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  1. I have a list with a few hundred games/VNs and let a random number generator decide what to play next.
  2. There are quite a few VNs for the pc98 with a size of 5mb For example Angel Halo or Reijou Monogatari
  3. The question should be whether romance is portrayed realistically in the context of the world and circumstances the game is set in. If it makes sense according to the logic of the game, then the game is a good game.
  4. Enjoyed the games before this one, so I obviously had to get Miburo. As usual sofmap offered the best extras. Four extras in addition to the artbook and short soundtrack of the first press edition. Namely a wallscroll, two shikishi and an Okita Souji drama disc. If you want to see some pics of what I bought, look into the spoiler below Backlogs and real life are a thing, so I am planning to finish this game by 2030
  5. For Japanese games Physical: online with amiami.com, amazon.co.jp global shipping, proxy shipping from japanese stores etc Digital: Dlsite, dmm, etc. For English localized ones Physical: backed some Kickstarters for the boxes Digital: bought some bundles from the humble store and similar sites because they were cheap Usually playing in Japanese, so the English ones are pretty much decorations (haven't even bothered to download most of the English digital ones).
  6. A single person can't pledge with more than 10k for a KS located in the US anyways
  7. Modifying your files is most likely considered legal in theory. However you are using a patch with pirated content in it for that. If you were just modifying valiues there wouldn`t be much of a problem. Sometimes on forums there are rules that only allow small patches without any CGs etc i.e. parts of the game in them. However the script is also a part of the game. Sure it's only a few kb, but printed it's a whole book. Sharing a script is no different from sharing CGs. Which is why distributing translation patches is illegal. You can't just distribute par
  8. Read the last part of the title as Spanish Inquisition. Mildly disappointed. You questions is whether a patch becomes legal when you bought the original game. Whether you bought the game or used an illegal copy of the game is irrelevant for that. If you steal four winter tyres and use them on a stolen car it's the same as if using them on a car you bought. Whether you bought the game or also downloaded it "illegally" is irrelevant for the legal status of the patch. You can't just translate a book and then publish it for free.
  9. I dont intend to use fakku's services and never really used fakku before either (they were shit before they went commercial as well) but let me summarize for those unfamiliar with fakku: the hate for fakku stems from how they once hosted stuff for free (illegally) like sadpanda etc but then they went commerical bought licenses and then they demanded other sites to take down everything they now own people hate fakku for pretty much the same reasons they hate crunchyroll at first they were free and didnt give one shit about copyright but once they went
  10. Those prices are alright. Go for it, if you want some of the games.
  11. I like how they called that new update "Reward Clarifications and Schedule Changes"
  12. The blog linked as source usually posts them every month. Check Here The blogger takes the rankings from the Tech Gian magazine.
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