to post it @Vokoca ww
  12. The Fuwa shipping thread

    WAIT A MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did this happen? Since when? Why? I don't know any of this so what's happening???
  13. 1000 Post!

    As long as the lower part is a horse, sure you do
  14. 1000 Post!

    It's not the case?