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  1. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Great timing, I just finished Hina's route a few weeks ago and was worried I'd have to wait months
  2. Chaos;Child review by Britta Food4Dogs

    Can't wait for the Saya no Uta review
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    Ozy and Jack NP2 are worth it? I think they're both the usual ~25% damage increase from NP1.
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    I guess I could, although I'm a collector at heart... definitely won't be anyone over NP1, but Seiba, Mo, Karna, Ozy, Drake, Waver, Jack, or Jeanne could be viable candidates. But at the same time, Achilles might be pretty cool for some Skadi memes.
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    Unfortunately I finally got Waver about a month ago, now I have to pick between 7 servants that I don't even want lol
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    Don't forget that you have to Ascend once and Bond 5 whoever you pick, otherwise they'll vanish in 2 months.
  7. Fate/Grand Order

    Finally got Bond 15 on Abby
  8. Playing VNs on a 13 inch laptop?

    I played almost all my VNs on a 10 inch screen, 13 should be more than enough. The only issue I ever ran in to was the resolution being too low, for example with the aforementioned Pulltop vns, but that's an issue of resolution rather than screen size.
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    Enjoy having a super tanky archer and a million broken bridges.
  10. Fate/Grand Order

    Except for sentimental value, no, use them as CE exp.
  11. Fate/Grand Order

    Just go take a dip in the sauna to get rid of your exhaustion, guys
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    185 boxes here, I'm still lacking quite a few mats, especially lores, but after capping out my QP, then spending a bunch, then turning in more of the QP boxes, then spending more I've ended up with 844 million. Sad thing is that still isn't enough QP, I need would 600 million more just for the stuff I'm planning to level if I had the mats right now.
  13. https://vndb.org/v1215 I'm pretty sure it's not even very good, but it's got a great ED. Duca is love, Duca is life
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    I've gotten 8 drops I think...